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Archives: August 10, 2007

Joe Conason: The GOP’s Big Health Scare

Country in Distress: The Upside Down Flag (by Anthony Papa at HuffPost)

U.S. Promotes Free Elections, Only to See Allies Lose

Jordan Yields Poverty and Pain for the Well-Off Fleeing Iraq

'In the Land of the Blood Feuds'

Independent UK: British losses soar as they prepare to leave Basra city

Why are Democrats joining Bush's Big Brother act? (Daytona Beach News-Journal)

Michael Ignatieff admits being wrong on Iraq. If only MSM acknowledged all the people who were right

Give It Back, Dick

The Fog of Fame: Pat Tillman as everyone’s political football

NY Sun headline falsely claimed Sen. Durbin "concedes surge is working"

PAUL KRUGMAN: Very Scary Things

Firefox Has User Retention Problems

I never thought that I'd be posting a poem on the Environment/Energy board . . .

Giuliani talks about ground zero risks

Facing a Furor, Pakistan Rejects Emergency Rule

UK officer calls for US special forces to quit Afghan hotspot

Censoring of Song Was an Error, AT&T Says

In 115-degree Heat, Iraq’s Shiites Take to Sreets in a Mass Pilgrimage

Bachmann, other Congress members are in Israel this week [privately funded trip sponsored by AIPAC]

Army to expand recruiting incentives (1 B on ads/bonuses last yr)

For Missouri, Stem Cell Act Changes Little

S.C. primary moves up; others to follow

Asian markets tumble as credit fears return (Fri. time)

Coast Attorney Blames Katrina's Fury On Oil Producers

Mortgage Losses Echo in Europe and on Wall St.

Camel toe

Myrna Loy Night on TCM.

Bumper sticker I saw today. Talk about a 'trophy partner'

It hurts that people are this stupid.


You know what's rude? When guests come over to YOUR house, and make you PAY before you eat

FYI: The Colts and the Cowboys are playing right now on ABC

I killed a widow today. Ask me anything.

I silled a window today. Ask me anything.

Dammit, it's Thursday, but I'm getting drunk anyway!

Would someone go see what the beagle's eating?

My Support Committee assures me there's nothing to worry about.

I have extra.


I soiled a widow today. Ask me anything.

Life is just a bowl of petunias

Herland Chapter Two

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.

Tonight was BST night

My show is on

I decided I want to spend my thirteenth birthday (over 30 years ago)

GRRRRRRR!!!!! My wireless connection keeps going out on me.

Crap! I just realized I missed 'The Office' tonight

Now THIS is a tech presentation!

Watch the History Channel RIGHT F***CKING NOW!!!1!!

OMD! The god knows how to stay!

The Lounge is full of PILFs tonight!

Would you rather.....?

Here's an article on MILFs.

I'm off!

My day in pictures...

I made this video for my lover and would like to share...

The fun is NOT over!

Remember the early morning screw?

so, I followed DS1's advice about the earwax thing.

It's not such a small thing, really...

Alright you damn PEVS, I'm going to bed

Beard or no beard....

I jsut realized I have someone on ignore

Beard or no beard....

Is it filthy in here tonight, or is it just all of YOU?

What belief were you brought up with, that the "real world" changed your mind about?

Senior Pictures of my teenager...

I might have a dilemma tomorrow

Where does HBO find all these exhibitionist sex freaks for REAL SEX?

spent ALL day at the ER with my mom

Remember the Early Morning Crew?

Man Candy (Pic Heavy)

Retro says he is ALWAYS good - How many would love to test that hypothesis?

The Lounge is full of FILFs tonight!

If your lover tells you that you have the most...

Having 2 teeth pulled tomorrow. Anesthetic choice?

Rev Acts.... mzteris... Fifi is missing

I decided I want to spend my thirtieth birthday (in 4 months)

Anyone else watching Mad Men....

For Those Who Want To Know, Here's The Latest Update On My Wife And Her Operation:

I'm watching the TV trailer for 'The 300'

FedEx Heads for Crash With Drivers in Job-Status Case

Washington Post: AFL-CIO Debate: Winners and Losers

Rally for SB 840 (Universal Health Care) LA City Hall, Sat. 8/11-Lily Tomlin, Kuehl...

Rudy's Healthcare Plan

Interview w/ Steelworker Steve Skvara: Everyone Should See 'SiCKO'

Why Impeach Bush and Cheney

On TWEETY:: Colonel Buzz Patterson v. Captain Jon Soltz, regarding Hillary


Giuliani's Daughter Endorses Obama, Thompson's Wife A Deadbeat

On Countdown with Alison

Watch the CBS Early Show tomorrow!!

New Yorkers, be ready for more flooding tomorrow

Not to honk anybody off on DU, but....

Calif. farm town is nation's smoggiest

Don't try this you'll probably get arrested

Americans need a sense of victory, and that we can win.

Logo link for debate tonight

* admin plans to step up immigration enforcement

Christ-Like Smudge Fetches Over $1,500

NY Sun headline FALSEY claimed Sen. Durbin "concedes surge is working"

Are there any circumstances where you'd willingly surrender your Constitutional rights?

What new "documents" could Hannity possibly have?


How much money has the greedy ass pig mine owner given to Orrin Hatch?

Did anyone see the moron pig and his dad out in the boat

Can anyone explain "liquidity in the market" and what it means that EU banks injected billions today


Have you seen that Army recruitment ad aimed at parents, the one

so how did Bu$hitCo and cronies make money crashing the home loan business world wide..!! his father

Bush vs. Zombies!

Want to win a Pulitzer prize? Here is how ...

So W calls up Barry Bonds and says:

The Few, The Proud, The Shattered

Washington Post, "Just Another Vacation From Reality"

Washington Post, "Just Another Vacation From Realit"y

Dubya tries honesty!!!

Nicknameless has left Democratic Underground

(Another?) Michigan Republican activist pleads guilty to sexual battery

OMG...I Think I'm Starting to Fall for Mike Gravel.

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

He might not be "electable" according to the experts...but Kucinich is the man....

Did Jay Inslee file articles of impeachment against Gonzo?

Stock Mkt CRASH upon us....Btwn now and 8/15 will be UGLY!

Rep. Sestak On FISA: ‘We Should Have Stood Up And Said No’ - Think Progress (with Video)

I always meant to ask Monkeyman if his name was from the Wilburys.

Is everyone ready...

A discussion point RE Mr. Obama I'm afraid I didn't think of.

DU Historians: Could JFK have won in '60 without LBJ on the ticket?

Boy, I Cannot Stand Mitt Romney

CBS casts anti semite, covers it up

I am so upset about the Utah miners. And I wish to hell Whorin' Hatch would STFU!!

Senator Jim Bunning: "Little Green Doctors Are Pounding at My Back"

I love love love Kucinich....

Presidental debate----blogging here :Dems (GLBT issues)

Fathers Create Bulletproof Backpacks

Pearl Jam's anti-Bush lyrics censored

* claimed today that housing market is doing a "soft landing"

Plane bound for Tahiti crashes into the Pacific

Uh oh....This one is going to hurt.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!! Peter Werbe subs for Mike

Richardson interview -- "My record makes me the most pro-gay/lesbian candidate in the country"

Does Air America Offer Podcasts For The iPod......

Praise where praise is due

Funny what our tax dollars are paying for...

DK: Guiliani Claims He Was At Ground Zero MORE Than Most Rescue Workers

Anyone should be able to knock this down with a feather

Huh?? 911iani beats all democrats except Hillary? (and that's "close"??)

Bush referred to 19 Hijackers as "kids" back in April

What just happened here? Needs caption -

Someone sent this to me saying it was a statement by Andy Rooney............

Check Out The Asian Markets Tonight... Lotsa RED !!!

Is Steven Colbert a Generational Thing....I kinda like him more than Jon Stewart?

St. Orrin's onboard... wishing them all luck with the "seismic event"

The Journey Of A VIP Bodyguard/Sniper Against The War (NG SPC Eli Israel)

Wow !!! - Recruitment Must Be Getting Really Tough !!! - $45,000 Bonuses Possible !!!

So, not one Republican candidate would agree to speak on an LGBT-centered network....

Censoring of Song Was an Error, AT&T Says

Ok why did they cave? And who caved?

ACLU Sues TSA Official, JetBlue For Discriminating Against Passenger Wearing Arabic T-Shirt

So, which progressive state is going to give $3500 to trade a 10 yr. old car on newer cleaner one?

Bush Rejects Gas Tax To Fund Bridge Repair, Decries Hill Spending

Young White Men:Scared, Entitled, and Cynical --

Another bit of history may be passing into oblivion: Baltimore's Arabbers

KO will be dealing with Murray the Utah mine owner

Bush's early arrival 'disruptive' (APEC summit in Sydney)

Kent officer tickets man for 'Impeach Bush' sign

Ghouliani = B*sh on steroids: "Freedom is about Authority"

$45,000 tax-free to enlist!

Who here would date/marry a Republican

Mortgage crunch hits Bay Area hard because of jumbo loans

A people's record of the atomic bombing

Canada declassifies papers on rendition

Whoops, There It Is... Again... Patrick Henry's Words... 'Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death"

Recovering a blown hard drive without spending major $$$$$

The GOP nominee for Vice President in 2008 will be...

So what's wrong? Start with...Television. Follow me here...

August month -to-date Iraq/Afghanistan KIA/MIA

E. J. Dionne on why the Democrats caved.

Anarchism vs. Libertarianism?

Of Chertoff, Cheney, Radioactive Trucks and Tinfoil...

The Economist Magazine: Republicans In Big, Big Trouble

Heard on Ed Schultz today Kucinich

== September Song ==

Isn't Senator Obama still the only candidate with Secret Service protection at this time?

Kucinich has actually worked as a hospital orderly and as a surgical tcehnician.

A Heads-Up for Agent Mike!

You look down on people all the time Obama..

Senator Clinton in classic union pose

Obama playing the race card..oh poor poor me

Wes Clark at the West LA Impeachment Rally

Democrats’ Summer Recess Iraq Ads Target 12 Swing District Republicans


Funny that they locked the thread on Hillary and Obama..

Is Kucinich gullible, a demagogue, or complicit in a chemtrail conspiracy?

*** Official Logo debate thread #2 ***

Policy statements from each of the candidates on same sex marriage rights (HRC)

If You Think They Hate Us Now

Academics Give Most Money to Obama

REbroadcast of LGBT forum right now

Most liberal voting records?

Margaret Carlson says to Kucinich: "They like you on the left coast"

Obama adds state lobbyist

LOGO Debate streaming again starting

Glenn Greenwald: the Foreign Policy Community

Hillary vs. Obama people...this one's for you!

Today in Rotten History...

NJ: Clinton 45%, Obama 21%, Edwards 16% (Ghoul up by 51 points among Republicans)

Beyond Disaster

CNN: Clinton 40% (+5), Obama 21% (-2), Edwards 13% (E), Gore 11% (-5)

BREAKING POINT? SC GOP Primary date shift may put entire Presidential nominating system at risk

If I were Gravel's campaign manager I would make him watch the LOGO forum

Giuliani talks about ground zero risks

Rep. Bill Sali (Neanderthal-ID)...Hindu prayer and Muslim Congressman spell the end of the Republic.

Kucinich presents the possibility of lawsuits against voting machine companies.(X)

One Man's Take On The Candidates And Same Sex Marriage

Edwards, "I do not support same sex marriage" - no reason

Poll NH: Hillary up by 18 over Obama...

I'm sorry, but Obama, and especially Hillary and Edwards lose with their position on gay marriage.

Will Richardson be picked as the 2008 VP running mate?

are we about to attack Iran? the silence from the Dems is deafening ...

*** Official Logo debate thread #3 ***

Gay Marriage or Civil Unions - Must Read Piece

Richardson asks Melissa Etheridge to ask Al Gore not to run

The Funniest Bashing of Republican Policy I've Ever Read....

Richardson: Homosexuality is a choice

Conflict on Clinton’s View of Nuclear Weapons: Did she flip-flop?

1,000 Posts

Hillary was full of it during the Gays Rights Forum. She side stepped Melissa Eldridge's question.

Enough with the Gore already. He has no political courage. Period.


Anbar 'Turnaround' Undercuts War Rationale

John Dean: The So-Called Protect America Act


Truthdig: Inside the Data Mine

Mitt Romney's Boys

Iraq violence: monitoring the surge--graphics and analysis

lte - Wrecking Government One of GOP's goals

Bush's Brain Fog

TIME Preview: Billy Graham Admires Hillary, and Worries About Bush and Iraq

Workers are told to shape up or pay up

"Liberalism is, I think, resurgent. ...people are so painfully aware of the alternative"

What Unites Iraqis: Blocking Western Petroleum Companies From Seizing Control of Their Oil

Matt Stoller|Waking Up to a Working Republican Majority

Reforming a Prison Nation

David Sirota: How to End the War? Make GOPers Decide Between Bush and Their Base

Getting the Rescue Right

Pelosi's Challenge In New Orleans

Tracking Pharma Gifts to Doctors

Irresponsible Journalists: Tucker Carlson and his Whitewashed Panel Discussing "Blackness"

Life in the Bubble: House Prices and Net Worth (by Max Fraad Wolff at HuffPost)

"Don't Know" is the Leading Republican candidate in Iowa

History of Bush's/Iraqi Oil 'laws"

The Nation: Things Fall Apart

Skyrocketing Milk Prices Hit Families

LAT: Hillary: the right's choice?

Rolling Stone - The Real Liberal: John Edwards... Don't Count Him Out

Fighting the Democrats’ Complicity with Bush

Pelosi's Challenge In New Orleans

Crocker vs Petraeus

Why the Democrats Caved By E. J. Dionne Jr.

Chick-Fil-A : Can you Please Hold the Propaganda?

Robert Parry: Spinning the Iraq War Death Toll

The Health Benefits Of Wilderness

UK Met Office/Hadley - Current Warming Faster Than Any Episode In Past 100 Years - Scotsman

Canadian Premiers' Talks On Carbon Trading Collapse In Disarray - Globe & Mail

Rain & Drought Push Down Western Europe's Wheat Crop Projections - Reuters

Utah Mine Owner's Illinois Site Had 2,787 Violations Between 2005 & Present - SL Tribune

Maybe 30 Years Left For Glaciers Atop Mexico's Tallest Mountains - Reuters

Hot, Wet Year Brings Something New To UK - Clouds Of Mosquitoes - Independent

Lung Cancer Rates More Than Double In Guangdong Province In 20 Years - Peoples' Daily

Massachusetts Accelerates Renewable Energy Industries

Brazil Opens its First Commercial Jatropha Biodiesel Facility

AMSR Polar Ice Imagery For 9 August - Pack Extent, Thickness Continue To Drop Rapidly

Creative accounting with ethanol byproducts

Hybrid Taxicabs Move County Toward Cleaner Rides (WaPo)

(VT) Governor criticizes wind power ruling

OK I think this may be unusual

Arctic sea ice 'lowest in recorded history': scientists - AFP

Science Daily - The Permian Extinction May Have Been Triggered By Sudden, Massive Carbon Release

National Ice Center 10 August Update - Tiny % Of Svalbard 1-3/10ths Coverage, Beaufort Breaking Up

California utilities get new energy-savings plan

Pharmaceuticals in Our Water Supply Are Causing Bizarre Mutations to Wildlife

Belgian-Dutch Partnership To Build Biocoal Pellet Plant

Cities make storms more intense (Princeton Study)

The view from oil's peak by Richard Heinberg

Did Media Or NASA Withhold Climate History Data Changes From The Public?

With Rice Stocks At Lowest In 30 Years, World's Leading Expert Notes "Worrisome Signs" For Future

US to help fund war on cocaine cartels in Mexico

Mexico warms to Venezuela, Cuba with new envoys

Japan Stock Markets Plunge In Friday Trading

Army to Expand Recruiting Incentives

Credit fears rattle Asian stocks

Car bomb kills 11 in Iraqi market - police

U.S. helicopter forced down near Baghdad

World shares fall on credit fears

Specific defense barred in Padilla case

Indian Opposition Parties Seek Vote on Nuclear Deal (Update1)

Report: Israelis fighting guerillas in Colombia

Over 50 killed in southern Philippines fighting

China faces `severe` food safety challenges

Sources: U.S. assessing Pakistan nukes if Musharraf falls

Priest Accused of Jogging Nude Now on Leave

World markets drop after Wall Street slide

New York to Allow 9/11 Ceremony at WTC Site

Day of bloodshed in Afghanistan mars 'peace jirga'

Court: US May Transfer Algerian Detainee (from Gitmo)

Drug giant seeing red over Red Cross emblem

14 killed in French Polynesia air crash

Chief federal judge too drunk to remember night at strip club

Apple hit with two new class-action lawsuits

Congo-Kinshasa: UN Experts to Probe Killing of Highly Endangered Mountain Gorillas

Eavesdropping Law Illegal, (Gitmo) Lawyers Say (New FISA Gets First Legal Challenge)

URGENT - U.N. Security Council unanimously approves expansion of U.N. role in Iraq

Heavy fighting erupts in Mogadishu

Man slips through N.C. airport security

Fed Biological Detection Program Delayed

Giuliani: I misspoke about ground zero

Bush, advisers monitoring markets: White House

High Court Reins in Class-Action Suits

Triple-digit temperatures broil Southeast U.S. (Atlanta 103, Columbia 104, Louisville 101)

Three killed in US mine accident

China's Iran stance worries US, Israel

Seismologists confirm Utah mine collapse caused temblor

3 Killed In Indiana Mine Accident

NATO soldier killed during patrol in Afghan south

U.S. hurricane outlook gets worse for this season

Colombia, 3 Congressman to Trial

Dow Sinks 387 on Renewed Credit Concerns

9/11 Workers Outraged by New Rudy Claim ("... Self-absorbed, Arrogant and Deluded")

Are GOP Leaders Leaking State Secrets?

Stocks still down; third time is not the charm for Fed

Gold futures close with gains on safe-haven buying

Police interview ("Fair dinkum labelled swearing by US airline")

HomeBanc Mortgage files for Ch. 11

Exiled 'anti-Islam' Bangladeshi writer attacked

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday August 10

Fed takes second action to add liquidity into banking system (updated)

Iran, Iraq to Sign Pipeline Deal

Dems cautious on gay issues (Logo/HRC forum)

No sound from 6 trapped Utah miners

Gay Nigerians face Sharia death

Children With Diabetes Win Assurance of Legally-Required Services at School

Bush War Adviser Says Draft Worth a Look

Yet another attempt to show off my inherent artistic talent

West Coast DUers: UFC Legend Royce Gracie taking on total POS Matt Hughes

It's good to have friends

totally trashed, come on i and have your way...if you got the guts...

Ahh. There's nothing more beautiful than seeing a jackass suffer. (Warning: Graphic.)


oh blah dee, oh blah dah...

I'm not there....


the world is not's an elliptical shperoid...

Looks like there was an orgy in here last night....


"You've opened a new tab"

Well, I'm prepping for battle again today...

Do you ever get tired of loving?


Paging underpants !!

DAMN!! you guys are GOOD!!!! (THANKS to the Lounge!!)

So, on the 21st my friend gets back from Iraq for a week

The Heart

do you exist at the interface between the past & the furture...


I just KNEW the Chinese were going to screw up the Olympics

my boss has to submit a packet for his review today

i had a hang-nail, but i clipped it off...


Woo hoo! MY leatherbound Lord of the Rings arrived! Beautiful!!

Girl Got Style!!!

Favorite Lindsay Lohan movie or suicide method?

Have you ever been knocked down? nt

*The Wiggles* do Richmond

Mahjong game 'can cause epilepsy'

Anybody Have Some Good News - I'm so depressed - the news

Speaking of Ian Anderson - today is his 60th birthday!

w00t!1!! got us a live one over in GD

Married Man Sues Florist for Revealing Affair


BEHEADED rattlesnake sends man to hospital

Maybe Naomi Campbell was just practicing for the UK Mobile Phone Throwing Championships!!

This year sucks - and it ain't over yet

Does your dog like cheese?

Relax everyone! I have some Fran Lebowitz quotes right here

i learned two things tonight (and got damn lucky, too)

Narrator: sometimes the duties of family life and work can conflict

Important poll: Freeptard or Hairway to Steven? (Poll)

Coulrophobia - The Fear of Clowns

JVS is determined to kill my character off!

Now THIS guy knows how to throw a tantrum.

If you are planning on being outside for 6 hours today

If you're blue and you don't know where to go to-Why don't you go where fashion sits STAMP STAMP

Worked 5 days, 10 hours per day to come up with 10 rows and 8 columns of data

Big Brother 8 watchers.... (SPOILERS)

Tickets NOW available for the opera "Carmen" in Portland (OR) September 21-29

If your lover tells you that you have the biggest...

Important poll: Freebird or Stairway to Heaven?

It's my birthday - ask me anything!

Police: Man Admits To Killing Neighbor's Dog Over Barking

If not vaporware, this is WAY cool! (iPhone clones without the limitations of the original)

I've posted EIGHT times tonight, since dinner...

Best Method of Freaking Out Potential Roommate?

Stormbringer's coming!!!!

Now that I've realized Ian Anderson would have been a topnotch Tom Bombadil, I'm angrier at Jackson

Has anybody yet sounded the call?

Watch a "Rockin'" career end in 4:58

Oregon woman loses her $1 million vagina

That guy who sang, "my future's so bright, I gotta wear shades" - where is he now?

Feeling like shit and I suddenly know why. The shrub has crossed State lines.

In the world of I'm not kidding you - the basement of my new home has a wine press

Score! New MP3 playa, boiiii!

How does shiisha fair in a humidor?

How much more can my life possibly suck you ask?

I have decided to distribute my $3,500,000 million dollars to my fellow Loungers

Ahh... Ahhh... Ahhhh...

how do you get 65% on a personality profile?

Whoo hoo! I'm on the Obama web site!

remembering your child's wedding anniversary

Lasagna bar on the international table in the cafeteria today

Mashed potatoes are good!

Thinking about getting a masters in cinema studies

I saw "Crash" last night - WTF????

Any "The The" fans here?

my 11year old nephew said this(I'm so happy)

Well the A/C diagnosis at work is in. Someone cut/stole the copper!

On the Bush library: "I heard his library burned down

Mrs.Usman Mike has informed me that I've won US $3,500,000 million dollars

Minimum-Wage Hike Celebrated With Name-Brand Ketchup

Men are so gullible... This is so embarrassing

look at me saving the planet!

I like raisins rather than candy, but if it is candy, I'd love chocolate...

Science Friday on NPR talking about new hominid fossils and the ancient bacteria

looking for a new 32 inch flat screen tv?

My oldest son is 44 today.

Got your Powerball ticket?

Oregon woman loses her $1 million jackpot

Vagina, Regina, Virginia, Angina

Can we send light and love to the miners that are trapped right now?

Video of Hillary at the fund raiser I was at!


So who in Harry Potter is not a jerk? (*spoilers*)

Dude! It's 420!

Tee shirt. cutoff shorts, knee brace

NYC Boro Du'ers: L'Amour was closed? And now has reopened in Staten Island???

I kiss the imaginary Synagogue in front of my real girlfriend.

Michael McKean is kicking Margaret Spelling's ass on Jeopardy.

Indian buffet, pasta/italian beef/polish sausage place, or McDonalds?

Indian it is. Lata hata's. No kissing on the sidewalk in front of my church. nt.

Ok, so now I have 50 people in my LinkedIn Network

Alan Rickman and Eddie Izzard doing The Four Yorkshiremen.

DM of the Rings (humor for LotR fans and D&D players)

Real Men Of Culture: Tony Sinclair

I HATE Microsoft Word

The Bar Is Open..........But

I kiss my GF in front of the church door: Does this make me a

Winehouse...going to rehab..yes, yes, yes...

imagine billyskank with Alan Rickman's voice

Damn you Taco Bell!

I kiss my imaginary GF in front of the neighborhood of a non-existing Catholic Church:

Gwyneth Paltrow Demands Your Obediance

Rachael says

Okay need some answers on evicting someone

Devils' Food Chocolate Cake

Humane society hero faces scrutiny

I need to steam clean my body

I Kiss My GF/BF In Front Of The ChurchLady Does That Make Me ...

Wiggam: "Where's Sideshow Bob?"

Happy Friday everybody

Don’t get out much? you can purchase the USB Pole Dancer....

Ladies, say Hi to Tuki Brando

Embarrassing moments in medicine

My first week of driving!!!

What should I listen to?

Here's your feel-good 'lion in wild reunited with guys who raised her' video of the week

It's Hot In The Lounge Tonight

Best Craigslist Post EVER


Who Believes In Reincarnation

Without looking at a book, how many of these knots can you tie?

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

This new Jack Black/MosDef movie could be great or it could be crap

What Was The Best Job You Ever Had

Anyone here own an Inspirion 1420/1520/1720 series Dell?

Shut Up And Drive

Gratuitous Beaver Shot!

Here's a treat for the Alan Rickman Voice Fan Club

Post movie title combinations here

рўц вў Ш егкт ўаа ...

Baby anteater flick...

Post a movie title which is also something to eat.

Whats your worst phobia?

Who Wants To Go To Olive Garden

This Sal - the - Stockbroker - being - paintballed - in - the-ass - by - his - wife clip is pure art

Limbaugh fan lives in a car

If your lover says you have the most beautiful

What I learned at the pillow fight

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/10/07

What's on your playlist?

There's a "Bratz" movie coming? WHEN? WHEN!!!!!

I kiss my GF in front of the neighbourhood Catholic Church: Does this make me a Gay Exhibitionist?

I wish I could nominate RetroLounge for the Special Visual Achievement DUzy!

Help me write a story - five words at a time

My band, Haywood Yards, on YouTube: performing on Chic-a-Go-Go

Dumb right-wing forward I received and some responses to it

Man charged with stealing urine samples

Men's dress slacks - pleated or flat front?

I don't believe people are bouncing them

*****Official Lounge Pev Thread*****

Does Rap Music Glorify

What was the worst job you ever had?

Domestic Abuse in the gay community, and overcoming an abusive relationship.

I can't believe what I just learned about my boss.

How much about sex did you learn from your parents?

I know you are, but what am I?

Oddest band names.

Hugh Laurie 1986...he's so YOUNG!!

Is it fair to flash your opponent to gain advantage in a game?

How I Spent My Summer Vacation (pictures)

Are girls more likely to ask for a Barbie doll than boys are?

I just put someone on ignore, because they hate AA and took it out on me


What do I have in common with Kirstie Alley and Valerie Bertinelli?

Joke at the breakfast table in the Peppermill Restaurant this morning in Aloha, Oregon:

Update on hungry kitty.

I have had an epiphany

Today in labor history Aug 10

CBC: New Documents Show U.S. Canadian Sent To Be Tortured

Here is the Pearl Jam segment that was blocked out by AT&T.

Watch Your (Fo)odometer!

Politics and religion.

Jorge at AFL-CIO Presidential Forum

It's the End of The World As We Know it #16

The United States of Jesus.

Hillary Clinton at Abbey in West Hollywood

The 1st Primary of 2008 could be in 2007.

Ghouliani on the 9/11 Rescue Workers: "I'm One of Them."

Bush vs. Zombies (3:03)

Max Keiser on Dan Rather's show talking about 1987 market crash

John Edwards and Barack Obama: Local news station finds there are two fundraisers and two Americas

The Hill's Karen Hanretty snarls on Hardball

John Edwards: LGBT Debate

"Why does faith deserve respect?"

George Carlin nails it (note: language warning)

In all the MSM coverage of the Utah mine collapse......


Did you watch TDS and TCR? Very freaking hilarious!

Who caved and who did not- We should all write them

Senator Gary Hart: Candor in the Age of Spin

Who was the most amazing political person you ever met?

The reality of politics - an analogy.

Just What is wrong with America when you can't even get doing the 'green' thing right.

Stu Bykofsky | To save America, we need another 9/11

Minnesota Man dies trying to save others after bridge collapse.

Man dies in immigration custody; sister begged to get him needed drugs

A guest is talking of Cheney and his many trips to CIA. Interesting. cspan1

Someone you should know: Spc. Kareem R. Khan, KIA 8/6/07

"Eat Your Spinach And Vote Kucinich!"

Is Capital Punishment Ever Appropriate

Harassment by helicopters? How much does Homeland Security need to fly helicopters overhead?

Is there a Charlie Rose/Joe Biden thread I'm missing? nt

Bear Stearns Fatcats Cashed Out At The Top LINK

Puke-worthy FR thread from the past re: Andy Stephenson

The Dark Side a.k.a. The Word.

Worldwide Global Selloff Before Stockmarket Opens Today...

Update on the case of the 8yr old scalded to death

More than music on Linda Ronstadt's mind: "They are leading this great country to ruin."


Article: "It's easy for soldiers to score heroin in Afghanistan"

Timeless wisdom from Thomas Paine and Friedrich Nietzsche.....

Inside scoop: the REAL makeup of the Republican cabinet under Bush

Marines' Charges Dropped in Iraq Deaths

I used to trust C-SPAN

another bridge down

The media's not getting the message out is our number one problem

Joel Pett on gay marriage and evolution

Letter from Montana: What the Bushvolk Have Done to America


How to End the War? Make GOPers Decide Between Bush and Their Base

We have good health insurance, but the rules can be insane.

The stock market is open only 10 minutes and they are already down 142.50...

March 21, 2003 - National Review's James S. Robbins: Looks like the war may go on a few more days.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Bush and Ahmadinejad Use Iraqi 'Soil and Blood' for Score-Settling

Straight and addicted to LOGO.....

A democrat got us into World War I...for the manufacturers...financiers must be safeguarded...


This is good...Stevens is toast...

New FISA Law to Get First Legal Challenge

The Second Coming of Karen Hughes

Joe Conason: If You Think They Hate Us Now...

A medication we can all use

Debating with Hillary supporters is reminiscent of ,

I, Lobbyist

How do you establish the rule of law in Iraq with a bunch of lawless mercenaries running around?

"America was built on Christian principles that were derived from scripture"

Security breach at N.C. airport probed (AP)

Anyone know of a good response to this global warming denier bs?

Why does * and Cheney get away with the Iran lie unchallenged?

U.S. Helicopter Forced Down in Iraq - Forced down? What, by a big hand or something?

Are New FISA Sections 105A and 105B Mere Window Dressing? Are They Constitutional?

Dem GLBT Debate: "History Was Made Tonight And My Part In That History"

GBI: Deputy charged in drive-by shooting kills himself

A Child's guide to United States Foreign Policy

Where was government oversight when they were selling these BAD mortgages??

Army adding recruiters to meet goals

Spinning the Iraq War Death Toll

Convicted Marine details ill-fated plan

Winehouse...going to rehab..yes, yes, yes...

Tim Grieve's War Room: Dem Candidates Struggle To Explain Why They Don't Support Gay Marriage

More remains found in Minneapolis bridge wreckage

To save America, we need another 9/11

Let's see if we can talk about this without rancor: name one subject / topic ---

What does it mean? Europe Central Bank injects 84Bil/US Fed injects 19 & 16Bil

Would someone like Dennis Kucinich win if we had instant runoff voting in the Democratic Primary? News Flash: Dredging up Virginia Tech story...

German bank becomes first EU victim of U.S. subprime mortgage woes

Dare you to comment on this:

What Unites Iraqis: Blocking Western Petroleum Companies From Seizing Control of Their Oil

The McClatchy Company: good guys?

WTF. ok, our gov't is ridiculous, but this!!

I'm sick of hearing about insurance (health care) for the children.

One of the Rush Limbaugh faithful...

Chief federal judge too drunk to remember night at strip club

Rep. Sali - Religious Diversity In Congress 'Not Envisioned By Founding Fathers

China let the idiots in Washington, and on Wall Street, know that it has them by the short hairs.

Woman Sues California Congressman (Doolittle) Over Spam

Mitt Romney's Boys

Recalled: 255,000 Chinese tires (with list from CNN)

when GOPers say the economy and market good w Bush

Transformers: Recruiters in Disguise

Did you know Senator Leahy was a major 'Batman' fan?

Couple charged with abusing children for not exercising

The two Indias - one for the rich & powerful and one for everyone else...

Blue Dog Logic...

The market goes kablooey....what happens to all those vested retirement funds

Why Telecom Co.'s & Bush Define American Fascism

The Propaganda Surge Is On

Administration Fights Dem Plan to Boost School Aid for Vets

Come on in an' russle up an ol' CAPTION for our pondering pard, W., the current resident

"I love the smell of CAPTIONS in the morning. It smells like . . . like . . . Viagra!"

Just in case you run into a Romney backer - here is his solution for healthcare. Fines.

Pew Poll: Public Sees News Media As Biased, Inaccurate, Uncaring

The Free Republic of Homophobia.....

what would happen if the secret government was revealed?

CAPTION * "conversating" with Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh

Drill reaches pocket holding Utah miners (AP)

How can you detect a devout Republican?

Isn't the U.S. STILL under "National Emergency" from 9/11?

Administration Fights Dem Plan to Boost School Aid for Vets

Day After Gordon's Latest 'NYT' Front-Pager -- Bush and Cheney Threaten Iran

Sizing Up Election Security

Is "lock bumping" prevalent in your area?

Did you catch Mika Brzezinski whoring for the anti-immigrant crowd on MSNBC this morning?

An open letter to Mitt Romney

Air quality and the Beijing Olympics

Cramer has a meltdown and commentary added.

Screw Petraeus & his Sept. report, Chimp said we're STAYING in Iraq

Bush on track to become the vacation president

Electric bills will skyrocket with the recent Heat Wave as Prices Rise/Mortgages Reset....

OH yes! Let's encourage people to buy into the Stock Market right now!

Pew Research Polling Report: Most Support Watchdog Press

Mitt Romney's sons...

southern Manitoba, Can. beaten up by large hail

The Bush Cabal Has Turned Our Once Great Nation Into A Soviet Union.

Where DU's Market Watch when we need it?

Poll ?: Does allowing the gov. to intercept phone calls from terrorist suspects make America safer?

"Campaign Contributions from Credit Card Companies? Priceless" MotherJones

Progressives On The Rise

feel sorry for the N.Koreans - climate change ruining crops

What is the biggest threat to our planet right now?

Congress likely to approve arms sale to Saudi Arabia

Iraq Had A WMD

Yes, Africa can feed itself—through asustainable agriculture revolution

Police chief says department targets Hispanics

CNBC deck hand. "technology is doing great!"

Again, I ask... WHAT THE HELL is up with his legs??

Utah Coal-Mine Rescuers May Have Missed Target With First Drill

Utah Mine Owner's Illinois Site Had 2,787 Violations Between 2005 & Present - SL Tribune

Look at what those RNC B's are doing now....

Iraq's oil minister says Russia's Lukoil will have an advantage in gaining new oil contracts

It's the day before 8/11...if it weren't for the calendar, 8/11 would be the new date

Stone Age Settlement Found Under English Channel

Federal Reserve Pumps Money Into Economy

Convicted Marine Details Ill-Fated Plan

CAPTION our Nero wanta-be

NAFTA and Hillary?

Accused Pedophile Out on Bond Accused of Killing 3 College Students

ALL the Cable "news" are in Super Distraction Mode! Hey! Let's play "Report the Distracto-news!"

right NOW--NPR----Science Friday--fossil that is RE-shapping evolution thinking.

"Has a lot of money gone to money heaven because it was all based on smoke and mirrors?" --CNBC

Police: NAMBLA Member Had Bag Filled With Nude Boy Photos

The Dow (through the years.. a chart..with GDP and Household net worth)

US troop levels in Iraq reach all-time high

I know some will hate me for suggesting this, but I think Dennis Kucinich should get a makeover

Report: Bush Administration’s FOIA Compliance Deteriorating, Gonzales’ DoJ Most Secretive Agency

If you or I just cranked up the old photocopier and printed us up some cash,

Meet a Rush Limbaugh listener

Dems in Congress: What will they do after Petraeus' report mid-September?

Thank God!!!!11 Bush is MONITORING economic meltdown from vacation!

That guy who sang, "my future's so bright, I gotta wear shades" - where is he now?

Alaskans angry and protesting

America's Shame: 2 years after Hurricane Katrina

how are the Rethugs profiting from crashing the Home lending system. like the Popy Savings and loans

Poverty in America?

The Vacationer-in-Chief, and Jeb too ---pix--->>>

This makes my brain hurt...

Just learned of this film

Energy Futures Rebound on News of Storm -- What a fine system.

What's that you say? Maliki's government is failing? Bush will just say "LALALA! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"

This summer is building up to be "The Perfect Storm"

Iraqi interpreter: 'Now I have no future'

I am really agnry about the stock market


NEWSWEEK - The Truth About Denial

When a bank forecloses on a home, who is to blame?

What would happen if the stock market system were entirely dismantled?

If you have more Kooch

Mayor Rocky Anderson will have an intimate conversation with PDA sustaining members re: Impeachment

There's a good discussion of food issues on NPR right now

Shades of the 2000-2001 Tech Crash: Mass Layoffs at Mortgage Firms Going Largely Unreported

I've got 35 years until I can touch my retirement savings...what to do?

Minn Bridge Collapse: They found the bodies of the pregnant mom and her toddler daughter


Did you all see the report on the daily show last night about Romney's sons?

My local news just used the term "Democrat Party".....

Market Turbulence Could Spur Financial Services Legislation

If the Chinese get nervous enough about the Fed inflating

What Is The American Dream??

Wall Street & Main Street -- A rigged game.

I shall now describe two hypothetical scenes, and you shall compare the two.

Another mine accident, 3 dead, in Indiana. Just on CNN. n/t

Beware of headless snakes.

are there EU forums we can go to to tell them they have been scamed my the Bu$h crime family

Salinas child molester avoids prison, gets probation

Beat the rush! Register "" NOW!

Bush to skip half of APEC meeting

"My parents co-signed, so I got a better rate"

A poll you'll believe in!

CountryWide Warns Employees of Layoffs..My daughter is

9/11 workers outraged by new Rudy claim

We need some 21st century Democrats

Montana: $500 fine if pet is left in car

Fred Phelps is protesting bridge victims' funerals

Will Will Pitt be back after his suspension is up?

One Time For The Gay People In Little Rock!

Take a page from KKKarl's book. Attack their strength.

So, how's that laissez-faire system working for us now?

sorry dupe

The Post Office Congress? Not Really

funny how on MSNBC their lead story says "stocks rebound" but

What's up with The Lionel Show?

The divided anti-war movement needs multi-issue politics and grass-roots initiative

Romney woos Iowans with lavish food spreads. He's up in the polls!

Doesn't injecting cash into the system just represent

Report: Pentagon 'urgently assessing' security of Pakistan nukes

Do Congress and Candidate Democrats Take Our Votes For Granted?


Musharraf learning election engineering from Rove and Company.

Extreme heat in most of the country, PLEASE don't forget your outdoor pets!

Interesting idea on a bill for pulling out the National Guard from Iraq

Cheney, Bush threaten Iran while al-Maliki and Iran will sign mutually beneficial oil pipeline deal

Why did Gemayel lose in Lebanon?: Gemayel's support by the Bush administration naturally....

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Fri 8/10 - no punches were pulled in the drawing of this cartoon

Where Does Fred Phelps Get His Money? Anyone Know?

To all of you assuming a Dem will win in 2008, I have two words for you

Everything you thought you knew about the Democrats caving on FISA....might be wrong

I know this is ridiculous but if Tweety was

Has NASA revised climate numbers that damage the argument...

China: "Uncle Sam, Your Banker Will See You Now ..."

Mr Stock Market gets battered

Clay Aiken (D-NC) for US Senate 2008

Didn't someone OUT former Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell, who wrote LONE SURVIVOR, as a LIAR?

High Of 108 Degrees In SE North Carolina Today!

When we fix this country, "Free Speech Zones" should be the first thing we trash!

Assume you were a president, and a same-sex civil unions bill came to your desk. Would you sign it?

If you think they hate us now

Just Asking....

Should there be a "hide from" list?

Anbar “Turnaround” Undercuts War Rationale

A New Tactical Twist in the Coming War on Iran

In Puerto Rico (US Territory), the Governor (member of the Dem Party) signs new Cockfighting Law

Risky-mortgage meltdown was predictable, preventable

Wow. I'm impressed at the sensitivity of the Carlson boy regarding gay marriage

I woke up feeling particularly tinfoily today

Bug Found in NASA Climate Data

Rep. Schakowsky(D-Ill.): Petraeus hints at decade-long Iraq presence

So do we divest of the stock we own in retirement plans and put it where?

.S. commander says Iraqi cleric Sadr in Iran

GOP leaders accused of leaking state secrets..

FISA Revised: A Blank Check for Domestic Spying

Bush Set To Beat Reagan's Vacation Record!

Brownback is using the band 'Kansas' for his campaign stops????

Who is the worst local politician in your area?

Maria Ortiz First Army Nurse KIA Since Vietnam

Listen up, Bush tells Maliki: Iran is a danger -- Listen up, Maliki tells Bush . . .

I think that I have a cure for the daily republican blahs that hit us all.

Ignore List

"Off"-tasting Cottage Cheese Recalled (Knudsen)

Suspect in multiple execution is undocumented with record

Woman Sees Her Good Samaritan Dying

Who else just saw the blatant sexual harassment on "Slimeball, with Chris Matthews"?

$25b dumped by the fed to shore up BANKS... but

I've been thinking about this all day. I sure wish there was

How come "they" always seem to be willing to bail out hedge funds?

NY Daily News: 9/11 workers outraged by new Rudy claim --->>>

The next 18 months--I think we're in for "interesting times"

The illegal wiretapping issue is simple:

I always have and I always will blame Greenspan for the current state of affairs in real estate.

Petition To Terminate Stu Bykofsky - (To save America, we need another 9/11)

So how's that 'ownership society' thing of bush's going...

Does anybody have any information on that double secret probation meeting in LA?


Socialized medicine...socialized medicine...socialized medicine...

Mayor Giuliani allowed Hollywood CELEBRITIES to TOUR Ground Zero! (Sept/Oct 2001)

Genetically Modified Foods: Toxins and Reproductive Failures

Harold Ford's Words in Wall Street Journal Opinion Page Article

About Rahm and Tim Mahoney...from the swamp we call Florida.

No more more trillion-dollar wars

Pass the Flip-Flops! Mitt FLIPS for War on Terra!

ABA criticizes Bush terror policies

The sickest things in the world happen in China. Will you watch the Olympics, and why not?

How risky US home loans caused global tremors

Waking Up to a Working Republican Majority

Danny Schechter: Subprime or Subcrime? Time To Investigate and Prosecute

No Impeachment...

Cheney urging strikes on Iran

Vandalism at Kucinich HQ after gay marriage support comment

RNC attempts to scare donations out of the elderly - REALLY!

What is your favorite hare-brained Republican idea?

Rolling Stone Contends that John Edwards is "The Real Liberal"

Is there anyone out there who is an expert on what is happening in the financial world today?

Boy dies from amoebic encephalitis after swimming in local lake (Warning)

National Review's Top 50 Conservative Rock Songs of All Time

ATTN: Pittsburgh Panther Fans

Computing UK: NSA can tap a third of world's telecoms.

Giuliani: I Misspoke About Ground Zero

Vote your long term serving Senator & Congressional Rep. a permanent vacation

Stocks fall as fed adds more liquidity

Roger Ebert's review of "No End in Sight"

My Sister Says She Wishes That Obama & Clinton Would Cool It.

"A Time to Lead" - Wes Clark attends Impeachment Rally

Harper's Reporter's Questions On Impeachment To Conyers Go Unanswered

ACLU Sues TSA Official, JetBlue for Discriminating Against Passenger Wearing Arabic T-Shirt

Oh boy! I just can't wait for the cheery Sept. Report from Gen. Betray-Us!

If pres. cheney wants to strike Iran there's no one who can stop him.

The price of empire is America's soul and that price is too high

Mass rape - how and why does this happen?

Another Fallen Boy

Breaking --CNBC- Fed is adding BillionsFor a THIRD TIME IN ONE DAY- Unprecedented!

Helen Thomas: Yet Again, The Democrats Roll Over

What happened to the DU Memorial Wall idea?

Blue Dog Democrats, Staunch Bush Allies

AFA: Redbook magazine endorses hedonistic sex!

BRAD BLOG 'Full of Shit' Says Diebold Marketeer; Aftershocks of CA's E-Voting Earthquake; MORE...

A historic opportunity to silence Curtis Jackson AKA rapper 50 Cent

Citing Four-Day Old Surveillance Law, Bush Seeks Dismissal of Lawsuit Challenging NSA Spying

Don't you wish YOUR social security was in the stock market????

Hurricane Flossie could affect the U.S. next week.

McClatchy: What's the fuss with Wall Street and the Fed?

Poor Losers (Mother Jones)

Bush: No Bailout for Pinched Homeowners

Newborn baby turned in under Safe Surrender program

What a crock!!

Laura Bush writing children's book about a little boy who doesn't like to read

Previously blacked-out passages released show that US had sent Arar to be tortured

Giuliani: I misspoke about ground zero

TAKE ACTION: SF Chronicle's ignorant pro-electronic voting editorial

Very Bad Idea: Methodist church offers counseling to public: Fees to be based on clients' incomes

List of the 50 Greatest Liberal/Progressive Rock Songs

Bill Richardson on homosexuality : "It's a choice."


What do you think will happen when the Great Depression 2.0 comes?

The economy is teetering on the edge of a cliff....

USA quietly withdraws from international study comparing math and science students.

TOON: "Bush The Decider" is now "Bush The _____ "

Homeland Security to secretly scan people's emotions

The CBS event in KC this morning - pics

***DUzy Awards for week ending August 10, 2007.***

Church won't hold funeral for gay man

10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage is Wrong:

This is a stupid question , however what do people do who lose their homes ?

The collapse of the sub-prime market & the liquidity crunch explained through It's a Wonderful Life

Drug giant seeing red over Red Cross emblem

What Portion Of The Subprime Mortgages Actually Go Into Default?

How the Bin Laden family made a $killing$ from 9/11.

Air Force Woman Could Be Convicted in Her Own Rape


Did Chris Matthews just break sex harassment law in National TV? Law Says ANYONE can sue who saw it

How Access To Easy Credit Has Been A Hindrance To Progressive Economic Causes

'War Czar' return to a draft should be part of the discussion.

This makes me so sad: Justice Dept. Report Finds Blacks Comprise Nearly Half Of U.S. Murder Victims

Travel to the September 15th demonstration in DC? "Peace Trains"?

NBC Blackwater Report: This is a company that increasingly has its sights on domestic deployments...

Employer To Obese Employees: Shape Up Or Pay Up

MUST READ: Rovian Republican Plot to Seize CA Electoral Votes --->>>

Where in Ground Zero is Rudy Giuliani?

Schakowsky [D-IL] On Iraq Visit: ‘Surge Is A Failure,’ Warns There Is ‘Major PR Effort Going On’

RNC Dirty Scary Tricks: Voter "Audit" Letter Raises Questions

Group formation proposal - the reflecting pond

The Moral Transformation of an Economic Hit Man

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom stands up to the gun lobby


On cell phone between Pocatello and Sun Valley, Idaho...Dean talks party line.

Conservative grassroots movement pushing for Keyes presidency

US Papers Fri: 'We Are in the Middle of It'

Image - Fox News - Because They're Stupid

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley To Organize Clinton Backers Next Week

Anti-Iraq war U.S. Rep. James P. McGovern in N.H. to help Clinton

The LOGO Debate: Marriage Is The Question

It seems the world just might need a George Bailey on Friday...

I was push polled by some local Repuke last night..

Edwards was the clear winner.....

The "Mitt Mobile": Mitt Romney leading is Iowa and NH.

Our gigantic national debt and the return to popular imperial expansion.

Why did we start the National School Lunch Program?

RNC Voter "Audit" Letter Raises Questions

Crazy man lives in car in backyard uses yard as toilet admits listening to Rush Limbaugh every day

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Like a Scoop of Cherry Garcia

Iowa to keep caucus in 2008

Mayor Newsom set to endorse Clinton for president

I have a question about the WTO and NAFTA.

Kucinich uses stuffable-box unscientific non-random-sample poll to his advantage; will he apologize?

Rasmussen: Obama up 1 on Rudy, 7 ahead of Thompson

Do They Even Let George W. Bush in the White House?

Poll: Seems most Americans think military action in Pakistan is a bad idea...

love this cover

Special Interest groups. will our candidates ever disagree with anything?

Fearing Pocket Veto, Democrats Hold Back Lobbying Overhaul Bill

U.S. backs Maliki, avoids talk of Iraq government collapse (Reuters)

MSNBC's 'Truth Squad' (Dems labeled "untruthful" for criticizing Bush) FAIR Action Alert

ONLINE POLL: Obama is favorite candidate among visitors to LogoOnline...

I went to link to the first picture that comes up when you type "great depression" in Google and...

CA Sen Sheila Kuehl has endorsed Hillary Clinton

CNN Poll: Clinton 44%, Obama 24%


Bush, Clinton Dynasty ! ENOUGH ALREADY !!!!!!

Bill Kristol has been to Iraq- says we need another 6 months or so

Iowa Governor Wants January Caucuses (NYT blog)

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (8-10-07)

Truthout: Blue Dog Democrats, Staunch Bush Allies

the best democracy money can buy

Resistance of One

Rep Nancy Boyda (D-KS) great comments on new FISA law.


Ned Lamont back online

Hillary Tells Health Care Critic to Stuff It


For Deaniacs....good article giving him some credit....

Barack Obama: Obama Provisions to Make America More Competitive Signed into Law

The so called "free market" hawks, pored over a 100bil in the last two days

Rudy's five big lies.

John Nichols: McCain Collapses Into the Margin of Error

Republican economy coming home to roost (droppings will hit everyone)

Chris Bowers: Clinton's Position Appears to be Strengthening...

Paul Craig Roberts penned an editorial linked below on the...

Village Voice: Rudy Giuliani's Five Big Lies About 9/11

What percentage of American women consider themselves feminists?

Clinton Emulates Bush Campaign Tactics

"Are GOP Leaders Leaking State Secrets?"

Giuliani: I Misspoke About Ground Zero (AP)

You Gotta Read This! ...The Architect's House Tumbles Down

Master P. endorses Barack Obama; Issues Challenge to Media

Photos: Barack Obama spoke today in Las Vegas at the National Association of Black Journalists

"Now is the time for ALL DU to come to the aid of..

Edwards Statement on President Bush Comments on Housing Crisis

I am considering voting for Kucinich in the California Primary.

Wow. Richardson might as well step out of the race.

AT&T Censors You, Why Not Censor AT&T Back???

Gitmo Lawyers Challenge New FISA Bill in Court

'Warm' Clinton's got a friend in Rev. Billy

Kennedy responds to critics on Cape Cod Wind Farm

Psst! Want To Know A Secret?

A few questions re: Richardson

New Hampshire poll Clinton 36%, Obama 19%, Edwards 15%, Richardson 12%

The re thugs have a slogan for Hillary already guess what it is

Names of Senators who voted for the August 3rd FISA bill

China's Economic Blackmail

The Real Liberal: John Edwards is Third in the Polls, But Don't Count Him Out (Rolling Stone)

Edwards Campaign Unveils Growing Support in LGBT Community

Edwards campaign blasts Giuliani for 'exploiting' 9/11

Do you believe that Hillary Clinton won the debate as the 8 New Yorkers in the NY Post say she did?

Tension rises in Clinton nuclear dispute

TIME Magazine on HRC Debate: Clinton Gets An "A"

Economy Meltdown a GOP nightmare...

A Bolder John Edwards (interview)

Edwards Campaign Statement on Giuliani Comments

Kos is an Ass

Was Hillary for taking nukes off the table re Iran before she was against?

I no longer fear the Kucinich Revolution.

Gay Panelists: Clinton Won

One of Hillary's flip-flops finally hits the MSM...