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Illegal Immigrants: Uncle Sam Wants You

Alternet: Why Civil Unions Aren't Enough

US ‘dirty bomber’ is a trial for CIA

NY Times: Congress should impeach Gonzalez if Special Prosecutor isn't appointed

Cutting Costs, Bending Rules, And a Trail of Broken Lives

Who Really Took Over During That Colonoscopy

(Canadian) Football recruit jailed in U.S. gun scam

Iraqis Units Short of Qualified Leaders

NYT: Clinton-Obama Duel Keeps Rocking

Revealed: MI5's role in torture flight hell

US fears that Brown wants Iraq pull-out

Sri Lankan minister ends trip to save death row teen

Future of Stem Cell Tests May Hang on Defining Embryo Harm

McCain Fighting Iraq Withdrawal Timeline

Taiwan Strives to Conserve Rare Turtles

Lebanon faces civil war if crisis unchecked: France

Blogger fest a magnet for liberal politicos

Fewer See Balance in Court's Decisions

Bush Aide Blocked Report

Edwards Dismayed by Obama-Clinton Feud

Arab princesses kicked off British Airways plane to jeers and whistles after refusing to sit next to

Brown hails alliance with America

Romney Appeals to Hispanics

House Members Say They Will Try to Block Arms Sales to Saudis

Mining of Data Prompted Fight Over Spying

U.S. pledges to increase its military aid to Israel

I'm watching The Drug Years on VH1-it's good

The neighbor trash are throwing kids in my pool.

Dinner at the Prophets - Chicken Fajitas

The neighbor kids are throwing gas on my tool.

Back from Atlantic City, lighter in the wallet! Did I miss anything????

The neighbor kids are smoking hash in my pool.

Right. I'm off to the restaurant and bar afterward.

do your wurst.

*Disconnected snark only vaguely related to the previous post

Time once again for INAPRROPRIATE SMILIES!!!!

After the actions of a few, I must leave, I'm sorry it came to this...

Want to hear a great song that will make you feel good?

Good places to eat in Birmingham AL?

i'm a backdoor man

Check your AM

Finish this sentence

Look out my window and what do I see

This is a hex thread.

This is my first birthday since mom died.

Since the Iraqi gov't, the US Congress and Bush are taking August off...

I went to see my mom today at the nursing home...

This would make a wounderful marker for Dick's tombstone.

check your PM

The Ride of the Valkyries.

This is a sex thread

Check your BC

How often do you drink alcoholic beverages?

I was looking for a Laura Branigan song on youtube

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe

Tonight almost seemed like fun!! (Warning, I'm drunk like a skunk with some funk right now)

***********MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT*********

Anyone else here like Mark Hollis?

the doodletown pipers

Johnny Depp reads Allen Ginsberg

Embrace your inner pev.

Will the person who has philboy's doodle, please check in here?

Here's a pic of the doodle, but I'm only leaving it up for 10 seconds, then I will edit it out.

I suppose I ought to go back out.

who has tattoo?

kroger had pretty decent salami on sale 10 for $1.00

will the real philboy doodle please stand up?

Speaking of the wing dang doodle...

I have a new sign in my window...

Perfume - The Film

I am on a mission...

Warren G. Says: Regulate

There is so much anger in GD.

Good (doodle) Evening (doodle) Loungers (doodle). Nice to see you (doodle)

Now that vice PresidentCheney is out of the hospital

All this crap about doodles...


We are all cheerful and good natured kids.

ah, what the hell, just one more to piss people off

I need cheering up...

I just saw her yesterday

Who wants to huddle?

who has a doodle?

kaghime! calling kaghime!

Hi there (you just want to nibble on my cupcakes) Loungers!

For the Baseball minds - a question

will everybody please keep the minnesota picnic post kicked?

i have a new homeless sign

I am...

Anyone know a good list of Bush scandals, with sources?

Jason Tyner hit is first major league homerun today - thus ending the longest

My body down the street is for sale- $47. Any buyers?

We gonna pitch a wang dang doodle

Who wants to cuddle?

Jack Kerouac

Who has a tattoo?

Gloating is not very becoming

End of life question

Travel Advice -- Santa Clara, CA

Someone just threatened me.

I wish you guys all lived in Texas

I'm watching the HBO movie "Elizabeth I" right now.

Dontcha just hate the non-apology apology?

This Never Ceases To Amaze Me!!

Hud with Paul Newman...Great Film

Screw the band...who was the number one vocalist of the 90's

Note to self: NEVER placed whipped cream containers on their side and place items on top of them

MonkeyFunk, how are you feeling?

The house down the street is for sale- $47 million. Any buyers?

Name a celebrity that you think has the most sex.

Hey, Minnesota and other Upper Midwest residents!

I just saw "The Simpsons Movie" today.

Oh Lord Look at Britney

This one was just 18

The Boston Herald is looking to outsource its printing operations.

The Militarization of Our Police

Robert Kennedy in South Africa, June 1966

Drunk Astronauts

At least 116 troops have "officially" commited suicide in Iraq; many more under investigation...

Happy Birthday Autorank!

US ‘dirty bomber’ is a trial for CIA

Efforts to Make Stem Cells but Not Harm Embyros Are Blocked

Recall Alert: Atico International USA Recalls Coffeemakers Sold Exclusively at Walgreens Due to Fire

McCain Fighting Iraq Withdrawal Timeline

US fears that Brown wants Iraq pull-out

"Cheney Pacemaker Shocker: Docs Can't Find Heart"

Writers: Don't Expect 'Simpsons' to Slow

If You Haven't Seen Springsteen's Latest "Anti War/Pete Seeger/Folk Collection REMIXED..Check It Out

Scientists breed world’s first mentally ill mouse


Mayor Nine Eleveniani, even a self-proclaimed "expert" on hot dogs.

I wonder why the US is the least socialist of the industrialized countries?

Those who don't like people talking impeachment of Bush

GOP Lawmakers Wait for Nominee to Emerge

A pedophile asked to be chemically castrated.

Hundreds of Oil-Covered Penguins Surface in South America

Red Necks, White Sox and Blue Ribbon Beer

I just saw "The Simpsons Movie" today.

WP/ABC Poll: Growing number of Americans say Bush judges make Supreme Court "too conservative"

PBS-starting now--Prison Town, USA

Gangs Spreading In The Military - U.S. Soldier Killed In Gang Initiation In Germany

Severely beaten 93 year old man shoots attacker

Iraq prime minister reportedly wants Petraeus replaced for arming Sunnis

US accuses Saudis of telling lies about Iraq

Latching onto Republican talking point, media report "do-nothing" Congress, not GOP obstruction

"Tillman comrade recalls final moments"--snipers in the convoy ... fired at them?

Bill Moyers today was fantastic! He played the college republicans chickenshits

US braced for bloody pull-out

Iran Promotes US War with Turkey


Drunk Astronauts- Another American Icon crashes

Dan Gerstein, a supposed "democratic blogger" particulary disturbed me yesterday

Celebrating a Home Run in San Francisco

Fox News hits a new low; "Radical Islam, Terror in its own words"

Iran 'training Iraqi mortar men'

Aquafina source is same as for tap

Sunday Washington Post: Bush Aide Blocked Global Health Report for Not Being Political

Korean Missionaries Draw Fire at Home

OK the DoD reports 116 suicides by US troops since 2003

DLC's "National Conversation"

Sunday Talk Shows

This must be an episode of the Twilight Zone: Bush calls for easier wiretap rules

With Gonzales Under Fire, FBI Violation Gains Notice

What makes no impeachment for crimes against the constitution, and thus, the people

October 27 - United for Peace says keep that day open on your calendar....

PBS 'Now' Episode w/ Greg Palast On Voter Caging Available To View HERE:

Army's 'Debt Of Service' Leaves Vets Perplexed-Soldiers Must Pay For Damaged Equipment

There are two things they don't teach you in Harvard Business School.

Have any of you ever read The New Republic's "Baghdad Diarist?" Check this out...

4 Million Children Die Every Year From Environmental Hazards

DU Group Is Thanked For Making Difference On OneBillionBulbs.Com

Who are the people who are mindlessly accusing Tillman's fellow Rangers of murdering him?

Theme Park Discovers That Killing Jesus Saves Them From Bankruptcy

It's 3:30 AM here and just got back from seeing Pink in concert

Everything is up-side down , how much more are we going to take ?

Hillary Clinton wants to start a public servant academy.

The Hedge Fund Class and the French Revolution

Justice Dept. Lawyers Join Chorus Criticizing Gonzales

If Special Prosecutor is not named, NYT, in editorial, calls for impeachment of Alberto Gonzales

"Republican Support Collapses Among Youth"

I wonder what would happen if all healthy people suddenly dropped their health insurance...

"C-Span's Brian Lamb is not what you think"

Dear Bill O'Reilly: the pope really IS a primate.

NY Times: "The Centrists Didn't Hold. The DLC's Fading Influence Good

I heard that Aquafina is really just tap water.

Not so sure that sexism and patriarchy are real, serious issues? Watch this.

Reframe Wisely: Being Smart on Terrorism.

Biden's chilling speech on 9/10/2001 ~ The Day Before

Operation TIPS (Citizen Corps): Bush's plan to recruit one million domestic spies

Should the United States have a national passenger rail system?

Workers told to shape up or pay up

*** TOON: "Do Any Of The Candidates For President Know CPR?" ***

My life as a useless eater

For All Who Haven't Seen..US vs John Lennon.. Video Online!

NYT: Clinton-Obama Duel Keeps Rocking

Joe Conason: Ginning up a fight between Clinton and Obama

haunting prescience ...

Glenn Greenwald comments on the Obama/Hillary fight

Do Cheap Chinese Goods Have to Mean Trade-Off in Quality?

Why should I support the nominee,

Obama was for pre-conditions before he was against them.

Hillary Clinton vs. Obama: It's about nuance

NYT: The (DLC) Centrists Didn't Hold

Obama Plan to Combat Urban Poverty


Clinton, Obama and new horrors planned for So. America?--who is a "renegade state"?

TIME: Will the G.O.P. Say No to YouTube?

CNN Calls Republicans’ Bluff Reschedules YouTube Debate

Kucinich videos are not getting views

The DLC responds to the NYT about their article.

NYT discusses Biden's Plan for Iraq

Public on the Side of Obama on the Foreign Policy Debate

Army Document: Iraqi Shot Several Times (AP)

Local wife of former atomic plant worker appeals for medical bills aid

Ship of fools: Johann Hari sets sail with America's swashbuckling neocons

Democrats vs. President Bush: To the courts or not, and how?

Populism is the new flavor in politics; it won't be authentic unless driven by and for the people

Something Happened on 9-11

Out How: The Economics of Ending Wars-10 points


Trying to make sense of the doublespeak

The Cold War Between Washington and Tehran by Noam Chomsky

War Crimes and the White House (former USMC Commandant Paul Kelley)

Prosecute US Corporate Media For War Crimes

NOW--on PBS just aired 'voter caging"--re-run. Hope you all caught it-also

Mining of Data Prompted Fight Over Spying

Dangerous steps towards a security state (The Observer, in the UK)

Bush's First Crime Solved

Bush asserts a king's prerogative

Talks between Bhutto, Musharraf confirmed - The Toronto Star

Waiting for Recess Time By Mimikatz

A secret agent's story. 'I helped MI5. My reward: brutality and prison'

Ix-Nay on the Onstitution-Cay by emptywheel

Cutting Costs, Bending Rules, And a Trail of Broken Lives

Jeff Danziger, "Gonzales" (cartoon)

White House runs conference call on executive privilege for right-wing bloggers

Lawrence J. Korb: A Broken Army

Shays: Gonzales “would do us a favor if he stepped down”

Something fishy in DC (Sacramento Bee)

America's Corporate-Owned Press is to Blame for America's Pathetic Global Reputation


Dumb or dishonest? Either way, Gonzo's gotta go

Unacceptable Vacancies (DOJ) Put US at Risk

Outsourcing could put you in harm's way

Bruce Fein: It's time to check the balance of power-Congress must rein in Bush's abusive actions

2 new Must Read Articles: About the new Progressive Consensus in this country!

Michael Moore – Why some people don't like him

The leak designed to save Alberto Gonzales by Glenn Greenwald


Hitchens - Scheduled to speak at Atheist Convention , Generates Controversy

Russia leads race for North Pole oil - Observer

15 Green Chefs

Australia: Mining union launches climate campaign

Boston environmental program promotes hybrid taxicabs

(Maine) Billboard Ban: A law for sore eyes (30 year anniversery)

(Harry) Reid vows to shut off coal-fired plant plan

What's your neighborhood's walkability score?: Plug in your address and find out......

'Dead zone' in Gulf of Mexico smaller than predicted this year, but still in top 3 - AP

Southern Europe on fire

Army document: Iraqi shot several times

Hezbollah rejects U.S. vision of Mideast

Reported Talks on British Iraq Pullout

Amputations bring health crisis to Iraq

Michael Moore says he's been served

Report: GIs shot Iraqi several times

Israel happy with US arms aid promise

(1200) Janitors accept first union contract

With Iraq in background, Bush, Brown to open first summit

Iraqi Security Tighter Ahead of Asia Cup

U.S. denies Petraeus has poor ties with Iraq PM ("totally fabricated story")

Afghan Leaders: Free Female Hostages

Scant details as Rice lobbies for Mideast meeting

More in GOP want Iraq military limits

Former Thompson aide kept health report from public

UK gave us wrong info on Haneef: Australia

Us politicians spar over embattled top prosecutor Gonzales

MPs oppose terror detention plans

Edwards focused on health care in N.H.

Small arms fire targets MND-B patrol (1 Soldier killed)

Lion of Babylon Statue Bombed, Destroyed (Basra)

Poland Not Yet Decided on Iraq Extension

Taliban Says No More Talks on Korean Hostages

Peru president apologizes to poor, vows increased anti-poverty aid

Leahy: Gonzales Must Clarify Statements

Fatal ending to Ariz. exorcism response

Corporations attempt to frame earned benefits as "legacy costs"

Iraq celebrates football victory

Japan government faces big election loss: exit polls

Turkey Set To Defy US And Hunt Kurdish Rebels

Gingrich Predicts Clinton-Obama Ticket

Water supplies returning to homes (UK flooding happy update)

Police shoot protesters in India

World owes US a debt, says Brown

More proof that Americans are SO FUCKING DUMB!

I need somehow to stop this craziness . . .

Mr. DTBK leaves for India tomorrow - WAAAAHHHHH

What's species are you?

Sunday Afternoon at the Bookstore

eggshells, walking on.

Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature - Psychology Today

Let's hear it for the working class

Question about the term STBE

The neighbor kids are writing slash in my pool.

I need clearing up...

The neighbor kids are watching M.A.S.H. in my pool.

The neighbor kids slashed my pool

The neighbor kids are throwing Graham Nash in my pool.

The neighbor kids pass gas in my pool

The neighbor kids splish splash in my pool

The neighbor kids drowned slash in my pool

What can I blame the Jenis for today?

Please help me remember

Please help me, I'm falling

The neighbor kids stash hash in my pool

Holy sweet mother of God...we just had the most amazing earth shattering...

The neighbor kids dug up my ghoul.

The neighbor kids are watching the HBO movie "Elizabeth I" in my pool right now

flickr loves me

Who would win in a fight between a C.H.U.D. and a Zombie?

So what are you listening to or watching tonight?

My husband cracks me up!

Raging Fred

Don't make me stop this lounge!

Who needs comforting this evening?

It's 3:33 In the AM....

I woke up today in London...

Staying in bed too long makes you stiff.

The "Father of the Bride" married in L.A.

Who wants to curdle?

If I lived in Springfield, I'd look like this:

Are Lounge Lizards more likely to be hip fops?

Are Lounge Lizards more likely to wear flip-flops?

August Photo Contest Theme is "The Art of Zen"


Sunday Addy pic


Someone help me identify this movie.

i am contemplating a very serious life change and i really could use your opinion

What celebrity would you trade lives with?

You have your New Yorkers, Angelos and Austinites, right?...

Sting! Stinglehopper! The McStingster! Stingatola! Sting! Going pee-pee... StiiIiiIiinnnngg!

DS1 made me a new avatar...isn't it awesome?

Poetry of Song titles

Best Beatles Album

You may address me as Manius Gordianus Tranquillus

If I were from Texas

The dilemma of age vs. marijuana

Daniel Radcliffe interview... but mostly NOT about "Potter"...

Anyone else here on Adderall XR?

Best John Ford film?

just hit twilight - at 3:00 pm

Finally looked at what happened to my 401k balance- ouch!

May I help you?

For those who have quit smoking in the past...

I pledge, and would you pledge?

Kiss singer Paul Stanley suffers heart ailment

cutest boy ever!

That "Bourne" ad is giving me a headache....

what celebrity would you like to go on a booze fueled rampage with?

Please help me forget

Got to see Joan Jett for free last evening and she didn't disappoint!

So.. "Ratatouille" was so good... I hope that you've eaten it.

I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin': I don't think this is or was a face "beaten almost beyond

A warm 'n fuzzy fuck you thread.

Do you leave the Cotton in or out

Star Trek - The Sitcom

NJ Hikers Get Stuffing Scared Out of Them

Is this meant ironically?

I'm ticked - another Sunday ruined by Best Buy delivery screw-up

So - for brunch this morning . . .

I'm listening to Feetwood Mac.

1-18-08 anyone else trying to figure this one out?

Thank God and Science that there are sleeping pills.

How many flame wars have I missed?

Can a geek be a decent hockey player?

It's raining and I'm bored

The Banned Children's Show Episode

Good vibest please, For InfoManiac and her cat Eggie.

Office Space

Annoying things to do on an elevator.

Somebody help me out here...

Morningwood to the nth degree!

So why isn't Burt Bacharach in the Hall of Fame...

Star Trek meet Star Wars...

Seriously freakin' funny MySpace video

And we're back...Hi y'all!

I'm Posting Outside

Hi. My name is Jeff, and I'm addicted

"I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry"...

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

magazine subscription pet peeve

So this is how my night is going

Hey foodies! How long would you marinate a flank steak?

Picture thread - furries from days past

BinFoot, my latest piece of art

mY Oners Left mE Hom aLonE This wEEkEnd i aM sO piSSed Off - signed KITTEH

Something to make you go "hmmm"

Cost Plus World Market: WHY hadn't I ever been there before today??

got to see the Smithereens last night

I bet the Moderator Lounge looked something like this over the weekend:

Oops. I bought this eyebrow trimmer...

I'm starving, but nothing sounds good. Got any ideas?

Just finished researching all of the Dem candidates

I'm 30 years old and I just ate my first grilled cheese EVER

Iraqis Bask in Rare Joy After Soccer Win

A thick skin is necessary to participate on this or any other discussion forum.

Can you pass the Constitution Test?

Robot Chicken

It's the TOhioLiberal appreciation thread!

Baby I Love Your Way...

Please vote for my friend's Bush Protest Band!

so i checked my profile and found out i am over 30K posts

So why isn't Bert Blyleven in the Hall of Fame...

I had a visit from royalty!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 7/29/07


Insolitology - the study of crackpots on the internet

The saddest and wierdest myspace page ever

Creepy Target cashier Friday night....

Stuck in Philadelphia Airport! Grrrr! Need entertainment.

What is your "quirk"...what makes you different that others might not understand?

soooo happy right now. I just used peroxide to get the biggest lump of earwax

RANDOM Word Association

How old are you?

If you could back to life and be any animal you wanted, what would it be?

For my very first YouTube video, watch my 2 year-old son take a punch!

Anyone have links to any good gardening blogs or forums?

Do you think California's dynamic was altered by the "oakies"?

Go Ralphie! GO! My Simpson's movie review.

sniffa reviews: the honeymoon, day one (pic heavy)

Agent Orange linked to blood pressure

Mass. newlyweds hope to be together when they serve in Iraq


Today in labor history 7-29 table grape boycott

Today's working family Cartoon: Union Busters

All sorts of great computer games from the AFL-CIO website arcade

Washington Post, letter to the editor, Labor's Prerogative: Justice

Dispute over temps puts QC Die Casting workers on street protesting

Teamsters Set Sights On Representing UPS Freight Employees

To the end, Nichols stayed loyal to union members

DUer reinstated to job thanks to his union, second time in 20+ years

NYU College Republican Defends illegal immigrant game on Glenn Beck.

Get Up, Stand Up-Bob Marley & The Wailers

Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms Mandela Live 1988

Ray McGovern on need for independent intelligence Part 2

Ray McGovern on need for independent intelligence

CIA Torture Vigil ***some graphic images***

Ray McGovern on need for independent intelligence Part 3

Rush - Freewill (Toronto Rocks)

Well-Behaved Women


Mike Gravel Responds to Campaign Finance Question --Mike Gravel

Henry Rollins interviews Larry Flynt


Michael Ware on CNN reporting on Iraq War July 17, 07

Wes Clark at Young Democrats Convention - Pt. 2

Wes Clark at Young Democrats Convention - Pt. 1

Why the Republicans Can't Win

Malignant Narcissism - Rush

Bill Clinton on Experience (1992)

Rochester Ministers fighting over faith-based funds used in burial program for the poor

Two Big GOP Political Ironies this week:

2 nuns arrested in Orissa, accused of torturing young girls

Scientists Disprove ''Five Second Rule" -- Next Up, What's A Cootie & Do Girls Really Have Them?

Finally, A Lawyer Who Sues For The True Value Of His Worth

You Paid For It, And You Can Still See It. As Long As You're Not Wearing Jeans....

I'm watching "Zeitgeist: The Movie" right now and I'm

Global Health Draft In 2006 Rejected for Not Being Political

Chicago Police Raid "Dangerous Poetry Reading" In Art Gallery

Romney: YouTube had 29,000 sex offenders on their web site

Connecticut home invasion illustrates our helplessness without firearms

What I’d Say to the Martians

Don't Have Probable Cause? This Is Texas, Just Fabricate It

What a mess!

Chicken shits

I just watched a very interesting movie online.

Carlysle to purchase Allison, oh geez, what war profiteering can

Bishop discusses abuse cases

Brothers Molested by Church Janitor

Tour de France finishes in civil war (The Times)

Brockton call of the wild drives off pigeons

Graveside encounter yields change of heart

Brockton Crime fears don't match reality

Storms roil New England

McClatchy: Democrats vs. President Bush: To the courts or not, and how?

As Rice and Gates travel to Middle East, air of futility pervades

Iraqi Government Rejects Thousands of U.S. Reconstruction Projects

Blair: The Inside Story

Report: GIs shot Iraqi several times

George W. Bush is the Pluperfect Essence of New England Old Money

Cheney needed a new heart

Press Reports: Another Apparent Iraq Vet Suicide (now at 116)

House Members Say They Will Try to Block Arms Sales to Saudis

"I think if you kick a Republican in the heart, you're going to break your toe"

"I'm a modern Paul Revere: The libruls are coming, the libruls are coming."

Heat Rises Between Iraq PM and Petraeus

If we were fighting them over here insted of over there we would have won by now.

UK's “Ignominious Defeat" in Basra Highlights Dangers of U.S. Escalation

Bush Policy Blocks Efforts To Make Stem Cells Without Harming Embryos

Crazies (by Mark Kleinman at HuffPost)

Exclusive: Gangs Spreading In The Military

The reasons for Executive Privilege re Pat Tillman

the correct pronounciation of Cheney is CHEEEney

Maj. General Rick Lynch On C-Span

Barry Bonds is beneath comtempt.

Bush, Congress dig in for fight over privilege

Help send Mother Jones to Washington - Chance to win cool prizes!

Senators Shumer and Hatch to be on abc Sun morn Talk show-Gonzo is

CNN's Reliable Sources

Want to Fight Back Against the Right Wing Noise Machine? by John R Moffett

The WAR on disease- Why isn't it important?

Texas governor appoints creationist as state board of education chairman

"Blanquita, I want to get you off the CLINTON admin b/c I want to stay on the (Shrub) admin"!!1

Bosorage - Wrong on the Right (about the DLC).

Senators Leahy and Specter coming up on Face the Nation

Mondale on Cheney

"No End in Sight" - a new film chronicle of BushCo's Iraq War f**kups

Michael Moore says he's been served

Justice not served-Gonzales has used office for political purposes-By Sen. PATRICK LEAHY

Iraq -1, Saudi Arabia - 0 ... Iraq wins first Asian Cup!

NASA Culture Still Broken? "a habit of dismissing the concerns of knowledgeable underlings"

Bush's FISA Duck and Cover

I'm watching the Gonzales hearing replay, and Arlen Specter getting bulldog tough with him.....

Bush's big buddy Saudi King Abdullah has called the US military in Iraq an "illegitimate occupation"

Rangel and Shays on Blitzer's Late Edition

Companies tell employees to slim down or pay up

WP op-ed, Walter Mondale on Cheney's Vice-Presidency: ANSWERING TO NO ONE

Impeachment Coalition Taking Shape

Sentences vary when kids die in hot cars

do most americans care that they live in a democracy?

Glenn Beck equates global warming activism with Nazi eugenics.....

Two Snipers involved in the Tillman attack.

HEADS UP...C-SPAN 1 is re-airing the GONZO hearing right now, in case you missed it.

Bush Aide With NO Medical Background, Blocked Global Health Report-It Wasn't Political Enough

The Guardian - "Revealed: MI5's role in torture flight hell".

The Guardian: UK wanted US to rule out Bin Laden torture

TOON: Sunday's Non Sequitur - Fear The Lobsters!

Toxic Flip-Flops: From China by way of WalMart (gross-out warning)

Now the New York Times Sells "Bloodbath" as a Rationale for Staying in Iraq

NYT: Scientists’ Tests Hack Into Electronic Voting Machines, TOO EASY!

Question Authority

McClatchy: Democrats vs. President Bush: To the courts or not, and how?

Who would you choose to "out" corruption in gov't in a BIG way?

Conservative rats abandoning the S.S. Abu Gonzales.....

Shanghai has "been broiled for 19 consecutive days"

Data-Mining-Something So Horrible That Comey Would Object (Emptywheel)

And just to think----they put Tommy Chong in jail for selling bongs?

The Opposite of Iraq

Providing the bats

Conservatives Refuse To Appear On Fox News To Publicly Defend Gonzales

Time For A Little Levity

Gangs in the military. Has lowered enlistment standards because of Bush's Iraq folly been the cause?

Love the new phrase coined for male college Republicans....

Meet the Press spends 45 minutes on Hillary & Obama

At least someone can make the White House share information

Hanford nuke workers told to "take shelter" cause of leak

Who's ahead

DEA acting nasty for the neo cons

The 'atypical' dilemma

Iglesias: "I Believe There To Be Incriminating, Possibly Criminal Evidence In Those E-mails" (NOW)

Boise State football player marries fiancee despite racial threats

Some of these are new-spread the word!

That "Bourne" ad is giving me a headache....

Have you seen this? Hilerious

Out Of Right Field, Conservatives Gush Over Clinton

Pat Buchanan: "I Stand With the President: Bringing Up Miers and Rove Violates Separation of Powers"

FOX, CNN, MSNBC, losing money by discouraging impeachment of bush and gonzo.

New Cheney Comic: If I Only Had a Heart

The destruction of the Republican party for a long ttime to come.

Mission Accomplished

Who Really Took Over During That Colonoscopy

DC: FBI Joins Metro Rat Poison Investigation - WP

More in GOP want Iraq military limits

Top 50 dirtiest power plants for CO2

PBS' NOW: Voter Caging & Housing Works-view it here:

I'm very disappointed in the Dems and earmarks! Look here!

On Tillman: "He never once degraded me. He's the only person I ever worked for who didn't degrade ..

An interesting comment by Gingrich: things that make you go "Hmmmmm"

Question: How often do local police go through "Riot Training"?


Russia Postpones Completing Iranian Nuclear Reactor In Bushehr

IMPEACH-If They Truly Believed In The Oath They Took-They Would Lock Themselves Up In Prison

Another Islam-Christian Blow-Up on the Horizon?

Bloomberg has no comment about his sex suit problem

Rangel on CNN

What is your opinion on Carbon Offsets?

From the New York Times: Who's a Nerd, Anyway?

Saddam could restore utilities after our bombing attacks. We couldn't.

Possible endings: chaos? Sunnis? Iranian influence?

Hands Off Michael Moore (Petiton)

Int'l Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

From MTP: Americans favor Democrat for president; Clinton & electability issue

SARA KUGLER, Associated Press Writer, needs something to do

One week BEFORE 09/11/01 .. Bush's Fall priorities..(at least Powell was talking about terrah)

Iraq by the Numbers

HOw many more of these boy-next-door fascists are burrowed in?

Barry Bonds’ Homerun Race Puts Bush’s Steroids Record In The Spotlight

Gingrich predicts Clinton-Obama ticket

Git'cher Pocket Constitution Right'chere! It's FREE!

Which shows greater respect for the White House?

Boulder Activist Gets Jail Time for Protest at Congressman's Office

Seder On Sundays

New PM, Gordon Brown will Visit Bush this Week....I guess PM's need to Pay Court to the Chimperor!

We Need A Texas Lawyer To...............GONZO

Republican Candidates: Afraid to Face the YouTube Generation?

Dangers of a Cornered George Bush

Dangers of a Cornered George Bush

Cindy Sheehan: "Brought to you by Boeing"

The mysterious "Other NSA Program" was DATA MINING

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sun. 7/29... meow?

NRSC Launches Site Attacking Franken

WARNING TO Lurkers without a DU account who work for Exxon/Mobil or own an Exxon/Mobil gas station.

Prime Minister of Hungary condemns attacks on gays; supports same-sex marriage

Haven't the Iraqis ever heard of blanks? Four killed and 17

Recall how the Sen. Repugs blocked the Medicare Drug Negotiation Bill in April?

Swiss zoo culls endangered lion cubs (did not have space for them)

Cardboard Children Used To Slow Neighborhood Speeders

I look at scores on Fox Sports. Should I?

Pastors for Peace reenter the U.S.

*** Meet with Your Members of Congress during the August Recess - Grassroots Toolkit ***

Iran says U.S. is too stretched to attack it

Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse - Same as in any American jail or prison?

Fearing another attack on the homeland.....

Two fathers receive different forms of justice in hot-car deaths

Ruh roh - lake Superior shrinketh

Is Fox News starting to turn?

Must see video explains why the present economy MUST collapse.

60 Minutes doing a segment on the Pharma industry

Rove tips his hat ... bushco won't help GOP get elected

Trafficked foreign laborers building U.S. Embassy in Iraq? Allegations of abuse and kidnapping

CNN is actually worse than fox

Who sent AGAG to Ashcroft's room?

Fred Barnes of Fox News just reminded the left that something bad happened on September 11th.

"Executive Privilege" Alert: White House Planning Major Effort to Confuse Americans Yet Again

TOON: Sunday's Opus - "Generals, Any Idea How To Pull This Off?" (The Great Decisioner)

Lion of Babylon Statue Bombed, Destroyed

From Buzzflash: Refresh Your Memory: The GOP Has Always Been the Party of Perverts

Fundy Harry Potter protesters are Morans!

(Bruce) Fein argues for Bush and Cheney impeachment.

Marine recruiters Rack Up Parking Tickets - one car impounded and to be auctioned - FBI/GSA unhappy

Talk of impeachment gets louder

Three years ago Alberto Contador nearly died of a brain hemorrhage.

Morans--- the gift that keeps on giving.

Agreement reached on bill banning paperless voting

JOHN NICHOLS: It's time to impeach Bush, Cheney and the public knows it

WTF! Theater shows a commercial for health insurance company before showing SiCKO

Another Lie! Pat Tillman did not call his comrade "sniveling" before he died.

DOJ Official & Author Of "The Terror Presidency" To Testify & Indict Bush, Cheney & Gonzales

Perjury indictment may be the LEAST of Gonzo's problems

Trust me on this: follow the two point three TRILLION dollars!

DOW plunges 735 points. Worst week since March 2003. Signs the war in Iraq is strangling the economy

A defining moment for young Republicans

Younger Evangelicals Changing Their Minds about the Christian Right

The Missing Class: Portraits of the Near Poor in America

LMAO!! Vitter lectures Republicans on how to improve the party's image!!


Can someone find the NY Post profile of Elisabeth Hasselbeck. I can't find it

An open letter to Agent Mike

Man arrested in NY on hate-crime charges for throwing Quran in toilet

We are not afraid of you mr. bush.

"He never would have called me 'sniveling,'" O'Neal said - Tillman thread

Killing dogs or killing wives, which is punished?

PHOTOS and FACTS: July report on plants closing, jobs gone, Bush satisfied

I'm calling BULL POOP on allegations of drunk astronauts

Oh, here we go again..... Universal health care: Is it worth the long waits?

The real reason I support Hillary? Bill. There I said it

Scientists at UC San Diego invent device to STOP global warming

Impeachment - "Pelosi should step out of the way and let her colleagues restore the rule of law."

New DU Group on Consumer Advice? Can I get some takers? DUers can advise each other.

HRC did NOT say she wouldn't talk to leaders of enemy nations

"The notion that Conyers or Pelosi can make impeachment happen is mistaken," ~ John Nichols

Interfaith Clergy Letter: Support Matthew Shepard Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act

If you were going to emigrate from the USA, where would you go?

Just A Simple Poll Here... On Impeachment.

If the terrorists truly hate us for our freedom....

Chimpeachment equals Fitzmas

U.S. denies Petraeus has poor ties with Iraq PM (Reuters)

Cartoon: Iraq's oil war (right on the money)

Is Gonzales's name Alberto Gonzales?

Mr. Gonzales’s Never-Ending Story

WARNING TO Lurkers without a DU account who work for Exxon/Mobil or own an Exxon/Mobil gas station.

NYTimes: Mining of Data Prompted Fight Over Spying

Is Hillary showing too much edge?

Clinton Amendment Requires DHS to Give Bonuses to Contractors when Contract Stipulations Are Met

Glenn Greenwald

The rich people have the money, they control the agenda of the country...

How dare this administration serve papers on Moore

Here's one problem I have with Obama

Amid scandal, New York Governor Spitzer, rising Democratic star, moves to rebuild his image


Story & video: Mom Gets Helping Hand After Losing Son To War

Clinton Administration: North Korea, Iran, Cuba are not rogue states

Kucinich Announces NH Campaign director

New media yields more participation, In CNN/YouTube debate, candidates have less room to spin

Should an amnesiac be allowed to serve as Attorney General?

New Cheney Comic: If I Only Had a Heart

This Week...WTF?

The chart I want to see...

Is This Part of Things to Come...SOON?

finally someone on air america is talking about the collusion of

Richardson says he alone calls for total Iraq pullout

Coke, anyone?

Any questions for John Edwards?


Must See.... A Young Bill Clinton Campaigning on Experience & Change (1992)

Clinton, Obama 1-2 in money from the securities/investment industry. Ghouliani, Romney 3rd and 4th

Following the Leader

Hillary, unpreconceived - Comments from Prof. Bert Rockman/Purdue

Both Obama and Clinton have dropped 6 points since the debate

Steve Clemons: Hillary Clinton Needs to be "Nixon-Lite" not "Bush-Lite"

Revealed: MI5's role in torture flight hell

Of course M.Moore is being investiaged for Political reasons.

While DU argues about Cindy Sheehan, the DLC, and which candidate

Sexual suit could be problem for Bloomberg

Obama tanking in Iowa? Richardson set to take 3rd?

Heads Up--The OReilly, DKos and Our Pres Candidates Fight

Goodbye to Newspapers? Book Reviews

U.S. Rep seeks states rights in determining drug costs

Out of right field, conservatives gush over Clinton

Margaret Carlson: Obama gets under Hillary's skin and she doesn't like him

Obama is dangerously inexperienced. So why do we adore him like crazy?

Why can't Muslim Americans adopt Iraqi....

Edwards cites economic 'inequality'

Gingrich predicts Clinton-Obama ticket

Romney, Edwards Top New Iowa Poll, would beat out the GOP opponent in every match-up.

What is it with these Edward's posts?

Newsweek: Well, What Do You Know? (Clinton/Obama and the experience question)

Obama fires back on Clinton's experience claim during Saturday Iowa speech

Experience without Good Judgment is what is Dangerous in a President.

There are BRAVE people in the red states...

Ok which fucking freep flagged an old warrent for an Obama staffer?

What did Obama do/say about Iraq when he was a Senator?

Edwards Announces Environmentalist Endorsements

Why is Clinton "unfavorable?"

America's youth turns left.

Doris Kearns Goodwin says Obama has the stuff of greatness

The Tillman Case: WHO is the chaplain who contradicts Sgt. O'Neal's Testimony?

Glenn Beck Disses Al Gore...says Gore's not going to be rounding up Jews and exterminating them, BUT

Why IS Ann The Man so obsessed with Edwards?

Clinton campaign on a roll toward 2008 - Lee bandy

Top 10 Things America Would Have if it was a Democracy

Harry Shearer's Le Show has a scathing "Clinton Something" this week

ON 60 Minutes - Foster told to hide real cost of Prescription Drug Bill from Congress.

BBC: Bush's Grandfather Planned Fascist Coup In America

Edwards the most electable, increasing advantage over Republicans in latest Rasmussen poll

in 2004, Obama said not gonna run for president in 2008...

Washington Post blog: Let the Cleavage Conversation Begin

American gestapo - Abuse of power by National Park Service

When do you recall first being aware of LaRouche or the LaRouchies?

Obama table in Madison: July 28 Edition

Strike Two for Barack Obama

"Data Mining" versus "Terrorist Surveillance Program"

You Don't Know Me, But ...

Edwards vows fight against big business

What the hell are US citizens thinking?

Democrats to Florida: Drama is not over yet.

Was Pat Tillman Murdered for being Anti-Bush?

What did Edwards do/say about poverty when he was a Senator?

Spending the last week in Britain and now Belgium, I have