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Archives: May 9, 2007

AFL-CIO Activists to Discuss Ways to Make Movement Truly Diverse

A Few Reminders

David Sirota: How Many "Free Trade" Senators Can PhRMA Turn Into Corporate Protectionists?

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary For May

Gen. Petraeus and the $2000 Payoff

The Nation: Spinning Hillary Centrist

Coulter: Obama poll lead helps al-Qaida

"Intelligent" cars as fuel-efficient as hybrids - AFP

Electric cars take a hit from...Jay Leno?

West Bank split into isolated enclaves: World Bank

X Is stealing 7 million votes an impeachable offense?

Letter from Steve Freeman to US house of reps re Florida CD-24.

Alcoa urged to drop Alcan bid

HBO CEO Takes Leave, Apologizes For Arrest

Iran willing to help US develop Iraq 'exit strategy': Deputy FM

6 Men Arrested In A Terror Plot Against Ft. Dix

Commanders in Iraq See 'Surge' Into '08

U.S. Plans to Deploy 10 Brigades to Iraq

House Bill Ties War Funding to Iraq Benchmarks

Lawmaker's Aide Targeted Prosecutor Before List Was Made

(Hollinger/Neo-Con - Lord Conrad) Black's aide accuses him of fabricating deals worth millions

Former Foes Unite to Take Oaths of Office in N. Ireland

UAE to get first green community

Gas Station Owner Told to Raise Prices

Jury chosen in former "enemy combatant" trial (Padilla)

Doctors Reaping Millions for Use of Anemia Drugs

Pelosi threat to sue Bush over Iraq bill

Marine says found live children among Haditha dead

House Committee votes unaminously to throw out 4 of 5 federally contested house elections

House Panel Bucks Bush Administration on Workplace Rights

Could you answer an iPod question?

Final episode of Deadliest Catch on at 9:00!

"Please Remove" fans...I'm mirroring it.

She's always a woman (Video from Lost)

No ID theft, balance in my account, why would the store refuse my debit card?!

Anyone watching Boston Legal?

Who besides me remembers this?

Just bought the Cagney & Lacey DVD set

Justin Morneau baby...!!!!!!!

Little Richard is now running DU.

Anybody else watch Sylvia Scarlett on TCM.

Visualize a chocolate chip cookie dough MILKSHAKE. Is that so wrong?

"The Answer" by Sarah Mclachlan - good first dance song for wedding reception?

Nora, the piano-playing cat.

Ah'ma gonna be-ah Re-puppy-kin dis lection!

Feeling Patriotic? can help you dress the part (for real)

Griffith Park Fire Threatening the Observatory

I changed Wikipedia tonight!

I need a brain massage

That's it, I'm moving to Vegas - it's gay heaven

What's your opinion of Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream ice cream?

Could I get some college advice please?

"Pasteurized Process American Cheese." What the HELL does that mean, exactly?

The Joker! (aka wildhorses) ;)

How about a song thread?

Goddamned ant invasion

alcibiades_mystery EXPOSED! (first DU images: DIAL-Up warning)

I have been spending way to much time watching tv shows and movies at

CONFESS!!! Name 3 things you want to do before you die.

Is BATMAN one of the great 20th century literary characters?

Postal Services For The Raptured

Brewers are toast of baseball

Philadelphia inquirer: Legislation would protect workers' right to unionize

India Times Says US workers angry as IBM jobs move to India - NO Really???

Your Green Report for Wednesday - April 11, 2007

Traumatic Brain Injury Centers

Military Manpower: Does the US Need a Draft?

Gangs in the Military

Henry Rollins - Drawing Conclusions -

Life, Interrupted

The Global Water Crisis/Our Moral Reckoning

She's baaaaack! Coulter talks shit.

the Gnus From Heck

"FBI arrested 6 morons"....K.O.

Betcha Liz & Phil chortle their way back from junkets boozed/HIGH about

McClatchy: Opposition may delay or repeal Real ID program

So, Farewell Then, Jacques Chirac

I just watched a funnel cloud dip out of the sky along the Texas/Oklahoma border

Controversial U.S. Attorney Schlozman To Testify (Background On The Case)

Mcdonalds not so happy meal

She's baaaaack! Coulter talks more shit.

McClatchy: Sunnis give al-Maliki one week to rein in Shiite militias

Letterman: It's all part of Bush's no oil company left behind program.

Impeach Cheney First - a song!!

Little Richard is now running DU.

Azeris jailed for 'insulting Islam'

A Few Reminders

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Jeff Farias subs for Mike

Hoyer, Feingold Send Letter to President Bush on Darfur

U.S. Plans to Deploy 10 Brigades to Iraq

Caption this pic

Can't forget this pic, why would anyone trust this guy?

Sunday night I had the honor of helping a Burundi friend...

Terror suspects were 'bad shots,' says local marksman

Retired generals, Vets and activists take aim at Sununu in TV ads

Stars & Stripes: 10 Army brigades are told they're going to Iraq this year

Did I just lose DU for an hour?

Boston Legal for the left coasters is about torture at Gitmo.

What is up with how Giuliani is ALMOST liberal?

A letter from my Rep. Brad Ellsworht- IN Regarding Iraq

How do you feel about our 'current events'? I spend so much time

Message from Al Gore about the Kerrys' book: Buy The Book:

Anyone watching Boston Legal

Tenet On the Daily Show Right Now!!

Political books

Latest satellite wind map for the special disturbance off the SE coast....

Why the hell is BushCo going full tilt with the TERRA CARD again?

[CAPTION] The Queen Is Pissed, George Is...

NYT Editorial: "Suspending habeas corpus is an extreme notion on the radical fringes..."

Few at Commerce Want Iraq Stints

E&P: Ann Coulter: 'Newsweek' Teaming Up with al-Qaeda To Help Obama

DU went down for me, and I'm glad, because "We're In A War"!

Email from Kansas Dem Party about National Guard and Greensburg

"CNN's Rodeo Clown" - Glenn Beck

O'Lielly Lifts Boycott of France

I would never have believed this, Jane Fonda was on

Tell your story of sharing, help a family in need...

BOTH Chief US Attorney and Senior US Prosecuting Attorney found DEAD in their homes.

I said I wouldn't do this, but I have to. My one and only Paris Hilton thread

For Bush, the Welcome Mat Seems a Little Less Welcoming

It's Time for MoveOn to Start Talking about Impeachment

Story changed! 'Islamic radicals' added to terror plot

More Evidence of Global Warming - Gardening/Hardiness Zones Shifting North


Loads Of Recent Talk Regarding SEPTEMBER, So Please...Take A Trip Here...

David Obey swears at Kucinich

Aflac has joined with Select Comfort to sponsor Glen Beck's global warming denial....DU MIA??

Former Marine claims illness from mystery vaccine

NYT editorial: What happened to the Democrats' pledge to restore habeas corpus?

Has anyone ever seen an explanation of why someone would vote for Hillary?

PBS' The News Hour: Melanie Morgan was rude and interrupting

What the FUCK Clinton, Obama & Biden!, REALLY!??

I-80 Berkeley! No they can't!

Jon Voight condemns those who speak badly of Bush.

Mississippi, Louisiana haggling with FEMA over Katrina reimbursement

Condi approved $$$ FOR TERRORISTS??!? WSJ demands investigation!?

Howard Dean on the electoral college, Sarkozy, gun laws...Dartmouth class.

Online Journalist Honored for Upholding Freedom

The Queen, Bush, And Truman, Too! An Unforgettable Wartime Evening

Poll: Most back Congress over Bush in war funding fight (CNN)

For my thousandth post: Impeach the War Criminals

Memo to Howard Fineman

Obama smackdowns: the greatest hits.

Conyers, Ellison Ask Gonzales for Answers about Minnesota USA

McClatchy reporting: Bush uses criminal justice system to affect election outcomes

'Grand bargain' reached on immigration: US senator (AFP)

SUSA Wisconsin: Hillary 37, Obama 25, Edwards 17, Biden 6...

Breaking: Feingold proposes bill to end the war, cut off funding (Bradblog)

New Florida election law snuck in some iffy stuff.

Former CIA Director George Tenet is the Guest on The Daily Show Tonight!!!

Will there ever be another Bobby Kennedy?

So all this talk of "Unity '08" is really not all that independent

Gore/Clark in '08

White House Struggles To Fill Senior Posts

A New Pitchman -- and a New Pitch

Garrison Keillor on Obama (Salon)

White House struggles to fill key posts

A New GOP Pitchman Has Plan To Win Back House In 2008

hey chucklenuts bush...don't fuck with my governor. She has facts to back her up

Would Roberts and Alito have been confirmed if they would have .....

Group calls out CEOs 'paid for failure' Executives got $1.26 billion while firms lost $330 billion

Opinions on Chris Cilizza,, who appears often on MSNBC?

Edwards supporters: Who is your second choice?

60% of Americans oppose requiring all troops to be withdrawn by March, 2008.

Thinking ahead to 2008: Impeachment of the Supreme Court justices

CSM: It's not just about fired US attorneys anymore

Help Wanted: Human Guinea Pigs (The Internationalist, via AlterNet)

Homeland Security: A Costly Mess (MIT Center for Int'l Studies, via AlterNet)

ER in Iraq: `Awful Lot' of Casualties (AP)

U.S. Attorneys Should Not Serve At President’s Pleasure, Law School Dean Says

Will Heaton Has Been "Yapping" (aide to Ney)


Giuliani's Sordid Scandal - Village Voice

(repost)Don't Blame Prices On Environmentalists

Turn On, Tune In, Be Dumb

Robert Scheer: Bush Alums Reap Their Rewards

States React to Crisis Pregnancy Centers (AP)

10 Truths about Iraq

House Panel Bucks Bush Administration on Workplace Rights --WaPo

The War Room: Gonzales to Congress: Move on

Enron's Enablers: The Finance Firms That 'Drove the Getaway Car'

So maybe I was wrong: Rethinking arguments against impeachment

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power --Guardian

CNN's rodeo clown

Pentagon Moved to Fix Iraqi Media Before Invasion

Immigration officials allegedly drugged deportees (LAT)

It's the Constitution, Stupid (by Marty Kaplan at HuffPost)

my book on our struggle w/ the Bush regime

What the Bush Administration Has Wrought in Iraq

Bush Alums Reap Their Rewards (by Robert Scheer for Truthdig)

Goodbye to la belle France? - The Guardian

Katrina vanden Heuvel: A Surge of Insanity (The Nation)

David Sirota: GOP Front Group Exposes Its Own Corruption & the Right's Fraying Coalition

The Hidden Costs of America's Hypermasculine Culture (LA Times, via AlterNet)

Pelosi's Toothless Threat to Sue Bush Imperils Constitution

Majority of Iraqi Lawmakers Now Reject Occupation (AlterNet)

Corn Ethanol is Not the Answer----take action.

10 Truths about America

Greenhouse gas emissions in EU-15 slip - AFP

Energy-hungry China warns of more industrial accidents - Reuters

the true cost of petroleum

Romanian CANDU nuclear reactor to connect to grid; second in September.

SunTechnics to Construct 20 Megawatt PV System (South Korea)

Obama Introduces National Low-Carbon Fuel Standard

Bangkok Goes Dark Briefly to Save Energy (global warming awareness)

"Three Big Greenhouse Lies" - The Guardian Eviscerates John Howard & His Government

Howard Government Unveils $150 Million (With An "M") For Solar Subsidies - Reuters

6-Year NSF Study - Higher Seawater Temps Directly Correlate W, Extent, Severity Of Coral Diseases

Alberta Tar Sands Industry Allowed To Emit 5% More NOX, 60% More VOCs Through 2015

Thousands Of Tons Of Trash Cover Naples As City Dumps Declared Full - AFP

U.S. greenhouse gas emissions up - Reuters

Zimbabwe expected to chair key UN environment body - Reuters

"BioTown, USA" - the goal is to be fossil fuel independent by developing renewable fuels

Research into using biomass as fuel source for thermal energy for ethanol production proceeds.

Solar power brightens German skies

Idea for Public Transportation and Smart Growth DU group

Dems Slam Interior Over Science Meddling - AP

AP: Extreme weather, fires befall nation

who here buys carbon offsets and where do you buy them?

Status of Governor Hydrogen Hummer's Brazillion Solar Roofs: Solar demand falls by 78%

What Americans think of climate change

Scientists compile 'book of life' (BBC)

2007 Could See a Busy Hurricane Season

South Korea suspected of deliberately netting whales: New Scientist - AFP

Not just inflated prices but inflated fuel

Flood Of Troubles - 1000s Of Himalayan Glaciers Shrinking Rapidly - Times Of India

Wind farm plan scaled back (Redington Mountain, Maine)

Owner Of Gluten Factory Razes Facility Days Before Scheduled Arrival Of FDA Team - LA Times

Feds Want To Allow Lots Of Chinese Chicken Imports - No Country-Of-Origin Labeling Required

Islamist group says holding BBC reporter

Peres biog: Israel, France had pact to produce nukes {edit}

Iranian cleric threatens Tel Aviv

Hamas TV pulls children`s program with Mickey Mouse-like character advocating violence

World leading holocaust scholar and a world leading Israeli historian defend Norman Finkelstein

Would HR 811 force Florida to use hand recounts instead of machine recounts?

BULLSHIT About “Not Enough Evidence” Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed- 5/9/07

(SoS of CA )Bowen wants hack-free voting systems

31 states target global warming

Ellison, Conyers seek information on Heffelfinger, Paulose

Sunnis give al-Maliki one week to rein in Shiite militias

Coulter: Obama poll lead helps al-Qaida

White House Struggles To Fill Senior Posts

BBC studying tape purportedly from reporter's kidnappers

Truck bomb in Iraq's Kurdistan kills 12, wounds 40

UK police make terror arrests (4 arrested)

Cheney Arrives in Iraqi Capital

Prosecutors say Wilkes, Foggo trial should remain here

A New Pitchman -- and a New Pitch

Police raid G8 'terror attackers'

NATO air raid kills 21 in Afghan south - governor(civilians)

U.S. says helicopter killed 5 bystanders in Iraq

Few at Commerce Want Iraq Stints

Four Iraqi journalists shot dead near Iraq's Kirkuk

Legal experts warn about significance of 6 (Fort Dix) arrests

India Times Says US workers angry as IBM jobs move to India - NO Really???

For Bush, the Welcome Mat Seems a Little Less Welcoming

Somali forces ban, burn Muslim women's veils

Armed groups ‘breeding like mushroom’ in Baghdad despite U.S. campaign

Cheney, Iraqi PM concede violence issues

Pelosi Threatens to Sue Bush Over Iraq Bill

'As Bad As Haditha' (Afghanistan - 19 civilians killed)

Iran 'seeking conflict by proxy in Afghanistan': Britain

Bush would veto Democrats' new Iraq bill

State Dept. erases all reference to top official who quit over DC Madam list

Hezbollah builds a Western base

Tainted pet food: Flour, in disguise, is the culprit

Three fired U.S. attorneys to speak at Seattle U. today

Official: 21 Afghan civilians killed (US air strikes)

Mad rush of fraud visa applicants worries US

Federal Student Loan Official Is Resigning

U.S. soldier killed and four others wounded by gunfire in volatile Diyala province, military says

Cheney: 'Game time' in Iraq

Coalition soldier killed in battle in Afghanistan

Sharpton accused of 'bigotry' after remark on faith

Two Britons Convicted Of Leaking Bush, Blair Memo On Iraq War

First named '07 Atlantic storm forms near coast

Rumsfeld keeps ghastly 9/11 souvenirs

Bush would veto emerging House Iraq bill - spokesman

Cheney urges reconciliation in visit to Baghdad

Warrants issued in Florida DOC abuse scandal

Wolfowitz Aide Draws Criticism In World Bank Panel's Report

Massachusetts floats $1 bln stem cell research plan

CA rebate rule chills sales of solar

Judge frees Posada, rips feds' tactics

White House: Give Wolfowitz Fair Hearing

Most Americans back Iraq pullout timetable: poll

Iraqi parliament agrees to sue al-Jazeera TV

Hints of al-Qaida role in BBC kidnapping

Former US attorney: Charges may be files in US attorney firings scandal


Doctors Reap Millions for Anemia Drugs

U.S. to Build Cuba Migrant Center

US Embassy Baghdad: wear flak jackets, helmets

JPMorgan snared in student loan scandal

Kuwait says stocks up on food in case of war in Gulf

Civil servant guilty of memo leak (Bush wanted to bomb Al Jazeera)

Indictment In Landmark Civil Rights Slay(1965 Selma, AL)

Church pastor charged with child rape

Romney Ad Touts Plan to Expand Military

BREAKING: Explosion Baghdad, Cheney hustled to shelter

New York Post plans return to 25 cents

Oregon governor signs gay rights bills into law

Kansas Board of Ed. erases conservative sex ed policies

Cracker Barrel Pulls Hamburgers After Injury

Gonzales: Time to move past firings (prepared testimony for appearance Thursday)

McCain 'Very Nervous' About Iraq's Leader

DeLay: FBI ‘running amok’

Details Revealed for CA's New, Unprecedented 'Top-to-Bottom Review', Hack Testing of E-Vote Systems

Today, the beginning of the end (Blair to announce resignation today)

Documents show US had propaganda campaign plan two months before invasion

Irish teen wins abortion battle

Pope warns Catholic politicians who back abortion

Roadside bomb kills 8 police in Colombia

Subtropical Storm Andrea Has Formed Off Southeast Coast

US: Another Chemical Emerges in Pet Food Case

Hospital broke law in treating stunted girl

Picture thread

Firefox has SCREWN me!

So long, Farewell

World's worst lightswitch cover...

Need some advice, please re: Home Depot & A Porch Door

My coffeeshop is under a boil order....

Make me laugh. Now. Please.

Any Guys Here Ever Have Microdermabrasion???

Arguably two of the greatest rock songs ever....

Is this common? Sending random strangers text messages?

Cracker Barrel Pulls Burgers After Injury.

Post a band that was the best and worst rock band of all time


O.J. tossed from steakhouse on Derby eve

Emergency Brake Prank Causes Crash That Kills Passenger.

By popular demand...My Weird Al concert review!

SophieMN was crying her eyes out this morning,

just wanted to say thanks everyone

Okay, I know I have asked for this before, but....

Kid Pix 'em if you got 'em....

Sir Tom and P Diddy are on board for the Princess Di Memorial Concert

Calling all Commies...NOT!

Just so the lounge knows: I caused the death of a picture thread!!

Cracker Barrel warning for MidloDem!

Goddamned aunt invasion

Holy crap! What a thunderstorm! (56K warning)


Are we all on the same page?

My drivers license expires tomorrow!

I feel like a teenager again! I couldn't afford to fill my gas tank then either

So I'm defending my Master's thesis this Friday.....

Post here and Lionesspriyanka will INSULT you

Tammy Faye says "good bye" to fans.

See John Edwards Live!

It is time to apply AWA ratings to DU.

See John Edwards Live!

Happy 50th Birthday Helvetica Font!

Wow - so many losers who had peers in school. I had no peers!

I WIN the "Schaudenfreude Sweepstakes" for today!!!!

You're saying the AWA rated this run a Class IV?

Create a Lounge version of The Aristocrats joke.

Three threads today, one response....

For the folks who know what Mandt/CPI is. Dont try with broken ribs.

I went to a May Crowning yesterday....

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 5/9/2007)

Stupid, stupid, STUPID!!

Paris Hilton's panties for a pardon!!

I just finished my last university exam. I'm going to be a college graduate!

What are the chances my lawmaker is still working?

Patsy Cline and Hank Williams (Sr.)

OMG!!! Spinal Tap to appear at Live Earth London!

So I'm defending my Master's thesis tomorrow...

Hey monkeyfunk... Look what i have for you:

Hardwood floors, two open doors...

Name your favorite cereals!

Congratulations cal04!! 15,000 posts

Uh oh.... Rice Krispies Treats cereal really tastes like krispie bars!

What or who in HELL is "Zwinky?"

I just found a county tax check for $19.95. It's from 2004. Should I cash it?

It's May 9th. It's 80 degrees. In Minnesota.

What's the strongest gift you ever got?

Ask me anything..

Gilmore Girls Gets Cancelled-last show is May15th

who has visited your bird feeder ?

And now a surprise I think many of you will enjoy...

Are absolutely all of the

I love old cemeteries, this one is really cool

Man Decapitates Mother With Circular Saw, Kills Self

Baby's bizarre 'bite' of passage with cobra(GRAPHIC PICTURE)

Is there a way to burn a CD from an iPod?

What are the chances my lawmaker is still working?

Modify a Lounge coffee shop thread to include the words "fucking moron".

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, Trump has his own Vodka brand now, "Trump".

OMFG - Like this woman, I was like talking on the phone to, got p'o'd at me for smacking my gum!

OMFG...If you've got to smack chewing gum, DON'T do it while you're talking to me on the phone.

OMFG - Like this woman, I was like talking on the phone to, loved smacking my juicy gum!

offshoring, or junkies - you decide!

do you wear a rug at your job?

What are the chances my gonad is still working?

Note to self: Next time I use tri-sodium phosphate for cleaning

do you wear a cowboy-hat at your job?

I am going to see Steely Dan tonight. 7:30 at the Barbara B.Mann Center in Fort Myers.

Ever know a Cokehead?

I can't get past the fact that a woman in my POD has Bush stickers all over her car

Happy Birthday, Taterguy!

Post Here And I Wont Insult You

Ever know a Dickhead?

I Love the '70s Volume 2 is in VH1Classic RIGHT NOW!

Modify a Lounge thread to include the words "fucking moron".

Minnesota Man has close run-in with gray wolf (and they killed the wolf! :-( )

Portrait of the artist as a young dog

I am going to see Steely Dan tonight. 7:30 at the Barbara B.Mann Center in Fort Myers.

Lounge Poll: Who Wont Have Gas 15May

I put down a deposit for a car to be ordered from the factory

How do you make a grilled cheese sandwich??

Greatest Band Ever

Things that you should never ever do with your eyes closed:

Bogie is turning four Thursday. (pics)

my cat just tried to have sex with me, and I'm spattered....

I singed a slight hole in the carpet. Any advice for me?

Post Your Most Favorite Actors

May I start a Friday Photo Thread on Wednesday?

Anybody watch SVU last night? Could you fill me in on the last 15 minutes?

I am about to lose my Bob Dylan Cherry..

Ahhhh, time to relax...How was your day?

Infatuation *sigh*

SpongeBob Speaks Out!

do you wear a hard-hat at your job?

My cat just tried to have sex with me, and I'm flattered

HOLY SHIT! The "Please Remove" thread was removed. The end is nigh.

HOLY SHIT! The Toad has a date. The end is nigh.


Fox News disses Canadian Progressive Band "Rush": Do they ever do their homework?

Woman blindfolds husband and promises him a surprise

I caught a hummingbird! (pic)

Hey, Loungers - Sign the DU CARD that's going to Doonesbury's Garry Trudeau!

What are the chances my Gong Farmer is still working?

Tammy Faye says "good bye" to fans.

Vote for your favorite DU emoticon!

The Skittens at 4 1/2 Weeks, with Mrs. Venation

Worst TV Show Ever

What's the strangest gift you ever got?

Anyone seen the movie "Just Like Heaven"?

New Bush joke

Mother-Daughter Crime Team

Anybody remember gas rationing?

Can someone please figure out what is wrong with me!

*sigh* I thought I could get away from the Hillary/Obama wars by getting out of GD.

Help. Desperately need advice re. foreclosure

You know when you wake up in the morning, and then you realize...

How do you market a grilled cheese sandwich??

CONFESS!!! Name 3 people you want to do before you die.

Post Here and I Will INSULT You.

Patsy Cline's "Walkin' After Midnight"

What Should the Lounge give Taterguy for his 40th Birthday?

Some people are capable of more hurt, lies and deceit

I want to do this poll in the lounge: Who here won't buy gas on May 15th

I'm in a New York state of mind . . . hotel recommendations in Midtown, reasonably priced?

Greatest Brand Ever

What Is Your Favorite Twilight Zone Episode

New 'Anti-Abortion Pill' Kills Mother, Leaves Fetus Alive

Lounge, I want you to meet Simon

Hey Benedict, if there's such a thing as "Just War" there's such a thing as

In memory of Diego Corrales

Creation Cultists: Traitors in Training...

KO--Whirled Bank

Sec. Gates: EFP's Part Of Much Larger Problem...

ENRON, Cheney National Energy Policy Group (#37)

USDA & FDA give ok for melamine pigs sale

A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash - trailer...

The American Outsourcing Epidemic_pt1...

Iraq Pre-War Intelligence - Lawrence Wilkerson interview...

Spitting Image - Go Now (For Tony Blair's impending depature)

Democratic Ad

Alberto Gonzalez---Republican Mental Illness

Clinton/Obama: The Debate for the Black Vote (Part 1)

Olbermann Tuesday Night: 'In Other Words, The FBI Arrested Six Morons'

Lieutenant General William E. Odom, U.S. Army (Ret.) on Iraq

National Security Projection: 2019

Bill Maher---- CNN Situation Room

Sen Nelson records flight in a Blackhawk helicopter over Bahgdad

take 2: Creation Cultists: Traitors in Training...

Daily Show--Oliver's Trip to the Republican Debate

"Protect America, Not George Bush" . Check out this outstanding new VoteVets ad

15 More For What?!!

Jon Soltz of takes on right-wing nut on PBS newshour! Fantastic clip!

Bill Richardson's New Ads: Job Interview (pretty clever)

Feeling Patriotic? can help you dress the part (for real)

In absence of federal action, 31 states, representing 70% of U.S. population, will track emissions

Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak: Bush/Cheney Actions Justify Impeachment

Right Wing Pollster Asks Impeachment Question...Numbers Show True Trouble

"Michelle Malkin wanted to tie Vegas blast to al Qaeda so bad she could taste it!"

3,380 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war

Have you ever really trusted someone because of their political

China Detains 2 in Tainted Pet Food Case

Cheney Makes Unannounced Visit to Iraq - Is the WH trying to kill him off?

GM, Dow join call for Carbon Caps

Ricks of 'Wa Post': Media focuses On Iran Aid To Iraq Insurgents - But Not Saudi Money

21 Civilians Killed in Afghan Airstrike

Queen teases Bush over date gaffe

Pete Hoax-stra... "Just look what happened in the 1990s."

Is Clark going to throw himself into the race??

Charges against accused bomber of Cuban airliner killing 73 people dropped by U.S.

US-Iran academic detained in Iran

SIGN Edwards Petition to END the Iraq War!

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Does Bill Donohue, leader of the Catholic League, hate religion?


Cheney is an ass

Question: Are we in Iraq to fulfill promises * made to oil companies?

State Dept E-Mail Orders DESTRUCTION Of All Evidence Of Top Official Who Quit Over DC Madam List


O'LOOFAH blasts study of his propaganda ("spin") & name-calling (he beats COUGHLIN)

I need a suggestion for a t-shirt for 79-yr old dad's birthday.

You won't believe how much this Nazi quote will remind you of a certain administration!

Iraq's new Baghdad Bob comes to Washington

Armed groups ‘breeding like mushroom’ in Baghdad despite U.S. campaign

Crooksandliars: Rep Ted Poe's ode to the Grand Wizard on the House floor


Where's the graphic that shows how the Carlyle group is linked

Caption Wolfie

Pelosi: "I know one thing for certain: This war is wrong," repubs disagree of course

Senator Levin: GOP must confront Bush before Iraq war can end

C-SPAN3 - FY08 Defense Budget hearing

Pope warns Catholic politicians who back abortion

Michael Moore's Sicko Coming June 29

"Allen Enters Race for Maine Senate Seat" HERE WE GO! Collins should be shakin' in her boots!

It's Andrea. Welcome to Hurricane Season 2007

Gonzales Written Statement for Judiciary Committee: Blame It On The Aide (Kyle Sampson)

Keith Olbermann to Get First Molly Ivins Award From AAN

President Tony making resignation statement tomorrow

21 civilians killed in Afghan airstrike - AP

Nuns May Protest Bush Visit

Wash. Times Omits Mention Of Forrest As KKK Leader

"Gas Station Owner Told to Raise Prices"

I hope no soldiers die protecting Baghdad dick.

AP ran false headline on story reporting baseless GOP allegations against Pelosi

Obama publicly supporting Sebelius

Gas prices spark a war of words

Caption Cheney...

Pregnant Irish teen wins abortion battle

What a wacky world we live in (weather wise)

Pair found guilty of breaching secrets act: Bush/Blair

Sarkozy first speech includes statement on human rights.

Hey Florida I think your drought is about to end

Welcome to Bush's war on terra: Fort Dix conspirators entered U.S. legally before 1999.

Bush Whines To TX Friends: Nobody Understands Me

Idea for Public Transportation and Smart Growth DU group

Sen. Feingold: Who's Holding Up My Bill? (Contact Republican Senators)

Here we go: Atlantic's first named storm forms early

Lt. Col. Paul Yingling on why we're losing. Must. Read.

Republican politics....Utah style.

What is the Bushists' real objective in Iraq (besides controlling the oil supply)?

Ann Coulter: 'Newsweek' Teaming Up with al-Qaeda To Help Obama


Pentagon report: Insurgencies like Iraq's usually last 10 years, but only win 41% of the time

France's Sarkozy sails into storm over luxury holiday

Murdoch remains a dangerous foreign enemy to the U.S. - Read Huff Post "The Murdoch Muscle"

State Dept. erases all reference to top official who quit over DC Madam list

Would grounding air travel to photo ops in AF1 bring our gas prices down?

Gee, I hate being (TS Andrea)

Cheney to reporters: "this is just a photo spray”

Bush Is Said To Have Told Saudis: "America Will Not Withdraw From Iraq During His Presidency"

Edwards, Obama Lead Giuliani in Iowa

Protestors singing after hearing (Pent. funding for next year)--cspan 3 now

Just in: Explosions heard near green zone in Baghdad, I hope dick is safe!

" He can dodge on abortion, but may get Bern'd on Kerik" Guiliani

"Massachusetts leader wants $1 billion for biotech" World's largest Stem-Cell line repository!!

I Need Your Assistance - QUICK! What Post-Graduation Advice Would You Give Graduating Seniors?

FT: Bush and Cheney see the campaign to oust Wolfowitz as anti-American

Flirting with the Westboro Baptist Church

77 Counties in Oklahoma are in a State of Emergency

Guards made inmates lick toilets clean - Florida Hendry Correctional Institution

For African-Americans, Folly of This War Hits Home

"Rep. Meehan Resigns to Take UMass Job" Democrat.

Federal Student Loan Chief Will Step Down

When the hell will we be able to get an affordable solar electricity system?

Congress asks CDC to explain hiring plan

Entering the fifth year US commander says no quick fixes in Baghdad

Cheney overheard in Iraq: ‘Kick the press out.’

Gag alert: This is the third time in three months that Bush has played the role of national healer

The Constitution Needs You To Make A Few Phone Calls Today

US Attorney, NJ: Christie re: Ft. Dix bust, loyal Bushie appointed by KKKarl/Bush

Judy Woodruff on PBS, allows the GOP attack dogs to hog airtime

some thoughts on war and occupation:

Dana Rohrabacher just said that George Soros is behind illegal immigration.

ABC News: 'Unprecedented' Number Of Gov't Watchdogs Under Scrutiny

Who is this Congresswoman Blackburn from Tennessee?

Can we discuss serious SHORT TERM solutions to the gasoline price mess?

33 Percent New Approval Rating Low For Bush In WNBC/Marist Poll

Copy Of Gonzales' SECRET ORDER - Delegating Authority Power To Hire & Fire

Ted Poe (R-CSA) quotes KKK Grand Wizard in plea for troops...

Has deregulation ever NOT totally screwed everything?

Bush sure does love to hug disaster victims.

The unlikely soldier

Wildfire burns in middle of Los Angeles

California Fires So Sad

Joe Conason: G.O.P. Tall-Tales About Reagan

The U.S. Military spends over $40,000 PER SECOND annually

Boom greets Cheney in Baghdad : "thunderous explosion that rattled windows in the U.S. embassy"

Vital Electric Fusion: Proven, Safe, Cheap

WH Media Memo: Don't report Cheney's exact Baghdad location

Civilian deaths 'deeply shame' US --- each family paid $2,000 for each death

No One Ever Said The War Would Result In Cheaper Gas Prices

Wonkette on Dick Cheney: "A draft-dodging half-human war criminal ...

Glenn Greenwald: Democrats bear responsibility for restoring habeas corpus

Condi Okayed Kickbacks to Saddam

Does anyone remember when they were first selling the surge

Joe Scarborough on MS NBC is major boring. I like him ok at night and thought he might do well in t

Gee, you think THIS Circuit City employee was one of the multitude fired due to "high" salaries?

post deleted

Gonzales to Congress: Can't we all just move along?

"Red Rover, Red Rover, let all my sisters come over"

Fighting Them Over There So We Don't Have To Fight Them Here...

Marty Meehan (MA) is resiging from Congress at the end of this session?!?

DICK in Bghdad ---pix--->>>

ARREST Gonzales, Rove, Rice & Cheney As Part Of Bush's "No Child Left Behind" Program

If there was a possible scandal involving a Democratic frontrunner..

Just how much of a factor is al Queda in Iraq right now?

Thom Hartmann has a "live one" on the phone!

Clinton on the $1 coin

Gas station owner told to raise prices

Right Wing’s Global Warming Denial Takes New Form, Now Attacks Advice Of Military Generals

Karl Rove's 'accidentally deleted' emails - Worse than the 'missing' 18 minutes in Watergate

Where have all the TV Viewers Gone?

I call for nationalization of Oil

My God, i'm going to be sick. Bush kissing tornado victims. You tell me why this is a photo op...

Bush to exchange student volunteering in Greensburg: "Are you enjoying it here?"

Snowe and Bayh propose Iraq benchmarks bill

DC Judge Appoints Lewinsky Lawyer to Defend Palfrey! Former Lawyer Banned!

If we're making progress in Iraq...

Snowe and Bayh propose Iraq benchmarks bill

Willard Scott just said, "God bless the French, they voted the right way."

Pictures from our storm last night

Cautionary opinion: Fred Thompson GOP savior nominee

Sub-tropical Storm Andrea

I would like each Dem candidate to answer this question. What Bush policies will you over turn and

Iran offers US Iraq exit Strategy

Beware Merika, Bush wants to "Touch your soul"

He thinks he's Jesus...

Comment: Gore sent honest message on man-made problem

"I heard you had some brush to cut."

Question about the unemployment rate--please and thank you

DICK Chortles His Way Through Baghdad ---pix--->>>

Which of these two are most likely to make late entrances in the '08 race?

No less than four right wing talk radio stations in Atlanta (not one liberal station).

HUMMER HATERS...just so you know. The cars you really need to hate

Michael Moore's "Sicko" will be released on June 29th

Post office wants to contract out new addresses

Gov Dean: "We Will Not Support A Blank Check Policy-From-Admin Whose Only Offer Is Stay The Course"

St. Vincent faculty welcome bush AND his protestors to commencement.

Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ), 12th District, Princeton, Trenton

Mormons believe god had physical sex with Mary and produced Jesus

Investigators say bank sent student aid officers on cruise (AP/CNN)

The latest fashion trend inside the Green Zone are Flak Jackets and Helmets

Comic strip puts artist's cancer battle up front (AP/CNN)

File this story under, DUH!

Is a girl who posts nude photos of herself a "child pornographer?"

"Hispanics Are Lazy" - Bush’s New USAID Nominee

Pelosi's Toothless Threat to Sue Bush Imperils Constitution

TPM reporting .. 9th fired US Attorney's, in today's episode of TPMtv ...

The Official Doonesbury Appreciation Thread - SIGN THE DU CARD That's Going To G. B. Trudeau!

Holy shit, looks like the RCMP covered up bungling of the Air India bombing

Whatever happened to the Miami 7? Remember them?

Breaking: Sub-tropical storm Andrea - Wow!!


To all the mommies in my life –

Wolf Blitzer Looks Other Way While GOP Operative Lies About CNN's Own Poll

A Day Without Buying Gas - How Likely are you to Participate in it?

Ick! Just ICK! (* kiss in Kansas)

Retired US Army Colonel Speaks to Group; ‘Hit the Streets’

My recent trip to give blood

Legal experts warn about significance of 6 (Fort Dix) arrests

Snowe and Bayh propose Iraq benchmarks bill

Wolfowitz 'girlfriend' calls it quits

Bush’s New USAID Nominee: Hispanics Are ‘Lazy’

What Republicans Dont Believe

Only 22% polled accept Bush's argument that Iraq occupation is preventing terror in the U.S. (More)

Was Sharpton's comments about Romney appalling?

Cindy Sheehan: Needless Carnage

Tweety will be showing the Iraq war Vets new commercial

Benedictine nuns may protest Bush.

U.S., Germany Fear Imminent Terror Attack

DC Judge Appoints Lewinsky Lawyer to Defend Palfrey! Former Lawyer Banned!

State modifies sex ed policy (Kansas)

How many flack jackets are shown in this picture?

TIME: Gonzales was angry with McNulty for exposing the White House's involvement in the firings

Bush threatens veto AGAIN

Invisible Women and Minorities

Thursday: The beginning of the end for Blair.....

"DO NOT DETER US FROM OUR MISSION" - Gonzales To Ask Congress To MOVE-ON Tomorrow

Ft. Dix Terror Plot: Incompetent Terrorists or False-Flag Operation?

Women in Academia....Harvard isn't Enough

So is Dick Still Ducking In The Green Zone?

Official: Inmates Forced To Lick Toilets Clean

Miles Levin: Whatever life we get is bonus!

Action Sought on Journalists Detained in Iraq by U.S.

Breaking: Will Fox News go green?

Phyllis Schlafly Alert! Attempts to blame VT massacre on Liberals and messes it up!

Smerconish thinks ONLY his show works on MSNBC morning

Time to play another round of "Turn the Republican name into a noun or verb" game

Did anyone catch Boston Legal last night?

A hearty cheer for AZDemDist6 is requested...salt of the earth and smart, too.

Rumfeld gets the 2007 Statesmanship Award. WTF?.

BREAKING: Obey/Kucinich "brawl" actually kind of bland!

Job Searching: Political Assistant FSN 7 - Pays $14,000 US Embassy Baghdad

I am going to see Steely Dan tonight. 7:30 at the Barbara B.Mann Center in Fort Myers.

I'll be on t.v. in Pittsburgh tomorrow.

What does it mean that the FBI is busting terror plots hatched by disaffected Don Quixote types?

Sam Seder -- anyone have any updates?

Where have all the viewers gone?

"You know, if Bush would stop his self-indulgent stubbornness for half a day...."

Lightning 'caused US mine blast' (BBC)

3381 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Bush: "My mission is to -- today, though – is to lift people's spirits"

0.1 Percent Of Commerce Department Answers Bush’s Plea To Move To Iraq

Weather sirens here. Wish us luck! nm

It may be Oscar De La Renta but on Laura it looks like Oscar De La Crap

Mormon priesthood ONLY authority from God on earth today!!

Afghan MPs demand end to military offensives

little KS Dem Woman help please DU your thang

Retired U.S. Army generals to make TV commercials criticizing Bush's handling of Iraq war

Dobbs question tonight involves separation of church & state!

Post Katrina tree growth

Disgusting Backlash against Al Sharpton by Imus Fans hits Cable News

stock market applause

Monsanto tastes defeat

Things You Owe Your Mother..Happy Mother's Day

My employees work at my pleasure but I can not just up and fire them

chucklenuts is in Kansas in his long sleeve rolled up blue shirt

Who does Cheney answer to?

Tammy Faye Bakker writes farewell note

Congregations to Give Haven to Immigrants (New Sanctuary Movement)

It's go time again, Bush says he'll veto the new Iraq spending bill..

Rumsfeld keeps ghastly 9/11 souvenirs

Putting Lipstick On A Dictator

Anyone heard from DU'er "Muse Rider" and other Kansas/Missouri Du'ers re Floods?

So I used the word "trippy" during a staff meeting today

Friend from England just e-mailed me says speculation is that Blair may resign tomorrow

How funny.. We spent millions of tax dollars and now Al Hurra is "off the ranch"

Mission Accomplished.': 48 blood soaked months later...

"The Green Zone is a lot less green these days."

Why Isn't this bigger news??? Chevron admits violating Oil-for-Food when Condi on BoD.

BBV footnote

Guilty Money - Bribery pleas prompt look at donations...

Brave reporter died on the Kenyan plane that crashed....

Keith Olbermann Garners Alt-Weeklies "Molly Ivins Award"

So I'm thinking Gena Rowlands and Martin Landau play 'em in the movie

Buzzflash interview! FWB Interesting.

I need a favor: Can someone tell me the names of AAR's CEO's since its inception?

Hannity today tried to link Clinton Admin to the plotters at Fort Dix...said he was responsible for

Documents show US had propaganda campaign plan two months before invasion

Gas prices and refineries.

Catherine Crier was let go by Court Tv.

Rachel Maddow: Cheney has gout.

"Worst Cover Up": Former Marine Claims Illness From Experimental Vaccine

i heard this on Randi Rhodes show, Bu$h is imploding, bunker mentality whinning about polls..LINK>>

WE are F_ _ _ ed! This War is not ending until the Republicans

paris hilton

Season finale of Jericho tonight . . .

Gates tells Congress troops in Iraq could be reduced this year, then comes out and qualifies it.

Give Bush an open ended commitment on Iraq with all the money for troops he wants with 5 strings:

Gates Contradicts Bush, Says ‘I Don’t Know’ If 2002 War Authorization Is Still Valid

Clever Richardson commercial...

Just so I'm clear: Party boy sent Cheney. To Iraq. To tell the politicians not to take a vacation.

Florida will wind up leading to smoke filled rooms in Denver.

Amazing right-wing incoherence on Iraq masquerading as "disciplined message"


"So what makes you think you can be president?"

If w cheated on laura, would his cult followers forgive or impeach him?

The disappearance of war-broken soldiers

"al-Qaida-linked Web site" - Has anyone seen one of these sites?

Caption time: What's W thinking?

Idiot in Chief Tours Kansas ---pix--->>>

I hope you all watch Conyers grill Gonzales tomorrow morning.

Mitt Romney supports the WMD smuggled into Syria "theory"

I now believe John Edwards is right. Keep sending junior the same bill over & over again.

"We are dedicate our strength to serving the needs, rather than the fears, of the world."

I hope Stephanie Miller is OK! (LA fires)

U.S. Carrier Armada Aims At Iran

Disgusting war pig big dick in Iraq: "We've got to get this work done. It's game time." Game time?

Here We Go Again The American Legion Talking For Bush ahh

New biography of George W Bush It is well worth reading

Chicken from China: In business section of today's Boston Globe

So when does the colonel from Monty Python show up to call the Fort Dix "threat" silly?

The 1962 Fallout Shelter handbook...

Mass pig deaths in China

Glue This to a 8.5 oz Can of Peaches, Add $2.50 Postage, Pop in Mail, Save Your Country

NBC's reporting of the Bush/GOP pols meeting is awful. Russert at his worst.

A Ray of Hope in Kansas: Pix to Make You Smile! (not GWB)

Bush would veto Democrats' new Iraq bill

House Liberals Entertain Alternate Scheme: Deauthorize The War

Iraq's oil workers to strike against Anglo-US oil-grab

The N-Word Redux

They gave him a chain saw - * pics

Clean Water Protection Act Reintroduced in Congress with Record Support! : ) : ) : )

my 80th LTTE-responding to my neo-con rep's column

Why do so many DUers think our 08 victory is virtually guaranteed?

"An open letter to Laura Bush from La Madrina, the Godmother" ('Nobody suffers more...')

What is a hate crime?

"loss of $1.5 million worth of sand in two days"

So how have you and we benefited from the bush tax cuts...........

Who wants to gag Sibel Edmonds? And why? (with answers!)

Do you ever just feel like giving up hope?

Your comedy relief - the i-Rack

Gay Marriage and The United Farmworker's Union

The bullshit in the "Ft. Dix terror plot" gets even deeper

So does Section 8 even *exist* anymore?

Kucinich: President's Veto Threat Means War Funds Should Be Cut Off Now

GI Bill's buying power shrinks

post your good wishes, get well, prayers for tammy faye baker here!

Vegan couple sentenced to life in prison

Assuming Al Gore does not run, I wonder who he will endorse for President?

Death to cell phones.

Anyone watching PBS, Jim Lehrer NewsHour? Pretty detailed segment on Posada.

Oh boy. Obama admits to being tired and making mistakes on campaign trail


You guys don't mince words around here, do you?

Wednesday TOONS : Queen's Dinner edition

Don’t Let America’s Workers Wait Any Longer; Tell Congress finish the job on minimum wage!

The morning with HH the Dalai Lama --5/09/07

OLBERMAN To Recieve - First Annual MOLLY IVINS Award

WTF! Dems Lie on Iraq War Funding

Gonzales Stuns Colleagues: "I Work For The White House, You Work For The White House"

Principal protested for banning T-shirts telling non-Christians they're going to hell

Jeb Bush Joins the Tenet Gravy Train (To be paid ~ $37,000 a day)

Bayer defends genetic Rice contamination as “Act of God”

For 1st Time, Majority Of Iraq's Parliament Rejects Occupation - U.S. Media Ignores It

Gas boycott is a HUGE success! Everywhere you look people are not buying gas!

Nationalize the Oil Industry

Would you be ashamed as an American if we 'lost' in Iraq?

Putin deploys Godwin's Law with veiled comparison between U.S. and the Reich.

Al Sharpton and Mormon Mitt Romney

Must read. Why Hillary won't take a stand on anything. Her top Advisor.

images for general DU use, if you like them.

== Apocalypse Of The Honeybees = By Mark Morford

I played for DU tonight

PELOSI: "We Can Take The President To Court" Over Signing Statements

Iraqi Union Set to Strike over Oil Law

WTF? Letter from my son's Elementary School. Bibles will be handed out on Friday.

US Attorney Firing: Voter Fraud, Medicare Fraud, WHICH IS IT ???

Bill Clinton to speak at Ohio State commencement

Virginia Lawmakers, Leaders Endorse Hillary Clinton

Why are these men laughing? Caption at will:

Republicans in Disneyland (by Bill Boyarsky for Truthdig)

US lawmakers in Guantanamo closure bid (AFP)

"Rotten Rudy"

"Six in 10 support setting a timetable for withdrawal and sticking to it..."

For those who think MA will vote Democratic independently of the nominee, here is

Do endorsements matter?

Cheney, Iraqi PM concede violence issues (AP)

The local newspaper, The Morning News Tribune has turned into a RW toady

WP: Cheney And the Saudis

Link for letters to Bush & Congress to protest Irag war

Bush would veto emerging House Iraq bill - spokesman (Reuters)

Florida will wind up leading to smoke filled rooms in Denver

Pet food poision now found in farm fish

Help--Anyone remember this poll?

I accidentally turned on Beck...

Wed. is 'Gallows DaY" in Baghdad: Woman's plea from death row:

Clinton to Pick Up New York Endorsements

This isn't going to go over well in the minds of the fundies

Wall Street buying up Infrastrure(Toll Roads) Do We Need A Fed.Governt any more?

When Were The War Games That Cheney Was Supposedly Running On 9/11 Scheduled?.....

My idiot former Governor Jim Gilmore...can't even come up with an original logo...Steals Clark's

CI Poll Maine: Hillary 39, Obama 22, Edwards 16...

ARG Polls: California, Florida, Michigan...Hillary holds wide leads in all three

It Keeps Getting Worse-Republicans Hate American Troops and Have No Respect for Them

Kansas Board of Ed. erases conservative sex ed policies (CNN/AP)

Greensburg Kansas bracing for another disaster

BBC: Blair to announce departure date (on Thursday)

Edwards would beat Giuliani by 14 points in Iowa (HRC would lose by 3)

Rasmussen: Obama only 1pt behind Rudy, leads McCain by 4

My coworker Wingnut was in my office and told me

Pelosi on Iraq Veto Threat: ‘President Has Again Chosen Confrontation Over Cooperation’

Queen Elizabeth succeeds where Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and Pelosi have all failed

Michelle Obama: husband has moral compass

Please help set this columnist straight.

Concerns arise over consumer nominee

Feingold Rejects Compromise, Pushes Exit Strategy (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Robert Greenwald to call out war profiteers before the Murtha Committee tomorrow!

Cheney overheard in Iraq: ‘Kick the press out.’

Recent Rasmussen Head to Head Matchups

At Ballyhooed Reunion Of Top Gore Aides, A Strong Sense That Al Isn't Running

Who the hell is this idiot columnist

The Nation: Spinning Hillary Centrist

If You're A Governor Of Any State In This Country - You Better Get Your Requests And Complaints In..

Majority Of Iraqi Parliament Calls For Timetable For U.S. Withdrawal

You DON'T Say

You DON'T Say

Will Bush put Rove in charge of Kansas clean-up? He has all that Katrina experience after all.

I thought I heard A. B. Stoddard of The Hill pick Hillary and Obama...

NBC: 11 Republicans Berate Bush Over Iraq In Private White House Meeting

I'm pretty impressed with the "Tweety" that's sitting in on Hairballz tonight

That George! You just can't take him anyplace!

Hillary: The Only Way To Win!!! (These Figures Are Amazing!)

"Fascist Sarko! The people will have your skin"--not too encouraging, that...!

House adopts student-loan crackdown bill (Reuters)

1996: Giuliani gives Kid "Key to the City" for interfering with a baseball game

I find HRC spokesperson Howard Wolfson completely offputting

Do you support Hillary just because she is a woman.

Statistics and reality say get out of Iraq now, not later

Rove Was Behind Firings..."I Think There Will Be A Criminal Case"

All the investigation news seems to have disappeared.

The Profit gazes into his crystal ball and sees the future.

That George! You just can't take him anyplace!

Coulter: Obama lead the work of Al-Qaeda?

You realize that no one has been held accountable for stealing the last 2 elections.

WHOA! Repug reps take Georgie to woodshed.

Rep. Maxine Waters Speaks for Impeachment

Richardson's Latest Ad

Sharpton accused of 'bigotry' after remark on faith

Mitt's wife donated to Planned Parenthood.

I’m serious: I am truly worried about just pulling out of Iraq (comments, and discussion welcome).

Would you support the implementation of a legal mechanism whereby...

"to kill an american"-- anybody seen this? comments? is it real?

How many states in the Presidential primary allow Independents vote dem.

When Will Democrats Get Real About "Free Trade"?

Global warming explanation I just heard.

VoteVets - "Our New Ad: You wanted it, you got it"

John Edwards’s Plan to Reduce Economic Segregation

Edwards blasts Coulter, comes to Obama’s aid

QU poll: Obama the only one with a decent shot against Rudy-- as well as the most progressive!

Sen. Clinton targets "Big Oil"

Ron Paul?! Is this a joke?

Mario Cuomo's legendary DNC speech is finally on Youtube

Fred Thompson and His Phony Little Red Pick-up Truck (folksy, indeed!)

Newsweek Poll: Obama whoops Republican candidates