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Archives: July 19, 2007

Impeach the wimp. W R Marshall

How The Bush Administration Uses Fear As A Political Tool

Insurgents form political front to plan for US pullout

Sen. Landrieu: Tuesday night debate not a "stunt"

2,000 more Americans troops will die by early 2009 in the service of these political strategies

The Cheney factor

Go for it, Cindy!

Spy Surge

Kissinger’s Secret Meeting With Putin

NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF: Cheney’s Long-Lost Twin

Gulf dead zone to be biggest ever (BBC)

Lobbying Legislature pays big for Virginia Utility

Transformer Explodes in Downtown Manhattan. One person Killed, 16 Injured

Fed. Mediator Seeks To End E. Bay Garbage Lockout

Lost? Better hope you are found within 51 hours, study finds

Companies claim right to interfere with eBay auctions

U.S. Demands Pakistan Act Against Militants, Threatens Intervention

Japan Nuclear-Site Damage Worse Than Reported

US troop levels in Iraq unsustainable after mid-2008: Powell

(Dem. Rep) Taylor, Insurers Lock Horns Over (Insurance Reform) Bill

House Retains Public Broadcasting Funds

Voters unhappy with Bush; Congress: Reuters poll

Iraqi base shortages herald big problems

Doctors not prepared for new prescription pad rules

Vandals Attack Man's Hummer, Leave Note

Bear Stearns says 'no value' left in troubled hedge fund ($20 Bil goes "poof")

Southwest Airlines offering (9,000) worker buyouts to cut costs

U.S. Marine convicted in Iraqi grandfather's death

Dammit, my favorite headphones are shorting out.

Up all night with Freddie King

I think my pod was stolen from my bay.

My told me that she did'nt have an epidural during her 20 hour labor with me ...

Chili's Firecracker Tilapia-Worst Fish Entree EVAH!

I need a drink.

Ever been hounded by bill collectors? Finally, some ironic justice...

Deodorant Stones?


OK Lounge.... I warn you Nancy Pelosi in side

You know, you people are giving me a complex with your calving over Matcom (graphic warning?)

Interested in DU Fantasy Football? 2 slots left - PM me..

I'm writing a book about an American boy who goes to magic school. His name will be "Larry Cotter."

If a dog was the teacher you would learn stuff like:


I just finished off one bottle of wine. Should I open another?

Woot! All packed up and headed for Grey Fox tomorrow!

Kitteh bit me! Ouch!

Anyone else watching Ghosthunters?

Even in their absence, my kids won't let me relax.

John Dean = Brad Pitt

X-POST: Where are the hidden sources of gluten?

I knew I was wrong!!

Hey! You people are OK! Thank you. n/t

Check out this reverse world map.

So in significance and signs which would you consider

Passer-by swipes Faux News reporter's microphone

Damn!! I need to get this earworm out...

Anyone For Some EVOO?

You get to make the next network tv show - your idea, your way, what is it

Internet Service Provider question.


A friend took me out to eat tonight and I had a $6 hamburger and $4 shake.

What's for Dinner, DU?

John Mellencamp is a sucky singer.

I just got a email about the iphone on youtube.

You know, you people are giving me a complex with your fawning over Mrs Matcom

Nooooo! *Top Chef Spoiler*

Do people talk about me when I'm not here?

Tavernertoddler and Tavernertot are watching a god-awful movie "Follow that Bird"

Favorite Quote from "America, A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction"

I got to play with an iPhone's every bit as awesome as it looks on tv

I'm writing a TV show about an man who goes to a city school. His name will be "Gabe Kotter."

I'm inditing a tome about a gamin who studies thaumaturgy. His name will be "Hirsute Ceramicist."

Anyone interested in a DU fantasy???

Anybody know about Boston neighborhoods?

OMG!!! taterguy has the GREATEST SIG LINE EVER!!!

Creepiest Movie Line Ever

The Age of Love

Introducing Ryan Jack 2kewl...

All DU cradle robbers (and robbees) check in here

On a happier note...New Orleans pics! (huge dial-up warning)

Whatcha listening to, DU?

Cool! A new "To Catch a Predator"! I have absolutely

Yikes! Tammy Faye on Larry King

Five More Unions Reach Agreement With Freight Railroads, Accords Now Cover 96,000 Workers in Nation

Union locals, graphics company settle strike

Pro-Union Flight Attendant Fired By Jet Blue After Being Accosted By Customer

How to create an Angry American

US Imperialism

Dinner with Barack Obama

Bill Moyers' eulogy at Lady Bird Johnson's funeral

Rep. Gary L. Ackerman: "This Is World Class Racketeering!" (Iraqi oil)

Senate Up All Night

Black Panther slaughters Hannity on FOX

WaPo: "Iraq Can Succeed -- Unless Iran Gets Nukes"

Don't these Repug Senators ever consider that they might be wrong?

Can WE Do This Here? NYT: Muqtada al-Sadr creating 'parallel government'

Traficant's prosecutor named new Deputy AG

The Hill: Reid pulls the DoD bill

The US constitution needs an update

The Kurdish mountain army awaiting the next invasion of Iraq - Patrick Cockburn

"Sub-pee-nuh? That sounds down right dirty..." -Harriet Miers- (satire)

Hilights of Last Night's "All Nighter Debate!" (You Tube) from TPM...

Don't miss KO tonight

National Review Utters Despicable Lie "Left Doesn't Protest Darfur Genocide"

Has ANY major news outlet said the phrase: "Republican Filibuster"??

Damaged Japanese nuclear plant 'may sit on fault line'

The Age of Love

Judicial Watch after Hillary's White House Diary and Documents

Satire: Bush's personal aid.

The insanity of "waiting until September or October"

I found one reason why I want fred 'old spice man' thompson to run for prez

Bush's personal aid. Satire.

The CNN has been ratcheting up the "terrorist threat" this past week.

Bush vows to veto bill that will insure 3.3 million uninsured children

UP or Down VOTE!!!

I apologize for all previous Tammy Faye Baker jokes. Larry King, your bad.

I got to play with an iPhone's every bit as awesome as it looks on tv

Deleted/Vista issue

Companies claim right to interfere with eBay auctions

An FAQ about Michael Vick's Involvement in Dogfighting Ring

Do you think any Republicans will pre-empt Flynt and admit using hookers?

NBC"s Jim MediaWhorski

Underground Lake may ease Darfur Crisis

Matthews to Judith Miller: "I Sympathize with Scooter!" VIDEO

Was M Moore on Cnn today? n/t

Has Matt PUDGE come "out" yet? - like VITTER??!1 nt/

If Bush Declares martial Law..What Would That Do To The Economy?

I have an economics question for you...

Presenting "Faces of the Liberal Media"!

Question for NYC DUers: Why are there steam pipes under the streets?

I kid you not, CNN has a religious route now on for the Dem nominees;

3623 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Separated at Birth?

Stepfather abuses girls and they have 10 babies!!

Fundraising - G. W. Bush Monument Committee

If you're going to sue Al Quaeda, where do you send notification?

Daily Show: "C-Span After Dark"

Forget 2008, Who's Ready for the 2007 Appointments?!?!

Paul Craig Roberts: A Free Press or a Ministry of Truth?

TDS has Matt Groening (Simpsons) and Colbert has Mellencamp~

Sunnis resisting U.S. occupation form political front to take advantage of eventual pullout

OK kids that grew up with these toys? Are the decepto-cons

Pick a caption for this cartoon

Charlie Rose has John Burns (NYT, Baghdad) on tonight

A Letter To Laura *

How did Al Queda get those steam pipes underground in NY with no one noticing?

Federal Police force patrolling our streets?

"The terror report in my pants has been raised...

NYTimes Op/Ed: Twilight Zone - Repubs Duck Responsibility To "Come Up With An End To His Sorry War."

McClatchy: Feinstein, Cornyn urge Bush to free imprisoned Border Patrol agents

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Bush Vows To Keep Food Supply Safe

Al Sharpton Won't Oppose Imus Comeback

Heh None of the fucking above!

China reporter held for fake cardboard-in-buns story (Reuters)

Why are these people still in power (the executive branch)?

John Mellencamp is a sucky singer.

Do people still think the 9/11 plot was hatched in a cave in Afghanistan?

Why conservatives must remain in Iraq

Who has seen the movie "The Siege"?

ABC's Brian Ross in on Charlie Rose telling us what to expect.

Holy crap. Tammy Faye (on CNN now) looks like death warmed over.

This looks like an interesting little motion picture: No End in Sight

Is this something I am supposed to care about?

Dem. Rep. Gene Taylor (MS) Trying To Reform Nat'l Flood Ins. Program

Dogfighting a booming business, experts say


So what do you think Hillary eats, or has this topic been examined?

Tweety now on Jay Leno (East Coast feed)

Caption Poppy Bush

How many neocons does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

The Big Al Qaeda Catch today is someone Who Never Existed.

Christian Zionists: Ahmadinejad is new Hitler; call on US to attack Iran immediately

Truth is, if the Falcons start the year 6 or 7 straight wins Atlanta will love Vick and won't care

Widow Takes Health Care Fight To Capitol Hill (husband's story was in SICKO)

RWinger email

Maybe it might just be some kind of fun to see Senator Webb drop his hat into

I've been repeatedly asking this question on the need for 60 votes . . .

Is it possible for the so called executive branch to issue a draft w/o Congress?

Lawrence Livermore labs applies to increase open air explosives testing, including use of DU, in CA

What do you think of NBC's "To Catch a Predator"??

Tonight's 'Daily Show' reminded me just how low my standards have become.

U.S. attorney questioned about prosecution of 2 Border Patrol agents

I parked next to a Hummer in the grocery store lot tonight.

Larisa Alexandrovna: Is Someone Leaking Classified Info To Robert Novak Again?

If Cheney Had a Heart Attack or Resigned, Could George Appoint Jeb to Be His VP?

So, whatever happened to:

Now you know...

Daddy's Home - pic

Four days in court in Washington, DC – Peace Activists Found NOT GUILTY

In Defense of Rep. Keith Ellison, an open letter to Abe Foxman

Rev. Finkley of Coatesvillle's Tabernacle Baptist Church Threatens To Have Congregants Arrested

Senators Webb & McCaskill Seek Independent Panel To Probe Wartime Profiteering

Disgust and the law

So I was in Borders the other day and overheard something interesting

Since money is what they understand, the boycott of Home Depot

Please DU This Live Earth Poll - Freeped Badly

WTF? Leader of Al Qaeda Group in Iraq Was FICTIONAL-U.S. Military Admits: Actor Provided Audio Tapes

About the stories about the bees dying off......

Michael Vick is a filthy animal who should be forced into gladiator prison fights

Christian Science Monitor interviewing me for CNN/Youtube Debate Question! IMPEACHMENT; Please VOTE!

ACTION: NFL, Throw the Book at Michael Vick (HSUS Petition)

Humane Society E action: NFL, Throw the Book at Michael Vick

TAKE ACTION: call for solidarity with Iraq Oil Workers

McCain tries to shore up support on the Hill

Stupid article of the day: Democrats might lose pro-Israel vote

Gore supporters, don't say I never gave you anything...

Jim Miklaszewski (NBC) takes cash to bash Edwards at meeting!

The system is rigged and it is your fault.

D.C. Mayor Fenty backs Obama, will serve as campaign chairman

In new ad, Richardson tells Congress to "stand up" to Bush on Iraq

County contains network of support for Obama

Kucinich Hospitalized

Blumenthal's expose of College republicans

GA Poll: Hillary 35, Obama 27, Edwards 16

Harry Reid Cringe?

Judicial Watch seeks access to Hillary's white house records.

Keeping amputees on active duty

Edwards' poverty tour recalls days of RFK

Reid pulls Department of Defense bill

This just in: the candidates are running AGAINST one another

Indian Leader’s Endorsement May Sway Nevada Primary To Clinton

A request: please convince me that your candidate

Wash Post: Hillary Clinton's Promises, or Lack Thereof

And yet another Chicago endorsement...

Edwards calls health care access in U.S. 'shameful'

Edwards: “I want America to join end the great work Bobby Kennedy started."

Tucker Says "Hillary's Thighs are Stainless Steel Nutcrakers"(Digby)

This nation needs a modern-day Teddy Roosevelt. Which Democratic candidate comes close?

Hillary snags endorsement of prominent Chicago Business leader..Chmn.of CME...

GET BEHIND hillary and stop the fighting?

Senator Gordon Smith admits that some Republicans didn't vote for the Iraq pullout to be spiteful.

Congress, Frog march Harriet Miers straight to trial.

Health Care vs. the Profit Principle - Barbara Ehrenreich

Founder of INDN List, training for Native American candidates, upset candidates won't attend forum.

Sobering intelligence report undercuts Bush's story line (USAToday OP-ED)

After College Ends, So Does Activism

The Chemical Ali Lie Uncovered!

Whose Conspiracy? (The Jose Padilla case)

Taking Apart Bill O'Reilly's Shoddy Journalism

Leave Iraq...(yawn) and nothing much happens.

Too Few Control Too Much Information for the Rest of Us (by Norman Horowitz for HuffPost)

NYT editorial, "Twilight Zone Filibusters": Buying time for Bush's aimless policies


It Wasn't Terrorism. Who needs al Qaeda when you have 83-year-old underground pipes?

How Lost the War Is

Idiot Repug gets it wrong about my LTTE

LAT op-ed, "Iraq Hasn't Even Begun": Bush fell "slap-bang" into bin Laden's trap

Kurdish Mountain Army Awaits Turkish Incursion: The Next Invasion of Iraq

Cheney suppressed evidence in CA energy crisis

Be afraid, be very afraid. And if you’re not, you’re just not trying

We the Legacy

Elliot D. Cohen Says Question! Be Critical! That's How To Take Back Democracy

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Community, Conference Calls & Our Postal Rate Campaign

Iraq Hasn’t Even Begun

LAtimes: Iraq hasn't even begun (everything people need to know about Ipaq imo)


It's Roger Ailes and Neil Cavuto the Wall Street Journal should fear

Hiding Behind the Troops

Sex, Lies and Federal Funding

Dave Lindorff: America at War: Killing Cabbies in Iraq

Waiting for the Other Terror Shoe to Drop (by Bill Katovsky for HuffPost)

Tough Q1 for Indian Outsourcing Firms

Is Ashton Kutcher going to Jump Out?

Bush to Children: Drop Dead

Barbara Ehrenreich: What Causes Cancer? Probably Not You

The Foreclosing of America (4): vicious and virtuous circles

John Edwards Vows To End All Bad Things By 2011

Bill Maher: George Bush's Jihad Recruitment Drive

International banks shun Cuba under U.S. scrutiny

New Gene Lyons column

International banks shun Cuba under U.S. scrutiny

The Brain Drain

Marbury vs. Jordan: The NY Knicks point guard is showing what a real social conscience looks like

To H-1B Or Not To H-1B?

"Balls" dangling from a truck trailer hitch

American Prospect 2001: How the DLC Does it

A Wake-up Call By Paul Craig Roberts (discussed on hour 1 of Hartman today)

Dateline Sued In Sex Sting Suicide

The Super Fund is now a "Super Letdown"

US to mull energy proposals from panel led by ex-Exxon chief - AFP

Power cut fears after Japan quake - BBC

Ethanol production pushing up dairy prices?

Leaks at Japanese Nuclear Plant Continued Undetected After Quake

"Disastrous" Season For Scottish Seabirds - Cliffs Normally Packed Stand Empty After Chicks' Deaths

Does anyone know of any great loans

Mediterrenean Drowning In Hidden Sea Of Plastic Rubbish - Independent

Tim Flannery - Howard Climate Plan "A Great Big 'Trust Me 'Till After The Election'"

143 Hospitalized In Ukraine After Train Wreck Dumps Toxic Phosphorous - AFP

As Amphibian Populations Collapse Worldwide, Chytrid Fungus Confirmed In Missouri - Post-Dispatch

Dutch Ban Import & Sale Of Canadian Seal Products: Inuit Exempted - AFP

Papers Detail Industry's Role in Cheney's Energy Report

China's "Most Liveable New Township" A Cesspool Of Toxins, Cancer, Gov. Says - AFP

Environment-Japan: Quake Devastates Nuclear Power Plans

Pacific Power to convert coal mine to wind

Britain Bracing For Torrential Rains This Weekend - Reuters

Another Blue-Green Algae Bloom Cuts Water Supplies To 125K In NE China - Reuters

UCS Projections For MA By 2100 - Drought, Parts Of Boston Underwater, No Lobster, Skiing

(Nevada Gov.) Jim Gibbons (R) seen undermining a nuke-free Yucca

sustainability essay that is making the rounds- brilliant

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Promoting Flex and Bio Fuel?

Houston plays to native strengths with wind energy deal for city buildings.

Global Market Brief: Nuclear Aftershocks from Japan's Earthquake

Invasive crab crawls slowly toward Maine

Climate change action: Too little, too late? (BBC)

Japan's Tepco may miss earnings targets after quake cripples main nuclear plant

Dubai Reports Crude Oil Production Falls By 30%+ In Past Two Years - Dow Jones

Organic Solar Cell Technology Moves Forward

1000% Increase In Vines In 20 Years Drastically Altering SE US Forests - Ohio State Study - AFP

Fish At Gore Reception Turns Out To Be MSC-Certified - Telegraph

Situation Grave at New York City Fossil Fuel Accident Site.

FEMA Suppressed Health Warnings for Workers, Katrina Victims

Concerns Rise Over Vulnerability of U.S. Atomic Facilities to Earthquakes

Plans to Convert More Weapons Plutonium

Damaged Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant shut for at least a year - "damage unprecedented"

Everything you could possibly want to know about nuclear power - in one pdf

New death plot chills relations with Putin

White House to Lobby Lawmakers on Iraq

Bank boss in Dow Jones deal probe

Task Force Marne Soldier attacked (Thursday)

Two US soldiers charged with murder of Iraqi

(Bill) Clinton: No Military Victory in Iraq

From Wales, a box to make biofuel from car fumes

Teen Girls Accused Of Setting Kitten Ablaze

Insurgents form political front to plan for US pullout

(CBS/NYT) Poll: Most Support Iraq Timetable

Leading Indicators Slip In June, Suggesting U.S. Economy To Slow

U.S. top commander meets Iraqi officials on transference of security responsibility

Kurds to deploy militias in Kirkuk

Traficant prosecutor tapped as Justice Department's No. 2

National lab worker accused of stealing (nuclear weapons) secrets

Libby Trial Exhibits

Asbestos found in dust from NYC Explosion

American troops leave injured Aussie for dead

Woman pursued by police after crashing through presidential barricade.

Christian Group President Facing Prostitution Charges

Group Sues For Clinton's File

2 Heating Oil Companies Raided By Feds

Sunni bloc ends boycott of Iraqi parliament

Suspect Arrested In Mike Webb's Killing

International banks shun Cuba under U.S. scrutiny

Iraq: Grim tattoo subculture emerges amid daily violence

Director Resigns Dow Jones Board In Protest Over News Corp. Deal

(UK) No charges on 'cash for honours'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday July 19

China says bogus buns story 'faked'

Cheney steps in to push nuclear deal (India)

Madam has Vitter in mind for witness list

Four U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad bomb: military

Russia expels four UK diplomats

McCain snaps: ‘Finished’ discussing campaign

Contract employee charged with stealing classified uranium data from lab

Pentagon rebukes Sen. Clinton on Iraq

Computer System Used to Fight Meth

U.S. Officials Say Iraq Gripped By Fear

Pentagon may need till Nov. for full Iraq review

FEMA Suppressed Health Warnings for Workers, Katrina Victims

Swedish woman gets superfast Internet - no limitiations to internet speed

Christian Group President Facing Prostitution Charges

Hot dog chili sauce in botulism recall

Bill Clinton Defends Wife's Record On Women's Issues

Billionaire accused of building hidden sex and drugs den (Bush Donor)

Novak Justifies Outing Plame & Sources

Senate Panel Restores Profanity Fines

Kucinich back in Washington after food poisoning

Three UK Iraq servicemen killed

Valerie Plame's lawsuit dismissed

Colombians sue Chiquita over alleged paramilitary ties

Viking treasure hoard uncovered

Marianas Gov. Cooperating in Lobby Probe

Bush chief of staff faces possible contempt charges

Al Gore's fish dinner turns out green

2 U.S. Soldiers Charged with Murder in Iraq

Fed warns of $100bn credit losses

Bush Hits New Low In N.H. (24% in CNN Poll)

Duke: iPhone May Be Disrupting Network

Pentagon rebukes Clinton on Iraq ("reinforces enemy propaganda")

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wants to send a message

Sex Ed for Kindergarteners 'Right Thing to Do,' Says Obama

Colombia extradites cocaine lord "Scratch" to U.S.

Pentagon extends Iraq tours for 2,200 Marines

Swift Boat Ad Firm Denies Link to Viral, Racist GOP Attack Videos

New Suicide Bombings Kill 29 in Pakistan

Come on! Now, does this look like a man who would make doggies fight?

Us and Them

A client had 2 dogs put down because of meningitis

Have you "found your niche" in life?

Semi-bravo, Barbara!

Drinking game

Try to Praise the Mutilated World

When you brush your teeth and then eat mint icecream...

Please may I have another, Writer?

G'night peoples.

What the hell you doing?

I've found myself in lyrics...

old laptop,newer dsl modem?

Reply to this thread and you will be the first person to respond to me all day

Fisherman nets dead pal's skull (after he went missing 3 years ago)

I just bit into what appears to be someone ELSE'S tooth in my cheese

I'm Finally Back In My Apartment - What Did I Miss?

When I was a kid, a friend told me that if you were moving at exactly midnight

Good God, am I glad that I joined DU. I just heard from someone I've REALLY been wanting

I close my eyes

Anybody here have a beach house in NJ you're not using this weekend?

Edit: I was creating a blog.

hey, is there a baby tk2kewl yet?

You tube comments can be better than the videos.

Quotes about life and death thread

Great, I am getting a cold

there were funky chinamen

Man Stabs Wife With Sword While Yelling "Show Me The Money!"

The postman just brought Harry Potter in the mail...two days early... (no spoilers, I promise)

Most depressing scene in a movie...

What Teletubbies do when the cameras stop rolling

Judy Miller's had some "work" done

*clings to The Lounge* What a nightmare. Thank goodness it's over.

Bon Jovi Objects to Name of Energy Drink

Another Blatant Bush White House Lie!

Teen Escapees Still Evading Capture

Indian granny thrown on garbage dump

Hey, can anybody lend me some money?

Can You Learn a Foreign Language By Audio Tape Alone?

Holey Moley Abalone . . .

My new cubemate sounds like a cartoon character when he drinks

I hate it when I accidentally delete a shortcut on my

Worst videogame?

St Patrick's 'day' moved to 15th March for 2008

fellow AutoCAD drafters, a question:

Religious Book Seller Struck By Lightning

*tiptoes through the lounge*

So who are the characters in the new DU non-faith based toys?

michael vick should be remanded to the custody of the US marshall pending deportation and removal

Information about bipolar disorder

Thank you to everyone.

Question about Second Life

Here's one person who will be looking forward to this weekend.

So I am laying in ER and being interviewed by "hospitalist"

Are you just wild about Harry?

My suggestion for the plot of X-Files 2

Squirming fly larvae pulled from traveler's head

I really hate being sick in the summertime!

When you are drunk, do *NOT* pick on an older guy who was an amateur boxer!

Its been a hoot working in midtown east in nyc today!!

Anyone else addicted to "Heroin"?

Anyone else a Hookah Lounge frequenter?

Mmm mmm good! Just microwaved myself a hot cup of java.

Question for DUers about your Lawn

Post band names that you shouldn't do a Google Image Search for

Mom charged with beating kids on plane

Who's your favorite Ethel?

Question for those of you who are in the mood to give advice

The Most Creative, Best Designed Web Site I've Ever Seen

I have got to stop going to GD.

I love the dead

Hey assholes, it's not 420 for all of us yet and besides 420 am is the important commemoration...

I just don't like "The Godfather"

Lunchtime question: Check in if you ever got free gub'ment cheese & why!

Day old cold pizza - can life get any better than this

#753 for BONDS . . .

So did billyskank ever come out of the kitchen??

If underpants was doing his damn job he would have warned me about tonight's severe storms

dont you love it when you get spam from yourself?

Lions are similar to human pimps. Fuckers do no work. Keep a harem. Live off the Lioness.

Barry Bonds Appreciation Thread!!1!! Up to 753 TODAY!!1!!

Oh no . . .here it comes again . . .

Japan's lonely hearts turn to dolls for sex, company

Anyone Else Addicted to "Top Gun"?

Anyone who is familiar with the WM3 case - DNA testing concludes

If a credit/debit card expires 08/07, is that on August 1, or the end of August 30?

Anyone watch Confessions of a Matchmaker on A&E

$10 Million Titian Bought At Garage Sale For $600

This job hunting thing is getting INSANE!

Is it just me, or are these speeds too fast?

Severe thunderstorm just hit. And, where's TeenMidlo?

wrong board

My NYC Bretheren! How you guys handling the storm?

Having Trouble With Tribbles

Anyone Else Addicted to "Top Cat"?

Note to Barry Bonds fans and foes

Having Trouble With Triscuits

New Yorkers : When Is The USS Intrepid Back From Repairs

My day sucked and it rained!

Vandals attack Huns, leave note

My new blog.

I propose we replace the Senate and House with Slytherin and Gryfndor.

Do you like Fantasy Football? DU has one! Requires Yahoo! account

Someone Is Poking Holes In My Underwear, Should I Go Golfing?

"No more Enrons! This year I'm voting Democratic..."

Bob Dylan - Red Rocks - Tonight

My husband is golfing. Again.

An excellent day I must say!

Life is just a series of atomic elements interacting with each other - driven by quantum mechanics

Barry Bonds 2 away from tying Aaron's HR mark..

75 year old Swedish lady has world's fastest residential Internet - 40 gigabits a second

I just bought this painting

Boring vacation pics!!! DIALUP warning

I just took picture number 1000 on my digital camera!

Child Found In Street With Noose Around Neck

How would YOU like to have a DU bumpersticker?

Several times a day, a child has been screaming.....

All DU grave robbers (and robbees) check in here

Have you "found your nits" in life?

Kids are SUCKERS!

Have you "found your glitch" in life?(lame copycat)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 7/19/2007)

Clothing-optional Town Decides to Ban Public Nudity

WOOHOO!!!!! Johnny Drama got an Emmy Nomination WOOHOO!!!!!

Why you can't foul out in baseball

HARRY POTTER question: Was Sirius Black in Slytherin or Gryffindor?

I always get that sinking feeling

I am sitting on the back porch, amongst the flowers and fauna.

The Fleet Enema is POWERFUL stuff.

Cinch bugs. Manganese.

My friend died.

Philboy appreciation thread!

What do you get when you cross the Spokesman for Scientology with the 3rd Reich?

Vandals attack man's Hummer, leave note

Vandals give man Hummer, leave note

I saw something really nice this morning.

Loungers, please help this Live Earth poll thread in GD. It's been badly Freeped.

Let's play "what fell off my car last night?" I have no idea. I'll describe it.

DUDE! IT'S 420!

Has anyone here ever been to Monrovia, Liberia before?

Cutest bebbeh animal pic thread!

Two kinds of pretentious assholery I despise:

Why Is laura Bush holding a Wand in This Picture?

Barzini is dead. Philip Tataglia is dead...


Have you "found your quiche" in life?

Having Trouble With itunes

The X-Files 2 movie coming

If you were a Super Villain what would your super power be?

Burned Cat Clings to Life; Girls Charged

"Thou shalt not suffer a troll to go amongst your brethren."

Michael Vick - WTF? . . .

Post your unconscionably violent stick figure movies here.

What Is The Best State In The US

I can't find my Bracelet! I am frantic!!

What celebrity do you currently have the hots for?

Okay...that's it. I need a definitive answer here.

Most annoying contestant on Cash Cab ever.

$30 for a plastic wand?!

Anyone else addicted to "Top Chef"?

What's your special unique talent?

I bought a jean skirt that's too short to wear in public.

Greatest song in excess of 8 minutes.

Vets' disability pay is widely disparate

Help lags for homeless female veterans

Today in labor history July 19

Olbermann to Host AFL-CIO Working Families

Sharp nurses say they're happy with labor contract

Pittsburgh's Macy's union complains over new all-black dress code

Houston Unions vie for health care workers

Robert D. Novak: Big Labor's (free) Trade Shutdown

Hacking Democracy - pt 2

Hacking Democracy - Pt 3

Hacking Democracy - Pt 4

Hacking Democracy - Part 5

Hacking Democracy - Part 6

Hacking Democracy Part 7

Hacking Democracy 8 of 9

Nobody seems to notice....

O'Reilly creeps out Olbermann: "It's not a negligee situation?"

The BBC Documentary the Catholic Church Doesn't Want Seen

Asbestos found in dust from NYC Blast

Sibel Edmonds. Investigations Thwarted

Generation Chickenhawk

John Edwards at Beatitude House, Part 1

WP's Thomas Ricks, author of "Fiasco," with Olbermann on "Countdown"

Coffee with Herb Kohl

Hearing on FEMA's "Toxic Trailers": Waxman's Opening

Protesting the Protesters


Generation Chickenhawk: With The College Republicans

Hacking Democracy 9 of 9

Worst Persons In World: Fox Noise, Townsend & Bill-O

Hacking Democracy - Part 1

Bush's New Executive Order

When Will We Have Had Enough?

NYTimes editorial: Cheney and Ahmadinejad: twins separated at birth? (Kristof

Gulf dead zone to be biggest ever

It's hot in TX, and very rainy where I live. What do you think August/September

Question answered, thanks

New Zealand Parliament Education Committee Considers Prostitution Degree

Looks like Falcon fans are backing Vick

2 US Soldiers Charged With Murder in Iraq

"To Catch A Predator" And Other Stings...

Is ABC turning into the 700 Club News Network?

Question for John Edwards supporters about his poverty focus

Total power drives you totally mad

Bush tackles scares over imports

Heads Up - Foreign Relations Committee Hearing today-Update on Iraq

Four more soldiers and an interpreter

Bush Dropping the Ball on al Qaeda...

Jackpine English

C-SPAN WJ: Sen. John Kerry Live 7:40 CT


Cspan-2: Reconstruction in Iraqi Oil Sector

McClatchy: : IT'S A MIRACLE! Pentagon finds $1.2 billion for mine-fortified vehicles

36 year old Houston City Councilman called "Chickenhawk" on his right wing radio show. Poll: War Support Waning

Has ChristieTodd Whitman pronounced the air in NYC "safe" yet?

John Kerry on WJ now n/t

Former Reagan Official: Bush May Stage False Flag Events To Reinstate Draft

NYT Editorial: Twilight Zone Filibusters (Actually Explains What Went Down)

Help lags for homeless female veterans (xpost from Veterans forum)

NYT: Stymied by G.O.P., Democrats Stop Debate on Iraq

If the "surge" fails, what will Bush do? Maybe another "surge".

The roots of torture in the War on Terror

If You Haven't Read The National Intelligence Estimate (July 2007) You Should

School bullies getting shot by their victims.

And to think that all those people died through the use of stupid slogans.

Why the big NIE terror terror report yesterday?

Ok now the fillibuster is over I want to talk about Mena Arkansas.....

Suggestion for Pelosi and Reid:

Being George Bush (plus Poppy's Got a Gun!) ---pix--->>>

Tell me why anyone in their right mind would go on O'Reilly's show!

Vibrating rings guide city tourists

Committee Probes FEMA's Response to Reports of Toxic Trailers

How to get out of Iraq

Does anyone know who we are fighting in Iraq?

Wiccan Warriors discussion of the Bill of Rights...7th Amendment

Is anyone seeing Tweety melting down on Leno? He's calling out

Senators to get dog and pony show on Iraq progress today:

I'm Sorry... But A Post About Karl Rove's Love Life:

DeLay: Abortion linked to undocumented immigration

According to CNN I'm in a pretty exclusive club the 40% of Americans

Iraq Occupation Costs Approach $567 Billion, Congressional Report Says

When is Cheney going into hospital?

Turkey Bombs Northern Iraq

How "The Sun" Shown On Bush/Blair After Phone Chats With Murdoch

I don't know where the House is, but Neil Abercrombie is on CSPAN

Retired Diplomat: "...this bunch will not leave the White House easily in 2009"

Edwards agrees to debate Clinton and Kucinich

Did Saudi kid confirm Bush let bin Laden escape at Tora Bora? (with video)


IRAQ Hearing this morning, live from Baghdad. C-Span 3 at 10:30 am

Robo-Dogs of War

Leader of Al Qaeda group in Iraq was fictional, U.S. military says

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Hummer Owner Gets Angry Message

bwaaahaaahaaaa - yiddish with george and laura

The postman just brought Harry Potter in the mail...two days early... (no spoilers, I promise)

What You Need to Know NOW Re: Bush's Exec. Order 51 Plans to Take Over Government

Virtual politic-ing and campaigning

Head of Canadian Medical Association wants to smash state healthcare for U.S. "profit" models

Bipartisan bill to limit use of Social Security numbers

Sex sting arrests in Murphy, TX headlines on To Catch a Predator but the arrest may be unlawful

Bush's approval at 19% in Wisconsin


US Military: "al-Mashhadani’s (AQ #2) comments hadn’t been independently verified"

Two arrested, motive behind slaying of Macedonia Baptist Church pastor unknown

Norman Solomon: From the Grave, a Senator Exposes Bloody Hands on Capitol Hill

Senate Vote on Iraq in Line With Public Opinion

So the steam pipe that burst was 83 years old

DeLay: Illegal Immigrants fill jobs aborted babies can't?

Iraqi insurgents speak on video.

Indicted Florida Priest allowed to go to Boston for event, circuit judge decides

Arlene Violet being yanked off the air in Rhode Island, replaced by Sean Hannity!

Slate: Prepare for more domestic spying?

McClatchy: U.S. threatens action in Pakistan

Focus of Iraq War Debate Shifts to House

Poppy's Got a Gun ---pix--->>>

anybody seen this yet?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Thur 7/19 -- we invade Iraq for rugs?


Japan nuclear power plant leaked again after quake

Despite Reports That Nearly Half of Foreign Militants in Iraq Are Saudi, WH and Congress Blame Iran

Tony Snow (OpEd): President has weakened al-Qaeda, made USA safer from attack

My "Angry Leftist" movie weekend.....

Murdoch’s Arrival Worries Journal Employees

new Gallup: Chimpy approval @ 31%

Science Hearing on Disarray at Hurricane Center

*** Senate Foreign Relations Committee Update on Iraq ***

Iraqi Media: Two Anbar Bridges Destroyed Thursday

Primal forces of nature

Waiting For ANY Shoe To Drop!

Wow, look at these gas prices! It's quite telling.

Contractors fume over slow FEMA checks

The Insurgency in Iraq

What? No posts on Vick's supposed violence being caused by "roid rage"???

Washington Times Propagates False Headline: ‘Senate Rejects Iraq Pullout’

While walking around O'Hare Airport on Monday.....

Bush's latest EO: Read it and weep

NFL will allow Vick to play, report says

reason for recent/current power outage in Calif. - Wet Dust

Stephanie Miller will be testifying before Congress today about the right-wing stranglehold on radio

A Boeing / Israeli Joint Venture - Spy Towers on the US Border

Plamegate - the movie

Islamic Creationist And A Book Sent Round The World

Iran's Evin Prison Likened to Torture Chamber

It actuallly takes on 41 US Senators not 60

McCain's speech to radical pro-nuke Iran group, CUFI

I do hope Congress passes the extension to the CHIP program

"Palfrey's lawyer said he would be releasing another batch of names next week."

Surreal reading of the day.......

Just found a gold mine of Republican parodies

federal prosecutor (case against former Rep. James Traficant) named as No. 2 at Justice

City staff asked to look into which services can be denied illegal immigrants

IEEPA? You do realize that this same law has been around since the '50s, right?

Plastic Jesus action figures

you should think twice about swimming in the upper Gulf

had to turn Miller off this morning

Political parodies and other songs

My "Poetic Justice" Suggestions for Michael Vick

Bush Government to Poor Voters: We Don't Want You to Vote

Tainted hot dog chili sauce sends 4 to hospital

Here's to the State of George W. Bush

Sneak peek at next week's "New Adventures Of Queen Victoria"

Sheriff heats up pot issue

McClatchy:As 'Iraq Summer' effort heats up, Republicans could sweat

I does a person start a non-profit organization? nt

I was just researching "signing statements" and came across this:

Two Races, Two Systems of Justice in Louisiana: Amy Goodman

Congress can hold all night Iraqathons until the cows come home....

National Association of Black Journalists: Keep Imus Off the Air

Classified Material Stolen From Nuke Lab

Dianne Feinstein is a thoroughgoing disappointment.

Ethics complaint filed against Senator Vitter for soliciting hooker

America Is Just Starting To Wake Up To The Awesome Scale Of Its Iraq Disaster

Gee! CNN is now a patient advocate ..

FEMA accused of suppressing health warning about Katrina trailers (75,000 families affected)

Foley: Half Million to Lawyers

Senate Panel Approves Expansion of Children's Health Insurance Program Despite Veto Threat

Body found nose gear of plane from China to San Francisco

Now that Crocker* says there is a pervasive atmosphere

62,000,000 voted for GW in 04, a guy who said God told him to invade Iraq

Soooo what is the latest news on miers?

Libby Trial Exhibits

Meat is murder on the environment

Woman mistakes stuffed toy for masked crook

CAPTION: Bush is praying hard that he won't _________ (fill in the blank)

If Tony Snow has months to live, he should quit his job and come to terms with his lies.

Wow - another LTTE from a recovering * supporter

Another toy recall...Easy-Bake Oven, Hasbro

Need help debating a wingnut (re: enviroment, RFK Jr. and private planes, etc.)

What bothers me about the Vick situation:

DU an online poll for who Dem presidential nominee should be LINK

Augusta food company recalls products after illnesses reported

Wingnut propaganda hit piece gets 7 Emmy nominations

Here's a question about the D.C. Madam's list....

Heads UP!! Tornado warnings issued for parts of Connecticut

Dick Durbin: ActBlue -- an engine for progressive change

WaPo: "YouTube Users Will Quiz the Candidates" (and impeachment tops to list)

George Looks Over Some Buns ---pix--->>>

Dems wield war debate to weaken GOP in 2008

If you're not reading Dan Froomkin every single day, you really really should be.

Plame: Guess Rove, Cheney, Libby & bu$h* get last laugh

A dem gets elected in '08 and appoints..for head of CIA?

What a bunch of whiny babies those hurricane survivors are.

PLAMEOLOGISTS: I need to source Valerie Plame's CIA assignment

Plame judge same judge who dismissed Cheney's energy task force records suit

Why doesn't our "liberal" media show Americans the refugee camps that hold over 2 million Iraqis?

Is Larry Flynt's Life In Danger

''executed the losing dog by wetting the dog down with water and electrocuting the animal.

Thanks George Bush

Fox News Poll: Obama crushes Empty Suit Fred Thompson, 48-32, All Dems beat All Reps

Barry Manilow is a Ron Paul supporter!!!!

Court Says Factory Farm Pollution OK

Here come the Internatiional Elders

Interesting housing article..

Bushekan Do You Speak It?

I think I've found Cheney's "undisclosed location" lair.

Nice Try: Prison Inmates Copyright Names, Sue Warden For Unauthorized Use

Global 'elders' launch new alliance

What's going to happen to the middle east when the oil runs out or when the world changes energy sou


Judge Dismisses Plame Civil Suit Against Cheney, Rove, And Libby

Dem leaders say they were unaware of Petraeus hearing

The GOP, the Marianas, and the horrors of unchecked capitalism

Glenn Greenwald: How much credence should Gen. Petraeus' reports be given?

Town passes emergency rule to outlaw public nudity {Brattleboro, VT} (AP/CNN)

Can some informed DUer please help me?

Forum poster solves the adultery problem: Execute the cheating spouse.

Even Wingnuts Sing the Bush-Hating Blues

LOL--Group files ethics complaint against Senator "Diapers" Vitter

Chairwoman Sánchez Rules Against Invocation of Executive Privilege

Larry Flynt as Moralist

RE: Yesterdays New York Scare.

3628 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Want to know what I use for grocery bags?

Can The Wilsons Appeal?

Bush will appoint Neo-con James Jeffrey as Deputy National Security Adviser

What a surprise in the Valorie Plame case.

Some of Cheney's energy task force players from an unidentified wh source

NY stream pipe bursting ?

Ambassador to Iraq warns against withdrawal

Judge John Bates Full Ruling on Plame/Wilson Lawsuit

Washington Post Editorial: Bomb Nuclear-Armed Pakistan

Debate on Child Pornography’s Link to Molesting

Coultergeist is giving it away for FREE

Leahy, Durbin, Feingold: "DOJ Counsel HAS BROKEN THE LAW"

"If You're Not With Us You're With The Terrorists"

So, since Blackwater is allowed to exist

John Kerry was on C-Span's Washington Journal this's what he said.

OFFER: Free George Lakoff DVD and/or book!

Gonzales has no ‘regret’ over pressuring a sick Ashcroft.

Pentagon war games show Bush wrong on Iraq pullout; Qaeda unlikely to succeed

Al Gore underware made by Tibetan Monks


I want leadership from the Democrats on food labeling!

Forbes Publisher Rich Karlgaard on Fox: Dead U.S. Soldiers Are Okay... Because They're Volunteers

Kommander Krazy and The Grimace: Super Villains at large

Durbin aide to White House: Try using the phone

Senator Robert Byrd: My Letter to President Bush

Two US Soldiers Charged With Murder

Robert Parry: Bush Is al-Qaeda's Strategic Ally

Repub Paul Craig Roberts on Thom Hartmann

Front soldiers want peace. The peoples want peace.

President Hillary Rodham Clinton

Country of origin food labeling

BREAKING NEWS: Dow Jones director resigns:

So are we Having a Constutional Crisis of Government

Though we don't really need to say it yet again, I'm going to...

I thought Israel was not a theocracy

Sen. Carl Levin criticizes Iraqis for not giving up their oil fast enough

Larisa Alexandrovna: Bloggers Can Now Afford CIA FOIA Requests

Question about dismissal of Libby-Plame lawsuit.

A suggestion regarding weather.

Mea Culpa: How I Succumbed to Anti-Foreign Bias

Soldiers still go over the hill even in an all-volunteer Army

REPORT: Iraq War To Cost $550 Billion By October

novak on scareborough, Boy This Show Sucks

Earth's habitability at increasing risk, Gore tells summit

You tube doing their work to impeach bush

Watching this admin is like watching Chinatown every single day-esp. today with the Plame case

Are you a bad customer?

Eureka, I have it!! George Bush is an Al Qaeda mole. That explains a lot.

So I was talking to a soldier last evening

Democrats: Miers immunity claim may be illegitimate

The Live Earth Site Has Much To Learn...

CaPITAL, a new neurological disorder in our nation's TV hosts

What does a "centrist" believe in or stand for?

Bush and Osama bin Laden are tied at the hip. Take a look at their new ad.

"There is no flag..."

CIA admitted Osama Bin Laden an "intelligence asset".

If destroying property is considered terrorism how about destroying the environment?

The (p)Resident *has* declared a "National Emergency"

Its Time For Harry Reid To Remain

Bush Refuses To Renew Health Care Plan for Poor Children


I'm calling for Al Gore's resignation RIGHT NOW!

BREAKING: Judge dismisses Valerie Plame’s lawsuit against White House over CIA leak

It's time for Harry Reid to resign

I Really doubt this is even understood now -

Huge TORNADOES photographed in Connecticut.

World must keep Mandela's legacy alive: Clinton

So it takes our military over a year to find out that a supposed terrorist "leader" DOESN'T EXIST?!


situation room sans Wolfie is actually watchable.

Senator Susan Collins Rejoining The GOP WINO Caucus?

A Subpoena is only a polite request .

Have you arrived to the point where you believe NOTHING they say?

Have you ever delivered a baby at your job?

This has to be said - now -

Vandals Attack Man's Hummer, Leave Note

Katrina, Ice Trucks, 85M Pounds, $12.5 Million & Poof! All Gone!

What's up with the Miers contempt effort?

Has anyone noticed the dramatic increase in trolls lately?

Poverty coming to the forefront in Democratic Presidential campaigns

Pentagon: ‘Public Discussion’ Of Iraq Withdrawal ‘Reinforces Enemy Propaganda’

Tom Hartman is AMAZING today

Time for the Buzzflash Media Putz of the Week! This week's winner is...

Michael Moore: 'Sicko' Top 5 Grossing Doc Of All Time / Colbert Tonight / CNN Rescheduled / CONTEST!

Ed Rogers on Tweety's show - Barnicle substituting:

Bonds hit # 753 and #753

Ed Rogers (nutball RW asshole on Hardball) has the solution!


Holy crap: Pentagon Rebukes Hillary on Iraq

Are Media Out to Get John Edwards?

SNOW: "I Used A Dumb Lie" (works for me)

24%: the latest in a string of new lows for Little Boots.

Our Military Service Personnel.....

My daughter flew to Washington this am

I KNEW there was a reason I can't stand the term "Homeland" Security!!!!

ANOTHER sex scandal

Great rant from Peace Patriot

Latest Bush Polls - AL, KS, KY, & VA - Whoa - So Impeach Him Already!

The Farm Bill - Why it matters to YOU and your family

Chenney suppressed evidence in CA energy crisis Impeach

Murphy sex sting: Who benefits? To Catch a Predator PART 2

Nike: (to Vick).. No shoe for YOU!

Got any bright ideas for the Big 3 and the UAW?

Have you ever wondered if you're objective about Hillary?

PHOTOS: Well, looky who DOESN'T get to take August off like Chimpolini & Iraq parliament?

Sen. Feingold responded to my inquiry regarding impeachement

Romney spent $300 on makeup 'consulting'

What kind of a man enjoys dog fighting?

Do you ever get the feeling you don't belong in "this" world now?

Who the heck is this idiot, Michael Wolf, who is on Hardball now?

Battle Creek, MI Youth pastor at Chapel Hill United Methodist Church faces sex charges

Harry Reid Cuts Off The GOP's Escape Routes-This NOT All-Night Session Is The REAL Story Here.

Ahem...what we Libertarian Leaning Dems mean by Libertarian Leaning

Recycling - how to get everyone to participate

Realistically, is there anything that Congress can really do?

Presidential Poll

How to Talk to a Republican, If You Must

Why are some people sadistic?

Cheney Suppressed Evidence in California Energy Crisis

The Decider Meets a Troop ---pix--->>>

Bush declares Martial Law. Country yawns, changes channel

Terra in Dallas (maybe)

If you eat eggs, you should be forced into gladiator prison fights

Breaking on MSNBC - Valerie Plame's lawsuit

Should Poppy Actually Be Handling a Gun? ---pix--->>>

BREAKING: Fred Thompson billing records prove, lobbied for pro-choice tent, CASE CLOSED

Been offline, wtf happened with being able to lock bank accounts?

75 percent of Americans overweight by 2015

What punishment is appropriate for animal torturers?

Hartmann Interview with Paul Craig Roberts ONLINE

Watchdog group asks Senate ethics panel to start Vitter inquiry

Attacks on Gore backfire

Crisis in '08 to keep Bush in WH feared by retired U.S. Ambassador

Does the Earth care if it gets trashed by a Hummer or a Civic?

Getting screwed in New & Interesting ways by Bank of America.

"a year from now the US could be a dictatorial police state at war with Iran"

The Declaration of Independence...Ever Read It?

Conyers Threatens WH With INHERENT CONTEMPT-"If I Do Not Hear From You-I Will Have NO Choice"

TOON: Scary Plotter and the Deathly Hallows

YES. Sex education is VERY appropriate in kindergarten!!

Tim Russert...Can you guess who is his dream "get"?

*** Thursday TOONs: Priest, Vick, etc ***

Daniel Pearl's widow sues al-Qaeda

A General Strike nationwide needed now to get impeachment to happen?...


White House privilege claim ruled ‘not legally valid.’

This Video of Tammy Faye Will break your Heart!

Amazing Interview – Florida Dem. Party Chair Interviewed by Progressive Dem – Part II of Series

Flynt Hint: says he has "solid leads" on an '08 candidate...

2 green news: The Big Ask Online March on climate change and a German pioneer in solar energy

How about a radical redefinition?

Graphic example of why sex ed DOES belong in kindergarten

Silencing Critics Not Way To Middle East Peace

Dean responds to Bush's Iraq BS

BEWARE of charming young girls on the phone

DUers getting calls from military recruiters: Post dirty tricks here


Michael Vick and Duke Lacrosse....

Making an Oregon county free of 'illegal workers'

Executive Order: Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq

Beggars with puppies, Michael Vick, and an American blind spot the size of the sun.

Aspartame: No worries or Poison? (POLL)

MoveOn goes for substance in its online debates

Suit against Clinton pollster dropped

Will Obama haters call on Hillary and Edwards to skip NBC/MSNBC debates?

Staffer rejoins McCain bid (Ia)

Giuliani talks tough in Council Bluffs, Ia

CA: ( 6 term) Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher Endorses Clinton

Ten minutes in the new AmeriKa

How did Sen. George V. Voinovich vote on the Iraq War Filibuster?

Tom DeLay tells College Republicans that abortion, illegal immigration are linked

What if

It Could Get Ugly, Or So They Hope

Why the Republicans Can't Win

Tooting Democrats' Horn: Rally, cable ad buy will tout accomplishments of Democratic Congress

I hope this hasn't already been posted, i've never seen it here.

ELECTABILITY: NH CNN poll shows Clinton with highest "electability" rating

Help prevent anti-immigrant amendments to the Farm Bill!

Mitt Romney spent nearly $2K on makeup while governor

The Perils of Claiming to Be a Populist

Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) does not support the Levin-Reid amendment nor can anyone in his.

Executive Order: Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq

They're coming out of the woodwork.

Wash Post continues to deceive on Congressional approval numbers!

Rasmussen Poll: Clinton drops 2; Obama gains just outside MoE

TAPPED: Clinton At Planned Parenthood (Compare to the Wash Post thread)

The Rude Pundit: The Failure of the CEO-in-Chief

Strange slideshow celebrates not torturing Iraqi children

Anyone want to discuss these national security directives?

We Will Not Be Silenced Part 1 Available to all DU Myspace Users

Good stuff: Senate marks up bill to eliminate private collections for the IRS (link)

Theodore Sorensen: Is Obama the Next JFK?

Battle it out, DU. Your guy/gal beats the RRR contender already...

Public: No funding with a time table (CBS Poll)

In latest Zogby, Harris and Rasmusssen polls, Thompson now top GOP'er

10th Congressional District of Georgia Run-Off Election Map

Wonder if you lived in a "god awful place" according to this Bushie?

Clinton campaign hosting debate parties

At last, a fitting memorial for Ronald Reagan ...

Elizabeth Edwards responds to Slate's John Dickerson's charge that they are exploiting her cancer.

Iraq differences blur among Democratic candidates (which could help HRC)

Response to winger e-mail

not 1 thread on pg. 1 about Kucinich being ill??

Gates shows hurt over war deaths

Who are the "Hillblazers"?

I know the Pentagon plays out war scenarios. I sure hope Congress is playing out


New Glimpse at Players in Group Led by Cheney

Cheney's Energy Players List

Why wasn't Harriet Miers arrested for Contempt or Inherent Contempt

"corporations commonly account for 3 of every 4 political donations to congressional campaigns"

FOX News Poll: Republicans Losing Ground in ’08 Race...Hillary leads Dem Race by 15

Edwards' policy ideas are shaping the Democratic presidential race

Ex-Gov (AL) Siegelman's story grows local legs.

August is vacation time ....... are you glad the Iraqi Parliament is going? The US Congress?

Oprah takes out big guns for Obama

What Is Wrong With This Statement? How Murdoch had a hotline to the PM in the run-up to Iraq war

Former Republicker lawmaker's records kept secret

Joe Klein discusses Biden

Just saw the movie Sicko... It is one of the most moving that I have seen....

From the Hearts & Minds dept.

How can a candidate be bought for $2300?

Yanno, I blame a whole shitload of today's ills on Bush .... violence chief among them

IDAHO POLL: Gore on top (31%), then Hillary (23%) and Obama (22%)

Will imported meds fall under Bushes new "Imported Food " panels domain?

A Treat for the Edwards Supporters

Romney upset that Obama doesn't want adults inappropriately touching children

Majority Of Americans Believe Hillary Is A Good Role Model

Any ticket combination of the top three candidates is unbeatable....

Giuliani Stacks Campaign Staff With a Who’s Who Of Mideast Hawks

Bill Clinton Defends Wife's Record on Women's Issues

It`s the oligarchy, stupid!

Tucker's Game: Miscast, mischaracterize, misstate, mislead, and make guests TRY to correct him.

Did you know that postal workers take five hour coffee breaks?

Do Endorsements Matter in Today's Presidential Race?

Time Mag: John Edwards Fires Up His Populism (Great Article)

Did anyone see this executive order?

Going on vacation?

Ras POLL: Obama gaining on Hillary, down by only seven (35% - 28%)

Is James Dobson right about gambling?

Just One Question for the GOP ...

Obama dominates on Wall Street, beats Romney even at firm Romney ran. HRC 2nd, ahead of McCain

Clinton Nixes Gay B&B Par-Tay

Was Vitter ever an astronaut? or "I don't think Larry Flynt should release the thirty names..."

Wes Clark for ActBlue on Blogosphere Day

What happened to the Harriet Myers contempt charge? Is it not happening?

Will Gore run?

Generation Chickenhawk: the Unauthorized College Republican Convention Tour

It's PAY DAY Hillary Supporters!!!

CBS Poll: Hillary Clinton a good role model for women...

Off the table onto the waterboard?

Gallup: Clinton most "acceptable" as a candidate in Democratic field

Has Fred Thompson declared his intentions yet?

the joy of googling "bush admits"... wow i found an old jewel:

Edward's HealthCare would include payment for abortions

Al Franken has taken out out a new one page ad in his campaign against Norm "Moonie" Coleman.

Harvard Law Professor Remembers Obama

Quadr (former MI6 member) interview posted. You MUST listen to this.

Bill Clinton responds to Elizabeth Edwards...

Undecided? Check in here.

Guess who is embedded with US troops in Iraq......Matt Sanchez.

Sorenson: Is Obama the next JFK?

Gore: "It’s going to take a 90-percent decrease in carbon emissions"