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Archives: August 4, 2007

Vigilant citizen confronts Kinder Morgan (Enron spin off calls DHS goon squad)

In Iraq, a Perilous Alliance With Former Enemies

Workers Say They Feel Blindsided by Lender’s Failure

Indians to Teach English via Internet

A wake-up call for taxpayers: it can't be done 'on the cheap'!

The calamity of disregard (British warned Tenet about invading Iraq)

Dateline Mole Allegedly At DefCon With Hidden Camera

World's Largest Thin-Film Solar Power Plant Opens (6 MW), 40 MW plant started

Building Integrated Solar PV systems to be marketed soon

Sistani Aide Assassinated in Najaf (fourth in two months)

Ford recalls 3.6 mln vehicles over switch

Police Raids Linked to Editor's Slaying

Summer in Baghdad - Power Cuts and Dry Taps

House Rejects Democratic Spy Bill

Senate passes Bush-backed spy bill

House Forms Special Panel Over Alleged Stolen Vote

Soldier found guilty of rape, murder


Delete - for now

Fox homelessness rises with increase in theism

Atheist sues foxhole owner for discrimination

Assistance requested: Anybody here speak enough Italian to

Pics of me

I just won MY first DUzy!

Do lawbreakers do what they want regardless of the law or do they research law to find one to break?

Would you buy a DVD recorder just for ONE show?

Best answer of the day

Please kick and recommend my GD thread

Star Wars and Starsky & Hutch...

a song to express how i'm feeLing

Canada and Marijuana.

is it me or is youtube vids slow-ass?

I just won a DUzy. My first one

Wife and kids off for the weekend. I'm drinking martinis.

Self Delete

More cat pictures...

Some pics from my Rails-to-Trails vacation (dial-up warning)

If fubndies don't believe in cavemen then how do they explain Geico?

What the bejeezus is wrong with you darn scallywags?

Now THIS IS A WEDDING. Why be stuffy when you can be cool?

"When you're taught through feelings...."

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/3/07

With which Harry Morgan character do you most identify with?

Queensryche - Silent Lucidity

Violent Femmes appreciation thread.

My mom's friend got a new puppy; her name is Lulu.

the wife and child are asleep.

Black Sabbath - Solitude

I scored HUGE tonight!

Has anybody heard from NewYawker99 recently?

Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan

basketball jones

can we outlaw the phrase "buh-bye"?

anyone know where Armstead went?

My truck got hit last night right in front of my house.

o jsbr yp idr yjr gso;oyord!!1!!

How many of you have me on your ignore list?

Should DU have a drunk forum?

"Can you believe the way he's strokin' it today?!!"

finally ! .....25,000 posts all typed with one finger !

My new drink - a poll

I didn't score HUGE tonight!

Why don't people like Greg Ginn nowadays?

my NBC station just cut off a Leno joke

In the tradition of the "Star Wars Holiday Special"

Why don't people like D'jinn nowadays?

One of the best under rated songs of the 1980's......

Why don't people like Greg Brady nowadays?

What the fuck is wrong with you fucking fuckers?

How pathetically desperate is it to put up a "casual encounters" personal on Craigslist?

It's kind of my birthday today. I don't think I've said anything about it before.

Would you all help me wish Irkthesmirk a Happy Birthday......

Best Metal Song Ever?

Complete this book title: "Barry Bonds and the _______ of _______"

The Friday/Sat /or whatevah post yourself picture thread

I made a new drink. Name it.

What movies have you walked out of before they were over?

Most Super Bowl Appearances by an NFL Team...

"The Bourne Loser" -- Post your sequel parodies here.

All the children are insane,

How's everybody doing tonight?

Lolcat translator!!!11!1!one

Slobberlicious! A new doggie in the family. (also dog pix thread)

Why don't people like Gin nowadays?

"Election Day" trailer

TPMtv: YearlyKos Chapter 6 (Interview with Wes Clark)

Bush needs F.I.S.A. NOW!!!!!

George W. Bush: Worser Person In The World

Olbermann w/ Rachel Maddow: Beneath The Bridge

President Bush Prompted Through an Earpiece!

Yearly Kos.. Howard Dean opening address Part 1

Yearly Kos.. Howard Dean opening address Part 2

Alberto Gonzales Can Be Trusted w/ Wiretaps: George W. Bush

Historic Crocker Tree to Be Removed

114 Lawmakers Oppose $20B Package for Saudi Arabia

How many of you have me on your ignore list?

I am offering a $1000 compaign donation to the first senator/congressperson

How much more dangerous neglect of infrastructure is than terrahism . . . !!!

White House Uses Its Own Illegal Conduct To Wage Political Offensive Over FISA Legislation

Congress to Bush (at least the Ds)...

Attention Warmonger Obama Supporters!

On FISA, Bush breaks the law, makes demands of Congress

Never give up...

Keith Olbermann masterfully corrects the record, addresses the slurs,

Which label for supporters sounds dumber, Fredheads or Deaniacs?

Rove ignores Senate subpoena. Bush is a broken record when it comes to executive privilege.

Well, here's the latest on the terror alert at the U.S. Capitol..

Dubya’s “optimism” is the smug relief of a wealthy criminal who knows his lawyer will get him off

Abstinence-only programs do not reduce HIV risk

House rejects Democratic spy bill

Army offers $20,000 'quick-ship' bonus to attract recruits

Official: Low bridge death toll a ‘miracle’ ~ silver lining in collapse that killed at least 6

Partisan Anger Stalls Congress in Final Push

Reid, Pelosi, Emanuel Cancel YearlyKOS visits; Fingers Crossed for Schumer

ADA Statement on Dental Provisions in House SCHIP Bill

Secretary of State in Calif. to announce her decision on voting machines

DU post about Bush not going after Osama makes Digg front page, gets 54,000+ hits

New chance for Bush to be comforter-in-chief

McCaskill: Freshman Senators Serve As Washington Clean-Up Crew

Holy Hell!!!! Bloomberg Nunn Talking Independent bid.

Rich Republicans: "Their shit don't stink, and their kids don't bleed."

Bill Moyer's "Buying the War"

NOW Pawlenty thinks that gas tax would be just SWELL

Maria Bartiromo was in the guest seat on McLaughlin Group tonight

McCain and Lindsey Graham at some campaign stop, how many people do you think showed up?

Looking past the Constitution

Reid On Senate Floor Listing Dem Accomplishments - Names Culture of Corruption

I found this interesting "Dead zones"

EVERY Democratic congresscritter that voted...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

The "democrats" in office are not my type of democrate.

Got Second Life? You got Yearly Kos!

I Really, Really, Would Like To Vote Democrat...

41 Congress Members Publicly For Impeachment

What's the use?

So, I'm reading this post by Digby

Did you know that there are more than 3500 unsafe dams in the U.S.?

AMA applauds Senate passage of bill to preserve kid's health care

For those that are interested in helping (financially) the Twin Cities recover:

Biden to Bsh - Don't even think about recess appointments

It doesn't matter that Clinton, Obama, and Biden voted no....

Senate passes Bush-backed spy bill

Secretary of State Debra Bowen to make announcement tonight on California voting machines.

Freepers pissed off at O'Reilly!

Senate passes Bush spy bill

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Have 17th Child, Still Want More

DU please give some love to Cpl. Jason M. Kessler ....

Christians to seek converts at mosques' doorsteps

Senate Roll Call

OFFICIAL ***Thread # 5 House session (they are in a fit)

Don't forget PBS now

Gang Members Using Military Training To Train Kids

So what are the Dems going to do when they take up the Iraq issue in September?

3,170 bridges in Mississippi "structurally deficient"

While this is trucking taken to the extreme.... one has to wonder

I'm confused. Senate voted for Gonzo/Chimp dictatorship. What about the House?

Even in the majority, the Democrats are still spineless

The Performance In Our Congress Today Has Been A National Disgrace

Do schools still offer health services to kids?

Should DU have a "Goodbye DU" Forum???

High Anxiety Alert: Bush Is Talking About Terror Attacks a Lot Lately

Shameless f*ckers cry "shame, shame, shame" in the House...

Collapsing Bridges vs. War in Iraq

Chris Floyd: Everything is Broken: Money Power and the Minneapolis Bridge

Monsanto Goes GMO-Free - in its Cafeteria

Republican NYC Councilman Charged With Raping Woman

House Roll Call: Terror Surveillance

Do we still have a government with a Constitution in the United States of America?

What a week of bad news! Bridges falling, stock market falling, dollar falling

So, are all DUers screwn?

Randi spoke about Minnesota's Governor yesterday

Reid voted *No* on the republican wiretap bill

Rachael Maddow is absolutely brilliant

A letter to the editor of the Waco Tribune, from a dear friend.

Romney gets grilled by a waitress in N.H.........

Sicilian mother cuts off 61-yr-old son's allowance

Rep Cantor (R-VA) "We NEVER did anything like what the Dems did today!" (video)

Don't make Pawlenty a fall guy

Our Navy is non-functional

Report: First Ever Meeting of Military Atheists in Iraq

Nick Coleman: Public Anger Will Follow Our Sorrow - Minneapolis StarTribune - Plus, An MNDOT Worker

I wish these creeps would stop calling the U.S. "The Homeland"..

Senator Hillary Clinton's speech in support of the Iraq War Resolution

Excellent article on US losing leadership in broadband services.

Craigslist listing I just saw

The Dems Who Voted Yes - All 16 Of Them

Book TV Schedule: August 4th - 6th

The West shivers at echoes of Cold War division

That's Funny, I didn't Hear Anything About This,..............Defects reported in 70,000 US bridges

Audio: Mayor Fahey (D-Ne) probably won't run for Hagel's seat in 08

Clinton and the dangers of Cold War Posturing

Just Watched "America: Freedom to Facism"

Hillary Threatens Using Nuclear Weapons In The Middle East?

The Camden 28 | Stopping a War

Obama's Birthday Highlights Age Question in Presidential Politics.

Slate Magazine: Obama doesn't dodge the "what if" questions

Obama Tops Clinton in State

A lifetime of experience of a former First Lady

Biden on C-span - 10:00 p.m. CT, Nation Press Club Luncheon, nt

Clinton and Obama not on speaking terms

What's going on the House? Chaos.

Heard they just built a new annex in Hell.

Sen Clinton's (partial) resume.

Perky: Why Obama can win in the South

Bush demands Congress stay in session until they pass the spending legislation ... OK

Gingrich says war on terror 'phony'

Hillary pollster Mark Penn rips Edwards for Iraq War apology, Obama for lack of vision

Edwards calls for tougher scrutiny of imported toys

Gore, Obama and the "moral imperative" ...

Holy Hell!!!! Bloomberg Nunn Talking Independent bid.

Who wins the "best info booth at YearlyKos 2007"...cute post and pic.

Hillary is going to be the nominee unless she is incapacitated in some way.

Thank these 16 Democrats for giving Bush expanded authority to eavesdrop without a warrant.

John Nichols: Lieberman Versus Feingold and the Constitution

Bush Administration Killed Increased Highway Repairs In 2004

Race is the Tripwire for the Progressive Movement: John Conyers and Impeachment Part II

Gunga Din Takes a Vacation by Stephen P. Pizzo

Iraq's demise: The situation is bad and getting worse

Stampeding Congress, Again

A very private war by Jeremy Scahill (Blackwater)

A Big Win Against Corporate Control of Water

George Bush using the Constitution to destroy the Constitution

Illegal Indians build new US embassy in Iraq

State Department warns candidates to consider consequeces of campaign rhetoric

Fight Looms over Construction of Huge Texas-Mexico Freeway

“In Search of John Doe No. 2: The Story the Feds Never Told About the Oklahoma City Bombing”

Good News From Baghdad At Last: The Oil Law Has Stalled

Politics prime function (like religion) is to stifle the will of the majority.

Dubya's Dudes Dealing, Dodging, and Dancing in Dubai


Of Being Republican And The 'Strong Daddy' Complex Explained

Block And Blame Republicans

Can One Reporter Take Down a Presidential Candidate: John Edwards?

Why We Are Running Candidates Against Democrats Dan DeWalt

Gingrich calls War on Terror "Phony"

An Alternate 9/11 History

‘Kidnapped’ Filipinos build US embassy

Rep. Allen Says He Feared Black Men In Park

The Real Reason The Wingnuts Hate YearlyKos

Our Forefathers Wrote The Constitution That Included An Impeachment Article For A Very Good Reason..

Video, Report Details Evangelism at Highest Levels of US Military

(Bill) Nelson wants (Bush) official fired for Glades move - St. Petersburg Times

China's booming economy polluting sea - AFP

AMSR Polar Ice False Color Imagery 8/3 - University Of Bremen

In A Nutshell - IEA Projects That Global Oil Production Will Rise 9 MBD (Net) W/I 5 Years, 5 Months

Botanists Baffled - In Scotland, Dwarf Daffodils Flowering Seven Months Early - Scotsman

Alberta Premier Pledges To Resist Any Efforts To Tighten Carbon Standards

VA Evangelicals Support Cizik Stance On Protecting Earth, Ignore Dobson's Condemnation

Handy Chart On Democratic Candidates' Energy Policy Stances - Energy Bulletin/Daily Kos

Cyprus Church seeks solar power (BBC)

SMUD Signs Solar Home Deals with Homebuilders Towne, Centex (Calif.)

Multnomah County (OR) fares well in solar deal (1 MW PV for co. buildings)

Europe: No. 1 in Sustainable Energy

Legionnaire's Disease Spreading Rapidly In UK - Possibly Linked To Climate Warming - Independent

UN Climate Leader Urges Nations To Pledge Carbon Cuts At Bush Climate Wank-A-Thon In September - AFP

Losing land to palm oil in Kalimantan (BBC)

Plasma gasification and pyrolysis processes allow for the virtual elimination of landfills

Underground home energy takes hold (geothermal, Maine)

Drug Gangs Use Violence to Sway Guatemala Vote

Three suspected of smuggling Cubans found dead in Cancún (Cuban Americans)

Calif. Tightens Voting Machine Security

CA State curtails e-voting: L.A. decertified; restrictions on 2 others

California Secretary of State Debra Bowen Decertifies Diebold, Hart Intercivic and Sequoia Voting...

Bowen places tough restrictions on voting systems

Chile's Largest Labor Union Calls For Solidarity With Colombia (abused workers, not Uribe's gov't)

22 killed in guerrilla raid and suicide attack in Pakistan

Illegal Indians build new US embassy in Iraq

JFO Decries Warrants for Four Journalists (for criticizing Nassiriya police)

Workers Say They Feel Blindsided by Lender’s Failure

Handshake picture deals election blow to Iranian reformist

US Army says Iraqi forces in Ramadi need more time

MNF-W Forces Attacked (1 Marine killed)

France confirms Libya arms deal

Senate confirms Mullen as new military chief

L.A. Times: CA State decides to secure electronic voting machines

Decertification / Recertification Decisions Issued August 3, 2007, by Secretary of State Debra Bowen

Maliki: US pull-out timetable impossible

Bush wants House action on spy bill

Gonzales Now Says Top Aides Got Political Briefings

Largest Foreclosure Auction in Las Vegas History This Weekend

In Iraq, death tolls often in dispute (official numbers vastly underestimate deaths)

U.S. official warns about cutting aid for Colombia

Monsoon floods displace 19 million

Sloganeering troubles diplomatic pros

Bush getting firsthand look at bridge

Mugabe approves surveillance law

NASA Launches Mission to Mars Pole

Iran, U.S. to Meet in Baghdad Monday

Iraqi power grid nearing collapse

Gas tax increase (in Minnesota) appears certain

Another Record Poppy Crop in Afghanistan


Iran Widens Investigation Of Two Jailed Americans

No Hate Required for Hate Crime in Gay Man’s Death, Judge Rules


Best Southern Band?

Whiter Shade of Pale

soul vaccination. all across the nation.

Some Velvet Morning

Why EstimatedProphet's new drink should be called Rasberry Beret...

Sniff 'n the tears - drivers seat

Big Log Robert Plant

The Big Hush.........


Shriekback - Nemesis


Madame Butterfly

Il était une fois dans l'Ouest

Yardbirds - Heart Full of Soul

Love My Way - Psychedelic Furs.


Once Upon a Time In the West.

The Ghost In You - Psychedelic Furs

Conquistador Procul Harum.

Starry night.


There are no words to say.........

Holding back the years....

I feel you-----Depheche mode.


Mad Cow...


Ancient Chinese Proverbs

White Rabbit

Shannon is gone......

"Bab Boy"...the Customer of the Day

Subdivisions - Rush

I'm supposed to be looking after my siblings, but I'm eating all of the cheese instead.

Saturday Confessions- post 'em if ya got 'em

Woken up by the dumb bimbo in the building.....


Where the fuck is Rabrrrrrr?

Funny overhead childrens TV

Why am I not surprised?

Dilemma of the day: Give a gift or not?

Why are the Dallas Cowgirls "America's Eyecandy?"

Gordon Lightfoot - "If You Could Read My Mind"

Phoenix on its way to Mars...

When the rapture hits...the rest of us are gonna get spammed...

If you have a dog being affected by the heat save yourself a hundred dollar vet bill and get em some

Have you ever accused chestnuts of being lazy?

Okay, I'm out of GD for a while.

Remember, if you accidentally drink any seawater while at the beach...

French fries, cheese curds and gravy...I'M GOING TO QUEBEC!

I concede we have lost some good people here at DU over the years

Drawing attention to another stupid post:...


HELLO from Canada Eh!

The Sweetest Thing by Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop (live at NPA)

Gordon Lightfoot- "Sundown"

In the early morning rain.

Any tall-ish parents use a stroller handle extender?

Punch Drunk Love and random weirdness from your netflix queue

Today's weird crime story:

Any smoking (food, not pot) experts here?

Kirk, Spock and Nine Inch Nails = hilarious

Hi Everyone!! Just letting you know I'm still alive.

Canada invaded the lounge,no person or animal got hurt.

What do guns have to do with "maleness"? And never ask which you prefer to have, guns or VD.


Today's cat picture thread

Good Day Everyone . . .

Anyone familiar with air ionizers (or whatever they are called)?

GoPsUx is

My Desire

Dancing horse

Do, or do not. There is no try.

I'm going to the County Fair. Would you like me to bring you anything?

What are some recipes for ground beef.

M R Ducks

Walter Egan: Magnet & Steel

Does anybody else have kids who choose the hardest position

Dashboard Confessional: Screaming Infidelities

Eminem: Stan

The Guitar Master Series: Charo

The Guitar Master Series: Andrés Segovia

Lauryn Hill feat. Carlos Santana - To Zion

Bachman Turner Overdrive: Looking Out For Number One

Anyone here care to share their favorite Ikra recipe?

OH BOY! A contest I can win...

I hate you Milkman Dan

4hero - Loveless feat. Ursula Rucker

Not as shitty a day as I expected.

What the hell am I looking at? When does this happen in the movie?

Child Eats Mother's LSD-Laced Candy

Anyone have experience with wi-fi range expanders?

Mos Def - Umi Says

Quick, quick, quick....

Prince Versus Charlie Murphy

Lewis Taylor Live Bittersweet (Just a tease)


Who wants pizza?

:sigh: I hate cleaning house.

Imagery in the newest All Bran commercial...

What's Up, Doc is on HBO Comedy West tonight @ 8:25 PM

Just watcing fever pitch

It's been awhile since I dedicate a thread to how much of a fox Nana Mouskouri is

If you were in the middle of cleaning/inventory/organizing your messy home,

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Gil Scott Heron

Shut up, Matcom.

My 18 and 20 yr old sons are fighting in the next room

Who's watching 401?

aahhh I just cleaned out my DU bookmarks folder

If you believe in the existence of heaven and hell,

So how many of you cat owners can relate to THIS?

More French Quarter T-Shirts

You know you're gettin' old when...

Bobby Brown Believes He's Still a Target for Bin Laden

TiVo HD is a great new addition to my (small) collection of electronic toys.

If I wasn't so incredibly mature

Uh oh, somebody's going to say something positive about Ralph Nader on DU...


Police allege couple tortured animals during sex acts

LaraMN! Thank you for updating the blog!!

I need browser help concerning embedded video

have you ever -- you know ---

This is a very disturbing website

How do I get the dogs to go in the wading pool?

I have a theory

I burned my hand severely on a god damned pop-tart

Has anyone else noticed the Attorney General's signature?

This thread is full of great songs about the Workin' Life....

Les Nubians - Makeda

Banks, Banks, Banks, Banks, BANKS!!!


Anyone else's DishTV down?

De-motivational Posters...(is that a word) Create one :o)

Lightning Crashes - Live

What do you see? Please choose one answer, if you want to play!

In Soviet Russia prostitutes and pornographers start flamewar in GD about YOU!

Question on finance/credit scores...

A very big star was outed to me last night....

The Lounge is being invaded by Canada!

Having a personal meltdown at the moment.

Krispy Kremes do not make cramps better.

Other people write books about their lives and people buy them.

I have now heard the *WORST* country song ever.

Here are two BIG tatas. Enjoy!!!

I don't know what to do about my starving cat.


I watched "Idiocracy" last night. Why was this movie hidden

I just noticed something. "teen heart-throb" boys are always named Cory, Zach, or Jake

anybody want to help be plan a dinner

What childrens' books did you grow up with?

Exotic Dancer Revives Client During Show

Beatles fans--Listen live to Beatlefest Chicago now

Snoop dog talks to the whitest man alive

Does anybody else know their Myers Briggs classification?

When will all the DX10 games finally come out?


Some people really do not *get* what it is to be poor.

Any BBQ and marinating experts here?

Why are the Dallas Cowboys "America's Team?"

Anyone ever had to put a pet into temporary foster care?

how do you make your journal look like this --

Shopping trip from hell. DD was a real brat.

Dallas Cowboys- love them or hate them?

A Fave? Could you vote for Mr. McToots?

Today in labor history Aug 4

Labor cartoon for the week of July 30, 2007

Four Week Lockout Ends In Defeat For Teamsters

Buffalo News cuts contract extension with union

Wall St. Journal: For Labor, Democratic Debate (Tuesday)

300 Nurses authorize union to call strike

AFSCME Federal Legislative Report-Corrected Version, last weekly report until Congress returns

UFCW 8 Launches Campaign Against Non-Union Foods Co Store

Coca-Cola Workers in Oceanside Choose Teamsters Union

A bridge falls in Minneapolis

South Portland bus drivers to vote on joining union

Episode 26 USW POWERcast! Holding China accountable for its unfair trade practices

Starbucks No Sweat briefing notes

South Portland bus drivers to vote on joining union

AFSCME Everyday Heroes Help to Calm Disaster (Minneapolis)

Red State Update: Dem Debate rehash

Olbermann's Iraq Watch: The Excuses Continue

House Erupts in Chaos

Rep. Kucinich: V.P. Dick Cheney "Fabricated" the Intel

Gil Scott-Heron | We Almost Lost Detroit

The Tonight Show: Jay Leno interviews Dick Cheney

The Best Of Bill O'Reilly


Oh Man... Minister Charged With Indecent Exposure - JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (AP)

"We have no higher duty than to protect the American people"..

XLF the financial sector etf hitting 52 week lows today...

If the money isn't removed from politics and it

Bush will "stand with Minnesota residents as they recover"; says they are "decent"

41 Ways to describe George Bush

Arkansas fundies have 17th child...and pray for more

Why is DU losing the best? I read today Walt Starr left. There have been

Assholes of the Week #4

Decertification / Recertification Decisions Issued August 3, 2007, by Secretary of State Debra Bowen

"Romney & Waitress" Story Brings Special FreepLuv at FR

Wash J. now (cspan1)--asking for thoughts on the Repug Walkout in the House:

Eventually, Romney's message -about socialized Health care got through!!

..Both parties have been wary of calling for radical changes in health care, something that polls sh

Should the U.S. allow a prisoner release to get these Korean missionaries returned?

George W. Bush King of Lebanon

We have six months to pressure Democratic senators not to renew the wiretapping act

The Senate (Dems) failed to 'fix' the Medicare Bill, yet, they think they can

Polls are useful snapshots but unreliable crystal balls.

Are there two patriotic pitchers in America?

So, when Congress' approval rating drops yet again...

Gonzales Still at Odds With Congress

Pregnant woman and 2 yr old daughter among missing after bridge collapse

The only surefire way to solve the problem of teens having sex before they're ready

BBC: Bush calls climate change talks

Came across a question that Dems just provided the answer to

ALL Bush has to do is invoke terra and the Democrats fold like cheap chairs

Gonzales "corrects" his testimony -Admits Top Aides Got Political Briefings

Well, well, bush's insurance guys say:

Senate Passes Administration Bill

House to consider terrorism spy bill

Senate OKs Mullen to Head Joint Chiefs

Politicians didn't lead the US Revolution

The Army is hiring mercenaries from Kenya to kill Iraqis

One Colombian soldier who served in Iraq is now one of the most wanted criminals in that country

"So that the life of bridges in South Dakota are not prematurely


Bush officials quietly use case of 3 missing U.S. soldiers to argue for new spy powers

Pelosi just gavelled the House open. Lets see if she can keep a lid on

Bush's visit today: Only Pollyannas can't see politics is a part of everything

Congressman Peter Defazio D-OR ROCKS

You can't call this one a do nothing congress...they sold out!

First results on Ca. voting machines decision.

Some Iraq veterans come home to battles that never end

I will order these books today.....(NYT reviews of "15 Stars" and "Partners in Command").

MESSAGE MAY CONTAIN OFFENSIVE MATERIAL: California school teacher speaks out!!!!!

Democratic Senate Votes To Expand Warrantless Surveillance

So is this Washington Post "Journalist" being paid off to do hit pieces?

US Congress to scrutinize nuclear pact with India

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sat. 8/4..... it's not a sucking sound, it's a flushing one

Is there anyone here that know the women from CodePink that have been

Iraqi Papers Sat: Who Will Replace Maliki?

As Iraq Costs Soar, Contractors Earn Record Profits

Iraq: Easier to Occupy From the Air? - Hey, it worked for the Soviets in Afghanistan for a while

Happy Birthday to Helen Thomas and to Louis Armstrong

Flag charges dropped ---Sheriff: Deputy shouldn't have been at scene

Republicans acting up again in congress.

Jump George

my liberal wife left me because i listened to talk radio - c-span caller

America Has Been The World's Bully For 62 Years

Here's the same old song and dance: US Army says Iraqi forces in Ramadi need more time

Science, society catch up with Gore's warnings, style

Social networking and the end of"leadership"

Southern Christian Leadership Conference to honor Michael Vick

Pelosi speaking on House floor-----The energy bill is a MORAL issue she says. cspan1

I wonder if the House will Refuse to pass FISA that Senate just Passed?

In case anyone thinks this FISA thing is just temporary

16 Democratic Senators still reside in the "9/11 World" Fantasy

Republican Minnesota Governor Pawlenty: "Flip Flopper"

Dave Lindorff: A Sad Day? How About a Sad Six-and-a-Half Years

For parents: Would you leave your small children alone with someone who condoned torture?

Why did the HOUSE need a 2/3 vote to pass the FISA bill????

New Hybrids for 2008!! (At Least 1 is More Affordable.)

So How Many Civil Liberties Can Gonzo Trample In Only 6 Mos With New FISA Law?

We think we're smarter than Republicans, but...

TOONS: Wall Street Journal Edition

Why is Bush/GOP STILL largely getting what they want?

The initial wiretap bill Bush wanted Congress to pass was rejected. One part passed.

Elegant Answer to the Voting Machine Debacle ....

I object!

Marty Lederman's analysis of Senate FISA vote (includes comment by McCaskill)

It concerns me that we are not allowed to discuss alternative solutions besides voting for democrats

Anyone else watching the House session right now?

Another Sleepless Night

I haven't felt this hung-over since the a.m. that Gore lost. Re: Primary burn-out.

Silence is assent, silence is doom.

If the House passes the wiretapping legislation and

I concede we have lost some good people here at DU over the years

Bridge tragedy hits Cape Cod, MA. family

So what is the "Big Surprise"

Naturalization Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America

America needs a "Question Period."

I understand conservatives. It"s selfish,but not evil Their need for a strong leader is the crux.

Alright, can't we stop the Senate Spy bill in the House?

"disappointments are inevitable. Discouragement is a choice"

Spitzer aid resigns after report released: threatened PSC member over Queens blackout investigation.

The House Suspended Rules Yesterday for one of the most important bills in regard

We need an economic disaster.

The Senate is giving away for free the toilet paper they use:

Give the Arsonist a smaller can of gas than he asked for

Lord Pissypants worried candidates will "muddy diplomatic waters"

Did You Guys Know This Was On Video ???

Handshake picture deals election blow to Iranian reformist

Al Gore's New Channel

Nader-haters: What say you now?

What the Dem FISA BILL will Do...according to a Lawyer trusted by TPM.

Glenn Greenwald: Democrats' responsibility for Bush radicalism

Is there any question anymore that DINOs need to get out of the Democratic party?

Obama's 46th birthday.Any astrologer's opinions on August 4'rs?

"In the absence of genuine leadership..." (My message again to the Dems in Congress)

A report from the front lines - Railroad Square, Keene, NH

Missing Bridge Worker's Mother Holds Vigil

Segways Dean Kamen's next invention the new sterling engine.

Paging Howard Dean: We need you to straighten out the Democratic leadership

For Patriots' Eyes Only. Don't look if you're not a patriot.

Buzz words...

We need to "own" this...

GOP wants to investigate phony parliamentary scandal in Congress?

How Do We Fight Back?

Question about the wiretapping law:

Why does justice have to be so damn slow?

Streaming Link For YearlyKos Here !!! - Anybody Know Of DUers In Attendance ???

Bad bosses get promoted, not punished:

DU, I need some help understanding the increased number of millionaires.

Bribe, Divide and Conquer

"When yer tawkin' on the phone wit Al Qaeda, we wanna know what cher tawkin' bout"

Caption this.

I thought we won the 2006 Mid-term Elections...

U.S. Now Recruiting Kenyans To Send To Iraq?

Another record poppy crop in Afghanistan

"NYC Councilman Charged With Raping Woman" ANOTHER REPUBLICAN

on impeachment, maybe Democrats HAVE learned something from Bushies, Andy Card in particular:

"Today Is D-Day for Electronic Voting Machines" -- listen LIVE -- "This is Hell"

Have you written your congressperson today?

A "stolen" vote in Congress? Democrats OK investigation

MDot News Conference on CNN now

Hearing on Measuring Poverty in America; "We need a poverty measurement for 2007, not 1963."

Barbara Lee Bill Sets Goal of Cutting Poverty in Half by 2017

Oh good grief - now Mann Coulter is dissing teachers!!

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Dem Presidential Candidates On YearlyKos NOW !!!

Craigslist-Great Opportunity for Student- Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

the House has been debating Energy most of day, yet FISA took what?-

Another food recall: French Style Green Beans. Wide distribution.

You should go to

Anyone else at YearlyKos in Second Life?

4 August 1964: Three civil rights activists found dead (BBC)

"There is something fundamentally wrong here."

Marty Lederman: Two Questions About the FISA Amendment

Can anyone find a pic of Chucklenuts out in public where he doesn't look like a complete buffoon?

Two US carriers have left the Persian Gulf

"Out of these tragedies can come a better life." (Smirk at 35W collapse)

Hillary Clinton being laughed at by the Yearly Kos folks

Check out Mythsaje's post from last Saturday:How smart? How evil?

The Moderate Voice blogs on the Senate FISA vote

Most pitiful Republican of the week:

Nazi hell kills war hero 68yrs on

Giant Panda gives birth to her fourth cub in San Diego zoo.

Really Great Presidential Speeches. Must Watch!

Is anyone in Hollywood doing the Gen. Smedley Butler story on the coup plot against FDR?

Can the Senate mount a filibuster to kill the wiretapping bill after

I'm sorry, but our president is an idiot.

Joe Conason: Bush's non-exit exit strategy

Repugs on Cspan1--press conference. Fear Fear Fear

WH disputes Bush telling Musharraf that threats were "unsavoury" and smacked of "electioneering"

Rockefeller: Senate Gives Gonzales "Unprecedented Authority"

How Do We Impeach the CEOs of Haliburton, Bechtel, Exxon/Mobile, Fox, GE?

Any Dem Candidate Who Will Not Speak Out Against Fox News Is Not Worthy of Being President...

Great protestor banner

Ed KOCH: McCAIN "best". Mittenfurhrer best looking. Hillary prisoner of Leftist Extremists.

Bush at the Bridge ---pix--->>>

It will always be an uphill battle for progressives and Democrats. We represent the underdog.

Divisions within the U.S. administration/NATO delayed release of a $475 million counternarcotics....

How to cross a bridge

Where, Oh where has our bin Laden gone?

Edwards just got my vote

Sean Penn takes back seat on Chavez tour

Where Was The Global Warming Question, Yearly Kos?

Iraq's national electricity grid nearing collapse

Contamination Incident Shows How GMOs Can Damage Organic Industry

Would like facts about Illegals and free medical care.


Democrats Feel Pressure on Spy Program


Act for Change link to contact your House rep, RE: wiretapping:

Democratic candidates see the light: the Internet (all would appoint a White House blogger)

Quickie Report From The YKos Forum

Hoyer is on House floor asking house to reject the Substitute bill and vote

take my senator... please

If the surge is working then why is Bush ...

Glad They Impeached Clinton

NBC Nightly News.....Great story on the Kos convention

Article and vote in Cosco Connection Magazine....

Exotic Dancer Revives Client During Show

6 more Congresscritters for Gonzo impeachment

No it's not hypocritical of Edwards....

Police allege couple tortured animals during sex acts

Is There Any "Hidden Reason" Behind the Dems Granting King Bush EXPANDED Wiretapping Powers?

Water Crisis in New Jersey ..after Lightening Strikes Water Treatment Plant!

Two days ago, I started taking care of my parents nearly full time....

Speaking of broken infrastructure, have the power grid problems been fixed from the 2003 blackout?

Who worked harder to protect America last night?

YearlyKos Front And Center on ABC News tonight. This is a good thing! nt

The sound bite every American should hear

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) is "Leaning Strongly Towards" Cheney Impeachment Bill

110-Year Sentence in Iraq Rape-Killing

what's going on in the House - c-span

What did you all think about the Dem. Q&A today at the Kos Convention?

Check out's picture of Bush visiting the bridge collapse site

Colon Flow infomercial Sat Night TV:

I want to hear the cry of "ethics, ethics, ethics" regarding lobbyists on this one

The desensitization of life in America....

Oh good grief - now Mann Coulter is dissing teachers!!

House Members offices are open today - Call them now

If The Corrupt Government Bails Out The Bad-Home-Loan Makers....

Poor Michael Mc Nulty (D-NY) ...Was he Set UP when he "Called that Vote"

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act: Myths and Facts

DUMB QUESTION: How do you find out when congressman or senator will appear in public back home?

God fearing logic.....

Sen. Webb Statement on FISA Vote

Beware of Rats - Really Big Rats

Some myths and facts about hate crime statutes

Does President Bush Hate Whales? - Sea Shepherd article

Is an economic Katrina poised to overtake the financial system's levees?

OK.I'm watching "An Inconvenient Truth","the Fog of War" ,"the Wall",and "1984"

Wal-Mart to stock Talking Jesus....

I am curious about something. How many of you anti-Impeachment folks are actually veterans

Is Cheney to be the next Rethugs Vice Presidential Running mate?

Putting the lie to "the troops support the war" again...Accused deserter caught

Republicans accuse Democrats of moving too slowly on spy bill

BUSHCO- Hid Details Of Spy Program From Ashcroft-Witheld Security Clearances For Top DOJ Officials

Time ..unreal?

Heartbreak: Father Buries Five Murdered Sons

'Support Bridges Not War' - protest pic

How long do you think it will take before the state of the infrastructure

Where the Bad Bridges Are

CA SoS Bowen Announces PAPER VOTING == NO MORE DRE's = ONLY One Touch-Screen Per Polling Place

Spineless fucking cowards.

a question For those opposing impeachment

"I single out the “impeach now” crowd in this category, and in particular Cindy Sheehan

TPM: Dems did what many expected they would do: they caved.

What may I ask is a "police discount" if anyone knows?

The Frightened Democrat

At Least Bush Is Enjoying Himself ---pix--->>>


Why is it . . .

I paid $3.99 for a gallon of milk today.Why?

Only WE can stop the war & the tyranny.

Bush Administration Killed Increased Highway Repairs In 2004

Bridge Safety vs. New Baseball Park

Just woke up....Democrats Caved. Game Over.

I'm not Paranoid about America but something is terribly wrong

In Iraq, a Perilous Alliance With Former Enemies

Woman Recieves Severe Chemical Burns From Flip Flops

Help: VOTING and POLLING INACCURACIES by the Readers Digest

Credit Card Rates Rising, ARM Mortgages Resetting, Credit Refinancing is Gone,..Now What?

Remember the DU Year-end Charity Donation Drive -- Supporting America's Second Harvest?

As good, loyal democrats we should be unflinchingly critical of congressional democrats

You know your city's infrastructure is f'd up when a "50" score is a lofty goal


The Nearly-Poor


Sibel Edmonds "unclassified" video

Don't panic. Congress just passed a bill that "concedes unprecedented authority" to the AG

Democrats who voted against the temporary foreign intercept bill are as follows:

the 3 year old grocery bag

Nevada veteran hopes to provide therapy dogs to wounded warriors

I'm sticking with the Dems, and I'm a good progressive. Here's why that's true.

BY REQUEST: Have you noticed? While citizen demands remain bottled up in Congress,

The FISA Fix/Mess- Combatting the Lies, Misinfo & Dysinformation. ACLU Fact Sheet

A story. Once upon a time there was a spoiled, stupid brat who was given the presidency.

It's 117 degrees in Iraq & there's no water

GOOD NEWS: Bush's Spy Bill Approved By Senate!

Yesterday I visited with a few of my neighbors

Please help save endangered Gray Wolves from the Bush administration!

draft al gore- if we buld it, he will come.

Mystery Poster over at TP...Deep Modem

HR 333 and the impeachment of Richard Cheney

Are IT careers vanishing as I have heard?

For Labor, Tuesday's Democratic Forum Is About Issues -- and Survival

Alabama: Clinton 38%, Edwards 19%, Obama 17%

Vote: Should CA decertify all the voting machines? (Bowen to announce by midnight!)

Slowly, Clinton Shifts on War, Quieting Foes

Hillary faces boos from the bloggers

American Othello

Lieberman's Losing Bid for Influence

Slowly, Clinton Shifts on War, Quieting Foes

Obama remark angers Pakistan (& Chicago Pakistani-Americans)

The Senate Leadership is largely responsible for the FISA bill

The Final Word on Hillary & YearlyKos

Political cartoon on investigation of Pat Tillman's murder...

It is going to take more than one election to change the face of

In Democratic weekly radio address, a child-care worker says Democrats are helping families

Dems in the House and Senate failed to pass tougher judicial checks and oversights:

Tancredo and the Other Crazies

There is something fundamentally wrong here. ......Daily Kos

The New Yorker: Votescam!!!!!

Bill Clinton entered the race on October 3, 1991.

Diebold can't even code a web page properly

I find Obama's statements refreshingly honest

Has anyone been attending Yearly Kos? If so did you see this dust-up?

State Department warns candidates to consider consequeces of campaign rhetoric

Response to Bush's recent EOs and other pronoucements

The Candidates and the Collapsing Economy

Is there a way to revoke party status from a Senator or Representative?

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (8-3-07)

was eisenhower the last republican president who cared?

Yearlykos Presidential Forum Coming Up LIVE in less than 3 minutes. Video link below.

California, please. PLEASE find someone other than Dianne Feinstein.

Can we expect an attack in the next six weeks?

"Hillary worse than Bush"

Bernie Sanders’ Tussle With Nussle

Liquid Coal is a Bad Deal for Global Warming (Sierra Club petition to Congress)

Corporate Social Responsibility on Trial Monday!

Republican is he? Part # 8732: Queens Councilman Gallagher charged with rape.

Okay, let's face it. All of our Dem reps actions are not to keep us happy. They are for fence

California: HRC increases lead over Obama to 13%; Edwards closing in for 2nd

Republicans try to rebuke Murtha - unsuccessfully

Obama: "We give our power away all the time."

Holding the party accountable... from the outside in.

Chicago Tribune: No deadline for Edwards to bash Murdoch (and Fox)

Enough of this BS about "Lazy Americans not caring about the constitution"

Democratic candidates spar over K Street money

A political question that looks past The Candidate Slate ......

Washington Post: Bloggers Say it Again - They Like Edwards

What Was The Dems' Excuse For Legislating Warrantless Wiretapping?

Richardson for a balanced budget amendment...

Bloggers Say it Again - They Like Edwards

Ignore the polls they are a waste of time.

Meta-crime and Meta-criminals

At YearlyKos, Clinton Defends Lobbyists

In response to the unauthorized bio on Obama

My letter to Sen. Mikulski

John Conyers: What Of Impeachment?

Who will be doing "A heck of a job" this time?

Harry Reid thinks we are idiots.

Dan Moldea: Right Wing prepared to attack Bill Clinton anew!

Juan Cole: "...could we please stop talking about whether we are going to nuke our allies?"

This may be naive of me...but are the "internets" in trouble?

Happy 46th Birthday, Mr. Obama!

Obama is CLEARLY doing well - otherwise, why would so many people be WHINING?

Bowen decertifies ALL electronic voting machines in CA!

Something for all you 'we don't have to votes' types

Moderator Olbermann will open AFL-CIO Candidates Forum with question that might push them off guard

Bill Clinton and others praise Clark's autobiography (to be released Sept. 4)

Folks, I need help with understanding something. How did the repubs &

Sen. Webb explains his vote on FISA

Text of New Eavesdropping Law

OMG, I just re-added the "Back-wards Bush" countdown clock to my M.S. page, It's STILL 534 more days

Lots of questions, I want some answers, so I'm turning to DU

Company accused of abducting Filipinos to build U.S. Embassy in Iraq

Hillary defends Defense of Marriage Act, Welfare Reform, and passes the buck on Telecom Act

Why does the Senate Chaplain...

Is it just me, is anyone else losing sleep over the splitting electoral votes story in CA.

I have good days and bad is a bad day!

Reposting list of Blue Dogs and House New Democrats...keeping track of votes.

Ben Franklin Speaks!

Another Posting for Craigslist

Obama biography alleges Obama opposed the war partly as a political calculation

Transcript of Dean's Yearly Kos speech...on voting, democracy, and the internet.

Hillary booed at YearlyKos debate for defending lobbyists

X post of Greg Palast fundraiser thread. Come lend a hand and give us a K&R

Where is the next leader of the Democratic Party and this nation?

Candidates on the Political compass