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Archives: August 6, 2007

Our Man In New York: Baseball and bombs get the cash - bridges are just dull

Congress Should Require Simple Mortgage Pact


Weapons given to Iraq are missing

The calamity of disregard

Ex-Oil (VECO)magnate sowed political influence (with Republicans)

NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF: Mr. Bush, Here’s a Plan for Darfur

John Nichols: An Overwhelming Vote for Waste, Earmarks and Corruption

Bridges to Somewhere

The New Yorker: The Black Sites (CIA Torture)

PAUL KRUGMAN: The Substance Thing

Stan Goff's latest on the Tillman fratricide

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 302

What's out in Nigeria

What Happens Next?

Al Gore In Israel This November

I will nevah Google again. Blackle is the new Green!

Ex-Oil (VECO)magnate sowed political influence (with Republicans)

House Approves Taxes on Oil Companies

GOP Rivals Agree On Iraq, Spar On Abortion

Turkey to Warn Iraq on Rebel Sanctuaries

Bush Signs Law Widening Reach for Wiretapping

Weapons Given to Iraq Are Missing (GAO Estimates 30% of Arms Are Unaccounted For)

Bloggers Consider Forming Labor Union

Afghan president counters US rhetoric on Iranian role in country (Iran a "helper and a solution")

Ex-Home Depot Chief Taking Reins at Chrysler

Afghan President Bringing Bush a Gloomy Report on Security

In Debate, Republicans Make the Case for Staying in Iraq

Northwest Airlines' pilot union approves deal

Bear Stearns co-president, co-COO quits (as hedge funds become worthless

US Air Force weighs keeping jobs in US or moving them to France

190,000 weapons Given to Iraqis are Missing

Tons of Repaving Material Was on Bridge at Collapse

Mystery solved: Rosacea's Cause Uncovered

Oklahoma Police Kill 5-Year Old Boy While Shooting at Snake

My niece and nephew did "LOLniece&nephew" this weekend!

Headline from the future: "President Clinton Signs Out Of Iraq Now Bill"

Damn, I just finished Tuesdays With Morrie.

Didn't see this 'Family Guy' before: the store: "Britches and Hose"

Have sore throat and low-grade fever. Who knows anything bout West Nile?

Question?? how do I join the Du Activist group.

Who can explain life insurance?

OK, I don't get this ad, the one where the guys dreams "miss him"

Does FedEx deliver to residences on Sundays?

So help me God, there's an Eagles tribute band playing down the street

How do you make Republican Chicken Soup?

I just ordered upside-down maps for my grandkids

Iron Sheik argues with Iron Sheik Jr (video of actually insane wrestler on Howard Stern last week)

Check out the BIG one I saw in Big D

Trouble ahead, trouble behind...

Just so you'll have sweet dreams

Hey maybe Tom Glavine will knock Barry Bonds off the top of the sports pages...

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid - A Very Important Conclusion...

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going.

More than Ron Jeremy...

I hurt my left index finger

Thomas the Crack Engine

teh kitteh jar

Multiple question marks are the new punctuation marks for ending statements????

How many people still use the ((((((((((hug)))))))))) symbol? Haven't seen it around for a while.

Good evening, all...

So I need a part-time job as a graduate student, can any of you suggest something?

Who would win in a fight, Sauron or Voldemort?

How come nobody raves about Shirley Hardman any more?

Just saw Bourne that is some fine filmmaking...

Holy crap, I think I'm becoming a vegetarian!

Who's gonna buy this t-shirt ? (helps if you've seen a particular Family Guy episode)

If you dug a hole, where would you pop out on the other side (probably not China!)

Will genetic engineering improve kittens?

In less than 8 hours my kids will be at their first day of school...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY...President's Daily briefing 8-06-01 Titled

May I please have some advice?

I've used the word "mascara" twice today. Should I worry about my sexuality?

Holy crap, I think I'm becoming a veterinarian!

With all the recent good-bye threads...

"What do you do at a Young Republicans meeting?"

Why on earth would people harass senior citizens?

Please remember that 24 hours means

Name me a nice coastal town with a reasonable cost of living...

"I'm not an alcoholic, I'm a drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings."

Does anyone here have scoliosis?

Do you have any superstitions? Or does your family have some?

Holy crap, I think I'm becoming a Hungarian!

What stereotypes do YOU not fit into?

USW Calls On Firestone to Recognize New Union Leadership in Liberia

Local 49 member believed to be among missing I-35W

For unions, challenge is generational

State AFL-CIO confab in Waterloo (Ia) to host six presidential candidates

AFL-CIO Asks for Reins on Firms

Air Traffic Controller's Union Wants Discipline For Supervisor In Assault On Worker

Labor 2008: The Battle Begins


The Unknown Candidate

If You Have No Plan, Say 'Michael Moore' (Diner Employee vs. Mitt Romney)

Hi, I'm new here. Have I missed anything?

DU yourself a favor: drop the phrase "attention whore" from your lexicon.

Adios, Motherfuckers.

Frank Rich: Patriots Who Love the Troops to Death

Believe it or not, there is STILL some good news to be had...

Looking For a Leaker - FBI Raids Home of former Justice Dept Lawyer

What he said and when he said it.. six years' worth

legislation to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)

republican Taliban grills Romney for not being as moonbat crazy as he is...

Who else knew that the Nigerian Embassy in Rome was ransacked on Jan. 2, 2001?

How LOW can he go?

Why is the National Hurricaine Center located in a spot likely to be hit by a hurricaine?

Raw Truth (must see video)

Cory Doctorow talk at google. Discussing state of play with

"DU A Poll" Time...

You guys do know that when Petraeus reports in September that everything is wonderful in Iraq....

Video: Romney clucks at us that George W. Bush has "kept us safe"!

Fuel out of salt water? This guy says it's

As Uncle Will used to say

The Storm Worm

Ok - I've been gone a little bit - who left?

Let's check out what Matt PUDGE is crapping about tonight!!

Wood donation drive..

Candidates line up to visit Jon Stewart

And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going.

anyone watching the Freakshow on CSPAN right now?

Caught On Tape! The GOP's Plot to Stall Congress [VIDEO]

Progressive Democrats > DINOS > right wing Republicans

No Cooler for the Scooter [VIDEO]

Bush's illegal spying is now the LAW!

Who Says Buying A Girl Dinner Won't Get You The Keys To The Kingdom (Dial Up Warning)

Anyone walk by Department of Justice HQ (in DC) lately?

Youtube is DOWN??

Is anyone watching "Christopher Horner" "debunking" climate change theory on CSPAN2 right now?

Salon: Cheerful Boos For Hillary (YearlyKos)

What's the argument FOR the "foreign wiretap bill?" Please explain this to me...

SCLC to honor Michael Vick. Presidential candidates to attend

The law also gave the WH greater power to force telecommunications companies to coopera

Al Gore In Israel This November

George McGovern Tribute on C-Span - Excellent! We need more like him.

how should you deal with a crazy wing nut?

And now for something totally different

Signs of faltering US economy surface

This year's YearlyKos was the last

Newt Gingrich calls the war on terror "phony"

Puppys and butterflys

Co-worker just switched from the (R) to the big (D)

"Bush Signs Law to Expand Eavesdropping"

We got hit by a drunk driver this afternoon.

The Pentagon has lost track of about 190,000 AK-47 assault rifles

Interactive Map: State by state-deficient and obsolete bridges...

190,000 assault rifles and pistols given to Iraq are missing...

Buzzflash: Dems in Congress Once Again Enable Bush and Cheney to Spy on Us

For The Sake Of Saving Our Democracy & Constitution, And Without Regard

Just saw Bourne Ultimatum: See what electronic surveillence looks like.

Matt Stoller: Why the Progressive Movement Couldn't Stop FISA

Happy Birthday Helen Thomas!

Why Bush Won't Ax Gonzales

WaPo editorial: Warrantless Surrender

I'll vote Democratic in '08 even though Dems don't walk on water

The FISA Amendment and The Founders

We have a guy running for president who thinks the Garden of Eden was located in Missouri?

Larisa Alexandrovna: Here is How Your FISA Will Be Used...

This Modern World: Why In The World Would Dems Be Hostile To Such PROFESSIONAL Journalists?

WEEDS: Suburbia Turns To Marijuana Cultivation

Thoughts on FISA Amendment..

Did you hear Crazy Sam Brownback on the Republican debate (C-SPAN)

Satire: McCain’s Internet Strategy

Washington Post: What Workers Want, Congress Should Provide

A Key Solution to America’s Shrinking Middle Class: Union Membership


Analysis: Hillary Dances to Defend Bill

Where is the video for the daily kos forum?

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Weird, strange and unnecessary quotations from Republican candidates--today's top four

Threads "LOCKED" on a number of occassions . . . . ?????

If You Think Democrats Are So Moronic

Consider me officially against Heath Shuler (NC11) in 2008

Kitchen Table Poll Handicaps the Race

Florida Dems to National Dems....we'll do the primary our way. Will get interesting.

In VA, John Warner said to be retiring, Mark Warner to run for Senate seat...

DU this poll! Should Gonzalez be investigated for perjury?

Assume a Democratic president is elected in 2008, and we keep the house and senate

Clinton-Obama Tensions Spill Into the Senate

Fox's Bill Kristol takes 'benign view' of bridge collapse

Obama had a different view on experience three years ago when running against a political rookie

Debra Bowen’s Big, Bad-Ass, Fabulously Gutsy Choice (X)

Why did Kerry lose the election?

Throw Out Incumbent Democrats

The "Keep the center" , "Don't criticize your own" meme has been going for years.

KOS Diary: Defense of Dems voting for FISA...and of the bill...

Looking Back at Biden. I thought it was a great talk.

God this place is depressing!

Ouster By the People

Media Climate Pushes Brides to Say 'I Do' to Lavish Wedding Spending

Beyond Disaster (by Chris Hedges)

Another (R) goes berserk!

Sidney Blumenthal: The Bush administration's code of silence

Conservative propaganda strategy: The way to fight against racial justice - claim to fight for it.

The Soft Underbelly of the Democratic Party

Congress authorizes vast expansion of domestic spying

WaPost blasts Dems on Wiretap Vote

David Bromwich| Wanted: a Constitutional Democrat

A GOP Muddle On Taxes By Robert D. Novak


Economic Update: It Ain’t Pretty

Norman Solomon: The Guns Of August

We Deserve the Truth About Tillman and the War - from the John Birch Society

2000 cases of sexual abuse Ignored ..heck of a job Gonzo !

It's time to stop accepting Bush's failures (Albuquerque Trib)

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Mea Culpa Time

Bush Admin Makes Allies of America’s Worst Enemies. And our enemies their greatest benefactors.

broder supports DOJ swaying elections

A reporter speaks out about the Iraq war and news coverage

A Prescient Thought to Ponder, Especially for Republicans

American Home Files for Bankruptcy After Shutdown(bloomberg)

Hiroshima and nuclear weapons (Didn't End War) By Ward Wilson

Barbara Ehrenreich: The War on Infrastructure

The Black Sites-A rare look inside the C.I.A.’s secret interrogation program.

A veteran general hears echoes from Vietnam in Iraq

Bush to Karzai: Will You Just Shut Up Abour Iran!


Homeless (Iraq war) vets: A hidden crisis

Why Do We Suck? and Other Questions Political Journalists Asked Themselves at YearlyKos

Bill Clinton: The WSJ's Editorial Bd. Is Even More Right Wing And Irrational Than Fox News

Military Shows Gains in Iraq

Dying in vain or for George W's daddy?

Segregation at American base offends Iraqis

Thom Hartmann: Roll Back the Reagan Tax Cuts

The struggle for Iraq's oil flares up as Kurds open doors to foreign investors

Gelding Congress: House Censure would be the Final Cut of the Knife

Catholic Church to construct monument to clergy killed during Spanish Civil War

Glenn Greenwald: The Strong and Tough Democrats

The Party of Fear, the Party Without A Spine, and the National Surveillance State


Canada counts its sharks but is fishery viable? - Reuters

Dubrovnik menaced by major fire - BBC

Snow leopard furs seized in China - BBC

How green is your candidate

Desert Flowers: Legendary Burning Man festival gets an eco-conscience

Enviros Claim Political Meddling in EPA

Human Action 'Changing Rainfall' In Developing World

Brown Downgrades Cabinet-Level Committee On Climate, Scraps Sustainability Group - Independent

Electricity Sales From S. China To Vietnam More Than Triple YOY - Forbes

Yes, Sen. Boxer, There IS A Climate Science Denial Lobby - MSNBC

Opportunity lost...

Lake Superior Changes Mystify Scientists

Climate bill shaves $533 billion off economy (fine print alert: over a 20 period)

Okay, so there I am in Allentown PA this past week...

Gulf Of Mexico Dead Zones Hit All-Time Record Size - 9,650 Square Miles - Reuters

8/5 AMSR Arctic Sea Ice Imaging - Substantial Thinning From 80 to 90 North - University of Bremen

The House passes an ambitiously green energy bill, and Bush threatens to veto it.

Six Utah coal miners trapped after earthquake

Judge bans Navy from using sonar off Southern California - LAT

Peak Oil is Here

I need a new hot water heater. I have $800

Journal entry October 5, 2018...

Why are we talking about crop circles in the 9/11 forum?

Latin American hired guns shrug off Iraq war risks for payday

Opposition wins key Lebanese poll

Delphi Reaches Labor Deal With Union

Pelosi Seeks to Change FISA Bill

Bomb Attacks Kill 36 Iraqis (9 Killed by Booby Trap in Baghdad)

GOP candidates delicately try to separate selves from Bush

U.S. soldier killed in fighting in eastern Baghdad, military says

House Approves Pentagon Budget Minus the President's War Funding

Former crime lord Battle dies

Weapons Given to Iraq Are Missing

Two Koreas exchange shots across border

Bad Thai cops to endure Kitty shame

12,000 more Guard troops may be going to Iraq

Pentagon loses track of weapons for Iraqi forces

Suicide Bomb Kills 25 in Northern Iraq

Senators: Bonuses for Government Brass Suspicious

Bush Committed to Tracking al-Qaida July 2007 Report: Houses Lost (to foreclosure) up 27% Over June

Wal-Mart conquers another big market

Trinidad orders three extradited in New York plot

Edwards: Time to boost labor

Oliver W. Hill, 100, Civil Rights Lawyer, Is Dead

Iraqi Political Crisis Grows

Democrats Introduce Censure Aimed at Bush, Cheney and Gonzoles

Bonfire of the homebuilders

Dresser Rand Keeps Production Lines Moving Despite Strike, Still No New Negotiations

'Could Mr. Right be white?' More black women consider 'dating out'

Mortgage Maze May Increase Foreclosures

AFL-CIO: Unions Will Impact 2008 Race

Cult members in custody after commandos storm island compound

American Home Mortgage files for bankruptcy

Father of fallen soldier now battling deportation

Nissan Shows Safety Technology

Obama, Edwards Criticize Clinton

Four US soldiers killed in Iraq - US military

Military Shows Gains in Iraq

Pure Horserace: Romney Feels The Heat

Montreal archbishop seeks end to cemetery strike (500 bodies remain unburied in a refrigerated vault


Arrested: General Motors Security Guards (Baghdad)

Edwards Cites Safety Hazards in Arguing for Trade Restrictions

Bush leaves open U.S. options in Pakistan

"State's Voter Rolls Shrinking" [Florida, despite record growth]

National City Home Equity Says It Suspends Loan Approvals

Cheney urges support for war in Iraq

New Yorker: CIA Tactics Amount To Torture

Iraqi Kurdish group claims Turkish troops crossed border

(Fallon, Nev) Dairies dump milk on radiation threat (polonium-210)

Edwards joins protest, gets one in return

More Sunni ministers to boycott Maliki cabinet

6 miners trapped in Utah coal mine collapse

Feingold, Hinchey Introduce Resolutions Censuring President, Vice President & Attorney General

25,000 turn against insurgency, military says

Obama's camp reassures supporters

Latest poll shows growing support for Iraq war policy

Romney: Conservative Like Reagan

Two GOP contenders duel over religion (Brownback and Huckabee)

US House Majority Leader Sees Bipartisan Push To Leave Iraq

In Iraqi south, Shiites press for autonomy

Wipro buys US firm for $600 mn

Russia Starts Production of Ballistic Missile to Counter U.S.

Guiliani's daughter backing Obama

Poll Tests Iraqi Support of Oil Privatization (Iraqis oppose 2-to-1)

Publix to offer 7 popular prescription antibiotics for free

More Democrats favor Clinton over Obama, poll finds

Ironing out policies on school uniforms

Chavez seeks end to term limits

Angry, shirtless Sarkozy jumps aboard N.H. photographer's boat

I have no idea what to say...

Do you have an "unsalved misery" in your family?

w00t.... finally moving!

Saw I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry yesterday

..and I felt like getting high..

I can't sleep. Anyone else?

Wow. I apparently missed one hell of a weekend on DU.

Maine's First Hybrid Taxi Fleet

is it bad that I DLed all the HPs so I can catch up

I'm tired of this office feeling like a meat locker

If a loved one...

Not a good idea-9 mile run on Benadryl

Practically got offered a job for next summer

Anyone else think this is a cool quote?

Anyone else's virus scan sotware working overtime lately?

The Guitar Master Series: John Scofield

The Guitar Master Series: Jimi Hendrix


The Guitar Master Series: Roy Clark

The Guitar Master Series: George Benson

Call Me Wesley leaves me the sweetest notes (Part 2)

Mornen DU

The Guitar Master Series: Jimmy Page

This you GOTTA SEE: "Bad Tai cops to endure Kitty shame"

Bad Thai cops to endure Kitty shame

Elton John wants the Internet closed down

I just discovered my sissie Lynnesin is 5'10"

Car question

Do you ever, you know... Acquiesce?

so last night i was watching my neighbors screwing

The Matcom Pocket Guide to Portland OR

Open Letter to school board from Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

LAYLA! The story from the woman that is LAYLA!

I am blessed... lucky... what have you...

Am I wrong to not want to buy a home simply because it overlooks a graveyard

The Big Burn (August 20, 1910)

Reyd Reid Reed!!!

I can't help it - I watch "Rock of Love" on VH1

I joined DU on August 6th,2003.

170 posts to 20,000!

What was the Bruce Springsteen song

ring ring ring

Free Advice!!! Get it now, while its hot

"She Loves You," is my earworm for today. nt

In Honor of Perry Farrell's admition that he "Created The Music Industry" post your own creations

Kashmir Live

I'm sitting here drinking Lemonade and Listening To Led Zeppelin

Rondo Hatton was voted the most handsome man in high school

Condo buying questions...

Best Musical Ever? (Film)

relationship poll

Combo buying question.

And now, for your viewing pleasure:

Seems that all the cysts and mollusks tend to barter

Which 'Are You Being Served?' Character Are You?

The Monday Morning Whiners' Thread...

Need advice/link on website hosting

Oh the irony.... the company that laid me off is the same company

relationship doll

I have trying to pick out the colors for my new bathroom, there must a 1000 shades of blue.

Just watched MASH for the 100th time

OH Canada a question?

My doctor says I have an unusually high midichlorian count...

This is the hitting on the head lessons department

This is the Complaints Department.

I,like nature,abhor a vacuum.

Poorly worded headilne?

Is a romantic relationship more like a fine wine or like milk?

This is the Abuse Department.

This is the Compliments Department.

Weirdest headline yet this week: "No more crispy duck served at toilets"

Is recommending sympathy threads totally morbid and twisted or is it just me?

What's your latest musical discovery?

I'm hurting today

In my home state of South Carolina...

Damn its hot 97 degrees in the shade!!!

What DUer is for dinner tonight ?

All I wanted JackMN to do was SIT on the toilet seat.

Five flippin' dogs and not one heard the little bastards "Egg" my house.

Ok, this made me chuckle: the store "Socks Galore" has *random* drug tests

"absentia" is a word that isn't used enough

Latest update on the burned kitten in Sonoma.

Why do you "HATE AMERICA"?

I feel out of the loop... can someone PM me and tell me who left?

Kagehime owes me one 19" monitor and one of those ergo keyboards

Oh, for the love of God - Perry Farrell says he "created the music industry" (Lollapalooza)

Condom buying question.

DU lawyers will probably enjoy this

Oh for the love of God, Prince Archbishop Sigismund Christoph of Schrattenbach says he created music

Have you ever ridden a drunk bicycle?

What's the deal with "geographical" bands?

"__________________ of Love" -- What Celebrity Dating show would you be on?

What Would Be Your Best Vacation Destination

Did the bu$h regime come from UFO's (humor)

all-right! i made it!

If a typical Freeper were granted one wish, what would he or she wish for?

I got the octogon caught in my zipper today.

If Kwai Chang Caine from the TV show Kung Fu were to go to Washington, which wrongs would he right?

Just got back from Canada. I don't have Rosetta Stone for Canadian so let's speak it here!

Alright, who do I complain to?

"When French Heads of State Attack!"

Anybody have a clue about timber prices?

What actors can't you stand?

We want to buy a house.. but.... we need help

This guy is pretty strong, but you are not supposed to do that with a ladder.

Lick your taco. What does it taste like?

Okay, who scared Writer away?

Quoting Animal House = Lounge

Photo Thread for a hot day..

Well, at least they'll remember THIS re-union

I Feel Nucular Today

If you could be a member of any Star Trek race, which would you be?

Lick your arm. What does it taste like?

Callista Flockheart, Ellen Pompeo.

I just ate a 6-inch tall chocolate cupcake, 4 inches of it icing........

Have you ever ridden a bicycle drunk?

Man, the open bar is the bitch godess of the drunk

What's for dinner tonight DU?

So. What ended up happening with Will Pitt?

Imagine your neighborhood 2000 years from now. What do you see?

Latest update on the burned kitten in Sonoma.

Sign of the Apocalypse, #473: Paula Cole and Mandy Moore are doing a co-headlining tour.

Who is The Moran Guy?

Siince when did Underpants move to Sheboygan?

Your favorite encounters with RIGHT WINGNUTS!

Help with a gift for a new baby?

You Need This: Pet Diaries

Doggie DNA

Well, this is creepy

Old scams before the Nigerian Dr./ Internet scams

I want to adopt these cuties


The cannibal's menu

I dreamed I was joining the Armed Forces last nite . . .

Name ten books you think should be better known...



Heidi & Call Me Wesley ... YOU EFFIN' ROCK!!

WTF!! I leave for two damn days and the place goes to hell??

I think 3 years of juvenile hall is too good for those fucktard girls that burned the kitten

I actually saw a "Freedom Fries" vendor this weekend

I am SO sick of SophieMN tattling. YOU listen to her.

anybody watching BigBrother and the dad called Evil?

Lakmé Flower Duet Featuring Erika Miklosa and Bernadett Wiedemann

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/6/07

What bad manners annoy you the most?

Change any word in a movie title with "MrScorpio"

Hey Charlie, you still got them blueprints? I think we missed something.

Early warning signs that your new love interest is an alcoholic

Is anyone here a Bruce Kaphan fan? Know who he is?

Describe the worst right wing bumper sticker you've seen...

Change any word in a movie title with "Rhubarb"

anybody else watching "John from Cincinnati" on HBO?

Another marriage bites the dust... Does "true love" last??

Just got the call from the admissions office!!!

Favorite liqueur?

So what's the damage on matcom's house so far?

My brother has committed suicide and I'm devastated.

Pencil removed from woman's head after 55 years

I'm sorry to disappoint you GoPsUx

Fake it til you make it...

Things other people like that you don't...

Today in labor history August 06

2008 CAMPAIGN | 7 hopefuls to make pitch at Soldier Field forum

Edwards Hopes Good Works Will Give Him The Ticker

Dresser-Rand workers strike

NYT: Fearful of Restive Foreign Labor, Dubai Eyes Reforms

Jobs with Justice Helps Keep the Heat on Smithfield!

Dresser Rand Keeps Production Lines Moving Despite Strike, Still No New Negotiations

Martin county workers want talks to stop until union question decided

‘I Feel It’s Not Just Me in Prison, It’s My Union.’

Edwards, Obama Walk with Striking Workers in Chicago

Tenaris: Steel Tube Industry Mulling Action Vs China

PoliticsTV @ Yearly Kos '07: John Edwards Rally

What I've Done

The truth about Lobbyists money TPMtv: Yearly Kos Chapter 17

DCCC: It's Time for George Bush to Listen

George Carlin on national pride and the pledge of alliegance

Again Stupid Bush

Battling Commercials On Smithfield Union Vote

Part 2:Congress Approves Warrantless Wiretapping US Citizens

Dump Dick Contest- Ghost of Nixon

Darcy Burner: This FISA bill sucks....elect better Democrats

Part 1: Congress approves warrantless spying on Americans

Ron Paul talks truth about Iraq at Iowa GOP Debate

Obama Rap: "Remember the Name"

China tells living Buddhas to obtain permission before they

This tattered thread begs to be locked because it contains "locked."

If Barry Bonds had any class at all

Future headline: Congress Extends FISA Law Indefinitely

the downside to FISA - the extended version

FISA Bill has a six month sunset, folks...

Liberal, Progressive, or Populists to one side -- Blue Dogs and DLCers to the other

New Report from the New Yorker: CIA Tactics Amount To Torture

TPM: Jane Mayer Builds Case That Could Be Used Against Cheney & Addington (The Black Sites)

Honest question.. How do we change our House and Senate Leaders??

STOP the Presses! Gingrich says War on Terror is PHONY!

Bush Signs Law Widening Reach for Wiretaps including Emails

Three of the most vilest pieces of shit on the planet all in one room

The only sure path to defeat is surrender

Looking for Two (2) video clips. .

McClatchy: A veteran general hears echoes from Vietnam in Iraq

Will the carnage ever end?

The Difference Between Boys & Girls: Its In The Nose

McClatchy: Pharmacists fear Medicaid changes

Weapons given to Iraq are missing

I'm amazed this morning on C-Span. I keep hearing everyone on the

The Redstone Saga. Falling out puts future of cinema chains run from Dedham in doubt

6 years ago on this day

Slowpoke TOON:What's next from Goodyear?

Breaking down the FISA bill...

War stories

Do we know for sure that this isn't still going on?

How easy it is for democracy to slip away

The fight begins Today!! Contact you Congresscrittes regarding NEW FISA LAW.

Siun at Firedoglake: Losing Our Edge?

Lake Superior changes mystify scientists

AI: Big Victory for the people of Darfur

I've been here for Five Years

DU CNN quick vote

CSPAN WJ: Calls about the FISA expansion vote....

Friend of mine's take on the FISA bill

What are the chances the telecom co's will challenge the new FISA bill in court?

Baghdad, Iraq: 6 million people, 117 degrees and no water

Bush Not Satisfied - Demands Further Capitulation

"How centrists could they possibly be when they are to the right of John Ashcroft?"

So. Who is taking credit for the downfall of "Communist China"?

Some positions taken by the Islamic Medical Association of North America to guide Muslims

Bush's Iraqi puppet government is using a Saddam-era decree to crack down on trade unions

For mercenaries, fateful ambush

Unconfirmed After 11 Months, EEOC Nominee Says No Thanks

More to this? Brit Terror Chief quits over affair

Iraqi media: al-Maliki’s government is sailing in rough seas and could sink any time

Secret call log at heart of wiretap challenge

Republican Capitalism doesn't work, and that's the lie you must expose.

Wacky scientists finds evidence linking origins of life to the ocean...

ACLU Condemns Senate for Passing Spy Law Changes

Big Mistake. Congress must repeal the abomination immediately.

How quaint.. Young republicans on c-span to "critique" Sicko..

Iraq war vet feels guilt over being alive

Texas Students To Be Forced To Remember 'God' In Their Daily Pledge Of Allegiance

"See in you in the camps."

Warrantless Surrender-WAPO GETS IT RIGHT

Federal Official doubts Khalid Sheikh Mohammed killed Daniel Pearl

Pelosi, Democrats Risk Voter Support by Continuing to Fund Pet Projects

Does your area offer a sales tax holiday?

Zimbabwe passes law to monitor phones, mail

Dems on FISA Modernization: It's Not Worse Than The Military Commissions Act

Electronic credit card theft

State Dept Can't Hear When Faisal Describes Iraq as Foreign Occupation

Bush* Is Meeting With The President Of Kabul

What really happened to William Pitt.

Democrat Achievements...

Glenn Greenwald, Marjorie Cohn on Dem. Now! today discussing FISA vote

Homeland Security Won’t Let Inspectors Say Which Bridges are Dangerous

Bush to Democratic Congress: Your Complete Capitulation is Not Good Enough

Big Mistake. Congress must repeal the abomination immediately.

Afghanistan Claims Iran is Helping Them

NY Op/Ed: DOJ's Selective Prosecution (Americans Put In Jail To Help Win Elections For Republicans)

Butterflies for Impeachment

Iowa DUers: Go Monday & Tuesday and protest Tom Tancredo

Bush on Talking about the Billions we are spending to Rebuild Afghanistan & provide Health Care to

Does THC enable as well as block activation of Kaposi’s sarcoma herpes virus (KSHV)? (causes cancer)

Paul Krugman: An Economist's Summary Of The Presidential Candidates...

Where's the story about the "Middle Eastern-looking man" driving a truck full of explosives.....

STS-118 ..... maybe this one can to bring a touch of 'Camelot' back to NASA and to all of us.

Thai cops punished by Hello Kitty

12,000 more Guard troops may be going to Iraq

Republican Presidential Candidates that Attack Obama are "Supporting the Terrorist"

A note from the past


Sarkozy lashes out at U.S. photographers

novak on diane rehm show - covering his ass

Put George Carlin in the debates.

What would it take to get a PTSD forum started on DU???

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Washington Post Hires ‘Party Of Death’ Author To Lead ‘Discussion Group’ On Morality

Bush just said it is up to Iran to prove they are a stabilizing force and don't want nukes

Cop shoots at snake, kills boy, 5

Thank you mods.

Lake Winnebago poisoned

Romney not connecting with S.C. GOP voters

Priests finding it difficult to preach about Iraq war - Don't want to offend nobody

"Healthy Wisconsin"

Is there a layman's description of the just passed FISA expansion ?

Bill Maher's back August 24!!

O’Hanlon And Pollack Call For Another ‘Six Months Or So’ In Iraq

The Road to Rightville? Never!

Holy! War!

Bingo!!! We have a winner. Astute Republic on Washington Journal

Minnesota Say 'NO' To New 35W Bridge Builders!

"democratic-led congress"

August 6, 1945 - "Little Boy" exploded over Hiroshima.

What has happened about this?

Hannity's "Freedom" concert is a money scam

Raw Story: Democrats Introduce Resolutions Censuring President Bush, Cheney, Gonzales

"Tell George Bush it's time to listen"

That's it... I'm staying!

Google says it all: Google "Democrats cave"

Happy August 6 Memo Day: Bin Laden determined to strike in US

Two House Republicans voted against Bush's FISA bill July 2007 Report: Houses Lost (to foreclosure) up 27% Over June

Karzai: "We are where we were a few years ago" in trying to find Bin Laden

Edwards jabs at former President Clinton

Taliban Is 'Eviscerated,' Pentagon Declares - October 17, 2001

A Different Kind Of Leadership Failure

Bush Seeks Liability Protection

Prez. Dumbo live on C-SPAN- joint press conference --11:25AM EST

"With real, actionable intelligence, we will get the job done," Mr. Bush said.

Six Utah Coal Miners Trapped

Sen. Al Franken? No Longer A Long Shot

Note: CSpan 2 rerunning Kyle Sampson testimony now. . .n/t

How many have called their Reps and Sens on that FISA bill?

Nuthin' worse than a mangy Blue Dog with

Giving our Dems power is like

As for all of you with your little coordinated attack. Why couldn't you do it @ your place?

Abu Ghraib whistleblower received a letter from Rummy apologizing for revealing his identity

LTTE: Put Impeachment On Table (A Lesson From Sam Ervin)

Might be a dumb question... Warrantless Wiretapping...

My doctor says I have an unusually high midichlorian count...

For everyone who left. I know you're lurking. Don't let those fuckers run you off.

Crop circles? How are they formed? Tesla technology?

Ahhh haaaa. I finally got it. OK. I hate to do it but I must. PIX HEAVY

WH: goal of the FISA law is not to “go after Americans”

Hmmm, CBS, Drew Carey, $10 Million dollar prizes.... What poll do

Be a part of my new channel: arevolutionaryact - & my vlog Congress approval of warantless spying

caption this Condi pic..

Military Atrocities Less Newsworthy Than Right-Wing Fantasies (FAIR)

The brilliance of republican values

Is California Decision Death Knell For Voting Machings?

US, Iran meet to discuss Iraq security

Six Years ago, The Presidential Daily Brief indicated Al Quada

August 6, 2001:

Taliban control Afghanistan

Here's the WINNING strategy for Edwards to get the nomination...

Hackers: Social Networking Sites Flawed

said a US helicopter had fired into some Iraqis who were guarding their houses at dawn on Monday

Pity poor John Boehner - no wonder he crys

Can someone bring up this article from rawstory:

I don't want my local police being trained by Mercenaries-R-US (Blackwater USA). Do you?

Five US soldiers killed in Iraq - 4 today

Pentagon Fires 2 Gays Every Day ('Don't Ask Don't Tell' Repeal Bill Gains 5 Sponsors Today)

Imus's Radio Replacement(s) Named - Oh, You're Gonna Love This

"We're fighting a war" right here at home, Chapman declares... A war against radical Republicanism!"

"I don't know," said Hillary. "Ask Al Gore."

Giuliani's daughter backing Obama

Article - One Storm Away From $6 Gas

Capital News Poll Question Of The Day

Perino: FISA Bill Simply ‘Returns Law To Its Original Intent’

More Neocon Voodoo economics

Giuliani is from New York!

Criticism of for a penny, in for a pound

Bush and UNOCAL Karzai vow to finish off Taliban - Gonna smoke 'em out

Anybody going on the cruise to Alaska with Randi Rhodes this Friday?

Shit is shit even if you can't smell it yet

Randi just hinted that some Leaders in Congress are being blackmailed by Bush

Kevin Drum: Playing The Game

Do you approve of democrats in congress or republicans in congress or neither?

Which Congress is worse: the current Democratic, or the previous Republican?


Maybe the Dems know another hit is in the makings and do not want to

House ethics panel suspends probe on Jefferson at DoJ request

Flashback: Aug. 6, 2001

FISA toon!! NEW!

Is the FISA vote the last straw?

Ctr for Constitutional Rights: Dems Complicit in Broad Expansion of Warrant-less Spying on Americans

State Rep. Allen (R-FL) explains sex case: Fear (of Black men) made me play along

DERF TOON: what Bush's colonoscopy was and should have been

Just spotted a new Marine billboard.

Republicans operate 3 NAMBLA organizations.

Watchdog calls for probe of Minority Leader for alleged intel leak

Dear Representative Inslee

Did you hear??? The Gang of 14 may get back together after their recess to get Southwick confirmed.

Link TV now, 11amCT; 9/11-Press For Truth

Mia Farrow offers her freedom for Darfur rebel

Breaking on MSNBC: Six miners trapped in Utah coalmine

We lost a battle...but not the war

Reports about bridge wobble days before the collapse

Man, did you see all those Christian leaders step up and denounce Tancredo for his nuke Mecca idea?

The Democrats who voted to weaken FISA represent red districts

Time to admit the 'gun nuts' are right

I wish I knew how to quit DU!

I'm convinced...IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!

Where can I find unedited video of the YearlyKos convention?

Where did this 3% approval rating for congress come from?

I'm a Democrat and sometimes I'm ashamed...

What's the real purpose of critics who neglect to distinguish between different Democrats

4 US troops killed Sun-------

Bush at Camp Binge Drinker ---pix--->>>

FYI...C-SPAN 2 is airing ALL of the Senate hearings this week at 10:00 ET.


There was a VERY SCARY speaker on cspan this morning

McClatchy: Analysis: Who should control how we get political news?

The Choice

Bonfire of the homebuilders

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job?

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling issues relevant to the Iraq occupation?

Bush’s Unpopularity Streak Beats Nixon’s - Could Best Truman’s

The GOP now has a Loyalty Committee

Want to lie in a letter to the editor? The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is for you!

Giuliani's daughter may be supporting Obama

Bush is right. The Constitution is just a "goddamned piece of paper."

I've been away a while...

Cross-posted from the Lounge

The Latest Email Dump: Growing Evidence of an Iglesias Cover-Up

My letter sent to Orrin Hatch about U.S. Attorneys being fired

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Mon 8/6 -- on fire

Tweety To James Cramer

The Democratic majority's first six months ended badly. Your suggestions for the rest of 2007.

Computer gurus please help. What do you know about

Nissan Shows Safety Technology

Cunningham Figure in Secret Hearing

Official: New Law Reducing Number Of Voters

State Department to candidates: Shut up.

Brent Budowsky: Congress Caves, Bloggers Absent, Constitution Loses

Pakistan 'is no militant haven'

The most morally despicable company I've come across in a while

There are now 4(5) branches of government and only one controls the country.

I almost never say OMG, but OMG--this Rudy pic is TOO right on.

Despite threats, Karzai calls Taliban "defeated' (Bush sais "Mission Accomplished")

DHS contracts company for puke-inducing flashlight

What are American Soldiers fighting and dying for?

Good Gravy! Who is this RW nutjob Ron Christie, who's on Hardball?

LOL! Novak: ‘I Don’t Support This Administration,’ Bush Has ‘Cut Me Off’

3675 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

One family, 99 counties, & the family dog on top of a Winnebago

Bonfire of the homebuilders

Feds strike medical pot growers (Who cares about state rights anyway?)

My Twelve Step Program for the US

I don't understand Maine. How can they elect republicans (Snowe, Collins)?

Pakistan Security Forces not prepared ....(Rumsfeld says go to war with the army you have.)

Impeach now!

DNC Running Ad....Shows photos of Pelosi and Reid...and says:

90 Days for Manslaughter: "Celebrity Justice" Didn't Stop with Paris Hilton

Katrina victims lose in court - insurance wont pay.

Hiroshima 6August 1945 The Right Choice

Investigative Drama: Special Counsel's Crusade

Everything is all OK now.

Iraq's government collapsing around Maliki

New Fad? Assaulting Drive-Thru Workers at Window

Rep. Hoekstra: "Telco's FISA lawbreaking was patriotic"

tonight on Countdown

Scientists bitter at what they call * admin interference

Not only must you speak English these days, but also read only English:

Nationalities of Iraq Suicide Bombers - Saudi Arabia leads by wide margin

R candidates 'stepping GINGERLY away from pres. bush'.

Banner on Tucker (CNN): Who Won Democrat Debate?

It's not YOUR vote the democratic party is after, they already have it locked up

"A Nation Represented By Sheep" /FISA

Wow.. Walmart's starting to outsource itself to India now..

I think I will call my sister in England tonight

The liberty of a democracy is not safe

Why are we not completely bankrupt

Jewish Nobel Prize winners vs Arab/Muslim Nobel prize winners

Rovemort - Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Former Rudy Anti-Terrorism Aide: Rudy would be 'terrible' president

Can we have a group for those who support the DLC Dems no matter what?

Bid to Root Out Lead Trinkets Falters in U.S.

Jim Lehrer news hr just starting a segment on the FISA bill.

MN Gov had vetoed 2x a gas hike for transportation (road repair)--Now will

Taking time to remember my father,

Was there a new feature added to to DU?

Attn: San Diego DUers-- Suggestions Needed!

BUSH's Boehner...Meet Once A Week To PLOT Strategy

"Doctor" Laura receives award from Defense Department; wonder if her son was there?

Eavesdropping Rule Change Is Significant

bu$h* and Afghan President Differ Over Iran’s Role

Publix to offer 7 popular prescription antibiotics for free

Will Bush repeat Katrina failures in Minneapolis?

Boehner, blivet meet weekly to plot strategery

I am no longer able to trust.

Monday TOONS: The Tree of Government has fallen over

My email to big corp. about their 'Made in China' shit!

Why does my computer show the latest posts

Supporting Shiites, Arming Sunnis, Selling Out the Kurds-Bush's Personal Surge

Dave Lindorff: A Sad Day? How About a Sad Six-and-a-Half Years?

I blinked and Minnesota is no longer part of the US? Thanks W!

Did you hear Marko's (KOS) Speech at Convention? Link Here:

Mike Gravel And The Fair Tax

This "small world" exchange on DU brings tears to my eyes:


6 Month Sunset? How about 12 months, at the VERY least?!

Dick Speaks ---pix--->>>

Why the Hell would mock your enemy....? Great pic of Georgie Jealous.

Where does the US gov't get 190,000+ AK-47's ?

John Perkins, Economic Hit Man, Interview Live Tonight 9 PM Central

An Apology to Democrats-They are dancing with the one what brung 'em

Microsoft and Mac OS's are tapped

So this guy and his lady came to the farm today. . .

Why I supported Surge

Poll: Iraqis Prefer Not to Let Foreign Companies Steal Their Oil

Interesting questions raised by re-reading the original Tillman story

After wiretapping victory, Bush says he wants more authority from Congress

Putt Putt. George Drives Off on "Golf Cart One" ---pix--->>>

Growing evidence that people were singled out for criminal prosecution to help rethugs win elections

I'm a Democrat and I am PROUD!

'Plot Would Have Killed Thousands' - Chertoff on Last Year's Liquid Explosive Plot

Delivered OPT OUT cards to students entering North High School this a.m.

China loves you,, they really do.. and they have only your best interests at heart

May your name never be made into a verb by Republicans.

Unabashed Warrantless NSA Spying on Americans is NOW LEGAL - And It's SPECTACULAR..

went to exchange $40 Canadian this morning for U.S. $ - Got $35 back

Blog reaction to the FISA Bill: "All hell broke loose....they broke ranks and caved in."

Worshipping In Your Birthday Suit: "Naked Before God"

Sen. Russ Feingold: Lessons Not Learned

FundRace - new online tool discloses who is funding '08 Pres. election

Inspiration from the Food Network, of all places...

Reward for a hero (not the hero Bush gushed over at the photo op)

Taking time to remember those killed/harmed in Hiroshima 62 yrs ago

Imagine: If Clinton 'lost' 190,000 weapons

Democracy in the USA. Dead?

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn blocks bill to honor Rachel Carson

Pelosi has taken the First step to Right the FISA Wrong----Lets all help her:

I just reached the "donut hole" on my Medicare Part D plan......

Gay Iraq

"In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms"

Edwards condemns NAFTA for harming workers and environment, favoring corp insiders....

How I temporarily 'lost' my hearing from eating possibly contaminated salmon steaks

No doubt about it, mitt romney 'LOOKS' the most presidential.

What candidate do we have, Dem or Rep that supports the end of

God bless the trolls.

I feel all REFRESHED after a DU Break - Ready to Kick some Repig ASS. Who's with me?!

Re: Coal Mine Disaster; "isn't it interesting how you ""commoners"" help each other out ?"

Kucinich make his case at KOS

Rudy's daughter backs Barack

The anti-choice freeeks are out in Columbus OH

Hey Bush, Take your Protection and Shove it Up Your Monkey Ass

Can we have a "Senators don't impeach so stop ragging on the Senate for not impeaching" group?

The Avalanche Threat: No one is safe!

LOL- Ghouliani's daughter supporting Obama!!

lost a friend of 50 years!

So how many rights from the Bill of rights are left?

Seems like an awful lot of petty bickering here as we lose 17 troops in 6 days of August.

Siegelman (Dem, Gov) “was dragged away ….bound in handcuffs and manacles”

Monsanto's Influence on University Research - and the Consequences

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

When a mindless Democratic-bashing thread/post shows up on DU, do you...

Vandals spray Nazi symbols on dozens of gravestones at Jewish cemetery in Poland

Wal-Mart conquers another big market

John Edwards joins labor protest; plant ownership unfurls "Hillary" banner

"The Republican Plot To Stall Congress" Starring Jason Alexander (VIDEO)

Windows Vista - Do you like it?

'Could Mr. Right be white?' More black women consider 'dating out'

Bush Administration Backpedals From Its Public ‘Confidence’ In Maliki

3 killed execution style behind school

What is the correct role for private insurance companies in providing universal health care?

From the time machine - a look at America, 15 years forward...

People speculating that Tamm might be Deepmodem

A Blast From The Past regarding Myths about Democratic Leadership

Tongue-pierced 6ft tall Essex girl could be next First Lady

Join me if you can: I pledge not to buy any foods labeled

Cunningham Bribery - Foggo (CIA)-MZM Cases Linked to Saudi Slush Fund Scandal

A rant on betrayal by our "leaders" and abused kittens

Anybody see Simon Schama's Power of Art on PBS?

I love General Clark - but I think he is wrong.

Attention Democrats: GOP fear-mongering does not work

Petition: Enforce Armor Piercing Ammo Restrictions

This was coming out about 24 hours ago-

I think Reid, Pelosi, and Specter just stabbed Pat Leahy (and us) in the back.

Surveillance Law Goes Far Beyond What White House Needed

Is Obama naive? Hillary and McCain agree that he is. I say no.

If you are sick of the people attacking DU take this opportunity to donate

I'm curious, when people leave DU where do they go?

Another Justice Department Leaker Persecuted: Don't Let It Happen Again-by Jesselyn Radack

How can Bush's mid-20's approval rating force Congress to submit us to illegal surveillance?

Where the hell is Lt. General Kensinger? I want his ass brought in for questioning.

I'll stand with the Constitution. And, if this makes be a bad Democrat

Florida again. Case of woman covered with "filth and maggots" not "willful neglect".

I want to know why the House FISA Bill was set up for failure.

What the Little Turd from Crawford said 6 Years Ago Today

to those that think Medical Savings Accounts are the answer

IL-03: The right kind of primary challenge

McCain regains some lost ground

Hakuin used to tell his pupils about an old woman who had a teashop...

Demand COOL laws

Remember Labor Day? Wasn't that the offical start of the campaign season? My question is....

US civil rights lawyer Oliver Hill dies

Question re Gonzales and what we the people can do.....Is disbarment an option?

Salon's War Room: Who Won the Republican Debate?

Congress’s Contempt Power: Law, History, Practice,

7 hopefuls to make pitch at Soldier Field forum tomorrow, with KO moderating

Neocons aiding, advising '08 Republicans

Just a reminder about the August 9th televised forum.

Congress authorizes vast expansion of domestic spying

This is a heart-felt confused post.

If I had any say, here is what I would have done about FISA....

Getting Iraq Wrong - NY Times Magazine

Wonderings and opinions......We need to figure out why there are at least 41 and possibly 5 more

With WSJ, Murdoch plans all-out media war

Clinton gives a major policy address at an elementary school in Derry, New Hampshire, tomorrow

Pelosi Seeks to Change FISA Bill

Are Democrats no better than Republicans?

'The Daily Show' lines up presidential candidates

Barbara Bush putting on lipstick

Coal Mine, Central Utah Collapsed - 4.0 Earthquake, Trapped Miners

Arrested for rape, Dennis Gallagher leaves City council Republicans without whip

State Rep. Allen explains sex case: Fear made him play along...

Freedom isn't Free. Yeah, there's a hefty f*ing fee

Who is that on with Ed Schultz and why is he making her cry?

Obama right on target in war on “errorism”

Edwards Calls on All Candidates to Join Him in Rejecting Donations From Federal Lobbyists

Florida Gov. Crist Signs Disaster Response Legislation (special rights for churches, non-profits)

KOS-A perspective on the sell-out.

Edwards Unveils Plan for "Smart And Safe" Trade Policies That Put Workers and Families First

NGLTF urges Congress to reject Southwick nomination to U.S. Court of Appeals

This Modern World:Why on earth would Democrats be hostile to such dedicated professional journalists

Obama Vows to Stand Up to Corporate Mega-Farm Lobbyists Who Wield Too Much Influence Over Farm Bill

for those about to post an anti-Dem rant

How Are *You* Going To Change Government?

Edwards Campaign Statement in Response to Giuliani Comments at Debate

6 August 2001 - another great day in republican party history

Obama outpacing Clinton in Wisconsin fundraising by 24%

LAT: In '08 race, a little leg may go a long way: The commingling of sex and politics

Rasmussen: Clinton gaining national support; Obama standing still or declining

State Department to candidates: Be careful talking of global issues

Califorina GOP plan to redistribute electoral votes by district in 2008.

Keith moderates the AFL-CIO Democratic Forum tomorrow!

The Protect America Act may allow for permanent spying infrastructure installation.

Dear Harry and Nancy...

You're going to like Russ when he's angry

In Germany, Pakistan - Obama getting slammed, Biden praised

Considering that Mr. Bush's approval rating is at about 30%, why does CSPAN...

I hereby declare Dennis Kucinich the Big Winner!

Obama Rising? He effectively elevates the issue that we've failed to kill or capture bin Laden

Clark likens Presidential run to a Parachute jump at YearlyKos

2008 Democratic Presidential Primary Clinton rising, Obama falling.

Clark: military leaders didn't "stand up and fight for what they should have."


really though, we do have to hand it to the DLC.

Richardson Hit on Out-Of-State Travel

Which southern states can Clinton carry?

Edwards: Time to boost labor ('single best anti-poverty movement in history')

Edwards stands in solidarity with Sioux City strikers

Pure Horserace: Romney Feels The Heat

ABC News: Who do you think won the Republican debate?

The Clinton-Kerry Alliance

Black Caucus Says Judge Southwick 'Unfit to Serve'

We Cannot Impeach Because of All the Other Important Work To Do in Congress

Hey, everybody, convince me why YOUR candidate is

bush loving lunatics who call in to talk radio

Forum Moderator Olbermann: Union Card May Have Saved His Broadcast Career

I get nervous when i see rightwingers like Buchannon and Tucker Carlson supporting Hillary everyday

Michelle Obama: "If I'm not black enough, and Barack's not black enough..."

Does Al Gore understand the corrupting influence of money on the political process?

BREAKING: Suport for Iraq war surge is growing WHAT!!!!!!!!

Fred Thompson's Camp Is Tight-Lipped About Wife Jeri

Clark discusses Iraq and the region in YearlyKos interview

What are the odds of Al Gore entering the race by fall?

Obama Campaign: National Polls Are Bunk, Please Ignore Them; Hillary's people disagree

Obama Criticizes Clinton Over Lobbyists

Edwards pushes food safety, country-of-origin labeling

Glenn Greenwald Baffled on Democracy Now!

Rudy's daugter is voting for Obama

Bathrooms segregated at military base

Edwards on Lou Dobbs Monday 8-6

NY Times' Paul Krugman calls out John Edwards for being the substance candidate so far, Clinton not

Edwards jabs at Bill Clinton for NAFTA.....HRC pollster Penn responds

Despite Rhetoric, Obama Pushed Lobbyists’ Interests

Anyone miss Tom Daschle?

Edwards Leads Giuliani by Seven, Thompson by Eleven Rasmussen

Funny As Hell From Kos - Touring The DLC's Vault Where The Dry Powder Is Kept

Pakistanis Protest Barak Obama's Invasion Threats...what a disaster!

Ben Smith's Politico: Hillary Swipes at Gore in Yearlykos Debate?

Talk Left: Obama's, Edwards' Position On Lobbyists "Disingenuous."

Edwards Statement On The Growing Threat To America's Families Posed By "Unsafe Trade"

Although Bush blamed Iran, insurgents armed with weapons purchased by American's tax money

Daddy Dearest: Rudy Giuliani's Daughter is Supporting BARACK OBAMA

Edwards joins workers on strike - owner of cement plant unrolls 10-foot-long Hillary banner...

Third Party-ism - Why the Democrats Need to Wake Up

Senator Dodd Thinks You're Stupid

Our Founding Fathers Were Wrong

Hillary not progressive?

The Bloomberg Threat

Edwards rejects neoliberalism/NAFTA, criticises Clinton.

Rasmussen....Obama wins....Hillary loses

why Dianne Feinstein voted for Bush and Gonzales (FISA if you prefer)

Olbermann Set to Host ‘Biggest Job Interview in History’ Tuesday night

New Gallup poll: Clinton surges to 48%, Obama 26%, Edwards 12%

Fred Thompson's Wife Ran Out on Medical Bills in Nashville

Dennis Kucinich: ...Are the Missing Weapons Being Used Against our Troops?

Salon: Netroots Start to Cheer for Hillary... "The only candidate booed louder was Dennis Kucinich."

Does Al Gore know the real reason bush invaded Iraq?

The Hillary "Electibility" Issue: Debunking the Myth