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Archives: July 11, 2007

Chinese product scares prompt US fears (BBC) {fireworks a success story?}

NGO Worker: 'Iraq Is Going to Fall Apart'

Seattle P-I editorial: Impeach Gonzales

Larry C Johnson: Terrorist Crock of Crap, Part Deux

Despite troop buildup, security remains elusive

In GOP, Growing Friction On Iraq

MAUREEN DOWD: History as an Alibi

CNN: "Stomaching" Michael Moore (by Frank Dwyer at HuffPost)

Fires In The Western United States: NASA

The cleanest place on earth - and the dirtiest

New ocean power technologies look promosing- claimed cost effective

IAA approves of building museum on ancient Muslim cemetery

Press source: Egypt rules out Fatah-Hamas talks in near future

Panel moves to cut off funds to Cheney

Tori Spelling becomes minister online (weds gay couple)

NGO Worker: 'Iraq Is Going to Fall Apart'

Starbucks Defends Itself at NYC Labor Relations Trial

Sea Shepherd Investigates Galapagos Tortoise Killers

Bush Finds No Way Out of Iraq as Approval Ratings Plunge

China protests unfriendly FBI advertisements

Data on Americans mined for terror risk

Surgeon General Sees 4-year Term as Compromised(Bush tried to weaken/surpress public health reports)

(Dem) Plan to ease middle-class taxes falters

KB Home shutting down in Indianapolis

Al Qaeda Cell in the U.S. Or On Its Way, According to New Intel

Bush again links Iraq violence to 9/11

'More Names Will Come Out,' Lawyer in D.C. Escort Case Vows

I don't want to show up

a funny story: The Night Of The Seven Fires by Chris Miller

Ok someone else did this the other day

Naughty Pixar lamp!

Spam I just got...

I am sleepy.

DU Fantasy Football - Lock your players in - you have until the 14th!

Some important pictures for someone...

Am I the only one here who's ever heard of Acid King?

Man Avoids Jury Duty: Claims to be Racist Homophobe

Tori Spelling becomes minister online (weds gay couple)

Is it actually ILLEGAL to read someone's e-mail?

Anglicism Poll #2:

a sad day for berwyn

So, does anyone else here floss for the wrong reasons?

Photo of Shuttle Atlantis flying from Cal to Fla

Al Quaeda or Al Gore?

With all due respect to GIC but I just saw Transformers

It's too darn hot!

i am kissing feet in my face first


This is love


One of our tadpoles grew legs. What the hell do I do?!

Joke Comprehension May Decrease With Age

UD etah I (mirror thread)

Heh heh heh = Sen. Vitter (R-LA) just described on COUNTDOWN as "up and coming"

So Springfield, VT is home to the Simpsons.....

Oh, wow, man. Freshly made homemade apple butter.

lick it up


Holy Crap!! My sister just sent me a check- out of the blue!

Please help this poor deluded soul

Anybody else notice during the All-Star introductions

The MLB Commissioner should have absolute power with a lifetime contract

What's the point of a Chevy Tahoe hybrid?

*grumble* Barry Bonds *grumble*

Shameless plea for SERIOUS good vibes, prayers, spells

Pour some sugar on meee..

American League wins again...10 in a row...NL hasn't won since 1996...


Here it is!! Finally!! this may get deleted, but here's a pic of...

Can I buy a vowel?

Please extend your best vibes/thoughts to this family.

You know what the Lounge needs? Yep! A kilt thread!


All Star Game coverage rant...enough of F*ckin Barry Bonds...and ...

Anyone else having trouble with their image hosting site?

Okay... now I'm scared

I am missing teef and my face hurts.

DU Men: How Old Is Your Underwear?

Is there anything better than K-Tel? Anyone?

Mr. Writer is collecting battle weaponry. Is this a bad sign for us?

I can't believe how much I despise humans...

I hate DU

air your grievances here: what kinds of threads are you tired of?

Need your input on a email I intend on sending...

One of the funniest songs I have ever heard

Another puerco-bellies picture thread (wet one this time) Death-2-Dialups WARNING

I need some love. I worked on this all day. Thank you. - Rated R for language

Allow me to sum up what GD has become, in one picture:

Today's coolest thing: Man floats 193 miles using chair, balloons

pat phrases you despise. Here's mine:

Monkey chant

Who's more deserving to be in the Rock Hall Of Fame: Spinal Tap...or Gene "More Cowbell" Frenkle?

I am as light as a fart

I asked for space, so she moved to Seattle

Kitten pictures!!!

Rosie: Grow UP!

Gnomes Implicated in Reptilian Smuggling Ring

Why is there so much abject anti-Apple rage here on DU?

Need advice with wild baby bunny...

What's the worst movie someone with seemingly good taste convinced you to watch?

Teamsters Local 70 Workers Locked Out, Company Pays $600K Per Day ... of Taxpayer Dollars

Each U.S. Auto Worker's labor Produces $300,000 In Value To The Company

Black lung: dust hasn't settled on deadly disease

Racing Fans to NASCAR: Cintas Stains Our Image!

Can't find enough skilled workers, even though the company pays an average wage of $54,000

Senator Gravel - David Bergman's Question

Gravel Spells Out How To End The War

Gore Vidal

Michael Moore vs. Sonjay Gupta pt1

Michael Moore vs. Wolf Blitzer - Day 2

Bush on Health Care

Olbermann Report on Michael Moore/CNN Appearance Coming Up - "It's a Shut-Out"

What Will The Senate Look Like After 2008?

KO doing a fact check on Bush's lies today

Somebody observed yesterday that Tony Snowjob

Latest News from Chairman Waxman: White House Security Violations May Be Widespread; Surgeon General

McClatchy: Bush again links Iraq violence to 9/11

Jonathan Turley on Justice Department: "President Bush has RUINED the Institution"

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Per Keith Olbermann, Chertoff's "gut feeling"..........

Al Quaeda or Al Gore?

Al Gore and International Artists Sign Gibson Live Earth Acoustic Guitars

I need some love. I worked on this all day. Thank you. - Rated R for language

Analysis: Rumors of Syria-Israel war

HAGEL's brother on the Tweety circus

Al Qaeda is coming! (Or they may be here already...)

Reason # 736 righties are against stem cell research:

I change my political opinion due to DU discussions....

Moore To Live Chat On HuffPost After Tonight's Debate w/Sanjay Gupta

Embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales


KO compares Chertoff's 'gut feeling' to breaking wind.

3609 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Mentioned on Countdown: How did ABC happen to miss that Republican Senator in the madams book?

little fucker tucker is defending Vitter

LOL - Jonathan Turley just compared Gonzales to Chauncey Gardner

Bush Erects Another Stonewall Against Accountability

Asshat Tucker Carlson is saying on Dan Abrams that Sen. Vitter

Iraqis Urged to Take Up Arms for Defense - Haven't we been killing any Iraqi caught with a weapon?

They march us into war, no outcry, but sex, scandalous!

Psychologists to Review Stance on Gays

This just in....

It sucks to be a hypocrite

Bill O: Why do you hate Bill O?

Sen. Durbin hands Cheney his hat (defunds the heart of darkness)

Vitter and the Hooker

Help me out here - now that the Senate panel defunded Cheney, what next?

Speaking between us equals...

Lou Dobbs said at least Sen. Vitter "didn't call Al Shaprton or Jerry Falwell (sic)"

Security conditions in Iraq prevented Bachmann from meeting any Iraqis, leaving the Green Zone

Explain these "WTF" numbers...

If there were a terrorist attack within the US in the next two months would you think it was staged?

How many health care-related bankruptcies are there in Canada,

Democratic Presidential Candidates to Have First-Ever Gay Debate (8/9/07 on LOGO &

How many health care-related bankruptcies are there in Canada,

According to Arianna Huffington, Democrats need to show...

Responsible Redeployment from Iraq Act.

Iraqi woman mourns her husband, a US soldier

White House Is Accused of Putting Politics Over Science---DUH

Michael Moore wins Algae Award

Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke is a phony

‘Marines’ killing of Iraqi was “old-fashioned” murder’

Please take a few to email UPS about denying NJ gays health benefits

Do you think the media is warming up to the idea of defunding the war?

Sun not responsible for global warming trends

Another whistle-blower: Dr. Carmona, former Surgeon General.

George Bush's Iraq Obsession: America Held Hostage

Got to Love Vitter's wife's comments re The Clinton's............

Tucker is such a fucking tool

Vitter hides as the Senate GOP circles its wagons

Anyone else wondering what the deal is with the live chat at Huff Post?

Regardless of whether you support Cindy Sheehan's run

CNN's Dobbs said Clinton is "selling out our middle class" on H-1B visas, but ignored GOP candidates

Say it over and over again - it's a coverup

Water Officials Warned: Get Used to Drought, Says New Climate Report

Canal Street Madam: Vitter hired girls for "activities with fellow politicians"

Hustler: We are going after the 'Moral Hypocrites' only

Does anybody remember the days when CNN used to actually be an accurate news org?

Doesn't it suck to be so right for so long?

What would $12 bil/month buy? (The cost of wars now)....

You don't need to be an expert to 'undelete' files from your computer

bbc: US senator admits 'serious sin'

What does CNN stand for?

Why doesnt Moore go on Olbermann show

Sanjay Gupta sez...

I Am Worried That My Concern Is Overshadowed By My Lack Of Anxiousness

I think I'm going to throw up... "Rumor Mill: Rupert Murdoch Poised to Purchase Wall Street Journal"

The Moore/Blitzer exchange shows exactly what is wrong with our country.

E-mail shows CNN, Gupta given the right facts before getting them wrong

Is Future Shock real and if so, how bad is it?

Why I love Wrigley Field.......

Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Ladens phone numbers found in DC Madam call logs

The Gupta report = CNN wanting to prove to rePUKES "we hate that fat Michael Moore too"

Something big will happen before September?

Military's only black four-star general tapped for new Africa Command

Conyers's Libby clemency hearing schedule: Noon Wed Jul 11. Witness list:

BUSH HAS DECIDED. "Stay the course." Will veto Iraq troop withdrawal.

Would $500 billion wasted on Iraq have kept out any al qaeda cells now in US?

We're fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here except in the summer

Bush justice is a national disgrace: John S. Koppel, US department of Justice

YearlyKos Registration Closes July 14

Is Bush going to end his residency with mind-bendingly low approval ratings?

Clinton/Obama vs The Top Three Republikans

**Reminder-Sara Taylor testifying before Senate Judiciary tomorrow**

Seldom seen picture of Bush as a baby

Can this Republican Sen. Vitter continue on as a "lawmaker" if he admits breaking the law?


WP editorial: Gonzales's Inattention: Shrugging Off Our Liberties

Anyone think that the Unity 08 campaign is going to bite us Dems in the ass?

Libby, Bush-Cheney and Impeachment: Don't "Move On"

Homeland Security faces continued vacancies in high-level jobs

Andrew Sullivan: Impeach Cheney

The Bush nazi's are feeling the heat...

In honor of Kyra/Wolfie: Who's the most annoying (non-Fox/Glenn Beck) TV "news" person?

So, CNN has thrown Blitzer and the Gupta/King combo at Michael Moore, and Moore's deflected handily.

Homeland Security chief warns of 'Bush Failure to Defend US’

Iraq Fact Check: Responding to Key Myths (Straight from the WH website)

The H1-B Visa Program Deprives Americans of Jobs

Captive Nations Week, 2007 (Proclamation by bush, mentions Iran)

Hilarious: WWL-TV video of New Orleans Madam discussing Vitter

Why is there so much abject anti-Apple rage here on DU?

Bush Recycles Interminable Iraq-9/11 Myth To Resurrect Support For Failing Policy, with VIDEO!

Caption this pic of the idiot

This is interesting--Surgeon General

Michael Moore

Pope Ratzinger is the Antichrist... BWAHAHAHAH!

Instead of NYT "Bush Is Firm as Criticism Over Iraq Mounts", how about...

Who will sponsor the next terror event in the U.S.A.?

Nice photo of Randi Rhodes with Al and Tipper Gore here:

Short Bedtime Stories...

You may be a Neo-Con IF

One good thing George W Bush did.

Michael Moore just made the best point about waiting time in Canada vs US

PHOTO: Terrifying evidence! Al Qaeda cell on their way!

What's with this "God Bless America" stuff at the All-Star Game?

Did Tom Ridge take his color-coded terra alert system with him when he retired?

so officials are worried about a summer terrorist attack, hmmmmm

At what point do 'suggestions' become threats?

On CSPAN3 at 5am: LIBBY TESTIFIES--as Marc Rich's attorney in 2001 GOP probe

How much does one day in Iraq cost us?

Joe Lieberman a sponsor for regime change in Iran

Bush Performs Brain Surgery (Now there's a headline you thought you'd never see!)

O'Lielly's Latest Menace: "Lesbian Gangs" WTF???

ABC News reporting the WH is calling an urgent multi-agency meeting Thursday on new Al Qaeda threat

Despair-Party, U.S.A.

I've Got Leftover 9/11Terror Supplys For Sale......

Black Bear Ranch

BALCO (steroids) leaker invokes Libby in plea for leniency

SO what do you think the attack will be?

So...should we relegate Chertoff to the ranks of Miss Cleo?

Don't forget Michael Moore's coming up on Larry King n/t

Al Qaeda Cell in the U.S. Or On Its Way...

Steve in LA to Michael Moore on HuffPo Chat: Tell Gupta we're not looking for "Health Care Utopia"

Chicago Tribune national desk phone number found in DC Madam call logs

Giuliani Co-Chair Called Blacks "Retarded"

Paging Dr. Gupta! Paging Dr. Gupta! Look up the definition of the word FUDGE.

The Scooter Is Safe

“Always been this administration’s position that public health policy be rooted in sound science."

Pelosi: House Will Vote to Change Course in Iraq THIS WEEK

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

IF Rudy Guiliani was a Democrat

Sad....Gang Rape Raises Few Eyebrows In FL Housing Project

I'm a KO person by design and by implementation

Conservative commandment #1- The war on poverty destroyed the black family.

This nutty couple on with Larry King - he hired someone to blind her

State GOP official: Vitter should resign or join the Dems

NYT Editorial: "Overprivileged Executive" - With Gonzales-Related Testimony, Congress Should Compel

What part of this equation do health care "free marketers" not understand?

LOL! "Is America ready for a trophy wife First Lady?"

The day in pictures - White House photos vs. AP/REUTERS - lots of pics

Is an employee at the Dept of Justice *newsworthy* on the Madam's list?

My Email to CNN on the Anchor's Anti-Michael Moore "If You Can Stomach It" Comment

I think this one may spell the end of Gonzales

This survey needs DUing

Oh my fucking gawd, the motherfuckers!!!!

Please write CNN and ask them to remove Dr. Sanjay Gupta for lying about stats given in SICKO

Folks, this is REALLY REALLY BAD, Wall Street has finally figured out housing is going BUST

A thread for everyone who would like to change the world

Regardless of how you feel about Cindy Sheehan, this should piss you off

Sanjay Gupta's impartial expert: Political contributions. Care to guess?

E-Mail Shows CNN, Gupta Given The Right Facts Before Getting Them Wrong

Lieberman Pushes Iran War Resolution in Senate with Kyl/Graham

Another post from a person who should be kept from using sharp objects,

American Psychological Association to review 'reparative therapy'

"Sanjay Gupta is lying" says Michael Moore!

Surgeon General told to mention Bush 3 times on every speech page, not to go to Special Olympics

OK, I think I've found someone who's important in Washington, D.C. on the D.C. Madam's list!

Sanja Gupta apparently thinks the American people are a bunch of dumbasses...

OMG!!! This is SOOOOOOOO Good! "CNN: "Stomaching" Michael Moore"

Which of the Declared Democratic Candidates For President...

Man who shot 3 attackers, fired 14 rounds into their jeep...not guilty under "castle doctrine" law

Candidate's Supporters Turning Virginia into Obama's Country

What was Hillary's stand on the war when she ran for re-election in 2006?

Priceless freeper reactions to the Vitter scandal

Vitter’s Problem Grows as New Orleans Ex-Madam Says Vitter Was a Client

Michael Moore & Sanjay Gupta up on Larry King to talk health care.

No Do Overs on Issues like War

Iraq tests Boehner’s leadership

Bush threatens to veto Iraq bill as Repubs jump ship

GOP tries to derail Dems’ use of Iraq amendments in defense authorization

You Fuck up in China, You get Fucked Up!

Can Kucinich save the presidency?

Bush says we should wait until Petraeus comes back and give assessment

Statement from Senator Feingold: Reacting to the President’s Remarks on Iraq

Do you think the media is warming up to the idea of defunding the war?

Partisan, Malicious, Vindictive and Mean-Spirited: Bush To The Nation’s Health Educator

If Vitters would resign....

Well well! Chertoff 'Gut Feeling': Worry of Summer Terror Attack...

C. Everett Koop finds Surgeon General Carmona's treatment under Bush administration an embarrassment

Louisiana politics .... a gumbo of "good stuff"

Marc Ambinder: Race Rankings.

Presidental Candidate Supporters Turning Virginia into Obama Country

McCain is left stranded

Clarke to endorse Hillary Clinton.

Obama, Clinton, Edwards at LOGO forum in August

Michael Ware: Lieberman has taken an excursion into fantasy.

Gravel telling Malloy to calm down?

Mrs. Edwards' mother suffers a fall

Sam Seder filling in for Malloy on Thursday

Wapo: Clinton, herself, has said there are no Do Overs

A Senator’s Moral High Ground Gets a Little Shaky

WaPo: Green Zone under attack every other day (not being reported)

WP,pg1: Senate GOP Iraq dissenters rally against leadership, seek ways to force Bush's hand

Bush Brushes Aside Republican Dissent on Iraq

Thank you Mike Malloy

Half Way Home: Chuck Todd assess the 08 Race at Halfway Point

Tucker Carlson’s Vitter defense was simply unbelievable to day on MSNBC.

Lieberman's response to an email demand to Impeach Dick Cheney

BREAKING: Fear mongering from ABC News


Dick Durbin: Quick End to war "Not Realistic"

Edwards: Congress should not back down on timetable for withdrawal in funding bills

If leading Democrats did not support Holy Joe over Lamont would Lamont be in the Senate today?

Cindy Sheehan Poll:

Older Vet engages Obama on Vet Benefits

Edwards pushes food safety and country-of-origin labeling

Comparison of the voting records of Holy Joe, HRC, and Obama on Iraq

IMO, *'s big meeting tomorrow's is to manage the stock market crash.

Towing a political line with our health

Draft Oil Law Will 'Plunge Iraq into Further Chaos'


Bush’s Pakistan Paradox

Amy Goodman: Presidential Scholars Tell the President ‘No’ on Torture

Why conservative chickenhawks can't stand the likes of Cindy Sheehan

A "Family Values" Headache for Senate GOP (by John Nichols for The Nation)

The Great (False) Health Care Debate: Government Control vs. the Free Market

Have we got a deal for you to stay the course

How the Olympics Destroy Cities

The Foreclosing of America (Part 2): Freddie Gets Rich


A Blast from Vitter's Past

If Only Scooter Where Chinese

The Dud

I have this "gut" feeling about Chertoff

Let's pick on "SiCKO"

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Blame Canada

Iraq and The Madness of King George

How the word "hypocrisy" does not explain the politics of the LA sen. on D.C. madam's client list

Michael Moore v. CNN (by John Nichols for The Nation)

John Kerry email on Senate vote

Maggie Gallagher longs for the good old days of discretion

Planet Pentagon: How the Pentagon Came to Own the Earth, Seas, and Skies

Joe Wilson: The Obstruction Of Justice Is Ongoing ... (Bush) Has Emerged As Its Greatest Protector

Speaker Pelosi, You Are Part of the Problem

{UN SecGen Ban:} 'New thinking' needed on climate (BBC)

NYT: Sugeon Gen says Bush Admin values politics over health

Vicious circles

The Language of Dead Bodies

Potter Has Limited Effect on Reading Habits

Ed Kilgore: The War Within the GOP


MSNBC First Read: Is Hillary Getting a Free Pass on Iraq?

The Best Health Care Is Reserved for Congress

Ugly Health Care Waiting Times? Look at the U.S (by Deborah Burger at HuffPost)

How I Know Bush Is Done

Can Women Separate Love and Sex?

Mark Steel: Global warming must be a lie. Just look who says so

Brazil to revive nuclear project - BBC

Seal Distemper Spreads From Denmark To Sweden - About 100 Animals Dead So Far - Reuters

Deal to restore fish runs (Presumpscot River, Maine)

First Community in California to be Approved by New Solar Homes Partnership

Report: Climate change will hurt fish, birds, among others (New England, Gulf of Maine)

Some Of The Stuff They Don't Talk About When Discussing Tarsands - LA Times

Demand For Oil Rising Faster Than Expected - NYT Via SMH

China Urges Responsible Logging Overseas - Reuters

UCS Report - Global Warming Will Hit U.S. Northeast Hard Unless Action Taken Now;

US grassroots tackle climate change (BBC)

Lawmakers Propose Cap on Emissions (Bingaman-Specter) - AP

Saudis Will Cut Oil Shipments To Asia In August - 10th Month Straight

Calculate Your Radiation Dose

Major North Atlantic Upwelling!

Chinese Official Pledges Cleaner Water, Even If It Costs 15% Of Economic Growth

today, July 11th, World Population Day ... (& apologies..)

PRC Official - Now "Not The Time" For China To Consider Binding Emissions Limits

Chinese floods cause mass invasion of mice

Zoo Program Will Preserve 50 Amphibian Species - 3,000 Of 6,000 Species On Earth Likely Gone By 2015

autocatalytic networks versus energy

Despite troop buildup, security remains elusive

Investigator: Drop Haditha charges against Sharratt

China executes former top drug regulator

In GOP, Growing Friction On Iraq

Libya HIV death sentences upheld

German mother 'released in Iraq'

Lenders Appeal to Democrats on (Student Loan) Subsidy Cuts

Senators' Bill Would Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions 20% by 2030

Female circumcision a problem in Britain

Potter Has Limited Effect on Reading Habits

Obesity rates continue to climb in U.S.

Arab League (22 nations) to Meet in Israel

White House to back Iraq policy on Hill

China bans Briton's sensitive newsletter

Chilean judge nixes Fujimori extradition request

US helicopter fire kills two Iraqis, wounds seven children

U.S. says expects al Qaeda to "lash out" in Iraq

GOP Bush dissenters to propose Iraq shift

Al Qaeda's Strength 'Undiminished' in Iraq

Blow to Bush as Another Republican Deserts on Iraq (Snowe)

Judge Clears Way for Abu Ghraib Trial

Snowe Embraces Troop Withdrawal Bill

Marine shot bound and gagged Iraqi, court martial told

Intel Officials: Surge Not Working

Iraq: 200 explosive belts seized on Syrian border

(Anglican) Vicar flees Baghdad after threats

Kurds speak out against key oil law

Former Iraqi MP and son convicted

Officer recommends court-martial for Marine in Haditha killings

Self Delete - dupe

Small fire at MIA airport

US health group opposes Bush surgeon general pick

Former Bush Aide Denies Knowledge President Involved in Firings

Al-Qaida: Wage holy war against Pakistan

Four 21/7 bomb plotters get life

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday July 11

Former Bush Adviser to Say No to Senate (Sara Taylor)

Glance: Sensitive Documents Found Online

Warming Report Warns of Increased Flooding Edwards Wins Straw Poll on Climate Change

'No Sun link' to climate change

GOP Senators Call for Iraq Change Now (private meeting w/ Hadley)

Pressure mounts as Senate war votes loom (Collins gets call from WH)

Giant badgers terrorise Iraqi port city

Brownback to hit trail with Terri Schiavo's brother

Lady Bird Johnson is dead.

Pentagon Criticized for Armor Contracts

Bush orders Miers not to testify

Mexico: Bodies From 1968 Maybe Found (massacre of student protesters)

Al Quaida is gaining strength


Senate Republicans block U.S. troop rest plan

Crist unveils greener future

Dollar keeps falling against euro

Venezuelan TV Station Heads to Cable

Fox announces a Fox Business channel


So I did a google image search on DU Lounge

Gets more done that most husbands...

So here I am...

Lounge Terror alert raised....

Anyone else here never get their wisdom teeth?



Late night music video thread - need some things to listen to

What's wrong with this picture?

So here *I* am...

My favorite thing involving people

The chicken has laid an egg, I repeat the chicken has laid an egg.. nt

It's still freakin' hot here, and I don't even have a pev to entertain me.

You Can't Hold A Gun

Robbers stab man in penis. Man ties tourniequet and continues working.

Is it bad that my microwave is next to my computer?

Set The TIVO! Coming Up On The Today Show: "Can Money Make You Happy?"

Tori Spelling Officiates Ceremony - That's REVEREND Tori Spelling

Is there anyone better than K-FED? Anyone?

Highly caffeinated

I have decided all computers and the NET are the tools of Satan.

So I called her a "Two-Bit Whore..."

Boycott the Jews!

Male Strippers Robbed While Fleeing Drunken Bachelorette Bash

Time Smoke-Free: 3 days, 8 hours, 22 minutes and 45 seconds

Ahem, Skinner.. What's Romeo been up to lately ?

"Don't Hassle the Hoff" -The Autobiography

Ever to be so sorry, but your elephant will not protect you from a surprise tiger attack (video)

Speaking of Hot Dogs - what is, in your humble opinion, the best way to cook em??

Is there anything better then K-Y? Anyone?

You Suck!

Want to buy some unpatched computer security hacks?

Some people never learn...

EEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!! Hubby saw a mouse in my kitchen!!!

Hey You! Sweetie!

Should I send a sympathy email?

Utah: Imprisoned Polygamist's Son Jailed For Having Sex With 13 Year Old

Is there anything better than K-PAX? Anyone?

Are you generous with your thread recommendations?

so... my son's moving in with me

I'll tell you what's freakin' unnatural. The morning hours

We're going to see the new Harry Potter flick tonight. How early should we arrive to get seats?

Here's a lolgoat.

food question

anyone know anything about storm windows?

First came the warning, then came the blast

Having lab work this morning - anything you want checked?


Congratulations karlschneider!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations Peace Patriot!! 10,000 posts


Anyone going to see "Order of the Phoenix" today?

DU Men: How Odd Is Your Underwear?

Tipping Advice Needed?

Wish You Were Here ~

Viral Video- Viable new entertainment medium or cultural downfall?

School Principal Won't Lose Job After Getting Busted For Pot

Vt. Town Named `Simpsons' Official Home

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 7/11/2007)

Aren't we supposed to get free Slurpees today or sump'in?

Whenever I see this avatar I think it's a Saguaro cactus

Congratulations ralps!! 25,000 posts

Partial Update on my Dad:

I figured out why my mouse is sticky...

"The Decider" my new school president

Other than LoZoccolo, is there anyone here at DU a confirmed Oasis fan

Shitty toilet paper (pun not... well ok, maybe it was)

Watch the cast of M*A*S*H in old IBM commercials. I think these are circa 1986.

Be Jealous DU, be Very jealous. I get to go to Minot ND on Sunday!

And the gold medal for Extreme Facial Expressions goes to.....

Giant Badgers Terrorize Iraqi City, Eat Humans

To all of you who sent well wishes and prayers to my father yesterday...

MEATNEWS: Arby’s launches Popcorn Chicken Shakers mmmm LUNCH!!!

DU Men: How Old Is Your Underwear?

Man Sues Microsoft For $5 Million After His XBox Scratched 2 Games

Well, ONE good thing happened today!

I am now officially too old to get new web culture.

Why does this taste so freakin' good?

NOt going to the ER.

I brought a mp3 player today, a small one that is also a flash drive.

I really need to get off my lazy ass and get my L.C.S.W.

Keith Jarrett, please, stay away from Italy. We like musicians, not kings...

So I bought new kitchen curtains a while back...

Who ya gonna call?

Including this post, I'm nine shy of my 10,000th post...nt

Customary pity/needs support thread...

What is your opinion of The Police (music band)?

Man Tries To Bail Friend Out Of Jail With No ID, Car Full Of Drugs

Please post your kitty recipes

money vs. problems poll

So I visited a professor yesterday to discuss my next PhD application.

Okay. Today sucks. Shoot me.

What Is Your Favorite William Shatner Song

Watch Lesley Gore elbow a guy in the face--from 1950s movie "Ski Trip"--Hilarious!

Today's musical discovery: Fair To Midland.

Bruce Springsteen to Release New E Street Band Album in Fall

My latest MySpace friend requests

what do you use to get blood stains out of a clown costume?

O.M.G! Okay - I'm not opposed to eating meat or fish - but for god's sake...

Why is it so hard to find a decent PHP/.Net jr web developer?

How often do you make/eat dessert with dinner?

Anybody use a motorola trac fone I can't find the

FYI - free slurpee day at 7-11

Man Arrested For Masturbating In Shopping Mall - This Is The SECOND Time

Anybody else here "Rescue Me" fans?

How Often Do You Make Song Lyrics While Eating Dinner

What is the one thing that you're proudest about yourself?

Police: Mom Allowed Sex Offender To Pleasure Self While Licking Child's Feet

Ans I hear people complaining about gas over three bucks a gallon...

This might be my first locked thread here on DU

PITBULL Sodomizes toddler - What, you think I made this up?

Scantily clad rubber lawn gnomes.

What's it like where you are?

I have a beef roast in the crock pot, and the smell is making me CRAZY!

I have a beef roast in the crack pipe and the smell is making me CRAZY!

This might be my first defrocked thread here on DU

Anyone For A Game Of Yahtzee?

Test - To See If I Can Upload a Photo

Six Degrees of Rubinoos

got some red coming my way.....

Lady Bird Johnson dead

Would you ever eat bugs?

I think "pitbulls" have now gone the way of the Brazilian joke

What is a "shit-eating grin?"

worst mispronunciation

Man Finds Corpse In Car - Takes It To ATM, Shopping

I am humbling myself to ask . . .

Do spiders drown?

This might be my first flocked thread here on DU

Hey, it's uber disgusting headline day in the Lounge.

Test - To See If I Can Upload a Potato

I miss cockpunching

Thank you MATCOM!

Today's phrase is: "Scantily clad rubber lawn gnomes"

I miss vest pleating.

Any "So You Think You Can Dance" fans here?

"I'm wearing my Jesus clothes."

So should the Lounge secede from the DUnion?

today's Daily Howler was hilarious

Joke.. Nuns & baseball

Announcement: John Daker and I are moving in together!

Just for the guys, the Houston Press has a story on restoring foreskin.

I miss breastfeeding.

DU: Is it Professional for Women to Wear Pants to Work?

Dude! It's 420!

So I went down to 7-11 for my free Slurpee.

How old were your kids when you let them start sitting in

420 in 10

Hmm is this unusual?

My mom used to enjoy shocking my senses with grotesque stories. (warning: contains shocking stories)

Ya'll have fun I'm going around the world

News You Can Use: US to ban up-skirt voyeur photos

Heroes fans-this is a good idea.

DU: Is it Professional for Men to Wear Pants to Work?

Charles Lane, 1905 - 2007

Please post your kitty pics

Dont worry about a thing, cause every little thing gonna be all right.

DU Texans - What was Lady Bird Johnson like?

Reminiscing about 1977....

Do you have ME on Ignore?

I miss breastfeeding.

Ever Had a Hard Time Recovering from Surgery? If So . . . help . . .

Happy birthday chimpsrsmarter!!

Anyone own a Prius

SCREAM....some good vibes please!

Sara Taylor: A homely Reese Witherspoon?

these guys need to "Get themselves connected" with a makeover

I need some SERIOUS Mac OS X help...(the computer runs fine, though)

I love cookies

I miss motorboating.


What is the opposite of a mullet?

Man, today the world is getting me down.

Novocaine and pearls of wisdom from my mother-in-law...


Wedding etiquette question


Free downloads just pay $1.99 donation and download instantly!

Is 'OK Computer' by Radiohead the greatest non-Zeppelin album ever

IMMEDIATE HELP NEEDED! Single mom of Pakistani background and her 2 1/2 year old son

What time do you all usually eat dinner?

You know what? I WANT to retire. You can take your "Second Career" ....

Name a song that mentions a specific roadway.

Fake Police Officer Arrested After Trying To Pull Over Real Police Officer

I went to a midnight shower with a Hairy Pothead

Well, interview #1 was yesterday

Dang! I ended up having a $400 lunch at Ikea!

My eight year old's explanation of why she knocked over the ironing board and had bloody arms.

Where do you keep the thermostat in the summer.

Whose song lyrics do you enjoy the most?

I went to a midnight showing of Harry Potter


Thank you for the wildflowers, Ladybird.

What the republicans are passing around at work today.

Today in labor history July 11


Olbermann w/ Rachel Maddow: CNN Vs. Michael Moore

Ready for Change, Ready to Lead

Olbermann 'Truth Squads' A Delusional Bush

Creationism Museum Documentary

3,000 White Crosses - USA

One-U2-Mary J.Blige (Save Darfur)

Congressman Mark Kirk Runs Away from Iraq Vet, War

Ambassador Joseph Wilson, opening statement to House Judiciary Committee, 07/11/2007

Transforming the Supreme Court

Bashir lies, Darfur dies

Iraqi girls as young as six forced into prostitution just to survive.

Sara Taylor took an 'oath to the President', but apparently not to the Constitution

Rudy's 9/11 Failures of Leadership Exposed by Fire Fighters

Pray (Joint resolution asking us and media to Pray) - I feel all better now :)

Pastors for Peace annual Caravan to Cuba

Another Smart tech IP addy from Vitter in his email ala the WaPo

Vitter and his hormones is the topic for Bernie Ward -- streaming

Thank you Chimpy.

GOP ALERT: Any pol with a nose in our bedrooms can expect the same

"Data on Americans Mined for Terror Risk"

U.N. Nuke Delegation Arrives in Iran

McCain Campaign Suffers Key Shake-Ups

Polygamist's Son Jailed For 180 Days For "Having Sex" With 13-Year-Old Girl

Court Puts Off Execution of Texas Hitman

C-SPAN 2; Bush in Cleveland .... He is just nuts

The Best Health Care Coverage In U.S. Is Reserved For...

Deleted Omaha Steve beat me to the article. eom

And the kitty says .."Meeee-owww"

Former Bush Adviser to Say No to Senate - (Sara Taylor)

UN Probes Chile's Iraq Mercenaries

Daily Illini: Media Elites Wrong On Impeachment

The late-night blog boys who live in Ma's basement exact their revenge

20 Rockets, Mortar Shells, Hit Green Zone; Kill 3

"Vietnam proved conclusively that no modern war of occupation will ever be won."

John Kerry/Cindy Sheehan coming up on msnbc 8:06 et

Oil, war and allies a dicey mix

Please welcome the latest Bush "political opponents" - the menally retarded

Webcast link for Sara Taylor hearing here (10am EST) + her opening statement

** Today's Hearings **

Re: Iraq. I'm directing this message to independent lurkers who do not have a DU account.

Bush Says No Iraq Shift; Criticism Rises

ArmChair Subversive is Missing?

Behold the new American sockpuppet foiling Iranian influence now that Saddam is dead...

Wow/ Politico goes after the GOP scandal hit parade

Christian Newswire: Reasons one might use an escort service are varied. NO condemnation of Vitter.

Our CONSTITUTION... It's not just a good idea -- IT'S THE LAW OF OUR LAND!...

Are the maniacs about to 'Let It Happen On Purpose'?

I love all the repukes' "do-overs"

Radio Rookies: What About Me, Uncle Sam?

Did Liddy Dole break ranks on Iraq????

Juan Cole: "The security situation in Baghdad sucks big time."

I've coined a new word

Bachmann (R-MN-06): Surge needs time

NYT: Executive Privilege Should Not Apply-Mr. Bush's Claim Is Baseless

What kind of a man hides behind God's skirts when caught sinning?

Did any DUers catch the former Surgeon General

bush to replace Maliki in 2008

E-Mail Shows CNN, Gupta Given The Right Facts Before Getting Them Wrong

Why does Fox hate "O Canada"?

Pentagon denies plans to add third carrier in the Gulf

Larry Flynt is scheduled to have a press conference at 5 PM ET today - Will the media cover it?

Flynt: Hustler's $1 million sexual bounty attracts 'about 200' tips

Has Howard Dean made any public comments on SICKO?

Giuliani's key supporters ensnared in sex, drugs

Possible sL-IMUS replacement (for CBS radio, *not* MSRNC)

Had Gore been President since 2001, the DJIA, NASDAQ, $ vs. Euro and GBP,

How to Write Like a Conservative

Travel Guru Speaks Out About the Passport Fiasco: (Privatization)

AFA upset that the reading of a pro-life resolution was blocked at NAACP convention...

Bible Belt senator on DC Madam list admits serious sin

OK, I'm p'd off again this AM! I just paid my phone bill and the damn

More Letters to Senator Vitter

If Vitter resigns Lieberman becomes irrelevant. Two birds with one stone

I didn't know a deputy to Condoleezza Rice was on the madams "List"

Moore & Gupta: Larry King appearance now on YouTube.

Have ANY Republicans REALLY broke with Bush on the Iraq occupation?

"Plan to Ease Middle-Class Taxes Falters"

Just a note on divorce ...

goodby cnn I'll be checking you out latter on the down side

Petraeus Adviser: ‘Middle-Ground Options’ In Iraq Debate Are ‘Neither Safe Nor Productive’

Official F*ck Larry King, CNN, Sanjay Gupta and Wolf Blitzer thread

Cartoonist ("Kudzu") Doug Marlette dies in pickup truck crash

Gonzales Should Face Criminal Investigation and Prison Time

"Senators Edge Toward Kids Insurance Deal"

OH SHIT: "They called to complain about everything" - Taylor whispers to lawyer...

Vitter Story is About More Than Just Sex ..(neo-nazi David Duke, Abramoff......

If you have first class citizens and second class workers John Edwards Wins Straw Poll on Climate Change

I posted on a topic at 10:31am. It's not listed in the GD area.

Breaking: Snowe Defects (on Iraq 120 days) link

What, besides 'party loyalty', keeps Sara Taylor or Meirs from answering questions?

Sen. Snowe to co-sponsor Iraq withdrawal bill

GOP Sen. Gordon Smith calls war in Iraq 'insane'

Canada's Health Care

Upside Down Flag Peace Protest - Cross-posted from Colorado Forum

Senate voting now on Cloture for Webb Amendment to Defense Appropriation

Chertoff bases warning of terror risk on 'gut feeling'

Will someone please check Chertoff's medicine cabinet for a bottle of Alli ?

Bennie Thompson Writes to Gut-Feeling-Chertoff:

Vitter wanted Bill Clinton impeached for his moral failings - This just doesn't get any better


Are Chertoff's Terra 'Feelings' scarier than Code Red?

Sarah Taylor / C-Span3 - thread #3

Comfortable Christian majority can’t comprehend persecution

July to-date KIA Iraq/Afghanistan

Ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Press Briefing Room - * pics (ribbon-cutting is hard work)

Assume the Position...

"Do you purposely find the hottest questions to ask just to stir people up?"

BUSH: "I'll Play Like I Am Gonna Answer Question-Smile & Say Got It-Thanks"

Leahy says Bush's executive privilege assertion worse than Nixon's

The Vatican shuts the doors to Protestants - among the others...

UhOh: A former Louisiana madam says Vitter

Iraq's Valley of Peace

If You Are One of the Ones Calling or Emailing Vitter's Office

The President cannot as of this moment legally force them to remain silent.

Mike Gravel, "These are agonizing times for America.

How Can There Even Be A Debate About Webb-Hagel?

Online database for 'fallen' Republicans and Evangelicals?

This criminal's political party is strangely missing from the article.

Why Michael Moore and those that want another healthcare

PM Brown outlines legislative programme: housing, education, health & social care

God Bless Larry Flynt

Badgdad Surging! What a Success!

When enough Republican Senators stand with the Dems to end the war let me know

House Renews Iraq Pullout Effort

The point Michael Moore needs to drive home

If other prominant political figures had hunches:

Do you want to know about terror threats?

Wake up! the Air Force is being cut to the bone

After seeing Sicko, I realize I HAVE to go to the doctor

Hero Worship is Unhealthy

Fresh Start Goes Awry

Sarah Taylor up now on C-SPAN3

The hypocrisy and judgemental Republican party is amazing...

Wilson: "The Obstruction Of Justice Is Ongoing And Now The President Has Emerged As Its Greatest Pro

Could Bush pardon Cheney and his terror regime and then

Gupta tries to defend his position on his blog

Sarah Taylor / C-Span3 - thread #2

Speaking of gut feelings..

Sarah Taylor / C-Span3 - thread #5

Arts & Letters Daily Survey

Is it asking too much?

If the People Want Impeachment, Why Can't it Happen?-"Corporate Media Are Facilitators Of Crime"


So do you think David Schuster is better than Scarborough?

At American Museum, Creationists Set Straight the 'Errors' of Science …

"U.S. soldiers handed over 12 bodies to the general hospital in Tikrit"

Unreal. Lieberman on the Senate floor berating everyone for not

Caption this pic

National Antiwar Coalition Calls on Congress to Act Decisively to End the War

Sarah Taylor / C-Span3 - thread #4


FEMA chief Michael Chertoff lives in dread of the power of the Dick.

Wiccan Warriors discussion of the Bill of Rights...3rd Amendment

Bush is on cspan 3

Whenever I get a "gut feeling",I get someone to pull my finger.

Republicans vote against supporting the troops.

"The Decider" my school's new president

If the People Want Impeachment, Why Can't it Happen?

Here we go again...

They have dead eyes (Warning: graphic depiction of monsters)

The president's "new" power.

Nixon library loses Watergate whitewash

Sarah Taylor / C-Span3 - thread #6

ABC tried to kill the madam story. Cable news is ignoring Sen. Vitters connection big time today

Echoing Gonzales, Taylor’s Testimony Rife With ‘I Don’t Know’ And ‘I Don’t Recall’

Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap......

Personally, I think EVERY Senator should get laid...

Its time to review some old controvercial writings

Is there a future spot reserved for this little guy?

Mike Moore is right about healthcare being free

A Quote From An Old Vet

RE: This Whole Michael Moore/ CNN/ Gupta/ Blitzer/ Phillips Debacle

Enough with the silliness, Vitter isn't going to resign, it's a 48 hour story tops


Letter sent to Sen. Webb by the Military Officers Assn of America:

NOTE! If you know of ANY flaws pertaining to ANY democratic politician...

Is Bandar Bush cashing out?

What do you think about Gravel's "National Initiative"..

So, Sara Taylor came before the Senator Patrick Leahey committee

True Majority now pushing impeachment. This is big.

Berlin memorial to deported Jews vandalized

3rd party Hillary campaign video...Is this old news or did I miss something?

On the political spectrum, where is TIME magazine ?

Bush is siccing Condoleezza Rice on Republican dissenters now!

Help!! I need the correct format for citing

Where's Kyra Phillips? Did CNN give her a time-out?

just in case anyone cares to know, the blivet is on cspan3 right now

The Pugs Are Going To Steal The Thunder

O.M.G! Okay - I'm not opposed to eating meat or fish - but for god's sake...


My little waste-reduction scheme: homemade coffee, filtered water

Cloture vote on Webb amendment failed by only 4 votes. Who can we pressure to turn?

Sen. Gordon Smith (R-OR): Bush's war is not criminal, it's insane

Anyone foolish enough to be listening to Lindsey Graham on CSPAN2?

US intelligence chiefs grim about Iraq's future

Chertoff backoff on "gut feeling" comment.

I wonder why I haven't heard the blowhards complaining about "gridlock" lately?

AP on Taylor: "Aide: Didn't talk to Bush about firings"

Like I don't have enough to worry about

* DU Researchers: How to find Cheney's McLean, VA. tel no. in 2000?

Has Brian Ross explained his comments on the DC Madame story?

Fortune "Global 500" - Walmart regains #1; #2 Exxon most profitable ($39.5 billion)

Breaking: Webb amendment protecting U.S. troops fails

So Cindy Sheehan thinks that the Democrats "started" every war of the 20th Century

Large discrepancy between two impeachment polls

Are grocery prices high in your area?

McConnell: Why adopt amendments if they provoke * to veto them?

Dear Committee

Helen Thomas pics

How do you clean an Augean Stable?

This "prediction" of Chertoff really bothers me

DC Madam's Call to Senate: Here's a match to the final 6 numbers (same number for 2 senators)

Our Troops Have Not Failed: Bush and Cheney Have Failed Our Troops

Video of Ambassador Wilson's Opening Remarks are up at FDL:

Can someone summarize or post a URL about efforts to keep 2008 non-corrupt ?

Democracy in the Dust: A Letter to George Bush

CIA Flights: Special Treatment for Uncle Sam?

My 10,000th Post!!!

Boehner calls anti-surge GOP senators 'wimps'

Dear Committee, (Harriet's not showing up)

US Attorney (loyal Bushy) tries to help Vitter cover his ass

Lie to Congress, Go to Prison

BUSH ORDERED MIERS To Defy Subpoena-Conyers Threatens Contempt Proceedings

Boo-Koo Calls Placed through the DC Madam on September 11, 2001

Other health care systems: International DUers, please read and reply

Isn't Vitter going to have a press conference or go into rehab or something?

My brother might be getting sent to Iraq

Randi's playing sound clips of Sara Taylor...

John Dean coming up on Randi's show next (1:30 PST) n/m


What is the Senate voting on now (4:30 PM)?

I think we are headed for something akin to the Saturnday night Massacre

Bingo! I've got a site that gives former numbers

Chimp makes 13 year old girl cry.

Boxer on Ed Schultz: Poll On Impeachment On His Website

SOOOOOO...who does this remind you of????

Right-wing columnist/radio host Howie Carr sues former station

Durbin To Taylor: 'Karl Rove should be sitting at this table'

Are the current Republicans in Congress the most obstructionist ever? It seems that they

Right Wing Watch - Democrats in Congress have Failed

CNN’s Ware: ‘Lieberman Has Taken An Excursion Into Fantasy’

Administration Spurned Special Olympics Because Kennedys Supported It

A Senator Speaks Up



For the record: Federal Civil Servant Oath of Office

Doesn't this picture just scream "Whatever!"

'Sallie Mae not {sell},' buyers threaten (

ok DU "light 'em up"!!!

CNN viewer: Chertoff's pain in his gut is about how this administration operates

It's Too Easy Being Green

Bush names nephew to Pan Am Games delegation

Is Adultry a sin God would forgive so easily?

Could it be that the bush* cabal worked at cheapening the idea of lying and the use of impeachment

David Corn finds a Senate phone number in the Palfrey list and it's not Vitters

If I recall correctly, yesterday Larry Flynt said he would have "more" today, but no names...

Renwick said Giuliani and his wife have six marriages between them and "can't afford a sex scandal."

CONFIRMED: Yesterday's Conspiracy of Fear Related to Bush's Speech and His Embattlement.

It still sucks and pisses me off, but...every little arrogant thing * does

Any TV coverage of Flynt's newconference?

National Association of Firefighters take on Rudy on Tweety

Leahy: Taylor’s Testimony ‘Undercuts’ White House Claims To Executive Privilege


Mash Your Own Geodata: Google Adds More Custom Mapping Features

Chertoff means he will stage a fake terrorist attack, that's why his gut is so sure

Blood, sweat and tears for US in Iraq..."six months, 600 dead Americans, 60 billion dollars"

"Bud is lazy – which is why we got rid of him in the first place."

There's a hearing tomorrow on wether to issue a subpoena to the RNC!

All the president's women.... are enablers. (Pix heavy)

No protests planned for Bohemian Grove event

MARK MORFORD: Bush Pardons Entire GOP

Sheez..Louise!! Is Clinton still president??

self delete

GOP senators call for Iraq change now-Tell Bush Aide They Don't Want to Wait Till September

Just how prevalant

Interesting development with a RW friend who bleeds Republican.

McClatchy: Bush's unwinnable war grinds on

TOON: Bush's recent foray into brain surgery

You know, libraries often have old phone books. Maybe that would be helpful for the DC Madam's list?

Lets Make It priority To Defeat ISSA in 2008

Larry Flynt segment about to come on CNN, commercial break now,

Ms. Taylor and Ms. Miers Need Only Look To Scooter To See They Have Nothing To Fear

Dumb question: Should non-members be able to read sig lines?

Can someone design a new terruh alert chart...


Tweety's channeling Colbert

Report: al-Qaida Has Regained Strength

What difference does it make if Plame sent Wilson to Niger or not?

Which other politicians were caught up with Vitter and the call girls?

Senate passes Lieberman measure on Iran

RIP LadyBird Johnson

David Vitter on amnesty, rule of law.

Al Qaeda's Strength 'Undiminished' in Iraq

Pardons: Scooter Libby/Orlando Bosch

OK,DUers-critique my 92nd LTTE-Re Webb/Hagel

"Rated 0% by NARAL, indicating a pro-life voting record."

Guest who's going to VETO any Bill to help comsumers on gas prices

Local Republicans react to Vitter revelations

U.S. troop buildup in Iraq falling short

House Republicans defend Libby commutation

52-45 vote on Hagel ammendment

CLG's Mike R. to appear on today's 'Tucker' - 'DC Madam' story

when is flynt's press conference today?

University of Florida might require insurance, offers one program at only $13, 075 a year.

Regarding Hookergate

Where's the Larry Flynt press conference? I thought it was an hour ago.

Dream Team: Flynt & Palfrey to Out DC Hypocrites! (Flynt to hold 5PM press conf)

Inherent Contempt...on Randi Rhodes

At least Republicans support Capitalism and pay for their sex

The $300 Linux-Powered 'iPhone Killer' Arrives

I have posted a few years ago about how the borders were open..

An ETA related UK terror plot ?

1 minute ago: Bush orders Miers not to testify

Four days after Live Earth, what changes have you made?

Lady Bird Johnson dies at age 94

An interesting poll over on CNN: Should scientists try to

'Fighting' Bill Kristol, 'Blood 'n Guts' Limbaugh say Senators have lost "nerve," "manhood"

Does anyone else see "Ron Paul Revolution" signs?

"If you've got fire into the...Green Zone every day, situation in Baghdad sucks..."

Waxman to probe WH censoring of Surgeon General.

Well, Brian Williams is peddling the fear on NBC. Chertoff's gut feeling.

People for the American Way (PFAW) Continues Dishonest Lobbying Campaign for Holt Election Bill

True Majority petition: Support H Res 333 - IMPEACH CHENEY

NBC News giving Chertoff five minutes.....their plan is working.

bush/chertoff pulling out all the stops. 3rd tape from Zawahiri in a few weeks

GOP fears for credibility after scandals

book rave... 1000 Splendid Suns

Will Vitter resign?

West will fail, says ex-CIA operative

BREAKING: Lady Bird Johnson Dead at 94

Kerry Warns that Compromised Satellites Jeopardize Climate Study

Tucker is the worst I've ever seen him. He said "John Edwards has more

detainees, illegal wire taps, extraordinary renditions, etc. - all they've got is a 'gut feeling'?

There is no "there" there...

Bill Oreilly on Michael Moore

Classified Report: al-Qaida Has Rebuilt, U.S. Intel Warns

Conyers' performance today was pathetic. I've seen hamsters show more bite....

Kerry On Spitball

Senator Byrd:"We Cannot Treat Americans As If They Are Children Who Must Be Fed A Fairy Tale"

Conyers et al. need to refute the lies of these Repugs rambling on

$2M worth of malaria drugs rot in Ugandan storehouse

AP: Al-Qaeda Has Regrouped.

Boy Tweety treats Olympia Snow (Rethug) Maine with some kid gloves doesn't he?

Anybody Catch How Lou Dobbs Framed The Webb Amendment?

Letter to College Students

Govt Website: Abortions Make Women Feel ‘Sad,’ Resort To ‘Drugs’ And ‘Alcohol’

Homeland Security Chair Asks Chertoff : What's the color code of a "gut feeling?

Science proves that the Earth is not moving, and is the center of the universe

Larry Flynt says payback's a bitch

Rush Limbaugh helps a distraught dittohead work out his ethical dilemma regarding Vitter

I have a dimb question. I just received an email from John Kerry.

Don Cheadle Goes Off on Condi

Bush makes 13 year old girl cry!

Another Pet Food recall! Just when I thought this was over!

Chemicals going into bays, rivers, creeks can't be filtered, and they come from YOU and ME.

Poll on Cheney -- Critical Mass on Impeachment?

DiaperGate. A republicon inevitablity? Discuss

Scholarships for disabled are a hit (GA, voucher program)

Hearing on: The Use and Misuse of Presidential Clemency Power for Executive Branch Officials

Right Wing Milk Conspiracy

Whats the statute of limitations on using a prostitute?

Vitter's Office Hung Up On Me!

Yes to supporting the troops: All Dems (except one not voting)

Did Bush commit a FELONY by directing Miers not to testify before Congress? Check this out....

Boy ejected from amusement park for taking picture of 'exposed' woman

List of Reppublicans who voted against protecting the troops

Great product for China-free shopping: JEANS AT COSTCO!

The Independent "A dead Iraqi is just another dead Iraqi...You know, so what?"

Congratulations to Sarah Gore (and to the father of the bride to be)

Is it important to note that Senator Grassley has known Sara Taylor since she was 6 Years old?

that fucker tucker!!

My thoughts on Bush's "war on terror"

House Judiciary Hearing on Libby up at committee site:


A huge thanks to DUers from WWNBS :)

"Sicko" Being Blacked Out By Big Insurance in my Town of Chattanooga

Jim Demint (R-SC) virtually, sort of, admits to using prostitutes

Sen. Boxer on Ed Schutz show: Impeachment should be back on the table

Will Wendy Vitter still (hypothetically) do a Bobbitt on her husband?

So if Al Qaeda has rebuild to its strongest since 2001

Just in from John Kerry RE: Webb Amendment

Tomorrow: Park your car in high traffic area with IMPEACH sign

The Twilight Zone knew what to do about the media forty years ago

Ex-rodeo boss asks for Libby treatment

Check the front page of DU

Pastor arrested at airport with device that delivers 12 volts of Jesus into unsuspecting worshippers

Snow Lashes Out At White House Press Corps, Calls Them ‘Defeatists’

Senate Files Hate Crimes Bill For Potential Vote Today

Its time to raise terror threat! I have a gut feeling!

FAIR Action Alert: CNN vs. "Sicko"

Vitter scandal heatin' up! HUSTLER CALLS PRESS CONFERENCE this afternoon!

Flynt: "This is payback time. And payback's a bitch."

***** Hall of Shame ***** (Webb Amendment)

Goddam DINO traitor enabler Democrats!!!111

Full Frontal Assault - The Vitters Square Off? SEX & LIES in Louisiana

You Took An Oath To Uphold The Constitution, "Not To Uphold The President"

Waxman to probe WH censoring of Surgeon General

A Change Is Gonna Come | This is for you, GD.

Statement Of Joseph Wilson "OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE IS ONGOING & President Is Its Greatest Protector"

A great thing to remember Lady Bird Johnson for

Issa just told Joe Wilson that he believed his wife committed perjury.

Today's encounter with Fayetteville's Conduit to Jee-zus

Larisa Alexandrovna has an interesting take on Mike "just a gut feeling" Chertoff

I am sick of the Cindy Sheehan strings so I started another one

We always make fun of freepers

Sara Taylor's Oath To Uphold George W. Bush


NBC Nightly News and CBS Evening News both ignored Vitter's connection to DC Madam

Man Charged With Mutilating U.S. Flag

202-224-9655 (So Far - Just A Clue...)

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

I've changed since Live Earth

I wonder what a national nervous breakdown would look like.

Kerry complains of "Roadblock Republicans" but where were "Roadblock Democrats" before 2006?

McClatchy: New U.S. intelligence assessment casts doubts on Bush's Iraq policy

Fugger is getting a Michael Moore type tracing from

Bin Laden's son weds grandmother from Cheshire

Is support for a Constitutional ban on gay marriage homophobic?

Guess How Many COSPONSORS were on the Resolution to Impeach Clinton?

Fla. State Representative Accused Of Soliciting Sex In Men's Room- Robert "Bob" Allen

White House Tapes: 17/09/71 NIxon listens to report of Lady Bird trashing him

Organic farming more profitable and beats no-till

Okay, what's the idiotic story on RFJ Jr owning a "bottled water" wingnut story

I don't think that the country can take too much more of this...

The Gupta Effect

Pennsylvania Democrats Want Nader to Pay for Bush’s Election

Contempt of Congress for Harriet Miers? Text of Conyers letter to Miers' attorney.

This is beyond revolting -- FEMA Gold Ticket

Ladybird Johnson has died

China executes the former head of its food and drug agency

McCain has temper tantrum over having to wear a "gay sweater"

5 Nobel laureates oppose Iraq OIL THEFT law coerced by Bush

Is there a transcript of Moore on CNN with Wolf Blitzer?

Bush's sarcastic response sends a girl into tears (13 years old)

Beaverton, Oregon: Peace Vigil, tonight at 6:30, Hall & 5th

Merchant of Death: Money, Guns, Planes, and the Man Who Makes War Possible.

S.D. elementary at center of dispute (prayer in school)

Flynt said he has “20 something investigations going that all look good”

On a scale ranging from 1 to 10, 1 being Highly Inaccurate and...


AP: Government Report Concludes Al Qaeda Now as Strong as in Summer of 2001

As a reminder, here's some info on Sara Taylor

If I had to read one book to bring me up to speed on the RW, which one would you recommend ?


What for-profit health-care horror stories have you heard of or experienced??

Pelosi's "focus is on winning the war in Iraq."

Thank you Lady Bird Johnson .....

I live in one of the last agricultural zoned areas

Elizabeth Edwards: "I'm for the promotion of all women. I'm not just for the promotion of one of us.

Meet Seamus Romney, the dog Mitt Romney forced to ride on top of the family car

Whats with this diaper stuff in the Vitter story? Was he wearing diapers?

Was Live Earth a Failure?

Mark Crispin Miller: Holt bill was revised by Microsoft, Diebold and ES&S

Pastors for Peace 18th Friendshipment to Cuba

A disgusting "poem" posted in the Veterans forum, and my rebuttal.

CNN coverup ( 2000): Flynt exposed Dubya's impregnating a minor

I talked to God last night, and here's what She had to say

U.S. Congress eyes private equity, hedge fund titans (Reuters)

Gonzales faces new firestorm in Congress (Reuters)

Excerpts of floor speeches given Tuesday in the Senate on Iraq:

The 'President' spoke yesterday

Care to meet some pro Bushyites?

I need some help debunking knuckle-dragger's comments on Leahy

Just in case anyone else is interested in running against Nancy Pelosi...

C-Span3 Senate hearing NOW. Specter says he will take Sara Taylor testimony w/o transcript.

Republicans are Approaching Impeachment Mentality

Levin-Reed- KERRY Plan Sets Deadline for Troop Redeployment

Sara's in The Building

anyone else trying to watch the Taylor hearing on CSPAN 3?

So .... Chertoff has a gut feeling, huh?

NYT: Can’t Sell Your Home? Maybe It’s Priced Too Low (wealthy doing just fine in US)

"On Advice of My Counsel" ...... and not a Mafioso is sight John Edwards Wins Straw Poll on Climate Change

Ex-Bush Aide Won't Answer Senate Queries (AP)


Woman convicted of perjury seeks a commutation

My letter to my Senator re: Impeachment

Impeachment advocates set sights on Welch (D-VT)

Snowe (R-Maine) Embraces Troop Withdrawal Bill - AP

Durbin on Senate floor pointing out none of amendments to last two defense bills required 60 votes

Does the federal budget deficit now include the Iraq war costs?

Obama dominates Online media...also nearly double the buzz of Hillary Clinton in the blogosphere

please delete

What some in the media business are saying about Wolf v Moore...

Hillary uses story on stump that Vilsack had routinely told

Hadley to meet with GOP senators to shore up waning support for war

Clinton is dominant among Dem & Dem leaning Indy voters with incomes less than $20K

Executive Privilege: Taylor-made

Which is a bigger healthcare problem?

After seeing candidate who doesn't want to go the extra mile

Why do you have to pay people who come to your house but can't fix

Sara Taylor is in a Nine Line Bind

Freepers, Vitter and that wonderful double standard....

I like several of the Democratic candidates....should I be ashamed?

The Rude Pundit: 24 Hours of American Liars

Cindy Sheehan: Lower Approval Numbers Than Bush

S-Vision Poll: Michigan and Pennsylvania...Hillary maintains lead in PA, adds in MI...

Obama on Ed Shultz at 2:30 on AAR.....

Dean and fellow governors and their attempts in the early 90s to get health care.

How about Robert Kennedy for vice president? (Great for global warming)

Who has done more damage to Democrats and Progressives: Sheehan or Rove?

Anti-war views on Iraq rise to record - USA TODAY

Nader could lose $61,000 in assets (lol)

"Executive Privilege" NEW Grand Theft Election, (because W. has always lived as if above the law)

Edwards "time for Pres to ask Americans to be patriotic about...

Faux news

FBI Patriot Act Abuse Documents: What Special Project Lives in FBI HQ Room 4944?

Quietly, Edwards Works New Hampshire (campaign presence in NH rivals that of HRC and BO)

Bush orders Miers Not to testify....what are you afraid of Mr. Bush?

Referring to "Sicko," how much healthcare money to candidates is too much?

C span I --HR2669 - Student Loans & Grants (House of Representatives)

A Blast from Vitter's Past

Hiring Prostitutes acceptable behavior for Democrats

OK, I've got it! THE dream ticket: Flynn & Flynt '08.

Taylor says she never talked to the president about attorney firings

Jim Webb is on c-span 2 talking about troop time of deployment. n/t

The world's slowest motion coup or ........ ?

Bush orders Miers not to testify

Call Senator Reid demanding he strip LIEberman of his chairmanship position

Another McCain Staffer Departs

Latest corporate/fascist meme: "Ballot-box government."

New poll from WaPo/Kaiser Foundation/Harvard on Independent voters (Dem approval ratings)

GOP fears for credibility after scandals - THE POLITICO

Cindy Sheehan is...

McCain Nomination Dead Pool:

Free market rule for corporations? how about free market rule for people?

Changing my Avatar Image

Dr. Clinton?

Harold Shaitberger (Firefighters Union) on Hardball: Actively working AGAINST Guilliani

Looking for Johns in All the Right Phone Records

I Like trashing Cindy Sheehan

Brownback, Schiavo's brother to campaign

Lieberman Switch Wouldn't Flip Senate

Who is this Mike Gravel?

Military files left unprotected online

Health group opposes Bush surgeon general pick (Reuters)

Hardball: fire chief blasts Ghouliani, blames him for not protecting 911 responders

Edwards wins Moveon poll on environment. Kucinich second, Clinton third, Obama fourth...

Does anyone have an honest, confirmed, unimpeachable list of DLC officeholders?

The National Park Service is taking comments on its plans for snowmobile use in Yellowstone.

Poll: Clinton vies with Obama in Illinois

Michael Rectenwald 'Moore's" The Carlson boy

Breaking: Lady Bird Johnson Dead at Age 94

Is anyone watching the Senate floor now?

Ex-Gov. (AL) Siegelman jail move in wee hours this a.m.

Ghoulinani is about to get "swiftboated" by a group of NY firefighters!

Goodness. The Surgeon General was required to mention the idiot's name 3 times per page in speeches.

FLA Republican: State House Rep. Arrested for solicitation.

RCMP, U.S. Army block public forum on the Security and Prosperity Partnership

Brownback to campaign with Terry Schiavo's brother.

I just had another e-mail (17th) read on CNN...

Should we have Cindy Sheehan and Nancy Pelosi wrestle each other?

Jim DeMint (R-SC) hints that he and other congress-critters may have "took some comfort there"

Holy Shit! "Ignore" is a powerful tool.

'A dead Iraqi is just another dead Iraqi... You know, so what?' God Help Us!

Pelosi taking calls TODAY voting for impeachment!!!!!!!!!

Baucus blocks fix for AMT increase. Four paragraphs from Sirota....kudos to Sirota for this.


I don't appreciate being lied to by the person who claimed Pelosi was having an "impeachment poll"

Heads UP: Blitzer on CNN is going to play some NIXON tapes--new ones--sounds interesting.

From John Kerry:

Is Hillary Clinton Getting A Free Pass on Iraq?

Media Matters exposes Washington Post's distortion of Edwards' poverty tour

Bush had Zawahiri in his sights--and let him go

Republicans Kill Webb's Troop-Protection Amendment

Republicans tout new deficit projection

Edwards won Move-On poll because he DESERVED to win..

Yes! Barbara Boxer said Impeachment should be on the table! On Ed Schultz!

How has Dean's 50 state strategy impacted YOUR state?

Charles Barkley endorses Obama.

15 Congress Members for Impeachment

Attacks On Sheehan Reflect Badly On the DU community

If Nancy supports impeachment will Cindy shut up and retire?

Barbara Boxer: "Impeachment should be on the table"

Obama was singing a different tune on Hillary and Iraq...just one year ago...

GOP operative Burkman's number on DC Madam List from CLG

I have a great idea.... Let's sacrifice the best chance, some might say last chance

It is incredible that Edwards won the poll

They patterned an evil character face in the new Harry Potter after Laura ROFL

Hillary, Opinion Research Corp & CNN

RFK Jr.: "I will see you all on the barricades"