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Archives: July 31, 2007

WP, Dan Froomkin: Bush's New Poodle?

Federal agents' search of Ted Stevens(R) Girdwood home

How much worse a president would Rudy Giuliani be than Bush? Author Kevin Baker counts the ways.

Independent UK: Britain will take troops out of Iraq regardless of US, says PM

John Nichols: Ted Stevens -- and Senate GOP -- In Trouble

In Violation of Federal Law, Ohio's 2004 Presidential Election Records Are Destroyed or Missing

The Decline in Literacy

Article: Is Venezuela proof that T.I.N.A. is false?

Leaked Memos Turn Orange Home Depot Bright Red (by Al Norman at HuffPost)

Worry about bread, not oil

A Fisherman's Tale!!!!!!

Diesel-Driven Bee Slums and Impotent Turkeys

Focus on carbon 'missing the point' (BBC Op-Ed)

Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free: A Roadmap for U.S. Energy Policy

Capturing Power Of The Sun To Electrify Poor Nations

FBI, IRS search home of Sen. Ted Stevens

Democrats target GOP's [past] Medicare changes

NY Baseball Fan Killed Mother As Team Lost : Prosecutors

U.S. Treasury Secretary Paulson Asks Congress To Boost Debt Limit

Nike pays $7.6 million to settle Chicago discrimination suit

Car Crashes at Nuclear Weapons Plant

Union watchdog agency has budget cut

‘Untouchable’ corruption in Iraq ministries

IBM lays off 450 in Systems and Technology

US scholars see qualified success for US Iraq surge

Disabled worker cases at record

U.S. food-safety team heads to China

Army Offering $20,000 Bonus For 'Quick' Recruits

NBC(News) Producer Dies in NYC Building Fall

Compaq Presario Fanglers (or any laptop) - how to get inside?

Look what i rode today

How many here were NOT born in a hospital?

I got a ticket in NY for not wearing my seat belt while driving! What should I do?

Look who is Rod today (photos)

NBC's Dr. Nancy Snyderman Bugs

I'm very worried about something :(

Please pray for Fred Mason III

Hubby on way to India - keep me company?

What if plums are just really big cherries?

Dark Shadows

Remeber waterbeds?

Do you go to Synagogue or is it a waste of mimes?

It worked! I'm Simpsonized!

How old were you when you made your first memorable stupid decision?

Ah ~ Sangria

Good Evening...

The Dinner tonight thread: Chicken with Italian Sausage and Capers

Giuliani's wife (animal lovers do not read)

Let's swim to the moon.

Anybody ever been to Quakecon?

I flunked a medical test this morning.

What Makes You Fart?

Question for the golfers in the lounge.

I ate Cheerios for dinner, ask me anything

Enjoy some fresh, soothing lavender ... (photos)

Richard Nixon Appreciation Thread.

Happy Birthday

Bison from upstate New York who are intimidated by other bison in their community also happen to

My unjust ordeal at the hands of ne'er do wells.

'Here's a song about every cowboy's real first love

Tonight's earworm...

Is it alright to refer to situations and/or places as "bitch"?

You ever have to put antibiotic ointment in a cat's eye?

How P are my PM's?

Old friends....the best

Okay, the relationship with a Fundie just didn't work out.

Appreciating Richard Nixon...

Anyone planning on doing the march in DC September 15?

Bye, Ingmar

So it finally poured rain. Now the invasion of the Giant Poisonous Toads from Hell and their

Dirty old egg-sucking dog

Can I have some of those famous Lounge positive vibes also?


So what happens if someone posts a Harry Potter spoiler in the thread title?

Good Night, Tom

Lounge Vibe requests.

my puppy wants to play with me, and won't take no for an answer. anyone want to help?

Owl Stretching Time.

Chevalier is dead.

When's Talk Like a Canadian Day?

"A Girl" by Ron Mueck, 2006

So what would your boggart be? What would you see in the Mirror of Erised?

Ah, but I am tired tonight...

So how humid is it where you live, it is so humid here that the dogs are staying in the house.

"Stuck Pig"

I'm in the best shape of my life..... my wife gives me that little wink every now and then...

What's your opinion of me?

My man (R) asked me to tell you hello.

Are cats Democrats or Republicans?

Come with me on my walk of the New River Trail last Sat. (some pics)

OMG did y'all see this???!!

Look who I rode today!!

My cat (D) asked me to tell you meow.

If the DU Lounge formed a Pre-Colonial era community which job would you want?

When's Kiss a Canadian Day?

Who was looking for a Nigerian scammer to mess with?


*Spoiler* So did you wind up thinking Dumbledore

Does Bush Admin. See Union Membership as Sign of Terrorism?

L.A. Sheriff Who Cut Paris Hilton Loose Holds Deputies’ Computers Hostage

Mine Safety Hearing: Dennis O'Dell

See how good US Intelligence is.

libertyville usa

Newspaper reports Alaska Rep. & Sen. under investigation...

Fox: "No takers" to defend Gonzales


Red State Update: Astronaut Dunlap

George W. Bush Interview (Irish TV)

Red State Update invites GOP to Debate

Can you believe the proposed NYC camera ban? 1st Ammendment violation

Bill Moyers Journal - Mill Moyers on Sacrifice

Bush On Vetoing Healthcare For Kids

Gravel is now attacking John Edwards!!

Gonzo getting skewered on KO...

No YouTube debate for GOP?

Israel Says No Objections to US Gulf Arms Deal

Update on the Debt Limit: emptywheel

Does anyone remember Bush stating that he wanted to dismantle 60's?


You can just say you don't think so -Turks turning on

FBI, IRS search home of Senator Stevens (RRRRRR) - Alaska

Why do Christians worship a lower case "t"?...

Cable News Falls For Phony War Critics

(TOON) Steve Bell on Broon and Bush

Q for Tony Snow: "Who is the final authority on what 'Executive Privilege Means' --Bush or SCOTUS?"

U.S. Drops Baghdad Electricity Reports

I am not so liberal -

Four Million Iraqis on the Run

Why the GOP in Oregon keep losing (sic)

Late-night talk show pioneer Tom Snyder dies of leukemia

The father of the family that was killed is on MSNBC

Admitted Pedophile Sets Up Web Site

Ivory Coast leaders burn weapons (BBC)

How's that inherent contempt comin? How bout the group impeachment of all the criminals

"Iraq", "Al Qaeda", "9/11", "Bin Laden" - Do people STILL buy this crap???


SO Big Pharma wins today's round at the FDA: AVANDIA stays on the market.

When Was The Last Time There Was A Special Session Of Congress?

I am thinking of going to J. Inslee's office this week...

As the Daily Kos/O'Loofah battle rages on, the right shows us what class truly is.

Would DU-ers help a bill filed by Senator Feingold? Read then sign.

Purporting to document Pollacks evolving views on Iraq CNN left out his original gung-ho Iraq "tune"

Newshounds wants you to contact OReilly

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Peter Werbe subs for Mike

Watching the Osmonds.. I mean the Romneys on Faux

Gonzo will resign during the Congressional recess

Malloy is sick AGAIN

Olbermann just made a mistake

Novak says Congress briefed ...US Special Forces are to secretly assist Turkey against Kurds PKK

Bill Oreilly Video: Intimidating the Democrats

Didn't specter announce a couple of days ago that he was going

Clyburn: Positive Report by Petraeus Could Split House Democrats on War

Do you think O'Really knows that he's only helping Kos???

FDL: John Roberts and The Lightning Stroke

If you leave a company, can the boss keep your old email address active and read your emails

Per The Daily Show, Please try to conserver your Contempt Folks, because at this rate...

Where can I find info re: Bill Clinton 'stripping our military of all money'?

What can Paris do now?

What can Congress do about the NSA program?

Bill Gertz's Son Dies While Skateboarding

Daily Show Guest Former Blair Press Secretary: Important to remember leaders are human beings

Graphic on Limbaugh's website identified bin Laden as a Democrat

Isn't that cute! RW radio has invented another new word.

About the 'Terrorist Surveillance Program'

Wow! Ingmar Bergman, Tom Snyder and Bill Walsh all dead

TV Marti is spreading freedom to Cuba! Yippee! It just doesn't apply to employees...


On the subject of Alaska lawmakers' homes

Just a thought about Gonzo....

Email I just received from a fundie: ie paryer in school, and my reply

So a dog comes into the kitchen and starts talking to a girl.

aw jeez - Wounded Vet dies at home at Ft Bragg - alone...?

ABC "Wife Swap" right now: Freeper v. Hippie family

To those who run Windows Vista does your machine run faster than with XP?

Californians all talk on environment

General Clark gets P.Oed and takes no crap from Right wing

I'd really, really like to "believe" in Arlen Specter

Letteman playing "Dick In A Box" clips.

BREAKING: Idiotpathic seizure!

FReeper panties in a bunch; O'Lielly's show notes it as "hate site."

The Last Straw

" POLITICO" that new Webzine that C-Span and M$M Quotes all the time...WHO OWNS THEM?


What is/are these "sovereign funds" that Thom Hartmann speaks of?

So, where are all those Larry Flynt revelations?

Specter Hints at "Bombshell" Gonzales Evidence

Not only Tillman, but LaVena Lynn Johnson's death is questionable

Isn't Every Death in the "War On Terror" Questionable?

I'M going on VACATION from JULY 30 until SEPTEMBER 4th!

Ted Stevens: Just another in a long list of Conservative Greatest Hits...

I'm Leaving for Yearly Kos I am, Ask Me Anything DUers :)

Judge told a 500 pound man that he is too fat to adopt his nephew

Celebrating 2,474 Downloads! Free Printable 10"x3" Banners!

Roberts being kept in the hospeter. Tests and observations prollee.

The Tom & Tom Show

John Edwards: "Every time another radical Republican running for president speaks, ...

I am a FAT woman who adopted five children. You gotta problem with that? Post here and tell me why.

You Tube: "What should be the punishment for women who have abortions"

In Violation of Federal Law, Ohio's 2004 Presidential Election Records Are Destroyed or Missing

On God and our Relationship...

Finding dirt on Republicans

Obama asks Lakewood woman to dinner

Michael Moore and Mike Huckabee: political odd couple

"Outlook Worsens for GOP in Close House Races" but ...

Constitutional Scholars

Edwards campaogn: Gonzo should resign

Thoughts on a Gonzo impeachment

7.30.07 Ras weekly tracking: Clinton 41%, Obama 24%, Edwards 14% "

NeoCons Salivate Over Hillary

Slowpoke: The Puppy Principle ('TOON)

HA ha ha! In your GRILL, Reich-Wing Fascist Hillbillies with Badges! (Asheville Flag)

Americans Are Tuned into the Campaign

Anyone signed up for NY Times Select? I wanna read David Brook's op-ed: Edwards, Obama, and the Poor

Something I don't understand? Help? (GonzoGate)

Giuliani: Dems want "nanny government" -- "where government controls your entire life." Huh???

"Ted, there's someone here to see you."

Newshounds: Cavuto is devoting his time to bringing down John Edwards

Can a spouse use their partner's work experience to apply for a job position?

I really don't have a problem with Hillary or Obama.

Hillary's Teeth

Stop picking on Ted Stevens!! He's such a great senator - I wish he was my senator!!

"looking forward to work with President Hillary Clinton?"

Step one: Impeach & remove Gonzales NOW, before Congress goes into recess. & then step two . . .

A Very Sad Story Thanks To Our Marvelous US Health Care System

Interesting theory re Roberts seizure brought on by stress

Edwards Asks Americans to Join Call For Gonzales to Resign: will deliver giant Constitution to Gonzo

When is the next Democratic debate? It ought to be a good one.

July 31, 2007. Kerry-Feingold would have ended the war TODAY

DFA Night School free from Yearly Kos.

Who was Right on the WAR

Chelsea Clinton: First Child Once Again?

‘Couldn’t I please just have cancer and die?’”

Mike Gravel needs to be removed from debates - attacking Edwards

Even the Republicans are admitting Biden is Right!

Unions won't endorse until they know who the winner is going to be.

Microsoft Breaks Ground on San Antonio Data Center

Alaska Raid

Hacking The Vote

AlterNet: Are Your Cell Phone and Laptop Bad for Your Health?

Why Democrats May End Up on the Wrong Side of the Social Security Privatization War (AlterNet)

Did Vitter hire from the DC Madam an escort who worked for one of his congressional committees?

Hillary keeps humanity in the game


Tillman Death, WMD in Iraq Just For Starters in Bush's Mendacity

Ben Stein (yes, that Ben Stein) calls for progressive taxes

E.J. Dionne: An Absurd Debate (big government/small government)

Why Journalists Can't Be Like Murrow Anymore

Cities like New Haven, Conn., are making the right choice when it comes to immigration

Impeachment and Preserving Our Constitution

Why Israel Is Backing the Saudi Arms Deal

Marie Cocco: Republicans Defend Tobacco Giants from Sick Children

Getting Busted for Pot Can Cost Your Right to Vote

Who is this man Roger Ailes, the impressario of FOX News? Well, a makeup artist, basically...

Historical Roman and American Parallels - For whom the gods would destroy …

Murdoch: Bad for Journalism, Bad for Democracy (by Josh Silver at HuffPost)

Snow: Letter on Gonzales Testimony Coming Later -

Survey Shows House Dems Maintain "Nearly Landslide Leads" Heading Into 08 Election

An Empire Can Be Terribly Expensive

John Nichols: "The President Cannot Ignore an Impeachment"

Bloggers Promote Fresh Ideas, Help Democrats Spread Message

Matthew Rothschild: Why Gonzales Still Has His Job

Congress, Bush and the Real Constitutional Crisis

PAUL KRUGMAN: An Immoral Philsophy

"The next thing I knew, I was being denounced on the Web sites of Senator James Inhofe, Matt Drudge

John Nichols: Wall Street Journal Gone Wild

Hillary: Hypocrite When It's Profitable

After the Next 9/11


The death of this crackpot creed is nothing to mourn

Adlai E. Stevenson quotes

If at First You Don’t Succeed Fail, Fail Again

Reframing the Republican lie about wealth in America

Pile-Up in the Passing Lane

Art As Vaccine Against the CheneyBush Virus

The Perfect Economic Storm

Peak oil - expensive food

California GOP has hatched a scheme to spot the Republican presidential candidate 20 electoral votes

"Who would have predicted??

"Russia sends in firefighters as Greek minister says sorry..."

More than 1,000 gallons of gasoline leaked from a BP station in Clinton, Michigan

Brazil, Alarmed, Reconsiders Policy on Climate Change

Office printers 'are health risk' - BBC

TXU Subsidiary, Shell Join Forces for 3,000 MW Wind Facility (Texas)

Renewable Energy will boost economy - Union of Concerned Scientists

11,000 evacuated in Canary Islands fires

FPL Energy Plans To Add Up To 10,000-MW Wind Power By 2012

someone help me out here,

U.S. vehicles rank bottom in fuel efficiency

As Amazon Forest Approaches Potential Tipping Point, Brazilian Gov. Now More Flexible On Climate

Turkish Authorities Impose Water Rationing In Ankara As Drought Continues - AFP

Now No Renewable Standard For Utilities, CAFE Increase In House Energy Bill - IHT

U.N. rejects big Kyoto project in Equatorial Guinea

One Year From Beijing Olympics, City's Filthy Smog In Place Now For Weeks

Uncontrolled Population Blamed For Climate Change - IPS News

RFK Jr. ..Global Warming: A Real Solution

Tropical Storm Chantal Forms in Atlantic - AP

Energy Bill Aids Expansion of Atomic Power ($50 billion in loan guarantees)

Nearly 2/3 Of Contiguous US In Drought Or Abnormally Dry - USA Today

Dead Zone Returns To Coastal Of Oregon For Sixth Year Straight - "New Normal" Says Scientist

Beetles, Climate Impact W. Canada Forests - "Biggest Landscape-Level Change Since Ice Age"

2006 Wind Installations Offset 43 Million Tons of CO2

NYMEX - September Crude Oil Closes At $78.21 - New Record Closing Price - Forbes

Danish Wind Industry Assn: "Price per Square Metre Rotor Area matters"

50% Of Oz 2006 Wheat Crop Gone; Problems In All Global Wheatbelts In 2007 - But Higher Prices Good!

Increased Use Of Solar Power Could Bring Thousands Of Jobs By 2030

ExxonMobil's Cepu Block Project (Indonesia) Showing 30% CO2 Content - (0-5% Is Normal) - Reuters

Corn Ethanol Isn't the Answer

Some say outspoken mayor has gone too far

Son of Guatemalan Candidate Murdered

Taliban issue another deadline on Korean hostages

Federal prisons await two more from Enron

Soldier Admits Lesser Crimes in Iraq Killings

Suicide Bomber Hits US-Led Afghan Convoy

U.S. military says marine killed in combat in Iraq's Anbar province

Mother says U.S. has forgotten son held in Colombia

‘Untouchable’ corruption in Iraq ministries

Japan's jobless rate hits nine-year low

Army ending its operation in Northern Ireland

Rice, Gates push for Mideast assistance ("rare ...diplomacy")

Guantanamo cell is better than freedom, says inmate fighting against release

China tells Paulson it's poor and poses no threat

Worker: Postal Service sold private data

$40 Billion "Surge"

Iran 'biggest threat to Mid-East'

Foreclosures rise 58 percent in first half of ’07

Bancroft family accepts News deal - DJ executive

Pentagon announces 20,000 troop rotation for Iraq

CNN: Pentagon to announce continuation of 'surge' into 2008

Rice, Gates win no new Arab help in Iraq

Soldiers hope the enemy of their enemy is their friend

Enron plaintiffs ask Bush to back 3rd-party suits

Iraqi premier faces revolt within party

Energy Bill Aids Expansion of Atomic Power

AP: Stevens' bookkeeper questioned

Please Join Me In Signing DFA's Latest Petition

Oil Ministry Bans Cooperation With Unions

A Little Easier To Occupy From Air (U.S. Increase in Air Power Use Seen as Sign of Defeat)

U.S. helicopter goes down after coming under fire; crew safely evacuated, military says

TORTURE VICTIMS IN CHILE SUE FUJIMORI (torture charge can follow the torturer outside his country)

India, China new leaders in world economic growth: IMF

Expect more woes with prime home-equity loans

Newspaper ordered to hand over gang-fight photos

(Moscow) Union Cries Foul in AvtoVAZ Wage Dispute (10,000 workers were ready to go on strike)

Leading lawmaker dismisses US scholars' upbeat report on Iraq (Murtha)

Chief of Iraqi army staff submits resignation-MP (al-Maliki rejected it)

Candidates urged to sign anti-torture pledge

First Khmer Rouge leader charged

14,000 Evacuated in Canary Island Fires

Punishments announced in Tillman case

FCC approves "open access" rule for airwave auction

N.Y. Oil Rises to a Record Close on Signs Supply Is Inadequate

U.S.: Shiite militias are the main threat to Iraq

Australian school makes sunglasses compulsory for pupils

Study: Fla. Voting Machines Still Flawed

Cheney admits was wrong about "last throes" in Iraq

Committee demanding details of NSA data-mining

White House sees black gold in melting sea ice


McCain campaigns by speakerphone after travel snafu forces cancellation

Democratic-Led House Votes Tougher Ethics rules

American Home can't fund loans, may liquidate assets

Gallup: Iraq War is 'not necessarily a winning issue' for Democrats

Bancroft family accepts News deal: DJ executive

Union at Dow Jones (represents over 2000 ) Hits Murdoch Victory, Urges Negotiations

Iraqi Oil Ministry: No dealing with unions

Venezuela Leads 9 Billion-Barrel OPEC Reserves Gain

Man accused of possessing pair of pipe bombs

Italian Director Antonioni Dies at 94

Doctors blast Guantanamo treatment as unethical

House Votes to Overturn U.S. Supreme Court Wage-Bias Decision

Cheney blasts “witch hunt” on Capitol Hill

UN backs Darfur peacekeeper force

Clyburn: Positive Report by Petraeus Could Split House Democrats on War

Gulf of Mexico "dead zone" detected for first time off Texas

BP gets OK to dump mercury into Lake Michigan

U.S. death toll in Iraq for July hit 8-month low

Kenneth Starr's Law Firm Gives More Money to Clinton (than any other)

Many Costa Ricans Still Favour CAFTA [opposition up!]

U.S. Consumer Confidence Climbs to Highest in 6 Years

Mexico Police Find Cuban-American's Body

Specter: Administration has 18 hours to clarify Gonzales testimony on wiretapping

I know its been around for a while,

good night, all

From Jim Gleeson...writer...

A magnificent rendition of O Danny Boy

Old Creepy Ads

YouTube gefuckt for anyone else?

Who are the followers of the Duct Tape Panacea Principle?

Hey, are you out there?

I know it's hard to believe, but...

Motown staff songwriter Ron Miller RIP ("For Once In My Life", "If I Could")

Who else thought Alastair Campbell was a bit of a douche on Stewart this evening?

The "Bourne" ad at the top of this page could give you seizures..

the american lung association considers it a matter of life and breath

Stalin, Hitler & FDR Found Naked - Fred Flintstone & Teletubbies Stolen

Dirty Jerzee (you tube)

"Bootblacking....I like it very much!"

a timeline of job seeking

six days on the road

A foreign policy quiz

"you can even taste the difference"

Sports Trading cards - who here is an active collector these days?

milky the marvelous milking cow

Poor Neanderthals. So many times, somebody wants to call someone

I am at a loss: how to talk to people who think it is futile to conserve our environment

BREAKING: Paris Hilton not losing her inheritance after all...

Am I the last one to realize that 'Paul Shafer' sounds a lot like 'ball shaver'?

U.S. researchers create schizophrenic mice

Am I the last one to realize that 'Raymond Luxury Yacht' is pronounced 'Throat Warbler Mangrove'?

Are regional American accents disappearing?

I am NOT a fighter

Woman Awarded $20,000 After Her Name Was Plastered On Men's Room Wall

I noticed this AM that someone gave me a star

Does summer bring out the asshole drivers, or what?

Boss allegedly killed workers who wanted raises

Ow! I hurt my ankle when I was mowing the lawn tonight.

Maybe I'll just...

And the 2007 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest winners are....

The classy thread

Al Gore Rhythm = Algorithm

Good news, everyone!

I have to watch "Apocalypto" for a discussion group

Teavana's Orange Rooibos Tea - it's like nectar from the gods

I need medicinal advice

Pictures of the babe!

Thousands line up for 'Idol' auditions

loungers, tell me about your ideal romantic getaway

Finally!! Some advice you can USE!

Pancakes! Beer! Nudity!

How come nobody raves about Guillaume Apollinaire any more?

Speaking of the Simpsons...

Good news! My A/C is being replaced for free

Kirk Cameron --> Robert Downey Jr. --> Christian Slater --> John Cusack

Did your parents "stay together for the kids"?

Are you Naughty or Nice?

Holy hell! I just passed 35,000 posts!

Is the new Nicole Kidman pic, "The Invasion," another remake of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"?

Little People, Big World Dad got a DUI!

What do you consider the characteristics of a 'good kid'

I'm trying to identify a bird on my porch...

the first rule of fight club; don't talk about fight club

WI man wins "worst writer" award

Does any one remember the toy cars from the 70s...

I have now decided to advocate the raising of Fee Ranger Children.

Get this girl some help

Spielberg, Love him or hate him?

Just killin' some time...

"Edith Keeler Must Die"

The greatest harmonica player EVarrr

Nominate a "Spice Girl" identity for a DUer!

John Bonham's drums on When the Levee Breaks

Favorite "hot" sayings...It's so hot___(fill in blank)________________

Tell me the first fundie in this video doesn't look like LaraMN

Favorite guest appearance on Miami Vice.

If you apply Head On directly where it hurts, where do you apply Hard On?

What's your alternative method of disciplining children?

Some humor in honor of Shark Week

Free at last!!!

Ben Gay! Apply directly to the forehead!

Do you have trouble reading those letters/numbers you need to input to post in certain forums?

Why do Dogs hate thunder?

Favorite 80's arcade game...

What Is One Of The Best Things You Have Done In Life

too lazy to get out of bed, too hungry to stay.

When Cats Attack

Free-range children are too much cost and effort. Let's use the factory-farm technique!

Ben Gay! DO NOT! Apply directly to the foreskin!

Do you ride the bus or bring your lunch?

Pasta and Salad at Olive Garden

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra

Question for video gamers. My wife wants Dance, dance revolution

Is this the coolest car ever?

LOL...The New Guy at the Video Store reminds me of the "Soup Nazi"

What's your alternative method of disciplining adults?

The Nights of Love and Beautiful Urine

The Knights of Love and Beautiful Urine

Sometimes the right thing isn't the easiest thing to do.

Old furniture: are there any links to sites where I might find out the possible value of my

Sox pick up Eric Gagne

wait a damn minute. Jeff Buckley has a *new* album out?

There is a new drug for Restless Leg Syndrome called Mirapex, one of it's side effects is strange...

Stilleto Race in Moscow

Did anyone see Godfather III on TV over the weekend?

"Underpants" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "underpants".

Feetx pick up Gangrene

Remember the series "Space 1999"....

What I don't like about Star Trek and other similar sci-fi

Check out my wheels!

Speaking of spit. Guess where.

Guess the state. "Man falls out of car while trying to spit"

Oh, now THIS is sexy...

Truth or Underpants

Truth or Dare

A really odd question for the MN twin cities crew...

WOW - They're Making A Joe Namath Bio-Pic, And Guess Who's Playing Broadway Joe?

Someone Spit In Their Underpants

The dwindling population of bees

I'm in the best underpants of my life..... my wife gives me that little wink every now and then...

Crocs Shoes Deemed Safety Hazard - Banned From Hospital

Halloween is coming! Post and I'll provide you underpants!

I ordered a CD, and received these underpants...

I could use some Lounge Vibes

Attention Yankee Fans

Whats For Dinner Tonight

This kid came into my office charged with possession of drug paraphernelia - an apple.

I've had a job offer in NJ!!!

What happened to Britney Spears?

Those with exercise expertise: I have a question about receding cellulite.

I ordered a CD, and received this e-mail...

Finnfan needs vibes today.

The GOP according to Neil Young (pic heavy)

I need medical advice

Is it a good idea to pay off credit card debt with a personal loan?

Here's what I love......getting home late from work after picking

Name one cool thing about your place of employment

Speaking of Neil Young, I'm new to him but I like what I hear. Recommend some stuff of his.

I Like Turtles

shemekia copeland

Today is my son Arlo's birthday. He wasn't named after Guthrie

Woohoo! Got all of my classes for this Fall finalized today.

Despite his politics, I like Charleton Heston

Name the most famous and/or interesting person on your family tree...I'll start...

Where the *#(@ was underpants - why didn't he warn us about THIS!!!!!

17 Posts to 20,000: Ask Me Anything (just dont ask me about public sex)

Cucumber salad?

What would make my modem act like this?

Car Dealer Killed Employees Who Asked For Raise

Post songs about the weather...

Greetings, one and all! Some pix from the CA Death Ride on 7/14:

Back in the hospital.

... you'll be with me, like a handprint on my heart...

C-Peg likes my poetry, why don't you?

Tonights checklist

Let's play another round of "Know your Lounge DUer" take the avatar challenge

Ok , I'm giving it 3 months

I have now decided to advocate the raising of Free Range Children.

Halloween is coming! Post and I'll provide you a costume!

Post your favorite quolls here...

So my great grandfather was a member of the Irish mafia back in the 1930s.

Back today from my first visit to California

How come nobody raves about Placide Cappeau de Roquemaure any more?

Okay, I'm Calling All Of You OUT!!!!!!!!!!

Current Television Commercials That I Hate:

Are using curse words and being literate mutually exclusive?

Is it just me, or have you noticed more children who go around

What passes for humor in Rapture Ready land.

hey kids! Want an entry-level job after college? Well guess what: you need experience!

Hey Loungers, what's your sign?

mothers, how long is it considered proper to breast feed?

Elvis' last tour: How Great Thou Art

Transitioning to Civilian Life

Today in labor history July 31

Why I Gave Up On Corporate America

(Moscow) Union Cries Foul in AvtoVAZ Wage Dispute (10,000 workers were ready to go on strike)

Bruce Fein - Bush's 'executive privilege' 1...

Give W and DICK the finger.

When I die, I want you to notice.

19 Miles To Baghdad

Without Gonzales, no Bush Presidency? "Bush's Brain" author on "Countdown"

Now playing on Iraq's C-span

Rachel Maddow's Campaign Asylum: Tancredo Land (Funny)

The Real Values Family


Dennis Kucinich For President

Cenk ( a Young Turk) on Olbermann:

Tancredo says threat of attack on holy sites would deter terrorism

Not that it's ever happened before

The source of our frustrated grass roots activity today: The Spamification of America!

OxyContin's Makers Fined $634 Million for Lying about Addiction to Drug

I'm looking for a video

U.S commits billions to Middle-East allies

We've been wrong all along about how to bring about peace.....

Ruling Kills Oakland Law Allowing Seizure of Cars Used to Pick Up Prostitutes or Drugs

So I'm curious just how Speaker of the House Steny Hoyer is an improvement in ending the war

How long can Bush let a deputy AG serve as AG if Gonzalez resigns?

Great Moments in "The Black Kid Did It!" HIstory.

Prescott Bush lied about his medals during World War I

So what if Roberts had died? We'd all watch Dems roll over and play dead a third time.

CNBC'S Jim Cramer sez plow under homes, and amazingly walk away from house if

United States and Iran United.... In opposition to Women's Rights

Olbermann - Could Gonzales be impeached ?

WJ this morning: Inslee on phone

I admit it...I confess...please don't hate me DU...

So should I hold my breath and wait for NBC to do the decent thing

Mother says U.S. has forgotten son held in Colombia

Blowing Off the PR Pixie Dust While Waiting for Petraeus

Storm of bills before calm of Aug. recess

Energy Bill Aids the Expansion Plans of Atomic Power Plants

To those who run Linux or BSD does the machine you now run Linux or BSD run faster than with Windows

Real Estate and the Anticipated End of the American Colossus …

Facing the Reality of the Iraqi issue--John Tanner, TN, Dem on cspan1 now.

Obama to Offer his Plan to Combat Terrorism

I just found this juxtaposition of stories on LBN to be oddly amusing

Isn't someone introducing articles of impeachment for Gonzo today?

War, chaos and Bush's faith: The first lesson of Iraq: Beware of those who play dice with God

Brown seems to be every bit the bush kiss ass that Blair was.

If It's Tuesday, it must be time for some falafel chronicles.

Commuting to stupidity.......

Robots battle for military prize

Today: Hearing on FEMA Preparedness in 2007 and Beyond

Iraq is a beacon of hope and democracy in the Middle East??? Check this out...

Jorge Bush Caudillo Maximo

New Report-Executive Privilege Used to Expand Government Secrecy-Through Legally Dubious Assertions

UK newspaper STUNNED by new PM Brown praising Bush

General Petraeus's 'coy mistress'

Helen Thomas: If only you got to pick the rumors about you

From the UK Guardian - Mr. Brown Goes To Washington .. read the Great comments!

Specter aides released a statement late Monday that suggested a bombshell to come on Tuesday

WAXMAN: To Investigate "Political Manipulation" Of Health Report

US credit woes ripple across globe

Is Bush's arms deal with Gulf States actually to protect them from Iraq?

British pulling out of Northern Ireland

Lieberman escalates attack on Iraq critics

RFK Jr. Says Toll Roads Bad Economic Choice

From Italy: MP quits over sex, drugs scandal

Uri Avnery's Column A helpful resource imo.

American Wall-Building Makes Baghdadis 'Furious'

Transplant surgeon, allegedly seeking organs, is charged with trying to hasten patient's death

Senators and Congresspersons Bitch At Iraqi Government's Vacation

Anyone watching Senate Conformation Hearing on Joint Chiefs? CSPAN 1

PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE: The butchers of Baghdad

Australia releases new evidence against Indian doc (Reuters)

Second investigation into Stevens.

Anyone watching the JCS nomination hearing?

Racial slurs spoil youth trip

Justice Dept. and Prosecutors Are Said to Have Disagreed on OxyContin Case

Official Change of the US Emblem

The Ministry of Special Cases

Rice, Gates win no new Arab help in Iraq

Our national debt: 6¢ per millimeter, or $1.53 per inch...

As icecaps melt, Russia races for Arctic's resources

C-Spaneers and Parliamentarians: A question

Should have told him "I don't answer to you."

Stupid FBI, why don't they check the series of tubes for his email?

What time today is Inslee going to make his

How to actually help with impeachment.

Excellent. Gary Kamiya: "War, Chaos & Bush's Faith - Beware Of Those Who Play Dice With God"

Why Americans Hate the Media by James Fallows

"GMA's" Robin Roberts Has Breast Cancer

The film "War Made Easy"--anybody seen it? nt

Powerful Letter To Senate Judiciary-"Is It Not A Crime To Mislead & Outright Lie To Congress"?

Is Faux News in decline?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

What is going on in Freeperland re. Roberts' seizure?

Tom Toles: Cheney's visit to the doctor's office

Is WH going to announce Gonzo's resignation, but he will stay on until a new AG is confirmed?

'Dallas Morning News' -- Big Bush and War Backer -- Calls for Changing Course in Iraq

Watchdog: Stevens Should Step Down From Committee Posts

Edwards is sending BIG Constitution and petition to resign to Gonzo ....

Gordon Brown and the UN

Plane dumps white powder in southeast Michigan

Soul-Searching General

Consumer confidence near 6-year high (Bullsh*t)

Rice, Gates win no new promises of Arab help for Iraq, despite bribing them with weapons sales

CREW: Stevens Must Give Up Seat On Committee Responsible For FBI Budget: FBI Investigating Him

Bernie Sanders on House Floor----really on a roll Dissing Bush re: Kids

The Detroit News: Gingrich calls Detroit a disaster, draws ire

Mullen: "No amount of troops in no amount of time will make much of a difference"

DUers in San Fernando Valley area: 3.2 mag earthquake just hit.

Americans moving to Canada at 30 year high? Look at Raw Story pic & caption

BREAKING CNN: Mother leaves daughter, 1, son, 4, in hot car, dead

Thousands face Katrina recovery grant deadline

Mike Stark just got home from O'Rielly's house!

Does summer bring out the asshole drivers, or what?

CSPAN 1 said the Gonzo impeachment bill will come up shortly

June 3, 2008 - Critical Date In Next Year's Election?

What does that sign behind Mullen say?

Food manufacturers target children on internet after regulator's TV advertising clampdown

TIA= Total Information Awareness?.. blink...nope "Terrorist" Information Awareness

Pentagon announces Iraq troop rotations

Saje Williams for President (in case you missed it)...

Good news! Poll: Americans Tuned In to the Campaign

Pentagon To Announce Continuation of 'Surge' Into 2008

Impeach Alberto Gonzales - pls. sign petition


Bush Approval Rating In Alabama Slumps Below 50% For First Time

Dems cancel meeting with DNI Mike McConnell amid FISA furor

Condi responds to a question (photo)

Do we still have a "War Czar"? I NEVER hear him mentioned!

Wh press with Tony on cspan2 (Senate in recess over lunch)

Democrats Likely to Sideline Iraq Pullout Vote

Humana Inc.'s Earnings Soared in Quarter

Naomi Wolf: Time For A Democracy Movement

*OUCH* Boss Killed Pair Who Wanted Raise, Police Say

Thought for the day - and beyond

CREW: Sen.Stevens must give up seat responsible for budget of FBI, which is investigating him

Impeachment supersedes all other business in the house.

CNN: Pentagon to announce continuation of 'surge' into 2008

Murtha On O’Hanlon/Pollack Propaganda: ‘I Dismiss It As Rhetoric’

Differences between the parties - a different take and a question for you:

Jay Inslee is on the Thom Hartmann show now

Dem. Now! interviews parents of Marine who committed suicide-wrongful death lawsuit

Workers told to get younger or pay up

Pentagon Commissions its PR Contractors to Argue Against Ban on U.S. Propaganda

Politico: ‘Bloggers unleash fury on optimistic op-ed.’

the first rule of fight club; don't talk about fight club

It's 12:30PM EDT, so what is the earth shaking news Senator Arlen Specter was supposed to announce

Why hasn't Senate Judiciary Committee subpoenaed Asscroft?

Do you believe people are more or less likely to be protest publicly if they post online?

Why TV And Radio Journalist Can't Be Like Murrow Anymore

Lawmakers look to revolutionize presidential primary plan

I swear to God this guy dresses like a doofus.

Jay Inslee will be on Hardball today talking about Gonzales impeachment

Rawstory: "WH hasn't responded to request for info on Gonzales testimony "

California e-voting machines have more holes than Swiss cheese

Help - need links to articles on funds unaccounted for in Iraq

The Xian Right has found their new Terri Schiavo! Jesse Ramirez lives!

Must be nice for Justice Roberts.

America in a nutshell

what's up with Gonzo impeachment?

What Time does Inslee

House Passes Final House-Senate Agreement on Lobbying Reform

As icecaps melt, Russia races for Arctic's resources

Joint Chiefs Nominee Says "Surge" Has Increased Security in Iraq

McGovern (D-Mass.) suggests new tax to pay for war

Has Chimp given British PM Gordon Brown a nickname yet? Post suggestions here:

Project Rwanda

Americans moving to Canada reaches 30 year high

Outsourcing Intelligence: How Bush Gets His National Intelligence from Private Companies

OK I made this observation 'bout a weird ritual (I think it is) @ WalMart

Anyone else notice that Self Check-Out registers haven't taken over?

E-MAIL From: Howard Dean: Support Al Gore, Protect our Environment.

Justice Department Questions Senate Bookkeeper in Stevens Corruption Probe

Local coverage of Stevens' search warrant

Converging Interests in Iraq Allow Bush an ‘Iranian Option’ - Arabs Threatened

JoeMentum goes after "anti-war" Democrats.

I am agreeing with the NAACP on Vick (for now)

w: 'Look, people who kill innocent men, women & children to achieve political objectives are evil.'

How do you think Congress will react if Petraeus says that progress is being made in Iraq?

Sheriff regrets "flag-desecration incident", is investigating

Please Join Me In Signing DFA's Latest Petition

White House Eyes Bomb Resistant Vehicles (yet again)

Anyone Listening to Thom Hartman Now?

Screwing the customers, once again.

General Motors Reports $891 Million Profit

Josh Marshall has Put Together Video Clips of "The O'Reilly Jihad" Unbelievable!

Jim Bunning sez money doesn't grow on trees for kid's health care

Gonzales's downfall predicted in the Bible

CSPAN: "Time for Attorney General Gonzales To Go?"

(Are you skeered yet?) Bush nominee: Al Qaeda seems to have ‘unlimited pool’

For second year in a row Condi too busy to attend regional security forum in Asia

"A U.S. pullout from Iraq may be the event that pushes oil to $100 a barrel this year"

Congressman Rangel Outraged By $20 Billion Saudi Arabia Weapons Deal

Atrios: Contact CNN about Laura Ingraham hosting Paula Zahn's show

"The Kill Point" miniseries on Spike TV

ask a righty: If we can be blackmailed by a country with ONE nuke, why do we need 10,000?

TPM: Retired Gen. Kensinger Expected to Bear Much of the Blame in Cover-Up After Tillman Death

Only in the conniving minds of these admin. war junkies could 74 US deaths be seen as progress

Justice Department Tips Off Senator Stevens Before Searching His Home!

* Scales Back Agenda to Schools, Trade, Energy as Clout Ebbs

WTF!!! Lowest death toll this year. Spread the good news everyone.

where's Ahmed Chalabi?

I support Ralph Nadar

Until the Democrats grow a spine....

Hey, since the Iraqi's are so desperate

At Saratoga thoroughbred race track yesterday they were giving away Rupert Murdock's rag

TORTURE VICTIMS IN CHILE SUE FUJIMORI (torture charge can follow the torturer outside his country)

GMA reported that FBI, IRS agents raided Sen. Stevens' home but didn't ID him as Republican

White House, Like Nation, Not Listening to Arlen Specter

Blitzer identified Dem lawmaker whose home was raided, but did not ID several Republicans

Chelsea is going to campaign for Hillary

Breaking FCC approves: Airwaves to be auctioned

If Roberts were to die or become incapacitated

Breaking: WSJ now part of 'News Corp'

Facing heat from the left, Murtha mulls changes to his latest Iraq-related proposal

Wolfie said they got the "LETTER" about Gonzo, will read it after the break

George Bush's new Executive Order could threaten the assets of CodePink!!

GAO Report: DOD Cannot Ensure That U.S.-Funded Equipment Has Reached Iraqi Security Forces

Fiscal 2008 War Costs Will Exceed Bush Budget Estimate


Jay Inslee on Hardball now n/t

Breaking - Americablog: Home Depot Says Will Not Advertise On Bill O'Reilly

Women's bill 'unites' Iran and US (and not in a good way)

Bloviating Blowhard Chris Cannon gets airtime on CNN to defend Gonzalez.

In Violation of Federal Law, Ohio’s 2004 Presidential Election Records Are Destroyed or Missing

is there a reason we don't have universal service in this country?

Freepers would rather kids skip kindergarten than PAY ANY MORE TAXES in Virginia:

Cheney: "I don't recall."

Illegal immigration is a self-inflicted wound

Will Bush cancel the 2008 election?

Who really thinks the new UK PM is going to leave Iraq and all that oil behind voluntarily?

I'm all for the clustering of right-wing assholes.....

AmericaBlog: Has Home Depot Cried Uncle???

Inslee press release on impeachment resolution


Cheney: Edelman’s Response To Sen. Clinton Was ‘A Good Letter’

A poll for the curious.

Cheney: "The polls are notoriously unreliable"

O'Hanlon totally backed down in house subcommittee testimony today re: We can win war in Iraq.


How much beef do you eat a week?

Did the Bush administration use NSA "data mining" to target political opponents?

Cheney admits was wrong about "last throes" in Iraq

Amputations bring health crisis to Iraq

"In the end, we don't know what we don't know," re: Cheney's role in the Klamath River water policy

George Bush's EPA allowing BP to dump Mercury into Lake Michigan

House votes to reverse Supreme Court on pay discrimination suits!

Jay Inslee will be on Rachel Maddow today

So, Where's Arlen's "bombshell" letter?

There must be [at least] 20 ways... of igniting a long term bear market

Melanie Morgan on Hardball

Turn the volume down on you TV and just watch this Melanie Morgans facial expressions on Hardball

Child neglect rises when one spouse goes to war, study finds

Stop the Presses!!!

What bills has junior signed since the Democrats took Congress?

An open message to Melanie Morgan:

Ever Notice How PUGS Can Turn Everything Into TERRRA

Murdoch getting WSJ is just in time for Wall Street Slide

New New Hampshire poll: Obama has caught Clinton, dead heat.

Bob Novak endorces...........wait for it....................

Who Would Be Our Strongest Candidate In A General Election?

Anyone watching C span??? Republicans are Whining

The EPA is revising Ozone standards....simple way to send comment at Lung Association

Victims of fake war based on fake WMDs laid to rest with - wait for it - FAKE TAPS

New group founded to fight torture, roots in MoveOn

Minister Charged With Indecent Exposure

I just saw a "Coulter '08" bumpsticker...bwahahahahaha

Aaaaaa!! Shit, I can't take it anymore! That's it--I'm going over the wall!

'Noose tree' cut down at Jena High School

California electoral plan would split the state (like Maine Plan)

House Passes Four Bills Aimed at Helping Veterans

Can we impeach Pelosi?

Meet the new owner of the Wall Street Journal! (Horrific image alert!)

Barry Bonds and Michael Vick...glaring examples of the fact that institutional racism...

Breaking: White House releases letter on NSA program.

Jay Inslee will be on Rachel Maddow's show this hour.

US Rep. Bruce Braley Joins Call for Gonzales' Impeachment Investigation

First-Ever National State-by-State Study of Drive-By Shootings

Two benign seizures = epilepsy diagnosis. There's nothing "benign"

Oil, gold, grain prices to stay strong: analysts

With the no shows today and in the past along with their disdain for the constitution and all

New DU Group: Consumer Advice Group

Pelosi says she won't block talk on fuel economy standards

Cambodia grills first 'Killing Fields' suspect

Vitter Escort: Palfrey Ran Prostitution Ring

How low (in the ratings) can Glenn Beck go?

"Dating is meant to lead to marriage; therefore Christians shouldn't be dating non-believers."

Inslee has Jus Announced the *Impeach GONZO Resolution* with 15 Co-Sponsers at PRESSER on C-Span3

Terrible idea of the day - make your own submachine gun at home

Specter: I'm Not Saying Yet Whether Gonzales Lied

Someone please explain to me.

McClatchy : Feds seek nutrition labels on alcohol

Ted Stevens is not lying..

Could someone please educate Randi on the North American Union?

Terrorist arrested in Oklahoma

Rice, Gates in Egypt to seek Arab front against Iran

Be careful what you read in public. The FB-eye might need to ask you about it.

Snips of Bush Ravings at yesterday's Brown/Bush Presser --- Disgraceful!

These are very smart people running our government. We at DU

The Jena 6 covered on NBC nightly news-

Convoy of Iraqi politician Ahmad Chalabi comes under mortar fire - Didn't Chalabi lose the election?

McClatchy: U.S.: Shiite militias are the main threat to Iraq (NOT al Qaida)

Dodd to go on O'Reilly Show to Defend Yearly Kos!

How did Leslie Blitzer become "Wolf"? Anyone know?

U.S. foreclosures up 58% in first half of 2007

HAAAA! Blitzer just mentioned that Judith Giuliani uses a SPECIAL

Pesticide link to autism suspected

Breaking MSNBC: Army says no coverup in Tillman death

Parking face-off takes toll

Tanning Beds at MSNBC?

So the USSC hears 70 cases a YEAR? (according to CBS eve news)

Chief Justice Roberts won´t be charged for his ambulance ride

21 in dog years

Cheney's role in fish kill - investigation starts today

In the final analysis, aren't human beings "bad" for the earth?


Should we start taking bets on whether or not Rove shows up Wednesday?

LOL - 'I am a Brownback Girl' video

How about some DU LOVE for Jay Inslee? Here his contact info

Bush/Cheney Gathering Info On Political Opponents?

Democracy Corps thinks James Carville is going to help Dems get elected?

In Violation Of Federal Law, Ohio's 2004 Presidential Election Records Are Destroyed Or Missing

In Violation of Federal Law, Ohio's 2004 Presidential Election Records Are Destroyed or Missing

America is looking more and more like how it was immediately before the Great Depression.

You don't miss your water 'til your well runs dry: GLOBAL WATER TABLES PLUNGING

The British Army (finally) ends operation in Northern Ireland. Forever.

Ayn Rand: Government playing role of ‘food police’

Posted with permission.. "What I Believe", from Ben Boothe

What happened to Roberts happens to me

Did CHENEY Slip & Admit That The Program That They Bullied Ashcroft About Was Indeed "TSP"?

Religious right coalition against fuel standards because families need big cars.

Was Virginia Tech a generation-defining moment?

O'Reilly opposes "clustering" of not only gays -- but Mexicans, too

Just in time for the Romney run? "Big Love" is getting really freaky this season

Bowen's E-Voting Review Team Coverage: The Overviews, The Hearings, The Lies and the Disabled...

Bush to WH reporter: "next time you should cover your bald head"

Brown's UN call on global poverty | Forging a "coalition of justice"

What about an M4 on a bipod?

My 19 month old newphew is famous...fighting for his rights!

Elizabeth Edwards’s Breasts: The Spirit of the Woman

Rumsfeld apparently refuses to testify at hearing on death of Pat Tillman

What prevents the new British PM from saying Blair fecked up invading Iraq and we are out of there?

Are Human's Naturally Evil?

Breaking on Americablog: Home Depot drops O'Loofah

Judge Roberts 100% recovered, did ironman triathlon today & catching his own lobsters for dinner.

Byron Dorgan (D. ND) Chair of the Indian Affairs Committee

Ladies: A pill could be the end of your troubles. Period.

Has Anybody saw the NYT AD The Man who shot Kennedy

I just returned from Falafel Bill's house (Kos Diary)

Another school district contracting out its food service. Pathetic !!!

Eating beef 'is less green than driving'

Dear Nancy: Stop obstructionist Republicans? What about obstructionist DEMOCRATS? Like YOU?

SIcko No More?

Three Constitutional changes that make sense

Gordon Brown Praises JFK UN & Disses Bush by Unnanounced Meeting w/Clinton after Leaving Camp David

Tillman case summary from Wonkette - pretty effective

Jay Inslee live NOW

It's a wrap guys: Oprah endorsed Obama, gaining my vote & possibly millions more

It's Curious, George: Even Cartoons Aren't Safe From Censors

LOL- Ken Starr's law firm supporting Dems (Clinton)

WTF?!? Pelosi Says: If She Wasn't The Speaker & Weren't In Congress-She'd Be Advocating Impeachment

Care About What You Wear - Cotton: Facts Behind the Fiber

How's the surge working? Facts and figures for May through July 2003-2007

Which of Bush's actions has made you the most furious?

No Letter, No Shows, No Surprise

Solar power makes tiny village beam

If I hear one more rant about how independents and third parties are the only

When health initiatives get Nazi


Cheney On Whether He Ordered Hospital Visit To Ashcroft: I Have ‘No Recollection’

Wow - what a cool picture!

No loans from American Home Mortgage. Credit lines cut off. $300M of approved loans not funded

“But we Don’t Have Concentration Camps in our Country”

Wow! Some NC Republic Rep was on Dobbs now praising Conyers and the Dems

"The president is threatening me"

Albeit with great reluctance

Breaking: Cheney Says Hillary's Request For Pentagon Info Helping Enemy

Agents of Repression

CLUES? - Bushco Already Caught? - Is This "Mystery Poster" Another "DeepThroat"?

In honor of Princess Judi G., let me present Rudy's alleged mistress (wife #4?)

Atheist doctors more likely to care for the poor than religious ones

My anonymous little note from the DoJ...

Why not impeachment? Maybe it is better to force confrontation

Send Congress some balls


What is a reasonable period of time to wait for, say, basic civil rights?

Vanity Fair Exposes How Two Psychologists Shaped the CIA's Torture Methods

SO, how many secret domestic spy programs are there anyway, and are they legal?

You know for a tough guy party that always disparages politicians with strong wives

Do You Think Obama would Empower the Freedom of Information Act?

“To avoid destruction, the United States need only measure ...

It's Obama Time! On the Cover of Next Month's Vibe..


Dems showing signs of surge in Lowcountry

I'm taking bets - which cable news outlet will label Ted Stevens a "D" first

Obama slams Bush: "Bush is creating a second gilded age..."

Bush-Brown is different than Bush-Blair (cracks appearing)

NBC News and 'NYT' To Share 2008 Presidential Campaign Coverage

Insignificant but amusing--Obama's press aide tells The Hill to feck off..

WP, Robinson, "Obama and the 'They' Sayers": Convincing black voters Obama has a chance to win

Iowa women line up behind Hillary

UK: Brown calls for 'emergency action' on poverty (visits B. Clinton)

Exclusive: Dodd To Go On O'Reilly Show To Defend YearlyKos

The Rude Pundit: Why Is a Counterterrorism Wonk Being Nominated Inspector General of the EPA?

Members voting on AFL-CIO Forum questions; 15,000 expected at Soldier Field, Olbermann is moderator

Geez, you'd think a newspaper--any newspaper--would mention a resolution to impeach Gonzo...

People's Peace Delegation to Iran Reports Back

Franken gaining on Coleman (scumbag chimpy lapdog - MN), now down by only seven points (49-42)

Except for the lack of money and the mutiny and lethargy, Fred Thompson's campaign is going well...

Maliki has made a direct appeal for Petraeus's removal to Bush

For Alberto Gonzales, a Decade of Scandals, with a Child Molestation Cover-Up to Boot

Reporters notebook: Rice's time running short

Innovative Study Has National Implications: Gays Voted as a Block in Philadelphia Mayoral Election

WH Press briefing ready to start - CSPAN 2 - about 12:30 EDT

Incarceration Nation: The Rise of a Prison-Industrial Complex

General Petraeus' Upcoming Positive Report on Iraq

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you...

Hartmann is bitch-slapping a voodoo economist

What do you mean by "populism", are you in favour of it, and what country do you live in?

No more troop deaths?

george bush and his camp david photo propaganda

The spin against the Democrats in GDP is worse than cable news.

300 Cities, Towns, States Say: Get Out of Iraq

Bancroft Family in Favor of Selling Dow Jones to Murdoch

TPMCafe: Gallup Measures Public Confidence in Presidential Hopefuls on Key 2008 Issues

Feds Question Bookkeeper in Stevens Case (AP)

So this is what it is about! The significance of the Ashcroft hospital bed visit

A Hillary Clinton quote that really get to the point and the problem.

$1,000 Prize for Best Cheney Video

SC POLL: Obama opens up small lead...(33-29)

Kenneth Starr's Law Firm Gives More Money to Clinton

Mullen cites limited progress in Iraq (AP)

Can Dem Party sue Fox for libel?

Vanity Fair: Giuliani's Princess Bride "She is in ever changing mode upward"

Article: JFK's Best Friend Saw A Future President in RFK Jr.

House approves sweeping ethics bill (LAT)

Couple Terrorized, Assaulted and Arrested For Flying an Upside Down U.S. Flag

NH POLL: Obama Tied with Hillary (31-31)

California proposal could sway 2008 race

Corn Ethanol Isn't the Answer

Andrew Sullivan: An Obama Surge?

California Plan Could Sway 2008 Race...

about those paychecks to Hillary's online team

A Steaming Pile O' Joe-Mentum: Lieberman Escalates Attack on Iraq Critics

Mullen says they do need to plan for a draw-down in Iraq..but not just

John and Elizabeth Edwards celebrate 30th anniversary with renewal of vows, Wendy's dinner

Curious phone calls and letter, care to comment?

TPMCafe: Cheney to Larry King on Trip to Ashcroft's Hospital Bedside: "I Don't Recall"

Obama and the 'They' Sayers

Edwards and Obama giving paychecks to posters to post on DU?

anybody got handouts for a Democratic Party booth??? I'm supposed to man

ABC news anchor Robin Roberts announced she has breast cancer

Re: Fred / "My Tepid Fund-Raising Would Bother Me, If I Were Actually a Candidate..."

Can anyone compile a list of what this evil man owns so we can avoid supporting him?

Results of the Tillman Review By Army

i'm so f'n sick of the dodd supporters here

Our '08 nominee should allow free votes on the healthcare, Iraq and trade planks.

Please call Deborah Bowen to let her know you support decertification of

Ralph Nader attends anti-war rally

Rudy agrees with Hillary

Biden's biography is out - here is the TV/radio schedule- so far.

U.S. Treasury being drained?

Cops Find 9 Adopted Kids Handcuffed, Starved

The most political bumper stickers I've seen in L.A.?

The best solution to Iraq...

Oprah's Planned Gala for Obama sells out fast

Obama's Television Ad: "Take It Back"

I finally got through to c-span...

Arlen Specter up on CNN in a bit.

Feds Suspect Sen. Stevens (R-Alaska) Took Bribe (up for re-election in 2008)

Vince Foster - get ready

Is Obama a member of the DLC? He appears on their 100 pols to watch list

Oh my! If Alaskans lose Ted Stevens...

Blue Hampshire: Edwards Draws Large NH Crowds/Increases Lead in Iowa

solid blue California at risk for Dems?

Woman from 9/11 Truth tossed from Thompson event, CNN edited out her comments

Go Ahead, Tell The Guy ...

Politico's The Crypt: Senator Ted Stevens Threatens to Block Ethics Bill in Senate

Clinton Loses Ground to Obama in new State Polling

Why Libby perjured himself, and why the right wing is banning "Damn Yankees" the musical

Specter: Administration Has 18 Hours to Clarify Gonzales Testimony on Wiretapping

IOWA POLL: Hillary opens up lead on Edwards (30-21), Obama up two since June

What differences are there between Hillary and Obama on the issues?

Cheney on Trip to Ashcroft's Hospital Bedside: "I Don't Recall"

McClatchy: McCaskill considered a 'Truman in a skirt'

Edwards assails U.S. arms sales to Arabs

Republicans trying to steal 2008 now...ballot measure to split California Electoral Vote...

Gonzales, Pelosi, and the Survival of Congress


Did John Roberts lie at his confirmation hearings?

If a 'Mount Shamemore' was built - what 4 republicans should have their face on it

Hillary: Hypocrite When It's Profitable

Bush went out of his way to lavish praise on Blair's successor, Mr Brown failed to reciprocate

The conspiracy theory of Democratic Party politics.

Iraq Withdrawal: Five Difficult Questions