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Archives: September 1, 2007

Welcome to the new US embassy

Kucinich is right on healthcare (Boston Globe)

Marine 'ordered to kill women and children'

How Political Psychology Explains Bush's Ghastly Success.

We are well rid of Larry Craig

Robert Parry: Gore Was Right

NYT: Got Arachnophobia? Here’s Your Worst Nightmare

Inside the nuclear underworld: Deformity and fear

Disney-MGM Studios worker arrested on child porn charges

Murdoch's UK tabloid Sun to slash price Monday (price war)

Iaqi leader blasts Sunni hardliners

Anti-communist Congressman Charles Vanik dies at 94

GOP: Craig plans to resign from Senate

Former Subprime Leader Ameriquest Closes Amid Sale of Parent to Citigroup

Craig to announce resignation Saturday

Bush urges Congress to wait for Iraq report

Spreading deserts threaten world food supply

AT&T Cited for Cooperative Efforts with Workers (to return thousands of outsourced jobs to the USA)

Nifong held in criminal contempt by judge, sentenced to day in jail

British general roasts US over Iraq

Iraqi civilian deaths climb again

Judge OKs Rule That May Endanger Species

Court: Mexican trucks program to proceed

Romney Uses Police Escort in S. Carolina

Allowing Mexican trucks delayed (Emergency injunction lawsuit by Teamsters)

Edwards' wife talks of Clinton 'hatred'

Report Faults Tracking for Missing Parts (U.S. nuclear weapons)

They are selling Austrian Coca Cola in my store...

Are You Upset?

Do you have to rent a cable box from the Cable Co or can you buy your own box?

Now the King of Nigerian Reggae: Majek Fashek

Anyone ever pan for gold?

Now a touch of French-Canadian Sweetness: Diane Tell

Trijntje Oosterhuis with Al Jarreau

Chihuahua to defend title as America’s fastest

How about some culture for you: I give you ASTOR PIAZZOLLA!

Die Fantastischen Vier - Tag am Meer

George Benson....Take Five (great adaptation)

Some Brazilian Jazzy Goodness with Flora Putim and Airto Moreira

Pev Dispenser

Recording from one TIVO machine to another one. Any tips, links, gang?

Kazumi Watanbe does Lady Marmalade

NY Times yet again today, third time in two months. Ignore. You would hate the Leelanau Peninsula.

Here in NJ some of the leaves are changing color already

Les Nubians - Tabou ft Black Thought of The Roots

I can't help but offer this video as sympathy to Larry Craig.

Do you think being on DU has gone down in our permanent record?

how the hell does craigslist make any money?

well i just stabbed myself - nice going ava!

A taste of Black Orpheus

Manu Dibango and the Fania All Stars do Soul Makosa

Jan Akkerman - Streetwalker

This guy is freaking awesome!

Iron Butterfly (no, it's not in-a-gadda-da-vida)

Omar - Golden Brown

It's HOT here In Fresno

Madlib - Beat Konducta in India

My lungs just exchanged a nitrogen/oxygen mixture for carbon dioxide

Sly and Robbie - Fire

so, is anyone watching the Twins-Royals game?

Call indicator light on the phone on, but nobody was on the phone.

Cheb Khaled - Aicha

Bumper Sticker of the week

Mr. DTBK's last day at the office today


Paging Kaghime!

Random thoughts..

Should paparazzi be required to carry fresh pizza for anyone whose picture they take?

Who else has a phone phobia? Represent!

Air - Playground Love

Moby, Jill Scott, Blue Man Group - Natural Blues

At the age of three, Chairman Meow discovers Cat-nip.

Mono - Life In Mono

Prefuse 73 - Half of What

J Dilla - "Won't Do"

What's the best portable mp3 player out there?

Danger Doom (Danger Mouse & MF Doom) - The Mask

Little Fluffy Clouds : The Orb

Somewhere between my getting off work and now I got a wee bit drunk

Oh No - Move

Dudley Perkins - Testin' Me

California Guitar Trio - Bohemian Rhapsody

Why do ice makers always look like they're poohing?

Good night DU

Night & Kate : Troubleman ft Steve Spacek / Without You

Sa-Ra "Feel the Bass" f. Talib Kweli & Erykah Badu

Amy Winehouse - Love is a Losing Game

Burning question...

Bent - Magic Love

Picture hanging help Please and thank you

Slum Village ft. Dwele - Tainted

Hey! I'll ask the hipsters in the lounge!

Worlds simplest cell phone is being developed. Runs on one AA battery...

Prodigy: Breathe - Inhale, Inhale... You're the victim

The Bakery Messed Up My Cake

In honor of the Wilco concert that I have to MISS on Tuesday

Floetry - Floetic

I Have a Dreamsicle

I Have A Dream

The Herbaliser - Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks

Frankenstein Assumes Control of YouTube!!

This really bugs me

The Isley Brothers - Livin' In The Life

J-Boogie feat Deuce Eclipse "Que Pasa"

What is the Family Secret?

Jazzanova - Soon

Dan The Automator f/ Hieroglpyphics - Don't Hate The Player

Digable Planets- Nickel Bags

Lambert, Hendricks and Ross

Why is Delaware so proud of its tRolls?

james taylor quartet "j.t.q. theme"

Genesis - Invisible Touch

Spill it! How did NewYawker99 know about all those anniversaries?


Erasers stink.

Groove Armada - Superstylin

We are so totally screwn

Here's the plan:


What's the best HD/DVD player...

The best of Otto. (A Fish Called Wanda)

My Times Beta with DU Link Prominently Displayed.

For TOhioLiberal and her new adventure.

Stars fell on

Zap Mama - Abadou


It would be really evil if I hemmed all my husband's pants an inch shorter,

Time for a Completely Random and Utterly Ridiculous Weekend Photo Thread®!

Why was the Diana's memorial service so....un-Diana-ish? No reference to

If There Was Ever A Time For Good Vibes Any Vibes NOW Is The Time

Why is Delaware so proud of its tolls?

Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg - Bonnie & Clyde


The Young Punx! "Wake Up..." video by Han Hoogerbrugge

That "What Not to Wear" show can suck it!

We haven't had a "Things we won't hear a DU'er say" thread in a while.

Britney Reportedly Earns $737,868 Per Month

Least funny human being attempting to work in the field of comedy

So, the wife and I agreed to have an open marriage

What is your cult movie ?

What's in your CD player tonight?

Death Star Canteen

Woot! i ordered my halloween costume today! What are you going as this year?

Victor Kamber: Organized Labor is whom Rove fears most

On the Eve of Labor Day…

Workers' Groups Say US Economy is Growing, But Not Wages

In Kentucky, Early Birds Plan to Get the Worms Out of Office

Retirees picket EMBARQ because the company plans to discontinue paying for their health insurance

Charles Kouto-messan and Mark Scherbing: A walk in the shoes of working Americans

Fema Sabotages Katrina Relief efforts

Senator Kim McFriendly Responds to the Larry Craig Scandal

Bill-O on Larry Craig's Resignation

Senator Craig: The Real Issue for the Republicans

Olbermann's Worst Person: Tom DeLay (see KO's proof his hair is his own)

GOP Bathroom Etiquette Breakdown!

Hawaii Superferry protests

I Feel Sorry For Senator Craig But Not For The Party That Created Him

Sen. Craig no friend to 'greens' in NW

Tancredo (POS - CO) slams Katrina spending: “time the taxpayer gravy train left the N.O. station"

Bush seeks immunity for companies in spy case

Brian DePalma shooting film about poor, beautiful Abir Al-Janabi

Serious question: Is the word Revolution forbidden on DU?

Here is a waste of taxpayer money and bandwidth.


Here is one of the BEST antiwar videos I have seen!

You know how people here occasionally say they will hold their noses and vote for any Dem nominee?

Photo Tribute to Senator Larry Craig

COMPASSION IN ACTION!!! Who deserves yours?

207 years later pardon

Same Sex Marriage, Larry Craig, And Your Children

PIX! Caption Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Darth......FACES OF EVIL

3739 Reasons Why The DSM is Important


Does anyone know anything about the Int'l Baccalaureate Program?

Deadly Cholera Outbreak In Iraq

You know, if Craig just wanted a hookup, he could've easily done so

Scary statistics

Realtime with Bill Maher starting now.

Dumbing down the New York State Regents exams?

TOONS: Gonzo gone so...

The Recent Unpleasantness Ends Tomorrow

my 101st letter to the editor,re: Gonzales,printed today

Loose Change - 2nd Edition was on local cable channel

How many jobs do we have to lose?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Paul Krugman: Katrina All the Time

NRA stays mum on whether it will ask Craig to resign from board

How much does giving birth cost in the U.S?

Banner drop in KANSAS - go Jayhawks!!

Guilty Plea in Guns-For-Iran Plot


You know, it's not about same-sex relations, nor is it about hypocrisy. . .

When Craig showed his Senate Identification card after the cop IDed himself what did he expect?

"Breaking: Larry Craig Loves Boysies!"

27 billion dollars for WHAT??!!??

Can't we all just get along?

It is with the greatest reluctance

Scrutiny for a Governor on Filling a Senate Seat

Virginia Sen. Warner won’t seek sixth term

I sometimes forget that not everyone pays as much attention to things politic as we at DU do.

Larry Craig in 1999: "Bill Clinton is a a nasty, bad naughty boy"

'Real Time w/ Bill Maher' thread

I Sentence Craig to Two Weeks of Jay Leno Monologues.


Ted Sorensen on Charlie Rose tonight

You wanna know what my ick factor is?

US says ready to step back into Basra as British pull out

For the dead and dying.

Former President Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave....

Child Prostitution On-Going Problem In Wichita

Marine Ordered To Kill Women And Children

DO NOT LIE! Are you drawn to negativity?

The Nader Principal: Is a Vote for Dennis, a Vote for HRC?

It's a number

Barack Obama - Straight Talk on Cuba

Science Journal: The U.S. maps claims to the spoils of global warming


NO! I'll be damned if I waste my compassion on the likes of Snow or Craig or anyone like them!!!

Here are your daily right-wing talking points.

Red Cross confirms Bush administration, CIA used torture in interrogations

Long list of Republican sex offenders....

XM announced today that channel 167 (Air America) will be pre-empted for college sports?

Rogers rumored to be on the verge of outing Graham & McConnell.

w8liftinglady wins coveted Algae Award!

Thought for the day: Society and self-preservation

Support Iraqi Resistance To The Oil Law.

Clowns KKKick KKK ass!

Sex, Lies, Republicans (A Photo Essay)

I believe all elected officials should submit to drug testing.

FYI, straight people have sex in restrooms too.....

Why do you believe Craig was caught?

Please don't resign. An open letter to Larry Craig.

Can Republicans Explain Why Higher Taxes Are Bad?

Book TV Schedule: September 1st - 4th (Yay! an extra day!)

Inhofe ‘excited’ by attempted attack on his plane in Iraq.

What ever happen to the "net neutrality" issue

Move over, Intelligent Design.. Meet, Selective Ignorance.

"Primary bully Florida ought to be ashamed"...four articles catch on to Florida's primary ploy.

This will break your heart

What happened to Senator Biden walking in a worker's shoes?

Hi kids and Edwards's an Edwardspalooza !

Obama's Campaign Desends on London

Jewish Labor Committee: American Jews owe unions an extra 'thank you' on this Labor Day

FEC Fines ACT $775,000 for Spending $100 Million in 'Soft Money' in '04 Race

Three Democrats Sign Pledge on Primary Calendar Chaos

Which of the main GOP candidate would be the WORST president and why?

A question of leadership.

How can Al Gore/John Edwards be an advocate for the environment when he has a big house?

Obama Urges More US Involvement in Africa

Weekly War Scorecard

(Probably Stupid) Idea To Make Damn Sure We're All Touched By The War

Bush connects the dots using the Neo-Domino Theory

Mitt meets elvis

"Rove was so touched by the tribute that he didn't have any final words for his colleagues..."

I'm really curious to know why more have not talked about this site...

Virginia Senator Warner's departure puts GOP in bigger bind: Safe Senate seat now in play

08 Dem Top three, no more veiled attacks, head to head baby!

I think the tinfoil hat is on the other foot!

Congressional poll on 1872 mining law

If Hillary wins the nomination, I think she owes a big thank-you to John Edwards

Bush asks for immunity for spying telecoms

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (8-31-07)

For those who are not supporting Obama because he's not "experienced enough",

DNC Chairman Dean pressures '08 hopefuls on Florida

FBI spied on King's widow for years

Peace, Injustice, and Ron Paul

I viscerally just HATE Mitt Romney...and all other repukes running for that matter!

Election Schedule - 2008 (State by state primaries & GE)

Caption this....

Obama supporter roll call! Identify yourselves!

Biden Supporters: Biden's book hits bestseller list.

Edwards says no SUVs. Except the one he's driven around in.

Obama should drop out of the presidential race so that Edwards can beat Clinton.

Anyone still holding out hope for the entrance of Al Gore into the 2008 presidential race?

Barack Obama's Record on Hurricane Katrina.

This is directed at you anti-abortionist & "right" to lifers

Why you simply MUST vote for Joan of Arkansas

BOB HERBERT: Anxious About Tomorrow

General Petraeus on Iraq: Always Partisan, Always Wrong

US sponsored War Crimes in Iraq: Yazidis, The People of the Peacock Angel by Felicity Arbuthnot

Globalization undermines Workers' Rights in America by Stephen Lendman

As Her Star Wanes, Rice Tries to Reshape Legacy

The New Pandemic

Anna Politkovskaya: The politics of murder

Some see 'coup' as Iraq's best hope

Craig's lust: Hypocritical? Don't Ask (Saletan / WaPo)


Labor Day Hypocrisy by Stephen Lendman

Jose Padilla and the road to hell (Cook / Chattanoogan)

GOP Advocates Letting Homes Burn Down In Face of Wildfires

Rumsfeld blamed for Iraq 'failure'


The Unfeeling President

Will inflation slay the Chinese dragon?

The Danziger Bridge Killings

Toxic ship-paint additive banned — after 40 years

E-mail From Al Gore

Call for German nuclear reactor shutdown

Nuclear doubts spread in wake of Niigata


"Talks on Climate Change Impact in Africa"

US says ready to step back into Basra as British pull out

Industrial nations agree step to new climate pact

Man honoured for saving JFK 64 years later

dupe - please delete :(

Iraqi civilian deaths up

'Bomb-maker' among 'Eta' arrests

Judge Halts Illegal Immigrant Notices

British army chief attacks US as 'intellectually bankrupt' over Iraq

Group Troubled by Rise in Gov't Secrecy

US inflation slows in July

Agreeing to block some videos, YouTube returns to Thailand

Ruling to protect delta smelt may force water rationing in (SF) Bay Area

Investors a big share of home defaults in 4 states

Mexico trucks to roll on U.S. highways

Strengthening storm named 'Felix'

Feuding Iraqis meet for secret peace seminar in Finland

Rare Meteor Shower Early Saturday Morning

Tropical storm Felix could become hurricane

GOP Faces Dimming Prospects in '08

Ill. Democrat: Bush Iraq plan is broken (radio address)

Six die in Pakistan bridge collapse

Ultra-low Fed rates stoked US housing boom: Taylor

Feds try to scale back Medicaid payments (new Rule for schools)

Musharraf nightmare of ex-PMs' return

Wives of Saudi militancy suspects want public trial

Schwarzenegger disappoints British Conservatives

Chile priest charged over deaths

Feds to restrict volunteers at disasters

Bush Apologizes to Wiccan Soldier's Widow for Meeting Slip-Up

Former subprime leader Ameriquest closes

Sen. Craig resigns over sex sting

Venezuela frees Colombians convicted in alleged 2004 plot against Chavez

Swiss deportation policy draws criticism

Some pev at the bar gave me $4 to get a drink!1!

Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop

Lynden David Hall (sexy cinderella)

Outkast - She lives in my lap

L’appel du komintern

Remy Shand - The Way I Feel

Last video for the Evening: The End of Six Feet Under

Scritti Politti - Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)

Roni Size / Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag: Video

How about a GOP slash fiction group on DU!

Only you - Portishead

Aw, man. I gave some bum at the bar $4. to go bug somebody else

Can I toss an old joke into the Lounge?

I would like to be a sandman.

Where Is My Mind?

Ed Roth's Orbiton found in Mexico!

Anyone else do Pilatus?

This video is why everyone here should treat themselves to seeing Blue Man Group at least once

I just bought an iPhone. Ask me anything.

"...and expecting others to subsidize their sexual pleasures..."

How's this for a "Simpsons" start?

Tim Robbins:

Why do they hate us so much?

A Glass and a Half Full of Joy

Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!: Yea or Nay?

Classic cartoons...

Les Paul & Mary Ford Multitracking - 1953

North Mississippi Allstars (NMA), anyone?

If you laughed at MST3K, you'll love this website...

I need some free DVD burners fast.

Push th' Little Daisies

I'm suing DU for professional sabotage

Watched "The Departed" last night

Howdy! How's everyone doing tonight?

You may be a Redneck Time Lord...

Ode to C.C. Part II

Best party music videos!

Help our friend retrieve her bear. She's a good Democrat.

Bathroom Humor... (very funny!)

Guys, suppose polygamy is legalized tomorrow, which six women would you make your wife?

Michigan and Colorado...what gives??


In honor of the return of football season - Post a pic of you in the college football spirit!

Badger badger badger...

Fundy nutball of the week!

Weekend thrift/yard sale score thread- find anything good? Tell us about it!

The reason I date Booty Queens.

Do you watch DVD's with a/the 'foreign' language on?


Undies football of the week

OK. We've all seen those FBI warnings on DVDs. But what if

Cat bowling!

What is your cult?

Is South Boston really a crime-ridden isthmus?

DeVotchKa - Till the End of Time

Calexico - Cruel

Hawksley Workman - We Will Still Need A Song

Robert Plant - Shine It All Around

The The - Infected

And's a little Brothers Johnson...Strawberry Letter 23...

Sex On The Beach

For The Cat Loves here...

About 50 motorcycles just went by my house...

XTC - Dear God


I hate XXXXXXXXX board!

Rock N Roll is demonic.........good grief

Invader Zim: Yea or Nay?

If you've never seen IndieTits, this is great.

Another face in the storm: soon-to-be TS Gabrielle

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

My dumbass move for the day:

Joey - Concret Blonde

Did anyone else see Keith O. Special Comment on The Soup last night?

I need to make a decision tonight about these photos...

How about a little Bryan Ferry?

Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense and Peppermints

OK it's real quiet around here this holiday weekend...


Music-related jokes (Post 'em if you got 'em.)

How many fingers and toes did you have at birth?

Post your rock 'n roll trivia here.

CHUPACABRA has been FOUND!!!!!!

Moving and packing

Let's play.... movie quotes:

Rearing a child on The Classics - Electric Company and Old School Sesame Street

So am I the LAST person in the Lounge to see "Hairspray"?

RJD2 - 1976

A joke.

I worked 70 fuckin' hours last week in 5 fuckin' days

We just put down our 13 yo Choco Lab.

Movies with most sustained "dreamlike" atmospheres?

new tat....with ONE new pin added

Born in Sheffield? Then your luck is in

Courney Love shocked my Amy Winehouse drug use.

I've got a Jack Russell Terrier standing on my chest

My golden doodle-bear!

I have 3 deer in my backyard.

Best Song From a Disney Movie

To all of you Michigan Wolvarine fans out there...

It's a mighty fine day to be a Spartan. And thank you, Appalachian State.


Victoria, dahhling.. your implants are showing

Post a picture of a place somewhere in the world (Dialup warning)

Damn! Wish I were in San Francisco tomorrow! It's the Summer of Love 40th Ann. Concert!

A Day with PTSD

September 29th rally in Syracuse, NY (xpost from GD)


The Boots.

Biden didn't get the PR out of walk a day in my shoes that other candidates did

Labor cartoon for the week

Labor quote for the week of August 27, 2007

Today in labor history September 01

The Jewish Advocate: Unions and Labor Day

Labor joke for the week of August 27, 2007

Two Boston Firefighters Killed

H. Clinton Picks Up Endorsement of International Association of Machinists, major blow to Edwards

Panel Named to Investigate Mine Agency

innovative ideas sought for pay negotiations

We have been a union house for years, but this will be my first march in the Labor Day Parade

Censored Images of War - Part 8

Censored Images of War - Part 7

Censored Images of War - Part 6

Censored Images of War - Part 5

Censored Images of War - Part 4

Censored Images of War - Part 2

Censored Images of War - Part 3

Trunk Monkey Compilation

Bush vs. Miss Teen South Carolina

Margolis says TV news hiding truth about Iraq civil war

Tom Lehrer - So long, mom (a song for world war III)

SPP Protesters deliver petition at Montebello


Paris provides cheap rental bikes to cut down on auto use

Censored Images of War - Part 9

John Edwards speaks with Spartanburg,SC Democrats IV

John Edwards speaks with Spartanburg,SC Democrats III

Rachel Maddow’s Campaign Asylum XII

Florida Dems vs DNC...Hotline TV

John Edwards speaks with Spartanburg,SC Democrats Part I

John Edwards speaks with Spartanburg,SC Democrats II

My United States of...WHATEVA !!!

Censored Images of War - Part 1

John Edwards - Ga. Southwestern State Univ. w/ Jimmy Carter

Why was the Diana's memorial service so....un-Diana-ish? No reference to

Let's Talk About Kinsey's Scale

LEFTCOAST ALERT: David Iglesias freewheels with Tavis tonight

Chicagoans must check out AM radio in a sea of ignorance!

What A Bunch Of Hypocrites Here!

Grace Lee Boggs interviewed by Bill Moyers

One Thought

I wonder how many coasters rushed to their maps

We're not interested in furthering progressive/liberal ideologies

Sen. Craig's arresting officer a bigot?

Why all the revelations? Why now?

Civilian deaths in Iraq actually went up in August

Joint Chiefs Raise Alarm To Bush

Welcome to the new US embassy

Craigslist founder willing to fund investigative journalism

Grief Turns to Anger Over War's 'Waste'

New Bumper Snicker...

Oddball extravaganza - Collection of Olberman's Oddball videos

The King of calypso endorses Obama

More Anon?-Meet The Kontogiannis, This stuff is getting around

September 29th rally in Syracuse, NY

What's Good For GM... (*)

FOX Noise spends 30 seconds on Craig than switches to McGreevey

"Crash" director's film "In the Valley of Elah" started when war popular, Bush at 80% approval

Imagine The Sort Of Nation We Could Have If We Cut Defense Spending By Half

Text of Senator Craig's Speech this A.M.

Despite The Mortgage Crisis, Hedge Funders Are Still Raking It In

Judge's stay too late to halt men's marriage

Do you have any friends or family who have recently (within the last two years)...

Iraq War Victims Photo Site (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC)

AP: More than 1,800 Iraqis killed in August

If you want to know what's going on in Iraq, Juan Cole is a good place to start

Bush Hears About Strain on Troops (from the five sided Puzzle Palace)

What is the state of the Republican Party. ? cspan1 Wash Journ question now.

Swiss expulsion proposal draws criticism and the Xenophobic campaign poster

KKKarl chokes for the final time (this time around)

‘Kill everybody’

"We all knew..."

Former subprime leader Ameriquest closes

Government secrecy on the rise

US ready to drop NKorea from list of state sponsors of terrorism - Having nukes makes the difference

Dear Friend (Pathetic Nigerian letter to get money)

Former Reagan aide: 'Brownshirt' Bush among top 'mass murderers of all time'

60 suspected Afghan militants killed - I wonder what we do with all the bodies of these "suspects"?

So what's new?

Offer Iran security guarantee to end nuclear impasse: former UN weapons chief Blix

Craig shouldn't resign until after his appeal

Craig will announce his resignation, effective Sept. 30, at a news conference in Boise Saturday a.m.

It's official! We've won in Iraq!

Blog: Inside Iraq

Time Mag Slams Media For Edwards Coverage; Says Reporters Are Making A Dumb Argument

The Right Wing Religion

Press Release: Senator Craig has left the Stall.

Here's the story the Idaho Statesman filed about Craig

New Playzr Turns YouTube Videos Into Cash Machines

Nugget Buried In WAPO On GAO Report-State Dept DISAGREES With WH

Bush's Homeowner's Bailout, more political theater.

Yep Mass Murderer alright. Thiev'n creep too.

Does anyone know..

Senator (soon to be ex) Craig may also be in the closet about his religion...

Too good not to pass along.....

Senator Craig And His Staff

Moyers Responds To Wallace’s Baseless Slander: Repeated Requests To Rove Went Unanswered

About that fictional white collar society

Your new job starts on January 1..You have 9 months to compete 13 tasks

The Rough Riding Men of Idaho Politics (boys of a feather flock together)

We now have an important job to do once Sen Craig resigns.

Matthews, Blitzer call McCain "maverick," "straight talk{er}," for calling for Craig resignation

Craig Needs This!:

See Ted Nugent's cowardly rant against Barack and Hillary - time to flush this sewage away

South of Baghdad, U.S. troops find fatigue, frustration

Except for Edwards, Dodd, and Kucinich, why aren't Democrats blasting Bush's Mexican trucks scam????

algal poisoning hits UK river - Wales

No Catharsis, No End to the War: Why the "Villains" Must Pay

Scientists say Viagra can help with jet lag. Source: Harper's Findings

A Freeper smacks down the Base over Craig

Stark Iraq evidence that the military is lying.

past 2 yrs. fjords have NOT frozen

Please sign the KLSD petition - it's under two thousand signatures.

"Tap three times with your loafer if you want me..." HILARIOUS You-Tube vid!

Order extends anti-discrimination policies to gays - Kansas

cspan 1 starting covrage of Craig thing.

Diaperman Vitter calls Craig to say "hang in there" and that he is fully behind him on this

Think Progress censored in Iraq by U.S. Military.

Bathroom break is 12.30pm EDT n/t

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sat. 9/1 - one way to reach benchmarks

I think I've found a Mission. Starting with Detroit Metro Airport ...

CSPAN callers. LOL! Ted Kennedy nulls anything that any Republican...

Where the GOP money comes from...and where it goes

the Toll Road Scam (how they want it to work in Texas)

The risks in Iraq are high

Fisrt Your Money...Then Your Clothes

This week in DC: A snow job. A blow job. And no job.

I remember hearing that Craig "might not run" ...BEFORE the bathroom thing popped up.

Presidential hopefuls sign pledge to back federal funding search engine

Clooney: Obama's Like a Rock Star

The Air Force certainly appears to be settling in for a long war.

Feds to restrict volunteers at disasters

Report: Federal agencies fail to pay employment taxes ($45 million)

War Protest in downtown Fort Worth TX today!

Larry Craig's day of reckoning, live from Boise

Everybody sing along with Larry Craig!

LOL. Now this is funny.

Marine drill instructor charged with 225 Counts of abuse of recruits.

How firearms intended for Iraqi security forces are winding up in the hands of extremists across the

Stockton School Bans "Gang" Colors - red and blue are now completely off-limits

FDR Admin's gay sex scandal: Sumner Welles

Omaha lost its collective mind today and it was hilarious...

Craig:"I apologize for what I have caused,"

sexy freddie rides a limo until two blocks before staging then hops in his red truck

Its a shame repressive societal forces twist and blunt personal development

State Democrats react to Edwards and Obama pledge to skip Michigan campaigning

Nearly 2000 dead Iraqi civilians killed last month don't think the surge is going very well

I don't want my taxes going to pay for your healthcare.

Are we missing something here? Please read.

At the risk of offending the gay community...

"Indian Country"- Beyond The "Green Zone" In Iraq

Rove plans to return home to Hill Country

I have long heard rumors about bush sr. & jr., just like with larry craig.

"Follow" ( tiny epic poem)

Have the DUzy's been posted yet?

DePalma Uses Censored Iraq Images In New Film 'Redacted' ("It's all out there on the Internet")

What exactly are Larry Craig's legal options that he's going to pursue...

A Tragic Legacy Glen Greenwald on CSPAN now

Homecoming Rally for Senator Tim Johnson on CSpan 1 now

Do Gay Rights Create More Or Less Larry Craigs In This World?

Whitehouse budget item flagged by GAO: military grade happy face stickers -- $27.4 billion

Aslong as there are righteous/religious facist repubs, there will be a shitload of Craigs.

Dow Jones Industrial Average 1987 and 2007

Iraq Facilities

On the lighter side.....things to ponder....or not.

Larry Craig, tragic victim of an oppressive environment? Not so fast

GOP DREAM: Thank God for Craig, now we don't have to handle the Waxman Demand

My Son Went to See Ted Nugent Last Night

Lady Bird, GOLDWATER, & J. Edgar HOOVER had compassion for Walter JENKINS. Finally, LBJ did, too

One gay couple has gotten married in Iowa

Dentist Charged With Raping His Drunk Daughter

"China's Influence Spreads Around World"

Blogger Who First Outed Craig Says Craig's Homosexuality Has Been Known For Years

SELF-DELETE. I have decided that the source is not

A Quiet Rebellion (56 civil div. lawyers opt out of handling gov't cases against detainee appeals)

Controversy overProposed Rule to Allow Feedlots to Call Their Beef "Grass-Fed'

now here is a very descriptive Headline:

I want to thank the Singing Columnist 'Funniest Video '

Sarasota FL's economic downturn results in 50% rise in free school lunches

Will you get a paid day off on Labor Day?

Feds to restrict volunteers at disasters

Giuliani Event Aide Quits Over Sex, Theft Charges - Miami Herald

Karl Rove Bids You Adieu ---pix--->>>

How do the Equal Time Rules work with these talk show appearances?

hehe rush/hannity/oreilys station gets preempted for all local games

Did Rove expose Craig story for his bosses best pal Alberto ????-Deflection

Mr. Craig, you are a naughty nasty boy

Craig's Press Conference Was Boring

republican hypocrisy

Former-Insurgent Counterinsurgency (or concerned citizens)

Politics of Blocking Bush's Ambitions in Iraq

I simply don't care if you're gay or not.

Felix becomes hurricane, TS Watch issued for Jamacia.

Best and worst Credit Cards?

Bush tells journo he plans on being a lazy ass when retired. Plans to trap 2008 candidates in Iraq.

cbs actually said that Iraqi deaths have risen (# given) and 81 troops dead in Aug.

Dave Reichert Gets a Payday

India's war on women

Einstein quote of the day: "There are two ways to live your life...

CNN: The president called Craig

Nine weeks that made a kid a man, and a mom proud - Jason Scowden was a screwup. Now he's a soldier

Tucker Carlson: Apologize Now for Comments Condoning Violence!

Chavez is brokering a deal with Colombian guerrillas to release American prisoners

seeking advice from lawyer for law student

More than 1,800 Iraqis killed in August

Troop Fatalies in Iraq 2006-2007

I can't believe I'm defending this man...

There was a huge Ron Paul presense at our peace rally today

its not about being gay or is about being hypocritical

"Why The Pentagon Doesn't Want Me To Testify About Abu Ghraib"

Big, strong, ugly: the great APEC wall rises

Humor can be cruel.

IDAHO"S NEXT SENATOR: ?? Meet the New Hypocrite...

Report from the hustings...Keene NH

How could an airport restroom be cruisy in this day and age?

"A man on Tennessee St.: The story of an entire city"

Rich Nations Fail To Set 2020 Goals

Is this about the most arrogant.... (NY Times on book, Dead Certain)

No Law for Oil

If you believe democrats are complicit with republicans,

Conn. Home 20-Times Larger Than Average (50,900 square feet)

Who cares about Diana?

Mexican trucks crossing border unchecked=good! Bottled water on planes=threat.


Has anyone else seen John Pilger's

Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) – Next up in the Scandal Que on Gay Marriage & “liberal lunacy”

Has anyone submitted a question for the R YouTube debate? What would your ask?

Fear the democrats! Cuz they are transformers from outer...Europe? (photo)

Blackwater Ninjas?! No joke.

SCREENSHOT: Fred Thompson exploits stint as Love Boat's Gopher

Has a mythical beast turned up in Texas?

It's official, Craig resigns. So much for his (wide) stance to stay

A sad farewell to an old friend none of you will ever hear about

Ultra-Right Gaining Ground in Bulgaria

John Edwards supporters: Why support Edwards?

Let's hear it for Muse Rider!!!

Concerned passenger on delayed flight contradicts airline's account

NYT: Condi's shopping for a legacy

TNT to put Law & Order with Fred Thompson on 23 times for his announcement

Ben Stein is going senile.

TPM: Ney Aide Was Cooperator Extraordinaire

Wash. Journal talked about fat today and left out an important ingredient

DC Madam May Release Identities, Evidence Deemed Classified

If you're in the AIr Force, would you wear a Combat Infantry Badge


In defense of Larry Craig

What in the hell did Bush have done with the two young sons of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?

Mexican carriers to gain access throughout U.S.

Help me spend $105 million on liberal causes

Larry Craig hires Michael Vick's attorney

No Welcome Back Sign For Condi At Stanford

The Dems are on vacation ...

Question about car insurance and an accident...

"Cheney will now be unchallenged." (Financial Times)

Let's Take a Break From The Homophobathon To Wish Happiness and Health To....

OK, Fred ThomBush is in: Will AL GORE follow and declare candidacy?

The Purpose of the U.S. Invasion and Occupation of Iraq

Ten Reasons MARIJUANA should be LEGAL!

***DUzy Awards for week ending August 31, 2007.***

So, do people elected to congress sign a pledge of straightness and marital fidelity?

2005-BUSH ON CRAIG: He's "A Goddamned Traitor" Told RNC To Recruit Someone To Run Against Him

"Pentagon ‘three-day blitz’ plan for Iran"

Have these rumors been proven and if so, is it appropriate for a major newspaper to print them?

Catholic school discussion on immigration leads to "WHITE POWER!" chant

An epidemic of student debt

"Now, you're all size 12, aren't you?"

Just to give you an idea on how HUGE the new US Embassy in Baghdad is:

Verizon and Government Seek Dismissal of Data-Mining Lawsuit on Secrecy and Free Speech Grounds

MCM Email Re Upcoming House Vote On Voting Machines. We Either Stop It Or We Fuck Ourselves

Longtime DUers in our gay community are being made to feel

New Sanctuary announced in Kennebunk

The National Coalition of American Nuns calls for impeaching Bush and Cheney

Ok - I'm going to bring it up

Emails Confirm Political Pressure on Former Surgeon General

Housing industry reacts to Bush plan ("A month ago it was like he didn't take it seriously...")

Why not Edwards or Kucinich? Unions Look for a Winner When Endorsing

Clooney in Venice, Italy: "I'd love him (Obama) to be president, quite honestly."

Bush's declaring "sectarian violence" down by ignoring dead bodies found each morning, ignoring all

Why did White House "pranksters" write "I love Obama" on Rove's car?

California Legislature, Governor In Intense Discussions Over Health Care Reform Bill

Bad Newz Democratz

Arrests for heroin quite rare in Omaha, 3rd grade school teacher on school grounds

Bush's herd of loyal Texas advisers continues to thin

Barack Obama Responds to Bush on Lending. Says Bush's plan doesn't go far enough.

Rasmussen: Party Affiliation: Dems 37.4% ; GOP 32.5% GOP down nearly 5% since 11/04

So Sen. Craig thinks we and the media should be reporting and concentrating on more

AP: More than 1,800 Iraqis killed in August

NYT editorial, "A Non-Political Memorial": Will Giuliani turn 9/11/07 into a campaign ad?

My question is: So the Florida Dem Primary is pretty much invalid?

Can Some One Explain The Four State Pledge?

Should the Dems put dough into registration drives in Idaho immediately?

Greenpeace Blocks Lake Erie Coal Freighter

Nunn still pushing safeguards on nuclear material

Arcuri: Let’s leave Iraq now (D-NY)

fred thompson on Rosanne, being a jerk.

Experts: Fixing Justice should be on Bush's agenda-McClatchy Newspapers

Massachusetts Rep. James McGovern: The Battle Over War Funding Can't Wait

How many of you already have your candidate's bumper sticker on your car?

Iraq leftists protest key oil bill

Idea-new political song/video2008 "Hangin round the madams,

Key Issues Split Congressional Democrats

Senator Larry Craig is sorry (and so is Brenda Lee)

Slavery, Iraq, and Justice Delayed

Someone implied Karen Hughes (dry heave) had split also...true or is she...

The Rebub registration booth was lonely today at the San Jose

Regarding Donna Brazille's defense of the DNC's treatment of Florida. . .

Tancredo Calls For An End To Post-Katrina Aid

Worried about Polls? Check out this late Feb. 2004 Illinois primary story

What I like about our candidates, in their own words:

Paging John Walsh and Nancy Grace: Anyone Know Where Condoleeza Rice is?

Why Are There Gay Republicans? A Speculation:

John Edwards to visit Pittsburgh, gain USW endorsement

Separated at birth?

As Craig feels heat, Vitter stays cool

WP op-ed: "Why We Stood Up to Florida," by Donna Brazile

'DC Madam' defense likely to disclose evidence, identities deemed 'classified'

Clinton continues strong frontrunner status!

How many Democrats have studied EACH AND EVERY candidate's positions?

Send in your questions for RFK Jr.

Here they go again....

Obama, Edwards skip rogue primary states

With Craig resigning, NOW is the time to go after Vitter re: hypocrisy

The Palace at Halliburton Square is now officially "ours"

HAHAHAH must see QUICK!!

Hillary Decides to Skip Rogue States (Florida and Michigan)

State Democrats react to Edwards and Obama pledge to skip Michigan campaigning

Rank the following in order of how good a president you think they'd make

Clooney On "Rock Star" Obama: "He Walks Into The World, And He Takes Your Breath Away"