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Archives: July 16, 2007

Tom Engelhardt: Wrong Again! Bush's Logic and Ours

Pull troops out now and stand up to Bush, inquiry tells Brown

Inside Track: Rudy’s New Foreign Policy Posse by Philip Giraldi

PAUL KRUGMAN: The Waiting Game

Water: A Battle Between the Bottle and the Faucet

Why is She Hated by Progressives and Right-Wingers Alike?

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 299

Gold mine proposal draws protests and a public hearing (ID)

Anybody have any PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with geothermal heating/cooling?

Losing the taste for China's delicacies (BBC)

Man swims at North Pole

Three Japanese nuclear reactors experience earthquake!!!!!!

Obama to Report $34 Million in the Bank

Dems Compete For Party Nomination in Chicago

Regulators Eye Whole Foods CEO Postings

Christian music festival marred by death on bungee ride

Fewer Iraq battalions Operate On Own: U.S. General (dropped from 10 to six over the last two months)

Aristide Supporters March in Haiti

Fewer Iraq battalions Operate On Own: U.S. General (dropped from 10 to six over the last two months)

Diplomatic clash looms with US over BAE arms sale investigation

New U.S. Allies Seen as Enemies by Iraqi Troops

New Populism Spurs Democrats on the Economy

Mahdi Army, Not Al-Qaeda, is Enemy No. 1 in Western Baghdad

Saving water, losing lives?(Lining canal will more illegal immigrants drown?)

Texas Border Fence Foes Protest by Kayak

Pakistan Truce Appears Defunct

Two UK bomb suspects released without charge

Presidential Fundraising at a Glance

U.S. General Says Troops Need Time to Succeed

Bush's watchdog for intelligence kept quiet for 5 1/2 years

Casinos Booming in Katrina’s Wake

Richardson Wants to Overhaul Patriot Act

Strong Quake Jolts Northwestern Japan

Climate change sucks water from China's two longest rivers

Aid to Pakistan in Tribal Areas Raises Concerns (750 Million by U.S.)

Cheney Pushes Bush to Act on Iran (Almost half of U.S. 277 warships stationed close to Iran)

Be kind to criminals. You don't know how hard they have it.

Best place to shop for laptops online?

So does Harry Potter die in the end, or WHAT???

My britches have popped and the swelling is worse.


Jack and Diane (a lesbian werewolf film)

Today I found "The Blob" in DVD format

My witches have pooped and the smelling is worse.

I don't get music videos

DU Males--ED

My stitches have popped and the swelling is worse.

Are you or your SO a slob?

Well, My uncle passed away

Full throttle

Whi or Whi

Kitten for adoption, Roslindale, Mass.

There are things more important than money

Damn! I'm out of Vodka!

Nice Brak!

Nice Drac

This did not come out right...

Photoshoppers -- can you help w/ this photo?

Anyone just watch "State of Mind" with Lili Taylor on Lifetime?

Today (7-15), picked up the last firecracker

Stinky skunks.. pu

Candy Colored Clown - just plain messed up

{dial-up warning} desert evening video 0:55 just enjoy the breeze

Back from harry potter.. DAMN that women looked just like laura bush...

Someone posted some screen caps in the deleted thread - please pm me

Favorite Movie Bad Guy/Gal of all time?

self delete

We really need to elevate our trash cans.

A glass of wine, a half-empty Word "page"

It's true. This man has no dick.

Excuse a newbie, I am learning how to properly use smilies.

The kid in the front just married Rebecca Romijn

The big hush...............

I'm so upset...I can't decide...Helpful vibes needed...seriously

Aww, man.

We should have a movie night, where everyone starts a movie at the same time,

Hi posters!!! I'm new here!! Hello!!!

lost-in-nj called me from Ft. Myers. I promised I'd say hi to everyone here for her.


I had Hotdish galore yesterday!

My computer is talking down to me.

Ladies and gentlemen, pray silence for the Minister of Silly Catwalks

Holy mother of GAWD I forgot how much tattoos hurt.

When women go without shirts, it is very hot

Anyone else LOVE Black Books?

Post your favorite 'doo wop' songs

The Debauchery thread

What is this? (picture of huge bug)

Let's say songs were true.. Which song would be/should be about Bush?

The Invitation

Opinion poll

Tuesday Afternoon. Moody blues

Good Ol' Mad Magazine-- Reasons Not to Impeach & Convict President Bush

Nice RACK!

Gentlemen, if you're not circumcised, don't even *think* about dating Nicole Ritchie

I think I'm the only lawyer (much less person) alive who's never seen "Law and Order"

Raaaap-tors here! Gitcher Birds of Preeeeeey here! (pic-heavy)

I don't want to go to the doctor tomorrow

Of all the annoying shills for commercials

Is there any stupider show than 'Lil Bush'?

I'm breaking my word to all of you ...


There ought to be a Law & Order channel..

guess whose profile this is?

Poll: Jennifer Connelly or Liv Tyler

Something I haven't seen for a while...Post your desktop!

I have accomplished a total of diddley and shit in my life

Computer Love...

Who wants to play WORD ASSOCIATION???? I'll start:

When is spanking an acceptable form of punishment?

When it is very hot, men can go without shirts

So, Haruka leans over to me at the movies and says, "I sense a DU thread in the making."

PolicyWatch: Richardson Declines 'Sicko' Pledge

Girls Gone Political: Impeach Bush

CNN Quotes Michael Moore's Letter; Arianna Huffington Defends

I know this is against DU rules, but I'm calling out JeffR

GUILTY AS CHARGED-Whoever-With Intent To Avoid-Evade-Prevent-Or Obstruct Compliance-In Whole Or...

This Sign Is Still Up In Hope Mills, N.C.

Death by treachery

Almost half of the US's 277 warships are stationed close to Iran

Our educational system is serving the government, not our students.

Doesn't LINDSAY GRAHAM sound like BEVERLY LESLIE from "Will & Grace"?

Reid Critical of Bipartisan Plan to Adopt Iraq Study Group Report

Antiwar forces take aim at GOP lawmakers

* "retired" Robinson's number 42 from ever being used in White House tee ball again - pics

Time for Tee Ball with George Junior ---pix--->>>

Bush Is Prepared to Veto Bill to Expand Child Insurance

Gee, I wonder why the population supports the insurgency?...

Glenn Greenwald: Fred Hiatt defends the administration's mild, restrained secrecy

Gorbachev affirms Russia's defence pull-out

Vitter rhymes with Sh*tter.

Ha- HAH!!1 Hannity is "educating" his wingnuts about Roswell !!1

For Senator Vitter's consideration

Caption Gonzales

‘Bush is not going to leave office with Iran still in limbo.'

One ciggerette left, Should I try to quit again?

Eight Kurds die in border ambush

How Many Here Have had Their Kids Ask "What is ED?"

Dick Watch: Saxby Chambliss set to gather Dick Dollars

Richest of the Rich, Proud of a New Gilded Age

So I went to Google images & googled "Daily Show Vitter"

Is Jim Miklaszewski A Buckraker? (NBC Pentagon 'reporter')

Did Ron Paul really say the gov't might stage a terrorist attack?

Divided We Stand - a documentary

Its not the temperature. Parliament has 24/7 air conditioning in the Green Zone. Its too dangerous

I need help on military experience of Dem 08 candidates.

Caption this!! Found this on some random free download site

SMILE to Impeach = Check this image

Is it me or is the "Susie for President" a little too cutesy/creepy?

**** Daily Call for IMPEACHMENT! ****

The Wrong Stuff

US intelligence watchdog silent for over five years under Bush/Cheney

Would at least 10 DUers be interested in starting a Chris Dodd Supporters Group?

Where's my fix? Where's the Conservative Idiots edition #299?

This series of VIDEOS is a MUST SEE!

Local LTTE:"Coincidence of Roswell incident and Al Gore's birth explains a lot of things"

Democrats or Republicans: Either Way 'Iraqis Are Doomed' - Iraqi Newpaper

Requiem for a cartoonist {Doug Marletter} (CNN)

Iraq detains hundreds of Saudi militants

Finally put Impeach Bumper sticker on my truck (also Fear,

Plane Wreckage, 2 Bodies Found in California

US troops tell about “brutal side” of Iraq war - Foreign news source takes a shot at our media

Bush loves cheeseburger pizza

"Independent" voters are on the rise. They are AGAINST the "RULING PARTY".

Typical right-wing persecution complex from

Pamela Martin & GOP4Christ: Is the next shoe to drop in the "Pamela Martin" scandal Bible black?

First Lady to launch campaign to succeed husband as President ...

For the want of 50 cents...Vitter loses his Credibility/Respect. All he had to do was use a PUBLIC

Is the GOP holding back on Free Republic?

Regulators Eye Whole Foods CEO Postings

Draft Dodger

Would FDR be electable today?


Four strongest parties fight for the White House...

does anyone have a good source for impeachment polls on Nixon?

RI Prosecutes 17-Year-Olds to Save Money

The executive privilege why do we have it?

Are there any questionable donations to any Rethug candidates?

Foreign news source insinuates if our media ignores a story its probably true - Hello PRAVDA

Political strategy about impeachment

Senator David Vitter Cancels Louisiana Appearance

Biology profs sent threatening packages and emails for teaching evolution

Questionable Donations to Barack Obama's 2004 Senate Campaign:

Impeach: or tell me another way to stop a nightmare: Cheney Pushes Bush to Act on Iran

What do you call 1 Democrat & 98 Repubicans in a whorehouse?

This Modern World: Our Umpteenth Million Look At How The News Works

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Sen. Vitter has returned to DC, caucuses with DeMint, others

Questionable donations to Hillary Clinton's 2006 Senate campaign:

A message from tiny Washburn, Wi, on the shores of Lake Superior

Elizabeth Edwards: "I thought we learned some lessons from Laramie and Matthew Shepard."

Under pressure... The last time the perverts were let loose in

Want $1,000? Then buy a hybrid car in Illinois

Reading Between the Lines: on Public Education

Why I side with the FLIGHT ATTENDANT

Sole Survivor Sitting On A $5 Billion Fortune, Says No Thanks Keep Your Money

If a DUer wins a DUzy and doesn't know it

Disillusioned and Disappointed as I reach 1000 posts

Obama gets it wrong comparing crime in Chicago to the war in Iraq..

Obama: Shift Troops to Fight al-Qaida

I will vote for the candidate with the best privacy platform

Harlan Ullman "Shock and Awe"? Not just a "leading theorist"..he wrote the book.

Northwestern Japan hit with 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake

Nader protests D.C. library plan

E.Edwards decries murder of gay man; says JE would repeal 1,000+ anti-gay laws

Clinton: Bush presidency 'most radical' in history (Chicago Trib)

Cash on hand: Clinton/Obama = $67 million. Giuliani/Romney= $27 million

Ex-Bush donor hosts Clinton fundraiser

John Edwards will help repeal anti-gay laws, wife says

Edwards Reports Increase in Campaign Cash

Small donors give Obama a big boost: Leads in money race thanks to contributors of less than $200

Edwards: Bush has exceeded war authority

Political reality TV show "Independent" could run afoul of federal campaign finance laws

Second-quarter data: Democrats Continue to Beat Republicans at the Donor Box

NOW backs Clinton for more than her gender

President Is Denied Executive Privilege

On experience and how much is enough

Obama gets it wrong comparing crime in Chicago to the war in Iraq!

when you write to politicians, copy the press

Does it mean that the Dem Candidate with MOST MONEY automatically WINS in '08?

To Moyers, Fein, Nichols: Will Bush-Cheney leave in 2009?

Edwards first says group, then the next day groups.

Voodoo politics

Is impeachment of Bush/Cheney tricky for the Democratic Party?

“That’s when I realized I couldn’t support the war anymore, even though I will follow my orders”

How Does Gore/Obama '08 and Obama/Spitzer '16 Sound?

"Democrats are increasingly moving toward a full-throated populist critique of the current economy."

Edwards: ‘working poor’ — these are two words that should not be in combination in the United States

AP: Ron Paul Has More Cash on Hand Than McCain

Top SCANDALS in Elections (state and local); Nominations NEEDED please!

Clinton/Obama/Edwards back increase in taxes on managers of private equity/hedge funds

Edwards Slams Bush During Campaign Stop

Cash on Hand: Obama $34 million; Clinton: $33 million; Edwards: $12 million

Hillary Clinton: Why is She Hated by Progressives and Right-Wingers Alike?

Kucinich embraces deceit in his spin of the Hillary Clinton & John Edwards post debate discussion

Iran is a suicide mission for our military...

Tap Dancing Through the Minefield


Does the Bush Administration Support the Troops? Yes, Like a Noose Supports a Hanging Man!

Who Are These? That Call Themselves Democrats

In the Lawless Post-Katrina Cleanup, Construction Companies Are Preying on Workers

Bush's big Iran problem...the only way out..includes serious negotiations with Iran

McCain truly is an "everyman"

Ray McGovern: "July 14, 2003:Ill-Starred Day" 7-15-2007

Making Bad Law for All, just to Save Tom DeLay's Behind?

Impeachment talks; why not?

A New Populism Spurs Democrats on the Economy - NY Times

Privatizing Flight Service Stations - this is the kind of crap we deal with nowadays

And the Winner is... Pakistan! Billions in Aid, With No Accountability

Collateral Damage

Fewer New Secrets, But More Classified Documents in 2006

Napalm victim: I know the value of peace (Famous Pulitzer Vietnam Photo)

Excellent Piece On Moore v. Liar Gupta

Richardson: Redploy Troops Now

Bill Scher: Moore To CNN: "I Ain't Ever Going Away"

Bush Saves Irving, Kills Karla by Stephen Hanchett

The Nation: Where Is the Anger?

NYT,pg1: Solar Power Wins Enthusiasts but Not Money: Forget solar; it has no political clout.

Why Bush Will Be A Winner (Kristol, Washington Post)

George McGovern Gets the Last Laugh

Endangered bird 'makes comeback' (BBC) {double irony alert}

Warming may bring hurricanes to Mediterranean - Reuters

Australia - Labor's National Stance Undercut By State Governments' Coal Binge - SMH

Logged To Death -Commercial Logging Will End In Solomon Islands By 2010 - Nothing Left To Cut

Prague Hits 34.6 (C), Breaking 80-Year Record - AFP

John Howard Expects "Very Significant Discussion" On Climate W. US, China At APEC Meeting

WSJ: Shakeup After Nuke-Plant Glitches

xpost: Sole survivor sitting on a $5b (uranium) fortune

India makes climate change move (BBC)

Paris launches new, eco-friendly bike service (AP/CNN)

Briton swims at North Pole to show effects of global warming

Tom Toles on Carbon Sequestration

How are species classed as extinct? (BBC)

PLEASE Break The Bottled Water Habit!

NYT: Disconnect between public perception of solar electricity and reality.

Task Force Lightning Soldier attacked

Iraq Withdrawal Pressure on President Bush

80 killed 136 wounded in twin car bombing in Kirkuk

Explosion strikes outside UK embassy in Chile

Hamilton doubtful Iraq can secure nation

US launches big operation south of Baghdad -military

Japan Quake Kills at Least 6 and Injures Hundreds (Mw 6.8)

Panama OKs free trade agreement with U.S.

RI Prosecutes 17-Year-Olds to Save Money

Hot Ghetto Mess

U.S. to take Turkey's side if it strikes Iraq – MP

Pentagon balked at pleas from officers in field for safer vehicles

Situation of Iraqi children much worse than a year ago, UN says

Congress May Get Alabama Corruption Case

Hagel (R-Ne) and Nelson (D-Ne) call for change on Iraq

Human rights issue to shadow Harper in Colombia

Britain says to withdraw 500 Iraq troops in weeks

Hundreds of Saudi ‘suicide bombers’ languish in Iraqi jails

Iraq inspired failed London attacks: Bruguiere

Republican unity on Iraq to be tested

MNC-I Soldier dies of non-battle related cause

Both sides in O.C. bus strike approve new contract


Bush Attempt to Rally GOP Fizzles

UN's Ban says will press Bush on climate change

UK expels four Russian diplomats

Drummond attorney tries to undercut union witness

Dems Vow All-Nighter on Iraq Debate

Vitter to make statement today

Dems Trounce GOP In Campaign Cash

GOP senator (Voinovich) to Rove: Bush legacy on the line in Iraq

Poll: Iranians want democracy, nuclear inspections

Another China-made toothpaste recalled: FDA

PM's visit to Colombia raises spectre of slain aboriginal

Bombs kill at least 80 in Kirkuk -Iraq police

Pace: Another Troop Buildup Possible

RWU chairman Papitto assailed over racial epithet

Decade after Diana campaign, few use landmines

Report: U.S. to Pour 750 Million (Aid) Into Pakistan's Tribal Areas

( Miami International Airport) Concourse F Evacuated

95 Chinese officials punished over forced labor scandal

Bomb hits U.N. peacekeepers in Lebanon

McCain Press Staff Quits

Saudis prepare to behead teenage maid

Teen Dies After Falling From Ride

Former Iraqi PM Allawi says "big disaster" to come

Wal-Mart Gets Religious - Toys, That Is

Vitter Denies Prostitution Accusations

'Chastity ring' girl loses case

Antiwar Ron Paul Rakes in Military Donations?

Traumatised Iraqi children suffer psychological damage

85M Pounds of Ice Going Down the Drain (purchased by FEMA after Katrina)

Russia Claims the North Pole

Troopers kill man in Capitol

Scaife-Owned Newspaper Calls for Iraq Troop Withdrawal -- Questions Bush's 'Mental Stability'

Hundreds of Iraqis protest draft oil law (oil industry workers in Basra)

Congress asked to probe Siegelman case

Bush wants Mideast peace conference (Condi to lead Peace conf.)

Report: Dead zone in Gulf grows

World's largest nuclear plant leaks radioactive water

(Rep. Mark) Foley spends nearly $300,000 in legal fees

Ice-cream makers frozen out as corn price rises (ethanol demand)

Second Amendment case headed to Court


I am kind of late, but

I can go to bed now, all is right with the world

A poem for mom

Drumroll please.


Stumpy the four-legged duck finds love

Just had a weird question pop into my head - If Cats are so Afraid of Water...

I guess this is better than Sheryl Crow's one-square toilet allotment

I think I'm falling

wow.... 16 hours into today's World Series of Poker

Now I crush you with cute.

Mickey Mouse has no profile

Man Beaten With His Own Prosthetic Leg

And now your Monday morning GD moment of Zen

The Phillies hit 10,000!!!

I just found out my cousin had a miscarriage.

How does one get their baby into baby modeling?

The Final Act In Minority Report Is *Really* Well-Done...


Wife Catches Husband Cheating - Slices Off His Penis - He Rushes To Hospital - Forgets Penis At Home

Two brothers go to Pamplona **WARNING** GRAPHIC Pics

Did you know Senator Robert Byrd put out an album of fiddle music?

Hey, my back is F-ing KILLING me.

I caught my mouse...

Hi Tech Toilet Paper Dispenser Only Gives You 5 Squares - Should Be Enough Right?

Bwahaha- damn the torpedos!

when george and laura "do it"

I . Have . Absolutely . . .

John Edwards Vows To End All Bad Things By 2011

go on vacation for 1 week, return to 3500 emails

Me me me me me me me me mememememememe! (brief rant)

I'm having this for lunch today:

The Truth is Coming!


Rachel Ray has a special guest this week sometime...

Shopping at Wal*Mart (joke)

Anyone watching "Flight of the Conchords" on HBO

Speaking of online games...

Rory or Amy?

New Freeperism

WillPitt is starting cat threads - what has this world come to

a friend just sent me a restaurant recommendation, and I saw this on the menu

Advise on "Wiccan running shirts"??

The cat on WillPitt's desk isn't a cat


"Please Send Rescue"

I have bought the ultimate toy this weekend - USB turntable

So how was *your* commute ?

Sherman Potter Epilogue released!!!

Overseas school trip with 38 kids ages 13-15. How many adults should chaperone?

No more Soy Sauce for me (Put in Two weeks)

WillPitt stole my cat...

I'm fighting an urge to crush the living room furniture

I'm an iTard! I bought an iPhone!

I'm fighting an urge to re-arrange the living room furniture

Couple Attend Children so much Beholder goes Unslain.

Now I will *CRUSH* Will Pitt's "crush you with cute"

At what point do you go beyond the normal application of rub-on tanning lotion?


I'm crushing your head.

Quelle horreur! Is Hugh Grant off the market or not??

a friend just sent me a rest stop recommendation, and I saw this on the floor in the rest stop.

Excellent book: "Help at any Cost" by Maia Szalavitz -- teenage boot camps

Old movie fans--I need help!

What happened to the fambly cat?

Self-delete. nt

An old cat picture from DU some years ago

Btw, I talked to Sugar Smack on Saturday night!!

Hey, DU skydivers

Girl Dies At Christian Music Festival While Riding 'Air Glory'

Is anyone else having trouble with Earthlink?

It's Official: IHOP Buys Applebee's For $2.1 Billion

It Should Be the Norm That Our Orgasms are Harvested When We Die

Is DU F'ed up today?

Let's examine the lyrics to "Both sides now" by Judy Collins.

Share *your* thoughts on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (spoilers)

Man hits 6-year-old, steals his money, police say

Remember the Chevy "Make Your Own Ad"? Now Heinz ketchup taking amateur ads!

My dog Frankie is wrestling and fighting.

Holy Shit! A Pissed Off Hawk just swooped down by me.

What have you learned Grasshopper?

Good movies?

Has anyone else noticed the interwebs being wonky in the last week or so?

Don't jump in the water until you know how deep it is.

As a male, if you were at the gym and realized that lioness forgot her t-shirt, would you walk out?


I predict many DUzies for the Lounge today

As a female, if you were at the gym and realized that you forgot your t-shirt, would you work out

This morning, my hand fell off. Should I worry?

Hey kidz! It's LOLGodz!

Parents Name Baby Chevy Dale Karr (You already guessed which state)

Wal-Mart To Start Selling Jesus Action Figures

Which is more difficult to define -- Art or Jackie?

Sean Hannity's Annual "Right Wing Guilt-aPalooza"....

Aren't you warped yet?

for the truly religious amongst us

Gore/Lee wedding pics

Tell me something wonderful about your day.


A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer

Woman Thrown Off Bus For Being Too Sexy (Driver Distracted By Her Cleavage)


I was thinking about becoming a gigolo.

There's a fly in my office the size of a pterodactyl

Well the first job offer just came through

Why do all the sassy young chicks come to my WinnDixie?

What is up with all of the weird and disturbing headlines?

Best government website URL in the USA!

Couple Play Online Dungeons & Dragons So Much Their Children Almost Starve To Death

playing on line

Speaking of boobies - one just plopped down in front of me at the coffee shop

I can be an arrogant douchebag at work now! Wheee eeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

TRIFECTA! The iPod Dock & Toilet Paper Holder!

There is a town in north Ontario,

DU This Creationism/Evolution Poll:

Sophie Le Chat died this weekend

Now I will *CRUSH* Underpants *CRUSH* Will Pitt's "crush you with cute"

Hot Kor-thai-tnamese Soup...Home Made, and CHEAP

Why do super markets seem to attract the pervs?

This is so weird. My power is out, there's a raging thunderstorm outside, and I don't have wireless

I'm sitting right next to a guy taking a job interview at the coffee shop - I keep saying "D'Oh!"


How would you pronounce the Irish name "Niamh"?

If you are an hourly employee ... (Question)

So where is the best place to buy and download music?

So today is my first time completely alone in the new house....

Holy shit...What memories this brings back!

The Great Office Flood of 2007

So I was being observed today for student teaching, and the AD/HD kid in my class says...

HELP! I need help printing photos from Flickr

I'm taking a page from Dustin Hoffman's book

Still waters to calm your troubled minds...

It's official: I'm running for alderman

Speaking of babies - one just plopped down in front of me at the coffee shop

As My Wife Shreaks in Terror, I Let the Little Guy Outside...

Hip surgery: anyone know anything about femoral head resurfacing?

It's official: I'm running from an alderman

As My Wife Shrieks in Terror, I Let the Little Guy Out of the Sty...

Alaska outsources its native crafts manufacturing...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 7/16/2007)

CONFES!!!! What drinking game do you possess the most skill?

Post your DU'ers lolcats here!

I ate a Hotcat for lunch with mustard and relish

I gorged myself on wild blueberries yesterday!........

Today's helpful hint, by GOPisEvil

Hitler Cat

OMG!! They want to now ban Text Messaging While Driving!


OMG!! They want to now ban Text Massaging While Driving!

My new boycott: Paula Deen *Graphic*

Whats going on the supper table this fine eve?

Tonight I dream of bishops,

chicago du meetup with the kossacks-

My song obsession of the week: Man in the box.

Hey, Mel. How's that alcohol recovery going for ya?

New Tattoo

If you're gonna drive 10ph less than the speed limit get the F*** out of the left lane!!!

Why more cat/kitten threads than dog/puppy threads?

So I'm interviewing at a coffee shop for a job and this asshole next to me

Well. I suppose I could use some famous Lounge vibes

7, yes 7 pieces of TP Die At FreeRepublic Christian Porta-Potty 'Morning Glory' Ride

Why Do Movie Theaters Serve "Butter Flavoring" And Not Real Butter

tonight i dream of biceps

Post a cover version of a song you like.

Are people who surf the web from coffee shops bigger losers than those posting from Mom's basement?

Help me choose a concert.

What is the greatest arcade video game of all time?

Kitty question - is the breed Maine Coon Cats one of the nicest breeds?

Did you ever live in a place that had so many bugs that you

BEHOLD: The cutest of all cute kitties!

Christianspeak in the face of tragedy

Which is more difficult to define- Art or Love?

New Orleans Bans Portable Latino Taco Trucks

Are your tomatoes ready to be picked? A garden picture thread

Give me some music to download

I met this furry fellow driving home from my gig yesterday...


Make up a useful Harry Potter spell....

Did you work in High School?

Married People: Advice for Newlyweds?

Update . . . for those of you who remember my post last week . . .

God, I MISSED you!

Harry Potter Epilogue released!!!

I drove 300 miles today and ate at Cracker Barrel

xmas74, I made you something

Do you think Emma Watson (hermione) is a good actress?


What's the most bizarre thing you've ever seen a cat do?

Post your favorite live streaming radio station

Today in labor history July 16, 1877

Study: Raising Mileage Standards Creates Jobs

What's Cheney cooking up in the Undisclosed Location?

Freda Payne "Bring the Boys Home" - for Mookie Wilson

The Six Months That Changed the World

Iraq War Veteran tell the truth about the Iraq war

Webb on Lieberman

Senator Conrad Accuses Republicans

rabbit and mouse: on the campaign trail

Joe Lieberman On Filabustering Our Troops and Jim Webb

The Road to One America - Ninth Ward of New Orleans


Is "War Pigs" not the most perfectly crafted protest song ever ?

Hitler 1934 - 1935 Finalizing the Transition to a Dictatorship

Strong Earthquake Rocks Japan; Nuke Plant shuts down = Higher Gas Prices

Senators want to make CIA release 9/11 report

A Tale of Two Worlds: Religion, estranged parents, a tug-of-war over a grave

Execution Of Ga. Man Near Despite Recantations

Code Pink Protesters Interrupt Sen. Warner Press Conference (AP VIDEO)

The Battle of the Century

"We're just trying to help."

E&P:Did Military and Media Mislead Us? Most Outside Insurgents in Iraq Come from Saudi Arabia!

China blames foreign media for food health scares (Reuters)

Most scathing article/opinion I have yet ever read.

On S-Span 3 now, a debate with Lieberman and Cheney. Why was this our choice

self delete

In the Lawless Post-Katrina Cleanup, Construction Companies Are Preying on Workers

3615 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Conyers:Steps Closer to Ending the War

New Populism Is Spurring Democrats on the Economy

The Top Countries For Cybercrime

The Hand That Controls the Sock Puppet Could Get Slapped

Dem Congressman: "I Think the Dam Is Going To Burst;" Conn. Residents Demand Impeachment

Ugg only a matter of time before someone decided to do a Nigerian scheme with a military twist

Paris Aims to Cut Traffic With Bikes

Shouldn't our troops in Iraq get the month of August off too?

Is Jim Miklaszewski A Buckraker?

Most Outside Insurgents in Iraq Come From Saudi Arabia

From kids' quarrel to religious strife in Alexandria

Vitter was a bad influence on whores

WJ this morning: Class warfare

Mitt the Hypocritt's little porn problem

Miami Airport Evacuated in Bomb Scare


More Keith Ellison

As attacking Iran appears to be back in vogue for the GOP...

Democratic campaigners raise $30 million more than GOP

Ron Paul reports fundraising surprise

A veteran fights alone-Jeremy Smith survived Iraq, but a war in his head is ruining his life

Robot Air Attack Squadron Bound for Iraq

Unreleased Findings Say Intell Cmtte Aides Were USED By Cunningham In Bribery Scandal (LAT)

Maliki Lets Us Glimpse The Truth About Iraq

What do parents have to "put up with" from the childfree?

(TOON) Rowson on the relationship between Broon and Bush

If gitmo is such a country club...

Cheney pushes Bush to act on Iran

Guest to talk of Cost $$ of Iraq/Afghan war-----on cspan (coming up in a moment)

CALL NOW-Nancy Pelosi’s office is taking calls (202-225-0100) voting for Impeachment of Bush/Cheney

"The Site That Shall Not Be Mentioned" deserves a mention...

Direct from Holy Land Imports: Crown Of Thorns. among other inspirational items

Senator Jon Kyl was asked about Vitter today on CNN. Vitter? Hookers, what hookers?

Iraqi Politicians: 'Your Time is Over'

Here is a chance to get on the record for who is most evil or most good

Oh my gosh, I just heard rush limburger on Sesame street


U.S. General's Ignorance a 'Failure of the American Mind'

End of days

Democrats or Republicans: Either Way 'Iraqis Are Doomed'

Kucinich tops $1 million mark, has little cash left

Kelly O'Donnell (NBC Reporter) Tells Us with a Smile that They're Lying

Japan rocked by major earthquake; triggers fire at nuclear power plant

Kaziah Hancock, what a LADY!!

The following dems have not signed on to cosponsor Habeas Corpus restoration Act 2007

Back then it was called Treason

Al Jazeera English Version News

Would you spend $1500 for something you can now get for 50 cents?

"Wait until September (to call for an Iraq exit) ," republican Sen. Collins was told by Condi Rice

Webb Vs. Graham on yesterday's Press the meat, i finally saw it last night.

Winemakers keep weather eye on climate

Al Gore's Daughter Sarah Gets Married

'Murder in the Cathedral' - Pastor arrested

Has the Bush Administration politicized Asylum?

WH reassures necons: ‘We’re staying with the surge.’

Lawyers release papers detailing alleged abuse

Pull troops out now and stand up to Bush, inquiry tells Brown (UK)

Who are your Top 3 candidates?

Lawyer who leaked grand jury transcripts sentenced to 2 1/2 years

Where's John Murtha? Why is he being silenced?

WH Reassures Neocons: 'We're Staying With The Surge'

"When Clinton Fell...We Said Resign"-Conservative Christians Call For Vitter Resignation

Dems...Take your pick...

MORE Troops to Iraq??

X-post: Political compass has the 2008 field up on the map.

Democrats Swallowing The Bush Line Hook & Sinker-Next Target: Iran

the great global warming swindler - MUST SEE TV

Is the Constitution a Dead Document Walking?

Gore Supporters Least Likely To Go To Clinton?

Guilty Plea in Iraq Kickback Case (Halliburton's KBR employee)

The nation demands impeachment. Without it the constitution is a dead document walking.

Bush may make Petraeus his ‘fall guy.’

It's clear now: By September, Bush will have started a war with Iran

Pickles is on with Rachel Ray right now (in DC area---other times elsewhere)

Sen. Reid: Do Your Job And Make Them Stand And Filibuster

Oil prices breaking records

So what's up with Lute these days?

Richard Mellon Scaife Paper Questions Bush Mental Stability

The 26 percenters ..... truly a scary group of people

Sooooo, when do we march on D.C. demanding IMPEACHMENT?

My Op Ed on Climate Change denialists was published yesterday,..

So Many Policy Failures, So Little Time

sL-IMUS back on the air in Sept? Source: that super sleuth Bo DIETL

A permanent bipartisan committee of senior statesmen is needed to check presidential power

Newsweek: WH considering a plan to lock Maliki and the others in a room until they resolve issues

Portugal legalises abortion

Uh Oh: Surging, surging, surging to the grave

Feingold to Dane101: "Actually, keep your eyes open on Tuesday..."

Sicko proves our(Canada) health-care approach is working

Just heard on MSNBC: Maliki backs down from weekend

Questionable contributions to Dennis Kucinich's various house campaigns...

Why attacking Iran might be a bad idea.

Egyptian, Sudanese Jihadi Volunteers Suspected by Iraq? *wtf??1/?*

Hot Ghetto Mess - Viacom - BET

Desperate times

How high can you go?

Foley spends nearly $300,000 in legal fees

O’Hanlon’s ‘Soft Partition’ Plan Envisions Long-Term Occupation Of Iraq

McClatchy: A new escape from Iraq - if you're a Westerner

“Senator Reid: Do Your Job & Make Them Stand & Filibuster”

Timing is everything

Passenger Sexually Assaults Bus Driver

GOP DA Distributing Kiddie Porn? (RE: Genarlow Wilson)

Political donations by ADCS a known corrupt company involved with Duke Cunningham:

Romney Gets Slapped by Mormon Newspaper

So, what are we going to DO about the pending war in Iran?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Mon 7/16 ... tipping point?

Novak: I ‘Try Not To’ Ever ‘Criticize A Source’ In My Column, Especially Karl Rove

Call your Senator (Senate Amendment 2022 to restore habeas corpus)

Re: more terror and martial law in the US !!1!1!

The Kucinich press conference on BEFORE Tony Snowjob is WAY BETTER!

USNews: US Embassy in Kabul is Under Siege

I see alot of topics about concern of attacking Iran in todays topics

Hamilton paints bleak Iraq picture

Force them to filibuster

WH presser just started Snow up cspan2

Impeach Cheney 1st. Why? Amd #25 US Constitution & Agnew/Ford precedent.

Ruppert Murdoch's employees tell the truth about Iraq and Iran (sort of)

Novak: "They asked me not, not to use her name(Plame), but didn’t say that it was anybody in danger"

Despite power surpluses, NW may face increasing electric prices

Redeployment Debate Begins Anew (Center for American Progress)

DU this CSPAN Poll - What should be the next step in Iraq policy?

WH press briefer with tony coming up on cpan 2: 12:15 ET

not that I am paranoid, BUT

Do you think that Iran is providing the Iraq insurgency military and logistical support?

Snow "presser"...

Tom Tomorrow Cartoon - How the News Works

Okay earthquake in Japan... as a typhoon hits... nuclear plant affected...

Reining In an Out-of-Control Executive

TEXT of Lieberman/Iran Amendment (S.Amdt. 2073 to S.Amdt. 2011 to H.R. 1585)

100% USA PROPAGANDA; U.S. General in Iraq Speaks Strongly Against Troop Pullout

Reuters Asks for Pentagon Probe of Deaths of 2 Staffers in Iraq

Oversight Committee Announces Second Hearing on Tillman - Arabic translations and terrorism analysis-on cspan1 now

A New Populism Spurs Democrats on the Economy

Robert Novak's Last CNN Salary

Neo-con Fredrick Kagan: "The surge is going very well. "

There is a car chase in Florida, and a fire at a strip mall in California!

Sept Report Date on Iraq & Military Attack on Iran --- Linked?

This Christopher Hill, our North Korea envoy, seems to be one


CNN's Barbara (I don't know if a 14-year old is a woman or a child) Starr reporting from Iraq

US renting Pak army for $ 100 million a month

Bush wants Mideast peace conference

Bush like Hitler, says first Muslim in Congress

Taylor Marsh: Dear Harry Reid...

Given * never served in Vietnam, I find this picture quite fitting

Slaying details emerge in murder of Lumberton Rev. Henry Charles Jackson

McCain's Fall a Warning to All GOP Candidates: Support the War at Your Own Risk

Sen. Stevens’s (R-AK) popularity near ‘all-time low.’

General Pace & Joint Chiefs: Another Troop Buildup in Iraq Possible

Birmingham Pastor On Trial In Tax Case

What Does It Mean To "Support The Troops"?

Bush "just wants to be loved"

On CSPAN 3 NOW: The Public and Open Sources of Intelligence

!! CAPTION * !!

Bush Is Prepared to Veto Bill to Expand Child Insurance

"Debate '08: Obama Girl vs. Giuliani Girl."

A Heritage of Healing: Native Practitioners to Help Veterans

Seafaring Super-Rich Dive to Ocean Bottom in Luxury Submarines

Fred Thompson's Missing FEC Filing

44 Former State AGs Call For Review Of Siegelman Case

What if Maliki announced an oil sharing agreement that cut US Oil Companies out?

Tilling Moral High Ground

Iran battles US, Israel... in computer game

Vitter to make statement today

Would google earth show the carriers in the gulf region and the other ships?

Iraq troops got Mine Resistant Armored Protection vehicles (MRAPs), Americans waited

Murkowski (R-AK) Land Deal with Stevens Biz Associate Raises Questions

Generally do you trust what our government tells you any more?

Attorney acquitted on federal income tax charges

McCain: Warning to All GOP Candidates: Support the War at Your Own Risk


Oversight Committee calls up Rumsfeld for hearing on Tillman death

Oversight Committee calls up Rumsfeld for hearing on Tillman death

caption Condi

I just called Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid's offices.......

Rasmussen relegated to polling Bush*'s hand chosen audiences?

Theoretical question: If all non-military and non-debt social programs were gradually phased out...

W: If we leave Iraq, we'll just have to go back to control the oil fields.

Almost half of the foreign insurgents in Iraq are Saudi citizens, not Iranian or Syrian

The Democratic leadership cannot be accussed of acting in haste in any way

Webb Slams Lieberman: He's Calling For War With Iran "Every Day"

IMPEACH NOW-Reagan Republican Demands-Do Not Wait Till BUSH/CHENEY Lie Us Into War With Iran

Bush explains the Iran 'Statergery'

I.O.U. to the DCCC

Anybody here know anything about Usury laws?

Bush re: national reconciliation in Iraq: "Yes, look, they’re close to getting an oil deal done."

Question about Kucinich's voting record

Congressmembers rule: No calling Bush a liar

Personality Poll: PRODUCT or PROCESS?

Post your suggestions for making Harry's All-Nighter more effective (Iraq-like)...

Diaper-gate latest: Conservative Christian Group asks Vitter to Resign

Family Research Council calls for the elimination of the office of the Surgeon General

Whats going to be Vitter's excuse?

Japan quake causes nuke leak and public didn't know about it

Will they get potty breaks in the Senate tomorrow? Or should we...

Global broadband prices revealed

In an unflattering light.

NPR: The best 39 minutes you can spend understanding the various national health systems

Dems Help Bury Committee Report on Duke's Doings

HEADLINE: McCain loses three MORE senior staffers

Is Levin/Reed even good?

"Vitter to make statement today."

“Nothing in this section shall be construed to authorize...the use of Armed Forces against Iran"

Richardson: Redeploy U.S. troops now

Internet-Obsessed Couple Let Kids Starve

When is the war against Saudi Arabia?

Durbin on Senate floor disputing something McConnell said; anyone

Per MSNBC, Harry Reid about to make an announcement. I know not

Twice in the last 5 minutes, Durbin has called McConnell a lying sack of shit!

Two simple questions about impeachment to ask your House and Senate representatives

Uh, Regarding That "Other" Republican Sex Scandal.....

UK choice! Police demands endless detention / judge decides no recompense for the innocent

Army’s ‘middle ranks are dwindling.’

Hundreds of Iraqis Protest Draft Oil Law

Cheney: the terrorists are betting that they can run out the clock on the Bush-Cheney administration

The Southwest's 'Little Katrina' Revisited

LAT: Sunni extremists from Saudi Arabia make up half the foreign fighters in Iraq

Durbin making case for simple majority on Levin-Reed Amendment (C-SPAN2)

Despite Veto Threat, Senate Finance Set to Expand Children’s Health Program

George W. Bush....the Word Master...LOL

Check out what one day in Iraq looks like

Military support for the republican candidates... guess who's number one?

Where Cancer Patients Rank

When Does Shrbya Attack Pakistan

Korb: Iraq Study Group Recommendations Are ‘Weak,’ Not A ‘Serious Change Of Policy’

Enough about the GD flight attendant! REAL tragedy: Bush about to veto children's health insurance!

Iraq Is Now 'Our' Colony - Why the Fuck Should 'We' Leave? (A poem-of sorts)

It's 5 p.m. on the East Coast and I'm watching Hardball and it

On Ebay: A Solution to the War in Iraq

Vista plodding along six months after release (AP/CNN)

WHY do anti-global warming people have to be such ASSHOLES

Pace: US Weighs Larger 'Surge' in Iraq

Sessions on Sen Fl WHINNING---turn in (maybe)-says iraq must be

Any word on the Vitter news conf?

Harper’s “I Accuse… 44 Attorneys General Demand an Inquiry Into the Siegelman Prosecution”

What will we do (seriously) in the Iran pre-war run up?

Bush and The Republicans Who Support This War Know That Iraq Is Lost

Repugs are passing around Talking Points to use for Vitter responses:

"Condi Rice couldn't broker a peace deal with the Amish" wrote a CNN

Briton astounds the world by becoming the first person to swim to North Pole

Barbara Starr: "Iran is about to cause MAJOR TROUBLE in Iraq"

Explanation from Bob Geiger: Reid To Force Senate Into All-Night Session Tuesday

BREAKING: CNN just now reported that we have reached peak oil...

Got to talk with Levin this weekend

Impeachment or ending the war?

Pentagon reaches out to conservative bloggers.

Armed man shot and killed in Colorado Governor's office

"Precipitous Withdrawal" SQUAWK! "Precipitous Withdrawal" SQUAWK!

George Voinovich (R) : the administration “f—ed up” the war

FYI, where the money is going in maintaining this war

Durban and Warner debating on the Senate Floor right now.

Liar, Liar, World on Fire

UN chief avoids answering the question is the Iraq war illegal?

***ACTION ITEM ***Anti-choice Shrubco Attacks Science Again ***ACTION ITEM***

You just KNOW that Gilmore is SEETHING..

Who knew Vitter was married to Christine Lahti?

Per CNN: Wendy Vitter will also be making a statement today

Why September? What are we waiting for?

{CO2} Emissions don't make Europe happy (BBC)

Dubai ruler seeks dismissal of US child slavery case (Want to bet it gets dismissed?)

"Get out of my llife as a gay person"

New argument>> if we bring the troops home now, unemployment will go up

Vitter not resigning; denies Louisiana prostitute stories

Breaking: Reid announces Senate to stay in session 24/7

Matt Continenti of the Weekly Standard .......

Wendy Vitter, Don't Blame the Media, Blame Your Husband

Vitter coming up in 2 or 3 minutes, M$NBC, probably CNN too

Government seeks broader tech snooping powers

Does the current RULING PARTY pay people to disrupt any boards of democratic discussion?:

Warner on Sen Floor saying Levin amendm. is prob. UNconstitutional

On "Road To One America" Tour, Edwards Unveils New Initiatives To Reward Work

can we quit pretending that the "democrats" in the Senate

Tucker protests too much.

The Repubs are distancing themselves from Bush's Iraq war ONLY because

Colorado Governor now giving response to shooting outside his office.


So Vitter attacked the media for invading his private life

GOP senator walks a narrow line on Iraq (McConnell?)

Tucker Carlson is a complete ASSHAT. Defending Vitter. Attacking the press.

Poor Vitter Acted Like A Victim

Dirty diaper sex

I just went trippin' through the house gathering laundry and I

Blackmail: My one and only Vitter thread

Justice Department Refuses to Provide Witness on Voting Section

250,000 Bullets For Every Rebel Killed

So Wasnt Bill and Hills Issue Also......

Let me get this straight. When a Democrat has legal consensual sex...

"I think you're a cutie pie" Tweety to the 'Hot for Hillary" woman

Lou Dobbs: "Mr. President,

Did A Lobbyist Pay For Vitter's Prostitutes

John Edwards Vows To End All Bad Things By 2011 (The Onion)

Dear Senator Reed

Translation tool may aid troops (BBC)

Young Democrats want AIPAC to target GOP

Oh God look at these charred bodies in Kirkuk (Warning. Bloody video)

It was supposed to be a cakewalk, like taking candy from a baby.

Press shows its bias — for nice presidential vacation spots

Question about the Reid filibuster story...

Fox and CBS refuse to air condom ads

“(Wish We Had Some!)”

A Waste of Time Senator Feingold?

Republican Voinovich: "Bush f*cked up war & fur is going to fly"

Exactly what are your protests to the SUSIE FOR PRESIDENT ads on DU?

Bill Kristol: On the Train to Delusionville

Tony Snow has only months to live. I am predicting 6 months

Joe Bageant Live Interview On Today's Jeff Farias (Nova M) Show

If the religious right continues to support Vitter they have lost any right

No Republican can dismiss the hypocrisy that was evident in the Vitter press conference today.

The U.S. Patriot Act - 363 pages, 57,896 words - who wrote it?

There WAS an underlying crime

Israel's Domestic Missile Defenses Were Found To Be In A State Of Record Disrepair.

tweety coverring webb/Graham

Male role model-wise, I pick Clinton over Vitter.

That might be a sleuth at the table next to yours

LOL Great cartoon!

I think I'm gonna be sick....

President Bush throws more matches at the Middle East

Cindy Sheehan on Tweety tomorrow (Tues., 7/17 ET) ... he just

Voinovich caves in to always

Some one explain to me the diaper thing with Vitter...

Wendy Vitter apparently gave her hubby "prevenient forgiveness" years ago...

Vaccine/autism Doc faces hearing: took blood from kids

What Vitter said in 1998 (re:Clinton)

Per CNN, Troy Davis has been granted a 90-day stay of execution!

DWTM.. new crime?

Republicans send a CLEAR MESSAGE with Vitter case...

Is Vitter ‘morally unfit to govern’?

I wonder what Holy Joe is saying about Diaper-boy.

The Democrats in Congress Really Have Two Moral Imperatives:

Gov Ritter attacked!

Pastors for Peace blog is updated.

DU This Creationism/Evolution Poll:

Ex-CBS Producer: Katie Looks Like She's Been Drugged, Kidnapped, Making Hostage Tape

HardBall Was Great Fun Tonight

Peace Groups in MD DC Suburbs?

What puzzles me about these assholes/traitors in the bush* maladministration

David Vitter Announces Grant from Group

Tucker; "Hil's Bring the Troops Home/Leave Some There" Hypocrisy!

Cindy is on the Randi Rhodes show right now

Do you believe that David and Wendy Vitter dealt with the prostitution issue

Senator Reid, THANK YOU!

Make the question of impeachment THE MOST DEMANDED question at the next debate: VOTE HERE

Why Iraq is important -- according to my wingnut cousin

Playing For Keeps

Reid announces Senate filibuster; speech here:

Lou Dobbs just lost me forever. Never again will I look at that

"Affordable Health care" to you means:

"Condoleeza Rice? She couldn't broker a peace deal with the Amish!"

Caption pretty please

Phone # to Nancy Pelosi to offer your support of impeachment of bush/cheney

Vitter's press team releases the script of his news briefing.

Troy Davis granted a stay of execution.

Fox Guest Smokes On-Air, Says Taxing Tobacco To Fund Children’s Health Is Like Racial Discrimination

Come on, Obama, and Clinton, and Edwards, and Pelosi: All Aboard the Impeachment Train

A response to Bob Scheiffer

Right hand thief: Vitter's statement "guarantees" that he will be forced to resign

"The History Boys"

Retrial begins in Florida fraud faith-based voucher case....principal had once been tried for murder

The road to peace in Darfur goes through China; TAKE ACTION: Ask China to Act on Darfur

FREE SCREENING ‘No End In Sight’ for Iraq, San Fran & LA

Breaking: Joe Wilson endorses Hillary Clinton

US army officer puts 'solution to Iraq war' on eBay

Here is a list of members of the House Judiciary Committee....time

Reid: "Not Backing Down" & Durbin: "They're Afraid The American People Might Prevail"

Basra - Iraq: 300 oil workers gathered to protest against draft of oil law

97-0 Vote for Lieberman Amendment! 97 Senators want War with Iran??? (including Feingold?)

Here's What McConnell's Holding Up...

It is troubling to me that people call this occupation a "war"

Have you contributed financially to a Democratic candidate?

An Awful Challenge of a letter to the Good Senator?

VOTE to have the D Presidential Candidates asked about IMPEACHMENT at next debate!

If We're Attacked and Bush Takes Over, and THIS Happens, I'll Blame the Dems for NOT IMPEACHING.

BREAKING: Reid To Force All-Night Filibuster On Iraq Withdrawal

Vitter used taxpayer money for whores and diaper fetishes

One VERY indecent proposal--this is nasty, but I really feel this way

You know what? Kids make for lousy politics.

From AllHatNoCattle :) Dubya D 40

Not to screw up the attack-Iran push, but most Iranians want democracy, nuclear inspections

PLEASE, I'm begging you...DO NOT send a box of Pampers to this address! Don't do it!

Innocent Man to be Executed Tomorrow? QUICK ACTIONS You Can Take Today!

It Should Be the Norm That Our Organs are Harvested When We Die

I did *not* wear diapers with that woman.

Where do you fit in on this? "I love the lie and lie the love

Preacher Pleads Guilty To Sodomizing Boys For Over 10 Years, But Will Serve No Time

From John Young's "DC Madam Telephone Numbers in Text Format"

Conquering Canada: The Elite Re-Configuration of North America

Anyone know if Vitter news conf will be televised?

A point of view from a parent with 3 kids --- about screaming kids in public places.

The Question of Impeachment - by Senator Russ Feingold

Is it just me, or are grocery prices getting a LOT higher?

Bookmark This: " UN HAILS IRAN NUCLEAR AGREEMENT", July 13, 2007.

A "lively experiment". . .". . .We can heal our planet"

LA Priest Scandal Payoffs

Dick Durbin on Senate floor, "The Democrats have decided we are going to have a REAL FILIBUSTER" !!!

Larry Flynt, you said you had a lot of stuff on Vitter.

Bill Maher on Leno tonight (Monday, 7/16)

35 Minutes Till The Apology............

tonight on Countdown


Letter I just sent to my senators.

Are we now moving into the final phase in our transition to a full...

Paul Begala on CNN: McCain has been spending money like Vitter in a New Orleans cathouse

we can call repukes every name in the book and wish them unwell....

Call Your Rep TOLL-FREE @ 800-965-4701 (Labor-HHS-Education appropriations bill)





An empire of corporations have us in a death grip.

Why Lieberman's Iran Amendment Passed

AP: Presidential Fundraising At A Glance

When All They Understand Is Fear or Force

Assuming there is an "October surprise" (attack on Iran, terrorist attack, etc.)

"Because I sure can't."

Hillary has been relatively frugal in her spending so far

Open letter to Congress:

This Modern World: Our umpteen millionth look at how the news works!

Doolittle, one of the worst is way down in $, meanwhile democratic rival out raises him in a big way...

Obama to hit Chicago picket line Monday

Kucinich embraces deceit in his spin of the post debate discussion

Digging in Fred Thompson's Past

Baqouba, Iraq:

Must Read from Paul Krugman: The Waiting Game

Pace: Another Troop Build Up Possible (AP)

Bush's failure in North Korea...took six years to get back to where we started

Must Read from Nicholas Kristof on Darfur

New populism in U.S. spurs Democrats on the economy

I was talking with a RW "friend"

Another Strong Earthquake (6.8) in Japan - Some Casualties - Breaking

Political compass has the 2008 field up on the map.

New Populism Is Spurring Democrats on the Economy

My letter to Representative Paul Hodes urging impeachment

Lickspittle Kristol: Why Bush Will Be A Winner

Did it all start with Chertoff's case of gas?

Clinton Campaign Reports $45 Million in the Bank

In praise of Bush

Notice a theme running through these right winged logos?

FEC Presidential Campaign Finance Reports as of June 30

"Dysfunctional" House Intelligence Committee

GOP lawyer sold on Dems

The guy happiest that Vitter likes diapers and $300 changings .........

McCain Nearly Broke, but Stays Course

Bill Richardson: Slowly But Surely

Why NOT single topic debates?

Stephen Hadley .......

Personally I think we should all send diapers to David Vitter

Amazing how both sides say essentially the same thing

Hitting IRAN - the worst thing in the world to happen.

Holy Shit! A Pissed Off Hawk just swooped down by me.

Lamar! to leave the Senate soon?

Interesting geographical statistic re Dems vs repugs.

what is going to happen to us when we attack IRAN?

Harry Reid's all nighter session ..... what do you think?

Ted Stevens not the only Alaska senator involved in shady land deals...

Rightwing blog complains about ABC interviewing Dems but not Repubs.

Urgent Request in IL: Please Help our Hispanic Neighbors

Thank Harry Reid here: 202 224 3542 n/t

Tempers flare on Iraq

If Hillary is for continuing troop involvement in Iraq, and the last

Is the conventional wisdom that Gore voters are least likely to support Hillary wrong?

TMPCafe: Senator Voinovich joins the "WINO" caucus. Says Bush "f---ed up" the war.

Have you ever changed your mind

Once the Iran war starts impeachment won't only be off the table, it will out of the vocabulary.

John and Elizabeth Edwards on GMA Monday am (now - EDT)

How can Mr. Poopy Pants not resign?

Those Confusing Habeas Corpus Bill Numbers - And The Important Text

Rudy Giuliani plans to be in Council Bluffs (Ia) Wednesday

Jindal kicks off campaign, no mention of Vitter

A little humor, in a You tube video about Hillary!

Edwards in New Orleans

Why if Hillary Becomes President...nothing will change in Iraq

Vitter story is over on the news. I guess he wasn't a Dem. That would

Anna Quindlen: For Hillary, a Proposal: Persuade Barack Obama to be your running mate

hmmmmm ... who'd a-thunk it?

Breaking news on CNN right now.

Edwards Brings Progress to Progressives?

Do you want impeachment? Project X

Open Secrets has posted 2nd Q fundraising info.

Why is Mrs. Vitter doing the talking??

Will Richard Clarke endorse Obama?

Atlantic Online's Marc Armbinder: "Obama's Cool Burn Rate"...Much lower than his opponents

Maniac Web Site

Specter walks tightrope on Southwick nomination

If the Congress doesn't vote to impeach then nothing they do otherwise is worth anything.

Renzi, Hastert, Lewis see sharp drops in 2nd-quarter fundraising (& Dreier, too!)

Vitter denied charges he had relationships with prostitutes; asked forgiveness for a "serious sin"

Illinois Democratic meltdown....

Mika Brzezinski - the latest honest media person to join MSNBC?

D.C. Mayor Fenty to Endorse Obama

Forget Senator Vitter's penis..d'oh....

I have an important question to ask. Please help if you can.

If Cheney attacks Iran, what ya want to bet that the mandatory draft returns?

Edwards: 'Working poor' are two words that should never be used in combination in America

Former GOP Rep Has Spent $170K on Defense (JD Hayworth!)

The IRAN war resolution: they have done it again. Bush* can attack with Senate approval

Reid Announces Senate Filibuster? Isn't that wording wrong? (it's a Filibuster-BUSTER)

Bloggers: Obama Has Failed To Distinguish Himself From Clinton on Iraq

"Hunter-killer" drones to be first robot attack squadron in Iraq.

To Catch A Predator - Vitter - What Would Have Happened To Him If He Was On.....

why can't congress just NOT fund the war?

Obama on a roll with Colo. donors

It is time to invoke the nuclear option. Now. The way the rethugs have been doing...

On Hillary's plan to keep some troops in Iraq...

Congressmembers rule: No calling Bush a liar

Hillary says keep U.S. troops in Iraq for the foreseeable future

I have decided to support Obama. I hope this will be read by supporters of all candidates.

Wendy Vitter thinks it is "private" and her business when she forgives Vitter but

I just had ANOTHER (18th) e-mail read on CNN!

TNR Hit Piece on Kucinich....

Join Cindy on 23rd

Joe Wilson endorses Hillary-"she's the one who understands the need to get us out of harm's way."

Hillary Clinton shares my values

October 11th, 2002

Venezuelans, fleeing Chavez, seek U.S. safety net

Edwards starts tour to highlight poverty in America

Obama has a degree in international relations from Columbia University.

To borrow a theme from LoZoccolo: Why do some think it is flamebait to post anti-Nader threads?