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Archives: July 28, 2007

USA Today: Open-shop laws threaten unions

Impeach Alberto First: Still a good idea, three months later

Outsourcing in the Dark

Out How: The Economics of Ending Wars

Brent Budowsky: Neoconservatism Is Dead

Editorial: Another brick in the wall (Star Tribune re: Gonzoman)

Tentative Bison Deal Struck in Montana - AP

Pandas' Expanding Habitat Area in China - AP

Some Guy or Gal Devotes Web Site to the Idea That Wood Burning Causes Cancer.

Congress passes anti-terror bill

As U.S. Rebuilds, Iraq Won’t Act on Finished Work

U.S. Set to Offer Huge Arms Deal to Saudi Arabia

Mini-Submarines To Dive Into The Arctic Ocean's Depths To Claim Sea Bed For Russia

Oil price near record close in US


Before Spat, Obama Backed Conditions for Talks

U.S. Set to Offer Huge Arms Deal to Saudi Arabia

Obama, Clinton exchange fresh blows

Texan pleads guilty in abortion clinic bomb case

Most vote machines lose test to hackers

Heated exchanges mark consultations among Iraq's PM, U.S. officials (Maliki may want Petraeus out)

Killings of mountain gorillas in Congo prompt U.N. probe

Nike, Reebok Give Vick the Boot

Football Star Hires Security After Wedding Threats (Racial Threats)

Mexican Company Predicts End of Oil

"That hippie is starting to kick in"

My neighbor...she just came by to pet my puppets.

Top 5 Bands of all times all Genres (your choice) Screw the polls!!

I can't wait....

Questions you may not want answered:

Finally Keith Olbermann receives a mug I sent to him.

Hmmm, and they say only humans have orgies... (fundies watch out, it's

Christ, can I just have ONE?

You know the boy who cried wolf? Well tonight, all this ends and I reveal...

Didn't there used to be somewhere here at DU

I'm at a loss to determine if this is real or just clever Harry Potter related satire.

I'm watching a "Dave Chapelle Show" marathon on

My neighbor...she just came by to pet my puppies.

Help me! I'm one of those people who tend to pick up meaningless

Who do you like in the fifth?

I saw lots of dead bodies today

"Chocolate Rain"- Tay Zonday

my all time fave r&b song

The Imposition of Art- my neighborhood freeper comments

I just ordered a Red Hybrid Camry, to be delivered in Late August

I just missed tonight's "Worst Persons". What did they do?

I signed up to work early voting today, early voting won't start until October.

Dayum, I used to be good looking.

What kind of a deranged person loves to wed???

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring

What would you do if someone lied about being simple?

Bonds just hit 754 (n/t) sweet dog just peed on my bed...(Attention Dog Experts)

Today's ridiculous theory about "Deathly Hallows" and the wizarding world...

Queen - Radio Ga-Ga

XM question...

Dance of the Manatee

If you tell someone you love...

I posted some meaningless garbage in GD. Go and check it out, peons.

Answer the phone!!!

Lightning Crashes- Live

I'm On Fire- Bruce Springsteen

I just found another old pic of The Nashville Cat

Any Caregivers Here This Afternoon?

So Mr. Writer's week completely kicked his ass...

*GROOOAAANNN* I just ate like a KING!

Back from doing some documentary filming in GA - a few pics

Does anyone else NOT use the words "cool" or "awesome"...

And now for some paganism Shreikback - Nemesis.

KHAGHIME appreciation thread!


Hazard - Richard Marx

oh turkey buzzard, fly-ing

"50-year rule" crucial in mysterious mummified baby case

Madame Butterly- Malcalm McClaren

'After two were down with nobody on, the Giants put three straight guys on base'

The Friends of Mr. Cairo.

God bless the tellers at the Warren Rd Bank.

For the Beast at the Beach

Elrond Hubbard

Hello,it's me.

It keeps going down on me

Paging Dr. Redstone. Dr. Redstone to the Inbox please

Space, between your ears

Report from Atlantic City... lost-in-nj HELLO DU!

Make some suggestions for a long drive playlist..

Serious question.

Have you renewed your passport lately? . . .

philboy loves SPK, When is the wedding?

I Must Leave Here

Been praying lately...

Space, the final frontier...

Check in if you watch "Family Guy" n/t

I'm cloudbusting,daddy.

I want to ride my bicycle

Who has seen the Simpsons Movie?

Please join me in a prayer circle for VP Cheney as he undergoes the knife tomorrow . . .

Good Friday evening DU...

Anyone ever drive through the Oklahoma panhandle?

Tell us 1thing that pisses you off IMMEDIATELY

Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah shrek

I need some help!

Hey Loungers!!! Whatcha got planned for the weekend?


who's good at reading schematics?

The first time ever I saw your face.

What kind of car do you drive, we have a Focus...

Sirius question:

I will be right here waiting for you

I just did something I said I wasn't going to do.

When you were young, what was your most favorite film?

The next time you think a person is shy or doesn't smile, please don't play doctor.

Anyone here ever heard of Mr Biffo?

Host a Watch Party for the AFL-CIO Presidential Candidates Forum

Federal Government Could Add 200,000 Jobs Over Next Two Years

Gimme Shelter Iraq

A Time Of Dissent

Rapture Ready Evangelicals want to attack Iran

Taft, CA pastor who carries a gun in his fanny pack helps stop thief

Just a Coincidence? Four of Jessica Lynch's Rescuers Have Died Mysteriously

Did Bush have to assume the duties of the Presidency

Sudan accuses CIA of smuggling weapons into Darfur

Finally Keith Olbermann receives a mug I sent to him.

Imagine if BushCo had been the Nixon administration.... How would it have been different?

Withdrawal Follies - Bush Administration Plants Its Flag in the Future

All this talk about drunk astronauts begs the question..

"No End in Sight" - a new doc examines BushCo's handling of the Iraq War mess

Do You Want Dennis to Read Your Name into Congressional Record in Support of Impeachment?

The Clinton-hunt has led us to where we are today, folks.

bill moyers PBS NOW-CTime--will have segment: Who are we really fighting in Iraq?

Christian Group Warns: Iran Wants to Hit Israel First, U.S. Next

Outsourcing mercenaries

Has Mitt Romney gained some weight recently ?

Question: How did this country end up without checks and balances?

Martial Law is Now a Real Threat - 325,000 "suspected terrorists"!

Cops: Man, 93, Shoots Violent Robber

Why no peep from the MSM on the new Tillman allegations?

The way I heard it, snarlin Arlen basically called Chuck Schumer..

DK aks us to add our names to Congress. Record to impeach Dick C

did hillary get plastic surgery

My email to Congressman Ron Kind (D-WI) regarding Cheney's impeachment

The USA,Russia,Canada,Norway and Denmark are all suddenly having a pissing contest.

Campbell Brown's 8 p.m. CNN show opposite Olbermann and O'Reilly won't be opinion-oriented

Men who solicited sex ordered to wear chicken suits

***** REMINDER on PBS NOW tonight ***** = Voter Caging = *****

Speaker Pelosi named one of 10 Most Beautiful on Capitol Hill

When will the U.S. Congress House and Senate adjourn for summer recess?

The broad, large-cap US stock market (S&P 500) is up 14.3% from this date last year

US accuses Saudis of telling lies about Iraq

So now *we* (anti-war people) have to come up with the exit strategy?

Mpls Tribune: "Missing Iraq war veteran is found dead"

Someone financially savvy fill me in--this week Bush's folks were spinning what the mortgage

Why Hasn't Tim Griffin Been Indicted & Arrested?

For the Beast at the Beach

So...Pat Tillman's Brother has got to be thinking let me the hell out of here

When did we cross the Rubicon?

Please post here if you are interested in forming a TILLMAN group!!

Let's fight 'em HERE so we don't have to...

Wonder how many vacations FDR took during WW II

Is the new CNN "reporter" named "Snow " the wife of Tony?

3000 to 34,000: number of earmarks increased from 1996-2006

Senator Specter Violates Air Force One Code

My Favorite Pic O' The Day

Meanwhile, in the bowels of Deep Red Texas....

I have come to the conclusion that being lazy is what the Republicans voters are.

Senator Schumer: "No more confirmations of Bush high court nominees" ("We were hoodwinked.")

Bush wants to "liberalize" FISA

Question about "sealed documents" and the JFK assassination

For a president who claims to love our military and our soldiers...

Tillman: "vote for Bush’s Democratic opponent"

Zimbabwe News - June inflation breaks 13,000%

"We cannot afford to see Justice Stevens replaced by another Roberts"-Schumer (too little too late?)

Stephen Colbert Breaks Wrist On Set

Suppose Gonzales resigns during Recess. No Senate confirmation is necessary

Justice Dept. Lawyers Join Chorus Criticizing Gonzales (NYT)

Looking at the DU sidebar - help uninsured kids by smoking?

Afghanistan produces largest heroin crop in the world

Keith Olbermann: During Darth Cheney's pacemaker surgery,

Who is executive privilege being used for in the Tillman murder?

What would we do if we didnt have KObermann? Think about it. He's our voice!

The Two News Helicopters that Crashed

Schumer To Fight New Bush High Court Picks

Killings of mountain gorillas in Congo prompt U.N. probe

Looks like the guy fleeing the cops when the Helicopters crashed, will be charged with their deaths.

For at least those, in NY on PBS NOW, on NOW about Voter Caging! I heard Palast

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Mike's Back!

McLaughlin Group on here, talking about Hillary and Obama.

Wes Clark addresses "the defining struggle of our time"

There's no vacation for our troops in Iraq

Repuke: "Pat Tillman is just another dumb jock."

CNN: TSA knew 'dry run' terror alerts were bogus

You will not find the word "crash" in this article.

Qatar Sheikh Upset Over Plane Seating -- Pilot Kicks Him Off Plane

Why I think healthcare reform will be the struggle of our lifetime

Who do you support for the Dem. nomination?

A shout out to the fence sitters!

Daily Kos: Death Cat Begins Gonzales Watch


Pentagon agency tries to evade oversight, Murtha slashes their budget in half

What Will Shock America Most About Bu$hCorp in Ten Years?

So, Aquafina is tap water...

Yet another offensive chain email.

It was bound to happen. HOV lanes will become "Lexus Lanes"

Florida hospital closes obstetrics unit on short notice...over many objections.

Hotels In China Told To Provide Condoms For Guests

Schumer regrets not leading an Alito filibuster

Q: "Barry, are you ready to break the HR record?" Bonds: "I am really pumped up."

Mexican Company Predicts End of Oil

VOTER CAGING to be discussed on PBS "NOW" 8-pm today


Minister tells court marijuana is a sacrament

70 percent of the Democratic Insiders say that a vote on the Feingold measure would hurt their party

Do Presidential candidates really need to be unified?

Continueing attacks on Homeless in Fresno, CA

Ranger (alongside Tillman): Shooters could not have been 10 yards from Tillman

So, what phrases are you sick of that DUer's use ad nauseum? Here's some of mine!

WARNING to lurkers who work at Dell Computers, Walmart, Wendy's, Outback Steak House, Dominos, etc.

Anger Toward Matt Leinart's Ex-girlfriend getting Child Support


The Hill: Minimum-wage hike is rare gain for workers under employer-centered Bush

Were drunks allowed to fly because they had to???

Rasmussen Poll: Majority agrees with Obama on meeting with rogue nations

NOW on PBS being broadcast in Columbus, OH

Katrina Mobile homes

Let's hear it for and from candidates at the 'bottom'

huffingtonpost: Weighing the Field

Breaking: Hillary's Campaign is No Longer "Flawless"

Feingold chastises Hillary, Reid and the Congress

Romney's pathetic mis-characterization of what Obama said during the debate...

Can two people decide to run together for POTUS/VP before even announcing...

Dems, You Gotta Have Heart

If John Edwards doesn't get on the ticket, do you think he will leave politics and pull a Gore

Finally, a measure of payback for the bullshit Texas redistricting!

White House grapples with differing testimony by attorney general, FBI director

Is what a Presidential candidate says the most important factor that influences your vote?

Specter is the smarmiest of republicans...

Bush Fulfills His Grandfather's Dream

Just got back from a house party for Gov Bill Richardson

What are the "preconditions" Clark was talking about?

Repub candidates to skip You Tube debate; nervous about unpredictability of questions

PBS's N.O.W. silenced in Chicago tonight

Hillary's campaign hearts arch-Neocon Charles Krauthammer

NY Newsday: Another nail in the coffin (Gonzales)

When 'High Society' Had a Conscience: The Life of Nancy Cunard

Katrina vanden Heuvel: War Made Easy

Two Trillion Spent on Healthcare Each Year: A Sick Way to Prop Up an Ailing Economy

Independent UK: The flight from democracy (Heathrow Airport "row")

NY Times: U.S. Set to Offer Huge Arms Deal to Saudi Arabia

The Divider (Chief Justice John Roberts)

LA Times: Dark powers, the sequel

Iraq government in disarray, leaders play blame game (Reuters)

Duhmerica - an editorial cartoon

Boston Herald Op/Ed: Bush AWOL On Vets; Without Quick Turnaround, Impeachment May Be In Order

Immediate Impeachment: The Only Way Out and Back!

Emails Detail RNC Voter Suppression in Five States - Truthout Jason Leopold & Matt Renner

It's time to do something about executive privilege. (The Nation)

NASCO, Lockheed Martin, and “Total Domain Awareness”: Hell on earth

Microbe converts light to energy - by RANDOLPH E. SCHMID

Markets Around the World Are Marching in Lock Step - NY Times


Why Civil Unions Aren't Enough

In the ’60s, a Future Candidate Poured Her Heart Out in Letters

Time for a special prosecutor

Guilty Until Proven Innocent...

Help, I’m in H.M.O. hell! Just another ‘Sicko’ day

The Centrists Didn’t Hold - DLC - NY Times

A Blurry Line Between Propaganda and News

Did Gonzales Lie to the Senate?

Time for President to Come Clean on Tillman (by Jon Soltz for HuffPost)

Bush (Supreme Court) Nominees Have Made Panel 'Too Conservative' for Many, Poll Indicates


China Oil Thieves Sentenced to Death - AP

Environmental activists get a shock in Vt.

98% Of Florida Gas Stations Now Generator Capable - But Will They Have Gas After The Big One?

Between Floods, Fires And Heat, European Fatalities Approaching 1,000 - FT

French Wine, Polish Apples, Balkans Wheat & Corn - All Facing Severe Loss From Freak Rain & Heatwave

Uranium plan raises concerns (CO)

Yucca rail estimated at more than $3b

On The Dangers Of Misapplying Moore's Law - Interesting Essay From Salon

Plans for New (US) Coal Plants Lose Steam

OK - Does Algae live up to the Hype?

Colossal Magnetic Levitation Wind Turbine Proposed

Death Valley Off-Roading Case Dismissed - AP

Row erupts over jailed Turkey MP

CNN: TSA knew 'dry run' terror alerts were bogus

Alaska Republican Don Young under criminal investigation - again

Finding nonsectarian military leaders

Thai coup protest leaders face weeks of jail

Freed Indian doctor to leave Australia

Iraqi Political Cartoonist, Family Killed - Chalabi-Allied Cartoonist and 11 Family Members Killed

Garbage workers approve new contract

Auditor: Iraqi govt ducks reconstruction (refuses to take control of over 2,000 projects)

ConAgra Settling Retiree Lawsuits

Bush wants terrorism law updated

Breaking: Cheney discharged from hospital

Pelosi touts progress on 9/11 bill

Mining of Data Prompted Fight Over Spying

Clinton: Create Public Service Academy

U.S. patients choosing Mexican hospitals for price, quality

Afghans say may use force if hostage talks fail

U.S. widens push to use armed Iraqi residents

Musharraf holds talks with Bhutto

Pump leaks 'hot' water at Hanford

GOP candidates refuse to take part in YouTube Debate

(Bill) Richardson Promises Cabinet Preview

Worst hit areas braced for yet more rain (UK flooding update)

Justice Dept. Lawyers Join Chorus Criticizing Gonzales

Ranger: Shooters could not have been 10 yards from Tillman

Everett soldier who joined army for his daughter killed in IRAQ

Brazil claims WTO cotton victory

Exclusive: Gangs Spreading In The Military

Nights in white satin.............

The Rodeo Boy

The far side of crazy. Wall of Voodoo

Been prying lately.

Yee haw, Pig Roast

Once Upon a Time in the West.


Extreme ways are back again..........

Sniff n the tears

Magic Muffin, are you there?


So I'm trying to imagine what it will be like when today's young celebs are old.

Nearly had three separate head-on collisions today. Who lets these idiots on the road?


Here's the bing

Here's the thing...

I need to leave here...

I will leave here.

Ya know what's not funny?

Was it good for you?

Alright. I leave you guys alone for one night and all hell breaks loose!

my theory on the "death cat"

that shore is some mighty fine pickin' bubba!

yeah, this is my thread...

No April Fool

warning-time to mix another drink !

Soothing sounds .....

Paul Krassner is 75 years old.....where does the time go?

They put me in a hospital for nerds

Ok I Know this is weird,

Vanilla Queen.

Panic time - please respond

Favorite ism

Please help me remember the name of the movie that a DUer asked us to put in our queue at netflix.

You see what you have done? Now I want to go to the Olive Garden

It's very foggy on the beach in Maine this morning...

There's a table-full of "Deathly Hallows" at my local bookstore.

Can anyone guess the lengths of each of Rowling's chapters?

Yay! New contact lenses!

Good morning

Look where I'm going later

How do you give someone else a star?

Goodnight Lounge...

Holy s--- - I lost 2 1/2 lbs. this week!

Loungers, I need your help

I just watched "Message in a Bottle" this morning..

2 Bloody Marys with breakfast, and I'm off to the beach!

Invent your own "ism"

I saw the movie "Zodiac" last night

I will arise and go now

Tell me how the f*ck I am supposed to say it, because I just can't

What's the deal with Discover Card? Can you 'splain me?

Post 6000 - a recent trip to Silver Spring and DC (July 5-9) (Dial Up Warning)

A Buddhist struggles with impermanence vs. marriage

Oh, our good friend and neighbor in El Dorado died

I was bored, so I cut my hair.. Took about 5 inches off..

Saturday Night - I'm available, what should I do?

Hey St Louis area DEADHEADS....Phil is coming to

To all the MOMS - and everyone who had one -

I MUST leave here.

A woman who's staying with me got her identity stolen by a woman

Would any moderator on this forum please PM me or contact me today? I would appreciate it.

Bookseller / Reader / Librarian Porn!

I Saw What You Did and I Know Who Your Are.

Unregurgitated DUers check in

Happy birthday(s), lildreamer316 and huskerlaw!!!!

Any ideas for lunch?

A Day at the Beach (pics)

I'm Bored

Which is worst?


Ever cleaned a conch?

Twenty Questions. Go ahead. Ask.

Ron White, I think he's actually funny.

Undulated DUers check in

Want to talk to the 28%? Try the gun range.

OMG, KPete sneezed, hit enter and it ended up on the DU Homepage


Which is wurst?

now THAT'S what i call poetry!

As a man who has a thing for Tomboys - I find the song "Georgie Girl" offensive

I told NoelMN that if he hooked up the sprinkler, I'd be his best friend.

You won't have me to kick around as much anymore

Your phone's off the hook

I'm in love

The Girls Next Door

Ungulated DUers Check in!

Unmitigated DUers check in

That is it. I have read the entire Lounge.

Lost Norris/Bronson movie from 1986:





Me gently with a chainsaw . . .

Anyone who's seen "300"

Unrequited DUers Check in!

'IN A!...

Wow. The Lounge has now turned into a box of magnetic poetry.

Need brand / model advice for decent portable DVD, multiformat player...

Saturday night song!

Lounge Vibes needed

bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored

I see wildhorses finally got her DUzy

Went to a great show last night

Gettin' married a week from today...

Martin Scorcese documentary about the Stones to come out September 21

Which troubled young celeb will be the first to pose nude for Playboy?

I'm skeered to post another French post...

end of the month

I have a whole lot of cake, chips, beer, and junk in my house...

To all UNREGULATED DUers... Please report to the medical office

Please tell me one of you Trekkie geeks is doing this!

It Came Out Of The Sky

The neighbor kids are throwing up in my pool.

I don't think my new contacts are quite right yet

Let's Fucking Completely Go Get Some Donuts.

I'm skeered to post another fresh post...

Best video My baby sister just got engaged!


I'm watching Reno 911! Miami

Listen to something in your music collection you haven't heard in a while

three paintings in two days


just a reminder, folks -

Let's Go Completely Fucking Nuts

Freepers on why three princesses from the Quatar royal family were not allowed to sit

How many people do you have on your Ignore list?

Should I shave my boy parts? This is not about sex..

Since we're sharing poetry...

I saw one of these on the road today:

Should I buy the 300 DvD?

Fundies scare themselves thinking every little noise is the Rapture.

They aren't delivering my couch today.

Most expensive home offered for sale in California

Mr. Prince ZsaZsa Gabor and Anna Nicole baby-daddy wannabe found naked in his Rolls

To drink or not drink?

Moms, a question.

What are you listening to this weekend?

words like violence break the silence

Fuck. ING. bird. YEAH. bird. YEAH. bird. BIRD.

a quote...

It's my birthday, too!

Tell us 1thing that pisses you off OVER DECADES

I just took BabyMidlo and five friends to see Hairspray.

I too have a theory about "Oscar Kevorkian" the cat in the nursing home...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 7/28/07

I think this may be a time to yet again review Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

The neighbor kids are throwing trash in my pool.

Which is the best fruit of all?

Please tell me would you be able

Harry Potter + Pink Floyd + YouTube = Pure Goodness

when you stumble upon a train-wreck thread do you:

6 - 1 = most of our kitlins

Post a few of your favorite rock bands / artists at this very moment

It's my birthday. I love you.

Today's word is UNREGULATED - replace any word in a thread title with "unregulated"

My daughter went to the mountains today to spend 3 days camping. {dial up warning}

Post in my thread only if you agree with me

You can only post on this thread if you agree with me: and address me as Her Highness LP!

So.. "Ratatouille" was so good... I hope that you've seen it.

Parrot owners, check out this cool bird food you can eat with them!

Isn't ForrestGump the greatest DUer?

Isn't ThomCat the greatest DUer?

Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband found naked in car, says he was mugged

The Simpsons Movie

New Pic Thread!!

Happy Birthday Autorank!

Three Word Thread

Good vibes seriously needed for ginbarn

Today in labor history July 28

Video: John F. Kennedy's Last Words To Labor

Railroad union treasurer gets prison time for embezzlement

Welcome to the Jungle

Greg Brown | Homeland (I Want My Country Back)

Al Gore In New Jersey, Part 1

Stan Jones Speaks About NAU, Amero, National ID Card

Ambitious Energy Plan by one DEM candidate

The CIA and the death of RFK

Tony Snow Defends Alberto Gonzales

Obama to the College Democrats of America: "That's how change happens."

Robert F. Kennedy

"The amazing racist," Bigot kidnaps Mexican laborers

CNN YouTube Debate Question: Dennis Kucinich

The Dangers of the "North American Union"

KO: Jon Soltz on Pat Tillman's death

Olbermann: 'The House of Secrets' (w/ John Dean)

We Are the World---This made a 47 year old white guy (me)...

Olbermann: Congressional Hearing Next Week on Pat Tillman Cover-Up!

CNN: Michael Moore Reveals Subpoena on Tonight Show

A.K. Gupta on the Status of the Antiwar Movement

Team B - Never Trust a Neocon

Nothing wrong with meeting other leaders

One Republican - Confused and Disillusioned

Is There Nowhere Safe?: Catholics Invade The CyberWorld Of Second Life

White House accuses Democrats of Gonzales "crusade"

Magic Muffin, are you there?

Muslim-Only Jail Could Be Built To "Protect The Terrorists"

Does anyone know

Washington State Pharmacists Sue Over Morning-After Pill

community irate because pedophile blogger

Russia ordered to pay for Chechen killings. But what about justice for civilians?

Ok I Know this is weird,

What I know about Matt...

What's the name of that Fox conservative "daily show" type program and how is it doing?

Is really US state department 'funding Blair'?

Chomsky & Zinn Guest on THIS IS HELL

TOON: Ted Rall - "Good Things About The Iraq War"

Car chase choppers down. Did I just hear right?

Clark: It's morally wrong what the country's asked of them in comparison to 98% of Americans.

I have a couple of questions about Executive Orders . . .

Impeachment or Plan B. Brilliant.

Comment on republics ducking YOUTUBE debate...

AFA support for Mayor Naugle - Fort Lauderdale, FLA

Bush Took 'His Sweet Time' on Torture Initiative

I'm neutral on impeachment, but solidly support imprisonment.

Stanley Brand on WJ now

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Sat. 7/28 They don't make brick houses like they use to

Scientist: Marijuana Could Make You Crazy, Only We Just Can't Prove It

Turkey: some hopes to save Roman site Allianoi from dem flood.

Part of the job of every member of congress

Last Throes?

The Rude Pundit strikes again

What's Up with Elizabeth Edwards....?

Have you seen "SICKO"? Most theatres not playing?

Deacon Charged With Child Sex Abuse

Dem. YouTube debate just starting on cspan1. Link here:

So, who shot Pat Tillman?

Have you ever seen a more feckless, pandering POS with the hugest sense of entitlement

I have a question this morning, where does the explosives come from that the Iraqi are using in the

C-Span is re-airing the debate.

Wow.. Now we have apparently even outsourced Methamphetamine jobs.

Justice Dept. Lawyers Join Chorus Criticizing Gonzales (WAPO)

Falwell: Christians Living in a World of Temptation

Ketchum: Tammy Faye set example of strong faith

Russia to claim North Pole as theirs - Can they do that? Why didn't we think of it?

Bill O'Reilly on Sex Education

Thompson’s Race Hasn’t Quite Begun, but Turmoil Has

Chomsky & Zinn Guest on THIS IS HELL (Just Started)

Michael Moore's "Canadian Bacon" airing today on Indie Channel -- 12:15pm ET

"You're the EPA, not the Environmental Pollution Agency,"...Boxer

Bush wants terrorism law updated

Hackable, corporate owned voting machines

No End in Sight

Latching onto Republican talking point, media report "do-nothing" Congress, not GOP obstruction

If the Democratically controlled Congress approves this....

cnn "exclusive" - springtime for baghdad

Pinata Gonzales....

Anyone remember the media highlighting the Congressional recess when the Republicans were in power?

Army Recruits Man Fresh from Psychiatric Ward - May 3, 2005

U.S. Set to Offer Huge Arms Deal to Saudi Arabia

Massachusetts weighs criminal charges in Big Dig collapse

BushCo to world after Katrina: "Human assistance of any kind not our priority"

Who's idea was it for Bush's Iraqi puppets recess to coincide with our Congressional recess?

The mechanism of the psychology behind the media and the right

Weird 2001 quotes from w regarding the anthrax letter murders.

So now that the chain of BFEE-sanctioned killings stretches from Dallas '63 to Pat Tillman...

Remember Peak Oil? Sure looks like it's here.

Funny- Chastened Edelman to Brief Senate on Drawdown Plans

Waxman hearing on US embassey in Iraq just starting on cspan1 He is

They just stand back and let it all be

Self-proclaimed evangelist / herbalist jailed 13 years for theft

PERCEPTION OF CREDIBILITY - Hero, Athlete, Politician, Father, Pastor

Belmont, Laconia (New Hampshire) officials charged in child sex case

New Orleans murders prompt pastor to keep grim tally, tracking the names of murder victims

Judge bails on lawsuit involving religion

I know newsmax is full of sh*t... but what are they feeding the foolish now?

Between Clinton and Obama, did anyone actually say they would get out of Iraq?

latest of many poisoned lakes in Neb. Pawnee Reservoir

Just in! Big Beaver man says he found black widow in bag of grapes

Slideshow: A Bloody Business(merc's in Iraq)

Katrina: 'Citizens died because US refused aid'

Democrats will try to revise spying law

Fisherman Arrested in Sea Lion Stabbing

Ex-pastor pleads guilty to sex charges. Admits trying to entice boy to make video of Sex & Bondage

Chickenhawk Congressman Smears Military Expert (re: US embassy

Bombs, Heat, Vietnam Lessons May Prolong Iraq Exit

parts of Little Rock Lake are giving off hydrogen sulfide gas (Minn.)

Doesn't the Nuclear Deal Between Bush and India Violate The NPT?

Let's turn the new 104 acre American Embassy in Bagdad over

Darrell Issa is Lebanese, right?

How can they operate on Cheney's heart when he doesn't even have one in the first place? (nt)

Isn't this weekend The Yearly Kos convention?

Tin Soldiers And Nixon Flashbacks

LTTE "Services need real patriots", Montgomery Advertiser, Alabama.

Fewer See Balance in High Court Decisions

Speaker Pelosi Delivers the Democratic Radio Address

This KBR and subcontractors and electical fires ect .

This month we have witnessed...

CIA World Factbook Deletes facts--on military spending

So now it's a "Home Invasion"?

Environmental activists get a shock in Vt. Brattleboro Cops taser protesters

FW Blogger does the Post

$20 Billion Arms Sale - Largest ever by the bush administration...

When Congress Goes On Recess Who Will Be Bush's Next Recess Appointment?

cspan now Rest for Troops and Redeployment strategies House Hearing:

medical procedure match game

Calling out Condi Rice!!! Where the hell are you? Get out here and


Do People Listen To Themselves Speak......

Most vote machines lose test to hackers

If the rethugs are afraid of a little snowman...(youtube debates)

Recall of 414,000 TV Stands sold by Wal-Mart due to Collapse Hazard.

Report reveals at least 116 Iraq soldier suicides....

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and North Americas Super Corridor Coalition (NASCO)

Plans for the NAFTA superhighway. (Documentation included)

Lawrence J. Korb, Center for American Progress--on cspan 1 now--talking

How smart? How evil?

Republican, living on welfare, works to deny it to others who need it

Can anyone tell me why I find this so funny?

TV just confirmed dick is a droid. He's put together with nuts and bolts

The Village Bipartisan Block Party...Somewhere a new well of stupidity has been opened

A Note For Those Who Like The McLaughlin Group Program On PBS

Tell me something, Duers

Do folks in wealthy areas get 6 credit offers a day or more?


The GOP show what cowards they are.

U.S. Peace Groups Hail Vote on Iraq Bases

Lieberman's Latest Disaster: Global Warming

Iraqi Civilians Routinely Terrorized In Midnight Searches by US

Tricky Dick 2.0 has just left the hospital...walking.

If you have a GM car, get rid of it!

NYT: Mining of Data Prompted Fight Over Spying

what would bob boudelang do?

Conflict on Screen: Hollywood Goes to War

What's the likelihood that at least SOME of the "warrantless spying" was done on Democrats, in

New Dems Blamed in Defeat of Bill to Prevent Fed Gov't from Interfering in Medical Marijuana

Fox going after Huffington Post. addition to Kos and others.

Pastors for Peace crosses today from

Agent Orange

Did Giuliani ever say "Christian Terrorists" after Tim McVeigh blew up the Murrah Federal Building?

Have you heard of the "Jena 6"? If not, take a look at how far we HAVEN'T

Bupkiss, I got bupkiss. No birds, no thumbs-up, nothing.

ON cpan1 now-A repug making a fool of himself while belittling Lawrence Korb:

If Dems were smart, they might do this during the traditional August Recess....

"Pay no attention to the hate crime behind the curtain"

$20 Billion for Saudi's to have arms.

Is a public official supposed to engage in partisan politics?

Suggestions for legal approaches? Misdemeanor for chalk murals

Just heard on BBC that Benazir Bhutto and Musharraf

As British prepare to withdraw, commander studies other withdrawals, with Vietnam "obvious parallel"

Its a harsh, crazy, bigoted world out there

Real life flamewar

Philosophical Question for DUers: Part Two

I'm certainly glad that Jerkoff Dick Cheney.....

Tariq (or Tareq) Aziz

In policy switch, Fort Lewis OKs weekly memorial rites

While Iraq smolders ...

Congress eyes changes to troop protection act

Remember this date: 2/17/2009

Anti-war protest focuses on dollars over deaths

Why has psychology turned rancid? reflecting the diminution of religion?...

Baby Sitter Charged With Pimping Girl

Slip o' the tongue on local news just now re Cheney...

"The HIll" DC's Paper of Record for Staffers /Congress.... Features HOT CHICKS and COOL DUDES!

Increasing Number Of Americans View Supreme Court As ‘Too Conservative’

Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney Plan to Skip Youtube Presidential Debate

Integrate This!

so who or what can i compare bush to when making a rhetorical point?

Bush altered weekly radio address after Democrats' complaint

Although I consider all the fashion police noise made against HRC to be absolute BS,

GOP Senators offer plan for universal health care

"Tillman investigations yield some startling findings " Nov 06, relegated to CBS sports coverage.

Jeri "Mrs. Hollywood Fred" Thompson and the entrenched media's double standard

Tom & Jeri??? Remember the cartoon???

Yearly Kos will feature DUer Bob Geiger....

Interesting comments by Michael Ware on Blitzer's

Iraq/Afghanistan KIA Month-to-date

Three journalists listed as AHIP speakers, then disappear from website following Kos diary

The Next Generation (this was disturbing)

US demands, Europe agrees to provide, info on whether foreign travelers to US are gay, union members

War prompts top fundraiser to boycott Dems (can you hear him, DSCC?)

Hillary's bewbs

Late Night Thoughts to Share

Make No Mistake-This Is A COVER-UP Of Illegal Surveillance Of American Citizens

*** Saturday TOONs: Cat and Fat ***

WH is arming the enenmy - the 18 highjackers came from this country

Come on, you *know* you want to do it.

Iraqi leader tells Bush: Get Gen Petraeus out

Fresno Catholic Workers and others support homeless woman vs. McDonald’s

Bush calls on Congress to adopt FISA reforms

BushCo's Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia -- How is this NOT about an arms race in the M.E.?

Home Depot wants you to shut up

No End In Sight - in selected theaters July 27

U.S. Plans New Arms Sales to Gulf Allies

'Bush Fatigue' vs. 'Clinton Fatigue'

Is 61 years in prison enough retribution?

Jim Hightower's Animated PSA for Marijuana Policy Project on GoLeft.TV is Wonderful!

New DU Group: Impeach Group

Felony Charges Filed in Voter Registration Case = ACORN SEVEN in Seattle.

When Does George's Month-Long August Vacation Begin? ---pix--->>>

DOW plunges 735 points. Worst week since March 2003. Signs the war in Iraq is strangling the economy

Calif. convenience store clerks robbed, and then told they were

Nationally Organized Protest March -

CNN to Replace Zahn with Campbell Brown

Are you a Roundhead or a Cavalier?

John Nichols: Censure and Impeachment: Take 2

The Tillman affair is extraordinarily dangerous for *bush

What would Bush have done if the Dems had cut funding for his Iraq folly?

The Impeachment group is up!

If we tax gasoline to pay for roads, hunters to pay for wildlife programs

In Case You Missed It, BBC Audio On 1933 Facist Coup Plot Against FDR

"Whatever u want me to do I will do it": Dad finds 20 sex messages from pastor on teen's cell

9/11-Iraq connection..."I never said there was a connection!"

I don't get your obsession about the next Democrat nomination.

The Death of Triangulation?

Who would their frontrunner be if the repubs had to pick one TODAY?

Incarceration Nation: The Rise of a Prison-Industrial Complex

Why is Iraq in Chaos? NO END IN SIGHT Learn the Truth! 7/27

Amber Alert ****Ohio***** - Kick if you can... Issued 7/28 at 11:10 a.m. est

Report on the growing issue of Gangs in the US military. cbs evening

US Labor Secretary Elaine Chao: The American worker stinks, can't dress or show up on time.

Book TV Schedule: July 28th - 30th

Why no preventative health care in the US? Here's why:

This is horrible...something has to be done to stop the slaughter of these gorillas!

It's RIGHT-WING Islam.

What defines a "Liberal" Dem or a "Moderate" Dem?

BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! "The Truth About The News" ---

C-SPAN Promotes "Shooting Michael Moore"

You know who should become the NEXT candidate for the SCOTUS?

Do you think Pat Tillman was murdered by an American soldier?

If it was known since '06 that Tillman was assassinated, why is it only news now?

This is why using the word 'Nazi' will lose an argument...

Philosophical Question for DUers:

House panel acts to limit Iraq troop deployment (Reuters)

Congress Sends Security Bill to Bush (AP)

Biden Reviews.

WP,pg1: Obama Rises in New Era Of Black Politicians: Most Have Similar Résumés, Ideology

Will Marshall: "We are all populists now", not really.

The Saturday Cartoons... The Political Week In 'Toons

DU this conservative poll.....

in a recent newsweek article on the kennedy


No End In Sight

Are there campaign contribution limits for unions and corporations like there are for individuals?

Photos: Ryan Cooper, with Barack Obama's campaign, leading grassroots effort in Florence, S.C.

Wouldn't a good response to the asset seizure executive order

Lawmakers agree on lobbying bill changes

Neat and to the Point: Social Security

Lott recently said "the strategy of being obstructionist can work or fail. So far it’s working for u

Sealing ship rescue operation costs $3.4 million

Democrats Must Go For Gut Against GOP

RE: Michael Moore subpoena... I think Michael should take a page

Neat and to the Point: Healthcare

Neat and to the Point: Impeachment

Consider supporting a US Senate candidate this cycle.

Bid to punish Bush aides may fail

Ann Romney on Seamus, the mistreated Mittenfuhrer's family dog

Warrantless wiretapping and Katrina - the 2 best reasons for impeachment

In Iowa, Obama calls for shift in diplomacy

Is Obama trying to be an improved version of Jimmy Carter?

Oh yeah, the Republicans just love Hillary Clinton.

Is Free Republic still struggling to make ends meet? Should we chip in to help them out?

30 days to Absolute tyranny

California SOS, Debra Bowen, says, "Three Voting Systems Faulted"

Wow! Did everyone hear on C-SPAN yesterday

"He left home with a revolver and a rifle"

a more accurate focus on fashion

Omaha Steve: Have the Republicans pulled the wool over our eyes ???

Edwards Says He Can Compete Anywhere

In the ’60s, a Future Candidate (Clinton) Poured Her Heart Out in Letters

Well, it's begun...all of our "top tier" are now acting like schoolchildren.

TPMCafe: Do Polls Back Up Hillary's Campaign's Contention about 2002 War Authorization?

Why I think impeachment is off the table

I voted with my pocketbook this morning...

Questioner whose question started the Obama-Clinton verbal battle says...

Thompson’s Race Hasn’t Quite Begun, but Turmoil Has - The NYTIMES

Only the Dull and Stupid Fight Head-on: Some Strategic Thoughts

* to sell advanced weapons to Saudi Arabia and others (worth billions of dollars)

Is Bush going to spend the whole month of August in Texas

I'm tired of Demo Progressive groups TELLING me

Richardson says he will announce Cabinet before 2008 vote

Has Obama or Clinton made a pledge to avoid negative campaigning?

Brent Budowsky: Fatal Atrraction: the problem with Hillary Clinton

National Urban League Candidates' Forum - video

Time for President to Come Clean on Tillman

Voters seeing more outspoken political spouses (Elizabeth Edwards)

Wolfson's Hardball claim on IWR debunked

Should a president be willing to meet separately, without preconition...the leaders of ...?

HR180/Darfur Accountability and Divestment Act to go to House floor this Monday


Obama says he would go "toe to toe" in talks with renegade nations

If Bush isn't impeached can there be any accountability afterwards?

One of the most important things I can do as a DUer is......

Youtube Questioner: Obama understood question, Hillary didn't.

Ethanol as a biofuel: Good or bad?

In a recent published excerpt from Noam Chomsky's new book...

Daily Kos: John Edwards: No More Stolen Elections. Ban Touch Screen Voting

Should PACs be outlawed?

Must Read: Yes, We Can All Be Insured by Newsweek's Jane Bryant Quinn

Fatal attraction: the problem with Hillary Clinton

I received a letter from Dianne Feinstein -- AGAINST impeachment.

Snow at it again: what looks like a contradiction is nothing more than a confusion of terms

Clinton 2....Obama ....0

Edwards touts big fight for small towns

Hillary summons Vilsak to do her bidding in Iowa...calls on Obama to "cease and desist"

Forget the Dem frontrunners - Biden going after the Rethug frontrunners

GDP Declined in 2nd Quarter, prior to Revisions

I am a pro-drug war progressive. I was a pro- Iraq war progressive