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Archives: July 8, 2007

Believers and skeptics converge at two UFO Festivals in a small New Mexico town.

Youth Groups Created by Kremlin Serve Putin’s Cause

Outing Valerie Plame aided our enemies (Ewegen in The Denver Post)

Saudi Arabia - Babysitter Sentenced To Death

MAUREEN DOWD: Phantom at the Opera

FRANK RICH: A Profile in Cowardice

Our Opinion: A shameful look inside the Gonzales Justice Dept. (Tucson Citizen)

No, Mr. President: The Iraq War Is Not the American Revolution--John Birch Society(!)

Base to Bush: It's Over-- WaPo

NY Times lead editorial, Sunday July 8 - Leave Iraq Now

The way it is: Typewriters hurled over Scooter Libby fiasco

Al Gore & Cameron Diaz Issue a Challenge

RFK Jr at Live Earth.

The Dirty Word (Uri Avnery)

New York City Stiffed on Anti-Terrorism Funds

Suicide Bomb Kills Over 100 in Iraq

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq at 3,603

Dodd, (Paul) Simon hear the sound of cheers

Blair wanted to quit before Iraq war

Adviser becoming a liability for Hillary Clinton

Pakistanis blast wall of mosque school; 1 dead

Obama's Davenport field office burglarized

Live Earth 'breaks streaming record'

Troop Rallies Held Across U.S.

Poll question: Do you have anyone on abhor?

Is someone getting the best of you?

DU Activist

12 Girls Band is on right now in China

Robert Kennedy Jr is KICKING ASS

Do you have anyone on hardcore?

Who’s got the sweetest disposition?

Head's up west coast - Melissa is on now.

I once hid my lust for stardom like a filthy magazin.

DON'T think of penises!

DON'T think of breasts!

The paddles cut the waters on a long and hurried flight.

Live Earth is a good thing, but how can you expect to change the world if

Anyone else find it very intrusive that the "Desperate Wifes" went to Eva Longoria's

There must be some kinda way oughta here...........

oh ffs, now they're repeating Shakira

Do you realise- the flaming lips

The lust for gold

The lust for gold

grahmer crimnals:I have a slur past tense.Little help? (lame copycat)

Meet Wendy

This Bill Shatner on Conan video deserves its own thread

your concern is noted

Live Earth concert is a FLOP!!! I saw 3 empty seats in New Jersey!!!

Billy Corgan in the middle of his Live Earth set: "Our new Album comes out Tuesday"

Do you have anyone on adore?(coycat)

It's day 5 (FIVE) for fireworks here

Rabrrrrrr pie! Is there any butter, really?


I... effing... hate.... Sweet Tomatoes

What is your favorite oxymoron?

Sirius Outlaw Country

My day at Farm Sanctuary (oh yeah, PIC thread people!)

Honey I'm home!!!!

Who has eaten Cholent before?

Roger Waters - hell fuckin' yeah!

Mrs. V. bought me earrings today.

Ahhhhh, ooooooh... New cotton

Who was the band that ended the NBC broadcast singing It's a Wonderful World?

Which of the new "Seven Wonders of the World" is the least deserving of the title?

Who saw "Live Free and Die Hard"

Rhubarb pie! Is there anything better, really?

Gimme some love SPK....

Muir Woods today (Pic heavy)

went to Atlantic City tonight

The precious. We wants it.

how do you pronounce takamine (the guitar)?

My goal is 35K!

In the mood for some fractal art

Post an image that illustrates how you feel at the moment...

Ughhh. It's only 9:30 California time and I can already hear the

I live in the best fucking neighborhood in the world

Name someone at least partly famous who is missed by the world

So, anyone else drinking alone this fine evening?

Band of Brothers - Operation Market Garden episode

Am I the only person not watching "Live Earth"?

I have a stunning gland.

They call her a sinner,and they call her a sinner.and the call her a whore.

We skipped a light fandango

I have a cunning plan not to think of penises in St. Louis while on dial-up.

Gin Blossoms - Found Out About You

Congratulations donsu!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations Botany!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations Skidmore!! 15,000 posts


Congratulations Cooley Hurd!! 15,000 posts

It would have killed Alec Baldwin to bring his daughter to the concert?

Giving myself a manicure with an X-acto blade. Ask me anything!

*****It's Rasputina Time!!*****

Check out my myspace page.

arrggh help! I can't view 90% of the pix posted

I am quitting smoking at midnight tonight

Roger Waters vs. The Rest Of Pink Floyd - Where Do YOU Stand?

What I did over 4th of July weekend. (Major Dial-up warning)

Happy Birthday Crimmie!

I have a cunning plan.

Grammar Police: I have a verb tense issue. Little help?

Fundies say the Darnedest Things...

OK ... if The Police can do it .... why not The Supremes?

I have an announcement for you, the lounge faithful

If you have a mac

Closet Nickelback fans

Charlie Daniels poll

"Hi! My name is selfish inconsiderate fuckface... I live in HEyHEY's building."

What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?????

The "Global Warming Denialists Concert" would star:

Ummm... ladies... It looks like Simon LeBon has a present for us in his pocket

Do you have anyone on explore?

Protest group issues call to unions

St. Paul unions, GOP hammering out agreement for '08 convention

Episode 23 USW POWERcast Episode 23 – July 1 , 2007

Union claims Bashas' selling outdated baby formula

Striking Freightliner workers to vote on new deal

Linkin Park - Numb - Live in Tokyo (LIve Earth)

Xzibit 2 - Live Earth 2007 Live from Tokyo

Linkin Park - Crawling - Live in Tokyo (Live Earth)

Damien Rice & David Gray - Que sera, Live Earth 2007

Missy Higgins - Live Earth 2007 Live from Sydney

Madonna 'Hey You' 2007 Live Earth Theme Film

babylon - David Gray - Live Earth

Linkin' Park "What I've Done" at Live Earth

Red Hot Chili Peppers Live Earth - Can't Stop

Chris Rock Swears At Wembley Live Earth

Dani California - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Live Earth

Sarah Brightman at Live Earth 2007: 'Con Te Partiro'

Jack Johnson - Good People - Live Earth

KT Tunstall - Black Horse and Cherry Tree - Live Earth

James Blunt - Wise Men - Live Earth

Paolo Nutini - Wonderful World - Live Earth

Madonna 'Hung Up' Live Earth 2007

Metallica - Enter Sandman - Live Earth Wembley 07

Beastie Boys - Intergalactic - Live Earth

Spinal Tap + Army of Bass Players - Live Earth - Big Bottom

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol - Live Earth

Duran Duran at Live Earth - Notorious, I Wanna Take You Higher


I think I am being followed by little green men..Except they are tall

Dust storm on Mars may finally spell doom for Rovers...

who is the guy on right now..playing guitar..thanks

Because the networks just played John Mayer. . .and he phrased his lyrics differently. . .

Which Sunday Show, If Any, Will You Watch Tomorrow?

just got back from the MoveOn event

Melissa Etheridge on Sundance now ... in case you missed it earlier.

Funny how NBC can preempt their scheduled programming

Bombing Iran Is Cheney's Ace In The Hole, as the impeachment screws tighten . He needs a diversion

brazi online will be starting from the beginning in about 5 or 10 minutes

I just saw Cat Stevens right now

Which Right Wing Rant do you think you would hear first?

bon jovi on - and al gore introduced to say when he and Wall announced the

Why are President's allowed to Pardon people in their own administration?

Right Wing Launches Dishonest, Misinformed Attacks Against Live Earth

Sundance Did Not Broadcast Melissa's Comments Against *, Did Bravo? nt

They call her a killer,and they call her a sinner, and they call her a whore.

Question For Anyone Watching Sundance

A song I wanted to hear today, and I wanted to hear Midnight Oil's version.

After watching Live Earth all day,I've found the answer to my previous post

Live Earth PHOTOS!

Live Earth concerts streaming on LIVE on MSN

3605 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Roger Waters.

RFK nailed it. They ALL need to go.

I follow up with my, "Where the....(Raid on Al-Qaeda)

Al Gore being interviewed on NBC now

Smashin Pumpkins -- wow! It's like a primal scream!

Vusi Mahlasela is awesome

We don't even care.

Administration Shaving Yardstick for Iraq Gains - Goals Unmet; Smaller Strides to Be Promoted

Genesis on Bravo Channel starting now. (Eastern time)

"We could all learn a thing or two about living green from GWB."

Fred Thompson's Watergate Problem

Smashing Pumpkins Rocked out

Wes Clark Jr. Enough:demonstration tomorrow

Sirius Outlaw Country

where can we see Al Gore tonight?

The lunatic is in my head.

Live Earth 'breaks web record'

Melissa Etheridge!

madona on cnbc (cable) eastern time zone right now n/t

The Police up now. I saw them last week in Dallas. Great show!

Dave Mathews rocks

Faux News: Report: U.K. Terror Plot Linked to Al Qaeda in Iraq

We don't need no thought control. n/t

maybe its Madonna on now I don't really know

Hats off to the producers of the Live Earth Concerts!

I see a pig (re: Roger Waters playing)!!!

NYT tomorrow: Sensing a Shift, Reid Will Press for an Iraq Exit

Madonna Hot Pants!

Our First Lady doing one of the things she does best!

police on nbc now

Efforts to reduce exposure to lead poisoning, not Giuliani, lowered N.Y.'s crime rate, study says

What do 'they' have on Lindsay Graham?

for many of us this is a celebration of sorts, live earth

President Gore did an awesome thing today!!

so..have they played the "surprise" ending of Live Earth yet?(may be a spoiler)

The only comparable TV event to today is New Years Eve 1999/2000.

Finally saw Roger Waters

Wouldn't it be perfect if Al Gore walked out and said: "I have no choice.

sweetest old guys on bravo now. us and them.

Free trees

Monday morning. The Truth...

Is getting sick a crime?

Live Earth:

hearing Roger Waters just now made me want to fire one up for the "good ol days"

Yesterday's US troop death toll in Iraq up to 9

roxanne on bravo now

Remember this weekend. It may be one of those moments in time you'll look back on.

Madonna vs Coulter

Roger Waters is coming up next on Live Earth

"Al Gore gets my vote"

gore on in NJ

"In our democracy ..."


It would have killed Alec Baldwin to bring his daughter to the concert?

For Putin, little but a lobster dinner

The piano keys are black and white, but they sound like a million colors in your mind - Katie Melua

Al Gore chose Joe Lieberman as his running mate. What makes DU'ers think he won F'up again?

Frank Rich rips pardon: A Profile in Cowardice

What would be the deadline for Gore to declare Candidacy?

What happened at the very end of the NY Concert???

Someone please tell me they are selling a 10-disc set of Live Earth

Yikes, I just realized it was one year ago today Syd Barrett died (Original "Pink Floyd")

I didn't realize that Sting and trudi were such activists,,,good on them!

So how many millions of new Democratic voters were recruited today?

Live Earth Performer Question - Where are the other big dogs..

"I'm a uniter, not a divider"...

What is Gore's approval rating right now?

Sunday Talk Shows

Thank You President Gore!

I'm 60 years old and have never witnessed anything like today.

A beginning or the end?

Well, I'll be damned. Duran Duran just burned up the Live Earth stage. Wow!

What was Kanye rapping during Message in a Bottle?

Spinal Tap!

Pink Floyd is prophetic? I fell all over again in love, am I an old hippy or what?

Did we just get a big old cosmic hug from Al Gore & the concert?

"I would like to have one day without talking about President Bush"

You damn libruls... you like good music and good causes. I'm a


CRAP! I went out to Sonic to get a banana split and when

At times like this...I love the DU

Powell tried to talk Bush out of war

There's a giant pig flying in Giants Stadium - LiveEarth NY

07/07/07 really WAS a great day!! (Dial Up Warning!!)

Oh, man... "Dark Side Of The Moon" and "Another Brick In The Wall"

Who offers the best progressive political calendar?

For my 707th post, on 07/07/07, I want to say THANKS, DU

Lieberman goes to the right of RW. National Review says his calls for more surveillance is misquided

NYT editorial tomorrow - time to get out of Iraq NOW.....

'N.Y. Times' Editorial: Leave Iraq Now--E&P says may one day be called historic

Who wants to contribute to a right wing email response?

Who was that who just did the rant in NY?

Nixon on Fred Thompson: "dumb as hell."

OMG! The TIMES the New York Times Sunday Editorial: Leave Iraq Now

Never,never,never take an annuity when you retire.

Biggest problem in the U.S. today, in your opinion.

Imagine the possibilities....

Who Will Be Last Soldier to Die for Iraq Mistake?

Cheney/Bush Stonewall Erection: "White House Will Deny New Request In Attorneys Probe"

IMG... Roxanne As You NEVER Heard It Before!! Does ANYONE Know

Deadbeat Moms sign I saw on my drive across Iowa

Al Qaeda leader dies twice

Bon Jovi: "Please rise for the playing of our national anthem."

Please post the 1st You Tube video of Melissa Etheridge's

Melissa Etheridge--The Best

I believe we can make it official - there can be only one Big Dog

I can't remember the last time I felt this good about our country

Two monster names missing from "Live Earth"

What Performance Did YOU Enjoy the Most from Live Earth 2007?

Fred Thompson... The right's wet dream (Opus comic)

Okay DU'ers, I was on the street on Feb 15 2003 and I felt the energy of

Things I don't get: Why does wanting a clean environment enrage rightwingnuts?

What should be Michael Moore's next film/project?

What is the surprise location for the Live Earth event?

U.S. Aborted Raid on Qaeda Chiefs in Pakistan in ’05

Apathy, Profiteering, Greed, and Sacrifice – America’s Iraq War

The concerts will accomplish NOTHING unless you DO SOMETHING!

Today I saw SICKO!

I'm going to STOP using plastic bags, and applaud Gore for not stealing anyone's thunder. nt

What's the big deal about Gore? Remember, Bush brought millions together too--

Who Will Be Last Soldier to Die for Iraq Mistake?

AL GORE --->>> Times Like These - Deserve Action - Please Run - For President

Robert F. Kennedy - taking names and kicking ass!

Thanks, Corporate Media. Thanks for nothing.

OMG, Roger Waters at Live Earth

LOL: "Romney says he's flexible on Iraq"

Cheney invited to dinner Libby, Wolfowitz, and Adelman. It was all so wonderful, Libby said

Where the hell is the MSM on the new impeachment poll?

‘You Can Have Clean Environment and Good Jobs’

A question for ya.... Listening to some old music; ie: Jim Reeves, Johnny Horton,...

Where's Garth Brooks??

BREAKING: Bush pushing Big Oil to produce DEAD EARTH concerts

Democratic candidates address climate change in MoveOn virtual forum

'Mini Tet?' These people are insane!

In the first 45 minutes of the repackaged "Greatest Moments" of todays

Democratic Ex's are WAY better than Republic Ex's.

RW Critics of Schuster...You will love it.....

And then there were none ...........

Naderites and splinterists have freeped the ratings on my Nader movie; please big it back up for me.

Giuliani consults women’s guide on NASCAR

Where Do The Dem Candidates Stand on the Iraqi Oil Law?

Wes Clark does General Smackdown of two neocons--watch and cheer!

Davis (D-AL-7) calls for Siegelman probe (Mobile Register)

Can You Hear Us NOW?

This hilarious picture of Bush and Domenici has been at top of Google News all day.

Someone from UK or someone knowledgeable about Brown and Blair...

A major epiphany by a writer and former Republican

"moral equivalency test:" ?: Reprint :

A lesson in Iraqi illusion (Boston Globe)

UK Observer: From the web to the White House

We all know how nature feels more at ease


Cheney “Fixes” Libby, Cons America and Thwarts Justice

Opposite Day at the CIA

The Revolution Has Begun.

U.S. Aborted Raid on Qaeda Chiefs in Pakistan in ’05


Even prisoners held without charges have rights (James Ross / HRW)

Cheney's abuses will take years to repair (Concord Monitor)

Communities must prepare for influx of ex-offenders

Questions Without Answers-Those So-Called Oil Contracts in Iraq

The Road Home (NYT Calls for Iraq Withdrawal)

Bush's lawyers come down hard on everyone else (Protass / Slate)

But what about my client, Mr. Bush?

US Middle East Wars: Social Opposition and Political Impotence

History's Hit Job on Thomas Paine

Michelle Malkin writes about the need for "assimilation"

DAVE LINDORFF: Poll: Impeach the Bastards

Permanent Bases

How Al Gore Screwed Sen. James Inhofe Over LiveEarth

The US is in Serious Trouble - We Can't Ignore It

Peek a Boo

Environmental flashback.

crosspost: Efforts to reduce exposure to lead poisoning, not Giuliani, lowered N.Y.'s crime rate

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle With Earth 911

Help Heal the Earth 07-17-07

Global warming catches on in legal field

Everyone Welcome For Orlando's Very First Global Warming MeetUp

Live Earth opening band: "Say No to Nuclear Energy"

The Promise of Wind Power...

How much coal is required to run a 100-watt light bulb 24 hours a day for a year?

Snow on the Argentine Pampas?

Nuclear radiation per MMBtu for coal plants

Fatah on shaky ground in West Bank

Officials: Arab League to make first official visit to Israel Thurs.

Ramalah an Island of Palestinian Peace

UK's T&G union decides to boycott Israeli products


Iraq truck bomb death toll may be 150: officials

Bomb blast kills 17 Iraqi army recruits -police

For Libby, Bush Seemed to Alter His Texas Policy

Administration Shaving Yardstick for Iraq Gains

Pakistan arrests 'Taleban aides'

Diplomats: IAEA could leave for North Korea as early as next week

Rift between Sadr bloc and Iraqi PM widens

Administration Shaving Yardstick for Iraq Gains--Goals Unmet; Smaller Strides to Be Promoted

(3rd British) Soldier dies after Basra fighting

U.S. Aborted Raid on Qaeda Chiefs in Pakistan in ’05

Afghan counternarcotics minister resigns amid another huge poppy crop

New Health Fears Over Big Surge in Autism

Chinese workers shot in Pakistan

'NYT' Public Editor Hits Paper's Surge in Blaming 'al-Qaeda' in Iraq

Files show talks on 'vote caging'

Violent weekend in Iraq kills over 220

Gunmen kill journalist, three bodies found in Kirkuk

We can't wait for the Iraqi army to stand up...

AFL-CIO to offer free Web service for labor issues

Bodies of snatched Iraqi U.S. embassy couple found

Nixon library's changes start with Watergate

Conyers Calls on Bush to Waive Privilege

U.S. soldier killed in Iraq's Salahuddin province

Boeing set to unveil 787 amid order flurry

Russia Says U.S. Building 'New Berlin Wall'

Blackwater Manager Blamed for 2004 Massacre in Fallujah

Proposal could put contractors on the border

Little progress in lawsuit targeting dockworkers union

Live Earth wraps up, touted as massive success

Rudolph Giuliani's NYC Campaign Manager John D'Amato Dies Suddenly

Iraq outposts plan may be flawed (Says Troops)

Sheehan considers challenge to Pelosi

'Taleban-like beard' sees Metallica frontman detained at airport

Lieberman: Surge of U.S. troops in Iraq is working

Pope angers Jews, Liberals with Rite

Qaeda group in Iraq threatens to attack Iranians

Reservist fighting his fifth war call-up

Fitzgerald May Testify on Prosecution of Libby Case, Leahy Says

Woman jailed for 'neglected' lawn (70 Years old Utah)


Sting just goes on.. and on.. and on... and on... and on... yawwwnnnn

In The Air Tonight

When are you planning to for shop school supplies?

Seawolf mentioned amateur paloentology in a thread...

Great Day! It hasn't rained the whole damn day!

Did anybody else watch UFC tonight? (Don't worry, no spoilers)


Somewhere Some Devil's Mixin' Fire And Ice Together

The Church - Destination

Christ on a cracker...

Define Reality.

Yep... they still can't get it right

Live Earth was a distraction - I think cheney was behind it

Any fans of the Kingdom Hearts games here? I keep hearing rumors...

Great comic:

10 miles

Hello Lounge!

jack daniels poll

shit! its going to be another long night

i just capped the louie

Is it still to early to mow the lawn?

Philboy's Wisdom...

Last night we had a cat with a nosefull of nip watching Live Earth

Music Lovers, Potential ExPats, Here's a song for you from Sugar Blue, Listen!

Do you find the term "wigger" offensive?

I'm so offended I just crapped my pants into next Wednesday!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 7/8/07)

do you find any term with the letters "igg" offensive?

My husband's going to Saudi Arabia & I'm pissed! (& need advice)

It was on this day in 1947 that a "flying saucer" crashed in Roswell, NM.

I'm so offended I just crapped my pants with someone else's crap!

What are you reading RIGHT NOW?????

Two billion people watched Live Earth?

i am so offended i just crapped my pants!

i need my bankie and my mommy!

Gardeners: Trimming a holly question.

The Tree Bandit Captured!

Hummingbird breeders: some advice, please?

What are you thinking RIGHT NOW?????

Are you afraid of drying?

Yo! I tried Faygo last night

I hope your day is this good!

Proposed building for downtown San Diego criticized as "too Gallic"

My experience with Saudi customs:

I saw Yo La Tengo last night

I just capped 1000 punks!!!!!!

How does one find a good therapist?

You people are way too serious today.

Am I crazy? re HBO series from early 90s

I'm hungry. Think I'll go to Denny's

I had to check if I was on the right forum -

This is pretty funny

Do you get emails like this from friends or relatives?

Got a hot stock tip for ya.

Tell us an embarrassing story

MSNBC predicts future. Article on Boeing premier in two hours is set in the past tense.

Condom association meeting today at 4 pm.

Genesis is cool....

Hunky Dudes in Kilts with Very Large Poles (PIC HEAVY)

waffle crapper (and other phrases w/link to many more)

AAHHH! I share my birthday with president Bush!

Proposed building for downtown San Diego criticized as "too phallic"

Speaking of neighbors

Hey old timers, remember Mott the Hoople?

Is This GD Jr. This Morning?

I dreamed Bill and Hillary were at my house

Condo association meeting today at 4pm.

Funny how old movies look so dated now.

I'm dying laughing! Nothing is sacred! Check out this YouTube.

School Rates 'I Love Alex' Graffiti As Bad As Drugs, Suspends 6th Grader (cross post)

fräulein appreciation thread (lame copycat)

Are you afraid of dyeing?

Are you afraid of spying?

How hot is it?

Odor Of The SKUNK!

Are you afraid of replying?


Are you afraid of sighing?

She's gonna get knee-walkin', nose-pickin', Marine-crawlin' DRUNK!

Are you afraid of drying?

DU Merchandise: I want a onesie for my BB that has the DU logo

help when i try to post a pic from photobucket, i get an 'illegal code' message. what up with that?

Dodgers radio guy just called the All-Star Game 'where the best meet the best'

Are you afraid of living? (lame copycat)

"Please Don't bother me when I'm looking at Porn!"


anybody figure out the Cloverfield puzzles yet?

BIN only $35, you know you want it.

BiBaby called me Hitler! Now who the fuck am I supposed to unload this case of EVOO* on?

Post a youtube

All Bow to the Queen!

I swear, Elton John put's the "Q" in Drama Queen

Is anybody else here extremely attracted to progressive women?

If it's dry, dry, dry outside, please fill up your bird baths!

I hafta go now.

Don't you think it's ironic...

Hummingbird feeders: some advice, please?

I ain't falling for the 'Show us your tits!' thread.

Boeing 787 Rollout Broadcast

Why be afraid at all?

Yo! I tried to Tango last night

Unedited, complete, ultra-rare version of Nigel Tufnel's landmark guitar solo

so is that guy who plays harry potter like 35 now?

A couple of favorite Peter Sellers clips from The Magic Christian

Fans on the field

Current and ex-smokers: Why did you start to smoke?

Any one here loose a toe nail???

Name your least favorite invertocrat

I was on the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday. A few pix for you:

Topless Sunbathing Ettiquette Question

Can anyone here make clothing without having a pattern?

Is this cat a GOP donor?

Kathy Griffin - My Life on the D-List

And now it's time to play: Ask Whitney!

It's now time to play: ASK CHENEY

Hoarders, check in if you're here.

This time next week, I'll be married.

Show us your tits!

In your opinion, what is the best way to change someone's view on an issue?

Skyline appreciation thread

Have you ever had a time...

So, who's going to see Harry Potter this Wednesday?

The brawlin' Seattle Mariners

Another Brick in the Wall

Anyone else watching the Wimbledon men's final? (spoilers)

I got to shake Al Gore's hand at yesterday's Live Earth concert

I just capped 1000 posts!!!!!!

Hey Yous Guys! Thanks for the Birthday Thread :)

Shasta, my beautiful keeshond is gone

Letters to the editor

It's Lisa and my anniversary today and we are recreating our first date!

Official Thanks to Starbucks Anarchist for taking the Nicest Picture of Rockit and Me

Rest in Peace poor little kitten

Today's working family cartoon

Dana Corp Is Latest To Dump It’s Retiree Health Benefits Responsibility

News From USW: Congressman Jason Altmire Talks about Dumped and Dangerous Chinese Products 7-9

Anarchist group seeks to side with organized labor for Republican Convention

Clinton: We Can’t Be a Great Nation Without Manufacturing

Blue King Brown Songs - Live Earth 2007 Live from Sydney

Roger Waters 'Another Brick In The Wall' Live Earth - New York

Madonna 'Hey You' Live at Live Earth - London

The Police Live Earth - Roxanne

Beetles; White Album - Piggies The Police Brutality Song!

Linkin Park - Bleed It Out - Live Earth

Bon Jovi Live Earth - Who Says You Can't Go Home

Roger Waters - Live Earth 07/07/07 - In the Flesh

The Police Live Earth - Can't Stand Losing You

Michelle Malkin Gets The Bird After Insulting Interview

The Police Live Earth - Driven To Tears

Jack Johnson-Live Earth 7/7/07 Good People

Roger Waters Live Earth - Money

Live Earth Short Film - Think, Change Habit

Bill Richardson at the NEA Convention

Red State Update: Mitt Romney's Dog

Nunatak - Live Earth Antarctica

Melissa Etheridge - Live Earth 2007 Live from New York 07.07

Bon Jovi Live Earth - It's My Life

Words of wisdom from the good Captain;-)

gore's holographic opening of live earth


BEASTIE BOYS - Sabotage live in London


Live Earth Pink Floyd The Wall

White Guys Who Have a Tantrum Every Day

Live Earth - The Police w John Mayer & Kanye West 'Message in a Bottle'

Yusuf (Cat Stevens) 'Saturn' - Live Earth Hamburg

Yusuf (Cat Stevens) 'Peace Train' - Live Earth Hamburg

Lobbyist Fred Thompson on "Necklacing"

Finale 'Don't Dream It's Over' Crowded House Live Earth - Sidney (moving...)

Live Earth: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., speaks

Bon Jovi Live Earth - Wanted Dead Or Alive

I am glad Mr. Pitt finally agreed on impeachment

Cheney Fatigue Settles Over Some in GOP

Here's a disturbing trend...(Yeah, the surge is "working")

According to the MSN Live Earth video page, Melissa is coming

I like this rock video. It tells a great antiwar message.

For those who missed it, Melissa Etheredge will be repeated online

Since my oil and gas wells produce more energy than I use

UB40's still around??

NYT: U.S. Aborted Raid on Qaeda Chiefs in Pakistan in ’05

Iraq truck bomb death toll may be 150 - officials

After a day of such incredibly rich music and video on TV it is hard to

I really HATE reunion tours... BUT, Duran Duran doing Planet Earth was so DAMN cool

Want to help fight global climate change? Support the legalization of HEMP production!

Gore Appears As A Hologram In Tokyo

I need sources debunking alleged "liberal bias"

Shirley Phelps charged with flag mutilation

I'm not sure she meant to but Maureen Dowd has a nice column about Edwards!

What did President Clinton do for New Orleans?

I know it is early in the am or late, I'm noticing something wrong on CNN.

Iraqi family that helped U.S. troops shows scars

Did anyone else go to a Moveon party and watch the video

Cheney Fatigue Settles Over Some in GOP

Woohoo!!!! I finally got to see Melissa Etheridge's entire act on LiveEarth!!!!

Now is the time when your actions can mean something.

Fred Thompson aided Nixon on Watergate

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Sunday 7/8 then and now

"American Taliban" in Louisiana?

John Mayer: Live Earth

Tim Russert, NYT, Donald Rumsfeld, and The Lair of bin Laden

And now back to reality

USS Enterprise Strike Group deploys to the Persian Gulf...


41 percent more dead bodies were found on the streets of Baghdad in June than in January

Jeff Gannon offered his thoughts on Jane Fonda but still doesn't explain why the White House...

I think I may have an answer to the 30% of Americans who will support Bush and believe anything

Should we have a "Last KIA" monument at Arlington?

Nine US Servicepeople killed yesterday, two so far today

Save People... Save Earth

Is Time Magazine liberal or conservative?

Please Post all Live Earth youtube video clips in this thread-minimize comments for ease of use

Give it up for the sound crew and production teams

How about a favorite Live Earth clips thread - I will start it off!

Toll in Iraq Bombings Could Surpass 150

John Conyers will talk about next weeks Libby clemency hearings on ABC This Week

Observation: No Democratic Candidate Made An Appearance At A Live Earth Concert Yesterday

Church leaders oppose Insane Clown Posse 'Gathering'


Need VOTES to get impeachment question asked on CNN/Youtube Debates

Tour De France, anyone watching?

Orrin Hatch

Conyers on ABC now. Asking * to waive executive privilege.

"Hey, I like him... I want to have a beer with that guy!"

New NYT public editor blasts paper's parroting White House, military on "Al Qaeda" in Iraq

Sen Specter & Leahy on Blitzer right now...n/t

Disappeared: Five Years in Guantanamo-

Reading an old article that everyone needs to see...

No Live Earth coverage in the St. Louis Post Dispatch

D.C. to O'Reilly: Fuck off, Bill-o ...

Judiciary Committe Considering Calling Fitzgerald To Testify In Plame Leak

DU .... I Need A Drummer, (Politically Motivated)

NY Times Editorial: Leave Iraq NOW

CNN: Tune in as Wolfie Pimps the War in Iraq.

Rep. Conyers predicts Bush cooperation as impeachment support grows

Is there a video of Keith Urban doing Gimmie Shelter?

243 goats die after big-rig overturns in San Rafael

Happy Birthday JohnnyRingo

Just Foreign Policy: Estimated Iraqi Deaths Due to Invasion Nears 1 Million (Lancet Numbers Updated)

Ohio lawmaker to Bush: Show Trafficant some love.

Birth Control for Republicans - WAR!!! n/t

If a Democrat LIED to the FBI and Obstructed Justice, how would the right respond????

Everyone in this country must watch the special on CNN

Zimbabwe Announces Price Cut Law

MoveOn Virtual Town Hall on climate policy:

I would like to propose a trade between the Republics & Dems:

They are Republicans and they're committed to our marginalization

First thing this am - Live Earth To Dos

I'm pretty certain Gore would win in a landslide, which in mho, is the reason he should run.

I saw Sicko yesterday and I'm still steaming mad

"Bush fatigue has set in,"............

Statue of Liberty Jeered at 7 New Wonders of the World Ceremony

This thing of beauty was finally updated -

New Poll Shows Majority Favors Impeachment-It Also Shows Independents Aren't "In the Middle" at all

The movie 'Shooter' actually seemed to take a number of pot shots at the Bush Administration

Kristol: Bush Timed Clemency To Get Political Cover By Attacking Clinton

So, what am I missing in this Rasmussen poll on the Supreme Court!

My. my. Someone at Capitol Hill Blue really does not like Keith Olbermann.

Al Gore's Insight In Action

Sorry, Gore supporters. Al Gore says he won't run, and I agree he shouldn't.

Senators Ready Iraq Amendments

Weasel from Weekly Standard on C-Span

Here comes the Revolution...

David Shuster is much better than Chris Matthews on Hardball

Leahy To Call Fitzgerald

Is it "Democratic Underground" or "democratic underground"?

U.S. killing Afghans and Iraqi innocents right along with the 'terrorists'

Constructing a new Hillary

Prediction: The Bush Presidency will end just as it began

John Conyers on ABC This Week: "No, I Didn't Put Impeachment On The Table"

Health insurance companies suck!!

Is there a way to see Madonna's performance from Live Earth

Chinese dissident's exposé of China's food industry

The Workplace Idiot Spoke Again Today...

Assume the impeachment nay-sayers are right . . .

Forget the human toll on the CIA outing, what was the cost to the taxpayer, when

FTC Abandons Net Neutrality

OMG! ALL of the *Live Earth* concerts are now available ON DEMAND at MSN

When did anyone decide it was always a virtue to "say what everybody else is thinking"?

George Bush and Dick Cheney: Do the Right Thing....

I know now I have officially crossed into the "Twilight Zone"! How to Raise an American.

How Generals in Iraq Became Bush's Flacks

"We Shall Be Free"

Fox Sports Broadcaster Maas Arrested

Bush Has Spent the ENTIRE WEEK Celebrating His Own Birthday --->>>

Each TV channel should have run Live Earth 24 hours on 777

A Request for Speaker Pelosi to put impeachment on the table.

New Republican Comic: Fred Thompson Speaks to Young Repubs.

Since the US Constitution was written on hemp paper does that mean it is invalid?

Right Wing Launches Dishonest, Misinformed Attacks Against Live Earth

Roche Antibiotic Plus Calcium May Endanger Babies, U.S. Reports

Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against U.S. Wiretapping

Reuters: Iraq's Sadr back in Iran - U.S. military sources (Here we go again!)

I'm re-watching John Mayer from yesterday on

"There is no value left in my life..."

Justice=reversal of stolen 2000 "Election"& install of President Gore!!

Thanks DeepModem Mom.. VIDEO-RFK Jr. at Live Earth, Speaking Truth To Power!!!!

Does David Iglesias have a defamation of character case against

"Why didn't I think of that" thread....In light of our awakening

Rice: Iran Dangerous State Dangerous Policies Bush is never going to take his options off table

Here is why I think Al Gore will NOT run for president in 2008

If Al Gore doesn't run, but wins the nom via write-in votes,

When * burns in hell, will Orrin Hatch be next to him?

Allmost every politician is living inside a BUBBLE

Most Christians do not support Bush

If you or a loved one were subjected to the same treatment Murat Kurnaz was...

Insular Americans: They don't care what's happening outside our borders.

Melissa Enteridge performance missing from NBC telecast.........

Hair cuts , campaign funding in the hundred millions -

Stephen Colbert's "Tek Jansen" Issue #1 Is Out (No, Really)

So I'm imagining Justice Roberts Presiding over Impeachment

On the Wrong Side of 5 to 4, Liberals Talk Tactics

School Rates 'I Love Alex' Graffiti As Bad As Drugs, Suspends 6th Grader

Another injustice with the failed 'war on drugs'.

Proposal inspired by Live Earth

Dingell (D-Mich.) to propose 50 cent gasoline tax increase

Giving Sicko a pass (film gives no time to the defense)

GOP Rep.: US Attorney Iglesias fired 'because he's an idiot'

Kristol: Bush Timed Clemency To Get Political Cover By Attacking Clinton

CBS Concludes Impeachment Is Not A "Fringe" Idea

Now here's a dillemma for you

Wealthy look after own interests (LTTE from Alabama)

Bag of Bones, Iraqi poet Dunya Mikhail, a poet for the times that

There was no underlying crime. There was an overwhelming crime

"A president transformed"

Senators Say They Will Call On Patrick Fitzgerald To Testify

CHENEY's Role: Bush Had No Choice-Give Libby A Pass & Keep Him Quiet - Or Face VP's Wrath (Newsweek)

It seemed like just a few short weeks ago, Impeachment was a bad word.

A real serious question: is there a rightwing pundit who is not an idiot?

What's wrong with this picture?

Who Runs the CIA? Outsiders for Hire.

27 killed in Baghdad area attacks

video:Schumer says they are thinking of calling Patrick Fitzgerald

LOL poster: "I know it's very un-Christian to hate individuals, BUT..."

Files show talks on 'vote caging'- Discussions with elections chief were prior to '04 election

I went to see "Sicko" preparing not to like it

Remember Petey Green?

Can Bush Extend the Surge? DoD Budget Request Inadequate to Maintain Troop Levels Beyond September

Russia Accuses US of Building ‘New Berlin Wall’

Complete Melissa Etheridge video from Live Earth -

So, what about those subpoenas issued to Cheney?

IRS tracked taxpayers’ political affiliation

How can Smirky get off telling a witness that she cannot testify when she is willing?

I missed Live Earth

Blackwater manager blamed for 2004 massacre in Fallujah

Where is the Melissa E. video from live earth? She was the best. nt

This is the ulitmate expression of anarchy in Iraq

Army Reservist HAS HAD ENOUGH! - Will SUE ARMY to Stop FIFTH Deployment

Bush promised the Iraqis freedom, when will they get that freedom?

Internal Memos Show "Vote Caging" In Jacksonville Took Place Weeks Before 04 Election

Campbell: Doubts about Iraq , Cheney favored immediate action

A lesson in Iraqi illusion

Conyers: Reprieve May Have Quieted Libby

The Insurance Companies propaganda campaign against Sicko prove Michael Moore right

if the repubs had an alternative to "live earth".....who would show up?

David Walker - 60 Minutes - US fiscal responsibility

Any Duers going to SIGGRAPH this year???

ALERT: 60 MINUTES -- Wake-up Call

Seeing Al Qaeda Around Every Corner

Rick Sanchez asks: "Is there an unhealthy amount of cancer-causing substances in soft drinks?"

Four Years Ago Today Leakin’ Libby Called Judith Miller

When it happens, most people will have no idea what is going on...

A question for *

"The sinews of war are infinite money" ......

The Oh-Really Factor - Bill and guest say mysterious lesbian gangs are terrorizing the nation

Help me get the dems to answer THE question about Impeachment - Vote to have it asked next debate

ABC News - Bottled water

I'm Watching "How Its Made" and I'm Noticing Something

The Hartford Courant Blows It

Bombers aimed to bring Baghdad carnage to UK

Hey Bush! FUCK YOU!

So Powell says he tried to stop this war. I have never heard so much garbage

July 7, 2007 just did not happen, just like February 15, 2003 did not happen.

"We Must Defeat Al Qaeda In Iraq"

What do Peloisi and Reid say when someone mentions Joseph Padilla

Just wondering?

How is it that everybody but Melissa Etheridge is on Youtube?

Yes, Bush has failed in Iraq - but why did he invade in the first place?

Poll: Impeachment talk gains steam after Libby move

In MHO, Madonna blew em all away yesterday......

Red Alert: Our CIA is being Outsourced.

Why is there so little give and take on DU?

The reason I don't like the way this Global Warming thing is going:


MONITOR: (1) media as pawns; (2) Constitutional showdown looming?

Gore's Lessons Learned and Applied

Bree Walker's birthday present for the president (she is the new owner of Camp Casey)

HMO's Have Spent MILLIONS Getting Their POV Across & Into Our Political Reality

Interesting Right/Left column: Ann Coulter helping Dems more than GOP?

A response I got from someone who sent me a canned jingoistic email

"So What If Bush Has 561 Days Left: Start Impeachment Now"

Conyers Raises Specter Of Impeachment, Highlights Support For Removing Bush And Cheney

So, Bush Admin Frees Convicted WH Criminal; Rejects Supoenas; Subverts Democracy: YET NO IMPEACHMENT

Extremely smart guy bill kristol explains why we should all feel happy.

What did Bobby Kennedy, Jr. mean when he said "See you at the barricades?"

Larry Johnson: Real Washington Whispers

Just a quick time out to review the energy policy of a Dem president 30 years ago

Is there even a point in engaging Bush supporters?

Would Bloomberg be a smart choice for a Dem VP

WOW. Essay In Today's Boston Globe - "What it means to be a Christian after George W. Bush"

So, who should Al Gore choose for a running mate?

Brent Budowsky: Draft Al Gore, The True Heir To FDR and JFK

Is America 'ready' for a coke snorting, drunken loser, idiot president?

Powell tried to talk Bush out of war

New video: Impeach Dick Cheney

For fans of "Bong Hits" boy...

WATCH "SICKO" CLIP HERE: And Bush Says to Woman w/3 Jobs: "That's Uniquely American; Fantastic!"

For Woody Guthrie fans

Can someone please bad-mouth and tear down Mike Gravel? He's really growing on me

Wow! LAT Criticizes Live Earth in Headline!!!

Blackwater manager blamed for 2004 massacre in Fallujah

What If Bush's Supreme Court Blocks Congressional Oversight by Hearing and Subpoena?

An Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi

G. Steinbrenner: Baseball fans cannot leave seats when "God Bless America" is played

David Halberstam: The History Boys

China Bashing on DU Getting Out of Hand?

I am the luckiest and happiest father in the world tonight.

A message for Melissa Etheridge, you big old red-headed

NYT draws a line in the sand -- "Get Out of Iraq" Sunday editorial -- this is BIG!

I can make you very, very rich" or "I've got a gun with a bullet with your name on it"

Outing Valerie Plame aided our enemies

I will never be the same after attending Live Earth!

So Larry Johnson, a guy I respect, says he hears that John Murtha will in indicted for bribery......

GORE Nailed Bush Jan 16, 2006 - Saw it all coming

It's official. Al Gore is - literally - a Rock Star.

Estimated Iraqi death due to U.S. invasion nears one million

Sheehan Considers Challenge to Pelosi

Would you support an Al Gore independent run for president?

I worry those who really need to see SICKO won't ever see it

DU is Freaking Me Out

What Bobby Kennedy Said

The revolution has begun. We just hit the tipping point.

Al Gore: Iraq War about OIL THEFT

Rough weekend? - * pics

St. Pete Times...thanks for a fair primary article: "DNC chairman Howard Dean is in a tough spot."

IMPEACHMENT... without it we're a nation of cowards and outlaws.

Does the CIA ask questions before spying?

What the hell is wrong with his legs?? Caption *

Musings and rants ..there is only 1 political party in the United States.

We the People


The Hand That Feeds: IMPEACH BUSH --- My Video Needs Your HELP....


How concerned should dark-skinned minorities be about anglo paranoia?

God and Country: What it means to be a Christian after George W. Bush

Genocide by design?

CINDY SHEEHAN-Will Run Against Pelosi If She Does NOT Seek To IMPEACH BUSH By 7/23

Please DU this poll: Great Global Warming Swindle

"The Bible is pretty clear that married women aren't to work outside the home."

Major UK union declares boycott of Israeli goods

Look who's behind this phony org that attacked Gore yesterday --->

"UNMISTAKABLE PATTERN OF ABUSE": DOJ Attorney-Puts Job On Line-Calls Bush Justice Dept A Disgrace

Iraq and The Road Home

Thompson thanks Clinton, New York Times for support

Confessions of US Army Torturer in Iraq.

Obama table in Madison: July 7 Edition

The idea of an objective media, one without agendas or partisan

How Generals in Iraq Became Bush's Flacks

I hope guliani is the republican nominee

So I figure that Bush is helping us beta test Freedom 1.0. Finding the bugs and all that.

Sunday Herald Sun: 'Billary' will take beating (pro or con story :-) ) U decide

Obama brings NEA to its feet

Sen. Clinton wows crowd at Essence symposium

SEN. HAGEL on meet the press

Our amazing experience hosting a LiveEarth Party - wow!

US News and World Report has a major multi item article on the 08 election

Ah, that genius

I believe denying an American citizen access to a vote is illegal

Fox News Sunday's Mara Liasson: R's are demoralized. Barnes: How are you going to unite Rep party?

Conyers: Bush Should Waive Exec. Privilege, ‘Do What Clinton Did’ And Explain Commutation - TP

Do you support "merit pay" for Congress?

Democratic Strategy Includes Pointing Fingers

Congratulations to all Democratic Presidential Candidates!

Vote For The Presidential Candidate That Will Do The Best Job Solving The Climate Crisis

Sen. Hillary Clinton receives loud applause /86th NEA Representative Assembly

A friend sent this along.... I laughed. I cried.. I'd go there again and again....

Young Republicans: "Run, Fred, Run"

C-SPAN Political Analyst: Iowans make up their minds in the last week

Newsweek: Friends in High Places

Simple note to Wes Clark: Run, Wes, Run

Leahy Expects Ex-Bush Aide to Testify (AP)

ALL my posts in the last 48 hours included 2 very pro Hillary stories, get off my back

Here's what we do...

New Republican Comic: Fred Thompson Speaks to Young Repubs.

Gates Cancels Latin America Trip (to focus on Iraq) - AP


The Best Man - TCM movies

Duckworth declines 2008 race

* admin (Rummy) aborted raid on Al-Qaeda meeting that may have included Al-Qaeda's #2

Opinion on the 2000 Election and Selection

Bush sure lookes he has aged-there is an up close pic on front page of Huffington

Whatever happened to "The PEOPLE'S Republic of China"? Al's big day

OT The A/C is back on, here is the short story

Here's our chance to decry the unfair treatment of Scooter

Some Republican will steal the Democrats thunder and come out with a bill for impeachment

Domestic terrorism..:"Radical Christian activiists" jailed for attempted church burning in Texas...

We lost a very good Democrat and nobody knew: An Exceptional Career In Personnel, Labor Relations

Online community flocks to Ron Paul

Clinton leads in congressional endorsements

NBC Top Political Reporter Giving Cash to Hillary?

New York Times Editorial! The Road Home! It's Time!

Sunday's Luckovich cartoon... Perfect!

On CNN, Jeffrey falsely asserted Clinton has "high negatives in her own party"

Inexplicable Emotional Reactions--Young Repubicans "Dazzled" by Thompson

Ha! Stephanopoulos and Ron Paul exchange....

Republicans play the game to win and the Democrats play to

The trial lawyers lobby and the Democratic Party

Why do all the Dems. on this morning's talk shows let the Rs get away with the "no underlying crime"

John Conyers all but said that after this week IMPEACHMENT is a go.

Dear Harry ...

True or False: Politicians who talk of energy independence

Great Read in The Denver Post! We Are Waking Up!

The Myth of Conservative America

Al Gore 2008 endorsement. Will it sway your opinion?

Newsweek Cover for This Week

Just curious: why is Coulter picking on Edwards?

Watched Orrin Hatch this am.

Sheehan considers challenge to Pelosi

Edwards: environmental work can lead to 1-2 million manufacturing jobs

CNN gets its Presidential polls from Clinton uber-supporter who owns polling company

Assume the impeachment nay-sayers are right . . .

I woke up this morning worried. I like Sen. Clinton but I'm not sure she can win.

Powell: I told you so. Well, I told him so.

Something no one is talking about

Do Liberals Let Policy Trump Politics To Their Detriment?

SICKO is NOT about health-care !

Edwards slams the Third Way/corporate "we'll retrain outsourced workers" meme

This election will be no walk in the park

Right Wing Attacks Live Earth .. and misses by a Planet

Dodd Swipes Obama on latter's support for "Merit Pay" for Teachers

Senators want Libby prosecutor to testify

"Hill will still Win".....agree or disagree with this editorial?