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TV Ads: Bush-Petraeus 10-Year Plan Means a Draft

Menzies backs demands for Army to leave Iraq

PAUL KRUGMAN: It’s a Miserable Life

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No 304

Iran executed 30 for alleged U.S. plots

Fred Thompson names anti-Israel ex-senator as campaign manager

Pastors being trained to quell dissent during martial law

Students taking up jobs abroad must pay tax: House panel (India)

U.S. to train Palestinian presidential guard

China Airlines plane bursts into flame at Okinawa airport

Sadr pledges to work with UN if it replaces US, Britain in Iraq

'Three Amigos' to order new border crisis rules

Families accuse mine officials of ‘giving up’

Dean blasts Jamaica; Cayman Islands get ready

Immigration activist Arellano arrested

Elvira Arellano Arrested Outside Downtown Church

Can't help but notice, the Lounge doesn't have it's own Nader thread.

C'ant help but notice, the Lounge needs a one vase thread.

Can't help but notice, the Lounge has a whole lot of copycat threads

I finally found it: Pearl Jam's "Do the evolution"

I'm signing off

Dinner at the Prophets - tilapia filets

So my neighbor beat his horse to death

So an indian black buck froze to death at the zoo.

C'ant help but notice, the Lounge doesnt' have it's own poking thread

My Mom made me executor of her will.


So, I just gave me dog a bath, and being the sweet thing she is,

I just got back from a tattoo party!

How much taste (or lack thereof) will the Jenna wedding have?

Man kills his mother. Lives with decomposing body for a week.

"Who are you to tell me to question authority?"

So my neighbor beat his meat to death.

Nothing worse, try as you might...

This sticky should be saved for posterity.

So burn it down (For RetroLounge)

You know underwear is tight when...

Does anyone know

Ooooohhh.... I forgot how much I used to love Jackson Browne!

The HUGH!!11!11! thread

This song just makes me feel good.

Mr and Ms Darkstar's Birthday Tour '07 (50th b-day pics; post yours, 1957 !11!)

Mac iBook G4 help requested please. :(

You know you're a pathetic nerd when...

The Hug Thread...

A Poll for the 80's Kids...

I'm Dating..But when can I get married?

best book-ends --

Best sticky yet

the 'Snape with pancake on his head' sticky-thing is the best one yet...

It's been way too long since I've written a fresh poem

I am a Fabian. What is a Fabian?

Speaking of video games, anyone geeked about BioShock?

Help! Is DU being hacked, or my computer?

Name That Kitten: The Final Poll!

Which is better, being: batshit insane, bug-shit crazy, or MoonBat Goofy...

I'm married, but when can I start dating???

Drinking alcohol, while eating watermelon, is probably not a good idea

Here's to a safe return for the Shuttle Endeavour.

What the World Needs now is hand farting.

Is it right for me to still feel down?

I wish...

Dwarf in Scotland accidentally glues a vacuum cleaner to his John Thomans.

Anyone want some tomatoes?

Do you have a Derth wish?

It's me....but differently...

And now on a HAPPY Note...

If corporate meetings were internet message boards...

It started with a pancake. What else should be stuck to Snape's head?

I love it when people post naughty pics on wikipedia...

Favorite novelty song

CONFESS, Snape sticky-maker!

Another Good Reason To Ban Ownership Of Exotic Pets: Being Humped To Death By A Camel

Sleeping on the floor tonight on a futon once again.

Tuna, Texas. Discuss.

It Shouldn't Have Taken the Deaths of Three Rescuers to Get the Media to Focus on Mine Safety

Chris Hedges: 'AMERICAN FASCISTS' The Christian Right vs USA

Edwards at Dem Debate: Lead Effort to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

Dennis Kucinich weighs in after debate

Hillary: "I don't think Karl Rove's Going to Endorse Me"

What happens when you drive stoned.

BBC: "... the man exchanged the rocket launcher for designer footwear..."

Another Good Reason To Ban Ownership Of Exotic Pets: Being Humped To Death By A Camel

The APA is FINALLY coming along

Freepers, Minutemen and other bigots chime in on Elvira Arellano arrest

“Rove is riding out of Dodge City as the posse rides in.” Moyers

a response to the KPFT driveby shooting

Anyone familiar with this site

I just now FINALLY saw "Why We Fight".

It's been said by many on DU that we might suffer another terrorist attack

Curious about DUers on YouTube as a subject.

Which Dem do you think would most regularly dissapoint you if elected

Images Show Pleading Iraq Prisoners

Is protecting underage teenagers from sex really such a high priority?

Karl Rove on Meet the Press? Why didn't somebody warn me?

If The Chinese Can Be Made To Stop Sending Us Poison, Will We Stop Sending Poison To Them?

Why are big American companies hiring foreign-born CEOs?

Did Someone Ask Oh Gawd What Next? - Firm Sues Chinese Co. For Metal Shavings In Aspartame

If you have never seen video "letsroll911" then please go to this link and have your eyes opened.

Did you know... most condoms are made in CHINA?

Cooper Contradicts Rove: He’s ‘Dissembling’ With ‘Nonsense’ About The Plame Leak


Iran crossing border to train militants, says U.S.

Every vote...

WaPo: As Democracy Push Falters, Bush Feels Like A 'Dissident'

2 Virginia Tech Students Critical, 15 Other Sick After Carbon Monoxide Leak

Biden: Impeachment " the oxygen out of the air." Beats Sucking Substance Out of Constitution

Nighmare Hurricane Dean scenario for Bush

Kurds flee homes as Iran shells villages in Iraq

NYT Op/Ed: Aghanistan

"The President Is A Bully"

I just visited & it is a frightening place

Great LTTE (not mine) about the Republican Convention

Asian markets rebounding

Hurricane Dean Pummels Jamaica

Taiwan Plane Explodes At Japan Airport - (reportedly, all escaped alive)

Iranian helicopter downed in Iraq

I understand the reluctance to impeach Bush and Cheney

After the Pain of Foreclosure, a Big Tax Bill

Which term best describes the Satanic Verses?

"I'm the proud owner of Karl Rove’s father’s solid gold..."

Judge sides with state in battle over religious license plate - "JN36TN"

After the Pain of Foreclosure, a Big Tax Bill

Artificial Life Likely In 3 To 10 Years

It's rare that I like a commercial, but this is great.

"Pelosi's Stand on Impeachment is Killing the Democratic Party "

Live from Iraq (this is what the troops are dying for?)

IVAW sounds off "War is not a Game" MUST SEE VIDEO!

Robert Murray should be tried for negligent homicide in mine deaths.

H.R. 676 - The United States National Health Insurance Act

Who won the debate?

Dennis' official site up and running

Exit Polls and Vote Recounts: Protecting Democracy in Other Countries but Not in the U.S.

Stick a fork in Karl Rove, he's done.

So, Is It Still OK to Eat at your Local Chinese Buffet?

Who knows anything about ants?

A Time Called September

Dave Lindorff: Pelosi's Stand Blocking Impeachment in the House is Killing the Democratic Party

Rental car gets 62 mpg

Gotta Love Opus, LOL !!!

Backlash against illegal immigration grows

Veterans for Peace Convention and March to the arch in St Louis - Pictures

What government official plowed his car through a crowd?

Marcy Wheeler Debunks Rove's Lies From "Meet The Press" Appearance

OK. Is it politically incorrect to use the term politically incorrect?

Which item is most important?

Not Political... but... For any of you old timers that might remember

Yepsen: Obama may be biggest debate winner

For any that might want to wish her a Happy Birthday.... here is a link

This of course is worth another post here... It has been brought up in the ...

They finally got to a 1000 ,,,Go Skinner, were good for a few more days

C-Span to show debate in a few minutes ... for those like me who missed it.

Why, What, Where, When, Why & How

Question;Does socialized medicine discriminate by age? There is a post regarding this implying this

Watched the Documentry "The US vs John Lennon" last night

The Media Is Playing The Same Game It Always Does

Who Won the Debate? People's Poll with 2nd place surprise

Obama shows ability to Trascend Race in Iowa

Clinton may be target of Rove's Reversed Psychology.

Edwards' statement about the IWR vote

Biden airs ad in Iowa outlining plan for Iraq

Maybe its Rove's double reverse psychology -

Clark explains three levels of diplomacy. We need a President who will work at level three.

Photos: Barack Obama today with Dean at the Iowa debate and in Portmouth and Dover, NH

The moral bankruptcy of ABC news

Nighmare Hurricane Dean scenario for Bush

Roger Simon: Obama rises above sea level

Iowa Independent: The Boys Catch Up; It's Obama's Morning

Wes Clark Answers the Questions Democrats Should be Asking; Part 1

Cancer Victim Tony Snow: Leaving White House "When My Money Runs Out"

If Kucinich were nominated, who should be VP?

ABC's bias in its debate coverage: Obama gets 5x more ink than Edwards, thrice as much as Clinton

Jihad vs. McWorld - Benjamin Barber, Atlantic Monthly (3/92)

The Line

NYT editorial: Afghanistan: The Good War, Still to Be Won

AlterNet: Leo DiCaprio Takes Up Where Al Gore Left off in New '11th Hour' Environmental Documentary

Katrina: On The Question Of Patriotism

Central banks are stealing from the average citizen

News Coverage Shifts to Election From War in Iraq

Contractors In Iraq Have Become U.S. Crutch

Diabetic Hospitalised After Airport Securty Takes Insulin

What the Rise of Democratic Movements in Latin America Means for the Rest of the World

Hannity and Kellyanne Conway Fall Over Themselves Trying To Defend Giuliani’s Bad-Husband Behavior

Marty Kaplan (Huffington Post): The Truths Rove Told

Hundreds of Saudi camels die from mystery ailment

When Did the Future Go from Being a Promise to Being a Threat?

The poisonous rhetorical legacy of Karl Rove

City in a Time Warp - War Pushing Baghdad out of 21st Century

"The War On Drugs Cannot Be Won": Drug Expert Makes A Case For Legalization

Robert Baer, a former CIA officer: Prelude to an Attack on Iran

Republican War On California?

Suicides in Iraq; It's Worse Than You Thought

Ted Nugent Might Run For Governor Of Michigan

Paul Rieckhoff: Suicide: A Problem that Won't Go Away

SPP/ Harper welcomes Bush to Montebello summit

India's political impasse deepens

Karl Rove and the Damage Done / Regressive Antidote

Grapes of Wrath Return (Brent Budowsky)

The fascists have opened (what for them!) is Pandora's Box

Drive, Don't Vote the "Ripe" Right Wing Incumbents Out of Congress

Reagan Diaries: George W: "Find the Kid a Job"...

Bush in Canada selling America to Mexico

Padilla Jury Opens Pandora’s Box By Paul Craig Roberts

Bush is now the embarrassing uncle (Op-Ed in The Guardian, London)

Democratic Debate and Iraq: Where's The Outrage?

Bush is now the embarrassing uncle the Republicans just can't hide

How To Keep Your Job Onshore

How Far Will the Crash Go and What Do we Do Now?

(Philippines) March of the mines sees islanders facing loss of ancestral homeland - Guardian

Wind turbine OK brings hope in Vt. - Boston Globe

Cars stay away but Beijing smog remains - Reuters

Warming Will Exacerbate Global Water Conflicts

Landphoon: Erin *reforms* over land, kills 13 people

Hurricane Dean's Impact on Oil Infrastructure (PEMEX)

Two years after Katrina and Rita, oil production in the Gulf has still not recovered.

Journal entry January 22nd 2019...

Coral Reef Bleaching Worsens In 16 Districts Of Okinawa Prefecture - Asahi Shinbum

Australian Scientists Call For Stringing Ocean Current Monitors Across Southern Ocean - Reuters

Kashagan Field Development Costs Nearly Triple To $136 Billion - Moscow Times

IHT - A Debt Culture Gone Awry - And America's Insatiable Thirst For Cheap Energy

Scientists At Basel University Warn On Lack Of Peak Oil Awareness

Tehran advised not to export gas

Shoppers fed up with higher grocery bills

The small-farm revival

Nature vs. Nurture on the Ecological Battlefield

AWEA Small Wind Turbine Global Market Study 2007

Scientists Hail "Frozen Smoke" as material that will change world >>> PICS!!

Survey - 76% Of Young Chinese Concerned About Warming, 76% Also Want To Buy A Car ASAP - AFP

A new U.S. reactor each day for eight years

Africa wages war on scourge of plastic bags - Reuters

Strange? No posts on 170+ people killed in a nuclear incident?

12 die in Midwest flooding

Businesses Pinched as Loan Spigot Shuts Off

U.S. foreign policy experts oppose Bush's surge

Iraqi PM makes first Syria visit

Central banks are stealing from the average citizen

After the Pain of Foreclosure, a Big Tax Bill

MNC-I Soldier dies of non-battle related cause

European survey gives high marks to U.S. tourists

Taiwan jet explodes into fire in Japan

Debt crunch puts mega-buyouts in jeopardy

Leona Helmsley, Queen of mean dies at 87

India Considering Shipping Stray Dogs to Korea for Soup

Quake survivors berate president

India's political impasse deepens

13 die as floodwaters inundate Midwest

'There's been so much death - and now this' 9/11 kin see familiar mistakes in skyscraper blaze

Subprime Infects $300 Billion of Money Market Funds, Hikes Risk

Roadside bomb kills second Iraqi governor

Trial of Liberia's Taylor delayed until Jan '08

Fox links Michael Vick to Iranian weapons and al Qaeda

U.S. lawmakers get no respite at home on Iraq debate

Gul fails in first Turkey vote

Nazi Doctor May Be Hiding From the German Police in Chile

Taliban, US in new round of peace talks

Miami firm charged with Medicare fraud

Countrywide Begins Staff Layoffs

2 Abu Ghraib charges dropped

White House lets Leahy’s deadline pass

Iraqi provincial governor killed

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday August 20

U.S. media curtail Iraq war coverage: study

White House: Iraq progress report could be Sept 11

Senators [Levin, Warner] offer bleak assessment of Iraq after governor killed

Experts Report Iraq War Worsening US Security

Russian clinic releases activist

Former Sen. Sam Nunn weighs run for White House

Mattel sued over toy recall

Rep. Bob Filner Charged With Assault on Virginia Airport Worker

(Bush admin restricts SCHIP with) New guidelines for children's health

Pakistan frees 'al-Qaeda suspect'

Summit demonstrators spurn protest 'cages'

Bush, Harper, Calderon to tackle economy, security (& NAFTA $ protestors)

Argentina's Menem Loses Governor's Race (Bush buddy)

Leahy: Cheney Told GOP-Led Congress It Was ‘Not Allowed To Issue Subpoenas’

Jordan won't hand over Saddam's daughter

Vick Reaches Plea Agreement On Dogfighting

Hotelier Leona Helmsley Dies at 87

Pentagon sets goals to hit before end of Bush term

Islands emerge as Arctic ice shrinks to record low

AP: Pain medicine use has nearly doubled

Psychologists oppose torture yet vote to attend terror interrogations

good night, all

The WHO AM I game is back on!!!

Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog at the Tonys

LOL. Funny Photoshopped Craigslist ad

Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog at the Westminster Dog Show

Music: Everything I Own

So, what's the worse that can happen?

So, what's the wurst that can happen?

Rocky, the Apparently Republic Amateur Stunt Man (video)

So, what's the Hearst that can happen?

So, what's the Horst that can happen?

Y'think he's drunk? (video)

Thank God. I'm finally getting hired on as a permanent employee.

Post things you can do that can't be done

Question for anti-war filmmakers at DU

I cooked soooo much food over the weekend

Video: Steve Wozniak 280Z Commercial

Beer eat bear at man festival


Hard At Work Helping Her Family

So, what's the Horse that can happen?

Bears eat man at beer festival

People born 1965 check in please

Too many days of cloudy gloom in a row and I don't think there's enough prozac in the world

Do your local public schools have AC?

Is that Gene Simmons reality show....

Where's Xenu when you need him??

Unsolicited advice from a service provider - should I be insulted?

Best Shipper for a Computer?

WOWZA this is NOT pretty - Hurricane Dean

Replace A Word In A Song Title With The Word "Batshit"

Who's your candidate?

Best SuperHero Ever

"I witnessed (Barry) Bonds selling steroids to nuns."

Interesting Thread Juxtaposition

Ever had an MBE?

We bought the first season of WKRP on DVD this weekend.

I'm sure I'm not the first to praise the "Five Easy Pieces" sticky.

Ever had an Obi Wan Kenobe?

Golly, Imagine That...

Ever had an Oobi?

Trapped in a cheap hotel outside Clevland OH

I kinda like paying my bills...I'm weird.

What is Ann Curry Wearing?

Class of 0000

Around how many months is the terrible twos for kittens?

8:50 am, on the first day of classes, on my first day of college

Ever had an OBE?

Next concert: Elvis Costello and Bob Dylan (with Amos Lee opening act)

Trapped in a cheap time corridor outside Clevland OH

I HATE ragweed

Yesterday - while we were rained - we decided to do this...

Do Native American rain dances work?

I'm blasting what my wife is calling "depression music"

I think I can solve World Peace with 2 words....

Oh whoopee. The Today Show, that paragon of journalism, is throwing yet another wedding.

Anybody know of a biography of Mike Love? I can't find one, nt

photos of the Heath Ledger (Joker) in The Dark Knight

This just in: new text sticky looks like an eye chart.

Yay! I posted in GD without getting slaughtered!


Any Skype users here? Are you able to use the service?

Is it true? Is "Mad Money's" Jim Cramer really a Dem?

Update- 38,5000 lightning strikes in 9 hours (last week)

All us Democrats should come here to California and secede!

Forget GD, I'm getting m butt kicked on EBAY!

Spay and Neuter Republicans????? Nice Sticky.........

Shit damn, I didn't realize Boz Scaggs could sing blue-eyed soul.

While you entertain yourself with idle chatter, bears implement secret plans.

Electronic Music to improve your Monday afternoon...

Internet Enmities are the Worst: discuss

What are they telling the Japanese that they're not telling us?

I'm running away from home

What a pleasant day today!

How to tell if your Feet Stink (Kitty Knows!)

Build complete -- 41 errors, 0 warnings

I'm so friggin happy!

Post your fucking picture, Monday edition

Internet battleships are the worst.

CONFESS!!!! I have a secret passion for ______________________

I Just Realized Why I Love The Woman Boobies Everyday So Much....

My son is here

Someone just mailed me my wallet back!

Do you want to fight for your right?

I love burnt cheese.

I'm going to save you all $4 simply by clicking on this post

Ever notice that the better cars are for the environment . . .

Finally saw "For Your Consideration". I was bitterly disappointed.

Do not pass me, just to slow down

I feel a lot better today

Great TV episodes about POT!

Guess who was puking on the lawn an hour BEFORE my BIL's wedding?

Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD. Choose one, you get The Bourne Ultimatum. The other, you get Spiderman3

Who Had A Good Weekend


Vacation tomorrow!

What's for lunch?

Some computer help if possible.

Whens The Last Time You Horked

"I was down in Savannah . . .

Beers eat man at bear festival

Guess who was puking on the lawn an hour BEFORE my Girl BILL's wedding?

Great TV episodes about SNOT!

An electical transformer blew up near my house last night!!

remember that thing that happened that one time?

Pictures of your favorite food!

Your screen isn't melting

Dick Cheney

A Seabass to host the Emmy Awards.

Swingers Are "FIRM" Growth Business For U.S. Firms

Be sure and tell 'em Large Marge sent ya!

I had a dream last night...

Name some unfamiliar songs

Post your fucked picture, Monday edition


Kos gets email

I now believe that Ryan Seacrest made a deal with the devil

Can you believe what we are EXporting to China?

Ugghhh...this is my THIRD day without A/C, I'm dying here

Quick! Click on "My DU" and tell everyone how many posts you've made in the past 48 hours.

Did someone say SPEEDBASS??

I'm so indecisive. Yes, again with the kitten names.

What should the west cost call itself after secession?

Gas went up 35 cents in 7 hours today

Elizabeth Taylor wants SUNSET BOULEVARD

Minnesota, you SUCK! Already!

Don't try this at home, boys and girls!

Death... or Monicafication?

Help me identify 75 Bands. **WARNING - LARGE IMAGE

In the mood for a different kind of sound?

i have a headache/fever and i am supposed to have drinks with 2 du'ers later today

Check this out: purchased at Temescal Farmers Market yesterday

How do you deal with being in pain much of the time?

Time for a Post A Random Pic thread

Taking applications...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/20/07

Yay! Katie Holmes is NOT in the next Batman movie

I'm brillig and covered with slithy toves again.

I'm getting married Saturday! Give me your good marriage advice. :)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/20/07 Bonus

How much PE is required for high school graduation in your state?

Internet friendships are the worst.

Anyone else think Mark Hamill would have been a better choice for The Joker than Heath Ledger?

Anybody ever had a wild animal as a pet?

Reducing my carbon footprint

Have you ever corrected anyone for using "That's Gay" in a negative sense

Ok, I'm feeling *really* freakin' OLD right now... I just heard Guns n Roses

La Seacrest to host the Emmy Awards.

It's almost time for the MOTHMAN Festival!

So I had this dream about Matcom and DS1 last night.

Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing Baby...

People mailing their Vick jerseys to Altanta Humane Society

Perhaps... we all know each other too well?

HD DVD vs. Blu-Ray: Will this 'war' ever end?

I Just Realized Why I Hate The Everyday Boobies Woman So Much....

Bears eat man at beer festival

Movies that the critics liked but you thought sucked

My cat is ill and I'm worried sick about him.

CAUTION: Playing video games may result in this syndrome (Strange, Scary Man Alert)

Vain photo a sexy pic

Radio Lady Invites You to View Photos of San Francisco and Northern California:

Today in labor history August 20


Human Resources

Another Chickenhawk Clucks!! starring Foghorn Leghorn and Henery

This Weeks Highlights...

Talking About Iraq (Judy Feder)

Karl Rove's Last Chance to Do Right...Or, Less Wrong, Anyway

NOFX - Wolves in Wolves Clothing

Fined $10,000 for Promoting Sept. 15 Antiwar March

YoungTurks - Right Wing Propaganda On Iraq War Might Be Working

Fighting for One America - Who We're Fighting For

Matt Cooper admits Rove leaked CIA agent Valerie Plame's name

13 Die in Midwest Flooding

Asian Markets-We're in the Money!

Tennessee among worst in teen car deaths

Hope all but Extinguished at Utah Mine

Chinese airliner explodes at Japan airport.

Giuliani's Fox-y pal cash flap

Race hate attack on Jewish teen (Australia)

NYT: Standpipe Flaw Examined in Fire at Ground Zero

Anyone Know Who "General Tso" was Anyway?

$500,000 embezzled from Texas church by it's pastor

Matt Cooper Says Rove DID Leak Valerie Plame’s Identity To Him: UPDATED!

Pastors being trained to quell dissent during martial law

Alan Rickman with a pancake on his head!! Wonderful!

Texas defies federal court with plan to execute man who did not kill

Government can restore religion's respectability..Here's how.

I've been thinking.

OMG !!! - Get Your Christmas Shopping Done Early Here !!!

Seven Active U.S. Soldiers Write Iraq Op-Ed for 'NYT'

August 20, 1964

Paul Krugman - We need Workouts Not Bailouts

After the Pain of Foreclosure, a Big Tax Bill

US Coast Guard joins in Arctic oil rush

MSNBC Joe S.: Buchanan lauding Deaver

“rolling loans” which “gather no losses”.

Is A Government Worker Coming To Make Your Breakfast?

At Last I Get It - Why House and Senate Democrats Won't Impeach

Heck of a job Brownie (Michael Brown of FEMA): 'Life after government'

Guardian: TV airing for Islam's story of Christ

More spying outsourcing proposed: $1 billion contracts would set "mindblowing" record

The Fuhrerprinzip, Why so-called conservatives embrace it

NPR on Michael Deaver

Sex offender back in pulpit

Fox Cancels a Mock News Show, Citing Costs

Dupe and deleted. eom.

U.S. media curtail Iraq war coverage: study

Does anyone here know how to build a greenhouse without one of those expensive kits?

This may not belong here, but see if you can help me out.

Matt Stoller, OpenLeft, is to be on CSPAN this a.m., EDT

U.S. Adviser Tells London Paper: Brits Have Lost Basra & Face An "Ugly Withdrawal"

Did Countrywide Get a Hand from the Fed?

Essay: "I'm the proud owner of Karl Rove’s father’s solid gold cock ring."

Presidential birthdays.. October leads the pack

People are becoming more socially moderate (even Repugs) says a new

Camps Offer Comfort to Grieving Children(Those killed in War)

Awww.. Neither birthday boy got his birthday wish

Former Bill Clinton Counsel Bill Curry: Rove Leaves Long Trail Of Dirty Tricks

Contractors in Iraq Have Become U.S. Crutch

The Most Dangerous Candidate?

US media curtail Iraq war coverage: study - Its not our imagination

Wes Clark on Stephanie Miller right now.

David Wu (D-OR-1) Sees No Grounds for Impeachment Now---yet a cool Billion spent on the war

Sadr pledges to work with UN in Iraq if ...

Hundreds pose nude on Swiss glacier

Who was that pinko commie on C-Span this morning?

Rove Signs on With Clinton Campaign

Iraqis Show Their Love of the SURGE!

Why can't we just vote with our modems?

What we don’t know about Iraq

The Dog Ate My Subpoena: White House tells Leahy another deadline will not be met

Bill Moyers on Rove (This will make you wish the doughy fat fuck was capable of feeling shame)

How should I answer this? RE: Government Services

I'm gonna faint: Howie Kurtz criticizes media’s fascination with Rove

War takes Baghdad back to the Stone Age

Ken Blackwell's son will be a HELLUVA lawyer...

I just really love this photo.......

So Long, "Right to Travel." It's been good to know ya'.

Warming Will Exacerbate Global Water Conflicts

I would like to see a Keith Olbermann and Bill Moyer's news hour

Same idiots who think Saddam did 9-11 think Obama is a Muslim.

People Who Lose Their Homes May End Up Owing IRS Tens Of Thousands

Post article pretends Bush has a Big Idea about democracy vs. tyranny

Deadline looms for pit bulls seized in Vick investigation

GOP leader: "We must stop a major expansion in government run health care"

Protest Bush in Minneapolis 8/21 (and while you're at it, Norm Coleman, too)

One hour till DUer calimary debuts on the Ed Schultz Show!!

REPORT: 68 Percent Of Foreign Policy Experts Favor Redeployment From Iraq

Karl Rove -- Bush's fairy-god father

"We in the right see anybody we don't agree with as our

Hmm check the Dow

Personnel cuts, veteran deaths may extend delays for Arlington burials

India Considering Shipping Stray Dogs to Korea for Soup

Yemen, Libya, to build nukes

Chris Kelly: Learning to Loathe Yourself: Peggy Noonan and How To Be a Conservative Pundit

Note To The Traditional Media: HELLO! WE'RE HERE AND YOU SUCK!!

"Study: 2008 Campaign Is Top News Story"

U.S. foreign policy experts OPPOSE Bush's surge

Can anyone point me to the Protestor 's case

"What nation is gonna look up to us with a woman president?", Female cspan caller.

Oh, and by the way, Basra's also fucked up.

Area man implicated in $9.6M Iraq bribery case

Is Ron Paul the republican's Perot/Nader?

This part of the "surge" is obviously NOT working

Katrina: on the question of patriotism

The Mortgage Crisis is part of the Reagan Legacy

Science Channel Now Showing Lost H-Bomb Show

Sadr City residents protest human rights violations (against US forces)

Mon., Aug 20 - 11:00 AM ET / 8:00 AM PT Dan Rather Reports - Detention Centers

The Looting Of America

Top Shiite says Britain has given up in Iraq

CNN's King failed to challenge Thompson on his apparent abortion flip-flop

Rove's adoptive father had an interesting hobby

I do not dislike Hillary Clinton.

'I can't believe they let KRove have so much time on TV and he could not

WaPo: As Democracy Push Falters, Bush Feels Like a 'Dissident'

A strong dose of truth in a short ad -- "military draft is on the table" LINK

'We have robbed Iraq of self-respect'

US Stops 7 year old British boy as terror suspect ...repeatedly.

Why do secret service guys wear such (apparently) dark sunglasses?

E&P: The Brits have lost Basra

Want to feel cheered? Read this WaPo comments section!

Juan Cole on Bush's need to create a plot around Iranians in Iraq, more

Reuters: U.S. foreign policy experts oppose Bush's surge

War Made Easy. Washington Post *Still* at it.

Edmond OK Sun's Conservative Editor Rick Barnes: Enough Is Enough - Let's Pull Out!

Link to lots of photos of the MN/WI flooding....

Will Congress return with a different attitude towards the machine?

Lieberman Shrugs Off Failed Iraq Predictions, Now Claims ‘Road To Victory’ Goes Through Syria

Check out this picture of Hurricane Dean (Brace yourself Mexico!)

Wouldn't an attack on the IRGC unite the Iranian people benhind Ahmedenijad?

sea water rise destroying Liberia

Ok Rite Aid appears open now. Call 1-800-325-3737 and demand their CEO get HR 676 enacted

Calimary live on Ed Shultz Show (sub host) NOW

Can't think of an author's name (this is easy)

Convicted (Oklahoma) Murderer To Be Executed Tuesday.

A local weatherman's comment last night...

Cleveland savaged by tragedy of home foreclosures

Weird thing, a rash of power poles catching fire around here

timely lecture on hurricanes from MITs Kerry Emmanuel

Holy cow & gosh, what a whoop de doo with mitt 'gee whiz' romney!


Walter Pincus: Contractors in Iraq Have Become U.S. Crutch

Brent Budowsky: Grapes of Wrath Return

silly question, but...what is the BBC's agenda???

God, I love vacation!

Sticky: Here's looking at you, kid!

Cheney has this ‘little-girl crush on strongmen.’ Wapo

Look Who Decided to Make an Appearance After Eight Days Off the Radar ---pix--->>>

So what happened with Mike Vick?

40 minutes until bushco is in contempt of congress ?

Funny Pic of Sen. Dodd

Bumper stickers & currency: a vacation tale


Explain to me how you can win the Democratic debate and still be unelectable?

Leahy on C-Span now. n/t

MSNBC- " 'Daily Show’ gets serious with trip to Iraq"

Survivors of Bombs Left to Die in Rubble

The Senate's Radioactive Rip-Off


Is Randi back or is this a rerun?

November 5, 2008: Will you be mad?

Could Hillary's "negatives" actually win her the Presidency?

A poll sent by my local PBS stations posed this question:

There is something very disturbing about this picture

Bears eat man at beer festival

PressThink: Karl Rove and the Religion of the Washington Media

Is it Double Jeopardy for Vick to be charged also in State court?

I just booked my room in Iowa for the Harkin Steak-Fry...

Watch Out For Terra Alert With Leahy On Fire

We’re opening up the postings here at Post your thoughts on Karl

neo cons have begun waging war on California

Well Done Cali-Mary!

Repug straw poll: he’s little more than Jesus Christ’s running mate.”..........

Time for Maliki to go?

Ed Markey on TV Violence, Media Ownership and the Digital Transition

Congratulations Rep. Kucinich and Team! Keep Up The Good Work!

US Lawmakers Get No Respite at Home on Iraq Debate

Is your phone service connected via the Internet? Poor Skype users

Sen. Levin is barking up the wrong tree calling for Maliki's replacement

European survey gives high marks to U.S. tourists

How can bu$h* ask Americans to die in Iraq when HE does nothing to promote political solutions?

Look's like Vick's done. Pleading guilty.

Gay rights? "The gospel of perversion". UK radio station censured.

Bill Moyers' letter to Eric Alterman on Karl Rove and religion.

Anti-war volume is about to increase-- Capitol Hill Blue

Heck of a Job: The Abu Ghraib Edition

Hurricane Dean: Watch for Texas concerns claiming $ due to Bush's "pre-emptive disaster declaration"

Most serious Abu Ghraib charges DISMISSED against only officer charged

For anyone watching the stock market today, here is a brief summary

C-Span Will Replay The Leahy Press Conference at 9:00 PM Eastern

Vick cops plea

Pics Gallery protests in Montebello against our 3 amigos...

I'm so friggin happy!

I'm brillig and covered with slithy toves again.

Plame Investigation Over -- Fitzgerald's Chief Deputy Joins Private Sector

Progressive blogger files FEC complaint against Thompson

Blair's maiden speech: Socialism stands for cooperation, not confrontation; fellowship, not fear ..

Since when does having 50 mercenaries training insurgents justify

Wasn't there a study about the relative intelligence of liberals/conservatives, and another on other

Four things I learned from Karl Rove

How long before Bush accuses these experts of aiding the enemy?

What's Michael Vick? 200 lbs.? Put him in with 3 -65 lb. pit bulls.

HOLY SHOCK AND AWE! Daily Show Goes to Iraq (REALLY)!!!

Cafferty File-5 p.m. question. Michael Vick What's the appropriate punishment?

Dodd to meet Bernanke, Paulson on Tuesday

Will "September Dawn" turn Republicans off of Mitt Romney?

Unemployment under Bush at record lows? Why do I doubt this?

This Modern World In 1969 a group of radicals hatched a secret plan ...

Leo DiCaprio Takes Up Where Al Gore Left off in New '11th Hour' Environmental Documentary

Pain Medicine Use Has Nearly Doubled, In A Related Story, George W. Bush Is Still President

Slimy former patient of mine - big RWer sent me a 'joke'...

Spanking case ends with apology from boys, judge dismisses charges.

Hannity just claimed that Hillary said she would keep troops in Iraq

Pentagon Neocons Outline 25 Goals to Achieve Before Bush Administration Meltdown

Bears eat man at beer festival

Why not just throw the bums out ? awesome bumper sticker

Petraeus to testify before Congress on Sept. 11 about Iraq; IED deaths increase

From the Dept. of Homeland Security: "" (Grandchild of "Duck and Cover")

Big News Orgs Who Gushed Over O'Hanlon Ignore Skeptical Op-Ed By U.S. Troops

"Queen of Mean" Leona Helmsley dies at 87.

Question re: REAL I.D. - People with Felony on Record & Travel

Are the truckers' unions planning convoys to demonstrate against the proposed NAFTA superhighway?

Prior to Sept. Iraq War report, we need data to answer administration spin.

Huckabee Says Clinton Should Get Apology if Republicans Don't Take Character Issues Seriously

A picture of the Amero....

Prelude to an Attack on Iran "There will be an attack on Iran." ROBERT BAER

Kucinich's office vandalized...

McClatchy: Iraqi governor killed as U.S. senators offer bleak assessment of Iraq prospects

Red Face? CHECK. Beer Gut? CHECK. ---pix--->>>

Leo DiCaprio Takes Up Where Al Gore Left Off in New '11th Hour' Environmental Documentary

Mergers&Acquisitions/ US/Canada/Mexico brought to you by....

CBS just gave a great report on the State of Dams in the US--they get a

Tennessee Nuclear Fuel Problems Kept Secret For Three Years

Ah, jeez. Barbara Starr on CNN just noticed contractors in Iraq and wonders if

DEMS HAVE PULLED THIS BEFORE!...from Jerralyn at "Talk Left" a debate on Comments Section...


Tonight on Countdown

George McGovern: Heart with Obama...but Head with Hillary...

Dean intensifying: "We can expect Dean will carve out a path of great destruction across Yucatan"

I am so discouraged!

Latest Dean photo from Global Boiling.. .wow!

"I Know What You Did Last Summer"

Passengers Flee Airliner Fireball-VIDEO of passengers escaping, plane exploding

Senator Levin Calls On Iraqi Parliament To Boot Maliki

I just saw the most disgusting thing...

Obama statement and Hanniy's tirade

Excuse Us, Nancy Pelosi; We Were There for You, But You've Let Us Down...

Didn't Google "change" satellite images of Katrina?

Dirty Bombs Hit 3 US Cities...Your First Hunch:


Some advice for those planning on traveling during Thanksgiving....

I think we should ban tap water in all public places and tax it to pay for health care.

Is there any GOOD reason to sell an 82 yr. old woman a

Flight From Darfur Ends Violently in Egypt

Tomorrow may be THE Day!

Should UN member states adopt a don't ask-don't tell policy re citizens' religions?

County official wants to replace court reporters with recordings

Bush Admin Has Been Using Illegal Wiretapping and Spying Activity for Political Purposes. Doubt It?

So if the North American Union is for real,

Why the WaPo article claiming that "Bush Feels Like a 'Dissident'" is scary

A very evil man died recently - Heinz Barth (Nazi)

So What?

Great Reagan quote my hubby just showed me ... from his diaries:

750 million rodents devouring crops in Spain

Michael Vick faring poorly but predictably in cnn poll: 'Should NFL fire him'?

It's Aug 20th why aren't kids in school in Texas? Because Six Flags says it's more important they

Poll: Should DU get rid of the poll feature?

Coincidence? Petraeus To Give Testimony To Congress On Iraq On Sept. 11

I never knew there was an H-bomb lost off the coast of Savannah Georgia. WTF?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Mon 8/20 -- 3 little pigs

'There's been so much death - and now this' 9/11 kin see familiar mistakes in skyscraper blaze

Thom Hartman has Katrina reporters: FEMA told workers mold

Schlozman Out at Justice Department

Our Own Stupidity?

McCain: ‘I Was The Greatest Critic’ Of The Iraq War Over The Last Four Years

DU should get rid of the poll feature

Vick Reaches Plea Agreement On Dogfighting

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

US Rep Bob Filner (D-CA) in some sort of altercation at Dulles Airport?

LEAHY Flew Into DC This Morning: WH - FINAL - Deadline 2:30 pm Today-Or Contempt Of Congress? (TPM)

Monday TOONS : Have you seen this Dick Cheney lately?

Just don't see myself getting on any Taiwanese airliners ever

Question about Hillary: If Gore was wrong to run from Bill in 2000, why will the right "destroy"

Levin: Escalation’s Goals Have ‘Totally And Utterly Failed,’ Begin Withdrawal In Less Than 4 Months


I just took Swiper the Fox to the lab

AP: Pain Medicine Use Has Nearly Doubled

Hey since the Dems are doing such a lousy job. Why don't we tear the party down now

"Daily Show" comics venture to Iraq (Reuters/Hollywood Reporter)

That toxic "made in China" smell

So is Wes Clark going to run in 08 or not????

Let's Mix'n'Match the 08 repub. Pres.-Vice Pres. Ticket!

Hey, here's a great idea, let's move Gitmo prisoners to Kansas!!!111

New porn regulations ..... what's your opinion?

Pakistani computer expert with alleged al-Qaeda links released without charge after three years

wow. choicepoint taking over govt. record keeping?

Kucinich Moving Up in Democratic Presidential 'Horse Race'

Department of Serendipity. Petraeus to deliver Report on Iraq on 9/11

Florida first day of school

How will you feel about Gore if he doesn't run?

DAMN IT ALL TO HELL..former student charged in FEDERAL court

"George-I've been standing here for the last 45 minutes praying to God you were going to call on me"

Dig uncovers 1642 Montreal site

Sibel Edmonds: Prostitutes, Pimps & Pitchforks

Possible Tropical Cyclone forming in Atlantic....

Vote Dr. Who in 2008!

Novelist Anne Rice endorses Hillary Clinton (with a caveat)

NBC will air "Countdown" on network before Sunday's football: Olbermann's ratings "rocketing"

People buy small cars even though they can be deadly

Conscientious Objection in 2007


I'm calling off the boycott against CVS and Walgreens.

Think the Mars Rovers are durable? How about Voyager? Still truckin after 30 years...

U.S. Marine collapses next to Marine One - pics

Is There Any Good Reason Why The Parents Of American Citizens Should Be Deported?

Dogs Bite Humans - even fatally. But they weren't pit bulls so the sheeple never noticed.



Reagan Diaries: George W: "Find the Kid a Job": IS THIS REAL??

"GOD HELP US ALL!" Buzzflash Editorial...

Would It Bother You If Your Older Child Smoked Pot?

Kpete...BlackHatJack...anon is back, Can you explain this to me?


Give them amnesty...

Karl Rove as Grendel???

Proposing a Latin American Forum; that's right, *Forum*, not Group.

Poll: Clinton Leads ALL Republicans in Arkansas

Jerome Armstrong (Mydd) on Clinton v. Obama...

Joe Lieberman says surge a success. Wants to go after more Syria.

Life In Venezuela: Publicly Funded Elections

Al Gore, "Every Vote Counts, and Every Election Matters"

Experts: A black candidate could win

Debate Outtakes: The Mortgage Crisis

the cracks are beginning to show-Domenici (R-OilWhore) is calling for change in Iraq

WP political blog, "The Fix": Iowa debate winners and losers

The Prince Of Darkness Presents: The Case for Mark Warner

This Modern World: In 1969 a group of radicals hatched a secret plan ...

The bumper car quip quickly negated the building perception that Obama

From sports complex to roads, (WA state Dem.) lawmakers' pet projects on rise

Obama pollster Cornell Belcher is a Reagan Fan

COBRA is trying to kill me

Wingnuts don't give a crap about Iraq, the country

We Saw A Sample On Meet The Press Of How Rove Will Re-Write.....

Where can I get some Kucinich merch?

ABC's take on debate: "Hillary Clinton didn't win" (for wyld)

DUer Calimary live on Ed Shultz show (with sub host) now - 1.10 PM EDT

Why doesn't Edwards challenge the field to use public financing?

Clinton Seeks Low-Dollar Fundraisers. Still hasn't reported tally of contributors thru end of June.

Fundraising email from John Laesch

Army Too Stretched if Iraq Buildup Lasts

I don't hate Hillary Clinton.

Bushies Game Obama's Chances (USN&WR). So I guess Rove will be attacking

Rove says enemy wants "to use the leverage of oil to bring down the West."

During August, Clinton Continues to Build Support

Fox News Kansas City labels Hillary Clinton: (R) New York

Lawmaker Apologizes for Muslim Remarks

The Rude Pundit: Beelzebub Meets the Sunday Press

Ok Rite Aid appears open now. Call 1-800-325-3737 and demand their CEO get HR 676 enacted

Iraqi leaders agree on agenda for political summit by Bryan Pearson

ABC's take on debate: "I think Senator Clinton once again was the strongest." (for katzen)

LA Times: Clinton may be a target of Rove's reverse psychology

Hey Mitt Rommey - you and your sons are all LOSERS!!! (re: Iraq War)

The Man without a Country

Vacant California House Seat to Be Filled Tuesday, With Democrat Richardson a Virtual Shoo-in

Some Karl Rove Family Values Fun Facts

Guiliani is unelectable

Regarding SPP secret meetings.... Following is an interview on CTV...

I'm caling off the boycott against CVS and Walgreens pharmacies.

Former Gov. McGreevy's wife went to Senator Clinton for advice...

Photo: Rare video shows Iraqi prisoners pleading innocence

Hurricane Dean: God’s Wrath For President Bush?

Bush Administration Has Been Using Illegal Wiretapping and Spying Activity for Political Purposes.

More great "journalism" from the New York Times with a lame piece on BO staffer editing wikipedia

PLEASE ! Need help with search function (Nader/Lieberman)!

Leahy: Cheney Told GOP-Led Congress It Was ‘Not Allowed To Issue Subpoenas’

Some gems from Mark Penn's new book - "Microtrends"

Giuliani Spent More Time at Yankees Games than at Ground Zero

With great fanfare Bush put Rove in charge of Katrina/NO rebuild

Photos: Barack Obama today in Derry, NH and with the AP's political reporter Nedra Pickler in Salem

Anne Kornblut reminds us how the Corporate Media will try to give us a Republican President

Reagan Diaries: George W: "Find the Kid a Job"...

Scarboroug destorting what Obama's campaign said about future debates.

Scores In Congress Protest North American Union Agenda

MSNBC, Chuck Todd: "it's hard not to declare Clinton the winner of this debate"

Al Gore’s Zero Emissions Makes Zero Sense

Desmoines Register: JFK replay - 'Naive' Obama right on foreign policy

Interesting Times: Hillary gets it

I get discouraged listening to AAR hosts tear down the Democrats

Obama Gets His Debate Legs

well, the 3 creeps are in Canada today, signing away america

ABC News Poll: Kucinich Ranked 3rd in Debate

To all "Hillary Haters," clear thinking idealists, rabid rumor mongers,

Questions for Hillary Clinton from the Boston Globe's James Carroll

New, for Hillary lovers...

Melanie Morgan threatens Jon Soltz with Violence

How Karl Rove might help Hillary win the White House

The Democratic Dilemma

Only 37% would vote to reelect Sen. Norm Coleman (scumbag-MN)

Thompson Faces Election Complaint (AP)

Leahy is on CSPAN now!!!!!!!! Talking about BushCo failing to comply!!! nt

Those historically high negatives of HRC's? They don't matter.

Dennis Kucinich First on ABC poll, ABC fails to mention him anywhere

Edwards Outlines Plan To Tackle High School Dropout Crisis

Obama is not afraid of debating. Here's why

What are Chavez's proposed changes

Former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss supports Hillary Clinton!

Clinton FINALLY Regrets Her War Vote, Sort Of...

"Fiery" New Co-Host Joins RFK Jr. on Air America

booya::: GAYS for GIULIANI

Clinton and Obama: Wed to Nuclear Terrorism

Divided They Stand, but on Graves

Hugo Chavez

John Edwards lost my vote

Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul to speak at American Monetary Institute conference

My "high horse" rants about Democrats who don't stand with us.

Getting Real About Chavez: Confessions of a Former Chavez Defender

Reality Check: Only exceptionally Stupid People believe we are in a War on Terror