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I Didn’t Vote For Him...

Are Conservatives About To Neuter Congress, While Claiming Full Legal Justification

A Different 'Gut Feeling': Israel Attacking Iran

BOB HERBERT: Poor Kids Living in a War Zone

Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson Receives the Amazon Peace Prize

Surgeon General Sees 4-Year Term as Compromised

Toronto Shifts to LED Lighting as Answer for Energy Efficiency

Essential Resource! World energy resources and consumption (Wikipedia)

It's more than ironic that global warming has the initials GW.

Nation’s Poor Hit by Housing Crunch

Ex-Abu Ghraib Guard Named to Rec Board (Lynndie England)

Mortar shells kill two in Baghdad Green Zone: police

Coalition making a difference in Iraq: top British officer

His own words likely to confront Vitter

Republican Senators Call For New War Authorization

Virginia pain doctor sentenced to nearly 5 years in prison

Teenage Bangla girls thwart child marriage

Soldier Shoots Himself to Avoid Iraq

Tentative Agreement Reached on Labor Contract at Stillwater Mine and Processing Facilities

AP Poll: Public gives Congress low marks

Prosecution Rests in Padilla Trial

Key senators agree on kids' health plan

LA Times: Market chains, union (65,000 employees ) close in on agreement

Romney Sees Sharp Decline in Donations From 2 States

Bogus Company Gets Nuke License

Gaps in Training Iraqi Forces Worry Top U.S. Commanders

Victims Of A Foreclosure "Rescue" (Growing Scam)

In honor of my 5000th post, I'm giving 5000 pennies to

I just read :"A Boy Called It" (potential spoilers)

Do you have to be in the mood to watch depressing movies?

Rising Phoenix I wish you were in NYC today!

My day in pictures! - Friday

Have you ever known somebody and thought "I wish I could help them"

Have you ever seen a "screaming, panicking member" in a movie?

Help! Anyone Ever Used "Darick's Boot and Nuke?"

Killer WASPs Menace State Department

Get the butter.

Another reason to hate Rachael Ray

Is it better to ignore or to be ignored?

Just gotta say -- saw Don Cheadle's *Talk to Me* -- LOVED IT.

A Gate-Crasher's Change of Heart

There's a cat hair in my martini...

Today's installment of "What The Hell Were They Thinking?": a CD called "Best of Love"

I am inhaling oxygen and nitrogen and exhaling carbon dioxide-- ask me anything

Macy Gray on Soudstage...anyone else watch?

Best MC of Family Feud

Is anyone else a little nervous about Harry Potter book 7?

Welding tomorrow.....Eeek!

Post your favorite OZ character

I'll bet you have NEVER seen a work of fractal art like this.

Sometimes travel just stinks

Favorite John Goodman Role in a Movie About Babe Ruth

Insect Stories

Tell me your travel horror stories!

Report from the mountains: I went to the local chotchke restaurant this evening.... (baby saga!)

She brings back good memories of my grandmother. And I remember them both fondly.

Do you have feelings of inadequacy?

Friday Night Dance Party...Post your dance tunes...

Republicans and hookers-my theory

You make me feel like dancing....

I plan on losing 300 lbs soon.

My pupils are dilated

Cartoon characters: Who Said It?

What's the best thing you've found on youtube so far?

Get 'em up!!

Teenagers Sunbathing Topless in my now open Bookstore!

American brothers gored in bull run

Is it possible for happy and content people to be petty?

I am not doing well tonight

Bye Bye DU, Bye Bye DU

Post your last movie you saw already out on DVD

Family's Pet Tortoise (endangered) Stolen, Tortured (AP video) survived

So...except for the Left Coast...Friday the 13th is over....


What's your favorite way to cook eggs?

List two songs that will never be performed at one concert.

Oh great!! We have a meth addict freak in our building.

I am converting matter to energy and energy to matter

I am opening up a brothel for undisciplined men

I want to shoot a bird

I am opening up a daycare for The Mothers of undisciplined brats

Can You Be A Vegetarian And Eat Eggs?

Lounge Movie Game: Guess the Film from the Scene Description

the anti-UAW machine in full throttle again

Who's the one

Incarcerex: It's Time for a New Bottom Line

Human Rights Preamble...

The Tax Lady From Hell...

Michael Pawlyn at Zeitgeist Europe 2007...

Carbon Negative Energy...

95th Episode, Real Time with Bill Maher, 6 of 6

PBS Promo - Bill Moyers' Journal: Impeachment

Tony Snow on Iraqi Parliament Taking Vacation

Mike Malloy interviews Sen. Mike Gravel - and the sparks fly

The War On Terror - The Greatest Hoax Of All Time...

Big Eddie Schultz says time to discuss impeachment

Obama says Clinton war plan 'convoluted'

Bush's optimism is impossible to square with the situation in Iraq

Surge of WHAT??!!??

Joe Conason: It's finally time for Bush to answer questions about Libby

(TOON) Rowson on Bush, Broon and Iraq

Sorry I duplicated another it is

Craig Crawford on Countdown

345 U.S. Military Deaths in Central Asia

The Gandhi Protest

Chem trails? Is it true?

Coleman's Attempt To Stop Fairness Doctrine Blocked

If Woody had gone right to the police

Whatever came of that women from Vegas that had info on Bush and Victor Ashe?

What are they hiding?

Latest: **McCain shakes up campaign staff - decides to change focus to the Pity Vote

Five New Orleans prostitutes, five calls to the D.C. Madam equal five times the trouble for Vitter

Campaign Ad idea against Rudy

Larry Johnson: Abbott and Costello Update:

Army Reservist Has Sued To Stop Fifth Deployment

"Don't mistake the medicine for the disease"!!!!!!!

Is it alright to call a democratic (pres) candidate an idiot on our boards here?

How much credibility does a "report" have if it's written by the white house?

Iraqi New York Times Journalist Killed

Ladies...gentlemen too....tell do you feel?


John McCain - broke?

Executive Privilege

My experience at a Minnesota politics blog.

Book TV Schedule: July 14th - 16th

New Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor?

End-of-week Cheney impeachment roll call

“We in storage,” said Ann Picard... “We just in storage.”

Impeach Cheney--The vice president must be stopped-by Bruce Fein

Lieberman: Bush’s ‘Ratings Among Historians Will Be Greater Than His Ratings In The Polls Today’

NYT: No Progress Report

RNC has already handed over some documents, may withhold others

@%&#!!! Even in prison, Paris Hilton got special treatment

"The History Boys"

Reminder. Starting here in NY right now on PBS... Moyers Journal on Impeachment! eom

If Congress does not push the contempt charges, they will help bring down the republic

Hillary vs. Obama video

His own words likely to confront Vitter

UN on the Offensive Against Iraq Mercenaries

CNN's Micheal Ware on the White House Iraq Report

We have a Republican Senator in hiding all week and KO covers Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton

Tough Talk On Impeachment on Bill Moyer's Journal this evening.

Requiem For The Masses

Fox shows Sicko ad

Leadership that will take us out of the shadows and into the light again!

PLease excuse the salty language....but Harry, you better

Senator McConnel is This Your Idea of Progress? Great anti war commercial

Boxer, Feinstein seek to honor Buck Owens

What's The Last Headline John McCain Wanted To See?

New GOP Bill Challenges Bush Iraq Policy - Yawn

CNN's Malveaux uncritically aired Bush claim that Iraq terrorists "attacked us" on 911

Bruce Fein on with Bill Moyers is excoriating Chimp.

If I donate $5 to Susie for President could I get her off my screen?

Bruce Fein to Bill Moyers: "Even Nixon Didn't Tell John Dean He Couldn't Testify Before Congress"

Let it be known - It was a REPUBLICAN who opposes increasing the bounty for Osama

Claiming Executive Privilege: Clinton Did It Too!

China, Russia seek 'multi-polar world'; one not dominated by the United States

Bogus Company Gets Nuke License

Impeach Cheney, not Bush!

I'm Larry Flynt. Don't You Love Me? Althea did.

Five Citizens Acquitted of Trespassing (Grassley's office)

If Congressional Republicans Aren't Going To Stand Up For The Powers Of Their Own Branch...

President Bush's phony "War on Terror" fails miserably

FYI: McLaughlin Group, Ariana is on, replacing O'Donnell, and is doing a

How do I explain this to my child?

Is this person a Republican or a Democrat?

If impeachment is off the table, so is democracy

FR: "Hypocrisy better than 'moral relativism'!"

I loves me some Fein!

Heads Up! John Elliot AAR w/ Stewart True (Council of Canadians) on SPP ( Not Jerome Corsi)

Poor John Ashcroft...

Choose who you would like to see on tommorows AM news wrapped in a career threatening scandal

Anybody In The Mood For Some Homework ??? - The Congressional Oversight Manual (pdf)

Killer Wasps Invade The State Dept.

Signs Point To Rough '08 For GOP

The line is drawn...........

Very cool music video made by the crew of an Aircraft Carrier

I think the dems are miscalculating badly.

Is Michael Moore's doc. "Sicko" funny, and if not, what's with the commercials?

China hires Washington lobbyists for aggressive PR campaign

I believe in separate but equal branches of government.

Iran becoming more repressive... and it may be because of the Bush Administration

You are David Vitter but you're still you--Could you walk back into the Senate?

Emergency tapes show dispatcher dismissed early Tahoe fire calls

How much is the reward to find out who tried to assassinate our Democratic leaders with anthrax?

Long shot call: I think the Pentagon *and* Congress will end Iraq occupation/war.

Jindal, for political gain, says he is "praying" for Vitter...

SKINNER... we need a sticky thread so we can link all of these wonderful new scandals for the RW

MIT Students Convert Porsche to Plug-in Electric Vehicle

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Summer Recess for Congress . . ????

I picked up a beautiful rescue dog two days ago

Shredded cardboard filling in steamed buns???

Has anybody read Jerome Corsi's latest book

Why no $50 million dollar reward for information about ANYONE involved in the 9/11 plot?

Who has standing to file a Writ of Mandamus?

Ex-Sen. Al D'Amato To Become A Dad At 70

Release of tape in teen sex case may violate child-porn law

Impeachment Isn't A Constitutional Crisis; It's The Cure For A Constitutional Crisis!

I believe in the Constitution of the United States.

I called Sen. Vitter's office asking if he wore diapers with prostitutes, they said "No comment"

*** Friday TOONs: Gut Feeling ***

Iraq Vets Let Americans Know the Brutal Reality of U.S. Occupation While Bush Gray-Washes “Progress”

Would you contribute a few bucks to send some Chardonnay to Larry Flynt?

Assignment DU: Come up with 20 legal issues that necessitate the need to impeach

US Forces Battle Iraqi Government Forces In Iraq

Midwest Towns Sour on War as Their Tolls Mount

War in Iran: Warning Signs are PEAKING

Bill Moyers on Impeachment, playing devil's advocate, was brilliant!

Why The Clinton/Edwards Scheme to Limit Number of Candidates Will Be Fatal to Both

Soldier shoots himself to avoid Iraq

Bizarre Wingnut Meltdown In WA Leads To The White House

From Al Gore: Our Work Begins Now

Now the U.S. military is assassinating Iraqi peace workers (IFC)

Colonial Flag--Should I fly it?

For All Those Who Should Think Impeachment Should Be Off Of The

Tonight Bill Moyers and his guests are kicking ass and taking names. Impeachment is on our TABLE!

Police: City Official, Husband Face Charges For 'Exorcism' On Daughter

Woo Hoo I love pissing off "love it or leave it" pukes

Why the Army's new hiring standards might make Gen. Wesley Clark rethink his stand on gun control

The new enemy in Iraq is a) Al-Qaeda forces, b) the Iran Qods force, c) the Iraqi police force

Keeping up with John Edwards

The Value Voters

Ted Sorenson: A New Vision: The Speech I Want the Democratic Nominee to Give

Mitt Romney: Republican of Convenience (Dem Party Rapid Response)

NBC: Ambush - Iraqi Police Fire on U.S. Troops

Clinton "deauthorization"/Levin-Reed begin withdrawal looks like new Warner/Lugar "re-purpose" idea

Treating the Constitution like bird cage liner...

An action item suggestion:

Family's Pet Tortoise (endangered) Stolen, Tortured (AP video) survived

DO. NOT. MISS. Bill Moyers' PBS show on impeachment tonight

Who should Debate? Thoughts from Liberal Values Blog

An option to impeachment. Remove the base. Label the (R) with Bushco.

For those of you who thinks Biden "knows his stuff" when it comes to foreign policy, think again.

If Edwards really wants more serious, more substantial debates....

Please Watch! Bill Moyers One Hour devoted to Impeachment! Video Link Here:

Must-see pic from GOP / NAACP debate

I'm not particularly impressed with any of the 3 "frontrunners" at this point.

Elizabeth Edwards: How about believing me?

Photos: Barack Obama at a house party today in Las Vegas

If Dennis Kucinich is in the debates, should Ole Savior be in them as well?

Edwards "debated" alone as no other candidate bothered to show up for a real debate...

Kucinich: Clinton, Edwards are rigging the '08 election

Obama says Hillary's plan for repealing the initial authorization for the Iraq war is "convoluted'

Giuliani Misleads On 9-11... (Dem Party Rapid Response)

" the closeted anti-gay governor of Florida " Blogactive

Assumption: Bush survives to end of term. Dems take Congress and White House in 08 ....... now what?

Proof that Edwards and Clinton were not conniving against the others

Who's advising Congress not to use their constitutional power of the purse?

No matter what Hillary and Johnny meant, what gives them the audacity...

Listen to a Winner! Joe Biden

Blow It Out Your Ear, Colin

I think Vitter will and should resign

I just watched many on DU get passionately excited about Bill Moyers show

Confessions from U.S. Soldiers in Iraq on the Brutal Treatment of Civilians

Foreclosure Bargain Hunters Find Their Quarry Elusive / WaPo

David Michael Green: Regressive Antidote / In the Last Throes, Judiciously

Al-Qaeda Back To Pre 9/11 Status...

"Whose Bombs?" - On the recent unsuccessful UK car bombs


Robert Parry : Misreading Iraq, Again

Robert Scheer: Coddling Pakistan


Bill Moyers: The War Debate

The most recent D.C. sex scandal deserves our attention (SL Trib)

Robert Dreyfuss: Surge Mentality: White House in Denial

Brady Bonk: Underusing Oversight

Benchmark Boogie: A Guide to the Struggle Over Iraq's Oil

Ann Wright: Bush, Impeachment, Strong Women and Dallas, Texas

Tom Hayden: Harvard’s Collaboration with Counter-Insurgency in Iraq

Americans should not be fooled by Bush's reckless depiction of Iran threat (The Daily Star-Lebanon)

Gore Vidal Sounds Off on Solar Power Caper

The man behind Willie Horton ads has new target: Hillary Clinton

US Senate unanimously passes threatening measure against Iran

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Typhoon Man-Yi gives beating to Okinawa

IEA Head Simultaneously Implies, Denies Global Peak In Le Monde Interview

Bob Lutz Lukewarm At Best On GM Plans For Diesel

Petroleum Consultants' Report - Canada Losing 2% Of Retail Gas Stations Every Year Since 1989

Mexican Rebel Group Claims Pipeline Blast Only The Beginning Of Actions

‘Green’ Governor (Schwarzenegger) Pressed to Stop Teflon-Chemical’s ‘Toxic Trespass’ on Babies

Yemeni Oil Prices Hit Highest Level Since Exports Began In 1981 - $79.24/bbl

Consultants - As Cantarell Collapses, Between 9 & 13 Years Of Domestic Oil Supply Left For Mexico

GM's Bob Lutz gets it right that electric is the future, but then dumps on diesel with bad facts

Is anybody else out there tracking Gulf of Mexico water termpertures?

Study Paints Dire Picture Of Warmer Northeast

Ice used to keep New York office buildings cool - AP

Morningstar Analyst - All Food Up 4%, Milk Up 10%, Eggs Up 30%, Thanks To Corn/Biofuels Effects

Kucinich: Clinton, Edwards are rigging the '08 election

Midwest Towns Sour on War as Their Tolls Mount

Pa. man guilty in plot to blow up pipelines

Immigrant advocates demand radio station fire host for remarks(Michael Savage)

Mexican troops to guard energy sites

Amputee sprinter second in Rome

Climate protest march under way

Argentine court overturns pardon

Russia pulls out of key arms pact

Lampson raises twice as much funds as GOP rival

Prosecutor says DeLay's justice skewed

PM: Iraqis can keep peace without U.S.

Sunni Insurgent Leader Paints Iran as 'Real Enemy'

18 Troops Die in Pakistan Suicide Attack

China Fights Back, Goes After U.S. Meat

Funds reflect Hagel's (R-Ne) indecision

Gov. seeks to cut mental services for homeless

(Orange County) Union official says striking bus drivers close to labor agreement

Bloggers hunt for names of possible clients in Washington escort service's phone files

Bush deflects criticism on Iraq war

Campaign no fluke: towns adopt whale-saving tactics (humpbacks to be slaughtered by Japan whalers)

Iraq vet says Bush 'degrades' military

Reuters translator shot dead in Baghdad

Vitter scandal goes partisan in Louisiana

Thousands See Former First Lady's Casket

Republicans Must Vote to Get Troops Out of Iraq, Veteran Says

Task Force Marne unit attacked (2 incidents, 2 dead)

Feds Work to Raise Terror Readiness

Iraqi PM: Iraqi Troops Ready to Take Over Security

(LA Times) Contract settlement ends O.C. bus strike

Man Nabbed Over Australian Tank Rampage (did not like cell phone towers)

U.S. kills six Iraqi policemen in Baghdad raid

Russia suspends participation in treaty

911 Dispatchers Dismissed Wildfire Calls(Lake Tahoe Fire)

(Israel SA Minister) Lieberman: Iran approval for UN inspection of reactors is a ruse

Kennedy, Kerry Back Enterprise Workers’ Efforts to Form a Union

US finds Iranian rockets aimed at Iraq base

Cajundome must repay FEMA

Air Force quietly building Iraq presence

GOP presidential candidate drops out (Gilmore)

Effort to Revive Food Labeling Law

Obama: Shift troops to fight al-Qaida

Iran, Turkey sign energy cooperation deal, agree to develop Iran's gas fields

UN considers force for Chad

U.S.: N. Korea claims reactor shutdown

University investigates threatening e-mails condemning evolution

I'm thinking of bringing back my old avatar.

Well, now I can't sleep. Damned "Bridge to Terabithia!" **SPOILER**

Didn't know that there was more than one Barry Trotter book

Anybody know anything about this diaper business?

Low-tech Bug-zappers!

How come my good friend Aristus isn't talking to me?

9,926 posts and counting. Shall i stay up all night?

Klingons have invaded Maryland

Creative writing challenge: Write the next scene

Oh great!! We have a myth addict freak in our building.

Post your positive drunk driving stories here

Post your positive meth stories here

Oh great!! We have a math addict freak in our building.

police, pit bulls, and excessive force

Thanks everybody for reading my journal...

Oh great!! We have a moth addict freak in our building.

I need to reveal something very personal about my love life...

Ironically funny movie alert! 12:00 pm EDT Turner Classic Movies -- "The Real Glory" (1939)

A whole new level of wrongness: "Real Fathers"

Liquor official busted for DWI

all these, ahem, DU 'gentlemen', and not one able to even say, "Bless you my child."

Leaf Bandit Update

Oh, great!! We have a sex addict freak in our Senate

OMG... I just remembered a horibble nightmare... banned from DU

hulkamania is the strongest force in the universe

Girl with Down syndrome killed by Rottweiler

Condiments: I'm buzzed on ketchup and on my way to getting horseradish packets

For Rising Phoenix...

Can you be an egg and eat vegetarians?

Anybody ever play Online Boggle....

I want to apologize for getting so krunk last night and

Congratulations elshiva!! 10,000 posts

What is up with the news reports of animal torture?

Hey Matcom: Man accused of killing zebra in drive-by shooting

I want to apologize for not getting drunk last night and

Here is a question.

So, I'm writing this research paper on the population crisis in China...

Has anyone heard of a group called "Weather Report"?

My home is a vespiary...

The new Harry Potter movie was so-so.

"That is a path you don't want to go down..."

Hairy Potter...

My home is a vespa

LINK: past primary candidate caricature quiz

I saw Larrry David at the grocery store this morning....

What's your favorite way to cook vegetarians?

Dave Vitter & Bob Allen walk into a bar ..... make your own joke or Limerick

I have a thread in GD-P!

My home is a vent

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 7/14/2007)

You know, I'm never going to think about the concept of "inner beauty" again without cracking up.

Happy Birthday Harry Dean Stanton!

Attention; at the request of my friend, my apartment is now nicknamed "The banana slide"

My cat = little fucker.

Note to self: When you get REALLY old, keep your mouth shut.

Just back from lunch at Lulu's. Pix:

Call-girl article - Anyone see this? - Gulp

One of the best rock bands ever

You know it's a small town paper when....(Saturday afternoon fun)

The absolute best part about Harrison Ford in Air Force One.

In honor of Bastille Day: Post your fav. "comrades in arms" song.

Have you any dreams you'd like to sell?


Couple: 'Angels' Spotted In Fla. Sky Photos

congratulations MidloDemocrat!! 25000 posts

Burmese Chicken curry...It's what's for dinner

Well, the sun has been out for at least 4 hours in N. Texas (pics)

Going to see Bodies: The Exhibition tomorrow - Anyone seen it?

Have you any dreams you'd like to amortize?

Etiquitte for travellers on the London Underground:

What the!!!! Where have I been all these years? ESPN rock,paper,scissors

Anyone have the tombstone gif "Here Lies a Distruptor..."?

I am opening a daycare for undisciplined Mothers of Invention

Ummm....Does this pic really go with this story???? ROFL

Has anyone in Hollywood heard of birth control?

My 5th grade teacher died.

sunbathing and no stress today

Has anyone experienced Saliva Divornium?

sunbathing and no dress today

I'm opening a school for discplined men to learn undiscipline so they can go to Whoa_Nelly's brothel

PSA: The local (PA) corn is ready to eat!

Anyone for tennis?

Will someone please send me a PM?

Scary mean doggy...

Thoughts on candidate forums/debates

Looks like a glorious afternoon at Kitebeach (Maui)

I proposed to a nude copycat thread

I propose a new mule for copycat threads.

Who here has seen "Transformers" and what were your thoughts on it?

"I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night, alive as you and me"

I propose a new role for copycat threads.

I propose a new stool for copycat threads:

How to protect your iPod

I propose a new Thule for copycat threads.

Hometown Boys lead singer passes away

I propose a new drool for copycat threads:

Texas teenagers try to blow up unfinished church...

America's Got Talent on Bravo

I won...again!

Flexall 454 for Rex 84?

What's for lunch?

I propose a new rule for copycat threads.

Flight of the Conchords: The Tape of Love

Go do that voodoo that you do so well!!!

I want a gray sweater vest

I'm gonna ease on out now, but I just wanna say...

Reveled, Revered, Ravished, or Relished

If vegetarians eat only vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?

DUzy awards, Part I for the week are up in GD. Part II Sunday!

My day in pictures...Saturday

I want to apologize for getting so drunk last night and

Just got a good scare...

Uh oh. LeftyKid wants a baby in the family.

I propose a new Doctor Who for copycat threads.

My shitty week keeps going

I propose a new fool for copycat threads

RA RA RASPUTIN: Russia's greatest love machine

If crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight?

Sexuality Now!!!

Anyone for tea?

Larry Flynt

Remember "I dreamed I was a...." Maidenform bra ads?

I propose a new tool for copycat threads:

Here's my ass......

Serenity Now!!!

I think I'm going to take up smoking.*

I think I'm going to quit smoking*

My home is no longer a vespiary...

**Submission Thread up in DU Photo Group for July Contest!!**

Meet our cat 'evil'

My "preemie" babies are pushing 16 pounds at 20 weeks! (pictures!)

Baby duckie pictures! ===>

Hey, tk2kewl? Is Babytk2kewl here yet?

I'm sitting in my repub man's bedroom, hooked up to his wireless network

Is it possible for petty people to be happy and content?

Wiggles dug a hole and slept in it (my dog, pics included)

Whalewatch pictures. Fresh off the ship

Please pray for Sister Kathleen Feeley

Casablanca... Dude, Where's my Car....

History Channel -- WHY do they do all day Hitler programming?

Chicago Area DUers. Can you tell me anything about Lake County?

Ladies & gentlemen, Mr. Tom Sawyer & Mr. Huckleberry Finn

Post ways to annoy fellow airplane passengers

Man allegedly kills zebra in drive-by shooting

Posh Spice Beckham - please eat periodically.

Does anybody really give a sh*t about the Beckhams?

so i got married today for the first time

Isn't it interesting that they emphasized her chest?

What I Meant When I Said "Serve"

Help, need info on FAA whisteblowers info and blaming errors on the pilots

This weeks organized labor cartoon

Labor joke for the week

South Korea: Labor unions expose unfair hiring practices

Washington Post: A Future That's Up in the Air

John Edwards Calls on Pulte Homes to Assure Safe Working Conditions

L.A. Union Member Closer to a Congressional Seat (she faces an Aug. 21 run-off )

USW Testifies Before U.S. Senate On Refinery Job Safety

Today in labor history July 14, 1877

Green Day-Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Sen. David Vitter impersonates charlie brown

The Future of Independent Journalism

Live Earth 07.07.07

Barack Obama's opening statement, NAACP Democratic Candidate Forum

Jake Plummer on Pat Tillman's death and the mistreatment of his family

Olbermann - July 13 Iraqi Police Fire on U.S. Soldiers

Bill O'Reilly's No Spin Zone on Iraq

PBS Bill Moyers' Journal: Impeachment Panel Excerpt

Hardball - Kucinich on Debate Controversy


PoliticsTV Top ten list.

Despocracy USA 2006

Your Opinion Doesn't Matter! (the wisest man I have ever heard)

Special thanks to the sex crazed gentleman from NC for the new GOP slogan for 2008!

Holy crap, from C-SPAN CapitalNews: Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) Says Gov't May Stage a Terrorist Attack

Conservapedia and the McCarthy Vindication Myth

This guy looks kinda familiar.

Child drowns at Great America theme park

LOL! Thousands of pot plants found on Rupert Murdoch's land in Carmel Valley...

Who has been hotter than normal this summer, or the last couple of

Will Lt Gov Mitch Landrieu replace David "Pantsload" Vitter as Louisiana Senator?

Word 'Rape' Banned from Rape Trial in Nebraska

New Studies Expose Government Lies About Medical Pot....


Iran Asks Japan to Pay Yen for Oil, Start Immediately

Anybody happen to know what happened with DeLay, if anything?

Vitter and diapers. True or False?

2 Top Republicans Propose Own Iraq Bill

so if clinton and edwards are trying to exclude people from the debates what does that say?

I have photographic proof that David Vitter wore diapers in houses of ill repute.

Why Are We Letting British Soccer Players Take American Jobs?

Debating Debates

Lieberman lays the groundwork for another war...

Wow... It Really Does Look Like Al's Been Losin Weight !!!

14 July 1789 - 14 July 2007: Bastille day, still a date for progressives

My cousin thinks Dems have only one way to keep Hilary...

Fundamentally Wrong

FYI, Leahy is grilling Sara Taylor on CSPAN--rerun of last Wed's "festivities" nt

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Sat. 7/14 - Monkey on their back

Drop the google-bomb on Rudy Giuliani (takes just a few minutes and plays a role in defeating him)

10-year-old Boy Sentenced For Beating Homeless Man

More bad news for the dollar, fast becoming worthless, Iran says Japan must pay in yen for oil

Cops: Iraq-Bound Soldier Hires Hitman To Shoot Him

The mood of the current administration ... a pictorial journey

Tired of lousy Cell Phone service?

TOON: Today's Ted Rall... Harsh Equivalence - "Profile Of A Suicide Bomber"

Vitter's own words will haunt him on return to DC; Madam is "disgusted" at his gay marriage stance

McCain: "Only contracting a fatal disease" will make him drop out of race

An Open Letter To CNN From Michael Moore: "You Might Have Prevented A War..."

doonesbury flashback

FULL TRANSCRIPT: PBS's Bill Moyers Journal - "Tough Talk About Impeachment"

I'm going to the shopping mall today and I'm terrified.

Edgewater, Fla official and husband face abuse charges stemming from Exorcism

FULL VIDEO Up Now for PBS's Bill Moyers Journal - "Tough Talk On Impeachment" Episode

Are they all good little Fascists ?

Russia suspends arms control pact

Are some edible items illegal to serve at restaurants?

What to do with kids like these -- or their parents?

Why can't the secret service turn evidence against Cheney?

All You Need Is Love - Attempted Robbery Ends With Group Hug!

Does anyone realize how bad our spelling has gotten in the last

Heroes and Patriots

Nixon 1969 vs. Bush 2005


The terrorist don't have to attack the US to inflict terror

Remember how our media jumped all over the internet rumor about Kerry having a girlfriend?

Falwell: Return of Fairness Doctrine Spells Danger to Religious Broadcasters

The Crashing U.S. Economy Held Hostage

OMG... I just remembered a horibble nightmare... banned from DU

WP,pg1: Midwest Towns Sour on War as Their Tolls Mount

Bush, the Patience Broken-Record Tour

Character of G.W. Bush

Got a survey from Bev Harris and BBV yesterday....

One more republican Bush ally in Congress rhetorically abandons him on Iraq

The World’s Environmental Crisis, Looming Collapse of World Civilization, and the Need for Democracy

drug and alcohol use----cspan 1 now

Where is Darth?

Did Al Gore comment on running on LarryKLive?

McConnell has NOT changed a bit!

Interesting column re: duke lacrosse called where is the outcry now?

--> Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki said we can leave anytime we want

Iraqi official accuses U.S. troops of human rights violations.

Congress's approval rating lower than Bush*'s..MSM gives their reason why

Independent Iraqi battalions DROP from 10 to 6 in just two months

Just say..and I know it is not possible, but just say we got out of Iraq

Neocons are beating the war drums again.

Oh Oh: latest missing mom was involved

What will happen in Iraq if/when we leave?

Has anyone noticed....

Can McCain bounce back?

The creepiness of "the conversation".

Patrick Kennedy talking on cspan about having Fed. health benefits for all

Don't eat the fish. I wouldn't drink the water, either.

Confessions of US soldiers in Iraq.....

Happy Birthday, Woody!...

Sunni Insurgent Leader Paints Iran as 'Real Enemy'

If I were a public figure and a CNN political analyst suggested I wore diapers with prostitutes...

Posh Spice Beckham - please eat periodically.

Police: Missing Wash. girl's body found

JOHN NICHOLS: Cheney's Actions Put Impeachment on the Table

Al-Qaeda Back To Pre 9/11 Status...

An Open Letter to CNN from Michael Moore

New Hampshire,'s Willand Pond is poisoned (algal)

Today sure is dead compared to last Saturday.

If "Al Queida" is a criminal concept

What a strange story -damn!!

Obama, mentored by Joe Lieberman, "distancing himself" from Durbin (The Nation 4/7/06)

Talking about outsourcing with my college class they all get that every job but in person service

Want to help energy crisis? Heres one simple idea!

San Diego Border Fence Construction Resumes

YearlyKos Registration Closes July 14 (TOMORROW) at midnight!!!!!!!!

On last night's Bill Moyers: America Has Lost Its Democracy, & Impeachment is for THIS MOMENT

Funding the War is Killing the Troops

The Ever Changing Definition of ‘Mission’ In Iraq

Governor of Massachusetts Favors Impeachment

"Assholes of the Week" HuffPost

Sea Shepherd working to protect the Galapagos

'The carnage, the blown-up bodies I saw ... Why? What was this for?'


get yer wrath of god on: Killer wasps invade State Dep't!!!

Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan Wars Urges Bush and Senate Republicans to Change Mission in Iraq

Where do I research history on Nixon's polling figures?

Bloggers hunt for names of possible clients in Washington escort service's phone files

Think about how much worse it would be if Bill Clinton would have gotten his line item veto?/nt

Winning the "Surge" means splitting Iraq open for foreign control

Rove Strategy Paper Found in Nixon Archive

We can't fire the president right now, so we're waiting it out.

What were Reagan's approval ratings prior to his election?

Lookee at who will be squaring off Sunday over Iraq on Press the Meat.

Anybody know what Lieberman's approval ratings are like in CT?

DU appropriate Vocabelary word fur today...

Gingrich Distorts Immigration Bill

An Occupation of Iraq is Not Ours to Choose

Q. What is Cheney hiding?

Evolution Occurs In The Blink Of An Eye

Intel Official: Bush Knows Where bin Laden Is Hiding But Chooses Not to Capture Him

Broder's "People" are now turning against the war and Bush

In my lifetime, we saw the likes of tonight's Bill Moyers Journal in prime time

ThinkProgress: The Ever-Changing Of 'Mission' In Iraq

In Baghdad, even babies quickly learn to duck snipers

Bin Laden coming to the big screen

Padilla trial doesn't fit its initial billing

Repeat of Surgeon General's nomination hearings on CSpan 1

Bush names nephew to Pan Am Games delegation

American Influence on the World Stage - Good or Bad?

Dear DU: A Brief Love Letter from smoogatz

Mere speculation on my part but if Blanco appoints a successor to Vitter...

The New Hippocratic Oath (per orders of Karl Rove, the RNC and *Bush) by Michael Feldman

Republicans cannot be convinced. You must physically STOP them from violating the Constitution.

Bush: Opinion of generals in Iraq more important than that of the American people

August in Iraq: 130 degrees and American's die while the Iraq Parliament is on vacation!

If you followed the same doctrine as the Bush Administration, how long would you last?

Cops: Mom threw baby at car


"Delusional" coming to an election near you soon.


If Vitter is replaced with a DEM...LIEBERMAN will be worthless

If I may throw a suggestion into the "suggestion box" re: single payer insurance

Is Sen. Ben Nelson (DLC - Neb.) a republican mole?

Today's collection of bumper stickers... trying to figure this one out

First, fundy-pharmacists & Rx for stuff THEY don't like, now: would-be lawyer & bar questions

PBS wants to hear what you think about the WAR DEBATE Bill Moyers

Articles of Impeachment Against Richard M. Nixon

We need to wake up to what's going on in Mexico NOW.

BUSH's Personal Vendetta: "We Need To Get Saddam-That Mother F*cker Tried To Take Out My Dad"

Call-girl article - Anyone see this? - Gulp

Robin Williams: Man of the Year

One possible way to motivate Pelosi to move towards impeachment.

I don't think that Al Qaeda in Iraq is the same Al Qaeda that needs to be destroyed

WTC 7 : This is an orange (video)

Hey, folks--Want to do something earth-shattering and significant?

"Shock and Awe" & the Kurds > Movies > Turtles Can Fly

Didn't Kucinich request his delegates support Edwards in Iowa last time around?

Public Skeptical of White House in Executive Privilege Claims

Can Congress arrest Bush? Yes They Can - Lets See This President Rely On Habeas Corpus!

Good News on the automobile front

Sen. Reed: Petraeus is ready for changed Iraq course

Where are all the creative photoshop-type people? Re Vitter?

Urgent! I need to know the ethics of the Orange County DA Tony Rackauckas

Ex-reservist in Abu Ghraib torture gets hometown appointment to recreation board

On being spoken to by God...

BBC radio drama about Peak Oil. Good thriller with a message.

Is OPEC still relevant?


Isn't Obstruction of Justice an impeachable offense?

The David Vitter scenario compared to the Tim Johnson scenario

Washington City Paper: Members Only (Young D.C. Republican social networking site)

Reality Check: What Is And Is Not Important

Soldier pays somebody to shoot him to avoid going back to Iraq

Bill Moyers gave a powerful eulogy at Mrs. Johnson's funeral.

Do you find anything wrong with using escorts and prostitutes?

Was Lady Bird the longest widow? heck LBJ died in 73

Putin Makes Good On Threats, Pulls Russia Out of Arms Treaty

Daily Mail running fake photo of Bin Laden's Son?

Damn.. I have lost a picture.. Anybody got it?

La la la la We Can't Hear the I Word La La La

A study in contrast

George Mason, father of the Bill of Rights, had the boy king in mind when he spoke of impeachment.

Sick Unto Death

Iraq PM: Country Can Manage Without U.S.

Something very important happened today in 1789

Snohomish PUD settles with Enron

Albert Gore, meet Joe Campbell. Joseph Campbell, Al Gore. talk amongst yourselves.

Rice Falsely Claims ‘Iraqi Military Is Fighting On Behalf Of All Iraqis’

Iraq Vote: "Operation Deception"

Report: Iran asks Japan to pay yen for oil

Lady Bird Johnson Funeral on CSPan 1 now

Iraqi police "in on"..."an attack that a U.S. military spokesman tied to Iranian operatives earlier

A History and Overview of Monsanto's Biotech Madness *A Must Read*

Here's the problem with "impeachment"....

What the!!!! Where have I been all these years? ESPN rock,paper,scissors

Lakehills man gets 80 years for crippling baby

Perhaps, Lithuania can teach us something.

Why is it taking so long to expose the Dick?

As Teen Girl Awaits Death, Saudi Surge in Beheadings Could Set Record High

State orders flak jackets in Baghdad's Green Zone

Glenn Greenwald: We no longer have an open government.

Laura pickles looks sour she knows that she will NEVER have people say nice things about her

Members Only, Late Night Shots, Young Rethuglicans in DC

My Letter FROM Al Gore

As a nation, we seriously need a "do over"

I posted on my veterans' board that my dream ticket was Gore/Clark. Freeper responds:

Evolution saves Samoan butterfly

*twitch* *shake* Hey, man, spare some change change for a DUzy? *twitch twitch*

GOP Presidential Candidate Jim Gilmore Drops Out

Listen Up: Clear Channel's Accused of Payola. Again.

"James Hetfield of Metallica Detained for having large beard"

International Boundary Commissioner busts Bush bogosity over border barrier

HA! I just heard Pub candidate Jim Gilmore is dropping out of the race!

Homeland Security Helicopter intimidating/spying on "Live Free or Die" concert goers

Human Embryonic Stem Cells Are The Ultimate Perpetual Fuel Cell,


"Flaming Liberal thank you for repeating all these vicious rumors

‘War on Bugs' -- City to use new mosquito fogger (things that make ya go Hmmm....)

*Sigh* Anyone Who Truly Believes "Impeachment Is Off The Table" Is A Naive Fool

Odd? Retail sales drop and the dollar drops to the euro, while stocks hit a record high....

France holds "European" Bastille Day celebrations

I am willing to give the Democratic leadership the benefit of the doubt

Someone should write a DU mailbot program...

Someone made a list of companies and how to get a human on the phone!

I think it might be time to get Lou Dobbs the fuck off the air.

Heard in Car...on PBS that Laura and Babs attended "Bird's" Funeral...No Hubbies?

Lou Dobbs Repeat on CNN shows Hillary favoring Indian Train Americans

Dave Lindorff: Bill Moyers Shames Corporate Media and Speaker Pelosi over Impeachment

Sometimes I wish this board had negative recommends.

putting on my tinfoil hat...

Ummmmmmm, I don't know whether or not I was just censored by DU or the forces of darkness.

Future first ladies eulogies -----feel free to add to please

YearlyKos Registration Closes at Midnight TONIGHT!

Osama bin Laden finally pops up. (Is anybody surprised?)

Ron Paul's statements need to be circulated quickly!

I passed this sign on my vacation.

Kucinich rips Edwards on debate remarks

Iran's Jews reject emigration incentives

what are some of the best anti-war movies?

Tintin book is crude, racist and must be banned, says watchdog

Juror: oral sex is not sex

Vitter: Why can't the press just say "What the fuck is the matter with you"

Sicko type help, insurance won't pay for Lunesta

The Road to Tyranny: Does this sound familiar? =====>

Check your local PBS schedule for Bill Moyers show on Impeachment as


"An Immediate Withdrawal, Would Mean an Immediate Cessation of Civiliian Casualties"

Squirrels and Evolution

Al Maliki's "You can leave anytime you want" remark getting CNN air time!

Caption this Pickles photo

crop damage in Neb., among other things

White House Manual for Silencing Critics (we ARE the enemy)

(NYT-7/15) Even as Loved Ones Fight On, War Doubts Arise

Norman Podhoretz called for the cultural genocide of Islamic peoples

The Word on the street: "The War on Terror" is B.S.

Maria Shriver dressed for a funeral?

DC etiquette question: Some waitress stole my meal!

I'm Delivering Today's Democratic Weekly Radio Address

If Universal Health Care would be so bad that nobody would want it, why can't we just have a Federal

If Dem leadership does not pursue impeachment, leaving...

Katrina ice being melted after two years

Larisa Alexandrovna: Bill Moyers Again Shows What Real Journalism Is About...

George Was Too Busy to Attend Lady Bird's Funeral? ---pix--->>>

I Think Michael Moore's Next Movie Should Be......

Texting While Driving? Message Sent from Driver's Phone(5 Teens killed NY)

I demand Speaker Pelosi resign her speakership...immediately

1952 Comic Predicts Bush/Cheney foreign policy?

***DUzy Awards for week ending July 13, 2007. PART I***

Weep Pickles, your place in history is tied to the psychopath you sleep with...

The Nation blows the lid off in "The Other War"

More Public Places Are Designating Kid-Free Zones

What happened in Vietnam after the Fall of Saigon?

BUSH's Drug Czar Calls Marijuana Growers-"Dangerous Terrorists With Aim Of Causing Mass Casualities"

Impeachment - What Nancy REALLY said.

To get Universal Health care we will need the business sector on our side.

How rage can make men ill

My suggestion on the debate

Anyone interested in advocating the best policy for Iraq and the Middle East needs to listen to this

As Deficit Shrinks, Battle Looms

We can leave Iraq now! Yay!......... PM: Iraqis can keep peace without U.S.

Arabs pile into Darfur to take land 'cleansed' by janjaweed

Fodder for Freepl*nd - Help them, they need it.

Bombing Iran: Europe and the U.S. have given Israel their "blessing" for a strike against Iran

Feingold Remarks in Support of the Levin-Reed Amendment to Redeploy Troops from Iraq by April, '08

"Mr. Bush, just what is it about 'So help me God' that you find so offensive?"

The Saturday Cartoons... The Political Week In 'Toons

Baathists are the source of evil. There is a Baathist behind every bush."...

"Same Old Story, Same Old Act" Media Matters Jamison Foser skewers the MSM...

Statement On The Articles Of Impeachment

open letter to CNN from Michael Moore

Edwards Unveils "Green Collar" Jobs Plan

Edwards staffers evacuate headquarters after finding suspicious package (third time)

NV: Arlan Melendez, Native American, Chairman of Reno-Sparks Indian Colony, endorses Clinton

War is over if George wants it

Democratic Radio Address: Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

Rove Strategy Paper Found in Nixon Archive

Outrageous: A Candidate Schemes to Win the Primary (the plot is revealed)

Draft Gore Petition with 100,000 Signatures Delivered to Gore's Office

Snow singed over remark on Iraq heat

Britain, U.S. Won't Be 'Joined at Hip'

AFP: Veteran Republicans put Bush on notice on Iraq (while Democrats opt for the "Dead to me" board)

Pa. law firm duns Nader for expenses (lol)

Write to Hillary & Obama and tell them to return this money

story on how Rove recruited Sara Taylor (at age 24)--very interesting.

I'm scared they're going to pull out of Iraq

If The Congressional Dems Want Impeachment....

personality disorders, the military's way of dumping soldiers who sustain psychiatric damage

It is time to put the onus of accountability on the Repugs. Many

Why is there so little coverage of LadyBird's memorial? Both on DU and MSM?

Woo Hoo! Good friend having lunch with Obama next week.

Democrats launch petition calling for Vitter to resign

Remember how Obama defended Kucinich on Letterman?

Democratic women did not do well in 2006 election

One small silver lining in this neoConservative nightmare...

The Republicans wouldn't share...So they lost out...

Kucinich rips Edwards on debate remarks

What major Democrats beside the Carters are at Ladybird's memorial? I don't see any besides Moyers!

I'm STILL waiting for someone, anyone to ask Condi about the July 2001 red alert meeting

Rasmussen: Clinton 38% Obama 26% Edwards 13%

The War is Over!

Go ahead and ask Ralph Nader a tough question - right now.

We Have To Impeach, Or Look Like Fools!

Letterman, Leno fire joke writers.

Ohio Considers January Primary

I was on the fence regarding impeachment...but watching Bill Moyers has made me reconsider.

John Edwards seeks help from Iran, Syria in stabilizing Iraq

Who says impeachment (or not) is up to Pelosi?

ABC Breaking - Bin Laden Appears on New Video Praising New Martyrs

The current administration is attempting to replace...

There is gonna be a smackdown on Meet The Press tomorrow...

Okay.I am officially disgusted that even on DO Ladybird Johnson's passing is hardly noteworthy.

AP: Gilmore (R) Drops Presidential Candidacy

I would have no problem at all with Colin Powell serving in a Democratic administration.

Regarding Impeachment:

Edwards Calls Iraqi Leader Weak

If You Feed Into The Hillary/Edwards Debate Scuffle

Christopher Dodd: Edwards, Clinton Chided for Exchange

Flame this public confession if you must

"Most spectacular implosion of a campaign I've ever seen."

DU, are you making something out of nothing with this Edwards/Clinton thing?

Hillary for Emperor

Kucinich's letter to Hillary and Edwards....challenging each to one-on-one debates

3,613 Americans killed in a war Hillary and Edwards supported.

EDITORIAL: Obama gets it right on teacher pay

John Edwards wins California Dem Straw Poll by huge margin

Edwards campaign e-mail: 'George Bush doesn't care about poor people'

Question: What exactly is on the Faux tape? Not what the media is repeating,

How about two hundred roses for Barbara Boxer? Could DU put it together??

Had Obama been caught saying anything suspicious in front of an open mic

Pelosi "recuses" herself.... could impeachment then proceed???

Australia Great Health Plans - Friends recent heart attack and open heart surgery

ThinkProgress - Lieberman: "History will vindicate Bush."

Why is Kucinich the only one grandstanding on the alleged conspiracy?

Are Bayh and Obama using too big a stick in Responsible Fatherhood Bill?

Ship of Fools: A liberal journalist stows away on a National Review neocon cruise

Competition, merit pay, and other swamps for sale: