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Amy Goodman: Two Races, Two Systems of Justice in Louisiana

Exit Strategies

The Surgeon General's Commissars (The Nation)

Eric Margolis: Fib Factory Running Full Tilt

Don't Fence in the Web! (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Rotten business at Whole Foods (Guardian UK)

Robert Fisk: TE Lawrence had it right about Iraq

Senators Pull All-Nighter For Debate On Iraq War

MAUREEN DOWD: Hey, W! Bin Laden (Still) Determined to Strike in U.S.

Making Murder Respectable / Harper's Magazine / Scott Horton

Gore's Message Loses Bite

"The Ratchet Effect" in Politics

Help...Need some websites or action groups that are trying to improve fuel mileage

Japan Nuclear Super-Disaster DEATH TOLL UPDATE

Baghdad residents: Anxious, weary over U.S. withdrawal

Writers, studios clash as Hollywood labor talks get underway

Million-dollar prize offered for soldier 'power pack' (Lighten Load)

Plane crashes at São Paulo airport

Microsoft patents the mother of all adware systems

U.S., India make another stab at nuclear deal

India protests Haneef jailing

Abstinence Education Faces Uncertain Future

Iranian official defends energy deal with Turkey, says U.S. should not meddle

In Mississippi, Ruling Is Seen as Racial Split (Open Primary System)

TB Patient Has Surgery to Remove Part of Lung

Critics Slam Intel Chair's Secrecy Over Bribery Report

CIA dissenters helped expose renditions, says inquiry chief

Bush to Blame for Stronger Al-Qaeda, His Critics Say

Marine ordered Iraqi women and kids shot, squad member testifies (Haditha)

Bernanke, goaded by Congress, steps up banking regulation

Bush Aides See Failure in Fight with Al Qaeda in Pakistan

US captures suspected Mexican drug cartel leader

White House Had Drug Officials Appear With GOP Candidates

Shell pipeline on fire in Nigeria after protests

2007: First or Second Hottest Year on Record So Far

US House passes $31.6-bil 2008 energy and water spending bill

Oaxaca state vows violent protests will not stop Mexican folk festival

Big Mac vs Big Man

someone start a picture thread


Oh my God. My headline is now THE headline on DU!

See me, feel me, touch me, heal me...

The Great Fruit Vote

w00t!! My Dad is *home*!!!

New Condom Tastes like Wine In Tests

woohoo, i may have a job!

Bought the Time magazine today at the airport

I'm getting demolished! On the internet anyway...

Fundies ridicule Stone Age beliefs with no sense of irony.

35 bucks? 50 bucks? so you can turn me down? screw you.

HI DU!!!! I'm back!!! Miss me??? even realize I was gone???

Who would you rather see squeal like a pig?

Super Troopers 2 on hold...

HELP...I need to get a B-Day present for my wife

I'm going to have the cornflake breaded chilean sea bass at the Olive Garden.

Why is this country so freaking LARGE?

The Kiss

You guys are missing one funny ass thread in GD

Is it OK to scream at certain movies?

In honor of Orrex, create the next line to the limerick

I read 300 pages off a book last night.

Reason 1453 why National League baseball is better that the AL...

Help! I don't know my wife's birthday.

with all this talk of an up or down vote...

I'm getting demolished but I'm on the internet anyway

Video clip of man getting thrown from suv then gets hit by car

Just a guess: How many stamps for a 9 x 12 SASE?

Can I get a shout out tonight for myself and the wife - 9 years ago today

The only time that Andy Dick has ever been funnny...

I'm at your dotter's weding, hasing expenssiv hairdoo.

My latest You Tube video

I was secret shopped!

Do you play Sims2? Check this out:


The *real* reason Republicans are attacking Gore over sea bass

Is Wendy Vitter lactating?

What. A. Bitch. (Big Brother 8 thread; spoilers likely)

Just back from the latest Harry Potter extravaganza

I'm all out of red vodka a safe choice?

I finally found a good pic of the Nashville Cat.

Hi there!!! How are you???

Biggest CSI Badass

Which brand of diapers does Senator David Vitter (Republican) prefer?

My cat was spooked at something in my room.

I posted in GD about the catch 22 of legalizing pot for recreational use

OMG The dark green storms have started! :scared:

Lets confirm sarcastically the repukes biggest fears

Jesus thinks you're a Jerk!

Paging booksmith Retrolounge

Trying to find out the name of a book about a Louisiana publisher (written by a DUer).

Audubon's "Shade grown coffee" is the best!!!!!!!!!

How far do you live from where you were born?

I've completely become THAT owner!

Posting Harry Potter Spoilers Would Be Mean, Wouldn't It?

Has anyone here read "The Executioner's Song" (or seen the movie)?

YUCK! "Bag Balm" smells worse than Charlie Sheen's's dirty taint!

What good stories do you know that have been made into miserable movies?

Dammit! The power windows on my car just stopped working!

One bedrooms rent for $1,300 in my LA neighborhood. How about you?

Whoa, Wikipedia has a huge list of famous confirmed or suspected bipolars.

Well I just got shitty news from the doctor.

Who gets your vote for best MLB player ever?

Picture Thread for Ava: please post your pics here :)

GAO wants better data on deployments

Progressive States at NCSL in Boston

BGH, Teamsters wrap up talks

Golf tournament helps local kids in BEAUMONT, TX

IVAW Members Present Flag to Rep. Hoyer's Chief of Staff

Rev. Lennox Yearwood: "I Can't Sleep at Night!"

The Senate's All Night Session

Adam Kokesh: "I fell for that B.S.!"

More Than 130 National Events Target Republican Senators on Iraq Filibuster

So is the purpose of the 30 hours of debate/filibuster procedure rules, and cloture in general, to

Larry C Johnson: Bush Dropping the Ball on Al Qaeda

The strategy behind ignoring subpoenas...

If I were a Dem Senator, I'd keep repeating "up or down vote"

Pakistan welcomes "check" President

Why is it that the rethug base can kill the immigration bill and the dem base cannot end the war?

McCain looks lost on the senate floor...

July 22, 2007 - The Twentieth Anniversary of the McKinney Homeless Assistance Act

Modesto Couple Living In Filth, Arrested (7 dogs, mini-horse, and child living in house)

No Quorum Present - Time To See If Harry Gives 'Em Hell

Olbermann Pledges That Every Time He Criticizes Bush, He Will Criticize Clinton

E-MAIL from July 16: Cindy Sheehan's March from Texas to Arrive in D.C. on July 23

Feingold coming up in the Senate. He's the next Dem on the docket.

Update: Vote To Get Sgt. At Arms To Force Missing Senators To Chamber - 44-46

Cheney pushes Bush to act on Iran.

Vitter's statement: he refuses to "Buy Louisiana," brags about getting his salsa from NYC

Has an administration ever refused to comply with a subpoena?

Don't tune out Keith just because he's not there!

*** Official Senate Fillibuster Thread #3 ***

UGH...No Keith again tonight.

excellent article

So is that it for the senate debate tonight?


Plane crash in Sao Paulo, 176 aboard . . .

Has anyone done a head count of votes on the Levin-Reed amendment?

Couple fights loss of home over $1.63

Senator Lieberman: Master of Word Economy.

***Official Senate Fillibuster Thread #6 ***

"Animal Liberation Front" - a terrorist group that concerns the Intelligence Community.

Senator Alexander: the majority must bow to the will of the minority

“I’m pleased to say that I am not an expert in prostitution law,”Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)

Waxman calls Sarah Taylor back to Capitol Hill

*** Official Senate Filibuster Thread #4 ***

*** Official Senate Fillibuster Thread #5 ***

Hey, Joe! Go fuck yourself.

Violence Against Women Act: Amnesty International Asks us to Urge Congress to Support Full Funding

More charges being filed against Neo-Nazi leader

Media REFUSES to say "Republican Filibuster"

We Are Now Witnessing The Utter Self-Inflicted Destruction Of A Member Of A Party Of One !!!


Huh... Dixie Chicks "Not Ready Make Nice" Used As Music In Promo For New TNT Show 'Saving Grace'

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA): "This is not a stunt. This is an exercise in reality."



whow. Sen Landreu is really going a great job. she says Bush does not read

Do any old timers here have any stories about what happened when Medicare came along?

MSNBC want's you to predict: When will all U.S. troops leave Iraq?

*** Official Senate Fillibuster Thread #6 ***

Senator Alexander: the war is a choo-choo train

Photos from the Cindy Sheehan afternoon rally in Alabama last week

Metal Cots, Takeout Pizza and a Long Night of Recriminations

Watching Lieberman...what does he mean by "success in Iraq"?


Joe is a space alien automaton baby-eating robot with a white rat protruding from the back of his

3619 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

NFL star indicted over dog fighting

Why Doesn't Holy Joe Just Declare Himself a Republican

Andrew Sullivan: Bush Reassured Mary Cheney He Tolerates Her Orientation (Well, Told Dick To Do It)


He said IRAN

Woman Shoots Cop With Taser at His Home

Until the situation of the Iraqi Refugees is dealt with...

would someone please educate lieberman and the rest of the republicans

Texas has a new Tom DeLay: Senator John Cornyn. And we have a great netroots challenger!

Does Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick deserve to still play in the NFL?

Lieberman: "The Surge Has Succeeded"

At the end of this filibuster

Come on Hillary and Barack .....

Call your Senators, tell them to bring up the Abramoff-Octagon1 email

Joe's strategy is to put the rest of the senate to sleep...

*** Official Senate Fillibuster Thread #7 ***

Page xvii of the Iraq Study Group Report

So the repukes want to wait until Sept...

To address Joe's point of the troops talking to the Iraqis

'I Am the Mother of the Driver' - Troops Families Angry-React to ABC Footage

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Lieberman speech transcript available in print!

Action Alert - Sen. Durbin Urges Calls To Wavering Senators ("All-Nighter" Call Sheet)

Come and see the show! It's Rock and Roll!

This Should Be Really Interesting... For I Believe That Susan Collins...

Simple Question: Is There Anybody Here That Will Be Brave Enough To Defend Senator Lieberman ???

I'm going to purchase a copy of Hustler magazine tomorrow

Was Lieberman speaking on Repub time?

Help need some websites or action groups who are trying improve Cafe standards

Robert Parry: If the Democrats Want to Win...

Be afraid: Al-Qaida plots new attacks on U.S. soil. Really, be afraid...

I know it's not PC or anything ... but I just can't help it

My internet service just conked while watching the Senate debate on Iraq --


Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Reid is calling for Sgt. At Arms!

*** Official Senate Fillibuster Thread #9 ***


Obama is scheduled for iraq floor speech at 6 AM.

Geneologists: Can decendants of Canadians get dual citizenship like Irish Law?

List of Cheney's Energy Task Force and Dates of Meetings

God Bless You Harry Reid! Good night, and Good luck.

*** Official Senate Fillibuster Thread #10 *** Isakson up.

Who the hell is this "Lucy" Johnny Isakson keeps bringing up on the Senate floor?

Question: Any DUers know where to find pics of the protest in

Update from the rally of Democratic members of Congress outside the Capitol building tonight

Al-Qaida plots new attacks on U.S. soil - be afraid of this -

Gore serves threatened sea bass at his daughter's wedding

White House had Drug Officials Appear with GOP Candidates

*** Official Senate Fillibuster Thread #8 ***

Your candidate does bad things. Your candidate does hypocritical things

Hells Pizza, NEW ZEALAND Business being Bullied by Extreme Right wing group

If you're watching CSPAN off and on, check out LKing Live-Topic of Vitter and Flynt (guest)

I'm watching Lieberman, and it makes me a)_______ and want to b)___________ .

Feel free

NONE OF THE ABOVE leads both Rep and Dem AOL polls. Al Gore gets the most support!

Is this chick Chertoff's sister or Chertoff in drag?

Is it just me, or does LIEerman seem drunk?

Cheney sent me a letter....

In honor of tonight's Senate slumber party, who's the biggest asshole in the Senate?

Tim Johnson (D-SD) comments today on all night Senate session on Iraq

Lieberman: "Its World War 3"!!!

"Who among us would be content if our sons or daughters were in Iraq?" - Sen. Bob Menendez - D -NJ

Okay, I'm a dope. But tonight is reminding me of 1971

I wish a Senator would bring stacks of fake money totaling $444,085,000,000 to the senate floor.

I think Sherrod Brown is a cool Senator

Wal-Mart to sell 12-inch talking Jesus doll and other Bible action figures

Why did Lieberman advocate the overthrow of a stable, secular Middle Eastern government

A Tribute To The Filibuster - Sign On Here IF YOU WANT THEM TO TALK & TALK & TALK & TALK & TALK etc.

Just look at how extreme the positions of the left-wing are!

Americans Against Escalation In Iraq Hold Candlelight Vigil At Capitol, 1/4 Senators Attend (PHOTO)

Just read the indictment against Michael Vick...

"Wrongfooting Saddam," the phrase Cheney used before the war

NYT Editorial: The Politics of Fear

Where's Cheney? It could be important tonight.

While the Senate is debatin' tonight, why don't they discuss EXPELLING Vitter?

On KO, Allison is stupidly trying to make a story about how Vitter's wife was dressed.

Police use car's GPS to track hit-and-run suspect

Conyers, Judiciary Members Ask AG for Documents, Information on Alabama's Siegelman Case

E-MAIL from Gov. Howard Dean, M.D.: It's going to be a long night for the U.S. Senate.

Why does Al Gore exhale carbon dioxide?

Jeff Gannon's book due out in September

This guy needs some serious anger management counseling

Howard Dean asks that everyone send a message

I wish I could post this in the Senate chamber

The most disgusting thing I think I've ever read

Commander Guy

Michigan College Republican chair caught in semi-nude pics

I respect the hell out of Gore, but...

Why isn't Al Gore a vegetarian?

If Lieberman speaks tonight during the filibuster,

Would terrorist attack increase support for Bush or backfire?

Larisa Alexandrovna: My Take OnThe NIE

Olbermann: "...if it's the end of my career, I will have gone down saying something I believe in."

John McLaughlin -- Impeachment Monger !?!

Pot Legalization = Catch 22

TIME: Making Owners of McMansions, Garage Mahals, and Big Hair Houses Pay

Larry Flynt: "I have 30 names. You will be shocked."

VA head quits amid scrutiny on vets care

Democrats could defund the war without the threat of a veto.

Pelosi to lead march on Senate tonight during Iraq debate (AmericaBlog)

Oprah to Host Obama Fundraiser in Los Angeles

Obama beating DLC's HRC on Wall Street? Both do well on Wall Street for 2nd straight quarter

NV:University system Chancellor Jim Rogers Endorses Clinton

RNC Asks For YouTube Submissions To Democratic Debate

Teens voice support for Clinton in 2008

Conyers sets deadline in fired prosecutors probe

Where the Candidates Stand on the Issues. Answers to the Questions .

Journalists stage protest against Bill Clinton's team during visit to Dominican Republic

Obama outsmarts the Other Candidates by Not Outsourcing.

Pelosi to Lead March on Senate tonight During the Debate

Sen. Durbin has a call sheet for you guys to contact your senators.

Bush's Cowboy Zeal Suicidal

Randi Rhodes vs Ralph Nader

NIE: Normalizing Idiocy and Exaggeration

Jim Bunning

255,000 Obama donors didn't buy a single item (debunks t-shirt smear)

Olbermann: "It’s going to be a fight for oxygen in that room, between the candidates...and me."

100+ people show up for an Obama grassroots meeting in Madison

Why are Clinton supporters so proud of a pitiful 12 point lead?

Edwards endorses visionary plan for Katrina rebuilding

Bush sent federal employees to campaign for GOP/2006

Hillary Clinton...first choice of the young and among progressives...

What is it with the pattern of Elizabeth Edwards dissing Hillary?

Shortly after endorsing Hillary, Vilsack recieved $90,000 from major Hillary backers to retire debt

Starbucks-Haters Of The World Unite!

ok, I"m ALREADY tired of the constant "my candidate is great, yours sucks" threads

DFA responds to the WP article that speaks of the "narrow band of Democratic elites"...

I love John Edwards, but he needs to either have a better example of what it was like to be poor or

Thousands of lives and billions of dollars later, we're less secure...

Justice at Guantanamo / WaPo Editorial

Birth Control Is Back (by Marie Cocco for Truthdig)

email from

If This Is Such a Rich Country, Why Are We Getting Squeezed?

Cindy Sheehan...Lightning Rod

Robert Scheer: King George W.: James Madison’s Nightmare

Ethnic cleansing in the American heartland

Papers Detail Industry's Role in Cheney's Energy Report / WaPo

McGovern Democrats on the Prairie (by Joseph A. Palermo at HuffPost)

Is the Right Really Rising Up Against the Iraq Occupation? (AlterNet)

Fredo Finally Gives U.S. Attorney(Fitz) a Good Evaluation By Al Kamen / WaPo

A Washington Tryst? Questions from the Iraq Vigil (by Glenn Hurowitz at HuffPost)


Katrina vanden Heuvel: Subpoena Watch: Tenth Time’s a Charm

So You Want To Be a Rock and Roll Star

Hospitals look out for radiology outsourcing (India)

On the advantages of Cryo-freezing VP's

David Sirota: Democrats Kiss Up to K Street

Brent Budowsky: The Big Lie of George W. Bush

Bush-Cheney Embraces Saddam Policy

John Nichols: Slapping Down "The Entire GOP Establishment"

Theodore C. Sorensen: The New Vision-The speech I want the Democratic nominee to give

John Nichols: Republican Hypocrite Caucus Keeps George Bush's War Going

Bill Scher: One Night of Pressure Removes One Obstruction

Even Bush's intelligence report says the war in Iraq is making us less safe at home.

King George W.: James Madison's Nightmare

Detroit, 1967: What the 'riot' meant By Jack Lessenberry

Disempower Play: Local lefties keep pushing for impeachment (Philadelphia Weekly)

Sen. Levin's False History & Logic By Robert Parry

Ray McGovern: Bush's Wooden-Headedness Kills

Steven Weber: An Open Letter To Republicans

Safer Drugs for the American People (New Eng Jour Med)

Life in the 'red zone' - The hell of Baghdad

Jason Berry: "A cardinal's shameless struggle for survival" (Boston Globe)

David Corn: Why Bush Is A Loser

Robert Scheer: King George W.: James Madison's Nightmare

Forcing them to filibuster: what it's ultimately about

Nuclear Power No Panacea, Critics Say

Dead Nation Walking (CommonDreams)

Brazil: Fishermen killed 83 dolphins and joked about it - AP

Gulf dead zone to be biggest ever

Asian parasite killing Western bees-scientist (Reuters)

National RPS: July's U.S. House Vote Crucial

BP Solar Breaks Ground on Manufacturing Facility (Maryland)

Grass Energy: Fuel for a Rural Renaissance? (Vermont)

Damaged Japanese nuclear plant 'may sit on fault line' - Guardian

Tokyo Electric Power Shares Fall 1.05 Percent on Nuclear Plant Outage

Warming may bring hurricanes to Mediterranean

Capturing power of sun to electrify poor nations

State offering rebates on hybrid vehicles (Illinois)

China overtakes US as world's biggest CO2 emitter

Japan Nuke Plant Leak Worse Than Thought

Any "Hyper-Milers" Out There?

Goldman Sachs - Global Oil Production Off 1 Mbd YOY: $95/Barrel By Year-End Unless OPEC Pumps More

Coolest packing material - ever.

In LA last summer it was 117 degrees and the power went out in my city. Rep. Dingell is playing

Protect Whales from Sonar! 15 Days to reply - Bush is allowing danger to whales through Navy sonar!

Organic farming can feed the world, U-Michigan study shows

September Brent Futures Close @ $76.76 - US Gasoline Inventories 2.8 MB Below Projections - CNN

Cash-strapped towns embrace wind projects

Tornado Leaves Thousands Without Power In Long Island (NY)

Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce - Oil At $80 This Year, To $100 By End Of 2008 - The Star

Situation grave at world's largest nuclear plant

176 feared dead in Brazil jet crash

Spain releases treasure-hunt ship

Bombs Kill 11 in Eastern Baghdad

Intelligence Puts Rationale For War on Shakier Ground

Convoy attack kills 16 Pakistani soldiers

Roadside blasts kill three US soldiers in Iraq

Two Bear Funds "Nearly Worthless", Investors Told -Sources

Gulf dead zone to be biggest ever

Big Increase is Predicted to Treat Ground Zero Workers

Bush's Latest Quarterly Approval Average Easily Surpasses Previous Low

NYT: Bush Aides See FAILURE In Fight W/ Al Quaeda In Pakistan

Judiciary Committee to look into Siegelman case

US tech trade deficit tops USD 102 bn in `06

US asks Pakistan to launch military offensive against extremists

TB Patient Has Surgery to Remove Part of Lung

Arafat died of AIDS

Taliban growing stronger in Afghanistan: report

U.S. military leaves Aussie for dead Readers Looking for Withdrawal

New Dems try to kick-start stalled free-trade agenda

Papers Detail Industry's Role in Cheney's Energy Report

Iraq: Artillery attack by Turkish troops, source says

US captures Qaeda in Iraq's link to bin Laden

Electricity rationing in Iraq

Bernanke: Growth More Subdued

Miers not swayed by threats

Fla. ends temporary halt to executions

Hollywood film about Iraq war to begin filming

Michigan: Dioxin Deal

Cats in public housing need not be declawed, Rep. Marcy Kaptur says

South Florida's anti-terror aid taking major cut

Panel vacancy puts us at risk (CPSC - Chinese ATVs for Kids)

Study finds 'stealth ads' in newscasts

Americans' Ratings of Dick Cheney Reach New Lows

Landscaping wall turns into political, legal mess (involving Canada, Mike McKay, White House firing)

Scotland's richest man to give away £1bn before he dies

Obama, Clinton Draw Wall Street Donors Amid Bush Disenchantment

Three Turkish soldiers killed in rebel mine blast

Government Does U-Turn on Green Cards

US arrests Al-Qaeda in Iraq's link to bin Laden

Extension on Subpoenas

SoCal port (nation's largest port complex ) clerks' labor talks resume; 'handful' of issues remain

Do not say anything bad about Iraq Or Bush will take your stuff

Bush Middle East Plan Starts to Unravel

Turkey Bombards Northern Iraq, Iraq Says

NEWSFLASH: Transformer Explosion In Manhattan

Fight for control of Iraq's reserves

(Michigan) State Supreme Court backs voter photo ID law

Iraq Bill Pulled

Retired Gen. Wayne Downing dies at 67

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday July 18

FBI's Secret Spyware Tracks Down Teen Who Made Bomb Threats

Senate Republicans defeat Iraq withdrawal bill

Iraqi PM accuses Arab research centers and media of "conspiring" against Iraq

Intensive Turkish artillery shelling of Kurdish villages in Duhuk

Teamsters Call for Release of Imprisoned Iranian Union Leader

Settlement in Abuse Case of Foley Priest

Famed Tenor Hadley dies of injury after shooting

Congressman Admits 9/11 Error (Keith Ellison)

RAF Scrambles To Intercept Russian Bombers

Lawyers Say They Have Evidence of Warrantless Surveillance

Strike averted as grocers, union (65,000 members) reach accord

Former FBI analyst faces up to 20 years in prison in spy plot

Bush Creates Import Safety Panel

Gonzales asked to clarify testimony (attorney firings)

Snow recants comment about Iraq ("I used a dumb line")

Mariane Pearl sues al Qaeda over husband's killing

Nelson Mandela Marks His 89th Birthday

Removal of Banner, Activist Protested (ACLU Decries Action Taken at Richmond July 4 Event)

Doctors, Democrats Scrutinize September 11 Dust

Oil Industry Offers Sobering Outlook on Supply

Democrats push to end private tax collections

(Telluride) Town Council: Impeach Bush

Presidential candidate hospitalized (Kucinich)

AP bulletin reports explosion in midtown Manhattan

Ex-PM (Blair) spoke to (Rupert) Murdoch before war

6,000 Kurdish fighters to guard Iraq oil installations

Bush Threatens to Veto Children's Health Insurance Bill

Senior Qaeda figure in Iraq a myth: U.S. military

Water find 'may end Darfur war'

Meat is murder on the environment

Imprisoned Cunningham outlines depths of corruption to FBI

How much better does the "view" count of your threads make you feel

What's up my crew?

This thread is actually a tent in the backyard.

So I have a fever of 103.8, should I go to the hospital?

Wow, that was weird. I just got the feeling that I needed to listen to music..

I'm never going to be able to sleep again in my lifetime.

The scariest fucking coincidence in my life just happened

Best "My Turn" ever?

Anybody else have a freaky thing?

I got a pdf version of the new Harry Potter book yesterday.

Teenage Brothers Fight Over Video Game - One Fatally Stabbed (Where is Lieberman?)

Good evening from Bangalore!

"Psychologist wins World Series of Poker "

Novel scheme to get out of prison

Hey Beachbums

Woohoo - Tomorrow night I'm seeing these folks in concert.....

MSNBC says of the 66 matcoms found in Michael Vick's yard, more than 50 were nekkid

I don't know what to I will just say...

who poisoned dennis kucinich?

Woman Returns Home To Find Dead Burgher

OMG - We're atheists.

Just saw "Wicked" in Chicago last night. If you haven't seen it yet, you really have to go!

Neighborhood "watch" in action! Disgusting.

damn allergies

Global Cat Culture... (What ethnic background is your feline?)

How many of you will not be on DU this weekend?

Anybody here make homemade granola?

I bought a can of Spotted Dick last night - now what do I do with it

I spotted a can of bought Dick last night - now what do I do with it

List the oddest few items you had to pick up from grocery


MSNBC says of the 66 dogs found in Michael Vick's yard, more than 50 were Pit Bulls

I would like to take all the dogshit I just picked up from the front yard

Hello Pittsburghers, past and present!

What's the best way to get from the Newark Airport to 48th St. Weehawken NJ?

I am back from the hospital

Marc Caro (Delicatessen, City of Lost Children) Is Finally Making a New Movie

Spoiled Harry Potter

GD Will NOT Be Pretty Later Today

Should I buy a "like new" Nintendo Game Cube for $60?

Aaron Neville is like nails on a chalkboard

Benoit Tragedy - the final word

About the new Orson Welles movie, and possible spoilers

Burger King, why must you taunt me so?!

Roving Gangs Of Children Assaulting College Students

Christopher Walken is a GIANT

Just got back from the Fogg Museum

Any DUers in North Dallas wanna have lunch sometime?

Beautiful photograph

House M.D. casting *slight spoilers, I guess*

Horrible movie musicals.

Video: The Internet Has Crashed

Arby's Horsey sauce - I swear it's the food of the Gods

Doctor, I hear this buzzing in my head...

This looks hilarious

soooooooo nauseaus

Woman Returns Home To Find Dead Burglar

Found blood on my pillow this morning.

Hell yeah, ROLLER DERBY!

What does oral with Vitter taste like?

Benson is Back!!!

ATTENTION Virginia DUers! HazMat Spill On I-95 (Parts Shut Down)

I hate people today.

It's come to this: Naked, alone, posting on DU (no spoilers)

Is conservatism just a way to for people to justify their racism?

Foodies: which chain restaurants are okay in your opinion?

Post your homemade Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Mustard and other Condiment recipes here!

Have you stayed in a hostel?

I am a _______________ Magnet

Need help finding a specific quote by Eugen Ionesco -

Correct me if I'm wrong - but I thought it was illegal to sell Nazi Memorabilia


"TS me now, please." Yup, another one.

I Need Positive Mojo - (Warhammer 40K Related & Pics)

My kids are gone! Who wants to run through the sprinkler?!!

Boy Gets $90,000 Along With eBay-Bought PS2

anybody here make homemade genetalia?

great tasting decisions?

Great pasting decisions

Why Does LP Venture Out of the Lounge?

Pit Bull Sodomizes Boy

There was a crying baby on my flight last night...

My AVIRA just caught a virus labeled

Best Tour de France in years

F me now please

"Bill O'Reilly can suck my dick" - Snoop Dogg

I am the only pev left on DU?

TP me now please

Warning! Harry Potter! Spoiler!

Sherman Potter Spoiler

It's raining hard again.

Happy Potter: SPOILERS!!!

Do you go out of your way to write a snarkified post in hopes of getting listed on the weekly

small town front page headlines (phrases)

52 Year Old Woman Arrested For Beating, Choking Other Tea-Cup Rider In Line At Disney World

I Want a Bubble Butt. Can Anyone Help?

Harry Twatters: SPOILERS!!!!

James McMurtry on Austin City Limits (rerun) here last night

An ultra-thin fuck you thread with wings!

OMG - I just told some democrat campaign caller I'd vote for Bush if they keep calling me

Poor casting decisions

Hi! I'm Maat, and I'm a long-time poster, who is practicing italics.

i was thinking about starting a "fan club"

I no longer fear hell as I have been to a Red Robin Gourmet Burgers & Spirits

Great casting decisions

Well, this appears to be the end of the line - venting

Children are not for the frugal


Just for the record, folks

Labrador vs Bicycle in Tour de France.

Official Fook Yu Thread

why doesnt matcom have in his signature: "I love Mrs.Matcom and she loves me back."

Harry Potter ending. (spoiler)

MrsCoffee is cruising for a divorce

Does Mrs. Matcom go?

chicago tribune calls spoiler providers (DANGER DANGER THRICE REMOVED FROM SPOILER LINKAGE!!)


The kitten is possessed! Egads!

Hey Midlo -- Guess what Haruka's sipping on?

There is some beauty left in the world... Website with some really nice scenes.

A tornado warning here in New York? The sky is dark green...

the MSM doesn't want you to know

In the spirit of both DU and Harry Potter...

Sigh. Goodnight.

Paula Deen Is On. She Is About To Make ...... wait for it......

Jacket that TRULY REEKED when your parents let you borrow the car

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back_____________________

Most Insanely Good Restaurant Desserts

I had a client to my house last night for some video editing.

I think my ipod has been stolen from my car

New cat thread: Check out THIS song!

Anyone remember the Judybats?

Let's mess this up some more — best MLB *pitcher* ever

So, I got laid off today...note to self, don't work so damned hard

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 7/18/07)

Les fleurs (pics)

Larvae take up residence on man's head

Wonderful 80's music station online...

Has anyone taken Chantix to quit smoking?

Has anyone taken up Chanting to quit smoking?


Kids Are People, Too!

Most impressive MLB player who never really helped his team do much.

Why do many people love Mrs. Matcom and why does she love them back?

Oh My God...I just found out

i always admired the butthole surfers for this song

Best Anjelica Huston Role

Claws out in Florida Keys over Hemingway cats

This is the Writer appreciation thread.

"You don't know what pain is!"

Who'd you rather be stalked by? Bob or Bob?

A maxi fuck you thread.

Ever had a pinched nerve root that resulted in "referred pain"?

A mini fuck you thread.

Unfortunate ad placement, some of these are just wrong (Dial up Warning, Picture)

Convict sues God for broken contract

Anybody here make homemade grenades?

Steam explosion in NYC?

I bought a can of Philip K. Dick last night

The VW died and we replaced it with a '02 Ford Focus wagon.

Please tell me honestly....

Happy Birthday, jasonc!

I Am Never Going To Eat A Kiwi Fruit Again

Need help finding a specific quote about poetry.

Large unaccounted for bruise

If I want a lot of DUers to lose respect for me, what's the quickest route?

I'm sorry to resort to this.

CONFESS!!!!!!!! In honor of the Diaperman himself - what is your secret FETISH

What is the most depressing movie you've ever seen?

this is a leftofthedial deprecation thread

What is your favorite chocolate, and when do you crave it most?

What is the greatest console video game of all time?

Who Is Your Favorite Baseball Player - 1869 or Earlier, Worldwide?

Dear Dog - Oh why did I click on it?

Film that TRULY REEKED if you had read the book.

Post a pic of your furr kid!

When you think "Hippy Music" you think of this song?

About the new Harry Potter book, and possible spoilers.

At last

VA Secretary Resigns: Let's Play "So You Think You Can Be A Cabinet Member?"

Today in labor history July 18

Teamsters local sues for sign telling members to 'burn in hell'

Teamsters Applaud US House Passage of Public Safety Workers Bill

Victory at Threemile Canyon Farms Dairy

Support HDS-Relay Workers E action

Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao Says American Workers Need To Bathe More

Mike Gravel Reading Pentagon Papers in Senate - 1971

Frances Townsend's Illogic at NIE Press Conference


Feinstein on Iraq -- Filibuster

Let the Eagle Soar - With a Twist - Words and Music by John Ashcroft

Lieberman on Iraq during the Filibuster

The Filibuster Rally-Vigil~Day 1,082 of the War in Iraq

Global Credit Crash

The Road to One America - Speaking in Memphis

John Edwards - 30 Years

California Housing Market in My Eyes

Vice Prez is Executive Branch or not?

Rep. Frank on His Economic Policy Priorities

Bill O'Reilly Attacks Daily Kos and Jet Blue AGAIN!!!

Hardball: Matthews Takes Continetti to Task

Rep. Delahunt Critiques Iraqi Oil Giveaway Scheme

Larry King - DC Madam And Larry Flynt

most popular youtube video EVER...and pls sign the petition

John Edwards walks Mt. Pleasant neighborhood in Cleveland with residents

The Promise: Break the News Monopoly

Dear "Just Don't Let It Be In Vain"

Greatest democracy in the world

Lines To Watch All-Night Senate Debate Extend Around Capitol (pics)

why does Iran have no right to deal with what goes on with its NEIGHBOR?

Everybody's crying peace on earth...just a soon as we win the war.

It is time to get rid of the filibuster. Remember the repugs threatened if the Dems filibustered

Feingold laid things out exactly right before the Senate...

Which brand of diapers does Senator David Vitter (Republican) prefer?

OMG I would love to punch THUNE right now

If Not Now, When? "What Happens Tomorrow"

Bush Government to Poor Voters: We Don't Want You to Vote

Bob Geiger's Random Notes From The Senate All-Nighter

If Wishes Were Horses

Just Got Back From The Store..My Talk With a Pastor

***Official Filibuster thread 11*** Harkin is on

Is Sen. John Thune R -SC -- brain dead??

***Official Filibuster thread 12***

Sen Harkin Great Observation.....

Tamara Faulkner, Jonathon Burnworth cheer during a rally outside the Capitol.

***Official Filibuster Thread #13***

headsup: Next live SENATE quorum call, 5 a.m

Heads up. The neo conazis are desperate & crazy.

***Official Senate Filibuster Thread #15***

26.9 mpg! 26.9 mpg!

Isn't it sad that Republicans are standing up for hours to make sure more Americans die?

Dick Durbin's personal "all-nighter" call sheet

While the republicans have been busy muddy-ing the waters....they've made

***Official Senate Filibuster Thread #14***

is Senator Barasso a doctor?

I could live with any of them

Doctors, Democrats scrutinize September 11 dust

Democrats Lack Support to Force Vote on Pullout

Just another day in Iraq: 100 more fathers, mothers, sons and daughters killed

UK: "'Big Brother' plan for police to use new road cameras". What else, tomorrow?

You know what scares me..... (an email from a close friend)

Aid agencies seen taking sides in Iraq

Insurance for Sex Abuse: A policy tailor-made for the Catholic church

Local Cleveland station concerned about the cost of the all night Senate debate

Weapons given to Iraq by the US are in the hands of PKK, Gül says - PKK is on the US terror list

Well looky looky here's Jeb

Slick Connections: U.S. Influence on Iraqi Oil

Dumb Plain Dealer LTTEs Part DCLXVI, Part 3! "Not one Terr'st attack since 9/11!"

TOON: This Modern World--news loop

NYT Editorial (5 years too late?) "The Politics Of Fear-Always Be Afraid & Don't ??? The President"

Death after Taser use shocks the family

Fran Townshend on CBS News Morning Show

Media Whore Watch: CNN's John Roberts gives a few minutes to Barbara Boxer & Saxby Chambliss

Conservatives break with GOP leaders on a tax bill

Rorschach and Awe ( a good read on torture)

One on one with the ‘electric’ pastor

Angry CIA agents helped uncover secret prisons

***Official Senate Filibuster Thread #18***

Here We Go: Fran Townsend Lying on CNN...NOW

Mel Watt on WJ n/t

TPM: Cunningham Documents Research thread

== Oh My God This New TV Is Huge = By Mark Morford

Pelosi's remarks at Candlelight Call to Action

VP's energy task force met almost exclusively with energy industry groups and corporations

Iraqis endure 5th blazing summer-US failed to deliver on its promise

Talk about desperate...O'Reilly Factor ad just ran on MSNBC

Moses Carr gets it

the latest NIE can be found here:

Nuclear risks: Why Japan relies on nuclear power despite being in an earthquake zone

Drug Czar Used TAXPAYERS FUNDS to Campaign for Republicans

Ooops: House Oversight Committee calls ex-Rove aide Taylor back to Hill

Josh Marshall: Townsend's Fatal Dodge

How much time do you spend on DU?

Intelligence Puts Rationale For War on Shakier Ground

Senator Jim Webb: "What Does It Mean To Have Majority Rule In A Democracy?

BUSH & DOJ & Repub Senator Blocking Freedom Of Information Bill

Some Observations on the Filibuster

quaLity journaLism - boston heraLd styLe


Bush Aides See Failure in Fight With Al Qaeda (NYT)

Two Bear Funds "Nearly Worthless", Investors Told -Sources

Ripon, CA woman's killer gets life after revealing dump site

Bush Counterterrorism Advisors: Your Anti-Terror Strategy in Pakistan is a COMPLETE FAILURE.

john barrasso, senator from wyoming, also a pseudo doctor

Reid should cancel the Aug recess and say no one leaves until we

Los Angeles settlement increases pressure on San Diego priests

Another Virginia county targets illegal immigrants

***Official Senate Filibuster Thread #19***

NPR: All-Nighter Focuses Media Attention on War Pullout

President of Bahamas Christian Council calls for Govt to start hanging prisoners sentenced to death

Boston Globe: The consequences of quitting Iraq

3.5% raise too much for Bush

The reason for the Genocide in Darfur

Media gets filibuster affair backwards: GOP obstructionism ignored, then blame Dems for filibuster

"They feel compelled by God to eliminate all moderates who don't share their view."

Gonzales finally gives Fitzgerald ‘a good evalution.’

DOCs Obtained By Wapo Shows-ENERGY INDUSTRY'S ROLE-Cheney's Secret Energy Task Force is Revealed!


Scarborough is getting more peculiar by the day...

F.D.A. Inspections Lax, Congress Is Told, while imports doubled

Do you realize the Iraqis themselves could have completely rebuilt everything we blew up by now?


Do we plan to leave the mercenary forces in Iraq?

Priest's sentence called 'not enough' Poll: War Support Waning

Reid Calls for "Airing" of Vitter Scandal

Has anyone heard about the Senate all-nighter being reported on their local tv news and a little

Here's a graphic that shows the seeds of the tragedy of the past 7 years

Ha!Ha! Video - Faux reporter has her mic swiped - on camera

College head fired over rape-murder cover-up

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Wed. 7/18 .. from the bunker

Public Enemy Number ONE

Media gets filibuster affair backwards: GOP obstructionism ignored, then blame Dems for filibuster

Here's a link to C-Span's live streaming of Senate debate.

THE POLITICS OF FEAR: "This administration has never hesitated to play on fear for political gain."

We Finally Got The Imperial President We Were Warned About - By Robert Scheer

why did Reid declare the all-night session?

I salute my stalwart DU members for watching and reporting on what's

15 year-old Boy held in 16 year-old sister's death

No Up or Down for Mitch McConnell: "It is in the best interest of the Senate to Require 60 Votes"

***Official Senate Filibuster Thread #16***

Tucker Carlson: 'One Out Of 3 Women In New Orleans Are Prostitutes'

***Official Senate Filibuster Thread #17***

Didn't Sanchez give Harriet Miers 5 days to respond to the subpeona?

World must have shook their combined heads as we ran around tearing down Saddam statues for months

does anyone know if these floor speeches will be viewable at a later date

CHENEY's OFFICE IMPLIES - It HAS Executive Privilege Of Its OWN

Gen Wayne Downing (Ret), NBC analyst dead at 67


O'Reilly: "the threat from al Qaeda is a strong Republican issue"

Who Do You Disapprove Of?

I think this all night session is great, but what is it honestly going to accomplish?

*********OFFICIAL SENATE THREAD 20 ****************

McConnell is a dipshit

Breaking: Cloture on Levin-Reed amendment fails- Updated

Reid, crank it up again. Keep them for the weekend, all next week

How many votes do we need to advance Levin/Reed?

Drug czar calls marijuana growers "dangerous terrorists"

after watching nearly 8 hours of the Senate last night

See Colin Powell for "ALMOST FREE!"

Is America a Dictatorship?

Call Harry Reid's Office And Suggest That He Continue To Reintroduce Bill

Senate vote on Levin-Reed Amendment coming up...

Was Bush not proud that Gonzales attended the WH T-Ball event?

So the PUGS think we The People Should be....

Imprisoned Cunningham outlines depths of corruption to FBI

Fred Thompson's Startling Confession

Later down the year, that "no" vote will hang like an

When did the Associated Press get so "FAIR AND BALANCED?"

ACLU Tells Alabama RV Park to Stop Discriminating Against People with HIV

Hey, I'm no big fan of Chavez, but this is ridiculous

Hinchey Says This Administration 'Most Impeachable in History of Our Country'

I would like to say 'Good-bye' to the 22 Republican Senators up for re-election in '08.

Young Girl Tells Us What She Learned from Bush

TPMCafe: WaPo's Harold Meyerson: GOP WINO Caucus are "Gutless Wonders"

Sen Byrd is repeatly reading from the NIE

Blackmail anyone? Madam Pelfry last night aluded to the fact that maybe this was why

Republicans block Levin-Reed amendment

Can Congress do both, Charge Miers with Contempt and Inherent Contemt

The line that will keep us in Iraq for another three years:

Chuck Schumer Decrying "cut and run" sloganeering on Senate Floor.

James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano) promotes Iraq documentary

Let The Games begin - Oprah to host Obama fundraiser

Has anyone heard any news yet concerning Contemptuous Harriet? I keep looking

Designer bag hysteria at Whole Foods: "I'm not a plastic bag"

Biden on now on cspan

Racists and Robber Barons

What's New Pissypants? ---pix--->>>

Ethnic cleansing in the American heartland

Headlines regarding Reed/Levin vote

What was the "Procedural Reason" Reid changed his vote?


worst rainstorm in 115 years- kills 37 - 113,000 evacuated - 10,000 homes destroyed


Statement from Prosecutors on Siegelman/Scrushy Media Accounts

I Hate the News, They do it is a "procedural hurdle", We do it it is Filibuster

Didn't our media follow and film Rep. William J. Jefferson everywhere he went for months?

May I ask a really DUMB question?

Yesterday on hardball a "VetsForFreedom" idiot

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Maria Made Me Cry

THE GOP'S "SPINELESS SAGES": Lugar, Warner, Domenici, Voinovich

Troops can't get a break but...

The Netroots Responds

Major changes in water use for No. Italy

CNN-Michael Ware: "Beware Of Smoke & Mirrors From This Administration"

DNC: Republicans Block Levin-Reed Amendment To Withdraw Troops

Senate Judiciary Committee Gives WH More Time on Wiretapping Subpoenas

Something that made me feel better today:

41 NO votes, so it can't pass

So the Democrats prove that the Republicans hate the troops

Want to maybe have a little fun?

Anti-War Surge Reported Among Scores of Military Families

What's Happening Here? ---pix--->>>

Officers cleared in death of woman at troubled L.A. hospital

Google search lists corrupt Repub Don Young as "Don Young (D-AK)"

Posting from the beach on the coast of NC.

Consumer Product Safety Commission can't recall unsafe products! Kazuma Pacific All-Terrain vehicle

"The killers are coming to kill us." --John Thune,

I'm not buying this "Anbar province" miracle turn-around business

Harry Potter ending. (spoiler)

Veepicle: New quantum entity discovered...

How does the Kucinich way mesh with the Reid way --- to end the war?

Congress On Verge Of Mandating Delayed FOIA Requests Be Penalized

Majority Leader Reid: a “handful of dedicated obstructionists"

"Lies, More Lies, and Damn Lies"

Fascistic Richmond, VA Police violate impeachment protesters

My local fishwrap \ bird cage liner just got this

BREAKING! NPR has journalistic tendencies this morning on Morning Edition!

okay, I'm way past outrage overload...

"We Came to Kick Their Ass and Steal Their Gas"

Why Bush Is A Loser -David Corn's Rebuttal To Bill Kristol

Pregnant Woman Says Police Mistreated Her

Townsend: ‘I Don’t Know’ If Al Qaeda Was In Iraq Before The War

REID's Rope-A-Dope: "I emphasize the word "temporarily" & NOTHING ELSE HAPPENS UNTIL THEN

Senator McCain AKA the roach in "Men in Black"

Here's why complete withdrawal from Iraq works

Another reason to start bringing troops home ASAP

This entire situation scares the hell out of me .

In private, Club for Growth President reveals that his group has a Conservative 'christian' Agenda

NCLB Seen as Curbing Low, High Achievers’ Gains

NBC Military Analyst General Wayne Downing has died

"The Irony Of Democracy"

Iranian students unveil new video game-- object is to rescue nuclear scientists kidnapped by U.S.

Re: Staying the Course in Iraq:

Ronald Reagan, our 40th President, has died (again)

Canusa Avenue.. a documentary just screaming to be made


Soldier: Defense of Bush doesn’t work


DeLay: Illegal immigrants fill jobs that aborted babies can't

Democratic Sen. Regarding Iraq: "We need to have people(troops) guarding the embassies" (aka:OIL)

David Corn Rebuts William Kristol In Washington Post: "Why Bush Is A Loser"

Daniel Pearl's Widow Suing Al Qaeda

After Years Of Misleading Excuses, Pentagon Finally Seeks Lifesaving Vehicles For Troops In Iraq

"A Semi-Exit Strategy Won’t Do!"

Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold On Republicans Filibustering the Levin-Reed Amendment

We need a banking abuse prevention act.

REID: "If Bush & Friends Refuse To Budge-WE Will Show Them The Way"

Reed/Levin roll call vote

Stupid question, why didn't they just insert the Levin/Reed amendment in committee?

An "anti-bush" rally is going on in front of my office building right now.

Young (R-AK) On Illegal Contributions: You Caught Me Too Late!

Dupe, pls delete

Need help finding a specific quote by Eugen Ionesco -

Honest question - why can't the Dems just shut down the gov't

FBI's Secret Spyware Tracks Down Teen Who Made Bomb Threats

Food Poisoning Symptoms Temporarily Sideline Kucinich

Too short for prison?

Pelosi's Armani pantsuit's long days journey into the night:

when the Internet suddenly Goes Dark, You'll Know it's "Game On" for Martial Law

Convict sues God for broken contract

"The order exempts the United States."

CSPAN1, rethugs whining about appropriations bill being blocked...

Will the Iraqi people say they preferred U.S. occupation?

NFL star indicted. Dog fighting charges

Elected St. Louis school board vows to continue fight

How could the bush cabal MIHOP again and get away with blaming someone else?

If anyone feels the urge to thank Harry Reid, here's a webform to do so:

Wanna see a video of what some American Soldiers are teaching Iraqi Soldiers in their spare time?

Michael Vick Indicted Over Alleged Dogfighting

Congressman Admits 9/11 Error

Naysayers: What more do you want?

Important point from DC Madam on Larry King = Blackmail

Wow things are really heating up between Turkey & Kurds& US

did you watch the CSPAN Senate all-nighter?

Was the allnighter in the Senate Valuable?

Democracy dies in yet another country

Just turned on Wolfie and no announcement that Biggy Moore would be on!

Did WH politicize capture of top al Qaeda leader?

National Security Presidential Directive 51. Holy Cow!

Man wrongly jailed nine years for '97 attack sues 11 cops

"Our economy on Life-support" Guest on the Guy James Show today!!

A US Senator admitted to colluding with a woman who has been indicted for racketeering...

FBI Spyware: How Does the CIPAV Work? -- UPDATE

Max Blumenthal on young Republicans - "Generation Chickenhawk". SCATHING!

Wingers Playing Nasty

Pardon for child 'suicide bomber'

Where did I read : "We should execute some liberals..."?


Which of these look like the biggest (staged) idiot?

Manmade Hunk of Metal Crashes Through Roof in New Jersey

The VW died and we replaced it with a '02 Ford Focus wagon.

Check your credit report , and do it carefully

Why doesn't Al Gore eat dirt?

Somehow, this fits in GD today

Saudi kid may have confirmed Bush screwed the pooch at Tora Bora.

One thing I find disconcerting is the Congressional amnesia

Harry Reid should tell members of the Senate to clear their calendars

If Bush is so intent on going after the terrorists

Kucinich out of hospital after apparent food poisoning

Some of Giuliani's Partners Back Other Candidates

Let's approach this Flynt "shocker" thing logically, starting with a question:

Gonzales Appoints New Deputy Attorney General

Mittens has money problems TOO!

Gonzales finally gives Fitzgerald ‘a good evalution.’

The Big Lie of George W. Bush

3622 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Bush Middle East plan starts (??) to unravel

Which Democrats Voted Against Reed-Levin?

As of tonight, the worm has turned, the tipping point

list of GOP Senators up for re-election in 2008

Senate set to approve record Pentagon budget

I read in paper today that Romney spent $300 on make up

Last week I said to invoke the nuclear option - I say invoke it NOW.


Praise the Lord, build the nukes

Tony Snow: "He was the so-called media emir, basically the propaganda minister."

Should the Atlanta Falcons forfeit some of their TV money?

Lott & McCain, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Graham Wailing About Reid Pulling Appropriations Bill (CSPAN)

How would Impeachment impact the Campaigns of those Running for President?

Marcy Winograd Writes to John Conyers

Do not say anything bad about Iraq Or Bush will take your stuff

I could care less about the sex scandals!

Russia denies bombers were heading for British airspace

"Sorry Everybody" Revisited!

Is there somewhere I can listen to Mike Malloy's show from Monday?

Unofficial, handy dandy, DU media guide to the best and the boneheaded; 7/18/07.

Just in - Congress votes to outsource Presidency

You guys are GOOD friends the Turks are bombing Iraq!


VP's STONEWALL Started Way Back-Smack In The Middle Of California's So-Called "Blackout Crisis"

Turkey Bombards Northern Iraq

Petraeus, Coopted By GOP Propaganda. Gives interview on right wing Hugh Hewitt's radio show.


GASP! CNN: "Iraqi Lawmakers to Vacation While US Troops Die!"

explosion reported in midtown Manhattan

Soldier's Mom: Congress Should Stay Awake Longer

Cancer is a fungus.


Connect the dots (massive tinfoil alert)

Complete the line, you may have a small penis if you .............

can someone give me the link to find out about political donations in my town?

Once upon a time, there were creatures called reporters.

Ahhhh Randi's sick today!!!

George Bush announces new climate concerts

Would WH Have Used NSA Provided (Palfrey) Phone Records To Keep GOPers In Line?

Truthout: Miers Refuses to Comply, Contempt Front and Center

So its a transformer but how come the media is just not bothering with story

I'm Goreganic! T-Shirt arrived!

The GOP is going after Obama

well-it's late,but my paper printed my ltte re Webb/Hagel defeat

Tweety Sucking Up to Tool Judith Miller Today

Flynt Ready to Implicate Another Senator: "I Was Shocked, Especially At One Senator"

Impeach Now by Paul Roberts - noted conservative - GREAT READ

At Pigstock 2007

The Rapture® has begun in Midtown Manhattan

Gallup has Cheney at 30% approval--is he more popular than Bush now?

Good riddance in Kansas City

I don't care if nothing gets done until 2008

so elizabeth and hillary are feuding?

Inherent Contempt

Former Marine(helped save Jessica Lynch)now a jail worker, accused of inmate abuse

Countdown... Tonight

Man guilty of abducting mom, leaving daughter to alligators

Now Meet: Mr. Champ Whiteson

The Rise of al-Qaedaism

Generation Chickenhawk: Max Blumenthal

Question about gay marriage and Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution.

All the talk about College Loans in the Senate

Soldier: Defense of Bush doesn’t work

Is There A Terrorist Or Country We Can Blame The Explosion On?

Uh oh: Nippon Oil to pay in yen for Iran crude

Alternative Medicine...NO Advice, don't worry mods...just info

Heads up! - "California Class Action Lawsuit Fairness Act" (Guess what it would do...?)

When Was Last OBL Video Where He Mentions A Recent Event?

Bush’s Agencies Of Mass Politicization

Freudian slip in Senate AP headline

The Food Fight: Omnivores vs Evangelical Vegetarians

Based on the filibuster last night, the 2008 election will be about Iraq

Media Watch: Matthews Numbers Down...Does Show Trashing Women. Edwards/Hillary

Is this NYC steam explosion really such a big deal that

If the U.S. contiues on its current course, our Congress continues to be an ineffective...

Woo HOO! No grocery store strike in So Cal!!!

"I don't wish to support a filmmaker cut from the same cloth as Joseph Goebbels..." Re: SICKO

Lawyers try to keep Bush's name out of civil rights suit. He's "toxic."

Flynt has 30 more names. But ABC's Brian Ross said there was "no one important" on the list.

US captures terra 'leader' in Iraq! Woo Hoo!

After the Duke mess I am glad that no one will be rushing to convict Vick

What has MSNBC been doing with Don Imus' old time slot recently? NT

REPUBLICAN OBSTRUCTIONISM - LATimes - lays it all out in the first couple of paragraphs

But they pimped their children

Kyl, McCain Obstruct Defense Bill, Then Dishonestly Blame Reid For Not Funding The Troops

Cindy Sheehan: "Give War a Chance" Journey for Humanity and Accountability Day 9

the lifetime cost of TV

NBC will pull reruns of" Law and Order" if Thompson makes it offical

A "former" (?) conservative lets Dennis Prager have it. She's done with Bush.

GOPocalypse Now Redux

Cindy Sheehan...Lightning Rod

Humane Society E action: NFL, Throw the Book at Michael Vick

Ex-Cheney aide gets 10 years in prison in spy case

Transformer caused the explosion

LA Church 'agrees abuse pay deal'

Was Tony Snow always like this?

Lost again 52 - 47. What was the logic behind Harry Reid's all night slumber party?

HATCH ACT: ONDCP Personnel Dispatched to Help Elect Rs using War on Drugs

Open borders.. I don't see a problem with them.

I'M A DYED-IN-THE-WOOL DEMOCRAT and if anyone has a problem with that

I want to THANK the Senate Democrats

Fuck you, McCain

WATCH THIS VIDEO: Generation Chickenhawk

Fascinating Dove "commercial" on how our perception of beauty is manipulated

Computers seized from Cuba Caravan

Have you been attacked and forced into a gay marriage today?

Glenn Greenwald: The National Review mind

Lost? Better hope you are found within 51 hours, study finds

Did Nostradumus predict the steam explosion?

Generation Chickenhawk: the Unauthorized College Republican Convention Tour

George tries to spell Washington - and other goofy pics of *

Al Qaeda will disband when US aggresion in the Middle East ends

Thank you, Democrats, for finally getting it

In the end, could this country elect either a woman or a black man president?

How Hard Can It Be to Teach?

should I take this as a threat?'s absolutely insane having so many fricken

History is being made tonight; my children and grandchildren will remember this day

Generation Chickenhawk: the Unauthorized College Republican Convention Tour

10 tons of dead fish found in toxic poisoned river - for 2nd time

Turkey military now up to 200,000 on the boarder with Iraq and we're arming the Peshmerga

Grand Central Station is being evacuated.

Women (and Those Who Love Them): Be WISER About Retirement

Osama: I've got nukes

Dumb-Ass Republicans, headed for trouble

Over the limit

There are several threads about Michael Vick in each forum

For a second, forget about Al Gore: Tell us what you do to make the world a better place.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Snowjob calls US troops stuck in the Iraqi heat defending legislators vacationing abroad, "imagery"

Several top Bush officials ‘would like to leave.’

After Years Of Misleading Excuses, Pentagon Finally Seeks Lifesaving Vehicles For Troops In Iraq

Do you think law enforcement should be within the law to shoot "suspects" if they can't outrun them?

Crowd and speakers 'communicate' over impeachment!

Breaking: Reid Yanks Defense Authorization Bill To Force GOP's Hand

More WhoreGate News: D.C. Madam Feels for Clients' Families

Prisoner Randy 'Duke' Cunningham is squealing to FBI agents about corruption cases editor cannot BELIEVE poll results!

Conyers Responds to RNC on Subpoena,

Five squirming fly larvae pulled from Colorado man's head

OK, to prove this overnight thing is NOT a stunt.....

Reading "Bay of Pigs". Maybe we should just disband the CIA.

Former Reagan Official: Bush May Stage False Flag Events To Reinstate Draft

Which state has the worst pair of Senators?

Iraq and the Defense Bill: A Post-Mortem Guide for the Perplexed

NBC Correspondent Received $30K for Speech Attacking Sen. Edwards ...

Not Impeaching Is Offensive.

Bruce Fein on Thom Hartmann - the case for impeachment

My Protest Experience Today.

Enemy Women: Left Behind

Reid did it! He tabled all the bills, per MSNBC. No story yet, but link:

Re: Cheney's Environmental Meetings: This is shameful.

Reid voted against the Levin Amendment?

I basically told a clown who was telling Bill and Hillary jokes to shut up today

Can Congress stop funding the executive branch? /nt

Which state is cursed with the worst pair of Senators?

For all Al Gore lovers

DAILYKOS: Situation grave at world's largest nuclear plant

Can we cut the BULLSHIT? - IT'S ABOUT THE OIL...

Condi: "I'm a terrible long-term planner" (Business Week)

Leahy sets up Gonzales for impeachment

It just doesn't register with republicans that 'Iraqi al-Qaeda' wouldn't exist if we hadn't invaded

He is NOT President Bush he is King George. He has expressed his

Poppy donates his World War II service revolver - pics

Sometimes I wonder why I keep coming back to DU

Hummer owner gets angry message

So basically, fighting them over there has failed & they're about to hit us again?

Michael Vick ought to be strung up by his nuts...

YES to mental health parity

Who else here is a Libertarian-Leaning Democrat?

I am Not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I Am an Independent...

New Executive order. I need it put into understandable terms. What does

Do you want to know the real problem? Well it's kind of scary.

I don't have a single friend

H2O Man Survey

Draft John Kerry '08

Webb says the future of the Dem party lies in rejecting Rubin wing of party.

Bush's Policies Have Made America More Safe ... FOR WHOM???

Clinton, Edwards Less Focused on South Carolina

Edwards: Congress should keep sending bills with a binding timetable for ending the war

What Hillary Doesn't Say about Iraq

Come on, Obama, and Clinton, and Edwards, and Pelosi

Edwards, Obama, and Dodd improve on Katrina recovery

Obama vote of present in Il. Senate Okay'd by Planned Parenthood

Sen. Vitter, take 2: Is the media missing the real story?

Hey GOP Obstructionists much BETTER than impeachment !

Hillary Buys Vilsack Endorsement

Latest AP Poll: Gop pick - None of the Above (not kidding!)

Nevada University Chancellor Rogers Backs Hillary

AZ: Pederson backs Clinton; lawyers fund Edwards

McClatchy: John Edwards bets it all on Iowa

Republicans filibustering all night must be hard on the DC prostitute business

LOL! Jeff Gannon calls Flynt a hypocrite (and Satan)!

Barack Obama speaking now on Senate floor.

Al-Quaeda is much weaker now then on 9-11

Mark Foley Riding High On Campaign Funds

Did anybody else get a call from Votevets yesterday?

AP poll: GOP voters pick "None of the Above"

Clinton leads in Wisconsin

CNN's Schneider puts Richardson in the top 3

THREE YEARS LATE: Washington Post says Reagan died today

New Dems try to kick-start stalled free-trade agenda

CSPAN LIVE link to Senate filibustering on Iraq

And the beat goes on...

Orrin Hatch is up to speak out of both sides of his mouth

Hey Specter! Lick my nuts.

Every "Troops Home Now!" sign should add "Count all our votes!"

Looking you straight in the eye.......

Harry going to HR 2638 NOW ! Homeland Security bill funding

Oprah Winfrey to host Obama fund-raiser

Republican filibuster has Democrats turning to youtube and reaching out to blogosphere

"The sh** that used to work-it won't work now"

The Rude Pundit: Note to Fran Townsend: If There's "No Question," ...

Am I the only one who heard during the Senate "speeches" last night that there will be a mandatory

Exciting News Over at DKos (PART II)

Hey - Help Kick A News Story - Bush Fighting AGAINST Pay Raise For Troops

Strip LIEberman of his chairmanship....NOW!!!!!!

Obama vows to fight poverty

New NH poll. Bad news for Edwards.

Hypothetical poll

Why isn't DeLay in prison?

Reporter "accidentally" calls Hillary Clinton a dirty word.

Edwards Agrees to Three-Way Debate with Clinton, Kucinich

$532,000 Of Obama Campaign Contributions Went To Fund-raising Firm

Dean Buys Braun Endorsement (In response to the faux Clinton/Vilsack outrage)

Sen. Clinton Introduces bill to Give Servicewomen Access to Emergency Contraception

called Dingell's (D) office about this. "Once again, the Michigan Democrat is sabotaging energy..

Hillary on health care

Edwards leads in Oregon money race

Group (Judicial Watch) sues for access to Hillary’s White House records

Obama Tries to Peel Away Clinton Backers

Edwards calls healthcare access in U.S. 'shameful' for a country that can do better

1980: Reagan beats Carter by a pitiful 9.7 %...a real squaker...

Fell Asleep In The Middle Of The Night - Couldn't Make It - Did Pelosi Lead A March To The Senate?..

He's not running in '08, but history shows his bad ratings can swamp the GOP.

Fed court ruling making voters register by party may cause further racial divide in Mississippi.

Who thinks we could see Ron Paul on a Democratic ticket for Presidnent?

You know, I always thought that Jebby would be installed as VP

CIA warned in 2003 that a war in Iraq could help Al Qaeda but Bush

New York Rep. Yvette D. Clarke Endorses Clinton for President

RI Speaker Tempore Charlene Lima, State Legislators Endorse Clinton

Republicans turn on each other over earmarks

What candidate will get our troops home the FASTEST?

Colorado and Vermont democrats donated the most to Obama

Who Is Giving to the Candidates

Which Senator will be the Larry Flynt "Shocker"?

CNN's Barbara Star in Iraq talking about "Pace walking the streets in Ramadi.

McCain snaps: "Finished" discussing campaign.

Has anyone told Waxman and Conyers about Bob Novak's secret pajama party?

Is there any doubt Cindy Sheehan has virtually destroyed the impeachment movement?

How much of Edwards' problems so far are because he is white?

New Zogby Poll: Clinton and Obama beat all GOPers!!!


AP: Hillary Clinton Scolds Bush on Aid to Localities

Zogby: Clinton and Obama defeat all Repubs...Obama stalled, Hillary with momentum...

Bush told Iraq war has helped al-Qa’eda

Jane Harmon endorsment of Hillary Clinton 1) most qualified to be

Looking for a few brave respondents...

Robert Novak on Obama

I predict Jeb will jump in the race. The Repubs are VERY unhappy with their candidates, and I say

How long will Fred Thompson be allowed to play coy before he

EXPLOSION in NY City right away the media says its not TERRORISM!!!

jsamuel gets a shout out at National Journal Hotline blog....very nice.

(1995) Cato org says$1 of ADM ethanol profit costs taxpayers $30

Clinton campaign defends DailyKos against Bill O'Reilly comments

Obama’s 2nd-Top Contributor: Exelon Nuclear Power Firm

Ras Poll: Hillary ...38%.. Obama...25%. ...Edwards...13%

Mitt Romney spent $300 on make-up consultant

Shortly after endorsing Dean, Braun recieved up to $300,000 from the Dean campaign to retire debt

Our Chimperor Is Fighting A 3.5% Pay Raise For Our Soldiers

The Overnight Iraq Debate: By The Numbers

Body Language in The Senate tonight

Hillary campaign responds to criticism from Elizabeth Edwards...

NIce enough, Harry ..... I guess ........

Media Watch: Matthews Show Trashing Women...Edwards/Hillary

Michelle Obama: Barack is the "Harry Potter parent"

Our Dem reps claim that Impeachment is a waste of time. Well, what has actually been passed

Can Poverty Define John Edwards?

New Gallup Poll: Clinton - 34%, Obama - 25%, Gore - 16%, Edwards - 9%

Thank you Howard Dean

So Nader says he's running again? This NEEDS to be brought up

More MSNBC Edwards bashing Tucker Carlson : no one listens to the Edwards

Unbelievable! 7/17 - FDA Closes Labs | 7/18 - Bush Creates Panel to Review Food Imports

The Ultimate Hillary Clinton Question

Michael Moore returns to CNN Today

Do you think the Dems can win Florida?

Obama attacks Edwards?

Why Is Obama so Strong?

Zogby: Obama does better than Clinton against McCain, Romney and Thompson

The 50 Dumbest Things Bush Has Ever Said

Russ Feingold Supported Clinton Impeachment process, doesn't support it for Bush.