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Archives: July 23, 2007

"Electromagnetic Aspect of Mind Control: A Scientific Analysis" by Vlad N. Binhi

Saddam's Past with U.S. Has Implications for Iraq

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Legislation Watch: Ballot Integrity Act of 2007

America’s next big blunder By Eric Margolis

Amsterdam Circa 1700 and America Circa 2300 (by Byron Williams for HuffPost)

Larry C Johnson: Questions Congress Needs to Ask about the Latest NIE

PAUL KRUGMAN: The French Connections

Changing climate on Tibetan plateau (BBC)

Texas turtles ending up in China soup pots - Reuters

Texas planning for 10,000 to over 23,000 MW of wind by 2012

England under water: scientists confirm global warming link to increased rain

SoCal port talks to resume Tuesday

NOW He Tells Us: U.S. Senator, in Letter to Editor, Calls Old Iraq War Plan Wrong

Record Failures at Oil Refineries Raise Gas Prices

Top Democrats Woo Key Hispanic Voters

Woman raped before "honor killing": court

Voters hand Turkey's secular parties a setback

Unlikely Adversary Arises to Criticize Detainee Hearings

Romney Touts Immigration to Hispanics

Democrats Press House to Expand Health Care Bill

Zoos kill healthy tigers for the skin trade

Official: U.S. may consider military strike on al Qaeda inside Pakistan

McCain Says He's Happy With Campaign

Chavez: Critical foreigners to get boot

So, it took me eight years to finish reading the Harry Potter series.

Harry Potter teasers (Possibly spoilers)

"Hairspray" the musical and U2's something that will screw with your head:

Okay - now I know it is definitely time for a 'time out' from DU . . .

Did Bonds break Aaron's record?

Can someone pour boiling oil on the screaming little DUers in GD?

I give up. I have just found videotaped evidence that the end of the world is nigh.

Can someone pour boiling oil on the screaming little shits downstairs?

computer people....

Help on Bush nicknames from my DUers

Do you hop sisters or leave them to atone

Anybody knowledgable in men's fashion, particularly ties?

I love cocks

Everybody rips Barry Bonds for cheating

Too bad your circle doesn't extend to North Carolina

What's the point in calling shots?

My posting has accelerated!

My Rant - A Lot of People are Uncaring Selfish Jerks

Nitpicky old ladies on the Internet

Drivers distracted on a highway when hackers change an electronic traffic sign

Baseball fans?

I'm going to go take a shower, climb into bed, and watch Dinner: Impossible.

IlllllIlIlIllllIIIllIllI||| llllIlIlIlIlIl||||||||Illl|I IlI|||IIIIlIlIlIlIlIlIIIII IIIlllIIIllIII|l

That Enzyte commercial is driving me up a wall.

Motorcycles and the Confederate Flag--explain please

I just bought gas at Exxon; ask me anything!

Which is a better gift for someone who likes history?

Do parents still send kids to the store?

Do you equate "being mature" with being "no fun?"

OKay, the Ambien's kicking in...

Tell your driving horror stories.

Castleberry food recall list (to date from company site)

I'm starting a band: JVS and the Designer Vaginae

If you were to get in your car and just leave everything behind

I am officially retiring the Daily Poem Thread

Which Simpsons "bit player" are you most looking forward to seeing in the Simpsons movie?

Round Two of Wild Turkeys

LOVE SONG thread!!!

Ya think?

*Spoiler* The part of 'Deathly Hallows' that most made me want to go UGH was...

Painters versus Clear Channel is David versus Goliath story

A week in (Union Review) July 15 - July 21

Kucinich Takes on Both Parties’ Candidates

BP-Texas City Disaster Hearing: Eva Rowe testimony

The Simpsons vs. FOX

Once opon a time in the woods

How far do you go for the sake of your looks?

Archbishop Desmon Tutu asks for a moratorium on Vlok (Apartheid Reconciliation prosecutions)

Former choir director of Livermore church killed

Drivers distracted on a highway when hackers change an electronic traffic sign

In case you missed it....Howard Zinn & Walter Mosley talk about a new mass movement....

At best, censure gives republicans an easy out

De Klerk 'approved murder attempt'

David Swanson: Remembering the Downing Street Minutes

and the three monkeys speak...

* joke (maybe not new, but new to me)

I just bought gas at Exxon; ask me anything!

Saw a neat bumpersticker today.

The priest & the stripper. $200,000 STOLEN FROM PARISH 'He gave me money for spending time with him'

Hagee, Israel backers push a get-tough policy

National Intel Director: Bush Admin. Manipulated Iraq Intel ‘Because They Didn’t Like The Answers’

Infocrossing Outsourcing ad on DU

Credit Card Expiration Dates Are Obsolete

Do you ever have this problem when discussing things with a Con?

Waning Influence - Condi Rice

Baltimore Iraqi War vet shot and killed by police.

Lavish lifestyles at odds with Rev. Jerry Johnston’s calls for the faithful to sacrifice

What makes for a 'good' Democrat?

Mitt "Roehm-ney" has no problem with Obama-Osama

I know that Tammy Faye advocated for gay youths and helped people with HIV/AIDS...

Willard. Willard Mitt Romney. I'm not equating or comparing...

Yellow ribbons roil city in Maine

Framing: Rename Al Qaeda in Mespotamia as AQIM

Will there be outrage? Will there be acceptance? An exercise in thought.

Mormons (Mittenfuhrer) proselytize to Latinos (1st of many warning to come)

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Finds That Her Star Is Fading

Abuse allegations surface at second Canberra (Australia) college (Marist College)

Join the 24 hour vigil in front of MN Sen. Norm Coleman's office

Guess which important 1960s figure said this.

Dan Gerstein Misses The Boat ("Impeachment Divides Democrats" Article)

Tammy Baker denied there was any wrongdoings at PTL

This Modern World: Thomas Friedman Private Eye-Dial M For Moustache

Would impeachment be more palatable if Pelosi & Byrd recused themselves from

Ex-Gonzales # 2 (Comey): Make Fitzgerald Attorney General !!!

Just read this

Michael Moore hints at his next movie

Howard Zinn on BOOK TV now

Peter Werbe's talking about Paul Craig Roberts NOW -- streaming

On Meet the Press, NYTs' Brooks admitted to pulling number of possible Iraqi deaths "out of the air"

Soldier Dies After Gunfight With Md. Cop

Yet another pet food recall

I just discovered another reason why democracy will not work in the Middle East

Flip-floppin' Romney: Hillary Clinton is "IN WITH KARL MARX"

McCain declined to say whether he thinks diaper wearing U.S. Sen. David Vitter-R should resign

Delisting endangered species for poltics..

NYT Op/Ed: "W.W.D.D.? - What Would A Diplomat Do?" (Condoleeza)

Is anyone else experiencing a DU glitch? My star disappeared and I am

Without a plot, is Padilla guilty?

Democrats will be pissed, but how will the Republican candidates for

RIP Shawn Starkovich, 20 - your picture cuts like a knife,

So Impeachment is off the table, DOJ will not pursue contempt charges against WH officals

Condoleezza Rice is among the worst of the liars in this admin.

Holy Crap- Pete Wilson (KGO radio talkshow host and TV anchor) died.

Condoleeza Rice - Concert Pianist?. Like Hell. (Because she is a sociopath, that's why)

Interesting take on Conyers needing three more Dems for impeachment

American 'SiCKO,' Donna Smith Starts Her Own Organization

"Local Iraqis protest US relations with Saudi Arabia ('Saudi Arabia = September 11')"

Rudy Giuliani Accused of Having Close Ties With Catholic Priest Accused Of Molesting Children

URGENT! Need some help ripping these folks a new one

God completely destroys First Mount Olive Freewill Baptist Church with bolt of lightning

To Senator Feingold: "A Very Trying Process" My Ass

David Swanson: The Impeachment Moment

Reagan official saying bush preparing

The Very Last Thing I Have to Say About Tammy Faye Bakker Messner:

Here it is: ONE CLICK to tell your Reps you want Impeachment.

It was forty years ago today

Does America care about poverty?

How do you feel about PROGRESS ? age may influence answers .

Bush Admin: 'If Congress Holds WH Officials In Contempt-DOJ Simply WILL NOT PURSUE CHARGES'

Castleberry total (to date) recalled food list

'$100 laptop' production begins (BBC)

Impeachment question divides Democrats

CRYING watching Cat Stevens on "Nobel Peace Prize Concert" honoring Muhammad Yunus & Grameen Bank!!

Condoleezza Rice: "I was supposed to be a concert pianist, and here I sit"

Do you see Bush bumper stickers in your area where you live?

How can seemingly intelligent and concerned people be drawn to Rush Limbaugh?

A conversation with my wife (re: Bush declaring martial law)

Newspapers Refuse to Print Condi Rice's OpEd.

Worse than the crap he spews is that Lionel talks like Slylvester the Cat, and He drives me nuts!

Morse Code

I just got back from weekend in a Republican enclave...they HATE Bush

Brit PM drops 'War on Terror' BS term

Three 19yrs boys Might we stop NOW


Why Removal of Bush and Cheney from Office Needs to Be Done Soon

The experts do not recommend using a debit card in lieu of a credit card

Halliburton, Dick Cheney, and wartime spoils

To those who think "Impeachment backfired" against the GOP re: Clinton.

My nephew is thinking about joining the military

Very good article on Obama and the democratic party: MUST READ!!

Obama and Clinton speak to Hispanic Group, LaRaza, Today

SIGH - "Kennedys Don't Cry" on the Documentary Channel right now

Obama to Host a Rural Policy Forum in Iowa Friday

Groening reveals roots of Marge's hair, occupant of "Simpsons" Oval Office, Murdoch's graciousness

Can Gore do more good as President of the United States, or where he is now?

Oprah and Maya Angelou: When It Comes to Politics, Friendship Has Its Limits

Goose, meet gander

WP, pg1: Officially the First, Democrats' Debate Feels Like Anything But: Debate fatigue sets in

Sunday NYT OP-ED

If We're Going to Dismantle Our Democracy ...

Washington Post-ABC Poll: Clinton 45% and Obama 30%

Friends of Rudy: he has Close ties to pedophile priest.

Congress puts off fixing touch-screen voting

Do Hillary and Bill Clinton look happy together?

Who is Dal Lamagna?

Post-ABC poll shows 50% of Dems are "Somewhat" satisfied with Pres choices

Political Direction in Elections Legislation: Revolution Against Democracy post-2000

Dean had to get 12 state parties out of bankruptcy, pay unpaid debt, get padlocks off doors.

US editors try to undermine stable US-Russian partnership

Theocrats Deny ‘End Times’ Theology Is Cause of Their Push for War with Iran

Jim Hightower: Wait, There Actually Is a Bridge in Brooklyn You Can Sell Me?

Fuhrerprinzip - the fascistic notion that all human affairs can be commanded and determined by a Gre

Twighlight of the Infrastructure

Filtering out anything gay

Socialists Use Sex Wedge

The Moments

Democrats' rare chance to go for gut

Ariannna: The Secretary of Defense Breaks with the President on Sanitizing the War


New book explores ... rise of the young, liberal "sell-out" and why the phenomenon hurts America

LAT editorial: No to nukes to combat climate change; alternatives are safer and cheaper

Ex-FBI analyst faces prison in spy plot aimed at toppling Philippine government

Expert: Marine charged in Iraqi's murder may have brain injury

Army probes alleged exam cheating

Groups Oppose Proposal that Would Gut Provisions in Lobbying Disclosure

Destabilizing Iraq, Broadly Defined (Gotcha, Bush, Cheney!)

Death of American Healthcare: Testimony by Linda Peeno

Jimmy Breslin: Impeach George Bush To Stop War Lies, Deaths

UN probes 'abuse' in Ivory Coast

Enemies real and imagined

John Nichols: Censure and Impeachment

Why We Must Leave Iraq ASAP


Progressives need to get better at countering the right-wing's dominance of AM radio

Where's the Outrage? (by Beth Arnold for HuffPost)

The Consequences of Staying in Iraq

Gardening for Change in the City

HIDTA border task force mired in drug-war scandal

To “Sicko” or Not to “Sicko”: That is the question!!

Dean Baker: Big Government Grover and the Fund Manager Subsidy


Film to shed light on Cuban health system (not Sicko)



Anti-war Ron Paul is pulling more campaign contributions from the military than John McCain

The Plame affair: A quartet of betrayals

Bill Clinton launching program in Africa: "Not one soul should die of malaria."

The Dems Nuclear Option

Steven Weber: Now It's On to Iran and Let's Win There!

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 300

China silences green GDP study, report says - Reuters

Snowless French ski resort closing

(UK) MPs support carbon offset schemes - BBC

Ecuador tries novel balance of oil and environment - Reuters

The Energy Solution That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Gas Rationing

Keith Cowing's Devon Island Journal 13 July 2007: Teaching About Roses on Mars

Journal entry March 14, 2018...

Tibet Warming Faster Than Any Other Part Of Planet - 0.3C/Decade - Reuters

(China) Local gov'ts 'ignoring' green model - China Daily

Forest, Brush Fires Erupting Across Central, Southern Italy - 1,500 Fires In 24 Hours - AFP

Flooding In Central, Western UK Worst In 60 Years - AFP

Tourism Nightmare - Australia Will Face Brunt Of Warming, May Bear Blame For Not Fighting It - Age

Russian Environmentalist Beaten To Death By Skinheads, 7 Others Hurt - Reuters

Bulgaria Sees Hottest Temperatures On Record - 1,900 Forest Fires, Some Water Rationing - AFP

OSHA Fines BP $92,000 (This Is Not A Typo) For 2005 TX Blast That Killed 15 - Scotsman

Q-Cells to Supply Solaria with 1.35 GW in Solar Cells

Texas turtles ending up in China soup pots

Floods force many to face climate change reality

Humans to blame for global changes in rain: study

Tokyo Electric to suffer massive costs following quake ($1.7 billion)

NJIT Researchers Develop Inexpensive, Easy Process To Produce Solar Panels

Oil and gas may run short by 2015, say industry experts

Germany sets shining example in providing a harvest for the world

Nature - Rainfall Patterns Changing Thanks To Warming - Pattern Outside Of Natural Variability - AFP

No to nukes (OpEd, LA Times)

Anti-global heating claims - a reasonably thorough debunking

Solar Growth Continues Unabated in Bay Area (8400+ installations, 82 MW)

Culinary Union Begins New Round of Contract Talks with Local Gaming Companies

AFTRA votes for Reardon

Saddam's Past with U.S. Has Implications for Iraq

Mohammad Zahir Shah, last king of Afghanistan, dies at age 92

Over two dozen rebels killed in Afghan battle: U.S (also NATO soldier killed)

3 Car Bombs Kill 12, Injure 19 in Iraq

Roadside bomb kills U.S. soldier in Baghdad, military says

Oil and gas may run short by 2015, say industry experts

U.S. Angers Pakistan over Al-Qaeda Claims

Australian chief lashes US on Iraq

Townsend: U.S. Won't Rule Out Military Incursion into Pakistan

New insights on the Soviet Union's collapse

Car bomb kills 4 civilians near Baghdad's Green Zone

Where are the intelligent people here?

Democrats Lead By $100 Million In Money Race

Task Force Marne Soldier died of wounds (2 incidents, 2 dead)

Congress puts off fixing touch-screen voting

Breaking: Miers, Bush Chief of Staff to face contempt charges

6 NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Deceased Farmers Got USDA Payments

Injured Iraq War Vets Sue VA

Democrats Lead By $100 Million In Money Race

Iran launches new crackdown on unIslamic dress

New HIV infections outpace treatment

Veterans sue U.S. over "shameful failures" in care

Unable to find interpreter, court drops child rape case

E-mails show '02 lobbying for U.S. attorney post in Ohio

Cheney once considered vice presidency "cruddy job"

Senate bill will expand assistance to workers who lose jobs to off shoring

Safety of top Iraq cleric(Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani) questioned

Let the Sun Shine (Kyl R-AZ holding up Openess and Sunshine in Gov Act)

UK's Brown won't rule out military action in Iran

US says Chinese missiles smuggled through Iran into Iraq

Army denies Hawaiians access to sacred sites

IPhone Flaw Lets Hackers Take Over, Security Firm Says

Pentagon Junking Millions in Gear


Delays in disabled pay, health care prompt suit

Cinematographer Lazlo Kovacs dies at 74

WHO warns of major dengue outbreak in West Pacific

Gonzales to Senate: I'm Staying

Halliburton Profit Rises (19% Over Quarter)

Poll: Americans Find Bush Unyielding on Iraq

Sheehan Wants Impeachment, Pelosi's Job

EXCLUSIVE: Milwaukee Election Records Indicate Forgery, Ballot Stuffing in '04 Presidential Election

Sheehan arrested in impeachment protest

First Global Peace Index Ranks 121 Countries (U.S. Comes In at 96)

President Bush's Polyps Benign

Rice warns Kosovo against declaring independence unilaterally

Taliban threatens to kill 23 Koreans

Sweet dreams for your children..... for those who didn't have an

OK, where is my star (*NOT* a request for one, just a question)

Good Night DU...

I want to reset my hardrive completely..

Mother who fought against Harry Potter books finds new calling

For My Jury Duty Summons Today...."You've Got Another Thing Comin'..."

Mother who fought against Harry Potter books finds new calling

DU Presidential Poll

Harry Potter Will Never Make The New York Times Bestseller List

What are the orange-red spiders?

I have my tickets!

Driving like a moran in a company truck is probably not a good idea

Woo-hoo! Found a new babysitter!

Buying concert tickets from online ticket sales groups - any recommendations

Grrrr Some say I am into my gaming too much I say......

Wrestling fans, past & present: Who was the all-time best at cutting promos?

OK, I just made my first comment in years in GD.

Tulsa Drillers coach killed by line drive

I cannot believe the negativity towards Tammy Faye Messner here at DU

Ghosts images on the VCR--anybody ever have this problem?

Filmmakers Took 7 Years To Make Documentary On The History Of Vibrators

Road rage o-rama. It's Monday morning on the streets of LA.

What should I be weary of on our *BEACH VACATION*?

Why does my goat get tingly after eating honeydew or cantaloupes?

I haven't read, seen, or listened to anything that was liked by anyone else, ever.

Do you like the look of a shaved pussy

How I spent my weekend ......

Who wants a piece of this?

let me get this right, wouldn't want to rain on anyone's parade

I'm going out to the Hamptons, need some info.

Caffeinated breath mints!

Ghosts images on the VCR--anybody ever have this problem?

I CANNOT do sushi. I will NEVER do sushi since I met this guy:

I hate phone contracts.... what are the ups and downs of pay as you go?

Lesson of the day:

Are you a smoker?

Who here lusts after that e-insurance cartoon on teebee?

A useful topic for a Monday.... (I hope).

Post a pic of your favorite Wizard here

It's back to my internets-less house today.

Are the Fundies Right? Is Bush Really Not That Bad?


Who wants a piece of meat?

Only in my wildest dreams - Moody Blues - 3rd row up front at the Borgata

I'm Not In Love

Why does my throat get tingly after eating honeydew or cantaloupes?

Don't prank me while I take a nap, k?

Writer is taking a nap. Who wants to prank her?

Why is the "bat boy" always more attractive than the "good boy?" [View all]

If you live in California, or you grew up in California,

Man Says He Found Fried Mouse In Potato Chips

Now I remember why I quit making homemade cinnamon rolls

What stupid topic does one have to bring to start a FUCKING conversation here?

Fans Trash Beatles Tune Use in Diaper Ad

My little boy got pushed into

Racoon thief! (Video) Has anyone seen this?

I am going by South of the Border-can I get anyone anything?

Colorado Rattlesnake Fails to Save Child from Chihuahua.

SINGLE BLACK FEMALE seeks male companionship, ethnicity unimportant

Books: what's your favorite genre?

What the heck is with the routine "bad boys get all the love waaaaaa" posts?

Well, it happened today, I told my father at the VA hospital to seat down and not run around.

Only 22 posts to go

For my 12,000th post...

I had a wisdom tooth pulled today.

I am jonesin' for sushi

For RetroLounge:

Bill O'Reilly opened today's show by spoiling the ending of Harry Potter

So,... an update on my sister

OMg! Danielle Steel's "Bungalow 2" is out!!!1!

Who wants a piece of ___________?

Seeking opinions re. passport renewal

How do you tell someone that their child is not attractive?

When Corey's attack

Does anyone have any experience with Ativan (Lorazepam)?

Nude blonde, gold stilettos and a Ferrari.. (Yahoo news)

LSK is chickenshit

*SPOILERS* Plot hole in book 7?

Ok, Ok Ok, I'm going out to buy the latest Harry Potter and I'll read it at once

Why is the "bat boy" always more attractive than the "good boy"?

Could we have six or seven more Harry Potter threads?

this thread is not about Harry Potter

Official 'We Love Mayonnaise' Thread

Bad Habits in Private That You've Been Caught Doing in Public.

What the fuck is wrong with the lounge?

I am going by North of the Border-can I get anyone anything?

2nd Lunch: Cucumber and Tomato sandwich

mmmm good and tasty... gettign scoped both ends tomorrow

What can you get a Wookie for Xmas when he already has a comb?


What the fuck is wrong with kay1864

Damn I'm good

Bad Joke Of The Day

Bret Michael's VH1 reality "dating" show -Rock of Love ( oh my god)

This thread is about Henry Potter.

Oh come on, who wants to talk about Al Quaeda in Pakistan?

This thread is about Hairy Spotter.

I've been awake for 27 hours now

What the fuck is wrong with LynneSin?

Treasurer: N.J. toll hike is expected

Flooding in the UK? I don't think these guys got the memo.

Woman Accused Of Attacking Roommates With Turkey

Favorite place to scratch

Bush Sr. tried to clean Miz t.'s windshield.

I was afraid GD was going to be boring until the elections got closer


1500 Filipino Inmates Perform Thriller

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

Dilute. (View All)

I have compared JK Rowling and JRR Tolkein



*SPOILERS* Harry Potter political discussion




Harry Potter and the Maladjusted Muggle (Bush's "magic" quotes)

DU this post by LynneSin! RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!

so the teenager hasn't showered since Friday's pudding slip'n'slide


NoelMN is arguing with me over wearing dirty clothes to soccer.

Direct TV customers- do they send your bill promptly?

Going out for TeenMidlo's birthday dinner tonight.

RALPH HINKLEY, An American Hero....

At the grocery store today...


Going out for TeenMidlo's birthday dinner tonight.

Are you more in touch with your masculine or your feminine side?

So, you want to know what kind of day I had? I'll tell you what kind of day I had.

My posting has decelerated!

something all you kids should see----

Uber menses has struck again

So long bat boy, we hardly knew ye...

Time for bed.

I haven't read Harry Potter but wanted to start a Harry Potter thread - ask me anything

One of those "Holy (bleep)!" videos...

I Had Jury Duty Today

What would happen if men had periods?

Worst Customer Service Ever (Part 1)

Harry Bonds and the Deathly Homers (***SPOILERS***)

Monday 5 questions thread

Who wants a piece of me?

Alright! Which One Of You Did It? I was only MAKING FUN of GD in my other thread!


Sam, the shoplifting seagull.....

Book Recommendations: Nonfiction


Before I go...thought I'd give a quick update:

Why is tilapia a word i keep reading lately

Medical advice needed

Is it possible to use the elliptical trainer AND eat at the same time?

Mobile phone, land line, or both?

Well, they were caught for piracy. Now they're caught being virtual peeping toms!

Ok so who can't breathe right now

So what is

A Bush loving lady flipped me the bird....

AP video: Tiny Dog Saves Baby From Rattlesnake

Worst Customer Service Ever (Part 2)

Book Recommendations: Fiction

It is a day for love. Love to you and yours.

Tonight: Ho-made Chicken Pot Pie!

So, tomorrow I have to go pee in a cup for the new job

Drunk Man Rams Friend's Anus With Pool Cue Leaving 31 Centimetres Stuck Inside

Who will be the next GOP "Big Fish" caught in Larry Flynt's net???

Tucker Carlson has amazed even moi . . .

I returned from the gym. I feel like a hoss.

How powerful do you feel in your everyday life?

So other than that Potter fellow, what you guys reading?

Quitting job; my company made me good counter-offer

Singalong time!2

Which is the most amazing commercial?

Three posts that should not be next to each other

Voldemort walks into a bar and says,

To our UK friends

For a year all cancelled shows should endwith Bob Newhart waking, saying "I had the strangest dream"

The Price is Rightwing

Ugh ick gross yuck

I hate, abhor, detest, cannot stand, will not tolerate mayonnaise.

What are your "Holy Grail" songs - (ie songs you want to see live at least once in your life)

Did something happen to my star?

A former student was shot to death. Hits hard when it is someone you nurtured and cared about

What Books Are BETTER Then Harry Potter

*book spoilers!*

You have died

POST A PIC of the "Mini You"...

How many cups of coffee does it take you too wake up?

I apollogize


What pitcher wants to give up No. 755 and/or 756?

The Final RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 7/23/2007)

Harry Potter says no to impeachment

Why is the "bad boy" always more attractive than the "good boy?"

Anti-Masturbation Gum, Porn & "Grow A Girlfriend" Toy Found In Lawyer's Home

Wish me luck in getting a job interview

Fundy man terrified of nice young lady.

What is your Ron Mexico name?

I found an abandoned rabbit that's a few days old in my yard. Can I do anything for it?

Post a pic of.... well whatever you want!!!

My poor dog has some serious scars from abuse from her prior owners...

My neighborhood is completely overrun with feral cats!!!

Radio Lady Reviews: "Hairspray" (Opens Friday, July 20, 2007)

All these contaminated food problems should be a good warning to eat natural, not canned/boxed


Greetings from Belgium!

What's in your podcast library?

MSNBC: J.K. Rowling being compared to J.R.R. Tolkien (?)

OK, maybe I'm just a clueless old fart, but what the FUCK is the point of paying

What movies on this list have you seen?

So I may be moving to Northampton MASS

*SPOILERS* If you've finished Harry Potter ,post your questions here!

*SPOILER* Hermione in Harry Potter 7

*Spoiler* Post here your speculation about this mystery about 'Deathly Hallows'...

Question about Hogwarts' teachers (nothing at all about book 7)

*SPOILER* Question about Deathly Hallows *MOVIE*...

harry potter & the deathly hallows death poll *spoilers*

About Severus Snape... (*SPOILER* if you haven't read book 7)

How long did it take you to read the last Harry Potter book?

Today in labor history July 23

American Eagle and workers rights

New Kosher certification to require environmental and corporate responsibility

Kucinich at AFL-CIO town hall forum - get rid of NAFTA

(Canada) Bus drivers to vote again (on joining Teamsters)

Let workers decide if they want to unionize

Grocery workers 'overwhelmingly' endorse contract

Producers postpone contract talks with writers

Randi Rhodes understanding Bush part 1...

Feel Good Inc. - Nick Anderson of Houston Chronicle Animation

Nobel Prize for Greed.Jim Hightower

Henry Rollins' letter to Michael Chertoff

Bernie Sanders:look beyond Bush (i.e. impeachement); the goal is the end of RW extremism

"Rudy Giuliani - Real Balls" funny ad

EarlG's Favorite Video Of All Time

The Philosophy of Liberty...

The Supreme Court Matters, Hear Lilly's Story

Fox News Worried Its Viewers Can't Tell a Cartoon from News?

Tom Cat Scat calls liberals out...we are losers.

Re: Impeachment of GW Bush;Necessary to thwart future abuses

***Revised*** Guiliani Attack Ad for Hardball/MSNBC Contest

Stop Georgia from killing an innocent man (Troy Davis) pt 1

Stop Georgia from killing an innocent man (Troy Davis) pt 2

Stop Georgia from killing an innocent man (Troy Davis) pt 3

Naomi Wolf hands Melanie Morgan her ass on Hardonballs.

My Coulter cartoon for

Romney on 9/11: "Lighten Up!"

How To Create An Angry American.


Sorry Rudy, We're Fed Up; Giuliani Attack Ad (MSNBC/Hardball Contest Entry)

American Nazi

Sweet dreams for your children..... for those who didn't have an

Not even Faux can expect people to believe this

Update on Kucinich health status?

Army Pilot Returning From Iraq: "You Can Tell That The Insurgency Is Much Larger Than It Was Before"

Army corporal killed after firing on policeman-Tried to shoot cop with Desert Eagle

Female President Next For Fox's '24'

19th season of Simpsons will see Olbermann, Stewart and Colbert Guest Star

Mohammed Zahir Shah, last King of Afghanistan, dies at 92

Pakistan next? US won't rule out force in Pakistan

Sex-abuse case dropped because of delays in search for interpreter

Justice, but not yet peace

Churches mark 1,000 days in vigil. Organizers seek their reopening

Leveling restrictions on McMansions

About Feingold's censure proposal

Bush Must Stop Blaming Military Leaders for Failed Strategy

Impeachable offences?

"Here we do not believe it if it is on the news where in America you do."

Chinese dubious of reports cardboard bun report faked (Reuters)

Chinese missiles smuggled through Iran into Iraq: US (AFP)

CNN reporting Pakistan could be next U.S. target

This "Presidential Executive Order" is Grounds for Arrest

when harry potter brings more people together than the usurpation of american democracy

Neo-Continetti (again)

Arab woman speaks out against terrorism.

What should Dems discuss in the debate :WJ this morning

Bush policies reverse Clinton-era decline in teen sex rate (What is the age of consent in MY state?)

It's time we started to use that word again, "un-American".

Fox News Image Directory Left Open

Hunter S. Thompson honored with "Gonzo Edition" of newspaper

This is bizarre...woman finds rocket launcher on lawn...

bush* and cheney* are traitors and need to be dealt with as such

Tom Tommorow

"I don't look at all the signs that come up"-Mitt.... how about I'm an asshat?

Deceased Farmers Got USDA Payments-Study Faults Lack Of Case Reviews

"the administration seems determined to keep selling us the same burger,"

Gordon Brown's Katrina: England flooding, 350,000 in Glouster without water!

Interesting article in Newsweek on Cheney.

Faux Noise finds source of world terrorism

Taunton Mass. School Committee member gives Nazi salute and says, "Heil Hitler" to Jew at meeting

White House preparing to stage new September 11 - Reagan official

'With Iraq On Fire, Rest Of World On Hold'

Apparently, Bill-O's lesbian gang were in fact the victims of a hate crime

Notice how when the Vitter diaper story broke terra warnings turned into a deafening crescendo

U.S. dropped Enron-like fraud probe-prosecutor replaced

Army probes alleged exam cheating-Answers to tests for promotions found on websites

Idiot CNN Talking Heads Robers/Chetry

"pro troops" and "pro victory" demonstrations counter Sheehan appearances in Va.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

If you had to choose......

What was the report on *'s colonscopy?

Why waste time on useless impeachment chatter?

Sudan says US, UK talk up Darfur to hide Iraq ‘failure’ - Sadly they may have a point

Please proof/critique my LTTE on the Bush veto of expanding health coverage for kids

Lies, More Lies, and Damn Lies

Scooter Libby sighting

Self delete -- poll didn't work -- sorry about that.

If our National Security truly "depended" upon gaining more access to oil

Harry Reid on calling liars, like Bush, what they are: Liars

Has anyone here done GOTV in a same-day voter registration state?

What if Homeland Security broke up a plot -- and the terrorist was tied to Bush?

An open letter to all presidential candidates

Are you cowering in fear about terror yet? (thanks,

Oh, goody, Michelle Malkin is happy with JetBlue again.

Cheney: Vice presidency is a ‘cruddy job.’

Military Exercises in D.C.

"I took an oath to uphold the president," -Sara Taylor. Any questions?

Cheney "rehab"?? You have got to be kidding!

Leaving Iraq, easier said than done (Tom Dispatch article)

US ambassador says Iraqi aides will quit unless granted asylum

Yeah!Some good news-Halliburton's profits exceed expectations

Any one catch The Dianne Rehm show this am. w/Bruce Fein?

Bill "He's Got Weapons Of Mass Destruction" Kristol Has Left For His First Trip To Iraq

Is this acceptable parenting on a flight for some DU folks?

Ghosts images on the VCR--anybody ever have this problem?

"Christian Newswire": Radical Islam wants to control governments!

Kristol's War, By Howard Kurtz

does the morality attached to the financial transactions of individuals apply to corporations?

I hate phone contracts.... what are the ups and downs of pay as you go?

The Secretary of Defense Breaks with the President on Sanitizing the War

KRUGMAN pimp slaps BROOKS: "Mr Patsy Pundit"

Judiciary Committee to CONSIDER Contempt Proceedings for Harriet Miers and Joshua Bolton

You know when it comes right down to it I never once worried about being captured and interrogated,

U.S. Attorney Touted Work For Bush Campaign To Get Nominated

So is THIS how it works?

TPM Muckraker: Ex-DoJ Attys Question Civil Rights Official's Testimony

"heat drains the human body of energy" - hottest place in Europe yesterday

If they torture Arabs today who will torture tomorrow ?

NBC: Cheney admits mistake in Iraq, why he 'dropped the F-bomb' on Leahy

CBO: Tax Cuts’ Impact Has Faded

Heavy Floods Inundate Britain, Texas and China

Notion That President Can Spend Public Funds W/O Congressional Authorization Is A Fantasy

Bruce Fein questions Bush's executive order inclusion of US citizens

Spanish judge removes girls from the custody of their Lesbian mother

JetBlue's new pre-flight video

reading the 1st 4 articles at OnLineJournal today will make you blanche

"Infidels in the Pews" Stike Back-- Churchgoers decry pastor's attitude

Cheney has his "Jessica's" confused

Larisa Alexandrovna: The Bush/Cheney Legacy (As Indicated By Our Ranking On Peace Index)

Just suppose, the 08 elections come and go and it's 09 and we are still in Iraq...

I am so proud of DU - so much wonderful work & thoughtful discussion

Doctors fail to remove *'s head from his ass...

Bill Clinton coluded with Ross Perot to steal the election?

Breaking: NH phone-jammer Tobin to face new trial

People on ludes shouldn't work for Homeland Security.

Hugo Chavez to Expel Foreigners Critical of his Government

It is still rape, even when you're married (But the law in The Bahamas needs to change)

A LTTE from a 16 year old. Are we doomed?

Parental Rights vs. Individual Rights

E-MAIL from Gov. Howard Dean = Democratic Reunion is July 28th.

2 versions of "truth" survive fatal military attack in Iraq

Hitler remark roils Taunton

Poor Amreicans suffer because of restrictions on immigrant doctors

New Iraq Documentary: CPA had 100,000 signatures of former soldiers who were ready to re-enlist

Just What the Founders Feared: An Imperial President Goes to War

smirk, rice and gates cancel important meetings????

Republicans in quandry, becoming increasingly desperate

Any idea how Cindy Sheehan's march to

The Candidates on Poverty & other issues

Woman promotes low-cost animal population control

Does Fred Thompson not want to reveal how much he is getting OR who is funding him?

Head's Up: Michael Moore to be on Hardball today. nt

Hispanics are WANTED/proselytized by Mormons-Muslims-Rethugs -- do national Dems WANT them?

Breaking: Hillary, Webb Demand Hearings On Pentagon's Iraq Withdrawal Planning

"Only Christian Evangelicals have blue eyes."

Patriots Anonymous: Twelve-Steps For Congress To Reach Impeachment

Chicago Tribune Covers Kerry’s History of Fighting Foolish Wars

Which quote will GW Bush be remembered by?

Attorney general aims to fix Justice Department's image (touts aid to Katrina Victims)

David Thibault, Thom Hartmann's conservative foil, has passed on

If you have food that gets recalled do they give you your money back?

Michael Moore on live right now on "Talk of the Nation"

The 'Full Responsibility' Dodge

Good news: Looks like Mars Rovers have weathered the Martian dust storms...

DU members for impeachment of Richard Cheney, supporters of HR 333 check-in thread

Zogby: Republicans To Blame For World's Major Problems

Sound like anyone you know?

Fax to Chairman Conyers

Is the Intellegence Industrial complex honing in on U.S. Ports?

7th member of Congress to join PDA’s national advisory board!

MSNBC beating the gas price drum today

Edwards WILL answer impeachment question even if CNN/Youtube Debate doesn't use it -

Georges Sada, WMDs and Syria

Gun control in this current climate.

Gonzales to Senate: I'm Staying

A stirring pro-impeachment polemic

Duke student's attorney: Nifong "almost got away with it."

NPRA to Pelosi: Don't tread on us...

John Kerry: "I never thought I would be reliving that question again"

Iraq Veterans sue VA Secretary, Jim Nicholson

Free press or sold media?

If Novak's column is even 30 percent correct, I am getting madder by the day

Can we discuss about what we need to do concerning getting the truth out to American citizens,

Will The Would-be Nominees Be Asked Their Views On IMPEACHMENT Tonight?

Surveillance tower raises suspicion in border town (1,800 towers to be built)

Arrests at Conyers office...NEED YOUR HELP

Do you suppose Impeachment is off the table because of 08?

Impeachment Off Table Because Senate Just Voted Unanimously for War On Iran

Burress AGAIN suspected of election fraud

The BIG question.

A cutting edge idea for Congress.

Sam Seder in for Randi today!

Just in: bush polyps contain Jeff Gannon DNA

nuke terror and port security: Chertoff says ports will scan all containers by the end of the year

1952 comic presages Bush/Cheney debacle in the Middle East!

Question re: impeachment. Doesn't bush deserve worse?

Brooks Admits He Picked Facts ‘Out Of The Air’ To Defend Bush’s Iraq Policy

Injured Iraq war veterans sue the federal government

Injured Iraq vets sue Bush administration.

US President's top adviser has said the world is losing the battle against AIDS/HIV

Tonight on Countdown

There will never be a general protest against Bush and Cheney

I am now on board with Impeachment

On Sunday's MTP: Director of National Itelligences says..Doctors Involved in CIA Interrogations!

Romney: "I don’t look at all the signs when I’m having pictures taken"

What if the problem is you?

New York CitySister of 9/11 victim sues over pipe explosion

Commenter over at TPM compares Fitz's Lockup of Judy Miller to INHERENT CONTEMP for Miers..

testing a theory based on observations

Michael Moore will be on Tweety this afternoon

Security consultants find flaw that allows them to take control of Apple iPhone

does your local cable operator still offer a public access channel?

Legless Cuban survivor finally reaches U.S. (after 15 years)

FEMA will continue to sell those trailers with health risks.

Call Pelosi and Reids Offices and Demand.....

Tom DeLay blames immigration crisis on abortions

When the Decider takes over as Supreme Ruler of the new Amerika, What will you do?

Do we really need endless footage of gas pumps ?

Here's what keeps running through my mind:

Obama wins Planned Parenthood Straw Poll

LTTE: Vitter accusers are casting the first stone!

Funny how the pigs on Faux are villifying Tammy Faye on Gibson's KKK report

Poll: Bush Unyielding: Majority Says Congress Should Have Final Say on Troop Withdrawal

Jane Hamsher: "...there is some irony to be had in the fact that Cindy Sheehan gets arrested and..."

If you can, please turn on Tucker. Katrina Vanden Huevel on talking about how the Constitution

OK...Shame on Me for Watching Tweety but Mike Moore Calls for Paper Ballot for Elections!

What should the Democratic Congressional priorities be?

Cheney: I Told Leahy To ‘F*ck Himself’ Because He Was ‘Close To Kissing Me’

Chain of Command - Did George Tenet fail the president, or just do his job?

Do you think Hillary's gender gap will narrow or grow down the road?

Did Georgie and Dickie fail Kindergarten??

The Two Faces of Pissypants ---pix--->>>

Injured Iraq war vets sue VA chief

Why isn't Reid going along with Russ Feingold's Censure?

CAPTION his obvious love for his fellow Americans...

3633 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Freepers oppose Bush's July 17 executive order

Micheal Moore on Hardball

IMPEACH - Fax Conyers with 1 click from our web site (in Rome!)

Tweety is a complete lunatic...Promo for Softball...

Harry Potter says no to impeachment

Poll: Most Americans Prefer that Democratic-Controlled Congress Makes Decision on Troop Withdrawal

Would the Democrats control congress now if

Karl Rove writes to Moby

Christy Hardin Smith at Firedoglake: "On Duty"

Somebody, please, I'm begging...

Those College Republicans are easy to spot on the Michael Moore...

Some love for the pro-impeachment crowd...

Kurdish officials in northern Iraq say they fear a full-scale invasion

Country Singer Mindy McCready Arested

Darn, I'm lost.

Have you noticed? DU is having a growrh spurt

What would potential candidate Cindy Sheehan's platform be?

Video of Young College Republicans Trying to BS their way out of not fighting in Iraq

Two Men Who Kill For God

Can we drive the White House to exhaustion?

5:15 pm turn on Tweety...This is great stuff!

"They hate us for our freedoms" -debunked-

It's time to ban all presence of Cindy Sheehan from DU and the Forums.

Occupiers Make Iraq Insecure: Sadr


White House Threatens Veto of Transportation-HUD Bill

Senators Feinstein and Boxer Introduce a Resolution Congratulating the Anaheim Ducks

Our National Anthem

Protect Whales from Sonar!

Michael Moore favors impeachment

Tucker; "My snarkiness is heartfelt" Katrina VH...


Edwards, Biden Meet in S.C. Park - WaPo

Bill Moyers Journal: Impeachment Show Transcript w/Bruce Fein & John Nichols

No cost way to raise money for VFW and Programs.

1960's Anti-Porn Video - HILARIOUS!!!

Feingold: Right-Wing ‘Stunts’ On Iraq Are ‘Killing Americans’

The effort to equalize blame between Congressional Democrats and BushCo

A former student was murdered by her mom's x. Stalking is serious and real

Olbermann: "Not a Snake-Oil Salesman"

Vince Foster lives. Or at least his death lives on in the minds of the knuckledraggers.

Ok. Am I Totally Missing Something? Is The YouTube Debate NOT Televised Tonight????

So Mitt Romney is The Victim....CNN just a few minutes ago...

Karl Rove writes to Moby.

Found this while I was doing my ERD searches

Michael Moore Smacks Down The Young Freeper On Hardball

When did we become the party of the moral majority?

Murray Helps Pass Higher Education Reform Bill

Al-Sadr Builds Secret Power Base

McClatchy: Justice Dept. drops massive fraud case

Fight Over Documents May Favor Bush, Experts Say--Contempt Charge Precedents Cited in Firings Case

Kennedy's statement on Iraq - "To be just, a war must have a just cause"

Conyers: Impeachment is not a no-brainer

George W. Bush, the Salesman: Couldn't Sell Food to a Famine Victim

********OFFICIAL DEBATE THREAD #!-*********************

Ari Berman: The Dems' Nuclear Option

I suspect the next "terrorist" attack will be a re-emergence of the Anthrax Killer

(TOON) Steve Bell on Bush's operation and Cheney being (officially) in charge

What would you do? Legal minds encouraged to chime in.

Gingrich has officially become a laughing stock

The Only Power Bush Has Not Claimed Is The Power Of The Purse - Starve The Beast

Edwards got a mulligan!

Let me get this straight re. Cindy Sheehan...


Senate Passes “Wounded Warriors Act”

********OFFICIAL DEBATE THREAD #2-*********************

Achieving The Impossible

Tucker just said "checks and balances" are elections.

Gingrich’s Advice To Bush On Iraq: ‘Simply Be Quiet, Say Nothing’

Mike Gravel is right!!!! No change 'when any of these people get elected'

I would love to hear what President Bill Clinton says on Executive Priviledge

House Passes Ban On Work By Spouses on Campaigns

Oh, dear! Polyps were cancerous.


Thank you DU, because of the Vitter thing

What the f#ck can I do?!?!?!

Mr. 25% (Bush)

Sheehan: I will run as an independent

********OFFICIAL DEBATE THREAD #3-*********************

Breaking: Miers, Bush Chief of Staff to face contempt charges

Just met the THIRD "progressive" avidly

Time Warner gets a break, *you* give more to the small publications

Man arrested for selling IMPEACH HIM buttons

What Would Happen If The Administration Continues To Defy The Subpoenas?

" And exactly WHY is Nelson Mandela not still in prison? "

DHS Requiring Data On Religion & Sex Lives Of EU Citizens Entering Country

Here's the problem...

Above the Law: Billionaires in the Bedroom. Mogul Reportedly Built $30 Million Sex Grotto

Freshman Senators Call for Commission to Investigate Wartime Contracting

**********OFFICIAL DEM DEBATE THREAD #4************

What is accountability?

So now that Boosh is at 25% approval--when do you think he will hit 20%

Why does McCain want to repeal the alternative minimum tax? Any ideas?

Mrs vs to address somebody in professional correspondence.

Neal Boortz has got Michael Vick's number

Savage Weiner: Imus lynched; just like Nazis did to Jews

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Mon. 7/23 - they are now called POLYPS

"Marriage" just needs to be re-defined.

Drew Carey to replace Bob Barker on "Price is Right"

NPR audio link. Fitzgerald on Wait, Wait, Dont Tell Me

It appears Michael Moore's "Sicko" is beginning to have an effect

Matt Damon On His Opposition To Bush And The War

Excuse me but, this is an EMERGENCY.

Sept. 15 D.C. Protest To Be Led By Veterans From Iraq; To Include "Major, Dramatic" Die-In In 1000s

Participate in the CNN Post Debate with Edwards & Dodd - They WILL answer on impeachment

bush will veto taking mercury out of vaccines

Senator Dodd made a video response to my impeachment video for the CNN/Youtube debate

So WHAT IS IT? Inherent Contempt Or Statutory Contempt- DAMN

Cheney determined to strike in US with WMD this summer; only impeachment and removal, or a general s

Sorry to be making so much noise but what we have here is a MEDIA problem

HAHAHA!!! Condi Can't Get Op-Ed Published!!!

Today is the day, folks!

Nixon Impeachment Schedule.

Impeach Dick Cheney

Our Media Is Missing The Story Of The Century

"Christianized Medicine." Michael Moore is brilliant.

I Saw SICKO Yesterday And Was Able To Grab.....

Did everyone see "The Yes Men" on Bill Moyers Journal this week? Video link here...

Breaking: Miers, Bush Chief of Staff to face contempt charges

Sibel Edmonds and Gents for Genocide

Gitmo whistleblower is Bush nightmare (NYT)

I Was Gagged By The Patriot Act While The AG Was Free To Tell Falsehoods About It

Muslim immigration-Europe?

You HAVE to watch Hardball if you did not see it! Michael Moore was excellent

Cindy Sheehan: Time's Up, Congress! Impeach Now!

Stop aerial gunning of wolves!

Why Libertarians and other Conservatives don't like John Conyers -

Bush Hits 25% Approval (ARG)

Got a hand written letter from my Congressman (Welch-VT) about Impeachment

Anyone from Louisiana, or has visited New Orleans, check this out

NEAT!!! Web page that lets you send a FAX to Conyers' office!

The biggest supporters of impeachment? Republicans, corporations, and neoliberals.

Hillary's a rock star.

Who just saw Michael Moore

Bush Approval Rating Down to 25%

Are Congressional Democrats who don't support impeachment Bush Enablers?

Don’t Demean Almost Half the Country on Impeachment (Brent Budowsky)

More exciting John Conyers Impeachment News "Retroactive Impeachment"(Partial Transcript-SD Meeting)

Should impeachment be removed from the constitution?

Cindy Sheehan Occupies John Conyers' Office (updates)

Fatalism, Passivity and Impeachment

FEMA knew of Formaldehyde levels 75x too high in Katrina Trailers

Photo of the WTC Site, Six Years Later ---pix--->>>

Minimum Wage Will Increase to $5.85 on July 24. Thank you Democrats.

From FL's State Song: "... darkies ... a-longing for de old plantation..."!

Cindy Sheehan Occupies John Conyers' Office

NY Times editor: Founding fathers feared such an 'imperial presidency'

Brits Will Be Required To Disclose Religious, Sexual & Political Beliefs When Flying To U.S.

I've been traveling the UK for 32 days & it has rained every day

I am wondering if people are sensitive about the term "white trash". nt

Kucinich poisoned.

Are your comments online influenced by possible monitoring?

Why do you think that the republicon debate is in September...

Time to face some facts, folks

Let me see if I have this right:

Study: Diet Soda Linked to Heart Risks

can i just say, i Love kucinich

Dear DU - I Still Believe....

Why John Edwards must not only be defeated, but destroyed

"U.S. should reduce oil consumption to spare more for other nations trying to grow their economies"?

What a country! Millions suspect bush will pull some terror stunt any day.

State Police in Michigan let me leave without paying for gas......

OK Edwards & Kucinich supporters, gimmee your best shot. I'm teetering.

This is what impeachment hearings in the House means

Arrests made at Conyers ACTION NOW

Impeachment is a classic "red herring".

Colorado dog saves baby from rattlesnake

I think,...Gravel is right. I am no longer going to deny our soldiers are dying in vain.

Let me get this right, there are actually people on DU still against impeachment?

Is Hillary's

Police: Men With Toys, Instruments Traveled To 'Ravish' Children

US Continuity of Operations Plan (The Part's we know about)

The emerging bullshit says we're losing in Iraq because "washington"

Not angry enough yet? Still a little hopeful regarding Iraq? Then check this, new from RANDCorp!

Impeachment or Censure?

The PNAC Paradox and an Unholy Trinity

Clinton has clear lead over Obama in Democratic race

WSJ: Democrats Lead By $100 Million In Money Race

Ensign Sends Out an S.O.S. (wants $$ from GOP candidates !)

Edwards to air live webcast after debate, will answer add'l questions

Obama could be the Democrat's Ronald Reagan

Clinton focuses on female bonding

For Clinton, South Carolina debate could turn into 7 against 1

Online politics 2.0: Candidates using Internet to turn buzz into votes

Reassessed house keeps Hunter in tax struggle

13 Months and 2 days 'til the Convention

The Nights and Days Of Elizabeth Edwards

Democrats Vie Over Latino Vote

Obama's Neighborhood Rich in Diversity

Kerry fights battle he finds all too familiar: Senator sees Iraq war as history repeating

CNN: There is Really Two Frontrunners in Democratic Race

Rasmussen: Hillary up by 18...Edwards pos/neg rating worse than Hillary

What to expect from the "Big Four" in Monday's debate

PLEASE DU this Poll - Feingold Proposes Bush Censure. DO YOU AGREE?

ABC Honors Clinton, Bill NAILS the Iraqi War!!!

What time is the CNN/Youtube Debate?

What would have to happen for the righties to consider the US effort in Iraq a lost cause?

Signing Statements

Pre-debate strategy

From the Los Angeles Times: Small Donors Playing Bigger Role in Campaigns

Posted Elsewhere On DU about Reid and Filibuster

The Rude Pundit - The Positive Politics of Shame, Part 1: Recent History

Sunday's Philly Inquirer gives a hint of editorial intentions.

As we head toward the 2008 campaigns, a Review Of The Landscape...

UPI - Poll: Democrat Obama fading to Clinton

Wall Street Starts to Lean Democratic: After Years of Backing GOP, High Finance Turns to Dems in '08

Call you representatives post. If everyone makes a couple calls

TPM: More adolescent fibbing about Hillary from Mitt

Hillary, Webb Demand Hearings On Pentagon's Iraq Withdrawal Planning

Questions on national security presidential directive/nspd 51

Do the Republicans actually have a viable Presidential candidate?

I, Conservative

Clinton's Cleavage -- Outrageous Washington Post Article

Tonight On Countdown.......The Dark Lord........ Dick Cheney.

Feingold censure move is hot topic

(Re)Call the Doctor: Physicians Involved in CIA Interrogations?

Newtie goes Nuclear...calls GOP field a "bunch of pygmies"..

Nader's dead end

Term Limits

Harris Interactive Poll: Clinton 35%, Obama 25%

Leahy Demands Straight Answers From Gonzales On Tuesday

Raw Story: Miers and Bolten likely to face contempt charges Wednesday

Islam in America: Muslims are more vulnerable than ever before

Am I (yet again) missing something ? (regarding the Sheehan/Conyers issue)

This is interesting

Polls: July 2003...

Another proud American moment:

Sharp Exchange on CNN's Late Edition May Signal Change in Democrats' Tone--Gloves coming off

I turned off a lifelong Repub at work today to Fred Thompson

"Gore: Hello, Sherman"

Tonight! 7 P.M. Eastern. CNN. YouTube

For the sake of argument...let's say there IS a conspiracy to overthrow the US

Can Olbermann, moderating a debate, be tough on the Democrats? His response to WP's Howard Kurtz

Chavez: Critical Foreigners to Get Boot

Gore-sponsored Global Disaster Information Network sends tsunami alert, saves thousands!

Lieberman sat in on Republican strategy sessions on how to derail Dems Iraq plan

Gravel is the only one who had the courage to say the troops are dying in

Dodd proposes 50mpg standard by 2017

Poor Keith Olbermann

Loved Edwards video. hair. I think Obama & Edwards are giving strongest performance

Giuliani has connection with accused priest

"President {Bush} got it right both times" on Iraq

Pentagon Picks a Fight with Senator Clinton - Big Mistake!

Why doesn't Cindy Sheehan run for president?

Are you Watching CNN's First DNC Sanctioned (Howard Dean) Sponsored Debate, tonigh?

Why do we allow Cindy Sheehan threads?Hasn't she announced

Conyers said "our only recourse is elections. links....

If the GOP actually liked the AMERICAN PEOPLE they would IMPEACH their leaders

HARDBALL LIVE: Michael Moore is the guest today

Before we can Impeach, we need to call out our Reps !! LTTE

During WW2, I wondered how and why the German people

It is the Supreme Court, Stupid!

If impeachment doesn't happen, the president's new dictatorial powers become law.

Bob Schieffer owes Harry Reid a Big Fat Apology

I've called - yet again - Speaker Pelosi's office . . .

This is the picture of the day - from arrest at Conyer's office.

Romney gets confronted about "Obama/Osama" sign, tells questioner to "lighten up"

Notice how Cindy has sucked all the air out of DU? No talk of Gonzales

Madame Speaker - Resign!!!

Edwards wants a 3-person debate....without Obama.

"Bush Sinks To Record Low Of 25%"

Cindy accomplished NOTHING today except antagonize one of the best members of Congress.

One question to all the Cindy people

John Kerry's eloquent words.

Hillary overwhelming choice among Hispanic Democrats...

Hugo to boot alien foes

ICE raids Swift plants, arrests 25

Quinnipiac Florida: Hillary with commanding lead over Obama...

Can we start a new DU forum for RFK Jr. supporters?

ok, then, anti-impeachers: a very very simple question

Wow...Hillary Clinton labeling herself a progressive?

I figured out why I don't like Hillary.

I got a response from Conservative Idiot number 25A