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Archives: August 14, 2007

Rovemort's change of address

Rove leaves more second-term blues for White House

Independent UK: Bush's brain goes missing as Karl Rove retires

Mugan: Privatizing bridge design is just asking for trouble

The Houdini Protocol: How Rove Invented Bush

US Gov't broke Padilla through intense isolation, say experts

Arianna Huffington: Rove Exits with His Usual M.O.: Delusional, Fanatical, and Deceptive

Blumenthal: We'll go no more a-Rove-ing

DUer Warren Pease, Online Journal: "Observations on universal health care from actual Canadians"


Why Haven't the Mainstream Corporate Media Covered the AT&T/NSA Domestic Spying Program?

When A US Soldier In Iraq Won't Soldier

Japanese Biker Fails To Notice Missing leg

Lies Even as He Leaves: Karl Rove Cannot Tell the Truth

Katrina Aid Goes Toward Football Condos

Dennis Kucinich: Desapparacido! (by Dave Lindorff)

Stay the Course in Iraq = the Draft (by Jon Soltz at HuffPost)

Independent UK: Wolfowitz 'tried to censor World Bank on climate change'

California Coastal Commission Votes to Protect Sea Turtles!

Independent UK: How green is your hotel? Now you can find out

AMSR Polar Ice False Color Imagery 8/13 - Large FC Image Not Yet Up

Kashmiris call for end to India, Pakistan divide

Bush's brain goes missing as Karl Rove retires

Rove leaves more second-term blues for White House

Homeless vets: a hidden crisis

To Dems, Rove 'more dangerous' outside West Wing

U.N. Web site hacked with anti-war post

House Members Tour Katrina-Damaged Areas

Texas pastor arrested for dragging girl at camp

PM defends N-deal, Left walks out (India)

EU and US take no chances

Wolfowitz 'tried to censor World Bank on climate change'

Low-Flying (Hood) Blimp (Medford, Mass.)

Soldier says he saw detainee beaten (with baseball bat)

Gonzales could get say in states' executions

ABA urges override of CIA interrogation techniques

Man apologizes to Wiesel over alleged attack

Fourteen die in China bridge collapse, 65 missing

Storms take toll on North Korea

Learn from the fall of Rome, US warned

Is it just me

There is a new show on television tonight called "Fat March"


Am I wrong or is this just not appropriate?

pat metheny - last train home ...... terrific music video

A Little Workout. A Little K.O. A Little "Weeds"

Create your own grovelbot!!

Brooke Astor dead at 105

Hi. I'm Karl Rove. Ask me anything!

Is it me, or do all the characters in a David Milch production talk funny?

Tonight: Janeane Garafalo on "King of Queens" rerun

Now here's a beard a girl can hold onto!

Excuse me, but is the pile of shit totally necessary?

Underworld's "Everything, Everything" DVD

Comic Book ads - Ever get ripped-off as a kid buying this stuff?

sara is wonderful

Who wants a hug?

Of course,I now know what Lobster Martini was saying.

Kudos to the DUer that posted the TMBG sticky

Just when I thought Japanese animation couldn't get any weirder...

David Caruso Does Knock Knock Jokes

Heart is coming to town in October.

Relax. You have nothing to fear from me.

my darling clementine

What is it like to be in a relationship with a progressive?

Which was your favorite Muppet Show skit?

key lime pie

Admins - will you please delete my account?

good night, all

Just got back from GD with a question...

What the HELL is this all about???

Could somebody please explain what all the goings-on in GD is all about?

Yet another wrestling death. Bryan "Crush" Adams dead at 44

*** BREAKING *** Wetzelbill/Kurovski campaign has COMPETITION

I found it, I found it!

Eight Days

Drew Carey injured on set of Price is Right

You know it's too fucking hot outside when playground mulch spontaneously combusts

Old Guy at the Beach.

Mariah Carey to sell her own perfume

so I just got back from standing outside the vid store to get Madden 08

Name An Actor With Musical Talent

Post a NORML pic of you!

On naming children: what do you guys think about Jr's and III's?

This is pathetic. My dad died 30 years ago this month and I have no idea of the actual date

Boring vacation pics!!! DIALUP warning

I got to yell at the daycare people today.

David Caruso Does More Knock Knock Jokes

Good evenin'

OMG I just laundered a lizard

Bush's Beans cartoon (re: Turd Blossom)

Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with?

DU dream experts: What do dreams about water mean?

So I had a heart attack

I have a star to give... who needs one? Anyone else have a star to give?

Things I Learned While Watching Star Trek

Pacific Northwest is so beautiful plus I got to meet DUer, Swag!

Name an Actor with No Visible Talent.

Any Closer fans?

Your suggestions, please, for colleges for our grandson. Where are the good MEDIA ARTS programs?

Las Vegas hospital employees approve union

Change at Head Start startles some, Union questions recently negotiated agreement

Union names state senator 'Legislator of the Year'

I am a United Worker - Valerie

The Karl Christian Rove Christmastime Quote of Day (Michael Moore)

"Bush's Brainectomy": Olbermann, "Bush's Brain" author

Olbermann w/ James Moore ('Bush's Brain'): 'Karl Is Radioactive...'

Olbermann, Fineman: End of the Rove

CNN's Michael Ware: 'This Place Has Been Ethnically Cleansed'

Why Karl Rove Resigned

Johnny Cash Vs George W Bush

Rovemort's change of address - Rick Perlstein

E. coli conservatism: Unfriendly skies

The Blog Court for Impeachment

The Democratic Underground Rapid-Fire Analysis of Karl Rove's Exit From the White House

Soldier Testifies: Peer Pressure Made Me Hit Detainee With A Bat

AUDIO: Margaret Cho On The Stephanie Miller Show (8.13.07)

Pelosi, Katrina, and a Banner Over New Orleans

Rove informs McClatchy he'll still have advisory role~

Keith has a stellar guest list to discuss Rove's leaving

Iraq War Vets Urge NFL and Players Union ask for the Truth In Regards to Pat Tillmans Death

Real Reasons why Rove Resigned?

Alex Svoboda, who had her leg broken in labor march, has NO HEALTH INSURANCE. Need your help!

A big thank you for the star from whoever

Hi. I'm Karl Rove. Ask me anything!

If you get locked sometimes and not other times-

Rove says goodbye!

Iraqi rebels learn from US sniper guru

Edwards on Cspan NOW - Bus Tour n/t

Soldier: Sergeant beat Iraq detainee with bat

US launches new blitz in Iraq

Democrats Continue to Seek Testimony From Rove

WaPo: Democrats Vow to Push Investigations After Rove's Departure

You should ban me.

Favorite Rove quote?

Do you think Rove is a closet gay?

Glad I found this! netlingo help

8 injured at Tenn. Shriner's parade as mini-car and dune buggy colide (I shit you not)

Harper's: The Failed Presidency of Karl Rove

Greg Mitchell: Why Isn't the Press on a Suicide Watch?

Electorate Shifts Towards Democrats (Will Dems shift toward the electorate?)


NYTimes Op/Ed: Mr. Rove Gets Out Of Town "he...put politics above the interests of American people"

Hollywood tears up script to make anti-war films while conflicts rage - Guardian

Daily Show Making Fun Of Karl Rove Leaving

Do you sometimes wish there really was a "secular progressive" movement?

Tell the Chandler Police Department to treat this officer like anyone else!

I have a fantastic idea for a new forum.... Let's see if we can get it started!!

NY Times: "Delaying The Inevitable." How the Iraq quagmire is like the

Thank you mods. That was painful.

Relax. You have nothing to fear from me.

Meanwhile over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

The Architect and the War

Tweety's man-crush on KKKarl.....

Lawyers wary of expanded wiretapping powers

Flush with Profits from the Iraq War, Military Contractors See a World of Business Opportunities

William Kristol on TDS. Unofficial thread.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Sam Seder subs for Mike

Michael Barone joins the American Enterprise Institute

Desegregation Pioneer Dies At 90

Why Is It Okay To Offend Christians and Other Religions on DU?

I've heard say of a bumper sticker that Dems and Reps can both use and enjoy

Maybe something for your parents next year (or yourself, if you're old enough)

Wha is the last REALLY GOOD thing that Democrats in DC have done for you?

Heh! The Rovian Method....

Yet another Repuke crook: This time it's Linda Chavez......

Christian Frat Sues University Of Florida

Good Luck to You Joe for Clark!!

Did Rove Resign To Make It Easier For Bush To Pardon Him?

bottom line-if you expect conformity at DU-you'll be disappointed

Wow... Something Has Really Become Rotten Here On DU !!!

Reading the Small Print... Meds(gambling problems)

Just how desperate can dopers get?

Blackwater Security. I need info...

This is my Farewell, KKKarl Rove thread.

The false dichotomy of right-wingers vis-a-vis "Islamofascism"

What will they find when they clean out Karl's office?

Feds Blame Hybrids for Clogging HOV Lanes

Reporters Told to Testify in Leak Case (Re: Scientist In Anthrax Case)

Pilots Say Missile Was Fired at Airliner in Northern Iraq

Blumenthal: Rove, the Greatest Ratfucker of Them All. (Still just a ratfucker)

Do the Feds read these threads?

Italian Politician Calls For Ethnic Cleansing Of Gays

US Airways SUCKS!

GAO Comptroller General warns: “striking similarities” US and fall of Rome

After Russia and Canada, U.S. ship headed for Arctic

Colin Powell Buys $1.85M Manhattan Condo

Anyone else ever get so mad over this admin you worry about your health?

Haikus for KKKarl

Electorate Shifts Towards Democrats

Listen up all you "Rove a closet gay?" people...

Andy. Andy.

Watch for the Republics to try to shut down Dem Rove queries.

Ok, which one of you heathens here did this?

Lake Davis to be Poisoned Again to Kill Fish

"Scoop" (autorank) Article Picked Up by 9/11/2007 General Strike Web Site

Bush's democracy: Judges living in fear

Screw the Natives, Appease the Drunken Bikers

I'm waiting for that boxing glove to get closer to Mitt's head

Immigrants in Arkansas use only a fraction in state resources of what they contribute back

fuck you Rove,you cant get out of here fast enough and take

HuffPo/Steve Kirsch: The Leadership Test

Karl Rove, whatever your intentions, you are on notice:

Rove a short history

NYT Editorial: Rove Gets Out of Town: After years of dangerous politicization of our government

Fred Thompson's wife Jeri and KKKarl Rove?

Conservative David Frum on Rove: Building a Coalition, Forgetting to Rule; "lethal" for GOP

We should abolish taxes on income above $100K.

Above the Fray: Ryan Lizza article in GQ of Barack Obama

To Dems, Rove 'more dangerous' outside West Wing

Doe's anyone have an idea of what "Karl Rove's" resignation is all about?

Edwards and Obama Dare to be Specific on Reforms

Is this true about Ford's DLC group running someone against Steve Cohen in TN.

US Congressman terms Nuke deal as 'capitulation' to India

Which party has the more interesting field of candidates?

Obama's Wife Decries Blackness Question

Sidney Blumenthal on Rove

Sen. Feingold Seeks Citizen Sponsors for Censure Resolutions

What Is The Real Reason KKKarl Is Leaving?

The Daily Show, paying it's Good-BYE to KKKarl! and Bill Kristol is the guest too!

Was Obama misquoted on this statement about more troops to Iraq?

WP, Dan Froomkin: Rove's Dismal Legacy: He leaves his party in worse shape than he found it

Obama girl has more than three million views

If Sheehan is the enemy because she doesn't have a D after her name

Elizabeth Edwards Unplugged: Trashes Obama as holier-than-thou

What is our official excuse for not having an organized effort to demand Bush's resignation?

**BREAKING** Satan announces his long deferred retirement

It's time for a haiku thread. Tonight, our topic is Karl Rove.

I'm disappointed that Elizabeth Edwards went after Obama. . .


Vets Denied Treatment

Rookie SF Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Himself To Death

Economic nationalists demand full public exposure on "Three Amigos" pact

You Have No Rights

Is the G.O.P. going the way of L.B.J.?

Mattel To Recall More Chinese-Made Toys

Innocent Man Sentenced to Death Under Cruel Texas Law

E. J. Dionne: Charisma Isn’t Everything

Rove’s Sad Legacy

Tillman's death unremarkable, until fiction began

Frog March Dreams (by Barry Yourgrau at HuffPost)

Karl Rove's Next Job-Can He Spin Bush's Legacy?

See Who's Editing Wikipedia - Diebold, The CIA

Police Dog Left In Hot Car Dies

NYT "Disappears" Dennis Kucinich

Pilots Say Missile Was Fired at Airliner in Northern Iraq

W.R. Marshall-The rat makes his move

Cenk Uygur: Rove Leaves as a Failure

WP editorial: What Karl Rove Didn't Build: The long-term cost of working the anger points

"Position open; apply within" (David Horsey cartoon)

A News Quiz: Real or Fake?

Shots Fired Into Radio Station

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Americans Against Escalation in Iraq John Edwards' "green-collar" America

Turd Blossom Special: Rove's Early Exit

Good News! Your Money’s Worthless

You Swore on the Bible: What an Oath Means

The Cult of 9/11

Michael Winship: The Jaundiced Rove of Texas

US Tumbles Down the World Ratings List for Life Expectancy

Jesse Jackson: Under Rove, U.S. paid a hefty price

Hastert stepping down after this term

Eric Boehlert: The media misses Mitt Romney's YouTube moment

Karl Rove is the direct link between Watergate and W. There's really no two ways around it.

Bush's lethal legacy: more executions (Independent UK)

US falls from 11th to 42th in Life Expectancy

Salon: The collapse of Karl Rove

Liar's Primer

Continuity of Government or Change of Government?

How You Can Stop the Iraq War and Improve Traffic and Life Here: Take the No-Money Pledg

Feeding the beast: US, UK flood the Middle East with arms

Stock Market Brushfire; Will there be a run on the banks? By Mike Whitney

Are You Scared?

Oil Companies Are Using a Simple Trick to Bilk Consumers out of Billions

Karl Rove, by What Measure Genius? (Truthout)

The Myths of World War II

Bolivia gives oil companies ultimatum

'A country sport' "femicide" -

Gouged Tile May Be Left Unrepaired, NASA Says - NYTimes

Bush Administration spent 1.6 billion On Propaganda

If Dems win in '08, they might inherit an economic mess. Will they have the nerve to think big?

Bill Kristol is One Sick Puppy

Cheney Video causes UPROAR!! (Invading Iraq would be a BAD idea!!)

The Crashing U.S. Economy Held Hostage

We've Seen All This Before

New Spy Law Broader Than Thought By Robert Parry

EU expects Britain to deliver on renewable energy commitments - AFP

BWEA: UK Can Meet EU Target with More Wind

Kentucky eyeing "coal to gas" scheme - OpEd - Courier Journal

Oilwatch Monthly - August 2007

Journal entry December 12th, 2018...

Turkey Looks to Islam for Rain

Debunking the Climate Debunkers

Tropical storm Dean

Technology is key on global warming: Bush adviser - Reuters

What ever happened to the Citizenre Solar Panel Plant?

Nearly 1/3rd Of South Carolina Rivers Unfit For Recreation - WCNC

8/14 - Japan Sets 21 New All-Time High Temperature Records In Heat Wave - AFP

Water Levels In Three Great Lakes Dropping - Superior On Track For Record Low - NYT

China studies humble potato as way to beat drought

Warming To Give Substantial Boost To Canker Disease Damaging Canola Crops - AFP

Typhoon Sepat: That's a nasty-looking forecast for Taiwan

CSIRO Honorary Fellow Speaks On What IPCC Left Out - "All Hell Is About To Break Loose"

Racially Biased Toxic Waste Dumping in the South: A Factor in Infant Mortality?

Are animal rights arbitrary?

Oilwatch Monthly - Great Resource - IEA/EIA/OPEC Charts For Major Oil/Gas Producing Nations

8/14 11:00 EDT - TS Dean - 1500 East Lesser Antilles, Max Sust 40 MPH 1004 MB Moving W 23 MPH

Upkeep Of Security Devices A Burden

Mexico releases four Spaniards accused of illegal political activity

Ten killed in bomb attack on Iraq bridge - police

U.S. to reduce aid to Colombia in fighting drug trafficking

U.S. says kills four in raid in Baghdad's Sadr City

UK Blocks Israel Arms Deals For Fear Of Rights Violations

Magnitude 5.3 Earthquake Jolts Hawaii

Four U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq (Nineveh & Baghdad)

Ahmadinejad makes first visit to Afghanistan

U.S. forces hand over Falluja's security file to Iraqi police

Democrats vow to pursue Rove

Imus and CBS Reach Settlement of Threatened Suit

Iraq's deputy oil minister, four others kidnapped from government compound

U.S. helicopter goes down near air base west of Baghdad, military says

Report: 'Hundreds' flooded in North Korea

ll: Approval of President Alan Garcia Continues to Decrease in Peru (Bush supported)

(Mosul) Suicide bombers kill 20 in Iraq sect attack-police

New Turkey presidency row looms

Baghdad baby rescued from garbage

Obama's comments on Afghanistan draw sharp rebuke from Romney campaign

'Scores die' in Iraq bomb attacks

Lawsuits May Illuminate Methods of Spy Program

Murdoch Taking Aim At N.Y. Times

Senior U.S. official to visit Israel on military aid

Commercial paper woes could hit banks

Mattel Recalls More China-Made Toys

White House [Western WH] criticizes Clinton ad

Grupo Mexico Says 4,260 Workers Seek New Labor Union

Elizabeth Edwards assails Obama, Clinton

Kelty indicted on nine counts: Republican candidate for mayor charged with perjury

General says 15-month Army rotations to continue into next summer

U.S. May Provide Billions to Mexico to Fight Drug Cartels

Nicaragua's Ortega says 'unexpected interests' behind U.S. DEA

CBS 2 Exclusive: Hastert Leaving Congress

Phil Rizzuto dead at 89

Pilots Say Missile Was Fired at Airliner in Northern Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday August 14

Nazi war criminal had no regrets: French massacre survivors

Mattel to recall more Chinese-made toys

China and Russia Begin Teasing Washington

Blame U.S. companies for bad Chinese goods

White House assails Clinton for critical Bush ad

Baptist Pastor Under Scrutiny

Study: Half of nation's poor don't get food stamps

Venezuela to create oil services company, 'our own Halliburton'

King-Harbor inspection report released

Prices for key foods are rising sharply

Wal-Mart to pay $3.9 million in back pay in California

U.S. military: 5 service members killed in chopper crash west of Baghdad

Leahy urges White House cooperation on fired prosecutor investigations

Giuliani Vows to End Illegal Immigration

Tropical Storm Dean forms in Atlantic: NHC

Stockton (Ca) Worst In The Nation For Home Foreclosures

(CBS) Poll: Americans More Optimistic On Surge (29% Surge Is Helping In Iraq)

Edwards Campaign: Rudy Ideas are "Bush Without the Thinking"

Giuliani says U.S. will need long presence in Iraq

Death toll soars to 175 in Iraq suicide bombings

Reporters Told to Testify in Leak Case (Anthrax)

Imus settles with CBS ,ready to return to radio

From Starbucks to Wal-Mart, consumer pulls back

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (08/13/07)

I'm coming out (I'm coming)

Did Pitt ever post today?

Oooo. Look what I found

PSA for the night = Posting while extremely tired is almost equivalent to PUI

Popular Bands That THINK YOU SUCK!

I hate animated smileys that take too long to do what they are supposed to do.

We have not had a "Blame the Jenis" thread for awhile!

Eek! Something's sucking my ear!

Suck it, Big Oil! Suck it hard! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

You know, a Wetzelbill/Kurovski '08 sticky on Grovelbot's Big Board

What the fuck?


mmmm...Swiss Rolls

while i'd like to keep posting on DU-I know I'm shitfaced-moving to the lounge

OMG I just laundered a wizard

First, Will Pitt posts in the Lounge, now NanceGreggs

UFC: these guys are ANIMALS!

I keep chuckling about this thread in GD

Anyone else concerned...

Believed vs. Beleived

David Caruso Does Even More Knock Knock Jokes

Baby for sale, Baby for sale!!!

News is always more interesting when the headline includes the words "clown" and "balloon"

WTF?!? How do you not notice this?

CSI: Miami Star, David Caruso Tries His Wacky Brand Of Humor On A New Audience

Weirdo trying to connect w/ my boss

I bought a dictionary today, and the first word I looked up was "dictionary

Anyone see Samoa Joe get swerved by Kurt Angle the other night?

Deputy pulled over by her own husband.

Michael Jackson Sued by Bahraini Prince

It's True, David Caruso Has Yet Another Knock Knock Joke In Him

Hi, my name is Bassic...

Have you ever burned your mouth to the point of blisters? I am so embarassed. Molten escargot.

who is in the comercial for Ameriprise Financial? DennisHopper or JamesCameron?

Here's some advice: If you breathe really loudly, or if you like to play with zippers...

If You're Gay and Getting Married in Barcelona ...

Steve Buscemi is sexy ugly. Sometimes I have trouble wrapping my head around that concept

For all of you who are dating, etc., how in the world do you

Okay, who put up the sticky in Latin?

Sexually Suspect Panda Gives Birth

For MrScorpio Star Trek Journey To Babel Parody

"It's Not News, It's FARK"...FUNNY book!

Anyone watch Weeds last night?

MmmmmMary Louise Parker

I see you

Yet another Chinese product recalled due to defects!

So Who Pissed Off Who In GD?

Oh, dear's happened. I've turned into a stalker.

I am having a serious WTF moment

I just got caught in a phishing scheme

"As God is my witness I thought turkeys could fly" (the VIDEO)

Songs that people used to, (or still do,) think were so "profound"

Man charged with having sex with goat

Grovelbot ate my avatar!

N.J. Buddhists fined for buying animals, releasing them into wild.

Oh, alcohol!

Dora the Explorer leads doll revolution

My kid is a sticky!

Thank You, You!

This is one tough biker

Ever been so bored

Any farther fans?

Popular glands YOU THINK SUCK!

Beowulf: New Trailer!

Sticky Warz

I can't tell who everyone is without their avatars

Who did the Cowbell sticky?

Replace a word in a movie or song title with "suck it up."

Who is that incredibly cute child in the overalls up there?

For anyone interested in why Writer left DU....

HEADS UP!! Tropical Storm Dean

Did Billyskank's drawing go poof?

College kids: Can you pick your schedule or is it picked for you?

Another DU shame exposed: underpants is anti-Hawaii!!!

Damnit - I just typo'd my damn sticky

If we had a DU Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum - what bands would you nominate

College kids: what's on your schedule this semester?

Scariest movie ending of all time:

I am, being told to crap on the lives of co-workers...

One-upping DS1... The McDonald's Cash Register

How Difficult is it to Change Your Last Name?

Is it Nokeeeya or Nokya?

Harry Potter: what did/did not surprise you about Book 7? (SPOILERS, obviously.)

If I announced I was leaving DU . . .

The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again Live 8

Shaving Cream

Stanley Clarke and George Duke - School Days

Matcom/DS1 in 2008! (look sticky)

How hard would it be to have one of those countdown clocks

MMMM pretzels.

On a lighter note --- Roslin 2008!

Stanley Clarke, Chick Corea and Lenny White - A Very Special Concert 1982 Oh yeah, And ME!

John Entwistle Isolated Bass

Okay, why is there a "Tick" sticky?

Little annoyed to see my sticky next to that tyrant, Dolly Levy

when making a life-altering decision whose input do you rely?

Phil Rizzuto dead at 89

Why are raspberries hairy?

Little annoyed to see my sticky next to that tyrant, Dali, and a llama

Miles Davis, Easy Mo Bee and ME!

Grovelbot can give Bill Evans back, now.

Little annoyed to see my sticky next to that tyrant, the Dolly Parton.

The next captain of the Enterprise is....Tom Cruise!??!?!?!?!

Bah! I was SUPPOSED to go to a Wilco concert tonight,

Pseudoephedrine Blues

god bless the conspiracy theory loons that post stickies

Tiempo Libre - Manos Pa'rriba (Hands in the Air) and ME!

I just got my driver's license!!!

Stickiest Book Ever?

Thank you to my Secret Admirer sticky giver

Yet Another Damned Knock Knock Joke By David Caruso

Roy Ayers - Running Away .... And ME!

my baby fits me like a flesh tuxedo, I'd like to sink her with my pink torpedo

Sandwich Artist Activity Set: The is the saddest toy I've ever seen in my life!

Sex Farm is on the charts in Japan!!!!!

Thank you Midlo!

Thank you to my secret star giver!

Alright, who did it

Like Both Death And Taxes, There Is The David Caruso Knock Knock Joke


Tough love vs. spanking.

Minor-league college basketball coaches are such horndogs...

How do you turn THIS into a "sticky"?

Gee, I wonder who circlebutts could be?

How do you see old stickies?

I have a confession to make: I've been very liberal in my use of the ignore feature

nicely done the DUer who quoted Dylan Thomas

What tag editor do you use to organize your music?

sex Forums

The Popular Front THINKS YOU SUCK!

I have a confession to make: I've been very liberal in my use of the "bookmark" feature.

I have a confession to make: I've been very liberal in my use of the "ignore all" feature.

Popular Mechanics THINKS YOU SUCK!

I have a confession to make...I've been very liberal in my use of the "reply" feature

33... 33... 33... 33... 33...

8 more posts until I get to 5000

I have a confession to make: I've been very liberal in my use of the "mark all" feature.

what happened to the google ads?

Fashionista help requested!

W00t! for Kerrytravelers

Am I the only "loon" in the Lounge?


Make The Sticky!

Two DUers wanna go to a big hotel with me!

Those bladder-wheeled bicycles are diabolical devices of the demon of darkness

I Just Got Back From A Week At The Golf Course


Who is the sticky woman in the Playboy t-shirt?

"Make the sticky" is the phrase of the day! Modify a thread title with "make the sticky!"

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang would have benefitted from some serious editing.

Two DUers wanna go to a ball game with me!

Is it time to start a DU Ex forum?

So, What's The Verdict On THE SIMPSON'S MOVIE?

Drinking Liberally: Promoting democracy one pint at a time

Thanks Thomcat and Infomaniac for Making a Sticky for Me

"My sticky" is the phrase today. Modify a thread title to include "my sticky".

Is it time to start a Ex DUer forum?

I want a sticky with a "You have a secret admirer" valentine heart on it.

Is It Time To Start A DU DEX Forum?

Is it time to start a DU Pecs forum?

So... I need you to come over and make dinner.

Don't pet your cat with a fish scaler...

White Town - Your Woman

Things You Would Like To Do To Another DU'RS Sticky

hey ... rabrrrrrrrrrrr and soteric, what about the ambience?


"We have to cancel your Mother's MRI, the machine is broken..."

A wasp just flew out of my keyboard

Pop culture things that you LIKE

Damn the Playboy Bunny T-shirt girl is gone...

Is it time to start a DU Hex forum?


I just got back from a week on the gulf coast

Is this a bad thing to do?

Bush was the most lyrically deficient grunge band of the 90's.


Who knu?

Brooklyn or Philly?

there is a disturbing lack of Wetzelbill/Kurovski '08 stickies

NYC in 1977, The Start of Punk Music

I think all right-thinking people in this country are sick and tired of being told

*note to self re: nekkid tanning*

Phil Rizzuto died.......

Grovelbot is sad when people leave DU.

what happened to you DU? you used to be cooL

Favorite song from the 'Easy Rider' soundtrack

One bourbon, one scotch and one beer

Motorcyclist rides for 2 Km without realizing he lost part of his leg

A friend of mine just bought a sheep farm for his border collies

Detroit Area Folks: Remember the Electrifying Mojo?


Aussie falls off horse into croc pit - lives in tree for a week awaiting helicopter rescue

I am selling my Xbox 360

Popular bands THINK YOU SUCK!

Dirty songs. Help needed.

Worst place to get a mosquito bite?

And now, the obvious copycat: Things you *wouldn't* like to do with another DUer

So how often do your cats catch "Da Crazies"?

I knew this kid when she was still a larva. Now she's got her first album.

Where the hell has BikeWriter been?

An ethnic catholic just flew out of my keyboard!

Could somebody do me a favor?

Men's magazine - 'win your girlfriend a boob job', send in pics, most deserving wins (ugh!)

Michael Vick...Think he will be back in the NFL?

This is why you should NEVER let your child near YOUR computer.

How long do central air/heat units last?

My daughter doesn't think "Old McDonald" should have a lion. (pictures!)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/14/07

What will become of Martin Luther King Hospital in South-Central Los Angeles?

Face-to-face RPGs (D&D) still going in my area

Rookie SF Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Himself To Death

What is your current Myspace Profile song?

Little annoyed to have you all typing so loud while I'm trying to watch Mr. Belvedere

I've thought up the best scheme ever

is there anyone or anything for which you would be willing to

I'm back, and I'm angry.


Who loves me!


Mini college reunion this weekend. Nine of my favorite people

OK. I clicked no..for "Allow other registered users to send messages"

Need some vibes for my baby boy appointment this afternoon...

Things that you would like to do with another DUer:

If One Wants To Leave DU, Where Could One Go?

Prog Rock Fans: What are some of your favorite Prog Rock songs

Let's play Name That Kitten!

Name An Actor With Visible Talent

Little annoyed to see my sticky next to that tyrant, the Dali Lama.

Popular bands YOU THINK SUCK!

Worst. Photo. Retouch. Ever. Warning--have something soft to catch your chin:

So absolutely awful. Has anyone else ever had to sit on a jury for a really tough case?

**43,000 posts**

Whats The Meanest Thing You Have Ever Done

How about a dog picture thread?

Man I could go for a big bowl of Pho right now!

Scariest Book Ever?

Say goodbye to 'John from Cincinnati'

Radio Lady in Oregon Needs August Guests In Studio! Here's why:

Vets denied treatment

Concerning Draft - Up or Down

Study Finds Lower-Limb Injuries Plague U.S. Soldiers in Iraq


Today in labor history Aug 14 President Roosevelt signs the Social Security Act

Event Saturday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Praise for Unions, Moments of Disunity at Democrats’ AFL-CIO Forum

Locked-Out Workers Picket West Berkeley Store

400 UK Group home support staff set to return


War Made Easy - Trailer

AFL-CIO Forum: Joe Biden's Answers

Walk a day in my shoes: Hillary Clinton/Michelle Estrada

The Orifice ... Andy Cobb/AMERICAblog production

Wes Clark on Iraq: Military and Diplomatic Solutions

Impeach Cheney: Peaceman vs The Chenguin

O'Reilly calls nine-year vet "anti-military"

In 1994, Cheney Said Invading Iraq Would Be a BAD IDEA

3693 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

I'd just like say in response to a locked thread...

The "Primarys"...???

while i'd like to keep posting on DU-I know I'm shitfaced-moving to the lounge

Hillary Clinton sucks.Obama blows.Can we win, please?

O'Reilly lies through his teeth - Media Matters, take notice

ok=i'll say it

Sometimes when your clear out the chatter, you can hear the message

Why is Rove's resignation a big deal?

Honest question regarding the Rove resignation

Is there an anti-war candidate for 98?

Hey excuse me for formulating wild neo con scenarios.

Short video of cheney from 13 yrs. ago warning U.S. to stay OUT of Iraq.

Celebrity 08 Candidate Donations List

Pinochet's suits for sale--hey, who wouldn't look good in that!

what is the best Kucinich bumper sticker?


WJ: The Legacy of Karl Rove

Great Expectations?

Kurdish Militants threaten Iraq over setting the stage for a Turkish attack

J&E Edwards are on the NBC Today Show right now (8:14 AM)

Man charged with having sex with goat

Are we good citizens to have put up with bush & cheney's shit?

Disturbance at Texas Private Prison

Rove leaves during historic GOP downturn

Dick Cheney in 1994 explaining why we should not invade iraq

Still angry? Damn straight.

Thank you, Karl!

Which disaster will be most associated with w, 9-11, or the war?

!n Iraq, another summer of power shortages

We Rolled Karl Rove...

When the sh*t hits the fan here in the USA

Bush and Sarkozy -- France's Total to Enjoy the Plunder of Iraq's Oil

Say it with me, spread it Far and Wide, "CUT AND RUN ROVE" - A Coward to the END.

McCain takes once high-flying bid to S.Carolina

Dan Rather

WaPo: Wiretapping Lawsuits May Illuminate Methods of Spy Program

News is always more interesting when the headline includes the words "clown" and "balloon"

Sept 14th Is The Date!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gonzo given more authority to fast track death penalty appeals?

The Undertones of Rove's Meddling.

Had we not won in 2006, would any of these people resigned?

Chavez - using oil money to extricate Argentina from the dracula of debt

Michael Jackson Sued by Bahraini Prince

Almost unbelievable AOL story...

Tin Foil theory: Does Larry Flint have the goods on Rove??

BBC team ends US Spanish journey

$85 Billion Defense Contract to Hasbro!!!!

Women delaying having kids (most economic reasons)-Nat Pres club on cspan

Anyone watching MSNBC?

For all of you who are dating, etc., how in the world do you

Matthews on Rove: "It looks to me like he walked out like a gentleman"

Dallas Morning News: Rove saw rise, fall of GOP dream

NYT Editorial: Congress Needs To Use ALL ITS POWER To Bring Rove Back To Washington

Chris Matthews and his wife Kathleen.

So I think I'm quite happy with my new Internet connection

ROVE: "I Do NOT Lose Privilege By Leaving The White House"

Karl Rove - War Criminal

So yesterday, Karl Rove resigned and Bush gave him a ride back

Dear George

Defense Chief Gates Keeps Own Counsel on Iraq-for now

I was just on the Alex Bennett Show with Sen. Mike Gravel

Air Force general: Consider bombing Iran's oil refineries

Saying Goodbye

Federal Judge Denies Motion To Dismiss In Pharmacist 'Plan B' Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart

Marcy Wheeler - Guardian (UK): What Is Rove Hiding? (Reminder About Bush-Attorney Firing Connection)

Matthew Rothschild: You Have No Rights

Tension Grows Between US Soldiers and Mercenaries

An Obscure Point Made By A C-Span Caller

"Goodbye, 'Boy Genius'": "...don't let the screen door hit you where the dog should have bit you."

Headline: Buddhist ritual does not bring peace to NJ environment regulators

Will Rove join the campaign of a candidate for '08?

Dan Rather on Thom Hartmann's program now

Welcome to Room 641A, Possible Warantless Wiretapping Center

NSA wiretapping trial begins (with a twist: evidence of spying)

Oh Those POOOOOOOOR Put-upon Corporations

Stewart Challenges Kristol, Says O’Hanlon And Pollack ‘Are Very Hawkish Guys’

Nokia warns 46 million cell-phone batteries could be faulty

bush to karl: "I'll be on the road behind you here in a little bit."

Anti-War Protest Group (ANSWER) Fined $10,000

Rovian Chess: Losing Rove now is like

Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) sheds light on those who block votes in the dark

Apros pos of nothing, I offer for your captioning pleasure ......

Phil Rizzuto, Yankees Shortstop, Dies at 89 (AP)

Ever ask yourself why Democrats are so emotionally tone deaf?

Markets tanking again:

New Bunker Busters

Man sues flower company, saying it ruined his marriage by revealing affair

VA Screws us once again!

Rove's resignation has turned already-delusional Freeperland even more barking-at-cars crazy!

Turkey Looks to Islam for Rain

Federal Funding for GOP S&M

Phil Rizzuto Died

The *first* toy recall just crushed friends of ours son

Indiana Resident Pays 12,000 dollars in Poperty Taxes in 1 Ones and Change

3% of our troop deaths in Iraq are suicides

There's a Reason Why We Call it the Bill of Rights-- Government Isn't Supposed to Violate Them

re: snake Cheney

What is wrong with those people?

The state of the economy (where I live)

Markos on Rove’s pre-war Iraq legacy-Charlie Rose:

There Actually IS A Fight Against Anti-Knoweldge! Awesome!

An electric car for the common man

Durbin Press Release: Stop and inspect all painted Chinese toys

In the Wake of Rove's Resignation, how soon should Impeachment Hearings start?

Raw Story: Hyped Terror Fears And Hot Summer Days Led To Expansion Of Bush's Spy Powers

DELAY On ROVE: "He's Not Dying...I Think He'll Be MORE Powerful Then Ever"

Gonzales gets more power to speed up states' executions

Judge To Jurors: Don't Watch 'CSI,' 'Nancy Grace'

FYI: Bill Maher on Larry King Live tonight, in case you need a fix. nt

Dutch bloggers due in court over filming under skirts

I tried to access free Republic today and found that is is now blocked.

*THREE* toy recalls by Mattell today (8/14/07) LIST IS POSTED

taking the hill

Will somebody please put a gag on Bob Murray please? It's

Tonight on Dateline This Man Will Die

Novak: Fitzgerald came close to indicting Rove for perjury or obstruction of justice

What makes anyone think Rove resigning will change a thing ?

The cost of war on families

Westbrook initially OKs tough restrictions on sex offenders

CAPTION the "party of personal responsibility" at a press conference:

Congress needs to outlaw Private Military and Intel Companies

So do you think that WH claims of "Executive Privilege" will end up before US Supreme Court?


LOL. You can't move a sticky to the dungeon!!!

I Just Donated and DAMN I Feel Better.........

Rep Markey's Response To Indian PM Regarding Nuclear Deal

Military opening facility for young Iraqi offenders

What exactly will be the GOP platform in 2008?

Wow, the Dow is down 160 points

U.S. Patent Office Re-Opens Debate Over Animal Patents

My personal take in the housing market "Crash"

China Bridge Collapse Kills 29

Iraq's deputy oil minister, four others kidnapped from government compound

Has Private Romney been saved?

Do you think Condi Rice is a strong possibility for the rethug's VP choice?

Gen. Casey: ‘Iraq Will Be A Remarkable Country In A Decade’ If We Stick With Occupation

The Reviews Are In: Major Papers Cast Rove's Record As Failure

Drive by shooting at progressive radio station misses host's head by 18 inches

He "embraced GWB--who'd failed in both politics & business--& gave him a plan to guide him into WH"

Petition to oppose unconstitutional info gathering

MoveOn organizing COST of WAR press conferences/rallies Thur., Aug. 16th

Is your money market fund safe?

Bush's Brain: 1946-2007

To lurkers and those active here who want to end the war in Iraq. make a phone call now.

Remember - who did Chimpy put in charge of post-Katrina?

Five U.S. troops die in helicopter crash in Iraq

Is anyone watching St. Murray of Seismic and his video? (MSNBC)

An Errand boy collecting a Grocery bill for a bunch of clerks ,his

I'm confused...Yahoo Financial News blames DOW losses on Walmart

In the debate over Iraq, it's vet vs vet

Can Someone with Tivo and HDnet Please Record This Tonight at 8pm?

Democracy Now! exposes mine owner Murray

Minimum requirement for traders: $100 million in assets.

Suicide Bomber Detonates Oil Tanker Truck, Disrupting Critical Transport Route

Does the lucky DUer who knocks out Mittsy get the golden sticky?..n/t

Press conference with Bob Murray, the mine owner.

Blackwater brass forms intelligence company

My Avatar, My Precious Avatar!

"signs that embankments had been breached and of ad hoc repairs to bridges and dams"

Michael Vick is negotiating a deal for a plea bargain in his dogfighting case

So has Murray found those poor miners yet

Amazing!! Could This Really Solve the Battery Problems With Electric Vehicles??

Mittens owns a stake in NY Yankees' empire!

Anyone catching this lame new pro-Michael Vick argument making the rounds?

General says 15-month Army rotations to continue into next summer

Putin posing as Hunter Thompson

V-22 Osprey is going to war - will it kill more occupants than opponents?

Joe Wilson on delayed Ed Schultz show now

DeLay: "Rove will be more powerful than ever"

Faux News Gibson mocks Jon Stewarts post 9/11 remarks.

46 MILLION Nokia batteries - bad - there's that China thingy again

Country's Largest Organic Dairy Likely to Lose Certification

LA County Homicides (Visual Representation) - Heartbreaking feature

Is it just my 'puter, or are DU pages loading really s-l-o-w-l-y, if at all?

Tom Delay on Democrats

Oil Companies Are Using a Simple Trick to Bilk Consumers out of Billions

'08 could be a year of firsts...

Just had a real DOH moment...

Are people in the US cutting back on their consumption of gasoline?

VET's Funeral Canceled Because He Was Gay-Church Says Homosexuality A Sin

How Can Anyone Defend Presidential Pardons?

Examples of Alaska Earmarks (Republikkkan PORK)


Faith-based initiatives -Does anyone have a link to an analysis of the recipients

An Untitled Poem about the Iraq Invasion, by Molly, age 15

BREAKING: U.S. helicopter crash in Iraq kills 5 soldiers. Attacks kill 4 others...

The true choice in 2008 is Bushism versus Goreism

Just heard a report on WBJC (Baltimore) radio news, the Maryland Republican Committee

Need help finding US vs John Lennon video

Good lord, David Gregory is freaking tall

No ads on The Greatest page?

Anyone ever heard of "Vote Republican, LLC"?

David Podvin: Stupid and Evil

U.S. Allocates $354 Million to Reduce New York Traffic

Does Rupert Know? 'WSJ' Ad Volume Off Nearly 21% in July

WA POST: Assessing Karl Rove

How do we know that Osama Bin Laden has/had bad kidneys?

If they have so many toys recalled because of lead or magnets ?

What do you think Denny Hastert's big announcement will be?

Did Verizon sneak in a change in terms this summer?

The Texas love affair with capital punishment.

Murphy, NBC stung by criticism of sex-predator cases

'who you lookin' at?' pic

Philanthropist and Social Doyenne Brooke Astor Dies at 105


Investing In America In 2007

New Survey USA Bush approval ratings posted (15 states)


100 dead 150 wounded in three suicide attacks in Iraq

Congress Turns Up the Heat on Executive Bonuses

Imus vs. CBS: Imus wins. Settled for unknown sum. Was

My LTTE on Republican "chutzpah" makes it to print

Talk Left: Rove Left Due To Legal Fees Related To Abramoff Probe

Leahy requests meeting with Bush on aide testimony

3699 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Here's a pic of kkkarl rove from 1972!


A Laboratory for Latin America's New Militarism

I just saw the strangest News story Teaser; "Stolen computers mean children FORCED to play outside"

Al Gore: National Science Advisor '08

Iraqi Military Says 175 Killed, 200 Wounded in 4 Bombings

DeLay thinks Rove is Obi-Wan Kenobi

Once again, it's nice to see the 72 billion that the various banks pumped into the market

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Tue 8/14... last spin?

A picture of pure pomp and arrogance

is this a problem for climate change?

Oh, the IRONY: ..."The White House condemns the "barbaric attacks on innocent civilians"

Today's carnage in Iraq... death toll still climbing

Does Al Qaeda really want us out of Iraq?

Well, NM...It's over! Our 1 area code state is no of

TPM Today's must read / AT&T's Secret NSA Room

I'm glad there is no Global warming, It's only 106 here, and my LLamas

So a clown can't blow bubbles because of insurance companies? Damn.


Is it possible to post at without buying access?

Feingold, Leahy Call For Changes to NCLB

The Hog Is In The Tunnel - ITulip On The "Credit Crunch"

While GWB was vacationing in Maine and DC went on vacation for a month....

Vote on the most shameful Wikipedia spin jobs

Dow Falls More Than 200 Points

Iraqi Oil Minister Kidnapped:

Escalation by the Numbers: What "Progress" in Iraq Really Means

80% of our Toys are made in China

National Mobilization to End the War in Iraq -- OCTOBER 27 !!

Is it true that Nancy Reagan despises the Bushes?

Stories of ethnic cleansing in Iraq persist despite "surge"

violence in Iraq today--on pbs now----segment. Jim Lehrer news hr

McClatchy: New airport agents check for danger in fliers' facial expressions

Medical Exam. links daycare death to suffocation (2yr old hands were bound and his mouth taped shut)

Is this worth a month in prison to you?

Could Fox News be considered a PAC because of its advocacy for

romney's the richest, the cutest, & with bush backing he's the president.

Vick's Attorneys Seek Plea Deal That Will Have Him Serve Less Than One Year

Jack Burkman At It Again? Outed By DC Madam, Was The GOP Pundit Soliciting In Front Of WH?

Who's this sexist ASSHOLE filling in for Randi?

Dow down 208

Yipes! GrovelBot's Sexy Stuff On A Sticky!

Four Suicide Bombers Kill At Least 175 People In Northern Iraq

Faux News: Half hour news hour cancelled

When Jews fled from Libya, did the Libyan government give

THe Independent: Bush's lethal legacy: More executions

Three Lawsuits Seek Damages, Medical Screening From Makers Of Lead-Contaminated Toys

'Willard' M. Romney??

China Regulates Re-incarnation

Progress and party loyalists

so young, so young. Am watching News Hr display of dead troops (exp. of

Border Patrol now Hiring.

Russia Said Flying More Missions Near U.S. Territory

Young Jewish woman attacked near Paris

So I got the customary call from the DNC

Be patient. In a "decade or so" this will end

Tonight on Countdown, Will Karl Rove be out to get Hillary Clinton defeated in 2008?

Woo hoo!!! to Washington Journal caller!

If you really want to hurt Romney's chances of being POTUS, forget religion...

Pollution Causes 40 Percent Of Deaths Worldwide, Study Finds

The Pandora's box Bush opened in Iraq: civil wars!

If Reagan was the "Teflon" president, what the hell is Bush?

Chris Floyd: Tool Time: Rove Goes But the Malevolent Machine Rolls On

Debate on lower drinking age bubbling up

US Army struggles with soldier who won't pull the trigger

NY Times: Rove a "Great Society Conservative?"

I've got a farewell gift for Karl Rove...

Congratulations DU'rs

Hastert stepping down after this term

When Love is NOT the Answer..

DNC Links Rove's Sudden Departure to U.S. Attorney Scandal: "Resigns under a cloud of suspicion"

My son is prime draft age, is your kid?

Death and mayhem in Iraq; Sinking stock market; Toxic toys; Killer Climate......

Does anyone here believe that Obama would run as Hillary's running mate

“If he’s so smart, why did you lose Congress?”

Vick must decide whether to accept plea agreement

GLOATFEST: FOX NEWS cancels the trainwreck that is "Half Hour News Hour" (Daily Show ripoff)

Giuliani has 70 million dollars????? A former public servant has that much money?

"We invaded Iraq so we'd have a base in the Middle East to spring from

LEAHY Requests A Face To Face Meeting With BUSH-Re Obstruction Of Justice In Attorney Firings

Cost of children?

we are nuts

Grovel Bot - ya got company!!!

Branson and Colbert

RECIPES for Chimpolini!!! Enjoy yer month-long vacation! Heh heh heh! Heh heh heh!

"Fast Tracking' : Gonzales and the Death Penalty : The Texas Clemency Memos

US Government Broke Padilla Through Intense Isolation, Say Experts

Lawyer blames Florida voucher money theft on bad that $35,000 hummer?

I am happy for Imus!!! Hope MSNBC picks up his show again...

Wingnut attempts to whip up protest against Keith Olbermann's NBC football coverage

An EXCELLENT primer on what's going on with the economy and the "credit crunch"

Phil Rizzuto passes on. A great NY Yankee baseball player

WARNING: Your driver's license may have been revoked

Trespassers blamed for releasing hundreds of mink

Talked to a vet today.

Blog from Baghdad - Aug 12 - Come work in Baghdad and get 169 paid vacation days

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Leahy: "The stonewalling leaves me...considering citations for contempt of Congress..."

RNC Now Seeks Shelter Of Executive Privilege

Web site Helps You Avoid Made-in-China Products

If the nominee picked for the Dems says he or she is against...

Economist: Is America Turning Left?

U.S. Warned: Learn from the fall of Rome

Karl Rove Grants First Post-Resignation Exclusive To Rush Limbaugh

Dem strategists: Forget Mittens, Target Giuliani.. NOW

Reid: Senate Will Explore Long-Term Fixes To FISA In September

Putting the SURGE in perspective. The data we need prior to September's snowjob.

RNC Seeking Shelter Of Executive Privilege-Will NOT Abide By Subpoena

Rummy needs help in moving around

Tuesday TOONS: The Rovian Exit Parade Continues…

Whoa! MSNBC interviewing Dan Rather about his special tonight

Bruce Fein: Pelosi Needs To Put Impeachment Back On The Table

Look at this Right-Wing trash on

Silly Rove Songs

Father holding newborn gets shot with Taser at hospital

I've got an issue with universal healthcare

White House attacks Clinton's anti-Bush ad

I have CNN on here and they too are interviewing Dan Rather about

The Final Frontier

Who Now Opposes the War ? ? ? ?

Why Right Wing Comedians (Dennis Miller) & "Comedy Shows" Always Fail

Hillary's negatives at 49%? Can't win??

Lord Help Us! / Is He Barking Mad?

Fox’s Right-Wing Alternative To Daily Show Fails

California Communities Stand Up to Blackwater War Profiteers

Today, over 27,000 children died around the world

See Who's Editing Wikipedia - Diebold, the CIA, a Campaign

It just hit 106 here. If you have outdoor pets PLEASE be sure they have water

What is Bob Murray's history?

Should people receive income tax deductions because they have children?

Demonstration at Don Young (R-AK) salmon feed.

The Right to Remain Silent

Just Curious...How many DUers have started meds since becoming a member of the community??

Fox News Caught Editing Al Franken's Wikipedia Entry

Wife who killed preacher could go free today

New Mattel toys, with bright lead paint and magnets that can be swallowed!

Tropical Storm Dean forms in Eastern Atlantic--Erin could be forming in Gulf of Mexico

Pete Seeger and a couple other people protest the war every Saturday

Tweety is using Page Six for damage control over his sexual mashing

I'll bet your definition of this term varies with your position on the issue

Pab In The Hospital

ANSWER Coalition cited for putting up posters

Do poor people have free will

Should Mitt Romney Be Asked About The Mormon Church's Racist Past?

The Real News needs BFEE experts: 20 years since IranContra

Male sex appeal lies in face shape

FOX News trying to stop September 15 march!!

Voters Prefer GORE For President - Above ALL Dems - In New Michigan Poll

Edwards’ Dilemma: The Most Popular Candidate in the U.S. Polls Only 12% of His Own Party’s Vote

Rove Linked to Multiple Major Criminal Investigations

Meet Mimi Evans: Iraq War mother and impeachment activist

Hm. I thought Rumsfeld *resigned*. But on TDS tonight, Kristol said...

Has anybody donated to more than one candidate?

We don't have a progressive working majority in the House

Mexican Group Challenges Canada’s Seal Hunt via NAFTA

Newsweek: The Bush White House after Karl Rove will be a very different place

I sense Rove Rovian trick in this Rove retirement

All the President's men: Bush's changing administration

J&E Edwards are on the NBC Today show now (8:13 AM)

The Nation's David Corn: Sorry, Karl, You Can't Just Cut and Run


Clinton's First Lady records at Presidential Library won't be released until after '08 vote

Not just his 'gal pal': Diana Taylor shares a life with Bloomberg - and fast-paced one of her own

Photos: Barack Obama speaks to voters yesterday in Nashua, NH

National Petroleum Radio interviews WSJ Detroit reporter dissing electric cars

Dan Rather is on the Thom Hartmann show

The Republican Threat v. The Democratic Hope

GOP Ticket ='s Ghouls/Gospel

Army Reprimands in Tillman Case Mild

will we be paying for SS protection for Rove after 8/31?

The Republican Threat

Why do Republicans HATE WISDOM? They seem to hate Science, History, Futurisn, Reason, Logic, Common

Alaska Lawmakers Losing Clout

GOP candidates acheive logical impossibility

Am I Being Silly Or Is MSM Trying To Make Us Feel Sorry For Rove......

John Edwards’ Big Lie

GQ list of the 50 most powerful people in Washington...Top 10...

THE question that needs to be asked every presidential debate....

David Kuo resurfacing in the rehashing of the Rove Legacy

Anyone else find it humerous the new tropical stoorm is named "Dean" ?

Can somebody explain to me what the Sandy Berger brou-ha-ha was about?

does anybody here seriously believe that turd blossom is out of the picture, as far as being "bush's

Draw the Line. (from Sen. Kennedy, Committee for a Democratic Majority)

Iraq summent: " major changes in the "structure, nature and direction of the Iraqi state."

A more accurate poll: Do you believe that "a certain amount" of the media attention paid to

In another cleverly disguised move to make sure Hillary is the nominee, the White House today ...

To lurkers and those active here who want to end the war in Iraq. make a phone call now.

John Edwards' "green-collar" America | A New Energy Economy

The only proper response to Elizabeth Edwards: Ignore her

Is DU "The Base"?

Hillary's documents as first lady hiden until after 08

The "Hillary is a drag on Democrats" story? One of the same sources said the same of Obama!

Karl Rove: A genius, in the sense that Wile E. Coyote is a genius

Hastert stepping down after this term.

Obama smear debunked, Western forces killing civilians at a faster rate than insurgents have been

Newt Gingrich on health care in 1993 - is there a recording or quote?

Dem Committees Crushing GOP In Fundraising

Tuesday Afternoon DU Straw poll

Bush hides ALL presidential documents but Hillary's should be open????

Paul Rieckhoff on Rachel Maddow....time for a draft.

Edwards open to Obama on a tickey with him

ARG: Clinton 36% (-2), Obama 21% (-4), Edwards 16%, Richardson 7% (+4)

Amy Studdard: Edwards has gone WAY LEFT

DNC holding training this week for rollout of new nationwide voter file.

Tom DeLay: 'Rove will be more powerful than ever'

dispute with sister: Was JFK responsible for the bay of pigs dissaster or was

CHIP could affect well-being of Cornyn's re-election campaign

Folks, I'm willing to bet big money at this point Hillary will be the nominee.

How Karl Rove lost a generation of Republicans, By James Carville

Oliver North: My prediction is this man will never ever become President of the United State

Hillary a hit in rural Nevada...

Clinton Walks in Nurse's Shoes

Why I support John Edwards

Biden on C-Span at 8 pm est

Fox News Changes Wikipedia Entry

DLC in a Nutshell

John Edwards: The Real Liberal

Rasmussen: Hillary popularity growing in Florida.. leading all Republicans...

They get it in the UK----

Why is fear mongering is the only defense against Hillary?

Hillary Clinton's First TV Ad

Is Gravel helping or hurting Kucinich?

Rockridge Institute: The Trouble with the DLC

A different perspective on Biden

Hillary Clinton: More Disappointing than Liberal

A peek into an Edwards Administration......

Who should be NYS next Junior Senator?

Candidates' positions on the death penalty

Who do you THINK is going to win the Democratic nomination for President?

RAW STORY:Kucinich: DLC agenda "indistinguishable" from neocons

See Who's Editing Wikipedia - Diebold, the CIA, a Campaign

What Kind of Liberal Are You?