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Chicago Trib: White House stonewalling

Another draconian attempt to curb Britain's civil liberties (Independent UK)

U.S. ordered to pay $101 million for framing 4 men

In 'surge of facts,' Bush emphasizes Al Qaeda-Iraq link



PAUL KRUGMAN: The Sum of Some Fears

When Molly Played Kansas ... A Tribute to Molly Ivins... by Mark Russell

"An '08 free-for-all" - LA TIMES

US Relations with Venezuela Take Center Stage in the US Presidential Campaign

Microsoft's Ballmer asks investors for patience

March Of The "Morans"

Gel promises heavy metal clean-up (BBC) {actually 'aerogel'}

Global wind power rises by 26 pct in 2006: report - Reuters

Coal Synfuel Scam costing taxpayers billions: TIME Magazine Expose

Drunken astronauts reportedly allowed to fly.

US Ups Funding For IDF Missile Defense

Texas leads U.S. in teen birth rate

In 'surge of facts,' Bush emphasizes Al Qaeda-Iraq link

Israel Demands UN Sanctions To 'Really Damage' Iran

Congressmen fear US gave in to India

China denies reports that its missiles have ended up in Iraq

Iraq aside, economy tops voter concerns.

U.S. allegedly using forced labor to build embassy in Iraq

Asian Cup: Iraq shock Korea to reach first final after shoot-out victory

Hungary Officials Raid Microsoft Office

Republican lawmakers tout Iraq progress after visit

Shahrastani: No Legal Oil Unions in Iraq (the last Saddam-era law)

Supreme Court tosses drug possession conviction, rules vehicle search illegal

AP: New Details on Tillman's Death (Homicide?)

Michael Moore says he's been served (subpoena over Cuba)

Iraqi Refugees Burdening Neighbors

U.S. Officials Voice Frustrations With Saudis, Citing Role in Iraq


I think I got someone's mail by mistake. Twice.

Christ,EVERY TIME I EAT BEEF,my neighbour gives me 3 gigantic zucchinis.

JR was shot while I was on my screen porch!!

Make your predictions here. I predict that:

Dear Taco Bell, Taco Time, Burger King, Jack in the Box, et al:

Olive oil comes from olives, peanut oil from peanuts, soybean oil from soybeans....

Are FReepers writing the sports news now?!

I did a lot of pondering in the hospital....

The steaks are high.


evidently since I've painted my toenails

I did a lot of proofreading in the hospital

ATTENTION LOST FANS! Report from Comic-Con (Possible spoilers)

My Mom's in the hospital.

Holy Hawk!!! A poop just landed on my deck.

SPOILER!!! The butler did it!!!

Tour de France shocker: Barry Bonds grabs yellow jersey

Anyone here going to watch this next season

is anybody else haveing a problem with google?

Harry Potter Spoiler!!!! Professor Quirrel is possessed by Voldemort!

"Lipstick's and Dipstick's Essential Guide to Lesbian Relationships"


darkstar's 50th birthday today

Judge Judy makes $30 million a year? WTF?

Don't blow a seal!

The Kill Point miniseries is probably the first Iraqi war veterans gone bad movie.

Holy poop!!! A hawk just landed on my deck.

Did anyone watch the movie "The Upside of Anger"?

met a real Homophobe earlier today cross-posted

My corn stalks have two tiny ears of corn and a praying mantis.

Help! - can't remember the name of this movie

whew... ventured into GD by accident....

Shit on this thread, now!

Anyone else seeing Norwegian ads

Merge the titles of every post in your last 48 hours list to create a narrative

Simpsons Movie -- 12:01am showing

My balls hurt!

Does anyone remember listening to Dr. Ruth

Optical confusion.

This picture is so.....true

I have found a frozen pizza made by the gods

How do I post on DU?

Singer Etta James in LA hospital (BBC)

Lost $1,900 today

Do you dream about work?

Big Prayers needed....My Mom got her diagnosis today...

**A Poem for Tonight**

How do I get Nigerian scammers to contact me?

my neighbor is trying to learn bach's tocatta and fugue on saxophone

Have you ever been in a riot?

Best. Tshirts. EVER.

Mosquito Bait. . .

Suppose I walk to you on the street and give you $12. What do you go buy?

I am my own ride to the mechanic.

Cats that are possessed:

Radio Lady Discusses: Ever heard of a dog breed called the Alaskan Klee Kai?

Breakfast at the White House

How come Taterguy....

Just out of curiosity... how long does a person need to be gone...

Back-Talk #1

Obama SmackDown Series: Hillary Clinton Flips on diplomacy

Mitt Romney On Guns

John Edwards: They Are Not Going to Silence Me

SC Baptist Pastor Arrested For Sending Explicit Text Messages to Teen, Says he's targeted like Jesus

Former Hickman pastor's murder trial won't be changed

NASA Finds Apparent Sabotage To A Component Due To Be Carried Up By Endeavour

Take Action: Ask Your Congressmember to Expand Low Power FM Radio!

Bandstand Blues ( {Bandstand concert? Be ready to pay royalties}

30 days to make a decision on special Counsel on Gonzo -Keith tonight.

You're Approved for Disappointment: SBA cancelled Katrina loans improperly and w/o notice

Lawmakers Have a Sense of Humor About This "Paying For Sex" Business

KO doing another "Nexus of Terror" segment.

Pat Tilman - overkill

Conyers Wants Mueller's Notes on Ashcroft Hospital Incident

TX: Martial arts coach charged w/ knowingly infecting women w/ HIV

Countdown # 3 Creating Terror Scares.

War Crimes and the White House

Wesley Clark on Keith right now!

Saudi Control Over America’s K-12 Middle-East Studies Programs

From the Grave, Senator Wayne Morse Exposes Bloody Hands on Capitol Hill

Aspirin Spurs ABC News Office Evacuation

Killing off the Special Prosecutor statute

Anyone Else Having Their TV News Cutting Out All Day? (CNN & MSNBC)

LA Evangelical Leader: Iran Confrontation 'Inevitable'

I'm diggin' climate change so far...

Whatever happened to the Miami terror cell? ......

Should it be legal to handcuff a police officer?

Explosion at Mojave Airport, 2 Dead, 4 Inured (rocket carrying a non-noxious oxide exploded)

The hypocrisy of Chris Matthews knows no bounds

And yet another religious right-wing hypocrite

419 Scam: any connection to banking policy?

Ann Coulter's Faux News Freudian slip

NASA shaken by "drunk before flying" & sabotage stories: "There will be Congressional hearings"

Attention DUers! You all are a bunch of LOSERS!

A pic proudly posted on "that site"...("IDIOCRACY" lives... check this out!)...

Does John Conyers need just two more U.S. Representatives signed on

Get Well soon Mike Malloy!!

Anderson Cooper is doing his facts on the Gonzales story now.n/t

Tony Snow just went to the very top of my worst person in the world list.

Desperately needed: soothing animated full-screen images

Robert Parry: If the Democrats Want to Win...

Army's 'Debt Of Service

House Judiciary Cmte. Hearing on FBI Oversight CSPAN

LA Evangelical Leader: Iran Confrontation 'Inevitable'

Five Ways Bush's Era of Repression Has Stolen Your Liberties

Army's 'Debt Of Service

Oh my God, the good folks at Scaled Composites (SpaceShipOne) need your good vibes tonight. Tragedy.

Did Bush get to Specter today?

Anyone else watching for the next Reichstag, we are getting very close to truth here...

What ever happened to the secret RNC e-mail investigation?

I love Sara Weiss.

Where is Dick Cheney?

All this discussion of the candidates is getting to be agonizing.

I think Hillary goofed in this fight with Obama. Obama seems to be winning AND it gives him

Questions. . .

Congress delivers blow to Bush's European missile project by slashing funding

Video: More police brutality.......

Question about Ron Paul

Michael Moore on Jay Leno in a few minutes

"Smuggling plums."

Wesley Clark is on the Charlie Rose Show now in some jurisdictions.

You always have to love RW singer hypocrisy

Beyond the Multiplex - The director of the chilling "No End in Sight" explains how the Iraq

Third arrest made in largest Iraq contract-rigging case yet

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!! Jeff Farias subs for Mike

Don't blow a seal!

FBI continues working with cable companies to "address court-authorized law enforcement concerns"

If you missed KO at 8:00, watch the rerun on now...very good show.

I am very glad to see Ford turn a profit in the 2nd quarter. Hang in there until 2009, Ford.

House panel probes charges of human trafficking in Iraq embassy project

Analysis: DOJ Explains AG's Dissembling . . . (enough with the lies)

I am asking -

I've been very stoned, but I've never dipped Doritos in Marshmallow Fluff!

Things you might not want to think of at 2AM

John Edwards' repeal of the upper 1%'s tax cut will backfire on Dems

Jon Voight on Hannity and Colmes (!)

Why do people keep posting videos in GD and GD-P when there is a forum FOR videos?

NYT Op/Ed: Defying The Imperial Presidency

Report back from 24 vigil at MN Sen. Norm Coleman's office

SFRC hearing on Pakistan (receiving billions in U.S. aid)

H.R.1 - 9/11 Recommendations Act just passed Senate 85-8

In re: Nixon and Bush. Nixon was an old school thug.

More Time in Iraq Equals More Deaths: U.S. military deaths in Iraq at 3,645

Finally, cspan is airing the entire presentation of the charges against

Heads-up> Michael Moore on Jay Leno to make special announement @ 11:30 EST.

Power Play-industry executives plan to seek licenses to build at least 30 new reactors

Holy shit. Leno is now anything but funny.

Official White House Photo

Leahey us suboening Rove and Jennings. Who the hell is

Let's review why Conyers won't impeach

Crap - I didn't see all those posts about Nazi references -

New Details-Tillman's Death-No Evidence Of Enemy Fire-Attorneys Congratulate Each Other For Lying

Sunday July 29th, 10:52 A.M.

*** Thursday TOONs: Sports ***

A subpoena issued to Michael Moore?

Bush administration officials cry foul as Saudis support Sunni resistance to Maliki regime

Post-Katrina housing: the equivalent of giving Native Americans blankets saturated with smallpox

"Internet hunting"??????? I've seen it all now. The human race is truly screwn.

"Reefer Madness" in the U.K.

Thanks Jay Leno for giving Michael Moore a forum. I thought you were a tool.

The woman in front of me left a bag of groceries at the Self Checkout line...

Robert Schrum screws up on Cobert

GOP candidates pull out of YouTube debate. Won't face questions from Americans.

is tony snow on his deathbed?

Chief of Staff John Richter on Madam's list???

Crooksandliars: Jon Stewart attempts to climb Gonzales' mountain of lies

Could I ask everyone to please take a moment to

Where are the cockfighting defenders to stand up for Michael Vick?

I'm watching R.J. Hillhouse on "Democracy Now" re outsourcing of intel!

Under what circumstance would Sen Orrin Hatch of Utah

URGENT: Your Help Needed to Protect Pets in This Year's Farm Bill

HERE IT IS! Get your SiCKO HEALTH CARE CARD right here! Download it and USE it,

Did Stephen Colbert REALLY break his wrist, or is he just putting us on?

Congratulations to everyone involved in Project X!

Pat Tillman's possible fragging: Just another wacko, moonbat conspiracy theory n/t

When our Democratic Senators voted with Bush on the war

Was Duane Allman imPEACHed?

Up north they say, " when Hell Freezes over", Down here it's, "when a Mule Mare Foals"

I think I responded to every reply to me -

Bushco going after Michael Moore -- Subpoena issued

Michael Savage is Hilarious

What did Pat Tillman know-what are they covering up? Why did they silence him? Has anyone

Avoiding Chinese food products nearly impossible (CNN) {50% of US apple juice?}

Awesome! Who was it that said "Catvorkian" the other day... it's on KO now!

Sicko was bad, this is worse


If you have absolute proof that Hillary Clinton WILL bomb Iran...please post it here...

The Meeting That Never Was: Pat Tillman and Noam Chomsky

How I learned to embrace increased taxation and vaguely comprehend the Republican Mind.

"Al Gore speaks with the brashness of a 21st century Founding Father"


Today's front page Times of India , Bombay edition

Supporting The Troops: Army Billing Vets For Damaged Equipment...

Democrats Now Trusted More than GOP on Ten Out of Ten Key Issues

"Bring Him Home" (Les Miserables)

Pat Tillman 3 shots in the forehead @ close range by a M-16


Dems seem **Real Good** at beating up each other ... but not so good at .....

Clinton, Kissinger and the corruptions of empire

Obama's big applause line at USC

Fight back...become a Fox Attacker today. Robert Greenwald video and sign up page.

LaHood (R-Ill.) will not seek re-election

Hillary Clinton and the Dangers of Hubris

Puke King's amendment vs. Mollohan got crushed

Richardson: I'll abolish No Child Left Behind law

Rep. Ray LaHood (R) Announces Retirement (good pickup opportunity)

Was just watching C-Span 2, and I can't help but wonder how uncomfortable things are there right now

Edwards, Dodd unveil major domestic initiatives (Dodds presents his health care plan)

Clinton and Obama: making way for Edwards? Clark? Gore? Somebody?

Bruce Fein and David Shuster, just today, both said that Congress has no choice

The Torture Two-Step; Bush's new torture order and its loopholes

Let's make a list of past Presidents meeting with their enemies

Clinton Needs to be Nixon Lite and not Bush Lite

"The Great Impostor" [classic Nader article from 2004]

Romney echoes Hillary in attacking Obama; compares him to Chamberlain

Richardson campaign press release: "Richardson within striking distance of Obama" (in Iowa)

Check out the lovely Dr. (Mrs) Biden

Iraq aside, economy tops voter concerns.

Does this sound Familiar

Funny how magnified things get here...watching and listening to the news...

Think the media is giving too much coverage to the Presidential campaign...?

Heads-up> Michael Moore on jay leno to make special announement @ 11:30 EST.

Is Hillary Clinton "Bush-Lite"?

Edwards holds disability policy forum in NH

Heads up-Wes Clark on Countdown coming right up!

Congressional endorsement central:

Have the debates changed your mind as to who you will vote for?

Who would do best in the General Election debates? (all Dem candiates included in poll)

Gotta be honest.

Quincy Jones, music legend, endorses Hillary....

New Diageo/Hotline Poll: Clinton 39, Obama 30

Obama Wins the Debate About Change: EJ Dionne

Kenny G, soft jazz genius, endorses Senator Clinton

There might not be a GOP CNN/Youtube debate

Obama calls for Untier in White House

Is the idea to elect the right candidate or beat the GOP?

Can anyone tell me the difference between Obama's and Hillary's stance on meeting with adversaries?

Obama SmackDown Series: Hillary Clinton Flips on diplomacy

Edwards overtakes HRC for the lead in new Iowa poll!!!! Richardson closing in on Obama for 3rd

Biden introduced today the National Security with Justice Act of 2007

It's Official : DOJ will not enforce House Contempt Charges

Hillary playing Chess, Obama playing Checkers...

Kucinich Wins in a Landslide 'On the Issues' Independent Online Analysis Shows

Obama Leads in Iowa Caucus

Tomorrow could be brutal on Wall Street, The London FTSE closed down 3.2% and

Scandal Fatigue

Marjorie Cohn: Bush's Executive Privilege Stonewalling: What Will Happen Next?

Bandar: Boffo!

Michael Moore, Chris Matthews and An Insurance Company Conspiracy

Leaders Afraid to Lead: Empty Rhetoric in Congress

The enabled closet kills?

Seeking the Truth About Pat Tillman

More Dubya Talk

Arianna: Bush Sets the Table for September: Who You Gonna Believe, Petraeus or Your Own Eyes?

From VIPS & Dr. Justin Frank: Dangers of a Cornered George Bush

"upon what meat doth this our vice-president, Dick Cheney, feed that he has grown so great?"


Bill Scher: Routine Hypocrisy

Accused Grave Robbers Dodge Sex Charges

John Nichols: A Commitment to the Constitution

What Have You Done to Stop This War? (by Trey Ellis at HuffPost)

Witches and Warlocks, Terrorists and Sex Offenders

Denying the Truth about Medical Bankruptcies

Accustomed to Their Own Atrocities in Iraq, U.S. Soldiers Have Become Murderers

Coleen Rowley: September 11th Advocates' Open Letter To All Senate Judiciary Committee Members Dems strong on security

P-to-P users expose US government secrets

Charles Ferguson talks about his gripping doc that takes aim at those who took us to war in Iraq.

FOX: time to fight back

The Malkinites: AKA, Rove's Kishkas

White House warns Saudis over machinations in Iraq

Of Marx, Christ, and the Persecution of Radicals: How Will Humanity Survive the Capitalist Threat?

A Way of Seeing Dick Cheney for What He Is

Prince's Planet Earth: Brilliant in More Ways than One (by David Sapp for HuffPost)

Rapture Ready (The Nation)

Dave Lindorff: Martial Law Threat is Real: Lucky that the Military is Breaking Down

Whatever Happened to Shame and Guilt?

‘Open Access’ Essential To Media Reform by Bernie Sanders

Man Burns Down Trailer In Online Feud

The Bloatocrats

Logging takes cut of 'Stub' park

Graduates of the class of 2007 are finding that being environmentally friendly is a growth industry

Navajos Split With Environmentalists on New Coal Plant on Navajo Land.

SunPower to Dedicate 330 Megawatt (per year) Solar Cell Plant (Philippines)

In Europe's greenest city, even its power plant smells more like a sauna

Fatally flawed attack on renewables by Jesse Ausubel (Grist, discussion)

JV Forms to Develop Tidal Current Turbines in South Korea (600 MW project)

(GA) Tech Study Finds Wind Power Feasible Off Georgia Coast

Germans attack Libya nuclear deal

Pepsi To Admit Aquafina Made From Tap Water

UK Rainfall Totals Double Seasonal Average, Heaviest Since Late 18th Century - Guardian

US lawmakers threaten to block India nuclear deal

No uranium sale to Pakistan: Downer (but maybe sales to India, OZ)

Mediterranean Resorts From Spain To France To Italy Battling Huge Jellyfish Invasion - Independent

House Votes to Recoup Lease Royalties - AP

Bush Administration Opposes Changes To 1872 Mining Law

Average Temperatures In Anchorage Up 2.1F In 2006 Over 1970 - 2000 Mean - ADN

Beetle-Induced Forest Die-Off In Canada May Prove Substantial Climate Factor - Vancouver Sun

Percent of Capacity Power Output and Status of Every US Nuclear Reactor as of Today.

U.S. and India complete nuclear deal

US environment chief draws fire on global warming

James Hansen - Without Action Now, Sea Level Rises Massive, Likely Non-Linear - New Scientist

If the 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidate publicly supports nuclear power....

AMSR-E Arctic Sea Ice Survey - Beaufort/Chukchi Thinning Pronounced - Svalbard Clear - Bremen Uni

LDK Solar Plans Wafer Capacity Growth to 1.6 Gigawatts (per year, China)

US Answers Iran's Nuclear Defiance with Call for More UN Sanctions

In Notice To US Stock Markets, PEMEX Says It Has 7 Years' Worth Of Reserves Left - Prensa

Task Force Lightning Soldier attacked (Thursday)

House OKs Farm Bill Despite Veto Threat

US troops killed, 13 wounded in fight in eastern Afghanistan

Liberals Going After Fox Advertisers

Nacchio to prison for six years

Senate approves national security bill

Terrorism charge dropped

Baghdad Car Bomb Kills 25, Wounds 115: Police

FBI Chief Seems to Contradict Gonzales

Dozens of Afghan civilians killed in air strikes: residents

Iraqi lawmakers take their time

Producer of 9/11 Conspiracy Film 'Loose Change' Arrested for Deserting the Army

Official: Consumer safety agency at risk

UN rights body urges Sudan to prosecute war crimes

Creditors say transit-tax foe behind scheme

Fate of Korean Hostages Unclear as Deadline Expires

Blast near Pakistan mosque kills 11, official says

US town anti-migrant law quashed

Dentist wins case over tusks in mouth

Brother is pivotal in Cuban girl's custody dispute (another Elian case brewing)

Millionaire Is Indicted in Drug Case

Waste Management, union reach tentative deal in trash dispute

NYT: Alabama Company Is Exonerated in Murders at Colombian Mine

Saudis’ Role in Iraq Frustrates U.S. Officials

Steelworkers Announce Tentative Agreement with Meridian (could end a 15-month lockout)

Food in Botulism recall still being sold

India, US announce completion of nuclear deal

Heathrow puts up legal barricades to keep away protesters

Four PKK leaders killed in Iraq blast -Turkish TV

US angry over Saudi role in Iraq

Australia drops charges over UK bomb plot-media

Long Beach Airport evacuated in scare

Raúl (Castro) again offers 'olive branch' to U.S.

(China) More forced into prostitution, labor

U.S. troop deaths down in Iraq

Basra 'will be handed over to Iraqis by end of year'

Jewish cemetery desecrated in southern Czech town

Illinois' 7-Term Republican Rep. LaHood Retiring

Australia drops Indian doctor terror charge, admits mistakes (no apology)

Iraq vet reported missing in northern Minnesota found dead

Iraqi Government Dismisses Sunni Demands

US-Iraqi troops battle Shiite militants

Aquafina Labels to Spell Out Source - Tap Water

Nine killed in Mehdi Army clashes in Iraq's Kerbala

Ozone-depleting chemicals found in Antarctica

Four PKK leaders killed in Iraq blast -Turkish TV

US body seeks amendments to increase H1B visa

In Baghdad, the search for ice becomes a deadly struggle

2 Television Helicopters Collided In Midair Killing 3

Global Markets Continue to Fall

Romney: Americans angry with Iraq war

Musharraf rules out U.S. strikes in Pakistan

NBC Nightly News shows coroner's report showing Pat Tillman was shot at close range

House rejects easing exports-to-Cuba limits

Union members approve Goodyear Engineered Products sale (The Carlyle Group)

Report Says Astronauts Flew Drunk

Bush says economy strong, resilient

Travelers Face Greater Use of Personal Data

US VP Cheney to get new defibrillator Saturday

Investigators say Watergate conspirator Magruder suffered stroke before crashes


Edwards says fence along entire southern border "crazy"

War vets have Bush on the run

Edwards Chides Clinton and Obama

White House Defends Gonzales Against Allegations He Misled Congress

At least 3 dead in news helicopter(s) crash in Phoenix

Department of Labor Touts Advantages of Hiring People with Disabilities

NFL, union unveil plan for needy retirees

Sara Lee Recalls Metal-Contaminated Bread

Democrat Charges U.S. Justices "Duped" Senate

Report warns against too many 'Net rules

Republicans blocking Freedom of Information Act bill, Judiciary Chairman says

Gorbachev says U.S. is sowing world ‘disorder’

New President of Congress, Luis Gonzales Speaks on Peru's Economy

Army Private Discloses He Is New Republic's Baghdad Diarist

U.S. Drops Baghdad Electricity Reports (To Congress as Daily Power for Residents Falls)

Pot study: Smoke chronic, risk getting psychotic

Phone Mail Hell

Shark Week is next week

How Often Do You Eat Cocktail Weiners?

my neighbor is using directed mircrowave energy bursts

felony girl

Graceful Fat Sheba

chickens flying everywhere around the plane

My head is a'sploding!

Friday in a week my vacation starts

I found a bar in my town that doesn't really bother checking age.

GD for me tonight has been a trainwreck - I cannot seem to pull away from it!

*SPOILER* Dorothy vaporizes the Kitchen Witch of the West

Now that I have visions of burly men in Ruby Slippers...I think I will go to bed

*SPOILER* Dorothy vaporizes the Wicked Witch of the West

That &%$#@!!! Bourne Ultimatum ad is driving me buggy!

*SPOILER* Empire State Building

Have you ever been on a diet?

Family Finds Out Their Tapwater Is Really Treated Sewage

Have you ever been a riot?

*SPOILER* What happens to Harry Potter characters after Book 7 (per JK Rowling)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 7/26/07

Funniest Commercials

In my house we have an old TI-99 computer (circa late 1970s early 1980s)

Phone support with the Illiterate

Friday ask anybody anything thread

Publishers Clearing House - Does ANYONE EVER win those damn things?

Check out this line about Queen...

The 50 best movie robots

I just got this error message from DU:

Hollywood, I know your middle name.

What kind of deranged person loves the weed?

What kind of a deranged person loves weed???

I just finished the Deathly Hallows on CD. Can't find the others, so here's my **spoiler** thread.

Harry Potter and the Combined Order for Free Shipping

I am all a-tingle...When do the DUzys come out?

Is anyone else geeked about The Bourne Ultimatum?

Its Casual Friday in the Lounge!

Funky Winkerbean's Lisa Moore to die of Breast Cancer.

Most of the people I am closest to are overweight - does that mean I will catch "the Fat"?

Most of the people I am closest to are overbearing -- does that mean I'm going to catch 'The Brat'

Homeschooler Not Allowed To Play Football On High School Team

Religious logic


OMG, I absolutely LOVE Skinner's GD thread on Sheehan.

Feds: Man Wanted To Get Off While Drowning Young Girls

i was looking for godwin's law in the united states code and in multiple states' compiled statutes

Bursting cans

How come nobody raves about Richard Brautigan any more?

I am officially hiding all the Harry Potter threads

chewbacca or bigfoot

i broke down and bought harry potter

I'm tapioca until payday

Al Green or Marvin Gaye....

Would You Work At Olive Garden If That Was The Only Job Available?

Police just came to my door.

Leonard Nimoy to join cast of next Star Trek movie

I drank a Coke Zero TWO HOURS ago, and there's STILL aftertaste. Bleh.

Can anybody point me to video of noodlers?

swag or prag? jpgray or jgraz?


Yikes!! My email server is down!!

Harry Potter and the Combined Order for Free Shipping

Can anybody point me to video of somebody's noodle?

La Lohan: I wasn't driving it was the black kid!

OMG, I love my prepuce!

I just found out that one of my sisters will be attempting invitro very soon.

I'm going to recommend three rentals for your weekend viewing pleasure.

Games Day Chicago....

I bought myself a office chair. Ask me anything!

OMG, I love my Priapism!

Saw a teevee ad this a.m. that was so good it was probably European

Man Jailed For Photoshopping Family Faces Onto Porn Pics - DS1 Unavailable For Comment

How does a post get moved from the Lounge to the Lounge

Housing Bubble? Paris Hilton Selling Her House For $4.25 Million

DAMNIT slj0101 - answer my damn question!!!! It's starting to hurt

Storm Cloud Photos ***Dialup Warning***

Need Photoshop help...anyone?

Hawaii's New TV Station Gets Call Letters Issued - KUNT

Wanna listen to a terrific new band?

Warning- Vanity Post - Kick my GD thread!

So I put out a trashcsan fire next door!!!

Friday morning questions

OOOoooo Nichole Richie Sentenced To 4 Days In Jail For 2nd DUI

Marion Ravenwood returning in Indiana Jones 4

I just started my first secondary flamewar, ask me anything!

Mars Dust Storm from Rover perspective...very cool picture...

I just started my first Primus flame war, ask me anything!

I just started my first primetime flamewar, ask me anything!

I just started my first Prius flame war, ask me anything!

I just started my 1st primary flame war, ask me anything!

Question for vegans

"Good-bye, my fat friend, " is what I've been saying to the mirror since May 2007

Question for those who know lots about the body and nutrition...

I just started my first Optimus Prime flame war, ask me anything!

Anybody ever use those "Forearm Forklift" furniture-moving straps?

I never thought I'd say this in a million years - today we bought tickets for Bon Jovi

Creepy airplane flew over house yesterday

My question about the Potter Universe - conservation of magic?

These could be my last few posts...if you don't hear from me by Monday,

I just started my last penultimate flame war, ask me anything!

Dentist who implated fake boar tusks in assistant's mouth wins lawsuit.


The Baconator.

anybody ever thought about being a whole body organ donor?

"Cheney Having Heart Surgery Tomorrow, Bush Will Briefly Be President"

I have recently decided to effect a new adoption.

Well no more Soy Sauce. . .

OMG, I love my Prius!

Guess my recycling

OMG, I love my P (I ain't lockin' no threads today)!

Math geeks — is there a form of mathematics on which Sudoku is based?

Where'd the cheese go?

How long does one have to do aerobics to lose one dress size?

My mother wants to know if she should go see Froghat in concert

Any parents using Dunstan Baby Language?

Whatever happened to the ERA?

no spoiling here: Sinnerman where you gunna run to

Beautiful Russian women waiting to meet YOU!

My mother wants to know if she should go see Asshat in concert

If your boss greets you with "Good morning, Sunshine" -- is it

Is it your birthday? Here's a toast:

Is someone paying Freepers to hang out in GD?

I did things to my bird you don't want to know about!

My mom is still alive.. That won't always be the case.. A few questions..

I Don't Need No Instructions To Know How To Rock

Man Sues McDonald's For $.13

If you were on Jeopardy and the answer was "The airspeed of an unladen swallow" would

Favorite Lines From A Movie

The Strange 20-year Curse (Presidential)


I ate my bird

I just started my first prime number flamewar. Ask me anything.

Do NOT be eating or drinking when you see this!

FUCK! I just tested positive for Hep C.

Help me choose!

Joaneeee! Where are you?

Christ, can I have just ONE AFTERNOON FUCKING in the screen porch, without having to listen to the

I'm Tanning My Threads Now

Which movie was funnier?

Houston, we have a ...... .......PARTY OVA HEEYA, PARY OVA THEEYA!!!

Do your local public schools have uniforms?

Name A Celebrity That Has The YEAST Sex Appeal

Best Lightsaber Fighter

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

30 Helens Agree

I just scored tickets to tomorrow nights Brewers game - ask me anything!

I'm goin' to a birthday party for my best man.

Christ, I invited that porch-sitting screaming SOB over for BBQ. What was I thinking?

Girls - it is Friday - You know what to do!

Ultimate Getaway - Sonoma County

Christ, can I have just ONE FUCKING AFTERNOON in my office without having to listen to the

Man, it's boring at work today.

Pick One

Christ, is this the christian du board or what?


OK this is not the world's worst problem, but help me out folks!

I just made $320 on the stock market!!!

What would you do if someone lied about hitting a single?

Merry Miller---The worst TV interviewer evah!!!

Wooo! My sister won her case and got her kids back!

I just started my second tertiary flamewar, ask me anything!

I ate my bird.

I can't stop playing with this.

Greetings from Maine!

Have you ever been to a Quiet Riot?

Caption this picture contest! (McCain edition)

I want Candy.

Christ, can I have just ONE FUCKING AFTERNOON?

One does not simply rock into Mordor.

I don't have a shot in hell at the job for which I am interviewing

Barack Obama: Fry Thief

'e-mail'? Or 'email'?

Anyone ever drive US 395 north of San Bernadino...

What kind of a deranged person loves to weed???

update on my car

I'm Taming My Threads Down...

Name A Celebrity That Has The LEAST Sex Appeal

Anna Nicole's NotBabyDaddy found naked in car

After A Time Long last.... THE BAR IS OPEN

MatcomNews Update: It Is Still OK To Have Sex With A Corpse In Wisconsin

Oh noes!!

Not this shit again. People, am I the kind of person who doesn't want to hear about your feelings?

I have recently decided to adopt a new affectation.

Christ, I have to go next door in half an hour. The neighbors invited us over for BBQ.

You may be a Republican if you (Using the pattern of "You may be a Redneck if"

One, two, three, four...

Please send good vibes and prayers my way

What Was Your 15Minutes Of Fame

The executioner's face... (youtube)

Well, i look like the Elephant Man

Ask slj0101.

My mother wants to know if she should go see Foghat in concert

My harry potter issue - house elves (SPOILER)

Time for a Friday morning 'ask me anything' thread.


Well with all the stress lately in my life lately (56K warning)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 7/27/07

I hate my bird

Name a celebrity that you think has the most sex appeal

Pics from my blue state vacation!

"Good-bye, my fat friend, " is what I've been saying to the mirror since May 2007.

Radio Lady Discusses: Is anybody watching "Morning Joe" Scarborough on MSNBC 6 AM -- 9 AM ET?

Friday afternoon pic thread

I started my 1st primary flame-thower. Ask me anything.

My mailbox was vandalized today

Radio Lady Reviews: “Sunshine” (Opens Friday, July 27, 2007)

I think of how big my world is because I can read and do math, and I think of those who can't

Your top 5 rock bands, all time?

My mother wants to know if she should go see Foghorn Leghorn in concert

What would you do if someone lied about being single?

Soldier in cheating probe pulls tests, answers from website

OOPS Should have posted last week: AFSCME LEGISLATIVE REPORT July 20, 2007

Today in labor history 7-27

Labor cartoon for the week of July 23, 2007 (idle rich)

USW Rally (Norfolk) to Encourage Senator Warner to Support Anti-Sweatshop Legislation

Striking OVACO Workers Gaining Widespread Community Support

Labor Undeterred by Drummond Verdict

Who's the worst boss?

Atheist Richard Dawkins speaks with Ted Haggard.

Al Gore/Stop The Clock On Extinction

Olbermann & Wes Clark: Confirmation of Pat Tillman Cover-Up

There Is No Time by Lou Reed

Tim Buckley, Once i was... IRAQ

Michael Moore's Challenge to the Candidates on Jay Leno

Do we really need money from China? --Dennis Kucinich

Mike Gravel 2008 Daisy Girl !

Jobs Education Healthcare --Dennis Kucinich

Harold Ford goes on Hannity's show and doesn't defend Democrats.

John Edwards and James Lowe (who could not talk for 50 years because he lacked health insurance)

The Employee Free Choice Act --Dennis Kucinich

"Not a Mormon" - Rudy ad

Clinton/Obama: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

Olbermann Debunks Lastest Terror 'Ooga Booga!'

Is social security under attack? --Dennis Kucinich

The Works Green Administration --Dennis Kucinich

Code Pink Protests Gonzalez

Impeachment ? Censored CNN/Youtube Debate: Askers Response

The actual interview of Ted Haggard by Richard Dawkins

Slave Labor Builds U.S. Embassy?

Mark Foley speaks to John Walsh of Americas Most Wanted.

How do we keep jobs in America? --Dennis Kucinich

How do we get universal healthcare? --Dennis Kucinich

Hot! BillO - Propaganda Pimp!

On republican candidates

The Bush Crime Family keeps stepping on their dicks

Parmalat investors and banks: nutshells VS tanks. US judge disappoints US purchasers.

UK terror charges dropped against doctor

Pat Tillman discussion here on AAR... link

Look who! The clear South African conscience of Mr. De Klerk

Dark powers, the sequel

Could John Boner, I mean Boehner, be the next right-wing hypocrite outed by the DC Madam?

If the president won't obey the laws of the land, why should we?

Bushies Trifecta...Rove, Cheney, Dad.....They all want to rule Jr...

Rory Mayberry! Yeah!

This Land is Your Land

CSPan 1 -for those who missed Mueller's comments

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Talk Of Impeachment Gets Louder

Senator Boxer said to the EPA: "You're the EPA, not the Environmental Pollution Agency,"

Dupe. Pls. delete. nt

Eugene Robinson: Bedtime for Gonzo

For the next distraction: Pakistan Attack.

The Wendys -- Separated at Birth?

Iraqi government in deepest crisis...trying to prevent complete disintegration

Conyers seeks copies of Mueller’s notes.

PepsiCo bottles tap water, and the bottles end up in the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge

== President Cheney Sickens Planet = By Mark Morford

Only two rethugs have signed up to youtube debate

In Prosecutors Probe, a Detour Around Courts (inherent contempt)

Tillman probe a 'sham,' says his mom

Where is Erika? I haven't seen her in a while?

These could be my last few posts...if you don't hear from me by Monday,

Watching Waxman hearings on Construction of US embassy in Iraq.

Immigrants Bereaved by Sept. 11 Could Become Legal Residents

Headline: "Was Pat Tillman Murdered?"

"The Political Meaning Of The Conflict Between Cindy Sheehan & The Democratic Party" (DUer Quoted)

Republicans afraid of average Americans

Rules of Impeachment

So they murdered Pat Tillman in cold blood

Friendly-fire deaths alone will not destroy faith in our armed forces. But lying will.

Congressional Investigations worthwhile: WJ this


From a friend in AUS:

AP, C & L and FDL put it all together in re: Pat Tillman's death...

Little Known History: 1968 October Surprise

E-Mail Senators on Legislation to Help Families Who Lose Homes in Natural Disasters

LOL Globe ?news?paper -- Bush's Heart Attack Drama

War Crimes and the White House

Huffington Post: Congress, Bush and The Real Constitutional Crisis

Marjorie Cohn: Bush's Executive Privilege Stonewalling: What Will Happen Next?

So we have US and Nato forces scouring Afghanistan for Al Qaeda

U.S. Officials Voice Frustrations With Saudis’ Role in Iraq

Marijuana makes you CRAZY! No shit! (hack hack cough)

(cleaned up) political meaning of the conflict betw. Cindy Sheehan and the Democratic Party

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Could bush become a victim of 'friendly fire' from his own troops?

The Not-So-Nice Word Would Be Lying - By Eugene Robinson

Turns Out TNR's Soldier Who Blogged Atrocities Is Real, Despite Right-Wing Claims of 'Fake'

Oh for Fuck Sakes: Prisoner found guilty of masturbating in his cell

THREE HOURS of news...CNN HLN ABC...Not ONE mention of Iraq!

Half of Baghdad Without Power for Ten Days

US Rep Hinchey, Others Offer Bush Censure Bills

NPR this AM: White House stands behind Alberto Gonzales

Bush administration can dish out the subpoenas but they can't take them

Bush administration drops Baghdad electricity reports to cover-up daily shortages

Los Angeles Police Search for Fake Priest

Jim Ward playing a drunk astronaut on the Steph Miller Show.

Specter criticizes Gonzales on AF1?

Pastor Gets 15 Years For Sexually Abusing Child

Trial in killing of principal begins today. Jury must decide whether shooting was intentional

Giuliani may skip St. Pete (YouTube) debate

Church can't find background check on man accused of molestation

Where are the role models? (Harry Potter, David Vitter, Paris Hilton and The Torah, all in 1 article

BBC Charts - Show Disastrous Results Of Bush Surge

Was that Code Pink shouting otside the hearing room on C-SPAN?

Question about newest Executive Order...........

Igbo People of Nigeria advised to rely more on prayers and not strength for economic destiny

Priests' Files to Shed Light on Abuse Scandal in L.A.

Three journalists listed as AHIP speakers, then disappear from website following Kos diary

Nigeria: EFCC Has No Power to Prosecute Corrupt ex-Governors - SANs

Remember, they know what we know, and they know it is bullshit

CSPAN2 now-discussion of Iraq occupation. nt

Harry Potter and the Combined Order for Free Shipping

Bishop believes Australian tourist to Indonesia be innocent of drug smuggling

Time once again for--NEWS DUMP! Yes, it's Friday in DUerland.

Protest in a small town -- the grass roots rebellion for peace

Republicans simply DO NOT LISTEN...caller on WSJ about the cheese

Watergate vs Attorneygate. Same old weaseling.

Iraq surge not working, neither is the electricity---down to less than 2 hrs per day

Husband indicted for murdering his wife who was pastor, black rights activist

USNews: WH advisers concerned that Bush "looks like he doesn't have control over the government"

Iraqi woman being interviewed by CNN describes when Saddam still ruled as the good old days

Seattle psychologist, suspected of voyeurism takes his own life

They came first for...

Who here is willing to take one for the team

MSNBC understatement, Part deux...

For MORFORD lovers: President Cheney Sickens Planet

Gaza was a Gas for Blair

Fraud,Waste, Abuse New US Embassy Iraq

Novak: “I’m 76 years old, and pretty soon I’m going to a place where there are no blogs.”

Who Murdered Pat Tillman?

U.S. Abandons Iraqi Translators to Their Fates While Diminutive Denmark Rescues Its Own

US-Iraqi Troops Battle Shiite Militants

Ray LaHood announces retirement

Is there a thread on the Iraq War hearing on CSPAN2?

Which member, past or present, of BushCo would you most like to see "suffer." .....

Defense Contractor 2Q Earnings Up - Some investors worried about a troop pull out

ACLU Demands Answers from FBI Chief on abuse of National Security Letters (NSLs)

Bush has frequent videoconferences with Iraq's Maliki to discuss their shared belief in end times

"Turkey's granary" has lost a large portion of the crops to heat/storms

"Nine went down and seven came out," flood in Minn.

"Man, I haven't felt this good since I got to this hellhole."

Freepers oddly quiet about the Pat Tillman story.

I'm trying to help a friend out here

I just made $320 on the stock market!!!

Update: Only McCain and Paul agree to do a Youtube debate. Scared?

FBI director contradicts Gonzales’ testimony

update on my car

Chevron's 2Q Profit Soars 24 Percent

Senator Leahy on CBS's Face the Nation- Sunday - mass firing of US Attorneys

So American troops go storming into Iraq destroying as much of their infrastructure as they can


Fats Buchanan really twisted the knife in this morning on Scabberro..

Just a reminder: large portions of our society do not enjoy basic civil rights...

Time to change the name of Paparazzi

The Senate is Lion Voltron.

So where is Arlen Specter today?

Obvious? - Reason Rove Wanted To Get Rid Of All USA Attorneys Was To Get Rid Of Fitzgerald

My LTTE regarding 'illegal' behavior of the Romney Campaign.

“the strategy of being obstructionist can work or fail… and so far it’s working for us.” says Trent

FYI: Congressional August Recess Schedule, while Iraq sizzles

There is a Repug on cspan2 who is dissing a witness, I think because he

John Kerry gives kudo's and a nod to activists! Contest Announcement

Kerry: "Delay is no longer just a former Republican leader—it’s become a Republican way of life."

Our long, national nightmare is over. Moonie Press says Whoopi Goldberg to join 'The View'

Impeachment of Bush and Cheney would have its good side and its bad side

Federal government boasts big surplus (Canada)

Drunk Astronauts??? Fuck yeah...they expect anythying else?? There is no way ya gonna get me to fly

NPR's Frank Langfitt compares UAW union benefits to "a welfare state."

Anybody ever use those "Forearm Forklift" furniture-moving straps?

I Owe a Great Debt to DU, DU Activists, Bloggers and Others in this Community.

'Traditionalist Catholics' Demolish Another Church in Mexico

The most important difference between Democrats and Republicans.

tony snow press goggle on cspan2. They are waiting for him.

Love those CNN promos

Six convicted of arms deals in NY federal court

Outlook Somber & Potentially Violent Due To W's Mental State-Professionals Diagnose A Cornered Bush

FBI Head Contradicts Attorney General's Testimony On Surveillance

Ray Taliafierro's Program On KGO Is So Uplifting

Disgraced Pastor Ted Haggard Can't Pray Away the Gay

To the Right of Europe's Fascists: the Republican Party on Health Care

Vitter constituent writes to the senator, sends him a diaper.. :-)

Yoo: "Without secrecy, the government can't function"

Congress delivers blow to Bush's European missile project by slashing funding

Let Me Cut Straight Through A Lot Of Bullshit Here

Economy Growth Is Best in a Year

Media droned on and on about "Clinton Fatigue" -- why no reporting of "Bush Fatigue"?

Did the psycho-in-chief contact Mr. & Mrs. Ashcroft to line up this story so the WH LIE would mesh

NO END IN SIGHT: Iraq War Documentary Opens Today!!

Has anyone noticed the increase

The great Ronald Reagan!

DOW drops today....again...GOP castrated.

Senate Approved An Increase In Federal Funding To Help Protect High-risk Non-profit Institutions

1,100+ cattle dead from heat in S. D. (more to come)

What is the correct pronunciation of "Cheney?"

"What can I say? That's what happens when you go to war...

Alberto Gonzalez is an "absolute legal giant" compared to Janet Reno

Justice Should be Color-Blind

Expiration dates on perishables should have a font size minimum

Send a newstip to Fox

Meet the REAL terrorists Union Carbide

Fat friends make you fat

Republicans: Askeered of YouTube.

Ray LaHood Retires...Is Gym Teach Denny Next???

real estate - crisis in the making

LAT: Uninsured adults face yearlong delays for some surgeries

LEAHY TO ROVE & JENNINGS: "“There is a cloud over this White House and a gathering storm."

A friendly request as things get more action-packed everyday:

Joe Naccio Sentenced 6 Years - $19 Million

Bob Barr supports impeachment of * !!!


Tony Snow on CNN now. Guy doesn't look good.

Labeling question regarding packaged foods and personal hygiene products

Names released of 3 men who died in Mojave explosion

*** Baghdad Tony WH Briefing ***

I'm so sorry, Mr. Tillman...

The Progressive Populist Democratic Candidate - John Edwards: Restoring Economic Fairness

Do you believe the neo cons conspired to commit high crimes & tyranny?

White House runs conference call on executive privilege for right-wing bloggers

'Anxious repubs fear another beating'. (hee hee)

Now , the 419ers are using US Military. BAD SCAM!!!

How long do you suppose will we keep blowing up Afghan people to smithereens?

Tillman's Mother Still Upset with Army over His Death

WTF - am I in the Twilight Zone?

Funny encounter with a "Rocket Scientist" NASA this afternoon

Helen Thomas Laments State of Individual Liberties

Observation: It seems like A LOT of people are buying small/fuel efficient cars nowadays.

Bush Admin. Subpoenas Michael Moore

Field Organizers Needed - Stipend $400 a week

Caption Cheney

Gen. Clark: P2P file sharing exposes classified gov't documents

Iraq vet reported missing in northern Minnesota found dead

SPLC Sues Leading Klan Group over Beating

January 11, 2001....any good links to where I can buy a tin foil hat?

Oh No, Office Depot (Retailers feeling the effects of a collapsing economy)

A call to action for lurkers who do not have a DU account, to end the war.

Caption Pickles !!!

JetBlue: Radical left? .... so says O'Reilly

$77.00 / bbl crude oil

I am still against the death penalty, even facing the horrors of Connecticut

Ummm ok...who here wants a "European-type state"

So I guess we have to stop talking about Randi Rhodes now

So has there been a Friday Afternoon News Dump? n/t

"...a pot-bellied president being propped up by the amputated veterans..."

The idiots on the cable news networks screaming about 300 point drops in the DJIA

Gee, everybody must be mad at Russert! MTP guests on Sunday!

Illegal Warrantless Wiretap is to Terrorist Surveillance Program as CNN is to Journalists

The only solution to dealing with Gonzoles, Cheney, or bush

My LTTE regarding "Sicko."

As far as I'm concerned

But would you rather be put in a love-lock by Fred Thompson

Cindy is on Randi for those interested

I found where Chertoff got his Gut Feeling...

What do we do with right-wing pundits when/if our national nightmare ends?

Tony Snow Is An Utter Disgrace

Photo op with Bush**, just $10,000! (Bird poop not included.)

Should Congress go on vacation?

WH Conference Call On Executive Privilege For Right Wing Bloggers

It's Friday Ya Bastards: White House Of Horror & Cindy In Studio

Seriously what happens with Gonzo, Rove et al

Edwards Unveils Bold Economic Plan to Restore Fairness, Reform America's Tax Code, Reward Hard Work

Leahy To Gonzo - Fess Up - Or Else

Hell About To Freeze Over!!!

Dow closes down another 208 points -- down 519 points in two days!

Have you EVER seen any videotape on any cable news channel of the refugee camps filled with Iraqis?

Big Pack of GOP Sissies Scared of a Little YouTube, by Jane Hamsher (FDL)

IMHO Neither Thompson nor Giuliani is electible as the Repub nominee...

Another Thompson resignation -- wife blamed

Waxman and Davis Renew Request for White House Previously Withheld Climate Change Docs

Cheney requires new heart: DC area families advised to keep young children

Bush Exec Order: Authority To Detain Any Person - Anytime - Anyplace In the World


An absolutely brilliant post from Digby about right wing blogs and the war

Exploit the troops! "Because which funeral do you go to?"

Boortz called Hitler's Nazi party an actual "socialist" group

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Fri 7/27 -- stick a fork in him....

ACLU Applauds House Armed Services Hearing on Restoring Habeas Corpus Due Process Rights

The Bancroft-o-Meter: Death to Rupert?

Waxman and Davis request WWE drug testing records

Gas Station Cashier Fired After Robbery


When Stalinism thrives in Tehran (Lebanon Daily Star)

So, a president can serve more than two terms? (apparently they can....)

WP, Eugene Robinson, "Bedtime for Gonzo": "There are no rules."

I don't understand how anyone could do something like this-Dog Chained to Railroad Track

My mini-moment of defiance.

CNN' doing it again.. "people who 'claim' they were injured at WTC"

I am WAY more worried about our Constitution, long term, than I am about the Dow, long term.

Edwards says fence along entire southern border "crazy"

The Tillman case makes me think back to the Bush-Webb, "How's your boy?" exchange

Very powerful quote I found on C&L - From a true Republican

Thought you'd like a laugh on a Friday. RNC fantasyland email...

3646 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

If Only America Were the National Basketball Association, Gonzales Might be History by Now

Rove to House GOP: Don't blame your woes on Bush's war, blame it on Cunningham, Foley

White House: Gonzales and Mueller are both right (aaarrrggggghhhh!)

Graphic on Rush's website identifies bin Laden as a Democrat

Dentist wins case over tusks in mouth

CHENEY Needs A New Battery

Are the republiCONS afraid to debate...

The media pushes the Obama - Clinton "fight". Americans fall for it

Too bad he wasn't caught with marijuana: Ex-Qwest CEO Nacchio gets six years in prison

Edelman to testify on Pentagon redeployment plans

Fundie Pharmacists suing because they don't want to be forced help women...

Graphic on Limbaugh's website identified bin Laden as a Democrat

Bizarro-world, with guest appearances by Tom Delay and *hack* Lieberman.

This Week on Bill Moyers Journal

Absurd Outrage: Michael Vicks

All world indexes down for second day. DOW down 115


Schuster Report on Matthews was Really Was Shiela Jackson-Leigh on Gozo Perjury

“Holy Reaganomics, Batman!” DOW plunges 750 points in one week!

Jon Soltz:Time For President To Come Clean On Tillman

Local Repub politician guilty of sex crime!!!! yawn, whats new?

Well this was bound to happen......,no shirt, no........

The ultimate SICKO example: VA refuses ER patient who dies

I have a question about Gonzo's position:

GOD wants Impeachment

White House Says Dems in Congress on "Crusade" to "Destroy" AG

Ignoring ABC's own poll, Stephanopoulos claimed Congress "is even more unpopular" than Bush

Blitzer failed to challenge Snow's suggestion that Mueller did not contradict Gonzales

Chickenhawk Congressman Smears Military Expert

Support Chavez or be fired from your job sounds pretty dictatorial

Heritage Foundation reruns model - Bombing Iran might even be good for the economy

McClatchy: U.S. to sell advanced weapons to Saudi Arabia and others

Flag Arrest Incident: N.C. Flag Law Not Enforced Since Vietnam War Era

Always the smartest person in the room .... Sheila Jackson Lee

The two men arrested for the Conn home invasion; what illegal drugs were they using that

TV Alert: Nova at 8:30 EST: Voter Caging

Tweety has Bruce Fein on as a guest and then dumbs down the conversation

Land that I love (yeah, right) -- RANT

I am sorry but Fred Thompson has not business running for President

Bush subpeonas michael moore...

Some recruits could get $40,000 to sign up

I find the Tony Snow issue (using his cancer) rather distasteful

A Crude Awakening.

Re: crash of two helicopters in Phoenix covering police chase: It was bound to happen sooner or late

NBC Nightly News shows coroner's report showing Pat Tillman was shot at close range

I contend that Obama has more Foreign Policy experience than Bill Clinton did in 92.

Whoopi Goldberg to join The View

Did Arlen Specter get kicked off of Air Force One?


Caption Bush ---pix--->>>

Uganda: Pastor Sued over Sodomy, Another Held on Extortion

So, Noriega was taken down because he knew too much about Iran/Contra?

Impeach the fuckers already!!!!

DN!: Should Impeachment Be Off The Table? Debate With Cindy Sheehan, Ex-CIA Analyst Ray McGovern...

I agree we should stop these silly Nazi comparisons.

If the Dems really want change the country, they will be able to in 2009.

Kerry Adds Transparency to TSA Contracts, Repeals Small Business Exemption

Please Meet Mr. Morans Grandmother

Is There Any Legal Remedy to Remove a Supreme Court Justice?

Cops: Man, 93, Shoots Violent Robber

How Ohio Participated In A Coup D'etat

I just got the best chain email EVER! National Friendship Week

Priceless-Gonzo with the death cat

cynthia mckinney slammed but shays only hand-slapped

Report: U.S. Backs Off Saudi Bank Linked to Militant Funding

Hey C-Span 2 They just shut the doors because of all the yelling outside!

Liberals Go After Fox News Advertisers

Do you believe that severe devaluation of the dollar is...

Was Pat Tillman murdered? Did the WH cover it up?

* Announces Universal Health Care Plan

Cheney having heart surgery tomorrow. Bush will briefly be "President."

Analysis: Gonzales Endurance Is Baffling

Tony Snow signs the cast on Stephen Colberts' broken wrist - pics

Was Tillman an ordered hit?

CNN didn't use impeachment video -Edwards Dodd Responded - My Video Response

Clark on Countdown: "I would suspect that this is all a political game with Karl Rove."

Congress sends 9/11 bill to Bush

In contrast to all the crap in sports today .....

I suppose this was bound to happen:

Mark the time: The main headline on the DU front page is a 9/11 'Loose Change' thread.

Tell Me Again: They Wanted To Do What With Our Social Security?

No conscience. No Shame. Fear of Humiliation. An assessment of George Bush.

Oops. 2 news choppers in Phoenix collide & crash.

To the admins at DU - Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day!

How could anyone be pro-death penalty after reading this?

Chris Hedges: Accustomed To Their Own Atrocities In Iraq, U.S. Soldiers Have Become Murderers

“…if IMPEACHMENT is underway…the military will stop Iran War – Vet. Intel Profs for Sanity

Michael Moore: Pass H.R. 676 Now (set up for you to contact your Senators and Rep

Immediate Impeachment: The Only Way Out and Back!

"For Doing My Job-You're Going To Bill Me?" Iraqi Vets Being Charged For 'Debt Of Service'

Can someone please explain "Caging"?

I've asked this before, but how did the White House know that Joe Wilson's wife was

Former volunteer youth minister accused of molesting teenage girl

Audio of BBC documentary on the coup against FDR

A question about NARTH

Question for vets

I seem to be making waves with the huge stickers on my car windows!

"World is one hedge-fund collapse away from crisis"

Tweety will be discussing Gonzo and Rove

Game Over

Sub-Prime lenders are worse than I thought

If a hacker has Cartoon Characters win a Republican primary, who should it be?

Anyone else disgusted with some of the ads on Air America affiliates? Corky McMillin ad on KLSD...

White House is claiming Executive Privilege in Tillman Case

I agree with what Faux News thinks of DemocraticUnderground.Com

Business Week : PHANTOM GDP! The GDP numbers are PHONEY and here's why!

Someone please tell me what is wrong with this?

The DLC: Wrong On The Right -good read

*** Friday TOONs: HealthCare ***

Plan B rule sparks lawsuit from pharmacists

White House photo of * during Special Olympics Ceremony

Interesting Pat Tillman poll...

What were the impeachable arguments of Andrew Johnson

The anniversary of a horrible Naval Disaster on the horizon

Viva Castro!! Thank YOU for helping

No Charges Against Dad in Infant Car Death

Edwards weasel way into Obama-Clinton Flap

Please post here if you are interested in forming an IMPEACH group!!

Pepsi To Admit Aquafina Made From Tap Water

You Can Have Rep. Kucinich Enter Your Name In Congressional Record In Support Of Impeachment

I just wonder what outrage would actually cause outrage?

Breaking: Rove & Jennings Just Got Added To Senate Judiciary Cmttee Hearing For Thursday-10:00 a.m

BREAKING: First News of Debra Bowen's Top-To-Bottom Review of California Voting Systems

Who wants to start a "Black Collar Crime" Forum?

Lindsay: "I Wasn't Driving, the Black Kid Was"

If A Republican Is Elected President in 2008, I Will Definitely Move To Europe

Greg Palast on PBS 'Now' Tonight (Friday): "The Fix Is In" For 2008

Fox and O'lielly have been crying every night about bloggers..

Will you allow your name to be read in Congress as a supporter of impeachment?

Conservapedia and Augusto Pinochet: The Merits of Mass Murder

You know what I find offensive?

I was wondering when this old chestnut would finally appear about one of the GOP hopefuls...

Remembering Martha Mitchell. I believe a refresher course may have current applications...

Hackers able to break into voting machines

Intelligence Professionals for Sanity: "Dangers of a Cornered George Bush"

Wes Clark on Tillman Case - Reopen Investigation

***DUzy Awards for week ending July 27, 2007.***

Lowe's Pull ads from The O'Reilly Factor

Did Bush Admin Order Tillman Murdered to Silence Him?

Time For President To Come Clean On Tillman Cover-Up

About the family in Connecticut that was murdered

Outrage! Re: The couple arrested on a "desecration" charge for flying the upside-down flag.

Watch this 1:22 Youtube and tell me this candidate should not be our 2008 Dem Nominee LINK

George W. Bush has confessed to the murder of Pat Tillman.

World's deadliest horse race plunges on

TIA wasn't just passive surveillance, "Program X" is Universal Terrorist Profiling

What I miss about Democratic it was in the "Old Days."

(TOON) Steve Bell on Broon's first meeting with Shrub

In Defense of Making Comparisons of Certain People with Nazis or other Contemptible Groups

Life without possibility of parole in place of the death penalty

Money spent in Iowa, Iowa endorsements, and organization in Iowa

Is there ANY point in passing anything Lil' Bush would sign?

White House scandals a headache for Bush

Congress ties Pakistan aid to terrorism progress (Reuters)

fox "news" sure does know its audience

GOP candidates seek Thatcher's blessing

"Three journalists listed as AHIP speakers, then disappear from website following Kos Diary"

David Brooks: Republicans Running Dole Campaign, biggest story is the success of Hillary Clinton.

Strange Bedfellows: Churchgoers prefer Giuliani, sort of

YouTube debate for GOP looking iffy.....

AG Bush and Cheney's Meat Impeachment Sheild

The Rude Pundit: Ann Coulter's Selective Brain (With a Smidgen of Plagiarism)

Thank you, Skinner for setting the rules about Sheehan

Hearing on US in IRAQ--talking of role of Congress now--good -cspan2

lots of talk of Chicken manure on the House floor right now.

Mass Gov. Deval Patrick hails jurist as ideal pick for Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

Dems See the Sword in the Stone

Should Impeachment Be Off the Table? Democracy Now---A Debate with......

URGENT: Your Help Needed to Protect Pets in This Year's Farm Bill

Dennis Kucinich just posted 6 policy videos to youtube

Stephen Pizzo: Putting the Dems on Suicide Watch

Please vote in this poll about the falling dollar...

Most irritating Republican excuse for the Iraq Messcapade/Baghmire:

State knew of Big Dig Ceiling Risk (During Romney Administration)

Another congressman backs impeachment

‘Al Qaeda Is Coming Soon To A Classroom Near You’---There was

Republicans fear another beating: Indications suggest Dems will win WH, House, Senate in '08

Machine gun fundraiser under fire

WP political blog's early nominee predictions little changed from previous rankings

Cheney losing David Wurmser------most radical hawk.

Bwahahaha! Email from right-wingers at Town Hall: "Bush Threatens to VETO Border Funding!"

Poll: Obama beating Thomp by 23%, while HRC is up by 2%. Obama beats Guiliani by 9%, HRC loses by 6%

Poll: Richardson leading the pack at 31.1% !!!!

Romney says Americans Angry With Iraq War

Clinton Leads in New Florida Poll (Mason-Dixon)

I Just Flipped Over To C-SPAN And Specter Was Just Finishing A Press Conference.......

FBI Proposes Building Network of U.S. Informants (more than 15,000 informants)

Activist William M. Arkin: Clinton 1, Obama 0

Rasmussen: Obama improves against Giuliani & Thompson (now beating Rudy)

For Tony Snow. The differences between a 'witch hunt' and investigating the AG for perjury.

A reason to be thankful about President George Bush

the writing style of hillaryis44 reminds me a lot of the style of mediawhoresonline

The Anti-Establishment Edwards

Obama vs Clinton: Left vs Right

Flag-defiling charge ends in fight, arrests

Hillary's late hit

Taylor Marsh on Obama: So Much for A Different Kind of Politics

Edwards' plan would raise taxes on wealthy, aid middle class ('We have crony capitalism')

Republican lawmakers have been buzzing about Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s (D-Ill.) recent floor antics.

a shout out to the junior Senator from New Mexico who just sent me this nice letter

Analysis: Gonzales Testimony Part of Broader Effort to Conceal Surveillance Program

John Edwards to Multiple Choice Mittens: You Don't Need Bush's Tax Cuts

Grover Norquist calls Edwards "lead lemming"

Tillman Story - Front Page On Today's Arizona Republic


Rules Committee row causes Sessions to storm out

Democrats Launch Web Assault on Don Young

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (7-27-07)

House Armed Services Committee - General Kean admits mistakes were

Cindy Sheehan vs. a DLC lie-berman clone

Face it ... there is impeachment ..... or there is nothing. There is NO middle ground.

My scenario re Cheney and 'heart surgery'.

Rothenberg release 2008 Senate rankings...and here they are...

Rasmussen: Hillary 42%, Obama 23%, Edwards 14%...

Chicago Sun-Times ......Hillary thrives on campaign trail

MSNBC so called Democrats sound like rethugs

Wes Clark on Clinton-Gates: "Who wanted such a quarrel?"

Asian American unionists step up fight for equality, 2008 victory

What is Obama thinking?!?!?!?!?!

Edwards Responds to Romney's Attacks on Middle and Working Class Tax Relief

Stumbo may run for U.S. Senate (against McConnell)

What was the "jacket comment"? Please? sorry to start a whole topic for it

Don't know how many watched/are watching Hardball.... Gotta

Poll: Who's Best On National Security? Clinton leads all candidates.

Hah! Tweety just implied Chimpy is an idiot

NBC's First Read: New Obama Web Ads Hit Clinton in Iowa, NH

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today in Adel, Iowa

The illustrive case of Harry Truman

Obama's new message

"An NSA program" and "The program the president approved" -- Why are they being so cagey?

Hillary's sister-in-law disqualifies her from our nomination.

Cornell Law School annotated Constitution

Why isn't the press reporting REAL news about the candidates instead of nonsense?

Democrats at the Urban League. Obama got warmest applause

Joe Biden's New Hampshire chair takes shot at Obama

Obama Faces Doubts Among S.C. Blacks

Hillary: We see why certain Establishment Folks..: Political Cortex

White House: Democrats on 'crusade' against Gonzales; "constant settling of scores"

U.S. drops Baghdad electricity reports

Edwards on the Hillary vs. Obama dispute - "attacking each other instead of attacking problems"

I'd call it murder

Chris Mathews On Today Show

Most Democrats have a favorable opinion of Hillary Clinton

Explain to me how the Senate can impeach with so few votes.

Hey folks....DU this AOL poll ~~ should there be a perjury probe of Alberto Gonzales?

McClatchy: Hillary Clinton: Right-Wing Darling?

Hillary votes with Repugs, and Obama sits this one out but says he would have voted NO

ARG Poll Shows Bush Thing With A 25% Approval Rating

GRIN: what Fox News thinks of DU

Apparently, Hillary Clinton has cleavage

What, No Paper Trail Until 2012???

Hillary fundraising email: on "cleavage coverage", Edwards for negative comment about coral jacket

Obama Goofed by Not Including Caveat (Day before debate, said only "under certain conditions")

Obama: My presidency would unleash a 'transformation'

Edwards's Tax Plan Focuses on Low, Middle-Income Families

Rep. Bobby Scott Debates Impeachment

Why, Massachusetts? Why?

A Discussion of the DLC

Now that Edwards has called for raising the capital gains tax will HRC and BO follow suit?

Who is funding our candidates? The top contributors to each candidate (with amount given)

Al Gore's VP pick

It's now clear: neoliberalism and "free trade" are KILLING the world's poor

Dodd, Biden critical of Clinton-Obama duel

So Senator Clinton is raising money because of "sexism" and fashion comments...