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Archives: July 24, 2007

Killed In Iraq:Dog Team Buried Together

JUDITH WARNER: The Full-Time Blues

WP, Froomkin, "Do We Torture?": The Friday afternoon rollout of a new White House policy


B-2s being fitted for Bunker Buster Bomb

Dangerous fossil fuel wastes (particulates) cause lung cancer. Citizens couldn't care less.

Pentagon to Junk Millions in Combat Gear


Gonzales Vows to Fix Justice's Image

AirTran seeks fellow passengers of teen with meningitis

Pentagon Rethinks Troop Cuts in Europe

Medicaid Contractor Settles Fraud Claims (Privatizing Foster Care Services)

GOP Governors: Too Early for Favorite

Bush Seen as Unwilling to Change Course; Most Would Shift War Control to Congress

‘What’s Up,’ Senator? A Debate for the Blogging Age

FDA wants urgent action on food recall in botulism case; Castleberry's closes Georgia plant

Spitzer Aides Cited for Use of Police to Tarnish Bruno

EU to start planning for possible peacekeeping mission to Chad

U.S. Seen in Iraq Until at Least ’09

Maryland Retiree's Anti-Bush Buttons Got Him Arrested

Diplomats Received Political Briefings-Democrats Were Targeted for Defeat

Top Colombian executive for coal company denies paying for murders of union leaders

James Lee Witt under the microscope

NFL commish orders Vick to stay out of camp

Any fans of Uncle Onhold here

Naomi Campbell May Be A Little Nuts, But Man, She Is Hot!!!

I drove 6 hours round trip for a doctors appt

A damn wasp stung me in the shin!

Good Evening...

My Heart Is Broken

Any fans of Uncle Oswald in the lounge?

I just produced my first commercial !


For SPK.

I 'd really like to share some ADVICE w/others about these challenges:stretch marks,cellulite,bacne

ok, I have to brag for just a moment, my wife made the best roast ever tonight

It's been scientifically proven that men have smaller breasts than women

Thanks To Straight Story I had to eat something

May I post my short story that has nothing to do with Harry Potter?

Anyone have experience with restless legs syndrome?

I finished Book 7 today and LOVED it!

I returned from the gym. I still look like Hoss.

Any Hogwarts teachers here in the Lounge tonight?

NoelMN's first soccer practice SUCKED!

drew carrey is the NEW bob barker

UPDATE: My mom got home from the hospital today

A simple life - a slice out of my day - I am a lucky man.

DU... give me a philosophy forum!!

Interviewing Blows

Hey, you - boy - over there - toss me the remote.

Couple locked up boy during Packers game

Ok. Tommy Lee is music innovator...maybe genius.

about love ---

The Sooner I Take Ambien...

Okay, I have to brag for just a minute. It's scientifically proven that men

Revenge ( a joke )

NoelMN and SophieMN told me I should have another baby.

I've been selected to be a Nielson Family

Woohoo!!!! My mom gets to come home from the hospital on Tuesday!!!

Pool cue rams its ways into drunk man's friend's anus and leaves behind 12" of itself

Well i didn't see this coming...

Is it like conceiving a virgin pregnancy to build up your triceps?

Absolute WORST combination...

Blue-Jay wants me

Your Job interview stories and advice.

Viva Viagra???????? Has anyone SEEN that commercial???

Flame me if you must, but I think Drew Carrey is a decent selection for Gameshow Host

Cell Phone advice?

Why do people feel they can be rude when they dial a wrong number?

I just finished volume 7. Fan-fucking-tastic.

Slimming Chocolate. I've seen it all now.

any teachers here in the lounge tonight?

Denton TX DUer's

He entered my house without permission so I killed him.

Help! How do I survive my teen daughter's first car?

It's scientifically proven that women have smaller brains than men

Heterosexuals--When did you first know that you were het?

** You have died. **

Michael Moore on Hardball w/ Chris Matthews - July 23, 2007

Dodd's White Hair

CNN YouTube Debate Question: Lesbian Daughters

Hillary Clinton Candidate Video - Dem Debate, July 23

CNN YouTube Debate Question: Al Gore

IRAQ - Humanitarian Crisis

November Is The New September

John Edwards: The only way they are going to give away their power is if we TAKE IT AWAY

Olbermann, "Countdown": "Dick Cheney and the Deathly Hallows"

Kucinich - Text For Peace (YouTube Campaign Debate Video)

Michael Moore's Submitted YouTube Debate Question - Health Care?

Dem Debate YouTube Question - Right-Winger Calls His Gun Baby!

American Sphincters

John Edwards - Hair

Michael Moore: Take a Republican to See 'Sicko'

Alarm at US right to highly personal data (Observer, UK)

Media Matters: On MTP, Brooks admitted to pulling number of possible Iraqi deaths "out of the air"

Is there going to be a repuke YouTube debate as well?

At 8a.m. Monday July 23: Google Search Shows 2,000,300 Results under "Impeach Cheney Bush"

Karl Rove couldn't even BUY a date

Text Peace!

Senate: Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater

Right wing radio

Screen cap of Gov. Dean, at the debate.

Forbes: Democrats Struggle with Online Questions

On KO: Mitt Romney gets called out for posing with supporter holding sign

Romney Equates Clinton Plan With Karl Marx

Submit Your Question to the Republican Candidates

FEMA won't stop selling (toxic) surplus trailers - AP

"Ghettos" isn't cool Gov. Richardson...

In defending a lawsuit by an anti-Bush protestor, Upper Darby Twp. finds the Bush name toxic

**********OFFICIAL DEM DEBATE THREAD #5************

I got a phone call in the middle of the debate - are the candidates'

CNN/YouTube Debate: No Impeachment Question, But They Picked FREEPERS?

Does anyone keep stats in these debates?

Trying to get a LiveEarth flash button to work... Suggestions?

Watched the debate, my humble thoughts:

Well....CNN's Jeffrey Toobin said the Debate was "Gladys Knight and the Pips!

Maybe Cindy Sheehan is trying to give Democrats some "Sister Souljah moments" by protesting them.

Is this you tube debate setup the stupidest thing you've ever seen?

Defense language expert questions FBI translation in Padilla case

Instead of raising a US flag for every American killed in Iraq,

Can Dennis Kucinich only be seen by tv viewers? It seems he's invisible to Anderson....

Dear Sirs

3636 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Impeach George Bush to Stop War Lies, Deaths

Why are Dem Politicians always 'required' to

OKAY, I'm an idealist, I wake up optimistic

Why at this particular time in our history

Question answered, thank you.

Airport Employee: "Phoenix Airport Has No Security, And Hasn't For Some Time"

A call to progressives of all stripes: Take back the word "Liberal"!!!

why was there no impeachment question

**********OFFICIAL DEM DEBATE THREAD #6************

Michael Vick Ordered to Stay Out of Training Camp

Here's the debate format I want to see:

Opposing the war is now illegal, thanks to an order signed by Bush on 7/17?

Weighing in on YOUTUBE debates, fantastic!

B-2s being fitted for Bunker Buster Bomb - FOR IRAN???

I want to say - Every Single Debate should be Like this. Questions are Great!

My wife just told me they're going to have Mark Foley on MSNBC in minutes.

Why is Dan Abrams, the only person in the world who believed John Mark Karr...

John Edwards: The only way they are going to give away their power is if we TAKE IT AWAY

What I hate about these debates

The Daily Show and Colbert Report guests:

The Half Hour News Hour (just gets worst and worst) Dennis Miller Segement

Tragedy Central Roast of George W Bush

Pakistan on the brink

Romney asked about that Osama sign

Why does anybody care what Biden says!?

I admire those who still have hope that our Congressional leaders will do something

Great rant by a former war supporter

'Organic' Foods From China, With Pesticides

An extremely detailed debunking for all of our global warming deniers.

Ever hear Charles Rangel's classic quote about the Shrub?

A Wingnuttery Sampler

Sister of child predator sues NBC over suicide. Wants 105 million dollars.

Secret Executive Colonscopy Picture Revealed...

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in for a Best of Malloy! Joe Wilson

Novak: Journalists should support outing CIA agents

Debate Talk Clock

Before the debate I was thinking Kooch, and his

Before I forget, did Biden call that gun-toting guy a whackadoo? nt

American Sphincters

Keeping my promise to Monkeyman-my 94th ltte published today.

The Daily Show takes a "Look back" at the 2nd Cheney Presidency!!!

If They Had Just Been Out Front About This Oil Grab, Would Americans Have Gone Along With It?

How Many Members of the Bush Administration Does It Take to Change a Bulb?

When you're arrested and your interrogation begins, remember:

After tonights debate....

Fuck the repugs. Our party has frontrunners, one of whom is black, one of whom is female

USA TODAY: Pet Food Death Toll Unlikely to Be Known! SAD...

Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Clinton,.......24+

For anyone else who's NOT watching the debate tonight......

Keith apologizes for the "Wendy Vitter looked like a slut" segment

My mother died from Alzhiemers Disease but

Which Group Will Do The Democrats More Harm: The Impeach Nows, Or The Wait 'Til 2008's ???

Winger claims "9/11 Generation" answered "the call," unlike Vietnam era's Boomers

From Christian Action To Legal Action -- Wingnut Coy Privette Resigns

*** Monday TOONs: Colonoscopy ***

Armchair military tacticians - would it really take an entire year to

Inherent Contempt for Dimwitz: Effwad Edition

One candidate is ready to lead.

CNN / YouTube Corporate Debate - Impeachment & Domestic Spying VERBOTEN

If you are for impeachment, you owe a bit of thanks for the Third Reich's historical placement.

Ask the Germans

Winners of the debate- The three front-runners. Solid performance by the three of them!

Buzzflash: The White House Throws a "Hail Mary Obstruction of Justice Pass"

Ed Schultz (Jones Radio) thinks DU is a "kook website."

What happens if July 2008 rolls around and there are no impeachment hearings underway or planned?

My birthday sucked today, Conyers didn't deliver my inherent birthday present

Who did you think won tonight's debate? Why?

Why there REALLY wasn't an impeachment question from the asker...ME!


Displaced Iraqis are having to establish their own camps, others overflowing.

Loved Edwards "Hair" commercial. If you've not seen it, it will make you smile.

Don't hate.

Why doesn't Cindy Sheehan protest repukes?

Did I hear it right---Gravel is for 'Fair Tax'

Deconstructing "al Qaeda"

Dave Lindorff: Office Arrest: The Shame of John Conyers

Bill Frist on Terri Schiavo and Joe Biden on the gun guy.

Please list your charge(s) for Impeachment here.

How do you expect impeachment and conviction to happen?

On A Scale Of 1 To 10... How Big Of A Bonehead Move Was Pelosi's "Off The Table" Assurance ???

Michael Moore slams US Voting (video link) – Says Look to Canada – Hand Counted Paper Ballots

How long would it take to move the troops home if we decided we needed them HERE?

Best answer of the debate: Biden on guns.

Could these protesters just get a grip???

We need more debates with fewer candidates per debate

Who can appeal to the net roots and is against the war? There is an opening

The clear winner of the CNN debate tonight was......

Any audio feed of the debate for dial up users? n/t

I was disappointed that there were no questions about Sicko/Single Payer Healthcare.

If All Businesses stopped providing health insurance

Did anyone notice How Hillary snubbed Obama on the last question

Pelosi takes heat from Democratic activists for her farm (subsidies for the rich) bill

Tell us why you don't have a candidate, yet.

At 12:01pm, January 20, 2009, what do you think will happen?


Do you find it odd that no one is pushing for Gonzales to be impeached. A target with

Hillary Clinton: No troops for Dafur? Why?


I am leaning towards two candidates and they both did well tonight

Person who asked candidates if they would meet with foreign dictators does not agree with Hillary

There doesn't seem to be any course toward redress of grievances

Flashback: The Polls in July 2003 (from

The CMSM says HRC or Obama win every single debate and forum

Let's FLOOD CNN with angry comments about this "debate" and Cooper

I wish Elizabeth Edwards was running instead of John. Her straight on

Which candidate did the best job in tonight's YouTube Video debate?

Is the debate online anywhere?

The Debate was Great! The post debate was the usual MSM Crap!

Funniest line in tonight's debate...

Defense and Education

Biden and Edwards bumped into each other today in SC on the campaign trail

A better poll: Which front-runner had the best performance tonight?

What is a 'modern' progressive?

Who won the Debate??

Inside the mind of a freeptard!

A former Hatch aide, U.S. Attorney in DC is in a tight spot

Drudge has Obama winning on his poll by 35% so far

Talking to Our Enemies

Politics TV: Videos: CNN/YouTube Debate

Why SurveyUSA post-debate poll shouldn't be taken seriously: It surveyed Republicans!

John Edwards: The only way they are going to give away their power is if we TAKE IT AWAY

Is it just me or does it seem Obama is doing much better in this debate than the others

Who had the best performance tonight?

From Reliable Sources

Edwards Hair Video now appearing at:

CNN Focus Group in NH picks Obama.....Focus Group in NV picks Richardson/Clinton as winners.

Obama: It's great that Hillary Clinton sent a letter to the Pentagon

Frank Luntz: This was a very good debate for Obama

USA Today editorial: Obama is the Democrats' common sense 'liberal'

CNN and FOX both did focus groups on the debate: Obama won both!

Memo To Barack: It's NEVER been about religious marriage

The Gore factor

I just did a Google news search on John Conyers.

Thoughts on the CNN/YouTube Debate

Who was best tonight on Gay marriage?

Good Points About President Bush's July 17th Executive Order

Isn't It A Little Disingenuous Of CNN Saying That The Questions In Tonights.....

Who won the debate tonight?

Could the reason "I is off the table" be

Pro-private health insurance lobby starts doing its thing - SICKO/Moore Smearing begins in EARNEST!

I call out liars when I see them......

In Europe's greenest city, even its power plant smells more like a sauna

E. J. Dionne: Mr. Consensus Makes Inroads (OH Gov Ted Strickland)

Saved by the bonds of war, 'lucky' Iraqis trickle into US (Guardian)

Gonzales: "No Place For Politics At Justice"

Conservatism never got anywhere without a decent sales force. Considering the could it?

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Stand Up for DC's Right to Vote

Ethanol Drives Mexican Farmers from Tequila to Corn

"Russ Feingold is not from the real world"

Gonzo on the Hill: A Comedic Tragedy (Andrew Cohen - Washington Post blog)

Phone Subsidies are Out of Control

Gonzales Contradicts Prior Statements, Confirms Existence Of Other Spying Programs

Experience is Overrated

Paul Krugmen/ The French Connections

Secrecy News...CRS on Congress's Contempt Power

Congress, The Debates, Progressives and "Bundling"

Awakening the Giant of Youth in Venezuela

W R Marshall- the Dem Debate-“If you were one of the four horsemen, which one would you be?”

Presidential candidates raise big cash fast — but from whom? And why?

Cuba Grooming for Quality Elections

Matthew Rothschild: Five Ways Bush's Era of Repression Has Stolen Your Liberties Since 9/11

For Businesses, Small Is the New Big

The 29%

Ray McGovern: John Conyers Is No Martin Luther King

A Republic, If We Can Keep It

Down in the Bunker with Bush by Stephen Hanchett

Just What the Founders Feared: An Imperial President Goes to War By Adam Cohen

Do You Get It NOW?

Chernus:The Democrats' Iraqi Dilemma

Facing the Truth By Monica Benderman

A 21st century catastrophe

Green groups sue U.S. government to stop coal plant

Japan accused of killing pregnant whales - AFP

Galapagos shark endangered by Ecuadoran decree: group - AFP

Get used to floods - the worst is yet to come (Independent UK)

Southern and Central Italy burning. Criminals and carelessness set woods on fire

Japan says nuclear closure could affect CO2 target - Reuters

United Natural Foods to Employ Solar Power in Rocklin, CA (1.19 MW PV system)

Bushehr nuclear plant near completion

Solar as a smart investment for Kern County homeowners

Rural Communities Revived By (renewable) Energy

Chile: High Schools Turn To Solar Power

Sea Power?

'Environmental Nightmare:' Bio-Fuels and the United States

Flooding Forces Convening Of UK Emergency Committee W. PM Brown - AFP

Nigerian Gov: Kerosene Shortage Will Persist Indefinitely - Afriqengline

Big Kenyan Towns Hit Hard By Cooking Gas Shortages - Going On 3 Months In Some Areas - AllAfrica

Balkans Heatwave Has Killed At Least 500 In Hungary, Official Says - AFP

Oxford, Abingdon, Windsor Among British Towns At Risk As Flooding Spreads - AFP

Eat fish or avoid it? Scientists weigh in

As Chinese Floods Continue, 1 Million Evacuated, 100 Million Affected - LA Times

ASPO’s review of the NPC study identified the following serious shortcomings

NYC Buildings Use Ice to Keep Cool

Radioactive water flowed via cables (Kashiwazaki-Kariwa update)

Zimbabwe Government Plans To Take Over All Fuel Importation

Merrill offers innovative temperature-linked note

123 Agreement preserves India’s right to reprocess spent fuel (nukes for mangoes update)

Green groups sue U.S. government to stop coal plant

Clinton wants Senate hearing for Yucca Mt. alternatives

Lisa, in this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics!

(Mass.) NStar plans to offer wind power alternative - Boston Globe

Are there any bug specialists in this environmental forum?

3 Mountain Gorillas Killed In Congo, Including Pregnant Female; 3 Missing - Nat Geographic


Car bomb in Iraq's Hilla kills 22 - police

MNF-W forces attacked (1 Marine killed)

After carnage, U.S. and Iraqi authorities compete for control

Shuttered Hospitals Ensure Slow Recovery in New Orleans

US ex-army officer pleads guilty to taking bribes in Iraq

Injured Iraq War Veterans Sue VA Over Delays in Care

CHIQUITA BRANDS INQUIRY:Details of Colombia payoffs, U.S. plea agreement sought

(Libya) HIV medics released to Bulgaria

US army veterans sue government

Major jailed in bribes case

Tax Break Used by Drug Makers Failed to Add Jobs

GOP senators to chide Reid

Senators are asked to block Bush's EEOC nominee

Support for Initial [Iraq] Invasion Has Risen, Poll Shows

No charges for doctor in Katrina hospital deaths

Report: Security Issues Plague DHS Facilities

Reports detail abuse at Texas facilities

Dead farmers got subsidies

Halliburton's 2Q Profits Double

Mugabe vows to save sick economy

Commanders plan for Iraq presence through 2009

UN whitewashes guns-for-gold scandal, human rights group says

George Galloway expelled from Commons after clash with Speaker

US city issues immigrant ID card

No Indictment in Katrina Hospital Deaths

LATEST: Pakistan reiterates opposition to US strike against Osama Bin Laden in their country.


I Announce My Candidacy Against Nancy Pelosi in California's 8th.

No Indictment in Katrina Hospital Deaths

S.C. treasurer resigns from office following drug indictment

Watergate Figure in Hospital After Crash

Gonzales denies pressuring Ashcroft

UPDATE 1-Bancroft Dow Jones decision seen next week-source

Niigata puts quake damage at 1.5 trillion yen and counting

Bush Warning Public That al-Qaeda Threat Persists

Senators challenge Gonzales' truthfulness

No charges filed against Dr. Pou in Memorial Case

Coral Springs boy, 7, on no-fly list has been delayed at airport three times

New U.S. Embassy rises in Iraq

Wal-Mart bets bigger on India, adds more products

White House defends political briefings

Senators question Gonzales on truthfulness

Specter tells Gonzales special prosecutor may be needed to investigate firings

Daschle: Gonzales Trying to "Rewrite History" by Blaming Congress for Ashcroft Spying Crisis

Drummond Union: Govt Muffles Key Witness (Alabama coal company, death squad, Colombia)

Hungary heatwave kills hundreds

Colombia installs 3rd military base on its border with Venezuela

Castro: Cash at root of boxer defections

Committee Requests Specific Tillman Documents from the White House

Campaign to liquidate 3,000 Baathists in southern Iraq

U.S., Iraq, Iran plan security committee

Terror Bulletin Cites Milwaukee as Test Airport

Peaceful Costa Rica wages war on drugs

Kerry accuses Bush of trying to scare Americans about al-Qaida

Former Guantanamo inmate blows himself up in Pakistan

Ex - GOP figure pleads guilty in sex case

Study: New Rules Led To Medicaid Decline

Cuba Graduates 400 Venezuelan Doctors

GOP fundraiser to feature machine gun shoot

Obama debate comments set off firestorm

BONDSWATCH for 23 July 07

I tried to operate the gas grill, now people are calling me "the Igniter."

I've just discovered the Craig Ferguson Show

Did anyone here watch the new TNT show, "Saving Grace" with Holly Hunter?

Can't sleep with these thunderboomers going on

machine politics - old school flavor

I just heard LIGHTNING!

Officials Warn Florida Residents Of Africanized Bees

Scuba Diver Killed When Lightning Strikes His Oxygen Tank

Flash me if you must but I think . . .

Sexuals--When did you first know that you were hot?

Man Had Sex With 14 Year Old Girl - With Mother's Permission (Girl Is Pregnant For Third Time)


Who's more schadenfreudilicious--Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton?

Continuing the tradition: The workday fire poem:

These ladies are aging so well for ageless rock stars

Can you freeze cream/half-&-half?

*SPOILER* Myst 5 End of Ages

I love Holly Hunter

DU Bicyclists - I am shopping for a new bike

Frak Me!

Results of Bush's Procedure Last Saturday are in

Finally its safe for me to return to society: I finished reading the book. How are you guys doing?

The Global Asparagus Report

best free .pfd creator program?

Blind, Drunk Man Shot Attempting To Enter Wrong Home

Taser Begins Selling Consumer Stun Guns (Ladies they come in pink too!)

what do you do for money?

I was on dialup for 17 hours

Chivas Regal - Go Away!

From hairy legs (70's) to designer vaginas (90's)......

Holy Cucumber. Crap Explosion!

Avg man will spend up to a year of his life waiting on his SO

I'm really hungry...

Vinokourov tests positive; Astana withdraws from Tour; Petacchi cleared


No "STAR," can't get past the PayPal page to donate.....

You know what? I'm sick of being caustic online...

Kids on a plane?

I just bought "The Children of Hurin" for my son

Happy 43rd birthday Barry Bonds!

I have a cold

Oh, I LOVE that sound.


Woohoo - I am finished with the back to school shopping for my kiddo!

wow, my dad's mental condition is really deteriorating

Lindsay Lohan Just Got Busted Again? Did anyone else

There's one case in which even I, the Grammar Überhauptsturmbannfuerher

Is there a word to describe when two people enjoy one another's space?

Jailers Use Pepper Spray To Stop Fight Over Woody Allen's Lifestyle

Military quiz

Mine and my daughter's Minnesota laundry - coupled with that which my husband did not do

best free PDF merger program?

Tuesday kick thread

Has anyone bought a shirt from I'm curious about the quality.

I seem to have done nothing but laundry since I returned home from Germany.

Holy Crap. Cucumber Explosion!

Anyone heard of the Wipers?

Whodathunk? They make some pretty damn good whiskey in Scotland.

I just bought "The Shroud of Turin" for my son

Tastes So Much Like Coke - We're Going to Sue Ourselves

Does anyone want to come over for coffee?

somebody kick me !

WooHoo. Errol Flynn in "The Dawn Patrol" on TCM.

i wonder what many people do when then pool cue of calamity gets rammed up the anus of life

Oh Vino(kourov), say it isn't so!!!

A pill that lets you forget about sex

CNN: Lindsay Lohan Arrested AGAIN Last Night For DUI

What is the word for this?

Is no one here a Myst fan?

A show for cooking cats

Any Ebay experts out there (before I open this email)?

Random Acts of Senseless Violence

Were you told bedtime stories as a child?

so apparently DU has to decide between Conyers and Cindy??

Odd fact about Harry Potter (no spoilers)

You know you're a parent when...

One thing that ticks me off about Voldemort in the movies (no spoilers)

Help, Lounge...

Remember, if you see a person fall and their belongings scatter, make fun of them. Do not help them

Worst food in the history of the planet

A cooking show for cats

Scooby Doo episode, or real life news story?


Ever met anyone who doesn't like both pineapple AND coconut?

Anyone missing an emu?

Of these three, which sucked worst?

Man Tries To Cut Off His Penis

I wish aestheticians/stylists would stop with the idle chit-chat.

Help! Whats the name of this Music from THE SIMPSONS?

Everything Is Going To Be Alright

Post a picture of


Floyd Landis Junior, aka Alexandre Vinokourov, is an asshole.

Alice Newton appreciation thread!

Alice Newton vs Pete Rose vs. Barry Bonds - who committed the worse crimes against baseball

Alice Bowie appreciation thread

Btw, I spoke with RetroLounge last night....

Some creeps tried to steal my groceries today

aarrrr rrrrrrggg gggghhhhhh hhhh!!!!! !!!!!!

I have a confession...

Is it kosher to mention a listing I have on eBay?

That cute girl in 6th grade English who I made out with once before she moved appreciation thread

The phrase for today is "designer vaginas". Modify a thread to include "designer vaginas".

I've been up since 4.30am and am pulling a 12 hour shift...

I had a pretty good morning. My afternoon, so far, has not been so good.

Anyone missing an emo?


VERY cool. The Bourne Ultimatum comes out on the 3rd.

I hope this doesn't get me into trouble.

Wilt Chamberlain vs Louis Skolnick, who committed more slam dunks on women?

I have a confession to make

So last night I had a health scare and went to the designer vagina

Fill in the blank: Jesus saves____________.

Help me remember the name of that website where you can catalog your library online.

Any one else had a problem with OPERATION: MINDCRIME?

matcom, how did it go? did you hit the cup?

Wilt Chamberlain vs Pablo Picasso, who committed worse crimes against baseball?

I Really Feel Sorry For Lindsay Lohan

Foodies!! Bad News for Grant Achatz....

Jesus says impeach now!

Biggio announced his retirement today...make room in the Hall

I have a headache - ask me anything (nt)

I'm not sure why - but I just bought a Violin off of Ebay

Fish fry tonight! Red snappuh.

Can anybody guess who this 19-year-old woman is?

Omelet (Spoiler Alert)

Waiting For the Insulation Guys, or Someone Like Them


Anyone else had a problem with OPERATION?

GD is like a big fucking drunken brawl

Getting nasty in GD...

It's scientifically proven that women have smaller penes than men

Mrs Matcom is Barefoot, In The Kitchen, Making BLT SAMMIES As I Type This

Lindsay Lohan is our mandeLa

Anyone besides me watch the Leno show last night?

sigh! instead of getting skinnier my arms are getting muscular.

An OPERATION on my MIND is a CRIME. My mind is a terrible thing to taste.

Why can't people date coworkers?

You know you're old when...

Does Your Praise Band Need Help?

DU'ers, what gives you reason to continue living?

Why can't people disembowel coworkers?

Hi everyone. I don't come here often. In fact, maybe 5 times in

Don't put anything off. My extremely fit 64 y/o FIL died from a stroke last week.

What does the French Revolution mean to you?

I keep hearing about Marshal Law in GD

Bloviating Pontifical Assertion

Something happened yesterday that was so funny

It's All Because (The Gays Are Getting Married)

On Love....from Kahlil Gibran...

My Biggest Gym Pet Peeve - People Who Get On The Treadmill Right Next To Me

Guys who have seen the new Casino Royale. How long did you clutch your crotch following the

For those who have already read HP7, a question. Spoilers in thread!!

Let's hear it for Jon Lester!

I need some Advice about attending a wake/funeral

To "MLG" in Illinois

I find myself unaccountably cheerful tonight...

$/usr/bin/run-parts /etc/cron.hourly 1> /dev/null

Any one else had a problem with

Anyone else have a problem with me?

Does anybody have a link to the OLD DU?

What word comes to mind when you see yourself in the nude?

Find the Pit Bull

A kitten eating corn.

I just woke up... at 4:00 p.m.

Post something that *I* couldn't possibly give a shit about

Hamlet (Spoiler Alert)

It's Time To Play Nekkid Twister!

Our newest addition -- meet Gypsy

I've found my Bracelet! I'm thrilled!

Post something that no one could possibly give a shit about.

So last night I had a health scare and went to the emergency room....

Pete Rose vs. Barry Bonds - who committed the worse crimes against baseball

My friends, the fundamentalists.

The Fundie infiltration goes further than we ever imagined

coyote 1, animal control 0

It's my birthday...bow before me!

Take the Quiz: What's your Pirate name! (I'm Captain Anne Cash...arrrggghhh)

Anyone know what's happened to Netflix?

Rest in peace, my wren friend...

Applauding between movements of classical music pieces.

CONFESS!!!!!! Name of your first real kiss, your age and was it same sex or opposite!!

I'm going to LONDON!!!!

Who else here loves Kathy Griffin?

After finishing Deathly Hallows, one burning question remains unanswered:

My Sole Harry Potter / DH Criticism (Spoilerish)

If I ever meet LSK - I'm gonna kick his ass to the moon and back!

Should short people be allowed to post in the Lounge?

Vietnam and Iraq: A Twice-Told Tale; Again, We Did Know Better

The Other War: Iraq Vets Bear Witness

AL propaganda: Turning the corner in Ramadi


Ine case you missed it, 'VFW Urges Patience Until September Report'

I am the Carlos Hathcock of

Hypothetical question fabout the practicalites of an Iraq withdrawal

Vinyl window factory to close in Selinsgrove

Beware of Virgin America!

Al-Qaeda in Iraq!

Outsourcing the Picket Line Carpenters Union Hires Homeless to Stage Protests

Question Used in Debate - Mother of Son Deployed in Iraq

Hardball - Michael Moore 7/23/07 Pt. 1 of 7

Hardball - Michael Moore 7/23/07 Pt. 2 of 7

Hardball - Michael Moore 7/23/07 Pt. 4 of 7

Hardball - Michael Moore 7/23/07 Pt. 5 of 7

Hardball - Michael Moore 7/23/07 Pt. 3 of 7

David Vitter's 2004 campaign ads

Clean My Ride: Project Phin

Engineering of Consent : Guatemala coup 1954

Leahy/Specter Opening Statements in Gonzo Trial, 7/24/07


Senator Feingold lays out the case for censure of Bush, Cheney, Gonzales

Hardball - Michael Moore 7/23/07 Pt. 7 of 7

Michael Moore: 'Impeach the President'

John Edwards - Post-Debate Webcast (Charleston, S.C. on July 23, 2007)

Gonzales Hearing - Sen Leahy's closing remarks

Sen. Whitehouse questioning Gonzo today~

Principles of economics, translated

Hardball - Michael Moore 7/23/07 Pt. 6 of 7

Keith Olbermann: Condoleeza Rice could use a history lesson

Schumer on Ashcroft (Gonzales at Judiciary Committee hearing)

Barbara Jordan 1976 Democratic Convention (two-minute speech excerpt)

Edwards Outraged - 50 years without Universal Health Care

Finding Empty Seats on Busy Routes

John Edwards - Post-Debate Webcast

Dems face blunt questions on Iraq, draft

A couple of hundred thousand more reasons to show the world that

Vegas odds list Hillary a favorite to win Presidency, 8-5 odds

NYT: Traditional Sparring in Non-Traditional Debate

Can someone help me? Re: Tonight's CNN debate.

Pakistan 'no' to Bin Laden strike (BBC)

I want to hear the candidates asked if they will pardon anyone from the * administration

Pentagon Report: "Enlist Madison Avenue To Improve Support In Theaters of Operation."

Rev. Sharpton backs idea on rap lyrics (AP)

I guess Obama is my triangulated candidate

It's time to throw the bums out!

Ammo makers prepare for drop in demand

Vietnam and Iraq: A Twice-Told Tale; Again, We Did Know Better

Now It's On to Iran and Let's Win There!

I hope the next generation will do what this one has failed to.

Hey---ya wanna see Dylan Klebold's baby?

U.S. arrests Chinese-Mexican suspected meth king (Reuters)

He Only Saved a Billion People

your thoughts about the "YOUTUBE" debate?

Who was the Bush national intelligence guy who said intell was phoney?

Stay the Course - version 2.0

Five Ways Bush's Era of Repression Has Stolen Your Liberties Since 9/11

Former deacon makes court appearance

Papua considers 'microchipping' people with HIV/AIDS

Abuse victim speaks publicly

Arrested U.S. pastor rejects bribery charges - lawyer

So according to Rethug Steve King

Pastor gets 9 months in abuse of girl

Mom: Teen rapist lives with victims

Not guilty plea in slashing at church

Catholic church's statues vandalized over weekend

just starting on cspan1---What do you think of the debate last night?---including the format.

Christian Camp counselor with prior abuse record to appear on sex charges today

Today - 7/24/2007 at 9:30AM EST - C-SPAN3 should be interesting

Glenn Greenwald Requests Interview With Petraeus

Universal health scare

1943 Army guide for troops in Iraq republished

Will Bush/Cheney use tactical nuclear weapons when we bomb Iran?

Anti-gay Mosque leader accused of immigration fraud. Imam's arrest sparks protest outside court

U.S. Is Seen in Iraq Until at Least ’09

Joe Scab is amazed that debate viewers wanted "MORE THAN SOUND BITES."

E-mail reply from normie regarding impeachment......

Congress passes a Law defining torture and the US's ability to use it

*** Senate Judiciary Hearing with Gonzo *** Heads up, today at 9:30 EDT

NYT: U.S. Is Seen in Iraq Until at Least ’09

And the survey says: most Americans say their neighbors are bigots – but they are not

Rove Works Diplomats, Peace Corps -- is anything off limits?!?

Gonzales faces more Senate questioning

Neil Cavuto: more people liberated under this president than any president.

U.S. Is Seen in Iraq Until at Least ’09 (from Petraeus, Crocker)

************** Official Gonzo Dissembling Thread #1 **************

If An Infinite Number Of Monkeys Typed Debate Questions Forever

Savage compares the Imus firing to what Nazi Germany did to the Jews

U.S. arrests Chinese-Mexican suspected meth king..

When there comes a time that one finds oneself on a battlefield...

I had a great (hypothetical) dinner out last night

A photo that should say a thousand words

************** Official Gonzo Dissembling Thread #2**************

is hatch going to go down on the gonzo right here in front of the kids and all

Look at this news, then read the comments on and from the right. BP warning.

A short synopsis of Giuliani's (and Romney's) stellar military service record


Rove and GOP electoral priorities

Local news was making a big deal of the counter protesters yesterday

Pavlov's dogs slobber on demand, even here on DU

CNN Debate Highlights

Four thoughts on Sheehan vs. Pelosi

John Edwards: New Health Care Markets

CNN; They got the two fucking hillbillies from youtube question

Huge Baghdad embassy is a "$600M anachronism"; an Iraqi: "It's as if it's their country..."

How To Lose An Election

John Yoo Slithers In to Defend the White House Subpoena Dodge of Executive Privilege

Witches win court case in shopping centre name-change row

************** Official Gonzo Dissembling Thread #3**************

President Bush Tells Congress, Because I Said So

It will reflect change...

Who are the members of "the Gang of 8" they're talking about in

Root canals officially more popular than Bush.....

“If they won’t make this pledge to you, do not support them,”

Atty Gen Gonzo Hearing - This Sums It Up For Me...

My anti-war dream

Military quiz

Official Cindy Barf String

Let Bush "Decide" - Exit Iraq or Be Impeached

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! "Why don't you just be fair to the truth?" LOVE IT!

Ice cream day, DC-area DUers!

Lindsay Lohan Just Got Busted Again? Did anyone else

Gonzales Contradicts Prior Statements, Confirms Existence Of Other Spying Programs

what would it take for you to go beyond your personal comfort zone

LEAHY: "Again, This WH Puts Itself Above The Law" & 'Evidence Points To Rove'

Dupe/pls. delete. nt

add Switzerland to the list of countries with dangerous flooding

Gonzo contradicted himself in the same day! It's about the trip to Ashcroft's hospital room.

Without naming names, do you think DU has selected a Candidate in the 08 Primary?

What do you think would finally scare most politicians into serving the US citizens?

Treasury Dept. Report Argues for Reducing Corporate Tax Rates

Good read. George Bush, Moral Termite

Big Pharma at it again

Rapist wants to stay and help nurse victim back to health

I apollogize

plus good, double plus good

Business owner couldn’t ‘get a word in’ with Bush.


Bush finally speaks a truth

In a nutshell...

Observant resident notices increased Pentagon to CIA helicopter traffic..

USD = $80.04 @ 6:00am

It's time to take back the lesson of Viet Nam and pound it into people's heads:

Impeach and convict for Treason, then...

Remember Chicago 1968. Police Riots. Who was there? What's your story?

ROFL!! Gonzalez will be drooling soon

Good news. The 6 nurses in Libya were released to Bulgaria.

Memory Lane: Bill O'Reilly is a porn-writing sex harasser:

Spector: Senate could try a contempt charge of its own, or consider the model of the impeachment

Is Jeff Sessions as slow, dumb, and dull witted as he sounds?

did CNN allow questions about No.Amer.Union/global warming?


Dupe-pls. delete. nt

The Guardian - Interview: John Oliver (The Daily Show) "From our own correspondent"

Aug. 20, smirk, Harper, Calderon meet for 2 days in Canada

Refute: 'pukes are weak on corporate crime

Goonzales is defiling the American flag.

Shuttered Hospitals Ensure Slow Recovery in New Orleans

Will There Be a Resignation This Week...Gonzo

CNN Interactive Debate Scorecard

Gore/Feingold '08

Schumer Rips Gonzales Over Contradictory Reponses On Spying Program


CNN Interactive Debate Scorecard

We were there on behalf of the President. We were there on behalf of the President.

Lighten Up!

Self-Deplete.... Dupe eom


Caption Gonzales


By standing up to conservative obstructionists, congressional Dems reverse their slide in the polls

Specter Calls For Independent Prosecutor

CAPTION the Ass-Faced Weasel

I was finishing up Assault on Reason last night ...

I guess I wouldn't mind hearing it again....

In the spirit of bi-partisan co-operation in oversight hearings

Consequences of Bushism: Big Pharma's Big Tax Break Failed to Create American Jobs

How do they do it? How can these Dem. Senators stop themselves from

Schumer to Gonzales:" YOU HAVE DECEIVED US!" Then..."We have to pursue this."

Where Russ Feingold is coming from--what you should know

Commandant PoopyPants is learning me about terra on CSPAN

Oh my God Gonzales is Making me Furious

Two Things Gonzo Said That I Believe Were Incorrect

CAPTION Gonzo and Schumer

After today's Judiciary circus, will Gonzo get impeached?

BUSH & CHENEY Should Be Impeached & Tried For War Crimes-Michael Moore Rocked on Hardball!!! Videos

Anyone supporting Russ Feingold's Censure?


Gonzo acknowledged "other intelligence activities" in addition to the program approved...

Remember the riots, results of the 1968 Democratic


Gonzales: "There Are NO Rules" (and so we finally get an honest answer re: The Bush Admin)

against Impeachment? then tell us how to stop them from committing further crimes

Floods strike Britain; Thames rising

McDonald's on the Washington Mall

Gonzo Question: What Was the "Voting" That Was Taking Place?

Holy Shit! Specter Is Nailing Gonzalez!

Afghanistan buries its last king (BBC)

Another Cheney-Linked Hawk Down

Is New York TimesSelect Dead?

The Corporate Bill of Responsibilities

Watergate figure Magruder hospitalized after Columbus accident

Al Gore Asks Us To Save The Planet In 60 Seconds: A Video Contest

Newt Gingrich is a stupid, scary dude.

US Officials To Ask Incoming European Visitors About Their Political Views, Religion & Sex

When There Comes A Time That One Finds Themselves Standing In The Center Of The Battlefield;

I want to start with Gonzo's head and chew him like a rawhide. I hate that fuck.

Caption Bush

House to vote on Iraq base ban Wednesday

Anyone else think Bill O'Reilly has a real mental health problem?

How many black folk participated @ the Conyers protest yesterday with Sheehan?

Schumer wants to bring Fitz before the Committee

Impeachment:I think I would be happy if we could just do Phase 1 steps 1 and 2 right now

the perfect opportunity was just missed on CSpan

Every time Cindy Sheehan gets arrested an angel loses its wings.

Get your US Sleeper Cells news next up on CNN:

Divisiveness is not so good.

Cindy Cindy Bo Bindy! Banana Nana Fo Findy!

Poll: Americans Trust Barney The Dinosaur Over * On Iraq

Scooter Libby and Luis Posada: How to Walk in Bushtime

Right-to-Life family fun at the county fair!!

U.S. may stay in Iraq to '09, based on new plan


Feingold on MSNBC now n/t

Compassion and mercy do NOT make you weak!

OK, children....

GOP email - Here's what you'll get with a Hillary Presidency

Who has let the country down? Conyers, or those of us who didn't

Cindy is the Virgin Mary the Holy mother of Jesus Christ.

Why isn't Cindy Sheehan complaining about protests on on-line message boards?

Going From "Me" to "We"

When In Trouble, Hide Behind the Troops & Cry TERRA! -pix->

Cindy is Jesus.

I think Gonzo is gone before September.

Poll: Americans trust Congress over Bush on Iraq

Gonzales Denies Pressuring Ashcroft

Maybe We do not need impeachment.....Maybe we need a Special Prosecutor.

Sometimes when certain people call you a friend and sing your praises...

Is impeachment a good idea? They impeached Bill Clinton and he has an approval rating

Bush Warns Anew of Terror Threat

what steps must one take to form a political party in the US?

CAPTION the photo-opping Ass-Faced Weasel

Gonzo on the Hill: A Comedic Tragedy (ETA CINDY!!!!)

War 'Slogans' On Troops' Graves?


Any Congressional Scholars or even Poli-Sci experts on here?

Al-Qaeda in Iraq!

On Bush Admin's denying DeFazio access to secret terror attack contingency plan

Gonzales: the decision to prosecute Miers would be made by Solicitor General

Business owner couldn’t ‘get a word in’ with Bush

If anyone is interested, Greg Palast is coming on with Randi on Air America right now! nt

1 in 4 NYC Adults Have Elevated Mercury

Why is there no discussion about Lindsay Lohan's arrest???

Can we get Bush* to take some YouTube questions on television?

For this I quit smoking & McDonald's? "Lowering cholesterol too much may raise risk of cancer"

Yet another point for you fraidy-cat "don't impeach!" people...

Wow, two dead civil rights heroes have denounced John Conyers.

Fred Thompson Shakes Up Campaign Staff

Creative Tension

Should the DailyKos be Subject to the Federal Election Commission?

Cindy is our Mandela

Paula Zahn leaves CNN

Call Out the Border Guard, the Kingdom is Crumbling!

David Swanson from on The Guy James Show today.

****URGENT: Call Congress today about ****MEDICAL MARIJUANA***

Question about Cindy Sheehan's run against Nancy Pelosi.

Cindy is King Arthur, a Knight who says Ni, and the Rabbit of Caerbannog all wrapped in one

Families mourn 4 Germany-based soldiers killed in Iraq

Why did Congressman Conyers LIE to all of US?

If Congress REALLY wanted to end the Iraq war they could right now

Dow takes a big hit. Not to worry, profits are equalized by improved sales overseas.

Bush wants to be a dictator

RARE KUDOS TO MSNBC: Thanks for staying on format despite Lohan's arrest

Iraqis Blame US Depleted Uranium for Surge in Cancer

Women in Film - LINK

Don't Demean Almost Half the Country

The Ballad of Ali Mohamed

I didn't realize Cindy went to prison to fight aparthied and that Rosa and MLK. . .

Once again, I am at the point where I'd support SATAN if he'd impeach Bush.

"Goatse" image seen on screen during CNN/YouTube debate

If "Al Qaeda in Iraq" is so bad and dangerous...

GOP senators to attack Reid in August

I'm begging you, can we please have a Cindy forum?

Who is the mystery Doc Holliday cougher who is at every Gonzo hearing?

The Great John Edwards Hair Debate: It's True Significance

Impeachment is a necesary component to a successful exit from Iraq.

So one of my favorite actors--Sam Waterston--is on Hardball pushing Unity 08

3637 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

I missed most of the debate

Gonzo Hearings Reveal *** Cheney has Access** to all DOJ's Investigations!

Who Hates the Democratic Leadership in the House More?

I was thinking

Bush: "Iraq is not the reason that the terrorists are at war with us."

‘Mutilated,’ ‘Tortured,’ And ‘Unidentified Bodies’ In Baghdad Rise To ‘Pre-Surge Levels’

Gonzales: "Not So Clear" That Waterboarding Violates Geneva Common Article 3

WP: Gonzo on the Hill: A Comedic Tragedy

* Tells Troops AQ in Iraq Part of Network Behind 9/11

The Gonzo hearing is on the tele, CSPAN-1

In May, Cindy Sheehan said she was leaving the Democratic Party behind.

Bush Discusses War on Terror - says saddam's fall helped expand Al qaeda in Iraq

Impeachment Poll

Who Can Count To 2 Or Higher?

Gonzales Memo Widened Cheney's Office Access to DoJ Case Info

Washington D.C. Suburb's Council Votes to Urge Congress to Impeach Bush, Cheney

Georgie the Cheerleader

ACLU's Anthony Romero on The Colbert Report tonight:

Okay, if impeachment is off the table, I have a better idea.........

What is the illness that seems to effect every Democratic presidential candidate of the last 25 year

Anyone know any jokes about Romney's efforts to hide his criminal record?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Tues 7/24... phhhtttttt

While WTC Site is still a hole in the ground, Huge US Embassy Compound in Iraq nears completion:

Media 'research' Center goes crazy over YouTube Democratic Debate

Damn-I can't diss New Haven-I'm from New Haven...lou dobbs

why would a candidate care if they only made minimum wage as POTUS?

In February of 2009, Who Will Absorb the Blame for the Debacle in Iraq?

Legal Defense Fund To Defend Direct Farm Sales

Iraqi refugees are here...

Video of last night's debate:

Zippy meets his arch-rival, who isn't sorry he voted for bush ------>

Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, 2007 (with comments added to *'s proclamation)

A new sneaky move by Cheney!

Democrats Seek Session With Bush on Spending

Check out my new License Plate and Bumper Sticker.

No to impeachment, instead I'll write a memoir:

Have you seen the Project Phin video?

Bush Insists Al Qaeda in Iraq Threatens U.S.

You mean acting irrational won't get us impeachment?

Will someone please fill me in as to why all of the impeachment talk today. I'm stuck in a cube.

Screaming Nazi on Tweety

I found this website while researching the CIA family jewels release..

Dress code for next "debate"? Swimsuits? evening gowns?

Save the Butterflies!

Dress code for next "debate"? Swimsuits? evening gowns?

Republican shopping bizarre: Baghdad is just like Mall of America

How closely are non political junkies paying attention to any of this pre-primary stuff?

DU this poll!

"To the delight of the overwhelmingly white crowd" (God, I LOVE google)

So after that totally shameless display of arrogance by abu gonzales today,

On May 4, 2006, the Attorney General opened up access to DOJ criminal investigations to Cheney

The slide towards totalitariansm ends Jan 20, 2009 if we can get our shit together.


Uh oh.. we have a "new" war.. "The war on talk radio".so sayeth Steve Marlsberg

Clinton: Obama 'Irresponsible and Naive'

two books my mom gave me that changed my life

I have a different point about impeachment (er, I think its different) --

There will probably be a big fight now in Iraq-

Without Impeachment, Bush has nothing to fear

"260 reports of abuse yearly in Protestant churches "

Gonzales Contradicts Prior Statements, Confirms Existence Of Other Spying Programs

Merle Haggard...America First

"Embarrassing! You're hurting America! Resign!!"

What will be the result of the hearings?

" Special prosecutor weighed for Gonzales"

Rev. Sharpton backs idea on rap lyrics

Are You Out Of Your Mind? Impeachment _Will_ Trigger ...


No charges for doctor in Katrina hospital deaths

Michael Vick forgets......

Al Qaeda is in post-invasion Iraq = The Iraq war is a failure.

"Why are the taxpayers still paying Karl Rove's salary?"

George Bush is a saint!

Lifelong Republican defends switch

Pentagon cheated during war games in 2002

bu$h* said Al Qaeda 95 times in speech today.

It's almost as if pro-impeachment protesters of Conyers want his upcoming subpoena action to fail

Impeachment: A Look at the Process, American Bar Association

TPM: Blinded Justice

I talked to my father who worked for the Joint Chiefs during Vietnam War

* leans against King Abdullah of Jordan - pics

Laura Mallory, Famed Harry De-Potterer, Called To The Ministry

Great article on wealth inequality in America

Tension Breaker: Analyze KKKarl's Handwriting!

Any DUers in England? How are you holding up in the flood?

My response (literally, it's in his latest thread) to WillPitt...

Foreign investors have more control over the US economy than Americans

Enforce the Hatch Act: Prosecute Bushies using government funds to oppose medical marijuana.

JOHN DEAN: Joe Wilson's War-A Fight That Flushed Out Much Of The Truth

Rove blamed for Attorney firings in Gonzales hearing; Specter raises prospect of impeachment

What's a good and credible news source?

Conyers' Announcement of Democrats' Proposal for an Impeachment Inquiry (no, not bush...)

Rethugs Offices that were Occupied by Anti-War/Impeach Activists.

After Sicko - what would it really take to put care ahead of greed?

Peak Oil is not Just About Fuel for Vehicles and Energy Needs!

Simple Question: Why did Sheehan feel it necessary to storm Conyer's office and insist he Impeach?

NeoNazi weed roots well in Russia, as it seems. In memory of an eco activist killed in Siberia.

How to Insulate Yourself From Impeachment

Need some advice. I'm being texted unsolicited stock tips

Is it unfair, inaccurate, or irresponsible to say that all the troops died in vain?

When, exactly, did we determine that bringing matters to a vote

So....It comes down to this: DU'ers who are surprised about Conyers/Leahy and those who have Read!

Bill Moyers and The Yes Men interview. (video)

Cindy Sheehan: It's Up To Us ('It is with heavy heart I announce my candidacy against Nancy Pelosi')

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

So I kinda like John Conyers and stuff.

How The White House Will Manipulate Events and Emotions to Maintain GOP Exec. Branch Control in 2008

Britain is protecting the biggest heroin crop of all time

What special powers does an impeachment panel have?

"It's bad enough they shut the office down with phone calls."

"The first one's free...then you pay." Collins/Scoop - DEMOCRACY RELOADED!

GOP fundraiser to feature machine gun shoot

Is Cindy Sheehan hallucinating?

And about that mythical "far left."

What to Do When You Hit 25% ---pix--->>>

CAN HE REALLY GET AWAY WITH THIS--Bush Outlaws All War Protest

Arguments for impeachment

I watched "Independence Day" again last night...

I watched "V for Vendetta" during my "Angry Leftist" movie marathon over the weekend....

Canada To Increase Military Presence in the Arctic Despite U.S. Objections

Can someone tell me where all these Hillary fans are?

To anyone who loves sweeping historical analogies and puts words in the mouths of famous dead people

Will we ever hear any Democratic congressperson say "Iraq is all about profit?"


Please WRITE/CALL in support of Barney Frank's Bill!!

WAL-MART Nation: Irony of Ironies

BBC / The White House Coup and General Smedley Butler

Holy shit. Cheney’s takeover documented.

John Conyers is no Martin Luther King by Ray McGovern

I'd like to drop a thought about Pelosi, Conyers and impeachment...

Dear John, Ray, Cindy and David,

Why isn't Cindy Sheehan protesting members of the GOP?

W: 'there's a good reason they are called al Qaida in Iraq: They are al Qaida ... in ... Iraq'.

A kind thanks to all Internet posters.*

You gotta be kidding about this impeachment stuff

Is Gordon Brown becoming Brownie II over the Flooding in England?

If there's anything to call Pelosi's office and demand action for, it's not impeachment

As if we don't have enough to worry about......Kissinger & Putin?

Barbara Jordan - 1974, House Judiciary Committee

The US does not have the finest military in the world

If the U.S. slide toward becoming a totalitarian state is to...

I Have Figured Out How To Impeach Them All

I Just Went Outside, Sat On The Tree Swing And Took In The Beautiful River And Sky.

This I Believe

Sister of suicide victim sues ‘Dateline’...after appearing on ‘To Catch a P

Your Rep on Impeachment: Yes Or No? List it here.

Would impeachment without conviction be worthwhile?

Stealth bombers to get bunker-nobbling weapons

Ward Churchhill has just been fire from CU.

Identify yourself as not being a stereotype

I'm concerned about any candidate who would call another candidate, "naive."

Edwards' Campaign On the Ropes, Obama's is frozen, & Yes, Hillary's is "Flawless"

Edwards Outraged - 50 years without Universal Health Care

The localvore's dilemma

Anyone heard of this documentary...looks good...going on Friday...

Nazi Germany’s “War on Terror”: The Warnings of History

I don't want the Dems to go so far left BEFORE the election that they become unelectable

What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?

I want to thank Cindy Sheehan

tell me more about Sam Waterston - on Tweety right now-unity08

Let's list all the initiatives that are "off the table."

What should the debate questions be for the republiCONS...

Food Recall

In case there is any confusion: You cannot use DU to support Cindy Sheehan's third-party candidacy.

The media won't like Edwards comment

YouTube presidential debate blazes new trail.

Check out the N.H. Debate "Talk Clock"

OK my thoughts were actually changed by the debate.

Any Congressional Scholars or even Poli-Sci experts on here?

If you build the war, they will come

Obama Exaggerates Progress on Bundlers

"The Liberal Media" rigged NBA games bad / rigged elections not so much

Survey USA Debate Analysis - Before & After

A challenge to Senselessbrenner

What Does Conservative Mean?

Was gender a factor in how the Pentagon responded to Clinton-and IF SO-will it help her?

Edwards set to ride with Armstrong

Bond Continues Misleading Constituents About Iraq

Hannity&Colmes show cucumber and condom to misrepresent Obama's views on sex ed

The kind of emboldening that Republicans don't like to talk about...

Does Leahy know his mic is on??

Animated snowman

YouTube steals the Democratic debate: The medium and the questions are called the message

Yesterday's debate - Edwards on Hillary's coat: That was really cringe-worthy

Kentucky AG (D) may challenge Mitch McConnell in '08

Does Leahy Know He Is Speaking Over An Open Mike.....

WP political blog's debate winners: Edwards, Clinton, Richardson, the Format

The Rude Pundit - The Positive Politics of Shame, Part 1.2: The Flintstones Paradigm

Dems in the House did some good stuff this week.

Straw poll results from Kos

Ohio Governor, Mr. Consensus, Makes Inroads: GOP to Dem conversion rate in state is "staggering"

My blood pressure would be greatly aided by the impeachment of Gonzo


The dumbest question in the debate

Here is the "Talk Clock" from tonights Debate!!

Her name is CLINTON. Initials HRC.

TIME: Grading the YouTube Debate

One of the biggest problems in government today

Just received this e-mail. Please read, to really find out where congress stands on the BIG I

On air CNBC just asked: are Dems becoming anti-business (yes they said). Here is my question:

Biden's family tragedy

Why weren't the candidates asked if they believe in wearing cotton blend clothing?

The Politico gives Edwards First Place in debate

I am waiting for Bush to say he has faith in his man Gonzo!! (terrible testimony

I could not find anyone who seen the debates or even knew about them.

I am sitting on the fence, watching all of these threads...

Hillary Wins Again

Edwards Outraged - 50 years without Universal Health Care

Dems crush GOP in money game - But for How Long?

Gore, Clark, Kos, and the 2008 Election

Is there any candidate you absolutely won't vote for in the general

FLORIDA: clinton 46% obama 15% edwards 13%

Focus group says Edwards won the debate. "Very much an Edwards night"

Foreign Diplomats briefed by Rove on the Democratic candidates

Today's DU Fabrications about Clinton's Performance In Last Night's Debate

A sample of Edwards' stump speech

Hillary really pissed me off with her not giving Obama any compliments

Video Dean on CNN said You Tube questions were great, not "gotcha" media questions.

Religion and sex life among passenger details to be passed on to officials

Commentary: Edwards is mad and won't take it anymore

Howard Dean is hero, a great representative of the American people

Obama Launches Radio Ads in S.C.


SurveyUSA:Both Before & After CNN YouTube Debate, Viewers Say Hillary Would Make the Best President

Edwards' Rural Campaign

Obama is the Democrats' common sense 'liberal'



A Fluff Question: Did You Like Hillary's Jacket?

I had a different reaction to Edwards clever haircut debate video.

Here's proof that Hillary won the debate

GOP fundraiser to feature machine gun shoot

Hillary calls Obama "naive"

The best question of the night!

Yepsen: YouTube, CNN produce engaging debate format

Edwards Praised at Debate for Leading on the Issues

The Reviews Are In: 'Polished,' 'Amazing,' 'Commander-in-Chief'

Now, do we really want to put the Senators running for

Pretty good debate...Hillary did very well, as did Edwards, and Richardson...finally

Senators Challenge White House Briefings (AP)

Andrew Sullivan: Hillary Wins Again

so, an NBA referree who gambles and shaves points. bigger story than an AG who lies to congress?

Would it be insulting to tools if I compared them to Congressional Democrats

A littel flavor on GonzoSpeak here:

Schumer v. Gonzales: BALLGAME.

TPM:Drudge Catches Hillary In Massive Flip-Flop! Not.

In October 2006, Hillary called Bush's refusal to talk "unrealistic"

I missed the debate completely....

Gonzales Contradicts Prior Statements, Confirms Existence Of Other Spying Programs

Another "oops" -- Pentagon's inadvertent file-sharing

McAuliffe left the party solvent. Source? Howard Dean himself.

Not to be outdone by Lindsey Lohan, SC State Treasurer (repuke of course) indicted for cocaine

Dueling Memos: Obama and Clinton camps club each other

It's Been Established Now That We Were Lied Into This War.......

Dem Police see robbers in a bank what do they do?

Politico's Ben Smith calls bullshit on desperate Obama camps flip-flop assertion...

U.S.' Skelton (D-MO) wants Iraq drawdown, has Afghan worries - Reuters

We`re all Michael Vick dogs to the Republican political machine

The Thompson campaign already having problems

Propaganda Victory and McCain agrees with Clinton.....

Obama and Clinton Campaigns clash over Foriegn Policy

For those of you who remain undecided or uncommitted to the announced candidates ......

Politico columnists call Edwards joke an "attack" against Hillary

Hillary's FLIPPITY-FLOPPITY on meeting with foreign leaders.

Has anyone heard Bush say the Gonzo did a good job today and he has

Flip Flop of the Day: Political Wire

Bush To Veto Ban On Mercury In Vaccines

I don't care if they don't have the votes ...

This Ann woman on MSNBC has some problem with Kucinich

Troop buildup till mid 2009!! new draft plan by Bush and Petraus---per nbc

Is anybody listening to David Swanson on Bob Kincaid's show?

Clinton As Kucinich??

Obama supporters in Charleston yesterday...

Will this debate dustup have any effect on S.C. polls?

Why did Congressman Conyers LIE to all of US?

"When you have money you never think about it"

Hey, You KNOW These Guys ...

The only dem candidate I won't support is

Edwards Returns Lobbyist Money, continuing commitment not to take lobbyist or PAC money

Edwards Challenges Democratic Candidates to Support his Call to Raise Minimum Wage to $9.50/hour

Edwards agrees with Hillary on question of Presidential meeting with dictators...

When is Larry Flynt going to drop another one...with all this heavy

John Edwards, Lance Armstrong Team Up for Cancer Ride

Snapshot in time: TOP THREE HORSE RACE

I think Clinton or Obama will win if they win the Dem nomination

Troops out of Iraq and into Darfur?

What issue makes Kucinich not electable?

Edwards wins Daily Kos straw poll again

This guy gets my vote!

DeCarlo committed to the Greens, with Nader or without him

I just got an e-mail from the Democratic Party asking for money.

How many DUers agree with the mandatory Hydrocarbon law/Iraq oil rip off

Gonzales. There is another program that cannot be talked about! important!

Bush Wikipedia article - editors needed

Who do you think will come up on top of the Clinton-Obama foreign policy clash?

Edwards campaign manager David Bonior: "NAFTA worst decision of Clinton administration"

Be careful out there, when impeachment starts, the real war starts.

Obama says Clinton "fabricates controversy," calls IWR vote "naive"

Experience is Overrated

What if the worst happens and we can't impeach at all?

Clinton lied in the debate last night

"Matt Santos" on being a liberal

Terrorists using cheeze to hide devices?--at Milwaukee Mitchel airport---and

Love him or hate him, Edwards was honest on gay marriage.

The Conyers Legacy

No, Hillary, "liberalism" is NOT what the GOP says

Isn't "Being Naive" Mrs. Clinton's Excuse For Voting For The IWR?

Security Experts: Barack is ready to lead

Hillary supporters - I have a question

What kind of Democratic Presidential nominee makes Reagan/Nixon their model for foreign diplomacy?

Obama: Most blatant fib of the night...

Damn, how far we've fallen

Hillarites are on full force, going after Obama with everything...

I have a question for anti-Hillary DUers

So Hillary wants to be like George Bush not talking to enemy states

After last night's debate, it's easy to see why the Goddess of Peace will be our next President

I think John Edwards won the Debate. My Debate Summary :