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Liberties Lost - Baltimore Sun, July 4th, 2007

Hope for Two Billion Audience (Live Earth to Include British Antarctica House Indie-Rock Band)

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Killing the Money Primary (The Nation)

'Supporting the troops' means withdrawing them

Bill Scher: Framing The Climate Crisis Solution (

BOB HERBERT: A Girl’s Fear and Loathing

The world's coolest house warming

Cheney on the Defensive (The Nation)

NYT: Clinton Dwells on Faith as a Central Part of Her Life

A president transformed (The Guardian)

Dead Duck - Bush is the Devil's Dinner - Hal Crowther

Swami is at it again! An Inconvenienter Truth

Edwards: Environmental work can mean manufacturing jobs

So, Al Gore, what's the one thing we can all do to tackle climate change?

Police: Woman forced into sex with son

BBC: US court dismisses 'spying' case

Hope for Two Billion Audience (Live Earth to Include British Antarctica House Indie-Rock Band)

Report: Iraq War Costs Could Top $1.4 Trillion

Much of US favors Bush impeachment: poll

In France, a senior pol dares to question the 9/11 tale

Sweden tightens asylum rules for Iraqis (18,000 + already)

U.S. military deaths in Iraq at 3,592

U.S. diplomats confined to embassies for security reasons

Suicide Blast Kills 26 in Iraqi Village

US Coal Firm Linked to Colombia Militias

Virginia May Spurn GOP in '08 (Independents Favor Dem for President)

Sen. Graham Returns From Iraq With Renewed Hopes

3 Shot Dead In Apparent Fireworks Noise Dispute, Police Say

My Milli does not cover my Vanilli

My MissMillie doesn't cover my Stoli Vanil.

My badonk does not cover my adonk

My Talk does not cover my Talk.

We were having pizza, and this GORGEOUS guy kept trying to kiss me...

Mr. LIW is out. The kids are engrossed in their own activity.

I thought this day would never end.

Olive Garden competition

Redecorating: a love-hate relationship

Here is something I would love to see...

My Hide Thread won't cover my thread.... Wait, It Does! How Funny!

Saw a great t-shirt today. "Your trailer park called. It's trash is missing!"

GAAAHHHH - Hawk Harrelson!

Twins miss extra point in 20-14 win over Chicago

Somebody Hit My Car This Afternoon

YAY! Fireworks!

Watching "The Astronauts Wife"

Does anyone have any tips for a proper shave..?

OMG!!! Engi....if you are lurking, I....I think i can see.....

Women! Gah! 12 years, and I still have to s-p-e-l-l i-t o-u-t...

Which Spam email should I open?

Women! Gah! Eight years, and I still have to s-p-e-l-l i-t o-u-t...

Sheep! Gah! 20 years, and I still have to s-p-e-l-l i-t o-u-t

Why is there no Olive Garden / Breastfeeding / Public Smoking / Pittbull / Group At DU?

Is Sicko Worth Seeing Twice?

Does anyone have any tips for a proper Knave..?

flashing! Gah! 41 years, and I still have to w-h-i-p-i-t -o-u-t

Anybody else watching Live Earth?

Right hands! Gah! 35 years, and I still have to s-p-e-l-l i-t o-u-t

Hey Crim Son and my other commrades.. this is for us.....

my ping does not cover my pong


Best friends - pic thread

WWE fans: Have you seen Chris Masters lately?

Internships Available: Company Advertises For Condom Testers

Friday night re-- HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT!!!!!


"When someone says 'Take it...'

Moved to pic thread sorry

Twins 20 - White Sox 14....first game of a double header...

Kitty pic I took last week (shhh sleeping)


I stuck my tongue on a Transformer. WTF, MICHAEL BAY, W. T. F.

The meaning of life


I bought some makeup today. As if the shoe shopping expedition last week wasn't wierd enough.

OMG, Vince Vaughn came into where I work tonight!

Post some kitteh pics!

*******The Appreciation Thread*******

Someone has a Bday today

Men! Gah! Eleven years, and I STILL have to s-p-e-l-l- i-t -o-u-t!

My husband is still not home. I'm becoming a tad annoyed.

Meet Ouchy the Clown

OMG! BirderLad emailed me yesterday!

Giant phallus terrorizes Oregon town **Fark headline**

Can I ask WHY you would post numerous ridiculous threads in an attempt to be TS?

"it's not all unicorns and sunflowers"

What would be a show you'd make if you had a cable tv network?

I hate this song!!!

I think we should name CaliforniaPeggy "DU Lounge Mother"

My moustache trimmer is possessed!!

Does anyone have any tips for a proper slave..?

DU going to bed but want to leave you with this awesome song

So? How was your week?

Yet another Friday night at home and I wonder if I'm growing up.

Oh man!...Best mod ever!

Existing in a vacuum of despair is so fucking monotonous.

Anyone else ever been excised from Wikipedia or treated rudely by an editor?

4-Story, 1000 Toilet Restroom Opens In China. TV, Music, Croc Mouth & Virgin Mary Urinals

Pluto is a Mickey Mouse planet.

Company's Want Ad: Condom Testers Needed

Saved! I'm outta here.

More internet dating shit

Three Cookbook Phrases that Burn My Arse!

I know you are all jealous...especially you LaraMN

Friday night scenery thread

Post an answer, then let others guess the question

I am selling off my body so I can pay off my student loans...

Who's anxiously waiting for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Wonder why they don't make cheese outta pig milk?

***************** *************************** **************************

Okay, time to switch gears. Lounge writers who have published...did the fame go to your heads?

OK against my better judgment a FRIDAY NIGHT PICTURE THREAD

***Grocery Store Rant***

What if THE RAPTURE were tomorrow?

I am having WAY TOO MUCH FUN with Photoshop and matcom tonight

Post your brushes with rock 'n roll royalty here


Are you afraid of dying?

Dana's New Union Agreement

John Edwards - NALEO Conference

Iraq: Code Pink...

USA Chemical Weapons -part.1 (reloaded)...***graphic content***...

Ain't no stoppin' us now

Whitney Houston responds to Bush's commute of Libby!

Happy 4th of July from an Australian - This about sums us up...

(NEW!) Schoolhouse Rock's look at American Imperialism

The Bush Legacy in a Nutshell...

What if Tom Tancredo runs on an independent ticket?

Have heard a lot of impeachment talk on the MSM today.

Suicide bomber kills 26 in Iraq

Memo to the GOP & Corporate Media: It's Called "MURTHA'S PLAN". So Get It Right!

Paul Krassner reviews Mort Sahl tribute. Still in business, funny as hell.

Sprint "Firing" Its Problem Celluar Customers

'Insuring the Children' & "We're Begging For Help" (Sicko!) -- 'NOW' - PBS - 8 pm EST

A question that every Democratic presidential candidate should answer

Email From Rightwinger on Pardons and Libby

On KO: Billo's radio program in DC has been dropped and replaced by sports

We're all the same

LSU professor who blames Mr.Rogers for the nation's ills also dislikes people who oppose Wal-Mart

R. Paul raised more money last month than McCain, Interesting, eom

Wikipedian protester

Go to the beach -

Join a LIVE EARTH Houseparty!

LOL - How the Mighty Have Fallen: Texas Right-wing Libertarian Paul has more campaign$$ than McCain!

Game time! Match the paraphrased rant to the Right Wing Pundit

Sydney kicks off Live Earth

50 years from now Bush's term will be compared to.......

Michael Moore: SiCKO's Impact

Letter to Ike Skelton on Fed law prohibiting drug felons, food stamps

One year warranty on all our CURSES. Talk about nuts...

Fred Thompson Lobbied For Abortion Rights-He Says No Recollection Of Lobbying To Ease Abortion Rules

Anyone going to the Live Earth Concert in DC tomorrow?

Court Allows Bush Administration to Continue Illegal Wiretapping

RIAA Strikes Again: YouTube Free Guitar Lessons Pulled in Copyright Spat


Much of US favors Bush impeachment: poll

Here's how we get out of Iraq--GOP reps can go against * w/o retaliation--he needs them-IMPEACHMENT

Santorum: the enemy read NEWSWEEK and watch CNN and Fox News and they know what’s going on over here

The Latest From Traffic Enforcement: "Stop Sign Cameras"

OK: Wildlife Experts Concerned By Contaminated Floodwaters

One year warranty on all our CURSES. Talk about nuts...

The thing about "christianity" so pisses me off - I had to do this

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

BILL MAHER on with Tavis Smiley tonight

Wes Clark is on Olbermann

One Night Only -- Party for the Planet ! -- Saturday, July 7, 2007 !

Juice made in USA?

3598 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Military: 6 U.S. troops killed in Iraq

Link to watch Live Earth concert -- starting any minute

The Clinton-Did-It Flimflam

A pleasant weekend to all.

Live Earth concerts kick off in Australia with a digeridoo-backed Aboriginal group

Boo fucking hoo. Lawsuits already filed over oil from flooding just upstream from here.

Savage Weiner calls Media Matters "The Homosexual Mafia"......

Let's email MSNBC about David Shuster and the 9:00 spot.

Warm Fuzzy on evening news in Houston (photo)

So considering all the money Bush and Co have made for their corporate friends,

US-NATO now winning the contest to murder civilians in Afghanistan, Taliban falling behind.

John Edwards Discusses Global Warming In Saturday (July 7) Morning E-Cast

Headline: Lonely and lame, Bush agonises over legacy

Tomorrow is 07/07/07! Is anything "special" going to happen then?

Dave Lindorff: Bush, Cheney and the Scarlet Letter

Sorry Everybody!

New Jersey Governor Corzine Signs Toughest U.S. Carbon Law: On eve of Live Earth

Americans want impeachment for Bush-Cheney

Okay, I cannot stream the Live Earth concert because I use Firefox

Number ONE reason for impeachment?

The newest angle on email scams: Using soldiers in Iraq

I saw something great today

Almost half of Americans want El Presidente Pendejo IMPEACHED!

I give lots of credit to the internets for IMPEACHMENT going mainstream-thanks to everyone here and

White House Seeks to Damp Down Talk of GOP Defections on Iraq

*** Friday TOONs: Dicko ***

Bob Dole, Riggs Bank and the DC Madam?

Pot advocate (Ed Rosenthal) admonishes federal judge

WOW Clinton praised Libby back in 2000

During the 2004 presidential campaign what percentage of DU posters

Pardon my stupidity, but I just learned Fred Thompson was a lobbyist for Phillip Morris

Another reason not to shop at Best Buy. Snooping your drive

Scooter Libby and Me...a great read.

Why isn't Biden #1 in the polls? I'm listening to him now on cspan.

LiveEarth has begun!!!!

Hypothesis about DU Marijuana Perspectives

Amber alert for 12 yr. old Tacoma WA girl, Zita Linnik

Leahy says Bush overturned Posse Comitatus, a power grab.

More Americans going to other countries to get health care

The official THANK YOU JeffR thread!

Book TV Schedule: July 7th - 9th - Abbreviated version

Some Things that Some People Might Want to Know about the FDA

WAY COOL --- Al Gore Facts

Impeachment Fever: America's Got It!


Guys - one of the best Truthout finds yet:

SB says "Impeach"

Obama draws crowd in Mt. Pleasant home

Good News!

Mort Sahl meets george bush

Once again the conservatives got it wrong regarding Libby

Fred Thompson: Abortion Rights Lobbyist!

How long will everything Democratic be looked at through the prism of the Clinton Presidency?

Clinton, Obama Support Getting Tough on China...

New Hampshire Voters Like Romney, Hillary

War lingo;"incorporeity":Having no bodily or material structure;not composed of matter; immaterial.

ABC: Obama Subtly Takes On Clinton

Wes Clark going to be on Countdown now!

Hillary Clinton denies that she’s a Marxist, but she sure talks like one.

A Question about Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Isn't there a Christian proverb or tenet that says you shall be judged...

Is Kucinich electable?



Disturbing for Peace

The Worst Health Money Can Buy

Disappeared: Five Years in Guantanamo

If I had just one penny.........................

Photos: 21 nominees for the Seven (manmade) Wonders of the World...


Live Earth Makes Going Green Global

War scars Iraqi family which aided U.S.

Stars Join Their Voices to Support Live Earth

Al Gore slams global warming doubters

A Register-Guard Editorial: Libby sealed tight

SCOOTER & COMPANY Hard times but not hard time

What happened to the George Bush who insisted on honest government?

Spotlight on the Dark Side: The Cracks in Cheney's World

Iraqi Oil: A Benchmark or a Giveaway?

A happy tale from the Tsunami

William Ruckelshaus and J. Clarence Davies: An EPA for the 21st century

Bill Scher: Apollo, MoveOn & Boxer Lay Out Climate Solutions (

Buffalo ethanol plant put on hold

Israeli, Arab children question US envoy on Mideast policy

Groups Denounce Shooting of Cameraman

Lost opportunity of relevance

Nazzal: law allows the president to announce the state of emergency several times

The labours of Fayyad

'Why terrorism instead of chocolates?"

Hamas pressed by Israel and Palestinians in W.Bank

History Erased

With Gaza-Egypt border closed for a month, EU scales back monitoring mission there

Israeli Settlements Exceed Boundaries, Report Says

EGYPT-OPT: Gazans stranded at Rafah border, North Sinai towns

Court rejects ACLU domestic spying suit

Two British soldiers die in Iraq

More than 30 Taliban said killed in Afghanistan

Military: 6 U.S. troops killed in Iraq

Iraqi PM invites politicians to join new bloc

Storm Center Staff Seeks to Remove Its Director

9/11 panel member: U.S could be safer (dem radio address)

Orange County Bus Drivers Go on Strike

U.S. company to label health food "China-free"

11-year-old charged with driving drunk in Alabama

Two more Republican senators join critics of Iraq policy

5,000 nationalist Turks denounce Kurdish rebels, U.S. in rally

Delphi Details Shrinking UAW Workforce

Prosecutors Suggest 7 Years for Nacchio (little Enron)

Bush sharpens budget attack on Democrats

(500) Saskatchewan Refinery Workers Agree to Labor Pact, Avert Strike

No Court-Martial for Soldier With PTSD

Demands on Secret Service grow as 2008 race heats up

Attacks kill 50 Iraqis, 8 U.S. troops

Pols: NY Stiffed Again on Terror Funds

Iraqi lawmaker quits energy panel over oil law

White House Plans To Block Testimony From Former Top Rove Aide; Miers Not Decided

Fire erupts amid Pakistan’s mosque standoff

Iran officials visit 5 Iranians held by U.S. in Iraq

First suspect in court over Britain car bomb plot

No-Confidence Vote Looms Over Iraq's PM

Judges OK warrantless monitoring of Web use

St. James contractor evades taxes on illegal labor

Priest charged over Dirty War atrocities (Argentina)

Iraq market truck bomb kills 105

Motorola Sees $101M Layoff Charge (7,500 job cuts)

(Fred) Thompson lobbied for abortion-rights group, it says

Top Commander Expects Big Iraq Strikes

Colombia re-arrests ex-spy chief

GOP presidential campaigns give Nevada short shrift

White House plans to block testimony from former top Rove aide; Miers has not decided

U.S. Aborted Raid on Qaeda Chiefs in Pakistan in ’05

Edwards Says Votes Count, Not Money

Another consumer product disaster in China: exploding mobile phone batteries

Musharraf tells mosque militants "surrender or die"

Bush Rips Democratic Lawmakers' Failures

Fred Thompson aided Nixon on Watergate

Sensing a Shift, Reid Will Press for an Iraq Exit

I'll bring our boys home from Iraq, says Clinton

Hillary speaks up on outsourcing

Jobs grow steadily in June

VENUS! She is rocking the court in a big way!

YESSSS!!!! 7/7/07 IS a lucky day!!!

Does anyone remember the crying game?

Well I think I will go to bed...

Two dogs...

Seven year ache.

Strangled by the wishes of pater,hoping for the arms of mater,

Big Log -Robert Plant

If we had a place to post a pic of ourselves, butt-nekkid

One tin soldier rides away..........

This is where I'm goin' tomorrow

Vincent- Don Mclean

goodnight...don't bother responding...really going this time...

The leader of the band is tired,and his eyes are getting old.

Sure got quiet in here...

Elton John's Daniel

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face- Roberta Flack

Will all of SPKs minions please check in here?

Cat People -David Bowie

Do you have any idea how bad I need to?

Okay, I'm going to stroke my mother-in-law's ass.

19 years 364 days and 11 hours ago...

Is anyone awake for a friendly chat?

**Warning: Graphic** Ann Coulter...

Do you like this song?

Listen to this tune,don't watch the video. Shreikback-the Big Hush

Why can not we sober?

There are no words to say.

Once more you open the door,and my heart will go on..........

Is there anything better than a Hard Salami, Hot Pepper Ring, Onion

So much for 7,000-hour CFLs

Don't panic.

I think Swede should start a DJ thread

I find it kinda funny, I find kinda sad

Harry Chapin - Taxi

I can't sleep. Who's with me?

Is it just me or does Linkin Park really suck live?

Great White Shark attack

Who knew there were people in Antartica?

Buenos nachos, Mr. Bond, my name is Carlos Slim....

Other people's poetry is my muse today -- JitterbugPerfume said this in April 2005:

It's just a couple of days late, but you might like the sweet sentiment of this: (LINK TO CARD)

Later on today I will pick up billyskank from the airport

He ain't heavy,he's my brother.

Ann Coulter as an Amsterdam Sex Worker

Okay, I'm gonna go smoke my mother-in-law's grass.

Truthful joke of the day.

Ok, I'm going to spank my Mother-In-Law's ass

Fuck Live Earth, I'm going to see Cheap Trick today

I'm positively sure that . . .

CONFESS!! Have you ever read an email that wasn't meant for you?

This bird was out my window saying -booby-booby-booby-

Does anyone else . . .

Okay, I'm gonna go mow my mother-in-law's grass.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 7/7/2007)

Ok...for those with the courage here...

I like that music in the John Frieda Collection Commercial

I am moving back to Germany to become a house music singer .

Y'know Catster & Dogster? There's a new site for folks with small mammal pets!

Anyone else watching Live Earth?

Look at this picture of Babe Ruth before the Hot Dogs and Beer...

Happy Caturday!!! (Dial-Up warning!)

'Live' Earth . . . Sundance channel . . .

Do you know "Cambry" from YouTube? You really should

Complain using someone elses problems

Man oh man . . .


Earth shaking important thread please read:

"If I can't be a Magician then I wanna do Puppy Vengeance."

Mild rant: Dealing with blabbermouth boss - I'm conflicted

Does DU look weird to anyone?

Well hell, today is a lucky day

My mother-in-law's grass. (This is for the smarty-pants who copycatted my thread this morning)

Move to a new place... No expense spared

You make Pikachu cry!

One pill makes you larger,and one pill makes you small.,,,,

Any other Rotarians around?

Damn that Corinne Bailey Rae . . .

Did you ever notice that hardly anyone posts in the "SERIOUS"

The most decadent video out there. Shreikback

SPINAL TAP is up next in London.

Heads up! Al Gore is on stage in New York!

Thanks for the help with my garden earlier this year

Starting my new job in a couple of days...and I'm incredibly nervous.

Believing in which conspiracies makes you nuts?

Kind of a rant...

DON'T think of Al Gore

Live Earth London: Next up...the Beastie Boys!!

Live Earth local parties

The US version of the Spice Girls is on in London

Can we still blame Global Warming on the Clenis?

This is my grass!

Attention All Of My Bunions

Foo Fighters - on now!

Who is that performing on Stage now on Sundance....

Problem with photobucket? Can't post pictures from my account.

So what everyone think of the new "Wembley Stadium"

Words like violence,break the silence

To all the DU'er Moms and Dads of pets we have in our lives.

I like Blues Nation! Live Earth-DC

Pussycat Dolls, they're very pretty....

Ronnie Hawkins appreciation thread

Joss Stone is so damn fine!

Linkin Park in Japan right now

And now, a WTF? moment from Live Earth in DC

Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day?

Yesterday was the first day without rain in almost 2 months.

I don't know a damned thing about Photoshop . . .

I must be a major league music snob....


I think I am being followed by little green men..Except they are tall

Melissa Etheridge is on now

What kind of dog is this - and why is it so damn built?

Cool - the first episode of Series 3 Dr. Who finally aired last night!

Is LiveEarth on TV, or just online? n/t

Clapton chops... Michael Franks voice...

Wow - I received an e-mail today saying . . .

I am looking at shakiras butt

I'm back online after a week and a half of traveling. Anyone miss me?

Anybody watch Ken Burns' Baseball?

Man Pleads Guilty To Shooting Cheerleader (She was ghost hunting on his property)

Madonna is on right now

List your favorite film cliches HERE!

I am *thisclose* to going on the Slip N' Slide.

I am moving back to Germany to become a Haus Frau.

7/7/07: Remember a lost friend

Separated at birth: Will Ferrell and Chad Smith (drummer for Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Why oh why can't I find a salesperson who doesn't suck?

The irrationality I read in GD is pushing me toward a crisis of faith.

Hey You. plus, I've heard more music & been introduced to more musicians TODAY than in years

It's about to pour again for like the 837th day in a row

Fargo is on!

Hot day,... Ice cold there anything better?

Thanks to LiveEarth, I'm obsessed with Sneaky Sound System

You make me wanna cry

Why I'm not watching Live Earth

will there be anyplace that will be streaming the Smashing Pumpkins LIVE VIDEO

So why is it always we musicians that have to save the world?

OK I am really getting tired of these emails

You should check out this thread.....

Some guy's singing Cat Stevens songs, on now.

I haven't seen one minute of Live Earth.

Good vibes to Tucson, please.

Rapture Ready loons sound off on Live Earth

"Better....better bring me a bucket....

Join Me In The Hills!

Rihanna and her overplayed songs is on right now.

Kanye West on now

For me, 07/07/07 is a day that will live in infamy as

So how is this a surprise to anyone?

Who else here is totally dyslexic?


So this is why I never heard of "Taking Back Sunday" before?

Does anyone have any tips for a proper save..?

4 white Bengal Tiger Cubs Born at Traveling Zoo Die

I just ate the most wonderful, juicy, tasty elk burger.

I posted in gd and ..and..I lived

Anyone know about those giant lizard things in Australia?

Our sweet little Bonnie is crossing the Rainbow Bridge today...

Who's this chick singing Ziggy Stardust?

Gawd Melissa Etheridge fucking ROCKS

If you can tell me anything about Jack Russell terriers and/or rat terriers, I need to know!

What if you could cast your dream movie?

****Oh dicksteeeeeeeeele****

Make us laugh! Post some funny YouTube videos

I found out why Daddy the Neutered Cat still acts like a tom!

Anyone watching "John From Cincinnati"?

Come in to my lair

It's the state bashing thread!

Pictures from my casa de gatos! (dial-up warning)

Man in tree garb robs bank branch

DON'T think of penises.

Bastard CAT HATERS!!!

I don't care about Mel Gibson now

Post your biggest "Flashbulb Memory."

#1 song on the day you were born?

Blinded by the Light - Manfred Mann

Radio Lady Discusses: Can you carbon-date a shell?

St. Louis travel pics! EXTREME DIALUP WARNING!

Tell the Lounge Four Things About Yourself.

The killing moon.

DON'T think of Vaginas

How happy are you with your job?

Un-fuckin'-believable - Brazil's statue of Jesus one of the Seven Wonders

Songs I didn't expect to be listening to tonight.... (youtube)

Attention All Of My Minions

Are the Dune Books any Good?

********DU Meetup Pics********

You know a DU Meet-up was a hell of a lot of fun

Do you have anyone on ignore?

Have you ever been a "screaming, panicking crowd member" extra in a movie?

YRC watching Teamsters union negotiations with UPS & 238,000 union workers

EXTRA labor cartoon today

Labor quote for the week of July 2, 2007

Labor History Today “The March of the Mill Children!!!! ” protest of the plight of child laborers

An EXTRA Today in labor history

Local police officers join union

Auto parts maker Delphi details shrinking UAW workforce

Clinton's Refusal to Answer Steelworkers' Questions Both Troubling and Revealing, Says Kucinich Camp

Life's Been Good - Bush

Live Earth 7 Point Pledge

KO has John Dean on regarding Libby pt 1

KO has John Dean on regarding Libby pt 2

Sen. Gravel has no problem with a new 9/11 investigation

BBC Reports Live that WTC7 has fallen, yet it still stands

Bush Screws The Country

God's Gonna Cut you Down!

Bush: Making War out of nothing at all

American Woman

Iraq/Afghanistan Vets' Jefferies with Olbermann: "Invisible Injuries"

(3D Animation) PNAC - War Corporatism, New American Century


David Schuster sets Tucker Carlson straight on Plamegate

'HAYSEED' - Hamsicle...

David Schuster stooge slaps Neo-Con apologist Fouad Ajami

Cheney on Iran & Impeachement

Al Gore's Live Earth Message

Living in America

Dr. Dahlia Wasfi - Life in Iraq Under U.S. Occupation

BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters

Libby Apologists, if all else fails, bring up Clinton...

The Hand That Feeds: Impeach Bush

Eloquent Wes Clark with Olbermann: "This administration does not support the troops in Iraq."

Kucinich gets rousing support from Steelworkers union VIDEO

Live Earth Lightbulb

I am THE 'official' PRIZE WINNER of a NEW MERCEDES or $40,000 cash!!!

UN decries minimal aid for 4 million Iraqi refugees and their host countries


How many innocent civilians ???

Linda Peeno now on Wikipedia -- help me build it up

Ann Coulter as an Amsterdam Sex Worker

Will * get the 1974 Goldwater treatment before the 2008 elections ?

The worst offense is the betrayal of the public trust

Bernie Ward praising David Shuster for exposing Fouad Ajami NOW

What's up with the History Channel and UFOs?

It is alright you bounce me - I just needed to know the lines.

Feeling bold =

Sundance channel starts Live Earth coverage in one minute.

Public approval was 65-70 % DURING his impeachment

Concerned Houston (TX) Citizens To Present Bush/Cheney Impeachment Resolution To City Council

Malaysia Sun: "...An Explosive Poll Of American Sentiment..."

Nestlé chief fears “significant and long-lasting” food price inflation

George Bush lied us into war


Bush struggles with Pelosi and Reid

LIVE EARTH GERMANY beginning NOW with Shakira!

LAT: Thompson Lobbied for Abortion Rights

Airstrikes kill scores of Afghan civilians

Much of US favors Bush impeachment: poll

Remember this?

3.1578947 368421052631 578947368421

I'm watching "Why we Fight" and have a few things to say

The Top Secret Files of Dick Cheney by Tom the Dancing Bug

On My Way To Live Earth/Planting Trees

Must see online movie,

Rep. John Conyers: Moore’s ‘Sicko’ a Reminder - No One’s Immune to Nation’s Ailing Insurance System

My Journal is rated "NC-17"

Bush, Cheney and the Scarlet Letter

LIVE EARTH LONDON begins in 5 minutes with GENESIS!!!!!

Passengers Have Duty to Aid Crash Victims, N.J. Court Rules

Al Gore Up In 35 Minutes At Live Earth Washington D.C. According To This:

Al Gore supposedly speaking in 30 minutes



Appeals KKKourt rules in favor of police state; ACLU says wiretapping suit not over.....

More than 30 Taleban killed in Afghanistan - How old were these Taleban on 9/11/01? Ten? Eleven?

Will NBC ask Todd about prediction that Bush approval would top 50 percent by July 4?

6 U.S. Soldiers killed, 73 Iraqis dead in bombings, and al Qaeda #2 hanged

Ladies and Gentlemen, The President of the United States

Feed From D.C. On Now (Live Earth) - AL GORE NEXT UP !!!

Skinner, a question on impeachment

Sarah Brightman playing now in China...

Cable news, except CNN and "Countdown," devoted far more time to Edwards' haircuts than to Domenici

THANKS for the Excellent Production of LIVE EARTH, and to MSN...

This is cool - check out the Live Earth Site prior to the concert

China is sentencing their FDA people to death because of dangerous products

Big Macs: weapons of choice for terraists (from pink Glock lesbian gang "source"):

Hunter S. Thompson on Gerald Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon in 1974:

Odom, NSA director under Reagan, on how to stop bush in Iraq

are these attacks the same(Re massive bombings in Iraq)

A question, Mr. Bush....

Watching Live Earth and Seeing An Honest To God World Leader

pot calling the kettle metal

On east coast.. If you're watching Bravo...

Ron Paul says he has more cash on hand than McCain

Feds: Dog Fights Staged on Vick Property (July 7 update)

U.S. Democracy Under Siege. Special Comment by Dick Kazan

Damn, folks...this will shake the foundation

"Lack of Women in Eastern Germany Feeds Neo-Nazis"

Al-Qaeda In Iraq Bush's Creation

Two more GOP senators break from Bush on Iraq

interesting story from a reporter who wore a burqa

german feed for live earth - this guy seems to be taking george w

Does Anyone Know How Delayed Sundance Coverage Is?

Baghdad Year Zero "Pillaging Iraq in pursuit of a neocon utopia"

Should Congress issue an "official" apology to Valerie Plame

McCain Offers Medical Plan for the Wealthy - Satire...kinda

Share your earth-friendly tips

Wolf kill worries Richardson - calls for suspension of federal wildlife trap and kill policy

Dammit I can't watch them all at once!

Does it appear that the British are trying to sneak out of Iraq will little or no fanfare to you?

Iraq market truck bomb kills 105 (BBC)

Fred Thompson Lobbied for a Abortion Rights group.

California: Stop Sign Cameras Installed on Canyon Roads

more poisoned water, this time in Nebraska and Alaska

The LIve Earth production is excellent.

Cheney's sneer..

Wait Bush spends America's money wisely?

Never Mind. My plug was loose n/t

With time critical, why a 12 hr. delay issuing Tacoma girl's Amber Alert?

Why would pundits on Fox News be against the Fairness Doctrine?

Dedicated to Live Earth - Genesis' Land of Confusion

Please bring me up to speed-Did Fred Thompson ever make his "Big announcement" last week?

Garth Brooks thanks Al Gore at Native American Museum

Anywayone watching C-SPAN right now?

The D.C. Live Earth feed is being repeated - - Gore will be up soon

Pls help with this Central Ohio poll on Gore:

Swopa: The Case for Censure

Democratic Presidents guided us through WW I, WW II, & Korea successfully

Create A Commie


Wasn't there a pic of Bush stepping on an American Flag floor mat?

Fox & Republicans Are Totally Unbelievable, why would any democrat

Blaming Mr. Rogers is a ruse to take responsibility away from the corporate

Dead Earth global republicon concert - live today and every day

In case you missed Schuster destroy a neocon yesterday, here it is for your viewing enjoyment.

Fred Thompson aided Nixon on Watergate

Hey * you asshole- turn on Bravo and see what "a coalition of

Today's "Get Fuzzy" Comic. (7/7/07) Check out the T-Shirt.

Thugs gang-rape mom, force son to join in attack, then pour cleaning solution into his eyes (WTF?!)

Houston Chronicle: Bush's New Neighbor Another Anti-War Mom (PHOTO of Cindy & Bree Friday)

A Must Hear: Tony Lagouranis, On US Torture of Iraqi's

Nunatak: The Coolest Live Earth Performance!

War Costs Soar by a Third; Total Could Top $1.4 Trillion

Tell Congress: Hey Dumbass, impeach NOW! impeachment poll tops yahoo news ranking

brazil online now at live earth and this xuxa blonde has got some lively

Please check out in Videos: Soldiers sent back into battle treated only with MOTRIN!

At times like these, we need Zell.


Even Though Apparently "Much" of the Country Favors Impeachment, Still I Think Dems Will WUSS OUT.

Congress should ask Iraqis if they want rebuilding done by outsiders or Iraqis

Turn it up to 11, Spinal Tap just hit the stage at Wembley

Hunter S. Thompson on the Real Stuff

Since I am so suspicious and untrusting of any government agency -

The South African Feed of Live Earth is Rocking!

Mike Lester cartoon: How to tell if your doctor's a terrorist

Heartless asshole repub lindsey graham returns from 7th Iraq visit with 'renewed hope'.

So I follow two of "The Dumbest" into a coffee shop.

CNN just gave a quick lesson on lying

To all the DU'er Moms and Dads of pets we have in our lives.

The Brazil Live Earth is started

LOL - - Kevin Bacon is speaking at Live Earth NJ now

Do you still believe in Fitzmas?

WOW!!! US Admitted *63* Iraqi Refugees in June

Gore on now from DC.

Sensing Momentum From Republican Defections Reid Will Press for an Iraq Exit

For those waiting for Madonna - - the London feed says she'll be on in approximately 35 min

Looks like a Waco in Pakistan (fire at Red Mosque)

Another small step... thanks to Will Farrell ad at Live Earth!

Live Earth New Jersey Starting!

The AP Calls Bush Out On His Hypocrisy (Rare moment of honesty and clarity for the AP

I loves me some Bob Edwards. What was N.P.R. thinking?

John Edwards on Air America now!

Fred Thompson aided Nixon on Watergate

If I see the rightwing quote Geldof one more time to riducle Gore...

American Government Simulation

Everest meltdown 'disastrous' say sons of conquerors

Jobs picture may be weaker than data shows

Hooray for Nunatak!

Spinal Tap!

Why the hell isn't Live Earth on AAR?

MAJOR drama at the National Hurricane Center

I want a copy of the Drum score from the start of London Live Earth...

NYTimes: For Libby, Bush Seemed to Alter His Texas Policy

Sensing a Shift, Reid Will Press for an Iraq Exit

An idea to get us out of Iraq sooner

Did Kanye West Already Perform?

Robert Redford's Sundance channel has done excellent job

I've had enough. How about you?

Ooooh my... look what a college mate just sent me via email. ***CAUTION!***

I just watched Washington Week on PBS

Who's successfully got their community to mandate recycling?

"Al Gore is reminding us of the America we used to know!"

Al Gore on Net Neutrality pages 267-268 from "The Assault on Reason"

Ludacris got involved in Live Earth after bumping into Al Gore at an Academy Awards house party.

Today, Al Gore Has More Fans than Bill Clinton

FL Mayor Wants $250,000 Toilets to stop gay sex

Joss Stone is so damn fine!

Typical CNN lies

Dave Grohl: "I want to dedicate this one to Al Gore"

Man Pleads Guilty To Shooting Cheerleader (She was ghost hunting on his property)

If only Floyd (or at least Gilmour) was there.

Suicide bomber kills 150 in Iraq.....surge on junior, surge on.

Madonna on next in UK!! don't miss!! Link here!!

Suggest some books for the President's summer reading.

Hooooollld on thar, Baba Looey...

Madison, Wis editorial on where to go from Live Earth

Just look at what I got emailed to me TODAY from a repug I know

Is Bush really that stupid or am I missing something?

I just watched Zeitgeist the movie online.

Ohio State Rep. To Bush: If You Want To ‘Coddle Criminals,’ Then Pardon Traficant

if, in the deep recesses of his mind, Al Gore actually IS planning to run in 2008 . . .

A suicide bomber has killed over 100 in Iraq

Roger Keith Barrett frpm Pink Floyd died July 7 2006

Al Gore from DC American Indian Museum...C-Span...(Edit: They only showed's over)

Serenity NOW!

Why does this anti-communist era document still sound like good advice?

3601 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

great pictures of Live Earth concerts around the world

WHY is Dick such a DICK?!?

What kind of experiences have you had with the police?

I posted in the Lounge - methinks it's the wrong place ...

Live Earth Info

A giddy Gore discusses 'Live Earth'

What a Dick....

I just got home and keep reading threads about this concert; is there

Alicia Keyes kicking butt and naming names!!!

DU got a PG-13 rating for the following:

'Welcome to the Congo!' joke forces USOC to apologize to Brazil - AP

Don't Make Live Earth a Waste of Energy!

Clark on Countdown: This administration doesn't support the troops; it supports it's political aims.

Are you for or agin' british like video surveillance?

Has the new Democratic Congress done anything about Net Neutrality?

Could you, using the 'logic' of the Bush Administration, 'prove' that elves exist?

The army of guitars has again been struck.

Al is up on Bravo NOW

WH plans to block testimony from former top Rove aide; Miers has not decided

Fred Thompson aided Nixon on Watergate. Nixon's opinion of Fred Thompson: "Dumb as Hell."

100 Iraqi Deaths today means one thing according to Fox News and the AP

Macy Gray is on in Brazil right now online

I'm watching the HDTV feed

Has anyone else here tried to watch Live Earth on a Mac, and is having problems?

Daily Show and Colbert watchers are more knowledgeable than FAUX News watchers

Caption this photo (warning: Barf Alert)

Tucker Carlson is a lying SOB

LIVE EARTH-USA DC feed -- Up Next: Al Gore in 10 minutes (or less)!

A good cause worth DUing

I hope they are broadcasting this live earth for the troops in Iraq

Just found other coverage of LIVE-EARTH on CNBC.

the new meme: WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?

Pictures - Camp Casey July 07

The woms are turning and turning, the soil is churning, and the Senate

Melissa Etheridge up NOW ON BRAVO!

Halfway through Live Earth!

Record this day.

Gore on tape in London

does little boots think that maybe any day now the Iraqi's will lay their weapons down and greet our

brazil live earth has macy gray on and they have shirts on with X through george name and

Goreology? Is Al Gore becoming a cult?

Lindsey Graham: Escalation ‘Is Working Beyond My Expectations’

Therapist 'had sex with split personalities patient's other self'

Check out Kanye in New York

I'm Listening Live on XM..surprised more DU'ers didn't post about XM having the feed.......

"I Need To Wake Up"

The Live Earth Pledge...have you taken it?

So, what are some things you can do?

Ann Coulter: "I'm more of a man than any liberal."

Al Gore speaks during Live Earth concert - pics

I gotta give it up for Madonna. She has been putting out

My next wife is on Live Earth right now!

Al Gore looks svelte to me

I know some will be fine with sitting on their hands as Democrats press Iraq withdrawal again

Fred Thompson's "bizarre" denial that he lobbied for abortion-rights group

Former JonBenet suspect faces battery charge

Is London Concert Over Yet?

07-07-07 From this day forward - AL GORE DAY!!!

Who is to blame for outsourcing?

Melissa Etheridge performs during the Live Earth concert - pics

Was an Iran-Contra Convict in charge of the failed blockade of the Hamas Government?

Dems may soon have votes for Iraq drawdown

Vet Who Was AWOL Won't Be Courtmartialed

Embassy posts "too dangerous for U.S. diplomats to bring families has doubled, from 10 to 21."

Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) Amazing

If you got to pick, would Al Gore do more for the world as President of the USA

"Independence Day" for Aaron Brown (former CNN anchor)

Hey cool! My neighborhood pub is hosting a Live Earth party

woo hoo "Foo Fighters" on at Wembley woo hoo

This reporter gets it. "The media tricked the media"

John Mayer?

Three Solid Sources: Valerie Wilson Was a Covert Agent When Team Cheney Outed Her

"When justice is being obstructed, Americans rise up! I know that about my country!"

SICKO What can I do?

These concerts really expose how royally fucked-up our music industry has become.

Does it bother you that a Covert CIA Agent that was working on WMD proliferation

Melissa Etheridge kicks ass!

I'm looking forward to NBC's Showing of "Live Earth" tonight. Millions never got to see it

I think VP GORE should be nom'd for the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE

I'm no Mitt Romney fan

Why wasn't Springsteen there at "Live Earth?" He's BIG into Anti-War Movement


Nationwide Movement to Impeach Vice President Cheney Escalates-pls. sign petition!

Cindy Sheehan always has the best t-shirts!

After Bush is gone artists will again get back to creating

(Is this the new House 'plan'?) Censuring President Bush

Impressive!! The BRILLIANT Patraeus Expected a "Mini-Tet" in Iraq!

Put or shut up, what's your Earth score??? What do you do now? What can you do better?

In order of fair and balance Sen.Inhofe is organizing The Dead Earth concert

Dear Wingnuts:

Suppose Al were...well, not running, exactly, but making moves

Hurricane hunter planes or new satellite...why not both? Why the fight over our safety?

Wow, great version of Gimme Shelter from NY Live Earth

Alicia Keyes?

Sprint Drops Clients Over Excessive Inquiries

I got a letter from Bill Clinton

Whistleblower outted AQ Khan-Cheney-Bush connection, now fighting for pension

How low can you go, assshole? 26% APPROVAL Rating

The absolute best part of Live Earth

+++GORE coming up at the DC venue momentarily***

Melissa Etheridge!

The New Seven Wonders of the World have been announced

Pussycat Dolls .... What talent and they are saving the World too. (Uh huh)

There are no words. Atrocious gang rape in Florida led by 14 & 16 year old...(graphic)

Gun deaths take no holiday– July 4th festivities were bloody.

BREAKING: White House To Block Testimony Of Former Rove Aide

Husband of Sex Teacher Turned Her In

Al Gore may have changed the world today!!! I have never seen anything like this:

Most Emailed Article at Yahoo News as of 4:05 a.m. Sat.

THIS Explains a lot: Bob Altemeyer's - "The Authoritarians"

Two years since we lost Andy. It seems impossible even now.

70-Year Old Grandma Arrested For Not Watering Her Lawn. In Utah.

Where is everybody?

Rapture ready board: Don't forget to pray during Live Earth!!!!!!! GLOBAL WHINING!

How about "prick flicks" for a change?

Record opium crop in southern Afghanistan

Has anyone estimated the number of "foreign doctors" the United States already has?

Camp Casey sends paper plates to Nancy Pelosi

Is Turkey close to a military offensive into Iraq?

TOONS: This Week's Complete Doonesbury Storyline - Cheney As 4th Branch (mentions secret prisons)

In case you don't get it...the FCC shutting down Net Neutrality could shut down freedom of speech!

Impeach Bush/Cheney ... On What Ground?

Who will pardon George W. Bush?

"bombings killed at least 73 people " but Headline is: Bomber Kills at Least 23 in Iraq

Another bullshit poll from Newsweek

The Saturday Cartoons... The Political Week In 'Toons

Momma Babs… How cum I won the election and all…

Battle for Black Voters: Obama and Clinton speak at Essence Music Festival in New Orleans

Guest on WJour. is talking of presidental powers (esp. pardons)-cspan1

Worries about safety, smuggling are listed (Mexican trucks in US, link to comment to DOT!

Is there a collection of bush polls state by state?

"There have been Cheneys throughout the annals of time who wreak their destruction from the shadows"

Rep. Dingell Floats `carbon Tax' Plan (to show the people are not ready) - AP

Your chance to do something FOR Keith Olbermann and TO

"Obama's Tightrope" -- Interesting perspective on the politics of race in campaigning

9/11 Panel Member Tim Roemer in Democratic Weekly Radio Address: U.S. Could Be Safer

NSA 'standing to sue' excuse in smack-down of lawsuit

Bush sharpens budget attack on Democrats (weekly radio address) - Reuters

OK, maybe it's the next-to-last-throes

"A softer, friendlier Hillary emerging"

Once Upon A Time You will love this!

So, Al Gore, what's the one thing we can all do to tackle climate change?

US voters are ready to vote for a black or a woman for president

Faith Intertwines With Political Life for Clinton

Gore: Son is in "the right place," candidates treat environment as a "side issue"

VA May Spurn GOP in '08

Paul Has More Cash Than McCain

Elizabeth Edwards' energy is inspiring

Rep. Virgil Goode's (Rep.VA) reply to my email...need help

President Gore's Belated Inaugural...

NetN, Phone, Email, Web, Habeus & others prove 4th Amendment GONE - Am I wrong to feel it's a TOTAL

Live Earth is GREAT!

Letter to Hardball re: Schuster

Edwards counts on Iowa win to nail nomination

"Faith Intertwines with Political Life for Clinton"

Similar to Hillary, a very high Rejection Rate for John McCain

Obama Launches Healthcare Blog

Rick Santorum 'joins' Dennis "all we need is some attacks on American soil" Milligan

Melissa Etheridge Giving Them HELL Now At LIVE EARTH Concert!

Anybody know whats going on at the National Hurricane Center?

I just had an Edwards supporter stop by the house...

WP,pg1: Senate Floor To Be a Stage For '08 Race: Antiwar Candidates Seeking the Spotlight

Tour de France London prologue results

Bravo Channel giving us hope / MSM feeding us terror.

This Thompson is a ASS but what does his wife have to do with him running and being President

David Schuster makes Tweety look like an amateur

Libby Supporter Smackdown Extravaganza! Video too!

Hillary is great for Republicans

Edwards the first candidate to support bill to increase taxes on fund managers

54% favor impeaching Cheney, even split on impeaching *

Who offers the best progressive political calendar?

Why do "Progressives" fear the Fairness Doctrine?

Libby - Plame outing - What I want to know is why won't Dems call it what it is: TREASON!

If Congress is serious about getting to the bottom of the Libby business why

Edwards says cash lead didn't help Dean get votes

Edwards annouces his candidacy for President of Iowa...

Vice President Gore, THANK YOU...this is what LEADERSHIP...

Heh! .... "Pop" Culture ..... he's nobody's fool.

Giuliani Jeered for Opposing Flat Tax (AP)

Across the Divide: How Obama is shaking up Assumptions.

I need help with our US Senate re: Leadership

Cheney Fatigue Settles Over Some in GOP (AP)

Homegrown Terrorism: When Christians Attack, the Press Keeps Quiet

What are the characteristics of a good leader?

Is Kucinich right on health care?

Thoughts on health care reform

Who Is The Better Politician - Hillary Clinton or John Kerry?