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Archives: July 12, 2007

Is the U.S. Responsible for the Death of Nearly a Million Iraqis?

Is the Iraq Occupation Enabling Prostitution?

Escaping Iraq: One Family's Story

The Other War: Iraq Vets Bear Witness

Editorial from the heartland - and reader comment

No you’re not paranoid, the SEC is out to get you

'A dead Iraqi is just another dead Iraqi... You know, so what?'

NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF: ‘Inspiring Progress’ on Iraq?

Georgia convict is scheduled to be executed on July 17 despite copious evidence of his innocence

The Age: West will fail, says ex-CIA operative

(Tanzania) Industry 'threat' to rare African flamingo - BBC

Bush's sarcastic response sends a girl into tears (13 years old)

Teamster, Political Leaders Pledge Support and Solidarity With Locked Out Workers

Another 26 Go to Trial in China Slave Labor Scandal

Firefighters' Union Burns Giuliani

Al Qaeda's Strength 'Undiminished' in Iraq

Impeachment advocates set sights on Welch

New U.S. intelligence assessment casts doubts on Bush's Iraq policy

Contractors failed to deliver armored vehicles

Bush to Declare Progress in Iraq on Some Benchmarks

Bush to Declare Progress in Iraq on Some Benchmarks

Vitter unlikely to face criminal charges

CIA Said Instability in Iraq Seemed 'Irreversible'

Guards steal $282 million from a bank in Baghdad

Vitter had five calls with D.C. Madam

Mexican Pipeline Blast Prompts Factory Shutdowns (Update3)

McCain Call Raises an Ethics Question

White House: No 'credible intelligence' of summer terrorism threat against the U.S.

Jury acquits 5 who protested in Grassley's Des Moines office

Nixon dismissed Watergate as a 'Republican problem'

Intelligence report: Al Qaida at renewed strength in Pakistan

A Nuclear Ruse Uncovers Holes in U.S. Security

Report: Pennsylvania's climate could be like Alabama's

Flynt claims he's investigating sexual activities of lawmakers

Ambassador: Kurd terrorists have U.S. arms

Dog breeders thwart California pet neutering bill

I am about to go out and cut grass and it is still about 95.

I Miss Hooters

Need a little help ...

I miss breastfeeling.

Whats with all the threads about Larry Bird's johnson?

Aye Carumba!

I am SO dizzy I can't sit up, and my gum still hurts.

Who/what are you going to vote for in this poll?

So I made this dessert tonight. Mr. LIW thinks it's Pillsbury Bake-Off worthy.

It's a TCM evening for me

I Kiss Hooters

INXS...Cool songs!

It's a little slow in here...

You people remember this, bitching when it gets too cold!!!!!!!

I hiss cooters

So, I finally read a "Crate & Barrel" catalogue the other day...

Why do my threads flop so much?

Fantasy Football players - consider you week against me your bye week

Talk to me

Hey baby, wanna wrastle?

Great new album: Spoon, "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga"

I should have known not to visit GD before going to bed

Degauss! For the love of God, degauss!

Book Folks: Books for boys... Ones with facts, jokes, tricks etc...

Does your spouse/SO talk to you about work?

Listening to the best rocker .. ever (Lefty Wilbury): 2008 will be bittersweet.

Milestones: Woohoo! {dial-up and visual onslaught warning} Who wants #8000?

Desperately Seeking Susan: The Musical.

I'm real simple

Underdog is a beagle!! Well, of course he is.

My son went 2 for 4 with 2- 2B, 1 K and 1 ROE today!

cool bug

A summary of my life in limerick-form, because I've got too much time on my hands

It's real Simple:

so, i just got into a debate about predestination

New Harry Potter film: allegory about the Bush administration? (Spoilers, maybe?)



It is soooooooo hot in herre....

Some minor cosmetic surgury via Photoshop

this has to be the freakiest thing i've seen in a long time

I am posting from my dad's computer in Minnesota

Is this where I belong?

Poll: Personal Jesus--Your Favorite Version Among These:

Just saw "Children Of Men". An astonishingly good piece of storytelling.

Please pray or send good vibes to my mother.

Do you tend to have very little appetite in the heat?

A freeper just walked into my spider's web.

And you know the sun's settin' fast,

I Just Saw A Female Breast Feed While Wearing Jesus Clothes

What has your kitten/puppy/dog/cat/bird/pet have done that was funny this month?


I am sick unto death of "Posh and Becks"

Is anyone else a little depressed about Harry Potter Book 7?

CAPTION THIS -- I plan to post a poll to see whose is the Lounge fave...

its real simple

Superman Song - Crash Test Dummies...

That's no way to treat your employees

SPEEA union chief sacked

Tropicana Latest Target of AC Union

Starbucks union battle goes before labor board

Coalition wants subsidies for some private insurers ended (backdoor attempt to privatize Medicare)

Striking Steelworkers, Allies Rally for Kentucky Workers’ Rights

Steelworkers reach tentative agreement with possible buyer for Hamilton Specialty Bar

America's and China's War on Consumers

Sara Taylor's Secret Oath Details

Is it just me? I am listening to the REpigLICKINs in the Senate (You know the ones

O'Reilly urges listener to file false civil rights suit!

The Best Health Care Is Reserved for Congress

Does anyone have an updated list of all current Senate and Congressional investigations

Senator McCaskill, ex-auditor, to shine brighter light on Iraq defense contracts

Report details phone access problems in immigrant detention facilities

The drunken, former trotskyite, now neo-con flag waver had this to say about Saddam in 1976

Aye Carumba!

Calif. projects 60M people by 2050, whites to drop to 26% of population

aside from seeing repuke slime on the dc madam's list, anyone else hoping that holy joe.....

Few Iraq benchmarks have been met, McClatchy analysis shows

A Blast from Vitter's Past

Does Anyone Find This Odd: Chertoff / Al-Kida

So I'm watching Law & Order right now.

i don't know about you all, but i'm jonsing for some republican wife......


N.J. senator proposes toy gun ban-make it illegal for anyone under 18 to purchase

The Next 24 Hours With Harreit

Can You Possibly Immagine The Kind Of Answers Bush Would Give If Questioned?

Pentagon IG Slams Contractors for Poor Humvee Armor

FAUX Military Analyst: Chertoff’s ‘Gut Feeling’ Is More About ‘Politics Than Terrorism’

Dear CNN,

Marine shot bound and gagged Iraqi, court martial told

The number David Vitter used to talk to his special lady friend (prostitute): 202-548-4736

Talking point re: Iraq, Afghanistan, the UK, EU the US and domestic security memes.

Jury Acquits 5 who protested in Grassley's Des Moines office

Larry Flynt coming up on MSNBC

I think the republicans are having their own rapture and this is their time of Tribulation

TPM reader suggesting * commited FELONY re: keeping aides from reponding to subpoena!

Alternative fuels are a fascist idea.

Nixon Wanted to Be Seen As 'Nicey-Nice'

It appears to me to be incursions now along the

Rudy's spokeperson reply to the Firefighters Union video that have been released

Bush Refuses to Explain Clemency Order for Libby As House Panel Opens Probe

So when is Flynt going to name the two Senators and 25 Congressmen?

"Because they're lame and pathetic."

"Religious Pluralism Will Destroy America"

T. Rex's Guide to Republican Family Values - A Wiki

Tony Snow: "The alternative to war is not peace..."

Supply side Jesus

Georgia Provides Troops for Iraq; Gets a Free Pass on Human Rights?

Pix: Afternoon meeting of senate republican seeking a "new way" forward

So Repugs dont want the Troops to have a longer break

Have any of the rw Extremist Religious clerics or moralists weighed in yet on the GOP scandals?

LOL!!! Look at the photo credit for Blowjob Florida legislator.

Help EFF Examine Once-Secret FBI Docs

Caption this enjoyer of water sports and public bathrooms

Do You Believe America is a Plutocracy?

Cindy Sheehan to play 1st base for Yankees

McCain's Florida campaign co-chair caught "headhunting"

something to take your mind off the problems of today for a little while anyway

Has Congress ever attempted to look into BushCo's history of watering down federal reports?

A video that asks important questuiions

Dennis Kucunich on CSpan 2 Now!

If republican wifes are so beautiful

Is Al-Qaeda behind the swarm of GOP Perv outings?

Global Warming "Trivia Question"


Military files left unprotected online

Keith gone again. It's getting old.

Check out this media matters clip/BURKMAN accusing the 9/11 widows

After Taylor's testimony today, I wonder...

More details on Vitter: 5+ calls with DC Madam, last on Mardi Gras 2001

Who's cell phone is this in Austin?

Report: US Cuts Power to Baghdad District

Godspeed, Lady Bird......

So was Vitter wearing a diaper for the hookers or what?

I wish I could be more direct- but I can't.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Wow, Gupta's getting an earful from comments on his blog.

watching the sara taylor testimony,

Congressional option-Inherent contempt

Time is about up.

NYT Editorial: "... the sheer breadth of interference described by sugeon general..."

An example of a rightwinger's brainwashing

McCain Phone Call On Senate Property Raises an Ethics Question...

Bush War Crimes Death Toll Up to One Million

Gupta's Expert (?) Who is Paul Keckley: A review ? ? ?

Patrick Leahy: hitting back hard on politicizing the hiring and firing of U.S. attorneys!


State Rep. Bob Allen (R-FL) authored Florida's "Sexual Predators Elimination Act."

I just sent an e-mail to the McCain campaign.

Name escapes me... guy who staged girl crying at Kerry rally when

Huffington Post: "The Great Impeachment"

Specter says Dems broke their promise

Why did I switch to H&C on Fox Noise just now? Why?

If you want the D Presidential Candidates asked about impeachment

Florida State Rep. (R) Arrested For Offering To Perform Oral Sex In Men's Room For $20

So I got a thank you note from one of the troops

Sarah Taylor repeat Testimony on CSPAN2 NOW.

And now, LIVE from Tampa, Florida...Bob Allen (R-FL)...absent from local FoxNews

Jury duty excuse: I'm a racist, homophobic liar

Sara Taylor on CSPAN2 NOW!.........n/t

Why would any person choose to live in the dark, greed-ridden PNAC death zone?

Can I call someone I disagree with a mentally insane creature...

Best JMM post ever?! The McCain/Giuliani prostitution race

Am I the only one who expects the Harriet Myers subpoena fight to end up in the Supreme Court?

I've been out all day - just now watching Sara Taylor . . .

From LBN: Cheney Has Found a Way To Get The Funds To Run His Office

Found a Poway Calif. number on list for 1/31/06 at 4:14pm multiple calls.

So... On A Propaganda Scale Of 1 (Being Minor) and 10 (Being A Metaphysical Monstrosity)...

A question regarding these new Hollywood moms and moms to be

Lady Bird Johnson with Bill Clinton and Poppy * - pics

Sara Taylor's History Profiled in WaPo: Sent to FL - "You create a system to check every ballot..."

Total rejects -

How is this still allowed to happen?

I am so trying to fucking warn you guys =

US Army joins with RCMP to shutdown political discussion in Canada - WTF!?!?!?

I am sorry -

Iron Eyes Cody and Lady Bird

If you had to lay odds on the next Republican hypocrite sex scandal....

KIA July to-date

Flynt says he has info on 2 more Senators and 25 Congressmen

Can anyone help me with the logic, please? I am a pretty logical guy - but...

Is it against DU rules to infer that a Democratic candidate

3610 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

The 'religious' Right displays ignorance when it comes to Hinduism

Rep. Bob Allen 's 'recreational interest' . . . . water sports.

FR: FL Rep Offering BJs in Park Restroom "Must Have Been Dem!"

Okay, Louisianans. If Vitters resigns, does Blanco get to appoint

Can I PLEASE have 6 minutes of your time?

One-U2/Mary J. Blige (Save Darfur)

Justice Department says White House Can Do What it Wants (US Atts)

Solution to Terrorism

Bush thinking of giving Dave Vitter new GOP Cabinet Level Position

“ I wish to be the President of the United States.”


Would BushCo/PNAC allow large numbers of al-Qaida build up just to fulfill their "prophecies"?

Escaping Iraq, turned down by Jordan, heading to Syria...a family's story.

Hey! I found a these two really stupid Bush/Cheney on-line games

Talk of deal for LA Dem governor to appoint a GOPer in event Vitter resigns!

I'm Laughing My Ass Off at All the GOP's News Today

Score 1 pundit: Jack Burkman is on DC Madam's list! He's a conservative pundit on MSM cable news!

Bush will leave to successor "difficult agenda, damaged Presidency, legacy of crisis"

Hot Damn Karma is a bitch isn't it...I love all of the Vitter, Allen stories

LOLOLOL!!! Rosie, Rosie, Rosie

Sanjay Gupta caught lying by Media Matters

McDonald's Refuses To Serve Woman With No Hands


Dear Asshole Republican Senators,

MUST-LISTEN: Daniel Schorr on NPR Today - "Reading a Letter From the Front: A Soldier in Iraq"

Sh*t. Keith isn't on tonight. I really looked forward to hearing him discuss Sara Taylor's

Pic showing AD running in initial primary states!

Number Of Times We Will Be Reminded Of DU Rules Between Now And November 2008 ???

The day after the gold was found Giuliani stop looking for victims remains?

China Not Sole Source of Dubious Food

Bush loses war on terror

Holy Restless Leg Syndrome Batman... Cindy Sheehan Makes Democrats Nervous !!!

Obviously this needs to be repeated

So Cindy Sheehan is now planning to take on John Conyers? What a sad creature she has become.

Sicko has been held over in our town. We had to raise hell to

Just where the hell is Grand Prairie Texas, and who the hell is calling the DC Madam from there?

== Bush Pardons Entire GOP = By Mark Morford

FELONY: "Telling A Person Not To Show Up In Response To Subpoena Is A Felony-See For Yourself" (TPM)

Sara Taylor dispatched to Florida Recount 2000 to create pinpoint tracking system for ballots

Amy Rohbach sitting in for KO. Bad decision, TV is off....

The Day The Dems Nailed It Down

Crush On Obama? Hot For Hill? What's next for the other candidates?

FYI: Larry Fynt coming up ASAP on Dan Abrahms/MSNBC.

Regarding Skeleton boy Chertoffs "gut feeling" that we will be

A beautiful question about vitter today in the local paper

In light of today's loss, I was thinking about Lyndon.

Assassination Question

So was Bill O'Reilly right about Cindy Sheehan?

Hey skinner...

Don't fear, the Reaper's here

Joe Biden, lol

Please consider thanking these Republican senators, especially if you live in their state.

Can California do better than Darrell Issa (R)?

The Republican 'War Defectors" have neither left the Pres nor are opposing him.

Why are some DUers defending Dick Cheney?

As long as we're discussing Chertoff ... here's a blast from the past

DSCC targets McConnell, Collins, Coleman, and Sununu in first '08 ad buy

See, Republicans really do care for the less well-to-do working man!

Can we got more on this: Babara Boxer supports IMPEACHMENT?

If gas starts becoming scarce and prices skyrocket, what happens to oil company stock prices?

Fans Not Happy With Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Kucinich: Administration Plays "Fear Card"

Which One Are You?: DNC, DLC, DFA? And Something Else,

British Divorcee Weds Bin Laden Son (what's wrong with this picture)

I know a little about what Cindy S. is going through....

GOP's Sizzlin' Summer Line-Up

I have a feeling in my gut, too

Joe Biden: "Get a life. Nobody compares me with Dennis Kucinich. No one"

General Clark on KO now

"Gay sweaters", diaper wearing Senators and a Republican state rep cruising mens room for sex.

New York Times smears Edwards again (as a hypocrite)

Sheehan followers threaten Conyers office sit in

GOP's Huckabee implies obese people are to blame for our health care crisis

"Matrix" by Nick Anderson

Robert Novak claims GOP voters have high standards

Keeping us Safe from Indie Rock - V V

Impeach 'Em Both, God Will Know His Own

Previous Boasts Of Success Against Al-Qaeda Come Back To Haunt GOP

Bush Goes To Summer Camp! Kamp Kanwinit by Mark Fiore

Does Bush Have a Direct Line to God? (or just Scalia?)

God talks to Bush - W R Marshall

CIA Said Instability Seemed 'Irreversible' (in 2006!) By Bob Woodward

Rob Kall: Notes to myself on Impeachment

Save the (Republican) Senators (by Marie Cocco at Truthdig)

Opposition to American Oil Grab is Unifying Iraqis

Twinkie, Deconstructed: Processing the American Diet

Planet Pentagon: The Earth, seas and skies

The core misconceptions in the 'war on terror'

Tariq Ali:In Princes’ Pockets (review of books on Saudi Arabia)

Tick, Tick, Tick

How Bush's AIDS Program is Failing Africans


A harvest of hypocrisy: Strict enforcement of immigration rules will leave crops to rot in South GA

Bush's Royal Edict: Don't Cooperate With Congress (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Brent Budowsky: George W. Bush, War Profiteers, and the Terrorism-Industrial Complex

Are you afraid to be wrong?

Kicked out, gay teenager finds role (by Desiree Cooper for The Detroit Free Press)

Bill Scher: Dr. Gupta's Bias

FEMA: Still F’d Up

Truthout: Does Cheney Keep Bush in Charge?

Bush and Cheney’s Tortured Secrecy

“We just want the misery to end,” says one European diplomat.

Barbara Ehrenreich: Healthcare vs. the Profit Principle

Ezra Klein: The MSM's Michael Moore Inferiority Complex

The Military-Industrial Price Tag

Privileged Grotesques, Ordinary Monsters and the Iraqi Deathscape.

Michael Moore Needs To See This!!

Shooting the Messengers: The blogs are the new Fourth Estate

How Rich Are You?

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Which Side Are You On?

Don't Regulate (Political Contributions) Confiscate (Excess Wealth)


Vermont lawmakers fail to override veto of nuclear power tax bill

crosspost: "I live in one of the last agricultural zoned areas"

UK Report on Climate Change May Be Absurdly Optimistic

"Despite a recent plea by former Vice President Al Gore, Vermont lawmakers Wednesday failed to ..."

crosspost: Fake Firm Gets Nuclear License in U.S. Gov't Sting

Offshore (Windpower) Score since 2001: Europe 24, U.S. 0

Ground Broken on Solar Energy Project in Oregon

Massive Spanish-German solar project enters second phase

Oil Tanker Runs Aground Off NYC

Dengue Fever Epidemic Underway In SE Asia - At Least 125K Cases So Far In 2007

Australian Business Group Calls For 20% GHG Cut By 2020 - Howard Ridicules Same Goal By Activists

crosspost: Oil shipments begin to N Korea

Industry 'threat' to rare African flamingo (BBC)

Shrinking glaciers in Xinjiang sound climate warming alarms - Xinhua

Melting ice drives polar bear mothers to land - Reuters

EU tightens toxic shipment rules - BBC

Wolves targetted again

Budget cuts curb efforts for endangered species

Bingaman Bill Sets Price Controls On Carbon For Industry - $12/Ton Limit - WP

Financing Plan Helps New Yorkers Acquire Solar Energy

Water World: Slipping Toward Climate Catastrophe

Neb. Governor Declares State Of Emergency To Waive Trucking Rules To Deal With Gasoline Shortages

Tropicana Latest Target of AC Union

Hearing on: The Use and Misuse of Presidential Clemency Power for Executive Branch Officials

Help EFF Examine Once-Secret FBI Docs

UN concerned over US Iraq policy

Sarah Taylor repeat Testimony on CSPAN2 NOW.

Thank you Lady Bird Johnson .....

NY firefighters attack Giuliani

A Nuclear Ruse Uncovers Holes in U.S. Security

Brazil's dusts mothballs off nuclear programFrom correspondents in Sao Paulo

Vermont lawmakers fail to override veto of nuclear power tax bill

Budget cuts curb efforts for endangered species

Iraqi police assisted gunmen (Kerbala attack)

AFL-CIO Backs Bingamin-Specter Carbon Emissions Bill

Fake Firm Gets Nuclear License in U.S. Gov't Sting

Latin America visit by Harper to focus on foreign policy

Man pleads guilty in Iraq espionage case

Cox: Bush was wrong on Libby. Republican (Atty Gen) raps commutation

National Archives Release 11 Hours of Nixon Tapes

Lady Bird Johnson dead at 94

Chileans Want State Copper Back

A Scolarship and an Incentive

UNHCR doubles aid appeal for Iraq, 2,000 flee daily

Friendly fire inquest finds deaths were avoidable (Iraq, 2003)

Jury Acquits 5 who protested in Sen. Grassley's Office

Showdown Looms Over Fired Prosecutors

Report on Iraq Sees Progress; Bush Rejects Troop Pullout

Rossi group replaying themes of 2004 race (WA Gov Race)

McCain Loses Two Iowa Strategists

Seven killed by suicide bomber at Iraqi wedding

Kucinich Iran stance outrages Ohio Jewish leaders

Olmert claims Lebanon war was a success

Bush: Yes, we broke the law. We're moving on. Get over it.

(Repub Michigan AG) Cox: Bush was Wrong on Libby ("Just Plain Wrong All Around")

China Not Sole Source of Dubious Food

Baca seeks authority to order Home Detention

House panel rejects Bush privilege claim (showdown)

Nobel laureate calls for removal of Bush

Michael Moore on Keith Olbermann tonight

Oil tanker grounded off New York City

Gun shops under closer scrutiny

Fla. Farmer Fined For Paying Foreign Workers More Than Americans

Report: Air Controllers Cover Up Errors

Bush dismisses CIA leak as old news

Intel Report: Al-Qaida Aiming at U.S.

House oks plan to withdraw US troops

Reuters photographer and driver killed in Iraq

Task Force Marne unit attacked (1 soldier killed)

Union won’t file HSPD-12 complaint against GSA -- yet (Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12)


Labor board files complaint vs Washington Post (1,200 Post workers)

Feds probe missing CDC gear. Theft suspected in some cases

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday July 12

Court Denies Stay; Webcasters Turn To Congress

Chertoff says Qaeda not posing pre-Sept 11 threat

Arrested pol is McCain campaign Florida co-chairman (sex charges)

Pentagon: U.S. troops shot 429 Iraqi civilians at checkpoints

US Senate warns Iran on Iraq attacks

Edwards Campaign HQ Evacuated

14,000 (NJ) Ameriquest consumers eligible for payback

Sharpe James indicted on 33 counts

Lawsuit: Girls Abused at Detention Hall

(Rep. Sam) Farr signs resolution to impeach Cheney

More rest for troops defeated in Senate

Oil hits 11-month high (of $77 bbl)

Lebanon army shells militants after 2 soldiers die

Christian fraternity sues University of Florida

Romney's Not So Republican Past

House votes to withdraw most troops by April 1, 2008.

Army Official Urges Mental Health Reform

House Moves On Contempt Proceedings Against Miers

U.S. Foreclosures Increase 87 Percent as Prices Fall

BREAKING: CA Judge To Order New Election After Diebold Touch-Screen Election Records Destroyed

Silent flag protest raises outcry

Detainee dies at US prison in Iraq ("assaulted by other inmates")

Bush admits administration leaked CIA name

'A dead Iraqi is just another dead Iraqi... You know, so what?'

Firing by Bush rejected by Whatcom County boundary official

(Colombia's President) Uribe's cousin allegedly tied to death squads

Latest China food scare: Bogus buns


Interesting quote

I almost got into a debate about procrastination - but I thought I'd do it tomorrow!

Prison and Work...

whoops, heehee, wrong thread...

The Fuck Bush Bench is Back....

What are A Few of Your Favorite Things?

I miss winter

how do people feel about donation drop boxes?

I'm back. But not in black :)

I love this song


Breaking: Pope Claims bush Not Christian

I've been checking out the Rapture Ready boards

Coral Lipstick—It's You! Or So Says a New Cosmetics Algorithm

I'd like to say a few words on the very serious subject of Schizophrenia....

"Less dressy? What do you think this is?"

I'm not in the mood to work

have you ever been caught outside during a lightning storm? struck?

Anyone remember the cheesy early 70s commercial for the Party Ring?

Dustin Hoffmann in this movie??!!??

Woman fighting to fly flag upside down

end of an era on the north shore

Jamie Oliver To Blame For The Downfall Of School Lunches

comprehensive early to mid-90s computer/hacker movie motifs thread

iPod shocker: Lightning electrifies jogger's head

So, Jim Morrison died in the shitter of some bar?

Anyone here work for a technology "help desk" for a company?

"At the tone, please record your message. When you are finished, hang up....."

i accepted the challenge

I just vigorously spanked the monkey

Forget answering machines for a minute. THIS IS A FAX RANT!

Name some songs about tennis

Grab your nuts!

We got our seat confirmation: Row H, seats 27 and 29, center right.

Man, it's been great a few of my last posts in GD have caused this

Check in here if you don't "get" Harry Potter.

People are bastard-coated bastards, with bastard filling.


This guy just requested to be my friend on MySpace. Is he out of his mind?

Do you think humans really existed?

Hit the Road, JACK! JACK-FM in NYC is no More. WCBS-FM has returned!

Mini and Micro car show in Newton MA this weekend

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 7/12/2007)

I'm requesting that this disruptive thread be removed immediately.

WH back's off Chertoff's "gut feeling"

Planning a one week trip to Spain next spring, Questions.

Hey! Anyone know where I can get a Mission Accomplished Banner?

List women that have your first name on their titties.

I sprained my ankle REALLY badly.

Study: Women Are in Charge at Home

Shredded Iceberg Lettuce - what's the point?

Am I on your Ignore List?

Would it be worth is to have a job posting forum on DU?

I just ate a candy bar--now I'm going to be sick.

Skinner: A suggestion for new forum: GD: Hot Pockets du Jour

Don't do this in conservative Milwaukee suburbs...Multi-tasking man arrested

what's the most challenging book/author you've ever read?

Trouble with your printer? Could be this:

To continue the transportation theme, name some songs with boats in them.

The more I see of the promos for the new "Hairspray" movie...

Ever think the sure sign you aren't a genius is the fact you're still alive?

gnarly gnomes knocking around in nome, alaska

Rock stars who have died of cancer


Health Care Horror Stories

Funniest Advice Letter I have ever read

17 people ill after Chicago food fest

Well I'm Off To LaraMN's House

No Reservations is a remake too

Dog joke on me!

Well, I'm off to matcom's house

I could pretty much kiss the muffler repair guy. Possibly with tongue.

Check here if you don't give a crap about Beatrix Potter.

Does anyone else not like chocolate?

List lists

Well I'm off to Matcom's House....

List songs that have the words "gut" or "feeling" in the title.

Woman Throws Herself On Hood Of Car - Hangs On For 1.5 Miles - While Holding Her 4 Month-Old

Click here if you don't give a crap about a hairy peter

I am so sick of leaf blowers

If I catch a bunny in my yard, will it bite me?

Do you feel like gutting?

My little jird Farouk is gone.

Here's what's wrong with corporate America

Don't Forget! Michael Moore will be on with Keith Olbermann tonight

Would have been easier to just call a cab...

Guess what?

Do you tend to have very little appetite when you're in heat?

In case anyone missed this on YouTube...........

Anyone Else use GNOME GUI for Linux?

Law And Disorder

I falafel.

that cow must have loved me

We're having a "Castrati Party" at my house tonight.

You need new socks

Anyone remember matcom's thread about the "Man baby"??

Top 25 funniest car names...

87 Year Old Man Hitchhikes From Utah To Pennsylvania In 2 Days (Didn't Tell His Family)

Calling CaliforniaPeggy, do you like this pendant?

Cops Break Up Fight Between Bar Patron, Guy In Eagle Suit (Man Dressed As Beaver Looked On)

List bongs that have your first name in their titties.

Can you paint over wallpaper? Please say yes.

Am I an alchoholic?

Gimme that Old Time Religion

Looks like I'm getting a new fridge — for free!


I've got dryer balls

Rock star back at university again after 33 gap years

METALLICA Guitarist Says His Pet Dog Was Penetrated By Next-Door Neighbor

List songs that have the song's title in the title

Separated at birth...

i talked to my ex gf on the phone

Diverted AA Eagle Flight Pilot Buys Passengers Pizza

Do you tend to have very little appetite in heat?

Stupid brother, giving me his damn stupid cold!

Surveillance photos posted of Vitter in rest stop restroom.

Has anyone heard from ThomCat?

What do you think happens to the soul when we die?

Tom or Jerry?

Do any of you make and or sell your own jewelry? How do you do it? Know anyone who does?

Ben or Jerry?

List people that have soul

Does Anyone Know Where To Get A Good Pendant?

Update on my Dad, sort of:

300th post! Do I get a prize or something?

Well it's official I'm a food snob...

Are you allowed in the Lounge if you don't care for cats?

Favourite Otis Redding tune (DOCK OF THE BAY EXCLUDED)

Carlos Menica is such a fraud

A smiley I want to see: A plain, straight face, signifying "Have an average day", or something.

If matcom is a "douchebag of the highest order", what other douchebag ranks are there?

Post your mug shot here!

Well, I'm off to Matcom's House!

Today's harvest

TWO!! weeks with no computer

list rock stars who look like they are pics if you can

I just made a squash-zucchini casserole....Who wants some?

I just had fried zuccini and CaliforniaPeggy for lunch.. Ask me Anything!!!

Need help with a "sweet sixteen" CD playlist

David Vitter's favorite book?

Is there a better multi-seasoning than Montreal Steak Seasoning?

Here's what's wrong with YOU

Another movie that really should not have been made

Walking with Dinosaurs - The Live Exerience

Ripped from Matcom News!

Happy fucking 23rd birthday to the Vominatrix!

I feel awful

I'm requesting that these disruptive pants be removed immediately.

My newest pendant....thanks to puerco-bellies!

For the wife:

We're having a "Soprano Party" at my house tonight.

Strangest letter to an advice columnist I've ever seen

The pros and cons of digital music

Post a quote, then let people guess who said it.

Sorry for such serious content, but take action to help Yellowstone WOLVES:

Shame I have to resort to this...where is Bullwinkle925 (AKA, MY SISTER)??

Puppy pix! Post 'em if you got 'em!

I had the best supper tonight (What did you have?)

Oh how I truly despise AT&T...

My world is different today

NOLA DUers (or anyone who's familiar with New Orleans)...a few questions...

Are Information Tech People Too Arrogant?

Fire up a candle (or somethin'), ya'll, for matcom. He's got a big job interview tomorrow!

How different is living in NYC than SF?


Check here if you don't give a crap about Harry Potter...nt

As the parent of two toddlers...

It's a Big Hole: The power of flowing water.

Check here if you don't give a crap about Sherman T.Potter.

This is sort of a strange thread but it involves my first 'wedding' gift and a Du'er who made it

From the "no shit, Sherlock dept": men gossip more than women

list songs that have a number in the title

Mother And Baby Kicked Off Airplane - 19 Month Old Too Talkative

My Bookstore Opens Tonight! Wish me luck!

List songs that have your first name in their titles.

Oh, wow.... Chinese food 'made from cardboard'

See my desktop, show off yours.

Do you think dragons really existed?

Songs that make you happy

Oh you Student Loan Collection people are hilarious.

Please explain your avatar and its meaning

On the night in which he was betrayed, Colonel Sanders took the bucket of chicken, gave thanks,...

Do you have a "gut feeling?" What is it?

How do you kill a circus?


Today in labor history 7-12

Labor Board’s Union Election Process: Neither Free Nor Fair

Need info from Labor Gurus! (retro pay)

SUNY researchers win NLRB ruling (The National Labor Relations Board has reversed itself)

Studios call for study of writer residuals system

LA Times: More employers doing away with pensions ('This is a watershed event,' one expert says.)

NYT: Rate Cut for Workers’ Insurance Will Save Employers $1 Billion

Upcoming election for National Treasury Employees Union

A call for justice against Bush (post-Libby)

CAUGHT ON TAPE !!! Presidents Bush & Johnson!

Tribute to Kent Hovind

The Chicago Way

N.Y.F.D. vs Rudy

Rep. William Delahunt: What Libby Did Took Us into a War!

If you feel like watching 5:27 of Tucker Carlson

Professor Berman--Libby's Commutation Can't Be Justified

Cindy Sheehan on Morning Joe - July 11, 2007

Michael Chertoff Is Way Out Of Line!

Whatever happened to Karen Hughes???


Bush addresses the Libby commutation

Rep. George Miller on fire in the House (College Cost Reduction Act)

Howard Dean today: What Bush is not telling you about Iraq

Christian Right Activists Disrupt First Hindu Prayer In Senate: "This Is An Abomination"

Bush's former Surgeon General Richard Carmona BLASTS him and his anti-science Administration.

Irrefutable Evidence. IMPEACH Cheney and Bush NOW.

Pope: Other Christians not true churches

Anyone watching the congress debate on IRAQ

We need NEW LEADERSHIP: GODZILLA/MOTHRA 2008!!! (photos ... dialup warning)

Them GOPers thought they were so Smart(as in the Caveman Shrink)

Arizona Senate wipes own ass with 1st Amendment

Dogs Against Romney

Quantum Cheney Physics

Any decent programmers out there with a little time on their hands? (Re: DC madam phone list)

the guest for Hannity's radio show today tried to say the Freedom Concerts were better than Gores

I wonder who does recommed me -

A ray of hope for we Dems and Americans here...

Aaaw.. Vitter has a staunch DEFENDER

So I'm at the county fair today...

Lieberman's party chairman calls for probe of Lieberman

Question: Miers doesn't show up. What should Democrats do?

My son asked me "What's irony?"

Congress Needs To Hold Harriet Miers In "Inherent Contempt" If She Doesn't Show Up Thursday

I do realize the very nice things said on my behalf -


Massive Bank Heist in Baghdad: Guards steal $282 million cash dollars

Guerrillas bomb Pemex pipelines

RCMP, U.S. Army block public forum on the Security and Prosperity Partnership

Thanks - this is off of my chest now - no emails or anything.

$1.4 billion a year isn't enough for some people

George W Bush does not care if most people want to end the war.

A "diagnosis" a la Frist:

From John's Boner to Dave Vitter's dirty didees it's all part of...

People, the government and its media are preparing us for more terra.

I think I could go this far -

Iraqi police assisted gunmen-U.S. Army report analyzes attack that killed 5 GIs

Relatives of 9/11 firefighters blast Ghouliani in video; cynical spokesman calls it "mockumentary"

What EXACTLY is Rove's position?

Reusable shopping bag company that also makes them with your group or company logo (minimum order)

Thanks, George.

WP, Bob Woodward: CIA Told Iraq Study Group Instability Seemed 'Irreversible'; Bush talked victory

CNN - Distorts the Image of Michael Moore on Their Web Video

WP: Despite "overwhelming" House vote, White House blocks Iraq Study Group follow-up

Tomorrow Morning

Casey says Army 'stretched,' 15-month tours can't be guaranteed (even longer tours?)

Bob Woodward: CIA Said Instability Seemed 'Irreversible'- * ignored them

'A dead Iraqi is just another dead Iraqi... You know, so what?'

Another Day, Another Felony for Bush

Waking up this morning to Terra Terra Terra, Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda

French Housing Minister Says 'It's Possible' Bush is Behind 9-11

Lest we forget, the Iraq Study Group was co-chaired by James Baker III,

Airport security is working! Man boards employee bus to his plane.

Previous Boasts Of Success Against Al-Qaeda Come Back To Haunt GOP

And the Buzzflash Media Putz of the Week is....

Special Treatment for Uncle Sam?

Term Limits for Congress being discussed again

I've got a (fairly obvious) question

does anyone have a link to Conyers Hearing. Looks like

Nader and Cindy...a Re-Think!

Buzzflash: Our Troops Have Not Failed: Bush and Cheney Have Failed Our Troops

a US colonal based in Iraq will be on cspan LIVE in a minute. call in time

Is Bush speech on at same time as Conyers?---Anyone have a link to conyer

NYT: Bush will sell nuclear weaponry to ANYONE!

Buzzflash Interview: Larry Beinhart explains the narratives of war...

Cheney funding clampdown in peril

Fuel ship bound for North Korea -- BBC World News

Two Conservatives Among Republicans Losing Faith in Iraq War Policy

Uninsured Americans Cost Medicare More

Anybody ever served on city council/county council? What was your experience?

Study: Women are in charge at home

Sara (I got bills to pay!) Taylor

Just Reported: Chimp to give Press Conference 10:30

Now this is just sad

Cult of the Founding Fathers

a US colonnal in Iraq 'US troops moral is HIGH"---taking calls on cspan NOW.

Dear Bu$h* Your War On Terror is an Absolute Failure

iPhone, The Musical

GOP senators push Bush for change of course in Iraq

A Nuclear Ruse Uncovers Holes in U.S. Security

Bush to Declare Gains in Iraq on Some Fronts; N Y Times

"History will judge what I am about..."

Leaked: US shot 429 Iraqis at checkpoints

Memory Hole - Libby walks free...

Bush to hold news conference 10:30 am: White House

Alabama folks, want a chance to protest with Cindy Sheehan?

Al Qaeda has grown so large so fast, CNN still has to use six-year-old video

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Measuring Bush's Benchmarks (in advance of the snowjob)

Republicans are less likely than Democrats to support a candidate who was unfaithful, poll shows

Conyers heaing HERE-live webcast 10 AM (ET--i assume)

Edwards Campaign Statement On Al Qaeda Rebuilding Its Operating Capability

Iraq: Turkish Incursion Into Northern Iraq Could Backfire

Bush fights to control Iraq strategy

Will Conyers hold the Judiciary hearing, even though Miers said she

"We have to fight terrorism over there....

What blatant sexism on the part of insurance companies…


BREAKING: Rule of Law in USA dismantled! All free to disregard the laws!

Man arrested in Baptist church-group sex assaults; 3 pastors cited for cover-up

Gee ya think Bush planned his Press Conference to overlap with

Dear AP, do you actually read the legislation you write about?

Need info from Labor Gurus! (X-posted from Labor Forum)

Turkey: Kurds have U.S. weapons

Huckabee takes personal shot at Michael Moore

Louisiana rumor: Vitter's "additional" child

Bush: Iraq gets 'Satisfactory' on 8 of 18 goals

Turkey: US Weapons in Guerrilla Hands - 140,000 soldiers on the border

What Are The Odds Harriet Miers Will Be In Cuffs This Time Tomorrow

"`Live Earth' Concerts No Big TV Draw"

* to hold press conference at 10:30 today!

How to overcome the obstacles to contempt charges for WH rejection of subpoenas

I wonder if this has anything to do with the * presser today

(LAT) Disregard subpoenas, Justice Dept. says

The 18 Benchmarks

OK Congress it is time to charge those who won't testify with contempt

Has anyone seen any "impeach" freeway blogs during the Tour de France?

latest alexa numbers-freerepublic in trouble

I'll add another one to my D.C. Madam's wish list..

Are you gonna miss bush's press conference @ 10:30?


Folks, we're getting a small taste of what September will be like

The Math That Matters...

Firing by Bush rejected by Whatcom County boundary official

Good grief. Clearly something powerful and FOCUSED needs to ...

Josh Marshall: F-Word Down the Memory Hole? (filibuster, not the other one)

Best line during the Tucker tirade last night..

Is This New Uptick in Terrorist fear techniques just a good way to

So who gets to arrest Meirs for contempt?

One of the articles in Clinton's Impeachment

The Rehabilitation of Colin Powell

Washington Post .....Sex, Lies and Republicans

OFFICIAL THREAD #2 House Judiciary Committee Hearing - Miers in CONTEMPT?

OFFICIAL THREAD #1 House Judiciary Committee Hearing with the no show Miers to start at 10AM

Michelle Obama rocks!

Legal question: Can Bush be impeached for perjury for saying that 8/18

Brownback takes aim at ‘Law and Order’ (to protect children)

Conyers: "If we don't enforce this subpoena, no one will ever come before this...

Why I think there will be another 'terrorist' attack on USA soil this year.

‘Inspiring Progress’ on Iraq?

Ich bin ein Iraqi

oliver north and osama bin laden...wayback machine...I need help...

bush has just said that it is not the job of Congress to run this war

Is Meirs on her way to Paraguay?

Rep Chris Cannon (R-Asshole) hereby nominated for #1 "Top Ten Idiot" of the week.

5 Nobel Laureates fight Iraq OIL THEFT law-"It Is Immoral & Illegal To Use War To Rob A People"

Back in Black

Bush* swore an oath to the American people

An example of how much people like bush - TV show last night

CSPAN3: replay of Bush presser, now.

Well thats an hour We will never get back

Sanity Check at FOX Noise w/ all the bad news for Bush*

Bush Still In Denial on Al Queda's New Pre-9/11 Strength: From Today's Presser

Chimpy's demeanor? Drunk again? Coke-jaw sliding? Giggling?

Surgeon general nominee faces questions today

Please folks, email the Judiciary via this link

Bush Just Gave Responsibility of Iraq to the Next Preisdent!!

Wiccan Warriors discussion of the Bill of Rights...4th Amendment

To Summarize Today's Press Conference & The Last 2 Days of Fear and Terror:

ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox pre-empted reg programming for Bush's presser

Bush decides free press is not a ‘cornerstone’ of democracy

The F-Word: down the memory hole?

Justice Dept. to White House officials: Ignore Congress

Vitter fathered an illegitimate child? (from Kos, 2004)

Bush on Plame: Who Cares?

Things that piss me off

OK, media: where's the coverage of the hearings?

Heavy coverage of Bush's retread same ol' same ol' -- not a word about hearings

Oh shit it looks like night time here right now

CNN wants us to submit nominations for their HEROES segment. Okay, let's!

So Gas went up 30 cents overnight (in addition to the 24 cents hike from last week)

Bush believes that dead American soldiers is the measure of progress.

A recurrent question from others when discussing Chimp's presidency:

Dems Need to NUKE the FIlibuster now and JAM IT DOWN their throats.

Democrats Must Stop Living In Past: What We Need Now Is The Guts To Get Us Out of Iraq

Anyone watching the chimp's press conference?

OriginalPCKELLY !!!! check you inbox! I got what you want I think (s)

The rise of THE SLIME (for real)

(Not real) BREAKING NEWS Headline: Pelosi: "Impeachment is back on the table!"

What's with all the gut feelings on terror? People trying to look like Nostradamus?

Edwards takes page from RFK's book | Following in the footsteps of MLK & RFK

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: I spoke to a very noncommital Representative Jan Schakowski.

Weathervane McCain flip-floppin' on CSPAN2. Yesterday, he voted

Vt. flooded - Barre in state of emergency

OFFICIAL Thread #1 Bush Press Conference

All of their cash is being carefully sequestered in banks, remote from risk.

Republicans vs. Repugniks

Yesterday, no benchmarks met. Today, 8 have been met and

a Col. Terry Ferrell in Iraq came to us via Wash. Journal this a.m.

AA London Flight Diverted


S.D. Holds First Execution in Decades

Homeland Security Comm. asks Chertoff what threat color is his gut feeling?

Try to cover this grass fire, and we'll break your cellphone

Bush Dismisses Iraq Critics: ‘War Fatigue’ Is Affecting Their ‘Psychology’

Mods, can you please create a Cindy Sheehan forum? All who need to discuss

"All that's missing is the feather where her head should be"

*** Official House Judiciary Miers Didn't Show *** Thread 2

"The Iraqi Stabilization Group" Condi - "The Unsticker" Nov 2003

Kucinich must Win. Here's why.

Where's all the Afterdowningstreet bashing threads?

Fake firm gets nuclear license in U.S. govt sting

So, Fucker Carlson wants to give Vitter a PASS because it's his PERSONAL LIFE.

Bottom line: Miers is in Contempt of Congress. next milestone 5 days away in this case

Good grief: Has Andrea Mitchell had another

that nuclear stuff sure gets around

Update: Democratic Plans For American Troops In Iraq

Prince Charles presents medals to troops for, well, you'll see (PIC)

jr's says not to worry, Al Qaeda is the strongest it's been SINCE 9/11!

Here's the danger of impeaching under Pelosi, and why her taking it off the table cost us everything

"Gut Feeling": good e-mail I received

Interesting poll (admittedly from a few months ago)

What in the world is WRONG with our security people?

"Ohio: Stolen Device Contains 859,800 IDs"

Giuliani/Australian company is leader in leasing U.S. toll roads

Cindy Sheehan: Strange Bedfellows

Cavuto Airs Segment About David Vitter But if You Blinked, You Wouldn't Know he Was a Republican

Is it just me or does it seem that

Iraq bank heist nets thieves nearly $300 million

ABC Producer Tapped As CBS Bureau Chief

Lady Bird Johnson passed away - why doesn't DU have something on the front page

DU Gift for Vitter? To comfort him in his time of need.

'DU' this 'Tucker' poll! ('DC Madam' topic)

Phony Tony takes WH dog and pony show to Oxyboy's program

Flood victims near here will get FEMA trailers from Hope, Ark.

Post here is you want to respond to this post about the other posts

Looks like Lousiana lost a good journalist

*** Official House Judiciary RNC Emails*** Thread #1

Whoops! New Video Shows Romney Once Sprinted Madly From GOP Label

Big News on the Public Airwaves Front

BREAKING: A highway in Michigan has water on it. But NO report on hearings.

Top Intel Analyst Says Surge Is Failing, Kristol Counters It’s Going ‘Better Than Anyone Expected’

the cindy sheehan joke thread

Kurds are not allowed to have U.S. made weapons?

Did anyone else hear Bush call them "Republics" during his press conference?

I haven't seen a word on the Conyers hearing on MSM

Vitter: "I don't have any friends."

Just watching Jim Webb preside over the Senate right now ...

You guys are real smart -

Wow!!! I Love this picture, and I am not religious at all...

Jay Leno - "John Edwards is on the campaign trail...

Kevin Drum to David Ignatius: Cut the crap and admit no Dems want "pell-mell" retreat from Iraq.

Dave Lindorff: Impeachment Countdown - Are Bush and Cheney Starting to Lose Sleep?

Bush and the Constitution: "Just a Goddamned Piece of Paper"

Pelosi: ‘Iraq Report Describes a Policy Badly in Need of a New Direction’

Inherent Contempt Congressional action against executive branch officials:

CBS News Chief: Couric Staying Anchored

The Queen gives * some advice

Congressman Mel Watt inches closer to impeachment:

Right-wing gasbaggery doesn't have the punch it used to have

Edwards: Bush's Iraq/September 11 remarks 'border on the delusional'

"Cindy Should Run in the Democratic Primary"

CNN to cover the arrest at the Senate this mourning -

Am looking for that story about republicans like being spanked and wearing stockings

Michael Moore on with Keith Tonight

Helen THOMAS: "Mr pResident, YOU started this war. You can end it today."

Reid: Administration's Troubling Iraq Status Report Underscores Need To Change Course

Kerry speaking in the Senate now CSpan 2

Jeanette Maier: "Most Clients Who Wanted To Be Dominated Were Republicans"

Some great comments on NYT blog on religion

Next Steps In US Attorneys Scandal: Why Contempt Won’t Work -CREW Proposes Alternative Solution

Funeral Arrangements Announced For Lady Bird Johnson

"Inheirant Incompetence"

Help! I'm looking for a List of Bush's Mistakes!

Sosobad O'Brien is back on CNN!

Molly Ivins said it best

Treaty obligation with South Vietnam ?

Threats by religious group at CU-Boulder ("Anybody who doesn't Believe should be taken care of")

Typhoon Man-Yi heads for Japan

David Corn "DC Madam Records Lead to...Pat Moynihan?"

O'Reilly: To "cluster" homosexuals near children is "insane" and "inappropriate"

A hometown poll could use some DU love


"Invasion of the Body Snatchers." -- The original one from the '50s.

Senator Smith is a disgrace to the party.

Roger Ebert Commentary: Chris Curveball & the Blonde Bomb (Ann Coulter)

My Mother-in-law

*** Official House Judiciary The Repukes are crazy *** Thread #3

I must have dreamt that Meiers was voted to be in contempt today

Barack Obama's Nuclear Ambitions

Caption the... uh... what in the hell?

The argument made by Cannon (R-UT) that Miers was excused from appearing b/c Exec Privilege...

Watching debate on Iraq C-Span

I am so sick of leaf blowers

Tucker Carlson thinks Obama "sounds like a pothead" ... Media Matters

Harris Poll: Bush Approval Sinks to Nixon Levels

Obama response to voters......the real short version (why I like mike gravel)

the latest GOP sTalking sPoint: congressional control over war plans

Bush acknowledges his administration leaked CIA operative's name

The Senator from Wisconsin cannot frighten me

This just in: From the Texas Statehouse

Could this be one reason Deborah Palfrey was targeted?

White House vs. AP/Rueters photos of *'s news conference today - pics

Why We Need More Investigations Like Cheney Needs More Power

PHOTO: As we dim the lights, one final dance . . .put on your sweater & grab your main squeeze...

Spokesperson: GOP Senator Domenici To Vote Against Withdrawal Next Week

Plans To Build Day Care Over Historic Graveyard Prompts Outrage

George W. Bush strangles Nancy Pelosi with bare hands, Dems still say no to impeachment!

Plane diversions, bomb alerts, gut feelings...

Hidden Power by Charles Derber

Homosexuality Is A Sin, Mayor Says (Fort Lauderdale,FL)

FACT CHECK: Bush’s Claims Of ‘Satisfactory Performance’ In Iraq Debunked

Who are the Izzy Stones of today?

Miers No Show! ARRRGH!

"What ever happened to the new WAR CZAR?" That's a question

Gotta hand it to Joe Biden re: his comments on Bush's "Progress Report" in Iraq

Pelosi: The Bush Administration’s Iraq Report Describes a Policy Badly in Need of a New Direction

9-11 Body of Evidence - World Trade Center - Audio and Video files

Bush: Congress and the American People Should Butt the Hell Out and Let Me Be Dictator

Michael Moore on Keith Olbermann tonight

Ed Shultz will be on Hardball -Barnacle is hosting n/t

Iranian Forces, Kurdish Guerrillas Clash

Bush said today that you don't run a war or make decisions...

Since I've been here never seen ANY important issue ignored here like the Iraq debate occurring now

Turkey vs. Iraq?

Pelosi is speaking on House floor right now

If our enemy in Iraq is al Qaeda, and Iran is our enemy


DC Madam phone record search: someone at ADCS (think Duke Cunningham scandal)

26 percent

So who's taken bets that miers skips town?

Breaking news: Iraqis to Bush

Cable News Smackdown on AOL...Has Moore Beating Up On Wolf as part of the collection.

Should we call Vitter's office asking if it's true that he likes to wear diapers?

Analysis: Iraq Report Won't Help Bush

Chutzpah Administration threatens to veto student loan bill, claiming it won't help "the neediest"

tony snowjob on msnbc

Catholics for an end to the war in Iraq, a petition.....

So Tucker is hiding today after yesterday's blow-up? Plus plaigiarist BARNICLE "in" for Tweety

Counterterrorism analysts say al-Qaida thriving in "safe haven" Bush allowed them in Pakistan

What are current regulations for land crossings to/from Canada?

$3,816 Per Second

House about to vote on Iraq War withdrawal... Firm date April of 2008

If there is another terror attack in this Country (a al "I've got a gut feeling)

15 Congress Members for Impeachment

WOOT! Cafferty just read my email!

Walton: Libby's "Supervised Release" begins now.

Mixchael Moore on Olbermann tonight MSNBC at 8pm EST

And in Delusionville, the crickets are chirping

Ha! A state GOP legislator from NC resigns for "inappropriate conduct."

Robert Kennedy Jr.: Free Market Can Save the Environment

self delet epoll was too confusing

Monitor Radio shut down in Mexico: Where's the Outrage?

McClatchy: In Baghdad, even babies quickly learn to duck snipers

China debuts opulent public restroom

Regarding Impeachment strategy - timing is important

223-201 DEMS passed the Iraqi withdrawal bill (april, 2008)-10 dems Nays

CNN: AP: Al Qaeda stepping up

I was just told I need to study some history RE Dems are the party of Slavery. remove edit

The House of Representatives votes to withdraw most U.S. troops from Iraq by April 1, 2008.

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Thurs 7/12... US Version of the Oracle of Delphi?

Iraqi Toddler Tells Bush What It's Really Like In Baghdad

"Talk Of IMPEACHMENT" Bill Moyers Journal (PBS)

Oh he can say it

The YouTube Debates: are you submitting a question?

two things special about this case...

There is absolutely no end to the terra terra terra and not one raising of the alert level.

Republicans Involved In Sex Scandals?! QUICK! Terra terra terra!!!111

How is the Miss New Jersey "blackmailer" committing a crime?

Edwards: Bush's Iraq/September 11 remarks 'border on the delusional'

so that's how it works.

Time to put this RW bullshit away. Vitter and Allen are NOT about sex.

It takes the same amount of votes to overturn a Bush* veto as it does to Impeach

What's Your Favorite FR Vitter Excuse?

Health care wars -- one more try -- INTERNATIONAL DUers, PLEASE READ

Hindu prayer in Senate disrupted

As the parent of two toddlers...

great headline: Laura Bush to Attend Johnson Services

Eleven Hours of Nixon Tapes Released

We need a new forum for all those making new forum suggestions

The Repub on Hardball just called Obama

NBC's Richard Engel: A New Generation of People Are Now Radicalized into Attacking

DU did Roses for Helen is it time for Depends for Vitters

Repug offer to do oral sex on a police officer -- BIG Misunderstanding

Guards steal $282 million from a bank in Baghdad

so good old harriet, "he's really cool", miers got to skate, huh?

R.I.P. Corbin Harney

I Got A Most Surprising Phone Message Today - From The Selective Service System

Barnicle wants to know "why we should care about hookahs"

Question: Was the Bush presser today scripted?

Al-Qaida ready to strike inside U.S., 'AP has learned'

Before Today's Bush Press Conference: Setting the Bush Record Straight >>

A question for those who lived through the Lyndon Johnson/Vietnam war era.

Just an observation, but have you ever noticed in many of the news

Events Leading Up To ABC7 Wayne Freedman's Detainment

Anyone know who this is? He's on the CNN Homepage, looks kinda familiar.

What Bob Allen (R-Can I suck it) MEANT to say: (feel free to add your own)

Bob Allen arrest

End of the road for Internet Radio. Stay to keep it going denied

What do we Really Know About Nanotechnology?

If we spent the iraq war funding on alternative energy....

Rumsfeld Setting Up Service Foundation

Songs to Sing While Campaigning in a Diaper

Waxman to introduce ‘Surgeon General Independence Act'

Waxman to introduce ‘Surgeon General Independence Act.’

The Right Wing's Divorce from Reality - Bush vs. the Right Wing over the outing of Plame

SAM SEDER subbing for MALLOY tonight - 9p.m. - midnite

At least one resident of Keizer Oregon has a sense of humor.

has Halliburton completely withdrawn from Iran?

MYTH: The war “is lost.” FACT: Saddam invited us to come topple his regime!

Huh? Dumbo really said Iraqi isurgents same as 9/11 attackers?

Letter from Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) on WH white wash


Ben Nelson, D-Neb joined with GOPers against Dems to fund Darth Cheney

Huge U.S. security hole

Cindy Sheehan is a wonderful, passionate woman with an obvious commitment

Hillary to Attend YearlyKos Netroots Convention

Another sanctimonious right-wing Myspace bulletin

Tony Snow looks like the Grim Reaper is at his door.

and conservatives wonder why they're thought of as bigots...

US Petrol Usage Graphic from the economist pretty much says it all.

just sarted VOTE on FINAL passage of Iraq Withdrawal bill cspan

What's going to happen to RFK Stadium when the Washington Nationals move next year?

"Senate opened with a Hindu prayer placing false god on a level with Jesus!" 3 arrests.

Vitter Resignation Press Conference.. Will there be one?

What underlying shady reason does Cindy Sheehan have for running against Nancy Pelosi?

Can a presidential pardon be granted to a person being held under inherent contempt of Congress?

Linda Sanchez From House Judiciary Committee--On Miers; Call Now

You can't make this shit UP.. Bob Allen: "It was a very gross mistake"

Q. "How hard is it for you to conduct the war without popular support?"

Bush is a Republican

"I am ashamed of my government." (International Boundary Commissioner says NO to bush firing him)

Welcome Back to Summer 2001

If Soldiers Came From Another Country And Did This To My Family, I Would Be An Insurgent Too”

Warning to cute girls who are wannabee "beauty queens" or who expect to get jobs later on in life

"This is far and away the strongest global economy I've seen in my business lifetime,"

Regarding impeachment -- help me hammer a freeper!

Breaking News! Chertoff gut feeling was right!

Will Mrs Vitter Honor Her Campaign Pledge and Chop It Off?

Watching a Bush "press conference" can be dangerous to your brain.

Solving the country's problems is so easy when you're a freeper

It's almost 5 Pacific Time. Larry Flynt?

Take action to protect Yellowstone WOLVES:

White Courtesy Clue Phone

Can ANYBODY stand Tucker Carlson?

Cindy Sheehan/ protest at Conyers office - explanation from Swanson

Waxman requests materials from HHS to corroborate former Surgeon General Carmona's testimony


As Iraq debate rages, senators ponder refugees | Senator Kennedy: "WE CAN'T IGNORE IRAQ'S REFUGEES"

March to Impeach on Sept. 15

Cummins Contradicts Taylor: ‘Tim Griffin Wanted My Job, They Decided To Give It Him’

After much deep and profound brain things inside my head...

"Man has no right to kill his brother, it is no excuse that he does so in uniform. He only adds...

Where's CNN anchorwhore Kyra Phillips? Haven't seen her since Tuesday, day of her MM comment

John Boehner call his colleagues "wimps" about Iraq.

THE NEW WORLD DISORDER-"What we have here amounts to an administrative coup d'etat"

Bush ADMITS someone in the White House leaked Plame's name - Wants to 'move on'

House Panel Clears Way For Contempt Proceedings Against Harriet Miers (AP)

I have friends/family who don't vote because...

GOP = Got On Pampers

Does anyone else feel like they're living in a rain forest?

Firefighters: Giuliani Ditched 9/11 Body Recovery 24 Hrs. After Securing $230 Million In Buried Gold

Time to permanently declaw the Presidency?

This will not be the first time I've been called The Turd in the Punchbowl.

Impeachment Countdown: Are Bush and Cheney Starting to Lose Sleep?

reporting on the news here in Chapel Hill

Am I understanding this correctly?

Organic farming yields as good or better: study

NOBEL LAUREATE Calls For Impeachment Of Bush-"Right Now, I Could Kill George Bush"

Presidential Scholar, Afraid Bush Torture Letter Would Be Confiscated, Hid One Up Her Sleeve

Please help stop Prairie Dog poisoning on our federal lands

CINDY SHEEHAN (At Kos) "I Have Been Warned"

I thought yesterday was funny here on DU but today takes the cake!

Army recruiter just called AGAIN for my son. He said the school district gave them my son's

Skinner: A suggestion for new forum: GD: Hot Topic du Jour

"One Flag, One Language, One Loyalty" (but it's not xenophobic!): Today's strange LTTE

July 21st new Bill Maher LIVE special on HBO "THE DECIDER"

CNN: McCain Has Only $250,000 Left. BWAHAHAHAA!!!!!!

Would you DU this poll for me?

Bush already sees his own bleak future...

Post here if you want to start a Cindy Sheehan DU group

Was Sen. Vetter being blackmailed?

Now the rumor is that Vitter likes DIRTY wonder he paid $300

Freeway Blogger - One Of The Best Ever!

Anyone catch Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) comments after Harriet Myers failed to show?

Barbara Boxer: Impeachment "Should Be On The Table. ...As Close As We've Ever Come To A Dictatorship

Romney's Not So Republican Past

Republican Representative Arrested For Soliciting Sex In Titusville Public Restroom

GOP legislator beats wife with Bible; threatens to kill her

Judge Walton's ruling ....

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Rocks!!!!

Great. Cindy will bring a protest to Conyers. Who's next, Waxman? Kucinich?

Serious question about impeachment.

Kerry: "Are you ready now, or will it take another thousand?"

Impeachment activists targeting Peter Welch (Vermont)

Why would Vitter be the last man in Washington to worry about leaks?

If Bush tells Miers to defy subpoena, is that obstr. of justice?

All this talk about "gut feelings"......another LIHOP or MIHOP?

They don't sell Scotchguard anymore

Bush: "We're going to move on."

I scored an "8". See where you are on the Liberal vs Conservative scale

Pesticides are Reducing Crop Yields by ONE-THIRD

There is one thing in Sicko that really stuck with me.

Will Michael Moore Tackle HOMOPHOBIA Next?

Harriet Miers and the Widow Hen from "Foghorn Leghorn" - Separated at birth?

Senator David Vitter: DEPEND-able!

House passes bill to begin troop withdrawal in 120 days

Talking toddler and mother removed from flight in Houston-Continental Airlines

Great News about Human Population Growth

Democrats were not elected to "Impeach" we were elected to change direction in Iraq

Obama says No to Impeachment!

Jon Elliot

House GOP Leader Boehner rails dissenting votes in meeting as being "wimps"

Bush shows press corps how to blow off questions (mocks WH press core):

Guards steal $282 million from a bank in Baghdad

Kerry on Scarbourough this morning

Forget Sen. Vitter's penis: Follow his money

Julian Bond: 5 Million More Live in Poverty Since Bush Took Office

About air traffic controllers- a heads up

Few Presidential Hopefuls have Online Vote Registration

Obama polling well among independents in Virginia...

Maybe Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (R) should run for the Republican nomination.

my local Fox station says will cover Bush speech (not cabel)--wonder if

My wife and I where wondering about a few things about the House hearing today

From $3,150 each to practically worthless (FL Voting Machines)

Discrepancy between headlines on Yahoo homepage. Why?

Senate Dems Voting Much More in Step Than GOP

Time Poll: Obama considered Democrat with strongest faith; and possible troubling news for Hillary

Latest Rasmussen: Hillary beating Rudy, widened the gap between her and McCain

3rd Threat Package sent to Edwards campaign

Compare & Contrast: Churchill Jr. & Adolf Hitler...

Gravel to NAACP "debate" audience: "just how gullible are you?"

Not just talk - but 'walking the walk' ~ helping low income families

TPMCafe: Obama Slams White House Iraq Report--says "War should never have been authorized"

Bush's third term

Hard to believe -- money stolen in Iraq!?

The short term outcome, re: Harriet Miers

"Firemen douse Rudy’s image as 9/11 hero"

Worst DC media/punditry legacy

Conyers/Sanchez looking for what "next steps are warranted."...Call (here are #):

McCain Loses Two Iowa Strategists (AP)

Conspiracy Theory of The Day: Clinton to Edwards - "Our guys should talk."

DailyKos: Edwards Breaks Free (by David Mizner)

NYT political blog: Firefighters Take on Giuliani--who should be worried with 81 comments, so far--

"Reservered for Ms Miers"

Another Republican Gets into Sex Trouble

NYC: Bloomberg more popular than Guiliani...Hillary more popular than both...

Rasmussen: Hillary's favorability rating continues to improve...Guiliani's to fall...

"You can stand with Bush or you can stand with the American people."

Video link to the NAACP presidential forum which is now underway.

MSNBC: John Edwards takes page from RFK's book

Clinton to attend Yearly Kos

Edwards Campaign Statement On Al Qaeda Rebuilding Its Operating Capability

Kucinich: Interim Progress Report Confirms Now Is the Time to Begin Bringing Our Troops Home

AP forgets about 'inherent contempt"

The Rude Pundit: The White House Channels Chamillionaire

Rasmussen: Hillary increases lead over Guiliani by 1

Interesting Study on Candidate's websites

Bizarre news of the day: "Three's Company" Star Barnes Cast as Hillary Clinton

an impeachment petition link sent to me: just sharing it

Its all General Franks fault

McCain may have committed a federal crime on Tuesday

DFA Training at Yearly Kos next month.

Can someone help me out?

High Stakes Poker and presidential politics

on der chimpenfuhrer and his "many visits to the wounded troops"

Repuklicans: Take the (R) and replace it with an (F) now you fascist fckheads

State Rep busted for trying to pay to give oral sex to speak at 5pm

Quinnipiac: Obama bests Clinton against McCain, Thompson in OH, ties Rudy

RI Speaker Tempore Charlene Lima, State Legislators Endorse Clinton

Sen. McCain Mocks 'NYT' Iraq Withdrawal Editorial

Bush may have worried that sitting in prison, Libby might pen a nonfiction of his White House years

I really dig the Smashing Pumpkins' tune "United States" played at Live Earth NY

Mitchell and Cumo on Lou Dobbs now re: Democrats.

Rasmussen: Hillary's Lead against Romney & Thompson Drops, Now Tied with Thompson

Giuliani and "Swift Boat stuff"

41% of Americans still believe SH was involed in 9/11 attach (Newsweek)

Letter from Sen Robert Byrd and Hillary Clinton - Support the Byrd-Clinton amendment...

"al-quida has grown stronger BECAUSE of Iraq"--abc news tonight. whow

C-SPAN NOW: House about to vote on Iraq War withdrawal...

House vote means nothing we ain't leaving Iraq until this MOTHERFUCKER is out of office

I'm willing to give Pelosi the benefit of the doubt

Is the NAACP forum on the web somewhere?

Ethics groups blame AWOL McConnell

Bush Approval Sinks to Nixon Lowest Rating (26%). Cheney at 21%

Did anyone see this? Bush admits administration officials leaked identity of CIA agent

McCain only has $250,000 left. CNN. A scandal in Florida to boot.

Clark On Olbermann Tonight, Second Night In A Row!

Obama to co-sponsor legislation for Higher Taxes for Private-Equity and Hedge Funds

O'Reilly calls San Diego Padres "dumb" for inviting gay people and children on the same night, accus

Only 5 democrats refuse to follow the neocon Sessions on Iran -

The inexperienced kid from Illinois is not ready for the White House.

Impeachment has to be carried by someone other than Pelosi

HELP! We're being governed by an illiterate moron and we can't get free of him

Do Democrats ever say why Al Qaeda attacked us?

Guys - please check my latest: Moore vs. Blitzer - now calling out the snooze media

14 Iowa lawmakers endorse Clinton

Honest 'perverts' have a right to privacy that *must* be respected. Hypocrites? Not so much.

House passes bill to withdraw troops from Iraq

Impeachment backers: What do you hope to accomplish?

Quinnipiac Ohio: Hillary pulls into large lead....does best against Repubs...

Kucinich votes against troop withdrawal

My feelings on Cindy Sheehan

New Gallup Poll: Clinton Increases Lead, Gore Entry "would not alter" basic structure of race

Obama Offers Hope to Educators

need help please--anybody have a link to the vitter-diapers story? I read it several hours ago,

Did I just see correctly?!? Why did Kucinich side with the 'Pugs and vote NO on timetable?

5 Nobel Laureates fight Iraq OIL THEFT law pushed by Bush & big oil companies

Hillary to Edwards: Our guys should talk

Why Would Anyone Protest John Conyers?

Report on Iraq Sees Progress; OK, what happened to the true report?

Kucinich: The Only Way To End The War Is To Say NO To Any Additional Funding

AP: Obama outshines fellow Dems at NAACP Convention

I was never a big fan of Hillary Clinton, but after what Obama said about merit pay...

If John Kerry threw his hat in the ring ~ would you vote for him?

Rasmussen: Hillary has a net positive rating of 6% --- lowest among Dems