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Debtor is as a Debtor Does (by Byron Williams at HuffPost)

Understanding Hospice — An Underutilized Option for Life's Final Chapter (NewEngJourMed)

Bush Speechwriter Calls for Attack on Syria

Union member wins legislative primary

UAW members ratify contract at eight Dana locations (7 states)

Top Trade Official Hit With Expulsion

Recruiting pressure leads to sergeant’s court martial

At least 50 killed, more than 130 injured during festivities for Asian Cup (Iraq)

Explosion and fire hit major Russian gas pipeline

Putin Vows To Increase Spy Activity

Mummified baby found in attic floor

Senator want to revoke U.S. funding for U.N. Human Rights Council

House Democrats Push New Withdrawal Bill

Murtha sees showdown with Bush on Iraq this fall

Army Wives Take Action (against VA)

(Iraq) Parliament Passes Law to Privatize Refineries

County home foreclosures rise 551% in first half of 2007

Documents Contradict Gonzales' Testimony

NYC cabbies threaten strike over GPS system plans

No Mass Memorials at Fort Lewis Base

US House votes to bar permanent Iraq bases

Three charged in probe of Pentagon Iraq contracts

FBI: Air Force mechanic threatened to blow up Utah air force base, kill hostages

Venezuela Set to Create National Police, Carreno Says


Need Good Vibes

Hot sauce in the Belfast Crown Pub?

Has Sugar Smack been back since her last post,

OK lounge

Hey Lounge! Here's a picture of my "package"

Has anyone seen the "Isreal - Who Knew?" travel ads?

Check it out! This writer totally misspelled 'pit bull'

Who knew that Googling Charmel would bring up images of a lingerie line

Muggles! Fun to make, fun to eat!

omg!! hubby just picked up this cool seasonal gig...

i'm 430,291 posts from 456,789 posts, and i'm pretty sure i'll be way bored by then...

sad news, bat boy is dieing...

I finally saw a Burger King ad with that creepy Burger King, that had me laughing.

Hey Lounge!! Here's a picture of my *junk*!!

I have spent the last two hours looking for my AAA batteries, couldn't find them.

Comment on this picture...

"Traveling Wilburys" fans check in.

Do you like Twizzlers?

Is Harry Potter the new kudzu?

Today....I had a WTF moment on the freeway...

I'm sick up and fed with politics and stories of pain and destruction.

BONDSWATCH for 25 July 07

HELP! How does one go about editing a video for YouTube?

I'm drunk, y'all, aks me anything!

My dog will attack you if you have a Twizzler in your hand.

How heterosexual is *this*?

I demand a refund, I do not feel any smarter with my new glasses

I need a laugh. Bad high school yearbook pics.... GO!


Free Hugs! Get yer free hugs here!

What do you what to put on your M&M's.

Lounge Cancer Survivors - Please Check In!

I sent out my manuscripts - woohoo!

Should Lindsey Lohan go to jail?

Does anyone here have me on ignore???????

My new roommate and her boyfriend are having sex

Bruise on toe shaped like Connecticut - wanna see?

Attn LOST fans (spoilerish?)

Why my orthopod didn't install a pain pump

Today is my sister's 44th birthday

I have Hyperhydrosis

For my 5,000 post - Lounge Losers Check in here!

Anyone go camping anymore?

LA times: Commissioner Goodell, players union chief Upshaw meet with retirees

Conference committee room filling up early

Web Video on Fiscal Responsibility

Chertoff's gut feeling...aka "oh Michael Chertoff will you take your shirt off"

solo le pido a dios (All I ask of God)

"Enough" with the Young Turks

Directive 51 - The END is NEAR

Conservative Marine Matt Sanchez was a Gay Porn Whore

Common Sense

WOWOWOW!!! KO is going to have Sen. Leahy and Bruce Fein on tonight!!! Must See TV!!!!

Hey pugs, if you're not in favor of getting rid of the criminals yet, what are your plans for your

BREAKING KO: AGAG Caught Lying Under Oath!

Pat Leahy will be on with Keith tonite

Daily SHow correspondents humping an ottoman

Glenn Greenwald: What were the pre-2005 "other intelligence activities"?

Can Congress Impeach Alberto, and if so why haven't they?

Hey D.C. Guy! DUers love you!

Federal audit rips Iraqi reconstruction work

Yes, it's another impeachment thread...

House Democrats push new withdrawal bill-vote next week

Is anyone able to determine how much Bill O R has helped Kos?

Universal health care is crap to me.

Just what parts of the Federal establishment have not been politicized?

McClatchy: U.S. to Pakistan: Use military force to rout al Qaida

One thing about it us Dems and Progressives are fired up!

Think you're the only one who deserves health care?

Your so Fien, You're so Fien Bruce Fien Bruce Fien.

Well, we're halfway through "next week"...

401k question

Do Republican candidates even have ANY health care proposals beyond status quo?

What is Keith saying? No more Weekly World News? How can I go grocery shopping?

HA! HA! Now, you've done it Arlen Specter. FOX News labels Arlen a Democrat

How's that decid'n goin' there bushitler?

So Gonzo lied under oath? Isn't there some kind of impeachment precedent for doing that?

The ice packs that threatened America

Do you feel like laughing your ass off?

Justice! Not Just Us - Impeach (Not an impeachment thread)

Why, why, why does Discovery Channel do this crap?

Is the Australian drought still in full - uh -vigor?

I'm Just Curious , . . .

Call your reps and senators! NO VACATION

Hugh-EST laugh EVER!!1 Newt sez Tweety is "a Liberal Democrat"!!1

This one from Jane Hamsher grabbed my heart today

Visitors who criticize the Chavez Govt. will be deported

New Daily show on now.n/t

Public health insurance to go ahead in China

A Tom Tomorrow Blast from the Past -- A Typical Day at the DOJ

Hollywood Quickly Bringing the Iraq War Home

Jon Stewart on Gonzo is classic! And informative.

Do as I say (not as I boo-boo)

Study: Nevada Has Big Temperature Gains

"we're living in corporate state" fightbak @ municipal-level!

let's be clear - if universal health care is crap to you, you imagine yourself among the elite.

If You Want An Accurate Picture of Our Economy Go To Dr Housing Bubble

Documents contradict Gonzales' testimony

For Those Of You Who Thought A Long Time Ago That Sheehan Was Over The Edge

question about Gonzo

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Jeff Farias sits in the Big Seat!

Free condoms, HIV tests for NYC elderly

Republicans for the Environment

Inmate found guilty for masturbation in his own cell

Help! Can someone direct me to the thread or the link re: Bush's executive order which enables him


If you think universal healthcare is crap,

Thank you for taking my call

FBI wants to build network of US informants

This discussion on cspan reminds me of the Terri Schiavo debate

Lil' Bush: Post-Show Q & A - Torture

McCain's Media Team Quits - Not getting paid

"but leave it up to President Bush to decide when to complete the pullout."

just shoot me now

What's a "soapbox declamation"?

If you were stuck in a prison camp with all 9 candidates, who would you choose to lead the escape?

Why can't Gonzo be charged with Perjury?

Is this the “other secret spy program” that Gonzo lied about?

Is there a gang problem in the Congress

Is It Me, Or Is Washington Journal (C-Spin) A Little Bit repuke-Heavy Tomorrow?

Water running out in British flood areas

PROOF Of Perjury - Documents Contradict Gonzales Testimony

Mummified baby found in attic floor

How do the White House insiders manage to remain calm?

3,640 U.S. troops killed in Iraq and 26,558 U.S. wounded since March 2003

ok, wtf is going on in this pic?

A Not So Oldy But A Goodie! Bill Moyers Journal Tough Talk On Impeachment! View Online!

He Only Saved a Billion People

Alaska Lawmakers Coming Under Scrutiny

The Colbert Report covering the O'Liely/Fox "news" Daily Kos thing!

Richard Holbrooke: A Hillary Clinton Neocon

Apparently, only American Conservative Christians can save us!

Blech! Dairy farm horror story

Computer analyst discovers new images in "Last Supper"

Do you believe John Conyers' treatment of ...

81 Municipalities Across The Land Have Voted/Advocated For Impeachment

What if you suspected that the admin had been doing some really dark things,

Can the AIR CAR Save the world?

Pelosi: Contempt Vote Part of Effort to Restore Checks and Balances

Leahy to Olbermann: It would take until the end of this administration to impeach Gonzales.

Josh Marshall Considers the Impeachment Question

Treasonous, moneyed elite trying to overthrow FDR said, "They controlled the newspapers."

Submitted for your approval - WetzelBill/Kurovski: The Campaign Song.

On gettin' "urinated" off and leavin'

How much $$$ are those 2-minute CELEBREX ads costing us?

Understanding some of our passion. Understanding some of our anger.

KO reports breaking --AP Has Obtained Intel Report Proves Gonzo Lied Under Oath! LINK

If you were trapped in a prison camp with the democratic prez candidates....

Can't the Supreme Court be petitioned for Writ of Mandamus and

If you peeked behind the curtain you would see many 'insiders' feeding Congressional Committees...

Al Gore sums it up as the true statesman that he is

Anyone notice that there is no Repub response to the AP Doc Proving Gonzo lied?

You're NOT a Real DUer If ...

Why not just do universal healthcare now? I know this is going sound simplistic, but play along...

You have got to be shitting me - Florida inmate convicted of masturbating in his private cell

Myth of Vegetarianism

Buzzflash Interview: Paul Jay - Founder of The Real News television network - this is amazing!

Front yard vegetable patches make food, but some gardens rile the neighbors

I have eliminated soda from my diet...

Awesome post by Josh Marshall - please read it.

Do we need an IMPEACHMENT area/group, something?

Let’s Impeach TWO.

The Decline of Political Courage

Chicago SunTimes: Soldier Field getting political

State auditor endorses Sen. Obama

Obama: 'Better Judgment' on Foreign Policy

The Media Contradicts Itself Again

Imagine this scenario: HRClinton wins the nomination and picks Lieberman as her VP

N.H. Rep. Hodes to endorse Obama

Obama Wins Debate Focus Group Will He Win Maryland Too?

It is all entertainment, Good People.

Purple America: the 50 State Strategy

Has any DU member been banned because of their support

"Panel Calls for Changes to Wounded Veterans' Care......."

John and Elizabeth Edwards in Georgetown, SC yesterday...

Larisa: National Intelligence Estimate lacks supporting evidence

We own what comes next...

I think I'm going to visit DC. Who wants to come?

An interesting conversation with a neighbor who removed his Hillary bumpersticker

If Gonzo Resigns During The August Recess - Could * Appoint A New AG......

In the end, the MSM will defend Clinton against Obama because that's who they want

Barack Obama Is Not Only Oprah Winfrey's Pick...Obama Is Hollywood's!

Why did Hillary mention Fidel and Chavez before Kim Jong Il and Ahmenijad? Here is the answer

Congress: P2P networks harm national security

Most important words from the CNN YouTube debate

Let's stop bashing ANY of our candidates!!

Creationist Appointed by Governor Rick Perry To Head Texas School Board

Focus on 2 R’s Cuts Time for the Rest, Report Says

I think I am having Hillary burnout.

House Votes to ban permanent bases in Iraq. Good news!

If Only Bill Clinton Had Been As Smart As George W. Bush....

Edwards Recognizes the Anniversary of Americans With Disabilities Act, Calls for Strengthening Law

Jon Stewart and The Daily Show covering and explaining AGAGonzales testimony!!!

Ok, I'll surprise many and detail how I would support Clinton in the primary

The vitriol and paranoia are getting on my nerves.

The Hillary inevitability meme is getting on my nerves

Edwards talks issues, borrows salve on RAGBRAI

I'm No Longer Giving John Edwards a Pass. He's No Friend of the GLBT Community.

Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Censure and Impeachment

George Bush's Al Qaeda Lies Exposed

Trial of David Hicks 'a charade'

This is a poem by Darrell B. Grayson who is scheduled to be executed today.


Harry Potter and the Publishing Industry

John W. Dean: Joe Wilson’s War

You can't ride a scooter in the DoJ

Bill Scher: Standing Up To The Obstructionists (And The Pundits Who Love Them)

Hooyah!! : London Review of Books on Scahill about the Blackwater mercenary army

Fare-Free Public Transit Could Be Headed to a City Near You

Will Bush Ever Get His Comeuppance? (by Chris Durang at HuffPost)

U.S. Tracks Saudi Bank Favored by Extremists...Intelligence Files Show

Why Can't They Impeach The Entire Republican Party? (by RJ Eskow at HuffPost)

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Specialist Town Goes to Washington

Snow Perfectly Conveys White House's Total Arrogance (by Bob Geiger at HuffPost)

Barbara Ehrenreich: It's Easier to Insure Pets Than Kids

Joe Conason: Murdoch’s Minions Smear Bloggers

Eric Alterman: All Rupert, All the Time

The Dangerous Framing of Congress as an Inept Community

Spielberg Mulls Quitting Olympics to Pressure Chinese on Darfur

Operation Iraq betrayal - By Sidney Blumenthal at Salon


Pure water, right on tap (Boston Globe)

War Is So Over

Bill Scher: The Evidence Points To Rove

Arrest Harriet Miers & Joshua Bolten NOW!

Jail Cells in U.S. Capitol Building Could Be Reopened for Rove, Miers and Bolten

How To Create an Ugly American

The Crash of 1929: Are We on the Verge of a Repeat?

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Josh Marshall on Impeachment

The DLC needs to realize its coveted "center" is progressive, not conservative

Paybacks is a .........BITCH !! GOP is running scared.

30 Days to Absolute Tyranny

Intelligence Expert Uncovers Disturbing Details of how Corporations Provide Content for Pres. Brief

Roasting Marshmallows on the American Reichstag Fire to Come.

U.S. launches program to offset carbon with trees - Reuters

(EPA) Number of Environmental Cops Decreasing - AP

San José Unified School District Enters in to Solar Contract (5 MW PV)

Will wind power be a breeze in Coos County? (NH)

Industry Can Substantially Save Energy And Reduce CO2 Emissions

Is IBM going solar?

UK targets green power gridlock

Progress Energy and a partner plan to build a biomass power plant (FL)

China’s Economic Engine Forced to Face Environmental Deficit

Domestic Demand Growth Heart Of Saudi Economic Boom - MENAFN

Nevada Among States With Biggest Average Temp. Spikes Over 30 Yrs - Reno Summer Average Up 7F

WTI Hits $77.24/bbl, Just Below All-Time Record, In 7/26 NYMEX Trading - AFP

Scottish Power Announces Plan To Use 12% Of Scotland's Cropland To Grow Biofuels - Glascow Herald

India confirms bird flu outbreak is H5N1 strain

Dengue Infections In Indonesia Double In One Year - Up To 200,000 In 2007 - ENN

May - July Wettest On Record In UK - And July's Not Even Over Yet - Guardian

Areas Of Greece Hit 113F - Sixth Straight Day Of Temperatures Above 40 C - Reuters

Areva acknowledges "preliminary contacts" with Libya for reactor

Delete: dupe

Ozone has 'strong climate effect' (BBC)

Lawmakers Grill EPA Chief on Calif. Law - AP

Diesel pollution 'clogs arteries' (BBC)

Society Of Vertebrate Paleontology Comments On The Creation Museum - AFP

Balkan Heatwave Cuts Bosnian Corn Crop In Half - Other Grains, Veggies Vulnerable - Reuters

Interoceanic Highway to Critically Damage Andes-Amazon in Peru

Sewerage systems of the future? (BBC)

Lions, Hyenas Poisoned in Ugandan Park - AP

Remote Queensland town welcomes solar farm (Oz)

June anomalies

Texas leads list of dirtiest U.S. power plants

Mountain top removal simple action please help (John Edwards did)

John Edwards Rejects Nuclear Power

Study Claims Renewable Energy Could Wreck the Environment.

Burlington College to send students to Cuba

The FBI seeks to pay telecommunications companies for data

More than half of Danish troops have now left Iraq

Turkish ruling party may defy army over president

Unsafe food is linked to trade pacts

Bechtel Meets Goals on Fewer Than Half of Its Iraq Rebuilding Projects, U.S. Study Finds

Britain's Brown to meet with Bush at Camp David

Dems call for probe of Gonzales’ statements

Dems call for Gonzales perjury probe

Hodes endorses Obama

Senate Democrats are calling for special counsel to investigate....

Leahy says he will subpoena White House adviser Karl Rove about attorney firings.

More accurate Green Zone attacks aided by Iran-US

Five U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq - military

Sales of New Homes Plunge by the Largest Amount in 5 Months

Judge: FBI Helped Frame 4 Men for Murder

Analyst counters Bush on Al Qaeda

Wells Fargo to close subprime wholesale lending business

ABC News' Washington Bureau Evacuated Due To Suspicious Package

Dow plunges 400 pts on credit concerns

Senate passes border enforcement amendment (3 billion dollars)

White House defends Gonzales

S Korean hostage pleads for help

Shortages stay as flooding eases (UK flooding)

Many killed in Baghdad blast

U.S. says Qaeda safe haven inaccessible

Stocks slammed by housing market worry

Iraq war veteran's parents sue U.S. after suicide

Civil war impossible in Iraq – commander

Deal averts strike at huge port complex (S. California)

Bush, Cheney the target of new censure resolutions

Contractor Sabotages Space Station

Sen. Murkowski Plans to Sell Alaska Land

Clinton to appear on Letterman show

Report of terrorist 'dry run' at Lindbergh a false alarm

Gates seeks to calm feud with Clinton

Noriega appears in US court to fight French extradition request

New Camera Minimizes Danger in Iraq

Democratic senators want to investigate whether Gonzales lied

Exclusive | Emails Detail RNC Voter Suppression in Five States

Nifong expected in court today for hearing in criminal contempt case

House moves to free Border Patrol agents convicted of shooting Mexican drug dealer

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday July 26

Factory Farm emissions ruling sparks outrage

AstraZeneca unveils new job cuts (7,600)

BBC exposes Bulgarian baby trade

General's rank could be reduced in Tillman probe

Dog who searched for WTC survivors dies

McCain ad consultants quit campaign

Judge strikes down Hazleton immigrant law


NASA investigates possible sabotage of recorder for International Space Station (NASA subcontractor)

3 arrested as Colombia investigates drug cartel's recruitment of retired army officers

Two dead in explosion at Mojave (Calif.) Airport

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Leahy says he will subpoena White House adviser Karl Rove

Molester gets 45 years, scolding from disabled victims' parents

Veterans Suing for Better PTSD Care Share Anguish (On Capitol Hill)

Eight U.S. troops killed in Iraq

Drummond cleared in landmark Colombia rights case

FCC Chair: Fairness Doctrine Not Needed

Study finds drunk astronauts allowed to fly

Venezuela to Spend $631 Billion on Public Hospital Repairs

Noriega loses round in extradition fight

Blackwater supports inquiry into fatal shooting(Iraqi VP's bodyguard)

U.S. Tracks Saudi Bank Favored by Extremists

Libya protests over pardons for HIV medics

Wall Street has biggest plunge of the year

Colombia: Unionists under threat (Amnesty International)

G.O.P. Leaders Fight Expansion of Children’s Health Insurance

Chaos US predicted never materialized in Cuba, Raul Castro says


Faith Hill sings....

Anyone remember News Radio?

trying to trace Harry's family tree.

*SPOILERS* I just finished reading...

Snortin' whiskey...drinkin' cocaine....

I found a spider in my bed...

Too Rollin' Stoned ~ Robin Trower

My son is planning a Greek honeymoon.. anyone been there lately?

Write your own lyrics to the PumaMan theme song

I was awake at 1AM, but got back to sleep until 3AM - have been up since.

I think all of you know just how much I enjoy being here...

Coincidence or PARANOIA?

*SPOILERS* Rosebud was his stupid SLED!

Holy Crap. Tour de France fans....

Watching "The Day the Earth stood still" online, anyone want to join me (& other films online)

Thursday Pick Thread! -dialup-

SPOILER! Liberal Liz posts spoilers

"The Next Best Thing" - WTF?

Was having trouble with the site hosting my Music

Italy: she spied on his cell phone, he on hers.

WTF: medicare/medicaid are not paying for benzos?

Okay just one question

Do you watch the Tour de France

News from the Hi-Line

Who was lucky enough to have one of these as a kid?

Do you think that O.J. Simpson is happy the role choices he made?

Why do some people think tall people are automatically superior to short people?

Who would win in a fight, Netflix or Blockbuster?

Has anybody here been to Medora North Dakota--and seen the musical?

A colossal waste of advertising dollars? You be the judge.

I just had novocaine for the first time.

Who would win in a fight: bull walrus vs. silverback gorilla?

Do you think that Leslie Nielsen is happy the role choices he made?

*sigh* I miss ATA. BabyMidlo spilled red KoolAid on my new tablecloth


Need Help Buying a Decent Digital Camera

So you have seen everything? (DIALUP WARNING)

What's it cost to get contact lenses these days?

My eighty year old grandma has recently taken up pot smoking.

Full swimming pool stolen, not a drop spilled

Napolean Solo or Ilya Kuryakin?

Ah, the Infamous Exploding Whale is on Spike TV right now

What ever happened to Whit Stillman? (Metropolitan, Barcelona, Last Days of Disco...)

What ever happened to Walt Whitman? (Leaves of Grass, Drum Taps, Good-bye, My Fancy...)

I've got a secret and I'm not telling you!!

Any fans of the band Sweet here?

'Nerd' insult leads to trailer fire

Serenity now, serenity now!

They all hate us anyhow. so let's drop the big one now

What is it about the sound of running water...

"I'd rather be dead than singing Satisfaction when I'm 45."

Anyone besides me notice that since the Michael Vick debacle

Anyone watch any E3 coverage? What do you think of the upcoming game Rock Band?

Best TV Leader

Do you really think she'll pull through?

Anyone have info on how to ship furniture back here from Japan?

Anybody watch medium Lisa Williams show on Lifetime?

I Love Olive Garden Thread

Harry Potter 8 - Just Announced.

Do you think that Homer Simpson is happy with the role choices he made?

just got tickets to see the cure - anyone else going?

In Honor of Harry Potter, the x-rated Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Bone

"If"- Telly Savalas

Should Tall People Be Allowed To Post In The Lounge

Goddamned squirrels!111!!!!11

Last night I asked someone "Why do you hate America?"

"Band of Brothers" followup called "The Pacific" start shooting in August

Raise your hand if you've already bought Guitar Hero 80's

Breaking- Conejo Valley Airport Evacuated.

Anyone go vamping anymore?

Would like to have an affair, but have no-one to cheat on.

Who would win in a fight: Indiana Jones or Han Solo

Who's the best Woodward and Bernstein?

OMFG! Have you guys seen 'Bill Maher: The Decider'?

Funny incident at the zoo

Look! A Cliche!

Man Forgets To Drop Baby Off At Daycare - Spends All Day At Work - Baby Dies In Hot Car

US cat 'predicts patient deaths' (BBC)

When, exactly, DO the cows come home?

Satire or total lunacy?

Not to diss Qwest, but get a load of the call I made today:

OK - this is creapy

From what I understand, Harry Potter is a very healthy young man.

Isn't this the best baby ever?

Saw a surgeon this AM

Post Bad Advice here...

An Albert Finney appreciation thread

Hi lounge..I have an hour to kill

iTunes really needs a "clean up the shit" function

Whale explodes in Taiwan.. Old story, but it has pics!

When bitching loudly into a cellphone while in a public place, it really means:

What other websites do you peruse for laughs or boredom OTHER than DU?

Pssst, they're talking about breasts in GD

Skip Prosser (Wake Forest Men's Basketball Coach) Collapses and Dies....

Ahhhh ..... she sure looks like her mom!!

Death Cat Roaming Free in Nursing Home! I'm SERIES!!11!

My Evita moments

Grammar help...

I love Panda Express thread!

My gait is all screwed up today

Whats The Most Embarrassing Thing You Have Ever Done

I want to apologize to the Monkees for my lascivious behavior.

Christ, EVERY FUCKING AFTERNOON this guy sits nude on his screen porch downloading ring tones.

I want to apologize to the mods for my cannibalistic behavior.

Family's Swimming Pool Stolen Including The 1,000 Gallons Of Water In It

Miz t. shaved her legs today. That means ONE thing.

Did something happen to Bruce Springstein Today? Joe Scarborough said Springstein...

okay. So on last night's ABC celebrity impersonator show, they teamed up "Bush" and "Paris"

I want to apologize to the monks for my lascivious behavior.

How do you dream?

Curry curse laid in shopkeeper spat

Anyone else a fan of Lizz Winstead?

I was watching The Running Man last night.

Best Star Trek Doctor?

The newest Democrat in Texas

Any Harry Chapin Fans Here? If there know what he was about...

Bad Joke Of The Day

would you be happier harried or unharried

Ha! Just saw a movie goof.

Screamin' Beans

I want to apologize to the mods for my lascivious behavior.

"I'm a bit of a daredevil." Sleep Number Bed commercial.

Toddler sex ed...

Sartre or total lunacy?

Whats Your Favorite Board Game

Should only short people be allowed to post in the lounge?

HypnoToad Discusses Personals headline: I'll "roll" you, if you'll "roll" me! Post here or send a PM

"Countdown to Ecstasy" is the best Steely Dan album........

I want to thank everyone for their lascivious behavior.

"Breasts" is the word of the day. Modify a thread to include "breasts".

Cars and safety ratings

What is it with people writing 'then' when they mean 'than'?

WE WON!! WE WON!! Mrs Matcom has WON a fabulous PRIZE!

I'm back from the hospital...

I've asked Skinner to get us one of these for the Lounge.

Radio Lady Discusses: I'll "blogroll" you, if you'll "blogroll" me! Post here or send a PM.

You gotta try this! Funny!

OK! mag editor, staff shocked by Britney

OH yeh! Bacon wrapped peppercorn crusted sirloin burgers, topped with Swiss

One troubling consequence of this whole exploding cheese thing at airports

My neighbor gave us three gigantic zucchinis.

A local bookstore wants to interview me tomorrow.

SPOILER!! In the end Keyser Söze turned out to be Verbil Kint!!

It ain't me, babe.

Would-Be Johns Sentenced To Wear Chicken Costume

What was your best birthday present EVER?

Major Spoiler!! Kristin is the one WHO SHOT J.R.!!!

Write a personals headline that is guaranteed NOT to get responses:

*Spoiler* The one who got the reprieve in Harry Potter:

You remind me of a man

50 craziest celebrity baby names

How often do you use memorable movie/TV quotes in real life?

Break your ancestry down to the 1/4-level (grandparents)

How Often Do You Eat Beef?

Test Your Knowledge of Online Scams

Report: Astronauts DRUNK at liftoff

You really should read this: Hepatitis Treatment now requires an HIV Test first

Which lost in space version did you like best

Your favorite album from your Junior High School (middle school) years

Stanley Kubrick would have been 79 today.

Christ, can I have just ONE FUCKING AFTERNOON in the screen porch, without having to listen to the

Christ, EVERY FUCKING AFTERNOON this guy sits in his screen porch! Doesn't He EVER MOW HIS LAWN

Quite a show for DC punk rock old-timers on Sunday night

''Vick had a passion for dogfighting''

How come nobody raves about Secular Atavism any more?

I love to bash Olive Garden thread

Today is our wedding anniversary. (4 years)

Together We Served Website

Request Copies of Military Personnel Records

Today in labor history 7-26

Dozens of farm workers exposed to toxic pesticide Chlorpyrifos. e action

Memorize All the Republican Candidates in Under One Minute

Alberto Gonzales: History repeats itself


Bush Knocked Down the Towers

specter calls for a special prosecutor!

Gov. Howard Dean Thanks YouTube Community for the debate videos.

Press Conference on Gonzales Special Counsel Investigation

New waterboard and torture footage --- Anti-Torture Protest Video

John Edwards bikes with Lance Armstrong in Iowa

Back-Talk #2 DOJ Scandal and Impeachment

Russ Feingold: Dems Must Do More Than Criticize Bush -- On Young Turks


Marvin Gaye - What's Going On?

Actual behind-the-scenes look at pre-production of this week's

Gonzo: the "Program" vs. "Intelligence Activities"

Bernie Ward just said Gonzo asked to correct his testimony.

So, I Wonder What Those Rich Iraqi Bank Robbers Are Up To Now?

Breaking: Indonesia issues tsunami warning magnitude 6.7 quake

Republicans sure are afraid of Hilary Clinton.

So, Dems stay the course and get voted in in 08. In the meantime?

NYT editorial, "Defying the Imperial Presidency": Hold Miers and Bolten in contempt

Nevada USA, Italy, UK: Global Warming deniers should start giving answers.


Armenia: Radio Liberty Off Air. Information and free choice the millennium target.

Wow Obama takes a bigger swipe at Hillary

Pretty pathetic when your savior is fred frikkin' thompson.

My question : What would it take to get the BA' s attention? They don't take us seriously.

I'd love to see a documentary about the parasitic bush family history.

Ferocious new Fiore (Katrina & the Poison trailers)

Barnk robbery suspect interrupts car chase to buy pack of cigarettes

China takes aim at US over claims Chinese missiles are in Iraq (AFP)

Why ‘fairness’ fails,

Former LA priest's arraignment postponed in molestation case

On the matter of kabuki theater

Bush Aides cited for Contempt: WJ this morning


Fear Of Fred Thompson


Dave Camp on the ropes re Children's Health care:WJ

NYT Editorial: Defying The Imperial Presidency-Congress Should Use Inherent Contempt Powers

Nobody's talking about the contradictory document from AP???

Former DOJ Lawyer: 'Admin's Position=Implicit Admission-They Allow Politics To Impact Prosecutions'

Please stop the flashing, moving ads on DU

Whatever Happened To PT-911? ("path to 9-11)"

GONZALES: Yes. But I went back and clarified it with the reporter...

The 4 Page Memo That Proves-Gonzo Lied Under Oath

Vietnam repatriates suspected remains of 3 U.S. soldiers killed in war

Reickhoff: Dole-Shalala Commission Report: Walter Reed Was Just the Beginning

Nine Reasons to Pink Slip Dick Cheney

US audit finds 'less than 42%' of war profiteer Bechtel's Iraq projects completed

Heard about the compressed air car?

Parade for returning soldiers scrapped

LEAHY To Seek Gonzales Perjury Probe

Michael Moore: See the Movie, Start the Revolution

Schumer just ripped gonzo on CNN

Cato Institute: Remaining in Iraq Endangers Americans, Defies the People

That September Report on Iraq? It's Not the Only One.

Iraq oil exports to U.S. second lowest in near 4 yrs - Stealing oil is hard work

Christians, a little help

Lots Of */laura Marriage Problem-Stories In The Tabloids Lately. . .

Did Ann Coulter just admit it?: A top wingnut pundette forgets to stick to the script.

Can we put this cat in Dick's hidey hole?

New 'christian' Right videos on Hate Crime Laws, Global Warming long on propaganda, short on truth

Give 'Em Hell Harry Gives Some to the Washington Post

Dogs Learn Obedience from Inmates

August almost here--what are Bush's vacation plans?

Was Edgar Bergen trying to tell us something?

It begins: The Michael Vick

War Crimes and the White House: Bush's Tortured New Interpretation of the Geneva Conventions

New Republican Comic: Torture Boy Takes the Stand

Question; are the bushies letting dems use gonzo as a pinata?

Women Bypass VA To Get Better Care For Their Injured Husbands

Congresscritters being intimidated?

No exit strategy

Disfavor for Bush Hits Rare Heights; "It's Not Just Iraq. It's Everything."

Would you kick Karl Rove's ass if you had the chance?

Blair’s invasion of Iraq is to blame for bombs

Why do we accept total bias in financial market reporting

Is it just me, or...

American Eagle Boycott for Workers Rights

'Goya's Ghost' director witnessed parallels to the Inquisition

Commanding General in Iraq calls 62 dead troops in July, "a positive sign"

Beware the cheese

U.S. envoy: Troops holding down violence

Despite the headline, this article about Howard Dean is very good...

Today in Iraq...

New Home Sales Down 22.3% From Last Year

LUKE Russert will co-host MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Friday?

Hedge fund losses expected to hurt pension funds

Send problem kids to the military, then Iraq

Gates backs up...Says Clinton not enabling the enemy..

Why Iran remains public enemy No 1 for increasingly desperate Bush

Dems standup, Repubs tank in DC, Dow responds in kind

DEA raids LA medical marijuana clinics (AP)

does fear of what right wingers MIGHT think cause you to censor what you write on DU?

General faces demotion in Tillman case

Conservative Christian official accused of soliciting prostitute..

US troops increasingly disillusioned at continuing ability of insurgents to strike them

Spector Has Second Thoughts on Justices

Bring 'em on: Militants in Pakistan await US

If a butterfly flaps it's wings...

Look how LITTLE coverage the gonzo investigation is getting

Is The Media Trying To Tell People Not To Be Friends Or Hang Out With People Who Are Overweight?

Two Week News Blackout

Leahy: It was Republican Senators who told the press about the Cheney F-Bomb Incident

Can The Solicitor General Refuse To Appoint A Special Council?

WTF? On MSNBC just now, Kelly O'donnell, their White

Colbert Report: ***TONIGHT*** **Marijuana Policy Project** lobbyist to be grilled

Breaking: In Letter To Hillary, Gates Confirms "Planning Taking Place" For Withdrawal

Nazi Apologists Outted In GHW Bush's 1988 Campaign?

Brilliant display of recent Bush Speech from

"Oh, yawn..." Atlas shrugs blithely, "I've no time for such things." Oil jumps over $75/barrel...

Bush’s Escalation ‘Hammered Out’ By ‘A Bunch Of Armchair Generals’ From AEI

Markets in free-fall. DOW down -225. This could

Study: Your Friends Are Making You Fat

$101m civil verdict for wrongful convictions in gangland murder

'why it that al-quida is allowed to have a 'safe haven'"?---Sen. from ND is

the Charming of India has been a success

U.S.: Attackers in Iraq have improved aim (targeting the Green Zone)

War Crimes and the White House (WAPO)

Sick of popcorn....I want a spit take....

Country Pond (255 acres) in N.H. has algal poisoning

WaPo: Ford (Motor Company) Swings to Surprise Profit

Jordan complains of Iraqi refugees that they helped create

Caption turd blossom

Why is a fair fight so dangerous to the Right? Because people don't trust them on anything.

dupe n/t

Who would appoint a Special Counsel?

Iraq veteran, 24, to lead Young Marines unit - 8 to 18 year-old kids

MomaMitt attacks Obama, Clinton

It's a fun day! It's a family day! It's machine gun day!


They want to make Baghdad like Austin, TX?

Question:Dollar now only .7281 to 1 euro - What does this mean, warnings about dropping under 80

Most Australians feel less safe after country's role in Iraq War

Reid on sen. floor talking of someone not keeping his word----? Vittter

Stock market down over 200 points !

Paul and Kucinich Team Up to End War

Link To Letter From Feingold, Whitehouse, Schumer & Feinstein-Re-Need For Appt Of Special Prosecutor

Wrd Chrchill: Cons thump chests proclaim justice then turn on Oxycontin Limpballs

Democrats plan to subpoena Rove, call for special counsel for Gonzales

Kerry speaking now showing how GOP has obstructed key issues

Shell expects to drill in Arctic this year

Thanks again, Connecticut "Independents": More unreal Lieberman anctics

In waning empires of millenia past, there were certain Counsellors

Norquist says Repubs could take back congress

Scandal-plagued Vitter to ‘rebrand’ conservatives

First Bush Beat The Republican Party to a Pulp, Now He's Ready To Behead It

The real and impending political issues. Are they being addressed?

The real threat to Americans...

Reid Slams Chimpy: "President Shamelessly Hiding Behind Our Brave Troops"

Assistant Pastor arrested and man charged with nudity at nude beach.

Who is the "Democratic Base" anyway?

The two big, underying crimes that will never get a day in court .....

So CNN's website is down

Byrd really tearing into Vitter on Senate Floor right NOW. --cspan WHOW

God has lost in Iraq

Anti-Illegal activist deli in Farmer's Branch, TX, loses 50% of business in backlash

Why is payback against the architects of the Iraq War not fair?

Anyone listening to the House Jucidicary Committee hearing with Mueller?

Anyone watching the stock ticker?

this time the religiously insane Virginia legislators are after male sex

Administration Urges Full Warhead Funding-Old Weapons May Need Testing, It Warns

Polls about the Democratic debate from Pew - for those interested.

Any Parliamentarians here now??

BREAKING ON CNN: Democratic senators want to investigate whether Gonzales lied

Readers Speak Out on Alaska Delegations' Iraq Positions

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Thurs 7/26 jump in - water's fine?

COAST TO COAST FEAR! Now evactuing Long Beach Airport, too.

$100-a-barrel oil may be only a few months away

Dem Sen. ND on Senate floor saying US still not gotten OML--good speech

News to me; have you ever heard of a political line-stander?

Desperate for New Nuclear Weapons, Bush Administration Issues New Policy Paper

Right on cue terra terra terra

what a week and there's still the friday news dump to look forward too

WTF?!? CSpan2 magically disappears from our cable channel lineup!!!

Piece of crap forward I just got from my sister

How Long Will It Be Until Another Press Conference Takes Place By Bush

Losing Our Traditions: ''Ladies Night Under Threat''

REMINDER to watch Michael Moore on Leno tonight...

Criticise me and you're out, Chávez warns foreigners

Michael Vick Arraignment Circus Update

Lou Dobbs' head is going to explode.

Study finds drunk astronauts allowed to fly: report

FBI Director Confirms Gonzo Is A Liar (UPDATED)

Bechtel Meets Goals on Fewer Than Half of Its Iraq Rebuilding Projects, U.S. Study Finds

August Recess is going to be tough on Repubs going back to their home districts...

Tough shit for racists. Municipalities can't enforce immigration laws

ABC TV Washingtob Bureau evacuated due to "suspicious white powder"

Mueller just admitted he had serious "reservations" about spy program

House Judicial Cmte on CSPAN3: FBI Oversight

Code Pink in Hillary's headquarters topless!

How long before the Rethugs blame Senate and House Dems for the Wall Street drop?

With all that has gone on today, Washington Journal should be interesting tomorrow.

Notice how whenever Bush gives a speech he usually is...

Study: Iraqis May Experience Sadness When Friends, Relatives Die ~ The Onion

Inmate Convicted Of Indecent Exposure For Masturbating In Cell

Dubya: Fashion Fascist!

Senior Citizens Get Free Condoms

Countdown Tonight! karl rove subpoenaed

On Pat Tillman's "coverup"/punishments? Is this a battle for control over the military?

Waxman seeks RNC e-mails from White House Counsel Fielding

Brave Mother Fights off Psychotic Psychiatrist

Doesn't the Dow have built in safeties to prevent a major fall...

VA Secretary Faces Wrongful Death Suit

CNN's Blitzer failed to note Hayes' false Iraq-Al Qaeda reporting, Cheney connections

Re: the Investigation into the firing of the US attorneys: We're looking the wrong way.

Bush: "Sometimes in life you get dealt a hand that you didn't expect to play"

More breaking news: Mueller contradicts Gonzo's

Theme song for Repubs on the Hill --"Sounds of Silence" nominated...

Gore cancels scheduled Thailand visit

US Embassy in Iraq Built in Part by Slave Labor (Freedom is Slavery)

Majority Leader Reid Blasts WaPost Editors: 'Eager cheerleaders for the Bush administration'

Sept. 11 & Katrina rescue dog dies of cancer

McCain's Media Team Quits His Campaign

Rove will ignore the subpoena....

You absolutely have to see this:

Wall Street plunges, Dow falls 400 AP - 2 minutes ago

Bush Administration: Give us new nukes, or we'll push to resume testing

Big Oil: Another Profit Record in Sight

Was it actually a crime for Bush to fire the federal prosecuters?

Thompson's role as Nixon mole in Watergate probe absent from Solomon's Wash. Post story

Don't forget Lou Dobbs was all for invading Iraq which created these refugees who are coming here

Intelligence Official Contradicts Bush: ‘Primary’ Terrorist Threat Is From ‘South Asia,’ Not Iraq

In Letter To Hillary, Gates Confirms "Planning Taking Place" For Withdrawal

Some Republicans willing to override spending veto

Shadow's Medical Updates: My shrink just dissed me

Defying the Imperial Presidency

“I Like Dick and No Longer Love Bush!”

Rapture Ready Tom Delay speaking at Christians United For Israel

Great Understatement on MSNBC!!!

Place your bets. Some big homebuilders will start reorganizing or just fail.

Mueller: NSLs Help FBI Avoid 'Paperwork'

NIEHS: DDT Exposure Linked to Breast Cancer in Young Women

Why is Alcohol NOT included in the proposed tax for uninsured children?

A Plus-side of the sweeping presidential powers Bush has claimed for the POTUS.

Politico's Allen uncritically quoted McConnell claiming Dem Congress has "not been very productive"

Six US troops killed in Iraq; 26 dead, 75 wounded in Baghdad car bomb

39,000 dead and we've barely scratched the surface.

Iraq Envoy Slams US Over Arms Supplies

Democrats: Hurting Republicans Rather Than Ending War?

The United States Finds Few Non-Iraqis Among Insurgents

Dow just went over 400 down for the day

Out of Iraq Dems balk at new House plan

US Army eyes truck-mounted laser (BBC)

Houston ..... we have a problem.


I To Must Say Goodbye My Friend......

Number of Iraqi refugees admitted to US, 1992 to present

Elizabeth de la Vega on Randi, NOW

Anger at SA woman trouser 'ban' (BBC)

And they shall sin no more

D.L. Hughley calls the media "the soapbox of stupid"

Its too bad Congress didn't make a citizens arrest on Gonzales

Someone explain to me why the Senate is going to pass the Justice Funding bill today

FBI director, Mueller not taking the fall for Gonzo...

AP: Poor Writing or Censorship - YOU DECIDE

Anyone Else Having Troubles Logging into Daily Kos?

"Sadly, scientists tend to be Godless"

In case you missed video: How to create an Angry American

Are Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Rhode Island,

OK, can we at least agree that GONZO needs to be impeached?

Whatcha gonna do?

Reid: We're in the twilight zone

The Public Eye: George Bush: Moral Termite

Some case law for those persecuted by Bush Gang.

I realize how suspicious and strange it is for luggage to be in an airport

Army Lawyer Says Military Tribunals "Rubber Stamped Detentions"

So, you can stare right down the barrel of your own demise...

And by the way, 7 troops died in Iraq, and the civilian death toll is up 7 %......

Rethugs are made of Teflon

Will Perjury Charges Survive Gonzo's Inevitable Resignation & Rawstory covered the censoring of the impeachment question for the Youtube Debate

Did any of you ever get the "Jay Leno what are we unhappy for?" chain email?

So when they continue to ignore the subpoenas, and the justice department refuses to charge the AG

If we subpoena Rove and keep persecuting Gonzales, it's gonna make us

Congress strikes at Bush's missile shield plan

Even more than a a VP pick, the guy to head the"Dick" branch

''Dark Cloud'' Of Katrina Lifted From Dr. Pou, Attorney Says

Reagan's Asst Atty General agrees impeachment

Man , screw box stores

Well, Tweety just finished interviewing two guys who were supposed to debate the Gonzo situation.

India Probes Female Baby Body Parts Find

If someone strapped a brazillion lbs of explosives to my ass, I'd be drunk too.

Am I the only one concerned about the upcoming Senate recess?

Tweety replays some Hearing with Rep Shiela Jackson Lee...questioning FBI Director

Become a Faux Attacker

Interesting Watergate factoid. WOW!

Do We Have A New Deep Throat? - Who Tipped Davis About Mueller's Notes?

US talks of acting alone in Pakistan

abc even. news is going a good job on the Gonzo story

I'm a Liberal

Why are all the "packages" found in airports labled "suspicious"?

Trial begins against torturer chaplain

Curry curse laid in shopkeeper spat

Specter: Senate Dems playing politics w/attacks on Gonzo

Police seizes three metric tons of opium in central Iran

9/11 bill prompts civil liberties groups, some Dems to warn of racial profiling

Tucker's new persona. A priggish, snotty, Bill O'Reilly. He goes for the crazy zone

About impeaching Bush!

Anger Counselor Charged With Domestic Battery. Did I Mention He's A Minister?

Dear Citizen:

Anyone else find it odd that Ashcroft hasn't had anything to say about Gonzo's "problems"?

September 11, Katrina search dog dies

Did you know info in the PDB is collected by contractors?

I just thought to point this out now.

Mueller Backs Comey in Dispute with Gonzales -- Again! with VIDEO!

The truth about why so many people are running for President in 2008

Caption this pic

Freepers Let Down by "Guy In The Reagan Mask" Fred Thompson

Pentagon makes contingency plans for Iraq pullout

WHAT Law, Drew?

The Hill: Anxious Republicans fear another beating

Is Gonzales’ Perjury a Red Herring to Keep Focus off Bush’s Impeachable FISA Violations?

Snowjob on Tweety

Bush has a great idea. Let's take him up on it.

wow wolf..reporting slave labor being used to build us embassy in Iraq

'Ominous' Disturbance Tracked In Gulf

Bruce Fein Better Not Have Compromising Photos Of Himself Out There

Why does the Senate get a month long recess when our troops in Iraq don't?

Will Bush Recess Appoint a Gonzo Replacement?

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Strategy Delivered to Congress

Sexiest constitutional scholar of the day.

Any universal health plan should include this...

U.S. State Department dismisses allegations workers building Baghdad embassy were mistreated

San Diego County Home Foreclosures Rise 551% In First Half Of 2007

tony snowflake looks like death warmed over

What really happened on that AF1 flight...

Folks - the dominos are starting to fall

I am impressed! Chuck Schumer aced his SAT'S

Can someone explain to me why no vote on contempt unill FALL?

How do you like your stock market now, neo-cons?

Who says the IT market is tough? $240k/year web dev job!

OK, everyone--Please post your reports on the coverage of today's events

Iraq war veteran's parents sue U.S. after suicide

Jim Crow alive and well in Louisiana! Please read, something needs to be done.

Suddenly I GROK what we're watching happen. I predict, within a week, Nancy will RECUSE herself

The fact that my neighbor does work on Saturday is destroying my weekend...

"Nazi" is a nazi word.

ITS NEVER TOO LATE TO IMPEACH THEM ALL!-You can't impeach after they've left office?-OH YES YOU CAN!

Delay: US and Israel must enjoy second coming

Does anyone have a link to that old "Chickenhawk" clip.

Premise:You are a bank embezzle a huge sum of money.

Dems been busy...

O'Reilly: "Maybe it's time to burn down the capitol building like Hitler did with the Reichstag"

New UPI poll: NO confidence in Bush as Commander-in-Chief

Texas leads U.S. in teen birth rate

3645 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

AP: New details on Tillman's death (a tad graphic, but no more than CSI)

I really feel badly for Tony Snow.

Letter from Senator Leahy sent to KKKarl Rove:

Oopsie -- Murkowski to sell back Kenai property.

Explain to the "extremists" why Pelosi took impeachment off the table

DOW down -300 and falling...

Michael Moore: "I Will Be On Leno Tonight-I Will Be Making A Special Announcement On The Show"

Have you guys heard about the "Jena 6"?

FCC chair: Fairness Doctrine not needed

Breaking on MSNBC: Senate Dems call for Special Counsel

***Leahy on Senate floor now, to subpeona ROVE

'With a purr, death comes on little cat feet '

Looks like E-Voting reform is being put on hold. :(

Impeachment Fracas

Has Conyers Pulled A Fast One???

Emails Detail RNC Voter Suppression in Five States

It seems like the Republicans think it's all a joke

70% of intel budget goes to contractors & Bush has outsourced presidents daily brief

Specter is back on the bus

NYT op-ed, "Stacking the Court": There's nothing sacrosanct about 9 justices -- pack the Court!

Time to flip "Bush Derangemnet Syndrome"...

Wrongful death suit filed against VA in Mass. soldier's suicide

Conyers Outfoxes Bushie in Contempt Showdown

Hillary is Bush lite

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

War Crimes and the White House

Caught On Tape, Tom DeLay Says US Must Be Connected To Israel To Enjoy Second Coming....

lou dobbs poll SHOULD GONZO RESIGN?

Kerry is on the floor of the Senate now blasting the Repugs for being

John Kerry doing well on CSPAN2 right now...

Has Hillary Clinton ever apologized for voting for the IWR?


Solicitor General’s Legal Advice To Pres. Bush: Don’t Comply With Subpoenas

More breaking news: Leahy subpoenas Karl Rove

Hillary Clinton: "what’s ever happened to the politics of hope?"

How does Tony Snow make peace with himself..

Help me debunk the Obama Madrassas crap

We'll "help" the Iraqis--as long as they stay the f*ck in Iraq

So Far Just A Rumor...

Why hasn't anyone asked Andy Card what they went to Ashcroft for?

On Discussions & Debates

Look what's heading for some Southern states!

Who Would You Like To See On Ombermann? I'll Start A List:

A Thing Of Beauty

And the Buzzflash Media Putz of the Week is....

MSNBC: Secretary of Defense Gates apologizes to Clinton

Was Truman Anti-Semitic And Does It Matter?

ACLU: U.S. Constitution in GRAVE DANGER.

I promise to eat crow if I am wrong

"Mrs. Ashcroft, did the President of the United States call you on the night in question?"

The marketplace of ideas: empty shelves and dusty aisles...

Is there any information as to total compensation packages for US Senators?

Sell me on Hillary Clinton.

Question for old-timers: Was Watergate anything like this?

How Soon We Forget- The Leadership of John Conyers

Flag-defiling charge ends in fight, arrests

Can the death penalty be morally justifiable IF it is used,

We know what will be all over the news and the DU boards for the next

I support impeachment, but I do not support the tactics used by some to promote it.

When Flaming gets out of control: Man Burns Down Trailer in Online Feud

BBC radio...speaks of Whitehouse coup in 1933 against FDR.

30 Days to Absolute Tyranny

Exclusive | Emails Detail RNC Voter Suppression in Five States

One in three Native American women will be raped in her lifetime. :-(

“E-mails released by the Justice Department show [Attorney General Alberto] Gonzales’ aides

Nice photo of 8 US graduates of Cuban med school

DCF in Florida makes an odd move...removes age 16 mother from her mother's home.

I Love this Photo!

Flag-defiling charge ends in fight, arrests

Just in - Kerry ad contest - get on it!!!!

Dear Mr. O'Reilly

What John Conyers has said about Impeachment

Tucker Carlson awarded Media Putz of the Week by buzzflash

So on a scale of 1 to 10 - How appalled are you by CNN and MSNBC's press conf coverage?

Specter to personally re-examine Alito and Roberts


N.M. Gays Can Marry in Massachusetts (AP)

New conference CNN

Blues singer Etta James hospitalized in LA

I humbly suggest we refer to the recent contempt charges, subpoenas and investigations Being Investigated by Secret Service

On libertarianism and Ron Paul

The Huston Plan

Fred Thompson's wife in scandal?

Latino leaders lean left for ... Hillary?

Grillin' Gonza over an open fire of Congressional Contempt

How will you support Obama IF he wins the nomination?

How will you support Gore if he enters the race, and IF he wins the nomination?

Consolidation Poll: How will you support the Dem nominee?

(m)Ann Coulter Pulls Back the Fox News Curtain

We had the you tube debate- now why not the BLOGGER DEBATE, whats your opinion ?

Is There A New Development In The Tillman Case?..........

White House Spokesliar Tony Snow demands reporter change 'twisted words' in article

How will you support Edwards IF he wins the nomination?

Edwards is the only candidate to accept Lance Armstrong's invite to join him in Great Iowa Bike Ride

Poll: Are polls the stupidest thing on DU?

Hillary to appear on Letterman's 14th Anniversary show...Aug 30th

How will you support Kucinich IF he wins the nomination?

Hillary Surging on Betting Lines...

Short video from Cafferty Files: "$592 million embassy?"

Day 3: Obama and the conference calls with reporters

When Hillary says "jump!" Defense Sec. Robert Gates Asks "How high?"

Iraq: An Odd Liberation

Interesting commentary this month by Bill Gross

New French President Grabs Some Young Boob

Photos: Barack Obama today in Concord, NH, after receiving the endorsement of U.S. Rep. Paul Hodes

Senators Call For Gonzales Perjury Probe...Subpoena Rove

How will you support Hillary IF she wins the nomination?

Instead of responding to all these DU polls, here's how I will support the eventual nominee...

Why is Obama top tier and Dodd bottom tier?

The Rude Pundit: Is It Possible to Shame George W. Bush?

bush white house says gonzo's testimony consistent

Clinton and her sister supporters are hanging tough

Anyone but Dennis Kucinich: Who's on board?

Why the Republicans Don't Like their Candidates

Freeper: Why is Gonzo so stupid? How did he get to be a judge on the Texas Supreme Court?

Rove subpeonaed, special prosecutor for Gonzo - how many terra

Richardson, Edwards look upwardly mobile

ThinkProgress: Gates "regrets" aide's attack on Senator Clinton

Do you buy the media horse race?

Will Republicans give up control of the country in '08 or would they rather

Clinton Up Almost 30% Over Obama - Do I Hear The Fat Lady Singing?

Hey, Hey - My Cable Provider Is Adding CSPAN 3 Starting Sept 15th.......

MSN First Read: A New SC Poll

Obama takes the gloves off.

Mueller just confirmed Comey's story

Problems abound for Democrats' Dean

Obama's boast

My favorite graffito from the Watergate era...

Must listen -- Representative Xavier Becerra on impeachment

The Anti-Establishment Edwards

Edwards Unveils Bold Economic Plan to Restore Fairness, Reform the Tax Code, & Reward Hard Work

O'Reilly & Fox

The noose is tightening around the White House

Nationwide poll: Giuliani ahead of Clinton. Obama leads Giuliani by wide margin

Circling the wagons

Giuliani 50% Clinton 44% Still the problem, n'est pas?

Edwards calls for repeal of Bush tax cuts; 'time to put our economy back in line with our values'

Photo from Wonkette

Voters frustrated with lack of change: poll

This is a poll concerning Conyers' action on Tuesday...

Impeachment call thread. Here are the numbers to call today!

Bush Crisis: Rove Subpoenaed, Senators Want Gonzales Perjury Probe, Contempt Of Congress

This is your chance to tell the Road Block Republicans how you feel. Kerry is sponsoring a contest!

Republicans rally around Hillary against Obama

F. Thompson's fundraising down "markedly"

Tony Snowjob up on Situation Room next.

Labels Matter: Progressive Better than Liberal, Reagan-Like Better than Conservative

Tony Snowjob on Softball to defend AWOL

Obama is getting "fired up"!!

Drug War Democrats

Rove subpoenaed. Special Prosecutor requested. Criminal charges. But will anything *really* happen?

"Every day this Congress gets a little more out of control"

Fear Of Fred Thompson

Letterman:Clinton to be on 14th anniversary broadcast of television's "Late Show"

Shit! Damn! I broke my vow and watched CNN for two minutes.

Money! Money! Money! Mere pocket change separates candidates in special interest/corp. money

One HRC operative who, for me, is like nails on a blackboard:

It's time to invade Iran

Sabotage found on NASA computer. CNN says someone at a subcontractor's

Hypothetically speaking, would George W. Bush EVER resign?

Am I wrong to find this picture from _Time Magazine_ hilarious?

I just can't see the BushCo crime family giving up their fascist empire to the voters or

Race Is the Tripwire for Progressive Movement

McCain and Romney agree with Hillary on foreign policy

Felony charges filed against 7 in (WA) state's biggest case of voter-registration fraud

Howard Wolfson, David Axlerod and Tweety totally fuck up an issue

More dollars from Time Warner more time to speak

DoJ Makes It Official: Contempt Stops in Congress

A suggested recycled anthem for the impeachment-accountability /anti war movement.

The bottom line is both Hillary and Obama continue to FUND this war .

For those who think the Dems and the Repubs are secretly in cahoots .........

Keith Was On Fire Last Night, As Usual! Don't Miss Countdown Tonight!

Flashback: January 4, 2004

6 counts on which bush & Cheney can be impeached

" Obama, Supporters Seek To Redefine “Foreign Policy.”"

Senators decry U.S. outreach efforts in switch to all-digital TV signals (LAT)

Randi said like it is: Obama vs. Clinton

Hardball is how the Clinton/Obama fued SHOULD be let's see Fucker Carlson

Oh Snap - Obama says Clinton has foreign policy like Bush's

Obama says Clinton has foreign policy like Bush's (on dealing with "rogue" states)

Freeper calls for "executors" for Senators who questioned Gonzales.

Facing the Truth About the "Military Option" in Pakistan

* Gonzales Stands by Testimony

The Young Democrats of America Conference - Edwards to Win

The Benefit of Foreign Policy Experience for Hillary Clinton

Attention Creative DUers: Roadblock Republican Radio Contest

Quincy Jones, along with many others endorse or support Hillary (today)

NCLB: 44% of schools have made deep cuts in social studies, science, art/music, and even lunchtime

CBC head vows to win over either Clinton or Obama to participate in the Faux Noise debate

Some previous examples of naivete in foreign policy:

Five min. of Rush makes me swear at the radio

Is Obama taking a non-establishment position?

CSEA endorses Clinton

Obama Tells Lynn Sweet this is not just about foreign policy

Hillary is coming to Charleston, WV, tomorrow...

This post is a challenge.... I would like someone, anyone... to provide..

Repost: Bush devastation of America - Accidental or deliberate?

If other veteran politicians have better foreign policy judgment that Obama

Obama's fundraisers include big fish (at least $13 million from bundlers), including Rahm's brother

MyDD Jerome Armstrong: Obama calling Hillary Bush-Cheney lite seems a "Serious Slip"

Political Noise from the "real" world of Non-Political individuals who vote Democratic

Paul Williams Endorses Senator Clinton

Obama Calls for "Uniter" (not a "divider") in White House

Obama: I won't get as many endorsements because I haven't traded favors

Lieberman Gets Ready For The Xtian Fundie Rapture

What is with the rise of the political message board losers?


Poll: Obama Stronger Nominee Than Hillary

MyDD's Todd Beeton: Hillary Clinton will regret calling (Obama) "irresponsible and naive"

Wes Clark on Charlie Rose this evening......

Obama says he has better foreign policy judgement than any other candidate running, in either party.

ok, I just want to post this picture of Bill Clinton in light of Hillary's campaign

CNN: Obama calls Clinton's Foreign Policy ‘Bush-Cheney Light’

Feinstein endorses Hillary Clinton

John Edwards' speech today in Des Moines: "Restoring Economic Fairness" (transcript)

Snow Perfectly Conveys White House's Total Arrogance

Comic Franken has to show his serious side in Senate bid

OFFER: Free George Lakoff DVD and/or book!

GLBT DU'ers, which candidate do you feel would best advance...

Right-wing "Club for Growth", which attacked Dean in 04', attacks Edwards. Compares JE to Marx

Can Bill Clinton run for Vice-President?

Obama is making the same mistakes Dean made

McCain's media team resigns

New Republican Comic: Torture Boy Takes the Stand

ok, I just want to post these pictures of Bill Clinton in light of Hillary's campaign

I just had a "polling" phone call that focused a lot on my asshat

To all the "anyone but" people and the "I will not vote if he/she gets the nomination" people..

A conservative asked me to pass on this poll....

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