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Archives: May 3, 2007

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Whole Truth--and Nothing But (The Nation)

Jobs with Justice Turns 20!

Murdoch's Dow Jones bid opposed by Democrats

DC Sex Scandal: Couldn't Happen to Nicer Bunch of Guys (The Nation)

Here's another mind-bender for you, Mr. Clarke

The Twilight of the Gods Zone


An Exit Strategy for Guantánamo

BOB HERBERT: An Invisible War

Mr. President: This place is not your place

Bush: ‘I’m the Commander Guy’

Jeans firms pollute Mexican city with blue dye - Reuters

Butterfly won't get species protection - AP

New York judge clears Israeli in war crimes suit

Israeli Foreign Minister Calls on Olmert to Resign

I Voted Today and have an Observation & Question

Woo Hoo! U.S. House task force votes to investigate the District 13 vote

really, an honest chicago alderman is being framed for

Bush: ‘I’m the Commander Guy’

Neb. High Court Stays Execution Over Concerns About Electrocution Protocol

Romania congress approves US bases

Karzai says killings 'unacceptable'

Dog saves 5 kids from (2) pit bulls

Finding Religion

Gates supports Walter Reed closing

Tester Calls on Montana U.S. Attorney to Resign

Plan Puts Only Sunni Terrorists in Crosshairs of the Iraqi Army

Iraqi Blocs Opposed to Draft Oil Bill

G.O.P. Contenders Ponder What To Say About Bush

Senate Backs Tighter Pet Food Standards

Iran: 100 women to stand trial for improper veil

McCaskill invitation to speak revoked

No safe way for U.S. to leave Iraq, experts warn

Honeybee die-off threatens food supply

Boof Balked

Hey baby, wake up from your asleep! We have arrived onto the future...

Lost spoiLer

I'm fussy, yes?


Celebrating my cheesy heritage with some CheddarWurst

i'm h(not getting this thread locked), yes?

See it's the little differences.....

Long time DUer, first time vibrator request

i'm hunny, yes?

What did you have for dinner? Hmmm?

Anyone else watching "The Wonder Years" on ION Television?

Role Playing!

You might want to check out "Brando" on TCM tonight

I am going to pull wildhorses hair at recess...

Happy Happy, & Joy Joy (pic)

Save the Date: National Zombie Walk, May 25. 2007

Mittens on the tonight show

Fudgesticks! Will trade song here for some vibes please!

Are we EVER going to see our avvies and siggies again?

I am SO tired of having to concede every single argument

Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

How much would you pay for this folding chair?

OMG!!! One of my posts came up on a Google search!


Woman of DU... men don't bother

Shirley Valentine is finally on DVD

D.L. Hughley: "Imus looks like a werewolf who isn't done changing."

A face only a mother can love (yep, another pic)

Sugar Smack says Helloooooo!

eyepaddle, what time are you heading to bed?

Celebrating my German heritage with some German Food

Free, Fun Political Game - Need Dems!

Movie Darwin Awards...

"Cool" New People on Myspace today...

A power transformer across the street is getting ready to explode Carnival Fucking Cruise Lines.

Smokin' Cheddar BBQ or Wild White Nacho?

Good Evening

How does your garden grow?

Check out my new toy!

Whatever your issue is, it's a losing issue for Dems, and you should be quiet.


So who should I invite over to dinner


Are You A Jerk?

The Lord Knows I'm Drinkin'

Alright SPURS advance

Judge sides with Dubuque nurses in contract dispute

RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum Praises Clinton Stance on Wal-Mart

Hershey's Oakdale plant closing putting 575 employees out of work

Actor and civil rights activist Danny Glover may leave Berkeley speechless

Bush: ‘I’m the Commander Guy’

Fixing Walter Reed Part 1

Sen. John Kerry ----CNN

Camp Casey

Fixing Walter Reed part 2

Mr. President

Keith Olbermann Report On "Mission Accomplished" 4-Year Anniversary (Long Version)

Killers! The Killers that trained the killers that came here and killed

Demonstrators in front of White House and in Philadelphia - pics

My letter to my congressman

Anyone watching Keith? it's too funny

Which presidents actions hurt this country the most?

Did you know that Don Young's predecessor basically just disappeared off the face of the Earth?


Free Hugs -Juan Mann

AP: Bush says al-Qaida is top enemy in Iraq (a lesson in crappy journalism)

Anyone watching Keith?? Too funny!!

Stephanie Miller's ratings jumped on Tuesday. We'll see Wed's #'s tomorrow.

The man who murdered my co-workers daughter was found guilty today

Pa. lawmaker wants investigation of gun-rights sign that invoked lynching

Giuliani ahead of Clinton and Obama, tied with Edwards in Va.

"John Edwards Gets It, Will Congress" --LINK

Ann Northup Republican fear mongering video

Prediction Regarding Repub Debate Tomorrow Night --More Than A Little Blood Will Be Let....

The Dem Leadership do not want an end to Iraq Occupation.

May I just say...

Remember when Bush said "Bring it on"?

WORST Scripted Chimpolini "Q&A" Event EVER!!

Breaking(?):Wow another Justice Department investigation.

It's not "Mission Accomplished"

office xp HELP

Tester calls on top Gonzales aide to resign

New CCN poll - worst outcome for Iraq

Mike Gallagher is a racist, fascist fucknut

Has Icky Vicky resurfaced after her Congressional "testimony"?

with Bush's Iraq spending veto upheld, Congress should review the very real Saddam/Osama link

UFO ‘evidence’ grows

FL House quietly trying to resurrect Jeb's school vouchers in spite of unconstitutionality ruling.

Every seven seconds

Democrats Regroup After Veto, Seeking Unity on Iraq Plan

Daily Show is on fire tonight

My Marine nephew just got his orders for his 3rd deployment

The Fish Dies by its Mouth and So Does George Tenet

There is NO EXCUSE for this idiot President to have the

Role Playing!

NYTimes: G.O.P. Contenders Ponder What to Say About Bush - LOL

Ex-Aide to Gonzales Accused Of Bias

McKay: Justice official tried to buy silence

I'm reading Palast's Armed Madhouse.

The devil came on horseback

Look at the poll results by TIME - they are DESPERATE

"We've got our pre-9/11 boners back!"

The Hippies Were Right!

If we're going to fund the war, shouldn't we actually be paying for it?

Is there a particular reason...

The psycopathy of Freepers....words fail.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Perhaps man is not from this planet at all

Mitt Romney...the repug govenor that turned around a democratic state...UGHHH!

D.L. Hughley: "Imus looks like a werewolf who isn't done changing."

Daily Show: "the first quality of brainwashed people, is to respect" the brainwasher

Does Scarborough ever do a show WITHOUT Pat Buchanan?

Approval ratings for Bush and Congress are roughly identical.

For the masochists here...

On Giuliani - are the rethugs simply writing off the South?

I'm almost sick to my stomach over Tweety's show tonight. (Warning...rude-ish).

rank the top paid jobs, if workers were paid by the impact of the job on society

Top British General says Insurgents in Iraq have won

When is red, white & blue NOT a patriotic virtue?

Folks the worm has turned

Gratitude From Small Kids

What the fuck is Bush saying????

Glen Beck is evil.

(Re)puke alert: "May God Bless Bush Decisions"

The New Passport: Stars and Stripes, Wrapped in the Same Old Blue - THE MOST PATRIOTIC PASSPORT EVER

Why is DU at level 2?

Gravel was on Colbert tonight.

So I told my husband that W said he was the "Commander guy" and my husband replied,

FLORIDA ELECTIONS... Paper ballot switch gets federal aid!!!

Democrats Back Down On Iraq Timetable but Vow to Fight on Other Areas

Virginia Beach Police Chief Nails Bill O'Reilly:

My friend wants me to

How about a 25-million troop surge?!?

Hooker-gate. Are the Feds tapping ABC's phones? The new "Teardown"

My (suspected) MRSA: post 2. Day 3 of hell.

How come the tuna in my pantry says it has "hydrolyzed casein" and "hydrolyzed soy protein" in it?

Feeling Warmth, Subtropical Plants Move North

Swami Vivekananda speaks to DU

NYT op-ed: "He’s Impeachable, You Know "

This Is As EVIL As It Gets!!

The next Democratic president MUST close the School of the Americas

Menu Foods Recall Expands Dramatically


Dog saves 5 kids from (2) pit bulls

Are You a Jerk?

What kind of compromise do you expect on occupation funding?

so why didn't Chimpco just add a signing statement to the funding bill

When I grow up (if?) I want to be the worst person in the world - -

(This could be interesting)- - -The DNC's watchful eye

Is Fred Willard channeling Chris Matthews for his roles in the Christopher Guest films ......

The worm has turned folks

Hate Crimes Bill Needs Your Help, will vote on a landmark federal law (HR1592) Tomorrow

Rep. John Conyers on Stephanie Miller today: "I hope Gonzales doesn't resign..."

IG, Iraq Reconstruction Stuart Bowen Under Investigation

Shadowy Iraq office accused of sectarian agenda

Hollywood supporters of Giuliani; of Obama.

G.O.P. Contenders Ponder What to Say About Bush

De-funding is off the table

Choose your own Wolfowitz adventure (Foreign Policy w /link to documents)


Is Congress obligated to send * a spending bill?

On Proving the Iraq War and the War on Terrorism

"Either We'll Succeed, Or We Won't Succeed"

Someone needs to do a political video of all those that are or should be criminals

OK-Sen: Possible Foe for INHOFE

Justice Dept. probe may limit Goodling’s testimony.

When does Monica (DOJ) testify?

Does anyone know who the 6 Dems in the House are

WaPost: Obama Reaches Out With Tough Love

Joe Rospars of Obama's campaign has a post at MyDD about My Space.

Gravel On Colbert Report Now

From AP's series of personal questions for the candidates: Favorite reality show?

Marcy Wheeler: Why Were The "Highest Levels Of Government" Rushing Lam Out?

Bush: ‘I’m the Commander Guy’

From AP's series of personal questions for the candidates: Desert island necessities?

Isn't it about time that the point be made of Saint Ronnie's deep

OK, send the little shit a bill that

Unpopular Iraq compromise looms over congressional Democrats

Subject: Bush: ‘I’m the Commander Guy’

Democrats Back Down On Iraq Timetable

OH BOY This might spell trouble for Hillary unless she gets a handle on it

Oh Jeez - Start A War, Then Do A Video Telling Others to Stop It

Economy: Factory Orders=More Evidence of RECESSION

Ex-Aide to Gonzales Accused Of Bias

Our view: Time for answersPublic deserves a full accounting from Rep. Feeney on FBI's Abramoff probe

US Atty McKay threatened in January to remain silent in exchange for Gonzales' silence.

The Guardian: Egypt plays host as great Satan eyes up axis of evil

Why in the world is Matt in Dubai?

Howard Zinn: A Power Governments Cannot Suppress (AlterNet)

Veto Accomplished! --Mark Fiore's Animation MUST SEE & SPREAD

Time to Crack Down on the Student Loan Cesspool (by Marie Cocco for Truthdig)

The Gipper Won't Win This One

Joe Conason: Tenet’s Share of the Shame

Two Parties, One Law

From Sex to Church, Washington Rebuffs Rules: Margaret Carlson

Still Under Fire for Ohio Election Tricks, Kenneth Blackwell Regroups (FRC?)

Public financing of elections needed By J. Scott Christianson

Strong piece from a fearless writer.

It's All About Al-Qaeda Again

Nervous days inside the Beltway

I Think I’ve Got L.S.D.


Impeachment Roundup (Compendium of Opinions)

AIDS Czar Caught With His Pants Down (by Ellen Goodman at Truthdig)

Why Congress Should Get the Spike-Strips Out ... Now

Sidney Blumenthal: George Tenet, spook for all seasons

Corruption, Shoddy Work and Mismanagement Cripple Iraq Reconstruction

David Sirota: The People Party Revolt Roiling Capitol Hill

Running Out of Gas and Time in Iran

Not So Slick, Rick

DISPATCHES FROM AMERICA: The clock ticks for thee

Bush determined to prolong lost war

Election '08: One Long Humiliation Contest

A Democratic Deterrent against the Politics of Fear

Paul Rieckhoff: To the Pentagon: We Don't Need You to Invent War Stories

The Deputy Whip Just Stepped Aboard ...Kucinich's Impeachment Train

Akin Gump Suspends Paralegal Caught Up in the D.C. Madam Scandal

Death Penalty: Young US Lawyers Halting Executions

Setting the Table, with All the Options

Will Doolittle do time? by Ralph Brave & Kel Munger

(McClatchy ) 2006 Missouri's election was ground zero for GOP

Chavez Threatens to Nationalize Banks

What's Fueling the Bull Market?

The War Room: Will Justice probe block Gonzales aide's testimony?

The Crusaders - "The Christian Taliban is running the Department of Defense"

The Hippies Were Right!

Carbon Offsets R Us

U.S. to Invest in Small-Scale Cellulosic Biorefineries

635 GW (of renewable electricity) Possible with U.S. Political Shift

ND Governor Signs Legislation for Ag-Based Renewable Fuels

New Texas Legislation Encourages Renewable Energy (500 MW of "non-wind" by 2015)

Lack of planning seen as problem with wind farms

Hemlock Semiconductor Grows Polysilicon Operations ($1 billion expansion, Michigan)

Company plans to operate biomass station (converting from fossil fuels, Michigan)

Still an upstream battle (Atlantic salmon, Maine)

Melbourne Water Supplies Now Below 30% Of Capacity - Adelaide Now

Indonesia Makes Guinness Records For Fastest Rate Of Forest Destruction - 300 Acres/Hour

Climate Delegates Tell US To Stop Preaching, Ask Gore "What Happened With Your Country?"

Warming Blamed For Rapid Retreat Of Glaciers At New Zealand's Mt. Cook

Gray Whale Numbers Down From 25K To 18K Since 1993 - Signs Of Starvation, Breeding Failure

Major Parts for New Virginia Nuclear Reactor Ordered From Japan.

Australian Ranchers Droving Cattle Along Roads In Search Of Scraps Of Grass

Wrangle over costs at climate change talks - AFP

More Warming Side Effects - More Toxic Poison Ivy, More Ragweed Pollen, Northern Kudzu - NYT

Study - Natural Carbon Sinks May Be Smaller Than Thought - Potential Extra 1.5C By 2100 As A Result

BP ex-CEO could testify on Texas City blast: lawyer - Reuters

US to lock horns over tigers, whale trade - AFP

New wind turbine blade design

Agreement Reached on Climate Report (IPCC)

Maine would join regional greenhouse-gas initiative

Rare Leopard Photographed With Young In Northeastern Cambodia - AFP

Start-up company pursues plan for nuke plant near Bruneau (Idaho)

Georgia Fires Approach 40, 000 Acres - NASA Satellite Image Shows Amazing Smoke Clouds

Coal Stove Retailer Advertises Coal as "Cleaner Than Wood." (Maine.)

Pick your poison

A wierd bee sighting

Please Lord, not the bees

Amberjac Plug-In Prius: Hail the 130mpg car

The number of deaths from windpower accidents up until 2001.

As Scandinavia Warms, Spruce Bark Beetle Flourishing In Swedish Forests - IHT

South Africa invites Palestinian PM Haniyeh to visit

Daily Show: Eerie Similarities Between Israeli PM Olmert and Bush

Why Palestinians should never recognize Israel’s “right to exist”

Why Israel Is After Me

A Just Peace or Apartheid? The Livni-Rice Plan for the Middle East

Voter system too flawed, counties say

(Harris) County Uncovers Voter Fraud Plot

Election Reform and Related News: Thursday, May 3, 2007


Smoking Gun? 12% discrepancy in Kerry's margin between the first 116mm and final 5mm recorded votes!

(Time) Magazine's list of 100 most influential doesn't include Bush

Tape aired of fatal 1970 US rally

Trainers Say Iraqi Forces Need U.S. Support

Rights: Paramilitary destroys Colombia

(R-CA) Miller earmarks aided partner

Voter system too flawed, counties say

Shortage of combat vehicles in Afghanistan

NATO seeks ways to cut Afghan civilian toll

Why in the world is Matt in Dubai?

Marriage battle could broaden, Gay rights activists ask aid from DNC

Mods, Please delete DUP Iraqi parliament's break tests Congress' patience

Iraq Reconstruction Is Doomed, Ex-Chief of Global Fund Says

Debate: 'The GOP's invisible men'

(Former Sen. David) Boren: Tenet encouraged to resign over doubts about Iraq invasion

McKay says "sinister" call aimed at keeping him quiet (from Elston)

Democrats Back Down On Iraq Timetable

Iraqi lawmakers' plans anger Congress (2 month vacation for parliament)

Key players unite in bid to rescue Iraq

Syria doing more to stop insurgent flow into Iraq-US

Chinese companies prepare for massive U.S. purchases ahead of trade talks

Senior VA officials get big bonuses

Democrats Back Down On Iraq Timetable

Afghans Say US Bombing Killed 42 Civilians

Senior VA Officials Get Big Bonuses

In Web Uproar, Antipiracy Code Spreads Wildly (Digg user revolt)

Rice meets with Syrian foreign minister

NYT: Rice to Meet with Syrian Foreign Minister

(Ben) Nelson (D-Ne) to help craft new war bill

Al-Qaida ousted from one Iraqi district

Protestors Call on Olmert to Resign

House approves funding for Head Start

US reporter does not recognize al Qaeda "kidnapper"

Rocket attack kills four in Baghdad's Green Zone (Wed)

Obama placed under Secret Service protection

Insurgent attack targets MND-B Soldiers (2 killed, 6 wounded)

Iraq pressing for Rice talks with Iran-diplomats

Bush touts Colombia trade pact

Anger in Baghdad as Americans finish wall

White House Asks Reporters to Wear Cancer Bracelets

Soldiers thwart plot to blow up girls' school

D.C. Law Firm Suspends Woman Who Worked as Escort

FBI, Cuba cooperating on Posada

Gunmen assassinate official of Iraqi Communist Party

Vatican calls verbal attack on Pope "terrorism"

Maine company recalls beef that was possibly contaminated

Wolfowitz blames unclear bank rules for questions about his handling of girfriend's pay package

Air Sahara jet 'parked' on highway


Iraq: New Cartel Joins Anti al-Qaeda Front

AP: Senior VA officials get big bonuses

Baby bibs sold at Wal-Mart recalled... (high levels of lead)

FDA begins investigating food makers

McKay made firing list in March '05; was Wales killing a factor?

Colombia scandals cloud trade deal - US senator

U.S. says has no details on death of Qaeda's Baghdadi

Fired Attorneys Did Good Job, Ex-U.S. Official Says(James B Comey)

Bush Taps Weems For Medicare Chief

US forces arrest two in Iraq for smuggling weapons from Iran

White House Opposes Hate Crime Bill (Issues a Veto Threat)

Democrats dig in for long haul on Iraq

Romney calls Bush

Offshore taxpayer audits curbed

Former Astronaut Wally Schirra Dies

Potential terror jurors cite 9/11 doubts

Baghdad Christians flee as violence against them mounts

Florida moves 2008 presidential primary to January (29)

Nature's carbon 'sink' smaller than expected

Hijack attempt in Cuba (Intentaron secuestrar avión en Cuba)

Reid defends his ‘presidentials,’ takes jab at Edwards

Obama placed under Secret Service protection

Hillary Clinton Seeks New Iraq War Vote

New orca calf in Puget Sound

Honorary degree for ex-White House aide draws protests at UMass

Charge Filed in Labor Union Killing

Gunmen storm independent radio station in latest attack against media in Iraq

Thousands Await Queen's Virginia Visit

Pregnant Irish teenager fights for her right to have abortion in Britain

Check out KitchenWitch's new toy!

I have spent the day dealing with Drs, insurance companies and two hospitals.

I bet soon DU has somebody with the SN "CommanderGuy"

Night, all!

Check out my new boy!

I'm curious... are there actually any "new" posters in the lounge this evening?

Quick question

If you watched "Medium" last night and want to know what really happened.

'Giggles' the clown jailed on sex charges

Today I introduced my daughter to the music of Led Zeppelin

Keys To Iowa Prison Sold On eBay - Prison Changes The Locks

Dock Holiday

Cat lineage--Have any of you been privileged to be the human

Robbery Victim Stripped Naked, Glued To Exercise Bike


Did Billyskank vote yet?

BillySkank! Did you vote today?

I spoke with Miss Honeychurch yesterday...

Hey if anyone is short a Queen we have an extra

Man Throws Wife Off Boat During Argument - Leaves Her 1/4 Mile From Shore

A public service announcement for Billyskank.

Congratulations GloriaSmith!! 10,000 posts

Is Indiana considered part of the Bible belt?

I finally bought an Aeron chair

Group Wants Congress To Adopt 5-Day Weekend

Forget lollapalooza, it's Pabstapalooza!

I didn't understand a word of it, but she was MAD

i want this bumpersticker for my car:

"Hide Thread" isn't working for me

What appliances do you leave on when you leave?

A State Constable just came to my door. Ask me anything!

Forget Pabstapalooza, it's Humma Kavula!

Was Mark E. precog yet again? Was he talking about "Curveball" in this tune?

Anyone else have this problem with Dish Network?

Crap, I am so sick.

I am not a twinkie!

billyskank: Did you vote today?

Got back from doing laundry. Ask me anything.

Cliche moment this am

Who would win in a fair fight?

Is preferring NOT to go to sleep being addicted to being awake?

Human Found Boiling Pot In Skull In Chicago Apartment But It's OK Say Police

People who forget to vote suck

You are in a run down house and the walls are bleeding, breathing, doors slam, or voices say...

Help, what does this mean:

I Am Not A Ding Dong

Only 3774 More Posts Until 10,000

My company just laid off a bunch of people today

I am 7:00 into the 23:04 Live version of "Whipping Post"

"We have such SIGHTS to show you...."

How badly do crying babies irritate you?

Is anybody here from Los Angeles?

Prayer plus chemotherapy can cure cancer.

Pit Bulls Could Be Banned In Massachusetts

I remembered to buy bread!!!

A fabulous Spring day!

American Pie...

This article had me checking it wasn't April 1st again

Why do people waste their energy being mean?


How badly do whining adults irritate you?

Another of those "Oh my God" stories, kids lived in house full of garbage and were literally...

Since I bought all of this new stuff for my house, who is coming over to clean?

What is off limits on DU?

If you're interested....this is up for auction on ebay.

YESSS... Right there... That is the spot...


this is where Interstate 55 ends

OMG! I've been remanded to the custody of the U.S. Marshals pending DEPORTATION AND REMOVAL!

If you like beef jerkey, the best store bought is Jack Links!

Am I the only Target junkie?

OMFG! I can't believe ANYBODY ( that I can find ) has done this

OK, which DU'r is in this band?

Am I the only one who doesn't give a flying rat's ass about the Queen?

how many email accounts do you have?

Trying to diagnose a computer problem

Whoopee! My data is recovered!

Oh, the trolls are out today! Is there a school holiday or something?

This is purdy good pic of Queen Liz

Great Clover Songs

So everyone's been raving to me about how great Heroes are.

4-year old solves TV remote problem.

Congratulations flpoljunkie!! 10,000 posts

The Queen Is In Virginia

Gawd, what a terrible day

Breast cancer info, please

So everyone's been raving to me about how great Herpes is.

the spam to my personal e-mail box has dropped to ZERO

I'll need $100,000 - and a truck.

The Great trof Grandaughter Birth Date Pool. Get Rich Quick.

Human Skull Found Boiling In Pot In Chicago Apartment But It's OK Say Police

does anyone know what's up with the "view" counter?

Who knows anything about home insulation?

Are any of you in an interplanetary relationship? or an inter-galactical relationship?

I hit 40 last year and I want to buy this T-shirt of The Smiths. Am I pathetic?

"'s all very tasteful, except the stripper poles."

Grr....who the fuck thinks it's necessary to pour on the perfume to take a 4-hour exam?

Whoopee! My date is uncovered!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 5/3/2007)

Mother cat babies chicks

a new Nora video

I've figured out why cancer rates have increased since the 50s!


OK all you 'Miss Manners' - Graduation invitation

What is on the head of this "silly" smiley....?

If you don't like datasuspect, then there's something wrong with you.

Say what you want about Wal-Mart...

Cute baby owls story

Vans Warped Tour

So everyone's been raving to me about how great Heroes is.

DUer maggiegault's brother was killed in Iraq today.

LIVID doesn't even begin to explain it!!!!! My new neighbor hit my dogs with a shovel!!!!

How many celeb crushes do you have?

We had joy, we had fun.

Congratulations Kerrytravelers!! 10,000 posts

When will Barry Bonds break the all-time home run record.

Do you have a phobia? Wanna tell us about it?

I have a Big R Request for all of you...

did you see these excerpts from st. ron's diaries?

John Paul Freaking Jones at Merlefest

Since when is it okay

Is anyone else disturbed by the recent trend in advertising that

Since I got some of the lounge hot men to share their umm pictures with Thomcat...

Can I just say something real quick about the new Nine Inch Nails album??

movie review--Spiderman 3

LA City Attorney: Send Parasite Hilton to JAIL!!

Radio Lady Reviews: "Spider-Man 3" (Opens Friday, May 4, 2007)

Canadian Official Says Bigfoot Should Be On Endangered Species List

What's that you say, Midlo? The Queen of England is here? In Virginia?

I'm going to be a mommy!!!!

Thursday Morning Questions.

Your thoughts on spiders?

Has anyone here successfully changed their eating habits?

Army to EO Reps: “Discrimination Against Atheists OK”

Vicar guilty of child sex abuse

Jack Chick takes on the tooth fairy

Tony Jaa

I'm convinced it will be Scat Daddy---

Should we allow soccer threads in the sports section?

Tom Brady wearing a Yankess hat?

A little bit of good news for Vets in the New Orleans Area

Rep. Sutton making difference on trade goals

A Million Dollars Later...

Jon Stewart--- Olmert &Bush

Randi Rhodes interviews William Rivers Pitt Part 1

KO--Politics over Justice--Karl Rove E-mails

Randi Rhodes: On James Inhofe

TPMtv: May 3, 2007: *'s "Acceptable Level of Violence"

May 1, 2007 - LAPD police riot against immigration protest

John Edwards: "We the People"

Hate Crimes Prevention Act Passes

Exclusive DU preview of tonight's GOP debate

Gravel on the Colbert Report

My Tribute to Maggieqault Brother

Part of Government Oversight of Halliburton

Welcome to Jesusland!

George Carlin - The american dream

KO---LAPD Mayhem

Randi Rhodes talks to Antonia Juhasz part 1

Iraq War Protest

Commander Guy? I like "Dipshit Dude" better.

dupe. bug.

Most Likely To Screw Thousands

New Mark Fiore animation: Veto Accomplished

Negroponte: An implied threat to Hugo Chavez?

David Lindorff: Impeachment - They Think They Can, They Think They Can...

John Kerry: "Roadblock Republicans" Fight Back Against The Veto

(VIDEO) Sherrod Brown takes no prisoners at hearing about Halliburton

Excerpt From New Howard Zinn Book: A Power Governments Cannot Suppress

At last an anthem for us! From Willie and Amy

Both Pelosi and Reid subdued at press conf (cpan1 now)--no timetables

Chiquita Banana funds Right Wing Paramilitary group in Colombia

Illegal immigration hurts African Americans; Vanderbilt professor of law and political science says.

Gas prices in Sacramento: $3.38 for regular

"DemocRAT", "Defeat-o-CRAT", "TraitorCRAT", etc.

Iraq placed on list of countries where religious freedom is under attack

OMFG.. Judge sues cleaners for $65M over ONE pair of missing pair of pants

The President's deadly tantrum.

Why is the "Johns List"

Senior U.S. official, Caleb McCarry - responsible for Cuba's "transition to democracy"

Vomit Alert!

Bush administration pulls back on surveillance agreement

LAPD Gone Wild. Again. (The Nation)

A "Commander" chucklenuts ass kisser.

Here's the WaPo spin: Democrats Back Down On Iraq Timetable

'Key' mark of 'progress' in Iraq disputed by Iraqis (Texas tea, OIL)

Love it or Leave it!

Can Anyone Tell Me About The DU Panic Room?

Iraq lawmakers' vacation plans draw fire (FINALLY)

(TOON) Steve Bell on President Tony's depature and the Chimp's veto

Vermont Impeachment Campaign Blossoms

Google & YouTube - Hoisting MSM On the DMCA Petard!

Democrats press student loan cleanup drive (Reuters/CNN)

Love it or leave it

How many Al Qaeda #1 and #2 leaders have been killed in Iraq?

Membership by Inheritance Only

2 Representatives on cspan now (a RW and and anti-war caucus member)

For anyone in Dallas

What Keeps Him In Office?

Ex-Client of Alleged Madam Tries to Stop ABC From Airing His Name

Reminder: James Comey testifies before House Judiciary Committee today, 9:30 a.m., EDT

GOP ad accuses Durbin of lying on Iraq

"It would jettison the withdrawal timetable and replace it with benchmarks"

Bush taught the Iraqi Government well - Want a 2 month long vacation while this crisis is happening

What's the difference between ABC perusing phone records and Bush* doing the same

The repubs are having a debate tonight I would like to know ...

Dem leaders don't want to stay in Iraq for poitical points, do they??

Soulforce Releases Video of "Focus on the Facts" Campaign

Isn't this special? John Bolton won an award for exemplary public service

Bush - Seeking an Acceptable Level of Violence in Iraq

Japanese branch of the Bush party

Rep. Clay co-sponsors bill to impeach Cheney

Romney 'damage control' kicks in ... Bible is now his favorite book, not Hubbard's Battlefield Earth

If you ever wondered where Donna Brazille's loyalties lie here's your answer

PetSmart adds 20 more items to recall (cites cross contamination)


Stephanie on radio now, hysterical...apparently the tv appearance was pure hell.

Does * Realize We Don't Believe Him?

Is a coup in Iraq about to happen?

VA paying disability to veterans with sexually transmitted diseases

Reaction to 'D.C. Madam' Story Moves to Anger and Frustration

Time Magazine: Kate Moss more influential than Bush

At three minutes and four seconds after 2 a.m., on May 6,

Those were some pricey, um, massages....

Today is the National Day of Prayer. Great Spirit please save us from this man

Strange message from Firefox trying to load Stephanie Millers' link

How many times will Democrats/Liberals be called traitors tonight at the Debate?

"If Gonzales Will Not Resign, Congress Should IMPEACH Him" - NYT Op-Ed

Ten reasons why the U.S. can't win in Iraq,

WTF is this sex business going on at MSNBC with these RW hosts?

Good bumper sticker encounter.

CNN poll has an anomaly

Cummins Confirms That Justice Dept. Used Pregnancy As Excuse To Appoint Rove's Protege

U.S. Army hears anti-war Mellencamp but nixes Baez

CSPAN3 - US Attorney Firings coming up in 5, 4, 3, 2...

WH asks reporters to wear yellow bracelets to support Snow, but cuts funds for cancer research

GOoPer debate on at same time as "Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader"

Oh look, the Army is doing some "Spring cleaning"...

KKOL Christian Radio Station's death rays bombard Tacoma Dome, threaten Jehovah's Witnesses

What Is George PRAYING For? ---pix--->>

Frivolous lawsuits or not?

China makes arrest in Pet Food case

California Professor Is Font of Anti-Semitism

Additional pet recall info from 4/27/07 Drs Foster & Smith an online company)

ABC backing off DC Madame story on 20/20 - will "likely disappoint"

Rocket attack in Green Zone kills 4 Filipino contractors working for the U.S. government

Old timers-When/How did the war with Eurasia begin?

Headline straight out of a movie


A New Type of Illegal Alien

2 Tidbits: BRAZILE multi-jobs to support her Katrina family. And, "Lauren LAUREN"

Some interesting Washington gossip in the WAPO today...

Position of "War Czar" is STILL up for grabs

Bush to be removed from ‘Welcome to Texas’ signs

cnn showing unidentified bloated corpse.

ABC to tread lightly with D.C. madam story - only two officials will be named

TPMuckraker: Comey Was Cut out of Firing Process

Area grandma spurs recall of lead-laced bibs

Bill Richardson New Orleans Update

Great/Fun Bumperstickers

CNN: Dem sources say may take Iraq timetable fight to defense authorization and appropriation bills

A Dilemma Today

Pill packaging rant:

Who's watching MSNBC?

So, CNN's new project is the Rice Rejuvination/Reputation Revival?

The "new" China - Check out this website!

Army giving troops fire-resistant clothing

Slate: Can the Army Go Broke?

Guradian: UK and US must admit defeat

Some SEALs offered up to $125,000 to stay

G.O.P. Contenders Ponder What to Say About Bush

Cenk Uygur: The Republicans Don't Even Want to Win This War

Sen. Specter: 'No doubt' AG Gonzales's exit would be good

CSPAN3 - US Attorney Firings coming up in 5, 4, 3, 2... (thread 2)

Salon: Was Tenet Source For Downing Street Memo?

Sigh. The guy who replaced Sam Seder is awful. If Sam were on

“And how we can we pray for you?” * is asked. He replies “Wisdom and strength, and my family"

U.S / Syria 'talks' a diversion from the real story at international conference

What the WSJ will look like:

Anger in Baghdad as Americans finish wall

The shadow war in Iraq

Stephanie Miller Wows ‘Em On MSNBC (Brent Budowsky)

Big Pharma Gets Its Hooks into Seton Hall Law School

Exclusive DU preview of tonight's GOP debate >>>>

Is there any Republican anywhere that could unify America?

If you want Al Gore to run for President, let him know

Washington Post article is FALSE!!

Pay Attention Tonite What Repub Candidates Say About 'Global War On Terror'

Does Anyone Else Find The Setting For This Republican 'Debate' To Be...

Question: Why don't they put fire escapes on the outside of skyscrapers?

Tony Snow: “violence, unfortunately at least for a while, is going to be a fact of Iraqi life’

speaking of timetables and oil

Ghastly ghoulish gruesome ghost of ronald reagan to make appearance at tonight's repub debate.

Just how does one get to be an expert? As in

Palast: How to make 6 million votes disappear.

Joan Baez Banned at Walter Reed Hospital

Tonight, the Republicans begin the race to become "The Next Ronald Reagan"

Do you know a young leader who is right for Public Allies Americorp?

Shout Outs to 2 GOP Congressmen Who Voted w/ Dems - Phone #'s

my 79th LTTE-"mission accomplished"

U.S. Environment Satellites in Jeopardy, Scientists Say

Afghans Say US Bombing Killed 42 Civilians

Is The New Republic the Joe Lieberman of Magazines?

An Iraqi journalist visits New Orleans...great, great, read.

Well, there will be no school shootings or other alerts today as...

CNN Poll: Is the Bush administration doing the right thing by meeting with Syrian officials?

"Partisan" Bloggers vs, "Objective" Media: Anatomy of the Imbecilic "Haircut Story"

Would You Trust This Lady?

Here's a good way to get at Canadian P.M Stephen this poll

Bangladesh watches in horror as much of the nation gives way to sea

237-180 Hate Crime bill passes US House

DoJ Official to Cummins: Circumventing Senate Was "White House Plan"

Stephanie Miller ..... Queen to visit KY Derby to watch Camilla run.

National Day of Prayer Official Site

John Edwards Submitted a Question on to be asked at the debate tonight

Both bush's have dropped the ball on the phony baloney 'reagan legacy'

What "tough" questions do you think Tweety will ask tonight?

Bush: ‘I’m the Commander Guy’

Who is the #1 person you think it would be the most hilarious if he appeared on Palfrey's list?

Leaving children behind, or sending them ahead

The Iraqi vacation - "outrage of outrages" may prompt a troop exit quicker then any DEM plan!

NYT: In Web Uproar, Antipiracy Code Spreads Wildly

Vacation, all they ever wanted….

"Concerned Women" thank Bush for Hate Crimes veto pledge

Christian Newswire: Hate Crimes law will force transsexual kindergarten teachers on USA

Small Is E. F. Schumacher...for your economic education.

This man went to bu$h* charm school. pic

Frederick Douglass on the war "puny opposition" in Congress.

Min. Wage is worthless. Unions are worhless. Time for real change.

McCain Defends 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' Calls Gay Troops an 'Intolerable Risk'

Are you going to watch the Republic "debate" tonight?

Hey, looks like we killed the #2 guy again?

All the "liberal" media used Republican pundits in post analysis of DEM debate.

Ode to Iraq-o-laden and the capture of #2 (again)...courtesy of Lasher

Former Fox Host Helps CNN Promote Glenn Beck’s Anti-Global Warming Agenda

John Edwards

Experts Fire First Shot at GOP Presidential Candidates Hours Before First Presidential Debate

CALL Congress NOW - toll-free numbers

Bush's "Commander Guy" comment misread (similar to Kerry 'gaffe' last fall)

Canada Detects 10th BSE-Infected Animal AKA Mad Cow Disease

Obama placed under Secret Service protection after a threat

Vatican calls comedian's verbal attack on Pope "terrorism"

The Office of the Speaker in Washington, D.C. will be happy to take calls from Democrats

In the summer/ fall 2008 I will be campaigning for Democratic candidates

Do you worry about losing your job , do you feel lucky

The Movement to Impeach May be Unstoppable

Gasoline prices could hit record this month: AAA (Reuters)

VERY disturbing video about Dolphin killing. I'm posting it in hopes that someone

Nearly 60 civilians have been killed in raids by US-led coalition troops in the past week

Question about the GOP Mass-debaters tonight...

I'm not sure where Air Force 1 fits into this

Helen Thomas

Here's a report Rupert Murdoch would probably never publish if he owned the Wall Street Journal

They are just selling off america bit by bit

Does Ann Coulter actually write those emails?

The War In Iraq: A Soldiers Perspective

Anyone else horrified by the the May 1- Police [email protected] Protest in LA?

Are you hearing the heavily rotated radio ads for CNN/Beck's anti Gore special?

Damn. One of the original Mercury 7 astronauts just died.

AP: "Senior VA Officials Get Big Bonuses" I just don't know what to say anymore!

New names added to Vietnam Memorial

Why not impart some of Lebanon's political qualities into Iraq?

Buzzflash: A Democratic Deterrent against the Politics of Fear

Here's democracy in action...

Major Boehner's father was a sober God-fearing man…

Do you trust the Washington Post to report on American Politics accurately?

Rep. Putnam (scumbag repuke - FL) calls for Gonzales to resign

The Progressive: No Time for Compromise on Iraqi Withdrawal

So, I'm waiting for the bus in Arlington, Virginia

Insurance question

Edwards Remains Very Much in the Running

Rudy and Ferrets

America the bully state

Dobson admits that he reads the Bible from a hateful perspective

It's an all-out Republican "Love fest" in the pre-debate hours

The repubs are having a debate tonight , I would like to know

U.S. Attorney John McKay'on list prosecutors fired in March 2005

So now the Army is saying they uncovered an Al Qaeda plot in Iraq

Brokaw on MSNBC: Reagan had UNERRING natural instincts. WHY does this deification continue?

The queen in Virginia

5 top myths about America

Senate bill targets gas price gouging

Does John McCain have a long tie or a short body?

U.S., EU warn Turkish military to avoid politics

" should be of no concern to U.S. lawmakers."-----Iraqi recess

President Carter spoke at the University of California, Irvine, today

Bulls**t job #14

What designer would Giuliani pick.........

Free Bush Fatigue Bumper Stickers Are Here

Boehner: "...if we don't deal with terrorists in Iraq, we will be dealing with them on the streets"

Anyone Listening to Randi???

Ronald Reagan circa 1947 The other Reagan legacy and why the rw loves him so much

Bush said "Internets" AGAIN yesterday

Mark Fiore: new animation "Veto Accomplished"

I realize that Global Warming is a problem but it wouldn't be cost effective to do anything about it

If Bush & Cheney were impeached, would Pelosi as President pardon them?

McClatchy: FDA plan to close field labs draws fire

3357 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Feds:Alabama Right-wing terrorists were preparing machine-gun attack on Mexicans

Irish teen in court abortion plea

That damned Edwards email machine....

Dickens on Poverty and Patriotism

Ronald Reagan is apparently coming back from the grave to run for President.

Get your newest ribbon for your car showing your support to those in Iraq.

The Queen Is In Virginia

MO Rep Blames VA Tech shooting on "culture of entitlement"

"The Deputy Whip Just Stepped Aboard ..."

How to Start Each Day with a Positive Outlook

Help Edwards Expand "We The People" End-the-Iraq War Ad!

John Nichols in The Nation: "A President Gone AWOL"

Bush aides reboot Iraq war negotiations

Will you watch Tonight's Republican Debate?

Is there some sort of rift between John McCain and his son?

Bush--Giuliani...were made heros immediately after 9/11,......

So I just got back from the Post Office

Antiwar Group To Fly Planes Over GOP Debate With Banners Mocking "Mission Accomplished" Moment

Why the hell is Queen Liz meeting with the VT survivors & parents?

Electoral College must go. 'The Founding Fathers' Agrarian Prejudice is Causing America's Decline'

Conservatives Are Cracking On Iraq

Shadow's Taxicab reports: Some Vets I've met.

Green Zone Under Fire

Move-On Survey asking if we want Impeachment & Why.

Judge Widens, Makes Ban on GMO Alfalfa Permanent

Mercy, mercy, me! $3.20 per gallon gas in the Motor City today.....$5 for Memorial Day?

Pet Connection Live Blogging the FDA's Spin, er, Press Conference

ANY DUer could be a better, more formidable "pundit" than the clowns on MSNBC

A message from Chris Matthews!

KO on pre-debate Currently

Bush threatens to veto HATE CRIMES bill now

Opps, sorry, we actually havent killed the Number one Al Qaeda guy in Iraq

No Time for Compromise on Iraqi Withdrawal

This Is Funny - We Don't Know Which Republicans Are Running

Zach Wamp?

Do you get the feeling that the bu$h/neocons want to "thin out the herd"?

“The Christian Taliban is Running the Department of Defense”

Bush: "Prayer has the power to change lives and to change the course of history"

Antiwar Group To Fly Planes Over GOP Debate With Banners Mocking "Mission Accomplished" Moment

did you all hear that Rupert Murdock tried to buy the DOW Jones

Official Military Poster calling the media a threat--wired news

DemoTex, a suggestion for you...

Soldiers thwart plot to blow up girls' school

Worse than Imus? Neal Boortz blames VA Tech victims..."wussification of America"

Oliver Stone unveils ad calling for Iraq withdrawal

Reagan = Iran/Contra LIES, S&L Debacle (most costly in U.S. history), Nuclear Annihilation Terror

Screenshot from M$NBC as GOP 'debaters' enter the Raygun Library

Matthews fantasizing about Giuliani in a late night Fight Club scenario

Reid Hits Back at Edwards Over Iraq Timetable

JEEZ why don't they just have the repub debates on reagan's GRAVE?!!111

Do me a favor

In 'Honor' of the Reagan SUCKOFF, here's "Mourning For America" Music by Pink Floyd

Who is the most dangerous republican lunatic at tonight's debate?

GOP Presidential Debate -- Discussion Thread

The big unspoken fact in regards to US gun violence....

On this National Day of Prayer: The War Prayer by Mark Twain

U. S. ATTORNEYS Scandal: 2006 Missouri's election was ground zero for GOP

When does the swimsuit parade onto the catwalk occur?

Maybe it's Time to Start Getting Scared

How many times do you think Ronald Reagan's name will be mentioned tonight?

Rubber stamp republicans cower to bush on Iraq vote.

Al Gore, Ugly American

American soldiers are fleeing the Iraq war for Canada -- and U.S. officials may be on their trail

Where will the GOP hold the next debate?

If you were running for President, what would be on your platform?

Benchmarks: Yet Another Bush Mirage Shimmering in the Iraqi Desert?

Any DUers raising their children as vegetarians or vegans?

The *other* other tragedy of the VT shootings...

Glenn Beck calls 'Inconvenient Truth' propaganda. TURN OFF CNN.

Does anyone have any good repuke bashing jokes?

New U.S. Border Protection Implementation: A failed economy.

Wow...Nancy can't even walk.

Bush caught in hypocrisy, proves Kerry right, again

How much has gas gone up where you live during the past 8 years?

This Repub debate is a total " setup " by MSM

Hitting the wall...... poll RE: impeachment

Democrats cave in to Bush. "Who do we vote for now?"

Rocket attack kills four mercenaries in Baghdad’s Green Zone

Why the fuck is AARP sponsoring the GOP debate?

Tony Snow regarding Iraqi gov't taking 2 month vacation: "This is a democracy."

While the GOP debates on his grave, let's revisit: Alterman's "REAGAN Was.. A Pathological LIAR"

General Eaton's Letter to President Bush on Veto


Menu Foods Expands its Recall

Breaking: Barack Obama under Secret Service protection after a threat


Military now considers journalists threats to national security

Bill Maher SKEWERS the chimpster! A (((must see))) video. Should be a campaign ad. ROTFLMAO

Houston News Photographer in trouble for attaching Mexican flag

Thursday TOONS: Veto edition

Unelected Heads of State

I was going to watch the Republican debate...

lol on Jeopardy tonight

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

I want to smash the whole thing into a pile of junk to be hauled away to the scrapyard.

NYT names pre-war skeptic, former Knight-Ridder editor, as public editor

Next Waxman Surprise: Hearings On War Profiteers

Howard Dean's brother: Impeachment "more on the table than people think."

Please help save the wolves...

Forget Oil, Big Business is Coming for your Water

Richard Roeper swings back "Rush the righ wing a- - - - - "

Was Tenet Source For Downing Street Memo?

The other tragedy of the VT shootings...

De-authorizing the war for a new resolution?

Gee Whiz Sparky... ya think this might be why the bees are dying ?

43% of Iraqis live in absolute poverty – Government report: Another 11% live in abject poverty

Kids locked IN when school finds threats??

Wow. Just Wow. I am now a huge Edwards supporter. (thanks benny05)

Letter Writing Campaign to Convince AL GORE:

Why is Reagan a relatively popular President?

BREAKING: GOP refuses to add American troops and senior citizens to hate crime bill

Byrd and Clinton are going to try and get the IWR nullified--today

The Terrorists Can't Get Here Soon Enough

My brother's name is not on the Vietnam Wall because...

Sibel Edmonds, George Tenet's lies, and al Qaeda's nukes

Breaking-Hillary Introduces-BILL TO DE-AUTHORIZE WAR-He Cant Accept Reality-So Bring Reality To Him

The Greatest Source of Terrorism in Today’s World

Nice job Atlanta!

Is Big Brother in your car?

Monsanto Patent Monopoly on Soy Revoked

convince me that Capitalism isn't a pyramid scheme

I made two new friends today and one of them died.

Boehner: Protecting People Against Hate Crimes ‘Takes Us Down A Path That Is Very Scary’

The Democratic Presidential Primary on DU: The Lower Your Expectations, the Happier You Will Be.

Does being called an unpatriotic traitor piss you off or make you laugh?

Katrina Dried Up Rental Market

Just SOUND It OUT, Mr. President ---pix--->>>

Vegan parents starve son to death

One Day You're Gonna Wake Up America-But If NOT Soon-It Will Be Far Too Late

In your opinion, what IS the 'reagan legacy'?

My brother was killed in Iraq today. His vehicle took an IED hit.

Former Workers Speak Out About Care At VA Hospital-med. records requests ordered destroyed

I think I just heard another bigoted comment/stereotyping on NBC.

Would Jesus Wear a Rolex on His TV Show?

Sometimes I wonder about what the odds are for so many of us Ole Hippies to find each other out here

Divide and conquer. Looking over DU this morning, I see lots and lots of

Text of California Democratic Party Impeachment Resolution

Karl Rove Is An Athiest ---->>>

Uninsured in America

Everything you didn't want to know about Colony Collapse Disorder

Gallup: Condi Rice trusted regarding Iraq???

McClatchy: 2006 Missouri's Election Was Ground Zero For GOP (Excellent Analysis!)

Separate trial, transfer of venue sought for ex-CIA official (Foggo)

"Mountain Meadows Massacre" Movie May Hurt Romney

Nuclear energy

NH Union Leader's John Distaso: Granite Status: Some Lynch Insiders Sold on Obama

Anti-Fraud Official Faces Fraud Probe

self delete..double post.

Idea RE: War Spending Bill

All the G*O*P candidates are trying to align themselves with the

Tucker on MSNBC this morning. *click*

Sorry, Duplicate Post -- See Directly Below - Ignore this

Cummins Confirms That Justice Dept. Used Pregnancy As Excuse To Appoint Griffin

K Street just can’t get enough Democrats

Action Alert: Balls For The Democrats

A suggestion for the Democrats. Compromise with the base instead of with the Repos.

Predictions about the first Republican Assholes Debate tonight on MSNBC

Was Tenet Source For Downing Street Memo?

The Rude Punit: Commander Guy Finds Grace

Rice May Talk with Iran and Syria!! (Well, not really)

GOP Debate: Candidates will CLING to the President, celebrate him, laud him!

George Will tries to spin it positive for GOP election successes


(Va.)Delegates call for boycotting talk show host (Boortz) for Tech stance

Comey: Lam Was a "Fine" U.S. Attorney


Biden voted for the IWR because he was lied to

Why Hillarygate won’t happen: "It might be Carl Bernstein who loses this time."

Is there a connection between the disappearing honeybees and

No Time for Compromise on Iraqi Withdrawal

Clinton leads in New Jersey; more cite experience over ideology as vote criteria

Sent this letter off to my Senators & Congressman - Iraq War Funding Veto

Florida Dems Having Second Thoughts About An Early Primary

Murtha: Bush Administration Is Using Petreaus As A Political Prop

GOP Rep. Dave Weldon Will Face Dem From Air Force Reserves

Florida legislature moves primary up to January 29th.

‘Neutral’ Dems, Boxer and others, quietly give money to Clinton

Happy Failure of Conservatism Day!

First New York Dem Bails On Hillary, Backs Obama

The Nation: Republican vs. Republican on Iraq

"The Commander Guy"

Why does the Republican party long so desperately for "Another Reagan?"

Another Christian preacher guilty of a felony and it doesn't involve sex or little boys

The latest anti-Global warming argument is a retread of the anti-evolution argument.

URGENT: Threat to Alternative Medicine by FDA 4 DAYS AWAY!

ABC News to cherrypick Democrats from 1000 DC escort service users?

"Christian" groups Promoting Hate Group on their Websites

"A vacation in the middle of a civil war! "

Senators Ask DoJ for GOP/Dem Investigation Breakdown (Leahy, Whitehouse)

Miller’s (R-CA) 2005 Transportation Bill Earmarks Benefited Longtime Business Partner

Take a deep breath dem bashers

India wants NO 'climate refugees"---& is building border fence (Bangladesh.)

Florida Moves Up Primary Date — Could Force Big Confrontation With Dean

Hotline: Obama's Secret Service Code Name Is...

Obama's life has been threatened?!

Juan Cole & John Edwards we are not fighting al Qaeda in Iraq.

Tony Snow challenged on Bush hypocrisy

Eerie YouTube video relevant to the Obama threat

Bush's whore-mongering Abstinence Czar is a vast improvement over the last guy.

Obama will now have more campaign cash, won't he?

This Is rich! Bush scolds China, Russia, others on press freedoms

Bush aides reboot Iraq war negotiations (reboot?)

General Betrayus already had a chance in Iraq

Legal Secretary of Akin Gump, Suspended After Telling She Worked For...

Zogby Deigns to Poll About IMPEACHMENT of George Bush!

GOP debate note: If you see Nicholson, De Vito, Dourif, Lloyd, etc...

McClatchy: Congressman in Abramoff probe says he won't resign (Doolittle)

STEPHANIE MILLER would be grateful if you let msnbc know your thoughts about the show:

I'm now REALLY confused about Obama's Secret Service protection....

Conservatives Are Cracking On Iraq

Question, if Hillary /Byrd nullifies IWAR today, will you "forgive" her vote ?

Can some brave soul provide play-by-play for the GOP debate?

Olbermann commenting on the Repuke debate now on MSNBC

House passes bill to add attacks on gays to hate crime law; White House threatens veto

Palast: How to make 6 million votes disappear!

Doesn't anyone find it odd that only Obama's life has been threatened? I assume Hillary and Edwards

A DUer lost her brother in Iraq today-

Giuliani wins over all Democrats? What went wrong?

You did it! ....."We The People" Ad

Clinton joins Byrd in move to 'deauthorize' Iraq War

Why do conservatives fear

Edwards challenges Republic Party on terrorism

ABC dissess Edwards' "We the People" ad

I've seen the DC Madame's list... and prominent DUers are ON IT!

Reid: "Nothing Is Off The Table"


They DID cave! And I'm Disgusted!

Question: why didn't the Dems agree to include the military & the elderly in the hate crimes bill??

Why do so many DUers fall for the WaPo's BS?

Byrd and Clinton are going to try and get the IWR nullified--today

?Clinton Proposes Capital Controls?

(France) Bayrou: I won't vote for Sarkozy - Guardian

If you want Al Gore to run for President, let him know

Cheney to visit Saudi Arabia on Mideast tour (Reuters)

Cockfighters rationalize opposition to upcoming Ban

Obama SS Protection: "not...based on any threat"

Pelosi And Reid's Offices Deny WaPo Story Saying Congressional Dems "Backed Down"

Kerry targets "Roadblock Republicans"

Stop with the democrats caved bullshit.... It's just not true...

Bloomberg, Hagel on a Dinner Date

Reid is not happy with Edwards...says other "presidentials" doing ok.

How does Hillary compare to John Kerry?

help, help, Help, HELP!!