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Archives: August 22, 2007

Independent UK: More than 8 million Britons will be deemed credit risks by 2011

Modern-day gold rush threatens Grand Canyon

Larry Johnson: The Pre 9-11 Failure of CIA Leaders

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Challenging the Limits?

Independent UK: Democrats in $7bn plan to turn US green

On tonight, PBS show 'Wide Angle' "Gold Futures" (A Canadian Corp. buying up a Romanian Town)

1st Nat. Bank of Az. & GreenPoint Mtg Closed doors today.

Bloomberg Rejects White House Bid as No-Win Situation in TV Interview

Senator Calls for Maliki's Ouster

Politics Seen in Nasty Call to Spitzer’s Father

FAA Chief To Become Aerospace Lobbyist

US Airways pilots split on contract; some walk out of talks

War of words heats up between Syria, Saudi Arabia

Dolphins Abandon Bay of Biscay

One in Four Read No Books Last Year

US military denies troops fired on Iraq protest

Female troop deaths in Iraq on pace to top record

White House Manual Details How to Deal With Protesters

Police accused of using provocateurs at summit

Venezuela Congress OKs Chavez's Reforms

***its official***

Its been 30 years since my last Texas Burger Basket at a Dog n Suds Drive In

MrScorpio Presents: Life's Greatest Mysteries For Dummies - Chap. 2: Evolution

Anybody else watching Dirty Dancing, it will be on for 24 hours on Encore.

You can learn the strangest things by reading a dictionary...

Warren Buffet Contempt Thread!!!

Jimmy Buffet Contempt thread!!!!!

Good Evening. Here's some Money for Gasoline.

Hey everyone. Kagehime and I are back home (my home, that is)....

To All DU Firefox Users, Just A Quick Head's Up To An Awesome Add On I Found.

balls? check. screw? check. thread? check. good to go.

I'm not sick and it sucks


The ih8thegop Semi-Nightly Porn Thread, 8/21/07

Darwin award nominee (from the 'hey ya'll, watch this!' files)

Choo! Choo!

As I say goodnight

Toot! Toot!


Mildly amusing headline...

The Modified....

Arooga! Arooga!

Spoilsports in GD

Music videos with atomic bomb blasts

I haven't been to a rock concert since 1997 - but this year I'll see Waters, Police, and Rush

I cannot access GD

Supporters of Senator Clinton: If you like warm weather so much, why not move to Hawaii?

Can I just say...

Chinese Buffet Contempt Thread!!!!!

'Bait-and-switch' topless car wash

I went swimming for the first time this year today.

I think my family got raptured...

The porn threads in GD is not the problem...

good night, all

Said anything lately that made YOU laugh at your own wit/humor?

So I went over to GD to see what was up... and this is what I saw

I'm sick and it sucks

Jimmy Buffet Appreciation thread!!!!!

Oh, dog! THANK YOU, METS!!

In The Year 1994 from out of space comes a runaway planet hurtling between

I made tacos!

Cricket formula for determining outside night time temperature??

MiniMandaRuth...Your PM box, if you please!

I have decided to update my avatar to something more appropriate

So I bought an eyepatch.

Ever re-connect with an old friend

Eight foot of solid Watutsi. Now THAT'S what I call tall!

Post a dumb pic of your pets.

OK, I just sat through the entire High School Musical 2. My dtr forced me.

Only a collector would understand....

Post a link to a local charity that does good work.

What movie should we watch?

How about a music thread?

Any newbies want to sell on eBay?

DAMNIT!!! Hillary Clinton owes me money!!!

It is almost September, the summer sure went fast.

I just don't want to have sex and it is ruining my life!

How many library cards do you have?

Who are you to judge me?

Yes this is a pev thread

My betta has never flared, ever......

Tool Tip: "Chop Saw" does not denote what you should make with it

I've got this big 19 incher baby......................

My new neighbor looks like Kirsten Dunst, only hotter!

Protest held outside 700am WLW studios over "Be careful with those hidge clippers" spanish ads

Loungers unite!!!!

There's a lot of hate goin' around... so here's a pic of me looking ridiculous.

Yes this is a sex thread

Wow!! I just had a thought...

I need a hug...

Okay... I officially HATE my job.

Help defend my cat drawing, my wife thinks hers looks more like a cat

1 in 4 read no books last year. That's not you. So, what are you reading now?

How can I get my husband to bring me flowers....

Is anybody freaked out by ordinary things that don't bother others?

daughter just told me she wanted to quit band

Delphi inks deal with union

Harlem Il. Teachers Walk The Picket Lines

Ikea's Richmond store behind picket lines (not requiring managers to cross the picket line)

Union files objection after losing an organizing vote at UPS Freight Inc.

Steamed workers taking on Starbucks (30 unfair labor practice charges)

Hill & Knowlton's 50 Year Fudge (tobacco etc)

Teamsters target city of Somerville (raiding)

Bush On Cutting Kids' Healthcare

Inherit The Wind - Spencer Tracy Speech (Part I)

Hightower Download: BUSH'S BACKFIRE...

Bush wants to cut health care for children!!!!! pt 1...

American Freedom...

Spencer Tracey: Judgment at Nuremberg verdict I

Inherit the Wind scene, creationism vs. evolution (Part II)

Totally Off Course

Tom Russell Who's Going to Build Your Wall


Crop Circle 2007... Political and Beautiful!!!

A Few Bad Men & Women

Do we really need another Princess Diana special?


Declassified 2005 CIA Report on 9/11 faults George Tenet and 10 other leaders

Peppermint Gomez is doing a CNN: SPECIAL INVESTIGATION

Since Gen. Petraeus' Iraqi report is going to be written by the Bush White House,

David Horowitz fibbing?

Holy shit: What if this had been Miami, Houston,

Waxman Continues Investigation of Rove

Sex offender back in pulpit

Coming up on PBS (CDT) Buying the War: The US and Iraq

Remember back in 2003 when the British government told BBC to toe the party line or else?

Senate earmark battle turns very personal (ouch)

Chinese clothing may be toxic

Things are really coming to a head .

Amy Goodman: Psychologists in Denial About Torture

Waxman wants answers on 'asset deployment teams’

Congress’s only Iraq war veteran endorses Obama

WWII Airman Found Frozen On Sierra Nevada Glacier

Bush to CIA: 'Leave No Marks'-With No Sign Of Torture On Prisoner-It Didn't Happen Right?

Sex offender back in pulpit

2005 Incomes, on Average, Still Below 2000 Peak

So...Petraeus & Crocker might testify before Congress about Iraq on September 11

Quick -- Bill Maher on O'Lielly !

God's Warriors starts at 9pm EST tonight...

Does your heart just sink when Keith's voice doesn't come on: WHICH of these stories...

Dignity at last for vet

Check out this pic of a vet ignoring Texas Senator Cronyn!

Some DEM are changing their minds and now support staying in Iraq:

2 21.5 inch Rescue capsules at mine, but deemed too dangerous to use.

Duck and Cover

Ad blocking is theft, so block Firefox instead (updated)

Loophole Lets Interns Be Called Highly Qualified Teachers

Bush: Fate of Iraqi government rests with Iraqis

Discredited Islamophobe Steve Emerson Presented as “Terrorism Analyst” In Order To Smear NYC Muslim

Rivals -- Richardson and Edwards -- criticize Clinton for Iraq praise

LOL-they actually printed my response to the Dem hating Freeper in my paper

Bush and Rove now in Kansas City

US Propaganda dollars at work

'Bait-and-switch' topless car wash

More station owners allege price fixing

Isn't this kinda like shooting themselves in the foot?

Olbermann to get run on NBC!

Romney is a very weak general election nominee

While I have my issues with all three top runners in the Democratic field, I feel great about '08

Ho Shit.... Must See YouTube !!!

Is DU heading to a purge of Clinton supporters?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Liberals read more books than Conservatives

Why We Fight - A Must See Documentary

"A Teaspoon Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down..."

PBS Special "Gold Futures" Rosia Montana Romania

The Utter Uselessness of the Petraeus Report

Police harass a wheelchair bound homeless woman at a bus stop

Politics Seen in Nasty Call to Spitzer’s Father

Is There A Secret DU Calendar Somewhere ??? - Didn't Know This Was Porn Week

Consumer Comfort Index Reports Dramatic Decrease: Largest one-week drop since poll started in '85

Eulogizing the Queen of Mean (Smoking Gun doc on Leona Helmsley)

Priest specifically prayed during Sunday mass for Roe v. Wade to be overturned

I guess Lou Dobbs now has a say in hiring at CNN some idiot on

*Sh*thead* needs to see "Judgement at Nuremburg". I saw it recently

Rudy is the best..No wait!..Fred is the best.. No wait! Romney is the best

3 out of 4 people READ A BOOK in 2006?

On tonight, PBS show 'Wide Angle' "Gold Futures" (A Canadian Corp. buying up a Romanian Town)

Renting makes more financial sense than home ownership.

Guest of Bush Sr. Taken to Hospital

What 'New War" Is Hillary Talking about??

What's with that goofy headgear Michelle Obama was wearing today?

Janeane Garofalo Joining Fox's '24.' Is Rush Limbaugh having a shit fit?

The DailyKos is censored

Should the rescue effort be called off (miners)?

What if states decided to secede?

The Dem Talking Point On Impeachment

WaPo: White House Manual Details How to Deal With Protesters

about hurricane Dean

Video of Adam Putnam...3rd in GOP leadership...speaking in a racist way about immigrants.

Hey Canadians! Stephen Colbert is criticizing your Prime Minister guy!

What if they STEAL the Election AGAIN

The Daily Show's Rob Riggle reports FROM Iraq (part 2) He Really when there! Not Kidding.

Crash Kills 3 Searching for Missing Teen

Did any of you watch "God's Warriors" on CNN tonight?

‘Behavior detection officers’ are keeping a close eye on travelers

Suspicious death of homeless woman in Fresno, CA

How Would America React to Another Depression?

Should the Cuban Readjustment Act of 1966 be repealed

Mission statement for proposed eBay, collectibles topic

Chavez puts Venezuela's clock ahead 1/2 hour

Any Chemistry or Math geniuses out there?

Help John Kerry and "End it in September"

Group Cancels Forum On Book About Israel Lobby

Why people are so pissed at Hillary:


to those shocked (shocked!) at the state of the GDs these days:

Hey Impeachophobes: Why Does "Our Side" Get to Benefit From Ongoing Torture?

Hillary is just way to far to the Right for me

Notes from the Underground: Why 2004 Matter More than Ever Collins(autorank)/Scoop

Scott Ritter - 2007.08.21: Why Cheney Really Is That Bad = SCATHING

My opinion of my local police is changing more and more.

DNC may sanction Fla. Dems for early primary

8:00 CST Cspan is showing Roosevelt's inaguration and a perspective

Typoid Mary: on Nova PSB. coming up now 7 pm CT

Economic Cannibalism

Are we straddling our candidates with state issues because we lack an understanding of

Sexism and racism in our own party

Missouri: Rep. Emanuel Cleaver Endorses Clinton For President

My 16 year old wants to get involved in the primaries (again)!

Barack Obama's OpEd in the Miami Herald

Bush closes another Minnesota Freeway

Richardson and Edwards campaigns criticize Hillary's surge comment

"Anybody But Clinton" thread would be about to 300 recs by now.

Which 2008 Dem nominee would you find it difficult to campaign for?

Am I man enough to vote against Hillary? I wonder.

reposting, because they have to vote on NCLB some time...

Obama's speech at VFW on Cspan at 9:00 EST. Rerun later as well.

How Political Psychology Explains Bush's Gastly Success

OK, I'm convinced...White House says it will "take the necessary steps" RE: "missing" emails

The quiet campaign against birth control (Romney says code words)

reagarding the late "good news" about the surge in Iraq...

LA Times: Michelle Obama carves up her niche

'NYT' Gets Obama Reference Wrong -- Hits 'Anti-War' Activists

Clean Elections

BO speaking on C-Span right now

How Scary Is This Thought? Provocateurs At Summit....

Hillary's War.

"The dissolution of a once proud House Republican leadership team is near complete."

Who is the source who claims Bush was an animal abuser as a child?

Paul Bedard: Bushies Game Obama's Chances

HuffPost OpEd - Hillary's War: How is the Surge "Working"?

Am I Man Enough to Vote For Hillary? I Wonder.

Obama will be on The Daily Show tomorrow night...

Which Will Win? A Call For Unity Or A Call To Fight The Republicans?

There is no need to debunk the "Unitary Executive" theory.

Rep. Patrick Murphy: Why I support Barack Obama (thanks DMC)

Dept. of Peace

Dodd is at 0-1% in the polls but has raised $12 million...How? Corporate support...

MyDD: "Is Clinton Really Ahead in Iowa?"...sure looks like it

Hillary needs to let go of the Anbar spin.

Courting Hispanics: A closer look

War Psychiatry and Iraq Atrocities: How Killing Becomes a Reflex

Iraq Helicopter Crash Kills 14 US Troops

Maliki's Game of Musical Chairs …

Dirty Chopsticks Picked Up In New China Scare

Rudy's Brain - Village Voice

George W. Bush and Black Holes!

Jim Hightower: Subprime Loans = Primetime for Vampire Lenders

Readers Write: Can Moore's SiCKO Make Health Care Reform Happen? (AlterNet)

The Health of Nations

Bush's Bid for a Death Penalty Fast Track

U.S. firms outsource legal services to India

Outsourcing cannot be labeled a bargain

Bruce Fein: The Heart of Queens-Can Nancy Pelosi single-handedly take impeachment off the table?

Matthew Rothschild: Bush Rewrites History of Vietnam War


NYT editorial: Virginia’s Gun Market

Baucus proposing free college tuition

Rove's Raving Clinton Obsession By Clarence Page

Let’s Face It: The Warfare State Is Part of Us

A Dickens of a President.....(WashPost)

Beat a Woman? Play On; Beat a Dog? You're Gone

Most US adults in the dark about world politics

What Unites Iraqis: Blocking Western Petroleum Companies From Seizing Control of Their Oil

Big Oil's Particular Profits

The FBI's New Power

Big Oil's Particular Profits

Mutts Against Mitt

At Iraq's front line, U.S. puts ex-foes on payroll (Reuters)


The Utter Uselessness of the Petraeus Report

Mortgage industry job cuts surpass 38,000

U.S. officials rethink hopes for Iraq democracy

Healing Our Sicko Health Care System (NewEngJourMed)

Ignatius: Obama is outflanking rivals on the left and right

Union Movement "Not Worth Saving" according to Investors Business Daily. What a load of crap

(Bush) Don't know much about history

Americans are in Pain

Russia and China teaming up to counter the US

Ah, Democracy, We Hardly Knew Ye...

Environmentally friendly construction costs dramatically lower than commonly believed

US renewable energy consumption up 7% year-on-year in 2006: EIA

President Bush Ordered to Release Overdue Global-Warming Plan - Bloomberg

Coal dependency seen braking China's climate drive - Reuters

"Brad Pitt Tours N.O. Green Project"

Dean Only Seen Causing Mild Disruptions to Mexico Oil Ops

Who resolves Arctic oil disputes?

Muscovites Wheeze As Smoke From Forest Fires Chokes Capital - AFP

Anybody else find it curious that the NOAA 5-day cone for Dean

NSIDC Update - Arctic Sea Ice Loses Area Larger Than New Mexico In 5 Days

Brazilian Government Denies Linkage Between Settling Forests & Deforestation - Reuters

Myanmar arrests dissidents, squashes fuel protests

"Midler Wrongly Fells 200 Hawaii Trees"

Dole goes bananas for offsets

Marburg Virus Reservoir May Have Been Discovered - Fruit Bats - Reuters

Questions re: nuclear energy

From The Central Valley To The Andes, Warming And Warning Signs - CC Times

DOE commits $168 million to solar industry (March 2007)

World Water Week/Report From Stockholm

AMSR Polar Ice Imagery 8/21 - Remnants of Beaufort Sea Cover Going Fast

CitzenRe Makes Financing Announcement

help please - i want to bring wind energy to my town

In China, SUV Sales Up 39%, 1,000 CC & Smaller Models Down 28.9% In First Half Of 2007

’No Child’ Teacher Training Suit Filed

Ex-Marine accused of manslaughter says his squad lied about slayings

Treasury, Urged to Act, Finds Few Tools

French minister's brother jailed

Report reveals CIA failures before 9/11

Rome halts mosque conversion plan

Justice Dept.: Bush Office Not Subject To FOIA

Green cards now easier for Cubans born abroad

China’s military build-up could threaten security: US

US criticises Iran-UN nuclear deal

Iraq war vet in Congress backs Obama over Hil

Bush Takes a Step Away From Maliki

Bush administration tries to scuttle lawsuit over White House e-mails

Complaints Mount Against Indian Tribe

Syria and Iraq to reopen oil pipeline link

CIA 'launches Facebook for spies'

Twenty die as suicide bomber hits Iraqi police station

Federal No-Bid Contracts On Rise

White House Manual Details How to Deal With Protesters

Bush must release global warming reports

Tehran To Host Summit Of Caspian Nations Oct.18

Russia denies Georgia overflight

Suspicous Package on [Washington] Ferry

Army lab documents with personal data found in trash bin

Michigan Joins the Race for a ‘Me First’ Primary

Facebook ban for 'half of all staff'

Husband of George H.W. Bush’s cousin has heart attack at Maine retreat

Magazine retouches Sarkozy photo

Gas Station Owners Allege Price Fixing

AP Interview: Mine boss defends efforts

China fear over 'tainted' US soya

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday August 22

Lehman shuts BNC Mortgage unit, cuts 1,200 jobs

Goss Rejected Advice on Probe Into CIA's Role Before Sept. 11

Congressional Approval at Historic Low

Iran Has Remote-Controlled Launch Pads

Private eyes listen to support group secrets

Mattel: Porn Site Abusing Barbie's Name

Democrats Refocus Message on Iraq After Military Gains

Justice Dept. argues limits of FOIA law

Embattled Bush Official Resigns Justice Post (Bradley Schlozman)

Chinese blankets recalled from Aus, NZ

Banks' Troubled Real Estate Loans Up 36 Percent

Bush to invoke Vietnam in arguing against Iraq pullout

Iraqi PM lashes out at U.S. critics

Now dirty chopsticks picked up in China scare

Ill guest of former President Bush is taken from Maine retreat

What’s Off the Record at N.H.T.S.A.? Almost Everything

Resignation after call to Spitzer's dad

Wal-Mart: Melamine traces in (made in China) dog treats

Judge orders White House to produce global warming reports

Mall Janitors Announce Civil Rights Abuses by Cleaning Firms

Candidates bring Cuba into race

Bush in Vietnam warning over Iraq

Curfew in Bangladesh after rioting

14 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Helicopter Crash in Iraq, Military Says

Parolee jailed for sex with corrections officers

official "start setting alarm clocks" night - Back to know

Admins -- PLEASE get rid of the reptile ad!!!!!!!!!

Does the fact that I want the Low flow toilet requirement to be repealed make me a bad person?

How many here are stretching your meat?

Mattel suing porn actor China Barbie over use of name on web site

Good Morning

Quick! I need some WD40....

To my fellow Lounge Lizards... A gift

Rodney Dangerfield TIME, Baby!

guys and gals...

Guys and gals...

Need some of those famous DU Lounge Vibes.

I took the Family Filter off Google Images, typed in "Pev" and got this:

Who plays "Miss Laurie" on PBS Kids?

Sleepwalking woman steps on pitbulls, kills them.

Is something wrong in DU-land, or is it just me?

New here, but long time lurker

Lelapin's on her way to Chicago

Day 3 of college

what do i do with a bird that's been attacked by a cat?


Losing the war: A good thing?



Leona Helmsley is not dead!


I know what the world needs now...

Barnes & Noble Won't Stock O.J. Book

Question du jour

Topless car wash in New York state!

I Wish Someone Would Start A Sex Thread

Now Playing: Merzbow, "Merzbuddha". Are you listening to music like a good person would?

This coca tea stuff is better than coffee!

DAMN! Check out LynneSin's boobies.

Leona Helmsley is dead

So my nephew has a severe injury to his hand and no insurance

In my next life, I want LaraMN to be my mom.

Blogger is bloggered

In my next life, I want Midlodemocrat to be my mom.

Has Anyone Ever Used Beer To Find A Date Before?

workers digging up the sidewalk outside my window

Are there any Microsoft Access gurus in the house?

Guess what - I'm a woman and I like looking at boobies too!

Metal Face Doom - your concurrence in the above is assumed.

Important information about The Name Game

Poultry foot-binding notwithstanding

Arm yourselves! I gotta bag of cute & I'm not afraid to use it!

I've come to conclusion that the anti-HRC DUers of GD hate my guts

Firefox question

Tell Me About Your BAD First Dates


What literary character would you want as president?

Mmmm for some reason I am craving a Wendy's Frosty

I need a hug

Welcome to DU Masterpiece theatre

Could this be a first? Both husband and wife's stickies are in the finals?!

What the Hell was she thinking?

Why Isnt The Serge Working?

After 7 1/2 innings, it's Texas 24, Baltimore 3

Does the word "chick" offend you?

Yes, this is a SOX thread

"Sometimes in a dream, you appear"

Get these motha-effin' SNAKES offa my motha-effin' PORCH!

Am I the only one who doesn't care about the teacher in outer space stories?

I've got this big 19 inch baby..................

Whatcha' listenin' to?

Asbestos appreciation thread!!

I know I'm not the only transcriptionist here -- I have to share (frustrating but funny)

i think DU needs another porn thread

Damn, who else wants a Frosty now?

My cell phone works!

This was a very special cat who deserves to be remembered:

How are smells able to elicit such strong and old memories?

I need some good DU Vibes, I have a job interview tomorrow :)

Wow!! I just had a pev thought... ¹ ²

What words of advice resonate with you the most?

I'd like a new scent

I'm going home to an empty house tonight

I wish to complain about this Leona Helmsley

If you had to pick one

How's this for sick? Question...

My job search

Mmmm for some reason I am craving a DivaVillage

Geesh nothing is sacred

Recently discovered Carbon Leaf

You should see the size of the black bear in the backyard right now

Which picture is sadder?

Why? Why on earth would anyone wear this? (copy cat)

DU advertisements.

Whoo Hoo! Top Chef on tonight!

Did you know that LaraMN is really a man


Ol' Golly

Three friends, two functional alcoholic lesbian neighbors, and a chiminea

Did you know that LynneSin originated the "Mr. Roboto" moves?

Question about duplicating a dog.

Did your crush ever crush you? (same or opposite)

Can anyone do me

Public (or semi-public) restroom etiquette rules:

Get them while they're hot! New Official Vick's Dog Chew Toy!!

Will anyone do me

Three fiends, two fundamental albino Lebanese, and a chimera.

Where do feelings go when you get over someone?

Question about disciplining a frog.

Paper Or Plastic

Favorite stoned outta your mind, pissed to the gills, fucked up beyond belief end of the night food?

I'm surprised that so many bandies hate football season...

interesting IP noticed on a torrent download

Has anyone met Mr. Bubbles or Big Daddy yet?

My work e-mail has been down for six days

what the heck is "bubble tea"?

What do you get if you cross a pit bull with a camel?

Bunkbeds...yes or no?

Why Do People Hate Straight Guy Pev Vegan Football

When you get into a heated disco, does your aunt evelyn start to pimp

I'm going to go NUTS here!

Who's hoping that there's a draft?

What banks do you like?

Michael Vick should be allowed to return to the NFL

What does DU need LESS of?

Stephen Colbert to Auction Signed Cast

This Will Make You Smile

Challenge to pet owners: how do you get the dog to keep still while you cut off dreds?

"Mia" wants to be my myspace friend

Can anyone tell me

Who Is The Biggest PEV In The Lounge?

Which medium do you prefer when reading literature or documentation?

When you get into a heated discussion, does your adrenaline start to pump

For those in the same boat as me

Why did this band turn into total commercialized crap?


What to do in Montreal?

Prayers and/or Vibes needed

Three score and six. Happy Birthday to ME!

Beer is fattening? How can that be?!

Going to Wal-Mart...

What does DU need more of?

Bad breath and no paper bag =

I'm Hooked On A Feeling...

By the way, if it wasn't for us Lounge Lizards, DU would be an unhappy place

snack foods you wish were still for sale


If we are the undead, what are the vegans gonna eat?!

I, too, need some of the powerful DU mojo vibes...

anybody make their own lemon pepper?

Pit Bulls Enter Home, Attack Sleeping Woman

tell me something i don't know ---

anyone know how much an aluminum siding job costs???

And Now... Henry VIII's suit of armour!

Why do people hate football?

All Single DU'rs Check In Here

Funniest SITCOM episodes ever!

The Day They Launched A Pig:


Tell Me About Your GOOD First Dates

Bear is driving? How can that be?!

Straight Guys (and gals) - who's your same sex crush?

Question about disciplining a dog.

Hey MN/western WI/Twin Cities DUers... I got a band gig friday night

Words we don't hear much anymore..

Kitty pics...kittens vs. adults- dial up warning

Does anyone even give a shit that the ventriloquist won?

'Straight' guys — who's your lesbian crush?

The most idiotic sport or "sport"?

Yes this is a sects thread

Bill Murray Suspected Of Driving Golf Cart Drunk

Lily Munster OR Morticia Addams


Which Actor That Is No Longer With Us Do You Miss The Most

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/22/07

Woman sets fire to ex-husband's penis

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/22/07 Bonus

Anyone suffer from sleep apnea?

Am I going to get kicked out of the Feminist Club?

Let's Start Up A DU Movie Thead - You Know The Rules

Who is your opposite sex crush?

Furries ?

Pics from the VFP convention

Today in labor history August 23

Radisson union employees approve contract

Trapped miners' families ask union to help force recovery

John Sweeney: Pray for the Miners--And Keep Fighting

Teamsters Demand Employee Representation on Tribune ESOP & Board

Boeing To Lay Off 149 Senior IT Staff

Iraq Veterans Against the War (part 1)

Hundreds strip naked on glacier in global warming protest

the revolution will not be televised part 4-8

Island found in Arctic Circle... Was Cayce right?

The Promise of real news

Bush is a murderous bastard, is insane, he is out of touch...

One angry MN Dem - voting 'strategically' is/was a mistake

PTSD and the Mission

Bush Says Iraq Is Like Vietnam

Bill Maher on the Falafel Factor Tuesday Night, promoting the new season of Real Time

The Bush Buzz

Cafferty Blasts Dodd for Ruling Out Impeachment

FAUX Attacks: Iran (Robert Greenwald new video)-pls. sign petition!

== The Polar-rhoids ==

Al Franken on Bush raising money for Norm Coleman in MN

Corporate America wants you dumb

To All DU Firefox Users, Just A Quick Head's Up To An Awesome Add On I Found.

Former NIST Division Chief Calls 4 New Investigation. See At...

Former MN basketball star dies in SUV-train crash.

Today's Bushspeak

Spencer Tracey Reads the Verdict: Judgment at Nuremberg

Thank you to whoever's been putting up the "Recall Pelosi" signs around SF.

California gas station owners charge price fixing in suit against Shell, Chevron

(I thought I smelled sulfur) President in KC for VFW speech

BDO Seidman Damages BDO Seidman Damages Rise to $521 Million

WSJ: Troubled Loans Increase 49% Federally Regulated Thrifts

14 U.S. Soldiers Die in Iraq Helicopter Crash

WSJ: White House Asks Judiciary Panel For Extension to Answer Subpoenas

Executive Order 13443--Facilitation of Hunting Heritage ...

Hurricane Dean is doing his dirty business on the east coast of Mexico

BUSH: leaving Vietnam emboldened today's terrorists.

Iraq Helicopter Crash Kills 14 US Troops

Did anyone see God's Warriors tonight?

Federal No-Bid Contracts On Rise, With Help From Firm(s) Being Hired

Students and families will be homeless soon......In Mich.

Was Rove a voice of sanity on Iran in the Bush administration?

GOP hits back hard --forcing Dems to re-focus:

Judge orders White House to release reports-Ruling a victory for environmentalists

14 US troops die in copter crash in Iraq - and it's MECHANICAL - right away!

FAA Chief To Become Aerospace Lobbyist

Credit crisis building in time to hurt GOP in elections

CIA blew chances to spot 9/11 threat, says report

Arabic-themed school's principal is an Orthodox Jew

Surging into heaven.....14 G.I.’s Die in Iraq Helicopter Crash

This is what real and true government oppression looks like..

US attacks Iran, Iran strikes inside US, US relaunches Draft......

Prime Minister Brown is reluctant to anger the White House by pulling all the British troops out

Most US adults in the dark about world politics

White House Manual Details How to Deal With Protesters

US used the same arms dealer as the the Taliban

When Their Bills Fail in Congress, Democrats Pursue Their Agenda With Inquiries

Politics Seen in Nasty Call to Spitzer’s Father

''I'll tell you what, son, you need to find out about the Lord,'' Murray said.

Dislike negative candidate-bashing threads? Prove it.

My Life With Jenna Bush

It's official: YouTube is as good as dead (Overlay advertisements)

Iraq War Brings Drop in Black Enlistees

Damn, who else wants a Frosty now?

A quick reminder not to assume what is today will be so tomorrow.

The pulse of GD. What will come after the porn threads?

Bush Will Liken Vietnam, Iraq (How would he know?) Warning Democrats Not To Repeat Errors

Kennebunkport, Maine: August 25 Rally and March for Peace

Let's play "Predict the Propaganda!" What book will they show Bush reading?

Book: US paid wanted international criminal 60 mill US tax $ for services in Iraq

Commercial on ABC this morning: mother of dead vet claiming we'll have another 9/11 if we leave Iraq

In Sickness and in Stealth

OH. Judge Sets Sights on Anti-Gay Politico. Politico Protected By Prosecutor?

John Nichols: Cheney Opts for Monarchy

I Just Called Leahy's Office

I HEART my Hometown!

"He Serves At The Pleasure Of The President"

Former enemies find new way forward (from VFP convention)

Let's Face It: The Warfare State Is Part of Us

Remember Florida. One vote can make the difference.

Oregon's Democratic Candidate for US Senate Calls for Gonzalez' Impeachment

Bush: "His number two man, Zawahiri, has also invoked Vietnam"

Is the republican's war holding up the economy from collapse?

US v. John Lennon -- one thing really struck me

WH: Bush to re-affirm support for Iraqi PM al-Maliki

Please check out this despicable case of racial injustice on Jena, La!!

As you start college...think about this: Every generation leaves its mark on the world - what will y

wh refines take on al-Maliki-Wary of How Bush Remarks on Iraqi Leader Were Interpreted

I'll go one better than the GOP talking points. The "surge" has worked completely

Katrina: "It's The Blacks"

Uh, I'm (almost) speechless...(MGB comparing Iraq to Vietnam)

Is it true that Petraeus' (White House-edited) Iraq status report is going to be released on 9/11?

EXXON Asks Supreme Court To Review Federal Court's Ruling On 1989 Valdez Spill

Dear God, PLEASE Let Them Pick Giuliani! ---pix--->>>

USNews: GOP incorporating Dems positive comments on "Surge" into new talking points

Truthout: Grapes of Wrath Return

Green cards now easier for Cubans born abroad

RE: the emails and FOIA let's remember how Ashcroft stated the admin's position in 2001

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

So will the government only get involved when it's the mortgage companies that are collapsing?

J'accuse DailyKos

Impeachment: John Nichols on AAR now discussing it

LA TIMES Editorial: "The Rapture Is Not A Viable Exit Strategy"

is it just me or is down?

Black Leaders Demand Apology For Editorial Cartoon

Poll this regarding global warming

Bush will be relieved to learn this

Anyone Born after April 10 1973, aren't allowed to talk about Vietnam

Bush's motorcade just went by. Big Deal, huh?

Teddi Winograd: The "Maternal Heart" of Progressive Democrats, Dead at 87

Original Iraq War Propagandist Ari Fleischer Returns To Flack For Bush’s Escalation

al-Maliki: Iraq "can find friends elsewhere"

If Staying & Fighting In Vietnam Was Such A Fine Idea-Why Didn't Bush/CheneyRove Go Fight?

Pray for me I'm watching jackass eom

I can't believe anyone would believe this crap.

the chimp is chatting

Did Saddam's embrace of Socialism spell his doom?

O'LOOFAH's ambush crew gets trespassing warnings, claim judge sequestered them

So Bush to compare Iraq to Vietnam

Bush blather in K.C. on now. Live Live Live

"campaign encouraging U.S. troops to refuse to fight. "

One in four U.S. adults say they read no books at all in the past year, according to an...

Can we continue ignoring this? (a must see!)

He really WAS the hardest working man in show business

WaPo: WH manual details how to deal with protesters

Does the US today look anything like pre-civil war Spain?

New misgivings on wiretap law-some Dems regret updating FISA...

Democrats, time for that dreaded math lesson again.

Face it...The surge will last long enough for Bush*Co to get to 2008

Janeane Garofolo joins 24. Guess she doesn’t mind taking money from Fox and Rupert Murdoch?

Calls For Congressional Investigations As Criticism Of Federal Oversight Mounts

Iraqi PM: We don't need your timetables

McClatchy: Fight planned against new child health care rules

'No Child' Teacher Training Suit Filed

Did anyone here watch C-SPAN's Booknotes last Sunday? Robert Frank, "Richistan" was on

w, who dodged the draft in Vietnam, now invokes it as reason to stay in Iraq.

MOVIE: Maxed Out

Hightower: Subprime Loans = Primetime for Vampire Lenders

"Geeorge Dubya Boosh Stands bah Amurca's Vet'rins" .......

bu$h* on Maliki...'he's a good guy and I support him'

Rep. Baird (D-WA) needs to go!

International criminal flew U.S. supply missions in Iraq, 'earned' $60M

Toll Brothers (luxury home builder) earnings drop by 85%

heavyrain making huge problems in Spain

hurricane force winds and violent rain hit Poland hard

Will this film kill Romney's run? I just saw an ad for a movie called "September Dawn".

So now the lesson of Vietnam was that we pulled out too soon?

Mortage Meltdown -- take them to court

Data on deaths &c to put Petreaus's Iraq Report in perspective. Building now.

Is someone fecking with us with all these porn threads?

I like Hillary Clinton.

For those of you who support the neocons and the Saudis who are bankrupting this nation


Turkish Military does not trust US on PKK

Katrina: The Pat Robertson connection

Dean makes landfall near Tecolutla Cat 2 100mph winds

LOL Blackwater loses U of I contract

YouTube Videos to Have 'Overlay' Ads

NYT on Obama at the VFW Convention: Obama Sees a ‘Complete Failure’ in Iraq

Bad Boss Contest How bad will it get as the Robber Barons ascend

Who let Ari Fleischer out of the sewer?

CNN's Rick Sanchez, where do they find these assholes?

snowplows used to remove hail from roads in Austria

Do petitions serve a purpose anymore?

RX for Disaster - Sleepless in Iraq

Quick someone tell Bush what countries are in Asia.

Robert Scheer: The Real Iraq Progress Report

Majority Leader Hoyer Responds President Bush’s Iraq Speech

The Great Craps Shoot and the those that call the numbers.....

Is The US an Operating Democracy Any More?

Bush invokes 'tragedy of Vietnam' against Iraq pullout

Ottawa: Police Accused Of Using Provocateurs At Summit

Great 'toon on medicare dropping hospital error coverage:

Researchers Light Up for Nicotine, the Wonder Drug

Bush Lies To VFW About Al-Qaeda Captures in Iraq

Gas Station Owners Allege Price Fixing

Brent Budowsky: Democrats Wrong on Iraq

hank aaron is a total democrat

Chimp Lips ---pix--->>>

Ray McGovern: Bush League War Drums Beating Louder on Iran

Kerry: Invoking Vietnam to defend failed Iraq policy "is ignorant of the realities of...those wars"

Here's something Bushie probably didn't think about (his VietNam comparison)

Son accused of killing Alzheimer's-stricken dad in Ft. Lauderdale

Link to Dan Rather Reports "The Trouble with Touch Screens"

The term "Meta-Wars"

Mine owner: Seal section containing miners bodies & resume mining!!

George W. Bush is Hooked on Phonics......

The ownership society

"I am so shellshocked that I started to laugh at the news that we could be here for longer"

So bu$h wants to talk about (the first) Viet Nam?

Did you see ole Bob Murray on the teevee all quavery voiced and

DEADLY DELAY! Armored Vehicles Slow to Reach Iraq

Utah Mine disaster: The Truth is coming out.........

Oprah, Condi, Colin Powell Subpoenaed in Alleged Profiling Case

More people have died from RAIN, than from a Category5 hurricane.

It has become patently obvious that the Dems have no strategy for dealing with the crimes of Bushco

"Well If You've Learned So Much From History-How Did You Get Us Involved In Another Quagmire?"

I support Impeachment and a new Fairness Doctrine more than ever

Schumer Urges Help for Homeowners

If the draft were started up again, lots of you say no way your kids are going.

Dirty Chopsticks Picked Up In New China Scare

Michael Vick: Great column in the Washington Post - Sally Jenkins...

Does anyone have an apartment anywhere?

U.S. officials rethink hopes for Iraq democracy

Anybody seen the new Ari Fleischer website to promote more war in Iraq?

Post-War Bush Forgets Pre-War Bush’s ‘Lessons Of Vietnam’

Terrorism Index - Fascinating survey of 100 leading foreign policy experts

Jon Stewart's brilliant take on Michael Vick

Pit bull attacks continue to make news

Caption *

I saw a car with a McCain bumper sticker on my way to work.

10-4 Good Buddy, %$&*$#!

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on the Effects of Hurricane Dean

A Soldier's Story - Worthless

Bush and Cheney are like the troops in Iraq....

Single protester giving Bush the thumbs down

Too many Democratic candidates in the race for President.

WP, Froomkin, The Analogy Quagmire: Bush, with risky rhetoric, turns Vietnam analogy on its head

Dean v Katrina

Momentum Shifting To GOP In Iraq Debate

Knick's Stephon Marbury: "Dogfighting is a sport." R.L. White: "His crime is it was a dog"

Populism: The Key to Victory

We should replace the term "global warming".....

I assume all of bush's opponents have been threatened with death.

NPR-The surge just needs 6-8 more months everyone in DC agrees

9 months into this Congress and still no reform on Marianas sweatshops-WHY?

C'mon, let's drum up some HATE

It's nice to see Bob Murray back on TV

Exploiting Workers

New Bush Comic: Another Boom and Bush Cycle

Purple Hearts (warning graphic)

Bush is in my city - I wanna hurl

Bush in speech cites Vietnam 19 times, Surge 1 time, Petraeus 0

Senator Reid: President's Speech Misses Mark

Elizabeth Edwards in Ridgewood, NJ tonight!

Kerry responds to Bush: "The lesson is to change the strategy not just to change the rhetoric."

Russia denies Georgia overflight

To which Senator is Hillary Clinton most politically similar?

Niki Tsongas for Congress!

Past time for the NAACP to get out in front of cameras and talk about the need to redeem

OCD mice?

The year of the independent.

Voinovich's Iraq assessment? You'll have to wait.

Canadian quads born in Montana.. Wonder which health care system

White House Manual Details How to Deal With Protesters

Bush Bunker Crew's Legacy: "Dangerous Losers"

$170B, give or take $10B for this year's occupation.

Remember Freedom Fries? (Laura Rozen)

Opinion: Mayor Nine Eleveniani is WORSE than Bush

The War On Democracy: A Film By John Pilger - Now on Google VIdeo


Bush Lies About Al-Qaeda Captures in Iraq

"anxiety and depression are rising from generation to generation"

The Most Controversial Vaccine on the Market (Gardisil) Might Be Going Down in Flames

Sheer: The Parade of Democratic Congressional Tourists in Iraq See Surge "Success"

The Nazi virus is alive, well and stronger than ever.

Pentagon Missing Its Goal for Getting Armored Vehicles to Iraq to Protect Troops

Speaking of Porn and Hillary - anyone remember this?

How did it come to be that we have a Government that can not be trusted to tell the truth?

BUSTED: Agent Provocateurs Outed at Bush/Harper/Calderon Summit

A picture, in 1000 words or less

Do you want congress to pass single payer universal health care for everyone in the US?

MSM Dumping top canidates of their choosing? What should be done?

Did Randi Admit To Going Commando On Yesterday's Broadcast?........nt

Can I get coverage from Iraq EVERY 10 MINUTES just like I am getting for hurricane Dean FROM MEXICO?


Leaving a disaster is not Defeat or Surrender you dumbshit bush lovers.

Local news story today....the price of birth control pills has tripled.

Facts REFUTE mine owner: changed mining plan to more dangerous one

MUST SEE: Scott Horton on C-SPAN's WJ today -- replay at 4:53pm EDT

Newsweek: During Bush presidency 1/400th of taxpayers took home nearly half of all economic gains

hardball david shuster - bush from 2004

a lyrical lesson on Vietnam, a talk about Ben Tre

The man at the door - messenger of death

Amy Goodman on Hardball tonight!

DU'ers from The Volunteer State: You have my sympathy

Speaker Pelosi: President Bush’s False Lessons from History

SOS to Jack Cafferty, Keith Olbermann, and The Daily Show

Magazine retouches Sarkozy photo

Has anyone else seen the commercials?

Hmmm. Voinovich refuses to comment on Iraq trip

NEW ZEALAND:Sheep and goats die due to grazing on GE cotton land

They have completely shut own both major interstates in KC during rush hour

After Only 10 Hours In Iraq, Sens. Corker And Alexander See ‘Clear Success’

What is Dan Abrams e-mail at MSNBC?

As a member of the VFW , If i was at Bush's speech.

Carroll Costello's interview with Bob Murray just made me

Important new video: FOX wants war with Iran

Elizabeth Edwards on CBS right NOW!

Does anyone really expect the Democrats to fight the bush policy on Iraq in September?


Scientist fired after testing DNA on husband's underwear to see if he was cheating

NAACP Vick Press Conference

HELP!!!! My Bush butt-kissing congressman claims SCHIP bill cuts Medicare programs for seniors

"Stand True Ministries": Vick Should Have Invested Money into Killing Babies Instead of Dog Fights

Bush lies!

So...the former repug Illinois guv is still out on bond

Bolton: I ‘Absolutely’ Hope The U.S. Will Attack Iran In The Next ‘Six Months’

Mortgage industry job cuts surpass 38,000

check this slideshow from anti-immigrant rally in Wausau, Wi.

Iraq PM Nouri al-Maliki Says: "Iraq Can Find Some Friends Elsewhere" a site to add to your Favorites list.

Oops! We Didn't Mean to Do That!

Amy Goodman on Hardball Vs. Emmett Tyrell (R really fucking crazy)

Where is the GOVERNMENT regarding the mine collapse?

What Will You Do If the U.S. Attacks Iran?

Alive Day Memories premiers on 9/09/07....

Mine safety chief faces scrutiny in wake of Utah collapse

Lord Love Us: How Do Lightweight Rw's Like Barnicle Keep Getting These Gigs?

Why Dick changed his mind

Director of National Intelligence Launches ‘MySpace For Spies’

'Sole Proprietors' Face Tax Scrutiny

OMG, DNI Taps Into Social Networking (Feds to create A-Space sorta like My Space)

caption this * pic...

Robert Baer: Prelude to an Attack on Iran

Tax and Spend Dems, Why aren't the Democrats just laughing?

Strategy Message from Trippi (Inside Rover's Head)

Hastert to Step Down Early (This November) Triggering Special Election

Spy Chief Reveals Classified Details

The guy covering for Ed Schultz today-- is Bill Press a liar, or just a lazy asshole?

CBC: Retired police officer believes masked men were cops


McConnell Spills His Guts-We're Criminals & So Are Companies That Helped Us & You Are Gonna Die!

Forget The Pottery Barn Rule; We Need To Talk About "The WalMart Rule"....

ABC evening news had an interesting report on Putin's Russia

Would you fully support a Presidential candidate who favored:

Which presidential candidates (both parties) have been on the cover of Time?

Lawmakers propose nuclear plant no-fly zones

China Bans Reincarnation Without Government Permission

Pollkatz reveals strange poll behavior.

The problem with the MSM is that they just can't believe those people they party with

WH Website CONTRADICTS Bush Admin Claim That Office Of Admin Is NOT Subject To FOIA Requests

Domino Theory redux ad absurdium.

JUST IN: Only ratings lower than Chris Matthews' are Tucker Carlson's. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Iraq War tearing Sunni-Shia families apart

what is the education level of the presidential candidates? Any Ph.D. holders?

McConnell's !STFU!-FISA-THREAT: Fact That We're Dabating It "Means Some Americans Are Going To Die"

I donated this quarter and THEN took a small break

"Only Tucker Carlson , who is on at 4 and 6 pm, has lower ratings on the network..."

Will Keith O. be back tonight?

Stephen Colbert to Auction Signed Cast

Book Chain Says No To O.J.'s 'If I Did It' (Barnes & Noble)

Canadian radio discussing Agents Provocateurs at the

Barack Obama on the Daily Show tonight

jonathon papeLbon invents a new pitch: the sLutter

After years of denying any link from Iraq to Vietnam whatsoever, g.w. bush...

Help a younger baby boomer deal with this right wing assertion

Reaction to Bush's speech on Iraq (both war and speech a failure)

My Bitter Bitter Insurance Gripe - Where's help when you need it?

Got a new tropical storm- here in Wisconsin

If we don't hold the line on Iraq, we'll be attacking Iran in a matter of months.

I won't vote for Hillary Clinton even if she gets the nomination

Iranian TV Issues Report On Local 'Heavy Metal' Scene.

Scientists Find Way to Drug Test Cities!!

Great Olbermann interview: Movin' on up in more ways than one! (And no content tone-down Sunday!)

Did anyone SEE Ari Fliescher's video on Hardball???

I know most of us have our favorite & least favorite candidates,

A song for Christian Fundies (feel free to post your songs as well)

How US immigration and globalization policies depress middle class wages.

Reminder to Bush Dogs, Blue Dogs: "All Americans are impacted by all federal votes."

An idea for a Bumper Sticker

Look at this pic of the monkey

State to pay $350,000 to family of woman who escaped patrol car

The Front Runner

Have You Ever Taken A Class In Economics?

Why would Bush cite 'The Quiet American'?

"Nightmarish political realities in Baghdad..." (Stop the madness: Get out of Iraq!)

Tom Tomorrow: Roger Stone’s enemies are ruthless

Pushing "surge is working," $15 million! The truth about Bush's failed policy, no cost!

The Beatles, they ain't

Home invading Pit-Bulls!!!!!!!!

NYT Editorial: Mr. Chávez’s Power Grab

Jury selection finished for the Michael Vick case - hes screwed!

Gen Batiste:"I'm Outraged That Elected Officials Of My Party Don't Comprehend Need For Redeployment"

Donor list revealed for multi-million-dollar TV ad campaign arguing against withdrawal from Iraq

WaPo: "Democrats Refocus Message on Iraq After Military Gains" (Why read DU, now?)

Apocalypse ... Now? Press Explores Bush's Iraq/Vietnam Link

Man they just can't take a frikkin' hint over there at the White House!

The REVIEWS ARE IN to Bush's speech! "Cherry-picking history";"act of desperation"

I'm reading The Italian Letter by Peter Eisner. Guess what he identifies as the turning point

Hey! I disagree with Chavez about something!

Bruce Fein: The Heart of Queens-Can Nancy Pelosi single-handedly take impeachment off the table?

real warriors VS fake warriors

Pab in the hospital, update 2.

Feminists for Porn

Inspired by a SoCalDem post. please enjoy :)

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton Calling for Political Change in Iraq

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Wed 8/22 Cheney's hats

DNI Mike McConnell: FISA Debate Will Kill Americans

David Letterman: Top Ten Top Good Things About Marrying Into The Bush Family

Has the miserable little turd in the White House ever been to the Vietnam Memorial?

Cop busts people then takes marijuana home and smokes it or in one

Experts Tie Pigeon Dung, Bridge Collapse

Wednesday TOONS : How can we miss Turd Blossom if he won't go away?

"I want to know why I'm planning a funeral while George Bush is planning a wedding."

Fighting the Vietnam War in Iraq

Sibel Edmonds and the CIA/911 IG report

Holy crap. Adam Sandler gave money to Rudolf Ghouliani's Presidential campaign.

Hillary Eats Babies.

Can anyone point to a society where pornography is illegal..

World Water Week-Report From Stockholm

Justice columnist is mad as hell about WH Protest Manual; says no more staged Bush speeches on TV

Beth Ditto calls the American president a 'shit'

Ah, DU, my DU. Will cooler heads prevail?

Boy, 5, doused in gas, set on fire by masked menStory Highlights

Anyone here ever heard of a website called ""???

Reply to Senator Kerry

Probably done before but real simple belief poll

The Colbert Report- "Self-determination"

Some Horse Race...

Historian: Bush’s ‘distortion’ of Vietnam ‘boggles my mind.’

Hillary In Response To Bush Drivel This Morning: "Start Getting Out Now"

Gays in Oregon Play Hardball - Release Names

Look at the outcomes of these two cases and give me your opinion.

Breaking: Roger Stone resigns after Spitzer voicemail fiasco!

Probably the stupidest statement I've ever heard. Coal Mine Murray.


All is not well in Tweety Land. The low ratings could not be more

Let Ari Fleisher know what you think of his propaganda...

((((VIDEO))) Amidst all the horror of this world, take a moment for some unbridled joy and purity

Lest we forget...

Do the Right Thing

The reason why cats are not wo/man's best friend

Does this sound like a suicide to you?

Someone left another note on my windshield on Sunday (Dial-up warning)

Gen. Batiste’s Op-Ed That The WSJ And The Washington Times Didn’t Want You To See

Unidentified Iraqi official reduces crude oil price to US by $6.8

Fleischer Ignorant Of The Name Of Wounded Iraq Vet Featured In His TV Ad

Iraq Contracting Bribes: $9.6 Million Flowed Like Water

Critique of a bad meme: "The Democrats in Congress are cowards."

Update on our battle with CBS over their censorship

Kucinich campaign is awaiting ABC News explanations...

Not Ready to Make Nice

Liberal Internet Kristallnacht: If and When is it Most Likely to Happen?

Clue to idiot freepers. We already have socialism in this country,

Sen. Carl Levin parrots Bush in demanding Iraq's Maliki step down

Dean folks - check in here regarding 2008

Do You Listen To Liberal Talk Radio?

ok, so explain to me why Socialism is evil again???

Art Therapy will stop terrorism

Katrina: "Golden opportunity": After the deluge, conservative policy entrepreneurs rejoiced .....


CQ: Hill Computers Used for Thousands of Wikipedia Edits

Minnesota Law Sheds Light on Drug Companies

WP columnist accuses Bush administration of taking moral guidance from pages of Dickens

Has the Democratic Congress ever walked in lockstep about anything except refusing to prosecute Bush

San Diego's AAR Station KLSD, Turning to ALL SPORT! Unless we stop them!

The call of the wild or cruising to Alaska with Randi Rhodes.

Goss Rejected Advice on Probe Into CIA's Role Before Sept. 11

Mystery Poster "Deep Modem"

Kucinich accidentally elected in 2004 in a parallel universe

How is this for hypocrisy???????

What would you do if Bush implemented his extraordinary powers act

Obama's Cuba stand breaks rank

we always elect the right liar

Senate earmark battle turns very personal

Clinton campaign collects $650,000 at Arkansas fundraisers

The Story of Goldilocks and the Other Bears: A Cautionary Tale

Video: 82nd Airborne Come Under Fire From Tucker Carlson

Arizona Poll: Gov. Napolitano's popularity soars, she would beat McCain for Senate

Gulf of Tonkin Incident = Saddam's WMD (Iraq IS 'Nam)

Fred Thompson skirting election laws?

Media manipulation of elections

Calif. Democrat, outspoken * critic, headed to Congress

Kucinich campaign is awaiting ABC News explanations

Friend of Bush died at Walker's Point

A little fun speculation: Hillary's electoral total if she is the nominee...

CAP Survey: United States is NOT winning the war on terror.

Mitt Romney is the candidate with the highest level of core opposition.

Democrat Split On Iraq May Hurt '08 Chances: Analysts

A letter /message from Wes Clark

Vote for Mrs. Kucinich

People are being mean to lil bobby jindal down in Louisiana

HuffPo's State Of The Race: Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Bill Richardson

Iraq: The "gift" that keeps on bleeding - PR Watch

DUer refuting expertise needed, found this plea in WaPo comments

Yesterday's Tom Hartmann broadcast shut off

Outspoken critic of Bush sent to Congress

The great intra-party battle: is peace possible?

Calif. Elects Bush Critic to Congress

I think she's pretty fascinating, myself ...

Republican Party is Quieter Than a Church Mouse

Bob Murray getting blasted from an unlikely source.

Clinton Responds To Bush Iraq Speech: "No Military Solution To The Sectarian Fighting In Iraq"

LAT page-one profile: It's all about priorities for Michelle Obama

Had to change channels from Thom Hartmann for a few minutes

What's up Next Tuesday?

The Rude Pundit ...

Did *'s Speech Today And His Comments About Viet Nam Resonate With......

I Need A History Lesson On Viet Nam....

A Sustainable Future

Field poll: Californians support GOP "electoral vote reform"

Obama gears up for Brooklyn fundraiser: Tickets sold in 48 hours.

Obama expresses sentiments of majority of Americans on Cuba, Minister says

Some People Continue to Lie About Chavez

State Of The Race: A Powerful Point For Hillary

When have the Republicans made concessions to us on behalf of "unity"?

The Blogometer: Clinton's tactic didn't work

'Military' Progress vs. 'Political' Progress...

NYT editorial: Stacking the Electoral Deck (by rigging California)

A counter article to all the Hillary bashing:

looks like Al may be going for the top spot after all ...

Clinton Extends Lead To 23 Points. Clinton 48%, Obama 25%

Rasmussen's 1st SC poll: Hillary - 38%, Obama - 30%, Edwards - 13%

Rasmussen South Carolina: Hilllary 38, Obama 30, Edwards 12

Photos: Obama reacts to cheers from supporters after speaking to Camp Obama graduates in NY today

Listen to Michelle Obama's whole DAMNED speech!

Edwards to Participate in Livestrong Presidential Cancer Forum hosted by Lance Armstrong Foundation

Have y'all seen Rasmussen's definitely vote for/against/depends poll

I Heard That Former Repug Governor George Ryan Will Appeal The Appeal Ruling And......

Will The Dems DO Anything? Ray McGovern: Bush League War Drums Beating Louder on Iran

Romney flip flops on abortion again - "I would let states make their choices."

Hillary on Cuba: No changes in U.S. policy towards Cuba

I see nothing on Kucinich's website about US immigration policies.

Senator Tim Johnson (D-South Dakota) is heading home

What does Obama mean when he says we must prepare our military "for the missions of the future."?

I know this video got a little attention here on DU, however,

Polls: Hillary Narrowly Ahead Of Republicans In MO, NM, and OH

Washington Post reporter: Edwards' youth support decreasing (based on interview with 4 people)

Told you Rasmussen was an outlier

Democrats blast Bush’s Vietnam comparison

Drudge Barks, TV News (and some DUers) Bites

So today Hillary says the surge is NOT working...

Obama on Daily Show

Dukakis: Not so sure the dems have it wrapped up for 08

I Don't Feel I Can Trust Hillary Clinton.

Randi today was talking about the (R)'s who changed the bankruptcy rules

why Kucinich?

Tricked Into Kerry?

"He has no connection whatsoever with the events of September 11th, and I am certain of what I say,

OH MY GOD your not going to believe what fucker Carlson said about Edwards

Some blog buzz re: Richardson, from the Sunday debate:

New Bush Comic: Another Boom and Bush Cycle

Pressure Networks to Release 2004 Exit Poll Data to CONYERS: Suggestions Please

Inequality Has Run Amok. Do U.S. Leaders Care?

Gallup Poll takes on Rove's argument that Hillary is fatally flawed.

Will Obama's Stance on Cuba Hurt Him?

The Trojan Horse

The American people will not elect a crybaby as Commander-in-Chief

Hillary Detractors...I am about to make your day!!!!!

"After securing the Democratic base, the Clintons always sacrifice their allies to the Right."


Is Clinton Really Ahead In Iowa?

Bring up Vietnam reminds people of the horrors of the draft back then

Run, don't walk, to get the current issue of Mother Jones to read about Hillary.

An Email From Joe Trippi, Senior Advisor, John Edwards For President

California Democrats file competing ballot measure on Electoral college...

Bill Maher states that John Edwards is the candidate who would win the General Election on the O'Rei

Remembering preeminent Holocaust historian, Raul Hilberg

Primary Date !

Gallup Challenges Rove's Claim in Media That Hillary Has Highest 'Negatives'

Will Gen. Clark enter the race? If not, will he be chosen as a running mate?

Karl Rove's Worst Nightmare

Bumper Sticker Brainstorm

Rahm: "I'm not finding any wobbliness on the war -- at all"

For those who think Edwards is not the biggest fear for the Republicans

True and timely words from Tony Bennett.......

I think we are seeing right here at DU that a Hillary candidacy will be extremely divisive

Hillary is Unelectable

Saint Hillary and her prayer circle

CONGRESS historic low 18% approval

Hillary just put out a statement that al Maliki should resign!

A slogan that sticks - James Carville wants to know...

Zogby Iowa Poll Part II - Romney leads Rudy by 19 points

Good for a Laugh !

Fuck Dennis Kucinich

Who are the Joe Biden supporters here at DU?