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Archives: July 25, 2007

A remarkable new website demonstrates the growth of a powerful progressive youth movement.

Observers Watchful Of US Trade Impact On Medicines Access

Amy Goodman: Children’s Healthcare Is a No-Brainer

Swift Boat 2004 vs. 'Swift Boat' 2008

Dick Cheney and Iran: Will We Look Back on the Halcyon Days of Just One Dumb War?

E.J. Dionne: Leaving No Republican Behind

Familiarity Breeds Contempt: Leahy to Gonzales, while swearing him in: "I DON'T TRUST YOU."

MAUREEN DOWD: Brothers and Sisters

'Cry Wolf!'

Things Our Constitution Needs

The Democrats Increased Funding for WHAT?

Review: No End In Sight

What lies beneath the floods (Independent UK)

Porsche puts hybrids in the fast lane (

Kestrel's newfound respect for her city's environmental plans:

Dramatic Footage of Fossil Fuels Diverted to Make Weapons Leads to Calls For Fossil Fuel Bans.

Judge orders parties in trash dispute back to court

Cuba Grooming for Quality Elections

Nike gives Indonesia taste of the other end of offshoring

Senators: FDA pulled reviewer off Glaxo drug

General: Al-Qaida Making New Cells in US

Unauthorized (Obama) fundraising effort gives nothing to official campaign

Teamsters Praise (US) House for Blocking Cross-Border Trucking Program

Romney’s ’Special Ops’ staffer: Aide details ’very secretive’ work on MySpace page

Disfavor for Bush Hits Rare Heights ("In Running for Most Unpopular President" in Modern Polling)

Watch out, everyone! I'm having chili w/ beans for dinner!

Galactic Civilizations II appreciation thread!!!!!!!!!

Ice Cream

Is J K Rowling writing another HP book?

OK- confession-who comes to the lounge when you are drunk/high?

Supercalifragilistic- expialidocious

Do you sink or float?

List the unwritten rules of videogaming!

Cell phones

+1500 immates dancing "Thriller"

Grocery Store Advice

OK what happened to the lady with no eyes??/

The humidity finally broke today.

70 yr old Spatula-Wielding Cook Fights Off Robbers

Chicago : Personals : Causual Encounters: m4w SWM

Ok..who broke CraigsList???

WTF is wrong with people?

You'd think they could've found a more appropriate photo for the obit

French Food - Name your secret Pain and Poisson

I have an announcement.

What bird comes to mind when you see yourself in the nude?

Four pictures, three youtubes. {dial-up warning}

I got deleted from Myspace!

"Underdog." Wanna know WHY he isn't a Terrier????

My sister wants to color my hair for me.

Classical music buffs, can you name the tune at 21:58 of this file?

On Astros radio broadcasts, they're plugging 'Faith Night'

How many more times does Lindsay Lohan have to fuck up

Happy 110th, Amelia Earhart.

Good Evening...What's everyone up to tonight?

Tuesday night earworm!

Dave just said, results of Shrub's procedure...

the end of the affair

Lindsay Lohan's looks better in her mug shot than her other photos

Dog Lovers take note: Underdog needs a sidekick.

Starbucks Anarchist, this one's for you.


Nude woman buys smokes in German gas station, leaves in waiting Ferrari...

Just Breathe...

Where can I buy a cribbage game?

YEA! I finally got my 1000th post & didn't even realize it!

Bill THE CAT appreciation thread.

If you get the LA Times

Why don't Paris and Lindsay have drivers?

List the most inventive song titles

List the names of the pets you have owned in your life.

anyone ever had a colonoscopy? I have a question NOT ADVICE but Experience

OMG--This is so funny about Myspace!

Anyone tried the new Doritos X13D?

79 posts from 6400, Help me Get there Puuuuuuuuleeeeeeeeze

parenting help - what to do about tantrums?

So... how big are your problems NOW? (Pic)

So I bought my shampoo at Trader Joe's

just 5 posts away from 31,683 -- can you help?

Oh no! LiveJournal is down!!!!!

The death of Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan.

Food - name your secret passions

I'm lonely. Are you? Lonely night owls, check in here.

Is there an overweight person in Canada?

Update on the stray tomcat I'm trying to tame


Update on the stray Thomcat I'm trying to tame

matcom left DU!

Eight posts from 15,000. Won't you help a faithful DUer reach her goal?

Fun post from the old lounge!

Help me get to 5,000 posts!!! Please???

OMG Yogurt is Unhealthy!

NO SPOILERS!! How far have you gotten in DEATHLY HALLOWS so far?

Videophiles - why would progressive scan interpolate the field frames backwards?

Besides Semi-Automatic Weapons, What (Or Who) Do YOU Call "Baby"?

Blazed a glitter glare, by Neoma.

damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn

NALC slows postal privatization plans

Gonzogate Continues

Perverted Justice Founder confronted.

Heck Of A Job, FEMA

Bill Maher - The Decider

Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Awesome pics! Anti-Bush Advertising Blog. **Dial up warning**

Number one reason C-SPAN needs to be widescreen TV.

KO's on-starting with Gonzales

Was there a White House plot to illegally suppress votes in 2004?

Nike gives Indonesia taste of the other end of offshoring

wtf-tweety pushing T and A for Obama and Guiliani

Anyone know where I could find the transcript to today's Gonzales /Judicial session? nt.

Daschle, Rockefeller, Pelosi all dispute Gonzo's testimony today

I watched part of The Ground Truth on Sundance last night....

Does Dan Abrams ever do anything but celebrity stuff?

Thanks Mr Skinner -

Rove’s post-White House plans

Did you catch this little tidbit yesterday? "Halliburton reports profits doubled" $1.5 BILLION


CSPAN2: The Gonzo hearing is repeating FYI


Is Bill O'Reilly Mentally ill?

Pelosi Voiced Concerns About Wiretapping Program

Gore Is Running (Kidding)

NOLA cop aquitted for assaulting a man

I just received an update email from Feingold on his censure proposal. My response:

Call Jack Baur! Al Qaida is making cells in the US!

I Won't Support Cindy Sheehan's Candidacy, But I Will Support Her Right To Speak !!!

Anti Republican Video set to "Send in the Clowns"

Businesses who advertise on Faux

Historical context- the French helped us depose a despot, but they didn't hang around and occupy

Please do NOT perpetuate this crap about Nazi links to "W" -

I have an 18yo son and I am ready to say FUCK IT! Bring on the draft!


Study: SOFT DRINKS Linked To Heart Disease Via Metabolic Syndrome

On Base, Plea to Give Each Death Its Due: Monthly group services replace services after each death

We are sorely lacking in statesmen in DC

Question-does being drunk disqualify posting on DU /general?

DU this poll Kucinch fans rejoice!

On Base, a Plea to Give Each Death Its Due

Gonzo referred to the "gang of eight" before going to see Ashcroft. Final Jeopardy - Name the Gang

Joe Wilson on Mike Malloy right now

You support the troops, now you can support your constituents. A letter to our GOP politicians.

FOX NEWS labels Arlen Specter a Democrat!

I hope Jon Stewert is on the case tonight

Weather plays havoc with Europeans

Sheldon Whitehouse is "da" man.

delete - wrong forum

John Koppel editorial in the Denver Post. Scathing commentary

Jane Harman (Gang of 8)in Jan 2006- NSA Program doesn't Qualify as "Covert Action"

If you haven't clicked on that Dal Lamagna ad to the left, you should.

Blue Grit Democrats

Crap, what did I just miss on the Daily Show Colbert teaser?

Part Of The Letter Ray McGovern Left For Congressman Conyers...

Wounded in America

Don Young (R-Alaska) Under Federal Criminal Investigation

Skinner sure knows how to build a flytrap.

Line of the day. Code Pink. "This Country is run by Criminals".

ACLU Director Anthony Romero is Tonight's guest on The Colbert Report!!!

Guess who Bush mentioned 24 times today...

NYT Op/Ed: "American people have only one question left about Iraq: What is Bush’s plan for exit?"

If the two major parties merged, then would the USA be a one-party state?

My letter from my Congressman (Farr-CA) re: Impeachment, and my reply.

Pleeeze . . .

ugh... anybody watching Dan Abrams re: CT. murders?

A thought about the Gonzalez hearing today

Seems MSM is ignoring the Gonzo hearing

Mark Udall (D-CO) responds to my insistence that he support impeachment.

It is so over for us. We are getting set up in a huge way

Is there a clip of Edwards talking about health care from debate?

I told the DCCC to go Cheney themselves today.

You know that sound that Charlie Brown's teacher makes?

China's drive to promote invention (BBC)

If I have seemed a little tense lately it is because I have been and I apologize for it

Canadian pol: "(SiCKO) was a real eye-opener for me in terms of where we don't want to go,"

Kerry: Bush Clings to Failed Policy, False Rationale for Iraq War

SO I log on and have to wonder if I am in the right place...

Rep. David Davis: "Can you imagine Iran and al-Qaida having an oil well that can produce 20 million"

Hey Conyers, Dean, and Feingold!

Turns out the contempt is mutual

I have to tell you all something about Cindy Sheehan.

The Daily Show devoting all of tonights show to the "YouTube Debate"!!!

What kind of legislation passed DURING the Nixon impeachment trial?

Eleanor Roosevelt: The Struggle for Human Rights

New Navy Policy on Biological Select Agents

Do you think that a celebrity who ran for office would win on name recognition alone?

Well - I'm packing my bags . . .

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike interviews Amb. Joe Wilson

Did AssHat REALLY say this today?

Vick case illustrates pit bull’s changing status

Maybe ithe reason Bin Laden is so illusive


Kudos to the the Senate Judiciary Committee, Leahy, Biden, Feingold, Whitehouse, Kennedy and yes,

I thought I was as angry as I could get - then I saw "Sicko"

Bush can't run again, but Cheney '08

"You meanies just hate Bush, is all! You're just a bunch of Bush-haters!"

Chinese Embassy Vigil For Darfur

I found "Get a Brain Morans" Mom!

Gonzo screwed up big time today.... Now everybody is unhappy with him

Does anybody know anything about this story and the facts around it?

Post pics of your representatives...

Watching Schumer tearing Gonzo a new one on C-SPAN 2.

Agitation, Alliances, and Action


NYTimes: President Links Qaeda of Iraq to Qaeda of 9/11 (speech was devised as a “surge of facts”??)

"Disfavor for Bush Hits Rare Heights"

On whether it matters or not if we "have the votes."

My plea and warning to all who will listen.

So, 160,000,000,000,00 later, and who knows how many lives come November, then

No U.S. bases in IRAQ—vote pending – Act Now!

For those of you who want to protect and/or improve your Internet access,

Well on a positive Note there is not a single "Gore is Running "OP on Page 1

Pressure Builds to Ban Plastic Bags in Stores

BREAKING! Daschle, Rockefeller and Pelosi Dispute Gonzo's Testimony re/Surveillance Program

I support Hillary, Obama and Edwards

Special prosecutor weighed for Gonzales

Cindy's Action

"Karl Rove?! I'd Like To Kick His Ass."

Excerpts From Dr. Justin Franks soon-to-be-Updated Psychological Analysis of GWB

What's the difference between the American media and Pravda in the Soviet era?

U.S. medical students graduate debt-free in Cuba

Bush has punked us all again-War to continue through 2009

Joe Wilson (Clinton supporter) on Malloy Show praises Reid, Pelosi and calls for impeachment.

The Constitution trumps party

If there is another terrorist attack here then it will prove how USELESS BUSH is

Do any of the rest of you feel as if . . .

I started just to post one thing for one reason.

Howard Dean lives in another America...Claims you do too

The Meth Epidemic--An Insider's View

Bush's terror alert speech (frightening words in color)

Left-leaning fiction that should be in every liberal's library?

Michele Bachmann On Her Trip To Iraq: It’s Like Visiting The ‘Mall Of America’

An Inconvenient Document

Trim that mullet before you toss your hat in, Fred:

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: Who Would Jesus Bomb?

self-delete - duplicate

AUDIO: Obama vs. Hillary, on meeting with foreign leaders and Iraq

US lawmakers unite to demonize Iran

Fuck Nader.

Let's talk about the issues! Warning: Long Post

Quiinepac numbers on Boomberg very intereresting

Democrats are CRUSHING Republicans in Congressional Fundraising !!

Multiple Choice Mitt to flip-flop on yet another issue (minimum wage)?

Welcome to Richistan, USA

Q&A With Elizabeth Edwards: I've Never Been Good at Leisure

Who needs the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth...

YouTube Users Put Candidates on the Spot

The Executive Branch is not responding to the Congress, the courts,

Bush - "bin Ladin's Al Qaida in Iraq" - like Bram Stoker's Dracula or Ruth's Chris Steak House

Gonzo could be the key to the house of cards, that brings it down

Ladies And Gentlemen: Soak It All In. This Is History.

OK Democrats in Congress.....where is the Duke Cunningham report?

Send your Congress member a TEA bag asking them to IMPEACH!

The Real President...Cheney.

Why Obama Got it Right

Gonzo- "we'd just been advised by the CONGRESSIONAL LEADERSHIP - go forward ANYWAY"

1943: Italian dictator Mussolini quits (BBC) {Benito forced to step down}

Do you want Universal Health Care for unemployed Obese Alcoholics?

Can Anybody Help Me With Links or Info On The Last Two Major Executive Orders.....

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Why Obama Got it Right

What is at stake was seen 60 years ago this was posted last year

Conservatives Heart Hillary? (MyDD)

I just got done watching 1.5 hours of Gonzo on C-SPAN 2

The continuation of our form of government rests entirely on Dick Cheney

Howard Dean on Maddow also struck down impeachment

POLL: Obama wallops Fred Thompson by eleven points (51/40), Hillary up by only three (48/45)

New PBS Documentary tonight on P.O.V. "Prison Town, USA,"

Does Bloomberg have a plan to help Hillary win the WH?

Paula Zahn: A Victim Of Olbermann's Success

What I Feared. war starting between clinton/obama

This is why Cindy Sheehan's candidacy makes no logical sense.

Hillary supporters in exodus to Obama's camp

Frist, DeLay,Roberts & Porter Goss (waiting to hear from these Gang of 8 members to check on Gonzo s

Edwards takes aim at drug companies, insurance companies in Georgia, introduced by fmr. Gov. Barnes

I need help writing a rebuttal on Bush

Anti-Hillary poll (reasons for opposition)

NY Sun: "Cheney 'Sees An Opening' And Wants To Run for President

Is it disturbing that The Weekly Standard/Neo-Cons loved Hillary's answer about foreign dictators?

*+*+*+*+*.... House Judiciary IMPEACHMENT HEARING THREAD #1... *+*+*+*+*

"nightly suicide missions"

From our own correspondent - The Guardian - Interview: John Oliver (of The Daily Show)

Robert Dreyfuss: Another Cheney-Linked Hawk Down

Misperceptions of the 'War' in Iraq

Joseph Palermo (Huffington Post): Can We Please Impeach Gonzales Now?

Are Voter Registration Drives Being Put Out of Business? (AlterNet)


The Economist: 'Fairness' doctrine assaults free speech

The Other Iran Crisis

With Senate and Gonzales, Familiarity Breeds Contempt / Millbank / WaPo

Office Arrests: The Shame of John Conyers by Dave Lindorff

Gene Lyons on the Mystery Man

Is Monogamy Natural? (AlterNet)

Juan Cole: Bush Falsehoods about Al-Qaeda in Iraq

Conscience of the conservatives

Norman Solomon: Corrections We'd Like To See

John Nichols: Clinton, Kissinger and the Corruptions of Empire

Chalmers Johnson: The Life and Times of the CIA

UFO Sightings Bring Town to a Standstill (UK)

A Cheney critic faces jail time. Matt Rothschild's on the case.

Bill Moyers on "Balance"

Michelle Malkin's hate sites

No Exit Strategy - New York Times

Fred Barnes is a tool, however...

George Bush: Moral Termite

Daschle: Gonzales Trying to "Rewrite History" by Blaming Congress for Ashcroft Spying Crisis

NYT editorial, "No Exit Strategy": "everything, but his own illusions, tells him he is failing"

Hillary Clinton: Ice Princess

Michael Moore: My Challenge to the Presidential Candidates

This Is CNN

Outsourcing Intelligence

Purple America

Robert Scheer: Bush in Free Fall

US ‘Brand Identity’ Tarnished...’show of force’ model...should have been `we will help you’

Oil pipeline has burst in Vancouver

Chronically Short Of Snow, French Alps Ski Resort Closes Permanently - IHT

Russian construction of Iran nuclear plant in 'crisis' - AFP

Rising sea, rising threat: What Puget Sound risks

Despite Rising Costs, Wind Industry Thriving Worldwide

Natural gas tanks explode near Dallas

GE issues credit card aimed to cut emissions

Jimmy Neutron teaches my grandson about global warming!

Demolition Begins On 47-Foot-Tall Marmot Dam On Oregon's Sandy River - ENN

Even Slight Additional Temperature Increase Could Wipe Out Uganda's Coffee Farms - Nat. Geographic

Climate And Energy At Top Of APEC Agenda Next Month - Of Course, The Chimp Isn't Going - AFP

Whoops! After Howard Suddenly Shifts To Support Carbon Trading, Bush Admin. Says It Won't Woik

Quebec Government Issues Warning For 72 Lakes Contaminated By Blue-Green Algae Outbreaks - AFP

BP Profits Lower As Production Falls For 24 Straight Months - AFP

Erosion may send Alaska oil wells into the ocean

NSW Minister - New Coal Plant OK For Short-Term Targets, Since Carbon Capture Tech Ready By 2025

Fires, Blackouts, Deaths Follow In Wake Of Relentless Balkans Heatwave - AFP

US domestic oil reserves would be completely depleted in less than 20 years?

Florida's 1970s Choice - Growth Over Water - Means The Bill Is Just Now Coming Due

1,000+ Unique Global Warming Readers

Guatemalan coffee farms aim to sell electricity

Ozone cuts plant growth, spurs global warming: study

Discovery of "rock snot" in Vermont worries Maine officials

(Russian) Expedition to Stake Arctic Claim Delayed

Oil Executives Deny Gas Overcharging

PG&E Signs Agreement With Solel for 553 Megawatts of Solar Thermal Electric Power

EPA sees little economic impact from CO2 cuts - Reuters

Fish farmer sentenced to time in halfway house-- shot Bald Eagle, 200 Ospreys, and Herons

“24” plans to go carbon-neutral

Death toll rises in southern Europe's heatwave

Alaska Government - North Slope Production Dropping Faster Than Expected - 12.5% YOY ( Crude + NGL)

Algae closes Newton, NH beach

Voracious Jumbo Squid Invade California

Save energy using "Blackle" instead of "Google" ?

Amazon drought crosspost

Towels used to mop up nuke spill (Kashiwazaki-Kariwa update)

Huge Dust Plumes From China Cause Changes In Climate

Worst of Atlantic hurricane season still to come

Clive Thompson Thinks: Desktop Orb Could Reform Energy Hogs

PG&E Adds 85 MW of Wind Energy to Its Power Mix

Toyota unveils plug-in hybrid, to test on roads

On Base, a Plea to Give Each Death Its Due

State deals prison inmates a better hand

New Navy Policy on Biological Select Agents

Ward Churchhill has just been fire from CU.

Just throw them all on the pile - how the Bush Admin supports the troops

India approves technical details of India-US civilian nuclear deal

Judge keeps states' domestic spying lawsuits alive

Teens face sex-crime charges for slapping classmates on the butt

Colombia's paramilitaries freeze cooperation with authorities

Disfavor for Bush Hits Rare Heights

Ky. Plane Crash Screened for Secrets (TSA reviewing

Boys Face Sex Trial for Slapping Girls' Posteriors

French soldier killed in Afghanistan

Michigan Young Republican pleads guilty in sex (rape) case

More homes evacuated amid floods

Washington D.C. Suburb's Council Votes to Urge Congress to Impeach Bush, Cheney

German journalist kidnapped in Afghan east-officials

DNA Identifies 9/11 Victim (from Human Remains in a Con Edison Manhole)

Taliban kill one Korean hostage: Taliban spokesman

Sunnis Suspend Iraqi Gov't Membership

NBC sued for $105 million over man's death (suicide because of "reality show")

Two Aides To Face Contempt Charges

Iran raises stakes in war of nerves over enriching uranium

Sens. say Gonzales lied

Cuba-trained US doctors graduate

Pakistan rocket strike kills 14

Senatorial Nothingness

(UK) MPs criticise U.S. over prisoner rendition

US agency downplays memo flagging airport terror threat

Merkley to form fund-raising committee for Ore. Senate race

Cunningham Transferred to San Diego Jail (Attorney and Feds Won't Say Why)

Schools to fingerprint infants.

Basra doctors on strike, demand protection

VA turns away cardiac victim

Bush aides to face contempt citations

Top Lender Sees Mortgage Woes for ‘Good’ Risks

Romney Lashes Out at Democratic Rivals

Sunnis suspends Iraqi gov't membership

Panel Holds Two Bush Aides in Contempt

Conservatives call for Bush to emphasize ‘leaving Iraq’

Gonzales, Senators Spar on Credibility

Suicide car bomb kills 16 in east Baghdad -police

Airports alerted to possible terrorist 'dry runs' after curious incidents

FBI Seeks To Pay Telecoms For Data

Murtha pushes new troop withdrawal plan

Iraq envoy slams US over arms supplies

Envoys' political briefings debated

Wall Street Journal: Rep. Young Under Criminal Investigation

Plane returns to Sea-Tac after reported threat

Bombings Strike Soccer Fans in Baghdad

Bullet-riddled body of S. Korean found

Sen. Feinstein endorses Clinton

Judiciary Committee Sends Contempt Charges Against Miers, Bolton to Full House (Ayes Have It)

Tobacco May Be Put Under FDA Control

Geo Facility to Hold 1,160 Immigrants

U.S. home builder woes reach into other industries

Explosion in Dallas

Two US lawmakers face corruption probe

Panel Calls for Improved Veterans Care

Brazil's defense minister ousted after air crash

Banks postpone Chrysler funding plan

U.S. Plans to Build Embassy in Hezbollah Area of Beirut (Despite Staff Objections)

Democratic Hopefuls Snub Party Moderates

Monsanto loses claims for Roundup Ready genes

Therapist Gets 45 Years for Abusing Kids

Impeachment call cancels ski trips

McCain's Media Team Resigns, Futher Shaking Up Campaign

Reid: Senate Passes Long-Overdue Health Care Overhaul, Pay Raise For Troops

Understaffing Strains Social Security

Cindy Sheehan Joins War Protest in Philly

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday July 25

Snow Blasts "Pathetic" House Panel Move

Specter to probe Supreme Court decisions

House Democrats Pass Contempt Citations

Report Suggests Laws Broken in Attorney Firings

UK rejects music copyright extension

Existing Home Sales Drop for 4th Month

CIA misled Britain over rendition plan

Protester removed from Fred Thompson event

Russian Youth: Stalin Good, Migrants Must Go: Poll

US has naturalized 32,000 immigrant soldiers since Iraq war

Rasmussen thrown off Tour de France

Judge: Sudan Owes USS Cole Families $8M

Parole Procedures to Be Reviewed After Grisly Conn. Home Invasion

Study: Obesity is Socially Contagious

Colombia militias quit peace deal (right wing death squads)

Areva acknowledges "preliminary contacts" with Libya for reactor

Obviously they don't have ROOM INSPECTIONS in the Army anymore!

Jerry Lee Lewis said it best....

So...How bad are you problems now? (Pic & copycat thread)


On the lighter side . . .

would you watch an antiques/collectibles network?

Should I play hookey from work tomorrow?

Nicholas Stern - "Slapshot Rock"

So I bought my jock itch powder at Trader Joe's (copycat)

The sleeping pill has finally worn off and I'm wide awake at 1:50 a.m.

I tried to accidentally wipe our house out this afternoon

"Mommie, what should I do if there's a terrorist attack?"

Confession: DU is my co-pilot

I'm feeling compelled to say goodnight even though

BONDSWATCH for 24 July 07

In honor of Paris, and Lindsay........*youtube warning*

Monkeyfunk's review of A Day at the Races

Applauding between movements of classic erotic pieces.

It's scientifically proven that women have smaller colons than men

Wow, that was the quickest I've ever gotten something on Greatest

Girl Calling Sex Assault Hotline Gets Sex Hotline Instead

You'd think that through all the millions of years of evolution, we'd have learned to block out pain

Piggies 2007 - sorry, George (Harrison)

Anyone else in love with Zero 7?

It's a cliche but the Grand Canyon really is amazing (Dial-up warning)

Man Arrested For Making 292 False 911 Calls This Month (Out of cell phone minutes & 911 is free)

Do you ever get sick of hearing about some dumbass polls?

Everybody run. The homecoming queen's got a gun.

On the performance of "MESSIAH" by the POWERHOUSE CHORUS.

Ok, who's myspace page is this?

Working from home, slouched in easy chair, laptop in lap......

My vacation starts today

Do you ever get sick of hearing about some dumbass study?

Woman Swallows Condom During Felatio (This medical report is hilarious!)

I heard MATCOM likes to make baby jeebus cry..

TV has sucked hiney

Best music ever

Look what parked on my street the other day

Google is starting a new phone service - and it looks pretty damn cool

Are you guys fond of your step mother/father?

Challenge of the Super-Duper Friends video---freakin' HYSTERICAL!!!

Penelope Cruz's mascara add under fire for false advertising (she was wearing false eyelashes)

Hey sissie - are you and Haruka part of one of those 'lesbian gangs' that O'Reilly talked about?

They sure screwed up the word "truffle"

So you know that Stonehenge part on "This Is Spinal Tap"?

I'm on the verge of a heart attack.

A question for identical twins

Has anyone been on "Antiques Roadshow"?

Crimes of the 20th Century -- "it's the crime of the century!"

Any tips for sleeping through the night?

Has anybody ever actually been to Tahiti Village?

PSA For DU Ladies: Cervical Cancer Increase Linked To LEMON JUICE DOUCHE

WOOPS! Discovery Channel's "Man vs. Wild" Actually Stayed In Hotel Rooms

Is Bush smart enough...

Savage Chicken!!!!

I'm pissed!

Does anyone have a link to the SNL Ward Churchill skit from a couple of years ago?

Savage Chickens!

Netflix giving a discount

Forgive me in advance....I saw "Hairspray" tonight...

I think my Fallopian tubes are clogged

Inmate To Go On Trial For Masturbating Alone In His Cell - Wait, WHAT?

ugh! When liberals watch FOX "News"

Name a song (or album or band) that prominently features a toy instrument.

I think a friend of mine deliberately cuts himself.

I think my Internet tubes are clogged

I think my vacuum tubes are clogged.

What color should I paint my kitchen cabinets?

Who wants to be a salesman!!!

Has anyone placed solar shingles on their house?

Tomorrow is going to be a very, very long day for me...sigh

Connecticut man says panic led him to chop up dead pal's body, stuff it in barrel

So I'm helping my husband proofread a comic graphic novel...

What the FUCK?

goddammit, who ate ALL the cucumbers?!?!??

Bah! I gotta come in to work early tomorrow.

I'm sick and tired of being an adult...


Pipe dreams....

Do you eat ALL of cucumbers?

Any plans for a DU meetup in NYC...I always get invited, but I always miss out...

hey astronomy folks a question?

I never used to use foul language until oh, about 7 years ago

Top Chef fans - who do you think will have to pack their knives tonight

Parrots at the watering hole!

a Repook runs for ruler of the universe: E.T.s respond like typical freeptards

OK, maybe I'm just a clueless old fart, but what the FUCK is the point I was going to make?

When you're in the car and you're driving up a steep hill

Gay Men Decide Jake Gyllenhaal #1 Hottie - Lesbians Say Its Leisha Hailey

Man Could Face 15 Years In Prison & Register As Sex Offender For Mooning Family In Car

Why is it that shithouse rats are so crazy?

Oh where, oh where has my sundog gone?

I don't think I want any of this ice cream...

Please make me laugh

Help! A pic of Serge and a dog question:

I will be running against Skinner for Admin in the next DU election.

For those who eat carni - did you also cut cheese?

My hometown: Ann Arbor

I fooled you DUmmies for six years...I'M ARISTUS BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!

Lindsey: "I am innocent... did not do drugs they're not mine."

I fooled you DUmmies for six years...I'M A FREEPER!!! BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!

First Astana, now one's going to be left to ride into Paris

Nude woman buys smokes at German gas station, leaves in Ferrari

I am so brain dead.

My New Favourite Show...

I hate my landlord...

Joni Mitchell to release first album of new compositions since 1998

Raise your hand of you're older and look younger than Rachel Zoe!

So far The Simpsons Movie has been receiving glowing reviews.

In Eight days, we throw a party in matcom's house

I fooled you DUmmies for six years...I"M FROM THE MAINLAND!!! BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!

Update on the stray Thomcat I'm trying to tame

Chipmunks -- what makes them go away?

must ... not .. . take .. . . ..nap...

Buddhist role-playing game. LOL!

The woman sitting all by herself at the bar is most likely.....?

How easy is it for you to expunge bad movie SEQUELS from memory?

For those who eat veggie - did you also cut grains?

For those who eat babies - do you also cut designer vaginas?

Okay, y'all, who's the bigger pev?

I wasn't, but some are... born to be wild!

Bravo Reality Fans: I'm looking forward to Flipping Out!

CAT OWNERS: What do you do when someone with allergies comes over.

Rut Roh

From Wikipedia - Re: DU.. OK, who wrote this?

Let's revisit a classic - this has got to be the BEST du lounge thread EVER!!!!!

Do cats go to Pathetic School or somethin'?


Are you nostalgic about your childhood?

I pulled my back sometime during the night.

Rachel Zoe: The gal behind all those super skinny celebs including LIndsey, Nicole & Paris

Why does Wisconsin hate America?

Man Downloads Child Porn - Takes It To CVS To Be Printed - Arrested

The wheels are completely off the Tour

Next Friday (the 3rd) I will be a year older: What should i Do?

Wow, who was on acid when making this video? Or, more importantly, when watching it?

MVA Hell

Do you know: a lot about a lot?

No googling! Do you know what an 'oscilloscope' is?

Who Did You Want To Host Price Is Right

The Fall of Beyoncé

Mostly Naked Senior Citizen Seen Sprinting Down Highway.

Do You Know: A little about a little

Ever heard of Henry Darger?

Cats Or Dogs??

Please lay off the high calorie stuff, OK?


Proof that dogfighting should be legal

Need a good cry?

Ever see a Pug recite Shakespeare?

Am I a bad liberal?

I am raving

"Masturbating alone" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread to include "masturbating alone".

Obama should remind Democrats about all the nuclear wars Greg Stillson will cause.

Big fucking Q.

Who am I?: "Today, in Washeenton..."

I talk so little on my cellphone, I have only 19 life time total hours..

*Spoilers* Update on one of my Harry Potter questions...

I pulled my front sometime during the night.

Penis Myths

We did the watermelon tour at the local organic farm today!

So I'm getting rid of my dishwasher and hauling my dryer to the dump

IMPEACH 1280 x 800 pixel deskpicture from Benton County War Protest

I am craving

Why should I care about the Tour de France anymore?

The very definition of being an adult

Acrophobics need not apply.

I lost my star and can't figure out what is the problem

Someday, I swear...

Actual Headline: "Victim to get $25,000 in crab cake stabbing." What can we learn from this?

Okay. This is highly annoying.

Health insurance for chronically ill wife. need advice

803 posts to 25,000. ask me anything!

I was diagnosed with cancer yesterday

All-new grammar rant! First time on DU!

Okay, let's play a game... It's called "If Philboy were here...."

Do you call your Father/Mother-in-law "Dad" or "Mom"?

Take some injury, add some insult and then a whole bag of salt and rub it in with some lemon juice

shout out to the teachers!!


How heterosexual is this?

(WOMEN ONLY) The guy sitting all by himself at the bar is most likely.....?

so many Lounge regulars that I don't know -- post here if you don't know me

The Onion - Study: Iraqis May Experience Sadness When Friends, Relatives Die

Sick of anti-drug ads on AAR...

Need Help from Camera People Out there.

The latest addition to the LostinVA/Haruka family!

Saw a cross burning last night.

Obama should remind Democrats about all the elected offices the Democrats lost when Clinton

If the punishment should fit the crime, what should Michael Vick's sentence be if found guilty?

Ever heard of Harvey Danger? (copycat w/ video)

In ONE WEEK the Matcom's invade Canada!

Need advice from those who went to their 10-year HS reunion

Emeril needs to brush up on his 'Cajun'.

After 30 years, I'm playing my first solo gig

So I started a Face Book

When you need to get somewhere but don't want your food & beverages to get cold - Cruizin Cooler

Why do we dream of horrible things?

How often is the dream of becoming a plumber just a pipe dream?

Leaving Yellowstone.. Final park picture thread..

Philboy needs some good vibes....

Made a little progress on this painting today (aka: Post Your Art Thread)

would you be happier married or unmarried

Are Oasis really the new Beatles?

Your favorite author from your Junior High (Middle School) days

If you see this cat coming your way, flee for your life. Literally.

Do you have a Guardian Angel?

I'm back home...

Corniest song ever?

This week, I have been wounded by the oldest of three toxic stepchildren...

Bill Hicks "One Night Stand" - Starts off at the airport, stuck waiting, talking about terrorists.

Dog cataracts, can they do anything for the old boy?

Our Power in Their Hands, Their Apathy vs. Our Anger

Poor and Uneducated, Like We Thought

Abington, Mass. Knights of Columbus hall won't return soldier's deposit after called to active duty

Labor joke for the week

Today in labor history July 25

UPS CFO: Co Confident In Inking Teamsters Pact By Year End

Teamsters Hail Court Decision on Hours of Service, Hoffa Calls Decision a Victory for Truck Drivers

9/11 Press For Truth: ISI/D.C. wire transfer connection.

Gonzales Senate Judiciary Hearing Pt. 2

Gonzales Senate Judiciary Hearing Pt. 3

Gonzales Senate Judiciary Hearing Pt. 4


John Conyers On Impeachment - San Diego (Also Transcript)


Olbermann, "Countdown," great Gonzales testimony coverage! "Department of Just Us"

CNN YouTube Debate Videos Should Have Been Voted On

CNN covers the Red State Update duo

Gonzales Senate Judiciary Hearing Pt. 1

Gonzales Senate Judiciary Hearing Pt. 5

TPMtv: Alberto Gonzales: Lying Liar Edition

Hillary spokesman on O'Reilly Re: Is Daily Kos a hate site? Great interview

David Rockefeller met with Saddam


How the Gays destroy Heterosexual Marriage


In case you missed it: The Project For A New American Century.

With relatively slim House and Senate majorities, and a Supreme Court....

Message to Dem Party Leadership:

Post in 'Congress' Forum from Deserves Attention:

SOLOPEC nations warn sun's output may not meet demand...

General: Al-Qaida making new cells in US (It could happen any day)

The Mothers of the Disappeared

Guess what words Shrub used every 19 seconds in a 29 minute Iraq policy speech.

George W. Bush is a Nazi.

Verschärfte Vernehmung: Nazi torture techniques mirror Bush administration.

RANT! Burning some CDs for a con

Family Emergency: Need Power of Attorneys from parents

Best Abortion Quote I have ever read.

Just throw them all on the pile - how the Bush Admin supports the troops

"A registered Republican until last month". Cashing in on fame of popular Obama....

If I ever did represent a district in the United States -

Is DU that different from Democratic America - or is Dem America being lied to (or lied about)?

I JUST FIGURED out priority #1 when the shit hits the fan…

The House of Second Rate WannaBe's is starting to IMPLODE

Security Theater, Take 2

If there is no terrorist attack on U.S. soil before 2009?

Sorry if I pissed anybody off - I didn't mean to.

Here comes that sinking feeling...

You know - the only thing that could ever draw me or anyone

Boogedy boo.

Media Corrections We'd Like To See

Does my son have to die in Iraq...

2 Bush Aides to Face Contempt Citations (AP)

Stepping up the fear mongering: TSA: Terrorists may be conducting dry runs

What do you think of Gordon Brown so far?

Almost 30,000 sex offenders on MySpace, say US officials.

What is the deal with telling people to "fuck"?

Washington Journal This Morning On Executive Privilege

== How To Get Your Love On = By Mark Morford

Hee, hee. Today's Doonesbury Guest Star... Helen Thomas

*** Official House Judiciary Contempt Hearing Thread #3 ***

OMG! On the Today Show News this AM, Bush "exaggerating" about Al Qaeda in Iraq,

Dems taking all-or-nothing view on Iraq

At least Caesar shared his war profits with the common slobs.

Someone check out sam waterston and report back.....

Could my nephew go to Iraq?

Richard Land gushes over Fred Thompson

Nobody Said It Better Then - Molly Ivins : Demos need to grow spine

report on j23 in rome - 1700 faxes to conyers

For British troops in Iraq 'nightly suicide missions': The Guardian report, today.

For about 3 hours today Iraq will be peaceful and quiet.

Trouble in Fred Thompson's "testing the waters" campaign

LTTE “War supporters never fought”, Montgomery Advertiser, Alabama

Just released -- Kids Count report on American children living in poverty

McClatchy: Experts question U.S. strategy in Pakistan

Are you afraid of being seen as a loony lefty, & by whom?

Rep. Barbara Lee on WJ now -all Iraq n/t

I propose a moratorium on comparing onseself to Rosa Parks

want impeachment? . . . have Barbara Jordan talk to Congressman Conyers . . .

Judge rules against government in warrantless surveillance cases

WaPo: Disfavor for Bush Hits Rare Heights

The Pretzel logic of the Pretzel King* himself.... trying to work this out.

Service Civilians and the Wounds of War

Once every 32 words:

So He Lied

DUers who are Netflix Members, please do me a giant favor and add my film to your queue.

Forecasters cut 2007 Hurricane forecast --- and my personal rant

Is Bush Becoming Nixon? ---pix--->>>

Iraq's largest Sunni Arab bloc suspends membership in coalition government

Informative and Entertaining Washington Post Graphic

Cheney is a man of many talents.

Globe Editorial: Contemptible Conduct At Justice

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

I changed my signature line.

Bill O'Reilly and Rod Wheeler Apologize for Inaccuracies in Their Report on Violent Lesbian Gangs

Whither Hatemail?

attacked a terrorist training camp southwest of Baghdad

Huge explosion in Dallas. Closes major Interstates.

Wingnuts who attacked Sun Times columnist were wrong!

The move was made in advance of the imminent withdrawal of 470 Danish troops stationed in Iraq

Specter Suggests Gonzales Should Be In Jail -Told Reporters"There Is A Jail In The Capital Complex"


Caption *

Sheehan Protests Conyers The Day He's Calling 2 Bush Admin. Officials In Contempt Of Congress

Oh, the incredible dilemma of today's bush supporters

First big wave of Iraqi refugees heads for the US

VFP: Call to Generals to Respect the (Constitutional) Rights of our Troops

AP Breaks HUGE Story on Edwards .... NOT(but of course you knew that) LINK

John Conyers Speaks For Me

Congress's Power To Compel

Germany slammed for deporting Iraqi refugees

Here's a poll question you'll love.

*** House Judiciary Contempt Hearing Thread 4 ***

Luckovich cartoon : "How to tell when Gonzo is lying"

Do you have a Guardian Angel?

Think about this: "Bush aides to face contempt citations." They finally got the right word.

US judge refuses to stop states from probing domestic spying

Voracious jumbo squid invade California

Will There Be An Official Thread On The Contempt Hearing? nt

Jon Stewart is rocking tonight n/t

*** House Judiciary Hearing on Contempt today at 10:15 ***

Why people don't want to evacuate for a hurricane...

the following are the Co-Sponsors of HR333

So just how long have Daddy and Jr. been planning this mess??

Why Does Gonzo Stay - Honest Question

Who was that author on the Daily Show last night?

Hazard Warning on Home Cleaners

So when is Gore going to get in this thing?

Favorite stupid repub reasons for continuing the war...

Delete, intended as a response, not an original post.

*** Official House Judiciary Hearing on Contempt Thread 1 ***

The concern of some at what the 25 percenters might think is laughable.

More terra, anyone? General: Al-Qaida making new cells in US

Sorry Dupe

Intel Officials: NIE Estimate Lacks Supporting Evidence-Possibly Politicized(Larisa Alexandrovna)

Politically savvy ex-soldier fights against war

Cheney Impeachment: And then there were 15

Don Young (R-AK) Under Federal Criminal Investigation

Your "sense" is wrong, you fucking blowhard


*** Official House Judiciary Contempt Hearing Thread 2 ***

Listening to the Repubs on the committee is like reading them on FR or...

Head of Michigan Young Repukes pleads guilty to sexual battery.

If Cindy Sheehan Runs A 3rd Party Campaign For President, Will It Split The Nader Vote?

Rep. Harman: White House Never Sought Approval For ‘Other Intelligence Activities’

From Official JC thread #2: "Cannon wants the President to have IMPERIAL status"

So we go into the next election

CSM: Iran has recently given Iraq PM al-Maliki his own Air-force One

The primaries are over, a candidate chosen, write the reasons they should be President

The GOP is still just as nuts as it was in the 1990's! Stuck on Clinton's

FBI Seeks To Pay Telecoms For Data-$5 Million a Year Sought for Firms To Keep Databases

Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaida, or Al-Qada

Michael Moore (at Huffpo) My Challenge To The Presidential Candidates

General Dynamics Profit Rises 23% on Sales of Vehicles, Jets - Mission accomplished!

How many here know that Abraham Lincoln was a third Party candidate

White House Aide Contempt Charges - Ayes Have It!

When I see _________________ commercials sponsoring Fox's O'Reilly ....

I am here to denounce John Conyers, Enemy of the People!!

Fred Thompson thanks POTUS Clinton for cigar / "putting the wood" to the GOP

You can try and kill the messenger, but the message rings true

god, I feel so terrible for the relatives of the SK hostages:

How To Tell When Alberto Gonzales Is Lying

House Intelligence Chairman: Bush Administration Withholds Key Information On Surveillance


Hey Will - you want a slogan for impeachment?

Your search - "republicans against clinton impeachment" - did not match any documents.

Norquist’s Advice For Bush On Iraq: Make Groups Like MoveOn Look ‘More Extreme’

Has there been discussion on tweety falling all over himself with

Congressman John Conyers Betrays the American People

Poll: Americans trust Congress over Bush on Iraq

Reyes warns U.S. in Iraq may bolster terror threat

Would RFK Jr. run as a Democrat if he enters the race?

The Congressional Progressive Caucus - representative of DU values?


Plame/Wilson Lawyer: legal team plans to take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court if appeal rejected

Admins: Requesting a new forum: "The Cindy Sheehan Love Fest"

Ditech's "People Are Smart." Is this the most condescending tagline ever?

Drive-thru or park it? What's best for the environment & fuel economy?

Remember the guy who got the crap beat out of him in New Orleans after

Conason: MURDOCH's flying monkeys waging war on DailyKos

Ammunition makers bracing for downturn

Head of "Move America Forward" sounds like a con-man

My Mom Had An Interesting Comment Yesterday On The W-ar vs. Environment

Favorite Gonzo moments from yesterday.

Korea was a "Police Action" and Vietnam was a "Conflict" but Iraq is a "War"

Fox News gleefully posts video on website referring to Senator Harry Reid as "son of a bitch"

deadly fish disease in two N.Y. lakes, Seneca and Cayuga

BREAKING: Multiple Explosions In Downtown Dallas (Acetylene Tank Fire, Not Terrorism)

The terra blitzkrieg continues........

*** House Judiciary Comtempt Hearing Thread #5 ***

The "people" who claimed to be surprised by the sub-prime debacle

TSA 'Look Out For Possible Terrorist Dry Runs

Intoxicated policeman found in church

CNN: Terrorists going to blow up planes with Cheese

New York Sun: Cheney ‘Sees An Opening’ And Wants To Run For President

Nairobi Ministry of Health employee has been arrested in Webuye on suspicion of trading in firearms

"Most Recommended" News Item At Yahoo Already...

Pat Leahy on Ed Schultz .... going for perjury

Ghana demands that Uganda return the "Jesus-Zapper" Pastor

Ex-LA priest charged with sexual abuse

What's with Gravel

Priest with Dayton, OH ties sentenced on drug charges in Covington, KY

Anger Management Instructor Arrested For Domestic Battery

Georgia is trying to use the back door in order to target immigrants

Cops eyed "Mad Hatter" suspect months ago

Some bedtime wisdom from Voltaire:

Oh my, that YouTube is becoming quite the cesspool of

Commission Calls for Fundamental Changes to Military Health System

Virginia Unveils Dangerous Dog Registry (Like Sex Offender Registrys)

Reports pour in on Rev. Haney (Walnut Grove Baptist Church)

Waxman Asks About White House Counsel’s Knowledge of Potential Presidential Records Act Violations

Murtha Will Propose Amendment Next Week for Iraq Pullout To Begin Within 60 Days BUT No Deadline

All I ask is for the moment forget the votes and think about the future of our Country.

I refuse to live in fear

House Passes Ban on Already Illegal Permanent Bases in Iraq

Former Priest (Oxnard, CA) To Be Arraigned On Molestation Charges

Glendale Priest Facing Public Indecency, Drunk Driving Charges

"Talk of the Nation" (NPR): Barton Gellman guest (WP's Cheney series author).

Norquist’s Advice For Bush On Iraq: Make Groups Like MoveOn Look ‘More Extreme’

Kevin Martin protests Nicole and Paris by using a lot of profanity on the FCC website

Taxpayers pick up Bush's (colonoscopy) bill

Bush really DOES listen to his generals on the ground

Rupert Murdoch wants to track your children using MySpace "Zephyr" Software

Didn't the Repukes Hang Bill Clinton on Perjury Charges?

Why I would seek inherent contempt.

Fla. Girl Calls Abuse Line, Gets Sex Hotline

Murtha Pushes New Troop Withdrawal Plan

I love John Conyers

These Republicans are gluttons of privilege.

got a call yesterday from my old, troubled friend.

Arlen Jokes About The Capitol Jail...

Free public domain movies, tv shows, cartoons and documentaries!

Now this makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up

Cast a vote to punish animal cruelty

Why would YOU embed wires in your cheese?

Bombings Strike Soccer Fans in Baghdad (50 dead, 100+ wounded)

CNN's YouTube Debate Failed The American People

Feinstein to Endorse Clinton

Jack Cafferty refuses to report Lindsay Lohan story because it's mindless news

Mike Malloy interviews Gravel

Alberto Gonzales (Fredo): Lying Liar - TPM video compilation

NYT uncritically reported Bush claim that Al Qaeda terrorists "would follow us here" from Iraq"

Contempt Charges - "It it is going to accomplish nothing, lets just have the balls to say so."

Controversial Toilet Sign Considered Free Speech, Will Remain Posted

Fired for "political reasons" vs. "obstruction of justice"

"So Bush’s two proudest achievements are getting people killed and pardoning a convicted felon."

Clinton administration subject to 1,052 subpoenas

Clergyman to Stand Trial for "Dirty War" Crimes in Argentina

Ramadan 2007 is from 9/13 - 10/12

Misperceptions of the 'War' in Iraq

Protester removed from Fred Thompson event

Marcy Wheeler: Cheney Got The Keys To DOJ... But Did Rove?

Renovator uncovers mummified infant

Impeachment: these are the co-sponsors of HR333

"He must have been misunderstood" why do we believe the lies of entrenched politicians?

One can only dream!

Rush, Malkin adopt Jared Townsend of Clio and his "baby" assault rifle. Cool, make him your America

Human Rights Campaign to Honor Nancy Pelosi with 2007 National Equality Award

Congress Wraps Up Work on Bill Carrying Out Remaining 9/11 Commission Recommendations

Conyers transcript

Alberto Gonzalez CAN be Impeached, per the Constitution

"Romney, McCain lash out at Democrats"

Is tinfoil hat going mainstream?

Dear Congressman Conyers,

Bill O'Reilly's Website Investigated By Secret Service for Threats to Hillary's Life

newt call repubs 'pathetic bunch of pygmies', threatens to run for pres.

The House Judiciary Contempt Report (a comprehensive account of the U.S. Attorney scandal)

Facebook users: many Congressmen have Facebook pages

US-Iran Alliance Against al Qaeda?

Marbury vs. Madison - Any Act Repugnant To The Constitution Cannot Become Law...

WH responds to contempt citations: "From our view, this is pathetic"

Now the TSA is downplaying the airport dry runs threat......

FBI Proposes Building Network of U.S. Informants

Record heat wave kills ***500*** in Hungary

Iraq Parliament Passes Law to Privatize Refineries

who's james taranto?

Playing With Us

The need and viability of public financing of elections

American Governing Meltdown....

Scapegoating Illuminates The Bankruptcy Of Health Promotion

Ecological , unpolluted fairy tale!!! Ladies read on

Why do they still support him? The article I want to see...

Does Congress Get It?

"ChristiaNet" all over the important issues of 2007: Kissing is OK.

Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, John Conyers, Harry Reid, etc.

3638 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Castro is Cuba's Decider, Hitler was Germany's Decider, Pol Pot was Cambodia's Decider

Enough about Impeachment, where's my Inherent Contempt?

Where are the pro-lifers?

Dirkson and Hart Buildings, US Senate Evacuated for Smoke.....CNN/MSNBC

BREAKING: Announcement

Randi is playing an "editted" version of Gonzos hearing yesterday

AP Reporting a Vote on Contempt Citation Likely AFTER August Recess!

Should the Republican party be outlawed and members jailed? Edited

Yikes! Travelling genius misses flight, tells agent it has a bomb on board.

Iraqi river carries grotesque cargo

The reason I don't want Fred Thompson in the race

Come on DUers: Cafferty email

On impeachment

CNN just questioned the motives of the most recent terror alert!

The Fred Thompson Letters: Clinton and Cigars

The Vultures of Tammy Faye. Opportunitists seek to cash-in on her death

What's the rush?

All this can be yours IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT....

I don't know how he keeps doing it...

* to veto child healthcare, but asks Congress to fund nuclear arsenal revamp

Is the Elizabeth Edwards "tangerine" thing real, or did Boortz just make an ass of himself again?

VCS (Veterans for Common Sense) Oral Testimony for House Veterans' Affairs Committee-7/25

Lawsuit Eyed In Kids Tossed Off Amtrak Train 600 Miles from Home

Where have those in the impeachment movement managed to actually confront Bush's crimes or abuses?

MySpace Kicks Out Convicted Sex Offenders - deleted 29,000 convicted sex offenders

Bob Novak On Situation Room: "Rove was afraid he was gonna be indicted"

Court Overrules Bush Admin. on Truck Drivers' Hours

Odd, When you Google Rep Don Young you get "Official web site for Representative Don Young (D - AK)"

I'm listening to the replay of the contempt hearings on C-SPAN 3

3640 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

52-Page Conyers Report Suggests Laws Broken in Attorney Firings

The stalker in your pocket

I'm a very loud voice for impeachment...

18,000 fake Viagra pills seized

does DU have a search function?

Forest Service Seeks Consumers' Help

Iran gives Airbus jet to Iraq as 'goodwill gesture'

Snow blasts ‘pathetic’ House panel move (contempt citation)

Reminder: Two Months Ago * Was Against Troop Pay Raise

Is full information for consumers a protectionist measure?

Tour de France leader Rasmussen removed from race.

WP, Dan Froomkin: George W. Bush, "Al Qaeda's Best Publicist"

Remember when people blasted Ed Schultz as a DINO...?

Want to sink Fred Thompson? Show the Republics this letter from Feingold!

Randi Rhodes just said * couldn't declare martial law

Bush Is The New Maxwell Smart!!

White House assails lawmakers over contempt charges

From Media Bistro, more bizarre, on-air "Tweety": Chris Matthews on Sex

Tweety falling off his perch over Lance Armstrong. What is the big announcement?

Barbara Lee introduces HR 2929 to Ban Permanent Bases in Iraq . . .

ALL HAIL THE TRIAD! - Barbara Lee, Lynn Woolsey and Maxine Waters

Am in the only one that watches the 3 Stooges and the Roadrunner ? (re: Pelosi & Reid,

Bush and amputees. I CANNOT believe my eyes!

CNN's Jack Cafferty does a Mika Brzezinski: On-air, says take Lohan off his teleprompter (video)

Sen. Patrick Leahy On Countdown W/ Keith Olbermann Tonight

What Would Jesus Do? Answer:

Why does Gonzo get an opportunity to reconsider his answers? Enough already.. Grow some nads' Dems.

Suicide bombings sour celebration of Iraqi soccer win

The Bush supporters, do they believe that siding with him will mean they keep their prosperity?

Army Study: Guantanamo Detainees Pose Direct Terrorist Threat

tonight on countdown

Should it be legal for a small political party to let itself be absorbed by a large political party?


Charging Contempt: I Think It's A Mistake

Bill O' Is Being Investigated By the Secret Service

scapegoating and the bankruptcy of health promotions

800-The percent increase of homes in California whose deeds reverted to bank ownership

I finally got to watch "An Inconvenient Truth" this afternoon.

Which four Congressfolk are being bribed by Turkey?

I've been challenged to find a way to blame the oil refinery explosion on Bush.

Is the desperation here on DU that bad?

Meanwhile: I love Paris on anything but a car

What's happening to Tony Snow?

TPM has a highlight reel of Gonzo's Testimony yesterday...worth a look...LINK

On CNN, just now, Novak basically said that Iraq needed a dictator.

BBC: W's grandpappy planned fascist coup of USA

President Is Denied Executive Privilege

Invasive Jumbo Squid like to live in warm water

Plame to Appeal Dismissal of Suit in CIA Case

Fifty Iraqi football fans killed

Congress: P2P networks harm national security

UFO sightings bring town to a standstill

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Syria, Kuwait, Iran, all mulling change from dollar peg

The whine about Congress waiting until after recess to vote on contempt is pathetic

McCain says the Iraqis will follow U.S. troops to the United States if they leave


Stupid on terrorism: Al Qaeda in Iraq is an admission of failure

This is all I have to say about Cindy Sheehan.

* speaks with reporters after jogging with wounded veterans - pics

Snow: "Hundreds of hearings that have produced bupkis"

Anarchist "Nobody owes anybody anything" O'Reilly claims America is being "fully employed"

Zeitgeist:The movie

Video Rant Re: the Minimum Wage! by Bruce McCulloch of "The Kids in the Hall" from 1991

There's a look in Hilary's eyes

DOJ Letter To House Judiciary: Even If You Pass Contempt Charges-We Will IGNORE!

Who are Wetzelbill and Kurovski?

Contempt citations recommended for full House vote AFTER THE FRIGGIN' RECESS?

A Nearly Civil Civil War

A LTE in today's Syracuse Post Standard made a serious accusation about Hillary Clinton:

Terra! Terra! Cheese! Cheese! Terra! Terra!

Four Quotes

Plame Lawyer: Team Plans To Take Case To U.S. Supreme Court If U.S. Court Of Appeals Rejects Appeal

Tony Snow Responds To House Contempt Charges:

DUing more harm than good

I don't get it. You find cheese with wires in the airport

Former DUer bashes DU on BartCop.

Gonzales may have breached secret meeting

OMG! Pelosi is the WORST! House Bans Permanent Bases In Iraq!


Is it fair to say that Cindy Sheehan wants to destroy the Democratic Party?

Fascist America, in 10 easy steps

I would like to say "bye" to my friends

Atlanta Journal Editorial: BUSH ASSERTS A KING'S PREROGATIVE- Sets Stage For Impeachment

Something creepy about Marriott Hotels?

What do you think the result would be if a vote was called tomorrow on the following resolution?

BBC: The Original White House Coup - All In The (BUSH) Family

So...What better COVER could Sheehan/Swanson/McGovern GIVEN Conyers than to Protest him Before Vote?

Not A Single One Of The 8 Candidates Plans To Attend DLC Meeting

I'm Proud to be a Partisan - By Jane Hamsher

Ringleader of GOP "Brooks Brothers Riot" admits to spouse abuse

Man of the Flesh to Man of the Cloth. Porn Star Rod Fontana to become Episcopal Priest

The contempt citation of Harriet Miers and Josh Bolten - realistically - will they ever be punished?

I can't believe how full of shit some people are. For years people have asked where the...

Ok. What's with the cheese thing?


Bush’s Escalation ‘Hammered Out’ By ‘A Bunch Of Armchair Generals’ From AEI

Let's not turn this into a Hillary bashing thread...I just want some opinions.

Documents Contradict Gonzales' Testimony

Larisa Alexandrovna: NIE Lacks Supporting Evidence, Possibly Politicized, Intell Officials Say

Do you think SSDI increases will ever be above Federal Poverty Levels?

Telluride (CO) adopted a resolution calling for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney.

Dem. Candidates snub the DLC

Breaking: CONTEMPT citations going out for Miers and Bolten - TODAY

I have finally picked my Candidate for 2008- no bullshit platform

Let Michael Vick entertain his fans

Hearts And Minds: US Still Using Indentured Labor Despite Abuses

Waxman on HUNT! He will Interview 4 about Pat Tillman's Death..."Joe Sixpack" will Notice!

Think FOX News is bad? Wait till you get a look at the new MSN:

Bush rebuffs ABC's Bob Woodruff, wounded in Iraq, at Oval Office ceremony

Warning!!!!1 Blocks of cheese connected to wires!

RIGHT ON!!! Barbara C. Jordan and The Reasons for Impeachment

Breaking: Senate buildings evacuated

Former Judiciary Chair (Specter) Calls For Probe into Roberts, Alito

A Message To New DU Members - Who Joined This Week (And To Those Thinking Of Leaving):

45° celsius/ 114° F in southern Europe.. (from CNN-I)

OT: Oscar the Cat Predicts Patients' Deaths

IMPEACHMENT: "Did the President ask you to go?" - Inspired by 2 DUers Collins/Scoop

Congressman Robert Brady, (D., PA), signs on as a cosponsor of Cheney impeachment bill (HR333)

NBC sued for $105 million over man's death (suicide because of "reality show")

Jeff Norman: Conyers Office Said Conyers Meant Three Reps Enlisted By Everyone In Room

Bush and the Amputees ---pix--->>>

Please- watch the north in Iraq - this is going to blow shortly.

The Long Road to Hell


What, Me Worry? Impeachment _Will_ Trigger ...

George HW Bush and His Campaign Nazis

Holy Crap! Prescott Bush Plotted Coup against the USA in 1933


I committed an act of vandalism today

This is my fourth and last time -

Boys Face Sex Trial for Slapping Girls' Posteriors

Video of Curry's snarkiness on MSNBC with Dean videos from CNN yesterday.

Who are the top contributors to each candidate?

Obama is sounding more and more like Wes Clark...

Wednesday 07/25/2007 - 10:15 AM-Full Committee

Does John Edwards deserve all the abuse? (video debate)

Melanie Sloan: Congress Must Reassert The Balance of Powers

Incoherent Contempt ........

Warning to Waters and Ellison if you don't act like the white folks want you to. . .

Pete King (asshat extraordinaire) was praising Lieberman up and down..

Glenn Greenwald: John Yoo -- then and now

Mr. Bush, a committed Christian of Texas by way of privileged schooling in New England,

(GA-10 runoff) Former Ga. Front-Runner Concedes

MyDD: Conservatives Heart Hillary?

Insurance for children....Charlotte Observer...Bush says NO

RW Propaganda

Please give your nonviolent cooperation...

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ABC says Judiciary Comm. Issues Contempt Citations

Can someone that supports Impeachment also support Hillary or Edwards?

ADA Anniversary

There is NO defense IMO to what Meiers and Bolten did in regard to the subpoenas

Local crowd thrilled to meet senator

Hillary calls for Civic Responsibility in dealing with Energy Issue...

I will be happy with any of the candidates as the nominee

Unity08: A third party that could actually succeed, and why Democrats should avoid it

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TPM: NEW Video is up for "Alberto Gonzales: Lying Liar Edition!"

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Did you hear the one about Obama at the Time Warner center... it gets funny.. hold on...

Congress needs to pass a bill......

Romney, Tancredo call for Brownback apology

Brownback Looks (Way) Back To Make Romney Look Pro-Gay

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Schumer Fights Buyout-Firm Tax Rise by Spreading Pain

Bloomberg: is ALIVE

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Clinton Camp Clobbers Bill-O

Please help me figure this out...

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Obama's Strategy: Emulate Reagan

Ron Paul, Mike Gravel Ink Deal For CSPAN's First Reality Series

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Democratic Hopefuls Snub Moderate Group

Hillary is starting to think like Rove.

Steve Rothman endorses Obama

Impeachment Off The Table - BUT........

NH Focus Group Picked Edwards as Winner of the Debate, called most "Genuine"

Has Conyers recieved the 3 votes yet to impeach?

How about an Obama-Richardson ticket?

Paul Hodes endorsing Obama tomorrow

Feinstein to throw her support to Clinton today, campaign sources say

Castro suggests Washington fails to stop attacks on US soil to justify war on terror

Specter to probe Supreme Court decisions

CNN Censors #1 Voted YouTube Question

Dean, DNC Veterans Council: Our Wounded Heroes Deserve More Than Lip Service

Time Magazine: Obama's Problem - He is drawing too big of crowds

Getting to know the real Hillary Clinton

RIGHT WING pundits agree with Hillary on not talking to enemy states

Republicans Seek More Border Security Spending in Face of Veto Threat (Homeland Security)

Our health care *system* is broken, not our health care providers.

Conyers Wimps Out/ Gonzo Flames Out

Anti-Edwards poll (reasons for opposition)

Alabama Poll: Hillary 33%, Obama 29% , Edwards 9%

Did you see Sam Waterson on teevee last night? Is he clueless? Or is he clueless?

Steve Soto of the Left Coaster Endorses Clinton

Tucker Show Exemplifies Media Bias towards Clinton

Why is Hillary so emotionless?

Mike Lux: Being Insidery, Hillary, and Me...

Please go to the link below to K and rec a Thank You to Conyers

Bloomberg Supports Teacher Merit Pay SC average shows Hillary with commanding lead...

I would like to propose instituting merit pay for this Congress.

Who gives a shit about talking to dictators, Hillary voted for BUSH'S WAR!!!

The "balance of power" a lie we teach our kids

Idea for next Democratic candidate debate..

I think the 'conflict' between HRC and BO is just so much manufactured bullshit

Nothing more to say?

Hillary and Big Money

SC Poll: Post Debate, Hillary up by 15 over Obama...

Michael Moore wants ALL candidtes to give up there free healthcare

Joel Wendland Gets Impeachment Wrong

Feinstein criticizes reporter for out-of-bounds question

FYI: When Lamont ran against Lieberman in the primaries his support was welcomed here at DU

Edwards Nails Hillary (Triangulation) and Obama (Compromise)

I endorse Hillary Clinton for President.

Novak to be up again on Situation Room. Calls * a "Conneticut Liberal."

Obama right on foreign policy question, US Rep. Rothman says

Thank you John Conyers for your whole career.Thank you for

Edwards takes aim at drug companies, insurance companies and Hillary

DLC Supports Teacher Merit Pay

Ron Paul teams up with Dem candidate (Kucinich) to end war

"I no longer support the impeachment movement" --Joe Cannon

Purple America...Fifty-State Strategy in North Carolina..first in a series.

NBC: Obama escalates his criticism of Hillary Clinton -- taking it to political defcon three

Why I preferred Richardson's answer to Edwards' answer at the debate

Lord, Have mercy, the mother load: A letter from Nancy Pelosi.

Anyone but Hillary Clinton: Who's on board?

John Kerry campaign email

Poll Shows Clinton With Solid Lead Among Democrats (no kissing up, BO supporters!)

"Obama simply not being truthful" - Ezra Klein

Another Congress Member for Impeachment

While Hillary is telling people she won't talk to Cuba, US students graduate from Cuban med school

Anyone see this? Cindy Sheehan a right winger?

Biden's plan to make college more affordable passes Senate :)

Democratic hopefuls snub party moderates

I have a Hypothetical question that I hope someone can answer....

Gary Hart Doubts Hillary

What Kind Of Recess Appointments Can * Make In August To Cause.....