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Horse Rides To Rescue As Owner Attacked In Field By Raging Cow

Man Accused Of Killing 6 Yr. Old Boy With Meat Cleaver

Lightning kills 5, Injures 16 At Funeral

Wozniak's New Goal Is Efficient Housing

The American's Creed

Bridge deep in the big muddy....And the wingnuts say: press on...

No Month Left at the End of the Money

Where Have All The Young Republicans Gone?

Coulter goes after Max Cleland again: "Victim only of his own clumsiness. . ."

Congress's Orwellian Compromise

Republican Superior Court judge indicted on mail fraud count

Keeping Science on Top in Drug Evaluation (NewEngJourMed)

U.S. Prods Musharraf to Share Power

Seniors head south to Mexican nursing homes


"Bush's America" by Paul Craig Roberts

Tyrants and Traitors: The “Evolution by Stealth” of a North American Union

Truthout: Leonardo DiCaprio's Hour

A Debate Proposal for the Ethanol Lobby - Let's Get It On

Aviation greenhouse curbs may fall short: experts - Reuters

Guantamano inmate must stay in Sudan if freed-family

Deadly earthquake strikes Peru

ACLU:Patriot Act, free speech clash

Seniors head south to Mexican nursing homes

Amgen To Cut Up To 2,600 Jobs

Army suicides highest in 26 years

Va. Man Indicted for Threatening Arabs

Asian stocks plunge as confidence evaporates

Rating Agencies Hit By Subprime Probe (Barney Frank to hold hearings)

U.S. Defends Surveillance to 3 Skeptical Judges

Edwards moving staff out of Nevada

Marine accused of stabbing Iraqi soldier: report

Army Suicides Highest in 26 Years

Economist Warns Of Consumer-led Recession

Obama says Bush not solely to blame

Peru capital rocked by earthquake (Mw 7.9)

Travelocity fined for Cuba trips

Who's the guy next to "They're always after me golden sticky"?

"On the Road" turns 50... N.Y. Times article

Speed dating at the Blue Jays - Angels game?

Any DUers at the peace rally I saw in Flint, Michigan on Sunday?


Gobblebot sez

Making Dinner before Swedish Chef...

Dammit! Now we're gonna have those yellow smiley faces EVERYWHERE!

a shout out to the person who donated for me!

O. K. Loungers - which one of you did it?

"People are Smart."

Post Number 1,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hide your children, the Deadheads are here!

Okay, why is there a stripper undressing up there right now?

Denizens of the Eastern Timezone; a question:

Is tonight Friday/drunk-night?!1 n/t

Didya catch NGC's special on dogs tonight?

As I go to bed a thought about what is obscene

Is it just me, or is one of the stickies about to be deleted?

Goodnight lounge

Oi, if somebody put that butt back up there, would it stay this time?

That beagle up there... did he find the butt yet?

Now there's a mighty satisfied lookin' smiley up there....

Okay, gotta go earn some pay

There must be some bossa nova fans in here.

Dammit! Now we're gonna have those yellow smiley faces EVERYWHERE!

I don't know about y'all...

Since others seem to feel being "outraged" over stickies is okay - I'm offended by the dog.

I just wanted to share a bizarre/hilarious video with y'all.

Making Dinner before Top Chef...

For those who have lost....

The state of our world, according to Sage Francis.

The ideal diet? (in picture form!)

OK, who put the sticky up with Mickey Mouse giving the FBI the finger?

Being a young Republican can have its challenges, but it just occurred to me

just opened up my first photobucket account Test

That sticky photo had me do a double take!

I wonder if Grovelbot is aware of Asimov's three laws of robotics?

Want to take the time to say: What a lovely human being Xchrom is!

I hate my neighbours.

Hinterland Who's who - the woodchuck

My god that baby has big feet!

With all the talk of recalled Chinese-made toys...

Google just keeps getting better and better...

GrovelBot is leaving DU to spend more time with his family

What do you say we go on a date. Get some chicken. Maybe some sex. You know, see what happens?


Yayfullness! Happy happy joy joy!!

so... lady liberty making out with that other girl in that stickey is kind of hot.

Six Days

Name some stores closing in your area!

Former Dodgers shortstop arrested after attacking pitcher with bat

Is D-minor really the saddest of all keys?

You people are all pevs! That's not dirty! That's just Pac-Man asking his g/f for another date!

What Is The Sickest Thing You Have Done

This is my pre-leaving Wetzelbill announcement thread

GOOOOOAL! Beckham scores in his first start!

A question for airbrush artists or painters...

Scariest Website Ever?

NOTHING is Better than the sound of_____________________!

Someone needs to do a sticky of this...


People, this isn't getting my sermon written!!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/15/07 Bonus

Songs with impossibly fast vocals?

Do you ever have trouble remembering how old you are?

MaltaBlue...How's the little one today?

can't never could do nothing, anyway.

More stuff I wanna do with DUers

There are two stickies up there...with my name on them...

Dump Dick: "Dick Cheney's Jury"

David Brooks: Republicans Hate Bush


Dennis Kucinich for President

"Doomsday Clock" by The Smashing Pumpkins

WMD LIES - Bush Cheney Rumsfeld etc. - THE ULTIMATE CLIP

Nancy calls for impeachment


John Stewart's monologue 9/20/01

if the war is so lopsided in our favor, why aren't we winning?

ROVE's Replacement. More same old, same old RNC & BUSHCO insider

Love Games: How we sabotoge our relationships.

Rove does Rush

Sure Glad Bush's Economy is so, so great - Look @ these headlines:

Send Ann Coulter a big FUCK YOU!

Homeless Dying From Record Heat!

I Have A Question

If we are all just a bunch of someone else's sims, wouldn't it be fun to

Army Suicides Highest in 26 Years

8-Term Ohio Rep. Deborah Pryce to Retire

So Betrayus (Gen.Petraus) isn't going to give the report to Congress

Okay, whom do I have to thank?

Chanting, bonfire lead police to woman's backyard

I think I'm going to be sick (Scum raped a 5 year old girl. TWICE)

Imus Sued

Army suicide rate highest in 26 years

Asshat Melanie Morgan is KO's worst person in the world. She said that

White House claims Iraq bombings which killed at least 200 civilians prove surge is working

Army suicides highest in 26 years

"We analyzed three U.S. homegrown terrorism cases and two New York City based cases"

Magnitude 7.5 - NEAR THE COAST OF CENTRAL PERU; felt in downtown Lima


Serious question about polygamy

Questions that should be asked of the candidates, at debates and by reporters: (D AND R)

Taliban was being supplied with weapons from Iran, via drug routes.

Secret World War Two nuclear city open to tours

Are you not telling the truth, or not?

Chinese officials to visit U.S. for safety talks

Death toll from Iraq bombings may reach 500

Two Giant Retail Chains Say Sales Are Slumping

17 dead in Peru, per Canal N

Okay - the humping smileys made me laugh my ass off - so ...

How scared are you that the economy is imploding?

Breaking - They just heard a noise from within the Utah mine

YIKES - I got a DNC Grassroots Survey to complete!

San Diego Firemen Ordered Against Their Wills to Participate in “Gay Pride” Parade !!!

"Change of plans": Shuttle Crew Is Told to Study for Repairs, as NASA Wavers


I just had one of those "doh" moments

Oh Hell... Didn't Need To See This...

105 today with a heat index of the planet Mercury... Nothing to Global Warming...

Speaker Pelosi, Democratic Reps, ALL MEMBERS OF CONGRESS: WATCH THIS ===>

Asian stock markets continue the bleeding

Have ANY Grassroots Movements Brought Real Change

So poor pitiful Edwards who can't get any media attention, was on the Today show, and will be on CBS

"How tall is a pony?"

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Quake Strikes Peru: 7.9

Vacation Deflation: Breaks Get Shorter

Is there a place here

Bush's Ranch - even got suckered

Oh Hell... Asian Markets Goin Down... Again...

dupe - please delete

Iraqi owned company attempts purchase of 40 million worth of automatic rifles from Italian Mafia

"Man vs. Wild" now truth vs. deception

Unemployment numbers - are they determined the same from country to country

Did I just miss this, along with Kerry and the M$M? Cheney/Iraquagmire video, ca. 1994. Or what?

My father was diagnosed with Parkinsons today

BREAKING! Saddam Hussein Alive

Kucinich: They're Planning to Attack Iran

On a lighter note, The Daily Show is reporting on "Pillow Fort One" (Daddy's Maine House)

Who is replacing Kkkarl?

POLL: Are you willing to contribute to candidates that do not support IMPEACHMENT

Mattel's real toy story: slave labour in sweatshops (This Is London)

Toy Industry Challenged by Disposal Plan

Another weird Giuliani video???

Surprised no one posted this: Sounds heard in Utah mine.

In Iraq, sex is traded for survival

What issue should Democrats focus on to ensure they're: 1. ELECTED and...2. SERVE THE PUBLIC. ????

On KO: Progress report will not be written by Gen. Petraeus, but by White House.

Question about Keith Olbermann

John Stewart just made a smart remark about Laura Bush's tits, really.

Our Lives, Controlled From Some Guy’s Couch

Asian Markets getting slammed again.

This just occured to me: The POLITICAL cost of the sub-prime meltdown

That Putin looks like one-tough hombre!!

Army suicides at highest level in 26 years

With everyone focused on Dean and Erin, don't forget about Taiwan and China.

Eye-catching new Taser sparks controversy

Homeless GAY Youth

We've lost something along the way

Anti-war banner creates a stir at political lecture

Holy Cow! Dems strip language that would require congressional approval to strike Iran!!!

Walgreen's didn't have the drugs the doctor had called in for me

Bush Brothers profitting from the war and inside information

Wiretap Appeals Judge: "I feel like I'm in Alice & Wonderland"

Look, the working poor pay taxes too, so they should get govt regulated loans as well...


My cable is screwed up...Can't watch Olberman

This just reaks. Noah's Wish animal rescue misspent donations after Katrina

YOU Are NOT Supposed To See This !!! - Halt Right There !!!

Austin woman sentenced to 23 years in prison for having sex with 16-year-old

Who's Editing Wikipedia? CIA!

curiouser and curiouser...Kos has a problem


For Whom The Turd Blossoms

New meme: 9/11 might as well have been an inside job.

Coming to an America near you -- be afraid

Check out this billboard in NYC!

Man charged with throwing wife from balcony

"What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000." Aug. 15, 1969.

How old are you? Curious about age representation

U.S. Guns Bolster Mexican Traffickers

Howard Dean tells Helen Thomas Democrats should not be over-confident about 08

Ok how hard would it be to boycott chinese goods?

Iraq - before the US Gov't ordered its Armed Forces to invade, slaughter a million, drive 1/4 of

CNN - Peru Struck by 3 major earthquakes 7.5 and 7.7

IN 2000, Sequoia Voting Owned by Jeb Bush Campaign Donor Jefferson Smurfit

The candidates don't get it!

Memo to Hillary

Waiting for September.

Canada Balked at Guantanamo Refugees

Clinton's candidacy lacks premise

So, I met my Congressman at a Town Hall sort...

Clinton and Obama: Walking a fine line at VFW Convention next week

Hillary, the Hispanic vote and Univision

USA Today can't subtract 1991 from 2007

"Double spin": Karl who? White House downplays Rove's role

do not miss jon`s replay or youtube of tonights broadcast

Hypothetical Case #2: Two candidates remain standing, your vote chooses the winner.

Invisable? (sic) Huh? To Hillary?

Women's March Into Office Slows

Will nominating Hillary Clinton increase the likelihood of more war?

A remarkable BBC documentary about neocons, the rise of al queada

Hypothetical Case: Only two candidates are still standing. Your vote will make the difference.

Dick Morris takes the toes out of his mouth and lies about Hillary Clinton

The Economist: Hillary Clinton more right-wing than Sarkozy, Merkel, and David Cameron

Faster Gonzales. Kill! Kill!

Buffett Co-Hosts Obama Fundraiser

The GOP Fears Dennis Kucinich The Most

General Petraeus' report on the Surge : "It's a clusterfuck" !

Karl Rove Should Stay by David Corn of The Nation

Who Do you think is most likely to lose the General election if nominated for President? Edited Poll

Clinton overhauls Obama in South Carolina poll

AP: Obama Says Bush Not Solely to Blame

Hillary Poses as the Militarist to win votes

Stop, You're Killin' Me!

Why do they want to destabilize the middle east ...and weaken our military?

Rolling Stone: The Real Liberal (Edwards)

Chavez to propose constitutional reforms Changes expected to allow him to be re-elected indefinitely

Dean rips Romney in a telephone interview. Said the GOP field was out of the 50s.

My Life in Venezuela: Care at New Public Clinics


Gulf Coast kids of every class affected by Katrina

Reign of Error-The average newspaper corrects very few of its factual errors, says professor

Beyond "My Pet Goat": Karl Rove's Role on 9/11

Dave Lindorff: Terrorist Nation? It Takes One to Know One

What does the Army do with a private who can't be persuaded to load his gun?

Norman Solomon: Backspin for War: The Convenience of Denial

One Trick Elephant

Creative Destruction: Welcome to George W. Bush's moral gutter

Spammers Find New Ways To Slip Through

Sirota: "No Pattern of Improvement Discernible for Violence During the 5 Months of The Surge"

Man Threw Seriously ill Wife From Balcony

Day laborer recalls fear after beating


China Counterfeit Diabetes Tests Tracked By J&J

Man Accused of Trying to Poison Pregnant Girlfriend

Guns for hire: Secrecy, torture, religious zeal distinguish mercenaries

Can US diplomacy get religion?

Eric Alterman: FISA and the Founders

Cheney, Lieberman and Iran War Conspiracy

NYT editorial: Amateur Hour on Iran

Elders Decries Lack Of Sex Education

Pentagon Paid $998,798 to Ship Two 19-Cent Washers

Mandatory Binding Arbitration. A consumer scam.

Iraqis don’t need IEDs from Iran, but Bush and Cheney do

An Appealing Chinese Import: Accountability by Ted Rall

John Nichols: The Worst House Speaker in American History (Hastert)

The Plunge Protection Team

Buy Feed Corn: They're about to stop making it.

"Pakistan: 'The Taliban's Godfather'?" new from The National Security Archive

Bush and Rove: Collaborators in the Theater of the Moral Lie

Sirota: Memo to GOP: "This Ship Will Self-Destruct In 20 Seconds...

A former CNN news director used Iraq war analysts preapproved by the Pentagon.

Banks bailout billionaires, Wall Street investors

Jayne Lyn Stahl : Being Jose Padilla

Live Scorpion Found In Bananas At Brewer Wal-Mart

The US army has detained about 750 Iraqi children

U.S.-Bought Guns Killing Mexican Police

Bush's Week from Hell. With Reality crashing in around them, will Republicans start to wake up?

Ken Blackwell (the criminal) talks about the market while on LSD!

Hartland Grad Says 'Sicko' Role Cost Her Her job

Tony Snow Signals His Resignation, Plus ‘A Couple’ More ‘Coming Up In The Next Month’

The US Economy is Toast By Peter Schiff

The Media's Impeachable Offenses - Utne Reader

Iraqi women: Prostituting ourselves to feed our children

The Unraveling

US judge rules Chevron can stand trial over Nigeria abuses

Hillary Clinton tells Grist about her environmental plans (audio)

Landslide warning for Philippines

Hurricane Dean

Maria Sharapova plans 1st trip back to Chernobyl since family fled

Can Crepe Paper Be Recycled?

Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential: 2005 versus 2007

Environmental Group Requests "Impaired" Designation For Acidified Atlantic & Pacific Oceans

Still Unidentified Viral Disease Sweeping Through Pig Populations In China - NYT

Italy Harvesting Much Wine Before Its Time - Three Weeks Early, Say Growers - C. Tribune

One dead as Erin floods Houston

Loss Of Greenland Ice Cap May Now Be Unstoppable, Study Warns - Guardian

13 Die, Rail Lines Warp As Japan Hits New All-Time Record High Temps - AFP

Shell Oil Can't Drill This Year in Beaufort Sea, Ninth Circuit Court halts exploration amid concerns

Crown prince of nuclear power (article about Cameco uranium mining co.)

Europe gets hazard-free products, and the US doesn't

Hurricane Dean could threaten Gulf of Mexico

Scientist makes dire earthquake prediction

Go Solar, Wind, Or Geothermal If You Want Renewable Energy With 'Life Cycle Efficiency'

Production Of Hot-Selling Ford Hybrid Escape SUV Can't Meet Consumer Demand - WP

Cats as Canaries in EPA Contamination Study

U. Of East Anglia Study Now Pegs Greenland Meltdown At 300 Years, Not 1000 - 22-Foot Sea Rise Likely

Eternal Frontier: Why We Need to Expand into Space

Aussie guitarist John Butler on nukes, dickheads, and common sense

Google news front page " Petreus progress getting hard to deny"

Ex-Haiti Rebel Again in Spotlight

Toy Industry Challenged by Disposal Plan

EPA Study: House Dust With Flame Retardant May Sicken Cats, Could Be an Issue for Kids

Gulf Coast kids of every class affected by Katrina

ANSWER Coalition cited for putting up posters

Day laborer recalls fear after beating

Iraqi women: Prostituting ourselves to feed our children

As U.S. Steps Up Pressure on Iran, Aftereffects Worry Allies

Iraq government: Death toll in northern Iraq at more than 400

Iraqi PM announces new coalition

Afghan, U.S. forces assault al Qaeda in Tora Bora

Ney aide gets probation, fine in corruption case


U.S. housing starts fall to 10-year low in July

Heavy losses sweep world markets

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday August 16

Leahy Asks Inspector General to Probe Gonzales Statements

FBI director notes prove Bush officials tried 'to goad a sick, medicated Ashcroft' to approve

US Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns has signed a deal that will provide Israel with $30bn

Iranians killed by U.S. troops in Iraq

Volkswagen Mexico in union talks to avoid strike

Remains found in 2 cars at bridge site

An Early Clash Over Iraq Report (WH want Private briefing by Patraeus)

Biggest donor areas go for Dems

Mississippi Governor's Associates Profit From Katrina Recovery

Former mine workers head calls for more worker safety attention after Utah disaster

Verdict reached in Padilla terror case

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday August 16 THREAD #2

Massachusetts to experiment with Universal health care.

A who's who of Nebraska Democrats turns out for Obama

Democratic Candidates Court Unions

Russia, China, Iran Warn U.S. at Summit

Warren Buffett Co-Hosts Obama Fundraiser

Fire at oil refinery in Pascagoula, Mississippi

Mueller’s Notes Detail White House’s Craven Attempts To Take Advantage Of Sick Ashcroft

Kleeb (D-Ne) raises campaign funds, but he's still mulling next step

Poll: Majority mistrustful of upcoming Iraq report

Feds accuse gay Iowa lawmaker of extortion

Reid: Administration Owes Congress, American People An Honest Report On Iraq in September

White House expects continued U.S. economic growth

U.S. troop level in Iraq likely to increase this fall

Cancer panel attacks U.S. food subsidies

Diebold Can't Sell Elections Unit

Danes say sorry for Viking raids on Ireland

US documents show Pakistan gave Taliban military aid

FBI probes contracts to company with ties to (Senator) Stevens

Republican Giuliani: "Leave my family alone"

Democrats target 2008 Calif. vote plan

Max Roach, a Founder of Modern Jazz, Dies at 83

GM workers in Lansing vote to authorize strike

CIA, FBI computers used for Wikipedia edits

Pentagon Paid $998,798 to Ship Two 19-Cent Washers

Kurdish Peshmerga force deployed to Sinjar district (area of bombing) for protection

Poll: Bush, Democratic Congress both failures

Biden's son headed to Iraq in 2008

Chavez proposes six-hour workday

Kucinich to Hackett in '05: 'You're a Democrat in name only'

U.S. citizen Jose Padilla convicted of federal terrorism support charges

Police: Man Threw Ill Wife From Balcony

US and Israel in $30bn arms deal

Russia selling new sniper rifles to Venezuela

Bush's daughter, Jenna, engaged

Please put me on ignore.

Post a tacky or idiotic MySpace graphic

Please ignore this rant.

Clay Aiken furthers Western civilization's decline

Where is bigwillq ?

Did they remove the high dive at your local pool? (Assuming you have one)

Have you ever had to call 911? What for?

I'm the one in the Hello Kitty tube..

I'll give primate1 a dollar

it's 2:36AM CST....who is still up and why?

Lyrics brought to you by Robert Marley

Popular bands THINK YOU SUCK!

Soft rock infomercial on the A & E channel...

What is the scariest book ever?

Fundy LJ'er suckered by old rumor...

Does anyone in here chat in Yahoo's political rooms?

Chinese couple tried to name baby "@"

Favorite place to be lost?

I have no idea...

Did you go to your Class Reunions?

Lounge-o-licious post in LBN: "Danes say sorry for Viking raids on Ireland "

If you had a significant amount of money to invest, how would you invest it?

The Attention Given to Elvis Presely

I started a GD flame war and got my thread locked & all I got was this 'Ask me anything' thread

Where are my "Top Chef" buddies - WOWZA WOWZA WOWZA **Spoilers**

DO NOT open any e-mails saying someone sent you an e-card!

Barring something serious like nuclear war or a total collapse of the banking infrastructure...

lumpia lumpia lumpia woot

Speaking of investments....

I am proposing a new TV show a la Glenn Beck called Rabrrrrrr Rrrrrrants.

Most memorable/least favorite/most favorite-TOILET RELATED DEATH

To the person who donated on my behalf . . .


"Couple tries to name baby 'at' symbol". @: something Prince would like!

yeah! the local freeper blocked me from his blog!

Are you a sucker for a good flame war?

Whose job performance would you rate lower:

Caption This Pic

Deep From... Outer Space

DVD storage--your preferences

I *wish* 1/20/2008 were the end of the error (Bush) but it's 2009.

Damn, I'm thirsty...

Safety Equipment for Spartans

anyone having problems with skype today?

I Love When..............

"Sleepwalk" by Santo & Johnny

This is the thread to respond to Mr. Scorpio's Threadkiller thread.

If you had a significant other to invest, how would you invest it?

I suddenly feel like I should support Gore in '08.

Man Accused of Trying to Poison Pregnant Girlfriend

SophieMN and I are going to a nail salon!

"Toilet related" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "toilet related".

LaraMN: Your minions request an answer: boot-polish or boot-licking?

Classical music fans....

Wanna hear something funny?

RIP Max Roach.......

Medieval crucifix found in trash, worth $539,000

How often do you post a threadkiller?

...let me give you a little inside information about God.

I am sad. Sigh!

Happy Birthday, enigmatic!

GrovelBot Is Our God

Well my mind is in the gutter today. With proof

My GP: "Relax." Me: "RELAX! You try relaxing while I ram my finger up

No bullshit. How often when you type LOL are you actually LOL?

If I accept lionesspriyanka as MY Personal Savior, will my sadness go away?

I Just Got A New Job! Ask me anything.

I now understand how it is possible for a guy like Bush to be president....

You know how you survive in between DUzy fridays?

Official It's not actually enigmatic's birthday thread...

ok, seriously, is there a real way to join the MHC?

Some funnies for Thursday.....

A hostess question --

To the owner of a yellow Hyundai,your car is being towed.

Where the hell did my yellow Hyundai go!?

To everyone who threw in for the Hilary Duff album for enigmatic's birthday

Honestly folks, if you're going to have a vending machine w/ candy...

) ) < < > > ( ( forever

The "invisible" whacking each other off sticky

I took a small stripper out of the freezer to have for supper... what should I do w/ it?

So what are the different cities in Australia like?

Jets Zooming By Overhead

If I Accept Jesus Christ as MY Person Savior, Will My Sadness Go Away?

Ah, I love the DU - a place where one can get all SORTS of information

The Love Dress - email joke I just got.

PMS makes me eat weird things...

4th Edition coming soon? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

My Computer Died. I Won't Be Here Much Till December

I'm the Master Threadkiller. For example, this one is Dead On Arrival

lionesspriyanka — accept the Jenis as your very personal savior


The official "How long will the Bush-Hager marriage last" DU poll

I'd fuck Elvis

Check out this satellite photo of Hurricane Dean, as he was forming.

I took a small steak out of the freezer to have for supper... what should I do w/ it?

High school football players plead guilty in deaths of baby skunks


I'm the Anti-Christ. You got me in a vendetta kind of mood.

Dangit... somebody posted a funny joke in here... but I can't find it.

You're asking for a Big Bowl of Foo right now.

I have nothing against religion (mostly) but i so HATE proselytizing

A request for information

I'm going to Great America Santa Clara tomorrow


I'm bored right to death

Watching little birds eat grasshoppers is fun


Henry Hager, God bless you, you're a trooper, buddy

Oh damn, this was a mistake...

Women must have sex, men need salsa.

Have you accepted Ken Kesey as your personal savior?

John Lennon died because of somebody's sins.

Does anyone else use

Haha, latest sticky. "Accept Him!"

Who Is Your Savior

John Lennon died for Yoko's musical sins.

***The Copycat Milli Vanilli Appreciation Thread***

Blues Travellers

'High School Musical' is an article featured on CBS Evening News tonight.

Time Travelers

Copycat Of The CopyCat Of The Official Milli Vanilli Appreciation Thread

Mountain Dew or crab juice?

"Crab Martinis". What? Crab Martinis? Paula Dean just said she's going to make some.

We need someone to up an Ohio State sticky quick

Norm MacDonald after he was fired from SNL - For not being funny!

What classless asshole posted that horrible woman-hating sticky of Jenna Bush???

How long does a thread have to get before GrovelBot posts twice in it?

McCat scares me.

Have you accepted Ben Casey as your personal savior?

Me and Grovelbot shared a dorm room in college.

This song is dedicated to Grovelbot


Is that a "Bring back Oscar!" sticky?

I know a guy who goes to shows


***The Official Milli Vanilli Appreciation Thread***

Hey matcom, your dog is being recalled

Having Dental Work done in South America

Domo arigato Mr. Grovelboto.

Katrina part deux?

Jon Stewart's post 9/11 show posted in video forum.

S.E.X. Thread?

I'm going to shoot my cat now

50 bucks says that in the next day, at least three MSM will point out Chelsea's lack of marriage.

I am a genie. Ask me anything!

What was the lowest point in your life?

I didn't get the job

WOO-HOO! I just got my graphics/gaming machine up and running! (geek warning!)

What films would make a good DU Film Festival

Happy Birthday: WOODSTOCK Music and Arts Festival!

If you could sell years off of your life at $1-million per year, how many years would you sell?

My cat scares me.

Note to whoever owns the Art Is Resistance website in the sticky...

The US Postal Service - a rant!

Favorite Albums of the 80's

Official Radio Enigma Happy Birthday thread.. (nice flip-flop)

Chicken soup in progress!!1 Fix it before it goes horribly wrong!!1


They have lolcatz, but they don't have lolgiantizopodz.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/16/07 Bonus

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/16/07

Anybody ever use those "Hercules Hooks"? Are they any good?

What films would make a good Dumbass Freeper Film Festival

Any Brits here? I'm watching the Goodies and it's making me sad.

"THE DAY IS MINE! I'll take famous titties for $400."

Name 5 acting performances that you like....

Which would you rather have: 5 million dollars or 2 more years of life?

Food emergency!!!! Baked brie with fruit-- what fruit, what temp, and how long???

Weird Cleavage appreciation thread!

I need helping writing a story. Any legal experts here?

I don't know if this goes here...

What Was The Happiest Moment Of Your LIfe

A laugh, a hug

I keep thinking it's Friday....

Name weird shit that you do

You know what outrages me?

Russians Offered Day Off, Prizes To Procreate

Worst film to win Best Picture at the Oscars

Women must have chocolate, men need sex

How come nobody raves about "Rembrandt Pussyhorse" any more?

Best Album of the Early-mid 90's?

You may not know it..But I draw Nudes..If you would like yourself drawn pm a picture

My bookstore article came out in the magazine today

What entertainer's death had the greatest affect on you?

Thursday night pic thread - AutumnMist's hair cut

Canadian TV Reports... Suicide Rate in US ARMY

104th Female Death in the Iraq/Afghanistan War

Today in labor history August 16

11 set hunger strike over pay at (Oriole Park ) stadium, living wage sought for cleaners at Yard

Victory on the Immigrant Strikers Picket Line Against Equity Firm Worth $16 Billion

Grant Forest talks resume; Lockout has lasted 11 months

Strike looms at Hearst Power Distribution Company Ltd

AFL-CIO widens 2008 agenda

140 carpenters leave work over contract dispute

USW: International Paper Reach Rentative Pact Covering 14 Mills

Sonoma County Court Workers File Labor Complaint

Blackstone Group, 15,000 Boston janitors reach deal

Olbermann: Bush Hiding Behind Petraeus, Soldier Suicide Highest in 26 Years


BBC: Iraq's Bloodiest Attack Since Invasion 4 Years Ago (Also, Girl Stoned)


SuperNews! does the You Tube Debates!

Sister Suffragette

New Video Appears to Show Vigilante Border Murder (Minutemen?)

Sean Hannity Calls Leonardo DiCaprio a Hypocrite

Ditch Mitch...and his purse

Stephen Hayes On The Daily Show

Max Keiser on the yen carry trade unwinding and markets falling

Chris Matthews on The Petraeus Report

Olbermann: White House will write Petraeus Iraq report

China Is Our Greatest Friend - Erin Burnett

Lies, War, and Empire - Part I

Lies, War, and Empire - Part II

New Springsteen/E Street Band Album on October 2nd

Let's scare the kids

Don't look now but DJIA made it to 300 down on theday. n/t

Dow down 300+ pts and still sliding

"This war in Iraq is a mess," George McGovern says

Human Rights Leader Disappears in Haiti

Australia Discovers Ocean Current "Missing Link"

EU to investigate ratings agencies

Had To Be Honest Tonight With Mother....

Drafts false flags and Iran&DC

If the military is not voluntary ("economic draft")

How can you tell when your star expires?

I (((heart))) Grovelbot. Please consider donating to DU. Grovelbot needs you,

TOON: This Modern World on how Dems & GOP relate

Wonder Warthog in the stickies? Holy cow, what's next? Fat Freddy's Cat!?

Best LTTE I have seen in a long time!

PA high school reinstates rifle squad that had 900 rounds of ammunition stolen in the past

Here are some 9/11 questions that I'd like answered:

CARE Turns Down Federal Funds for Food Aid

Asian markets have worst close since 9/11 on US mortgage market fallout

"We were half a million strong and everywhere there was a song and a celebration"

So, when the boxing glove smacks Dubya in the face,

Thank you to my DU angel! What a wonderful surprise!

Coming up on Freepington Journal..Asa Hutchinson & a guy from the Washington Times

Okay I can't resize my photo to make a sticky. Photobucket's avatar size is too big!

Over 300 people killed in Peru earthquake

I am a conservative.

Where oh where would Rove find ANOTHER idiot to mold into President?

Appeals Panel Skeptical Of Bush Surveillance Program

Reporters and family members sue Hewlett-Packard over spying

Angry mine owner Murray to Sen. Boxer: "I resent you bringing up injury rates at my mines"

Today's prayer from the Baghdad Prayer Patrol

European Markets Have Opened Down

Mississippi Governor's Associates Profit From Katrina Recovery

If you belong to a BOG or GOG, you're on notice

Hurricane Katrina Survivors Speak Out and Fight Back

As Rove Departs, President Again Turns to Gillespie

OMG!!! Swiss Market down 134 points!!

Bush pushes agenda without Congress

Great promo clip for "War Made Easy", can't wait to see it!

São Paulo: The Ad-Free City

Another Fringe Right group would like Bush to become "President-for-Life"

NEW FOIA Docs Show PAKISTAN Provided Aid & Troops To The Taliban

Fired U.S. Attorneys: Were There Others?

Wash journ. now. talking of debra Pryce retiring

Video from Jon Stewart last night

Another reason to boycott movie theaters.

Excuse from a Student (gang violence topic)

Kucinich-weighted preference poll

Just how accomplished a liar is *?

Mattel-just another example of disgusting corporatism out of control

Overseas markets tumble; Wall Street looks grim

"A prelude to war: What's really behind Bush's Iran move"

NYT: Amateur Hour on Iran

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Six Italians shot dead in Germany

FBI Scrutinizes Unlikely Veco Contracts (Stevens could be in BIG trouble)

Up to 500 killed in war's deadliest attack.

FTSE 100 (UK) Index dives below 6,000

Seeking alternatives to Chinese toys

"US to brand Iran Guard 'terrorist'" - just like al-Qaeda...

Far Right Terrorism Watch: White Supremacists threatening Southern Poverty Law Center

John Podesta: Last Guys Standing

Toy Story, Global Version

Are we a free people, or entirely dependent?

Google news front page " Petreus progress getting hard to deny"

Keeping Petraeus under wraps

cspan1 is playing the 1994 Cheney tape (not taking down SH). whow

Crazy man on the internets

So, who did the Federal Reserve bail out when

Mississippi Governor's (Haley Barbour) Associates Profit From Katrina Recovery

The Bloggers' Candidate (Blogger-run Congressional Campaign)

Ok this is completely out of Bizarro world

Biggest Great Lake Seen Heading For Record Lows

Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel stated,

WP, pg1: Early Clash Over Iraq Report: WH wants public delivery by Rice, Gates, not Petraeus

c-span3 - bill clinton from 9/20/2001

General frees another Marine convicted of war crimes

Passport rules cost more than patience: Try $1 billion

Pale Blue Dot

Katrina victims: Mental illness is double the pre-storm levels

Future US Air Force missile: speeds up to Mach 6.5

John Nichols: "An Attempt to Deceive Americans Into Yet Another War"

Iraq .... Iran ... Tom Toles.

CNN Poll on Domestic Surveillance

DirecTV Electrifies Broadband-Over-Powerline

How did that war on drugs ever turn out? Did we win?

DOJ: 9th Circuit not appropriate. 9th circuit: What is appropriate, impeachment?

I just emailed Yahoo about Coultergeist

The View today: Replay from Wednesday following Election Day 2006 - nt

Juan Cole On PBS News Hour: Violence In Iraq "Has Not Subsided"

Federal Appeals court BLOCKS Shell drilling in Arctic (off Alaska's coast)

Countrywide's Bonds Reduced To Nearly Junk...

Drilling plans shift after unknown noise detected

If the Iraq War was supposed to spread democracy thoughout the middle east...

Kerry: "Roadblock Republicans"--good meme!

Democrats target 2008 Calif. vote plan (GOP power grab)

White House trying to block general from testifying on Iraq

"The GOP, the 'party of torture' is over" Patrick Hines, former McCain advisor

Judge Boils Down Bush Admin’s Case On Spying: ‘The King Can Do No Wrong’

We have our mortgage at Country Wide

And now a counterpoint to reality: DJIA should be near or at 14000

Bush Administration to give report on the "Surge", not Petraeus

At least 337 killed in strong quake that hits Peru's coast

The Fear-mongers are out in force on C-Span this morning

Iraqi Women turning to prostitution

Watching Bush Admin Is Like Watching A Magician Opening For Strippers (Rude Pundit)

Medical marijuana user wins case against city of Merced (Calif.)

"HAGEL hates the (Shrub mal-)administration"

MALIKI FORMS NEW REGIME WITHOUT SUNNIS. Where will the reconciliation Bush promised come from?

Every FUCKING bit of it is fixed and/or fake


I come to DU because

Yazidis fear annihilation after Iraq bombings

Cheating the troops - 1974 I was offered HALF of the price of a HOUSE as a re-up bonus!

U.S. lags behind other countries (#42) in life expectancy, b/c lack of health insurance, diet.

Bush has the military bombing the caves he let bin-Laden escape from in Tora Bora

Last night on Hardball, Mathews tried to blame bad Chinese products on Labor Unions

Merrill downgrades Countrywide, says bankruptcy 'possible'

Surprise! The real terrorist were in the WH.

FL Rep Allen explains his Black remarks to NAACP

Less than 5 minutes into the day, Dow is down over 105 pts. n/t

"Blood in the water" in Florida property market

Look at today's Yahoo homepage headlines:

US Military: Insurgents increasingly using sophisticated attacks is a sign of desperation

Our new receptionist here is an idiot

Thom Hartman-guest now: Keiser-Permanete based on Swedish and Netherland

The Daily show ahole trifecta to be completed tonight--John McCain is the guest.

Iraq mothers' forced into prostitution to feed children....Heartbreaking...

Has Shrubbie supported his GREAT ECONOMY today?

Reports that Bush wants to muzzle Petraeus may be a ruse

Dear Heidi Collins and Tony Harris:

Word for today-- Roveanoia

Anyone know someone who has left the US...

Media covering for Murry the miner murder, he ordered de-pillarisation, a practice other mine owners

"Why should the Yazidis be given rights? They don't believe in God."

Helicopter Ben Releases Dollar Hyperinflation

Former Ney aide gets no prison time

here - have an after lunch mint

I guess Rove would know a fatally flawed presidential candidate when he sees one.

Did Ralston ever get immunity?

BushCo's got the market's back : CBoE's VIX a.k.a. the fear index at new high.

LEAHY To Justice Dept Attorney General-INVESTIGATE GONZO's LIES

Democrats Make Firm Commitments to Gulf Coast

George Bush, Vacationer-in-Chief, with His Effete Little Lap Dog ---pix--->>>

Hey guys: Verdict in on Padilla

Jimmy Carter's Judas

Haley Barbour's friends, family profitting from Katrina rebuilding

Petraeus's latest hint of pullouts is nothing more than al-yada-yada-yada

O.k....Split Screen-MSNBC People drowning/Miners-no sign

Petraeus' Pig Lipstick

U.S. Customs to blogger: "Do you write anti-American material"?

Revolting - and it's about time.

Diebold Can't Sell Voting-Machines Unit

Freepers Mourn the Demise of "1/2 Hour News Hour"

Myths of Underdevelopment

DoD was prepared to ship copies of "Kill all the Non-Christians in New York City" Video Game

Padilla verdict in, will be announced in an hour.

Can the MSM shut the fuck up about Elvis, dead from 30 years ago?

FREE TRADE –What is Free about it?

Money market mutual funds - how safe?

FLIP-FLOP! Giuliani backs down on rights for same-sex couples

Padilla Is Convicted in Terrorism Case ap Link

This is NOT the Onion: Biblical Tips for Sexual Addictions

Mueller’s Notes Detail White House’s Craven Attempts To Take Advantage Of Sick Ashcroft

Act of Economic Madness: Attacking Iran could lead to a global meltdown in an era of "tough oil."

Just out of curiousity...Doesn't Larry Flynt still have cats to let outta the bag?

Haha...waiting for the Padilla verdict, and CNN flashes that Jenna Bush is getting married! LINK

How far does it go.

Did you guys see Jon Stewart kick Steven F. Hayes' ENTIRE ass last night?

Predictions for September Surge Report?

Reid Blasts White House Over Petraeus Testimony

PARENTS***Military Recruiters and the Opt-Out Form***


Do you trust this man to make life or death decisions?

The Assault on Reason, p. 221, bottom of page, Bu$h is a criminal

Does the State Department think we're all criminals?

As U.S. Steps Up Pressure on Iran, Aftereffects Worry Allies

ACLU: Patriot Act, Free Speech Clash

President Bush’s daughter, Jenna, is engaged to be married, the White House says.


Sound off on the Padilla verdict on CNN's website

Big Brother Is REALLY Here. US spy satellites to be used on Americans

Support the Unicorn Museum!

Anybody ever use those "Hercules Hooks"? Are they any good?

Pentagon contractor's hands in the government's pockets

Money is created from nothing or some of loons have warned about this for awhile

Democrats Target 2008 California Vote Plan

So if Bush actually bombs Iran, what are we going to do about it?

Rising GOP star arrested (Florida)

Laura Bush in '05 re: Jenna's fiance: "This is not a serious boyfriend"

Diebold fails to sell elections unit


"US soldier suicides at highest level for 26 years"

A turd by any other name...

Death toll from Iraq bombings likely to be worst of war

Former Ney aide faces sentencing, asks for no prison time (with update)

Husband throws terminally ill wife off balcony

White House: Petraeus will testify

Deleted; no longer relevant.

Editor&Publisher: McClatchy Report Questions Claims of Progress in Baghdad

Faith Based Mortgages

Now Bush wants Petraeus to testify about Iraq war **IN PRIVATE**

Total number of trees at Fort Stewart's Warriors Walk rises to 359

Karl Rove resigns and a week later Jenna Bush is engaged to one of Rove's aides

Newsweek: Petraeus admits alliances with new "Sunni volunteers" could backfire

How much you want to bet this guy was wasted when this picture was taken?

50 bucks says that in the next day, at least three MSM will point out Chelsea's lack of marriage.

Former State Rep. McInvale Indicted

Former rethug Apple Farmer's Signs Stir Up Controversy In Londonderry

LTTE: Romney's true colors show in "Chelsea's Moma" moment: "ICK"

I think its time for Letters to the Editor from sea to shining sea

Poll: Majority mistrustful of upcoming Iraq report

Padilla flashback

Who is the guy on MSNBC advocating a short sentence for the

Interesting. Today's Zogby asks about bottled water and the draft.

Iraqi Women Turn To ProstitutionTo Feed Families

Room 641A- you need to know about this

Bush's 26% Popularity

Toward a More Complex and Difficult (Great) Depression

Family wants answers in soldier's death

The latest in outsourcing

US to have over 170,000 troops in Iraq

Hurricane Dean stregthens...nearing Lesser Antillies.

Afraid of hurricanes, 8-year-old tries to pedal back to Ohio

You Have No Rights

Interesting Kucinich vs Hacket article.... "You're a Democrat in Name only"

Nothing will return Shithead's ignorant base like seeing their Christian hero give his daughter away

Jenna Bush invite

Untangling passport mess to cost nearly $1 billion

More VECO trouble for Uncle Ted Stevens...

‘The most trusted name in news.’

Job Opening--Apply to be a Rick Perry Crony in Texas

Military Fatalities: For Month of August --- Total 48 ...( 3702)

Plot Thickens For Dateline Producers

Dean Becomes Hurricane with Bright Future....

This will be my last post in the foreseeable future about the coming attack on Iran

3.5 shaker in the San Fernando valley just now...

Pascagoula, Mississippi, Chevron refinery is on fire.

"Mr. President, do you think you're son in law to be should enlist in the military?...

Soldier who fought fifth deployment to war deemed medically unfit

Cerberus Subprime Woes! HA HA HA!

The remains of two more people found in cars under the bridge

Dow collapsing again today

No insurance? No problem. Just throw her off the balcony.

The last White House wedding was on June 12, 1971, when Tricia Nixon was married.

3702 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Can We Impeach GWtf Bush Before we have to Pay For Jennas Wedding

Poll: Majority mistrustful of upcoming Iraq report

CNN: President Bush’s daughter, Jenna, is engaged to be married

Amnesty International Responds to Padilla Verdict

Caption this Bush photo!

I'm wondering what the christmas season is going to be like

Legislators Oppose National (Education) Standards

CA Zaca Wildfire into it's 6th Week! And sky here is thick from the smoke!

Patriot Act Gag Power is Unconstitutional, ACLU Tells Court

Nicholas Burns: "The...way to peace is...the U.S. will..remain the primary factor of stability"

Jenna Bush's Father-in-law to be head of Virginia GOP and former Bush apointee was

oh great Tony Snowjob is on the attack

CNN-Majority don't find Petraeus trustworthy

When Consumers Feel the Heat, Big Oil Makes Cold Cash

Gonzales is tough on crime? Hardly

Innocent Man Sentenced to Death Under Cruel Texas Law

Did anyone see Paul Hackett with Tweety?

Biden's son headed to Iraq in 2008

Wives Struggled After FBI Framed Spouses

Military Families (MFSO) Respond To Army's Report on Suicide

Female Football Player Is Fla. H.S. Team's Newest Running Back

What classless asshole posted that horrible woman-hating sticky of Jenna Bush???

Good job Georgie: Iraqi women: Prostituting ourselves to feed our children

Did Fred Thompson Leave His Senate Seat Before His Term Was Up?

The news today

Bush and Patreus pose for "Petreus Report" publicity stills

What are the chances that the real Petraeus report will be leaked to the media?

my 96th ltte.Re suicides among our soldiers

Giuliani Leads Among Republicans in California

White House, Lawmakers Spar Over Iraq Testimony

The Mendacity of Media: Robert Kennedy Arrested On Child Sex Charges?

Diebold can't sell voting-machines unit

Thanks George Bush

Bush's Bait And Switch On "Petraeus's Report" in September

Wait - the market has lots 1000 points because fears of people not getting credit anymore?

Coalition death toll in Iraq hits 4,000

Open Bar At Jenna's Wedding May Double National Debt

Boycott china Alternative shopping

GOP game, hit on Dems

"Libertarian" Ron Paul poo poo's about abortion.

Mark Williams: ANOTHER radio wingnut asshat I didn't already know about??

Peru earthquake deaths pass 400

Just heard that jazz drummer Max Roach died--

The Sensible Centrist on kittens in a blender: An allegory for our times

New Iowa Poll Shows John Edwards Leading by 8 Points over Clinton, 12 over Obama

Please Cast your vote in the Roadblock Republicans radio contest!!

I just think Jenna's too young for the guy that used to be Van Halen's lead singer

PBS The News Hour on Padilla: The reporter is talking about the

FBI Director's Notes Contradict Gonzales

Can we stop the rampant woman-hating please?

Conviction of Padilla is Bad News for All Americans, Including Journalists and Protesters

Judges Grill Government at NSA Surveillance Hearing

Remember Democracy? Kinda nice wasn't it?

"Soon one of the customs officers was going through my personal files and photos"

You know what sucks?

A Gift To You All

Dow Ends In Positive Territory

Are we seeing the results of predatory capitalism?

NBC's Brian Williams just said "NASA's $10,000 toilet seat"

NYC: He videos traffic cops breaking law....

They have weather warnings,heavy rains,so it's time to go for a drive. WTF?

"Expedited" Passport Applications to Take Longer to Process

Are we a third world country yet?

Stray thoughts on modern finance as it pertains to all the "little people" like me

Giuliani: "Leave my family alone!"

Chris Matthews shows Cheney's 1994 video!!!!

Texans to B*sh: Get off my lawn!

"Accept Him Also, don't offend his followers."

An Inside Look at How U.S. Interrogators Destroyed the Mind of Jose Padilla

New meme: The Republicans got you into a war and out of a job....


Sure Giuliani is lame, but he's also crazy!

God I suck. I only got 14 right on this Campaign Reporter Test

What would YOU ask the REPUBLICAN presidential candidates? YouTube Debate.

Public Service Announcement-What happens if your mortgage lender goes under?

CBS’s Plante: ‘Asking Questions Should Not Be Dependent On What The White House Thinks’

I have an question about the subprime lending market crisis

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Thurs, 8/16 ... here we go again

Question for Canadians (or those from other nations evolved to the point of universal health care)

(Another) Rising GOP Star Arrested, Special Repukery: Stealing From The Dead

Judge Skeptical of State Secrets-Asks If IMPEACHMENT Is Only Avenue Available To Curtail Bush (WAPO)

Let me tell you something about the "man"....

Googling "We need another 9-11"

On the economic meltdown

What does romney mean when he talks about 'strengthening marriage'?

Lets make all our stuff HERE & give ourselves raises & SCREW the c.e.o.'s.

EXCLUSIVE: An Inside Look At How U.S. Interrogators Destroyed the Mind of Jose Padilla

Federal Judge Harry Pregerson to Bush: "We're just supposed to take the word of the executive?

Homeland Security in charge of copyright?

John Edwards is ready to sacrifice how many lives to say the previous ones didn't die in vain?

Man kisses ailing wife, hurls her from balcony

Another Republican to Resign from the House

If Americans start buying only what they need and can afford...and not these "created" wants.....

2003 PADILLA CASE: Bush's Tactics In Terror Case Called Illegal

2nd Woman, Cape Cod, MA. Soldier, Mom Of 3, Killed In Iraq

Cool Video on YOUNG TURKS: The Real Reasons Karl Rove Might Have Resigned

15 yr old Cartoonist - Captures Rove

Jose Padilla so mentally destroyed that he loves Big Brother Bush

Jose Padilla and Me (reflections on solitary confinement) - repost

Having trouble deciding to purse a criminal investigation against someone that Crashed into me

FBI investigates $170M NSF contracts awarded to Veco, link to Sen. Steven's Home Remodel

Edwards leads in new IA poll - leading with 30%,

My "Repub" neighbor told me she totally got slammed at dinner party.

McClatchy: Commentary: Rove converted politics into a blood sport

HCA & Bill Frist fork over 20 million to get Insider Trading charges dropped.

Come on DU let's wish Jenna and Henry all the best

Iraq War Data: Information to put the surge in perspective prior to September's report (Surgegate)

Pentagon Paid $999,798 to Ship Two 19-Cent Washers to Texas

Would Keith Olbermann's bosses let him criticize Erin Burnett on "Countdown"?


Post a sticky and you could WIN FREE STUFF!

Conyers producers FBI Notes PROVING Gonzalez tried to force Ashcroft to approve program!

Are we on the verge of an economic collapse?

BREAKING NEWS SOURCES: Verdict Reached in Padilla Terror Case = GUILTY

Cheney's 1992 comments about Iraq to be topic on cspan WJ tomorrow AM!

New & Improved Grovelbot!

Al Gore Calls for Civil Disobedience Against Climate Polluters

NYTimes: Notes Detail Visit to Ashcroft’s Hospital Room

Hurricane model is putting Dean's landfall just west of NOLA...

"When I hear my sergeants talking about slashing people's throats," he said, crying openly,...

Scarborough reports State of the Union boos in MSNBC's newsroom

The rich really aren't like normal people... Part 2!

Right Wing pastor prays for 'bad things' to happen to two employees of Americans United

I admit. I can't wait for Jenna's wedding.

Homeland Security Enlists Clergy to Quell Public Unrest if Martial Law Ever Declared

SNOW Going To Go - Signals His Resignation (Plus A Couple More Next Month)

PHOTO: The dainty bride-to-be and her gentleman groom

What Does "Pro-Life" Really Mean?

The Eat-Local Backlash

"the problem with people today is a pervasive underlying apathy . . .

Sen. Barbara Boxer: Stop the GOP Electoral College power grab in California

God Bless Paul Hackett

The Padilla trial is a major defeat for neoconservative tyranny.

Should O J's Book Be Published

"Neither were jurors told that Padilla was held in a Navy brig for 3½ years without charges..."

First Magnus halts loans

Are American art and literature dead?

Scoop!!! Jenna's wedding plans revealed..

Is this what the RW thinks is satire?

Who is your candidate?

Hip Hop -- what am I missing?

Homeland Security Enlists Clergy to Quell Public Unrest if Martial Law Ever Declared

William Cohen on using satellites to spy on us

McCain received death threats over immigration issue

Dem & Repub Candidates Shown On The Political Compass Grid

Anyone have Pelosi's district statistics on

Pelosi Needs To Put Impeachment On The Table

Interesting analysis on the multiple Democratic debates. Something for everyone...

McConnell slams ‘Old Europe’ Democrats

Cheney Interview - 1994 - Why Invading Iraq is a Bad Idea

Democrats target 2008 Calif. vote plan

One of the most over looked Economic stories is the Buy Back strategy

Miller recalls Clinton-Gore visit to Tahoe in ‘97

For those paying more attention than I am to the Dems: What about the Bill of Rights?

This week in history-HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MACACA!!!

"She was not, in short, the average visitor standing in line for pork on a stick."

Bush Is an Idiot

Big-donor wealthy enclaves go for Democrats; Candidates outpace '03, GOP rivals

In August, Michigan voters still have time to dream (about Gore)

Quinpac shows HRC and Rudy in a statistical tie....

In August, Michigan voters still have time to dream (about Gore)

Follow Barack Obama's Road To Change Tour in Iowa!

Bush has visited 49 states and 60 countries -- but has shunned Vermont

Who will step up to help Iowa seniors?

Yet another endorsement for Hillary.

I know my little $35.00 donation 2 or3 time a years don't mean sh**

20 years later-Does the dream still live?

Obama's faith takes center stage in ads

Obama's Accomplishments in the State Senate

Rove steps up attacks on Clinton; Obama advisers believe this is part of a plot to help HRC

What happens if Bill Clinton starts cheating again?

The Rude Pundit: The "Petraeus Report" and More Smoke and Mirrors

Rasmussen: In Surge, Giuliani Now Tops Clinton by Seven Points

Rove: Bush’s critics are 'snobs' who hate his 'common sense.'

Rep. Gutierrez (D-Ill.) Scraps Plans to Retire, Will Run in 2008

Taking chances, testing -- Elizabeth & John Edwards

I, for one, am interested to learn more about Republican plans to privatize social security.

Gutierrez decides to seek another term in Congress

Is the Death Penalty, now, a non-issue?

Which candidate suits you best? dupe go to this link

Democrats charge Minnesota GOP Governor Pawlenty is rushing new bridge

Philippines Denies U.S. Troops Involved In Hunting Down Muslim Militants

Karl Rove's true strategy to make sure the weakest Dem gets nominated...pretty simple really...

Biden's son going on duty in Iraq

Biden: Clinton, Obama, and Dodd were arguing about something they didn't know already existed

A Mitt Romney Pictionary Puzzle

Rasmussen: Hillary struggles in blue state Oregon with 51% unfavorability; even losing to McCain

On U.S.-Cuba Relations, Chris Dodd Demonstrates What an "Adult Foreign Policy" Would Look Like

Verdict reached in Miami in the Jose Padilla case. Will be announced at 2PM. Saw his

A Key California Hire for Obama:Man who directed the Comeback Kid's 1992 NH campaign,Gore's movie PR

Ads in Iowa Call on Democratic Candidates to Endorse Single-Payer Health care

I have a suggestion for an anti-Hillary DU group

Giuliani's post-Sept. 11 debris exposure could affect his health

Mississippi GOP Governor Barbour's family and friends have profited from Katrina recovery

HRC is the "Default" Dem Nominee-Rasmussen

If you don't support Democrat X, you're a goddamn troll

Sheer: Hillary Goes Winger on Nukes

Rove's Blind Spot

My 11,000 post : A Typical Ride on the Roller Coaster that is DU

Fiore Flashtoon: Family Man (you know who!)

Marc Ambinder: Why Rove Attacked Hillary

Ghouliani: 'Leave my family alone'

Deleted; no longer relevant.

Democrat Files to Challenge Rep. Broun in Georgia’s 10th

New CBS Poll: Hillary's "Experience" Argument And Obama's "Change" Argument Both Working

CNN Tonight: Senator John McCain

The Bush Legacy

About Biden's son going to Iraq - I'm pretty sure it's not until next year

The King of All Elite, Effete Snobs by Bob Cesca at Huffington Post

Barack Obama will be on The Daily Show next Wednesday, August 22nd! Mark your calendars!

Photos: Barack Obama answers questions during press availability today in Atlanta, Iowa.

Rudy Wants You To Forget That His Kids Hate Him & Are Voting For Obama

Which Pres. Candidate agrees with you on issues - take the poll

More on Rove vs. Clinton

Are media-driven "debates" favoring Clinton?

Yay! Deborah Pryce Is Leaving To "Spend More Time With Her Family"

Dropping like flies! Rep. Chip Pickering (R-Miss) resigning

Run off voting: To fix the fact that we are afraid to vote for whom we most

Richardson’s operation expands in Edwards’s vacuum (Nevada)

Now this is bizarre

Why So Much Support For Hillary?

Biden's son to be deployed to Iraq - in 2008

Just as a little reminder here to everyone

Can we stop this nonsense?

Republican pundit praises Obama, must think he will be easy to defeat

Hillary Clinton: Brilliance in a small package

Doctors, Nurses Challenge Edwards to Endorse Real Reform

Biden's Son to be Deployed to Iraq

NYT: An Edwards Squeeze Play Foiled by Obama?

George Lakoff: No Center, No Centrists

Edwards Issues Challenge To The Democratic Party — And To Obama

Obama's Appeal to Well-Educated Not Conducive to Winning Nomination

Michell Obama: I am sick and tired of living in a country of FEAR!!

Republicans for Hilary?!?

Bush borrowed more than all previous 42 Presidents. Combined

Once Pelosi cleans Sheehan's clock, will the Cindy-bots blame Diebold?

Edwards outlines his foreign policy views in September issue of Foreign Affairs magazine

For those who don't "have a candidate" -- is it more a positive or a negative?

Why do YOU think Rove resigned?

What health care plan do you support?

Is There a Good Looking, Marketable Candidate, with Positions Similar to Kucinich?

CBS News: What's Behind Clinton's Edge?

Obama speaks about Biden Gelb plan

Call for other candidate literature to be displayed at Madison Obama table

Anyone else flip-flopping like a fish on their choice yet?

The GOP fears Mike Gravel the most

Olbermann: Is Obama a Uniter, or Divider...of Democrats?

It's been over two years since the passing of legislation for national ID cards...

(Flamesuit on) Support/Fight from the GOP for HRC should trouble many of us

Melanie Morgan is a Complete and Total MorAn!

New Iowa Poll Shows John Edwards Leading by 8 Points over Clinton, 12 over Obama

CBS: Hillary's negatives continue to at 39%...

Peter Hart, pollster, on CNN said, if nominated, Hillary would be in a close election, as she

Jim Webb as VP in '08 ... ?

Rasmussen Poll: Giuliani Now Tops Hillary Clinton by Seven Points (47% to 40%)

Why doesn't Kucinich have stronger support in DU?

Here they go with the "educated elite" stuff again...using it on Obama just like they did Dean in 04

The Lessons of Kerry's 2004 Loss - Let's Not Repeat the Same Mistakes in 2008!

on RFK Jr.: 'am excerpting from my post in Freddie Stubbs' poll on DU earlier:

Bush now wants Petraeus and Crocker to testify privately

(John Edwards Blog) Electronic Voting Machines:undue Corporate Influence