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Archives: July 22, 2007

Cheney, Briefly Assuming Bush's Duties, Says He Enjoyed The Downtime

The Washington Post is on Crack

Chris Floyd article from 11/01 about this admin: Weather Report: The Hard Chill Begins to Bite

'Why Do They Hate Us?'

Chris Floyd: The Legal Pervert's Parade: Executive Privilege Über Alles

Constitutionally, Is Impeachment An Option Or A Required Remedy?

Enlisting Madison Avenue Or Drafting Joseph Goebbels

MAUREEN DOWD: A Woman Who’s Man Enough

FRANK RICH: I Did Have Sexual Relations With That Woman

Spain approves installation of offshore wind farms - AFP

Mysterious Clouds Creeping Out of the Arctic- related to climate change?

Lake O's muck not fit for fill..... arsenic and other nasties, but

Compact fluorescent bulbs and EMF.

Russia, West May Face More Conflict

Televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker Messner dead at 65

France detains two Rwandan genocide suspects

Romney Scales Back Straw Poll Plans

Lankan minister in Riyadh to help appeal for maid’s life

Iraqi PM: Parliament Should Nix Vacation

India Names Its First Female President

5 polyps removed from Bush's colon

Italy police raid 'terror school'

UK Report: Errors Made in Sailors Kidnap

Texas Flooding Strands Passenger Train

Tammy Faye Messner dies

Gas Prices Rise on Refineries’ Record Failures

Iraq 'football' gunfire kills two

Georgia Processor Expands Meat Recall

Burj Dubai sets global records (World's Tallest Building)

Gangster `Jorge 40' dominates testimony (US coal company sued for death squad contracts on workers)

This place has been really quiet today

The universe is a real hateful fucking bitch sometimes.

What's for dinner, DU?

Breaking: CBS to replace Katie Couric w/ Stephanie Miller

Would you call someone you barely know at 11:00 at night?

ESPN's coverage of the Chelsea-LA friendly?

Woman’s lighter sparks blaze at gas station

79 posts to 7000...

FYI : Linkin Park's new cd Minutes to Midnight KICKS ASS

Need opinions on this - started out as a joke,

Damn mosquitos.

I propose a countdown!

How do you let go of something that causes you a lot of pain?

I'm going to...

All those fucking helicopters...

window shopping

I've been convicted and have to get a third cat.

One of my cats has a bad skin allergy - vet stumped. Any suggestions?

Classify Galaxies for Kicks

THREADJACKING! Good clean fun or insidious Lounge menace?

I bought my wife the new Harry Potter novel. Will I get laid tonight, or will she just keep reading?

It's been 24 hours.

Guinness by the pint is not as good as Guinness by the liter

I do not have the new Harry Potter book

Just a random thought

Harry Potter spoilers!!!!!!!

How do I find out if I'm on someone's ignore list?

Hi!!! Boobie here!!! Talk to me!!!!

Another dog park incident

Because I miss all the penis threads

RIP Tammy Faye - to say I did not always agree with you is an understatement

Fuck you Mr. Potter.

Mrs. Potter

It's almost 11:00pm. Mr. LIW is tired. I'm not, and I want to play darts.

Brad Pitt & Edward Norton in an ode to their penises

Fuck you, Trent Lott(er)!

Fuck you Sherman Potter.

DUer you most want to be like?

Fuck you Mr. Kotter

Lochinvar... .a lovely song I listened to earlier

Boy I got the flame thrower in GD again

Photo of my special area...mods please don't lock...

Windows Vista Home Basic or Premium

Look at what got released on DVD!

Hi!!! Newbie here!!! Talk to me!!!!

My reading list for tomorrow at the beach.

Beautiful Song...

Ever wonder how Cheney survived multiple heart attacks?

Because I miss all the picture threads

Tammy Fay died

Hey Loungies - should we go play Whack - a - Mole in GD tonight?

Spiders are arachnids.

I saw "Order of the Phoenix" tonight...

Fuck you Harry Potter.

I'm seeing KC and the Sunshine Band tomorrow, wooot

Why Do Boyfriends Leave Jessica Simpson?

Bikers and belly dancers, it was a very good night

Favorite Movie Devil!

Best Star Trek series (other than the real one)

ARRGH!! I have been to the VA two times. I just got the statements.

William Rodriguez's story (9.11 hero)

Mothers, sisters, lovers, friends. Stand by your woman.

My Space Dirty Little Secrets Exposed...part 2

My Space Dirty Little Secrets Exposed...part 1

This just in - Jesus is in a frying pan

I'm interested in purchasing a gun. I live in the country and have no experience with weapons.

I Was Wondering How Long It Would Take: The Microchipping Of Workers

Conservatives usher in era of unprecedented obstructionism

10 lessons we should learn from Iraq

anybody interested in solving a mystery about area 51

Iraq leader urges parliament to cancel vacation.

I am watching "Ambush at the River of Secrets" on CNN...these guys are just babies!

Veterans, advocates say Army shortchanges on disabilities

Which "Compassionate Conservative" group is the most vile and heartless?

House to Defy Bush With Defense Bill

Breaking: CBS to replace Katie Couric w/ Stephanie Miller

When does Bill Maher come on?

if you have HBO-"Bill Maher-The Decider" is on tonight at 10PM ET

Mitch "the bitch" Daniels, Governor of Indiana

Jeb Bush talks education

Was this a good week or a disastrous week for us?

Reuters: Attacks in Iraq Have Surged During 'Surge'

Groening, 'Simpsons' Creator, Comes Out Against His Boss -- Murdoch -- Buying 'WSJ'

Natural Balance Recalls Food Due To Botulism Risk

Bush yields power for colonoscopy

Uh Mods...what the fuck are you going to do about this thread?

DainBramaged- the anti-socialite it's okay to abuse.

Darwin award nominee...

Yet another reason to Impeach

------Official Bill Mahers thread----post the jokes here

Reuters: Attacks in Iraq Have Surged During 'Surge'

Our Democrats in Congress are being blackmailed and threatened, just read between the lines

Sitting ducks: Iraq insurgents target UK base/ IndependentUK

Military Sonar Threatens Whales... Help take Action

The wingnuts are on the HBO boards eviscerating Bill Maher

How many of you think we're going to set foot on the Moon/Mars?

Two good-sized quakes in Brazil and Argentina

What can you tell me about the radio host Pete Wilson of KGO who died yesterday?

Man of the left

Bill Maher is on FIRE tonight, people.

LTTE: We must demand impeachment

Why Didn't Bush Just Wait?

Japanese crop art...sure beats circles

£1bn cost of waiting to see a GP

The Hard Chill Begins to Bite

When will America get true universal health-care?

Everybody take a deep breath...*sigh*. It's going to be OK. n/t

After reading this...I need a drink:

Blair aide's wife attacks police for 'Gestapo' tactics

Amnesty Intl responds to Bush's executive order on treatment of detainees

Is this picture not real, or are Republicans really this stupid?

Coleen Rowley , Ray McGovern, Deborah J. Palfrey On Coast 2 Coast Tonight

John Conyers, the rebirth of the Democratic party

FUNNIEST ONE-LINER blurted out by my 85 year old "liberal" professor about BUSH

US: the costs of spam, viruses and spyware

Hateful Speech (racial ignorance in an affluent Little Rock suburb)

After watching some of the Larry King interview with the lady that died

DC Madame claims a female US Naval Officer worked for her service. Naval pay must be pretty bad.

My apologies to the lone mod here tonight!

Disabled soldier feels abandoned by Army-Ordeal crushed his body, then his spirit

Tammy Faye headlined a benefit for HIV patients. See what FR had to say:

Tammy Faye's Last Interview with Larry King a couple days before she died

"To Patrick Fitzgerald, USA. This one will stay where you put it."

From an idea by blondeatlast: I hate Dick Cheney

Did the Reagan Administration MURDER an American Citizen? (Ben Linder)

So what did Dick Cheney do with his 150 minutes of power today?

Just saw SICKO

Bring it on. I look forward to a Constitutional crisis. The process and the publicity

Pastors for Peace arrives in Cuba

Who owns our government?

July 23, '07

Church Leader Faces Charges In Sex Assault of 15-year old Girl

You don't have to be a 'Fundie' ...

CNN: Tammy Faye Baker has just passed away. Breaking.

I want the same health care as Bush

UPI: Iraq unions vow 'mutiny' over oil law

Have you heard of Rex 84, FEMA's Blueprint for Martial Law in America

Help me find a country where men are second class citizens

Homeless due to payments to self-storage facilities

August could be the most dangerous month in our history....

Pelosi promises congressional contempt charge for Harriet Miers (& impeachment not on agenda)

“There once was a man named Vitter

I want to give up

Sunday Talk Shows

College Democrats of America Convention

The Hammer Harry Reid Won't Strike With

Care to update the Moran Photo Album? (Dialup warning, naturally)

Gays fleeing Poland by the thousands

Conservatives usher in era of unprecedented obstructionism /CHART!

ES&S and Diebold

Governors' conference kicks off in Traverse City

Edwards fans: Alternet and The Elizabeth Edwards Interview

Oh my God... doesn't Tammy Faye Messner look awful? Poor thing!

Romney and Thompson on Collision Course

Should CNN favor the "top tier" candidates on Monday?

Newsweek article: Edwards's poverty campaign echoes RFK's, but times have changed

Georgia Supreme Court Hears 2 Appeals in Teenage Sex Case

Garbage Lady Takes On Lockout: the Video (video)

Obama's Dream Support Team

Clark: "I don't think you can deter Tehran just by sanctions and pressures."

Young Democrats Convention in Dallas - so how was it?

The retirement age for social security should be indexed to average life expectancy.

The REAL 9-11 Generation

Did anybody see THIS Romney pic from TMZ? He holds up anti-Barack and Hillary sign

Did Vitter use taxpayer money on Hookers?

The world after George W. Bush

Fun and games on the Arab Riviera

President Cheney -- Officially (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Iraqis Not Ready for End to Occupation

In the Name of Objectivity, the Media Clouds the Reality of Terror Report

My LTTE ripping anti-abortionists showing abortions in public

Nader's dead end

"Stuck in Iraq, with no good options left" (Carl Hiaasen)

Roots of Rage - 'Why Do They Hate Us?'

Glenn Greenwald: Kit Bond and the credibility of war supporters

LA Times say McCain weaker in Arizona because of war stance.


Bill Krystal: On The Train To Delusionville by Arianna Huffington, the Huffington Post

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice finds that her star is fading, by Stanford Prof Joel Brinkley

I Told You So: Bush’s Damage Staggering

NYTimes Editorial: "Bush loyalists seem trapped in the twilight zone, ducking"

Fool me once, twice, three times - but enough is enough already!

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Censure for Bush & Cheney?

NYT editorial: Vetoing Children’s Health

NOW He Tells Us: U.S. Senator, in Letter to Editor, Calls Old Iraq War Plan Wrong

Facebook Faceoff

New Leaders Say Pensive French Think Too Much

Could climate change herald mass migration?

New insights on the Soviet Union's collapse

My LTTE on the latest Executive Order.

Under the Radar: Ten Warning Signs for Today

The REAL Reason Bush and Cheney Will Not Face Impeachment

Report from the Sunrise Transmission Project Hearings (day 8)

Japan accepts IAEA inspectors after quake troubles

Adams sees web of streetcars (Portland, OR)

Maryland Adopts Plan For Energy Efficiency

NY Times: Fossil Fuel Plant Failures In North America Lead to Doubts About Fossil Fuels.

Ghana distributes free energy saving bulbs

Japanese Nuclear Waste Leak -- AMOUNTS AND RATES

Solar ovens for energy-efficient, everyday cooking - even in foggy San Francisco

Wind to Hydrogen Project Kicks Off

Australia probes new claim against Indian doctor: media

Army 'surrounds Taleban captors'

Facebook Faceoff

'Vote' decided who gets most face time

U.S. force not ruled out in Pakistan

Dubai starts to crack down on labor abuse

Philly Mayor and Guards Rescue Boy, Cat

(Boston) Union citizenship drive downtown draws 200 immigrants (become citizens and register to vote

Minimum wage increases to boost nation’s poor

Ceremony to mark de Menezes death

Ruling party 'leads Turkish poll'

Talks Break Off In Ports Union Contract Negotiations

Iraq minister: New U.S.-Iran talks set (July 24)

(Vancouver) More than 6,000 striking city workers will freeze services Monday

Cuba Adds More Doctors to the World

Ortega: US Finances Nica Opposition

Mom: Ga. soldier accused of murder in Iraq 'just following orders'

Envoy Urges Visas for Iraqis Aiding U.S.

Iraq Commander Proposes Troop Reductions

Edwards to take part in RAGBRAI

Reid Unafraid of Lashing Out

Sen. Feingold proposes censuring Bush

Backlash in rich nations against globalisation

Blast near Baghdad kills 5 Sunni leaders - police

Iran to launch new dress code crackdown

Election victory for Turkey’s AKP party

U.S. bending rules on Colombia terror?

Romney Continues Assault on Democrats

Md. Judge Dismisses Sex-Abuse Charges

Single Venezuelan party planned

Car Chase Time: The Seven Ups

Car Chase Time: The Classic From Bullitt

Car Chase Time: Ronin (2nd Chase, Paris)

Car Chase Time: The French Connection

Well...I gotta know...Did any of you miss me?

Fuck You Jeremiah Trotter

Car Chase Time: Corvette Summer (Use the force, Luke)

Car Chase Time: Gone In 60 Seconds (THE ORIGINAL)

Car Chase Time: Ronin (1st Chase, Nice)

My cat is chasing it's tail again.

That's the first time I've seen a thread get locked

Brian Keith and Maureen O'Hara...

What is it with all these FU threads?

What is it with all these DU threads?

Peace out

My favorite song...

Do you ever feel like this?

Some people will drink and drive NO matter what you try to do!

DU lesbians: If you were Gertrude, who would be your fantasy Alice

I'm sorry to be so serious, but I need some advice.

I have never read a book.

Can I get a Mac user to give me a quick website-check?

For a good laugh: The Chase Scene From WHAT'S UP DOC?

**IMPORTANT** Cross Post from GD: Georgia Processor Expands Meat Recall


I need spanked!

Self delete

So they say it comes in threes.

What do you make home videos of?

i don't hardly know her

I finished Harry Potter an hour ago....yes, you may touch me.

Taxidermy Judges? New career path?

Berkeley required reading lists (and a high school too)

isn't there a website where you can try out different hairstyles (for free)?

And now, a tip for George W. Bush from Monty Python's Flying Circus

I just finish reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - ask me anything

"The Tomato That Ate Cleveland" (and other childhood masterpieces)

I need help with something...what sheets go with a black down alternative "microsuede" blanket?

Life lesson learned

My nephew asked: "Is Woody Allen attractive?"

A lounge citizens appreciation thread

"Lord of the Flies" is on TCM now

So, how Petty is Tom?

My Moggy is on I.V.s now...

Did anyone catch this Harry Potter article in the paper? (No spoilers)

Do I dare say it?

They call me tater

A bunch of Toms, but no Dicks or Harrys, Part I.

Oooo...I just installed Beryl on my Ubuntu pretty

Score: Fargo 1, Fly 0

An apology is in order...

Great to be alive!!

Just had a minor tragedy!

SPOILER ALERT: Has J.K. Rowling indicated what she's going to do next?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 7/22/07)

Hello Loungers

Okay, here's the deal, I need to discuss this


Warning! God's Judgment Is Coming! Do you fall into one or more of these?

I just watched the new version of "The Manchurian Candidate"

True or False Question about Iraq.

Which of the 21 James Bond movies is your absolute favorite?

I just had a major trauma!!!

I'm giving up my Christianity in favor of huffing. Who's with me?

"And then depression set in..."

Who is on page 135 of the new Harry Potter?

What do you love most about DU?

No @#&!, Sherlock: This Week in the Very Obvious

A post about a silly movie. The Sweetest Thing.

Come and sing a simple song of freedom.

Who has already finished the new Harry Potter book?

Is there any creature stupider than a fly?

more kitty

So what you doin' today?

I finished the new Harry Potter book last night

Am I trapezoid or what!

Chaucer blogge!

Could a wartime photo help locate looted Nazi gold worth £20m?

Why are people lauding Tammy Faye?

I thought I saw a kitten on the side of a busy highway.

I discovered something yesterday that I absolutely loathe about myself . . .

I just realized my mind has been infiltrated by the Vegetarian Agenda

Some of you people are making me turn

Recycle day at the Ptah homestead

Another new marketing gimmick . . .

"Robotic Bird Designed to Spy on Humans". But I still prefer Judy's bluebirds.

So first it was a debate on predestination - now it's a debate on free will

What is your opinion - could a tap beer be considered a sexual act?

Am I paranoid or what!

Thank GOD for the Lounge!

HELP! Need super-excellent gift ideas for nephews FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!

Why do they grow up? (kitten thread warning) post your own then and now

A murder just occured at the Wal-Mart supercenter in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

what is massachusetts' state sport?

Bozo the Clown dead at 77.

It's a wonderfully dreary rainy day, so I'm going back to reading Potter in front of the fireplace

*SPOILER* Question about Harry Potter 7

Don't read this.

did this commercial receive any awards?It makes me feel good everytime I see it

Movies that should have been on MST3K

Do you pop blisters or leave them alone

If baseball is boring

I love Shiny Wet Jugs

I have decided I would like a Designer Vagina

"Tastes like chicken"

What obscure Monty Python reference should I post

A game! Guess how much it will cost to repair the clutch on a

Post a great idea for an invention.

Does it seem like things are snarkier at times around here (GD etc mainly) lately?

How far do you go for the sake of your looks?

(((SPOILER))) Regarding the ending...

one of my internets is slow, should I try another?

Things that You just don't hear Men say.

Uffda - real winner in today's Miss Manners.

Chimps are not monkeys!

Ok, I have a final exam tomorrow, so I need some help from everyone...

Our new granddaughter. (And her little doggie)

Is the hatred of Barry Bonds due to homophobia?

Say I wanted to create PDF files...

I saw a shooting star while I was driving home

What's the matter with existing to exist?

Yellowstone Nat. Park picture thread.. Dial-up warning

Scientists declare Kelly Brook is the perfect woman

Cat and dogs... lovable

Who wants a piece of me?

I just heard on the news from yesterday that woman was burned at a gas station while playing with a

Up at 4:30am to take sunrise shots. How'd I do?

"The Time Has Come " the Walrus said,

Harry Potter and Whose Stone?

My love letter to Comcast. Complete with Dubya reference!

BARRY BONDS, An American Hero....

Great Fundie comment

Am I the only one who hasn't read ANY of the Harry Potter books?

Let's Discuss "Deadly Hallows" - SPOILERS GALORE!!!! OPEN AT YOUR OWN PERIL!

*SPOILERS* So after reading 'The Deathly Hallows' I just have to say this...

For active and soon to be active duty members, there is an IVAW GI Rights Hotline

VFP convention update (via email)

PTSD Fact Sheet

The Delayed Enlistment Program (DEP) & how to get out of it

Local attorney uncovers his father's dark secret and the reason he took on Teamsters Jimmy Hoffa

Bargaining has become civilized, but there's nothing easy about it. The key is to listen.

Labor quote for the week of July 16, 2007

Working family cartoon July 22

AFTRA votes for Reardon

Obama Livens Labor Crowd in Des Moines, saying Bush `Doesn't Get Last Word' on Iraq

Clinton courts AFSCME crowd

Workers in lockout at dairy; dispute over wages, insurance

The Gettysburg Address - Through the eyes of a new America

Inside the Surge

Bush Dictator - Nate the Bullitt 5-25-07

Hassan Jumaa, President of Iraqi Federation of Oil Union

Veteran by Tom Chelston

Bush, our dictator...?


Road to One America - John Edwards - Prestonsburg, KY Part I

Feingold Discusses His Censure Resolutions

Road to One America - John Edwards-Prestonsburg, KY Part III

Road to One America - Whitesburg, KY John Edwards - Part II

Road to One America - John Edwards -Prestonsburg, KY Part IV

Road to One America - Whitesburg, KY John Edwards - Part I

Road to One America - Whitesburg, KY- John Edwards -Part III

Leading the Republicans to Slaughter

"How to Create an Angry American"

Cindy Sheehan's Journey for Humanity, Richmond VA, 7/21/2007

Road to One America - John Edwards - Prestonsburg KY Part II

Harriet Miers on Contempt Charges

Michael Moore Goes Head to Head with Stephen Colbert

Result? The Same

Framing the Universal Healthcare Debate: "Let Business do Business"

Bush running out of time in Iraq

Japan refuses nuclear reactor help

An Uncanny Resemblance

British floods need enquiry - Brown

Microchip implants raise privacy concern

Study Shows Plug-In Hybrids Could Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

METALLICA's JAMES HETFIELD: 'It's Scary How Gullible And Easily Fooled The Press Is!'

Snowless in a Warming World, Ski Resort in French Alps Bids Adieu

WaPo joined Bush in conflating "Al Qaeda" and "Al Qaeda in Iraq," despite Post's own reporting

You must see: Deliver Us From Evil


Genearl question (Calling IT)

YouTube debates: gimmick or wave of the future?

US reaping whirlwind of resurgent Russia

LA Times Reports On West Hollywood Council's Resolution To Impeach Bush/Cheney

Prosecutor: Attempt to use Executive Privilege in contempt action would be 'grounds for impeachment'

Chips: High tech aids or tracking tools?

Michael Moore Will Live Chat At Crooks And Liars Today


Who has already finished the new Harry Potter book?

Army probes alleged exam cheating

Mr Sarkozy is proving to be a true Bushie

BBC: Father Gets Card After Iraq Death

Which DUers is shoving it at Gov Sanford on WJ?

The Taliban occupation of Afghanistan drove 2 million people from their homes

Justin C. Cliburn: Tears in Baghdad

"Georgia Processor Expands Meat Recall"..80 BRANDS!!! PLUS, 4 varieties Natural Balance DOG FOOD!

Spiders are arachnids.

TOON: Sunday's Opus - "Opus' Moral License"

Robert Seltzer: Clinton, Edwards are just big bullies on Democratic playground

West Hollywood votes to impeach Bush and Cheney

Marie Callenders and the Bakkers...THIS IS TRUE!!!

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow in Iraq

Need any further proof that "abstinance only" programs are a total waste of our tax dollars?

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "Stem Cells and Leading Your Party Off A Cliff"

Dems should use this event to illustrate that ALL Americans need

A call too close for comfort

Yo Moma!

Generation Chickenhawk

Mitt's money

Bush's bottom breached: Cheney takes top position

Suspect Missing in Evolution Death-Threat Case

Margaret Spellings, Bush's Sec. of Education, Is Unstable:

Mom: Ga. soldier accused of murder in Iraq 'just following orders'

Pres. Clinton: Edelman Is An ‘Ideological Holdover’ From Cheney’s Inner Circle

Our efforts will be well served if we concentrate on getting our free press back

I found a product yesterday at the store that was worth buying


The Role of Television In Dumbing Down American Politics

Juan Cole: The Last Neocon Attacks Hillary

NYT: Gas Prices Rise on Refineries’ Record Failures

The focus on "Holy War" mentality

How The Weekly Standard's Fred Barnes Measures Success

(UGH!) Quote of the Day

Hi, it's Sunday. Is it still "Acting President" Cheney?

9:30amCT - Russ Feingold coming up on Meet The Press. nt

Pelosi: Judiciary Committee will bring contempt of Congress charges against administration THIS WEEK

Lance Armstrong - Presidential Candidates Forum on Cancer

According to the Washington Post Bush wants to leave Iraq but the Dems won't let him

All I can say is Watch out World if we somehow wind up with a decent democratic President

McClatchy: With Iraq on fire, rest of world on hold

The Impeachment Moment

High-flying tasseographic witch brought to ground.

Jeb Bush agenda to resurrect school vouchers and repeal small classes re-emerges

The world after George W. Bush

Fear and fury in shadow of Japan's damaged nuclear giant

Rome, USA....

What did Marriott want with DC Madam?

heat has Romania's cereal crop at a 4 yr. record low

Fran Townsend just said on CNN that

The reason Lil' Timmy and Meet The Press RARELY have Feingold on!

Email (or write) your congress-critter re HR 333!

Good morning DUers!! Have you had ENOUGH yet?

George W. Bush Sends "Strong Message" to Citizens, Congress...

Was Paul Wolfowitz a supporter of Suharto?

Prediction re: Fred Thompson on Matthews Show today!

Navy officer reportedly worked as an escort

Do we need to consider shifting Senate representation....

Mr. Bush, Tear down This Wall

Official Takes Blame [Rare} for Passport Mess

A message about Tammy Faye and facing our human, fear-full nature...

1,500 Iraq refugees will be arriving in..

I've started perusing real estate listings

Old-line Republican warns 'something's in the works' to trigger a police state

China 'card{board} in buns' report faked (BBC)


Faith-based levity (Non Sequitur 'TOON)

I have one question about Mitch McConnell....

Catholic Workers at Notre Dame Demand ROTC Be Removed from Campus

Now 'inherent contempt' is the new bar set by the constant critics of Democrats

Georgia Processor Expands Meat Recall

Don't know if any of you are watching the British Open, but

There have been many repubs who have spoken out against the...

Brent Budowsky: The Big Lie of George W. Bush

Kristol Rips YearlyKos, Run By A ‘Left-Wing Blogger’ Who Was ‘Not Respectable 3-4 Years Ago’

The real threat of terrorism

Art challenge cliches on Islam (BBC)

Is anyone watching the abortion issue on NOW on PBS?

Join Feingold: Demand Accountability (two censure resolutions)

Bill Clinton COULD BE VICE PRESIDENT. What do you think about THAT?

National Intel Director: Bush Admin. Manipulated Iraq Intel ‘Because They Didn’t Like The Answers’

Is Steve Earle America's greatest living songwriter?

Warmonger and Other Pinhead Alert!!!

Presidential burial sites -- and, perhaps, justice.

When the impeachment proceedings begin will...

Boston Globe Editorial: "The World After George W. Bush"

Book sugestion

Let us mourn for Mary Jo Kopechne and Michael Douglas


Bookmark-worthy: A VERY detailed world clock ticking away...

has anybody been allowed to see/review the "emergency govt" plans

Dubai starts to crack down on labor abuse

Wow ... BBC has forgotten the WTC Twin Towers already.

Border-war hostility holds potential for disaster (taxation without representation)

Nat'l Intel Director: Bush Admin Manipulated Intel-'Because They Didn't Like Answers'

Illegal immigrants to get ID cards in Connecticut (Reuters)

Deep Denial Monkey Brain

Could Ron Paul Now Have The Chance to WIN Iowa GOP Straw Poll Next Month?!?!

Philly Mayor and Guards Rescue Boy, Cat

Let's all meet at

Surgeon General couldn't go to Special Olympics because of Kennedys.

Bill Clinton could serve the nation better as Speaker of the House.

Today's Guest on The Sam Seder Show

The War on Terrorism & the Fear Factor

Impeachment Question in a HUGE lead for the CNN/Youtube Debate - Updates & Actions! Get it ASKED!

Mitt Romny Catches S**t Over Hillary-Bashing Sign

New: Kucinich web site: the Dennis Kucinich Action Center.

radio traffic "extraordinary" because of the unprecedented length of messages.

Ever wonder why gasoline is so high ?

Need help...question re Martial Law...

DU GROUP PROPOSAL: Editorial Cartoons Group

AIDS Researchers: Universal access to drugs are needed to combat HIV

Another Reason To FAVOR INHERENT CONTEMPT In Face Of BUSH's Outlandish Assertions

When executive privilege becomes executive disdain

6pm news here: NEW evidence IRAN is involved in Iraq weapons smuggling!!!111

Repeats tonight on 60 Minutes:

Health Care for poor children is against Bush's principles.

Polish Doctor refers gay man to vet

Female president next for Fox's '24' (Who will be accusing Fox of shilling?)

I want Commander in Chief back on my TV. I think now the climate is ready

Government is SUPPOSED to be afraid of its people

A teensy sliver of hope

‘As long as Dad comes back alive...’

Senate tied in knots by filibusters

Sam Seder subbing for Randi Rhodes on Monday

Has anyone noticed a concerted effort by the media, Republicans, and others to...

A song from 1976, that could sadly, be written today

Proof that Repubs are retarded

America's Pakistan dilemma

Cannabis factories 'found weekly' {in Scotland?!?} (BBC)

Everybody's looking for a hero

McClatchy: When pressing a tough sale, Bush is a lousy salesman

Branding A War. Madison Ave Sells us Iraq

Blair the inside story is must see TV for all

The success of the 2010 census hangs on a risky switch to handheld computers

Defense motion to ban George W. Bush's name at trial defeated

I know how they're going to get away with cancelling elections:

David Brooks Admits He Pulled 10,000 Dead Iraqis a Month "Out Of the Air"

Foreclose on the Bush White House. Impeachment is a Duty. nt

We're Being Gamed:Gas Prices Rise on Refineries’ Record Failures

Pushing Parental Leave

Do the lawgivers not realize that the first thing *bush/Cheney will do

Are you Pro Constitution or Pro Bush? Because you can't be both.

Who would be a more effective Speaker of the House?

Is there something Bill "Deluded Moron" Kristol knows....

Screw Bush & Cheney. We NEED to pre-emptively destroy Thompson.

How we could actually "win" in Iraq. A thoughtful piece worth reading.

Margaret Spellings, Bush Confidante And Heartbreaker

Turns out I was wrong - some women are NOT human --

Are American kids stupid ?

Why can't we reactivate the nation's rail system, particularly the passenger

o/~ I'm a jingoistic asshole ...... jigoism is my game ..... o/~

McConnell on with Timmy keeps the lie going, that Al Qaeda was in Iraq before the US

Democrats vs. Democratic

Expert: The world is on the cusp of beating HIV/AIDS

Harry Potter is a call to young readers to fight the war on terror? (Book/Movie 5 Spoiler alert)

Independent frontpage: Is it global warming yet?

Speak English Damnit! (Oh wait, they are)

McConnell & Scheuer, the Neocon pitchmen for the next war...

Just for the record, my house lights keep dimming and lighting again, and now my dog

What kind of connection do you use to DU from home?

self delete

Intelligence Officials: Iraq War Strengthens Al Qaida

Polyps identified and named

Matt Barber of Concerned Women of America not too keen on upcoming Presidential debate for gay USA

Woman to be U.S. president in January (CNN)

Gues who would become the Junior Senator from New York if Hillary wins.

Hey Poppy, can you, um, come get your son?

These authors were on Book TV today...."Betraying Our Troops"

updated: one stop IRAQ OIL THEFT resources (information & action)

Bush Could Face First Veto Override

Anybody here going to be joining Cindy in D.C. tomorrow?

Do you believe the nuclear energy lobbies are gaining ...

Listen to the Federalist Papers..... link, download entire package

Does anyone know much about this Marine criminal case?

Industry-Led Smear Campaign Against SiCKO Makes Its Way To Drudge

Are you nervous about the upcoming months of Aug/Sept? . . .


Spokesman: Romney Not "Equating Or Comparing Anyone" When Holding "Obama Osama" Sign

What will the Bush Administration be passing on to the next Administration?

Would you choose Russ Feingold if he enters the race?

Question, does the Justice department have any say in impeachment?

Adobe eyes fraud-busting tools for Photoshop

Would Bush order our military to kill Americans to stay in power past the end of his term?

The politics of Harry Potter 7 (SPOILERS UP TO PAGE 208)

"When pitted against Republican candidates in polls, he scores better than the other Democratic...

U.S. Comes In At 96th On Global Peace Index (Between Yemen and Iran)

Harry Reid Addresses Impeachment on Face The Nation: "Other Things to Do"


The funniest thread evah---here on DU

China-made flip-flops from Wal-Mart causing chemical burn on skin?

Macy's fades to black.

NBC’s David Gregory: The Angry Left Is Not ‘Very Serious And Tough’ On Iraq

Crop Duster Sprays Field of Corn Detasslers in Iowa

A caller on Randi Rhodes stated they are not impeaching because THEY want Bush's new asserted powers

Impeachment Civil DIsobedience in Kensington, MD

Question for the legal eagles: Is this upcoming executive order as nasty as I think it is

Trans Fats: Legal Poison

Hillary would make the best Prez for several reasons....

Cindy Sheehan: The Slide

'Is this where you want me for the photo-op?' - * pics

UK floods

Democrats Drop Plans for Voting Reforms Before '08 Election

Pelosi to send Bush Investigations to the COURTS with CONTEMPT...NOT INHERENT CONTEMPT!

All Democrats Are Perfect. Never Criticize Them.

Britain and Norway to watch Russian bombers approaching their air space

Godspeed, Sweet Lady ...

Minimum wage increases to boost nation’s poor

Bush Determined to Strike in U.S.

Just Received eMail From Russ Feingold...Tell him what you think! I told him No to Censure and Yes

For the Guys

Could some more people vote in this poll about nuclear energy please?

Men Against Domestic Violence

Why do men kill their wives? Interesting Boston Globe article.

We Are Being Gamed! Feingold's "Censure" Motion

Navy training to raid Iran

Why they won't Impeach. Really.

In These Times: 'Why Women Hate Hillary'

I am not against steroid use in professional sports...

In Sicko, Moore attributes the comfortable French lifestyle to the notion that

'IMPEACH TO STOP THE WAR/LIES/DEATHS-MANDATORY For Good Of The Nation' by Jimmy Breslin -NewsDay

Richard Lugar for President '07, OK, really an impeachment diary

Not impeaching this President...


What SINGLE book or video would you RECOMMEND for everyone, NOW???

Journey for Humanity PICS from Greensboro and links

How Close Are We To Themes of Movie "V for Vendetta"?

Both of my parents died of cancer

John Edwards is the most electable Dem, and that's the imperative.

Is this who some of you hate so much? You loathe this woman enough

What responses have you had from your representatives regarding impeachment?

Bush/GOP Predictions have all Been WRONG...Their current Predictions? Why should we believe them?

Last night I met two young Marines going to Iraq

A gentle reminder to ALL U.S. Senators and Representatives:

What's the difference between designer vaginas and female genital mutilation?

Who is the Democrats best debater?

Five polyps

Those Lazy Iraqis -- I find this argument revolting


Target Phone/Email List Of Reps. For House Res. 333: Let's Get IMPEACHMENT Started!

Regarding the Bush Executive Order Criminalizing the Antiwar Movement


Bush On US vet Amputee: "Good Man, We're Gonna Get Him Some New Legs..."

Kucinich is a bit of a hypocrite regarding debates

Official takes blame for passport mess (AP)

Why 17?

God ’08: Whose, and How Much, Will Voters Accept?

Earn $15 for Writing at

Al Franken is being accused of flip flopping on the war.

Chairwoman Sanchez Rules against Executive Privilege...

CORRECT link to Sanchez Rules against Exe. Priv...Please read



Senate Tied in Knots by Filibusters

Case study in media bias

Constant filibuster threat is tying Senate in knots

Missing in the impeachment debate

we are not going to win their hearts by kicking in doors in the middle of the night:

what if we sent photos of CHILDREN to Pelosi?

What America needs to be on right track?

Hannity gets "Worst Person" runner-up for saying Whitewater, Foster death "chapters remaining open"

How can I convince my Republican Congressman to support impeachment?

Israeli textbook states Arab view

'Vote' decided who gets most face time

Native American Activist Responds To Big 3 Rejection

Judy's new gig,

another winger whacked!

Demand Accountability: Russ Feingold

McConnell: CIA to continue 'enhanced interrogations'

Bush's new Exe Order "explicitly denies any legal responsibilities"

Romney compared Hillary's economic plan to that of Karl Marx.

Romney Aide Resigns (The Police Impersonator)

Romney caught holding sign comparing Obama to Bin Laden

Hillary's mistakes

How can AQ, which represents a radical branch of the Sunni Sect

Photos: Barack Obama speaking today at the Council of La Raza Conference in Miami Beach, FL

Feingold himself on Kos. Not sure why he called it "Demanding Accountability"

The race "they" (you know, "them") would never allow

Nuclear energy poll -- please vote...

wake-up call

Impeachment question

Who knew Fran Towsend had a dick??????

ALL THREE of Alaska's congressional delegation

Lost a very good one: Labor Official Found Joy in Family and Kept Pain Under Wraps

An oil deal "that will make Cheney spit wooden nickles."

GOP issues rules to avoid Macaca moments ( I guess Romney hasn't read it)

Psychology of the Secret Service members . . .

Naderites can have distorted notions about the political process, as shown in this letter.

MP3: Feingold and FISA tune

Just so you know... Here is why Income Tax is legally collected in the US...

Presidential Candidates Through a Green Filter (*)

Heather Wokusch: Under the Radar: Ten Warning Signs for Today

Aren't Magnet Schools...Part of Bush's Privatization of Education Scheme? Edwards in Favor of Them?

Do you agree with Howard Dean's 50 state strategy?

"What do you mean Impeachment is off the table"

Is Hillary trying to re-write history?

Romney: Clinton's economic plan is like socialist Karl Marx

Why do we need a veto proof majority in both houses and the presidency?

Elizabeth Edwards in campaign limelight

Campaign Maintainence Organizations - The Media Privatizes Politics

Why are you politically inclined?

Obama taking on Rural Challenges

Hastert May Step Down--Robert Novak reports.

Not Enough Votes To Impeach?

Don't Just Lay There Dyin' ...

The admin. STILL names Zarqawi as justification for "al Qaeda" being in Iraq before our invasion

Like her or not, deplore the source if you will, Susan Estrich nails the Democratic race so far

On TV Democratic leader said Nixon impeachment would be televised, no immunity.

"I'll wait until you kill me, THEN I'll defend myself" this is how I view anti-impeachment arguments

About Edwards, but could have been written about Kerry, or Gore for that matter:

Tell Feingold, "No censure, yes IMPEACHMENT."

Feingold to Introduce Censure Against Bush, Cheney, and Gonzales

My dad, lifelong Republican, loves Obama

Dennis Kucinich Opens New Action Center Website

Al Gore needs to work for global change from the inside

So who is going to the National Conversation in Nashville next week?

Ending the Iraq Occupation vs Impeachment: Which do you choose?

Biden asks Rudy-tootie where he has been the last 4 years

I know what's missing this primary...a sense of empowerment I felt in 2003.

A Mormon answers Mar Van Steenis' question to Slick Dancing Mitt Romney

Joe Biden Speaks Out on Protecting America!