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Fallout From the War at Home - Kids Neglected and Abused by Mom

Joint Chiefs Nominee Notes Toll on Military, Need to Plan for Iraq Drawdown

Bad news and good news

Scott Ritter: A Call to Service

Teens at Work (Thousands Work Unpaid Baggers Mexico Wal-Marts)

Media Marijuana Mania Part Duh (by Maia Szalavitz at HuffPost)

Finding A Polish Plumber Is No Joke In Warsaw By REUTERS

The Last Jews of Baghdad

Dr. J.'s Commentary: Will the Real George Bush Be Made to Stand Up?

American Home Mortgage's survival in doubt

US border fences 'an eco-danger' - BBC

What's your recipe for a sustainable energy policy?

'Noose tree' cut down at Jena High School

F.C.C. Hands Google A Partial Victory

Harley Davidson Reaches 5-Year Contract with Workers

Dems want to keep GOP from votes on Iraq

BAE concludes major US takeover

Retired General Is Reprimanded in Tillman Case

Charges Dropped Against Saudi Police

Ethics Questions Plague Other Alaska Senator

It's Official: Dow Jones and News Corp. Boards Back Deal

Iraq role to last years, cost more -U.S. officials

Rumsfeld to testify at Tillman hearing

U.S. checking possibility of pumping oil from northern Iraq to Haifa, via Jordan

Report: 3rd Bear Stearns fund in jeopardy

Breaking: Rumsfeld to Testify Wednesday on Pat Tillman's Death

U.N. approves sending 26,000 troops to Darfur

Bounty Hunter Disrupts Possible Terror Plot

U.S. presidential candidate slams arms sales to Saudis

Spy chief: Anti-terrorist programs more extensive than acknowledged

Lieberman Escalates Attack On Iraq Critics

J&J to Cut Up to 4,820 Jobs on Drug Woes

Grim camps for Iraqis avoid the "pull factor"

Bush Nominee: Al Qaeda Seems To Have ‘Unlimited Pool’ (Of Fighters In Iraq)

If you bought a CD from me, would you want underpants to go with it?

oh no i lost my star !!!!

hey kids! Want an entry-level job after college? Well guess what: you need underpants!

Study: Multiple Stab Wounds May Be Harmful To Monkeys

ROFL! Bill O'Reilly grilling the free republic guy on his show!

self delete, don't have the energy

I just poured a dirnky winky

Shlongy sllhng shlong

Damn it! I am so stupid...

I just agfigreued it out. I am peter o'toole!

It's all gopsux's fault..

Which Show Has The Best Theme Song


A grasshopper goes into a bar and the bartender says, "You know...

bar trick

I just realized. I'm 35 and I act 25.

JK Rowling interview from Dateline NBC...(SPOILER ALERT!)

Movie quotes time! I'll start:

I just realized I'm 15 and act 15.

Name the most famous and/or interesting person on your backyard tree...I'll start...

Self-Delete. Sorry. Don't bother clicking here. Work in progress.

I just realize I'm 70 and act 69...

I love...

I've been hungry all night and I'm tired of eating carrots.

So much for a child's role models

If you're naughty and you know it...

Study: Iraqis May Experience Sadness When Friends, Relatives Die

Can't View the Pictures I have Saved on my Computer

New 22" monitor, and DU looks all wonky. Any ideas?

An O'LOOFAH trilogy - updated - WARNING, graphically disgusting!!1

Bad joke thread

I just realized, I have a 24-year-old future trophy wife

OK lounge I double dog dare you to top this

What is your current give a shit index reading?

pLease stop aLtering my profiLe preferences

Which one of you people stole my winch? (copycat)

Anyone have an LG front loading washing machine?

Which one of you people stole my wrench?

Somebody smack me upside my head...

Finally the Answer! Why we have sex!

Bwaha. Lovely Stephen Colbert quote tonight:

I'm terribly afraid of flying NORTHWEST.

Being a long-distance caregiver sucks..

Is breastfeedinga feminist atststaement?

If the DU Lounge was the tv show Gunsmoke who would you be.

Faith Hill defends Tim McGraw's balls

If the DU Lounge formed a Pre-Cambrian era community which job would you want?

Any Drum & Bugle Corps fans on DU? Check in!

Two new things that really bother me about To Catch a Predator

What makes you "cool"?

Hamm's Golden Draft

Anyone watching Eureka on Sci Fi Channel?

Children, how long is it considered proper to breast feed?

I just realized I'm 16 and act 40

best jerry lee lewis album?

Who is this "Neil Young" guy, anyway?

hey book lovers, check out this website

I would like to apologize to Oeditpus Rex for despoiling his baseball thread

I am having a migrane

If DU was "CPO Sharkey", who would you be?

Hairspray. 1988 or 2007?

If you were a Simpsons character,Which one would you be ?

Sometimes, all ya wanna do is smoke a J and listen to Petula Clark

In just a few weeks I will be moving into my upstair loft, I have been working on this space for

AAAARRRRGGHHHH!!!!! A lot of my casenotes have disappeared!

Just got back from Mexico - ask me anything!

If the DU Lounge was the Waltons tv show, who would you be.

If the DU Lounge were "Gilligan's Island," who would you be?

Bonds intentionally walked; thousands of Dodger fans photograph epic event

If DU was the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, what guest would you be?

HERE are the first 18 lines of the canterubury tales in middle english

I have officially adopted "bollocks" as my new expletive

Calling all math geeks

Ouch! That was ONE thing I didn't need to see!

Pick your absolute FAVOURITE book quote, and post it here

Post your favorite mellow music...

My neighbor keeps a city-owned, temporary "No Parking" sign at his curb

Another teacher/student sex scandal

How many of you have received e-mails like this one?

Can wearing glasses make dents in your skull?

Lelapin's home!!!

Pregnant person took cocaine, charged

"He who says nothing of note, never misspeaks."

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 7/31/07

Cutest Kitten Ever In History Of Cute Kittens

And now for something completely different- Fractals!

Kids these days got it easy...

some art (pic heavy)

Good Vibes Needed. Wife Going In For Surgery Early Tomorrow.

best bruce springstein album?

Need some help found lost film trailer need to convert to digital

Which one of you people stole my wench?

Big Brother 8

What's a good program for learning another language?

If the DU lounge was Twin Peaks, who would you be?

I'm terribly afraid of flying.

Oh yay lets do this shit again whjat a wonderful fucking idea

sniffa reviews: the honeymoon, day two (pic heavy)

Study: Children of deployed troops more likely to be neglected

Electrical workers reject contract offer, Strike could stop $100B in oilsands work

TV and film industry rattled by strike fears

Rep. Inslee on Alberto Gonzales Impeachment - Hardball

Student minister charged in attempted 'exorcism' on Autistic Boy

The strangest thing just happened to me.

CNN Gives Laura Ingraham A Tryout

Group wants to Deliver Bibles With Newspapers

House Oversight: Rumsfeld To Appear Before Congress Tomorrow; Also Myers, Abizaid

Text of Censure Letter to Gen. Kensinger, RE: Pat Tillman

Rumsfeld to appear before Congress tomorrow.


Israel hails US military aid rise

Billo just had a "Spokesman" for Freeperville on .......

Dick Cheney: "I don't recall that I gave instructions to that effect."

Do you plan on watching Cheney on Larry King tonight? nt

The Reagans on Drugs

Wake me when it's over

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL has just been hit by the Death Star

McClatchy: Polls down, integrity questioned, Cheney hits airwaves

Just say NO to private health care!

Was a resolution to impeach Gonzo introduced today? and if so, what was the reaction?

My Republican neighbor came over and asked who was James R. Bath?

Grandmother uses granddaughter as a lookout for heroin deal

Our dispicable, smutty, press corps

Copper theft spoils $500,000 worth of Indiana food bank groceries

A serious request. Could someone post the last couple of

George W. Bush Will Never Go After Osama bin Laden. Why? The B&B Company is Why.

Cheney says looking into the Att Gen firings is a witch hunt,

Rep. Braley Signs On To Inslee Resolution To Impeach Gonzales

Anyone watching Eureka on Sci Fi Channel?

Alaska Talk Radio callers are Freaking OUT

Republican is he?

Can't View the Pictures I have Saved on my Computer

Woody Harrelson's Go Further doc on Sundance now (9:40pm EST)

Specter: McConnell Letter Doesn’t Cut It, Waiting To Hear Directly From Gonzales

yes there is a decent chicago alderman- meet joe moore.

Ouch....Great opinion piece about Hillary..

Harley Davidson Reaches 5-Year Contract with Workers

Edwards Calls On Congress To Block The Saudi Arabia Arms Deal

Hey Dickwad Cheney: Gerald Ford never started no pre-emptive war

Robert Parry, Consortiumnews on Mike Malloy TONIGHT!

Countrywide/American Home Lender filing bankruptcy?

Robert Parry Exposes O'Hanlon and Pollack Propaganda & War-Cheerleading Past


Whatever happened to that 'Impeachment' forum ?

DU this poll regarding Ted Stevens !

CNN Hits New Low... Kathy Joe Did Horrible Stuff To Her Body... Polygamy Special...

Finally the Answer! Why we have sex!

NYT: The Whys of Mating: 237 Reasons and Counting

Separated at birth.....(pics)

This will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling - Blackwater and Univerity of Illinois team up.

Baby, I'm Amazed... At The Swallowing Of The "Pelosi Directly Benefits From Impeachment" Meme

Documentarian Chas Ferguson ("No End In Sight") on Charlie Rose tonight

America Pays $200,000 Per Minute in Iraq, Humanitarian Crisis Worsens

Symantec's Dark Vision mines underground Web sites

Florida's 13 District. Recount or what?

Pursued Car Hits, Kills CHP Officer; EB US-50 Closed

Wouldn't It Be Good For America, If Republicans Welcomed As Much Internal Dissent Within Their Party

Does Hillary plan on using tax cuts for a health-care solution like Giuliani?

The Daily Show covering the Ted Stevens "thing" (on NOW!)

Murdoch wins Faux Street Journal

New ultra efficent windmill design

Report: Putting U.S. Troop Casualty Statistics In Perspective

Boss Killed Pair Who Wanted Raise, Police Say

Countrywide Mortgage Director Sells 12,000 Shares

Central Nebraska (ABC) station poll on Global warming.

Hillary Clinton's Iraq War vote: Why should it matter five years later?

Pelosi seeks input from diverse array of confidants

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Peter Werbe subs for Mike

Thank you for smoking. How many of you have seen that movie?

Tonight's guest on The Colbert Report -- Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, on Now!

A new Dan Abrams after KO, getting into the Gonzo case? With David Schuster??

There is a space shot tonight at Vandenberg where I live in California

Signs of Economic Nosedive? ....

Unpaid teens bag groceries for Wal-Mart (in Mexico)

Growing front-yard food can rile neighbors

Jesus Christ On A Trailer Hitch, Nancy !!! - Why Pelosi Opposes Impeachment - The Nation

Army times Poll about the "surge"..verrrry interesting..

CNN Gives Joseph Goebbels a Tryout:

Yes, yes, we're annoying.

Justice at last for 'Comrade Duch'

Obama to Propose Funds for Afghanistan, Harder Line in Pakistan (speech intro by Lee Hamilton)

When is Hillary going to be on Letterman?

Even today, on the eve of August, 2007, I would STILL like to have the Clintons as neighbors.

Did I hear Andrea Mitchell say Murdoch contributes to liberal

Michael Moore versus Rudy ... no contest ...

Illinois Senators, Durbin and Obama, press for more health care funding

Snowman Video In YouTube Debate Chills Some Politicos

NH State Senator Cilley Joins Obama’s Movement for Change

We're not going on vacation

NBC poll to report Clinton has 6% advantage over Giuliani

McCaskill considered a 'Truman in a skirt'

Obama means to Change Foreign Policy

The Tillman Fratricide: What the Leadership of the Defense Department Knew

The evil media empire expands: Murdoch now owns the Wall Street Journal too

Rudy Giuliani's plan for healthcare. What an a$$!!

What Exactly Has Pelosi Achieved in the last 10 months?

Biden's on Letterman tonite

Obama hard up for Original 'Thawts'... hello....John Edwards...

DU this local Anchorage poll regarding Ted Stevens !!

"All truck, no cargo" - Fred Thompson's last audition

An Empire Can Be Terribly Expensive

OK,now, who LIKES Pelosi? Who thinks...

E. Edwards: "we know who is pushing it and what campaigns are associated with it," (the haircut BS)

"There has always been a waxing and waning in the balance of power in America"

Triangulation and how it has Undermined and Marginalized the Progressive Movement

Zionist Plots and Zionists 'Plotz' (From Laughter)

Bush Scales Back Agenda as Clout Ebbs: He "can't drive things, but he can stop things."

Can We Pursue Terrorists Without Becoming Like Them?

Child Suicide No Deterrent for Profit-Hungry Drug Maker


Analysis says war could cost $1 trillion: Budget office sees effect on taxpayers for decade

Charley Reese: No Money in Peace

Gene Lyons on why Congress should impeach Gonzales

Gonzales's Woes Create Legal Liability for Bush Administration

THE ETERNAL FLAME - by Fidel Castro

A Puddle of Oil

US debate over Microchips in humans

Greenwald propaganda alert: MSM presents war cheerleaders as recent converts

Voting Officials Face New Rules to Bar Conflicts - NY Times

Challenging the GOP's Filibluster

Secret Lovers (Nixon/conservatives)


How to Diagnose PTSD

Barbara Ehrenreich: Opportunities in Abstinence Training

Can We Pursue Terrorists Without Becoming Like Them?

Why can't Democratic foreign policy elites take a clear position on the war in Iraq?

Jeremy Scahill: A very private war

Apple releases two dozen patches for Mac OS X

Bush Keeps Israel Close, Saudi Arabia Closer

Let’s Landslide! Democrats Surge, Giuliani Drops, Thompson Flops (Brent Budowsky)

Would You Buy a Used Playgirl From Mitt Romney?

Mario M. Cuomo: War powers rest with Congress

Married to the Mob: Only Impeachment Will Get America a Divorce

AlterNet: Why Progressives Are Selling Out To Corporate America

The Yanks size up Gordon Brown

A Republic, If We Can Keep It by Ernest Partridge

U.N. climate change meeting aims at rich countries - Reuters

Russia to Reduce Gas Supplies to Belarus - AP

Al Gore Talks Climate In Mexico

Clean electricity key to greenhouse cuts: Australia - Reuters

Is the environmental movement losing touch with its feminine side?

Harvesting the Power of Ocean & Tidal Energy (24/7)

Region's largest wind farm draws tour groups (Mars Hill, Maine)

DenaliCommission Funds Alaska’s First Hydrokinetic River Turbine Project at Eagle

Renewable-mandate backers upbeat about vote

Obama on the Record (Energy Policy, Grist interview)

Usagi is cat-4. Looks like a cat-3 landfall on Japan.

"Asian Brown Cloud" is speeding melt of Himalaya glaciers: study - AFP

Got milk?

Four hospitalized with symptoms of red tide poisoning (Maine)

US House Republicans don't have votes to block energy bills

Earth too warm? Bury the CO2.

First Hybrid train

10:55 EDT 8/1 - Nymex Crude Trading at $78.61 - Beats 2006 Intraday Record

Dangerous fossil fuel terrorist event leads to calls for dangerous fossil fuel ban.

Tropical depression may form in Atlantic: NHC

A Cheaper Prius?

Whalemeat in Japanese school lunches found toxic - Reuters

Report predicts gas glut by 2010

TVA Approves Finishing Nuclear Reactor - AP

Is anybody up to an environmental discussion about panties?

Sharp to Develop 1 Gigawatt (per year) Thin Film (PV) Manufacturing Plant

Construction of new shelter for Chernobyl falls 7 years behind

I don't hate all Methodists just because...

Teens at Work (Thousands Work Unpaid Baggers Mexico Wal-Marts)

Student minister charged in attempted 'exorcism' (on Autistic Boy)

The Last Jews of Baghdad

British soldier killed in Basra

Rumsfeld apparently refuses to testify at hearing on death of Pat Tillman

Child Abuse Up When Army Dads Go to War (AMA Study)

A Mayor Who Takes the Subway — by Way of S.U.V. (Bloomberg)

State urges mental checks for vets

Cops Find 9 Adopted Kids Handcuffed, Starved

NSA Spying Part of Broader Effort

NSA Spying Part of Broader Effort

Former communist leader Mikhail Gorbachev cashes in as new face of Louis Vuitton

Bomb Kills Three U.S. Soldiers in Baghdad

Suicide Car Bomb Kills 15 in Baghdad: Police

Iraq unions may strike over Oil Ministry

Your chance to appear in the Congressional Record

Norma Gabler, Leader of Crusade on Textbooks, Dies at 84

Rumsfeld: No cover-up in Tillman's death

(Sen. Carl) Levin: Progress isn't reason enough to postpone troop withdrawal

Army deployment's toll on kids studied

Small arms fire targets MND-B Soldier

Florida voting chief aims to block hackers

Report: Throttle error likely in Brazil air crash

Operation to rescue Koreans begins-Afghan official

Fuel tanker explodes at Baghdad petrol station, killing 50 people

Union Leaders Oppose Pa. Faculty Pact (5,500 members)

Sunni Arab Bloc Quits Iraqi Government

GOP state senator appears ready to switch parties

Mo. party switcher faces tough new foe in Dem. AG primary ballot (R to D)

U.S. checking possibility of pumping oil from northern Iraq to Haifa, via Jordan

French court frees Rwanda genocide suspects

U.S. Treasury warns of possible auction delays (debt limit approaching)

Senate Panel OKs FDA Regulation Of Tobacco

I-35W bridge collapses (Breaking Disaster in Downtown Minneapolis)

Texan picked to replace Ted Haggard

IG probe did not question Cheney

Iraqi deaths spike five months into US troop surge

Crisis for poor as Medi-Cal funds end

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday August 1

Judge Nominee Runs Into Senate Trouble

Kurdish leader warns of Iraqi civil war

US cannot account for 190,000 guns in Iraq: report

Senator (Stevens) blows top at (FBI) search

Democrats Scrambling to Expand Eavesdropping (or weak on terrorism)

Fisher-Price to Recall Nearly 1M Toys (made by a Chinese vendor )

Rumsfeld: family deserved truth in Tillman death

Iraqi, Yemeni men join lawsuit over CIA flights

Scientist Gets $15 Million Grant To Develop Potential AIDS Vaccine

U.S. Attorney Became Target After Rebuffing Justice Dept. (OxyContin case)

Gonzales Submits Testimony Explanation, Leahy Says Not Good Enough

Obama says he would send troops into Pakistan to hunt down terrorists

GAO: Pentagon mistakenly sold F-14 parts

U.S. commanders encouraged by drop in U.S. deaths in Iraq

Bush expected to claim executive privilege on Rove

Venezuela to begin search for oil off Cuba

Breaking on CNN: Rove Won't Testify

I-35W bridge collapses into Mississippi River in Minneapolis

US doctor on organ harvest charge

Obama Vows To Hunt Terrorists In Pakistan (dupe please combine)

Soldier testifies in rape-slaying case

Koreans urge US to intervene

Russian Arctic Team Reaches North Pole

40 Year Old Virgin was just on.. Do you put the pussy on the pedestal?

Go To Sleep You Little Baby

The Circus Animals' Desertion - enjoy

The Balvenie 21-year-old Portwood

Can anybody suggest a reasonably-priced hotel in San Francisco?

Always remember your driver's license. You never know when you'll need it.

Well, since we have some poetry discussion going tonight: Here is one for ya - (Story poem)

Sleep if you can- a "good night" poem just for you.

A poem of hope - The little teddy bear (Story poem)

Another poem to toss out (love poem)

Calling all bath geeks

"I'll see you on the other side"

For 24 hours I'm going to be an Obama supporter

Song of Solomon...enjoy...

I think I got religion tonight. First, bridgit posts Song of Solomon,

Good night, everybody...

I think I have now, officially, seen it all!

The Dance - late night video for those in the lounge still up :)

Blessed Lughnasadh!!

ARGH - having an ocular migraine


For those who do not go into the MN forum - this thread is priceless

Who'll Diss a Canadian Kay?

I just found out I've been divorced for 12 days!

Not sure if everyone else has seen this

How to make a Post Office visit FUN


How is it that in 2007

I think I may need to take up a martial art.

I'm gonna straight up cuss in this thread

Wanted to ask a cute girl for her phone number, it didn't work, help me feel better

Least favorite dwarf


New realization

How come nobody raves about Vance Packard any more?

well... we got my son out of that apartment

my brand new boss sent me flowers

Best LOLcat ever!

I'm Looking for Clues

What parts of suburban Houston are fit for habitation by a secular jew from California?

I would like to apologize to Oeditpus Rex for redesigning his baseball threads.

Anyone here ever post from a cell phone?

Church asked to Preach 'Tax Evasion is a Sin'

Man, 77, Found After Being Held For 2 Weeks Without Water (picked up the wrong hooker)

Bush thanks Sweden for gift Brush Cutter

I just got Firefly today on DVD, all I can say is that too bad FOX's audience has no taste

Danu: Irish Trad band enjoy

Pic! I told the family I wanted a cuddle dog! Looks like I got one!

17 yr. old track star overdoses....on muscle-soothing balm (Ben Gay)

If the DU Lounge was Monty Python's Flying Circus, what sketch are you and why?

Mac users!

Sign The Petition, Make Congress Hear You - NO To Federal Excise Tax Increase On Cigarettes!!

We are concerned primarily with the rise in violent craw!

I recommend this for poor old Rumsfeld and Gonzalez

I smell like a dumpster

How long has it been since you lost your,

It's Time To Taste What You Most Fear


Oh what fun!

I need a hug

Hope you like this video

Bull imprisoned with owner to avoid slaughter

Mary Jane bad for lungs

Ok, who's gonna buy me the R2-D2 Home Theater System?

Is this a bad thing?

How long has it been since you lost your wallet?

Self delete -- fubared somehow. nt

Light a candle for these two please

Ok, who used to love playing Footsie?

Are we able to post directly into our urinal?

How long has it been since you lost your mind?

OK, who used to love playing FTSE?


Ever meet adults who haven't yet progressed beyond Junior High?

If you live near Los Angeles, get to the Getty Museum quick-like

For those bitching about playing dodgeball...

Is it normal in American Culture when...

Golden Gals Gone Wild

French Kiss is on. Oooo, la la

If The DU Lounge Was Star Trek Original Wh Would You Be

I love Elvis...

my boss was playing with a ketchup packet at lunch>>>

Are we able to post directly into our journal?

YouTube for Dummies

Midnight snack time.

Making friends, socializing as an adult

Anyone know the name and/or website for the remote computer repair company with ads on Air America?

Don't mind me I'm self medicating this week

What food goes with Mojitos?

I'm sorry to the haters, but STEELY DAN is the best!

Thank you for all the vibes the other day...

Pardon Me

BREAKING: Britney Spears still nuts

"300" out on DVD....worth buying?

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! The stock market...

Truth or Dare?

And now for something completely different - Rectals!

I'm packing for a 3 weeks trip to the Ukraine

Which current thread in the Lounge is the most perplexing to lurking Freepers?

My favoritest office product

Dammit!! My annoying daughter is home. I sent her over to the neighbor

Y'know...on second thought, I will sign that petition...

Oh thank gawwwd! The annoying neighbor girl left!

I have turned off the ringers on my phones.

Nekkid Seat-less Bike riding in San Francisco: Suicide or good ole fashioned American fun?

Ah, those fine upstanding Baptist ministers.

Gary Seven's Servo Pen

Damn, I came back from lunch and everything was locked and everyone put me on ignore

There's another Star Trek in the works (Stardate 12.26.08)


What Do You Totally Look At

My employer lost my paycheck!

I just sent you an email !!

I just got me some Allman Brother Tickets

Nekkid Bike riding in San Francisco: Suicide or good ole fashioned American fun?

Since the primaries haven't even started and GD is all dinked up....

Hey Redqueen!! I'm making Guacamole!!

I just finished paying off our debt

Does every guy sell his girlfriend to spies?

The top "5" rock band, all time?

Ah, the joy of Landover Baptist Ministries...

I'm taking piano lessons. Ask me anything!! nt

Can we just fast forward to the Democratic Convention?

Pick Another

Ah, the joy of Nekkid Bike Riding...

"Nekkid Bike Riding" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include Nekkid Bike Riding.

Gun Humor: AK-47 vs. AR-15

I'm going to rewrite my personal strategic plan...

Inspired by the Dodgeball thread - did anyone here play Kickball in school?

Gandalf is giving Pippin a tongue bath.

Now this is one weird photo...

Ok - which DUer owns this cat.....

So what do y'all think of the Hyundai's new "Duh!" advertising campaign?

And now, Stick Figures On Crack.

Why is everyone riding bikes nekkid?

Little do you put someone on a conquest list?

The 237 reasons we have sex

See America and THE WORLD!!!

I need help DU! My crotch is bulging! *PIX*

Leaving the USA - or staying and fighting...


It is time for "Post from your cache"

best nigerian scam maiL yet

Trek Lovers, I give you the Trek Memorial

Hey, have any of you people been getting wrong numbers on the cell phone?

Its the little mom said

I'm dumping Josh Beckett for Kevin Garnett...

Man Boobs! Enjoy

Teacher Suspended For ONE DAY For Calling Black Student's Hair "Nappy"

At noon EST tomorrow, the Matcoms invade Canada


The 237 people who have sex

How did we wind up with a national anthem that doesn't even mention the name of the country

The Power of Snopes - post your favorite Snopes article here!

Cell phone people...I want to connect my Treo 650

Are you still cool?

If the DU lounge was The Simpsons, who would you be?

Personally I think all you DU Lounge rats are a bunch of Pezes

The one movie I've been looking forward to: The Bourne Ultimatum

Someone who's intellectually bright, but has difficulty concentrating on one subject

Day six with shingles...

Ok, who used to love playing Four Square?

Why Do People Have Sex? (They did a study on this...sheesh)

I just downloaded Yahoo IM!

Are You Having Trouble With Tribbles Today?

I'm off to make some chocolate pudding with whipped cream!

Its Time We Play A Little Game Of Fizzbin

Five days with NO Internet access, and not EVEN any cellphone service! Oh, yes.

A long-awaited pic with NWC1981... *dialup warning*


I did it! My kitty is an LOL Cat!

Today is my 15th wedding anniversary....what a long, strange trip it's been...

Pick your own classified code name.

Where has Dolo Amber been lately?

Lost-in-NJ called me Queen Pev last night -- so who's part of the court?

Disclose what another DUer is REALLY doing, right now.

My Dinner With Nekkid Bike Riding

Pick one

3 time (+) DUzy winners check in

I got my labs back today

A friendly thread.

Good vibes request for my mom. She's back in the hospital.

What's for Dinner, DU?

Happy Birthday Jerry!!!

Cardboard Cutouts Of Kids Slow Speeders

"Big Balls"

So what should I do with my first day of unemployment?

Can we get some Lounge Vibes for the people in the Twin Cities

Help me plan the Billyskank & Joan_Alpern Grand USA Roadshow

What do you totally suck at?

Does every girl spy on her boyfriend's cell phone?

Happy Birthday........ JERRY GARCIA!

To continue the poetry discussion, post your favorite poem.

Do you work for an airline?

Did you ever "play" Dodge-ball in school? If so, What year and Grade was it? Was it in P.E. Class?

Little do you put someone on an ignore list?

Bill O'Reilly Interviews the "I Like Turtles" Kid

I've never read Harry Potter

I'm off to do some drugs.

What do you totally rock at?

Best Star Trek Captain

Genius three-year-old finger artist


Could I Please Request Good Vibes for Rockit/Lisa?

Eye Color Poll

What accent is hardest for you to understand?

I need help DU! My basement is bulging! *PIX*

The 237 reasons we have NO sex

Power Of Observation Think Test

New Top Chef tonight people!

Los Angeles DUers - great John Edwards event next week

The Power of Snape - post your favorite Snape quote here!

With which Harry Potter character do you most identify?

What will be the subject line of the last post ever made on DU?

I got a surgery date

Vets urge more action on Gulf War syndrome

President's Report (VFP)

Today in labor history August 01

Raising working conditions for farmworkers while generating profit

Griffin Announces Settlement of Lawsuit with the U.S. Department of Labor

Adam Carolla religion rant from old Loveline (part 1)

Interview: Arab and Muslim Americans in the US Military

Stephanie Miller Add

== IMP ==

Rumsfeld To Testify On Pat Tillman Cover-Up Today! (Olbermann)

When the Levees Broke -video montage of Spike Lee's film

Join the Journey with Bill Clinton...

Bill Clinton on GMA - The Failure of Bush's Surge...

White House Rejects Anti-Iraq War Resolutions

Dead Heroes

Experimental cancer treatment yields supposed clean energy source

Cheney disses DeFazio

Pelosi asked about new 911 investigation, answers:No, No..We'll make sure that nothing else happens

Rick Noriega (Cornyn opponent) "Service"

Olberman: FBI IRS Raid Home Of Senator Ted Stevens Alaska

Michael Ware rebuts Cheney, O'Hanlon and Pollack.

TPMtv: Dick Cheney: Lying Liars Edition

Olbermann: 'Sorry That's Classified and Other Lame Excuses'

Michael Moore Blasts Giuliani (9/11 Heroes)

Melanie Sloan - Hardball: Government Targets Stevens' Home...

Cheney: "DON'T RECALL" ordering Ashcroft hospital visit

Thank You For Being Tested By The Parallax Corporation

Idiot America

Adam Carolla's religion rant (part 2)

Tom Snyder interviews Mayor Dennis Kucinich -- 1978

Pregnant person took cocaine, charged

Another teacher/student sex scandal

Why can our media show us video of refugee camps in Darfur but not of the refugee camps in Iraq?

War deployments raise risk of child abuse and neglect

dicksteele: Ted's excellent adventure..(his next job)

Legal Scholars Contradict White House on Hate Crimes Bill

Could adversity temper Chief Justice discerned as "bloodless," "distant"?

CBS Evening News falsely described proponent of Iraq "surge" as former opponent of it

Cemetary Headstone of Deceased Teenager Repossessed

Michael Savage has gone off the deep end...

Uprooted Iraqi children back in school in Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon.

Another in Alaska delegation scrutinized

Baby Steps Of Progress: "Killing Fields" Torture Leader Prosecuted!

Something to think about...

U.S. Army major, wife held on Iraq bribery charges

What's UP with Home Depot?

Remind me please, how is it we got Hoyer instead of Murtha? How?

what is happening with Mike Moore's harassment my our DickTatter about going to Cuba.??

Here I go on an early morning tangent. I want MY COUNTRY BACK! NOT NOW, BUT RIGHT NOW!

In case anyone is interested, stock futures are down big time in overnight trading /nt

What if they declared a Class War and nobody came?

*sigh* Arlen, Arlen, Arlen.....when are you going to learn

The Nation: Rudy - Worse Than Bush?

The NASCO "superhighway" website is down I suspect permanently

Is believing in Peace to much to believe in? Is it? What is wrong with this nation?

Liberals should be liberals

Latin American children lack water and sanitation. Children of a lesser God.

MSNBC cleaves to Clinton neckline coverage controversy

One German had it right

Brown's contempt for democracy has dragged Britain into a new cold war

NSA Spying Part of Broader Effort

It is 4:07 am in Central Time and I am watching Larry King interviewing

Travel Guru, Arthur Frommer, pens a "rant"

Analysis says war could cost $1 trillion

CorpWatch: Child Suicide No Deterrent For Profit-Hungry Drug Maker

The Wall Street Urinal - now owned by the Rat

Not all of Saddam's laws bad, the 'new' Iraq kept the one banning labor unions

Some signs of 'progress'

Criminalizing the anti-war movement?

Repub norm coleman is actually a dirty hippie subversive under cover!

I do not see the hearing (where Rummy is a witness) on the cspan schedule.

Daily Show: Rove subpoenaed after Leahy's balls grow three size

Michael Moore, At His Website & On YouTube, Blasts Giuliani On Failing 9/11 Heroes

Rotten To The Core-U.S. Attorney Became Target After Rebuffing Justice Dept.

Sunni Arab Bloc Quits Iraqi Government

Another Great Day in Baghdad

So will this be the the death of the Wall Street Journel?

300 City/Town/State Resolutions To End War Delivered After March To White House; Rejected At Gate

A Mayor Who Takes the Subway — by Way of S.U.V. (Bloomberg)

War-torn Darfur to get 26,000 peacekeepers - Iraqis get tens of thousands of mercenaries

General in Tillman probe is censured

Pentagon announces 20K troops will rotate into Iraq

Yesterday's diatribe from off the wall.

Bush's Joint Chiefs Nominee: "No Amount Of Troops & No Amount Of Time Will Make Much Difference"

what if the horse is drowning?

House of Representatives Passes Resolution Condemning Canadian Seal Hunt

So...The Result of The Gonzo/Wiretapping Scandal is...More Power for Bush...


Corporal Patrick Tillman Friendly Fire Death-starting soon.

Pentagon issues new whistleblower protections

Bush admin. allows British Petroleum to increase the amount of pollution dumped into Lake Michigan

****** Official Tillman hearing - Thread #1 ********

Cursing Priest - Check it out on YouTube!

ABC News reporting that Obama would invade Pakistan?????????

CNN ignoring the stock markets

U.S. kids turn out to be Iraq war's collateral damage

Heads Up For Hearing at 10AM ET, Handling of Pat Tillman's Fratricide - House Oversight Committee

Welcome to the People's Republic of Murdochistan...

The $63 billion sham

Killing a "cash cow"

Darth admits he was wrong about the 'last throes'

Please Caption - Harriet Miers / 1970-2006

Is this "strikingly bold?"

So our govt. killed Pat Tillman, they've killed THOUSANDS of G.I.'s

Bob Scheiffer (CBS) just said there are 12 senators and congressmen under investigation. >

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

5 From 1 Page Of 19 Out Of 160 Pages...

Who does the very best

Rep. Waxman: Official LIVE Video Of Tillman Hearing Available At Oversight Website Starting 10 a.m.

A simple question:

Obama's own surge in SC and NH New ARG Polls are out!

A picture's worth a thousand surges

Happy Birthday........ JERRY GARCIA!

Here's a progressive proverb for you....

Attack Pakistan...have we learned nothing?

Government of the Philippines using army to go after MILF

Someone needs to tell me why I saw non-stop live court proceedings

It's the Cover-up, Stupid

****** Official Tillman hearing - Thread #2 ********

"massive electronic databases ... contain records of phone calls and e-mail messages of millions..."

Very detailed Canadian stories regarding the Canadian health care system

Did you ever "play" Dodge-ball in school? If so, What year and Grade was it? Was it in P.E. Class?

****** Official Tillman hearing - Thread #3 ********

This is what we know about Alberto Gonzales

Notice the only people who complain of a "nanny state" are the same people who can afford a nanny?

Giuliani health plan identical to failed Bush proposal - Makes no promises it will work

Has Rep Inslee introduced the Resolution to Impeach Gonzo yet? 10:00 a.m. was the time

Sep. 15 D.C. March/Rally/Die-In: You Can Sign Up To Participate In Die-In

NYT Editorial: Mr. Gonzales’s Never-Ending Story

Sign The Petition! No More Tax On Cigarettes!!

alleged killer transplant doc: "I THRIVE by endeavoring to practice good karma!"

LAT, Brownstein: Stealing healthcare from babies

****** Official Tillman hearing - Thread #4 ********

CNN - Michael Ware: "By achieving these successes, America is building Sunni militias"

Bwahahahaha! "Romney Stands Alone As a Reagan Clone"

From Kabul, with Love...

Obama warns Musharraf

I think Cheney confirmed that Gonzo perjured himself

Anyone playing Fantasy Congress?

The Republicans would like nothing better for us to base our vote entirely on Iraq

I guess this makes me pretty cold and heartless, however..

NSA Spying Part of Broader Effort-"How Long Will This Skit Continue?"

I just finished paying off our debt

The ugliest weapon of all is the lie.

Jonah Goldberg's Pre-Voting Rights Act Mindset

US Facing A Resurgent Russia


Memory tests should be mandatory for elected officials.

****** Official Tillman hearing - Thread #5 ********

What's In A Name? (Summarization of one DOJ Problem)

IRAQ: Internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in south closes to new arrivals

In May, Bush stopped including how long the power stays on in Iraq in his weekly report to Congress

Venezuela To Begin Search For Oil Off Cuba

Is Bush the high-water mark in fascism as an economic and political system?

You have a choice Nancy, give *ush the power to spy on Americans,

Why is Debbie Schlussel claiming that Dr. Hootan Roozrokh is part of an "Islamic Doctor Jihad"?

WHY WAS PAT TILLMAN"S DIARY BURNED? Will someone please ask is coming back!

CSPAN and CNN will be covering YearlyKos this weekend

Issa's Army record in doubt

US state department 'funding Blair'

Gonzo has not sent Sen. Specter a letter yet? (I have not heard a word about this)

caption Rummy

Making Gouliani's health care plan look good

Who Do You Think Will Win The GOPU 2008 Presidential Nomination?

ENOUGH t-shirts? (I can set up a cafepress store, items base-priced if there's interest)

Cheney admits to Larry King that he makes Bush's decisions

Kansas Republicans will demand loyalty oath

Blogosphere's "Deepthroat" Emerges

U.S. Is Destroying and Conquering Iraq, Not "Winning" the War

New NBC Democratic Preference Poll

Email Debra Bowen right now. Here's mine.

CNN's Michael Ware: Surge Is Undermining ‘The Very Government That America Created’

The best quote of the day in the Tillman hearing:

Compare what the US spends on the Iraq occupation to what we spend for over 4 million Iraqi refugees

Democrats Scrambling to Expand Eavesdropping

Company Tied To Stevens Fishery Scandal Got $3.5 Million Earmark

Lack Of Public Water Plagues Rural Tennessee

I need my BATBOY! Weekly World News goes the way of the DODO.

Calling cartoonists. . Scene; Bedlam

Should international aid agencies be actively looking for Muslims to do aid agency service in Iraq?

Nazi photos

Kucinich To Rummy: You Covered Up-Tillman Case, Lynch Case, Abu Graib

Bombs rock Baghdad, killing 70, as unity government crumbles; Cheney insists Iraq surge working

The Republicans are just evil

Monsanto announces new Hungry Man frozen food product line (must-see)

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Tillman hearing transcript today?

Hillary And Obama Kicking Guliani's Ass In New NBC Poll

Bush Likely to Prevent Aides' Testimony

Israeli tourists may enter US without visa

LOL, I actually like Buchanan's suggestion

Saudi's buy Major Supplier to US Military...and Congress does not object...

Did prof's views on Jews, blacks cross line?

Freepers mad at Bill O'Reilly

Chimpy's gonna block Turdblossom's testimony

NYT: Congress Not Expected to Vote on Iraq Policy Before Recess

I'm not for Obama (or anyone else, yet) and don't want to invade Pakistan...BUT...

Caption this photo:

Man, 75, claims he was held 2 weeks after visiting prostitute

What's going on in Pakistan?

Congresscritter Steve Cohen Signs On To Gonzo's Impeachment Investigation!

Is IVAW Subversive? (Iraq Veterans Against the War)

Men who will not be president

How many republicans does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Feel the love, DU. Assuming you can get past your mental disorders.

OPEDNEWS: No rules for W's government.

House Energy Bill/Tell Congress No More Money For Nukes

Dozens of families poisoned by relief food in Iraq

The blanket answer which all BushCo appointees should use to speed things up...


My 19 month old nephew will be on Good Morning America and Fox Morning fighting for his rights!

Stephanie Miller arrested for arson

Juan Cole: Deadliest July Yet

Did we study body parts and their location at that fancy prep school in CT?

The Generals

Today is Mush LImpballs 19th anniversary. What can we do to make sure there is no 20?

Daily Kos down?

Now Who's "Bush-Cheney Lite"?

Report; Al Maliki Govt Crumbling, Sunni Bloc Quits.... LINK

Al Gore Talks Climate In Mexico

Only Liberals want the Draft

Debra Jean Palfrey on Alex Jones:

GOP facing another Dem wave in '08?

Obama proposes to spend $50 billion to reduce global poverty by 2012

Reason the Republicans are hiding from debating one another is because they look like a freak show

Ted Stevens probe is expanding...

You just wait, someone will make a movie about Pat Tillman.

Hillary's cleavage and Thompson's manliness

I had an idea this morning. Do the congresspeople in DC work for us or do we work for them?

O.J. rips Goldmans over If I Did It battle

Stevens asked to step down from committees...

The Scarlett Letter D


Copps, Adelstein Fires Off Memo to FCC

Tonight on Countdown

I need advice on ratting out my neighbors to the NSA.

Terrorist tancredo wants to blow up Mecca to deter terrorism.

76 senators have 'been to Iraq', lindsey graham asks, 'Have YOU been to Iraq'?

Corporal Pat Tillman didn't die by 'Friendly Fire', he was murdered by decree.

on dailykos, Obama confirms my fears, believes in GWOT, is for unilateral invasion of Pakistan

Who were the 26 U.S. Reps who voted to allow more pollution to go into Lake Michigan?

Has anyone here seen any articles on how the View is doing since

Senator Craig says FBI "a bit Gestapo like" in Stevens search

that surge is really working well, isn't it?

Opportunity for Obama supporters, should he become president

Cafferty's question. Should Congress get serious about impeaching Gonzo?

Vitter Escort: Palfrey Ran Prostitution Ring (Vitter a "favorite")

Vote 'em all out

Rep."l'll pay you $20" Allen sends e-mail to House members; can't comment on ongoing investigation

I'm back

Caption ths photo

Greek famous tourist area out of water - emergency status

SPYS, SPYS, and more SPYS: FBI has adopted a plan to recruit 15,000 covert informants in the USA

Democrats say additional money is needed for war (From surge to splurge)

The polar ice caps are melting and its our fault!

Sunni Arab political bloc leaves Iraqi government

50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill (Pelosi is #4)

I think "probably" The greater move to destabilize the Kirkuk

3657 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Shuster's summary of the lack of credibility

How long until there are cheesecake photos on page 2 of the Wall Street Journal?

SWANSON: Gonzales, Pelosi, and the Survival of Congress = support for impeaching AG Gonzales

Joint Chiefs nominee is willing to revisit "Don't Ask Don't Tell"

A pic to caption

My neighbors are willing to give up some privacy freedoms.

Terrorists Infiltrate Second Life


Is what Cafferty just said about Pelosi true?

A letter from "Grandpa Cheney"

Anybody seen the vomity "National Review' ad on Cable?

Democrats Rush To Give Bush More Wire-tap Powers

PALAST: Busted & Crimes of The Times ... "after Bush was safely re-elected"

Abused adopted kids - why didn't anyone check on them?

Big Brother Has Unstoppable Online Spies

Political Potty Mouth WES CLARK JR. Hosts "Young Turks" this Thursday/Friday

Hillary to Dick: "Your Comment Have Me Wondering" About The Truth

Interesting analysis on economy worldwide....

There was "some activity" , An exchange with Turks in

Sorry for this dumb question about CEO pay...

Text of Censure Letter to Gen. Kensinger

Slate: Irrelevant Exuberance: Why the latest good news from Iraq doesn't matter.

Moore's Law, my take, in Europe, they investigate materials that


Barack to Party with Paris and Lindsay? Hillary Sashays into WeHo...

Drug Czar and DEA Launch "Counter-Insurgency Program" on US Soil

Pretty good summary aobut the Turkish part of the problem up

I want "Hurricane Insurance". (Local politics)

Families get help finding loved ones lost in institutions (CNN)

Another porn myth

OH THE HUMANITY!! Beer-Hauling Tractor-Trailer Flips On I-95

Rep. Earl Pomeroy.."Bush is a clown" video..

I just got a call from Hillary Clinton....

Buzzflash: Married to the Mob: Only Impeachment Will Get America a Divorce

Mortgage business blogger: 30% of all US mortgage activity has just been shut down

Comment of Senator Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., On FISA Fix Proposal

What do you think about the war in Iraq - local paper wants to hear from folks :)

Terror 'Dry Runs': Not Really

Dow: Our Unethical Tests Show That Nerve Poison is Safe

Import auto sales top Big Three (

****** Official Tillman hearing - Thread #6 ********

? for anybody with a military background on Pat Tillman.

Mind-blowing, must-see pics representing US waste stats

The "I-reporter" on CNN is freakin' awesome

Woman describes childhood in polygamous household (CNN) {FLDS, Warren Jeffs case}

A Very Private War

Florida Voting Machines at Risk Test Shows - AFTER ALL THIS TIME!!!!

Why would the Dems cave in on the wire-tapping legislation?

I think the Democratic compromise offered to the WH on wiretapping had to do with foreign sources

Turn to FOX News RIGHT NOW, Bridge collapse is HORRIFIC

Please help me rebut this anti-Canada health-care claim

POP legend Sir Elton John thinks the internet is destroying good music?

Bad bridge collapse in Minneapolis near UofM

This is probably going to come down to one moment in time.


This can't be good. Russia Claims the North Pole

Bring 'em Home -- Get Fuzzy 'TOONs

*Two moons on 27 August*

College football and the Democratic primary

Citizenship checks strain trust in police [Immigration]

Bush is pushing for new surveillance bill after secret court ruling restricts existing program

OK For all you Chicken Littles out there complaining about Obama on Pakistan

Dave Lindorff: Suddenly They're All for Impeachment...of Gonzales

US 'loses' 190,000 weapons in Iraq

Biden on Hardball saying Frustrated that House Doesn't have Control

Outrage helps clerks who were fired for being robbed

Do you suspect the thugs responsible for this attack ...

Someone creates a Digg on the mystery poster, dubs him/her "Deep Modem"

WOOHOO! Repuke Congress-wench, Heather Wilson, being PROBED (hehe) by House ETHICS Committee!!!

Minneapolis Bridge over the Mississippi River Collapses !

Reservist Wins Release From Active Duty After Asking Federal Court To Block Another Deployment

The Media Still Spinning (Says Hillary wouldn't talk to rogue nations)

Fascinating reading on U.S. Iran policy

Firedoglake: Why The Republicans Are Really Running From YouTube

Man Accused Of Battery In Exorcism Attempt Surrenders. Police: 22-Year-Old Beat Autistic Teen

Party Time - * and gang pics

Cheney's Unmistakable Admission, He as good as admitted it. "I don't recall -- . . ."

A library bigger than any building (BBC) {The Open Library on the Net}

Rising evangelical star Jason Christy leaves trail of fraud, associates say

Michael Savage floats possibility of a conspiracy by the Democrats to cause Roberts' seizure

Our new mantra: How many more soldiers need to die to buy time for Iraq government?

What's up w/ Dell Computer Co ?

MSNBC Reporting Waxman's Committee sent Federal Marshalls out for General in Tillman Coverup!

Hillary is classic Hermione, Bill is Harry, Chelsea is young Lily.

Won't you please do this for OMC's wife and millions of other American women


How many of you are familiar with the terms "Maher Arar" and "Softwood Lumber Dispute"?

Saudis buy major supplier to U.S. military

Texas Town Adopts Spanish As The Official Language

Katrina Revisited..

Nixon-era pol (Elizabeth Holtzman) pushes Bush impeachment

The Porn Myth

New documents suggest broader White House involvement in replacing New Mexico prosecutor

Have IQ's suddenly PLUMMETED among certain DUers overnight?

FISA: Tell Congress not to give Bush more power

Greg Palast: Busted And Crimes Of The Times

On CNN: (((ONE TRILLION DOLLARS))) - The new cost of the Iraq war. I'm gonna be sick.

For youngest girls enslaved in sex trade, more woe

Can we use recently approved torture guidelines to get info from Bush people? Gonzo, Cheney, Rummy

Rep. Waxman (D) Says WH Concealing Details of Pat Tillman Death

If they're planning to stay in Iraq, they'll have to plan for a draft too

Gordon Brown for president

Sibel Edmonds, Russ Tice, and the illegal spying that congress has NO idea about

DOJ has used Espionage Act to go after journalists

I'm done. Buh-bye DU.

Dallas, TX: Holy @$! My Conversation With an Old Southern Republican Bush Lovin' Mechanic (WOW)

Larisa Alexandrovna: Total Information Awareness Is Alive And Kicking

The Corporate Plan to Crush Black Resistance

Obama's speech today was hardly a gaffe.

Barak Obama-Right Or Wrong

Neighbors cry foul as megafarms increase

More bad news from Iraq - don't expect telephone calls

What Hath God Wrought- The Good, The Bad and The Douchebaggery- Black Collar Crime, July 2007, C.E.

Roughly 220 announced or potential candidates are running for president

"Apple or PC"

Would you consider investing in a company established to develop an OS for desktop computers?

Mexican Wal-Marts pay teenage baggers NOTHING!

Chairman Rockefeller Outlines Congressional Proposal For - INTERIM - FISA FIX

Why has the Bush admin. offered Saudi Arabia weapons sales when they're accused along with Iran

Go view and rate up this YouTube video: "THE FOX IS WRONG: Global Warming"

Deep Throat 2

Daily Show: Rove subpoenaed after Leahy's balls grow three sizes - RawStory (w\Video)


To lurkers without DU accounts help end the Iraq war. Please Send this letter to the GOP now.

Good fugging grief: Bridge collapses in Minnesota

SPYS, SPYS, and more SPYS: FBI has adopted a plan to recruit 15,000 covert informants in the USA

Help stop credit card banking abuse!!!!

Reporter: Michael Vick would have been "better off raping a woman"

Have You Ruled Out Any Of The Democratic Would-be Nominees Yet?

Guys: Don't Fall For The Lie - Girls DO NOT Want Smart Guys!

O, Canada More Americans Heading North

Are Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis (election fraud activists) considered credible by DU?

Al From still feisty...says Lieberman too far right...but "scoffs" at antiwar activists.


Wednesday TOONS- Liars and Drunks

Edwards announces endorsements from NH environmental community

Edwards Calls on Congress to Block the Saudi Arabia Arms Deal

Edwards’s Campaign Tries to Harness Internet: "At the vanguard" is Joe Trippi

Romney, Edwards Lead Rivals in Iowa

After 30 Years, Edwardses Still Celebrate at Wendy's

Edwards: Gonzo must go

I have to give the Repigs credit in one area..

News Hounds: Cavuto Slams John Edwards in 9th Bashing Segment of the Month

Coburn (R-OK):The only way to reform ethics

ABC - Rescue Mission to Free 21 S. Koreans Underway in Afghanistan

How the Stevens Raid Proves Rudy Can't Win

Tonight's Anchorage (NBC) spent half it's time on Ted Stevens, oh.. and DU...

Campaigns Hunt Votes Among "Anxious Xers," "Angry Independents"

Are there two interesting hearings on this AM?

Anyone know if the Wilson's are going to appeal their civil suit?

"Cheney Predicts Progress in Iraq Report"

Bill Kristol urges invade Pakistan

Dixiecrats and Pseudocans not Republicans

Greensburg, KS: July Update from Kansas Mutual Aid

Who is this Idiot MICA from Florida,

Tell the truth, won't you?

Edwards’s Campaign Tries to Harness Internet (NY Times)

Things Not Getting Better In Iraq

The Rude Pundit: It Has Been Your Pleasure to Address the President

Chuck Schumer says the letter from M. McConnell "is no vindication of the attorney general,"

Obama might send troops into Pakistan as Prez

After seeing "Sicko" yesterday, universal healthcare is my #1

Who shot Pat Tillman, where is he at ? why is he not testifying

The Amnesia Administration

Edwards helps Virginia's House Democrats raise cash

911 was an airline security issue, not a terrorist issue.

Opportunity for Obama supporters, should he become president

Edwards to Barnstorm Across Iowa During 2007 "Fighting For One America" Bus Tour

What cracks me up ... quote from Chirac 3/18/2003

A poll concerning a recent violent attack against peaceful...

Edwards as Dean 2.0

obama a war monger. BUSH CLONE?? WTH?

Today Show Helps Frank Luntz Roll Out the Right Wing's Latest Hit Job on Edwards

Hartmann's caller just admitted that hate radio stations intimidate sponsors

Is Obama this elections Dean?

To all you Obama supporters

Actor's presidential ambitions are put on hold (Fred Thompson)

Letter from Senator Boxer, dtd August 1

Clinton Widens Poll Lead By Using Experience Card

Obama's Takes On Musharraf in Counterrorism Strategy Unveiled Today

Biden camp opens up dialogue at Dailykos

Edwards Blasts Cheney for Blindly Supporting Saudi Arms Deal

Flashback 2001: Clinton Let Bin Laden Slip Away and Metastasize

Leahy puts Southwick back on committee agenda

Dems say Congress to expand *'s FISA authority!

Ganging up on Ralph Nader [Nader 2004 lawyer uses "Democrat" instead of "Democratic"]

Tell Your Senator to Say "No" to Southwick (Alliance for Justice)

I took some action re: the splitting of California's electoral votes story

Obama book "reveals" that politician had early political ambition

Edwards Unveils "Building 21st Century Economy" Plan

Why Does the GOP Hate the Internets

myDD: "Who's acting like Bush now?"

Edwards pushes tax simplification plan; tax preparation industry ready for battle

Two actions: FISA and DRE

I like Hillary.

Your chance to appear in the Congressional Record

Clinton to Dick: Go Cheney Yourself!

Is Bill Richardson the libertarian choice for '08?

Deadline Wednesday, 8/1, to end voting machines in California

Unsolicited advice to Obama from a Hillary Clinton supporter


The Case for Clark 08: Best if Used before 10/07

North Dakota Democrats are *against* Impeachment???????

We already cross borders

Edwards plans 30 stops in a week

just for fun ... a Guide to DU

Mydd's Jeremone Armstrong: Obama's Pakistan plan is continuation of the Bush-Cheney doctrine

What about when Bush did it?

Moving Edwards up to #2. I don't think Obama is ready for prime time...

Bush has the same position as Obama on sending troops into Pakistan

Obama can't please any pundits there all saying he's wrong on Pakistan

troops into Pakistan??? have you lost your f*&king mind???

16 of 20 Repub Senators up for re-elect took Steven's money

Anyone see that meathead on Hardball call Michael Moore a "bozo"?

Times: 'Democrats scrambling to expand eavesdropping' ......... Why do the Dems hate America?

The reality of day labor

Bush-Clinton Fatigue Overblown?

Focus Area 16 (Actionable Intelligence)

Yearly Kos Convention in Chicago

Barack Obama welcomes Yearlykos Convention to Chicago!

Biden rockin' on Hardball right now

Guess which Democratic candidate scores highest on the John Birch Society ratings? (HUGE Surprise)

The UN Backs Obama Re: Pakistan

We have 16 I hear 17?

Why Not Promote World Peace?

Worth watching: SFRC hearing on Pakistan, July 25


OBAMA WINS BIG with his comments earlier today re Pakistan!!!

"Every serious person knows the United States won't invade Pakistan..."

Gawd, I am so embarrassed and so fucking sad and mad at the same time.

Hillary Clinton agrees with Obama on Pakistan

Politico contributor Terry Michael, former DNC secretary: Clinton Won Battle; Obama Will Win War

Sounds like Clinton and Obama in basic agreement on Pakistan AQ

Did you know......

Obama in 2004: "Might" invade Pakistan to destroy nukes if Musharraff falls; consider bombing Iran

I've said before that the GOP may end up being the peace party in 2012

Tweety must be afraid to let David Schuster sit in for him

I have a Video for Those who are worked up over Today's Speech

"Why Waziristan cannot be conquered"

Senator Jackie Cilley Joins Obama’s Movement for Change

Hypothetically, 'scooped up' calls of Americans, to be dealt with through 'minimization' procedures

Why war with Pakistan will never Happen

Americablog: Obama Gets It

Where exactly did Obama call for an invasion of Pakistan?

Obama is Unoriginal! Hilary is a Hypocrite! Edwards is ... too pretty!

Edwards on Pakistan and al Qaeda: "If they can't do the job, then we have to do it."

John Edwards agrees with Obama on Pakistan

Did Obama have a Joe Lieberman moment?

How about this for a slogan:

I get to see Hillary NEXT WEEK!!!!

Edwards pushes technology agenda (reverse 'most anti-science administration in American history')

Great RepubliKlan ticket: Giuliani & Gingerich

Few would dispute the likely existence of a carefully maintained...

Analysts say Obama's plan for Pakistan could be disasterous (troops home, or just moved?)

Edwards on the Record (interview about energy and the environment)

Richard Clarke endorses Obama speech

Obama Pledges Aggressive War on Islamic Extremists

ARG: Obama ties Hillary in NH (31 all) and leads in SC (+4)...

Chris Dodd: Obama attacking Pakistan is "dangerous and irresponsible"

Attention XM subscribers: A new station to cover 2008 Presidential race

"Sunni Arab Bloc Quits Iraqi Government"

I think there is a misunderstanding here - It's not whether we go into Pakistan to capture Al Qaeda

New ARG Polls shows Obama surging in NH ans SC

33 Congress Members for Impeachment

Kevin Tillman (Pat's bro) 10/06: The most powerful antiwar statement I've ever read!

Biden No Fan of Obama's Pakistan Plan

Rove Immune? When Will This Stop???

If Bush invades Pakistan, you will all cheer?

Richardson: US should be tough but not "unnecessarily inflame the Muslim world."

A Memo for the Democratic Presidential Candidates

Hillary Clinton rejects unilateral US action in Pakistan

Raise your hands if you think we should let Musharraf knowingly shield Osama bin Laden, and refuse

Kenneth Star's Law Firm Gives Money To Clinton Campaign

I can never support a candidate who wants to expand the war

Kucinich- he's just bad on choice!

One Cool Magazine Cover for Vibe:

Pakistan to Obama: Don't use us to score political points; candidates should show responsibility

Everyone's upset because Obama announced his foreign policy on terrorism first

Senate passes Biden/Lugar resolution to send peacekeepers to Darfur

OBAMA, YOU'RE WRONG! ... Bush HAS Made America MORE Safe!

"We cannot hope to end terrorism by killing terrorists."--Dennis J. Kucinich

Barack Obama Vows To Kill Bin Laden, Conservatives (and Some Liberals) Cry Foul