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Archives: May 4, 2007

The Conciliator-Where is Barack Obama coming from? (New Yorker notes his deep conservatism)

He’s Impeachable, You Know (NY Times re Alberto)

Does Evil rule human history

Scapegoated Seals Save Cod by Anthony Marr


We (African Americans and Latinos) Will Not be Divided (speech by Cynthia McKinney)

Toxic Jack Strikes Again

Rove, Still In the Mix..coaching Dept Officials on USA firings, part of his job or inappropriate

Noonan: An Incomplete Field (Debate: Romney won, Rudy lost, McCain still In)

Senators urge drive on fishing subsidies - Reuters

Making Dirty Air Permanent (

Over 100,000 rally in Tel Aviv to call on PM, Peretz to resign

CoWorld: Florida to dump touch-screen e-voting systems

Is Big Brother in your car?

Pelosi weighs revised war funding bill

Republican Hopefuls Meet In 1st Debate

Former Supervisor Extols Fired Prosecutors

Beleaguered Iraqis now fear their own security forces more than the insurgents

Pentagon: 300 Iraqi Troops Killed in April

Truck in Bay area collapse had record of safety violations

Former Supervisor Extols Fired Prosectutors

Projectile Bomb Attacks Hit Record High In Iraq

Sudan, Chad agree to stop fighting

Internal U.S. attorney investigations to be made public (OPR and OIG)

Rice Asks Syria To Close Its Border With Iraq

Goodling's Lawyers Protest Justice Department Probe Revelation

(Colorado Governor) Ritter says "no" to Army move (Eminent Domain)

Report: V.P. Dick Cheney to Visit Middle East

Oliver Stone unveils ad calling for Iraq withdrawal

Germany proposes IAEA-run uranium enrichment to break Iran nuclear impasse

GOP debate focuses on Iraq war, abortion

Republicans against amendment for Schwarzenegger

Agreement reached on climate report

Congressman in Abramoff probe says he won't resign(says 2 more members of congress have had raids..)

No Link Between Mercury and Autism: Study

China detains head of gluten export company

Pet Food Poisoning Mystery May Be Solved

FDA plan to close field labs draws fire


Queen is in Virginia?!

Thou Shalt Always Kill (Lyrics)

memory card question

Would stuff like this be allowed on TV today? Nobody At All!

How much music do you have on iTunes

I must tell you about a car with the COOLEST bumperstickers eva!

How long is the LONGEST you had to wait for one FUCKING little envelope

I'm getting spammed with pro-Rudy Guliani e-mails...

Worst Republican Debate EVER!

The best snack for a diet is

I just rented "The Queen" anybody here watch it?

The Greatest YouTube Video Evah!!!! I'm Series!!!!!11!!!!1!

I just rented the Queen: anybody here want to watch us?

Why are we on LEVEL 4?

my date

I used the Moran in one of my classes.

Q: for Danseurs or those familiar with

Order Out tonight...What's for dinner peeps?

The Sandlot! Now that is a cute movie!

Little Wing has invented a new diet.

Ok y'all off to bathe and sleep! See ya tomorrow!!

Does the hook really bring you back?

I just rediscovered that Corn Nuts fucking rule.

Holy shit? What the fuck happened? What are we at now, Defcon 12?

Stupid doctor comment of the week:

Warriors 94, Mavs 71

Tori Amos on David Letterman now

I am an uncle for the 2nd time today

I'm looking for dishwasher advice

bat mitzvahs etiquette question

The ORIGINAL flying toasters! Not After Dark...

I had a nice time with my son today.

Who is this and why is she on everyone's MySpace first page??

ARGGGGGGGH I KNEW IT ! George Clooney was right down the street from my house !

Oh, puhLEEEEEEEEEEEZE bring back 'Ignore' and 'Hide Thread'

My grandmother passed away tonight.

Hasselhoff shitfaced. (Video link)

The Gallery of Regrettable Food has sucked me in!

S.W.A.T. on a Bomb Threat *graphic and cute*

Uncle Zomby's Safety Tip O' the Week

Why are we on LEVEL 42?

I need some help with a memory card question

Hey, everyone! I am in New York!

Johnny Cash wears black. He is adored.

Edward VII, Great King or Best King Ever?

CSI fans!! Question about tonight's episode (spoilers)

Favorite "Guy's Movie"?

Wanna see a cute toddler

I got my license today!

Good Grief! Hope none of you are needing a passport anytime soon

Mustn't forget the Cat Lovers, and Quilters...

Am I crazy? I want to try heroin once before I die...

it is a gentle rain falling here and, i thought of this old song

Ok, my first post your picture post

Stevie Wonder sings for Barack Obama

Ghouliani stumbles through abortion questions during debate

Ret. Gen. Paul Eaton on Hardball

Why I have been Angry all Day----V.A. Bonuses

Commander Guy

get ready for the puke fest

The next GOP debate will take place at this place:

I can't imagine any one of these slimy fucks as president

A Question about the National Day of Prayer.....

Wow, who knew that fixing Iraq would be so easy?

Did anyone tell McCain he SHOULDN'T show up drunk tonight?

It's showtime--game on. Debate starts now.***Official debate thread***

my Lord they're boring

Are there links to this debate online streaming? MSNBC NEVER works

OMG they are twisted...Rudy said the iranians in two minutes looked into reagans eyes

Ronald Reagan TERRA 911 Al Queda Ronald Reagan terra Al Queda Ronald Reagan GWOT terra .........

Romney just basically said 'to hell with what the American people think'

McCain...Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran

Festival of Nations

Venezuela waves off default fears on IMF pullout (Reuters)

Tancredo reminds me of the stuttering lawyer on 'My Cousin Vinny'

Are you going to watch the GOP debate ?

OK, I can't listen in to this "debate" anymore

The party of fear will run on optimism?

they are fucking blaming the american people this debate puke fest

It's showtime--game on. Debate starts now.***Official debate thread-2***

First Debate Question: How Do We Get Back To Reagan's "Morning In America?"

Oh my, it doesn't sound like these Republicans like ANY Muslims very well

RePUKE debate = Hanz and Franz skit with ugly bald has beens. BWAAAHAHAHAH

Notice no "GOTCHA" questions when it comes to the Repukes U.S. soldiers are fleeing the war for Canada -- and U.S. officials may be on their trail

It's showtime--game on. Debate starts now.***Official debate thread-3***

So these ReTHUG a-holes are running for president of the RAYGUN ranch or library or like that?

Obama Corporate Candidate?

It's time for an organized boycott of Tweety. These fucking questions glorifying Reagan

My Ex-wives My EX-Wives My Ex-Wives Jesus is from another planet My Ex-wives

New MSNBC show - Stupid Old White Men

Oh my god these are the most soft-ball questions I've ever seen

Sen. Brownback just invoked Lieberman's name

It's showtime--game on. Debate starts now.***Official debate thread-4***

It appears Rudy plans to fix America just like he fixed New York....

I salute John McCain....

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Free Money! No Taxes! Yiiipppeeee!

It's showtime--game on. Debate starts now.***Official debate thread-6***

LMAO: Hannity going nuts over Bush's exclusion from Time magazine list.

It's showtime--game on. Debate starts now.***Official debate thread-5***

Terra Terra Terra, Mushroom Clouds, Hate Hate Hate,

I could watch a more lively debate at the morgue

I can damn sure see why republican voters don't like this field.

Is Guliani a slimy piece of shit or what?

"Poor people aren't necessarily killers..."

This is like watching the Bob Newhart show for "Hi, Bob,"

(FRONTPAGE) The Independent: The Final Verdict on Blair

We have our winning 08 argument if we only have the guts to use it ......

MSGOP: Republicans look "regal" - this is like a Coronation. Dems should learn

Address for MSNBC: [email protected]

Sen. Brownback worries me

Matthews: "Should BILL CLINTON Be Back In The White House?" (while LAUGHING)???11


Chris Mathews is a freaking joke! ..we all need to shut him off and

Ok folks all of them scare the shit out of me

We need a clip of McCain saying things were going wrong for four years

i'm calling it now, The democrats won tonight.

For Dems it's radical to want to impeach Cheney, for Repubs its

This is too precious! Rush Limbaugh on Bush’s legacy:

Matthews threw it out there and they took the bait.

Notice the dearth of questions on the surge

OK--Which GOP candidate comes off the slimiest tonight.

What a bunch of racist, homophobic, misogynist assholes

Rudy: "I don't remember any of the dems mentioning islamofascists

Why not ask Guiliani about how he feels about homosexuality?

Convince me that any of our Dem candidates would not be better than any of these freaks of nature?

Rudy: when they look at the president they need to see ....

For those of you who missed the debate...

Trivia: Who was the first nat'l capital campaign treasurer for Planned Parenthood?

A debate format we could all get behind

Q: for Danseurs or those familiar with

It is pretty bad when the Republican Prez hopefuls tell America

Zogby Doing Online Impeachment Poll - Sign Up and Vote

Anyone watch the debates?

Clearly insurmountable front-runner from Republican debate

Which 3 said they didn't believe in evolution?

Mrs. Brownback ... the ultimate Stepford Bobblehead, a real Xanax princess

Thompson basically says companies should be able to discriminate against gays...

Who said Clinton cut the military by 50 percent?

IMHO Romney is most likely to be exposed in future debates....


Did I hear Tancredo say a threat to Israel is a threat to America?

For those of you who missed the debate...

It would be interesting to do a debate word count. Did anyone mention the word Bush?

Who doesn't believe in evolution? (video clip from debate)

Jill Zuckman with the squeaky voice from Chicago Trib: EEEK!

DUer David Swanson: Next Waxman Surprise - Hearings On War Profiteers

Romney = Ron Popeil

Just remember that right now, all across America,

Even GuiIiani's spin room guy is terrible.

How were Tweety's questions? Any 'hardball' ones? (not counting

I am not watching the debate, ask me anything ;-)

What a missed opportunity for a great drinking game!

Florida moves primary date to Jan. 28th

" I'll See Your Ron Paul and Raise You a Gravel. Call" Who Wins?

Video clip: Ron Paul on Iraq and noninterventionist foreign policy

Should Scooter Libby be pardoned?

Renzi's 2006 opponent files the papers to run again

Brownback Huckabee and Tancredo all indicated they do not believe in the theory of evolution

God God God God God God

Truth Squad Time

David Schuster on MSNBC exposing the LIES said tonight; good stuff! nt

The 10 GOP's were a before/after commercial for Delay, Ashcroft and Cunningham.

What exactly qualifies as breaking news, in your opinion?

I haven't watched a single minute of tonight's Republican debate

Jon Stewart's TDS: Ted Koppel on tonight, FYI. nt

9 of the 10 candidates invoked the name Ronald Reagan at some point

MSNBC Rate The Candidate Results so Far

Beleaguered Iraqis now fear their own security forces more than the insurgents

Chimp Does Something Right


Giuliani looked panicked throughout the event. Clearly he couldn't tell whether his every answer was

*** Official debate thread - 7 ***

What did you think about the questions on Iraq that were asked?

Watch Stevie Wonder rock the house for Barack Obama!

Why is discussion about President Kennedy's murder forbidden on DU?

Forget 08 for a while, we've got at least 3 special elections to fight


First Date ???

Can I just say one thing?

I remember Reagan...

Why is discussion about President Kennedy's murder forbidden on DU?

Question from tonight's "debate..."

What the hell was McCain on tonight? Just watching bits of the, debate.

The Reagan Myth: Sleepwalking Through History.

Iran can target missile at US, Europe in less than eight years: US (AFP)

Great - question - "how would you grade B* handling of the Iraq war -

Colorado elections IT mgr. selling "voter data" to GOP candidates

Bush and Time's 100 Most Influential People

KO is interviewing Republicans!

"They looked in Ronald Reagan's eyes and in two minutes they released the hostages." Ghouliani.

Note to GOP: No one under the age of 41 voted for Reagan

Freedom of Speech is a great Equalizer wouldn't you say?

Well, I watched the Pub debate, and I now know for sure I'm a DEM!

Governor Crist just declared State of Emergency for wildfires. I fear we are not ready.

DU this please. Save Net radio!

Guiliani: "I reduced welfare"

If you had your druthers, who would be an interviewer you could support? And WHY?

I didn't watch the debacle, err, debate...Did Tweety really ask......

Army Goof Leaves Honorably Discharged Soldier Jailed for AWOL

The Milwaukee Urinal-Sentinel prints story commemorating the 50th anniversary of McCathy's death.

Freepers assess the debate.....Looks like they don't like their frontrunners

I have a confession to make re: the Republican debate...

Did anybody see a black person in the 'debate' audience?

Jcrowley was tombstoned today.

who else was cursing up a storm while watching the debate???

"Ten Middle Aged White Men" .... who must NEVER prevail.

Tonight's Debate in one movie line....

LOL!! They constantly invoke Reagan but NEVER CHIMPY!

Mitt 'Ken Doll' Romney- the next corporate puppet the Republican will try to plant in WH

Rudy showing he's not ready for the big time...

Do you or don't you think a wall to 'secure the border' of the US is

This is, again, how the VA supports the troops? By rewarding themselves?

Well, what do you think? Fred Thompson announcing his candidacy tomorrow?

~~~SIGH~~~ Yet Another Itchmo Pet Safety Alert

These Tamper-Proof National ID Cards for "people from other countries" the Republicans want?

For fun - see what the spouses of all the candidates look like

CNN: "It took an hour for anyone to say a kind word about the president."

I guess calling on the spirit of St Ronnie is a way of saying Reagan lives and Bush is dead.

George Tenet: "we've got to look forward...stop finger-pointing"

Move On Finally Asks - Impeachment Poll/Survey: "Do You Support Impeachment?"

Senator Dodd on Clinton-Byrd

‘A Lot Of Voters’ Find ‘Hierarchical’ ‘Male’ Qualities In Politicians ‘Reassuring’

Duncan Hunter..."I built the Border Fence", "I wrote the Bill", "I've done security", ......

MOVE ON IMPEACHMENT POLL and link to Howard ZINN article YEA!

So the bottom line is, they stole our country?

What's with the Reagan references all day?

That stage is a bastion of white maleness...

McCain, i hate to say it but i actually have pity for him.

Ronald Reagan Roasts In Eternal Damnation While "Reaganism" Continues To Wreck America

Evolution is a fact, not a theory

What a difference a Congress makes

CNN has a good poll question

Notice whenever McCain talked about war or death he began jumping up and down like Yosemite Sam?

LOL! TOON for those watching the "debate" tonight...

Has anyone read the new book "Brothers: The Hidden Story of the Kennedy Years"?

Exactly what free speech does hate crimes legislation take away? These AFA nuts are unbelievable...

Why are the Republicans so terrified of the thought of everyone having health insurance?

So has our Congress done anything about the SAIPAN SWEATSHOP/PROSTITUTION yet?

Breathtaking, Terrifying Video Coverage of 'May Day Melee' in Los Angeles

Pick a Remarkable Moment of the Debate.

Juan Cole: Not every gangster is mafioso, not every violent Salafi is al-Qaeda

I'm Confused ??? - I Thought Nobody 'Officially' Died From IED's Anymore !!!

Donna Brazile praises Condoleeza Rice in Time magazine puff piece

The Great Debate.. in a nutshell

RIP Katie

I credit "Democratic Underground" for Florida dumping touchscreens.

Newsweek: Rove, two months ago, helped coach DOJ officials on how to testify about the firings

I have to say Romney

Penn & Teller Bullshit is Bullshit ...

With "civilization," do you believe humanity is evolving faster or slower than it had been before?

Do you believe in evolution? The dumbing down of America

I almost feel sorry for Ron Paul

Thousands Call Pelosi, Now Call Other Democrats To Demand Impeachment

Venezuela Threatens to Nationalize Banks

The absolute STUPIDEST "excuse" for the VT massacre...

Women: A way to change men's minds on abortion

Help me out here: Why would Iran having 1 or 2 nuke bombs be a reason to panic?

Spin Room Sadness

All these white men on one stage -- wanting to rip up my right to choose not to bear a child.

Monsanto Patent Revoked In Europe!!!!!!!!!

the Mormon massacre

Ron Paul is cracking me up. He's nuts, of course, but he's not afraid to stand 180 degrees away from

2 Dolly Partons and a 20,000th post.

AP: Pelosi Weighs Revised War Funding Bill

One of many very funny ones from FReepers....

British voters may punish Blair in last poll test (Reuters)

Guiliani: "We have the best healthcare system in the world."

In 2008 it will be the ten year anniversary of the line item veto being declared unconstitutional

Ok, who just raised their hand against evolution?

Did McCain say 'we have to DISPOSE of 12M illegal immigrants'?

It's like an alien world

McCain looked like the out of contol idiot he is


The Real Republicans....check this out for debate

Brownbeck condones congress going into the Terry Schaivo case.

This sounded like a conversation at the FreeRepublic

I Guess McCain Didn't Pick Up Any Of Reagan's Sunny Optimism Tonight

how long is this farce going on, didn't the dems only have 1 1/2 hour

Just as i predicted: MSNBC pundits making nice on Grand papa McCain

My Goodness....this is turning into a religious revival...hallelujah!

All the white men want to overturn Roe V. Wade

R debate: how did they answer the evolution question? I assume they all

Mitt Romney and his abortion turnaround.

DU This Poll

Tonight's big winner? Fred Thompson.

Next GOP debate:

Not That I Like Any Of These GOP Candidates Or Anything...

Romney's out

Harlem politician 1st NY Dem to back Obama

HufPo: GOP Debate Quotes:

Did young Bush really blow up frogs? Source please.

Stevie Wonder singing for Obama: Watch it here!

This debate is an exercise in necrophilia

Invoking Reagan on RACISM?

My opinion of Repuke Debate

I don't know if it means anything about the "debates", but it's a full moon

Edwards gains support across Wisconsin

I am watching season 5 of West Wing

Political realities 101: Americans leaving both Parties; approval for Congress and Bush in mid-30s.

what question do you wish they had asked GOP candidates?

An idea for future Presidential forums.

I just love this little blurb. it's just funny.

I want a two party ticket in 08'!

God, how I despise these people!

One day you're gonna wake up

So when will the republikkans drag congressman Ron Paul into the village square, tie him to a stake

So McCain is 'PROUD' of Alito and Roberts. That's enough for me. nt

Joe Lieberman is officially a repug. Talk about being confirmed three times before the cock crows!!

Obama's MySpace outreach threatened by - Obama's campaign staffers?

Should the next Democrat President have military authority?

Thank you God, there will be a Democratic President in '09. Undoubtedly after

Edwards Calls For News Networks Except Fox NewsTo Make Debate Footage Available

I hope Keith Olbermann is on tomorrow night to give us his opinion

Democrats May Write Own Immigration Bill (AP)

Tommy Thompson retracts anti-gay statement made during debate - that was quick

Did Giuliani satisfy the 'Right Wing Hate Radio' crowd?

Postal employees intercept powder-filled packaged addressed to Edwards (second package)

Obama asks Dean to release the videos...Edwards asks the networks...correctly so.

After watching the debate tonight, I will campaign AGAINST the GOP no matter what.

John Nichols: Edwards Remains Very Much in the Running (The Nation)

None of these clowns sounded presidential at all

Dan Froomkin: New Signs Point to the White House (DoJ)

Fineman: ‘A Lot Of Voters’ Find ‘Hierarchical’ ‘Male’ Qualities In Politicians ‘Reassuring’

Why was there no veto override vote in the Senate?

I remember Reagan

Edwards Calls For News Networks To Make Debate Footage Available

Congressman Raul M. Grijalva and Arizona Leaders Endorse Edwards for President

Edwards Statement on Iraq Funding Bill Negotiations ("Ending the war should be non-negotiable")

The Next Veto Threat - Bush *Hearts* Hate Criminals

Greenberg Traurig Rebuilds Its Lucrative Lobbying Practice After Abramoff

McClatchy: Bush determined to prolong lost war

New World Disorder ---born-again multilateralists is .....Rice,

Doolittle says other lawmakers also raided

It is imperative to have an immediate energy revolution

One Day You're Gonna Wake Up / David Michael Green / Regressive Antidote

GWBush Is BuzzFlash.Com's GOP Hypocrite of the Week (Again)

DOJ vs. DOJ: Two Views on the U.S. Attorney Firings (Comey vs Moschella)

Israeli PM Olmert Undone by the Militia He Promised to Destroy (Independent UK, via AlterNet)

Face Lifts: A Frightening New Job Strategy (AlterNet)

Lost in the Fog With Commander Guy

Republican Candidates in Denial (Scarecrow @ firedoglake)

US holds Iranians as bargaining chips

Evaluating 'No Child Left Behind' (The Nation)

Rove, still in the Mix

Iraqis won't miss 'Bush lackey Blair'

Wolfowitz's Tenure in Indonesia Eyed

Report: Education under attack: (esp in Iraq)

The soaring cost of war in Iraq

The Last Days of Sanity; Domestic Politics, Iran and the Neocon Endgame

Iraqis won't miss 'Bush lackey Blair'

Secrecy-It’s what’s for dinner

You can't Win an Illegal War By Gina-Marie Cheeseman

Harpers: Bush's War Against Journalists

Maverick Candidate Mike Gravel (a Truthdig interview)

The War Room: A meeting with Karl

Al Gore Cancels Speech at FMI Show

The U.S. Attorney, the G.O.P. Congressman and the Timely Job Offer (Yang and Lewis)

Dems Tangled in Netroots

Dubya Disease

Patience emerges as critical weapon in Iraq war

Cindy Sheehan: Get Off it Bill O’Reilly (AfterDowningStreet)

GOP contenders embrace Reagan legacy

Venezuela Strengthens Support for Industry, Announces Possible Nationalizations

-Wade's Horn of plenty:Friends & family get HHS millions (suddenly resigned)

British play lays bare U.S. offensive in Falluja

contact CNN about Glenn Beck Misinformation special on Global Warming

IMF and World Bank Face Declining Authority as Venezuela Announces Withdrawal

Where Is The Dissent In America?


Beck said Gore using "same tactic" in fight against global warming as Hitler did against Jews

At Least 11 Members of Congress Now Under Investigation

U.N. climate report says sweeping CO2 cuts needed - Reuters

Ban on Monsanto genetically modified alfalfa upheld (roundup resistant)

Metropolis strives to meet its thirst (BBC) {Perth, OZ}

Report: Climate Change Plan Affordable (IPCC)

Global Call for Action on Climate Change (IPCC)

New Ohio Governor Strickland Announces Energy Principles at Chamber of Commerce briefing

China finds large oil deposits in Bohai Bay - AFP

Chunks Of East Anglia Crumbling Into North Sea: Rate Of Land Loss Accelerating - NYT

Mediterrenean Butterfly Species Now Wintering In UK - Some Species Appearing 2 Mos Early

France Imposes Water Rationing In Seven Out Of 96 Departments - Reuters

Kashmir Temperatures Spike To 10C Above Normal Averages, Speeding Snowmelt

Intelligence Analysts Eye Climate Change

Coupled Boundary Layer Air-Sea Transfer

Which country in Europe is the leading producer of renewable energy?

fire weather advisory

Kids Breathing Pollutants on Aging Buses

Climate Plan Arms World for Key Talks (post IPCC)

China Opposes 445PPM CO2 Targets, Backed By "Other Unnamed Countries" - IHT

Recycling revolution may loom (single sort recycling system, Maine)

Russia puts teeth in poaching law to protect Amur leopard

Rwanda's underwater powerhouse (BBC) {methane gas from 'turnover' lake}

445 (ppm) a Hotly Debated Number at Conference (more from latest IPCC conference)

{UK} Law challenge to Gore school film (BBC)

Plain Dealer: Davis-Besse rust report' irks watchdog (UCS)

Plastic Solar Cell Efficiency Hits 6% in U.S. Lab

Nuclear industry welcomes climate report backing - Reuters

Peak Oil/Population article posted on The Oil Drum

Homesh: 'A settlement renewal point'

Ignoring the chaos

Lebanon fallout

PM fears Labor about to bolt

Israelis call on Olmert to resign

A terrible, delusional, wasteful misjudgment

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. 5/4/07 GOP sought to suppress votes

UK: Review under way on voting chaos

CO state worker sells voter data to GOP, Sec. of State investigating

Spy agencies to assess global warming's ripple effects

State looks to pull anti-Bush license plate

Faculty letter takes Bush to task

Projectile Bomb Attacks Hit Record High in Iraq

No immediate debt relief for Iraq

Consensus on climate change report

Support growing for wider trade curbs on Iran

Big Profits From Crop Insurance Criticized(Waxman calls for hearing)

Deployments Risk Troops' Mental Health

Floods kill 23 Afghans, NATO soldier

DHS May Close N.Y. Radiation-Detection Lab Despite Objections

Hopes fade for Iran-US breakthrough

It’s time for time off, vacation campaign says(looks like bush is their poster boy)

Coalition should 'admit defeat and leave Iraq'

Ukraine rivals agree early poll

Rove, still in the Mix

Zambia's Chiluba guilty of graft

Hard numbers elusive as military says Baghdad violence falling

DC Madam about to go public

UK Elections marred by vote problems

Iraqi Shiites protest Al-Jazeera

Democrats not backing down on Iraq Bill

Former aide could become liability for Rep. John Doolittle

LSU student arrested for Clinton threat

Plan to shut FDA labs

Romney Travels to Pat Robertson's School (Goodling's Regent University)

Saving Water May Not Save You Money

Four U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq(9wounded in 3 seperate attacks)

Rove, Still In the Mix

U.S.: Iran Can Target Missile at U.S., Europe in Less Than 8 Years

Lawmaker: Stop bonuses for VA officials

House Panel Approves a Record $48 Billion for Spy Agencies

US forces arrest more Iraqis 'smuggling bombs from Iran'

'D.C. Madam' Client Ready to Testify About Sex

SNP is largest party at Holyrood (Scottish Parliament)

Gonzales names new director for executive office of U.S. attorneys(Battles former job)

Carlos the Jackal faces new trial

White House, Democrats differ on Sen. Clinton's war move

Police: Cardinals' Hancock was legally drunk

Bush Wants Phone Firms Immune to Privacy Suits

Bruning calls Hagel's (R-Ne) citizenship proposal 'amnesty'

US Iraq troops 'condone torture'

Boat carrying Haitians capsizes; 20 dead

Daughter's Death in Iraq Hits Davenport Family "Pretty Hard"

Confused over bill's legal status, Board of Education puts brakes on voucher program (Utah)

Rice confirms US support for Estonia in row with Russia

U.S. eyes $500 mln ammunition sale to Iraq

Patrol struck by IED south of Baghdad (1 killed, 2 wounded)

Suspicious package sent to Edwards (white powder)

Bush adviser leaving White House

Bush warns Dems not to introduce abortion-rights bill

USS Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group Headed Home

Lapses found in battlefield ethics study

Bush Warns of Vetoes Over Abortion Issue


CHP have shut down the Vincent Thomas Bridge and diverted traffic due to a threat

Ecuador refuses US maneuvers

US gasoline prices hit $3 as refiners strain

Democrats cool to Colombian President Uribe

Goodling Shed Tears Before Revelations About Firings (Update1)

US labor market sputters as 88,000 jobs added (AFP)

Giuliani says Saddam paid price for offenses

USDA: 20 mln birds on farms may have had bad feed

Mayor of Mogadishu bans weapons

Microsoft, Yahoo Reconsider Merger (In Early-Stage Discussions: Source)

Kent State day of remembrance honours Virginia Tech tragedy of 37 years later

Gunman wounds U.S. officer at wall

Girl stoned to death by family for falling in love

FBI's Cuba trip draws rebuke

Almost half of Marines surveyed favor torture (if it would save the life of a fellow Marine)

Paris Hilton sent to jail for 45 days

Ex-lawmakers charged with bribery, extortion (Alaska)

Florida Becomes First US State to Pass Iran Divestment Bill

France's Royal warns of violence as Sarozy tipped to win

One in three US combat troops would condone torture: survey


Okay. Psych is making me giggle uncontrollably.

All My Heroes Are Weirdos

The Sinister and Mysterious House of Clocks

I am a Bear of Very Little Brain (or What's REALLY in that Hunny Pot?) Drinking Shrinks The brain

Steak thread!!!!

I am looking for some employment lawyerly advice, anyone around?

Don't mind me. I'm just excited beyond belief right now!

There are two types of people on internet discussion forums . . .

For those on MySpace

Have you ever been at the helm of a ship?

The ham remains the same

Do you Wanna have a phobia? tell us about it?

andy walking, andy tired, andy take a little snooze

what would you rather be?

JIBJAB | Young Bush impersonator. This kid is GREAT!

OK, how come we get Queen Elizabeth the SECOND?

"Rockline" listeners: Is it just me, or does the theme sound like The Cars' "Dangerous Type"?

happy national day of prayer folks!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 5/4/2007)

Do you have a mania? Wanna tell us about it?

I'm home, lost my job, and incurably ill

What does it mean when your husband buys you a shirt that says:


Canada Unveils $1 Million Coin (Size of a pizza)

Giant new coin

May 4 2000 - One Hilarious Day in Corporate America

I don't have PMS, so why do I feel as though I have PMS?

If the "Traffic" is so "High" Here,

MADD Award Winner Arrested For DUI (Oh yeah, he is a cop too)

Boys Run Away From Mobile Home To Avoid Being Caged

Frog Juice in High Demand in Peru

Poll question: If you met a person who played vanilla fudge on a bar jukebox in May...

103 Year Old Lies In His Own Grave For 6 Years

attn: fans of the glam idiom in rock music

If your dad was gay

Church Webmaster Threatens To Kill Parishioners

3500 Pounds Of Bat Guano Found In Attic

Now that I've stopped shaking, I'm going to bed.

Computers make my back hurt

It wasn't a toad-croaker of a storm, but the smaller gullies are washed.

Has anyone bought the new tori amos cd?

Do you have an aversion? Wanna refain from telling us about it?

I found my old Optimus Prime toy in my parent's basement!

Congratulations bushwentawol!! 15,000 posts

Let's go camping!

The statement in this post body is true.

do you agree with this statement?

I'm going fishing tomorrow.

Major apartment cleaning going on over here!

ALL the young dudes...

so, hypothetically, if you alert on a post, what is the procedure

Weeeeeeee! Swordfighting Summer Camp for Kids!

Please wish me luck...

They're giving the computers boogers.

I STILL do not know whether billyskank voted

This gave me more religious inspiration than any church service or preacher ever did...

I tripped over the cat,fell down the stairs and

Will someone just PM me when the vegan parents story falls off the pages?

Skinner says DU going down for a a little

Twin Cities/Western WI DUers--I'm gonna be on TV!

If you met a person wearing a vanilla/cinnamon perfume in May...

Speaking of Ritz, my husband thought the song was Pudding on a Ritz!!


Teacher Had 7 Year Old Hit Himself In Head With Drum Mallets As Punishment

On DU, which do you think is true?


Randi's on....

I have a perma-wedgie and have given up on remedying it.

We just got a job! But it's a tough one.

Date And Time Anomoly

Spider-Man III again proves my theory that third entries in Superhero series' get campy

Wet woman says Hummer pushed her in river

Teacher Sells Students Coat On Ebay

Renown White Rapper Rex Harrison belittling Eliza Doolittle...

Never learned to swim

They finally locked the Please Remove thread?

Anyone had good results taking 'royal jelly'?

is "individual person" a redundancy?

Happy Cinco de Mayo Eve!

Well, no day would be complete without my "dumbass thing I did" submission...

Is this for real? Crazy!

Anyone had good results taking 'KY Jelly'?

I just discovered a cure for loneliness

Bad News on the Weather Channel!! Wow. Just wow.

wherever i am in life, regardless of location

Update on our server issues

Someone had to say it: Ségolène Royal would make the hottest Pres. of France Ever

Infidelity in the eyes of the beholder..

State looks to pull anti-Bush license plate

Christopher Lee Sings!

Hey!!! The VIEWS are back!!!!...and SIGNATURES!!!

Sixth-Grader Stabs, Mutilates Ducks With Pencil Behind School - Children Traumatized

Oh N.O.! Mr. Bill has a blog!

Philosophy of Ambiguity

Am I black or white? Am I straight or gay?

Are you a current member of Princeton's Quadrangle Club? If so, see you tonight!

My home internet is finally back up!!!!

Good bye DU. I'm outa here!!11!! SERIESLY,....

I got a haircut this afternoon.

Pic thread: What not to put on a wedding gift registry.

Should I speak my mind? Warning Long Post

Half of the people I work with only know how to Reply All to emails.

i thought it was metaphorically lyrical the way 'little children'

Mental Health Advisory: LOTRO

Happy birthday GOPFighter!!

Just so you know - I donated $60 to DU in Elad's name

"Please Remove" gets locked, and we are no longer at Defcon 2. Coincidence?

I'll be going out of town on Sunday. I'll be gone for a week. Please be here when I get back.

Sex Drive Low? Have A Frog Smoothie

Happy Birthday Jesse from Lynn..wherever you are-I love you!

I got to do a Monty Python impersonation in class yesterday

yet one more pit bull attack

Please Recycle

Heroes Sneak peek..(Beware Spoiler's)

I passed!!

I figure you lot'll know--where does one go to buy drugs (cocaine, heroin, etc.)?

do you have a "g-spot"?

Who Would Make the Cuter President of France?

Atheist Religious Or Just Believe in God

Do you have a "Q-Tip" ? n/t

Sad news: My doctor told me I can't bear children today

Where does a cantaloupe go on vacation?

When do you plant your veggie garden...and how?

What's your opinion of "Arrested Development"?

If Segolene Royal wins as president of France, I'm running for president here

I have a late model Mazda in "violent fray" color

It is with immeasurable pride and self-esteem that I now reveal

I love the way in family hints around instead of coming out and asking.

can crannies exist without nooks?

What's your manifesto?

The REAL reason for the server problems.

Whelp, Paris Hilton is going to jail for 45 days.

Conjuction junction what's your function

Do you believe there are no morals - only ethics?

Visiting Pakistan in 3 Weeks... Any Advice?

Do you have a "T zone?"

Someone called me up and asked me for my Soc Sec Number today

Do you have a "comfort zone?"

Anyone see 'Another Gay Movie'?

Alert: Johnny Depp on Bravo, now! (EST)

The sun shines bright on my Old Kentucky Home ...

*Paris Hilton Sentenced* 45 days!!!

Please look at my art , let me know what you think. Thanks

Your Blue Room, U2

First Vegetables from my garden. has a list of the top 25 scifi shows/movies

Elvis Who?

Geico Caveman interactive site for your enjoyment!

How to give a dog a pill (with dietary restrictions)?

Paranoid freepers start their own version of YouTube to fight YouTube's liberal bias.

Audio link: Bush-Cheney as "Dukes of Hazzard"

First date sex 'increases chance of relationship'

You should be ashamed of yourself!!!

Congratulations Old Crusoe!! 20,000 posts


I am 34 and had a hemmorahagic stroke 2 weeks ago.


Anyone have a late model Mazda in "violet gray" color?

Hey Lynnesin! You can thank ME for getting that 'please delete' thread locked!

You know what's worse than robins eating my grass seeds?

What are you all up to tonight?

Update on personnel situation...

MEOW! Meet Nora - best cat video ever.

What do your last 24 hours look like?

There are two basic types of yoga...

City Names That Sound Kinky

Someone help me! I have a Bobby Brown song stuck in my head!

Massholes: Boston really does run on Dunkin!

No, someone help ME! I have "The Final Countdown" stuck in my head!

I love tall women as much as the next guy, but these ladies are scary!

Vegan parents guilty: 6-week-old died of starvation on soy and apple juice diet

Anyone watched Shark tonight?

For those interested - Frankie is doing MUCH better today than two days ago.

Obviously, you're not a golfer

Oh. My. God. If this is remotely normal, I must be a monk in a cloister.

Birthday present for a 4 year old boy?

So sue me! I hate western movies!

Songs Recording Stars Regret (or Should Regret) Having Recorded:

Should I speak my mind? Warning Long Post

Think of a really lame invention

I think LynneSin's locking post should be locked

Ritz crackers are too good! They don't need anything on them,

Do you have a perversion? Wanna tell us about it?

Can we establish that we are all dudes here?

***New York City DU Meetup Pics!***

what sport did you play in school?

How do you decide if a system of ethics is a "good" system?

Cards' Hancock was legally drunk

Could ya all recommend the enclosed thread for me--- it would mean a whole lot.

MLS Salary List Released

Hockey Fans, remember this name: John Tavares...

Paradigm Change in the NBA: Don Nelson's "#8" has BLOWN AWAY the status quo "concept".

Kent State Massacre

Peace, Salaam, Shalom - Emma's Revolution opens for Democracy Now!

Support the Kucinich Plan To Impeach Cheney!

You're Not Alone

VideoVets: John Bruhns interview by Oliver Stone

Republican Law and Disorder

Fact Checking the Republican Liars opps Debaters

Dubya; PLEASE IMPEACH ME funny funny funny

Hometown Baghdad, Episode 23: Iraqi Man

Bush's Fuck-ups (The Collectors Plates)

Jon Stewart--- D.C. Prostitution Gate

Oliver Stone's Ad For MoveOn.Org

Sen. Byrd---Authorization For The War

Commander Codpiece

Leader Hoyer on the Hate Crimes Act

Right -Wing Woman Propsed to Stephanie Miller on MSNBC

Rachel Maddow's Campaign Asylum - Beware the Ghost of Reagan

Britney Spears Topless or America - which matters most?

Tom Cruise Scares Me

War Crimes Caught on Video

Act Deciderly

Beleaguered Iraqis now fear their own security forces more than the insurgents

Encouraging Americans to spy on one another - a Bush Administration reality

Would people who read GD prefer another forum to read about

3,357 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war

Obama/Secret Service Protection

My Republican Debate Review: Democrats Win

Al-Qaida in Iraq propagandist killed, my bad I thought that was *

Report to detail accused madam's records (on 20/20 tonight)

Conyers:What the Veto Means

Sorting Out Good Science From the Bad (about sex education)

HEAD'S UP - Replay of Comey testimony on C Span 2 !

C&L VIDEO: "Who Doesn't Believe In Evolution?" LOL I was going to post earlier tonight...

Bobby Morrow dies in wreck

Human food eyed in pet food recall probe

I'm Ready For My Close Up, Reverend Moon

There are some petitions that need some DUing...PLEASE

Zogby poll asking about Impeachment and religion

How many times back-to-back are they going to show this debate?

Marines Skirt Procurement Maze to Rush Tougher Trucks to Iraq

Wash. Journal talking about repuke debate but...

NE1 think Willie Geist actually makes Tucker Carlson look like a non-douchebag in comparison ?

Is site down?

R.I.P. Sudan's married goat

Ex-music director tied to church death threats. Former employee faces 3 terrorism-related charges

Smirky holds his (photo)...

Half of Congress wants U.S. troops out of Iraq and 133 Iraqi lawmakers agree, so what’s the problem?

Baptist Rev. Herman Lewis pleads guilty to assault & attempted kidnapping (Spokane, WA)

Marrero Temple of Christ Church minister pleads guilty

Seeking some advice from a lawyer re: employment law and independent contractors.

Woman accused of conning church pastor with jewelry

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Catholic Archbishop, Raymond Burke, uninvites Claire McCaskill from her daughter's graduation

PASTOR Naboth Tumuheirwe of the Redeemed Church of Christ assaults wife

Reunited family faces media glare after rescuing children from religious cult

Christian non-profit co-owner indicted

Church choir director admits theft

Church of England Vicar Jailed For Abusing Young Boys

Ultimate pee on the MSM 2008 tickets....

DRM group vows to fight bloggers

== Al Qaeda Hates Your Commute! = By Mark Morford

c-span - caller calls condi a "camp follower"

US Army Thinks American Reporters Are A Threat To National Security

ASPCA: Avoid all non-US protein supplements

DRM group vows to fight bloggers

Re: Iraq veto, should I bother to contact Lieberman?

Bush Vetos Reality

The American people want the troops home NOW!

"I like Fred Thompson! He's a straight shooter, he would tell you what he really thinks!"

Guy James calls this right we have to always call it Bush's war and occupation

Rudy sez "I hate abortion"...

We have our mission

"Teen Gets Mich. Gov.'s Old Cell Number"

Would it be fair to compare Republicans to the OJ jury

Democrats Not Backing Down on Iraq Bill

Our troops die while gasbags talk

Jill Carroll Doesn't Recognize Photo of Alleged Captor ("AQ leader" killed by US)

NY Times on robocalling misses key point

GD is beginning to look like the Religious Scandal Forum

GOP contenders embrace Reagan legacy

Giant new coin

2-cents on the reagan love fest (i.e. repub debate)

Lawmakers Wants VA to Explain Bonuses

Reich: Corporations thrive without America

Saying "I'm sorry" fails to soothe public anger

Rumsfeld to receive statesman award

It is time to Initiate Impeachment Proceedings against AG Gonzales ....

Time Mag's 100 List -- An Unusual & Interesting Pick

Halliburton Earnings Surge 7.7 Percent in 1Q

Texas County Tax Assessor issues bogus voter fraud story. And get's caught doing it.

Bush Wants Phone Firms Immune to Privacy Suits

author on new book on Condi Rice on cspan1 now: "she just can't say to that man" (Bush)

If the "Traffic" is so "High" Here,

Lawmaker (Phil Hare, D-Ill) to VA secretary (Nicholson): Step down now-Army Times 5/3

Have you ever been to China's Disneyland? Wait a second, there's no Disneyland in China, is there?

Iraq Reconstruction Is Doomed, Ex-Chief of Global Fund Says

Reid and Pelosi Deny WaPo Story that They “Backed Down”

"You can veto a bill but you can't veto the truth" Great new ad!

Condi: "Look, I'm not given to chasing anyone"

Lou Dobbs is on 60 Minutes this week. I look forward to

(TOON) Steve Bell on Tony's last election fight

From Doctor Faustus -

Swastikas, Hate Messages, Found on Councilman's Office

Creationist argue against Global warming by saying it is all cyclical

Iraq Contractor view

Fake eggs and other problems from China

The war funding bill needs to clearly state that we are in the middle of a Civil War in Iraq

Looks like most Repubs think Romney won the debate

Regular gas @ $3.33 in my neck of the woods - could it be a sign?

Romney/Brownback--- Now that's the ticket!

Caption this pic of George Tenet

Sounds like the US is getting its dead Iraqis confused

Who is this guy on Air America this morning?

Actual Faux headline: "Did Radical-Lefty Rosie INfluence Rage Against The Machine?"

After more than 4 years of death and destruction Gates urges patience in Iraq - He is nuts too

Affiliation with Alex Jones will be Ron Paul's downfall

Cspan caller tells black guest to thank his lucky stars for slavery...

Inspector of Projects in Iraq Under Investigation = bu$h* revenge

Iranian Walks Out Of Dinner With Condi

To a Creationist--- In 6000 years will the earth still only be 6000 years old?

Bush Wants Phone Firms Immune to Privacy Suits

Can I fire people because they are Christian?

Grover Norquist on Madam's list?

Wolfowitz's tenure in Indonesia eyed

Weird news day--"Peruvian Viagra"--Frog Juice

Jon Stewart: I can accept a veil of secrecy with Tom Cruise but

Democrats are probably doing better than it looks.

Who does a Czar answer to?

Amazing animation: Haunting Depiction of Firefight in Iraq

Rove coached Justice staff before key hearing

Internet video: teenage girl stoned in Iraq for "honor," as security forces look on.

I think the dems need to worry about Ron Paul

Security Contractor home from Iraq

LSU student arrested for threatening to kill Hillary Clinton

Hey Commander Guy, patience is not a strategy

With all the money spent on Homeland security we still don't know

Tin soldiers.... How many more?

Geoengineers to Foul Galapagos Seas-Defying Climate Panel Warning

Rocky Anderson / Hannity Debate

Rape as a Weapon of War and a Tool of Political Repression

The Rethug's debate - why do they still march in lock-step with Shrub on Iraq?

Geoengineers to Foul Galapagos Seas-Defying Climate Panel Warning

Condi explains the difference between her meeting with Syrian FM and Pelosi 's meeting

Giuliani invoked "Reagan" 5 times in GOP debate

WAXMAN Accuses Rice Of Blocking State Department Investigations

MSNBC = Opportunity Lost

gotta love the headline...

T0 the party of Felate Me Values - tonight's the night.

Dick Dreams of the Good Old Days ---pix--->>>

Oops! Pls. delete. nt

About that debate last night. Sorry guys we don't buy it anymore...

Peggy Noonan: Stop Trying To Be The Next Raygun

Bush Wants Phone Firms Immune to Privacy Suits

Any news on the DU server issues?

Why the debate questioning was so bad.

Wow. Allstate is cancelling ann coulter.

Report Reveals Bt Risks to Insects and Soils

Where is the USS Nimitz?

Commander Guy???

Handy Cartoon with many of the Administration's crimes and scandals.

Expect a slew of GOP defectors supporting Dem's timetable for withdrawal if....

Why Grass Fed Organic Beef Costs More- And is Worth it

John Edwards on repealing the IWR: "statements can be an excuse for inaction"

Democrats not backing down on Iraq

Thompson apologizes for gay remark at the debate.. "misinterpreted"

What it would cost to tackle climate change - about 0.1% of world GDP, a year

I am so SICK

We shop until Chinese workers drop

Katrina Vanden Heuvel: The Whole Truth–and Nothing But

Padilla jurors unsure who to blame for 9/11 because they don't trust reporters or the federal govt.

Is Glenn Beck pissing you off with his global warming lies? HERE'S AN EASY WAY TO HIT BACK!

Only 40% of Marines, 55% of Army would report killing an innocent Iraqi civilian

The Decider became the Commander Guy then the Veto Guy, Can we make him the...

Projecticles challenging IEDs for biggest threat to US troops in Iraq

Four U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

"Study reports on mental health, ethics of U.S. combat troops in Iraq"

I'm on hold to speak to Dave Barber. Help me collect info about Rudy Giuliani and 9/11

S. Dakota DMV Wants To Pull Anti-Bush "M-PEACH-W" License Plates

(photos) "I've got a ...

Florida moves 2008 presidential primary to January

Bush’s point man for escalation plan resigns

Richardson Calls For Federal Probe Of LA Police For Attacks At Immigration Rally

WAXMAN'S Next Objectives-Examine False Claims Made By Admin To Invade Iraq & Expose Profiteers

Ask Dean of Radical Centrism David Broder questions online today at 2:30 pm ET

New Names Added To Vietnam Memorial

First veto: Stem cell research; Second veto: End the war; Third veto:?

HEADS UP: We are making some configuration changes to our servers. Downtime begins 2PM ET (UPDATED)

The Black and White doesn't help his looks either....

New Iraq Proposal Would Allow Dems To Keep Standing Up To Bush

From CQ Today: Clinton and Byrd Seek New Showdown With Bush Over Authority for Iraq War

Veterans Admin honchos bonus themselves after all their screw-ups

Is man selfish or altruistic? Greedy or cooperative?

Poverty Simulation--Learning empathy

More on the May Day LAPD Police Riot

GOP Presidential Hopefuls Withdraw, Endorse Dead Reagan for President

Stupid STUPID fucking war......... maggiegault's brother is lost to an IED.

Sen. Gordon Smith: "Many Republican colleagues are simply waiting until September"

Hagel Says He Would Consider Presidential Run as an Independent


Think Progress: Yet another attorney pushed out

Rove, Still In the Mix

General predicts more casualties in Iraq as surge continues

What do war supporters think of "traitorous" Veterans?

Okay, the candidates last night mentioned Reagan ad nauseum

WP: Every Cabinet member's chief of staff has a "dotted line to Karl Rove"

State Department: Self-fulfilling prophecy in action . . . Iranian minister "afraid" of women

WaPo's Milbank just reporting on MSNBC that DC Madam's Expose has "fizzled"

"Decoupling" is apparently the business bussword of the moment.

Murray Wass-Justice Official To Fired Prosecutors -Don't Testify Or Else....

Repubs agree: More soldiers must die to keep the war profits rolling in.

depreciation: the term "Bush bashing"

VIA FR: Democrats vandalize Republican Headquarters (Naples, FL)

John Hall D-NY seeks to stop bonus payment to VA officials until backlog cleared

Adam Sandler donates $2100 to Giuliani


How can Presidential pardon powers be changed?

I asked, One responded

Some details on the Clinton/Bryd Proposal to DE-authorize the war:

FRIDAY NEWS DUMP: Architect of The Surge resigns

Tonights line up on Real Time with Bill Maher

Doesn't QE2 look very annoyed with Cheney in this picture? I think so.

Former British War Chief: We Underestimated Cheney

Da me un beso, shweetie! ---pix--->>>


6th grader kills ducks

'Miz Julia' Speaks: Inside D.C.'s Most Notorious Escort Service - 20/20 - ABC- Tonight!

Six Honorary Degrees of Separation

Is a former * debate prepper qualified to be deputy sec. of HHS?

Being a Republican means..........

I apologize to the Democrats in Congress

whos listening to Randi rip the GOP loosers from last night???

Bush promises to veto abortion measures

So will ABC News 'clam up' tonight and only expose 2 new names? Yes or No.

Democrats not backing down on Iraq

Caption these two whispering sweet nothings in each others ear.

Let's compare the audience groups.... Last night Vs. Last Thursday

Cafferty makes comparison to Imus

Could ya all recommend the enclosed thread for me--- it would mean a whole lot.

60,000 baby bibs recalled for lead content in the paint!

Bush Admin email in data dump mentions Greg Palast and they're glad media won't pay attention to him

Deja vu

I ask you. Could the difference be any more obvious?

Idea: Let's Donate to the Ron Paul Campaign

Americans United For Change---------GREAT AD!!

3363 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Bush’s War Against Journalists-Harpers Magazine

How Grown Up Is America About Race? Turns Off Comments on Obama Stories

The head of a conservative think tank on DC Madame's list--Grover Norquist?

Richard Perle on CNN, lying his ass off to Wolfie................N/T

Latest Zogby Online Poll - asks about Impeachment & religion in workplace

local nbc saying 4 troops killed in separate accidents today.

What, exactly, is the purpose of a Republican debate?

If you invite a guest over and ask him a question, are you rude to talk over him as he answers?

On the news tonight - there are 87 people over 100 in Nebraska that

Lawmakers wants VA to explain bonuses. Explained, hell I want it stopped and now

whow. 12 US troops killed already in May (4 days).

Bush Family Gets Millions From Cult's Fake "Nonprofit"

"If you are elected president, will you issue pardons for anyone in the * administration?"

Think Progress: Monica Goodling needs a tissue.

No, I didn't fall off the planet...really.

From TPMMuckraker - Who Dunnit? (Do The Initials KR Mean Anything To You?)

African-American Veterans Discriminated Against in Health Care

Kevin Miller is coming to KDKA, Pittsburgh's 50,000 watt station. I heard he is

Three Repub candidates don't believe in evolution--- Do they believe in the Rapture?

New Book Due Out Darfur/Don Cheadle

Complicit Democrats Ripped at Pro Peace Rally

Pentagon mental health study surveys battlefield ethics in Iraq

McClatchy: Expiration of tax cuts sparks battle in Congress

Ohio Poll: Does a Presidential candidate's stance on abortion influence your vote?

* and Gonzales at a Celebration of Cinco de Mayo - pics

Washington Post "clarifies" false report on Democrats caving over timetable

Please give me feed back. I'm seething at this e-mail I received

Gov. Bill Richardson: De-Authorize the War Now, No Residual Troops

Disabled Jewish Vet Alleges Anti-Semitism At Iowa VA Hospital

Juan Cole: US presence in Iraq is colonialist occupation

Why Bush Didn't Make the List (Froomkin on the lack of inclusion of Bush on Times 100)

Bush vows to end war, abolish capital punishment!

These republicans can't win the Presidency without a war or

"MPEACHW" License plate to be revoked in SD...

Athiests and the like, how does your non-belief affect your politics?

Mitt: Roe v Wade = "brave new world" mentality and CLONING!!

Ok I'm here and I waiting for those names, and is Sleeza in jail yet?

How the Republican Primary SHOULD work

Jeff Gannon, spokesman for the host, the International Bible Reading Association.

Fundies at my work and the "51 percent"


Rasmussen: 22% Believe Bush Knew About 9/11 Attacks in Advance (another 22% not sure)

Romney hires vice chairman of Blackwater as senior campaign adviser

Imus got canned for his stupidity, why not this asshole?

JEFF GANNON's Hop/Skip/Jump From $200-An-Hour Gay Escort To Bible Reading Spokesman (WaPo)

"National day of Prayer" .. 600 chairs.. by 1pm, 37 were filled

Greenwald: The Politico is owned and run by a right wing Republican

Military families speak out

Where do you suppose the war profiteers hide their money?

This Week's Doonesbury Reprints from 2002 - For FRIDAY: Oh my god...

Caption * arriving for a Cinco de Mayo celebration

There's a fire just waiting for fuel. There's a fire just waiting for fuel.

Caption this pic

Bill Moyers' Journal Carlo Bonini (“Collusion”) Niger Forgeries - TONIGHT

"preview of tonight's smackdown"-SLC Mayor vs Hannity

To all those who think Keith Olbermann didn't express enough Repug disgust last night

HEADLINE: Hate Crime bill (Matthew Shepard Act )violates 1st Amendment rights, Christian leaders say

Monarchy up 100% in the last 3 days!

Has anyone here ever seen....

It's time for a good laugh - I present, "Commander Codpiece"

Who *doesn't* believe in evolution..

I didn't see the debates last night, but just the jaw dropping snippets on the Today Show.

What would make an NRA supporter's head explode

Waxman: State Department Gags Analyst Who Warned Of Niger Forgery

Soldiers Told Even E-Mails Home Must Be Cleared

Hybrid update: I test drove two of them today.

"Get Off It Bill O'Reilly - By Cindy Sheehan

Adam Sandler is a Rudy supporter.

All DEMS that believe in evolution, please raise your hand!

US Embassy Accusses Venezuela's President Chavez of Conspiracy

I'm changing my avitar to John Edwards '08.

The term "Illegal Immigration" lets employers off the hook

From 'The Decider' to 'Commander Guy' to 'Veto Man'?

Unemployment UP. Foreclosures WAY UP. All the bad indicators UP UP UP.

Matt Lauer in Cape Town this morning: Stupidity run amok

Edwards Statement In Response To Republican Presidential Debate

His daughter dies in Iraq; dad says withdrawers should be hung.

***tonight 9PM Central ***Rocky vs Hannity*** This should be good!

Where are our donations going?

Greg Palast: HILLARY’S Mother-F'ing tour business (MUST-READ)

DC escorts say "Shock and Awe" client was "an unpleasant person"

Friday Toons: Save us from the madness edition

UPI: Iraqi Lawmakers Demand US Withdrawal

AFL-CIO's 'Working Families Vote 2008'

World terrorism increased despite Iraq-based terrorism

CBS Poll Simulation: The Origin of the Human Species

WH 'Confused' Over Clinton Iraq Bill

The Caveman lives in Northern Virginia! Ck out his new interactive website!

"Assemblyman Is Censured for Fraternizing With Intern" tsk, tsk, tsk..ANOTHER REPUKE!

Murder verdict for vegan parents

New Climate Change Report Debunks Key Right-Wing Talking Point On Global Warming

Breaking on CNN British Ex-Diplomat says WMD intelligence used was false

Today is May 4th. Where were you that day in 1970?

FDA Approved Cyanuric acid OK in pet food

condi's plan for the Iraqis, SCARE the hell out of them. (photo)

A note to DU posters; placing the "n/t" or "eom" signifiers inside the message field

DC Madam about to go public

Rewarding Research

Are You As Sick as I Am With These Robotic Responses to Hillary & Barack?

Report: Military failing to treat mental disorders among soldiers

If you thought you missed hearing 'Bush' during the St Ronnie circle jerk last night .....

The US ignored a disaster in the South, will we ignore CA

Waxman: "I don't want a confrontation with her [Condi], but a subpoena is not a request"

TPM: Waxman to Rice: Step Back

Activists Want Chimp Declared a 'Person'

So what's the story with the NRA saying that suspected terrorists have the right to have guns?

My friend's honeybees all died.

NRA scumbags urge allowing gun purchases by suspected terrorists

Cindy Sheehan: Get Off It, Bill O'Reilly

Impeachment is on the table (place mats at Pelosi's dinner)

Report Shows Increased U.S. Military Spending Slows Economy

John Edwards Raises Most Money In Southern States (More than top 3 Repubs Combined)


Bush issues letter of warning to Pelosi, Reid (choice)

ABRAMOFF-Gate: Rep. Doolittle says he won't resign, 2 more Congresspersons get searched by FBI

Ha Ha...MSNBC "Rate the GOP Candidates"....Ron Paul is winning

ABC: Laura had to enlist the help of Condi to convince Bush to do "White-tie" for Queen Elizabeth II

Update on our server issues

NRA: Don't Ban Gun Sales to Suspected Terrorists

Cindy Sheehan urges KSU crowd to 'a new revolution'

Clooney's new film about Carville's company and a Bolivian election

Want To Be SICK? Compares War $ Spent vs. What War $ COULD Have Bought

How popular would a push to change presidential pardon powers be right now?

Bush's F*ck Ups: The Commemorative Plates Collection

Blood and Oil: Iraq is a Quagmire Because the Oil Industry WANTS It That Way

Foreign Occupation, Not Religion, Is the Cause of Terrorism

SD wants to rescind MPEACHW license plate...

Amazing Gloria Steinem

Ok so I get this whole thing about catching "christians" in hypocrisy

Step inside poverty--See it, feel it, live it.....understand it.

If you thought the Iraq war would be over by 2009, you really don't belong in the White House

Abramoff - "Octagon1" email = One of the most censored stories of all time?

Things you will never hear during GOP candidates' debate!

"Nutrition Accomplished"

Gov Richardson: De-Authorize the War Now, No Residual Troops

My employer lost a multi-million dollar contract due to high fuel prices

Former USA Debra Yang, Investigating Rep Jerry Lewis, left after $1.5 mill Signing Bonus

John Edwards' advisor, Mudcat Saunders, on Tucker Carlson Show on MSNBC after commercial break

More Jr. High School Foreign Policy: Rice exchanges words with Iran's Mottaki

John McCain: protector against genocide

polling data

"Impeach The Commander Guy - Save The World" ----- we need a campaign......

Online Political Operatives (Campaigns, not DU)

3 out of the 10 deny evolution ..

Who will give the Democrat side tomorrow and will it be about the veto?

Faculty at St Vincent's College send Bush** a letter. He does not belong there.

MoveOn Finally Polls on Impeachment!

MoveOn. is polling it's members on impeachment vote now!

Ex-Justice official praises most fired U.S. attorneys (AP/CNN)

Anti-War Planes Buzz GOP Debate.

Hey Glover, pay hookers with cash not your credit cards

Give Rudy the credit he deserves!

"Clearly the top three looked quite presidential"

Deathbed confessions, photos support claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr.,

REPORT: GOP Candidates Run From Bush Record

Where The Number Of Marchers For May 1st Immigration Marches Down Because......

The missing military casualty figures for Iraq?

AP: Ex-Aide Could Be Liability For Lawmaker (Doolittle)

If Ron Paul and Mike Gravel ran as a "unity" or Libertarian ticket what percentage of the vote would

Did the Queen meet with Doofus? Is she going to ? Anyone know?

Saying "I'm sorry" fails to soothe public anger (Bush)

Wanna see how the geeks are responding to Bush's latest play about Wire Tapping?

GOP refuses to add American troops and senior citizens to hate crime bill

Here are the videos from the CA Democratic convention.

GOP Lawmakers: Loyalty to Bush May Hurt

Great Cartoon in the T-P today (Sex Scandal?)

Condi Rice has a lot of nerve. 5/4/07 1:00 PM CNN radio news

New Book Reveals How Rep. Shuler Was Recruited To Run For Congress

Bush’s point man for escalation plan resigns

mccain dissing Sailors by quoting reagan - great way to get votes john

Waxman: State Department Gags Analyst Who Warned Of Niger Forgery

Wingnuts crying about Time Mag &W; 2 covers to debunk latest RW BS

How much room does that particular Air Force One take up in the Ronnies

Paul Harvey made KO's "Worst Person" award last nite

What gop president will the candidates slobber over at the next debate?

A deadline in Iraq could send the wrong message

I know this Obama crap is old BUT

It's The Accountability, Stupid! House Dem Caucus Plans Series Of Oversight Reports

I propose a new strategy for 2008: The Posthumous Impeachment of Ronald Reagan

Battlefield ethics

Senators Challenge Bush Administration’s Claim That Sudan Is ‘A Strong Partner In War On Terror’

DC Dirt on Tucker: Kerry and Obama had dinner this week at the Four Seasons--much laughter.

Latest Poll Results: 2008 Matchups

When was the last time we heard the phrase, "The adults are in charge."??

Guiliani tax cut success in NYC?

Rice Attacks Pelosi For Syria Trip Hours After Meeting With Syrians

These Aren't The Droids You're Looking For

"We Must Win In Iraq"

Serious question about evolution and the three idiots who said they don't think its real .....

Perle: ‘I Never Believed Saddam Was Responsible For 9/11

Regarding the GOP extravaganza Ronnie worship....the double secret code word is "regal".

dept. of everyone's guilty: The Akin Gump escort worked for Monica Goodlings lawyer!

Feds Indict Alaska GOPers

More Sun Myung Moon Money Flows to Bush Family

What could be a more perfect time for The Rapture?

She Sold Sex: Prominent Client to Testify

Group places impeachment placecards on tables at Pelosi dinner

This time it's a RED dress...(sigh)

Clinton and Byrd are Seeking Revocation of the Wrong War Resolution

Hagel Says He Would Consider Presidential Run as an Independent

So, the GOP is making Abortion their big topic?

The Rude Pundit: The Republican Debate ...

OH BOY: women on my job think Romney's cute

Paris Hilton off to jail

20 Peace Organizations Write to Reid and Pelosi

Was there another prostitution scandal about a year ago?

GOP Debate ... Brownbacks wife ...

For those of you who get Greg Palast's emails - what did you think of today's

Jeff Gannon is back.

Does Edwards have Secret Service protection? And why isn't his specific threat as

Obama and the Secret Service story

Dems: the "war" is over, this is an "OCCUPATION"

Greg Palast - Hillary's Mother-F'ing Tour Business

Who knew what about Iraq, when and where they got the info.

Ned Lamont signs on with Kerry's "Roadblock Republicans" campaign

I'd love to know what DU'ers favorite candidate is right up to the min

EarlG's Post-Debate Post-Mortem

Sheehan Calls Out O'Reilly

Let's establish "No Dissing Dem Candidate Fridays"

I'm really upset right me back from the ledge

Anti-U.S. Uproar Sweeps Italy

Do GOP Presidential candidates believe in Evolution?

General Wesley Clark for Secretary of State

South Dakota DMV Wants The MPEACHW Vanity Plate Back!!! NOW!!!