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Archives: July 20, 2007

Leaders of Iraqi groups say attacks will go on until Americans leave

Robert Fisk: Lawrence of Arabia Had it Right About Iraq

Rupert Cornwell: Behind every US disaster has been the hand of Dick Cheney - and still he goes on

The Philosophy of Neocons..

Bagwan Petraeus (by Stan Goff at HuffPost)

What's Newsworthy And What's Not

PAUL KRUGMAN: All the President’s Enablers

New York Explosion Shakes US Confidence In Infrastructure. $1.6 trillion Price Tag Anticipated.

~I'm only 13 signatures away from the tenth tree!~

Italy priest freed in Philippines

Man Arrested In Attack On 42-Pound Tortoise

(Florida) Teens ordered held without bond in Dunbar Village rape case

Romney Sharpens Appeal to Conservatives

Overhaul Plan for Vote System Will Be Delayed

U.S. Generals Request Delay in Judging Iraq

Britain, U.S. to Urge Larger UN Role in Creating a Stable Iraq

Taliban stop bus and kidnap Koreans

Video shows Brazil jet was too fast

Iraq War Costs Approach $567 Billion, Congressional Report Says

Overhaul Plan for Vote System Will Be Delayed

Sen. Byrd (D-W.Va.) Calls Dog Fights 'Barbaric'

Endangered Species Decisions Re-Examined

Denmark Pulls Out Dozens of Iraqi Aides

Broader Privilege Claimed In Firings

Have You Found Your 'Itch' In Life (Awesome Copycat)

I think I might be too devoted to my job

So Where Is Revolutionary Guard, I mean Acts?

Martini fans! Ever try this?

hardest Eng. Lit. test online

Le dupe!

Is it time to change my avatar?

Use this thread to trout all of your good friends.

So DU if you had to give up a fetish, what would it be?

Imagine... if you got a tattoo, what would you get...

You know you've spent too much time in the Lounge when...

Name a music group that is also a place

Couldnt find the lyrics.. but .. woot

I haven't seen a TV or heard a radio since Sunday night

I'm completely wasted

Everybody's a Winner in Car Promotion

I'm sick of hiding my love..

Paula Abdul is nuts...

I checked my credit history today due to a stolen credit card number and found out my

Anyone ever received a request from a conservative you are debating online to "show more emotion?"

Admit it. You know you want it.


Pagans attack Nuns, leave goat.

Favorite Youtube music please

Quick! Where is the control for the date and time stamp? Gr-r-r-r...

Toni Basil appreciation thread!!

"You see, everybody is somebody...

I'm listening to the live concert version of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

Persians attack Greece, leave nothing.

ok-a public service to women on zoloft

Visigoths attack Rome,leave Gaul.

Fuck you,Andromeda.

screw you, ticketmaster

Wow. Archer Farms Cajun Party Mix,

Picts attack Britannica, leave stoat

What's the best state you've never been to?

Lawn care experts! I need help!

20-year grudge led man to run over ex-colleague

Mr.Writer and I are moving in together!! We are sick of hiding our love

Use this thread to flaunt all of your good traits.

I sought a jean skirt that's too short to wear in public.

Do NOT listen to this

HEY! I passed 9000 posts and nobody even told me!

Puerco_bellies photodump from Yellowstone. Dial up death.

Message found in a Chinese fortune cookie:

Fuck you, GoPsUx!*

Hold me like a mother would...

#1 song of the Eighties...According to VH1

Post a cool looking gif

"If you experience an increase in gambling, sexual, or other urges,

So were Jack and Diane

A bought a jean shirt that's too short to wear in public.

Radio Lady Discusses: KBPS All Classical 89.9 FM to Broadcast Portland Opera's 2006/07 Performances

I made it to the front page...

My new tattoo

WOO HOO K.O. ......

This is why NJ has nearly an 80% support for gay marriage

What is your favorite kind of liquor?

Ok. Avatar explanation was done. Now explain your username..

Ten Years Since the UPS Strike: Globalization and Inequality

Twelve U.S. House Members Ask Colombian Vice President to Secure Testimony in Drummond Case

Steelworkers' pay cut will help plant reopen

Coroner workers unionize (AFSCME)

SEIU Janitors In Cincinnati May Be Headed For A Strike

Starbucks Organizing Hits Europe Along w/ Union-Busting

Olbermann's Special Comment on scapegoating

Religious Book Seller Struck By Lightning

'Captain America' Jobless After Alleged Groping



Ghilotti Released from Monitoring (serial rapist)

Councilman tells troublemaker: 'Go to jail or the cemetery'

I just read then news that the Plame lawsuit was dismissed. This country is effed and the courts

LGBT-protective hate crimes bill UNDERMINES WAR EFFORT, Xtian nut preacher says

Pentagon gets political, rebukes H. Clinton

(TOON) Steve Bell on Broon's decision to crack down on cannabis

To all Mike Malloy fans

The positive outcome of Flynt's Investigation of Congressmen is ....

Romney wants to prosecute obscenity cases more

Hey Edelman: Hillary doesn't aid the enemy in Iraq. Your bosses

~I'm only 13 signatures away from planting the tenth tree!~

"Vet Jailed for VA Threat" (More support for the troops from the GOP)

Take off the gloves!

Countdown - KO "Special Comment" video


Based On The Lack of Events All Week, Friday Is Gonna Be a Dump!

Reposted--just for Fun "Super Villains at large."

Ready for Faux's latest "fair and balanced" headline? Here you go! (edited to add pic)

Large Underground Lake Found In Sudan Could End Conlfict:: Scientist

Ventura police arrest man for torturing tortoise

I'm Mad As Hell And I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore!

Chairman Conyers Writes to Fielding on Executive Privilege

Death and Religion and Society ... and War

What did Dennis Kucinich eat?

OReilly LIES: JetBlue did NOT drop YearlyKos as a sponsor

Keith Olbermann special comment video link

Bush says the generals are losing the war

KO to Bush: "Go to Baghdad now...and fulfill your military obligations"

I really never said what is really in my heart -

AP Headline: U.S. officials say Iraq gripped by fear

Larry Johnson:Source Documents from Valerie Wilson Civil Suits

China warns U.S. against "smear attacks" on imports

Dear Mr. President: 70 Congressmen tell Bush no cash without troop withdrawal

Bush chief of staff could be cited

Democracy? What the hell is that?

Is there a new trend among teenagers: torturing and killing defenseless animals?

SO THIS is the new tactic to protect their corp. buddies?

"If you call wanting to give everybody a chance 'class warfare,' then so be it. "

“'Principal Deputy' In Libby Indictment is Eric Edelman”

Message found in a Chinese fortune cookie:

I'm fairly visible, but hardly a threat...

Hey generals - SHUT THE FUCK UP - you had your chance

Sheer right-wing hatred for Elizabeth Edwards - Where's the outrage?

McClatchy: NIE report card gives Bush a 'D'

This must be one of the 28% that still support Bush.

Dems slowing overhaul of voting system...

It is perfectly possible to balance large capital

R.I. governor blocks infertility bill (unmarried people) - AP

Making POVERTY a 2008 presidential campaign issue | ONE Vote '08


Leno is having fun with Vitter's diapers.

humor me an interview with god

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Jim Wallis: A New Gilded Age

It is funny isn't it - the way we really all agree.

Where are you guys?? Beaver county - where??

Michael Vick case... I read the indictment.... Devil's Advocate Time

Have any elected officials said Rupert Murdoch should be stopped from buying Wall St. Journal? NT

How am I supposed to have extra prescription drugs on hand

I just watched KO's Special comment

U.S. officials say Iraq gripped by fear...>same B.S. they played us for during Viet Nam

All this time - these years -

I am saying -

So the War in Iraq is Hillary's fault

China bans two food exporters amid pet food scare (Reuters)

I'm sorry, but it is not funny anymore. TDS shows patent lies by King George.

$100 U.S.-a-barrel oil foreseen by late 2008 (Toronto Star)

FEMA Suppressed Health Warnings for Workers, Katrina Victims

We have been told President Clinton has a very healthy temper.

Olbermann: Go To Iraq and Fight Mr President

Please help me understand this about staged terror attacks.


David Vitter and diapers:

Can I get a Woo-Hoo?

I honestly don’t know what to think about the CNN Larry/Tammy interview.

I made 10,000!

Vick Indictment: Whatever Happened To Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

COMEDY GOLD: Jim Pinkerton: Kids who watch Harry Potter should be thinking about fighting terrorists

DUers, have you prepared? In the event of a Chertoff, Roberts, Paul suggested attack?

Can someone update me please on what KO was talking about related to Sen. Clinton and what the

Krugman on Petraeus and other Bush enablers.


70 Congress Members Sign Letter to Bush: We Will Only Vote for Money to Bring Troops Home

So I had a very strange dream

Meat buns with cardboard fillings in Beijing is hoax

Olbermann transcript here: 'Go to Iraq and fight, Mr. President'

"Harry Potter would have been stoned to death"

Public referendum?

Vitter is back on the senate floor voting.

I Just Saw Michael Moore's "Sicko", and I Can Answer His Question

Michael Moore on Colbert Now

I just saw Patrick Fitzgerald at Millennium Park

So I sent my usual letter to Pelosi

How's the anti-impeachment crowd holding up tonight?

`Hottest places in hell' await dogfight promoters, oldest U.S. senator Robert Byrd fumes

In the Senate NOW - complete INSANITY

Regardless of whether Vick was involved or not, can we all agree

Truth is scarier than fiction. Sometimes.

God Bless Keith Olbermann! n/t

John Kerry and KO Video

Keith's gonna do another special comment tonight

Three alarm bells in one week: Bush to stage terror attack in US

"Daddy, what's a election?"

In light of the new Exec. Order, is it now safe to speak the truth here?

I Think This Is the Saddest Photo I've Ever Seen ---pix--->>>

Breaking: DoJ will 'never be allowed to persue contempt charges.'

BUSH ADMIN WHOPPER-Makes Up New Law Of Exec Privilege Against Congressional Lawmakers!!! (WAPO)

On the Need to Abolish our Present Government

Why we need radical feminists

What has happened to the safeguards of our children?

Judge's Bio ... John D. Bates who pitched Plame's civil suit

Olbermann Kicks ASS!!!!

Economic Report: College Grads Now Less Likely To Have Employer-Based Health Insurance Than In 2000

Candidates' Spouses Challenge Clinton

AP Interview: Obama says Romney distorts his record

Keith Obermans "Special Comment" tonight 7/19/07 - text & video

You know what activists Dems should do...

Need to convince some righties...

I Think Today Was The Beginning Of Bush's End

Indian Leader’s Endorsement May Sway Nevada Primary

Only 1/3 of Oregonians will vote to re-elect Sen. Gordon Smith (R)

Need to convince some righties...

What type of person would contribute $2300 to a campaign?

252 Iowa Vetrans for Obama

Obama leading local cash chase

did bush finally tell the truth?

The Evolution of Neoconservatism...

And yet the Media Keeps Harping About Edwards Haircuts

Obama: Don't stay in Iraq over genocide

Iowa Veterans Support Hillary

It's Official: Obama is the JFK Candidate

Presidential Poll: Your Second Choice

Incredible! Amazing ! One in 760 Iowa Veterans Back Mrs. Clinton!

Where is Jeb? Is he going to surface like a turd-in-the-punchbowl and snag the GOP nomination?

$46.00 For Obama's 46th.

Veterans share support for Obama in Charles City visit

What will the Gore and undecided supporters do?

OK... For all those sitting here bitching about the current situation...

John Edwards vows to end "all bad things" by 2011

CBS Poll: 63% Say Clinton "Likely" To Win

Florida's Tom Feeney seen as vulnerable in 08.

From the Grave, a Senator Exposes Bloody Hands on Capitol Hill (on Wayne Morse)

Why Is the White House Pretending That Saudi Insurgents in Iraq Are Iranian?

Bush's War on Women Is a War on Science (worth passing around as it

Bush's Letter To Congress Concerning Libya Sanctions

In Keeping Down American Workers, Corporate Crime Pays (AlterNet)

"When Infrastructure Attacks!!"

The Dangers of Bush and Al Qaeda

Bill Scher: For Our Next Obstruction...

Eric Alterman: Think Again: Deal Me In

Harold Meyerson: The GOP's Spineless Sages

Deals in Iraq Make Friends of Enemies

Russ Feingold to call for impeachment

When Harry Met Harry: Reid Finally Starts Channeling Truman Instead of Dukakis

Homeland Conspiracy

Why We Don't Vacation Like the French

Act on impeachment, now

Amy Goodman: Why is the WH Pretending That Saudi Insurgents in Iraq Are Iranian?

Mugabe thrives amid economic ruin

WaPo/Eugene Robinson: "Bush's Cognitive Dissonance"

Chainsaws in Colombia (3rd largest US foreign aid recipient)

Bush's July Surprise for Iraq

France, Britain push for quick U.N. move on Darfur - Reuters

Bill Maher: The Founding Fathers Wouldn't Have Liked George Bush


Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Justice Denied

Cooking the intelligence, again - By Sidney Blumenthal at Salon

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Coming up on 'MEET THE PRESS'

The Death of Real Food: Monsanto and the Elimination of Trans Fats

What A Nice Man

Ex-Justice Department lawyer changes his testimony (Von Spakovsky)

Alliances Shift as Turks Weigh a Political Turn

DeLay's Not Dead

Mitt Romney Says You Smell

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Nation's 1st student think tank crafting new ideas to improve the world

The Killers of Love

Fear and Loathing in Middle America

"...I cannot recall a more comprehensive and avoidable man-made disaster."

Will Bush Be the Last Hawk Standing?

Slick Connections: U.S. Influence on Iraqi Oil

Peru's poor lose faith in market-friendly president

Bush's damage staggering

Independent: The US addiction to oil: The battered Hummer that symbolises a divided nation

NYC Traffic Fee Revived in Albany - AP

Levels Of Formaldehyde Poisoning High In H. KatrinaTrailers

Progress Energy Florida seeks renewable energy proposals

In 2005, Tokyo High Court rejected claim that an active fault existed near the nuke plant

Coal Story's Next Chapter


U.S. plug-in cars would cut greenhouse gases: report

"You cannot have nuclear power without public trust."

FPL Energy to Use Citrus Peels for Ethanol Plant

Weak La Nina event likely to develop in 2007: WMO

Study: Glaciers contributing more to rising seas (Reuters/CNN)

Are Democrats the Peak-Oil Party? (from US News and World Report)

Energy Bookshelf: Warming stories

Germany's Gabriel (Env. Minister) Wants Older Nuclear Reactors to Shut Sooner

World first: Flying high on pond scum (algae biofuel for Air New Zealand)

Accidents dim hopes for green nuclear option

Cheney Suppressed Evidence in California Energy Crisis

T. Boone Pickens hopes to set up a chain of retail natural-gas stations in China

Dangerous fossil fuel explosion in NY may cost 100's of millions in direct costs.

Taiwan ocean current power generation - up to 1.68 trillion kilowatt-hours per year

Taliban abduct 18 South Koreans

Mugabe thrives amid economic ruin

General needs until Nov. to assess Iraq

Lohan surrenders to police for May crash

MNC-I Soldiers attacked (2 incidents, 2 dead)

Basra attack kills three RAF personnel

Overhaul Plan for Vote System Will Be Delayed (Dems trying to get Repugs to sign on)

FOX News Poll: Republicans Losing Ground in ’08 Race

More Iran sanctions not before September: diplomats

Court: VA Must Pay Agent Orange Victims

Poll may generate $1 million for Iowa GOP

Iraqis who've helped Danish troops secretly evacuated to Denmark

Skeptical senators press U.S. ambassador to Iraq for answers

US, British soldiers killed in Iraq

Israel frees Palestinian prisoners

Secret Report: No Iraq Oil Deal by September

Report: Plane Lighter Ban to Be Lifted

Musharraf urged to resign over death toll

Iraqis who've helped Danish troops secretly evacuated to Denmark

Peru's poor lose faith in market-friendly president

President Bush temporarily will transfer power to Vice President Dick

TSA Chief admits it was just "Security Theater"

Feds Seize Missile Launcher In Jersey City

MP: "S.O.S." for Vulnerable Falluja Civilians

GAO: Iraqi Oil Sector in Tatters

George W. Bush:Temporary Transfer of Power During Colonoscopy

Gonzales grilled anew by House (did not express any regret)

Former PM (Allawi) says his life is under threat

US military corruption behind weapons in PKK hands, Gül reveals

Bush alters rules for interrogations

Judiciary Committee rejects Privlege Claim by Josh

Clinton strikes back at Pentagon aide (and writes to his BOSS)

Romney aide’s bogus badges: Sources detail ‘illegal’ security tactic

Iraqi Official Casts Doubt on Goal

Bush butt probed, Cheney in charge

Docs suffer stress, sleep problems after mistakes

Bush no-show sends "wrong signal" to SE Asia

Skeptical Iowa crowd puts Romney to the test

Reduced rank for U.S. Marine in Hamdania case


Radiation Detector Program Delayed

Bush alters rules for interrogations

Sweeney seeks to bar spouse

Pakistan's top judge reinstated

Legal chiefs hit out on terror case

US general: Iraqi security needs years of U.S. help

U.S. military commander says his extra troops will be needed into middle of 2008

Chrysler pulls SUV ad with electrocuted dog

US meat labels to note country of origin

PETA, Sharpton, Simmons condem dogfighting

Pesticide trial begins against Dole, Dow

Cheney to be in charge during Bush colonoscopy

Bush Criticizes Democrats on Iraq

California Assembly Passes State Budget with Republicans Cutting $1.2 Billion From Transit...

Weapon Found On Jersey City Lawn, In Flight Path Of Newark Airport

(Appeals) Court: Judges Need All Detainee Evidence

'More than a million' rally against moving Bolivia's capital city

Clinton hits back at Pentagon official

Mention the President, Lose a Case? Defense motion to ban George W. Bush's name at trial defeated.

EXCLUSIVE-Daily attacks in Iraq hit new high in June (Highest Avg since May 03)

Doctors Leaving Poor Countries in Need

US helicopter kills civilian (Mosul, Iraq -- 5 wounded incl. 2 women and 2 children)

OxyContin Maker, Execs Fined $634.5M

Part of doomed jet's braking system disabled, airline

Study shows racial disparities in prison: blacks imprisoned 5 times rate of whites

San Francisco Earthquake

Cuba Starts Creating Grassroots Electoral Commissions

Normans Attack England, Harold II Toast

Jeff Beck: Blue Wind

In A Gadda Da Vida...

Dag, DU...gauw tot ziens! (Goodbye, DU...see you soon!)

Separated at birth??? Frank Black - Kyle Gass

Alternative newspaper, local review smackdown!

The Pixies: Where is My Mind

Wingnut Music Proudly Presents: Conservative Greatest Hits!

Ella Fitzgerald: One Note Samba

OK, I can sympathize with people who didn't get the spelling gene

Stones: Sympathy for the Devil (the Neptunes remix)

Mr Scorpio did it.

The Official make fun of Bill O'Reilly post


Massive Attack: Be Thankful For What You Got

The Wonderful Dinosaurs

rum and minute maid

Manhunter: In A Gadda Da Vida

Beer it- I'm having a .......

Does Sand Grow?

Beer: It's whats for dinner

The Police: Walking On The Moon

I just have one thing to say to you all-

Fuck it — I'm havin' a beer

Anyone feel like this is 1984

What's your Zeitgeist?

Is Photobucket barfing hot dogs and beer on anyone else?

Post a pic of yourself not blending in with the crowd

90 Year Old Leonard Dickman Arrested For Exposing Himself

Bond: The James Bond Theme


"Now you do what they told ya"

i'm high, i have the munchies, but I don't want to ruin my diet

Is the music in this song from another song?

I had the strangest dream about time travel..........

Anyone else have a kid away at

Man Runs Over 72 Year Old Woman With Shopping Cart



Last night, BabyMidlo asked me if my vasectomy hurt.

Lohan surrenders to police for May crash

OK.I'm Fucking drunk...crucify me.


Are we in this Starbucks, or the one across the street?

Who hates the TV show "Curb Your Enthusiasm?"

I'll be able to sleep well tonight! The mystery is finally solved!

What would you rather your children see on primetime TV?

How many school days does your start require?

Trashcat is not amused!

Adam captures hearts across U.S. Donations pour in for recovering kitten burned in Santa Rosa ...

Matt Damon as Ashley Wilkes in GWTW? What do you think?

So I took our neighbors dog to PetSmart...

I'm such a f**ing bi-polar Pollyanna . . .

I don't have a dumb thing to say

I would say that * will be shitting his brains out today . . .

Anyone have a link to last weeks DU dooseys awards?

Woman Abandons 4 Children To Do Nude Photo Shoot

Tonight's Concert: John Mayer

Post a cool looking milf.

OK The BAR Is Open Its Been A Long Week

Danger Will Robinson! Please cover your keyboard! Hazardous verbal image ahead!

Who the hell thought naming these guys "Dickies" was a good idea

38th anniversary of the first moon walk.

Harry joins the Church of Scientology!

I don't know why y'all complain about GD. Religion/Theology is SO much worse.

So, cat pee does NOT get tomato juice out of the carpet, after all.

Who the hell thought naming these guys "Boobies" was a good idea

What happens to your lap when you stand up?

In honor of Writer's scanty T-shirt - Bounce Your Boobies!

Balzac cock-a-leekie cockchafer dongle futtock puckfist

So, tomato juice does NOT get cat pee out of the carpet, after all.

David Bowie and Frank Black: Fashion

What happened to lolcats?

Steve Miller Band: The Joker

Steve Miller Band: Fly Like An Eagle LIVE

US invasion of Iran scheduled for Saturday....

How to deal with cell phone users...

I don't have a damn thing to say

need a phone tech answer's amazing when old friends re-appear...

DU Hate Mail.

"They doin' the mess around...everybody doin' the mess around...."

Basic woodworking - how easy/hard is it?


"We ain't fakin'....WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN' GOIN' ON!!"

Woo-hoo! T.R. Knight gets an Emmy nomination!

I need some advice about a shoe dillema

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 7/20/2007)

Fun with your cursor

Seriously - what is it with you people and your hatred towards Steve Miller Band

Most Egregious Existing Ego Sans Dimson

Freeper Homes...

the Lounge is Looking good today

# 1 song in the 80's .... according to you?

I bought a T-shirt that shows too much boob in public. (oopsy!)

Considering a move to Chapel Hill NC. any info on this town?

Movie based on a book that was really good

Ever have a teacher who was really crap in one class, then brilliant in another?

The most hoorifying image you'll see all day

What they will find in George W. Bush's colon

Steve Miller Band Rocks

i bought a t-shirt that shows NO boobs in public

Horseradish cheddar cheese

Recommend this thread if you believe ~reyd reid reed~ should show new pictures, period

I have got to get off this computer!

Tennessee Op Ed: Harry Potter, Bill Clinton, Witchcraft Makes YOU Immoral


Did anyone announce the bouncing of the lemons?

The Dukes of Stratosphear:The Mole from the Ministry

I don't like the Harry Potter books/movies.

What is up with the Lounge today?

BREAKING *NEW* Hairy Potter revealed

When did DU get G.Gordon Liddy avatars?

Seriously - who is this man

Were you woolied in high school?

Pupils browse porn on donated laptops

so far away from me....

Feel Like Makin' Love

I'm just a simple kind of man.

5 Friday Questions

I'm a Yuppie Democrat from California and I'M PROUD!

Lounge, I seriously need your help. My life could depend on it!

I passed 5000 posts without noticing.

I have normal clothes that don't show excess skin.

Pic - "You're My Best Friend"... OR...

Ever got attacked in GD but couldn't tell if you were really being attacked?


Ack! Surprise visit from In-Laws tomorrow!!

"When I kiss mixie she makes me feel ...

Time to get ready to stand in line for the last Harry Potter book...


My faith in America has been restored!!!

Did I overreact ?

If you don't like Steve Miller Band then you have brain deficiencies

If anybody wants me I'll be out back gettinghandjobs from the woman you love..

Could I sue my local bookstore for discrimination?

Video - Bush's First 2 weeks as prophesied by Ferrell on SNL

I bought a banana hammock that's too short to wear in public.

Emergency! Everybody to get from street!

Anyone see "Mad Men" on AMC last night?...

Recommend this thread if you believe ~Writer~ should show off her new TShirt picture

On Dave Matthews,

So I'm not buying the painitng

I think this ice cream man needs a sedative:

Bad to be nice anymore?

Tell me about the worst teacher you ever had

Ode to Sweetie (DU name Gizmonic).

Recommend this thread if you believe ~DS1~ should post a photo of himself in a green banana hammock

I thought some might enjoy this game. It does have to be downloaded.

Crows/ravens: The bullies of the bird world?

I went to the Kwiki-mart by my parent's house

Ladies- can you enjoy a hotdog, if there's considerable ketchup involved?

Question: There is a bathroom in the hallway at work: a couple different offices use it

Sex Thread in GD!!!!!

Is it fuckin' Happy Hour yet? Been in GD most of the day and I need a drink

The Simpsons: In A Gadda Da Vida

Gentlemen, can you enjoy a bun if there's considerable ketchup involved?

Because you're relatively anonymous online, does that make you more or less open about yourself?

A golden oldie: Ten ways Dick Cheney can kill you:

Fans Flock To Stores For "Harry Potter"

Okay. It's finally 5:00 here in the mountain time zone.

I have but one word for you all

So, Melanie Morgan wants Hillary executed for treason . . .

Time for me to go out for dinner, and take a cold shower.

How Many People Here are Allowed by Their SO's to get Tap Dances?

Ladies (or certain men) - do you enjoy hot dogs that have pickle relish on them?

I haven't had a hot dog in a year and a half.

6 hours so far at the airport. I HATE AIR TRAVEL!

I need to know how to go about selling volumes of law books

Not a huge baseball fan, but is anyone watching the Red Sox game?

My mind is clearer now. At last, all too well I can see.

So... I haven't worked for 7 years.

We're burned out.


Can you find the dog in this picture?

how stressed are you on a scale from 1-10

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Best cover song ever?

Sean Hannity's "Freedom Concert" features...

The 5 best cities to meet single men (according to Oprah)

"You can call me anything you like, but my name is Veronica."

Strapless Thong Sandals? Up or Down vote please.

Barnes and Noble could stand to treat its employees better.

Is getting a lap dance a betrayal to your wedding vows?


If you like kittens and "The Joker" you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this video!!


LOL - I've never seen Tom look so, um, er, "spiffy"

1500 Inmates Perform Thriller Video in Prison Yard

Were You Bullied in High School?

Favorite Female Alto

Does anyone know the leaked ending to Harry Potter? The one from the book pictured

Name a song that reminds you of a significant event from your past...

Weigh in on this dog park situation

Charlieee eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeee

I said it a few days ago, and I say it again: "Rush Limbaugh in Equus".

I'm a grandma again!

They're putting my ugly mug on TV

Has anyone here gotten a ticket from one of those red light cameras?

Writer's b00bs: A More Cosmic Perspective

Good vibes needed for ginbarn

Fuck!!!! I just found out my mom has been in the hospital nearly 2 weeks!

Worst book you've ever read

Lounge women...two questions about SHOES (and two for gay men)

How Many People Here are Allowed by Their SO's to get Lap Dances?

I don't know if I can do my gig tonight (need some vibes)

Need advice from architech, builder re: building height

Stockings: sex, power and sheer seduction

Lounge women! Pantyhose or stockings?

Dry socket.

I've been convinced to get a third cat.

Totally in pain today even with those perky Percocets. I took one at 7 AM and took another at 11 AM.

When you hear the phrase Husker Du, what do you think of?

There's a picture of me...from my trip to Europe...

Freeper landscaping

ASVAB fraud: Sentencing July 25 in Guard test bribery

Today in labor history July 20

Peace Walker

Mark Twain

Inside the Surge

A conversation with Hillary: Bringing Our troops Home

Wingnut Music Proudly Presents: Conservative Greatest Hits!

Rep. Patrick Murphy on Debt and Troop Pay Raises

We Want That Maniac Out

Edwards' Road to One America: Prestonsburg, KY

Debate '08: Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl

Clinton For President 2008

You'll love the "special bonus verse" in this version of Franco Unamerican

how this works=I'm Fuckd up=have a great nite

I am sorry - If was a better salesman well,

U.S. Aligns with Thugs in Iraq - Did any of you see Michael Ware's

So, I was asking my son what vaccinations to get before I go to Brazil

WH: Justice Dept. will never be allowed to pursue contempt of congress charges...

Miami Condo Glut Pushes Florida's Economy to Brink of Recession

Is it really this difficult? Sweet Jeebus, and I am on a progressive web site

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Bush Approval in Wisconsin at 19%

Doing my part to spread dissent in dollops and dribbles...

Feds Say Classified Material Was Stolen

Someone want to explain this to me?

Americans are not giving it their all

Bush Directive for a "Catastrophic Emergency" in America: Building a Justification for Waging War on

Bush's Cognitive Dissonance

"5 more US troops killed/24hrs"--abc evening news--all while the Repugs fillerbustered

After Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling, woman sues church for fraud

Apparently there is *no* US Dept of Justice there is just a really, really big

TNT broadcasting Open at St. Andrews, Scotland for seven hours

republics, reich-wingers and other neo-cons should consider this

(TOON) Steve Bell on Blair's debut as Middle East *cough* Peace Envoy

“…and the baby dropped to the floor before someone arrived to help…”

Have to wait till November to see how Iraq is going

VIDEO of Michael Moore's Thursday Night Appearance on The Colbert Report

A painter among the powerful, witness to brutality

Couple pleads not guilty in Sikeston alcohol case

Taliban abduct 18 members of Korean church group

No War, No Warming

Louisa priest's attorney says the matter is a church issue. Louisa priest asks for embezzlement cas

Aztec Bible Baptist Church Youth pastor arrested for alleged rape of 14-year-old girl

"We have become a rogue nation; Congress has defaulted on their

Is America the greatest country in the world? WJ this morning

Senator (Wyden) puts hold on another Interior Department nominee

Simple note to Congress: Bush does not give you your power

BIG! big ass earthquake! bay area DUERS -- are you ok?

U.S. Amb: Buying Time with American Lives

Did Cheney's Energy Task Force cause California's Energy Crisis in 2001?

3 Endless Wars

An Asian might have touched my food on CNN

Dumbing Down The Folks™: The O'Reilly (No Intelligence) Strategy

My response to a "dead Constitution" person on another board

How they'll "win" the next election

Iraq Study Group, recommendation 63, page 56

So Keith used my suggestion for WPITW last night !!!...Tom Delay

Give War A Chance

U.S. Generals Request Delay in Judging Iraq

Prominent broadcaster; boys club director arrested (soliciting hookers, possession of marijuana)

Net criminals shun virus attacks

Report on "Surge" pushed back to November

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Arizona took Chirtoff homeland security money from Chicago and

Where is the best place to be right now?

“Gays Rescued Me,” Says Tammy Faye

New Hampshire Tax Rebel Siege: Closer to Confrontation?

Romney aide’s bogus badges: Sources detail ‘illegal’ security tactic

A little item for your fax machines:

If you have a chance to get hold of an older, but very timely book...this is the one

MSRNC - Second Day in a row...

Government Agency Says BUSH OVERREACHES On Executive Privilete

Saudis fighting in Iraq, Lebanon embarrass homeland

Ya want a "Draft College Republicans" bumper sticker?

Shouldn't we all be organizing how to connect OFFLINE at this point?

I would like to talk about simple answers to complex problems.

End The War You Chickenhawks, I'm Running Out Of Friends

Believe it or not... the SCOTUS will have to rescue us from these dictators...n/t

My head just exploded: "the hip hop culture" is responsible for dog fighting

Someone please enlighten me as to what a DFH is.

Inherent Contempt (for those who need reminding...)

KKKarl tutors CORNYN on how to veterans-BAIT & pander-bear

Hastert to resign?

Reid Unmoved by Calls For Iraq Compromise

Do any white guys break the law in the major sports?

Fitzgerald Deserves Top U.S. Law Post, Comey Says (yes, Patrick)

The cost of the Iraq war--now on cspan1 WJour. very good

7/20/07 *UPDATE* on Emmanuel Goldstein's recent doings

When you get a disease and you don't treat it and hope it just goes away...

Pakistan court reinstates top judge, challenging Musharraf's authority

Time for Congress to fire a shot across the bow.

When Decorum Becomes Repression

Bill Maher: "I'm sure glad there are traitors like me & Michael Moore still living here in America"

Stephanie Miller Show .... A Woodchuck's Love for a Women

How to become a #2 in al Qaeda

Who's zoomin' who?

Who Will Control Iraqi Oil?

Does anybody else feel like Rehnquist was "taken out"...

Check out this op-ed from today's Chicago Tribune.

Taliban seize members of South Korean church

How many deaths will it take in Iraq?

"Underestimate Bush* at your own Peril" Bill Clinton

Has anyone noticed how Scarborough is turning his show into Dem bashing?

Military uphold your oath & Congressional Oversight Preservation Act

Dan Froomkin: Bush's Baghdad Mouthpiece

BREAKING: Bush inks landmark deal with China!

OK today's news dump will be

What is at stake now

Privette suspended as president of Christian Action League

Need help on checking up on a Bushie judge

Diane Rehm show Friday roundup 10am et Arianna Huffington

Question: why don't rec's also "kick" a thread?

skin in the game

WA POST: Plame's Suit Against Top Officials Dismissed, CREW: Appeal expected.

Natural rights inherent in people ... a right to alter, reform, or abolish the government

They played a clip from "Jesus Camp" yesterday on Howard Stern:

Keith Olbermann, Special Comment, video and transcript: "GO TO IRAQ, AND FIGHT, MR. PRESIDENT"

Hastert To Resign?

Does the NIE Understate the Terror Threat From Pakistan?

Bush* controls the Executive and the Judiciary but Congress controls the money

If Impeachment would take too much Congressional time what chance does Inherent Contempt stand?

Sprint boots 200 American patriots for using their phones

Al-Qaida: the unwanted guests - Very good article from Le Monde

Report: Administration Further Expands Executive Privilege Claim

Google ad on DU's home page is a bit sick

In theory, Congress could try Miers directly (Inherent contempt)...

Radiation Detector Program Delayed-DHS May Have Misled Congress, GAO Audit Finds

Have you written your Congressman about Exec Priv? Rep. Inslee hasn't answered (yet).

Toss 'em out or starve 'em out

A bit of Friday humor: Conservative Greatest Hits!

Congressional Research Service says Bush Overreaches on Executive Privilege

TimesSelect, R.I.P.?

Iraq MP: "Falluja looks like Guantanamo Prison"

Why do we live in a country where this is considered news?

Go Ahead And Impeach Them

Hitler never broke the law, he just made the illegal, legal. Welcome to Bush's America...

Clinton responds to Pentagon on redeployment

A Discussion of "Waiting on the World to Change"

Airman 'mystified by verdict' clearing deputy

OMG US might strike in Pakistan: White House

Delahunt criticizes U.S. Iraq oil policy

DoJ all but 'operating on autopilot'

Help me with the major domestic & international issues facing the US

Feds make busts in $75 million oil scheme (NY)

The tears of Robert Gates

Is this HONOR Brian Lamb Day on cspan??--Many callers at saying HE

Has anyone heard when Larry Flynt will release

Kerry: "There once was a man named Vitter..."

Cheney will be "acting president" while B*sh is

The blivet getting a colonoscopy tomorrow, per Tony Snow. Post

Cheney In Charge Tomorrow

Far more to fear from Pakistan than Iraq

Homophobic slur against gay politician enrages GLAAD

U.S. threatens action in Pakistan...ho boy....

Hannity: Sen. Vitter Should Resign

Reuters Video: Turkey Army Fire Shells into Northern Iraq

Dubya in Denial: How many thousands more must die in Iraq to indulge the vanity of this President?

Cheney to be acting President

"...many of the folks we are releasing have killed U.S. soldiers"

I bet the Iraqis know our history of making deals with Osama bin Laden to fight the Soviets

Bush criticizes Dems for blocking spending bill

Watchdog Group: Government Awards Contracts Despite Firms' Misconduct

Bill Press, again, allowed film "critic" Walter Chaw to repeat same tired, old

3 US an 3 UK troops killed yesterday!

cspan 1 tony snow presser goggle now

Here's the transcript from bush's pointless 'rose garden' statement on his war.

Bush lies to the troops

Not even the neo cons are so evil as to 'stage' a terror attack, are they?

Generals dictating the length of our involvement based on the lives they've already squandered

Made me CRY!!!! Michael Vick - Country Boy (oh come on....)

Bush: "you can’t keep making buns if the Democrats take all your dough."

WSJ: WH aides confident Congress will fail again in September to curb the “surge”

Chimp promises Iraq Vet Double-Amputee a NEW pair of legs!

Ex-WI Gov. Thompson (R) Calls For Adding 150K Troops to Military

CNN re: "DC Madam": researchers found numbers traceable to private properties on Capitol Hill

Great Youtube video from yet another victim of health insurance corporation policies...

Bush Resigning?

I CANNOT STAND the way the MSM covers medical procedures....

Effects of the Surge So Far

Paraplegics Hunt Alligators In Trip For Hunters With Disablilites

another Vick thread...please ignore if desired...but will they arrest him?

Macedonia and Serbia govts. have had to make changes because of heat wave

Clinton, Kerry to introduce leg. to require report on contingency plans for Iraq withdrawal

Iraqi girl's eyes

Priest Found Not-Guilty of Sexual Harrassment

Exactly how many nations are being threatened by the neo conazis?

Find Out If Your Printer is Spying on You

Tiny church, huge betrayal. Treasurer charged with stealing over $225,000.

"When we act, we create our own reality." This says it all, explains

France finally detains Rwandan genocide suspects

Fahrenheit 451 Beginning Now (1:09 Eastern) On Sundance

Another Wrestler's 'Untimely' Death (John Kronus, 34)

On leaving the Democratic Party to make it stronger

What are your Healthcare Horror Stories?

Senator Kerry calls on NFL to suspend Vick

There are days that I wonder what will it take for people to

Fun and games on the Arab Riviera

Dubai International sets its sights on U.S. acquisitions

One a**hole replaces another.

Will Tony Snow Get Drilled About Expanded Executive Privilege Today

Romney: MORE intense methods of CIA interrogation are acceptable in dealing with terrorists

Cheney to become President...Briefly...

Ann Coulter TP

GAO: Iraqi Oil Sector in Tatters

Will the doctors have to remove *ush's head from his ass to make room

Flip-floppin' Romney liked sex education just fine while running for Governor

Does Anyone Have A Link To A Source Document For The Expanded Priviledge Claim?

The rock solid reason for Impeachment ..... They lied to start a war.

Radio host Mike Webb's killer arrested three weeks after the murder.

"Bush going in for a colonoscopy...Doctors hope to locate his head. Ba dum bum."

Former Reagan Official "a year from now the US could be a dictatorial police state at war with Iran.

Bush colonoscopy leaves Cheney in charge - SCARY THOUGHT!

Bush Transfers power to Cheney

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Justice Denied in Plame/Wilson Suit

Drones Increasingly Used in U.S. for Law Enforcement

Fitzgerald won a little scooter

Put "Em Up! ---pix--->>>

Bush Abolishes the 5th Amendment...Executive Order

Justice Dept. has a direct conflict in Attorneygate. We need an outside ruling on the subpoenas


Constitution: Crisis Mode!

One Day This Kid...

The Sub-Prime Mess and The Illusion of a Middle Class

Feingold Follows Questioning of US Ambassador to Iraq with Warning About Administration "Hype"

Outside the grocery store, I spoke to a Democratic candidate ...

How many of bryant69's polls do you kick per Friday?

This Magic Moment. November needed for "fuller assessment" on Surge

Remember, remember, the 15h of September!

Concern elections 2008 will be postponed: Frmr US Ambassador

So ... is it safe to assume that they're not leaving?

I know it is here somewhere....I can't find the DU glossary.

Bumper Sticker Alert - This Will Make You Scream....

Please check the mirror, intrepid reporters...

Bush Alters Rules for Interrogations, then hands off Presidency to Cheney

Right Wing Watch - Rush Limbaugh on Cindy Sheehan

Anti-choice trespasser not arrested- Clinic manager who cussed at him arrested?

TPM Cafe: Hillary's Stinging Letter To SecDef Gates Obtained

Senate committee passes bill to outlaw "fleeting" f-bombs

From colonization! All systems are go...

Photo: Pres. Bush goes over colonoscopy results

The President of the Christian Action League of NC - charged with aiding and abetting prostitution

Bush just issued an executive order banning torture of terrorist suspects?

Warning: Be careful what you post at Daily Kos

A Wake Up Call

ENOUGH! Time for a FULL SCALE movement to impeach & try for war crimes!


It doesn't matter if Michael Vick was there

Could * have cancer in his ass? What is the test for?

FBI Spyware used for the first time, called CIPAV, allows FBI to infect your computer.

Sentate Erases Libby Vote

what is the likelyhood of a hearing on the damage done to Brewster Jennings?

Brigitte Gabriel

TPM: Bu$h Gives New Guidelines for Interrogations

Bush transferring power to Cheney during colonoscopy! Breaking News

Senate passes measure to boost student aid

Victim of robbery who was shot in head, sued by passerby whose car was about to be hijacked


Michael Moore now has 3 of the Top 5 Documentaries of all time

Oil Execs Encourage Conservation

Gov. Dean: Bush Administration Has Damaged Our Country

Anybody up for some tin foil?

Bush Threatened To Veto Same Military Pay Raise That He Now Uses To Attack Anti-War Critics

Famous women give voice to murdered University of Vermont student's legacy (Live Earth tribute)

Can Cheney be impeached while he's acting president?

WAPO: Hillary Has Boobs

WMD to be found tomorrow!

Friday News Dump - New Executive Order on torture

Breaking: Bush alters rules for interrogations

NYTimes/CBS News Poll: More Good News For Democrats

Cheney will be President tomorrow (really!).

They need to make me & my friend Sugar Smack president for 15min...

Illinois Marine gets discharge, no prison time in Iraqi's death

Brenda Vick, Worst Mother Ever?

John Dean on Randi Rhodes' show, Friday, July 20:


Cheney seen at celebration of Novak's new memoir

Shall we ask for help?

We should do a 'Bounce your DU Boobies' video for Randi

I shook hands with Barack Obama this morning!

Jury Convicts Suspect In Highway Patrolman's Death

The Georgia Supreme Court is hearing Genarlow Wilson's case today

Has anyone heard from Richard Clarke lately?

Dem Candidates' Attacks On Winger Media Figures Continue As JetBlue Caves To O'Reilly

Al-Qaeda in the U S may go after individuals not the public.

The trouble with protesting

Couple convicted of blackmailing priest

"What civil liberties have been lost to the average citizen? Provide a list who have

Woman raped before "honor killing": court

Ed Koch ‘bailing out’ on support for war

I'm watching Janis Joplin on Biography---

"Why are politicians and media pundits not calling for the resignation of Senator Vitter?"

Bruce Fein on Randi Rhodes---just started----click here

Ed Schultz and Stephanie Miller testified before Congress yesterday

Listen To Randi

Chinese imported food and drink made with most polluted water in the world.

Stop Making Light Of *'s Colonoscopy!

a compromise between principle and politics on impeachment

Juan Cole: Bush-Cheney have disarmed us and galvanized the enemy - They are traitors

Thousands of rich people to gather in WI to celebrate having disposable money. (Oshkosh Fly-in)

Sick from Sicko

Court Rules AGAINST Limiting Evidence in Detainee Status Reviews

Bush’s New Interrogation Order Contains Loophole: ‘Does Not Create Any Right Enforceable At Law’

The question we should be asking our Reps: What Would It Take?

Act On Impeachment, Now

How would military, intel agencies and law enforcement respond to staged terror attack?

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Coming up on 'MEET THE PRESS'

Vick urged to take "leave of absence"

Does It Bother Anyone That The WP Article On Expanded Executive Privilege Gives No Source?

McClatchy: Senate tied in knots by filibusters

Bush Going in to have his Brain examined. Hands Power to Cheney

Uh-Oh, Republics! Marianas Gov. Cooperating in Lobby Probe

Marianas Gov. Cooperating in Lobby Probe -- UH OH Repubs!!11!!!

Gonzales gives televised address to employees on DOJ internal channel

If Bush/Cheney were impeached and convicted in the Senate,

What recourse does Congress have against Executive Orders?

Most ruthless foreclosure states (

Bu$h* says....O.K to start Torturing Again!

Bush's pre-op presidential order. "Leave the gun. Take the canoles."

Soldiers in Iraq Striking "Handshake Agreements" With Enemy

Are Our Democratic Congresspersons On the Take?

Chili sauce recall. Nasty stuff it appears.

America's Best Days Are Ahead: Al Gore's Inaugural

Is Tweety at the Bohemian Grove this week?


Republican "Family-values" hypocrite refuses to resign

Senate cuts college student lender subsidies

Cheney is going to sign some secret stuff while president

TWO Excellent LTTE's In today's Easton Express Times (Pennslvania)

GREAT point made on Randi - If the Dems can't stand up to King George, how can they be expected to

Why isn't Mayor Rocky Anderson running for president?

My congressman says impeachment is a "moot point"

Who is the blond asshole on Hardball?

How much of President Bush's willingness to stay in Iraq is caused by his Religious convictions?

Bush issues new torture rules for U.S. interrogators - Absolutely no more pictures allowed

Lt Kerrick on Hardball defending Hillary now n/t

Caption this

Anti-War Bloc in House Vows to Oppose Further Iraq Funding

where do you stand today?

Update on Live Earth, a poll on artistsdirect:

Marcel J. Harmon: Accountability Demands Impeachment. Where is your outrage?

Come on DUers Vote for these ads

JetBlue caves to right-wing pressure

Limbaugh lied about Republicans undermining the Kosovo war - Media Matters

Interesting imipeachment story from our Democratic Club meeting last night...

My state's senate votes on an anti bullying bill on Thursday (the bill covers gays)

Caption Time!

Response from my rep Ellen Tauscher re: Inherent Contempt

A safe and profitable Market Investment: Democrats 2008

DFA is offering a free bumper sticker

Give me a break!

I need to know how to go about selling volumes of law books

Does anyone know of the medical clinic/facility at Camp David?==a

“This is not a wartime President.”

Need Election Reform Issue Explained?

bush got early results from his scope

Dave Lindorff: Democrats are their own worst enemy

A Big Gray Rainbow

Who Is John D. Bates?

Does anyone know the leaked ending to Harry Potter? The one from the book pictured

seasoned Gore defenders, please help

President Bush on Pay Raises for Our Troops

John Nichols coming up on Rachel Maddow show-stream here:

Quick Question re: Real Estate/ Marriage

Breaking: Gates Distances Himself From Edelman's Attack On Hillary Clinton

How did the dokkktor know where to insert the probe?

John Kerry: If it's broken, fix it

$75,000 Offered For MD to Publicly Drink Vaccine Additives

Is winning on faulty slot machine crime?

NPR listeners: Patrick Fitzgerald will be on "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" this weekend.

Interesting ..... Shuster in for the Carlson boy and ... tada .... no right wing voices.

Scarborough, et al., hysterical over Obama advocacy of age-appropriate sex ed but never spell it out

LOOK!!!!!!! Clowns On Hairballz!!!!!

United States v. Nixon

I hope the doc with the pipe

Groening, 'Simpsons' Creator, Comes Out Against His Boss -- Murdoch -- Buying 'WSJ'

Indications for colonoscopy include

HELP DU - I'm looking for the executive order about basically nullifying Congress in case of an

BREAKING: VP Cheney to Temporarily Serve as President

Letter to Chairman Dean

So, wasn't it Dan Rather who was forced out because of not checking the facts? If so, how the hell

I have a question--To what extent did the M$M news cover the Exec Priv

Most attachs on US troops SINCE May of 2003!!--over 170---abc evening

(Pentagon Contractor) SAIC may have compromised military personnel data

So Why Didn't Musharrif Claim Executive Privilege When He Tried To Get Rid Of That Judge?

John Dean just said the House HAS TO go forward with Inherent Contempt proceedings

Actual Photo from Bush's Colon. This Is What They Found

JetBlue Thinks We Are Like the KKK

Romney aide’s bogus (police) badges: Sources detail ‘illegal’ security tactic


The Fox phone sex guy has been on Letterman and Leno several times... where's KO?

David Shuster should get Tucker's show permanently

September 2008: Bush seizes all of Hillary's assets, including her campaign funds.

TOON: Bush's colonoscopy will NOT stop selling cockfighting magazines.

Is Keith going to be on tonight?

Did everyone hear Patrick Fitzgerald is on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me tomorrow.

So what happens when they probe Bush's a$$ and they find his brain?

Do you find it offensive to suggest that President Bush might be motivated by his Christian Faith?

It's time once again to play...."The Republican Name Game"

I was in a class the other day where 3 Republicans stood up and said they'd vote for Hillary.

Serious questions about Cheney being President

Olbermann names O'Reilly "Worst Person" for defending comparison of Daily Kos blog to Nazis, KKK

Blind Loyalty Latest US War Casualty

The President's Dr. of Proctology gets ready to examine bush

Randi Rhodes bashings Democrats again.

O' Reilly Reporting Natalee Holloway Died of Drug Overdose

To All Democratic Money-Raisers: No Money Until Impeachment Starts

(Chicago, IL) Far North Side priest gets 4 years for theft

Actual headline: Bush butt probed, Cheney in charge

What happened last time >>

Doctors to check Bush's ass; Cheney in charge

Rudy 'breaking' with Bush, now saying AFGAN is where we should have

Think Georgie will go live with the colonoscopy just like Katie??? LOL n/t

caption this * pic...

I am glad that this "John Doe" amendment was dropped from the Fatherland Security Bill

Mike Barnicle on Hairballz with Rocky Anderson and blows off impeachment discussion

Army Wife and Mother in Oregon Battles War

Stubborn Media Frame Bush as "Firm"


CNN reported 4 years ago we've reached 'peak oil'

ACLU: Exec Order on Iraq Threatens Due Process

Marine spared prison time in Iraqi death

Pentagon says Gates signed off on Edelman's nasty letter to Clinton

The next debate and our candidates, through the eyes of a boxing fan

Long waits for passports. By design?

Have you ever called into CSPAN?

What pops into Tweety's head when he sniffs Dave Vitter?

Breaking: Bush colonoscopy results in retreival of Jeff Gannon's favorite pen.

Bush Executive Order -- Outlaws Anti War Demonstrations!?

I wonder what any Republicans might have said in the past about Executive privilege

All of This Just When We Won the Iraq War!

Melanie Morgan

Is it enough yet?

What the troops really think

BREAKING! WMDs found: In Bush's ass

My Mom had a colonoscopy a few days ago . . .

Hey. Free cupcakes!

Breastfeeding smokers now free to fly once again!!!11 Bush kepped us safe!!!1

Julian Lennon's movie, Whale Dreamers

Letter to Speaker Pelosi, July 20, 2007

There is literally a Republican clown on Hardball

McClatchy: Senate tied in knots by filibusters

Christian Banner Flies Over San Diego 'Gay Pride' Parade Saturday

Cheney to Get 'The Power'

Pelosi: No Person Has Done More Than Dr. Norman Borlaug to Liberate the World From Hunger

Is DU in need of anti-depressant medication or what. GEEEEZZZ!

July KIA to-date Photo Update

The first 45 minutes of Cheney's Saturday Presidency

The charges agains Michael Vick should be dropped.

This is their creed. This is what they believe. They don't get the irony.

I'm wondering if this week makes it official that . . .

OxyContin maker, executives fined $634.5 million for misleading public

National center to impeach Bush and Cheney launched

After a procedure such as the one Bush is having, one does tend to become a little "Gassy".

Exclusive: Hillary's Stinging Letter To Sec Def Gates Obtained-This Is Really Something...

Bu$hco martial law will be the US's Tianamen Square. Where will you stand?

The amazing, astounding, invisible, indestructible, terrifying Osama bin Laden!

Famous or Important Conservatives who now agree with us…

Results of Bush Colonoscopy in

OMFG: Judge Mark E Fuller (Siegelman, Scrushy) GOV. Contracts: Training Saudis and Iranians to Fly

Cheney takes Control during Bush Colonoscopy. July 21 - What? Oh Lard!

Juan Cole: Plame Case Thrown Out-National Security Imperilled

ROUTINE Colonoscopy

Isn't it frustrating that nobody is saying "You were right"?

Hurricane Watchers! Check out this new Animated Graphic, this is SO Cool!

Bullied to death

IMPEACHMENT question is number 1# most wanted for next debate, VOTE to keep it on top

Did you guys hear about the pregnant woman who was forced by cops to lie on her stomach?

Bush-Cheney Block All Contempt of Congress Proceedings, Leaving Inherent Contempt or Impeachment Onl

Dennis Hastert to resign

Sergeant at Arms is Authorized to Arrest Any person Violating Senate Rules (inc Prez)

DU, where ya at? ...... A geographic distribution survey.

The star-studded lineup for Hannity's "Freedom Concert"

WH Forbids Rep. DeFazio (D) Access to Security Plans

Tabloid Globe reports that Bush is wearing heart shock vest

NBC Nightly News: Pakistan Now #1 Foreign Policy Problem for U.S.: Dangerous Situation: Musharraf

BUSH: Why Failing Makes Him Happy

The Man Who Fed the World


Re: Subpoenas and contempt of Congress. Let's call the bluff.

Come the end of the Internets: Carrier Pigeons or Ham radio? Some links for the latter

What will the doctors find up Bush's ass?

Cindy Sheehan is Up To some GOOD STUFF here in North Carolina! IMPEACHMENT TOUR!

Just in--King Abdullah to visit U.S.!!!11.....cnn

'The GOP Is Praying For A Terrorist Strike To Save The Party'

Turning our backs on tech

A Republican Flying An Upside-Down Flag!!!


*** Friday TOONs: Terror Award Goes to____ ***

OMFG!! Hillary showed cleavage, stop the presses!!!

Did the Republicans have the votes to impeach Clinton?

Corporate America is listening to Al Gore.

People who still support bush are like:

Admit it. In 2000, did you really think * could be *THIS* bad???

Yep I am pissed, real pissed

Patrick Fitzgerald will be on NPR this weekend

Eric S. Edelman -- NeoCon, Scapegoater, Perjurer, Traitor, More?

Back to supporting them there "family values"....

"U.S. attorneys are emanations of a president's will."

This is the democratic underground! I am sick and tired

NC Republican party continues to shield disgraced "Suck it, baby, suck it!" legislator

WARNING: Graphic, Chinese Walmart flip-flops chemically burn

Who does this unelected little shit think he is?

The Raw Story: Old-line Republican warns 'something's in the works' to trigger a police state

WTF: Gates signed off on the Edelman letter

So John Kerry doesn't believe in the "Innocent until proven guilty" clause?

They gonna find a HUGH piece of shit stuck in Bushies ASS and he will RESIGN

So, Chris Shays tried to rough up a Capitol police officer?

WaPo: "Sensational story of Sibel Edmonds" almost uniformly ignored by U.S. press.

Civilians fleeing Baghdad to Najaf....lacking food, water, supplies.

So is Ultimate Fighting just like Dog Fighting?

Yes, we certainly are coming to the point where there may be no other recourse other than to impeach

Filling up my 33mpg Chevy Aveo today next to a full size Yukon.

Just like that...back in touch with an old friend, and they're already gone.

Puppies are Biodegradable

Dog-Fighting and the Neutering of Black Moral Outrage

(Rep Chris) Shays screams at Capitol Police officer, later apologies


Georgia Could Lift Troy Davis Stay of Execution--Please Take Action Today!

The 2 Parts Of The Problem In A Nutshell

Vitter? I hardly even know her!

Fear of blackmail is rampant in DC...

***DUzy Awards for week ending July 20, 2007***

Has anyone seen Ralph Nader: An Unreasonable Man?

Greatest Living American Ignored

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Friday 7/20... remember that scene from the Godfather?

Hyperbole has become fact: Before us all looms the possible destruction of America.

Women Supportive but Skeptical of Clinton, Poll Says

WP, E.J. Dionne on John Edwards: Making The Poor Visible

Terrorist Math

"news media" now includes "alternative press, bloggers, etc:

GOP senators maintain war (Editorial from Madison, WI):

Joe Conason: Rudy and Romney - Artful Dodgers (Their Chickenhawk Histories)

Lobbyist --(Dem)---Broydrick linked to DC madam list

GMA was not bad today when they did the Obama sex ed story. The correspondent actually smirked

NBC Will Have No Hand in Promoting Fred Thompson, Even in Reruns

Chertoff: Texas border fence 'on track' for fall (Houston Chronicle)

Time: Edwards' poverty tour matters, especially if he can link problems of poor to middle class woes

Media Pushing Conservative Stories?

Amazing Harper's piece on Rove-Karl Rove and the Dream of Absolute Power.

“I am sure that Pres. Bush could write and Ex.Order to that effect”

Executive powers forbid impeachment.


Poll: 63% Say Clinton "Likely" To Win


Must see video: "Inside the Surge"

Insurgents form political front to plan for US pullout

Good Column by Krugman

The Rude Pundit: Fucked New Orleans (A Series That Has No Hope of Ending)

We Are Heading For A Constitutional Crisis! All You Need To Know............

"OK EVERYONE, LISTEN UP" Shut your TV off, Shut your Computer Down...

"He can't muster a bare majority against the least-known Dem in the field."

Why isn't there an Impeachment March on Washington ?

Letter to Speaker Pelosi, July 20, 2007

Clinton hits back at Pentagon official: "spurious dodge of a serious issue."

Would any other President NOT use this as a chance to promote healthcare?

Republicans save the Day!

Call your congress and senate and demand impeachment everyday. Here is the number

Chairman Conyers Writes to Fielding on Executive Privilege

Huffington Post, blogging live from the Twilight Zone...

JetBlue caves to Bill O'Reilly...will not advertise at YearlyKos

Kyl, McCain Obstruct Defense Bill, Then Dishonestly Blame Reid For Not Funding The Troops

MediaMatters: article falsely claimed Obama knocked Edwards

Vets win Agent Orange benefits

US to keep Blair out of Middle East (Condi tells Tony that US will be the leaders)

Hillary Clinton's Tentative Dip Into New Neckline Territory

The next time you hear the RW noise machine just picture this guy saying it

Hillary's Stinging Letter To SecDef Gates Obtained

Cheney confined to Executive Branch for 2.5 hours ?

Quote: "A Hillary/Obama supporter in '07 is no different than a bush supporter in '00"

Edwards challenges Bush* to visit the same povery stricken places JE visited with him

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Guess which Eastern European country will soon have the third largest military force in Iraq?

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So if Cheney is acting President, can he also preside over the Senate at the

How many of you think we will have a Democratic president in 2009?

White House Seeks More Time to Answer Spying Questions

Email from John Kerry:

Calling all poll junkies! Can we come to an agreement on Rasmussen's daily tracking poll?

My Take on the Larry Flynt Release of Hypocrite Identities

Has it been reported yet whether they found Bush's brain or Cheney's heart ?


You heard it first here!!!

Edwards Consultant Tied to Anti-Union Ads

Free Republic is still waiting for money from the RNC.

Edwards pledges to walk the picket line with union workers in Nevada

Obama's Team Not Happy With The CNN/ORC

Impeachment is off the table because there is an election next year. . .

Which candidate do you think will win Al Gore's endorsement?

Now I can be a political name dropper.

Edwards writes a letter to *!!!!

Rasmussen Daily Poll: Hill 38%, Obama 27%, Edwards 13%

Slate: "The Pentagon Insults Hillary Clinton - Big Mistake"

"Bush's Exam Will Leave Cheney in Charge"

Clinton and Cleavage: Thousands of women... "showing cleavage" flood streets of New York

Senate GOP leader sets low expectations for 2008 elections

The next debate in boxing terms

Edwards Calls For A National Commitment To Ending Poverty Within 30 Years

Greens: 1, republicans: -1, Democrats: ?????

FReeper thoughts on "if we were attacked" - Lordy, lordy...

Looks like Hillary is forcing the Pentagon to back down...

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kpete's on the radio right now!

Snark contest: "Bush to have colonoscopy; Cheney to take temporary control"

Excerpt From the new Feingold Biography

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Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (7-20-07)

Obama's Florida crew

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If Impeachment Is Off The Table Could It Be Because *Co Told The Dems......

anti-impeachers: enjoy your complete unitary executive powers

What will it take for impeachment to be on the table?

When Al Gore enters the race...

John Dean just explained the underlying reason for all the Clinton-bashing of the 90s:

2004 Dean supporters, who do you support now?

"Hillary And Kerry Team Up To Force The Pentagon's Hand"

Biden holding Press Conference today in Iowa - unveiling new plan to keep America Safe

Clinton, Romney, Obama way ahead

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Obama's Girls Are Curious About Obama Girl


Police State coming a must read

Where you stand, as of now.

A Democrat in the White House in 2008? -- It's really up to you!

Heading Into SC Debate, Hillary Jumps To 14-Point Lead In The Palmetto State

Im sorry - but this is pure arrogance

Video: Kucinich being interviewed intelligently about Single Payer Health Care

Obama: Allowing acquire nuclear weapons is a risk we cannot take.