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Archives: July 17, 2007

Cheney: Vice president or uber-president? (Redding CA Record-Searchlight)

Litigious Corporations by Jim Hightower

Filling Gaps in Iraq, Then Finding a Void at Home (KBR's Rented Army)

Just another day in Iraq: 100 more fathers, mothers, sons and daughters killed

Smart on Terrorism

AFL-CIO’s Pride At Work Calls For Legal Same Sex Marriage in N.J.

Harry Reid Finally Starts to Fight Smart (by John Nichols for The Nation)

BOB HERBERT: A Voice Raised in Chicago

American Consensus: We've Stopped Listening to Bush (MoJo)

Woman content living in 84-sq. ft. dream home

Lawmaker urges World Bank to publish China figures - Reuters

Woman content living in 84-sq. ft. dream home

A typical nuclear reactor problem meets the news cycle

Pace: US Weighs Larger 'Surge' in Iraq

16 Guantánamo captives off to Saudi Arabia

Japan quake causes 9 deaths, nuke leak

Washington Mayor to Take Fight for Gun Law to Supreme Court

More Staff Depart From McCain Campaign

A new escape from Iraq - if you're a Westerner (Expat Airways)

Hayworth paying legal fees for fed investigation

Type 1 diabetes gene found

Dow Jones agrees to $5 billion News Corp. buyout: WSJ

Davis Gets Stay of Execution for 90 Days

A little classic rock anyone?

When I am elected King of the Lounge, I promise to use tax money on hookers and diaper fetishes.

Will It Blend?

Women in Art - Video

Lying is so much more imaginative.

I'm down to owning only 3 laserdiscs. Ask me anything!

I'm considering a birthday trip to Saco, Maine, third weekend of August

Do you think Harry Potter knows this spell?

My 'Casino Royale' poster arrived! Which one should it replace?

Disco should come back.

Fun and annoyance in Beantown

Would you timeshare a dog?

This is just depressing.

Plagues of locusts, pestilence, famine and great earthquakes and floods should come back

Have you ever...

This is why the Internet has gotten to be just about fucking useless:

For my kindred spirits here, you will understand.

Any gals use evening primrose oil,

Okay, who let the huge, Godzilla-esque beetle into my house?

Stairway To Heaven in gregorian chant.

Vitter John! Vitter john! Where are you sleeping? (Frere Jacques tune)

So we spent 2.5 hours in a salon

This is why the Internet has gotten to be just about fucking clueless:

Change your real name

I'm bleeding out of my ear. Why would I be doing that?

Impeached flight attendant says 'bye-bye' to Vitter prostitute!!11

Who wants to watch a movie with me on my big screen TV?

You're invisible, and you'd go to Space Camp?

Ay carumba- Laser Cats

Anyone in Port Orchard WA in need of a rental? PM me, k?

I'm getting braver.... A new post in GD....

Can I haz baby kitteh? Yez, I can.

I'm BACK!!! and in celebration, I created a Song In Pictures Video

Has anyone seen the previews for "Back to You"

Goodnight my baby...

How are you? babylonsister and Ruth. we want to know!

tonight we dine at the Olive Garden (this is too damned funny!)

My husband is out of town and the kids are in bed. Ask me anything.

Beans: the musical fruit or good for the heart?

Help me decide what to buy this churlish couple

They're having fireworks.

How long should something exist before it can be called "a classic?"

My penis (pic heavy - dialup warning)

Anyone else see the puppy on Keith Olbermann tonight?

If I had twins, I would name them

Cthulhu movie? Maybe so....

Blah, blahblah, blah, blahblahblah, blah blah!

OMFG!!!!!!!!! This is the best FRICKING invention ever - my USB Turntable

I decided to put a single, thin blue streak through my hair.

It's God's will that Rabrrrrrr caresses my cigar collection

Have you ever been restless and tired at the same time?

I just watched "The Life of Brian."

China struck by plague of roughly 2 BILLION rats.

I am sickly compelled to eat Pop Ice.

Is there an Adoption forum or group on the site? Or should I post questions

Anthony Bourdain weighs in on the animated movie "Ratatouille"

I had a debate over if inches exist.

I keep coming back to this... The Pepcon rocket fuel depot explosions.

Crap I missed the first segment of Bill Maher on Leno

I kicked three middle-aged, white Republican men's buttockses this weekend

Does anyone else here besides me drive a beater car?

Seattle Construction Unions Reach Contract Agreements

Big SEIU California Health Care Local (140,000 member ) Endorses Conyers Universal Health Care Bill

Hott 4 Hill feat. Taryn Southern

The Evolution of Dance

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Dick Durbin on Iraq filibuster

What to Wear at Your First "My Husband Pays Hookers to Diaper Him" Presser

"Inherent Contempt" Explained: Olbermann with Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley

Sympathy For The Devil (A Song In Pictures)

These new 'crush' videos ............

WOW! Running the Numbers An American Self-Portrait

Engineers and Architects Question the 9/11 Commission Report

Sinator Vitter

Ha Ha -- freeper on my vets' board cannot understand why I hate Bush.

Please Look! Help fight global warming!

Iraqi Parliament Vacation! Bamboozle! (Josh Marshall)

Two men interrupt church service with anti-choice protest. Claim persecution for reading Scripture

Iraq needs Lawyers: This is an actual want ad from the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

New video of how it happened to Vitter.

Who would benefit from creating an Al-Qaeda in Iraq?

How many other words so neatly rhyme with Shitter.

Will It Blend?

The saddest Iraq news I've read in a long time

The "I got a crush on Mitt" video...

Impeachment roll call: Cheney sure, but Scalia would be even better...

Audio book archive, Don Quixote, all chapters in MP3 format,

Holy Fucking Shit! It's the Attack of the Vitter Threads! Head...

Which do you prefer?

Can Vitters be charged with a crime because of the prostitution

So Lou Dobbs doesn't like illegal immigration.

Larry King - The Iran Propaganda continues.

Why September?

Interesting Bush calls for a Mideast Conference NOW

This is another WTF, we missed...

Experts probe Afghan mass grave

I see that the oil companies and their raping of our monies

To the States

Marine: Beating of Iraqis became routine

Please, Alberto, If It's Convenient for Y'all. If Not, That's OK Too...

* Interview Coming Up Shortly on ESPN's Baseball Tonight

If I hear one more time "We need to deal with the situation before us" whenever it is raised that

UNICEF: Conditions for Iraqi children WORSE than under Saddam


Will Pitt is on the phone with Mike Malloy

O'Reilly Attack on JetBlue/DailyKos -- LAME!!

Ex-Rep. Foley spends nearly half a million on legal fees

Half of foreign detainees in Iraq are Saudis

Oh... Man... Can't Ya Just Feel The Love ???

Border wars (cartoon)

WP, Froomkin, How Bush Uses His Generals: Political cover, then knife in back when no longer of use

Here is something all DU members should have

So... (Just Got In) Is This An ACTUAL Filibuster ??? - Did Reid Actually Pull This Trigger ???

re: The all-nighter on Iraq: why would rpigs not just go home to sleep?

2nd African-American athlete arrested for DUI, passes blood and breathalyzer tests.

WP op-ed, The REAL Media Divide: "News junkies" and "entertainment fans"

What a relief to listen to someone who is SMART - Lawrence Korb on CSpan 2 -

YEAH!!!!! Jon Stewart is back LIVE tonight!

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert' are live tonight. Not too shabby! nt

NYT online headline: WSJ Reports News Corp. Reaches Tentative Agreement to Buy Dow Jones

I hope little fucker tucker is on the madams list

Meanwhile, the Iraqi parliament is apparently taking August off . . .

Harassed for old debt, or debt you don't owe? The following may help.

Vitter refuse to bow out honorably

Open Letter to Senators Bill Nelson and Mel Martinez, and Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah ---pix--->>>

A Legal Question if anyone knows about CCTV

Tavis tonight: Home movies from NOLA's 9th Ward - pt. 1 of 5

Echoes From an Earlier Conflict (Congress & the Viet Nam War)

I'm pretty certain that if I cavorted with prostitutes, my wife would dump my ass.

Bone collector challenge - what's this?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Steven Colbert is talking about the catholic religion too tonight.

Sex and the Conservative by Dana Milbank

Nice Move, Sen Reid. But, let us give them a hundred sleepless nights

Gunman is shot and killed outside offices of Colorado governor

If Jim Webb is becoming the new face of the Democratic party I think we are going to be alright

now Vitter is lying??? maybe he didn't want the bobbit treatment and RW wifes believe all bs?

Eliz Edwards about Bush and homeless (katrinia)

Shocking. In Lawless Post Katrina, Companies Preying on workers.

Instead of the "Fairness Doctrine" how about we..........

Listen to the mustn'ts

I f you support IMPEACHMENT call

N.M. college doors open for undocumented

Doh! DeFazio demands an investigation...!

where/how did the Catholic Church get all that money ?

Well... Here It Is... Breaking: News Corp. Reaches Tentative Agreement to Buy Dow Jones

John McCain attempting to increase his likability with a bold statement of refreshing honesty.

tehehe the link to a certain page we don't name brought me this....

*** Monday TOONs: Gut Feeling ***

Vitter's complete financial "record" (from OpenSecrets)

My theory on why our Democratic leaders are against impeachment

did anyone get the multiclass lawsuit info because of Ameriquest?

Who the fuck is Asbury Park Press and why do they have my

Senator Ben Nelson on the Colbert Report

Did anyone ask vitter why he doesn't hold himself to the same standard he asked of Clinton

Ok I'm behind single payer health care now

I genuinely feel for Congressman Ron Paul.

Did you realize it was Larry Flynt who broke the scandals on both

argh...Joan Walsh and Dan Abrams are missing the whole point

Don't Piss On My Hat And Tell Me It's Raining.

Hoo Boy!! NewsMax has the FEAR meter cranked all the way up!

Cheney -- with advice from Hollywood - attempts to revitalize his image

I got to say re Dan Abrams

Sydnie, where are you? I hope you're reading this DU stuff! Love ya! nt

Checking in with Operation Yellow Elephant

9/11- related bill hits another snag (thank Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.))

I Accuse… 44 Attorneys General Demand an Inquiry Into the Siegelman Prosecution

And you're all ga-ga over this??

If Vitter resigns, we won't have to caucus with Lieberman anymore.

White House moving toward Iran attack

We're good; the Dems are going to get real tomorrow. Filibuster !!!!!

I wish some DU members were 1/10th as concerned about global warming as they are about impeachment

Stop Threatened Cuts With a Phone Call (If anyone cares)

Bad answer to a good question

Holocaust survivors mark 70th anniversary of Buchenwald camp

To honor the war dead...This lady gives her best...

Where are Alan Shore & Shirley Schmidt at when you need 'em?

DoJ blocks voting section chief from testifying

Diplomatic clash looms with US over BAE arms sale investigation

Best Place to live according to Money Magazine is

Would you support a 5% National Sales tax for the purpose of national Health Care

Oh my gosh. I am so outraged by this raw form of bigotry on

White Judge, White Jury, White Prosecutor, Black Youth

Fambly Values: Did Vitter father a child with a prostitute now living in Alexandria, Virginia?

54 Reasons to Impeach, Convict and Remove George W. Bush from office.

GREAT NEWS!!!! Troy Davis Wins a Stay on His Execution!!!

Florida woman uses keyword search -- "atheism," "abortion," etc. -- to call for book ban

Been listening to Malloy "bash" catholics

Transcript - The Honourable Sinator Vitter Holds a Press Conference. God not attending.

I think I get it now, Dimson is running the war like my insurance PPO!

Wendy Vitter deserves the life she is leading.

'Christians' disrupt abortion provider's church service

Dim Bulbs of Bias - RW'ers attack fluorescent light bulbs

(URGENT WARNING) Unregulated student loans make fortunes for CEO and screw students

We need more sex therapists - or, why would a grown man wear diapers?

'Freedom Is About Authority': Excerpts From Giuliani

Tucker the fucker is SUCH AN ASSHOLE!

Coyotes shot in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park by U.S. Department of Agriculture

Ralph Nader decides to endorse Hillary Clinton after all

Wendy Vitter and Lorena Bobbitt. Does Mrs. Vitter owe Hillary an apology?

D.C. Mayor, Fenty, Expected to endorse Obama

Visa Program Caps Skilled Math And Science Workers

Dkos: Edwards on the Road

Has anyone seen Kristen Powers on Bill O'Reilly's show

Political Woes Dog Republicans Across the South

repukes optimistic despite $4 million debt

Re: the war, Cindy Sheehan and the Tillman family

War Made EAsy: How Presidents and Pundits

Retired Major General Campaigns for Obama in Le Mars

Obama walks Picket in Chicago

My Navajo friend says Bush is a "post turtle"

Sen. Durbin blasts McConnell and the Republicans

Sen Warner and the GOP fear the War Powers Resolution, requires CLEAR (truthful)

Sen. Brown proposes WARN Act reforms

abusing those who serve

Obama Camp See Value in Small donors

UNICEF: Children in Iraq are worse off now than they were before the war

New Daily Show on NOW! They are Soooo Back!

MSNBC reporting News Corp buys Dow Jones. Now they control

In one sentence, what do you think your favorite candidate stands for?

Has anyone watched KO tonite -- Charge Harriet Miers with "Inherent Contempt"

Can you imagine if No Child Left Behind was applied to Iraq?

Just watched tucker carlson on

An interesting behind-the-scenes story about the Moyers Impeachment segment

Why the methodology for health care rankings (where U.S. was ranked #37) is flawed

Any MSM coverage of the very bad Senator and his doodies in his diapies?

Military preparing an even bigger troop buildup if Bush thinks his "surge" strategy needs boost

So, we are to believe a guy who only arrived in Washington 3 years ago waited til then to do hookers

A Touch of Crass

A question about Reid's all nighter tomorrow night. Wife and I where talking and kind of

A modest proposal

Clinton Shuns Fox Debates but, Pockets Murdoch's Money

Yes, I believe in affirmative action, and yes it is time for a President of color.

Is the Ba'ath party still banned from joining the Iraqi military?

Obama Taps Wall Street for Dollars

I've never seen Clark look so concerned.

Bush's July Surprise for Iraq

Arming former insurgents is a really bad idea, but what else can we do?

Brave new world of Iranian nuclear cooperation

Money and Politics - E.J. Dionne Jr.

NYT: Islamic Creationist and a Book Sent Round the World

The Corporate Way in the USA!!!

Bush Government to Poor Voters: We Don't Want You to Vote (AlterNet)


Bill Scher: Reid’s Bold Move

Research, Develop, and Sell, Sell, Sell: Pt. 2 in a Series on the Politics and PR of Cervical Cancer

Pentagon starts spin unit to target talk radio, bloggers

Just another day in Iraq (The Independent, London)

Are Christian conservatives trying to Swift-boat Mitt Romney in the service of Fred Thompson?

"They Ran Out of People to Kill"

Argentina: Where Workers Run the Factories (The Nation)

Dave Lindorff: Feingold Turns to Dross

Michael Moore newsletter

George Bush and Lindsey Graham Push the Power of the President and Generals Over People and Troops

Why Liberals are More Dangerous than Terrorists

"Moore's 'Sicko' Rings Close to Home for This Reporter"

LAT: Protecting Mahony was church's "cardinal" objective

Deconstructing the Benchmarks (The Nation)

The U.S. lags other countries in assuring opportunity for everyone; we should demand bold changes

Larry C Johnson: Deep Shiite, We’ve Driven Off the Cliff

Every Picture Tells a Story

Some Silicon Valley Companies Are Beginning to Sour on India

Crist confounds, astounds

Degradation and manhandling: Document reveals US interrogation techniques

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Dark Force

Marjorie Cohn: Reining In an Out-of-Control Executive

Impeach Now Or Face the End of Constitutional Democracy

Sen. Reid: Great First Step on Filibuster--But Make it a Commitment, Not a One Night Stand

David Vitter: Party Pooper (by Chris Kelly at HuffPost)

Say What's On Your Mind; It Might Help Right the System

Cuba accuses US of flouting exit visa deal

Bill Scher: Two years ago, the Group of 14 pledged to "prevent filibusters." Where are they now?

A New Clinical Diagnosis: Political Suppression of Sexuality Syndrome

Bob Novak: "Hey, at Least We're White Guys!" (by John Ridley for HuffPost)

Inside Bush's "Surge" Diary: Slip-Slidin' Away

Steve Casey: "Double standards regarding sexual morality wrong."

Does Tom Friedman Have A Clue About China? No. (by Jonathan Tasini at HuffPost)

Elliot D. Cohen: This Summer, Will America Officially Become A Totalitarian State?

Neocons on a Cruise: What Conservatives Say When They Think We Aren't Listening

Two interesting snippets from the Daily Mail's Ephraim Hardcastle's column:

Why Milk Costs More Than Gas (The Nation)

This Summer, Will America Officially Become A Totalitarian State?

Valuing the commons: Congestion pricing's hidden payoff

Restoring rural roots

Journal entry Sept. 12, 2017...

From Huffington Post: Raymond Learsy and gas rationing

Barney Frank Urges Zoellick To Release World Bank Pollution Death Estimates For China - Reuters

(NYC) Albany Rebuffs City Traffic Plan - NYT

Scientists Predict Gulf Of Mexico Dead Zone Will Hit 8,500 Square Miles This Year - MSNBC

disgraceful CNN story

Flooding Drives March Of Mice In Central China - Eyewitnesses Describe Hills, Roads Black W. Rodents

Scientists Confirm - Invasive Mitten Crabs Now Reproducing In Chesapeake Bay - Baltimore Sun

Ethanol Boom May Increase Pollution Pressure On Chesapeake Bay, Study Warns - WP

Howard's New Climate Plan Just More Election-Year Greenwash, Says Greenpeace

'Green' Wal-Mart: an Oxymoron?

Earthquake was stronger than reactors were designed for

Making McMansion Owners Pay (

Turkish PM defends gas deal with Iran - AFP

Aletsch Glacier - Largest In Alps - 80% Gone By 2100 - CSM

GM plans two very different plug-in electric vehicles

Matt Simmons - Start To Prepare For 40 - 60 Million Barrels/Day, Not 120 - Rigzone

Some creatures great and small -- and disappearing (CNN)

NYT: Glaciers in Retreat

Barclay's - Except In ME, Global Light Oil Production Already In Decline - Lloyd's List

"The majority of consumers really don't care all that much about the environment."

We could generate 100 times the amount of energy we use now from garbage...

Weigh in... with the nuclear power straw poll!

AFL-CIO’s Pride At Work Calls For Legal Same Sex Marriage in N.J.

Good Samaritan receives outpouring from community, gets bills paid

Gunmen kill 29 Iraqi villagers - security official

Congressional Inquiry Urged in Prosecution of Ex-Governor

Brave new world of Iranian nuclear cooperation

Crist confounds, astounds

Car bomb near Iranian embassy in Baghdad leaves 8 casualties

Fugitive bomber is caught napping. Found in Quincy (Mass.) after year on run

Nuke Waste Drums Tipped in Japan Quake

US Ready For Talks With Iran Over Iraqi Security Situation

House Dems want Rumsfeld, generals to testify in Tillman case

Dow Jones crosses 14,000 mark

AP Poll: GOP Pick Is 'None of the Above'

Terror threat against U.S. said serious

Pentagon approves disputed Iraq costs

Haitian former rebel leader wanted on drug charges

Panel Recommends Suspending British MP (George Galloway)

Mascot for Hamas TV Show Is a Mouse No More

Cuba accuses US of flouting exit visa deal

Police Attack Oaxaca Guelaguetza

Mexico fugitive alleges official corruption

Largest Iraq contract rife with errors (KBR bills $110m for services on shut down bases)

Japanese nuclear reactor under-designed for earthquake?

Letter: Add-on armor too heavy for new vehicles

Degradation and manhandling: Document reveals US interrogation techniques


Special Passes to enter and leave capital (Baghdad)

US July homebuilder sentiment at 16-year low -NAHB (1991 hmmmm)

USA: UNHCR welcomes House resolution on Colombian displacement (humanitarian crisis)

Al Qaeda May Use Iraqi Network To Attack Homeland, Report Says

US to freeze assets of those threatening Iraq's stability

Schumer: FAA chief should go

Australia to introduce carbon trading

Russia condemns UK expulsions

(NO) Levee improvements bring flood of suspicion

US Army starts stress program but lacks resources

AP Poll: GOP Pick is, "None of the Above"

Al-Sadr Bloc Ends Boycott of Parliament

Report: Al-Qaeda may use Iraqi network to attack U.S.

Aussies troops 'not helping Iraq surge'

Armored-car repair business is booming in Baghdad

Experts: Unclassified Report 'Pure Pablum,' Hides Truth

Oaxaca Government Armed Forces Use Violence to Prevent the People's Use of the Guelaguetza Auditoriu


Plane carrying at least 150 crashes in São Paulo

Wholesale inflation declines in U.S. while industrial production rebounds

FDA Spending Millions on Bonuses

Virginia phone service provider SunRocket suddenly closes

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann to moderate AFL-CIO presidential forum in Chicago on Aug 7.

Ailing Ground Zero Workers File Suit

Mass Graves Dug to Deal with Death Toll

AP Poll: GOP Pick Is 'None of the Above' (1/4 Repub. Unwilling to Back Giuliani, Thompson, Romney)

Senators: Prison terms for U.S. agents excessive

New Study on Workers’ Drinking, Illicit Drug Use Says Whites Do More of Both than Blacks

Lawmakers decry FDA plans to close labs

Dow Jones firings predicted under Murdoch

Veterans Affairs Chief Nicholson Resigns

Soldier who got parents' OK to enlist at 17 killed in Iraq

Bush critics receive additional charge in criminal case

Pace declares `sea change' in Iraq

Gunman in Capitol shooting identified (32 y/o, lived with parents, "not well")

U.S. military urged to revise tarnished "brand"

Iranian State-Run Television Shows Footage of 2 Detained Iranian-Americans

Libya lifts death sentences on medics in HIV case

U.S. to crack down on terror bankrolls (new executive order)

Harriet Miers rejects subpoena compliance deadline, shakes off 'contempt' threats

Microsoft announces PhD fellowship programme awards in India

Report: Plane carrying 170 crashes in São Paulo

Suicide attacker kills 12 in Pakistan

(Atlanta Falcons quarterback) Vick indicted in dogfighting case

Bolivia's Evo Morales to Nationalize Railroads, El Diario Says

FBI: Iraqis Being Smuggled Across the Rio Grande

Court case may yet prove that - in Colombia - crime can pay

Medical Supply Chain Decries US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' Investigation of General Electric

Legend of Zelda Series... Does anyone out there believe...

My dog burped. Vibes please.

Vibrator exploded. Vibes please. Thanks.

Getcher flamebait here

Anybody Up...

Any Spanish speakers willing to help me out a little?

Four die when driver loses race with train

John Lennon's Glasses Expected To Fetch $1.5 Million At Auction

Man Attacks Girlfriend With Hot Slice Of Pizza

Happy Birthday, Phoebe Snow!

Man Calls 911 Because He Is Surrounded By Police

Rock with image of Elvis to be sold on ebay

Tomorrow it is 6 years that my dad died

I'm feeling very vulnerable...good vibes needed. Thanks.

It's a 'Doors' day!

What gives you joy and what are you grateful for?

Strippers Return To Golf Course

Man Locked Girlfriend's 6 Year Old Son In Clothes Dryer

Did Anyone Watch the Victoria Beckham Special Last Night?

Anyone know where I can buy a Region 2 dvd player?

MLB All-Star Game Prostitution Sting Nets 131 Arrests

For those who might not venture over into GD-land - great artwork by dicksteele

Holy Shit! I Just Realized, Its My Wife's Birthday

My company was accused of cheating. Hahaha!

Scott Baio Mistook Corduroy Couch For Erin Moran's Vagina - Made Love To It

"Eyewitness Accounts" vs "Your Lyin' Eyes"

Weird Question: Has anyone else noticed the rising number of people with stomach ailments?

I look out toward the western Colorado sky every morning...

Family Home Sold At Auction Over $1.63 Overdue Tax Bill

Sad visit with my grandmother

Don't forget Lounge . . .

I'm stunned that nobody has gone for the obvious copycat waiting to happen

Pink Floyd ~ Obscured By Clouds

Hey, where's ohiosmith? I can't enjoy my chicken pot pie tomorrow

"Man Calls 911 to Save Him From Police"

Survey: 1 in 12 U.S. workers using drugs in the past month - are you one of them??

It's a 'Dooms' day!

I had a debate over if Inchworm exists.

So did ya ever want something so bad that it hurts?

Men of a certain physiological characteristic, I have a question for you...

Any IRS and/or real estate/mortgage cognoscenti here?

Really severe weather in VA last night. And guess what?

United Ladies (and some gentlemen): Where would you pump these nudes?

What's your favorite meal to stay in for?

Wanna see a VERY young Glen Ford, Lloyd Bridges, Hugh Beaumont?

What's your favorite meal to go out for?

Gay People in the Lounge: Is it a task for you?

Fucking hell.

Three lucky bastards

How to get your beer cold in 20 seconds

OMG! The house I grew up in is up for sale and on

mmmm..... echidnas are tasty

Best Stewie moment ever

How to get your woman cold in 20 seconds (copycat)

Does Smithwicks have crack in it?

Women of the Lounge: Do you find it increasingly harder to multitask?

I have my first golf lesson today

Sailing through Panama Canal from Pacific to Atlantic: West to East or E to W???

I hate my pets

I just watched "The Life of Brain."

Ricky Martin to do anti-trafficking PSAs . (Will Rush listen?)

Post a pic of you performing a task to please your partner

Hey, LaraMN. You better lock Jack up.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 7/17/07)

The man, the legend, the codpiece - Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson

I have a task I need done, well, maybe not a task, but you know...

Would it be wrong for me to sculpt

New games and betas?

This is a drive-by post

I forgot to buy milk.

The cat is batting me with his paws. He occasionally mews.

Tip-Too Much-Just Right

Rugby player had tooth in forehead for three months

Men AND women of the lounge: Isn't it better to multitask?

Task vs. No Task

Man Tries To Shoot Auto Mechanic Over $2,300 Repair Bill

Mmmmm ... mushroom recipes needed.

Mandy Patinkin leaving "Criminal Minds"

Electric bill received. First month of full time Air Conditioning.

Please help me find this.

My friend called me this morning, totally embarrassed.

Ice Cream Party

Today's Awwwwwwwwl

Anyone seen the movie "If Only"?

I just made ginormous cinnamon rolls.

I just put $6.66 on my check card

Thru years of research I have discovered this MUST be the dumbest person ever (LTTE on recycling)

Sign Language Mistaken For Obscene Jesture - Sparks Brawl, Shots Fired

I have terrorist kitties

Heidy-Ho . . .

Hey, Musicians - especially you classically trained ones - you are NOT creative!

Men of the lounge: Is it a task or not?

Ooh, I nailed this woman in the grocery store -- so proud of myself! LOL

I have my first flog lesson today

Auto mechanics -- Honda minivan question

Why is little lord pissy pants such a poopy head?

Women of the Lounge: Is it a task or not?

Three Weeks, Three Days and Four Hours Since I've Smoked a Hamster - Some Thoughts

Mr MANative's 50th b-day is 2 weeks away..HELP!!!!

Ladies (and some gentlemen): Would you wear these United Nude pumps?

Would it be wrong

Why are People's Feet getting so big??

Andy Dick truly is a dick

Incredible pix: Stormchaser site. "We're in ur cloudz, makin u run"

Has all the pressure got you down? (yea, a youtube post)

Attention poker fans

Did anyone else watch "CSA: Confederate States of America" on IFC last night

Never seen one of these before on the NWS website. Local Area Emergency...

Watch this and TRY not to laugh.

Goodnight, loungers

DU Fantasy Football League - NOTE - First league dissolved.. read on

Oh waaaaaaah, just waaaah

By the name of the Lounge Lizard Gods, I DEMAND YOU TO POST TIMMEH pictures!

Why I am ashamed to be a liberal

Arrrrgh!!!!! My neighbor is using his leaf blower again!! The noise

shit. my new lawyer is a hottie.

Boy, this sums up the fundies...

Arrrrgh!!!!! My neighbor is using his left hooker again!! The noise

Greyhound (Bus) bites family

Tuesday Questions

Attention Roker fans...

Theme: Kid's movies... if they were directed by an emo director (pic heavy)

500-pound man rescued after river ordeal

Slash fiction fans: Are the Batman stories better off without Robin?

What buried treasure lies in your music collection? Albums you've never listened to, but owned for

self delete

Lounge Movie Game: Guess the Film from the Scene Description II

MLB Question: How the hell do they track weather?

Ladies (and some gentlemen): Would you wear these United pumps nude?

Cool! A real transformer!

The recipe calls to cook the pizza for 18 minutes at 425 degrees F....

Talented Amateur Creates Animations on Request:

I'm stuck on the Graham Coxon song "That's when I reached for my revolver"

Say something enthusiastic about Acer computers. Lie as necessary.

How Jim Morrison Died

Hmmm ... so what's Homer's underwear hiding?

Voting Confession

It's official, the lump was just a cyst.

Which is better: A nice slooow withdrawl, or pull out fast?

Do you find it increasingly harder to multitask?

I have my first clog lesson today

I missed last evening's "Hell's Kitchen" . . .

When relaxing, what do you do more of?

Sadaharu Oh is the Home Run Champion. 868 Home Runs.

6 years of my life did NOT go up in smoke! (Happy Dance)

I'm getting published! On the internet, anyway...

My first gig. In 10 years. And I'm having a bipolar episode. Ask me anything.

Want to piss off some idiots?

So apparently my aunt thinks I'm gay.

Is there such a thing as Geriatric Benadryl?


I heard a rumor that this year's Moody Blues tour will have some songs they haven't done in a while

A depressing thought I had this weekend

New Condom Wins In Taste Tests

Three Weeks, Three Days and Four Hours Since I've Smoked a Cigarette - Some Thoughts

Who was John Galt?

Fundies ridicule New Age beliefs with no sense of irony.

Driving Lessons

Southerners...are y'all as sick of the afternoon thunderstorms as I am?

Post your favorite zucchini recipes!

Divorced People: Advice for Singles?

Batman fans: Are the stories better off without Robin?

Best pasta shape

Can I just vent about scrapbooking for a minute?

Michael Vick Indicted by Federal Grand Jury for his role in Dog-Fighting

Singer Bobby Brown Says He Is Target Of Osama Bin Laden

Things not to say to someone who's lost a lot of weight...

Am i the only young person left on DU?

NOT KIDDING-"Posh" Beckham already has a reality show on NBC primetime

Help with an internet/phone harasser/hacker

Question for Prius owners

Philly, NJ: my shore appearances this weekend!

A limerick for Senator Vitter

How to tell the differences between the forces...

Today in labor history 7-17

Boeing's offshoring risks U.S. jobs, defense, union expert says

Lewis Black-Hunting With Dick Cheney

Olbermann 7-16-07:Bush has run out of fall guys.

Condi Rice Freaks out

Heart Like Water by Joshua Clark (retelling of Katrina hitting New Orleans and the aftermath)

Reid tells Republicans they'll have to filibuster

Bob Menendez on the Levin-Reed Amendment

The Road to One America - Canton, Mississippi

New Romney ad, is it an ad for the candidate, the environment, or erectile dysfunction treatment?

Tucker Filibusters the Nuclear Option

Ed Schultz rips the surge and calls for impeachment

President, Dearest

World Water Crisis

Cindy Sheehan talks to Tweety on Hardball

Just for the record - Bush -Truly not concerned about bin Laden!

IRAQ: Traumatised Iraqi children suffer psychological damage

Sen. Reed: White House Blocking Petraeus From Pursuing ‘New Direction’ In Iraq

The mother of all conspiracy theories! Evil from outer space.

John Lennon's glasses up for sale

U.S. Ally Blamed For Iraq Suicide Attacks

Calling all scientists!

Man challenges interpretation of welfare law

Mother responds to letter of son's killer

Toiletry donations temporarily on hold

Now that Scaife seems to be abandoning *, any bets on when Hannity will ?

New Iraqi resistance tactic, hand delivered thermal bombs.

Did Anyone see Bill Mather on Jay Leno tonight?

When did FReepers become the anti-abortion discussion board?

The line in the sand

Oh, grand. U.S. commanders sensing "some new horror" in Iraq, "Tet offensive"

USA Today Op/Ed: Pentagon Dithering Turned U.S. Forces Into Sitting Ducks

3617 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Bombings kill more than 80 in Iraq

How are you? babylonsister and Ruth. we want to know!

When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful,

Frank Rich, Paul Krugman fans: Bernie's gonna read/discuss their columns.

Bernie Ward: Tweety 's vacationing at the Bohemian Grove

Father ... put girls in trunk

Administration Ignores Treaties? - Antigua attorney speaks ... WTO case

Impeachment...waste of time?

"Roughly half of Republican senators whisper privately that they have given up on Iraq..."

Veterans For Peace Join September 15 March On D.C.

ABC News is like FOX lite

Romney Spends It Faster Than He Gets It

Just asking..... about the marathon all-nighter in the senate

Should I feel like less of a man just because I wear diapers with hookers?

The psychology of pervert repubs & their constant blathering about family values.

Bush Gov't Trying To Keep Poor Voters From Voting

Will the next terror attack help or hurt the GOP?

Cordova pastor could face more sex charges

NeoCons are stumped on their own board re: PNAC...

Former Baptist minister accused of sexual misconduct faces judge

Does the Bush Administration Support the Troops? Yes, Like a Noose Supports a Hanging Man!

Ex-priest agrees to avoid children to avoid retrial

Local Victim Finds Hope In L.A. Archdiocese Case

County Investigators Make Arrest In SC Murder Case

Cardinal ignores role in scandal, says attorney in sex-abuse case

Death after Taser use shocks kin

Episcopal pries sentenced to 210 years for sexually assaulting boys as young as six

Single Payer Question

Russ Feingold 1999 Statement on Clinton Impeachment --Check it out!

Bush's "Kitchen Cabinet" consists of just Cheney and his allies

The biggest reason I come here is to learn, so bear with me - I have a question.

"Al Qaeda Better Positioned to Strike the West," title of new threat assessment

AP Poll: GOP Pick Is 'None of the Above'

So Dow Jones sells out to Fox News. Another one bites the dust.

Military families, vets, retirees: Some help here?

Voting For Leaders

K-Street Strikes Back: Journalism Industry Exposed!

Wiccan Warriors discussion of the Bill of Rights...6th Amendment

John McCain and Joe Lieberman to meet with organization that wants to bring about the Apocalypse

Surgeon General Nominee Dodges Senator's Questions on Birth Control, Claims Ignorance on Sex Educati

Almost two-thirds of contracts questioned by auditors allowed by Pentagon

It wasn't much but it sure makes me feel good, the email that is I just sent to cnn

Plan Iraq - Permanent Occupation

What is the difference between "Decider" and "Dictator"

On a scale of 1 to 10, how scary is the idea of Rupert Murdoch owning Dow Jones?

looking for a slideshow our preacher showed in church. GI's helping Iraqi kids

Iraq GI: "I challenge the president ride alongside me"

Cspan 3 House hearing on Food Safety and the FDA on now.

Please review my LTTE on Bush and the generals

Will "Vitter" become associated with a certain action such as

Even watching Joe Scarborough is better than CNN these days.

Anyone else hearing this BS on CNN right now?

Glenn Greenwald: The Politico sewer

Isn't it fun trying to guess what the maniacs are about to do?

Scaife-Owned Newspaper Calls for Iraq Troop Withdrawal -- Questions Bush's 'Mental Stability'

Another dinosaur falls into the tar pit of progress...Cincy Post folds.

"Eyewitness Accounts" vs "Your Lyin' Eyes"

West Hollywood Becomes 1st So. Cal. city to call for IMPEACHMENT of Bush & Cheney

New book alert! Neck Deep: The Disastrous Presidency of George W. Bush

AP Poll: GOP pick is 'none of the above'

could the terra-terra-terra be any more transparent?

Pastors for Peace blog updated.


The GOP Demanded An "Up or Down Vote" on Hack Rethug Judges, Why Won't They Give One to Save Our GIs

Government administrator seeks more funds, more personnel

Kennedy on fire in Senate

President, Dearest

USAToday: KBR charged $110 million to service bases that had been shut down

When do the proceedings begin? (Senate Filibuster Filibuster)

Delusional David Brooks Enters Bush’s ‘Universe,’ Walks Away Entranced By *'s ‘Self-Confidence’

20.5M Decisions to Classify Documents in one year

NBC plans "Green Is Universal" week of environmental story lines for all prime-time shows

CHENEY: "We Must Restore Some Balance" Between Congress & White House"

Bush Government to Poor Voters: We Don't Want You to Vote

"None of the Above" has surged into the lead in the new GOP primary poll out from AP/Ipsos

Vitter's wife: for most other couples this would be a private matter..

Are you watching the Judiciary hearing on the boarder patrol agents

Health care - who should be denied?

Everyone 'should donate organs,' England's chief medical officer says.

Franken Beats Coleman in Second Quarter Fundraising

Maj. Gen. In Iraq: "We're Concerned About Tet Offensive Affecting Debate In Washington"

The Bush Politcal End-times....

Drink everytime the WH spokeswoman says "homeland"

Breaking News Vitter Caught Again With Diaper Down

Senator Denies [additional] Prostitution Allegations

Just Like We Suspected: Iraq Pullout Debate in Senate; Pace Says Iraq Good; NIE Says Terror Imminent

Dodd speaking on the floor now

Is there Dem Strategy involved in the Lieberman "License to Bomb Iran Amendment?" ...97-0 Vote?

Harming Civilians is a War Crime

Fran Tonwsend wins the Tony Snowjob Obnoxious Award

Why hasn't davey vitter entered Rehab waving a bible yet?

Is America AFRAID of it's own elected officials?

Is Hillary Clinton The Caroline Reynolds Of 2008? Discuss With Ref. To Mena ARK.

Large explosion in Islamabad, least 4 dead

McCain on Senate Floor ---lots of security of US talk-think he is winding down-

The worse it gets for Bush, expect more TERROR.

Kennedy up on CSPAN2 defending the Levin-Reed amendment; I

Timing the next terror attack.

McCain on the floor...

For God's Sake. CNN: Peter Pace is going to walk thru the streets of Ramadi

Florida DCF mistake proved fatal for 15 year old girl.

"I didn't do it, but if I did...

Declassification of NIE by Cheney a Fearmongering Countermove to Democrats All-Nighter

Sorry to defend David Brooks, but I have to. Think Progress ignores a subtlety in his column.

Everyone 'should donate organs' (BBC article)

Hot of the AP Wire...TERRA TERRA TERRA! Coming up after the break.

Saturday 491 people got sick off food in Chicago

I Am Sending Pelosi A Copy Of The Constitution

The Choices Are Not Good, But Impeachment Is the Best Option Now

Law of Unintended Consequences: Ethanol feeds Dead Zone

IMPORTANT...Please sign...The Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act ...

Please post Vitter quotes here re: Clinton Impeachment

"Keeping Up With the Wangs" - who said we were exploiting them?

Harassing the hippos: A courting ritual?

Arlen Specter has weaseled in a filibuster asking for 15 minutes

Tell the Senate We Need More Than Talk

From Mr. Waxman: Politicization of the WH Office of National Drug Control Policy

Veteran affairs secy. jim nicholson steps down...breaking


Today is the day, either Harriot Meiers shows up or Congress does something.

Richard Clarke: It's hard not to draw the conclusion that going to Iraq has created a further threat

Why we need to keep talking about Vitter-Hypocrisy issue aside

Freeway Blogger: "Senator Reid - Please Do Your Job" (Think He saw this sign?)

The Bush administration: Lowering Expectations for the next generations

BREAKING: New Iraq National Intelligence Estimate Released

Explosion at chemical plant in Valley Center Kansas - Evacuating Town (I worked there 20 years ago)

Posted without comment...

what's up with: Carr Center for Human Rights at Harvard?

John McCain said no American would pick lettuce for $50/hr. How about $1,000/wk?

Other/Undecided leads the GOP field

A new National Intelligence Estimate will be released today at 11am EST

OH NO HE DIDN'T: Mitt "Dog/GITMO Torturer Tough" Romney spent $150 on MAKEUP!

Nuclear Option Conservatives Embrace Permanent Filibuster For A Permanent Occupation

(Don) Young Shells Out for Lawyers

250,000 bullets for every 'rebel' killed

Perspective. Over 500,000 people die of cancer a year. Terrorism

A whispered warning regarding Medicare cutbacks ***important***

If you're interested...military service records for the US House by Party

FDA Bonuses Spending to Draw Scrutiny

"Couple May Lose Home Over $1.63 Tax Bill"

"Arizona Rep. Renzi Low on Campaign Funds"

David Brooks Loves Bush: "His Self-Confidence Is The Most Remarkable Feature"

Of these three morning "news" programs, which is worst?

What's the deal with the HuffingtonPost?

"Food-Labeling Effort Gains New Momentum"

I guess Franny is laying out what the Repug plan is...

Police Attack Oaxaca Guelaguetza

All this Vitter business has gotten me thinking

"Please Throw Away Trash to Minimize Roadside Bombs"

Anyone know if more theaters are planning to show "Sicko"? F911 got a lot more play than

Will We Demand Exit Polling For The '08 Election?

I know Iraq is important but what about everything else?

Taxpayers Paying BIG BUCKS So These Assholes Can VIOLENTLY TORTURE!

Limbaugh attacks Joe Wilson calls him a "pimple on a pig's butt"

Helen Thomas: New Press Room, Same Old Answers? "I would still like to know why we are in Iraq."

NIE Confirms Iraq War Has Endangered the U.S. and Increased World Terrorism. CAN WE IMPEACH NOW?

Why We Have A Poor Educational System

Al Qaeda may use Iraq operatives to attack U.S.

GOP Struggles With McCain's Florida Campaign Co-Chair's Oral Sex Bust, Vitter's Diaper Fetish

Why is one day old news not Latest Breaking?

U.S. rents Pakistani army for $100 million a month.

16 year old British girl loses fight to wear chastity-inspired "silver ring thing"

Coryn: We are ready to vote anytime instead of our senate slumber party

Can we have 1 thread for the debate today...

Sen. Durbin very eloquent in his summation

Another head's up for Yellowstone wolves:

My grandfather went broke because of medical bills just before he died

Caption this pic

The Iraqi "tet" will happen like this...

Cool new video blog FYI

I have a question for those of you who oppose impeachment

IT'S A MIRACLE!!! Iraq has SUDDENLY gotten MUCH BETTER in the past 24 hours!!! Praise Jesus!!!

Is it just me?

I know Iraq is important but what about everything else?

NBC asking GOPer candidates if it is okay to rerun Law and Order over summer

Iraq’s ambassador to the U.S: September is “too soon” to judge the "surge"

Olbermann to host AFL-CIO presidential forum

Hi, I'm Fran Townsend

Is it just me or does this headline seem tounge-in-cheek?

Live report from Baghdad at 3:30 eastern on The Guy James Show

Reid’s Bold Move

The Best and Only True Weapon Against Global Warming and Dependence on Foreign Oil: CONSERVATION

Probate question

Veterans Affairs Chief Resigns

Senate Voted "Ay" on Stupid, toothless Cornyn "Sense of Senate" Bill

Please read, powerful essay about 2003 Cornell suicide.

Photo: Immigrants Rally In Lou Dobbs Masks

Kerry: More than 60 senators support change of course in Iraq

My dream ticket: Edwards/Obama

Atrios's Wanker of the Day: Anne "Hamlet" Applebaum

More Than 130 National Events Target Republican Senators on Iraq Filibuster

Reid about to read a letter that he sent McConnell this morning

Vitter's Wikipedia bio has NO diaper-fetish references!

So when does miers time run out? Thursday? nt

"My Friends The Republicans"

Is nuclear energy a solution to global warming?

Olberman to host AFL/CIO Presidental Forum in Chicago

Impeachment: "What have you done for me lately?"

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Tues 7/17... half-glassed

"Confidential memo" from the Minnesota Republican Party that is the basis of CREW's FEC complaint

Harry Reid on the sen. Floor

Iraq GI: "I challange the ride alongside me".

caption Fran...

Senate is back!

Video: What Teachers Make - Taylor Mali

What is "flat HTML"?

Landrieu introduces amendment to capture or kill Bin Laden

Police excuse angry computer user for outburst

Cheney invited to testify about politicizing Interior Dept.

Durbin: Senate all-nighter "no great sacrifice"

Unfortunately, I have to agree with Bill Maher

I can't find any news. Has Harriet shown up?

O'Reilly's pissed! An anonymous poster at Daily Kos called the Pope a "primate"!

WashPost reader asks Bill Kristol: "why should anyone pay attention to you"

Shoot First -- Ask Questions (Much) Later?

Trent Lott is bawling about a modicum of

KBR( Halliburton) tried to charge $110 million for bases that no longer exist in Iraq...

Scarborough and his bald headed buddy are at it again...

Some of you have it ALL WRONG on Vitter

McCain Refutes Lotts main talking point

Conyers, Judiciary Members Ask AG for Documents, Information on Alabama’s Siegelman Case ...

My Congress Rep on MSNBC now

Sen. Siplin Ordered To Pay Fine In Controversial Football-Game Traffic Incident

Peace on earth, just as soon as we win this war

If Iraq is left until Patreaus' September progress report, it will be:

Lamest most obvious propaganda ever: NIE says al-Qaeda will uses its "contacts" in Iraq to attack US

Reid Writes To McConnell: Drop Filibuster For "The Sake Of Our Troops"

Just as long as we're clear

Dow at 14,000.

News alert: There are U.S. soldiers fighting in Iraq

Jesus with a Kung-Fu grip? Wal-Mart to sell Bible action figures....

Two of my favorite people are at the top of the Greatest Page today.

Senate? If we can't get 60 for Cloture, How We Goona Get 67 to Overide Bush's Veto

Will Lindsey Graham eat humble pie tonight?

Senate All-Nighter: Is There Any Front Page Coverage of This Story?

Bush White House stonewalls on Pat Tillman documents

Murdoch purchase of the WSJ is a truly scary thing

The pentagon possess more land in the United States than South Carolina

* and Speaker of the House Pelosi (trying her best to explain something to him?) - pics

Open Letter to FDA:Why Monsanto's rBGH Needs to Be Banned

'Here is the difference. Conservatives believe in Morality even though some of us are going to fall.

I'm so scared

Funny, back in Feb., Bush told everybody (AEI) that everything was great in Afghanistan.

As the debate goes on about the War - A tribute to our soldiers on the ground (heavy pics)

Puke politician minds and the way they feel about Transgression...

did i just hear bush say, "aL queda's on the run"

"George Bush is losing the war on terror"

John Edwards, Cindy Sheehan coming up on Hardball. nt

Now for your comedy pleasure: (hey, take a break for a sec, you earned it!)

No link yet .... but Burbank Airport is being evacuated.

Sen. Trent Lott : “Filibustering is wrong. It’s not supportable under the Constitution.

Listening to McCain, it occurred to me-

Tell the executive in charge at SIRIUS that you're patriotic too, dammit.

WOW!! I can hardly wait until the first shipment arrives

DU ROCKS! Impeachment question #1 most wanted question for next D Presidential Debate (CNN)

DU ROCKS! Impeachment question #1 most wanted question for next D Presidential Debate (CNN)

Help Moore, help America, with Health Care for America Campaign

I have a problem about the Plame case

...but then there's Kristol clear

The Senate Pajama Party - help a Canadian understand?

Any word on miers? we are inside the 10 minute window. nt

Hearing to Scrutinize Lax Gov't Security Contractor

White House "Stonewalling" on Pat Tillman Documents

John McCain ... the human meadow muffin

Someone on "Planet Hiltron" really "got" Ann Coulter

Romey pays $150 per session for make-up artist. Bet they stop talking about price of hair cuts now!

Oversight Committee Announces Hearing on The Tillman Fratricide: What the Leadership of the DoD Knew

WAXMAN Calls Ex-Rove Aide Taylor BACK To Capital Hill For Deposition Next Week

Where did all the money for the MRAPs go?

Harriett Miers' X boyfriend is in legal trouble in Texas

Hagel Given Time From Democrats To Speak In Support Of Bill

John Edwards and Cindy Sheehan coming up on Tweety

Ray McGoven: July 14, 2003--an ill-starred date in the history of the occupation

Is there a correlation between kinky Republican sex scandals and the current al-Qaeda threat level?

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win"

To us ole watergate veterans, doesn't it feel like about mid-june of '74

Both Sides in Iraq Debate Seize On New Intelligence Assessment

Senator Byrd on CSPAN 2 now talking about Byrd/Clinton Amendment.

Senator Vitter attends Senate GOP luncheon, receives round of applause

Baghdad residents: Anxious, weary over U.S. withdrawal


Whatever happened to the "War Czar" (Douglas Lute)??

What will Iraq's new name be when we leave?

So ..... I'm guessing Harriet's a no-show today, huh?

3618 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Deadline passes for Harriet Miers

I just checked out currency exchange rates, as I do from time to time...YIKES!

When does Vitter srtand for re-election?

Ted Kennedy will be on Rachel Maddow's show today to talk about

Does anyone have a "destroyed vehicle" count for Iraq?


One more fly in my ointment...

Have there been any posts from poster Joe for Clark lately?

Palfrey speaks: Vitter went by "David on C Street." More prominent names to come.


Tycoon to donate £1bn {$2bn} to charity (BBC)

VA Secretary Resigns After Record Of Neglecting Veterans

Tweety is running a "Make Your Own Campaign Ad" contest.

This just in from Patrick Leahy - help restore Habeas Corpus!

so does the Judiciary Cmte now have to vote on contempt of Congress charges?

Parole board grants Davis 90-day stay of execution

"this is about killing terrorism in the world"

McCain on the Senate floor: Iraq's oil is very important to the American people

barbara boxer on cspan now! Iraq debate

Official Late Night Senate Iraq War debate thread

Americans See Liberal Media Bias on TV News

West Hollywood CA Town Council Passes Impeachment Resolution

Chuck Hagel (R) just announced his support for Levin/Reed on the senate floor tune in!

Larry C Johnson : Deep Shiite, We've Driven Off the Cliff

Sen. Vitter has a love child?!-Wonkette

"They'll follow us home." I got the strategy!!

John Nichols: Harry Reid Finally Starts to Fight Smart

some Repukes are still using "Cut and Run"

"I believe these questions are inappropriate and are designed to suppress our investigations..."

Good Point Randi on Conyers

I propose a new Senate debate drinking game rule

I don't want to start another "I hate Republicans" thread, but......

Rough night at Bohemian Grove? Schuster in for 'Crisp' Matthews. n/t

We're All Gonna Die (redux, in honor of the new NIE)

It's not 130 degrees in Baghdad... why can't the WH Press

We need debate in Congress like they have in Parliment

Send a message via Give 'em Hell Harry

Let's re-elect Senator David "Diaperhead" Vitter! What will his new campaign slogan be?

Reid: Let The Party Begin-"Republicans Will Need To Choose-Protect Bush or Protect Troops"

How Jim Morrison Died

Counter-Filibuster to End the War

Ugh! Reed-Levin is NOT A TOTAL SUDDEN TROOP PULLOUT! It is Not Failure! Not Defeat!

Are all votes in the House simple majority?

Barbara Boxer is on the floor now!

{UK} Wealth gap 'widest in 40 years' (BBC)

Soldier who got parents' OK to enlist at 17 killed in Iraq - What was he 12 when this started?

Bush A.K.A The Decider: "Al Qaida Is Strong Today, But They're Not Nearly As Strong As Before 9/11"

Longtime Bush suck Jim Nicholson abruptly resigns as VA Secretary leaving the VA in shambles

108 Iraq experts call for oil law change

KO news from a union e-mail I just got...

Keith Olbermann will be moderating the AFL-CIO Presidential Candidates Forum

Okey dokey so the Al Qaeda spin isn't working so now

Were there not enough Anglos on the plane for CNN and Fox to cover it


What's different?

How many members does Al Qaida have? 1000? 10000?

Some interesting takes on this blog I saw

Congress Expert: Wingers Wrong, Reid's Force-A-Filibuster Plan Not In Trouble

Russian Army Chief Warns Poles: If You Want U.S. Shield, Buy Gas Masks

Open Letter to the National Democratic Leadership-2008 elections are the distraction-not impeachment

Pentagon urged not to use ability to degrade GPS signals

We'll never beat the repigs at this filibuster thing.

After you think that Reid will go nuclear?

What kind of blowback can we expect a year from today?

McClatchy: U.S. won't provide this year's quota of visas to Cubans

On PACS, lobbyists, bundling, and big money.

Which do you believe is the biggest crime and lie perpetrated on the American people?

Lawmakers say FDA lab closure plan is risky for consumers (>half their labs)

*** Official Senate Fillibuster Thread #1 ***

A client of mine who does work in Darfur sent me this information

Littman: Only One Person Can Stop W: His Father

OK, blame W for Iraq. I blame his grandpa for WWII

White House Plays Down Mideast Meeting, Says It Is Not `a Big Peace Conference'

"None of the Above" leads all GOP candidates :) ! :-) !!

The Dems should read the names of the soldiers and how they were killed for the filibuster


*** Official Senate Fillibuster Thread #2 ***

Caption Wendy and David

Patrick Fitzgerald to appear on NPR'S "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me!"

DU Vocabeleary wurd foor taday

Are men weak if they cry?

Hey...if we have a 'recommend" Feature why not a "boo hiss" feature too

Jackpine's National Intelligence Estimate--

FIGHTING FOR AIR -- The Battle to control America's Media

CIA Officers Angry At Rummy BLEW THE WHISTLE On Prisons In Europe

Major plane crash in Brazil

Michael Vick indicted on dog fighting charges

We HAVE to attack Iran! Don't you see?

Should people choose to be organ donors?

DAMN CNN TO HELL: Calling Reid's strategy "Political Theater"/"Grandstanding"

Silent surge in contractor 'armies'

Don't let them make you wear plaid.

Cots available for Baghdad embassy personnel who wish to sleep there for security reasons..

Gonzales Should Return Bush's Loyalty By Resigning - FAUX NEWS

How George W Bush lost the war in Iraq and killed the republican party

Bush STILL At It-New Executive Order Freezes Assets

Dave Lindorff: Bill Moyers Puts Impeachment On the Media Table

ABC goes ‘Inside the Surge.’

Novak blames women 'who are viscious' to Chimpy

Ben Wa Balls Can Kill: Benoit blood test reveals "SkyHigh Testosterone"

Bull-runner can't visit 10-year-old son

Fox: Condoms Don't Prevent Pregnancy

Ouch! Check out this comment....

Why didn't McCain's embrace of Bush get him more mojo?

Million-dollar prize offered for soldier 'power pack' (Lighten Load)

McCain gets emotional on Senate floor

What groups benefit from affirmative action?

Do you believe the '08 presidential election will be...

My rant about TSA.

McCain Refuses to Tap Wife's... Assets

We need single-payer, not just universal, healthcare.

Conspiracy Moon Landing - poll

Michael Moore: CNN Throws In Towel, Admits To Two Errors, States 'Sicko' Facts True to their Source

I have a peace offering for the Republicans to help them through the night

'We are currently in a heightened threat environment', says t.v. terror lady.

Mitt Romney spends $300 on make-up work

"Capturing or killing bin Laden is our top priority' says homeland Nazi lady.

HBO film on secret vote counting gets Emmy nomination

Why Fliers Find Summer Travel Growing Tougher

Harry Reid Knows What He Is Doing In The Senate Tonight, The Rethugs Can’t Block Him!

Breaking: VA Secretary Jim Nicholson resigns.

If I want a life-time same sex commitment: that's bad. But if I want to live out a diaper fetish...

Randi Said..Harriet Miers has 90 Minutes....

BREAKING: Olbermann to Moderate AFL-CIO Presidential Forum (Submit your questions!)

Anyone know who Hillary will choose for a running mate? n/m

Froomkin: Petraeus should watch his back; it's already marked for Bush's knife

Pressured to show progress in Iraq, the US is creating new militias consisting of "ex-insurgents"

Police Arrest Teen In Case Of Newborn Girl Found In Trash Bin

HA!!!! "CNN Throws in Towel, Admits to Two Errors, and States That All 'Sicko' Facts Are True

Er, I know even those of you who use the term "free healthcare" know it's not free.

Vice President Cheney Invited to Testify on Klamath Salmon Kill

I'm reading Al Gore's "The Assault on Reason"; This paragraph kind of says it all:

OMG...Lott just said, "We are ready to vote on the Reid/Levin Amendment" Durbin called his bluff and

I, President of the U.S., and How I Ended Poverty. A True Story of the Future.

Deaths in U.S. Immigration Detention Centers

I Honestly Don't Give A Fuck What Anyone Else Says On The Matter. I'm PROUD Of My Dems!!!

Ask the Presidential Candidates to Stop Big Media

BREAKING House judiciary asks Gonzales for Siegelman documents

Released Fitzgerald docs show that in Fall 2004, he was still actively investigating Armitage

Pro-Peace Groups to Rally in Support of Dems

Citizens Versus Party Insiders - Future of Florida Democratic Party at Stake


I don't live in the "Homeland".

Will this question be asked in any of the debates?

When sleep fights you (in honor of GA Democrat and all vets who've seen action)

Microsoft patents the mother of all adware systems

The Official Condi Rice Sec of State Positive Accomplishments List Thread...

Here it is... Conditioning of the US to accept a 'draft' ....

THANK YOU MICHAEL MOORE, For everything really, but especially for this:

Oaxaca Government Armed Forces Use Violence to Prevent the People's Use of the Guelaguetza Auditoriu

‘Mildly profane’ Bush ‘crashes’ Republican meeting on Iraq.

CNN Headline: Sen. Vitter: New Orleans prostitute stories untrue

The GOP Demanded An "Up/Down Vote" on Hack Republican Judges, Why Won't They Give One to Save GIs?

IMPEACHMENT question #2 most requested for next debate!!! VOTE TO MAKE IT #1!!!

Great America Owner Implements Life Jacket Rule at All Parks

Japan earthquake triggers nuclear plant fire

Hookers, Ahoy! Cleveland DVA Medical Center on the DC Madam's List! (think Jim Nicholson)


Pro-Choice Terminology suggestion: Anti-choicers are really Pro-Slavery

Cindy Sheehan: Harming Civilians is a War Crime

Mass Graves Dug to Deal With Death Toll

Sirius Patriot update: Assault from the Left.

Please Call Your Senators

Miers’s second subpoena rejection: she's a no-show again

Pelosi to lead march on Senate tonight during Iraq debate

Rent a Trolls!!! They've Got F&^%ing Rent a Trolls?

I'm beginning to have some real misgivings about a full withdrawal

Pelosi to lead-March Of Support-on Senate tonight during Iraq debate (This Could Get Good!)

Pilot Accused Of Stealing Passenger's iPod

A Senate Democrat should get on the floor tonight and read the 3618 names of each soldier killed:

UPDATE: Next ACTIONS NEEDED to Spare Troy Davis's Life!

In 2008, how do we get out of Iraq?

Cindy Rocked!

Completely useless thread title...

Do you think Bush (& Cheney) are capable of launching a nuclear strike?

How much time should DU spend discussing VItter's Diaper Fetish?

About all this filibustering going on lately

My riff on the Scaife editorial, for a RW blog...

Anyone swung by the (Delusional) Dept. of Defense website lately?

GOP comes through for Free Republic again!!!

HRC and BO raising a staggering amount from big donors...($46 million from maxed out donors alone)

The Origins of the God Gap

FDA Bonuses Spending to Draw Scrutiny (AP)

Maine Senators stand by McCain

Pace Declares `sea Change' in Iraq (AP)

When is the Senate going to launch an investigation into Vitter?

Senate begins Levin-Reid debate. Dick Durbin now speaking on Senate floor.

And yesterday the media was camped at our church -- at our home and at our church every day."

NY Daily News: Middle America no fan of Bloomberg's liberal stances

AP Poll: GOPiggies Pick Is 'None of the Above' - - - Dems Comfortable with Choices

GOP candidates fear Iraq war fallout: "ball and chain around the GOP ankle"

WP,pg1: Obama Faces the Test Dean Failed: Broadening Support

Did Levin Reed just start ?

Associated Press-Ipsos poll: Clinton 36% Obama 20%

"None of the above" leading Republican race.

WP, E.J. Dionne: "Arise, Small Donors!"

Where is this weeks Top Ten Idiots??

Obama Donations Show Strong Wall St. Support

TPMCafe: Hil not seeking to give Edwards,Obama more time-besides, she doesn't even much like Edwards

Question...........DC August vacations

My question I wsh a reporter would ask Bush or Snow...

"None of the above"

D-Day for Harriet Miers and Congress..........

AP Poll: 'None of the above' leads Republican field

So .... NIE ..... Hezbollah ..... Gut feelings ..... Palestinian split governments ..... Iran .....

Clinton Backers Retire Vilsack's Debt

Hartmann just engaged a loony winger on the phone

Religious Right Tries to "Stick a Shiv" into Der Mittenfuhrer's Campaign

The talking points will soon be flowing to the right wing hate outlets

"Despite Rhetoric, Obama Pushed Lobbyists' Interests"

Bush concerned Americans would move from private insurance to government healthcare through SCHIP

Fair elections. Can anyone here provide information that shows

Elizabeth Edwards slams Bush on hate crimes

CNN Poll


The Vote on Iraq: My Suggestion

Bob Graham was as gung-ho to Invade Iraq as was Bush. See quote:

I Hear Senator Vitter Is A Party Pooper.......nt

Is the honest-to-gosh all-night filibuster going to be on C-SPAN? n/t

As long as Reid does not mention the oil contract he is still being

Who were the brave senators who voted against the Cornyn amendment?

Hayworth (plastic face repuke - AZ) paying legal fees for fed investigation

Senator Obama, your anti-Second Amendment rhetoric is a deal-breaker

Kerry to Mitt: Who’s flip-flopping now?

I don't understand - McCain is saying that we are keeping the soldiers from

Clinton pushes Health Care for Poor Children

URGENT Ask your Senators to support Levin-Reed Amendment...

JFK Definition of a liberal

Edwards fans: JE to appear on Hardball tonight

Obama going after Wall Street dollars

Sen. Coburn Seeks to Loosen Deadly Force Rule (Border Patrol) - AP

Nicholls: Most Congresspeople don't understand the constitution

Call Sen Warner - his staff is taking down Pro Levin/Reed vs Anti by area code

Wow! Is anyone familiar with the National Security Network?

Strategic Vision WI: Hillary 40, Obama 24, Edwards 14, Richardson 6...

Garrison Keillor, 2004. "Something has gone seriously haywire with the Republican Party...."

2008 undecideds: Are you around? Check in now.

Edwards Unveils Plan to Promote Economically Diverse Schools

Antiwar Ron Paul Rakes in Military Donations

50 Americans Died Today

Senator Vitter: Now THAT'S a Pampered Politician

What would happen if Lieberman is the one who filibusters tonight?

There really are bad guys out there ... and bad actor states ... and real threats ......

The Harriet Miers Deadline has come and gone.

How many "rent a trolls" are on this site?

Al Gore: The Next 44 Days

House Passes Energy, Water Projects Bill - AP

Harriet Miers issues statement - Still refuses to testify!

Obama’s Camp Cultivates Crop in Small Donors

Obama calls for judges with "empathy" - - for teenage moms, the poor, African-Americans, gays...

Olbermann To Moderate Democratic Debate Aug 7th

Photos: Barack Obama endorsed today by D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty

CSPAN 2 thread - The Senate Floor LIVE

Oprah to host Obama fundraiser

Let's play the game of "On the Job With ..... "

What's this strange thing I'm seeing on my TV screen?

Obama's Remarks about the Supreme Court Judges Today at Planned Parenthood.

More Than 100 Current & Former Mayors Will Advise Clinton Campaign

Brazilian plane CRASHES into gas station reports are NO survivors

Exciting news from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Credit Card Advertisement in the Washington Post today

Obama Faces the Test Dean Failed: Broadening Support

The Creepy Word Du Jour: "The Homeland"

Another Anti-Clinton Myth Bites The Dust: Obama Has Outspent Clinton on Polling 3 to 1

My Letter to the editor got published today

Reid's Nine-Hour Protest Against Senate GOP In 2003

With poverty tour, Edwards emphasizes morality over politics

Poll: America's Coldest Presidential Candidates....Guess who tops the list?

Why is Edwards doing it?

Grab hold of a CAPTION

I still believe John Roberts is in the mix for GOP Pres/VP and the M$M should ask?

Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) contributed to Guliani ?! Two questions.

Republicans call for reprimand of Ellison (compared dimson to Hitler)

Need 50,000 emails sent before tonight's Senate Sleepover....

Clinton mails DVDs to promote her Iraq plan

I just have to ask this question, for those that trash John Edwards,

CNN: Obama 's bumper stickers buyers, etc. included in small contribution

Impeach Now Or Face the End of Constitutional Democracy By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

An inconveniently rude truth

Did I miss Wendy Vitter's apology to Hillary???

CNN Poll NH: Edwards drops to fourth behind Richardson...Edwards highest negatives...

Zogby: Clinton - 37%, Obama - 25%, Edwards - 11%

I Don't Care

Elizabeth on Hillary: "She's just not as vocal a women's advocate as I want to see. John is."

An Update on Net Neutrality

Who owns the Democratic Party?

Thompson overtakes Ghouliani for the national lead

Oprah Winfrey to raise money for Obama

Hey...if we have a 'recommend" Feature why not a "boo hiss" feature too?

Despite Rhetoric, Obama Pushed Lobbyists' Interests

Here we go again with another "WILL AL GORE RUN FOR PRESIDENT?" poll

Sheehan's anti-war crusade picks the wrong target

DU'ers: Do you WANT single payer (gov't run) health insurance? (a'la Sicko)

Regarding the two border guards... Compean/Ramos...


Let's have a civilized debate about the primary candidates in this thread.

Obama accepts $2,300 from homophobe Isiah Washington but "disagrees" with his use of anti-gay slur

Hillary Clinton Pledges to End Medical Marijuana Raids

Hillary was as gung-ho to invade Iraq as was Bush. See quote:

Who will arrest Harriet? Surely no DoJ people will? Capitol Police?