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Sacrifice, Pain, and Grief

Bush's Killer Iraq Talking Points (Robert Parry)


Colossus of Baghdad (The Nation)

U.S., Australia military games may hurt whales

Strife in North Iraq as Sunni Arabs Drive Out Kurds

Cheney lawyer told SSer not to keep copies of Visit Logs

The Government of the United States is Illegitimate

NYT'S OP-ED Links .....

A Rocky Start for Nevada’s Chief (Repub Gov Jim Gibbons)

Democrats and the Antiwar Movement:How We Got Here (DAVID SWANSON)

Ending A Failed Occupation - Robert L. Borosage

Amy Goodman: CBS Silences General Dissent (Truthdig)

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Killing Silent Spring (The Nation)

Interesting analysis of Israeli/Palestinian conflict

Dovish USC Professor Disinvited from Israeli Terrorism Conference

Fitzgerald Again Points to Cheney

Ex-China drug regulator to be executed

The State Of The Surge

Giuliani Not Fazed By 9/11 Family Member Attack

Uranium Windfall Opens Choices for the Energy Dept.

Oil May Allow Sudan to Escape Sanctions’ Pain

Justices’ Ruling Limits Suits on Pay Disparity

Rules 'Hiding' Trillions In Debt; Liability $516,348 per U.S. household

Gas Prices Drop a Penny

Strife in North Iraq as Sunni Arabs Drive Out Kurds

Advisers Fault Harsh Methods in Interrogation

Ethanol boom may fuel shortage of tequila

Northwest Attendants Approve Pay Cuts

Conyers endorses national effort to impeach Bush, Cheney

(Sen.) DeMint rips war ‘wimps’ (blames Dems for American casualties in Iraq)

NASA: Danger Point Closer Than Thought From Warming

Pfizer Charged by Nigerian Officials

whats for dinner?

Just got a DVD...

OK, those walk-in baths they keep advertising on TV....

Loungers, please see this: (This is really BAL, by the way).

Do you like to make blankets or afghans?

Fundies say the Darnedest Things...

So who here's seen god in all his technicolor glory?

Can you pack your razor and spare blades in your carry on?

I slept with Harry last night. Don't bother tattling on me to Mrs. V. She knows.

A Perfect Moment - Thank you Ptah

When your heart is weighed against the feather of truth.

After today, I will never again manage a retail store.

And for my 2000th post, I wish you all a very good night!

Hello Kitty, Fuck Yeah! Fuck Yeah!

Cripes, there's a cretinist (spelled wrong on purpose) "museum" in Canada too...

Many years ago, the web had a coffee addict/lovers website that kicked ass - what is it?

I am one of the beautiful people.

I brought a shirt from Cafe Press right after they went to 1000 donations

DU, I'm officially out

That was like a scene from a horror movie.

The *lyrics* bar is open-Jose Cuervo

Anybody here ever had you mail delivered at 9 PM, the mail carrier had two large routes.


How many videos have you watched on youtube?

A dumb question for a Nawlins resident

Shit, my roomate's ex has gone in to freaky mode

Did any fellow Mets fans...or Giants fans just see the last inning of tonight's game?

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Lounge.

Caption Please!!!

What should I drink from this hotel room's fridge?

Post here if you are outside right now

Why am I so negative all the time?

Any TISM (the band) fans here?

House Season Finale Thread (!!!!!!SPOILERS!!!!!!)

Wisconsin man arrested for stealing girls' shoes 'liked to smell them'

Sometimes DU reminds me of the following:

***Happy Birthday, newyawker99!***

Wendy's Manager Shot Over Chili Sauce

I'm watching "Independence Day" for the first time. Two thoughts:

For those who've seen it: "Chinatown" is a great movie -- but why, why, why...

A really, really stupid caption.

OK, that's it. No more fucking YouTube for me.

who here has a flat-screen monitor?

Favorite Springsteen line...

Fark your cat!

Meet my Dad

The Model Year 2009 Chevy Camaro looks awesome!

Eight Set for Induction into Horse Racing Hall of Fame

Chicago Sun-Times: Obama's union pitch

Union to vote on proposal

FLOC: Confession by Alleged Murderer of Organizer ‘Doesn’t Ring True’

Clintons put focus on Mich.

NYT: For New York, Big Job Growth in Home Care (but with many jobs that pay poorly)

10 for the price of 1 click - TOP 10 POLITICAL VIDEOS: Funniest Presidential TV Ad!!!


Latest from McClatchy's Iraqi Staffers: We're No. 1 ... in Corruption

To Trumad; I think there are too many fires for the mods to put out

I don't know this place any more

Swamp Rat TS'ed? Say it isn't so!

Freepers showing their true colors again!

I would love to see a split screen of Bush and Gore talking

Mitt Romney commercial - have you seen it?

Cooking the Intelligence Books

I agree with Trump: They were booing bu$h* policies, not Ms. USA

Cindy Sheehan, twice

Karl Rove says feeding terrorists makes you as bad as a terrorist

How About Them Apples Vicky Toensing? Wilson WAS A Covert Officer - by: Larry C. Johnson

Prodded By Industry Lobbying, Self-Proclaimed Global Warming Opponents Now Pushing Coal

Analysis: Bush falls short on Darfur

COUNTDOWN ALERT! Al Gore on tonight

‘Majority of Majority’ Rule Not in Pelosi’s Plan

Fear is the most powerful enemy of reason

Gore on Keith NOW!

OK, I'm a bit behind... I just saw the "Rosie/Elisabeth" thing on YouTube

When will Scarborough and Buchanan just get it over with and get married?

DeLay: My Adultery Was "Different" Than Gingrich's

Mrs. Sheehan on Air America right now!

"Another Bush Fascist Sent Packing" (look who's cited in this article)

I DO NOT like crows.

Obama fever!

Scarborough just called for redeployment from Iraq

Interesting analysis of Israeli/Palestinian conflict

McClatchy: Iranian arms to Taliban may be retaliation for U.S. policy

We talk too damned much!!!!

The origin of ‘enhanced interrogation techniques.’

Biden says rivals wrong to oppose war funding

I'd work for and vote for Al Gore as President if he ran

Keith just busted Bay Buchanan!!!!


self-delete. eom

I applaud Cindy Sheehan in support of her decision

Send neocons Wolfowitz, Perle to Iraq, says GOP lawmaker

How did I get on the White House mailing list?

After the coastal cities are under water, and Freepers are clinging to rocks to avoid drowning.....

Whale-rescue hot line hacked; message says whales were killed

DeLay’s hearing voices from above

Haha, GD went boom!!

"Consensual Christian Domestic Discipline"

Code Pink Founder, Medea Benjamin, on Air America...right now!!!

Iraq Casualty Sign Grabs Attention in Charleston (S.C.)

On CNN now: A conservative talk show host whines about hate crimes

Gore Against Funding U.S. Troops Without Timetable for Withdrawal

FYI: Kimberly Dozier special on CBS now, 9pmCT. nt

Fascist America, in 10 easy steps

Tweety to decide immigration policy by Miss USA. & Faux more pro than Tweety

Another Iraq casualty -- vet shot in confrontation with police.

If he runs, there's only one way Al Gore can win the 2008 election:

Just wow...

Ky. Creation Museum opens to thousands

When women are depressed they either eat or go shopping. Men invade another country.

Was George W bush trying to be like Bill Pullman playing the role of ...

Venzuela sues CNN -- CNN calls its actions "errors" and "juxtaposition"

Calif's wayward whales back on track

Wendy's Manager Shot Over Chili Sauce

Bush has created in Iraq a Gordian Knot that cannot and will not be unraveled in our lifetimes

The only purpose we now serve in Iraq is as targets and it's high time we left

Nevada wakes to realize it elected an idiot for governor

OK, that's it. No more fucking YouTube for me.

Here's a suggestion - let's all calm down a bit

Families: Poor mental health care fosters suicide among vets of Iraq war

self delete

The Iraqi security forces Bush trained have had some recent shootouts with Blackwater employees

Libby Defense Fund Member: "Fitzgerald Kicking Libby While He's Down"

On shooting the messenger

Eee gads. Praying for hurricanes to end the drought. Now that's a fine howdie do.

Am I the only person here who refuses to dig their heels in on the "Sheehan" situation?

New Nigerian Scam Twist: "Save The Poor Little Puppies"


Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Yay Mike's Back!

3,467 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war

An optimistic thread...

Airline Ticket: $10 -- Pillow: $15 -- Drunk Passengers: Priceless!!!

ABC: Gore would have voted ''NO" On War Funding Bill

Biggest asshole in the U.S. Senate

So, now we're blackmailing Sudan for oil?

What would Bush have been like without Cheney?

Today is John Kennedy's 90th birthday

Miss USA booed in mexico...what is our nation coming to??? is what o'liely lead off his radio show

And don't forget the very simple things. Like switching off a room's lights when you leave it.

Iraqi PM: U.S. Troop Surge Thwarted Civil War

Wow-I didn't know DU comes up on google news!

Al Gore looks like he's running for President on MSNBC.

OK, now I get it. Corporate control of the media is the same as free press,

US soon to accept 59 Iraq refugees - 7,000 to be admitted

My son had a knife pulled on him recently.

Rice says Iran spying charges pervert rule of law

Rising sea levels.

Someone asked are people coping with financial concerns...

The old refinery dodge

Which Democrat would a Gore candidacy hurt the most?

I have now officially seen EVERYTHING!

video:Olbermann hosts Al Gore on the abuses of 'mass media persuasion'

Possible EX-Repub in the making!!!

you people have jumped the shark.

today, everyone NOT trashing a peace activist is my DU friend.

Plame was ‘covert’ agent at time of name leak

Al Gore is SOOO gonna run

GIs Take Manhattan

today, everyone NOT trashing the Democratic Party is my DU friend.

Venezuela to sue CNN

Greatest Photograph Ever.

To all who believe the Democrats did the best they could regarding the war

SS told to destroy visitor logs at Cheney residence.

when is the Nobel Peace Prize awarded? Who decides?

"Dr. Death" Kevorkian to be released on Friday

My thoughts about Cindy Sheehan

Howard Zinn's excellent diagnosis of "our problem":

"It's the Impeachment, stupid!" -- (A Cindy Sheehan Comment)

Calling Swamp Rat! Calling Swamp Rat!!

Sorry, I've got to ask. What is this pic all about?

Everyone likes a laugh, so Brownback (R) has given us this:

President Gore!

New World Bank head Zoellick is a PNAC member

Mr. Vice President Gore, My Tribute To Your Potential Presidential Campaign (A Photo Essay)

May '07 is the Third Bloodiest Month Ever for US GI's in Iraq

Heads up DU. Look who's on Letterman tonight.

Jean has a long moustache

"Free market" means lawless killing for a profit.

Biggest asshole in the US House of Representatives

A lot of people here are really messed up.

Al Gore on Countdown right now....n/t

United States - Annual report 2007

Gore has lost weight is this the sign he's thinking of running

117 US dead this month so far.. 3UK and two others

180 Working America Canvassers Set to Contact Members in Nine States

Wal-Mart investors await new strategies

Anyone hear from any Senator or Rep after the Iraq spending vote?

Hello!? America here, anybody listening out there?

Did Matthew's get his "Clinton Climax" tonight?

Supreme Court and Bush administration screw working people...again

Latino Outreach Campaign Promotes Barack Obama in Key Primary States

It has become de rigueur to replace the word "complain" with the word "whine"

The Speech

O'Reilly: Edwards is going NOWHERE

E-mail I received. Has a very very important message for us all...

How irrelevant is Matthew's Hardball?

Don't blame me. Political preference is half genetic.

Richardson is off my short-list.

I love Al Gore and everything he stands for...but

KO Tonight..."Only one Dem candidate beats all Republicans"..

Obama doodle fetches $2,000.00 on Ebay

Why we should not Impeach Bush:

• Tell CNN how you feel about e-voting, and please do it — NOW!

The New Mexico governor self-destructs on Meet the Press

If both Gore and Thompson wait until November to get into the race...

Is it finally clear to all that Gore is not going to run?

Giuliani Not Fazed By 9/11 Family Member Attack

Want to see Karl Rove frog marched? Here's your challenge...

90 minute Iraq debate

Question: if they extend the funding again in the fall how will you feel?

That's it.....I'm voting for Gore in the a write-in!

"The Democratic Congress did what they could -- they DIDN'T have the votes" (Al Gore)

Romney Would Donate Presidential Salary

What needs to happen on Sunday's debate? My takes.

House GOP Cuts Off the $un$hine

Reality, Not Rhetoric, On FISA

Over Ginsburg's Dissent, Court Limits Bias Suits

You could make a strong case that it is not in China's self-interest to become too close to the G8

Even Iraqis are struggling to afford gas

Pac/West is well-connected in GOP circles (Pombo most recent addition)

Gingrich Lambastes President and Rove

Cool, Carefully Considered Methodical Prolonged&Repeated Subjection of Captives to Physical Torture

The internet will revolutionise the very meaning of politics

Willie Nelson: Support a Better Farm Bill

War and Piece: State, unplugged. Op-ed from a former official

The BLT: The Politics of Immigration Judges

Worker Screening in Immigration Bill (still under development)

Waiting for the Soldiers to Leave – and Worrying What Happens When They Do

‘Sicko,’ Castro and the ‘120 Years Club’

Report confirms terror dry run

Alberto Gonzales's cookery lesson

Robert Scheer: Welcome to Grandpa’s World, Baby Cheney (Truthdig)

Mission Accomplished: Funding Battle Highlights American Embrace of Moronitude

All Is Not Well And Good With Duke Athletics: "A society in which no one ever admits they're wrong"

Tomgram: The Mother Ship Lands in Iraq - The Colossus of Baghdad - Wonders of the Imperial World

A Letter To Cindy Sheehan: Darkness Comes Just Before Dawn

A leading business lobby's crusade against regulation has deep and sinister roots


Dick Cheney's Dead Wrongs (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Go Big, Go Long, Go Fish

Why Be Afraid of Filibusters or Vetoes

Whatever Happened to Signing Statements? (Dave Lindorff)

Profiles in candor: Carter, Gore dare to speak out

The Wage Gap and the Supreme Court: Business As Usual (by Pamela Kruger at HuffPost)

US anti-war movement shrugs off setbacks

An American tale . . .

Time Mag: The Surge Races the Death Toll

Editorial: Special prosecutor, or ... / Sacramento Bee

Asia Times Online- "The Colossus Of Baghdad"

National RePUBLICan Radio 2.0: NPPRR (National Pentagon Press Release Radio)

Hugo Chavez versus RCTV

A Bush Brother Spreads His Vision of Computerized Teaching Programs

Is America Prepared for Disaster?

Poverty Scavengers (by Danny Glover and Nicole Lee at

Bush's Failed Campaign To Rebrand America

The Religious Left is Left Out by the Commercial Media (AlterNet)

Dr. J.'s Commentary: Why Did the Democrats Blink? Two Words

Why Democratic Political Consultants Love the Iraq War (Brent Budowsky)

Japan to push ahead with humpback whale hunt - AFP

Rural Communities Exploited by Nestlé for Your Bottled Water (AlterNet)

CSIRO - Indian Ocean Warming Of 2C Over 40 Years Directly Linked To Climate Trend - AFP

Recent progress on Bussard fusion

NASA - Greenland Experiencing More Days With Snow Melt - Melting At Higher Altitudes - AFP

U.S., Australian military games may hurt whales - Reuters

Bald eagle nest in Philadelphia fails - AP

South Atlantic whale sanctuary proposal defeated - Reuters

US Proposal At G8 Would Bind "Only Countries That Contribute Most" To Warming - AFP

Help Protect the Last 300 Beluga Whales in Alaska's Cook Inlet!

Wood Pellet Plant Ground Breaking in Steel City, FL (WJHG)

NASA: Danger Point Closer Than Thought From Global Warming

Everest ice forest melting due to global warming, says Greenpeace - Guardian


Democracy for Jews only

Sheetrit, Eitan propose firing 'Israeli Qassam' at Gaza Strip

Lecturers back boycott of Israel (UK)

‘Sicko,’ Castro and the ‘120 Years Club’

Advisers Fault Harsh Methods in Interrogation

Iran's president threatens Israel in angry speech

Afghans dispute U.S. version of raid casualties

Al-Qaida escapee turns up in online video

Turkish army build-up fuels anxiety on Iraq border

US, Iraqi forces seek kidnapped Britons (conducted raids overnight)

U.S. Raising Visa Fees 66% on Average, to Advocates’ Dismay

219 killed is highest toll over 2 months

Fred Thompson to Enter '08 Race

GOP plots blue-slip attack (may stop Immigration Bill)

Rights group sues Boeing unit over CIA transfers

Mortar attacks in Fallujah kill nine civilians

Two more 10th Mountain Division soldiers killed in Iraq

Victory for IWW Barista Against Pregnancy Discrimination at Starbucks

Turk police seize 11 al Qaeda suspects - agency

Russia warns on Kosovo as G8 ministers meet

GSA: No Recording of Doan Statements

IBM cutting another 1,500 positions

Biofuel brews up higher German beer prices (corn instead of barley)

Iraq refugees knocking: U.S. to let in 7,000

Three more journalists killed in Iraq in record toll

Bush accuses conservative critics of fear-mongering on immigration

US oil workers freed in Nigeria

Canada skimping on Afghan funeral costs?

Lieberman in Iraq on unannounced trip

Oil Company Greed Seen as Major Reason for High Gas Prices

Iranian forces kill 10 militants (near border of Turkey)

Too many Iraq deaths, so Fort Lewis consolidates memorial services

Mexico's high court says will hear case against abortion law

Enemy fire cited in Iraq copter crash

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday May 30

Artist eats corgi to protest British royals’ fox hunt; Yoko Ono also tastes it

UN approves Hariri murder court

Gates to cadets: World will be watching

Almost 2 years later, many Katrina evacuees in Houston are still unemployed

Rice Rejects Link of Iran Arrests and Captures of Guards in Iraq

Clinton defends Iraq war funding vote

US to Admit a Few More Iraqi Refugees

Iraqi Kurds take charge of own security

Problem Pet Food Ingredient in US Feed (US Company Used)

Blair: kidnappings must not deter Britain in Iraq

Military helicopter crashed in Afghanistan-NATO

Avandia Critic Claims FDA Smear Campaign

President Assad tops 97 percent in Syria vote

Iraq: Women forced to give up their jobs, marriages

Democrats Seek to Overturn Pay Ruling

5 GIs killed in Afghan chopper downing

Saudi prisoner kills self at Guantanamo, U.S. says

Daughter of Supreme Court justice pleads guilty to DUI (Scalia)

Web site error rocks global oil markets

MySpace parent to buy photobucket site

'Japanese Schindler' who saved Lithuanian Jews is honoured

Bush envisions U.S. presence in Iraq like S.Korea

U.S. Rep's Baby Has Down Syndrome (Cathy McMorris Rodgers-R)

Never mind man biting dog (Artist, Yoko eat Dog Meat to Protest Royals killing Fox)

Schwarzenegger, Ontario premier in stem cell deal

Rice criticizes Spain over Cuba policy

How the Super Rich Avoided Taxes; Despite Making Millions

Venezuela took "a step backwards", say Latin American newspapers

Mother on oxygen pump dies after power cut

A new deal for Puerto Rico is on table

Texas mother hangs herself, 3 children

ACLU: Boeing offshoot helped CIA

Norway is most peaceful country: study

I've finished my newsletter article. Off to bed.

I've lost my last marble...

That does it! I am NOT mopping the floor any more!

Traveler (that new show) sucks. versus what's the setup here?

I wake up to the most depraved thing I can imagine

Boy's balloon finds pen-pal in the Queen

Ideal human diet

Ok, I guess I was wrong about not having enough sun to grow tomatoes...

I am totally flabbergasted

It doesn't matter if The Rock counts to three!!!!!

I think I may qualify as one of DU's geekiest!

We have teenage catgirls in heat living down the street

Once again I'm zeroing in on yet another posting mile stone


today, everyone NOT trashing Grandmaster Flash is my DU friend.

I just find this amazing ...

They opened my head and stirred my brains- Schizophrenia

Tony Danza reads Chuck Norris facts ... TO Chuck Norris

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 5/30/2007)

ITT: Intarweb memes.

Still haven't gotten my passport.

Any idea how much this thank you card weighs?

Why do the French hate freedom?

So My Wife Ka-Ching Buys This Purse

3 visitors in my backyard this morning.

Grease: how do I trap, kill, and prepare them?

it's times like this i miss pro-football seaon.

Anyone watching Food Network right now? Paula is cooking breakfast for Jimmy Carter

So a clients asks me were did I get my wooden leg?

So has the GD gang made anyone cry today

A tale of two daughters

Anybody seen the waitress?

Piss and vinegar.

"I like clowns"

My Conference Minister resigned.....I am powerful

I am not sure what kind of virus my kid gave me.

I guess I should start putting the cat food away at night?

Family Heartache at a Distance - Dysfunction Across the Miles

I've got "Turd Toe"

I've got "smurf toe"

I've got "turf toe"

Waht's the deal with the ducks at the Peabody Hotel

My mom was worried about Erectile Dysfunction

now HERE'S some news....

Do you mind?

British artist, Yoko Ono eat dog to protest Royal fox hunt.

Our stats person couldn't run a query

Would this look good as a Tattoo?

I wish I was a fisherman tumbling on the seas, far away from dry land and its bitter memories

Thoughts on Battlestar Galactica (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT)

The sound of music....

Costco has some kick-ass cheeses now!

Geeks: how do I trap, kill, and prepare them?

Jerry Buss - the owner of the L.A. Lakers - popped for DUI

So... this is what passes for conservative "humor"?

Come with me and we'll sail the seas of cheese.

Rain in Chicago On Saturday, Chance of Rain in Zurich on Sunday, Rain in London on Sunday.

GD asks: Why are you here?

So last night I started my one-woman campaign on why Paris Hilton is better than Michael Vick

In the CD player this afternoon:

Fuck nuns! Fuck em in the ear!

Craigslisters, does this sound fishy?

What's for breakfast today people???

Kobe Asks For A Trade

found out yesterday one of my high school boyfriends is worth 28 million

We have teenage call girls in heat living down the street

Which superhero are you?

Stand By Your Man - **YouTube**

do you like sushi?

Congratulations Finnfan!! 10,000 posts

bom chicka wah wah

So a friend is treating me to dinner tonight...

Bad Reporter comic

Ahhhh, the smell of cooling banana bread

How Many People do you have on your Ignore List?

Do you prefer bare floors or carpet?


The latest Internet catolog... stuff for people who are FAT!

Your kind thoughts and prayers needed... Just kidding

Figure skating fans: "Ice loverbird Shen/Zhao married"

Happy birthday wishes to

Surf's UP, dears! Get the crabs cookin'!

I put in 656 plants in the last two days

Pilot friend of mine referred to the "Flying Nazi's" Anyone know what he meant?

Ego or not? My username is no longer accurate but I won't sign up for a new account

Final Grades for First Semester in Grad School: A and A-

OMG....One of my ESL students is graduating!

So, I was doing "community service" with some teenage call girls in heat living down the street

I had dinner with Ronald and Nancy Reagan this morning...

What's the preferred human diet?

I admit - I'm easily amused

i HATE it when people don't return calls......

5 questions

Hair style .....

On the History Channel tonight... The 70's!!!

Man This Song Gives Me A "Contact High"

Parents of middle school students: how long are the dances at your son/daughter's school?

Please recommend a good digital camera.

I dreamed about Maddie McCann last night~~The little girl abducted in Portugal

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me

traffic alert

PSA: Never miss a dose of Effexor

Most Bizarre Dream?

S(ame) O(ld) S(***) :) Lounge Vibes Urgently Requested

DU'ers who use MySpace... check out my site, please?

Chocodile, anyone?

Steely Dan! woooooooo!

What the heck was a little baby bunny doing in the middle of I-94

unofficial L O S T withdrawal symptoms support activities thread

My dog's new natural flea killing stuff sure smells good

Best. Lock. Comment. EVER! (Read the thread first, though.)

Is it appropriate for a mother to

huzzah huzzah, greetings and welcomes taken as well as jeerish behavior!

I am calling out a DU'er in this thread

Hogan's Heroes, Best Episode Ever?

I didn't do it. You can't prove anything.

Can you unlearn perfectionism?

Cutco + Vector Marketing = SCAM. Ask me anything.

Geese: how do I trap, kill, and prepare them?

Why Do People Take Themselves So Seriously on Msg Boards, Not Talking About DU

What group do you think of as worse than al quaeda?

If you feel some sort of superiority in having no one on ignore

Speaking of movies - did anyone else hate "Departed"?

Why don't men clip their nose hairs?

if there were a school like Hogwarts in the US -- where would it be located?

Was (Not Was) live video on YouTube: AMAZING. Over 50 minutes!!! (From a few years back)

How Many Du'ers in Brookyn?

This Would Make The Rapture Ready Folks Heads Assplode

OK! More vacation pics! Me and my husband this time...pic heavy...

I just ate an entire pint of Americone Dream -- ask me anything!

I need some serious help. I've been listening to 1 CD for the past 3 weeks...

Attention Jazz fans - don't throw Carmex, throw small balls on the court

Venus Williams Hits 128 MPH Serve

Kobe Bryant Asked for Trade

35 Former NFL Player Getting Finanical Assistance for Dementia

Briggs vs Ibragimov (June 2)

StudentCam2007 Award Winner: "Controversy At Walter Reed"

"Chickenhawk" by Roy Zimmerman

Today Show Features Barack in NH 5/29/07

Brian Haw - Channel Four Political Awards-War Protester Extraordinaire

This is not a television special...

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Maxine Hong Kingston #1 | PBS...

Iraq Veterans Against War Speak...

Where do we go from here?

Republican Debate Part One- Guantanamo

Mr Opportunity

Hillary on Government Reform

Fox Guest: "I want more babies...We love babies"

Hi, I'm a Liberal - Cross Dressing (Young Liberals of Canada)

Hi, I'm a Liberal - Branding (Young Liberals of Canada)

Barack 1984 ( Whats good for the goose, is good for the gander)

Pamela de Maigret, a life-long Republican, speaks out on The Real News (Part 1 of 2)

Hi, I'm a Liberal - Global Warming (Young Liberals of Canada)

Impeach Gonzales, Part 2: The Crimes

AL GORE: The Assault on Reason - 5.29.07 Full Speech

Pamela de Maigret, a life-long Republican, speaks out on The Real News (Part 2 of 2)

Michael Moore, Harvey Weinstein - Hillary Clinton in 'SiCKO'

Bill Moyers Journal - Postal SOS

Get On The Peace Train

Tribute To Al Gore: Our Global Environmental Ambassador

Who Are Your Heroes? I'll Start:

I'm on Air America in 2 minutes!!!!

Lest we forget...

Guess who has the contract for "detention centers" needed when Bush declares national emergency?

UAW pushes to organize Kentucky Toyota plant

"I was wondering, since i can read French, would it be okay to read the Bible in French?"

A thoughtful post about Cindy....and a mention about who has the

Need Help. Kid got a pot ticket in California. Didn't know about diversion program...

120 more dead Iraqis Tuesday....May's the deadliest month of the year for US troops....

Professor compares Bible to Mein Kampf

bug dupe

Anomalously hot weather kills metro passengers in Moscow

TV show's prize: one kidney for transplant

Russia could break missile treaty

Al-Qaida video threatens attacks on U.S. (AP)

Caption the person Bush wants to head the World Bank

Senators Defend Missile Proposal


Duplicate post- please delete

Al Qaeda is connected to the US?

WJ: President and Rove under attack from Gingrich

Interview w/Helen Thomas on How Bush Compares to Other Presidents

Costs of applying for US Citizenship to double

Experts: US Interrogations Amateurish, Unreliable - Resulting In "Unfortunate Cases Of Abuse"

Cindy Sheehan on Democracy Now! this morning...

Canadian security firm confirms Iraq kidnapping of its employees

VA downplayed complaints-psychiatric ward neglected physical problems in at least two cases

Hanging on the end of the rope

Scarborough on MSNBC Despicable...

Authorities shift focus to ‘super corridor’

Did we truly get the government we deserve?

AP reporter quoting freeper in Sheehan article has a history of "patriotic" reporting

Governmentwide Hatch Act probe dragging its feet?

"enhanced interrogation techniques" is a term coined by the Nazis

Polish Ombudsman Backs Off Tinky Winky Gay Probe

== Bush Declares Self 'Mega Decider' = By Mark Morford

Hooray, another victory for corporations from the slim majority at the USSC....

What do you think of this photo?

NYT: Advisers Fault Harsh Methods in Interrogation

Two years of the "Last throes" as of today (sad anniversary)

Garrison Keillor: Bush's hollow oratory on Memorial Day

Coming soon to a city near you?

NYT: Some Hitherto Staunch G.O.P. Voters Souring on Iraq

Verschärfte Vernehmung" is German for "enhanced interrogation"...Gestapo method

Important Mississippi Bridge Reopens

Did we go a whole day with no new US KIA in Iraq?

Here's a little clip to send to your favorite reality denier

Ten Reasons to Leave Iraq Now

Amy Goodman has Cindy Sheehan on now for the hour

Does Cuba hold the keys to ending the war in Iraq?

Greg Palast on Stephanie Miller right now talking about Caging

Nezar al-Radi

PHOTOS: $592 Mil US Embassy in Iraq --LINK

May had the 3rd highist troop fatalities of the Iraq war,117..

I saw something really different on NBC national last night

Where in the World is Matt Lauer's Spine?

Concerning Caging...

WSJ: Former Rove Aide (Griffin) in Talks with Thompson Campaign

"Verschärfte Vernehmung" - Bush Preferred Newspeak For Torture Coined By Nazi Party

What this country needs is another tax cut/economic stimulus for the rich.

Two words that have lost their meaning in America: Sovereignty and Reason

LOL- Rep "Freedom Fries" Jones (R-NC): "Make Wolfowitz mayor of Iraq"

"some don't see an impeachable offense in what Bush has done"

Bush loses his "backwash"

Are the student protesters in Venezuela, freepers?

US Secret Service given special powers in Australia

Why I DON"T Feel Sorry for the Duke LaCrosse Team

Was Our Friend Andy bashed like Cindy when he left BBV?

We're in transition--By the General Election Repubs Will Claim They Were Against War From Outset...

Why aren't insults to Cindy treated like any criticism of Israel here?

GREAT Dem. Now! today-looks back at how Cindy Sheehan galvanized anti-war movement

What's this I hear about Cheney not releasing names of visitors

There are certainly a lot of bush hating republicans out there now.

Support for gay rights at ‘high-water mark.’

Any dirt out there on Fred Thompson?

Incredible Duane Powell Cartoon!

Russia says new ICBM can penetrate any defense system; Putin warns against U.S. missile shield

Shi'ite militia may have kidnapped Britons in Iraq

An open letter to Cindy Sheehan

Norway is most peaceful of 121 countries, Iraq is least. Where is the US?

408 + 2442 = 2850

Why is the Thom Hartman show still called the Al Franken show on DU

today, everyone NOT trashing Hugo Chavez is my DU friend.

Advocates Debate Rise in Fees for US Residency, Citizenship

More than 900 Mercenaries - Most American - Have Died in Iraq

Economy showing signs of permanent downshift

Whales Swim Through San Francisco Bay

3rd highest casualites, USA mlitary since Invasion of Iraq. Sad May

Woman on oxygen dies after power cut off

3 Dem candidates willing to debate on FUX (Biden, Kucinich, Gravel)

How Many People do you have on your Ignore List?

Fred Thompson WILL run, set to announce July 4 weekend

Wow: The federal government recorded a $1.3 trillion loss last year

For my 9000th post, I just want to say...

Bush envisions U.S. presence in Iraq like S.Korea

Recipe for Disaster -BushenFührer's Caesar Salad (old recipe but still inedible)

Jim Dean of DFA is asking us to demand impeachment of Gonzo.

Am I the only one to get this fact about Roe V Wade? Or tin foil hat time?

Without foreign workers, U.S. parks struggle

How's a 50 year military presence in Iraq sound to ya? Just like S. Korea?

1976 election is probably influencing Democrats inaction on impeachment and ending the war

Need some help here. Is there audio of the Bill O'Reilly sexual harrassment phone calls?

CNN’s Assault On Reason: New Reporter Hired To Cover ‘Britney And Michael Jackson’

Thoughts on O'Reilly from a Marine

Vincent Bugliosi on KPFA discussing his new book debunking JFK "conspiracy theories"

Nazis were pioneers of "enhanced interrogation" techniques favored by warriors on "terror"

NY Times nominates Rudy for "Nation's Daddy." Wonder what his daughter thinks...

We need instances of so-called Right to Life votes

ACLU Sues Boeing Over Secret Renditions

Reagan Outsells Gore by 5 Books and Drudge is gloating!

MSNBC pundit just said 'Hillary leads Edwards & Obama in Iowa/NH/SC IN EVERY POLL' --

Cheers, jeers await Bush today in Edison NJ

Ugh. Alaska/Georgia are the latest lemmings. Stop the Insanity Please!!!!!

*gulp* God's second son? Chuck Norris

Cheney Blocks Record of Visitors to His Residence

Lieberman, on surprise visit to Iraq, says he's "happy" with the progress he sees.

Shout out to Clevelanders on voted to impeach the Deadly Duo!!

Worst case scenarios we should be thinking about.

Letter to my US Senator

Suddenly Sheehan support is in vogue

I Believe In Evolution, Except For The Whole Triassic Period

We're not #1 on the Peace Index..we're #96..between Yemen and Iran.

BTW, Al Gore is the guest on NPR's Leonard Lopate Show — starting now. Link:

The Assault on Al Gore

Army authorizes Air Medal, DFC for UAV operators

Has The US Ever Left After Any Military Intervention?

Oil Companies were making good profits in 1999 @ $1.35 per gallon

Is media consolidation a good thing?

Teenagers throw eggs at Memorial Day parade

Gore is not my first choice for candidate...

Mike Malloy Fans: Last night he was talking a document

Well behaved women rarely make history (dial up warning)

May I nominate someone for the most dangerous person in the world?

My 82nd LTTE published-same day as local marine killed

Has anyone heard from Lila Lipscomb (from F 9/11) lately?

EXTREME MAKEOVER...... Feds Investigqting Senator Stevens of Alaska, the oil whore.

Anybody listening to Thom Hartmann?

JUST IN: footage of Hugo Chavez broadcast from his new TV station

Here's an idea... Call Sampson/Goodling/McNulty to testify on a panel....

The military is going after another serviceman speaking out!!

Don’t Mourn, Organize!

"TPM" asked some "Experts" about Bush "National Security Directive!' Here's what they said:

Fitzgerald: Plame was a covert agent.

From A Mother Of A Soldier to A Mother of a Fallen Soldier

JohnConyers: Playing it Cool

Bush's Killer Iraq Talking Points - Irrational Arguments And Outright Lies- BY: Robert Parry

What happened to the radio links?

Has Vicky Toesuck admitted that she was WRONG?

Check out this insane LTTE re: Carter from my local paper. Anybody wanna help me respond?

Overheard at Barnes & Noble this morning...

Lieberman Elected King of Iraq

Is illegal immigration a regional issue?

At what point shall we expect the approach of danger?

Urba Shield Biological Atttack Test Planned

TB scare

In case you were wondering what a real attention whore looks like...

cheney visitor logs not recorded

34% of Bush voters in 2000 thought he was his father???

Who here feels that DU has moved to the right of center?

Spitting on Vietnam Vets

How about a separate Venezuela forum?

The last part of Will Pitt's article on Cindy

"Bush, Putin Plan July Meeting in Maine" --My poor homestate!!!

AMICUS BRIEF Filed "In Behalf Of All Bloggers" - In LIBBY Case

Need help- link proving Bush admin changed the way unemployment numbers are figured? Anyone?

"where at least 200,000 people have been killed and more than 2.5 million displaced"

"Sex Crimes and the Vatican" on Italian public TV tomorrow

U.S. Soldiers With Missing Limbs Allowed To Return To Active Duty

"The War Prayer" adapted for stage?

Venezuela 2004: Chapter One

Experts: Prez Directive Nothing New

Stupid respomnse from Saxby and my response!

What factors are most important to you in nominating a presidential candidate?

The bigger threat is Pakistan.

U.S. soldiers with missing limbs allowed to return to active duty

Woman on oxygen dies after power was cut off due to unpaid bill

Dems care about ending the Iraq war as much as they care about ending the drug war

What a load of HORSESHIT, Kristinn!

3470 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Ever notice them Pubs keep the discussion on the small level? to spread confusion, doubt, etc

Would the fact that Chavez promised to this BEFORE HE WAS ELECTED have any weight here??

I would think that it would be hard

"Lost" whales not seen today - may have made it to Pacific

Religious right spokesman blasts Mary Cheney birth.

Just a few personal thoughts .

Did anyone receive a chain email with the "Remember Me" video

Help Please with News Item from this weekend

Please join me in surrendering to Lord Cheney.

OMG! "I'll tell you who the fascists and commies are trying to attack me."

Big picture take of what's wrong these days....

You know, it really comes as no surprise, but I'm fuming none the less.....

I didn't know Bush had SIGNED this damned thing!!!!

The commanding officer north neast of Baghdad -

dupe - delete

Bush envisions U.S. presence in Iraq like S.Korea

The Case for Bombing Iran

Funny TOON!

observations from my last day watching the View

I know where * should build his library.

I wonder what would happen if Alan Colmes quit? Probably can't happen, but

The furor over illegal immigration is a result of

Wolf Blitzer Reveals he's on the List as visitor to Cheney's VP Residence!

A little background on the GMC/Pontiac/Buick ads... petition to keep the internet the way we like it!

"...a sign that the shadow of Sunni militancy there has started to fall over Arab countries nearby"

Glenn Beck's ratings head south-how low will they go?

Is arguing about EVERYTHING an inherently Democratic Party...'thing'?

Lest You Forgot - Or Weren't Reading DU in April of 2002 (re: Chavez)

Petraeus Adviser Says Escalation ‘Is Likelier To Fail Than Succeed At This Point’

help protect the environment and the animals against 7,000 new wells in Wyoming

XM radio - 24hr. 2008 Pres. Campaign station, free w/o subscription

Why worry about Iran getting nukes?

PHOTOS: "Tweety" ("Wildman") Matthews goes to a wedding!

Keith Olbermann to speak at ACLU Foundation Annual Bill of Rights Dinner in Boston

NPR..Legal Discussion of quarantened TB Carrier/ Involves Habeus Corpus ( (Detained with Fed Guard)

Bush facing pressure on global warming at G8 summit

The power of a political party lies in its power to advance the interests

Army Introduces New Enlistment Incentives

Is it appropriate for a mother to

Norway most peaceful in the world, Iraq least

Remember the Melamine? It's not just China doing it. Toledo-based company voluntarily recalling

This is sure to warm your hearts

"Bush is protecting us against terrorism."

* remarks on the President's Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief in the Rose Garden - pics

Tennesseans: Al Gore in Nashville

Fred Phelps says Brownback talks to him

Mitt Romney: I'm not anti-gay! I just play one on TV!

So do you have easy access to all your co-workers' salaries?

US Chinook C-47 shot down in Afghanistan. AP reports 5 killed.

this TB thing

For no particular reason, I'd like to offer this comment:

No jobs for US citizens without Homeland Security approval

lets say bush and cheney were impeached .

Are Democrats making money off the war?

I guess immeniently - we get to choose -

If Dennis Kucinich went to a Third Party in 2008 would you consider following him?

Greg Palast's Newsnight report on caging and Gonzalez coming up tonight

Truth, Fiction and Lou Dobbs

Detainee at Guantanamo commits suicide

Rutgers Prof Tracks Gov't Tracking Him

can someone help me find elisabeth hasselbeck clips when she was on fox news?


DOJ expands U.S. attorney investigation

Amputee Soldiers Return to Active Duty

"Debunking a Spitting Image"

ROFL! Fred Thompson in talks to Hire Arkansas Rove Bot Attorney Tim Griffin!

CNN Reports "Cold War with Russia Back" yet...Putin will be at Kennebunkport to Visit with Bush!

Friends of Scooter Libby Fear He'll Be Sent Immediately to Jail

The SELLING of Fred Thompson by "The Media".

Midweek TOONS: Our problems lie within ourselves edition

Which will Democrats get done in the next two years: ending war or impeachment?

Full page editorial in WSJ: "I Hope And Pray That Bush Will Do It" - The Case For Bombing Iran

Here is one high tech idea to make our reps accountable

I don't want a President that cares about this country

Chimpy has the third lowest IQ of any president, Clinton fourth highest, according to study (mydd)

Castro says Bush is trying to kill him

FAIR on Chavez and the TV station

Republicans: "Win big in the 2008 elections by having “won” a “war”.

WP: Justice Dept. Widens Firings Probe

Should Superbugs be the justification for Universal Health Care?

IMPEACH GONZALES ~~ Since they won't fire him!

Liebermans Dukakis moment---but this one is even better!

Anyone else lose MSNBC on Comcast today?

Right-Wing Pundit: Gays In The Military Are Like ‘Me In A Platoon With Hooters Waitresses’

What do the top presidential candidates drive? Take a look:

Who would be your second choice for the Democratic Nomination

Michele Malkin on the same side as White Supremacists!

Looks like Fred Thompson is joining the '08 race. What you can do to stop him!

Chavez defined. Viva Chavez!

What's the deal with the RW & their criminal heroes?

Randi Rhodes wrote her 1st Blog

MARK MORFORD: Bush Declares Self 'Mega Decider'

Funny as hell! Severe beverage/keyboard interface alert.

Talk about an "attention whore"

Buzzflash: Wings of Justice Honoree, Mario Gallegos, Jr.

Lyla Lipscomb Video - The Gold Star Mother from Farenheit 911 with John Conyers

Fred Thompson bears an uncanny resemblance to the Creature from the Black Lagoon

IGLESIAS: "Somewhere On An RNC Computer-There's An Email From Karl Rove"

Anti-Chavez protester

Why are you here?

Hybrids Overpriced?

Have you ever had a job that 'Americans won't do'?

Is there anything your employer doesn't have the right to know about you?

I'm watching Al Gore on Keith Olbermann.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Let's talk about Profit, Fair Profit and Gouging

Why Democratic Political Consultants Love the Iraq War

After Dems war vote, was Nader right, there's not a dime's worth of difference between two parties?

Why do you think Condi's in the cooler?

GOP in Trouble: My Personal Iowa Experience

Salad Semen Prank Sends Teen To AIDS Center

**Happy Birthday Newyawker99!**

Iraq-The Coming GOP Collapse?-BUSH To Lose About 25 Senate Repubs In Bill With Timetable In Sept.

Monica Goodling's Lawyer at Akin Gump, also Boss of DC Madam Escort?

Whoopi is on the View for a while. Yes!

Will the Bush Presidential Library have a Comedy Wing Dedicated To 'Bushisms'??

Richard Perle: We had the very best of intentions

Boy gets hate mail for killing giant feral pig

A lot of people here are really ticked off for GOOD reasons

Kucinich supporters: what are you DOING to get him elected???

Hillary's War

Fred Thompson Adds Excitement to Boring Republican Primary Field. Wait... No, it's Still Boring

Finally, the lawyers get it. Disbar Gonzalez.

O.K., THIS is a sure sign of the Apocalypse: CANADA's first museum of creation opens in Alberta

Ya Know, Randi Rhodes Talked About Somethin Yesterday That Got Me Thinkin Bout The Real Value Of DU.

Olbermann: "GORE & ROMNEY"-Best Guess On Dem/Repub 08 Nominees

Impeach to Win. Refuse, You Lose.

Bush: "I’ll be in Texas" after leaving the WH

For you chemistry lovers - The Periodic Table of Criminal Elements

ROFL! Conservatives accuse "liberal media" of trying to push dastardly "helmet agenda",

so my SO called me from work, had to tell me stupid repuke stunt...

"We Will Retool...and Come at it from a Different Direction" - Cindy Sheehan

O'Reilly blames the "indigenous population of Iraq" for not trying to have a free society

caption this * pic..

Extraordinary documentary on JFK assassination

Sights and Sounds of Al Gore's Presentation at GW last night

a minor rant about Wikipedia's entry on Reaganomics

Gang-Banger shoots his mouth off to cop -- faces 15 year sentence.

Rasmussen: Number of Republicans in U.S. reaches all-time new low

Michael Vick is a dredge of society. One of the lowest forms of human life!

300 Yellowstone bison to be slaughtered tomorrow

DNC: Romney Lashes Out at Iraq Veteran... On Memorial Day!

Morford: Bush Declares Self 'Mega Decider' (Nat'l Security Directive)

I'm unable to comprehend the "Cindy" fiasco.

Nobody cares what you think

U.S to let 7000 Iraqis into the united states....

Gore at GWU: I’m thinking about running

anti intellectualism in the US

To tell you the truth I felt Gore fell flat last night on Countdown.

ABA's 2006 conclusion about Bush's use of signing statements, and Sam Alito's role in creating them

HUGO CHAVEZ: mostly bad or mostly good?

Hugo Chavez is taking choices away from his people.

How women activists are silenced

IRACK - you've got to see this - it'd be funny if it weren't so true. Even * should understand this

Poor Katie Couric is still going down - worst week yet.

WHO'S MORE CRAZY? Kuchinich, For Taking On The Most Powerful Men In D.C. Or His Fellow Democrats?

If The Shoe Fits...

Bush Makes Power Grab - Tribal Governments Included

Vhy Do You Hate Amerika? Declare Wictory. 30 May 2007

Castro Lambasts Bush on G-8 Agenda Item (AP)

Club 44

To Kill A Mocking Blog

Presidential Primaries 2003-2008 Legislation


The Rude Pundit - Kristol and Kagan and Gadahn: Little Savages Everywhere

Some interesting, new (to me) blogs courtesy of the Booman Trib:

Vets for Hillary ...even the American Legion had something nice to say

A 21st Century Progressive Agenda

Obama speaking NOW on C-Span2 about his health care plan from yesterday in Iowa.

Ugh. Alaska/Georgia are the latest lemmings. Stop the Insanity Please!!!!!

"Jeff Gerth, meet Judith Miller"

Fred Thompson to Enter '08 Race


Clinton's Economic Vision -- sounds good to me!

Which GOP Hopeful Suffers Most From Thompson Entering The Race?

Clinton Secures Endorsement of the Mayor of Los Angeles

VIDEO FLASHBACK: Two Year Anniversary Of Cheney’s ‘Last Throes’

Anger over immigration plan surprises GOP senators

DOJ EXPANDS U.S. attorney investigation

Her Way, Her War (The Nation)

In North Iraq, Sunni Arabs Drive Out Kurds

A (Gonzo) "no confidence" vote won't accomplish anything

Democratic hopefuls woo 'superdelegates'

Florida repuke Party is already attacking my friend in Senate-3 race.

‘What Can They Do to Me?’

Sarasota does not select fired transsexual as city manager

What's with this "Is Bush a liberal" nonsense?

Clinton announces endorsements on eve of Nevada visit

A pragmatic view of the Democratic compromise war funding bill.

So Tweety has decided Hillary is the democratic nominee already

5 GIs killed in Afghan chopper downing

TPMCafe: Obama Campaign--Gasp!--Mocks McCain Again

NYT Magazine cover story preview: "Hillary's War"

Do you trust members of Congress to tell the truth?

Watch this Impeach Gonzo Video

Sirota-"The Antiwar Crowd"

OH BOY here we go again with the media in love with a guy for President

U.S. soldiers with missing limbs allowed to return to active duty

Rejoice, Republicans! Divorced Hollywood Actor Will Be Your Nominee!

I am a Democrat.

Vote for Hillary's campaign theme song. I've got it down to "Are you gonna go my way" and

Good news, Fred Thompson to announce candidacy

Do you think Al Gore could win the nomination?

Old CW 08 NY vs NY - New CW 08 Tennesee vs. Tennesee

If the Democrats were going to cave, I don't see why they had to fund the war for four months

Letter I will be posting to my senator

Democrats in 08

That child of Southern Calif privelege, that personification of xenophobia,

Elizabeth Edwards Pulls No Punches and is John Edwards the most feminist candidate?

Do we have any real info on Zoellick yet?

Jim Webb WP Op-Ed piece from Sept. 4, 2002 re: Iraq...incredible

Gore just talking with Gwen Ifel.

Muslims & Christians & the War on Terror

:::rubbing eyes:::: Wow! Heckuvva Job is on teevee as a Homeland Security 'expert'

Kerry and Clinton are getting ready to show the public who really cares about our troops.

The Legacy of World Trade Center Dust (New Eng Jour Med)

Both Hillary and Obama on record to NOT cut off funding for the troops

Is Fred Thompson Going To Run? Does He Have A Chance If He Does?

Daily Kos: Dodd Out of the Fox News Debates

Impeachment or Iraq?

When will be a good time to leave Iraq?

Given that Giuliani seems to be something of a magnet for ...

HAHAHA!! FBI is investigating Sen Ted Stevens.....

25 GOP Senators may vote for Democratic Iraq withdrawal timetable in September (NRO)

Gore would have voted "NO" on the last Iraq funding bill

(Venting here) My own mother sent me this "Tax Truths" email

Looks like Grampa Fred Thompson will announce...

Taliban and Al-Qaeda announce Merger - Dow Skyrockets!

Crooked Nestle contracts stealing our water.

Who's More Crazy? Dennis Kucinich, For Taking On The Most Powerful Men In DC? Or His Fellow Dems...

Rep. John Conyers Backs Impeachment

Bush's Korea model for Iraq shows he's "seriously out of touch with both history and reality"

If Gore enters he can frame the 2008 debate in his favor

Rupert Murdoch's fundraiser for HILLARY is tonight!

Barack Obama's Quiet Rebellion

Al Gore - Nobel Prize?

YAGT - If Gore enters in September, will you abandon your current candidate

Obama's incomplete health plan

Anybody else think it's the damn Dems vote on Iraq funding

Dana Milbank thinks Iowans are too stupid to understand Gore's book

A few questions for those DUers who feel "betrayed" by the Democrats regarding Iraq

POLL: Hillary leads bottom-feeder Repukes Huckabee and Brownback by only single digits

Hillary's Theme Song: "Candidate" by Bowie

Bush... I mean Chavez widens attack on opposition media

Shrum on Bill Clinton's "Sister Souljah" advice to John Kerry on federal ban on gay marriage in '04

Can someone explain this statement by Hillary on her vote to cut funding?

Hillary Snares Villaraigosa Endorsement (The Nation)

Obama won’t play by the book: Is his campaign "error-prone" or "unconventional"?