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Archives: July 30, 2007

Iraq: One in seven joins human tide spilling into neighbouring countries (Independent UK)

Ambush in Iraq Left 4 Americans Missing And a String of Questions About the Firm They Worked For

NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF: The Voters Speak: Baaa!

The (Offspring of) Motherhood Bill

After the Next 9/11

Gonzales's Truthfulness Long Disputed


The ne plus ultra metaphor that captures the Repug congressional minority: auto-erotic asphyxiation

It's time to impeach Bush, Cheney and the public knows it

PAUL KRUGMAN: An Immoral Philosophy

The Death Mask Of War: American Marines and soldiers have become socialized to atrocity

Arizona Republic: Abandoned homes concern city officials (foreclosures)

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 301

As In Alaska, Warming Rapidly Altering Terrain, Food, Wildlife Patterns In Siberia - AFP

Thousands Battle Police In SW China Over Water Pollution From Brewery - AFP

Schwarzeneggar To Address UN General Assembly In September Re. CA Greenhouse Efforts

Surgeon-General's Report Urging Global Health Aid Blocked By Bush Political Appointee

University Of Bremen AMSR Update For 28 July - Thinning Appears To Be Moving Fairly Quickly

Cloudy Germany unlikely hotspot for solar power - Reuters

Study blames climate change for hurricanes - Reuters

Toiling In The Dark - Africa's Power Crisis - "Unprecedented"; "Crippling Shortages" - NYT

Very Interesting AMSR Image Of Sea Ice Minima - 79 -82 & 02 - 05 Means, 2005 Minimum Compared

Haneef: I was the victim

Third of Iraqis 'need urgent aid'

Texas' Youth Jail Operators Have Troubled Histories

FCC to Rule on Wireless Auction

The Cost of 'Enduring' in Iraq

Iraq captain says he fears for his life, calls for US to leave country

Study Blames Climate Change for Hurricanes (Amount Doubled Over Past Century)

Grounded: Hundreds of Northwest Flights Canceled (No-show pilots)

Cities Sue Gangs in Bid to Stop Violence phony drama thread got deleted.

It's come to my attention that I've been sadly lacking in terms of originality.

FYI, Shark week officially starts now.

Best music streaming sites?

So, what's for dinner tonight?

In praise of Southern Rock and Roll

Anybody been watching the Godfather moves on AMC this weekend.

Question for Recording People

I love roadside art...

Fellow geeks: Ever write fan-fiction?

Are you watching ROCK OF LOVE?

Hey fellow DUers! I got to do some "fristing" today ...

Who here is watching Big Brother??????

OK, I so want one of these: freaking backyard trolley! So cooool!

This never fails to crack me up laughing

Maybe I'm not Jewish enough.

say, whatever happened to . . .

Update: My mother is doing okay after the hospital.

Some people don't deserve their jobs

Joke Thread

Whatever happened to that oxbow guy?

Andrea Mitchell - cougar?

So lounge

It's come to my attention that I've been sadly lacking in terms of modesty.

Oh, HELL No... Only Three Rec's For This ??? - Ya Gotta Be Really Young, Or Brain Dead, LOL !!!

Okay.. Has anyone "Privatized" themselves yet?

Okay.. Has anyone "Simonized" themselves yet?

If you turn a garbage can inside-out, do we become part of "the trash" that it contains?

Has anyone "super-sized" themselves yet?

Has anyone "subdivided" themselves yet?

ever run across someone who talks about "their money" all the time?

Okay...has anyone 'subsidized' themselves yet?

I'm Gonna Try A Day Without DU Tomorow. Think I'll Make It?

Where do I find a good search engine?

What does it mean to "eat one's face?"

it's 9:30 PST . . .

Wow. Even old Monkees songs are appropriate for today.

Oh NOOOOOO . . .

You know you've been away too much when you can't find the 'Post' link

Is Chevalier dead?

When a GD thread with five recs or more gets bussed to the Lounge

Has anyone "circumcised" themselves yet?

A twisted mind isn't necessary to participate on this or any other discusssion forum

I spent my summer vacation hiking rail trails

I feel lonely tonight. Take pity on me and tell me a story?

We stopped by the Birmingham farmers market Sat, and........

I want to wage a pretend drama war. Apply here to throw inscrutable Lounge snark at me


Simon & Garfunkel: Live From New York City, 1967

homemade pasta sauce -- sooo much better than store bought!

Tell us about the time you got crabs

go'head, talk to the hand, lemme know how it goes...

Okay.. Has anyone "Simpsonized" themselves yet?

How do you throw out a garbage can, assuming no dumpster is available?

For my money you're not gonna get a better concert than Steve Miller Band

Bunny...matcom...any other pug owners period...HELP

Okay.. Has anyone "solipsized" themselves yet?

I will NEVER go swimming in the ocean again

Here's Charley, a "special needs" kitty

Ok, I gotta know

do ya think i could have a hug?

Why does my cat keep biting me????

A really horrible band name would be...

Anybody here into the Smiths?

Is Chivalry Dead?

Well lah-di-fuckin'-dah.... I don't have a nasty staph infection.

myspace thread time

What's a Fabian?

*spoiler* Do you think Hogwarts was ever like a TRADITIONAL British boarding school?

WW2 Draft Dodger Gets a Statue in OK City

John Edwards: The Unions’ Man?

Rumsfeld asked about exotic weaponry

Everywoman - Peace Mom - 20 Jul 07 - Part 1


Kentucky voters speak out for John Edwards

John Edwards Looking Presidential Before the Debates.

Sean Hannity Sings 'Stand By Your Man' to George Bush

Bush on Pat Tillman

OLBERMANN: Bush Breaks Disapproval Records: Impeachment Imminent?

John Edwards Sounding Presidential After the Debates

John Edwards: Take Them On - Overflow crowds in NH

US ‘dirty bomber’ is a trial for CIA

Syria slams lack of US aid for Iraqi refugees

Bush's Iraqi puppets urge neighbours to end abuse of refugees

Stryker Brigade felt strain even before it left for battle

BIOFUELS - Consider the Source

Generation Chickenhawk: Must see video of Republican cowardice

Bush Creates Humanitarian Crisis in Middle East

Are Gang Members Using Military Training?-link to video of CBS news clip

A graphic based on a bumper sticker my sister had made

Don't Mourn, Organize ~ by Molly Ivins - The prophecy of Molly Ivins:

President Bush, starting a new relationship late in his presidency

Actress Killer Stabbed in Ione Prison Yard

McCain Gets A Segway, Sells The "Straight Talk Express" On eBay

Rove: ''Snake Oil On Empty''

I just watched the US v John Lennon

Vinell Corporation

No End in Sight - Documentary Film On Iraq War

Dick Cheney to be on Larry King

Third of Iraqis 'need urgent aid'

Deer Fok Snooze,

Christian missionaries encouraged to spread word on "Second Life"

Very interesting insight into the mind of Tom Tancredo

Where do I find a good search engine?

Oh, HELL No... Only Three Rec's For This ??? - Ya Gotta Be Really Young, Or Brain Dead, LOL !!!

Any news on the trapped coal miners?

It's not god...

What's P.M. Gordon Brown thinking, with George W. at the wheel? (photo)

Court-Martial Near in Iraq Rape-Killing (of 14 year old Abeer Qassim al-Janabi)

A cd worth buying

Faux News Dinner from a few months ago?

Young people react with hostility to the Republicans

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas legend Dies

Here's a diabolical plan for the republican YouTube debates.. democrats go instead

U.S. Treasury Secretary Paulson visits China amid rising congressional frustration

Letter to intel oversight committee on OUTSOURCING & PRIVATIZING INTEL

What happened to all those vocal anti-war Republicans? Guess they were full of shit

Warning, WalMart Flip Flops cause severe infection

The Next Hurrah: Impeachment and Accountablity

Been watching the FReepers for 9 years. Never seen 'em so dispirited.

DU congressman's poll on Iraq withdrawal

Has anyone here adopted the idea of wearing something ORANGE for IMPEACHMENT????

Heavy rain and floods displace millions in Asia

If Every Nation Spent as Much as the US Does on "Defense"...

Why is C-Span giving this no-name weirdo a platform to bash Michael Moore?

I just watched a movie called "The Sin Eater." I think there should be a "C" rating for "Christian."

Mother Accused of Killing Unborn Child

Buy A Birthday Card, Mock A President

WP, pg1: Gonzales's Truthfulness Long Disputed: Misstatements to Shield Bush Stretch Back a Decade

Hey, whatever happened to Old Lefty Lawyer?

Feingold on FISA on FOX

Turkey's about to invade Iraq. Imagine what kind of fit Bush is throwing right now.

Have you seen this survey

Marvin Zindler passed away tonight.

"And Everyone Will Get A Free Pony" This Modern World 5 Things To Wonder About

Re: The New White House Tour Dress Rules...

Any reliable news source covering the Turkey/Kurdish events on the ground in N. Iraq?

Lord Pissypants, Go-Kart Pilot ---pix--->>>

Cokie "kookie" Roberts and David Gergen "warn" Democrats:

Who The Hell Is Ellen O. Tauscher, And Why Is She Such A Fucking Idiot?

Hey, anyone else here a participant in the Presidential Classroom program?

Oh, look at this shit. Man, they really are desperate to come up with something/anything...

Sick of wingnut attacks, the Baghdad Diarist outs himself

New Zealand's Hell Pizza Billboard Advertisment. (slams *)

Should "Debushification" be made an issue in 2008?

One Year in Jail for Freeway Blogging????

I just lost my Aunt & Uncle .... real Christians

Fatal Ending to Ariz. Exorcism Response

A question about the TIllman story:

Bull "Falafel" O'Leily's views are 71 years old (average age).

Wow. Biden and Edwards deliver some smackdown. This is what we need.

BushCo Wit Level.....what is it?

This is so Sad! Parents of Teen-age kids, you should show this site to your Kids...

America: Freedom to Fascism

W Bush Fulfills His Grandfather Prescott's Dream

Audio: Building Bridges Radio:Barbara Ehrenreich Covering the Class War; I.W.W. vs Starbucks

Bible prophet's tomb destroyed in Iraq?

A trip down memory lane with Barack Obama in light of the past week

Pretzel Necklace! A must , quietish protesty thing.

No matter which primary candidate you support, there is one thing we can all be glad about:

In the Illinois State Senate, Obama Proved to Be Pragmatic and Shrewd

A True Political Partner

Obama Rises in New Era of Black Politicians.

WP, pg1: Elizabeth Edwards: A True Political Partner

Tough Talk and Cheap Shots

At State Level, Obama Proved to be Pragmatic and Shrewd

The new Al Gore is really great.

Zogby Survey- Are progressive and very liberal the same thing?

Rasmusen poll: On diplomacy, 42% of Americans agree with Obama. 34% agree with Clinton

What did John Edwards do for Poverty during his term in the Senate?

Hillary's blazer vs. Bush's jacket

Specter says that he and Leahy had not yet been fully briefed on Bush's classsified spy

I Just Want To Call Some Attention To A Cool Thread Where There Is Actual UNITY

Rassmussen tracking poll suggests Clinton won this round

Republican Support Collapses Among Youth

Newsday: Obama attack shows Clinton's less charming side

Has Obama Landed Hypocrisy Strong Blow To Hillary Clinton?

Because Al Gore and Obama did not vote on the Iraq War, should we dismiss their 2002 stance?

UPDATED: National Urban League - Edwards was not booed

Beltway Boys Want Hillary to Win Primary - Why?

Please DU this poll (Fred Thompson, your level of support)

I'm sure "passenger" Gordon Brown is thrilled with this picture.

Jim Webb speaks of his grandparents in Arkansas during the depression..

Edwards gets booed at National Urban League (they like Clinton and Obama better)

Why no talk of Edwards' lack of experience?

Casualties: Barack Obama And The Battle Of Charleston

A Forum for Only Half the Field.. (as of yet, unofficial)

The New Southern Strategy (Thank you North Carolina!)

Run, Wes, Run. Copy of e-mail sent to General Clark today. Please reinforce, Ken

LAT: (Georgia) Citizenship checks strain trust in police

US... should put their weight behind banning cluster bombs rather than being apologists for them

Is the US Heading for 'Developing Nations' Inequality Levels?

US fears that Brown wants Iraq pull-out (The Sunday Times of London)

Meet the Enviropigs. ----They have cleaner manure and healthier meat,


Letters of overwhelming support for the President

Gonzales Helped Bush Hide His Drunk Driving Conviction

In Remembrance of Jonathan

Arms Sale Plan Will Haunt US, Critics Say

The "containment" solution: skirt the facts and scoot off for a TX getaway (in the heat of August?)

Bush’s Critics Say Threat of Martial Law in The United States is ‘Real’

The 'Genocide' Card

Rorschach and Awe (Katherine Eban) Interview on Democracy Now (7/30)

American Values as Glimpsed Through our Health Care Policies (by Gordon Marino at HuffPost)

Iraq: One in seven joins human tide spilling into neighbouring countries

Undermining the Constitution: Bush is at it again

Leahy: Gonzales Must Clarify Statements - Hope Yen at the Huffington Post

Offering Noncitizens a Local Identity

A New Middle East Arms Race

The Worldwide Network of US Military Bases

Robert Parry: The NYT's New Pro-War Propaganda


Bush Fulfills His Grandfather’s Dream By David Swanson

Impeachment as Political Solution to Iraq War

That Sinking Feeling (Chapters LV to LXII): D'oh!!!!! (infrastructure)

Eleven Colombian lawmakers killed by rebel in-fighting

Fear Itself

Haunted by Suicide Note, Attorney Invites 200 to 'SiCKO'

Dell rolls outs first desktop computer from India plant

The Fear Factor - Rep. Ron Paul

The United States: An Empire In Permanent Decline?

ZIMBABWE: ZANU-PF wants to make Mugabe president for life (IRIN)

Coming of Age in Bush’s America

The Stink That Won’t Go Away by Stephen Hanchett

NYT Op-Ed: A War We Might Just Win

Anyone heard anything new about Bussard's fusion reactor designs?

High Plains Water Crisis Will Force Farmers to Think Like Environmentalists

GE Helps Homeowners Afford Solar with Nationwide Financing

Commons Environment Audit Committee - UK Climate Policy Becoming "Incoherent"

Over 1,000 Evacuated As Canary Island Fire Roars To Life - AFP

As Electricity Demand Soars, Water Levels Plummet At Turkey's Hydroelectric Dams

United Solar Ovonic Showcases Solar System On Habitat For Humanity Home

Germany's Anthracite Coal Production Will End In 2018 - Washington

Philly Car Share rates reduced

Upside down economics

'Dead zone' in Gulf of Mexico among top 3 ever mapped (AP/CNN)

New rules weighed for auto efficiency

Pelosi Looks for Unity on Energy Bill - AP

Lake Superior Water Temps Up 4.5F Since 1979 - Western Buoy Hits 75F This Year

From 40.7 to 42.8 % Solar Cell Efficiency

Russia to claim North Pole seabed

In Baghdad, Justice Behind the Barricades

Weapons for Iraqi forces delayed: Pentagon

Bombings, attacks kill 58 in Iraq

Taliban Deadline for Hostages Passes

Iraq's political leaders should learn from football team: US diplomat

Sudan: Jews behind Darfur conflict

The Democrats’ Privilege Problem

Analysis: Cheney favors attack on Iran

Big US presence in Iraq until mid-2009 -commander

U.S. local leaders protest war to Bush

CNN YouTube woo reluctant Republican candidates with delay

Soldier enters pleas in rape-murder case

Indonesia bans import of food, cosmetics, medicine from China

Workers told to shape up or pay up

Fred's funds raise fear of flop (Fred Thompson fundraising)

Iraqi parliament adjourns in blow to Bush

Congressional hearing chills FBI-Justice relations

Eleven Colombian lawmakers killed by rebel in-fighting

California City to Transform Red Light Cameras Into Spy Cameras

Admiral cites problems undermining Iraq

Home of Senator Ted Stevens raided

US envoy accuses Saudis on Iraq

Cheney Hails His Pal Al (Gonzales)

Chief Justice John Roberts has suffered a seizure and is hospitalized in Maine.

FBI, IRS search home of Sen. Ted Stevens

Ambulance paramedics call off strike (1,000 workers 3 states)

Critics of new Alaska oil tax call for revamp

Nato plans smaller bombs for Afghanistan

Iraq's parliament adjourns until September

Vick co-defendant pleads guilty, will cooperate


Gore's son pleads guilty in drug case

Film director Ingmar Bergman dies

U.S. to sell $20B in arms to Arab nations

Impeach Gonzales? (A group of House Democrats will introduce resolution)

Tom Snyder of 'Tomorrow Show' Dies at 71

U.S. military: 3 American soldiers killed in fighting in Anbar province

U.S. says working with Turkey to solve PKK "problem"

Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh, who won three Super Bowls with the 49ers, dead at 75

Chief Justice John Roberts taken to hospital

NGOs report humanitarian crisis in Iraq

Senior GOP Senator Says Gonzales Probe Can Wait (gets WH briefing today)

UPS changes policy, gives benefits to partners of gay N.J. workers

Chief Justice John Roberts has suffered a seizure

Obama warns against "second gilded age" in calling for ethics reform in Washington

Giuliani: Dems want nanny government

CT Pull Lever Voting Machines from Elections

Watt apologizes for comments on Bush

Democrats Target GOP's Medicare Changes

Paris Hilton loses inheritance

Fatal Ending to Ariz. Exorcism Response

Congress Protests: Handicapped People Not Permitted Marriage in Peru

FBI, IRS searching Stevens' Girdwood house (Senator Ted Stevens R-Alaska)

Congress eyes pay raise for itself

Reports: Russia to sell long-range fighter jets to Teheran

Britain will take troops out of Iraq regardless of US, says PM

Rice, Gates to meet Saudis, push for more Iraq support

Taliban say they have killed a second SKorean hostage

Clinton woos the outsourcers that workers fear

N.W.H. - "A Gangsta's Life Aint Fun" & R.A.V...

Has anyone here ridden RAGBRAI?

Inappropriate language ,attitudes, elders, & long-term care

I don't know what to think about this youtube video.

can't sleep.

Giraffes zebras, and wildebeests on Africam right now...

billy ray has a new record.......not bad...

you don't even want to know how close I was to winning 2.5 million dollars tonight...

I hate the fact that it's slow right now

youtube thread

New Freeperism (sorta)

To all my DU friends....

291.38 mph, 4.948 seconds in the quarter-mile

Asking a favor, please go to the Election Forum

Anyone going to Wizard World Chicago....

Hey FORRESTGUMP! The bar has been raised with "Stormtrooper Elvis"


I feel like I got hit by a truck. A very loud truck. My ears are ringing, my legs are shaking and my

Bomb Squad detonates "suspicious package" left at orphanage

I'm a really really bad bad cat owner =(.

Call me cheesy - but I spent my afternoon at the show of a Neil Diamond tribute band!

What on *earth* have y'all been up to while I was off

Yes, this is about you.

homemade raisin bran-- sooo much better than store bought!

Hello from Scotland

Is Chivas Regal dead?

Danica McKellar: girls stop imitating Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan

These guys just left my house

I think I'll draw a chalk outline of the Earth, to see if anyone gets it


There are a few broad-brush assumptions being made in here...

Hi everybody!

I will NEVER go swimming in the toilet again

Why do I keep biting my cat????

Anyone here take Haldol?

i know lots of people jumped on the psychedelic bandwagon in the mid 60s

Why does my cat keep biting Grandpa Hilton's penis?

Grandpa Hilton Cuts Off Paris - Donates Her $60 Million Inheritance To Charity

Check your trousers !!

Gah! Two parking tickets in within a week, in front of my own house!

Check your email !!

Grandpa Hilton Cuts off Penis


Who else is getting ready for haunting season?

Raymond K. Hessle

hey electronic geeks- A question?

Anyone Have Any Good "Tops Of The Pops" Videos To Share...

My youngest nephew inherited two unfortunate genes...

Ingmar Bergman died at age 89

Tom Snyder died.

The Dazz Band Appreciation thread!

Post One Music Video That Is The Epitome Of The 80's...

Do you think Grandpa Hilton's penis was altered by the "oakies"?

Humming question - I do realize I'm neurotic, but please humor me...

The "I never wanted to be rich and famous" quote

Wendy's drive-thru beeyotch...

Need some DU loving

Humming question - I do realize I'm erotic, but please humor me...

I dreamed I was tombstoned. Oh, the HORROR!

This past weekend I saw one of the coolest things I've ever seen...

Dance, Yoda, dance!

Damn, I got suburbed!

Damn, I got sunburned!

The purple hawk flew over the leeward mountains last Tuesday.

Who else is getting ready for humming season?

Surrender the Booty

I read a wonderful euphemism today

Supposedly Jose Canseco has some dirt on Alex Rodriguez....

Reliving my illspent yout with the Fast Times at Ridgemont High sound track

Herland Chapter One

Nevermind. n/t

This tread will die. (Falcon Ridge Festival)

"Things happen in threes..."

Favorite Ingmar Bergman movie - yes, it's not weird to have one!

Father and Son

This post is aimed, very specifically at one person.

Meet the Real Marge and Homer.

I just had the best bowl of soup ever.

Anyone here take Advair?

Who did the best Tom Snyder?

So, last week I was feeling pretty discouraged

A limerick for my 7,000th post!

Anyone know anything about SAP software?

It's my birthday. Yay for me.

Bill Walsh has died

Buh-bye for awhile, DU...

How, in the good Lord's name, do you get kittens to do this......

Pierre Trudeau tops list of worst Canadians

Hey, LeftIsWrite and other DUers who had dental problems a month or so ago....

CAN you feel the love tonight?

Damn, just made this pasta sauce and it's simmering on the stove

Revenge of the Brick

Pictures from my walk today

Bordom results in insanity

Raise your hand if you are awake

I've got it bad, got it bad, got it bad.

"Kyle XY" Shows Off His Hole

TONIGHT! on the Discovery channel!

You Might Be A Republican If...

"Pirate" Contestant Found Dead of Apparent Suicide

Spongebob character, or Bush Administration character?

Does Sirius Satellite Radio make a minivan cool?

yeah it's corny, but it's a fun movie too: Josie & The Pussycats...

I'm calling you in!

Ever come to a 4 way stop and all the roads have different names?

my hot water heater is leaking AGAIN

Question about the world of "Thomas the Train"

i feel like bustin loose

Is your dog enjoying summer as much as mine? Prove it with pix...

I feel like busting a nut.

oh man, i CAN'T WAIT!!!! just two more days

I met my baby in Macy’s in Gentlemen’s Underwear

I feel like bustin a bag in a bong

Og GOD, whipped cream tastes so good! Ask me anything!

i am buying my very first car tonight!!!

My rumors are circulating... CHECK

Boo Hiss! Just got back from the garage.

My short stories are circulating... CHECK

oh, one more thing: new world order clip art

Bad Joke Of The Day

beautifully ironic sig line on another forum...

I just spent $177 at Target.

Charley-a cat with CH

I feel like bustin a- OW!!

So FAR today, we've had/heard of the following famous people Die....

How often do you "put an eye out with that thing"?

David Bowie: Modern Love

I just bought my daughter her "dream"present" for her 12th birthday...

Rob Zombie remaking "Halloween"....

Did Justice Roberts have a seizure? I can't find a thread........

I'm retiring my iPhone and going back to my Blackberry.

Anyone listen to the band Battles?........

well i have some salad to toss

No "Strafing" allowed at Myrtle Beach

UPDATE - I have no news

First Day of the new job!

I was actually gone for two weeks

the official Del Harris exercising thread

I feel like busting a move.

Awesome Oldie... (youtube)

has anyone here been getting calls from "Tim Culver"???

Who's your favorite character on "Three's Company"?

Last night I dreamt that I was riding in my car with Keith Olbermann...

I probably shouldn't do this, but here goes...

I am eating Butter Rum Life Savors, found them at the VA hospital this early morning.

Hey clergy types...Mind your goddamned professional boundaries!!

If Ella Fitzgerald married Darth Vader her name would be EllaVader?

Anyone else here ever play electric football, with the metal vibrating board?

last night i had a bizarre dream about hank aaron and barry bonds....

So... last week there was a poll... (this poll is for guys)

Kathy Griffin imitates her mom .....

Look who I rode today!!

How often do yo get head?

Look what I rode today (photos)

Love this song

i think we need a new unmoderated incivility group

Back to basic toys - for folks who want toys from their childhood (colorforms, skittles, et al)

Faith Hill is PISSED AGAIN and guess for what

can you really do what you love and work for a company?

Whoo Hoo!! 500 Posts!!

if the lounge were an old time circus freak show, what attraction would you be?


I'm going to Europe soon and have a DUMB question...

Who's the idiot who grabs a hot pan handle? asthmaticeog's the idiot who grabs a hot pan handle!

Some days, I wish my mattress had two strategically placed holes in it.

While shaving my armpits, I realized I haven't shaved DOWN THERE in a while

ugh! rockit is sick and i am stuck at work.

Grammar Nazis: Help!

What Is Your Favorite Tune(s) From The 50's-60's?

Who thinks they're going to die alone?

How well do you know the DU Loungers - take the Sig-line challenge!!

I'm calling you out!

Harry Potter's secrets revealed...

Look who I rode today (photos)

hiding behind a woman's skirt?

BTW, I'm still around.

My baby just cares for me

How often do you get headaches?

OMFG....classic stereotypical airhead student alert...

Monday Midafternoon Questions

Do you think it's all right

*New* Anthony Bourdain tonight @ 10pm "Shanghai"

I have to rant. I'm not exactly sure what has happened in this country.

Who's dystopic future are we living in, at present?

Question for the golfers in the lounge.


Talk About a Movie That Gets a Bad Rap...A Movie That Is Almost Universally Trashed....

When you picture the DU Lounge, does it look like...

what ISN'T on YouTube?

I posted something in the Canada forum today.

Who else is getting ready for hunting season?

Last night I dreamt that I was riding in my car with GoddessOfGuiness

Do people notice people over 40 less than they notice younger people?

I took 1/2 of an Ambien last night

Night from a children's book...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 7/30/07 (warning: graphic language)

Ode to the Comb-over

Who else has a birthday today besides me?

Abstinence-Only Coolness for Girls

did anyone else figure we would have cloned wooly mammoths by now?

what are you reading right now?

It finally arrived.

In memory of the late Ingmar Bergman: If you had to challenge death to a game what would that be?

shall we review?

Boy Impaled In His Groin By Bicycle Handlebars

The MIL explained gay marriage to a 87-year-old bigot with dementia

Do You Go To Church Or Is It Just A Waste Of Time

It is not a day to fuck around with me. I'm pissed. You *do not* mess with my kids!

"We Support Vick, a Human Being Over Dogs!"

Today in labor history July 30

A Clear Case of Vacation Deprivation

State's attorney says lawyers in his office don't have the right to form a union. Others say....

Organising Starbucks Saturday 18 August there will be a (inter)national day of action

George W. Bush sings

Engineering Consent--history of propaganda in 20th Century

DuPage's States Attorney Assaults Free Speech Part 1

DuPage's States Attorney Assaults Free Speech Part 2

DuPage's States Attorney Assaults Free Speech Part 3

We're the Government -- and You're Not

Tom Snyder highlights from The Tomorrow Show

IRAQ SUMMER Visits Mitch McConnell's home

Walk a day in my shoes: Chris Dodd/Colleen Mehaffey

John Edwards rocks Young Democrats of America Conference

Face The Nation: Leahy & Specter Discuss Gonzales Perjury

Judy Ruliani... The First Female President (Rudy Attack Ad)

Briefing On African Water Crisis-Blumenauer's Testimony

Re: Impeachment of GW Bush;Necessary to thwart future abuses

== Stray The Course ==

Dear Mr. President, Take a Walk With Me

PIC: Dick Cheney's heart (in honor of his battery change)

Nato mulls 'smaller Afghan bombs' (BBC)

Is Impeachment in Order? by Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA)

Digital Camera Question

Joe Darby: An American Hero

One final interview: Former Utah Governor Rampton gives a great final interview to KSL in Salt Lake

LATimes Op/Ed: The Erotic Undertones of the Administration's Words on Enhanced Interrogations

I need some hope...any news at all about Gore?

I'm not up to debating ...

I'm Not Dead! ---pix--->>>

Hey, a question; "When will the ANTHRAX KILLER investigation get underweigh?"

W: The terrorist network that struck America on Sept. 11th wants to strike our country again.

Exorcism Gone Bad

Have you heard about the 'legal' Green Zone in Iraq?


Jesus is getting a divorce, it would seem

Internet Censorship Spreading, Study Finds

Fred (sporting an "L" on his forehead?)

State says open valve led to oil spill at refinery (Coffeyville, KS)

Cheney - BEFORE and AFTER photos of surgery - notice anything peculiar???

Hate-crime arrests in Quran desecrations at Pace University

Cheney's top adviser on Middle East affairs resigns

Face the Nation Interview Yesterday With Specter and Leahy

America's ace: Without the might of the U.S. Air Force, the battle would be lost

2 Freeway Bloggers charged with reckless conduct and unauthorized display of a sign ......

Tom Snyder has died

Is this movie in theaters yet?

Bush's "surge" decided on, not by military leaders, but by armchair commandos

Pet peeve - Why is a "surge" called a "strategy"?

Here's an idea. Park all the fucking Helicopters.

While Real Bullets Fly, Movies Bring War Home

Is this a reliable site? Has anyone heard of this? I hadn't...

NO END IN SIGHT - documentary on the staring of the war

"Blogger fest a magnet for liberal politicos"

Nadler and Weiner (Ds-NY) vow to stop Saudi Arabia arms deal

BREAKING: Tom Snyder has died

Film director Ingmar Bergman dies

Colbert plays new White House press room

Three more US troops killed in Iraq in Anbar province

Gonzale Has Been Keeping Bush's Secrets For Yrs-Including Trying To Cover-Up W's DUI (WAPO)

What's with the SURGE of Brookings's editorials?

U.S. Chaplain says Iraqis aren't capable of maintaining a water pump so we have to stay



The one sacrifice that all right-wing American civilians should give their military men and women.

Hillary Clinton has breasts

Gas-station owners' profits hinge on thirsty customers

How Democrats can be pro-gay marriage AND to the right of the GOP on gay issues

YouTube's copyright checker: Soon, no more Colbert

Relationship Between Sumner, Shari Redstone "Shattered"

Congressmen call for Independent Prosecutor....So What Happens Next?

A NO t.v., all Youtube candidate, sound far fetched?

"Liberals Pressure Fox News Advertisers"

Gonzales' secret

(Newsweek) Daschle: Cheney described surveillance program "like it was something routine."

Cities sue gangs in bid to stop violence

Bush's Colonoscopy: Proof That Some Government Invasions Can Work

NYTimes: US assisting Iraqi gov't establish new "Rule of Law Complex (Jail)"

Is it any wonder we can't reclaim the government?

Lucky small city gets a visit from Westboro Baptist Church....

(WP) Vedantam: "In his mind, the president has run an alternate view of history"

Strong anti-bush/neocon scenes in new 'Pirates' movie.

Dem. Now!: ...How Two Psychologists Shaped the CIA's Torture Methods

Ken Pollack And Michael O’Hanlon (both Brookings analysts): Often Wrong, But Never In Doubt

Don't call her Judi. She wants to be Princess Judith, then Queen Judith (Zeus help us!!1)

Just A Few Questions On gonzAllAss:

MY brother in law is reporting today to Fort Benning Georgia

CHENEY Alert-The Evil One Will Be On Larry King-Tuesday

UK Observer: Amputations most likely number one operation performed in Iraq

Where is McCain's Straight Talk Express?

How desperate are the neo cons to retain their hard earned power?

Will my vote for wealthiest liar even be counted?

bush's legacy: 8 whole years without a B--- Job.

Kentucky Freep meeting.. HUGH!1!! turnout.. and an invite to the "Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot"

Anyone watching DHHS Sec. Leavitt on WJ selling private insurance

State Department redeploys staff to ease passport crisis


Poodle Blair's replacement Brown. Poodle or no poodle?

MSNBC's YouTube phenom Mika Brzezinski is no longer "washed up"

Big dick 'answers the tough questions' on larry king Tuesday.

Found!.. Grandma Moran

Iraqi Soccer Captain wants US out of Iraq

USNews: To GOP, 'Bush' Is a Four-Letter Word

"It will all be the fault of President Petraeus."----by Frank Rich

8 million Iraqis need urgent aid, report says

Just to let DUers know:

July 31: Impeachment Coalition Taking Shape - American Freedom Campaign Launching

3 Bodies Found at Home With Dead Infant

Michael Isikoff: Congress Could Arrest Harriet Miers

Who Killed Pat Tillman? And why?

FEMA hearing tomorrow on 2007 preparedness, chaired by Kucinich

Gonzales Urged to Correct Misstatements

Hear's yer sine!!!11!

Why weren't Iraqi refugees fleeing their country by the millions when Saddam was in charge of Iraq?

Pelosi to Colbert: See Emanuel About That Apology

Laws unpassed, Iraqi parliament calls summer break

"the greatest mass exodus of people ever in the Middle East"

Cheney biographer: I think he does like that Darth Vader image

WSJ: Employers Turn to Alternative for Insuring Staff

Newsweek: Bush admin's secretiveness on surveillance have created problems for antiterrorism efforts

Novak: US working with Turks on covert operations targeting Kurdish guerrillas

Now I understand why Bush wanted to meet with Putin -- Russian camp for HOMELAND Procreation

People wo kill innocent men, women and children for political gains are evil

Impeachment Is Only PART of the Solution

"People who kill men, women and children for political purposes are evil, in my opinion" . . .

Sen. Kyl blames Bill Clinton for Iran

LAT editorial, BUSH'S FOLLY: Fixation on Al Qaeda in Iraq reveals shallowness of his thinking

Need Local election advice

Watching presser with PM Gordon Brown and our idiot in chief-CSPAN2


Veteran, 109, revisits WWI trench (BBC) {Paschendale, 3rd Battle of Ypres}

Question For Presidential Candidates-"How About A Promise To Roll Back The Unitary Executive Powers?

Guess who didn't go to Iraq

93 slain across Iraq in last two days

Soccer Hero NOT returning to the IraqNam

Mods: Would like to propose adding a Pat Tillman avatar

The Mask of War - an article from ICH

NewsCorp, Fox, just said Wall Street Journal deal unlikely ith current vote count

Can someone help confirm or debunk chain e-mail from wingnut in-law?

2 Children Found Dead in Boston Home

Bush quote; "ah ah I would describe Gordon Brown as ah ah ah ...

What the hell?

A question for the DU legal minds. Re: Copyright Infringement, etc..

Campbell Brown to Replace Paula Zahn on November First...7 weeks before birth of Twins...

Be honest...who still remembers the Katrina and 9/11 victims?

Check out.....(pic from Camp David, which we pay for)

Vick co-defendant pleads guilty, will cooperate

What is your best 'guestimate' as to . . .

Sex For The Motherland - Russian Youths Encouraged To Procreate At Camp

Big U.S. presence in Iraq until mid-2009: commander

Ire these signs that the Bushies have reached their limit?

bu$h* walks with a hangover


"IMPEACHMENT: Where we're headed" Collins/autorank at American Politics Journal

To be unafraid is unpatriotic

Iraqi parliament adjourns in blow to Bush..."We do not have anything to discuss..."

A very interesting organization

Bush and Brown vow co-operation - We have another poodle

Who thinks using the tax system in this country will guarantee universal health care?

Edwards is on a roll! Here is another dynamic video .... LINK to DU Video

Barak's Bulge

Farm Bill Primer and Digest

Breaking on MSNBC: Group of House Dems to call forImpeachment

Anyone else notice Georgie's blotchy face at the press conference?

I just called Dennis Prager and damaged his credibility

Sunday Talk Shows Ask About Impeaching Gonzo

Buh-bye for awhile, DU...

Offshoring of production of consumer goods is a National Security issue.

FT: Murdoch in last-ditch plea on Dow Jones

Paris Hilton's Grandfather cuts inheritance to family, fortune goes to charity:

Ahahahah!!! Just suggested on Ed Schultz from a caller...

Gut feeling, al Qaeda, terra, terra! Was that all about Tillman?

Define "irony": to slash 800 jobs.....

Iraqi Parliament Off For A Month--Can The American Troops Come Home For A Vacation Too?

Frank Rich: Why the White House Keeps Hiding Behind General Petraeus

Harvey Wasserman is on kpfa right now

Iraq Soccer Captain-Agrees With Many Of Us: 'I Want America To Go OUT'

What is the 'far left'?

Gangs Spreading In The Military

Bush's Military Industrial Cabal Locks in War Profits Before End of their Executive Enabler's Reign

Congress should ask Mrs. Ashcroft to testify about the hospital room scene.

"Brought to You by Boeing"


"Jihad: The Musical" - can we laugh at terrorism with no offense for the victims?

Breaking: Thompson only raised $3M in June....suggests laziness, incompetance...both

Caption Dubya

Many molested by support staff - Lured with doughnuts, candy and games of checkers

OXFAM: Violence Masking Humanitarian Crisis in Iraq

2 Really different headlines re: bu$h* & Brown

Bumper Snicker

X-Posted "What if?"

What if the wingnut blogs asked the questions at the Youtube debate? by John Cole. Very funny.

Why are the Dems so afraid to say impeachment?

Miller (D-CA) plans NCLB reauthorization by September

An Immoral Philosophy: PAUL KRUGMAN - Health Care

Breaking -Ex 49er Coach Bill Walsh Has Died...

Ingmar Bergman talks of his dreams and demons in rare interview

The death of a real genius. Ingmar Bergman.

Soldier Enters Pleas in Rape-Murder Case

Dupe, pls delete

(TOON) Rowson on the Broon/Shrub meeting

Fred Barnes re: Gonzales testimony: "If they're lies, they're not significant lies."

B-2’s flyovers are a nonstealthy form of PR - disturbing article

Trent Lott on Sen. Fl whinning about $ of childrens health program--He should

Bush Asking for More Power to Wiretap Americans

Rural Kids Outpace City Kids In Math, Science

Cheney:"what we're doing in Iraq is based on what we believe is in the best interests of the nation"

DU & Me

drational on Kos: The Cheney NSA Program

Student Journalists Who File First Amendment Lawsuits Face Immediate Deadline

Republican hypocrisy has reached historical proportions..

Bush to Brown: "You must be feeling damn old then, huh,"

Cheney is a "Big Fan" of Gonzales:

I know a lot of people are going to think it's dumb for me

senate is debating Children's health funding----repugs calling it an

There is a BRIGHT SIDE to this high-speed chase in Texas...

Wasn't the news always skewed? That's what my college educated son asked me.

Giuliani's plan kind of sucks

Matthew Rothschild: Why Gonzales Still Has His Job

28% of Iraqi children are malnourished now compared to 19% before the invasion

Bush appointee "burrows in" at the Interior Department

Seeing Ron Paul stickers everywhere!

Rudy Giuliani, certifiable idiot, on medical savings accounts.


3651 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

CONYERS: Accuses Bush Admin & Gonzales Of Conspiring To Illegally Leak Classified Info

Duncan Hunter, re: Gonzalez impeachment. "I haven't been watching, or reading...

"Heckuva job Brownie" is marketing himself as a "data-mining pro"

Keeping my promise to monkeyman-my 95th LTTE published re:Dole/Shalala

I saw a "SUPPORT THE TROOPS" rally in Skowhegan, Maine this weekend.

caption this * and pickles pic..

3652 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Analysis: Cheney favors attack on Iran

Tonight on Countdown

McClatchy: Congress eyes pay raise for itself

Cheney Hails His Pal Al

World Stats Clock

Afte listening to Diane Rehm today, it occurs to me that people still don't get it.

Jury: Ex-Commerce aide misused public funds

Politico: Big Dawg concedes last week's flap to Obama


FEMA knew a year and a half ago and hid it from Congress

Jena 6 protest and solidarity protest July 31st

Here's an idea for funding universal health care: make marijuana legal and tax the heck out of it.

Mayor Nine Eleveniani called "A Fate Worse Than Bush"

The next time you're called a "communist" by a freeper

When watching the talking heads begin to notice how..


Saw this on TV today: Reposting of the Gonzo impeachment petition.

Upsetting the applecart:

Moon rocket info (1970) shredded for government secrecy

So my mom is going on vacation and...

Fitzgerald waited until Gov. Ryan was out of office to indict him to prevent any mass pardons

Dave Lindorff: Martial Law Threat is Real

New Rudy Poster

Priest's abuse haunts boyhood friends

Unitarian Universalists call for repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Mon. 7/30 -- they WON'T hear us now or later

So let me get this straight......

Who the hell is Valdemort (sp?) and why does he vote

CNN (Pollack): " U.S. Troop Morale Is Now High In Iraq"

Delete me

FBI searching home of Sen. Ted Stevens...LINK:

Former U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney Sues Newspaper for Libel

Wolf Blitzer says that Chief Justice Roberts was hit in the head?

Novak: Bush considering secret military action in Turkey

If I was Ted Stevens, and knew that I was under investigation,

CNN Reports...Roberts has Second Seizure...Benign Idiopathic Seizure and Fell in Maine!

Mike Webbs Killer Seattle Top Story...Inslee on Gonzo!!!!!

"A man who had fallen 5 to 10 feet hitting the back of his head....ashen, foaming at the mouth."

F.D.A. Panel Votes to Keep Diabetes Drug on Market

I work nights. I just woke up to bizarro world. So today, we are "winning the war in Iraq"?

John Roberts has a seizure!

"A War We Just Might Win" With Spin!

Breaking - Al Gore's son pleaded guilty today to possessing marijuana and other drugs,

"It's not about racism..

"Dick Cheney," she {Elizabeth Edwards} deadpanned, "is our president."

Elliot D. Cohen: Impeach Bush and Cheney Now, Before They Declare Martial Law

Ted Stevens R Alaska house is being searched right now by IRS agents

I will forget so I'll say it now before I do -

"OCTOBUSH" fittingly made of sand

I Pray Stevens Has Cash In His Icebox Too

California City to Transform Red Light Cameras Into Spy Cameras

Keep a Lookout for Faux News Labelling Ted Stevens a Democrat

I heard on CNN that Hillary used to be a Republican

What does the firing of a U.S. Attorney have to do with a murder case?

NY Times: "An Immoral Philosophy." Shrub's opposition to SCHIP.

Response from Sen. Feinstein re: bush Impeachment

Mr Straight Story showed me how to do something -

Conyers to Gonzales: What about That Leak?

Wikipedia Ted Stevens already UPDATED! That was FAST!

If you were going to emigrate to another State in the USA, where would you go?

Michael o'Hanlon (spent 8 days in Iraq.. claims we are "winning")

Vanity Fair has a very damning article on Judi Guiliani!

Dear Mr. President, Take A Walk With Me (video)

Parliament adjourns in blow to Bush

Daily Kos: The John Edwards MASHUP

Specter: Administration has 18 hours to clarify Gonzales testimony on wiretapping

NAACP Leaders Urge Fairness for Vick

Is Murdoch buying WSJ?

Cleavage versus codpiece

I found this photo on the internet & I'm still laughing...

Bush's Mental health screening program: New Freedom Commission

Peace Marchers just left my house

If 'Politico' is so reliable, why not cite Drudge, FAUX, NewsMax, The NYPost, WorldNutDaily?

TOONS: overlooked, odds and ends…

Rep. Mel Watt (D) apologizes for saying the dimson lied

If Ted Stevens goes down, we can quit caucasing with Lieberman.

Mayor Nine Eleveniani: The Democrats want a NANNY government

One Word Describes G.W Bush

O’Hanlon Contradicts His Own Research To Portray Surge As Successful

Alert: CNN is Reporting On Ms. Clinton's Cleavage.

I think there may be indication now -

Should the Commander in Chief take vacation when troops are in harm's way?

We desperately need another FDR

Does anyone here suspect that we are seeing the emergence of professional trollers on DU?

Which Country is the world's largest small arms proliferator?

Ingmar Bergman, Tom Snyder and the Lost 70s

Help defeat the Roadblock Republicans!

The Carlson boy has finally come out ........

Lou Dobbs reporting now Justice Roberts had a seizure..AP is reporting it

Should we ask this question: Why *IS" the Peace Movement so White?

Newest Free Banner Download - 10"x3" to put in your windows!!!

Justice John Roberts taken to a hospital

Bush/Brown Presser....Bush says he and Brown don't share same toothpaste

Should Election Day be a US national holiday?

Bush ducks question about taking issue with Kerry's views on fighting terrorism as a "crime"

Bill Walsh Has Died

I'm leaving DU for a while. Apparently I'm too caustic right now.

Two thugs in Alaska under FBI investigation.........

So CJ Roberts Actually had a Seizure.... and not the first he has had...LINK

Does anyone have links to stations that carry Malloy that offer streams?

How Microsoft trounced Linux in China and what it means for freedom, justice, and the price of s/w

Breaking: Gonzo to get a copy of the consitution...

Richard B. and Lynne V. Cheney Cardiovascular Institute at George Washington University - pics

Why do some people consider Obama a dynamic speaker?

Did Chief Justice John Roberts conceal his medical history?

CHENEY??? Odd Passage In NYT Points To VP

God & His Son expected to loom large in 08 elections.

I wish Justice Robert's and his family well, however, Pat Robertson (700 Club)...

Why was there no followthrough on the Condi Rice subpoena?

Allow me a few words about the Crew of the USS Indianapolis

A couple in Georgia dont like their Brown neighbors

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines


In Honor of Ted Stevens Awesome Day

U.N.: Brutality against women in Congo 'beyond rape'

This post is for the LURKERS as much as for the DU reg' impeachment

Health Department Warns of Possible Tainted Ginger (from china, has pesticide on it)

Man Arrested in California on Hate Crime Charges for Defacing Torah with Swastikas.

Randi Rhodes had a good argument for NOT impeaching: avoiding pardons

July 30th *should be* Smedley Butler Day

CA: 'Every Voting System Found Hackable'; Holt Bill/PFAW Undead; PBS Covers Vote Caging; MORE...

Was Pat Tillman Murdered? Absulutely Yes, according to A Nam Vet

Impeach is fired up for sep.15th

Here's To Hoping That John Roberts Is Ok

Letter from Conyers to Gonzales on “Massive Electronic Databases”

Breaking: Chief Justice Roberts taken

Really, what's the difference?

What's up with Justice robert's eyeballs?

What Will YOU Do When the GOP Cancels the 2008 Election?

‘Two Americas’ reflected in White House pay. Rove gets $2,800 cost-of-living wage hike

Bush Supporters Beware - Angry Veterans Will Confront You!

I am sick of all the Christian bashing

Home Depot wants you to shut up

FBI, Congress: Sibel Edmonds case 'unclassified'

Chairman Waxman Investigates Apparent Censorship of Surgeon General’s Report

Ladies and Gentlemen... The Impeachmobile!

September Vanity Fair: Don't call her Judi; Judith Giuliani wants to be Queen!

Check in here when you've called your Rep to support the impeachment investigation of Gonzalez!

Mitt Romney's wife angers cancer survivers

"massive electronic databases ... contain records of phone calls and e-mail messages of millions

What kind or rifle killed Tillman?

Why We Should Care About Conservapedia

I predict Fred Thompson will NOT run for President.

'Wonder Years' actress: 'Smart is cool' (AP/CNN) {writes about math for girls}

It is really a little too quiet up north right now -

Americans Are Not "Better" Than Germans

Don't Forget - If You Typed It And Hit The Enter Key NSA Read It

Murder or not? Apparently several home-made abortions

Fully 90% of Americans backed Bush one week after the first bombs fell in a "shock and awe"

NOW WE KNOW where the infamous '16 words' came from! ('TOON)

The DCCC just sent me a "Presidential Survey" again, like they always do...

Jesus' General: Mrs. Folger's Christian Science

Bush and Counterfactual Confidence

Newt Gingrich

Talk show host Tom Snyder dies at 71

Sweatshop - Abramoff Cash = Trouble for Clinton

Obama hones youthful image: Strategy is to show himself as voice for change

Republican Support Collapses Among Youth

Elizabeth Edwards writing a letter with practical advice for her children to read after her d

Why the GOP is doomed - my assessment

Wondering aloud: What do Repubs think of this Cheney quote?

US accused of fuelling arms race with $20bn Arab weapons sale (Guardian)

This Modern World: Five things to wonder about

Obama Defends YouTube Flap In Indiana Visit (VIDEO)

Is there any way to get actual tallies of write-in votes for the 2004 presidential election?

Iraqi parliament adjourns in blow to Bush

Who's unAmerican?

Edwards receives warm welcome during Nashua campaign stop

Check This Website Out - "A Thousand Sparks of Dissent"....

What is wrong with this coin?

The Democrats’ Privilege Problem

Pew Poll: 42% say they hear about Hillary the most in the media, 22% name Obama, 2% for Edwards

Craig Crawford’s Trail Mix: Vacation Blues Plague House GOP

Iraq Not Maintaining US-funded project

Army has new 'shipper bonus", $20,000 if agree to be shipped out in 30

even far away he looks like a f***ing idiot

Protesters were at Mitch McConnell's house.........

Religion Looms Large Over 2008 Race: Issue is most problematic for Romney

Key NCLB-Renewal Bills Withheld Until Fall

Something that pisses me off about Conservatives

Destroying The GOP's Congressional Approval-Rating Spin

Oh, Boy! Vanity Fair Profiles Judith Giuliani As Egomanic And Social Climber (TPM)

Can DU help restore (posthumously) E V Deb's citizenship ?

Which Dems are DLC Approved?

National Urban League Blog on the Candidates' forum

The next President has already been selected… if you listen to the MSM...

Would a Pelosi presidency steal Hillary's thunder as First Female President?

Newt Gingrich predicts Democrats will choose Clinton-Obama ticket

Fritz takes Darth Cheney to task...

In Opposing Tax Plan, Schumer Breaks With Party

Government and Tyranny

Senators worry about Bush appointee's commitment to racial diversity

Conyers is BUSY! Conyers hints at Bush leak on spying to save Gonzales

Attention all Hillary supporters - paychecks went out today!

Fred Thompson, Neocon (The Nation)

Faith Hill is PISSED AGAIN and guess for what

Why does Ghouliani have a reputation for fighting terrorism?

Michelle Obama named to Vanity Fair's Best Dressed List...Maybe she can give some tips to

Chief justice at hospital after fall

A comparison of the candidates' positions on environmental issues (just the beef)

CNN - Ted Stevens home being searched by FBI in Alaska.

Why the heck do some alleged candidate supporters enter threads dedicated to other candidates

Healther Wilson on House Floor saying Dems irresponsible--she wants

Giuliani stepped in it today--attacking both Dems and Michael Moore. Guess he hasn't seen SICKO-

CNN - Roberts suffered an unexplained seizure in 1993.

Hillary Clinton - Government as Protector, Instigator and Moral Force

"The GOPers’ ability to paint Dems as weak on security and terrorism is still their greatest fear.”

Is the enemy of my enemy my best friend?

Now is the time to pressure all the "moderate" Republicans in Congress.

Hank Johnson pitches his tent with the Obama camp

Inoculate Bush's Veto Threat

Today in Congress..

Thompson to report $3 million for June, falling short of $5 million goal.

Chief Justice had a seizure - CNN

Edwards: Health firms cannot be appeased

Americans Stuck In Political Stupor

A True Political Partner-John Edwards's Wife...Shares Its Spotlight

Clinton woos the outsourcers feared by U.S. workers

Obama Vows Open Government

First Lady, Hillary Clinton

Los Angeles Times: Bush's Folly

Obama slams big business, special interests

A nice long list of republican perverts

Two reasons we should hope Freddy T. enters the race.

Rasmussen: Clinton over 40% for the 1st time since they began polling in Jan

Chinese 'Nader' uses detective's flair to expose products

Rich Lowery on Clinton: I will never support her, nor will I ever again underestimate her

CJ Roberts did have a seizure which resulted in a fall and some minor injuries caused by the fall.

Obama: A Compromiser Who Keeps His Eye On The Ball

Say something nice about your least favourite dem candidate

Was John Roberts lying when asked how his health was and he

Michelle Obama on Vanty Fair's Best Dressed List.

I may have to revise my prediction of a J Roberts presidential bid. I hope

Who will be the Repug sacrificial lamb for 2008?

Dodd: 3rd Candidate to Walk the Walk

You know what is funny about Rudy G...

Is it just me, or is Fred Thompson doomed before he even announces?

LATimes: Hillary Clinton Woos the Outsourcers That Workers Fear

The US had plans to overthrow 7 nations only 9 days after 9/11 - Gen Clark

Edwards: "I've proven I can win (a general election) in the South", says HRC-BO spat "needs to end."

Obama has Joe Lieberman as a mentor.

Obama and Rep. Hodes to be on CSPAN2 tonight

Obama revives diplomacy debate with Clinton

Obama has upper hand in his skirmish with Hillary, says The American Prospect

What Happens When Bush Declares Martial Law?

Even with Rudy, NY should be in the Democrats' bag

Thousands seek to volunteer at 2008 Democratic Convention ~~

Edwards was NOT booed at the National Urban League!

Olympia Snowe (R) speaking out IN FAVOR of SCHIP extension

Hey MSM Snark-Spewers: There are Republicans out there, too!!

Conservatives Refuse to Defend Gonzo on Faux

If you really want the right-wing nutjobs to howl with rage, nominate John Edwards.

Did Russert mislead audience about Clinton-Giuliani match-up?

Wolf Blitzer not being fair to Edwards

What if?

Public was less in favor of impeaching Nixon at time of impeachment than they are of impeaching bush

Any talk here at DU about this NYTimes OpEd piece?

Politico: Bill Clinton Seeks Truce with Obama, Takes Dig at Edwards in DLC speech today

John Edwards a modern day RFK?

Obama: faith has been "hijacked" by the religious right

Anyone here planning to March in DC Sept. 15th?

Bill Clinton Seeks Truce in Obama and Hillary spat

RFK Jr.: "Americans Are The Most Entertained and Least Informed People on the Planet"

Obama's opposition to the war?

Obama: “We are…a Jewish nation…a Muslim nation...a Buddhist nation...a nation of non-believers...”

Arming The World For Peace

Rep. Conyers Discusses Impeachment

Wes Clark - Proud member in Good standing of the "BUSH LIED" school since early 2003!

Figured I'd make my bones by starting a DLC thread....

DLC: "The Third Way"