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Archives: July 15, 2007

When will the Candidates Address the Real Concerns of Americans?

Arianna Huffington: Why Bush's Balanced Assessment of Iraq is Utterly Unbalanced

Terrorism and the Law: In Washington, a Need to Right Wrongs

Editorial: Spying and politics (Chicago Trib)

In The Last Throes, Judiciously

The Illegalities of the Iraq War

FRANK RICH: Don’t Laugh at Michael Chertoff

How Can Bush Win a War When He's Delusional About the Enemy?

The New York Observer: The New Victorians

Free Market Kills Cancer Patients

The "Disappearing" of Don Siegelman

MAUREEN DOWD: Who’s Sorry Now?

A look at 22 defining characteristics of Leo Strauss's philosophy-compare to PNAC and the Decider

Bonanza for scavengers (lockout helps homeless recycle for $)

Chicago Tribune: BP Gets Break on Dumping in Lake Michigan

Scientist Makes Lobsters Her Life Calling. (Maine.)

(Conrad) Black Convicted of Swindling Millions

Texting While Driving? Message Sent from Driver's Phone(5 Teens killed NY)

Dodd rolls in, speaks to union workers

Presidential hopeful Richardson promises frequent Nevada visits

Indian team heads to US for resolving nuclear impasse

Armor Holdings--BAE's Next Acquisition in U.S.A.--Accused of Contracting Abuse

Strike by port clerical workers is averted

Gilmore quits presidential race

McCain soldiers on amid campaign woes

Romney spending big in early states

New visa requirements making it tough to staff shrimp boats

Richardson Has $7 Million in the Bank

Failure in Afghanistan risks rise in terror, say generals

Baby Cereal Recalled Over Choking Hazard

Friends, Family Remember Lady Bird

Nelson's (D-Ne) $7.5 million earmark drawing fire

Thompson and Giuliani salivate for McCain votes

Arabs pile into Darfur to take land 'cleansed' by janjaweed

AIDS Case Deal May Forgive Libyan Debt

U.S. Upset by Russia's Pullout of Treaty

Edwards: Deficit is not top priority

Analyst predicts US military strike in Waziristan

LA Church to Pay $600M for Clergy Abuse

Your computer - can it

In a world....

For Cute Kitty fans and devotees of watching the food chain in action.

Has KitchenWitch disappeared?

You deserve this.

That caught stealing was brought to you by....

Apple Rescue Mission! (pics)

Red Bull & Vodka

Does anyone else ever feel so bad emotionally

Kin dof hardto write when you're imbibing,ya know?

i got your ass right here ---

Mail carrier missing 3 days found safe in Columbus

Why does MLB stadiums have batboys and ballgirls.

Grrrrrr....for the last time, don't bring your infants to the theatres!

Wait a mo. Those two guys getting horny with the bull in Pamplona were Americans?!

Wow. It's 9:45 pm on a Saturday and I just woke up.

DOO-do!-doo, DOO-do!-doo, DOOOOOOOO, DOO-doo-doo-doo..

Wow. I am so glad I'm not married!

PLEASE help!! Urgent!!

So now they have cereal named after Biblical verses...

Riddle me this


Man skins and eats live rattlesnake during "Survivor" audition

I am now SOBER and exceedingly BORING.

I hereby declare St. Pauli N.A every bit as good as Clausthaler

Worst neighbor stories?

Is philboy in love with SouthpawKicker?

Someone saved my life tonight - Elton John

Is EstimatedProphet in love with beer?

Summer party recipe: Peach Mint Punch

It's not your father's spray paint.........

Caught in a time warp, you see yourself posting here 10 years from now, what would you ask yourself?

Ladies--shoe question

Can anyone say Hello in the language that *you* know?

When someone responds to every post but yours...

Harry Nilsson "Without You"

Why doesn't DU blast posters who make fun of morbidly obese people?

Quick. I need help to fight a Republican

Is Finnfan in love with Sarahbelle?

Dracula's Castle up for sale -- !!!

Fuck, fuck...fuckity-fuck!

dog poop question

My sainted brother, Willy, would have been 54 today; wavy strawberry blond, green eyed...

Best Store-Bought Pizza?

Well, I screwed up, and big time, tonight...

Woody Guthrie - Born 95 Years Ago Today

got my tix to go see Al Gore and his slideshow in Denver

My cousin finally came out to all the family.

Lounge, I has queztions for you...

Any Simon and Garfunkel fans here tonight?

I have a new girlfriend

Update ...

Lounge Friends... I come to vent AND to ask for good vibes

Someone made me take a Briggs-Myers quiz.

Seven, count 'em SEVEN hours in the office today. Oh, yes.

Serious question about being self-conscious and going to social events.

Look at this big tailed kittie girl of mine, Mazie

Check out this incredible piece of CGI

If you could choose ONE (1) Prescription Rx

How much beer do you drink at one time?

Do me something. Tell me that I can have this funky bedroom at age 68! (PHOTO)

Nintendo Wii? OMFG what a fantastic machine!!!

I am in hell

By the name of the Lounge Lizard Gods, I DEMAND YOU TO POST KITTEH pictures!

Celebrity lookalike thread: post yur pic, we'll tell you who you look like

POWERcast Episode 25 – July 13, 2007 (USW Presidential Forum )

California union courts Houston-area nurses

Teamsters strike averted at Time Warner

Rally pushes Shays on health care bill

Hearing delayed on union

An American Bomb...

News Hour - Casualties Of Journalistic War Coverage...

welcome to the world of g.w. bush - Shia Death Squads Part 1...***graphic content***...

freaking moran - Beck: 'If You Support Withdrawal, How Do You Sleep at Night?'

Ron Paul goes after Clinton

NASA's Scott Horowitz resigning 2spend more time steering his family's money toward Northrop Grumman

Summer party recipe: Peach Mint Punch

Note to Republicans: impeach Bush

China's 'Warcraft' Cuts Skeletons

Giant telescope starts scouring space

Audit will look into disappearance of $22 million worth of equipment

Bruce Fein, Dennis Kucinich -- separated at birth?

Lugar And Warner Amendment A Tough Challenge To Bush? Not So Much.

McClatchy: State orders flak jackets in Baghdad's Green Zone

USDA buzzing with new plan to fight collapse of bee colonies

Iraqi prime minister says U.S. troops can go 'anytime they want'

NYT: Parts of Iraq Report Are Grim Where Bush Was Upbeat

CDC Head Says She Needs Help From Veterinarians

Sirius Radio: Progressive Talk -> "Sirius Left", Conservative Talk -> "Sirus Patriot"....

Documantary: No End in Sight

NSA Snooped on Lawyers Knowing Spying Was Illegal, Suit Charges

Is there any doubt left that OBL is on the bush payroll?

What a great letter Moore wrote to shameful that CNN

NYTimes Video: Military Families Rethinking The War

Abramoff investigation leads to another guilty plea

I'm now convinced that Congress needs to be educated

NYT Op/Ed: Terrorism & The Law - In D.C., A Need to Right Wrongs ("anathema to American democracy")

Cheney..did his pacer give out or is he as tired of chimp as we are?

How Cops Can Tell When You Are High on Ketamine

TPM Cafe: Ticia's Blog - Impeachment Watch (excellent overview of the impeachment front)

Note to Republicans: impeach Bush

This may have been mentioned before but did anyone see "Transformers?"

Must See Video: Michael Moore's A brief history of The United States of America

Al Qaeda stronger with Bush and Republicans running the country

Sunday Talk Shows

Ron Paul warns of staged terror attack

AP: Bail in LI forced-labor case? Not just yet, judge

Dean says Republicans want to keep Iraq's civil war going

Did Hollywood know more about Osama Bin Laden than Washington pre 9/11?


Another really good flash animation. Stick figure vs the rest of the desktop

derby's Saturday Night "New Direction" Rant

Internet Obsession Blamed for Neglect

Really clever flash animation. Stick figure battles with mouse pointer on desktop.

Hundreds march for Genarlow Wilson's release

Why William Kristol is....(Moron alert)

Reward increased for Bin Laden - dead or alive

Detainee Transfers Concern Senators

*** Saturday TOONs: Surgeon Gen, Meirs, McCain ***

Big holes to fill when Wal-Mart moves out

This is an EXCELLENT thread-I would highly recommend it

Caption *

John Dean on Harriette Meirs

DU this poll: Do you think President Bush's "surge" strategy for Iraq is working?

Tillman questions abound

Pope Ratso gives big "Fick Dich" to Catholic Peace Movement

Bush On Saddam: ‘That Motherf*cker Tried To Take Out My Dad’

Top Headline on right now . . .

Another effing (cheenee-ing) wingnut radio yakker. Another cheenee-ing SwiftBOTter.

Why has 'Roots' been demoted to cable?

My worst nightmare: Lawmaker Drives Over Granddaughter

BUSH Had NO Intell Oversight For 1st 2 Yrs Of Admin & After That Simply Did NOT Report Violations

Cindy Sheehan is coming up within the hour on CNN.

Elizabeth Edwards decries beating death of Sacramento man

Send the link to Moyers Journal on impeacchment to your Rep,

I'm sitting here trying to watch zeitgeist , man !

Of COURSE Nancy isn't going to support impeachment!

A classy former president and Nancy Reagan at Ladybird's funeral today. (pics)

Pelosi is in a no-win situation....she deserves some slack

USA's trade deficit rises to second highest level this year

Public leading shift to alternative media

US consumers feel pessimistic and depressed

I like Nancy Pelosi

Maria, Maria, what were you thinking? Pic

OK, I've been persuaded! Impeachment NOW!

Did you know Barbara Bush's maiden name is Pierce? related to franklin pierce

Happy Bastille Day!

By saying what she said about impeachment, Nancy helped get you your majorities...

Pragmatic Anti-impeachment arguments CRAP all over our Constitution.

Prescient. Objections to the Constitution.

Color me naive, ignorant, uninformed....

OMG!!! Look, it's Osama, he's back.

Live Webcast: Miller, Malloy, Hartmann,Schultz,and Young Turks tonight

Mom: Baby's talk got me kicked off plane

Should impeachment be removed from the Constitution?

Someone should write a DU mailbot program....

Democrats Will Try to Counter Ruling on Discrimination (equal-pay ) Suits

The Congressional snake pit

Wow! What a bunch of losers!

Political Strategists as Stars

Dodd is my copilot

Obama draws loudest cheers at NAACP convention

IMO, The House should Impeach Gonzales, sort of training wheels for the big one.

Obama comments on the Debate Issue with Clinton and Edwards

How I Look on My Mistakes,” by Dick Cheney

ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH: Support for Hillary could backfire for Democrats

Is this a brilliant idea? Just ditto it.

AAR reported today that the Democratically Elected President of Iraq has invited us to LEAVE.

Dare to believe in Kucinich?

Dear GWB,You don't think compassionate conservatism means compassion just for conservatives, do you?

Time for Democrats to Forgive Hillary Clinton's Iraq Vote in 2002

Did the DLC have a say in the early primary stacking?

Bush Has Photos of Pelosi

Michael Moore Is A God. Gupta Should Burn In Hell.

Obama says 'the more the merrier' in Democrat debates

Ah, the joys of the pre-Primary Wars...

NH Poll: Hillary 33%, Obama 25%, Edwards 15...Pollster says GOP has shot at NH if Hillary is nominee

Bush set to veto Bill to Expand Child Insurance

Very mean and scary: Dr. Prem Reddy; his hospitals are infamous for refusing to treat uninsured

Petraeus's military comrades worry that he is being set up by the Bush administration as scapegoat

Have you had ENOUGH?

Ron Paul warns of staged terror attack

Falling through the Cracks (New Eng Jour Med)

Defense firms like Murtha's district

Even as Loved Ones Fight On, War Doubts Arise


That Old Gut Feeling or The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Bush Himself

Winston Churchill managed a past occupation of Iraq...

Jayne Lyn Stahl : Growing Insurgents

Thomas E. Ricks: Bush Leans On Petraeus as War Dissent Deepens

Read, Then Weep.

"A Breath of Fresh Air for Florida"

Texting While Driving?

Liars and bunglers get the payoffs in Bush administration

Bush's optimism is impossible to square with the situation in Iraq

A vote for Bush was a vote for the terrorists

Saudi's role in Iraq insurgency

NYT editorial on income equality in the U.S.: "The Land of Opportunity?"

The D. C. Madam’s Public Service

Editorial: Gonzales errs again (Buffalo News)

Crushing Iraq's human mosaic - minorities suffering persecution verging on genocide

Holsinger Jr., who has written, among other things, that homosexual sex is unnatural and unhealthy.

Republican family values (Ocala Style / FL)

Democratic Senators Unanimously Vote War With Iran

The Secret Way To War

Fighting for their home (couple's home sold at auction due to $1.83 tax bill)

ROBERT FISK: "TE Lawrence Had It Right About Iraq" (7/14/07)

Fib factory running full tilt: WH tells some whoppers in bid to depict wars as battles against a-Q

BP 'allowed' to dump more toxins into Lake Michigan

Congress going after speculative energy trading - Reuters

We're running out of water

Houston wants wind to supply one-third of city's electricity

Cuomo will back bid to shut Indian Point plant

Dominion to request 80 MW power uprate for Millstone-3

Vattenfall's Kruemmel BWR likely to be offline until late August

GM crops have adverse effects on environment as well as health

Swimmer rises to Arctic challenge

The end of the biofuels money train?

Henney Kilowatt Car

The Dieselization of Europe

Kenyan fury at threat to organic trade - Observer

Many Worry About Power Lines in Parks - AP

UN Climate Chief: "There is no credible emission strategy without nuclear power."

Man allegedly kills zebra in drive-by shooting

Bush like Hitler, says first Muslim in Congress

Car bomb in central Baghdad kills 10 -police

U.S. F-16 crashes in Iraq; pilot unhurt

Iraqi official accuses U.S. troops of human rights violations.

Bin Laden Praises Martyrdom in New Video

The Richest of the Rich, Proud of a New Gilded Age

Former Rep. Bob Livingston Urges Vitter to Stay Strong

Saudi's role in Iraq insurgency

British death rate in Iraq 'worse than US'

Polish, U.S. presidents to discuss missile shield

'Sun-Times': Cancel That Left Turn (won't be going liberal)

24 Iranian prisoners escape from a prison near Iran-Iraq border

Up to 14 Pakistanis killed in militant attack (Sunday)

Teamsters: Health workers (More than 1,100 ) approve contracts

White House spurns Republican Iraq proposal

Crime Lab Neglected 16,000 Cases

Voters Allow a Separation of Blame (VA state GOP is golden)

Edwards Increases His Money in the Bank

Aide: Iraqi PM's comments misconstrued (a US troop was killed Saturday)

Salvador reducing troop levels in Iraq

(Fred) Thompson Uses Loophole to Avoid Reporting Fundraising

Obama Bemoans 'Epidemic of Violence'

38 Dead in 2 Convoy Bombings in Pakistan

Senator Vitter to Return to D.C.

Bush to reaffirm commitment to Mideast (Condi to the Rescue AGAIN)

AFL-CIO rallies against right-to-work (at West Virginia Republican Party Summer Conference )

Bush Is Prepared to Veto Bill to Expand Child Insurance

Marine says beatings urged in Iraq

Saudis' role in Iraq insurgency outlined (45% of all foreign militants)

Ex-Bush donor hosts Clinton fundraiser (Bush Ranger)

Report: Iran has 600 targets for missile strike in Israel if attacked

(US Air Force) Bomb-laden (grim) 'Reaper' drones bound for Iraq

Castro challenges Bush for area hearts and minds

Top Iranian official defends stoning of adulterer

State orders flak jackets in Baghdad's Green Zone

Singer shot dead on stage (By sniper trained husband from outside?)

Former concentration camp inmates warn against downplaying fascism

Angel - Eurythmics

If Saturday is going to be a repeat...

The single weirdest email I've ever received. (Spam?)

It keeps going and going...

Ever had someone pass out in you?

Have you seen these knife shows on TV?

Song to the Siren

I love a woman...


It's 1:24am on Maui... what do you care??

Hey!!! Watch your Goddamn hands!!!!

I just sat though 'Cuckoos Nest' twice this evening....

Why didn't all of America figure out that

A "wow" post that I want to share: about airplanes, children, but most imporantly, respecting others

"I 'm so tired of being here...."

Surf's Up, But So Is The Bacteria Count - Surfers Ignoring Polluted Waters To Catch The Perfect Wave

Jewish DUers: I need your assistance! (Re: the Horah at wedding receptions)

Someone made me take a Briggs&Stratton quiz


Anyone read Persian? "Iranians Arrest Spying Squirrels"

A riddle

PostSecret has good stuff this weekend.

I am so sick of spam!

A peaceful Sunday groove for you...

Oh man, I had a night.

"Smokers Outside the Hospital Door" Editors

Do me something. Tell me that I can be this funky in the bedroom at age 68! (PHOTO)


Humane Society offers reward in tortoise case (update of video story)

Bu$h Admin wake up call

George Bush is a Saint

Man Jogged Naked To 'Feel Alive'

Loser of the day

pet medications - anyone have a good online source?

I need a lolcat thread

Harry Potter fans performing "magic trick" accidently kill playmate in Quidditch match

Manny Ramirez just made an amazing catch

Harry Potter Fans Camp Out 11-Days For New Book

Congratulations Eugene!! 10,000 posts

OK. Here it goes....

UPDATE on Dad:

Congratulations jmowreader!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations pnwmom!! 10,000 posts

I am so sick of sperm!

Just got back from the ER, son's ankle sprained.

Ok, iTunes users, anyone wanna look through my music?

Charles Lane dead at 102. Oh, you know him.

Undisciplined brats, Undisciplined brats, Do You Hear ME?

Hey everybody...I've been gone since Thursday, have I missed anything big?

How to bath a cat..

Are you good at guessing dress sizes?

I feel hungover


I'm sick of all the drunk children I see running around in public these days

I got up on stage last night and sanged a bunch of songs I wroted

Ever had someone pass out on you?

PART II of the DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Attn craigslist shoppers...the $4000 coffee table has been

Must read article from GDP-- Pure comedy. Pure, unadulterated comedy.

Um, VH1...what the hell?

Rockit just called me her "tiny little hero": ask me anything

Someone made me take a Bristol-Myers quiz

Anyone here speak German?

Best scent Ever

LOL! No one is turned down!

Someone made me take a Briggs and Stratton quiz.

Ha! Score another one for the freeper dictionary

I get alot of copycats.

Tonight on the History Channel... groovy ways we're all gonna die!

I'm getting married today

Animal Comedy

Has anyone read the Artemis Fowl series?

Thank you, New Orleans!!

My Harry Potter problem.

Tent city, by my daughter and her sisters.

As of this post, I promise to be more polite

NASA screws up Space Shuttle Banner

Hello everyone

What's your favorite "position"?

Someone painted a cat...

Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky?

"Sicko" and The Running of the Bulls in Spain?

Serious question about anti-Cholesterol drug: Crestor

DS1, DS1, you can't leave me hanging like that, dude!!!!!

I'm a blur in a TV spot . . . for Roller Derby!

Target STILL doesn't have the Back to School dept set up.

Someone made me take the Voight-Kampff quiz

The phrase of the day is "Clinton's Honey"; post 'em if you got 'em

Where did the phrase "Take him alive" originate?

Anyone else think the new Harry Potter movies is all about The Bush Administration and the GWOT?

Clip of Cate Blanchette as Dylan. I think I hate it.

Anyone have a vegetarian split-pea soup recipe?

Anyone addicted to "Little People, Big World"?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 7/15/07)

It's the Olestra appreciation thread!!

The Confederate States of America(2004) ( has anyone seen it?)

Someone made me take a Oscar-Mayers quiz

Back from the NOW conference in Detroit (Dial-up warning: Pics)

If you have any spare time at all . . .

Why is "Get Smart" being made into a movie?

I just yelled at my cat, "No! Do not touch the vodka!"

I know this is against DU rules, but I'm calling out JeffR

Woman Throws 2 Month Old Baby Into Moving Car During Fight With Boyfriend - Window Was Up

This thread contains nothing about drunkeness or children.

Rolling pin appreciation thread!!

From now on I am sitting in the back of the church on the floor.

Anyone want to do a survey for me?

Graywarrior made me take a Seals & Croft test

Update: On My Mother

In restless dreams I walked alone....

List one character flaw you have

Live to tell - Madonna

Anybody ever hear of/see "Shanghai Tan" also known as "Shanghai Bund"?

Your looks, depending on what poison you take.

Hey Wild Horses! Look what I found...

Have you ever corrected a child's behavior when the kid wasn't yours?

I'm sick of all the Simon and Garfunkle fans I see running around in public these days

"Meat and sixteen veg, Vicar, that's how we do it in Dibley"

its real simple


Some pictures from the weekend (cross-posted from Photography group)

Update of on the kitties after "the surgery"

Here's your chance to be a star! I need an in-studio guest in Portland, OR next Friday morning 7/20!

LOL my cat

On the topic of marriage, how young is too young

DU'ers who have been here a while, Guess who is on myspace?


Don't ever stay at a Comfort Inn

Come see us in Oregon! Beautiful travel site, with pictures, if your thinking of visiting or

Pictures from Germany

Hi...My Name is Funkenstein; and I'm a Recovering Republican.

The pride of an NCO

Scott Ritter: The Good American

Today in labor history July 15

Today's working family cartoon immigration

Families launch suit over Quebec funeral lockout

Union: Garbage dispute is struggle for power, survival

Union, local officials set to rally for Pocono Medical Center employees

Union reaches tentative agreement

LA Times: He helps give labor the edge

LA Times: Decades of labor peace left workers unprepared for supermarkets' tough tactics.

A Perfect Circle - Imagine (John Lennon cover)

Trolls for Peace

Bush Buzzer

Brandon Friedman Democratic Radio Address

Iraqi Police Join Insurgents to Ambush US Troops

Confrontation in Alabama with a 'True Chickenhawk'

George Galloway vs. Norm Coleman

Hometown Baghdad...Like Jimi Hendrix, We Will Choose How We Live

Barack Obama: Dealing with Gun Violence

Gulf of Tonkin 2: Iran

Christian Dominionists

Michael Moore Sicko Clip about Nixon and HMOs

Jim Webb rips into Lindsey Graham

No end in sight _ Opens 7/27/07

Calls Grow For Boycott Of Israel

Pulling our chains

Britain's senior generals: Afghanistan may become a war between Sunni and Shia across Middle East

Bush Attempt to Rally GOP Fizzles (US News & World Report)

New doc: "War Made Easy" - Norman Solomon & Loretta Alper - Sun 2pm ET streaming

Self Delete...

Nate Clay's callers ALL talking about healthcare (Sicko) - LIVE streaming

Hate Crime Suspect says he was doing God's work!

Child health insurance bill faces veto

"how long does it take 435 Representatives to change a light bulb?"

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "Iraq Army Training"

Kansas City Star: Top Ten National Stories - No. 5 Impeachment Movement Gains Popularity (A1)

Will you vote for a candidate who voted for/sponsored the IWR?

O'Reilly takes on Tony Snow, 'You can't win' in Iraq

When does this year's "War on Christmas" begin?

What is your reaction to candidates who use the "blame the Iraqis" talking point?

Just think -- If DUH-bya had been president when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. How would the world look

What is CFAR? Is there any Du'er that has info or knowledge of? Thank you/ n/t

Man charged in church vandalism says he plans to apologize

This watchdog has rolled over, playing dead

After watching SiCKO my wife and I wish to

What would Bush be doing if his parents had given him to an adoption agency

Buckraking at NBC?

'A Mute Watchdog'

Quite frankly I come to DU because it's an interesting read.

Failure in Afghanistan risks rise in terror, say generals

Jim Webb's On Meet The Press

Just saw on CNN's doctorsanjaygupta's show House Call that

Presidents and ratings - graphs on how political events affected them

Senator Webb on tator head now

C-SPAN 2 - 9:00AM EDT 15 July - Harry Shearer interviews Al Gore on "The Assault on Reason"

Our FRIENDS-Saudis Are Supplying Nearly HALF Of Foreign Fighters In Iraq (LAT)

Will there be a DU meetup around the 9/15 anti-war march in DC?

Nev. couple blame Internet for child neglect

slapp him jim webb

He said Marines consider all Iraqi men part of the insurgency.

"Of Course We Need To Execute Liberals Who Are Trying To Demoralize The Country"

Dittoheads and Rush Limbaugh.

I wonder if there would be a war if Bush had to do this?:

19-Year Old Housemaid Waits As Saudi Arabia Set To Surpass Record Beheadings

Marine says officers ordered them to 'crank up' violence level in Iraq

In Role Reversal, China Blocks Some U.S. Meat

MSNBC nearly hits rock-bottom:

The Billinaires' War


Jim Gilmore Dropped Out Of The Presidential Race

Sunni extremists from Saudi Arabia make up half the foreign fighters in Iraq, many suicide bombers

A gastronomic tour of China

Lindsey Graham BS-ing on Meet the Press: "They Want to Establish a Caliphate in Iraq"

Bush Is Prepared to Veto Bill to Expand Child Insurance

Congressman compares Bush to Hitler!

What About The Spending Power? - THIS - Is What We Should Be Screaming About.

HEADLINE: College Republicans vow a "MORE PEACEFUL TONE" (photos)

Singer shot dead on stage....(Potential Wyoming National Guard link)

Are you serious about impeachment?


Ray McGovern: July 14, 2003: Ill-Starred Day (Novak's column)

When All They Understand Is Fear or Force

Lindsey Graham is out of his fucking mind.

Hodges: Women face many difficulties leaving abusive spouses

Barf Alert--Article by William Kristol

It appears the mainstream media knew about Vitter's "problem" for years

So how are we doing on training the Iraqi security forces?

Sarah Gore gets married

What would have more impact Impeachment without removal or Censure?

Impeachment is the chainsaw that will clear the path to progress

So if Al Qaeda has moved it's forces to Iraq and set up shop, what are we doing in Afghanistan?

Editor&Publisher: 'L.A. Times' Reports Shocking Testimony in Atrocity Trial

The Fact BushCo Is Squirming To Avoid Disclosure-Strongly Implies-They Have Something Nasty To Hide

Lady Bird Johnson given warm memorial amid wildflowers

True or False?

Fundies Gone Wild: More on the Florida Exorcism.

I hope Larry Flynt tells us if there are any Dems in the DC madam's phone records

Impeachment: Wyden would have "open mind"

Killed by the Bangee "Rapture"


Lindsey Graham reminds me of a broken talking doll from a Twilight Zone show

Why don't the redumblicans just appoint Petraeus as interim President.

Air Force quietly building Iraq presence

At American Museum, Creationists Set Straight the 'Errors' of Science

Tuning out the boys who cry wolf

Lindsey Graham on MTP; al Anbar province now is fighting with the U.S..

Blatant Criminal Behavior by the Bush Administration

Suzzanne Malveaux 'massaging' Steve Hadley on CNN.

Did anyone see Robert Greenwald's "Iraq for Sale" last night?

Let's Set the Record Straight and Define ONCE AND FOR ALL What "Pulling Out of Iraq" Means.

Iraq PM: Country can manage without U.S...well alrighty then.

Saudi Suspects Overwhelm Iraqi Legal System

I've got the answer! Make EVERYbody happy! Send the GOP to Iraq--a GOP paradise!

Kristol: ‘We’re Not In A Civil War’ In Iraq, ‘This Is Just Not True’

Puerto Ricans?

I love MSNBC's

Dem Rep Dan Boren (OK): We Should Withdraw From Iraq, But Let's Vote On It Some Other Time

BP gets to keep on dumping ammonia/indus.sludge into lake Mich.

Is there going to be a rebraodcast of the 1090 am forum ?

Why do Dem politicians bother going on Faux Noise?

Mr. Potato Head has Bob Shrum as the Democratic debater today

Anyone know what's happeing in NYC today?

Heck, maybe Joe Biden is the happy medium here?

(Talk Progress) Bush On Saddam: ‘That Motherf*cker Tried To Take Out My Dad’

Bush betraying America-friendly Iraqis as badly as Daddy

More terra-terra-terra from Hadley

Just in case anyone is interested, Lady Bird Johnson's funeral service

New NEWSWEEK poll: 2/3s of Americans believe Bush's 'surge' strategy a failure

What happens when we leave Iraq?

Senator Dodd weighs in on Clinton, Edwards remarks, and blasts debate organizers

After four years the MSM still does not adequately cover Iraq

Polytrauma - coming soon to a vocabulary near you...

Media Blackout on Failure to Capture Osama/Zawahiri

"New" Osama Vid? Not!

Truce over, Pakistan militants kill 70

Today's Meet the Press was particularly disturbing and repulsive

Carmona told to mention smirk 3 times on every pg. of speech

Even though it's a republican-dominated media climate, The McLaughlin Group is THE most enjoyable...

WWII Veteran wins full disability after 20-year wait

Bush Distorts Qaeda Links, Critics Assert (NYT)

Is Conyers Still Going To Move for contempt for Harriet Miers? Just

Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies.................... I believe there just might be a message to hear

Liberal Blogs get way more traffic than conservative blogs.

Wake up Georgians, this weeks Bill Moyers Journal about Impeachment on GPB NOW!

Ms. Palfrey confirms that Mr. Burkman's business with her was escort service related :o)

Who is this IntelCenter that was passing out five year old photos of bin Laden?

Kristol argues that the death of 3600 American troops is worth it because Saddam is gone

Meet The Press: Graham vs. Webb. The victory goes to............

$40 Million For Iraq Weapons Inspections? Nah. For Renovating Iraqi Ambassador's NY Home.

Bush: "There's a lot of constituencies in this fight . . ."


Are GOP men useless in bed?

Wow... Just... Wow...

Bizzare Stories a l'Ivoire

Let us NEVER forget, that Bob Novak is a TRAITOR

A rocky road to healing: Diocese enacts new policies, programs, but victims demand more accountabili

Impeach already!

Junior, Karl and Dick take over the world - a video

Aide: Iraqi PM's Comments Misconstrued (AP)

***PART II of the DUzy Awards for week ending July 13, 2007.***

660 Million Dollars for Sex. Wow, What Happened to Abstinence.


Ben Sargeant/Lady Bird

Why haven't the two culprits of the "London Bomb Plot" not yet been charged??

Novak on MTP: Some say calling a Senator Clinton presidency a 3rd term is a dangerous thing

William Kristol proof of successful Bush presidency: No SECOND terrorist attack. ROFL

Kansas City Star Front Page: The 'I-word' Spreads, But Most In Politics Dismiss It (CHECK OUT PHOTO)

Are GOP women useless in bed?

Proposal: If a business contracts with the federal gov. its books and employee rolls must be open.

Now that blogs are starting to make big money off of advertising will they soon become corrupt too?

Here you go DU, Make this happen. Is it real? I'd really like to know.

Juan Cole: Foreign "al-Qaeda" almost irrelevant to it, Iran entirely trivial to it (Iraq)

1952 Comic Eerily Predicts Bush/Cheny Iran Policy

State says it was wrong ask Muslim women to remove head scarves

26% approval rating

US ramps up its propaganda

Ron Paul warns of staged terror attack

Loophole lets group ask drivers for money

Bush distorting al-Qaeda links, critics assert

The Game of Life

A few weeks back. .Tiny car, HUGE interior. .anyone remember?

HuffPo/AP: White House to Warner, Lugar: Thanks, But No Thanks

Homage To ‘72 Antiwar Hopeful

Watch the Webb-Graham confrontation here

Tesla - Electric Sports Car - COOL!!!

Meanwhile, Our Xtian fundies can find common ground w/ Muslim fundies.


VIDEO: Cutting Corners on Domestic Spending-Misplaced Priorities

Armaments And Investments- Stock in Niche Defense Firms Soars in Wartime

Your looks, depending on what poison you take.

On Heels Of Senate’s Iran Vote, Brownback Declared I’m Ready To Strike Iran

Animal Comedy

As Teen Girl Awaits Death, Saudi Surge in Beheadings Could Set Record High

Priest seeks dropping of molestation charges because they happened a long time ago

Rush Limbaugh, the "He lies under oath" campaign, and Scooter

Aide: Iraqi PM's comments misconstrued (US can leave anytime)


USA Today/Gallup Poll on impeachment of BUSH.

Eleanor Clift: Geo. Voinovich has broken ranks with Republicans to criticize Bush’s Iraq War policy

As Edwards Kicks-Off Road To One America Tour, Senator Announces 3-Point Plan To Rebuild New Orleans

The ‘I-word’ spreads, but most in politics dismiss the impeachment talk

Impeach Cheney Petition at

Edwards Brings Progress to Progressives

Sexual Difference: Fee Or Free (Morning News / Arkansas)

Seven Week Old Infant Left In the Road In Lebanon Ohio for Satan

wow-has anyone else taken the latest Zogby poll?

Did Military and Media Mislead Us? Most Outside Insurgents in Iraq Come from Saudi Arabia

AP: First 'Robot Attack' Bombers Coming to Iraq Soon

The North American Minuteman Border Legionaires (NAMBLA) confront Catholic Church over immigration

Is it just me or does time seem to be racing by , yet we get no where ?

CNN's response to Michael Moore-


Iraqi Men "Worth Shooting Twice" Says Marine

US renting Pakistani army for $ 100 million a month

This is some James Bond shit right here...

Catholic Chruch settlement will boost our economy, a good thing...

Al Gore's youngest daughter married


I Would Probably Vote For A Republican If ...

US Senate Computer Used For Louisiana David Vitter Talking Points

Live Earth wasn't the end of it, it was a push for more (

an open letter to GOP members of Congress (House and Senate)

AP: Burned U.S. Troops Recover In Tiny Steps (GRAPHIC)

What's your opinion on Heelys?

Liberal/progressive think tanks? Think 13%

Novak's '72 Secret Source Revealed-his book The Prince of Darkness: 50 Years Reporting in Washington

Webb Rips Graham As ‘Politician Trying To Put His Political Views Into The Mouths Of Soldiers’

U.S. farmers are on track to grow their biggest corn crop ever, an astonishing 12.8 billion bushels,

If you're a zebra in Texas, watch your back...something I didn't expect to write...

Bush has lost the military, and with good reason.

Money is getting hard to come by in right wing circles.

Corruption? Why does the address for 21st Century Systems Inc. lead to a house in VA?

Bush like Hitler, says first Muslim in Congress

Robert Novak on NBC..... Disgusting Pig.


WP,pg1: Climate Change Debate Hinges On Economics: LAWMAKERS DOUBT VOTERS WOULD FUND BIG CARBON CUTS

Can you imagine if Bill had been found to have been convorting with prostitutes in Arkansas

Australia: Call to bring troops home from Iraq grows louder

FEMA trailer plaintiff dies of lung cancer; had claimed exposure to formaldehyde

Central Texans lined the roadway by the hundreds at 7 am to say farewell to Lady Bird Johnson

was talking to a freind of a little while ago... ROFL

I find Ron Paul rather interesting in a Barry Goldwater kind of way.

On Heels Of Senate’s Iran Vote, Brownback Declared I’m Ready To Strike Iran

Cindy Sheehan: Torture Is A War Crime

When/will the Senate vote for withdrawing our troops from Iraq?

BIG ! Russia withdraws from arms treaty!

The Richest of the Rich, Proud of a New Gilded Age

"Bush rejects. . . . . . . . . . ."

The former first lady of the second most important President of the 20th century died

2fer: Iraqi diplomat living large. & White House reporter's kid poos in the pool

Police mishandled the electric (Jesus-Zapper) gadget saga

Holy hogs on high. "The Corner" conjures Tocqueville to counter Rove's "obscene" remark

Dear Madame Speaker Pelosi

Letter To A Young Activist During Troubled Times ("We were made for these times.")

LOL gw and dan quayle share the same brain?

What the collective efforts of DU have found out about 21st Century System, Inc.

Cindy Sheehan coming up on CNN now n/t

Tell me, DUers - How's YOUR state's economy?

LTE Slams SiCKO and MM - Take a peek at the email addy!

"FOR ME, THIS DOES IT" Bob Schieffer Has A Walter Cronkite Moment

The great Myrna Loy on being called (in a sarcastic way) a 'do-gooder'

No turning back!!!

DU THIS CMTE - pilot program to grow industrial hemp in 5 counties: Mendo, Yolo....

I thought I was witnessing some *serious* history

Pastor arrested over fraud, theft charges

Wisdom from the last Republican worth half a crap.


Former Rep. Bob Livingston Urges Vitter to STAY STRONG!

Current TV: Former Amazing Race winner thanks Castro for free health care.

I thought Jim Webb was going to bitch-slap Lindsey Graham

Woman Lives Contently In Her 84 Sq.Ft. Home Made From Recycled Products

Say Gore jumps in come October, then wins our nomination.

Population Decline - Red Herrings and Hope

Do you believe Joe Lieberman is determined to do whatever he can...

Does anyone here support Senator Dodd for President?

The Richest of the Rich, Proud of a New Gilded Age

Ralph R. Papitto has resigned to spend more time using racist slurs against his own family

Teacher Attrition

SIRIUS doesn't think you're patriotic

Spc. Vassell, 2nd Platoon Apache Company: I challenge anybody in Congress to do my rotation

bu$h* admits his administration leaked Plame. Isn't that a crime?

Ralph Nader considering 2008 presidential run

What country in the world is most anti-American? Take a guess, no peeking!

Health Care - How does your state rate?

Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and the Truth About Global Corruption.

Members Only (Graphic Language)

Al Gore being Interviewed on C-Span II about "Inconvenient Truth"...9:00 a.m. est,

If Gen Petrayus ever stops short, Lindsey Graham will have a broken nose

You have to laugh at the wiliness of politicians. For 2 days in succession now,

All Republicans on ABC's This Week..from C&L

Frank Rich is ratcheting up his truthful dispatches

'Famous' folks with Viet Nam draft deferments:

Saudis' role in Iraq insurgency outlined

Bill Kristol the Surge is working .... with his e mail address

(AP Video) Inside a Burn Unit: Help and Hope for War Heroes

Ben Mankiewicz hit on something in last night's webcast about what bothers me (&you?) about HC

As Usual, I Come To DU For Truth. Has Anyone Heard Of NESARA?

AP video: College Republicans look to 2008

Edwards will be on Good Morning America discussing poverty

"Law & Order" Raises Equal Time Questions

Obama's Money Can't Buy Clinton's Honey

The scum of the earth

Does anyone know how to find the video of Dan Rather's

President (Clinton) Is Denied Executive Privilege

XM radio messing with AAR again...Sam Seder down to 2 hours

Screw the 26% - Pump up the "Strongly Disapprove" column

Funny story about Lady Bird.

Barack Obama's campaign has been impressive so far

UBL: so what's all this with the USamaBinLadin stuff again?

Running Green candidate would only split vote in Saanich-Gulf Islands, environmentalists say

Kerry objects to Mark Green as ambassador

The Words of FDR Echo In The Campaign of Hillary Clinton

My Thought on the Iraqi Parliament Vacation

What options do we have?

Planet Pentagon: How the Pentagon Came to Own the Earth, Seas, and Skies

CNN Responds to Michael Moore

Democratic presidential candidates address trial lawyers group

David Rivkin's Laughable, Empty Doublespeak About Libby

Britain's Ashdown says no good option left in Iraq

Biden, Clinton, Edwards, Obama and Richardson to participate in Chicago forum today

It's eerie how the Philippines echoes the U.S.--only the press there seems willing

Will the Meth problems in the mid west effect their caucus and primary turnout?

Interesting article about Obama and his faith in the Christian Science Monitor

Governor of Massachusetts favors impeachment

The Use of RNC E-Mail Accounts by White House Officials

Alaska Senator Scrutinized in Corruption Probe with son!

I just don't want to believe the "They're not serious" quips were about fellow candidates

Pat Tillman Investigation Question

Good afternoon. Some exciting news over at Daily Kos.

Obama Attacks Violence in Chicago

Where's Dennis?

Does Keith Oberman have a radio show?

Something that hasn't been said but needs to be

Do A Person's Private Investments Matter?

Lieberman Leads Way In Warning To Iran

Hey Congress: It's "Go" Time!

SiCKO and Health Care - Great essay by Mark Harris

A fun and surprisingly accurate political quiz

Edwards Brings Progress to Progressives

Chris Matthews STUNNED by "Shopping for Generals" comment...

Can I Have Your Attention, Please?

Whatever Lindsey Graham has, I want some!!

Latest Democratic Delegate Count

Democrats need to come out of the closet...

Execu -F**KING-privilege in the Tillman case?! Here is why.

John Edwards' Fortress

Some person .....has created ..a list of talking points for Vitters Reture:

I may be heterosexual, but I refuse to describe that part of me as being straight.

Bill Richardson accumulates $7.1 million warchest

Some Democratic Senators Still Not Cosponsoring Habeas Corpus Restoration

Sleazy Swanson article is an embarassment to the IMPEACHMENT movement.

Edwards Initiative Would Train 150,000 American Workers A Year For "Green Collar" Jobs

Impeachment: an excellent way to drive Bush's approval ratings up

Was Dennis Kucinich serious about running for president in 2004...

Obama discusses local gun violence and the NRA

Nader accuses Democrats of trying to shut out smaller parties

Transcript of Clinton and Edwards Plotting Against Democrats Who Aren't "Serious"

Seattle Town Hall presidential candidate discussion

Teachers are evaluated thoroughly and often, by just about all their "superiors".