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Archives: July 13, 2007

Mourning in America (by Patricia J. Williams at The Nation)

A Black Mark, Not a Benchmark (by U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott for HuffPost)

Interview with FARC Commander Raul Reyes

Iraqi Military's Readiness Slips (WP)

You Call That Progress? The outrageous White House report on Iraq

What's Luck Got To Do (Got To Do) With It?

The "war on wealth" is a class war and you're on the wrong side

Bush Distorts Qaeda Links, Critics Assert: Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia did not exist before 9/11

Why Public Health Care is Better Than Private Health Care (by Hale "Bonddad" Stewart for HuffPost)

PAUL KRUGMAN: An Unjustified Privilege

3Com pins hopes on China's low labor costs

Oakland sues garbage collection company (City says firm's lockout is creating hazardous trash pileup

Bush: Serious problems still plague Iraq's U.S.-trained forces

U.S. military deaths in Iraq at 3,610

City Letter Carriers Get 5-Year Contract (222,000 mail carriers)

US senators to block confirmation of Libya envoy

Tax Loopholes Sweeten a Deal for Blackstone

Site Plans to Sell Hacks to Highest Bidder

Mosque 'sanitized' after siege, adding to questions about death toll

FBI Employees Face Criminal Probe Over Patriot Act Abuse

Bush admits administration leaked CIA name

Libby judge 'perplexed' by clemency

U.S. Foreclosure Filings Jump to Record in First Half

North Korean military proposes direct talks with the U.S. military

Secretary of State Rice postpones trip to Israel, Palestinian areas

Shaken Internet Radio Stations Face Specter of New Fees Sunday

Thousands of Protestants march peacefully through Belfast

Dems: Vitter a hypocrite for bid to prohibit same-sex marriage

TB patient sued for $1.3 million

Libby Ordered to Begin Serving Supervised Release (Judge "somewhat perplexed'')

Bush Distorts Qaeda Links, Critics Assert

Sen. Pat Roberts (R) of Kansas qualifies his support of Bush’s Iraq policy

Brown message to US: it's time to build, not destroy

Panel votes to restore Cheney funding

Fla. lawmaker: I didn't solicit sex

All-male secret society wants to log idyllic redwood grove

Rumsfeld setting up service foundation

U.S. is building database on Iraqis

Hindu Prayer in Senate Disrupted

Ford: Hydrogen Cars Nearly Ready

I predict

Redstone around? Paging Dr. Redstone...

Anyone else here read/reading China Mieville's "Perdido Street Station?"

Meet Snotty.

Oh my god. Can teenage girls ever talk.

Niiice. So my husband plans this "guy party" tonight,

Is there a better all purpose seasoning than Cavenders Greek Seasoning?

DADGUMIT! (Big Brother Thursday spoilers inside)

What's your opinion of little dicks?

I spent this hot day turning part of the deck into a cat play room for our indoor cats,

Two Pop Tarts


WHINE EXPERTS: Need some picnic whine suggetions...

.meht ni segassem terces evah taht sgnos eht tsiL

I learned today that I am nearsighted

I've been a pig tonight

I've been a turtle tonight.

So I saw Die Hard 4 and have a question about the terrorism.

Dropkick Murphys VIDEO!

What time of day do you visit the DU Lounge?


I just had some kind of shitty soup. Progresso, beef stew or something like that.

Holy shit! I think Will Pitt is giving the North Koreans the launch codes!

My day in pictures - Thursday

You know that commercial with the guy who talks to Lincoln, a Deep Sea Diver

Speaking of tadpoles, whatever happened to that band Shine the Wax Tadpole, or whatever it was?

My cat just made "That Sound"

I pretty much killed the kids' tadpoles.

Do I hear 25?....25. 25. 25. 25. 25. 25 25. 25. 25 ...... no?.....

Anyone see Saturday's Padres game

If you made a 2 hour movie of all the Snape scenes from Harry Potter book 5

It is now July 12, all the cool summer stuff that was to expensive to buy is now 50 per cent off.

Anyone here have a Hybrid Honda Civic?

Doggy Pics!

I am going to be KILLED! . . .

Only You.....

Where's HypnoToad? Anyone know? nt

Can't sleep

Every time you feed a troll, God kills a kitten.

I etah hsub

So if you were to congratulate a person who got married a few months ago...

This is so sweet you may want to have some insulin handy.

AOL is the tip of the can't cancel iceberg.


I need computer help!

hm, hm, hm...


The Cure's "Lullaby" is a highly erotic song.

If Sci-Fi nerds ran the USA, most likely result?

Just took some blueberry/apricot scones out of the oven

I've eaten a turtle tonight



Wild Horses, DickSteele, and anyone interested.- Tuffa Casting

Please take a look at this thread

Which musical artist could you listen to forever, if you were forced to listen to just one?

Matrix cat

I'm drinking merlot. I don't like merlot,

Could there be a better place to live than Minneapolis MN?

Great protest sign...

In a lighter vein, who is your favorite Sherlock Holmes?

Dateline's "To Catch a Lonely Guy"

Post a video of someone playing a song you love on piano.

WINE EXPERTS: Need some picnic wine suggestions

how do I convert a video file to MPEG?

Damn, but I am SEXAY!!!

Please Send Good Vibes and Thoughts our Way...

Pardon my intrusion here, but a man seems to need some guides out of the dark

Top 10 reasons people say they are fired (wrote in to Working America's "Ask a Lawyer" service)

Teamsters: The Union for DHL Workers

Union gains rare victory as Sears service workers sign on, 200 join ranks

Smithfield (packing) worker dies (threatened with termination by his supervisor 4 illness)

Buried alive: a terrible way to die

Healthcare NOT Warfare CODEPINK Actions @ Sicko Movie

Keith Olbermann's Special comment on Chertoff's Gut

Hillary and Edwards scheming to exclude "not serious" candidates

Surveillance photos posted of Vitter in rest stop restroom.

Avigdor Lieberman(Israeli) - US will back Israel in strike on Iran

Ah, I just turned around at work...

The New Chinese counterfeit game (the article is a little dated, but the facts haven't changed)

Michael Moore coming up on Keith

Clips of the press conference on KO a few minutes ago,

a special comment coming up

Neocon Bill Kristol expects Bush to attack Pakistan

I'm Expecting To See A Waterfall of Resignations From Justice

Keith? How's your gut?

KO imitating Billo in his Ted Baxter voice, that makes me howl with laughter ever time.

New legislation seeks to stop Eminent Domain abuse

I am writing a ltte to refute this one.

Ex-KBR workers' suit against firms alleges sex abuse

LOL - Even Dan Abrams is calling Chimpy and Skeletor out

Hardass Republicans attempting to beat up on the poor on CSPAN 1 now.

Edwards: "The president needs to stop pretending and start taking responsibility for the results of


Mark my words: Bush will soon order a "change of course" in Iraq therefore satisfying

Somebody, PLEASE feed Skeletor

Snow: Iraq Withdrawal Would Bring Terrorists ‘To A Shopping Mall Near You’

Keith just called skeletor an asshole


Even right wingers radio listeners are calling for a pull out.

Seven Peace Activists Acquitted by Jury; Right to Dissent Inside Senate Office Building Upheld

I think Gen. Wes Clark would be a great candidate for VP with anybody

Surfine Apple Cider: From Concentrate from China.

Republican Bob Allen's police report (in case some of you haven't seen it)

ONN ... finally a news network that flirts with truthiness

I have seen people hurt by our healthcare system.

Washington's Current Debate on Iraq Echoes the Rhetoric of Vietnam Era

Anybody Think Petraeus is Gonna Tell Junior to Withdraw?

No Bush, we will NOT "move on"

Dateline's "To Catch a Lonely Guy"

Where is Dick Cheney? I have not seen or heard from the VP

Sam Farr signs on to Cheney impeachment bill

Wimpy Nelson votes to give Cheney back his money GRRRRRRRR

Initial Benchmark Assessment Report

Republicans are acting like Bush has no plans on EVER leaving office

So, anyone hear about how McCain is almost out of money?

Cindy Sheehan, Thank You for Becoming Irrelevant!!!

How many Tours in Iraq are Enough for a Soldier?

Larisa Alexandrovna: The Day In Contempt (Miers and Feeney)

XPost from AIDS/HIV Forum AIDSWalk SanFrancisco Sunday July 15 2007...

Senator Nelson says Bush can do "what he wants"

what will the filibuster vote look like for the withdrawal bill?

"Why they need us!!!"

Keep up the good work everybody! Bush Administration is collapsing!

In a lighter vein, who is your favorite Sherlock Holmes?

Harris Poll: 70% Say U.S. "Pretty Seriously Gotten Off Track" (Bush at 26%)

Let me talk to you about Cindy and her contribution to the nation.

Our Closet Comfort... Argentina's Struggle to Restore the Rule of Law

I etah hsub

Dems: Vitter a hypocrite for bid to prohibit same-sex marriage

Larry Johnson:October 27, 1947--The Real Day of Infamy?

While Keith is talking real issues O' Really and Geraldo are talking NJ beauty queen

Can we please stop talking about Bob Allen?

Questionable Treatment for Some Iraq Heroes; Veteran Care Under Review as More Than 22,000 Are...

OK, I discovered a REALLY COOL and EVIL (G) thing to do! But don't know how to share!!

So my friend Tracy Costin the lazy pollster, gets MORE THAN TWO YEARS in jail, while

Big STAR to Keith for being able to call someone an AH on national

So let me get this straight, so to speak

Can anyone spot the irony in this NY Times story about terrorism in Glasgow?

Another nutjob on Sam Seder's show waxing....

Karl Rove (1974): "Appreciate anything you might be able t o do for me."

Snow: Iraq Withdrawal Would Bring Terrorists 'To A Shopping Mall Near You'

The New Sanctuary Movement Breaks An Unjust Law

Al-Qaida works to plant US operatives - AP

Iraq...It really is quite simple...

Dear Democrats and anti-Iraq-war Republicans:

Impeachable Stains

"Al Qaeda Regains Strength"

Please DU this poll

NYT Editorial: No Progress Report - "Continued Delay And Delusion Is So Dangerous"

Who is the next Republican Congressperson you want to see go down?

I hit every branch on the Stupid Tree. Can I be....

Every time you feed a troll, God kills a kitten.

OMG! The uptight prick smug bastardness is contagious: Bill Kristol's clone...

I've always wanted to call someone SHITBAG.

Tony Snow: "Casualty counts are down" for fucking whom!?!?! Iraqis are dying by the 10's & 100's...

There are criminal networks that ritualistically sexually abuse children-True/False?

A Poem In Honor of the Progressive Blogosphere

god dammit!! here's my freaking post in the freaking thread that got locked...

I Wonder If Chertoff's Gut Feeling

You know Vitter could be a filibustering machine

So... That Bankruptcy\Credit Reform Bill Was A Good Thing, Huh ??? - Check This Out !!!

Did Pinochet have a pedophile do some of the torturing in his regime?

hm, hm, hm...

C-SPAN airing today's hearings right now

A terrible story of murder striking a family...twice

Paul Craig Roberts: Restoring the People's Power

If you kill someone and it is not in self defense, is it murder?

The Bushisms Quiz

Russian spammer found beaten to death

"Commander in Chief"

Over the last couple days the Republicans have taught me about stuff I didn't even know existed

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!! Sam Seder Subs for Mike!

The Majority of America Wants Impeachment -- Name a Candidate That Supports The Majority

Thursday TOONS: that’s it for a while (dialup warning)

How many of you remember Larry Agran's presidential candidacy in 1992?


Republican congressman will fight restroom sex solicitation charges

It's wrong to stubbornly stay the course when that course may ruin America.

Spreading the fear and terror propaganda again: U.S Troops Raid Baghdad Shiite District

Did you know that the Southern Poverty Law Center has almost declared the AEI to be a hate group?

US Congress Berates British Academics' Israel Boycott

Keith's on now...and it's KEITH!

Military spokesman absolutely wrong about al Qaeda in Iraq

Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash

BREAKING: House Votes For Withdrawal From Iraq By Spring!!!!

Radiation rises from Milford Flat fire in Utah

Sen. Vitter's Diaper Fetish and Another Republican Caught Solicting Sex...From a Man in a Toilet

ABC's Jake Tapper asks Reid if US had a moral obligation to make sure that the Iraqi people are safe

On the topic of subtle bigots. Would you agree or disagree? Why?

Is bush drinking again, or do you suppose he's had a stroke?

Bush unapologetic over CIA leak

I got yer freakin' benchmarks right here...

For those who say the Dems are not doing anything, look here..

Conservative pundit/strategist on DC Madam list : )

Why unions are important for the working man and woman.

Diaper wearing, Meth addict, or oral sex in the park - which is most embarrassing?

Democrats in Congress should be more afraid of us than they are of Bush

Ex-PKK terrorist says northern Iraqi camps evacuated

The Department of Homeland Security must be decommissioned, defunded, and DESTROYED

1 Wal-Mart Stores 351,139.0 11,284.0

Bush described as articulate and able to handle the press corp by a reporter

How does cutting off our left arm in the struggle for true democracy help?

'Nobody Goes to Hell': Minister Labeled a Heretic

Rachel Maddow should have her own TV show!

POLL: Who will be better in '08 on Iraq - Dems or Repubs? DU IT!!!

The End of Thinking

Served in Iraq then discarded

I guess my military career is over. I am confused, relieved and scared all at the same time

*** Thursday TOONs: Surgeon General, Vitter, Pope ***

Gore Opposes Impeachment

Why I'm getting scared

My Review of Gore's "The Assault on Reason"

Dicksteele : Campaign manager for Vitter '10

Will Republican Women vote for Hillary?

Germany: "America is in fast decline". (The Washington Note)

The simple fact that industrial hemp...

Chertoff Press Conference -- Subliminal Nazi Fear-Mongering?

General Clark on KO now !!

Comparing health care plans

The Hillary is unelectable argument is simply garbage

The unaddressed dishonesty of duh-bya scrub's comment about letting the military decide the facts

Christian Right protests Hindu prayer to open Senate today

Pro-Bush 'Wichita Eagle' Joins Those Calling for U.S. Pullout in Iraq

Waxman Requests Documents Related to Political Interference with the Surgeon General's Offi

I know what the discussion between Edwards and Clinton was about

“We’re the party of hypocrites,” he said. “Vote for us and we’ll lie to you,

Why isn't the NAACP forum on the web?

Iraqi parliment took this week off and not planning on meeting in Aug.

Court case resumes against state lawmaker [R]charged with domestic assault

The Republican Party is the party of conviction...

My wife brought up an interesting line of thought

More than $4M debt looms as NRCC chairman Cole enters crucial quarter

A big problem with Sanjay Gupta's logic and that of the right

If mccain Drops Out, Will That Be Good For A Possible Run By Clark?

Shouldn't we be having a world summit on the Iraq problem RIGHT NOW?

"Single payer, government run and FREE"

Edwards in Nevada: increase minimum wage to $9.50, index it to half of the average national wage

Democrats' growing dominance over GOP in securing online contributions is reshaping '08 elections

These are the Dem candidates for President

Edwards calls on Congress to tie war funding to binding time-tables for troops withdrawal,

Edwards Statement on the Death of Lady Bird Johnson

Taking a page from his close friend Oprah, Obama launches book clubs to win over voters

What is the deal with Kucinich"not voting" on Iraq withrawal?

Would you rather have debates all the way up to the first primary with a lot of candidates

Why is it about Plame and not about Sabotage of Security Operations?

Where can I find the vote breakdown of the Withdrawal Bill?

Dear Hillary and Edwards ----

Do you think we've been getting honest, hard hitting investigational hearings ...... or .....

To those who want to use Nixon impeachment as a justification for a Bush impeachment

Why don't protestors go after someone like Ben Nelson of Ne?

Edwards, Clinton: 'Biden, Gravel, Kucinich are not serious candidates'

Moore vs Gupta Part II: Gupta Goes Wild

Pssst ... he's at Twenty six fucking percent. What the fuck is WRONG with you?????????

Edwards Statement on President Bush Remarks on Iraq

Isn't It Time?

Do you think that the GOP nom is Thompson's to lose?

Democrats are weaklings in politics compared to the GOP

I SWEAR by Apollo Physician and Asclepius and Hygieia and President Bush and all the gods and goddes

The True Price of Gas by Alonzo Fyfe

Vanity Fair: The History Boys by David Halberstam

How true it is! - cartoon by Nick Anderson

The FOIA Shell Game

The Other War: Iraq Vets Bear Witness


New Studies Expose Government Lies About Medical Pot

Blackstone group getting back more from the IRS than they pay in


Bush's Latest, Lame Libby Excuse=The president and Karl Rove find a scapegoat

The True Spirit Of Bush Style Freedom: Lawlessness

Gut feeling

WaPo / Howard Kurtz: Firing Bullets (Press at Bush)

Take down the stone walls

Poison for Profit

Iraq Benchmark Report Fact Check

Attack Of the Mini Penis

US deployed nuclear weapons in UK despite warning

From a Navy Soldier ("They Need To Be Bombed")

San Diego Border Fence Proceeds Slowly (AP)

A First Lady's Natural Beauty

Earth to Bush: "The Chaos in Iraq You Now Decry was Caused By You!"

Who Will Be the Next Republican Caught With Their Pants Down?

Which Side Are You On? (tax the richest???)

Larry C. Johnson: The Real Day of Infamy?

Mexico: A Nation-State Dissolves?

The Bush Family and their 50 Year War Against the USA

Ship of Fools: Setting Sail With ‘The National Review’

Forget Sen. Vitter’s Penis: Follow His Money

The core abomination of the human condition is still the abyss between the "haves" and "have nots"

Bush's 'neocons': far from the best and the brightest

Ford and Southern California Edison to Advance Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

U.S. Offshore Wind Score: 3 Hits, 0 Runs

First Solar Claims $1.28 Billion Deal (685 MW of PV orders)

WorldWater Breaks Ground on 2 MW Airport Project (Fresno, CA)

Maine may finally let Bt corn be grown, sold

The Sunshine State vs. Global Warming (Time)

Amish adopt solar power at home, work

Freedom (Maine) approves wind turbine project

'New tests needed' for chemicals (BBC)

For fans of the Population Debate

$80 a barrel prediction as oil soars again

Refinery woes push up Midwest gas prices - USA Today

"Peak oil" advocates blast U.S. industry study - Reuters

Winemakers keep weather eye on climate (BBC) {GW blow to CA wines?}

A New Global Warming Video...From 1958

Tinfoil Hat? Is media covering up gas shortages to prevent panic?

Safety (of nuclear energy) relative to other energy sources

Wind power fatalities are higher than nuclear

'Wind power beats nuclear', says AD (Netherlands)

Compact car question.

La. GOP officials negotiating with governor for Vitter replacement appointment

Yakima Valley farmworkers (more than 600 ) awarded $1.9 million in lawsuit

N.Korea set to shut down nuclear reactor

Iraqi New York Times journalist killed

Panel Demands Records on Tillman's Death

Will Georgia Kill an Innocent Man?

Silent Flag Protest Raises Outcry

Bush dismisses CIA leak as old news

Fake firm sold nuclear bomb material in sting

US judge orders release of Hmong ringleaders in alleged Laos overthrow plot

U.S. agency warned over threatening whistleblowers

House votes for withdrawal from Iraq

U.S. Troops Raid Baghdad Shiite District (Two Reuters Employees Among Dead)

Bush Distorts Qaeda Links, Critics Assert

Iraqi reporter of NY Times killed in Baghdad

Venezuela May Shoot Down Unidentified Aircraft, Universal Says

Brown ally distances Britain from US over Iraq

al-Qaeda Works to Plant U.S. Operatives

Intelligence Report: Al Qaeda Renewing Efforts to Sneak Operatives Into U.S.

A Firm Bush Tells Congress Not to Dictate Policy on War

Mexico's ex-leader Echeverria won't be tried for genocide

UK hints at foreign policy shift

Iran agrees to nuclear inspection

(81) Mexico migrants locked in lorry

Al-Qaeda again capable of U.S. strike, report says

First 9/11 damages trials to begin in Sept: judge

Confidence drops to nearly 1-year low

Fading U.S. democracy agenda evokes Arab scorn

Keep The American Dream Of Owning Your Own Home From Turning Into A Nightmare

I stay, says royal row BBC boss

Iraq war report implies Baghdad buildup won't work unless troops stay far longer

U.S. Troops Battle Iraqi Police, Gunmen

Poison for Profit

Peace Activist Cindy Sheehan Argues with Man Outside Alabama Capitol

Source: More McCain staff to exit next week

Police: Lurid details emerge ...McCain campaign chair peeped over handicapped stall seeking sex

North Korea wants military talks with US

New York Times reporter shot dead in Baghdad

Progress in Iraqi hotbed may lead to US troop cut: commander

Cheney's Office Logs Victory in Spending Bill Fight

Fire union plans to dog Rudy on prez trail

Al-Qaida ops show leadership in control

Conrad Black Convicted of Fraud

Ailing Senator Raises Money

Retail sales take sharpest plunge in nearly 2 years

Sect leader indicted on sexual conduct with minor, incest charges

Bush war policy needs more time, says Rice

Sea Shepherd Signs Historic Agreement with the Government of Ecuador to Protect the Galapagos

Cheney's Office Logs Victory In Spending Bill Fight (Cheney Funding Cut Stripped from Senate Bill)

US says Iraqi lawmakers to take August break

IAEA: Iran Agrees to Nuclear Concessions

About 200,000 troops in SE Turkey: security sources

US tells Iraqi Kurds: Time is up

Florida lawmaker plans to fight prostitution charge

Australia Police End Bid to Hold Suspect (Indian doctor in bomb plot)

Smithfield: Workers Want Union Vote

Republican Senators Seek New War Authorization

Senate votes to double reward for Bin Laden's capture

Rep. Almond quits; mystery lingers

Prosecution rests in Padilla terrorism support case

RI Prosecutes 17-Year-Olds to Save Money

Anything but back to Iraq Desperate G.I., wife hired man to shoot him: cops


US Eyes Iraqi Parliamentary Schedule

Prostitute describes Vitter affair

Fewer Iraq battalions operate on own: U.S. general (from 10 to 6 in 2 months)

Miers Warned of Contempt Citation for Ignoring House Subpoena

Wisconsin Lawmaker Drives Over Granddaughter

U.S. forces kill 6 Iraqi police in Baghdad raid -US

Colombia offers base for U.S. anti-drug war

Blue Ribbon Committee to Riverside County, CA Board of Supes: Dump DRE Touch-Screen Voting Systems

White House, Pentagon cite executive privilege to hold up documents on friendly fire victim Tillman

Clinton, Edwards talk of limiting debate Kucinich Camp Outraged (2 articles)

Conrad Black convicted of fraud

More entering Army with criminal records (than even last time)

Iran Asks Japan to Pay Yen for Oil, Start Immediately

Bush fights for Iraq strategy's survival (as aides sat with 'worn expressions)

PERU: Escalating Conflicts Put Pres. García on the Spot

Bishop in Paraguay runs for president

2nd generation survivors to sue Germany

Anybody know how to block numbers on your phone...

Man Arrested For Pushing His Entire Arm Into Horse's Vaginal Cavity - Twice

Police brutality takes an interesting turn

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 7/13/2007)

Has anyone heard of Italian maggot cheese?

Are Information Tech-phobic people too stupid?

Well, my DVR box died...

there was a turkey on campus yesterday

Armed Man Robs Patio Party - Offered Wine & Camembert Cheese - Asks For Hug After Putting Gun Away

Email Claims Customer Got Syphilis From Olive Garden Meal - Officials Say It Is Hoax

Virgins To Get Free Tickets To Off-Broadway Show (Will Be Screened By Hypnotist)

How to misspell a word when it is written down in front of you

Name some songs about robots.

Worlds' Tallest Man and *possibly* World's Smallest man (PICs)

My god we must stop all this early presidental campaign - I'm starting to have nightmares about it!!

I just drank some water

The Freeway Blogger is now a member of DU!

What will be *your* role in Beckham and Posh's America?

I Need Help Writing a Sex Scene

Live Aid was 22 years ago? Yikes

Need help finding and updating the DU smiley face map where

Got it fixed Wiccan Warriors Song made for G.W.Bu$h

2 Women Hurt When Horse Jumps Into Announcer's Booth At Horse Show

8 seconds of local TV news (Video)

I need some html code and a free mailing service.

Wish me luck!! I'm off to cycle in the CA Death Ride tomorrow!!


Do you have Prince Albert in a can?

Wedding tomorrow....Eeeek!

Drunk soldier brags of war crimes

Say: "I love crepes"

Post inappropriate wedding songs

My son's pressuring me to get into skateboarding


My Fiance/GF/Rockit is a Trooper

Can you juggle?

self delete - !

You know . . .

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster

Its The Mod Squad...

i'm getting very, very sleepy . . .

so i'm watching this show called "Snapped!" on Oxygen, it's about women who kill

Damn the lounge is dead tonight - is anyone out there? Ask me anything!

This is to the woman I love. You know who you are.


Killer whale vs. Kayak

good night mzteris and the rest of the lounge

Kudzunol.....the new fuel

Question about Realtor

My underwear!!!!! It's......

Susie's starting to creep me out.

For a trip of about 550 miles, would you drive or fly?

OMG, Star Wars meets Monty Python and the Holy Grail! Hilarious!

Huckabee, Michael Moore in war of words


A New ERA Begins Today

Energizer to Acquire Playtex for $1.16B

friday the 13th

Ugh. I think I have a mousse

KitchenWitch is on vacation, so I take it upon myself to announce:

Is Kucinich a serious Congressman?

Ladies who wear makeup (and guys too if you're into that)

Tobey Maguire is in the money at the World Series of Poker

Dog sexually assaults child

I need help writing a sax scene

Name some nasty cheese beside Maggot Cheese!!!

Awesome Slam poet / cop needs your vote...

Say what you want about David Beckham...

Squirrels Unearth Ancient Artifact In Roseville, CA

Happy Birthday to me!

Fri. the 13th & My elderly neighbor comes over, apologizes FOR CRASHING HER CAR INTO MY YARD!

Name a DU group or forum you've never been in


So, I have a rancid snotty old hairy potter.

I need some car-buying advice.

Can you jiggle?

Need some help ya'll. I have a friend who is having some money troubles.

Spiffy! I just found out I have on-campus housing for grad school!

Sammy found himself a place to crash (cat pic)

I can't stay awake at work. Entertain me?

Here's how I remember Trent Reznor

Do you like Spanish beefsteak in the can?

This is my 64th post on the subject today.

Lordy, do the Astros suck!

Comment on a bumper sticker

Everybody loves a kitty - even the ones that didn't turn out exactly like you expected...

Free Sex Madness!

Here's what happens when people can't control their brats

It's not armed robbery if the gun ain't loaded.

OK, let's settle this once and for all.

but it wasn't easy with that son of a bitch Reagan in the White House

A request of the admins!

since food is the topic. Chitlins!!!!!!!!

Post here if all the exercise you ever get is the shakes

Ugh. I think I have a mouse

I'll be right back.

Should heated lounge debates on divisive issues move to GD?

So, I have an advanced copy of Harry Potter.

How should the mom on the plane be rewarded/punished?

Do you have microwaveable Spotted Dick in a Can

Something odd is wrong with my car

Name celebrities whose politics you like but whose work you don't.

there is NOTHING more satisfying than a MatcomNews-inspired shit storm

I just earned a whopping $48 bucks weeding for six hours.

so, some little tart is ungrateful with my $48 offer for weeding my garden

Me and my pit bull got thrown off a plane

My son is pressuring me to getting into waterboarding

Congratulations lonestarnot!! 30,000 posts

My Baby Brother is even MORE PRETENTIOUS than Madonna!!

I have a new Nephew!

What's The Job Market Like For Law School Grads, Non-Top 25 Schools?

To all of my new enemies who disagree with me on the Led Zeppelin issue...


To all the Haterz...

Can anyone help with my journal? I'm seeing only the left column, because the space between the two

Blast from the past - Who remembers this song from their childhood?

Firefighters Rescue 2 Year Old Girl Stuck In Toy Vending Machine

Now all I want is...

I am opening up a daycare for undisciplined DU Loungers

To all of my new enemies who disagree with me on the baby issue...

My son's pressuring me to get into waterboarding.

Tonight's Simpsons:

OK, now I know I'm burned out on news/politics vs mindless entertainment.

YAY!! I got my first check from the hospital today


So my sister is trying to get me to stop smoking

Sympathy for the Devil, anyone?

Do you like Italian sausage in the can?

'Lil Bush and Laura kicked out of White House; 19-MO Bush keeps repeating "Bye Bye Planet"

I'm getting one of my two tattoos embellished this weekend.

OUCH - check this pic from Pamplona Bull Run

Solutions for crying babies

As a bad mother, I am turning over the care of my kids to Posh Spice.

I was just thinking the other day, nothing shocks me anymore.....

Mug shot + ironic t-shirt slogan = laff riot

The Cialis Ad You Won't See On TV

Elephants on the loose cause a circus in Ontario

'Killer' Wasps Menace State Department

Friday night crying toddler pic thread.

So, there are a lot of people nostalgic for the "Underdog" cartoon

I'm going out to eat at a nice restaurant (not Cracker Barrel, matcom)

My dog Vicki burps like a frat boy.

The Senator David Vitter joke thread. C'mon, you know you want to...

I am having scrambled eggs for dinner and a 2005 Malbec

Favorite John Goodman in a Coen brothers movie role?

LOCK POOL for the 'Bye-bye plane' kid thread


Beckham will NEVER make it in the U.S.

Oh. My. GAWD!! I didn't think this possible!!!

how do I convert a videophile to HUMAN?

WTF happened to Jason Priestly?

My Pictures from the UK!

Why can't Superman get laid?

I am opening up a daycare for undisciplined brats

Back from the interview! DAMN this process is long

The Library of Thin Books.

So my cat walks in the back door... making that noise...

Mark your calendars and set your TIVO! New Ken Burns film soon.

If you can read this, post a reply.

My favorite comment responder is CaliforniaPeggy.

Confession: I'm buzzed and on my way to getting drunk

I don't know how to say this, but I've started smoking again.

My cats: Charro and Mimi are out of surgery and OK!

In T minus 38 minutes I will be imbibing my first Herradura Tequila

Are you paraskavedekatriaphobic?

Make up a Harry Potter book title about the Lounge!

I'm caLLing out sniffa once and for aLL!


Does anyone know anything about cell phone unlocking?

I fell off of the wagon, today...

The best chardonnay that Calfornia makes sells for

"bye bye plane!" angel shows how adorable he is on GMA

Does being around drunk people make you

PLEASE HELP! I lost my wallet and can't get home

Today in labor history July 13

Farmer Who Underpaid U.S. Workers Fined

Someone's gotta do it, A tough job: Substitute trash crews seen as saviors, scabs


Union Leader Claims Threats by Drummond

Speaker Pelosi - Responsible Redeployment from Iraq Act

Michael Moore's SiCKO on Point?

The Dwizzle and the Bush

Students Tear Down The Protest Pen ~ S.C.A.R.P.

Bush admits administration leaked CIA name

Rant of the Day: The Vitters Should Apologize to the Clintons

Senator McConnell: Is This Your Idea of Progress in Iraq?

Peace great for economy, war great for oil - part 2 (2007)

Kathy Mattea speaks out against Mtn-top Removal Coal Mining

Biggest Defence Contractors, you've never heard of

Edwards' South Carolina Office opening

Helen Thomas to Bush on Al Qaeda & Iraq: 'Don't You Understand?'

Olbermann Interviews Michael Moore - July 12 '07

Pink, "Dear Mr. President"

Bush Explains Executive Privilege

Conservative bigots disrupt first ever Hindu prayer in Senate

Arrogant pinhead protege of the Weekly Standard-Mathew Continetti (2:55)

World Bank In Conflict Again Over Robert Zoellick's "Quality Of Governance" Report

What a great quote from Maxine Waters!

So the summer of republican sex scandals has a name...

Telluride Colorado Town Council To Consider Bush/Cheney Impeachment Petition

Lyrics Appropos

From the Department of Propaganda: Al Queda Stronger but We are SAFER

So how come Dennis Kucinich voted against the responsible redeployment from Iraq bill?

I see stupid people, I mean really really stupid people (and offensive as hell people)

Google : the vitter story at 2 pm 14,600 7 pm 17, 20,400

Wendy Vitter wasn't the only Wendy having sex with David Vitter.

My reply:

This Is Your Brain on Politics. Any Questions?

A friend of mine who'd been raped just called me-- I need advice!!!

Time is Running Out for the Terrorism-Industrial Complex

Yank-a-Doodle-Do! (James Wolcott)

In The 'Nixon Papers:' Young Karl Rove, Roger Ailes

I always like how Nixon ripped on other Republicans

US government forces a European airline to stop flying to Cuba

Reuters: Americans Cheer 'Sicko' But Not All Convinced

Did Bush really use the words "Fair and Balanced" to describe the Libby commutation?!

VIDEO: Fundy Christians disrupting historic Hindu prayer which opened Senate

There's no underlying crime.... :sigh:

McClatchy: Less housing for the poor

International Association of Fire Fighters on Rudy

Have I mentioned my Chaney "Mirror Story" lately?

Bush executive office costs billions more than Clinton's?

Farmer Fined By Federal Government For Paying Foreign Workers MORE Than American Workers

Wis. high court revives lawsuit against Milwaukee archdiocese that alleges cover up, fraud

Lawsuit alleges priest sex abuse in Delaware

A Real Reporter In Washington? Helen Thomas, Of Course

Priests threaten to stall car festival

Loveland Gateway Baptist Church pastor denies coverup. Info on alleged sex offender too sketchy

Indianapolis pastor to plead guilty to welfare fraud

Deputies: Youth minister taped girls

James Ritter, of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Spokane found guilty on all counts

Man Arrested For Desecrating American Flag Released (Florida Law Unconstitutional)

Critics Accuse Bush Administration of Trumping Science With Politics

Honk to Impeach...

Former state Senator Kathryn Bowers to change plea to guilty in corruption case

ABC was way too graphic with "running with the bulls"

State Representative Mark Olson takes stand in own defense

"Bush not a good military leader" LTTE Tuscaloosa News, Tuscaloosa, AL.

U.S. is building database on Iraqis

"Eerily similar" - Laura Rozen

== All Your Butts Belong To Us = By Mark Morford

DLF exposed as a republicon cover up

Are Democrats being Set-Up for 2008?

If there were to be an Impeachment trial do you think Americans would pay attention?

It's raining worms!!

PM Brown message to US: it's time to build, not destroy

Christian fundy caller: "I'm not intolerant, BUT..."

Corzine gave $200,000 to arm of Newark church. St. James Development Corp. subject of criminal probe

News That You Simply Will Not Believe

Gen. Petraeus warns of a hasty US pullout from Iraq

2 men arrested for running over black church sign in Jena, Ala hours after NAACP held meeting there

U.S. Forces Kill 6 Iraqi Police

Newport pastor charged with sexual assault of teen girl

Reporter Smacks Bush With the Truth!

Vitter's entire political career was based on FAMILY VALUES

US Administration unites Iraq!

Dr. Gupta's bias -nice read

Would someone please explain to Condi what a 'benchmark' is?

"Are you blind?" he asked the American people rhetorically, with a look of deep sadness.

Lady Bird cried when she was made an honorary New Yorker

cspan has a WSJ guest on-----she is rather sickening:Strassel, Kimberly A. Columnist,

Ex-con pastor faces 7 years for chemical stash

heres a pisser

Idiot WSJ reporter on with Brian Lamb says it was important to have the Iraq War

Benchmarks = Vietnamization

all the stories are gut-wrenching

Blitzer interviewed Domenici, but failed to ask about attorney firings

More racism on Long Island... this time an appropriate response

NYT: Bush Distorts Qaeda Links, Critics Assert

Report: Air Controllers Cover Up Errors

My LTTE to The New York Times...

Kucinich Camp Overheard Clinton/Edwards Plan to Eliminate Candidates from Future Debates

Working Hard to Recall the Lessons of 9/11... BAGLEY TOON

The Freeway blogger is posting on DU! See this thread and the latest freeway blog sign:


US Army plans invasion of Azerbaijan

Wouldn't It Be Silly For Congress To Fund The Dept. of Justice While Gonzo Is Still There?

Those opposing impeachment favor having criminals in the White House.

After Vitter, DeMint worried he could ‘be next'

I fibbed to Domenici, can you find out where?

Wiccan Warriors discussion of the Bill of Rights...5th Amendment

Bush admin grilled over support for Musharraf

Madman on front page of New York Times

Bush Tells the American People: F@#K YOU! It's MY Decision and MY War (Good Article from NYT)

Sanjay Gupta is a Democrat, but he's a Blue Dog Dem:

"Kamp Kanwinit" A New Fiore Animation

Stuck in a Hologram

NKorea military warns N-deal could be scrapped

President Privilege ---pix--->>>

FAUX NEWS has the story of the Century!

EXCELLENT MUST READ Trouthout Article RE: Bush Fear Tactics: "We're All Gonna Die"

Mourners Remember Lady Bird Johnson: Funeral Saturday will be televised

Blabbering Bush on MSNBC: Now it's a "grassroots effort" taking place in Iraq.

Dear Abby: A letter printed in your column this morning actually choked me up a little.

Iraq Report May Mean Longer Surge: Battle for Baghdad will likely cost hundreds of troops' lives

Just Stop Funding The SOB

Burkman solicits Google to deny sexual solicitation reports.

I am not making this up: Clinton is the cause of the Republican sex scandals!

You got to see this! This kid does a great "Bush"

Muslim Woman In Head Scarf Barred From Atlanta Court Room: 'Homeland Security' Concerns

No Thanks, I'm A Registered Republican!

Bob Woodward and Alberto Gonzales dining together

Arrest adds fuel to McCain campaign shake up

Question--I'm not trying to start a movement, here--

CNN: Michael Ware: "WH Stunning Claim Of Progress - Dishonors The Suffering Of The Iraqi People"

"Occupation Forces Have Become a Source of Terror to Most Iraqis"

Michael Moore to be a guest The Adam Carolla Show (w/ Danny Bonadouchebag) this morning (6-10 PST)

Just what do any of you think Democrats can do unless they Impeach?

MSNBC is off the charts this morning on the "it's all Clinton's fault" angle.

CHENEY: Reading notes or Snoozing? You decide! [PIC]

The Baby and the Bathwater

Vote here, if you would like to have the D Presidential Candidates asked about IMPEACHMENT

Gunman bursts into party, tastes cheese and wine, gets hug, then leaves

For those with the stomach, a Freeper thread on Vitter.

Hmmm...Now this sounds like a Bush 'plan'

Murtha: Bush ‘Delusional’ About Iraq Progress

The hardest truth of all

Why Are Dems Such Cowards on Impeachment?

In 1991, Bill Clinton was in 11th place in the Dem primary polling with 2%

FOX News (Pigs Seen Flying) O'Reilly takes on Tony Snow: "Enough Is Enough-You CAN'T Win In Iraq"

Don't think your calls and letters work? Well this time on Internet Radio they did!

It is widely believed that George Bush Sr. is the one who initially...

Any upcoming Peace marches

BREAKING: Conrad Black just found guilty of 4 charges

Barbara Ehrenreich: Health Care vs. the Profit Principle

I have never supported the troops

Who's smarter and more capable - DU or Nancy Pelosi?

Bernie Sanders: Iraq by the Numbers

Why John Edwards bugs us.

Why would Hillary and Edwards do this so publicly? Why didn't they know mike could be on?

Shhhhh! Don't wake cheney! - pics

Favor please-can one of you wonderful Du'ers make a Republican sex scandal chart?

If There Was EVER ANY DOUBT About The Loyalt Of The NYT

Should the Iraqi people have any say in what is happening to them

More Entering Army with Criminal Records

Antibiotics Absorbed By Vegetables

President Privilege Meets With His Minders ---pix--->>>

"... "I'm a Registered Republican": Late Nite FDL: Grand Old Perverts

Scooter Libby will have to find new friends

The guy on the corner begging? That used to be John McCain

It is obvious, nothing is going to change with our involvement in Iraq

Funding for Children's Health care (S-Chip Program)--will it be Fillabustered?-

Ben Nelson, D-Neb...switches vote to approve funding to Dick Cheney.

Kucinich on Ed Schultz show today, Impeachment to be

U.S. Soldier Tell Of Rape and Suicide of 15 Year Old Iraqi Girl

LAT, Rosa Brooks, "Clear-eyed questions about Iraq": It's been six months, Mr. Bush. Time's up.

deja vu and the Plane Flight Home

Florida Man Owes More Than $10,000 in Child Support Not the Father

Who would make a better Speaker Nancy or Cindy?

Bernie Sanders on Hartmann's show just said the Senate will

Would someone tell MSNBC that comparing a mayor having an extra-marital

Bill Moyers-Tough Talk on Impeachment -tonight, w/Bruce Fein, John Nichols

EcoGeek of the Week: Daniel Quinn - What gives him hope for the future?

DNA proved he is not the father but his salary is garnished?

Manhattan parking spot going for $225,000

Iran AGREES to new inspections and safeguards!!

Bloody Prelude to a September Alibi in Iraq

The robbery of the century

Vote for your favorite LIVE EARTH performance!

Let's compare. Re: Hindu prayer in the Senate


US military jet doing low flybyes over Detroit

A Politician Who "Gets it" Bob Allen - Dilbert

godly Matt Blunt sticks nose in women's business

Josh Marshall: The Ploy That Dare Not Say Its Name

Biggest. News. Moron. Ever.

President Bush: My Constituents are the Enemy

Are the british releasing a non-native species (Badgers) in Basra?

How does this work? my head hurts...

A thread of thanks to Tom Tancredo for showing up at the NAACP event

Pentagon kills Rumsfeld 'propaganda' unit

I'm really trying to finish State of Denial by Bob Woodward...

Missouri Governor Signs Anti-Choice Bill From Sanctuary Of Baptist Church

Squirrels Unearth Ancient Artifact In Roseville, CA

Indian Farmers Face Suicide Crisis- Debt and GM Crops

James Madison's OTHER quote on impeachment (re Libby)

Part of me says I should be empathetic to John McCain's "predicament"

Putting the President in His Place

If your Senator or Representative doesn't have a spine...

Pick Gov. Matt Blunt's future sex scandal

Have you seen this Houston Chronicle video? It's awesome

Hey, Iraqi MP's, how 'bout cancelling your one month vacation...

The fundamentalists only "get it" when its another religion that gets representation

Thom Hartman is Asking Callers who they would vote for

this should be fun....Vitter to be back in Senate next week, senator says

New Fox show: ‘Can women effectively rule society?

Ed Schultz: Blitzer on Sit'n Room today will play Boxer comment on how near we are "to dictatorship"

It make more sense for Cindy to Run for President as a Dem

{LBJ's} 'Texas White House' will be turned over to public (AP/CNN)

Peace Activist Cindy Sheehan Argues with Man Outside Alabama Capitol

Let's face it. The Republicans are preoccupied with sex.

Intel and $100 laptop join forces (BBC)

Former President Clinton book due out September 4th

Police: Lurid details emerge ...McCain campaign chair peeped over handicapped stall seeking sex

Caption *

Need some help ya'll. I have a friend who is having some money troubles.

The Michael Chertoff Advisory System

YearlyKos confirms Hillary's attendance

Why Doesn't Reid Stop Senators Like Nelson, Landrieu & Lieberman?

Impeachment has no value if it is a wholly partisan effort.

We just need to kill all the "bad guys" in Iraq

Latest meme, being broadcast now...Al Qaida is FRANCHISE.

Sen. Webb to debate Iraq war this Sunday on Meet The Press vs Sen Graham

On Darwinism and Survival of the Fittest

Even Bill O is against the war, thats saying something

We need to stop calling it the Iraq War. The war ended 4 years ago. It is the Iraq Occupation now.

Arbitrary Justice, Hidden Truth: Libby v Rita

It occures to me that we like have enough Senate votes for a "no confidence"vote on Bush

Carl Levin wants you to sign a petition for changing the course in Iraq

If you loved that old bi-partisan gang of 14, you'll love the new one

Another RW-talkshow gem: "Poverty doesn't exist in this country"

Job Vacancies At DHS Said To Hurt U.S. Preparedness

Trader Joe's "Two Buck Chuck" named "best chardonnay in California."

CNN does 'reality check' on White House's Iraq progress report

Lieberman: Bush’s ‘Ratings Among Historians Will Be Greater Than His Ratings In The Polls Today’

Juan Cole: If you're going to get out, get out.

Let's protest the war at the Democratic convention

GOP Senators Asking for New War Authorization

I just thought I'd remind you:

Is it that Americans basically like neofascism?

Manhattan Ave. Rent: $2,000 a Month, for a Studio

Vatican's Plan to Beatify Spanish Clergy Divisive

Does this sound like anyone else you know?

You cannot kill an idea

Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs: US will back Israeli strike on Iran

Tony snow preser on cspan1 now:

Impeachment: the next election vs. history

Worthy press: Who are they? Who's thorough and objective and understandable?

President Passes The Buck On Iraq

Can you stomach it? Lieberman on Bush's historical evaluation

When History Records Bush's Catastrophic Iraqi War, There Will Be Heroes. Here's Mine:

Immigrant advocates demand radio station fire host (Michael Savage) for remarks

John Dean: Harriet Miers's Contempt: Congress Needs To Protect Its Powers: Only One Way It Can Do So

Thank you Governor Crist, and yes, I know he's a Republican...

Former 2nd VP of Southern Baptists objects to Hindu Senate opening! Raising funds for "hero family"

You tell me what is wrong with this picture

Compared to Bush. Do you know of anyone

Todays Rudepundit!!

Subpoena Cheney

"It's impossible" used to be a challange for Americans...

e-mail frm Senator Jim Webb's office

FAIR Action Alert: NY Times Parrots Giuliani's 9/11 Defense

Leiberman looks like the joker.

Ballots panel votes paper! - Riverside County California to dump Sequoia??

Petition for the Resignation of David Vitter, by Louisiana Democratic Party

RFK Jr to Glenn Beck: "I don`t believe that you have a long attention span."

Extraordinary Rendition --What should the Dem President in 2008 do about this?

If there were to be an attack on this country ...

Sigh..... still carrying water for this massive failure.

Feel Good, Inc.

Today On CNN's Cafferty File: Impeachment Statement From Barbara Boxer

the bush* legacy passed down by me will start something like this

So Is Miss Harriet In Jail Yet

Instead of Impeachment,

White House press corps not insulted by Shrub's jabs. AND claim always asked hard questions.

"Huckabee, Michael Moore in War of Words"

What Is Wolf Blitzer's Job?

Could we get another map of where all the DU'ers reside??

Births to Unwed Mothers Increase to Record Proportion in U.S.

"Suck it, baby! Suck it!!111" Republican was Vice-chairman, "Children, Youth & Families" committee

Now I understand the repugs anger @ Clinton ....

Bush admin offers contradicting assessments in desperate attempts to sell terra

How did these Chinese products and ingredients get past the FDA?

ABC Hit Piece On Reid Embraced By Right Wing

Executive privilege is as destructive of democracy as the divine right.

AP: Hundreds of American troops will be lost before Sept. and Bush will use report to surge longer

A poem for Senator Diapey McPantload

Defending Scoundrels

Watch Bill Moyers 1-Hour Special On Impeachment Tonight On PBS

Huckabee on CNN Lying And Trashing Moore Now!

I object to the term: "business-friendly".........

If Mafia turns to legal business, will that mean checkmate? The american model.

Mike Huckabee is a f@cking @sshole

Senate doubles bounty on bin Laden


How has war fatigue affected you: WJ this morning n/t

Not sure how to do polls here but out of curiousity how many here

Turkish security services in possession of videotapes of weapon deliveries by US military to PKK

Trespassing charge dismissed for woman arrested at church

Here's some utter bullshit for you: Iraqi bank security guards steal $300 million in cash

Limit-Telephotographer Spies on Stealth Military Installations

"Reverend King" acquitted of rape. Defense argued man's relationship w/17-year-old consensual

"Prostitute describes Vitter affair" (new details)

Impeachment, Nixon, Watergate and our current nightmare

Soft or Hard Landing for American Decline? (Steve Clemons)

Mr. Ratzinger (the Pope) has managed to get Christians arguing

It takes time...

So today Nancy Pelosi did what she was elected to do, AGAIN

Let me see if I have this right. many throughout the world think what we are doing in Iraq is wrong

Do you believe BushCo's open contempt for the Constitution and the ...

Bush Administration Discusses Iraqi Parliament's August Vacation Plans

[email protected] for Pelosi and for Congress . . .

Senate Confirms Geren as Army Secretary

Your chance for a toon

House GOP tightens housing assistance regulations for illegal immigrants

The difference between Democrats and Republicans

John Dean: Harriet Miers’s Contempt of Congress - Are Conservatives About To Neuter Congress?

MSNBC website tags Republican ex-DC Madam client as a Democrat

What shall we do with King George and the REDcoats?

House Judiciary Committee subpoenas RNC documents

House Judiciary: We "Insist" Miers Comply With Subpoena

the thing that bothers me the most about these cases where parents have to pay support for children

Miles O'Brien is trying to play 'gotcha'

Who is the biggest Hypocrite: Foley, Vitter, Haggard, Bob Allen, Fill in the blank

As recovery lags in Gulf, spirits sag, too (MS Katrina recovery update)

Mike Barnacle on Hardball again - all about Vitter

Getting out means getting out - by Senator Russ Feingold

Cafferty question, should impeachment remain on the table. Fire away.n/t

Down in the Flood: The Senate's Blank Check for War on Iran -- Chris Floyd


My most EGGScellent photo from the NAACP GOP Debate....

Mistrial in case with word "rape" banned from testimony

"I have only one question... what will it take for you to change your mind & cosponsor HR 333?"

Thank you...

FBI, DOJ Announce New Civil-Liberties Safeguards

AND the truth is...... the secret conversation was about... You Ready? Are You? You Sure? Ok...

Here's why health care will not become a "real" issue in this country.

It's Fun To A.E.I. MC, Eh?

The Enemies Within: The Bush Family and their 50 Year War Against the USA

The president of Utah.

I stay, says royal row BBC boss

Happy Birthday, George McGovern

Free calls home to end for soldiers

Mr Fish cartoon

Prosecutor Under Fire in Teen Sex Case - Genarlow Wilson

James Madison "If An Unworthy Man Be Continued In Office By Unworthy President-Congress Can Impeach"

Hyrdrocarbon (Oil) Law: The Only Reason We're Still in Iraq?

Rep. Jim Moran is on Hardball and he's kickin' ass/taking names. Watch

Is America currently involved in a class war?

On Impeachment vs. Ending the War and Being Elected to Chew Gum and Walk

Lieberman Lays the Groundwork For Another War

What functions of We the People have been contracted out without our knowledge?

New GOP Bill Challenges Bush Iraq Policy

Silent Flag Protest Raises Outcry

ABC Hit Piece On Reid Embraced By Right Wing

You get mandatory playing time in Pop Warner...

Retail Sales Plunge

First Class Glass: Bottle Of Water $55 In N.Y. (From the "You gotta be kiddin me" Dept.)

New report implicates Iraqi police in Karbala attack; Iraqi gov't to take August off

Don't like the name "Dykes on Bikes"? Get over it, court rules.

Florida man owes $10,000 for child who's not his

Kerry: Sealing Cheney Visitor Logs is Latest Attempt to Dodge Transparency

Vitter shows what's really wrong with Republicans.

I just posted this to my critter

I hate it when the most corrupt/idiotic/stupid people FINALLY come around & THEN it become credible

Please Take The Quiz On CatWoman's Thread & Answer This Cheney Impeachment Poll

Science and Energy Chairmen Seek Answers on Controversy at National Hurricane Center

Warner & Lugar Tell Bush to Get New Plan; Pentagon Announces DECREASING Iraqi Battalions

Oversight Committee Objects to Withholding of Tillman Documents

Pro-Bush 'Wichita Eagle' Joins Those Calling for U.S. Pullout in Iraq

Bush waives benchmark requirement

3rd Carrier moved off the coast of Iran - Bush can't just 'move on' with ANOTHER fcking war!

The Guardian: There are very few causes worth dying for. Iraq is not one of them

GOP Senators Draft Bill Requiring Bush to Narrow Mission of U.S. Troops

OK...I just got it! The problem with Cheney is he thinks "Vice President" means...

The Official Friday Evening News Dump Thread...

Mnn. GOP Rep. Mark Olson convicted of domestic abuse...

Al Qaeda has made a Stunning Return.....per CNN

Does someone have the URL for the Senate vote on Iran ?

Army guys caught shooting out windows of businesses & cars near here...

First there was Keith O., then came Live Earth on the 7th, for everyone here

Repuke Legislator/Wife-Beater Says: "I Pushed Her Down Because Was Afraid Of Her"

The phrase "Building Schools" is a Bush euphemism....

John Edwards Takes The "Road To One America" Tour Online

MSNBC's "Breaking News" Bushspeak

Where is Senator Vitter right now?

HEADLINE: Escort service placed calls to Vitter DURING HOUSE VOTES

Please don't shit yourself Dave...yo political ass is history!

HOLY CRAP!!! Vitter is SCREWED! Bwahahahahahahaha! Madam Palfrey called him during ROLL CALL VOTES!

Simple poll: Is Iraq better off than before 2003?

Instead of DUzy's

Any truth to the rumor that the Honorable Senator Vitters was

Lets see if we can get a sticky thread to list all of these recent GOP scandels

oh my God here is a Wisc. sen. who needs prayers & support -- runs over granddaughter

"Fair & Balanced": Bush administration borrows propaganda tagline from Fox News

What we've got here is an empty chair...that is as contemptuous as anybody can be of the government

Is it really wrong for Herr Chertoff to listen to his guts?

After it was all said and done, who turned out to be the more honest man?

Friday the 13th trivia

Anyone know where I can find Jimmy Kimmel's "Chertoff psychic gut hotline" ad online?

Ok photoshoppers, who's up for some fun? My skills are way too limited to do this justice

I was asked a moment ago how bad I thought dick and w were and without thinking

For those who troll

We as individuals are complicit in the Iraqi War as long as we don't stand up and keep demanding

Printing protest flyers? Your printer is spying on you!

Immigrant advocates demand radio station fire host for remarks (Savage Weiner)

Independent Internet Radio Gets A Partial Reprieve...

Chertof's new threat level chart

The strategy is working....

Who dislikes a bunch of diaper wearing freak Republicans preaching to you about morality?

It's not about democracy, it's not about terrorism, it is not about oil. It

Do you think this could ever happen here?

Silent Flag Protest Raises Outcry

ABC News tells me it's really really hard to leave Iraq.

Bush orders Harriet Miers to testify... in Sibel Edmonds' case

Who Would Have Thought? (Freeway blogger pic--large)

Time to unlock my video!!

Post specific acts to support the troops here.

Edwards Initiative Would Train 150,000 American Workers A Year For "Green Collar" Jobs

Bush Shifts Blame for War Failure away from Himself, Rummy onto Gen. Tommy Franks

Here is why Bush should be impeached

Herb Block on Executive Privilege

Down at the Gun Shop: "Bush & VP Cheney Are Bastards-They Both Need To Be Impeached"

APB to Howard Dean: If Vitter Resigns, the LA Governor Should Appoint a Democrat.

Sen. Gravel Confirms Support for new 9/11 investigations.

ABC's Bob Woodruff: Questionable Treatment for Some Iraq Heroes (Pre-Existing Personality Disorder)

Oh, God, NASA just misspelled the name of their own space shuttle

Veteran Care Under Review- More Than 22,000 Are Discharged With 'Pre-Existing' Personality Disorder

Daily IMPEACHMENT Roll Call.

A First-Hand Look at Mountaintop Removal

Vitter's Favorite NOLA Prostitute, Wendy 'Cortez' confirms story

Bush impeachment support growing

Only in the Hamptons: a $15,000 Rock Concert

Impeachment is Mandatory

What is it with Republicans? (Vitter)

Slapdown: RFK-Jr vs. STOSSEL

I hope I never come face-to-face with Saxby Chambliss.

Louisiana officials negotiating with Gov. Blanco for Vitter Replacement: CLG Exclusive

Please Take The Quiz On CatWoman's Thread & Answer This Bush Impeachment Poll

What would happen if we withdrew all troops from foriegn soil ?

Inside the Surge (Guardian UK video, **graphic**)

Jessie Jackson Jr. (D-Chicago) Calls for Bush's Impeachment: "Very Serious Crimes"

The Photo The GOP Is Trying To Hide

How do you respond to homeless people?

Du's youngest DUer Nicole age six has some thoughts

Times Picayune Comments section

If you had to pick just one priority, what would it be?

Was LBJ bipolar?

***DUzy Awards will be announced late afternoon Saturday***

We're All Gonna Die

The pentagon owns everything

Southern Iraq Can't Support Any More displaced persons. Turning them away.

Senator "I did her" Vitter resigning? In hospital.

The majority of Americans do NOT support impeaching Bush

Some observations about the Green Party.

weak ass letter from nancy boyda about commuting Scooter

(And another!) Republican Rep. Exposed Himself to Female Employee, Chased Her Screaming, "Suck It"

White House, Pentagon cite executive privilege to hold up documents on friendly fire victim Tillman

happy, little eco tidbit - turn old t-shirts into reusable grocery

DU! Time to sing along! For lala rawraw

Bush says he'll 'move on,' not discuss CIA leak

So the Senate unanimously declared that Iran was committing acts of war against the US

Is Kucinich a serious candidate?

Kucinich out-polls Democratic front-runners on climate change, global warming

The two side by side photos tell the story than any words can:

Iraq War Report Implies Longer US Surge (AP)

More than half of Americans support Kucinich’s call to impeach Cheney, poll shows

Former audit employee is indicted on bribe charge

Conn. ethics chief to resign from post

Bush White House screws over Gold Star Family of Vietnam vet

I watched a documentary about the abuses of children in the Catholic Church

Clinton dismisses Bush Iraq comments

Kucinich gets rousing support from Steelworkers union

When it hits a million, sell ...

I watched Fred Thompson on Hannity and Colmes last night.

Washington Cab Driver Theory On Palfrey (D.C.Madam).......

Truthout: Bush Appointee Could Thwart Congress

GOP Nation Building mission escapes MSM scrutiny

children's health insurance debate in Senate now on cspan---call your

Solidarity strategy for political reform

Terra! Terra! Terra!

It is the hypocrisy, stupid

read the details of the Allen arrest in Florida... peeping into a handicap stall to begin with

Are there any DUers here from Nebraska? (Nelson)

Trolling some of the lefty blogs...seeing a curious lack of outrage...

None of the candidates, "serious" or "non-serious", are well served by the current debate formats

Hillary is for the very wealthy, just like *.

Pix of Fred Thompson relaxing

Staying course poses huge risk for Republicans

Rasmussen Poll: Clinton 38%, Obama 26%, Edwards 13%

DK supporters: Where are your favorite DK forums? I just signed up

The Rude Pundit: Flunking Out of Presidenting

Bush Approval Map: No Safe Districts for GOP II

It's Not About The Sex - It's About The Hypocrisy.........

President Bush Loses His War On Terrorism

Former Clinton admin aide endorses Biden's Plan for Iraq

What MSM loving, DLC puke decided Ole Savior should be eliminated from the debates...

Which is worse for democracy?

John Kerry: New Iraq Policy Can’t Wait Until September

"Yo retomaría la reforma" Hillary Clinton y su plan presidencial

Nixon Aide Wanted GOP to Recruit Kerry

Clinton to Bush: 'Why Don't You Leave Office Early' (re: Childrens Health care fundinging)

Clinton duo draws crowd

Kucinich Press Release on Hillary/Edwards Remarks about Excluding Candidates:

Why Bush is a flailing now is really no mystery:

Republicans giving less money to presidental races.

Can I get a list of Republicans not involved in any sex and/or corruption scandals please

Did you hear Ed Schultz say he got mail about US troops in Germany going to Iraq...

I have mixed feelings about contempt charges on Bush admin

John Dean: Congress can and should start its OWN contempt proceedings

Do You actually know what was said during the NAACP Forum between Hillary and Edwards?

Randi Rhodes talking of inherent contempt now Here on Air america

Are any of these people worth less than $1,000,000?

AP Poll: Public gives Congress low marks

How about limiting the debate to these folks...

Bush Distorts Qaeda Links, Critics Assert - New York Times

Have Edwards or Clinton said anything about "the exchange"

Top 5 governorships most likely to change party: Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Indiana, Washington

Just Curious - If Hillary and Edwards Really Did Want To Limit The Participants.....

Senate Dems need your help NOW--Please call your Senators---both of

Poll: Are Hillary and Edwards hypocrites for their comments yesterday?

To paraphrase John Conyers: If we let her get away with refusing to appear ...........

Sorry If This Is A Dupe........All Hail the Prophetic Gut! Keith Olbermann Special Comment

"And so I want to thank you once again for your outstanding service to our nation in the cause of pe

Judge suggests defendent seek commutation from Bush after they argue for a lighter sentence

If the "lower tier" candidates are excluded from future forums,

So the question is whether this Congress is actually going to investigate or legislate.

Support for Bush slipping in Kansas

Executive Order 51 and Impeachment...............

DU this poll (Vitter resignation)

Alternatives the Edwards and Clinton camps would allow for second tier candidates in debates

Impeachment, it would be great but...

Looks like Hillary is throwing Edwards under the bus

Crimeny! NBC just showed the BURNING CAR again.

Clinton's first misstep?

So Edwards and Clinton don't like democracy

Call Nancy Pelosi And Tell Her to Vote No On The Holt DRE Bill

Clinton Calls for Ending Tax Break to Financiers

tony snow---"al-quida will come to a shopping mall near you"--says

Bush: "everybody wants to be loved...decisions...and the consequences don't enable you to be loved"

Where does your candidate stand on who makes the medical decision?

John Edwards road-tests poverty theme

Mike Gravel gets HRC/Logo forum invite

Can anyone find a Bible verse where Jesus

President Bush the decider?

The Hill & Bill Show, Nashua NH

Why executive privilege on Tillman's death?

Edwards says he wants smaller groups

Clinton & Edwards Video from ABC and also youtube (Fox)

Ed Schultz will ask Senator Edwards what he & Senator Clinton were talking about....

At this point, I think we will need a 16 year Democratic presidency

In his first public comments on the matter Libby judge took issue with sentence being "excessive"

Not to be outdone by Fox, MSNBC labels David Vitter a "Democrat"

Congrats draft_mario_cuomo on getting your post read on Thom Hartmann today!

To those that have chosen or will choose a candidate

Where does Al Gore stand on Healthcare?

AP: Kucinich angrily reacts to Clinton-Edwards exchange in Detroit

Kucinich Camp Outraged By 'Overheard' Plans of Clinton, Edwards To Eliminate Candidates From Debates

Kerry: "What about now? Are you ready now or will it take another thousand?"

Dennis coming up on Hardball.

Will Kucinich apologize if he cannot pass an immediate withdrawal bill within 120 days?

"We're the party of hypocrites ... vote for us and we'll lie to you ..."

I think some of the outrage is feigned.

Democrats insert Hate Crimes legislation into Defense Bill

Okay...if Hillary/Edwards were talking about Limiting More Debates then

There Once Was A Senator Named Vitter

Culture of Corruption?

I love this place....

How many times have you overheard a partial conversation, assumed to know what was said...

Hillary Clinton condemns private equity tax break

MSNBC website tags Republican ex-DC Madam client as a Democrat

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (7-13-07)

exactly what will it take to put impeachment on the table?

Sen. Hillary Clinton's refusal to answer steelworkers' questions both troubling and revealing

Dennis Kucinich frequently refused to debate challengers in Congressional elections

Kucinich blasts Edwards on "Consistent Lack of Integrity"

$100 Trillion Dollars

GOP's Chambliss Compares Iraq Troop Rotations To WW II

Why are these 11 Democratic candidates excluded from debates by the current 8?

POLL: Obama cuts into Hillary's lead - now at (38-25), seven points closer than last month

A humble Biden talks about his fundraising and poll numbers


I have lost respect for John Edwards

Black business group blasts Clinton’s AIDS stance

Daily Kos: John Edwards: "The president's remarks today ... border on the delusional."

Ohio Dem precinct chair disses progressive radio. Howard Dean comments about it.

John Edwards' Money and His Health Plan

Obama campaign hires convicted felon to train campaign workers

"I'm the kind of guy who believes he can win a rigged game"

TIME: Leveling the Praying Field

What HRC, JE were really talking about: cutting down the number of debates/forums

As THE non-candidate, Wes Clark has freedom of speech, and uses it:

Richardson Mum on Gay Debate

Harris Interactive poll show difference between Congressional Dems and GOP'ers.

Don't worry be happy!!!