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Archives: May 25, 2007

Congress knowingly throws billions at graft, incompetence and a growing mercenary army

Guardian:We should back Chávez

Reporting on Muslim polling (Moonie Times)

President Bush lets his bigotry show at his Thursday press conference

PAUL KRUGMAN: Immigrants and Politics

Bill Scher: No More Compromise (from

Marriage in America | The frayed knot

Opium: Iraq's deadly new export

Ex-CIA chief: rendition flights put allies in difficult position

Michael Moore hopes 'Sicko' disgusts you

John Conyers: Goodling Testimony Revealing (Except to Republicans)

Politicians vs. America

Japan eyes 50% greenhouse gas cut (BBC)

Solar-powered plane prepares for aviation history (

The Ecology of Pizza - Why Organic Food is a Bargain

The global oil grab of 2007

Bottled Water Has High Environmental Costs

Southern California Edison Wants $52M Dollars to Study "Clean Coal."

Wis. gas station shuts pumps over prices

(ABC) EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Intelligence Community Predicted Trouble in Post-Saddam Iraq

Wealthy Couple Charged With Slavery

World Population Becomes More Urban Than Rural


4.7-Magnitude Quake Shakes Hawaii Island

U.S. Working To Sabotage Iran Nuke Program

Combat Logistics Patrol Targeted by IED (3 incidents, 3 dead)

GSA Chief Violated Hatch Act, Special Counsel's Report Alleges

Gaps in Mental Care Persist for Fort Carson Soldiers

Congress OKs Billions for the Iraq War

With U.S. funding, Mexico tracks communication

Greyhound Canada, strikers reach tentative deal

House Approves First Increase in Minimum Wage in a Decade

Okay, if the halloween costume has to say on it what it's supposed to look like, why bother?

"Tank Girl" is coming back to a store near you

We need a DU ' NEO ' to stop the evil Grovelbot from eating our Avatars

All your icon are belong to Grovelbot.

Look at the top of the screen!

Microsoft is lambasted for "iPod Amnesty bin"

Time for a lounge fix...

Don't forget to be Prepared - Towel Day Tomorrow!

Poll question: What kind of oil do you bathe with most frequently?

Woman, age 60, gives birth to twins.

Braves win! Braves win! Braves win!

Has anyone seen dead birds flying around lately?

craving a free association thread: thrill

My town has a theme song!

So has ANYONE noticed that GrovelBOT

I hurt myself today

What is your favorite candy bar?

Who wants popcorn?

Goodnight DU

Hey, Grovelbot stole my Kirby!

why do I hang out in GD on nights like this?

To the lounge....

That looks like some brains.

Hey, why isn't McCain at 900 and Rudy at 800?

midlife crises check in thread...

How I feel about the House Dems right about now...

things are boring here tonight

Grisly Effect of One Drug: 'Meth Mouth'

Michael Moore to be on the Bill Maher show tomorrow eve.

Barrel cactus with fruit

Who's this guy?

I'm Eating Blue Diamond Wasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds-ask me anything

Albums that should never have been made....

Grovelbot Took My Avvie And Turned Me Into Nicole!

Skinner, how to you start a thread?

I almost threw out $25 just now...

One of the greatest vocal performances of all time....

Any Gene Shepherd fans here? 8 episodes on Mp3 at this webpage

Prisoners spend 23 hours each day alone in a cell.

Will my mother in law hate me forever?

***** 145,000 POSTS ***** newyawker99

Mere Coincidence? July 8, 1947

FYI: Al Gore on Letterman tonight


Someone is very kind. Thank you.

A treat for the David Lynch fans here.

Jurassic Duck (a true story)

midwife crises check in thread...

Are there any Chad VanGaalen fans in the Lounge?

I just bought a pair of fake crocs!

i'm waiting for the i iz groveLbot threadz

Went to the Monet in Normandy exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of

THANK YOU DU! I just gave $49.20 thanks to my other thread! Won't you donate too?

A new coworker was fired the other day...


Who here is done with 'American Idol'?

For all our brothers and sisters who gave that last full measure

"Coming Home" for all my brothers and sisters in arms who died for their country.


Delay keeping strike alive Ruling on union decertification at Bach plant could take until July

Double trouble for unionbusters

Obama wows union faithful in N.J. visit

Michael Moore's SiCKO (official trailer)

Boner (sleazy repuke - OH) weeps like a baby when talking about the "war on terror"

VIDEO: Bird poops on Bush, he wipes it off with bare hand, YUK

Edwards: "War on Terror" is a Bumpsticker, not a Plan!

Sen Kerry Senate Speech on Iraq Supplemental part 2

Sen Kerry Senate Speech on Iraq Supplemental part 1

Check out the snub of Rosie's emissary!

Our Only Gay President

Dupe Delete

TPM: Iraq and Vietnam

Writing From the Inside

Man accused of trying to smuggle 700 snakes on a plane at Cairo airport

Cheney Attempting to Narrow Bush's Choices on Iran.

Kucinich..."No one should assume.......

the bill with Timelines called for the 1st withdrawls on Oct 1

Now that there are more funds so people can continue to die

here we go

Please god - look beyond the morons -

Intelligence report warned invasion could aid terrorists

So why would anybody want to keep fighting this war?

Bush predicts bloody summer in Iraq

I would have loved to have been the bird that shit on Bush...

Short list of republican cry babies.

Buddy - I I think there is a moderate view -

obama voted no. Would have been nice to come out and ask for others to join him

Do people who say "we" have to fight them etc. all have frogs in their pockets?


HOW the BLOODY HELL are the troops "fighting for us"?

Does anyone know how Obama voted?

CSPAN2: Senate vote time

Fighting on Three Fronts

Vote on Iraq bill expected at 8:25

No candidate not in the house or senate deserves credit for what they "would have done" on a vote

80-14 Passes Senate

Is Bush starting to sound worn out?

"Republican intransigence has left us with no good options"

God damn it , Tom Harkin!

Democrats: Punk-Ass Bitches or Hostages to Lieberman?

Weeping for war....Iraq = Vietnam - Boehner weeps.

Why is the GD forum stretched out so wide?

IF the bill had timetables, when is the earliest it called for troop withdrawl???

Can You Say "Fait Accompli" ??? - Sure... I Knew Ya Could...

Now this vote REALLY surprised me---->

Waxman Calls GSA Chief Back for Encore

Clinton - NO! nt

LOOK UP! LOOK UP! Help hit the R-Presidential candidates!!

Anybody see Boner bawling on KO?

3438 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Congress' failure: "not merely meaningless symbolism, but optional meaningless symbolism"

What BS is Biden now spinning? Talking about the rights and power

REDUX - Sorry, Fresh Out of Weapons... Would You Like Another Vietnam Instead?

Rep. Murtha: To end the war, September will be key

We can boycott big oil, we just have to boycott it one company at a time.

After voting YES, Durbin now addresses the genocide in Darfur.

monica goodling sure is one ugly skank....

Why would a lowly Halliburton project manager be paid millions?

OK... NOW can I move to Canada?

Self righteous indignation

Would Al Gore have voted for this Iraq supplemental?

WTF! Coburn voted no???????????

OBAMA votes NO!

I got mail from Bill Richardson's campaign, and I am very impressed

Iraq funding and the Democrats' specific function within the political establishment

DCCC email saying how great today's vote was.

Anyone else think all this Bush visibility

Since the vote, why not just give him everything. Money, troops, a DRAFT.

Congress Gives Iraq War Profiteers Another Hundred Billion

My kid is dead in the middle of this fight now.

Senate roll call?

Who's Bright idea was it to vote directly before Memorial Day?

Orwellian character Bush "Made it abundantly clear

Fogerrox post: How Iranian "war" will start, and make Bush a dictator

Isn't it getting more and more obvious to everyone, on both sides, that publicly funded elections

So let's give him the whole enchilada. Money, troops, a draft.

Why hasn't bin Laden been caught yet?

Bush: If we leave Iraq, Al Qaeda is going to kill your children. But ...

I Find These Dramatically Critical Posts Of Obama & Hillary Voting No To Be Monumentally Ridiculous.

WTF? 3 Repubs voted no?

14 Token Nays...Wow...The people must REALLY want us out of Iraq...

I'm very sick with pneumonia. Five people have told me to go to a doctor.

I wrote this book -

Iraq veterans stage protest outside gates at Katterbach

US Gov't claims it is acting 'in good faith' in Posada Carriles case.

Malloy just hit on why many of us feel so burnt

Funds Cleared

Calling Dr. Dean - are you listening?

Here's my letter to the DCCC. I urge you all to do the same.

“Something big must be happening” a startled Specter said as he watched Rove walk out the building..

So, are there any major 'anti-war' protests planned for this summer?

Pat Buchanan was correct: "The Dems will fold."

Senate Roll Call up now

We are sorely lacking in LEADERSHIP

Thursday: 101 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed; 81 Iraqis Wounded

Campus Unrest (The Nation)

So what's your vote for Hillary's song?

Heads up! Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is on tonight!

These folks must be Republicons....

Do you think Obama and Clinton didn't know the bill would pass?

This headline says it all - 'Bush sees bloody Iraqi summer, will approve war funds'

My solution? I am just going to teach the Dems how to "defund"

Everyone wants to shit on Obama and Clinton.

OMG...the ultra-freeps just called me out for misspelling "seriesly." Seriesly.

Bush: US 'closely watching' Chinese currency

The Daily Show: Rob Riggle is hilarious

Statement from John Edwards re: Congress' passage of an Iraq war funding bill

The grief of a family, the shame of a nation.

Arianna Huffington want your questions for AL GORE

REQUEST: Please call/write your DEM representatives tomorrow that caved!

Twisting others' words to suit your own goals is what debate is about!

CREW sues White House over missing e-mails

Did you think the war would end today?

Obama and Hillary test the waters and play it safe

Mere Coincidence? July 8, 1947

how many breaks do they get?

Why did Coburn, Enzi and Burr vote no?

* escapes...

Rove, Fielding pay mysterious visit to Capitol

AP: Marines fail to get gear to troops - less than 10 percent of requests have been fulfilled

Rove, Fielding pay ‘mysterious’ visit to Capitol.

emal address for Keith Olbermann?

For all the Dem's that voted against us i have a 2008 slogan

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Is it okay to play politics and compromise with LIVES at stake?

so how low will voter turnout be this year?

Booman Tribune: A take on the Iraq Vote Today.

**Rove and Fielding just seen leaving Capitol Hill**

Cheney Needs a Straightjacket

Josh Marshall has "Lyndon Johnson/Vietnam Thoughts" DejaVu...... Worth the Read for These Times!

"He's isolated, trying to kill people to achieve his objective."

Why it bothers me so much that the Dems knuckled under

Parole Board to Manson: I don't THANK so!!!

Gore: We Should Have Stayed Until We CAUGHT Osama Bin Laden

"the worst strategic mistake (in our country's history)"

Can somebody PLEASE explain the vote on H.R. 2206/Iraq Appropriations? Please?

Who will challenge Reid for Majority Leader

Al Gore on David Letterman tonight

Set Your TEVO/DVR/ VCR for 11:00pm EDT, Al Gore is tonights guest on The Daily Show!

Durbin Just Introduced the Gonzales No Confidence

Dichloroacetate, that Canadian cancer cure miracle drug is still kicking..

Will Al Gore be on the Daily Show?

Is It True? The Troops are Funded in the General Budget, The Supplemental is to Fund the Contractors

If you are watching the Senate Vote on Iraq know they Threw the Left Dems Under the Bus

The SECOND I Saw DU with *ADS* I Renewed My Donation --->>>

Giuliani biographer: attacks on Rudy are comparable to Swiftboating of Kerry

When I'm broke and can't afford to contribute to DU

Remember, the Democrats repeatedly caved to Reagan, too...

It's nice to be noticed!

Someone Pls, HELP Me Understand

Boo Hoo Boehner


US releases "Al-Qaeda torture manual"

Dan Abrams evidently misplaced his razor-blade. Sitting in for Scarborough.

CBS News: Congress Bows To Bush, OKs Iraq Funds

Al Gore just said the Daily Show was an excellent place to find real news

I just resigned from my DEC.

AmericaBlog: " House votes to kill more US troops so Bush won't call them names"

The Republican operatives in the Democratic party win again

3,348 U.S. Troops now dead in Iraq. Pelosi, Reid, hear that?

Which vote took more guts today?

If you don't know what happened here, you got a lot to learn about Politcs

Did a single member of Congress ask where that $100 billion is going to come from?

The REAL Reason Dems Backed Down on War Funding - They Aren't Prepared to Impeach

Lets assume Bush is a monster willing to sacrifice the troops

C'mon people!! Less than 290 donations of ANY denomination and you punch Bush in the face!!!

There are enough days between now and September for each yes voter in the Senate to own a day

who organizes the 'toon' threads? here's one for you

Isn't the fact that Osama is STILL free a repudiation of the effectiveness of TORTURE!

What better time for the Dick and the Duck to hit Iran?


Bottled Water Has High Environmental Costs

May 24, 2007: How many DEM voters did we lose today?

Remarks by Senator Barbara Boxer on Emergency Spending Bill

Don't get a boner...Clinton and Obama voted NO after it was already safe.

DIVIDE the Democrats, defund them, fuck them,..and if we do... Prepare for more GOP Victories

I know there is a lot of anger over the D's in Congress, and

It's not money allocated in a supplemental that's keeping the troops in Iraq

Is there anyone willing to give the Dems a break ?

Absolut Commercial:WOW

The Torture "Debate"

Iraq is now Nancy and Harry's war just as much as it's Bush's and the neoconsters'.

Post here if you have health insurance and have received substandard treatment

Murray .Levin. Durbin .Cantwell. Reid. Inouye. Biden. Tester. Mikulski.Feinstein.Bayh.

Was Dick Working on the "End Run" on That Mideast Tour Last Week? ---pix--->>>

And the GOP Hypocrite of the Week is.... (((REALLY GROSS)))

The Rosie/Hasselbeck kerfuffle

Okay, since our party has failed us, how do WE stop this damned war??!!!

Remember how we were told impeachment HAD to be "off the table" so

Has your state raised taxes recently? Has your economy been affected?

A license to kill tortoises (Perverse Florida policy allows endangered species to be buried alive)

Skinner can you put Rahm Emmanuel's face as the first one to smack?

Why vote?

Gore on Fire - Dave Johnson, Huffington Post

Emergency rooms are not supposed to refuse service.....

Time to predict the Memorial Day weekend news dump...

Who needs a donor star? I can give two of them.

Breaking news from the DCCC: "the President has agreed to accountability and reporting provisions"

A response to Reid & Pelosi, Obama & Clinton (Profane & Uncivil)

The Sparrow: The New National Bird?

Not one red cent until Dems stand up to the fascist bastard in

Biden declares Bush "usurped" Iraq authorization, on May 23rd Hardball

Study questions analysis in JFK slaying

WHY? If anyone gets a response from their congress people, please post it.

NO: in protest of the "vote" that didn't represent US , a silent thread

Dear Christine Todd Whitman (or... "Got Lungs?")...

Kerry's Senate floor speech urging a NO vote on funding bill:

Many of us worked our asses off to flip the Senate; the freshman Dems SOLD US OUT.

God Frickin Jesus (if I wasn't an Atheist) Skinner! I'm trying to survive on $623/mo! Get that

Fighting on Three Fronts

A bird shat on Bu$h today. A special bird, IMHO. Maybe sent by Molly.

Would you be willing to participate in mass demonstrations for national healthcare?

For me...this may be the last straw.

When violence against women is 'honorable,' 'religious' and 'legal'

Who else got the DCCC's "breaking news" email, extolling the virtues of the funding bill?

I Called Our Entire Congressional Delegation Today.

Obama votes NO


Clinton votes No

Senate vote on Iraq supplemental will take place at 8:25PM.


Obama Vote NO

Our "Glorious" Congressional Leadership...

DCCC Email... Anybody buyin' this?

I feel pretty lucky to have Dennis Kucinich as my Congressional representative...

"So put on your best-Larry King suspenders, HuffPosters: What do you want to ask Al Gore?"

Reid to support Iraq funding bill

Obama Names S.C. Senior Staff

When you vote **before** a decision, you make a statement.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Will Moderate AFSCME Presidential Forum

70% of the people against escalation, 80% of the COngress votes for it

Lets Draft Russ Feingold to be Majority Leader of the Senate.

The way I see it, Rage might be the best thing we have right now.

MYDD: On Clinton and Obama and the NO Vote

John Edwards Op Ed: Bushes War on Global Terror Has Backfired.

Get Iraq off your chest! Sen. Kennedy & The Committee for a Democratic Majority want your opinion

Why do Ignorant People Feel they have the right to pass judgement

Reminder: Democratic Traitors in the House who voted for this are all up for re-election next year.

Al Gore could head a progressive, environmental, ethical, anti-war 3rd Party and win in a heartbeat

Fred Thompson: Registered Foreign Agent, 20-Year Lobbyist, S&L Criminal

Clinton Aide Mixes Campaign Role, Advocacy for Companies

Andrew Sullivan: The Reagan of the Left

This is how it will go until 9/11 truth arrives! No peace without truth!

Heads Up... Al Gore on The Daily Show Tonight

Depressed, disgusted, disappointed, Democrat

Congress Approves Minimum-Wage Increase,

Reuters: Revolt against new U.S. ID card grows (New Hampshire)

Portions of pre-war intelligence warning the administration of risk to be released Friday



Maybe I'm just getting far to cynical in my old age....

How do we recall all the Dems who voted for the war funding bill?

58 Arab linguists fired for being gay.

Clinton votes no

Democrats prove Cheney right:

Mrs. Clinton VOTES NO!!!

I think Obama's and Clinton's NO vote military databases free until June 6.


I am sick and tired of being nice to these people who screw us at every turn.

Al Gore. How fun it is to watch this guy

This vote might nudge Jeb into the race

All the excuses for the Dems' Iraq vote

It almost seems as though Obama and Edwards supporters need to team up

Who Followed Who in the Senate Vote?

SENATE ROLL CALL: Iraq War Funding Bill passes (80 - 14)

Which candidates won on a cut-war-funding platform?

Zbig: Carter's National Security Advisor Discusses the Candidates

Anyone got a list of how the senators voted on the Iraq funding bill.

Jim Webb's statement on the Supplamental...

Just got this in my email from DCCC...does it mean what I think it does?

The Only Way Impeachment would happen...

Hate to say it, there is virtually no way troops are going to be removed before Sept. 30th anyway

As God Is My Witness, I'll Never Vote For George Bush Again!

Obama's statement on his No vote on the Iraq supplemental...

Tell Harry Reid to Go-To-Hell for his Vote & Legislation

Never Forget -- John Kerry on the War Dead

Clinton and Obama voted against the first minimum wage increase in 10 years.

Did you hear.... Obama voted no....

"This is not a game. They run out of money next week," ~ John Murtha

"I don't know how Democrats could have handled this better"

First minimum wage increase in more than a decade.

Hillary's statement on the Supplamental...

Clinton and Obama votes mean nothing

To save a nation.

"The worst part of it all was the overt efforts to deceive the public"...Amen.

Robert Baer: More Bad Intelligence on Iran and Iraq

After Victory on Hill, President Shifts Tone on Iraq

President Bush's 'chain gang' generates laughs, applause

Apple Patch Batch Fixes 17 Mac OS X Vulnerabilities

Stephen Miller - Selling the Fear

Crossing the line

Gonzales' shaky Justice

Al Gore: A drive for global domination has put us in greater danger


"A Big Mistake" Vote Gives Bush His Iraq Money (by John Nichols for The Nation)

The Democrats don't deserve a vacation

Iraq Veterans, Activists for Peace

Did the U.S. Lie About Using Cluster Bombs in Iraq?

Democratic Party: Surrender Monkeys, Baby Bush Needs a Spanking

How it all went wrong

10 Truths about Iraq

Republicans Play Softball with Scandal (by Eugene Robinson for Truthdig)

Bush Enabling Act: The Big Story That Never Was

Not forthcoming,Out of an increasingly muddled picture comes the image of partisanship at the DOJ

Profiles in Cowardice / Larry Beinhart

Bush's Contempt For Justice (

Criminals infest Justice Department

Did you know that women in the US armed forces are denied access to legal reproductive options?

Where Nobody Is Accountable

The Birdman and Ann Coulter

The Democrats and Iraq

Jules Witcover: Repairing the Damage Done

David Sirota: We Gave Them Our Hearts, They Gave Him A Blank Check

The Misdeed Is Done: Let Them Hear from You! (The Progressive)

Bush's Root Causes (Steve Benen at HuffPost)

The Only Logical Way to Keep Our Democracy

Gitmo detainee fears returning to Jordan (AP)

Attention Democrats: I Told You So! Would You Like to Wake Up Now?

Damien Hirst Seeks $99 Million

The Dems' Self-Defeat on the Irar War Vote (The Nation)

Bush has yet to outgrow his hubris

From Brooks Brother Rioter to Judge (intrigue from the Goodling testimony)

Globalization and Democracy: Some Basics (CommonDreams)

SIROTA: Final Insult: Dems Brag to Press About Deceiving the Public on Iraq

Bush Anoints Himself as the Insurer of Constitutional Government in Emergency (The Progressive)


In These Times: Who’s Afraid of Democracy? (answer: free-market conservatives)

Why Male Military Veterans Are Committing Sexual Assault at Alarming Rates (AlterNet)

Facebook Expands Into MySpace’s Territory

Fractured: What the Dems Did on Iraq, What They Could've Done, What It Means

Test of Ultracapacitor/Lithium-Ion Battery Combination for Hybrid Vehicles

the conspiracy that killed the electric ca in 1914.

Ethanol Booms, Farmers Bust (AlterNet)

Campers urged not to pack firewood (invasive pests)

Wyoming, Feds Agree on Wolf "Management"

did you guys see this in GD? A possible breakthrough in Hydrogen production

Green Jobs, Good Jobs On The Way? (from Grist magazine, via

Picture Perfect Parabolic Solar Collector Systems

Deutsche Bank - Canadian GHG Emissions Likely To Increase Through 2020 - Bloomberg

John Howard Launches $23 Million Ad Campaign Pimping His "Balanced Voice" On Warming, Energy

Scientist - Estimated 30% Of Honeybees In Alberta Dead From CCD - Edmonton Journal

Paramount Farms Opens New Solar Energy System (1.1 MW, California)

France could follow Germany in GM corn restriction - AFP

High Gas Prices Prompt Shorter Trips (Memorial Day Weekend)

U.S. slashes forecast for Mexican oil output

US lawmakers assail Bush over weakening G8 climate report - AFP

Petrol to hit £1 a litre ($7.49/US gal.) within weeks as oil supply strains show (UK)

Wind Power Runs Into Zoning Rules

BP Junks Plan For 500 Million Pound Carbon Capture/Hydrogen Plant In Scotland - Guardian

PV Costs to Decrease 40% by 2010

Need bicycle buying advice

Regulatory Questions Continue to Plague Cape Wind Project

Oil executive (Royal Dutch Shell) responds to outcry - calls on Americans to cut demand

Iran to Israel: Don't attack Lebanon

Mazuz versus Herzl

Leftist Colom Still Ahead in Guatemala

Immigration Bill Provisions Gain Wide Support in Poll

Rosie O’Donnell won’t return to ‘The View’

'Dr. Laura' asks for privacy while son is probed over lurid MySpace page

Los Angeles MTA approves steep hikes for bus, rail fares

Pelosi: Bush's Iraq policy beginning to 'unravel'

Heffelfinger says something within DOJ is “broken“

CNN: Young officers leaving service at 'alarming' rate

Dems: Fight over Iraq war has just begun

Iraq contractor sentenced for child porn (on Abu Ghraib prison network)

Police probe death of boy whose parents are in Iraq

Reagan diary: (Orrin) Hatch 'throwing rocks at me'

Food watchdog blocks melamine-tainted gluten from entering Canada

Iraq vet: 'My brain will not let go'

Yushchenko claims command of troops

Yushchenko Takes Control of Ukrainian Interior Troops

Report says Iraq problems were expected (Phase II)

Senate Moves to Expand Detainee Rights

U.S. rejects German climate position - G8 draft

Report: NKorea fires missiles

Dell will start selling PCs in stores — at Wal-Mart

Search Persists for Two Missing Soldiers

A harder look at Haley Barbour's post-Katrina miracle

Lawsuit in outsourced U.S. war is moved out of court (Blackwater)

Oversight Chairman Wants GSA Chief to Testify Again

Prosecutors: Up to 3 years for Libby


Bush Prevails in Political Showdown Over Iraq

Senate to hold Gonzales no-confidence vote in June

Blair: US may back carbon deal

Mehdi army leader in Basra killed -Iraqi police

Britons Say Blair Damaged Country's Influence

Six US soldiers killed in Iraq

Iran interest rate cut sparks panic selling

US forces capture Iran-linked 'terror cell leader'

Government Scraps Species Law Changes

TNT Found in Home of Iraqi Leader

Iraq's Sadr appears in public after long absence

G.I. billed $5,000 for flight home

Amid mounting deaths, Fallujah hopes for better days ("tide has turned")

Fiery Anti-U.S. Cleric Reappears in Iraq

Insurgents bomb Baghdad bridge: police

N.C.-based Blackwater facing audit

Irish Prime Minister Ahern Within Grasp of Third Term

Frustrated House panel threatens to subpoena FDA

Dow Jones does not need higher Murdoch bid: Ottaway

Rainbow Warrior ringleader heads firm selling arms to US government

U.S. Helps Mexico Intercept Phone Calls and E-Mail

3 Held in Mexico Union Organizer's Death

Bush: China, Russia must shut out Iran

1 Canadian soldier dead, 1 injured in Afghanistan

House Votes to Lift Veil Over Donations From Lobbyists

Peruvian pleads guilty to lying (re: massacre of villagers)

Wis. gas station shuts pumps over prices

Official blames La. for fund shortfall (Katrina and Rita)

Justice broadens investigation of Gonzales aides

NASA's lawyer may face inquiry(Wholley admits he destroyed records from a contentious meeting)

Bush taps Geren to take top Army job permanently(Sec of the army)

Arza guilty, gets probation (Republican)

Graves gets office’s support(Inspector Gen statement casts doubt on official’s version of ouster)

Mercer named in House testimony

Colombia plans to honor Bill Clinton

More Than Ever, It Pays to Be the Top Executive

Study questions analysis in JFK slaying

Turkish warplanes violate Iraq's northern airspace

Judge allows court oaths on any religious text

Gallup: Nearly 1 in 3 Believe Bible is Literal Word of God

WOOF - I am Antigone's dog.

THOOMP — I am Mr. Praline's parrot

Do your sheets match your pillowcases?

rrrrrrrrr - I am Grovelbot's Roomba

I need a picture of Laura Bush - the one where she looks like the joker

MROWR - I am Oeditpus Rex's cat

Lounge VD experts, I have a question

Blue-Jay, I served with Shitbrick

You know you're not wearing your glasses when...

I don't recall having noticed this Shitbrick character

jpgray's DU Almanac

Welcome to Interior Design - formerly known as the DU Lounge!


Thank you, Loungies

what the hell got put in the Lounge water supply last night?

Lounge A/V experts, I have a question

OK it's6:34AM on the east coast...what do you have to say for yourself???

Are Luden's Cough Drops candy or medicine?

Post things you believe that have been tested by research

Do your drapes match your carpet?

Question for Fundies

sorry. dupe.

Big Brother contestant's father died, but producers didn't tell her.

Do you wish your folks had had this insurance?

Need Your Input. Where should I advertise?

I'm taking the first step of 12 steps. I have an addiction.

it turns out, that under all this paper next to my computer....

It's hot, hot, HOT outside (for Maine) Oh Joy

is anyone else confused with no avatars?

joy behar just said nappy headed ho on TV

Hey, I heard there was a soap opera going on in here

Radio Lady sends regards from jolly old London, England!

McChateau, Anyone? Only $4.9 Million

anyone know anything about

Its a three day weekend. Parole is over. And my GF is a CRACKHEAD

LOST- I think it was Michael's funeral

The decline of civilization...

is anyone else psyched for "summer blockbuster season"?????////


Does anybody remember laughter?

Random thread - let's abuse Grovelbot

IRS auditing bird that shit on Chimpy's suit

CONFESS!!!! Which one of you bozos trained the sparrow to poop on the Prez?

Man Tries To Hang Himself - Falls Out Of Tree - Becomes Quadriplegic - Sues Hospital

*** May Photography Contest Final Poll is up in GD. ***

Its time for the "The Shortest Book Ever Written"...

I just blew the dust out of my mouse,and am feeling a little lightheaded.

So, who's your pleasure?

4 Injured (3 Students) In Attack By Two Rotweilers On School Playground

Aww...does Grovelbot go away...

what brings out your inner fundamentalist (of any stripe or persuasion, not exclusively religious)?

Its a three day weekend. School is over. And my GF is SMOKING POT

Its a three day weekend. I dont go to School. And I dont have a GF


Its a three day weekend. I'm listening to "Egyptian Lover." And I'm popping and locking like a mofo.

Ole Ole Ole Ole... Ole Ole Ole Ole...


Is sure is a good thing that brain cells dont scream as they die

Its a three day weekend. Disco is King. And my GF is CHANNELING POL POT

Just donated to DU--it took about 20 minutes

Its a three day weekend. God is dead. And my GF is DRINKING BROTH

Do you think Eve was set up?

It is a three day GF. Weekend is over . My school is SMOKING HOT.

Stop Postal Rate Hike website?

So, what's your pleasure?

my friend just told me the sweetest story and i had to share it

Survival of the fittest M&Ms

Its a three day weekend. School is over. And my GF is SMOKING POT

Regarding: ventriloquist dummies

Bindi: The Jungle Girl

Just so prove I'm not all stupid jokes and music threads


Best Grovelbot Appearance EVER

Junior Year is officially over! Ask me anything!

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the release of Star Wars:

Anyone ever worked as a professional wrestler?

Man Gets Life For Killing Boy Who Walked On His Lawn

And I, for one, welcome our new Grovelbot overlord

Sick of the shenanigans in GD?

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Director David Russell flipping out on Lilly Tomlin on the set of "I Heart Huckabee's"

Its a three day weekend. School is over. And my GF is SMOKING HOT

DAMN!! I just ate three burritos made with "green salsa"

Star Wars theme-in a DISCO beat

Anal much?

If a temp fell in the woods.....

lol -- My parrot just endorsed a presidential candidate!

You handsome devil...

Chuck Norris can build a snowman out of rain.


Bird poops on Prez

I need about ten Linden. Where can I get them?

I sure could go for some Poutine!

I need about ten durians. Where can I get them?

Internet Explorer 7 SUCKED (for me).. anyone else have a problem w/it?

Lazy Mom - Image

Where's a good place to get a bow and arrow set?

HEyHEY coming to you live from Milwaukee!

Parents Upset After Students Watch Python Eat Bunny In Classroom

while other presidents have sucked in their own individual ways, Bush is like a smorgasbord of suck

Maple Bacon Cupcakes?

Firefox, IE7, Windows Vista, and media player* work for me just fine

remember the simpsons episode where homer went to work for hank scorpio?

Mike Nelson's RiffTrax: have you tried them?

If you've found yourself wanting a new sig image of "Shitbrick" in Elven fontage, click here.

Do we have any Libertines in the house today?

What do you read when you need hope, inspiration, and encouragement?

Students Upset After Pythons Eat Bunny in Sketch

Papaver somniferum. Discuss.

Congratulations IanDB1!! 25,000 posts

You ever feel you need a scorecard?

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Is Firefox fucking up for anyone?

I don't quite understand how Grovelbot works

I am bored: Ask me Anything... pretty please?

Grovelbot is freaking me out

My son talked me into taking him to Chipotle...

Monsignor Quixote's smile.

Post your dream date!


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 5/25/2007)

Bulk-butt gold digger -- an ethical question

Anyone here watch 'The Green' on Sundance?

thank you so much

Does anyone know where I can find that crazy cat blooper video clip?

Is there anything on TV lamer than Walker Texas Ranger?

Loud rude and raunchy

ugh. my nephew will be at the white house memorial day.

how do you pronounce this word?

Best Beer on Earth...A personal choice, but...

Picture time! Post a picture of your favorite butt

So I got a standing ovation.

Lounge ladies and gents..what do you do to pamper yourself?

Are you afraid of snacks?

Ever see somebody play two guitars at the same time? Check this out!

It's 90 degrees out, feels like 89, in 7:15 pm

Friday Morning Questions

Inexperienced Chili Cook-off Judge. (I die laughing everytime I read this.)

It's our 9th anniversary today

I just started Updike's Rabbit series

Bulk-bin gold digger -- an ethical question

Rosie to "The View" : SEE YA!

Were There Any Gay Cartoon Characters?

Picture time! Post a picture of your favorite robutt

My favorite comedic actor... Who's yours?

I've not watched 7secs of even one (1) episode of L O S T

i would like to ask a question of the glbt crowd ---

Just e-mailed Barbara Walters. Hate to see Rosie go.

Girl, you you know it's true?

I think 30 Minute Meals is dedicated to Rachel's dead dog today....

Are you afraid of snakes?

Firefox trick

Post your dream job:

I bought a car

What type of exterior do you have on your house?

post a picture of your favorite pagan goddess or god.

Danica Patrick: talented or all hype? (any IRL fans here?)

I love having a future trophy wife

a friend of mine did these....wanted to share...

Picture thread! Post a pic of you wearing your glasses!

"Vegas lazy"-rent a scooter instead of walking

delete pls

Oh HELL no. Dubai skyscrapers to "dance in the wind."

The May Photography FINALS are up in GD!

This is dedicated to the Shitbricks that were down from day one

Student Told To Pay $1,000 For Planting Marigolds In Shape Of Peace Sign On School Property

Man Waves To TV Helicopter While On Beach With Mistress - BIL Is Watching, Calls His Wife

Parents Upset After Students Watch Monty Python Bunny in Classroom

Want to be the first folks to wish Radio Lady a happy birthday? Here's your chance... (MORE)

Task force to recommend Tricare reform


Ted Goodnight. Bush protest. New London CT

TAVIS SMILEY - Right to Return: Holy Cross Summer

Rev. Yearwood on Senator Harkin's Close Guantanamo Bill and June 26th's Mobalization

Noam Chomsky - Amnesty International Lecture - 1 of 5...

The Official Meatrix I

Max Cleland Discusses the Price of War...

More Art of War by Sun Tzu

Battle for Baghdad - CBC Documentary

Presidential Directive 51

American Fascists, Chris Hedges on The Hour (CBC)

Barack: Truth On Iraq (responds to Mittens and McCain)

9/11 workers speak out about 'Sicko', Cuba

Bush gets sh*t on

Ron Paul: The Conversation Americans Need to Have ...

Speech of 13 year old girl in Rio de Janeiro ECO 1992. Wow!

Is this how you see me?**Are we that different?

09- Sun Tzu - Art of War - CH 02- Waging of War...

Bernie Ward shoots down conservative talk show host

About the punchees.. Boo? Doo? and no "Foo"? n/t

A couple of new McCain pics (new to me, anyway)

Something to feel good about

Top 10 conservative idiots: Democrats who voted yes on this bill

Much Better Idea than Grovel Bot

Somebody swiped Condi's saxophone

Why is it the donation drive

Big Media Strikes (and stinks) again

Six US Soldiers Killed in Separate Attacks in Iraq

More Than Ever, It Pays to Be the Top Executive

Another Example of Corporations Screwing Over America: Recycled Computers

Iraq vote bought, not bullied. Herb Kohl spills the beans.

Runners and riders for the California 37th district special election

"There is no off position on the genius switch" (Short clip of Gore on Letterman).

Anti-Choice Civil War!

OK it's6:34AM on the east coast...what do you have to say for yourself???

Bush getting that toalitarian love

NewsMax and CNS gladly rn columns by a racist pig...

And now for the Iraqi response...

Terrific. Now drug production thrives - in Iraq

hey kids.. you can get THREE YEAR financing for your La-Z-Boy Chair

Dear Spineless Democrats (From TRex At Firedoglake)

Question for Fundies

Statement from United for Peace and Justice

Attention Washington Journal watchers, Jerome Corsi is on at 8am

A worthy parable to consider this day.

== Why Are You So Incredibly Drunk? = By Mark Morford

Al-Sadr returns to Iraq after hiding in Iran for four months

MR. FISH Describes Dems Efforts To End War

Greg Palast is on the Joe Madison show on radio 7:23 CST

After we've bombed & occupied Iran, will we be hanging Ahmadinejad?

my fervent wish for this Memorial Day weekend is that . . .

Come Senators, Congressmen, please heed the call

Ousted Inspector General Graves - Says Monica Lied

Very interesting stuff - draconian security measures for a global summit in Sydney, Australia

Debt collectors punch young mom in face

Republican men.. (and their rite of passage)

Cenk Uygur: I Was Told Things Would Be Different

Supporting the troops in yesterdays vote.

If the Democrats hadn't rubber stamped $99.5 billion for Halliburton ...

Some wise advice from Dionne (WPost)

good morning everyone!

Democrats: Punk-Ass Bitches or Hostages to Lieberman?:

Angry..Angry.. Not gonna vote for ANYONE

What Congress Really Voted For: Benchmark #1: Privatizing Iraqi Oil for US Oil Companies

Boner is coming unhinged...

Looks like the Bush backed Ukraine president has got himself quite a dictatorship going on

al-Sadr is Back and the US Bombs the Crap out of Sadr Slum in Baghdad

Here's your chance, all you fine DU writers, to help out the MSM.


Republicans in SoCal

Ode to Obey and the Dem Traitors!

Ever wonder what happened to that bully in Junior High?

AP: Marines Fail to Get Gear to Troops

US 'sex addict' sues over firing

Rude Pundit: The Warning of the Plague Monkeys:

Dem leaders adopt Bush tactic of "Lying makes it so".

6 more troops killed. 7 killed two days ago.

US Funding Mexican Wiretapping Program

Who thinks parading our boats around Iran is going to intimidate them?

Here's a guy I have no sympathy for...

Got One From Edwards. "Congress Backed Down. We Must Stand Up"

Quotes for our times. Add your own if you're not feeling too apathetic.

Dictatorial powers for the President. On WJ now.

It's high time we organized under one leader who will not betray or

AP: Marines Fail to Get Gear to Troops- (Only 10% since 2006?) wtf?

Based on comments by Levin and Durbin, Clinton and Obama voted "against the troops."

Iraq vote?

Six more U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

"Number Two" man in Al Qaeda captured!

Attention! Cheney aide clearing path to bomb Iran

Catbert explains the Junta's view of the electorate

How many Iraq campaign generals has Bush fired?

Only 605 more days until George W. Bush gets away with his crimes

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

OK who else was waiting for the Chimp to put the fingers he wiped the bird shit with into his mouth?

Is it time to change our name...

Dear Mr. President-It Is Because Of YOUR Reckless Policies-That Our Children Are NOT Safe!!!

The Democratic Party as a Movement for Meaningful National Change is Over.

Irrational attacks on immigration

Snared in a drug sting, Yavapai Co. sheriff's deputy has dark Neo-Nazi past

bush's little lively lovely pack of lies yesterday

Rice Gives Iran Weeks, not Months, To Decide on Nuclear Talks - 02 June 2006

Science has discovered a way to improve republican memories

Bush Walks Out To The Copter - Bring Back The Bird

WSJ: American refiners have made a pretax profit of roughly $30 on each barrel of oil

Ohio execution delay prompts criticism (AP)

sen. Mitch McConnell coming up now on cspan 1

This is why you don't leave children at home alone...even for a few minutes!

Congress Gives Iraq War Profiteers Another Hundred Billion

News Coverage Index: "MSNBC and CNN were much more consumed with the war in Iraq than was Fox."

c-span - pelosi and dems press conference

Chinese killer Bananas

WH lawyer in December regarding USA firings: "Looks like this is going to get messy"

Echoes in Iraq: Lyndon Johnson, McGeorge Bundy and Walter Lippmann Discuss Vietnam

Best event was when the bird sh*t on Shrub's sleeve!

Would voting down the bill have brought the troops home

Spring Finale of Real time with Bill Maher Tonights line up

I have been here since early 2001 and have never seen fund raising

c-span mitch mcconnell press conference

Idaho - Suicide shooter who killed three people was a member of Aryan Nation

In 2009, after we finally elect a Democratic Congress, will we end the war?

Higher 9-11 Death Toll Raises Questions (Dying First Responders to be counted)

Karma: Goodwill Industries charity worker gets to keep $5,000 found in pocket of donated pajamas

About the fears that Bush is preparing to attack Iran -

Will those store-bought credit cards work to donate here?

George Bush is our King and Congress our elected Jester's who have humiliated the base.

An Exhibition on the Human Cost of the Iraq War - pic

Hillary Clinton interview: who are the anti-war DEMS referred to that voted YEA yesterday?

Bees in a Plane

This Lionel guy on AAR sucks big time

I just went to my congressman's office and told his staff

My e-mail to my representative--Gabrielle Giffords

IL and NY DUers: Tracking the Obama and Clinton votes in time

Milwaukee gas station owner shuts off gas pumps - in protest of prices

To anyone who watched "Stealing A Nation", the Chagosians have won another legal victory

Two out of Three of my Representatives did the right thing

Democrats promise war-funding fight to continue

..and the award for Best Bawling like a Baby on the House Floor goes to...

Rove, Fielding pay mysterious visit to Capitol --LINK

What alternatives to the Democratic Party are there?

An idea for an anti-war ad

I'm having Post '04 election levels of insomnia and ulcer-like symptoms


On Monday, Bush will mark his sixth Memorial Day as a wartime president

Seems like every place our military goes heroin soon follows

Korb: Petraeus Cannot Be Trusted To Give Unbiased Assessment On Iraq

Jersey Residents Enjoy Cheap Gas

These are the Democratic Senators to thank for standing up to Herr Decider on Iraq...

Bush on why Bin Laden is still @ large: "Because we haven't got him yet, Jim."

Ed Perlmutter of Colorado's 7th Dist Voted NO on the Iraq Spending Bill

Ahh... Gotta Love Those Regent Univ Law Grads, Minds Like A Steel Trap

c-span briefing from iraq check out the logo for operation dragonfire

Why didn't the Dems just cave earlier regarding Iraq?

Does anyone else find the new Pontiac ad campaign creepy?

President Clinton - The Priciest ex-president

Why those votes last night: Rove seen leaving Capitol Building "Something big..."

Offshore Tax Evasion

Korb: Petraeus Cannot Be Trusted To Give Unbiased Assessment On Iraq

I have a way to Bust the power of the Republiklan party.

72% of US homes now totally SMOKE FREE

Iraq War Takes Helicopters Needed for U.S. Disaster Missions

Chimp will treat Patraeus' Sept. report like the Baker-Hamilton report

Edwards response to vote.

Rules Skirted, Millions Wasted on Navy Boat Barriers

Gore on running: "Maybe at some point in the future I will have some interest in doing that again.."

Just one more Rosie/Elisatwit post! NY Daily News - Don on Rosie's Side! Funny!

Conyers wants new hearing with McNulty, Moschella(letter to Gonzales)

Nobody gets it....Repukes set Dems up to divide us...

Dems caving an acknowledgement that Bush would gladly play "chicken" w/ US soldiers lives?

"Somebody Had to Speak Out. If Not Me, Who?" - Maj. Gen. John Batiste on Dem. Now! today~

Just noticed - Al Sadr kind of looks like IceCube

A tale of two Monicas: (Both known to have cried out \"Jesus\" from a kneeling position)

Mitt Romney's image problem (reminds people of John Kerry)

Bush's real memorial: New embassy in Iraq Monumental testament to president's folly and failure

Please do your part to help fight terrorism.

How bad is this? I just saw a honeybee and felt like cheering it.


al Sadr: "No, no for Satan. No, no for America. No, no for the occupation. No, no for Israel."

A Tale of Two Monicas

Caption this Photo

Forget how Clinton and Obama voted--did they take a leadership role? Are they taking one now?

BREAKING NEWS!!!! re: Bird that pooped on bush identified

Pentagon Releases "Al Qaeda in Iraq" Torture Manual (**caution very graphic**)

Any translated German political commentary from the 1930s available online?

Only 6 more til no more Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran :) nt

Report on Prewar Intelligence Assessments about Postwar Iraq (new part of Phase 2 released)

The New Establishment: How Evangelicals (like Monica Goodling) Became Part of Washington's Fabric

House ROLL CALL 425 (Iraq funding)

Bush predicts bloody summer in Iraq

Just one more time - US bases in Iraq on a map of Iraqi oil fields

several of the female medics were crying as they finished cleaning around the stretchers..........

Dems suckered us with Bush-like Bait and switch

Want coverage of Iraq and the U.S. Attorney scandal? Look to MSNBC, then CNN, and forget Fox Noise

Wes Clark's Memorial Day message

I have a star to give out.

Would you turn your 8 year old into a meal ticket?

In the Rose Garden: Jim Rutenberg HAS no children (only Little Bear, a brown chow chow)

DC Gossip: Cheney thinks Bush is too much of a wimp to bomb Iran


WOOT! McCain just got KNOCKED THE F**K OUT! 197 to go for B*SH!

Boy that McCain can take a punch

Why does it seem some would rather have Obama & Clinton vote YES?

"Report: Iraq Problems Were Anticipated" NO SHIT!!!

Leahy, Specter To Rove’s Lawyer: Turn Over The ‘Lost’ RNC Emails

Ohio Execution: Takes 2 Hours and 10 tries to kill the guy - Lethal Injection

"Left for Dead in 2000...Gore Returns as Defender of Reason" /E.J. Dionne

Why won't most Dem politicians support gay marriage?

Edwards Offers Plan for Vets, Troops

Its not just the troops. Get America out of Iraq

MSNBC: Covert ops to topple Iran gov't (!!!!!)

Al Gore on The Daily Show (VIDEO)

My Rep David Wu Response To Cheney Impeachment

"This is a sovereign nation... If they were to say, leave, we would leave."

American Scholar Is Charged With Trying To Topple Iran Government

Dems caved because it was no risk vs. some risk. A six year pattern.

Presidential salary $400,000. Oxxford suit $14,000.

US general wants West to buy Afghan drug crop to curb Taleban

Lawmakers predict shift in war policy

Our Soldiers - pics

find out where your Senator & Congressman will be this weekend and go there

DU Dem Bashers are a Tribute to Falwell. Or, Yet Another Buffalo Jump?

Democrats are more complicit than republicans in keeping our troops in Iraq? BULLSHIT!



Fight! Fight! Fight!:war of words between Obama and McCain

Bush: "I know the Iraqis are better off without Saddam Hussein in power"

On Real Time tonight

I haven't heard or seen a single cicada yet

Not Your Father's Pay: Why Wages Today Are Weaker

This CNN poll was posted earlier could still use some DU help

Jerome Corsi on C-SPAN talking about bush and the directive



There is only one way we can win a war with Iran.

Faux news Democratic commentator gets the beat down by Republican for his anti-Bush bumper stickers.

Condi for Governor?

From "White House admits responsibility for Levee Failures"

Senator blocks honor for environmental pioneer

Man Bites 3-year old All Over To Teach a Lesson

Bush weakening our borders

Breaking: The Bird that Targeted the President was a Stand In!

Are border patrol agents civil servants? If so, how can the idiot in

The Monkey Lady's back!!

Regardless of their motives, Clinton and Obama did the right thing last night

You know that saying "The public is way ahead of the politicians"?

An actor no longer going to be on daytime television is "breaking news"?

Book claims Clinton 'planned to divorce Hillary to be with one of his many lovers', HIllary said no

Four Dem Senators Ask Bush About His Iran Intentions

Bush Administration To ‘Skim Off Border Patrol Agents’ For Duty In Iraq

Are recessions shorter and milder than they used to be?

maybe we should all go to DC by Labor Day, and stay until the war ends

Liberals Versus Conservatives website

Here Comes That Damn BIRD Again ---pix--->>>

Poll: 70% Think Bush Has Let Iraq Veterans Down

Bush Launches Charm Offensive in Bid to Woo Skeptical Democrats


"Shouting Matches," Disney Lawyers "Watered Down" 20/20's D.C. Madam Report

As Democrats Collapse on Iraq, NYT/CBS Poll Finds Public More Antiwar Than Ever

I missed Letterman last night - anyone have the video of Al Gore on the show?

What Hunter said...

Let's all support the Dems. March in lockstep. Say all the right things.

Need help finding link

We should be delivering the REAL message of funding bill: THE WAR ENDS WHEN A DEM PRESIDENT WINS

US ready to 'push back' against Russia: official

Senate Panel Approves Whistleblower Protections for Defense Contractors

Need advice on groups that do background checks.

Grieving Moms vs. Washington Pols

Study shows FOX covers Iraq less than CNN and MSNBC

Will Bush survive till the end of his presidency??

UPDATE: fate of the bird that crapped on B*sh:

Where are the oil companies putting all that money?

It used to be when you donated you didn't have to click thru to the

Captions wanted

I'd like to say Thank You to the entire CT Democratic delgation.

Gore calmly laying out the case of *co criminality on NPR ATC

Administration was warned of Iraq war dangers

Anonymous Senator Blocks FOIA Reform Bill - Pukes Hate Open Government

Bush : If they ask, we'll leave...Q-How can Iraq be a "central front" in the WOT if you're willing..

The most important question

CNN: Radical firebrand Moqtada al-Sadr delivers fiery sermon

Until September...

Kucinich made the flat declaration yesterday that the...


MSNBC Wants to Hear from You - Will Affect What their Reporters Cover

The answer to an inevitable Bush legislative victory is MAKE IT A BIGGER VICTORY FOR BUSH?

What Hunter said...

What do the bestest Democrats always support?

Did the Democrats miss an opportunity to put Cheney on the spot?

What would have happened when Saddam died naturally, had we not invaded?

Bush Ignored Senate’s Pre-War Intelligence Warning of Post-War Fiasco

Maybe I should just become an apoliticist

Al Gore: A drive for global domination has put us in greater danger

Tweety Says: "My Good Friend Joe DiGenova thinks that Libby is

Everything the millions of us, who marched...

AA191 25May 1979 Chicago 28Years Ago Today

I Liar's Sentencing June 5th: Will He Be Able To Stay Out Of Jail?

Only in Philly: Secret Agent Man or Sex Fiend?

He didn't listen to them on Iraq, WHY would he on Iran?

Crooksandliars: President Gore on The Daily Show

Blood on your Hands Project

Here is my prediction of what will happen regarding Iraq

This has been such a painful week. JeffR? You out there? I could use some DUzys.

Former Manager tells how Payday Loan Shops Trap the Poor into 400% interest

Rosie only one more day on the view. Damn...Just when I can watch live

George Visits the Troops He's Maimed ---pix--->>>

Choices, choices, choices

The Creation Museum near Cincinnati opens this Sunday! ($19.95 adults; $9.95 kids):

3444 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Does What Happens in The Facebook Stay in The Facebook?

Who would win a spelling bee between Obama and McCain?

Potential Hydrogen fuel breakthrough ( really!)

Okay Peeps

STOP attacking the Democrats

Did anyone just see that report on CNN about high school dropouts?

Please criticize the Democrats

A good friend is dying here in CA and needs help.

Thinking of being Green

Swing Voters Trouble Antiwar Dems

With Al Gore inside, outside the bookstore, Larouchians..(photos)

Friday TOONS: Still Pissed edition

Real News Item: Man requests policeman to taser him

Analysis: an Iraq Bill No One Loved

Sophie's Choice


Intelligence agencies warned Bush about challenges of Iraq invasion

something to consider regarding 'funding'

Here's the lineup for Real Time with Bill Maher tonight:

Would the $500 billion wasted on Iraq DISASTER save more lives if it was spent on health care?

The Wal-Mart effect on food safety

Iraq veteran announces around-the-clock march at California State Capitol starting on Memorial Day

What's All This About Cheney 's Secret Iran War Plot, REALLY?

Are there any vids of John Boehner crying on the floor "debate" last night?

Senator Webb's statement on his vote for the Iraq Funding Bill

An immigrant from the third world coming to America,

What do you really think Bush would do if he didn't get his money?

Waaah! I'm leaving the Democratic Party!

Can someone explain to me what is going on in Lebanon

OMG! Rosie's writer like drew a mustache on Eliz. pic O..M...G!!! (NY Post)

Senator Boxer's floor speech about the new Iraq funding bill.

Anyone watching Tweety?

Sec Def Gates: "The press is not the enemy, and to treat it as such is self-defeating."

Getting DELUSIONAL- more fun than anger ---->

Sunni Resistance Receptive to Sadr Alliance Based on Ending Occupation

ABC News Reports Bush got pooped on by a bird

What do you say to the parents of a friend who killed himself?

BEST POLITICAL VIDEO...I've EVER HEARD...We are Cross Between Our Parents and Hippies in the Tent!

I can't take this shit anymore.

Republican Lite Underground?

Dear Democrats (from Firedoglake)

Sorry, But I Stand By My Right To Smack My Own Party When I Think It Has Screwed Up !!!

For those who do not know...

A strange computer question

The minimum wage increase appears part of the War funding bill.

Many here are SO angry with Clinton and Obama. Hmmmm.

I've never been so embarrassed to say that I'm a Democrat...but there IS NO OTHER CHOICE!

I want to know which Dems (if any) knew about CIAs warnings.

So sorry, little child with the wondering eyes. We don't know why they did it either.

About That Edwards' Haircut

A harder look at Haley Barbour's post-Katrina miracle (

For your consideration: Benchmarks per H.R 1591 as Enrolled

If Al Gore endorses a candidate in the primaries, will that influence your vote?

GOP in 2000: 'I cannot believe our service boys would have their ballots disqualified.'

Valuing The Votes Of The Poor | North Carolina & NVRA Section 7 implementation

Farewell Dems...and DU

Clinton & Obama...."Bunker Boys" ?

AL GORE for the hour -- Charlie Rose tonight -- sounds like MUST SEE TV

May 25th NYT POLL Opposition to Iraq HUGE, Democrats not benefiting

I'm voting for the democrats, in spite of the hoopla and feelings of

I know why the Democrats backed down

more on Big Pharma - "How a Drug's Risks Emerge"

Black Soldiers were "caged" while fighting in Iraq: Rove emails found

Army, Air Force Back Away from Fundie Event

Why the Dems Caved - Listen to John Murtha

What do you think is the primary underlying reason the Democrats in Congress keep cowering?

Do Congressional Democrats share equal blame with the Bush White House for the Iraq War?

Al Gore On The Daily Show And Letterman were GREAT

Boehner cried on the house floor and I had to fax him a note...

Bullshit if he is going to be some hero out of his murderous policies!

Americans just have no stomach for war, or revolution.

AN INCONVENIENT MIGHTY WIND: Al Gore's Description Of His Conversation With Harry Shearer

MSNBC Eyes Scarborough as Possible Imus Replacement

On this very crappy Friday of this very crappy week, let's have an inspirational sing along...

Rosie won't be back on The View; leaving early.

Breaking news - Rosie not returning to View

Another window into Bush's DOJ as the political arm for election theft

***Breaking*** Democratic Leaders, House Members Vote "No" on War Funding Bill

MONICA GOODLING HEARING IS ON C-SPAN 2 ...NOW! For those who didn't get to see it.

Bush's Pick for Surgeon General Makes Us Sick: Killed Veterans, Hates Gays, Loves Republicans

Waahh, Democrats didn't waste my time by voting for a doomed bill. WAAAAHHH

Have no fear, Jim Webb is here!

In Memoriam: To the untold thousands who will continue to die IN VAIN.

I Think I've Wrapped My Hands Around What Truly Pissed Me Off So Much About This Dem Bill.

Another Reason For Impeachment

Democracy without transparency is not possible

MSNBC poll about Rosie v. the other one

I've had it up to HERE.


Greg Palast Pissed Me Off!

Protesters greet Andrew Card as he receives honorary degree (10,000 protesters? - Wow!) - pics

Did Rosie Call Our Troops Terrorists?

This used to be upsetting, now it's wistful

Bush's Pick for Surgeon General Makes Us Sick: Killed Veterans, Hates Gays, Loves Republicans

A Political Fable for the Times that Try Our Souls

Gore Isn't Running (Yet) -LA Times

Fitzgerald: Libby deserves 2-3 years in prison.

So I slept on it. Did not want to react emotionally, I have no problem with our leadership

Who Decides that those who Urge and March for Political Change...are Designated Terrorists?

Gates: Congress, Press Not the Enemy

Descendants of Illegal Immigrants, Check in here!

This is Dianne Feinstein's new house in Pacific Heights

You know what? I guess I don't understand politics, or maybe I'm just fucking stupid, but

Bush declares "bloody summer" , then we give him 100 billion for it.

Email Raises More Questions about Rove's Role

Rockefeller Unveils Phase II Report on “Prewar Intelligence Assessments on Postwar Iraq”

The Scale of the Carnage: From a Nation Institute report on the Secret Iraq Air War

Investigation Of Goodling’s Partisan Hiring Expands, May Net Gonzales

LTTE from soldier in Iraq: ‘Don’t re-enlist’ not an option

Anonymous Senator put a hold on the bipartisan FOIA of 2007

Question regarding the new American embassy in Iraq

The trumping reason why Gore won't win, even if he does run....

Hundreds of UMASS students and faculty boo & protest Andy Card at graduation

S-T-E-A-D-Y DUers one battle does not the whole war make.

MISSING: my post-vote Angry. I had it yesterday, and this morning, but now my Angry is gone.

US military set for new missile defense system test

*** May Photo Contest: Final Poll ***

Greg Palast Armed Madhouse-Free audio book on-line

Are you leaving the Democratic Party?

***DUzy Awards for week ending May 25, 2007***

DU this POLL: Bernie Sanders asks:Should Congress insist on timeline for withdrawal?

Thank you notes to Democratic legislators who voted to end the occupation.

Feith Referenced - FAKE COMPANY - As EVIDENCE Of Pre-War Ties Between Iraq And Bin Laden

The Rosie - Elisabeth fight was hot

The Final Insult: Dems Brag to Press About Deceiving the Public on Iraq

EMAIL Shows Griffin DIRECTLY E-mailing Rove About Attorney-Gate

Appeasing Terrorists

I Just Ripped On the DCCC

WTF - both of our congressman/woman voted against the war bill but...

Edwards and Giuliani Spar Over "War on Terror"

We are the Borg. Resistance is futile.

Impact of this war funding vote on the 2008 election

Pelosi Shepherds Iraq Bill She Opposes

Edwards, Obama lagging far behind HRC's 98% name ID

Rice Lays Groundwork for Calif. Return (AP)

Durbin and Levin using Bush** & R's script? Something is fishy here.

When will the Cheney-Dems find out Bush screwed them on the Minimum Wage

Iraq vote bought, not bullied. Herb Kohl spills the beans.

Dems: Fight over Iraq war has just begun (AP)

PEW: Political Landscape More Favorable To Democrats

Prediction: America will withdraw from Iraq in 2009

David Gregory: asks Bush why he thinks he is still credible on the war

While you're e-mailing and calling your Senators and Congressmen to express your anger/unhappiness

CBS Poll: Clinton, Giuliani Still In Front

How they vote?

How come so many people are so worked up about benchmarks

Here's a radical idea

Novak: I paid most of my $150K Plame case legal fees myself

GWB and Rubberstamp Republican Congress Continue to Ignore

Once again, US elected and senior appointed officials should be...

Feinstein Double Talk

Sen. RUSSELL FEINGOLD: We Are Moving Backwards on Iraq

The Rude Pundit: George Bush Says Our Kids Are Hostages

C-SPAN, 10AM ET House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) leads a News Conference

Bush to sign Iraq funding bill

Anyone want to make some comments over at Boehner's YouTube premier?

Connecticut 2008: Clinton 40% Giuliani 40% Bloomberg 9%

Give the Repubs and their shill media an inch...

Did Clinton know how Obama would vote?

Final Tally Senators Voting AGAINST "Iraq Funding Bill."

Do people realize the bill is only effective for THREE MONTHS

In 2008 -- if we get back the White House and still control Congress

The Dems could have put Cheney on the spot

UPDATED: Feingold, Kucinich Denounce the Democratic Cave

To all of the people attacking Obama and Clinton

Obama mixer brings party and politics together

ABC arcticle on Biden

I could forgive them if they would accomplish ONE DAMN THING to restore the rule of law!

DU CNN Poll - Iraq Funding Bill

The Line: As '08 Race Heats Up, Hillary and Rudy Remain on Top

News media focuses on Democratic Presidential candidates more than Republicans

There are lessons from Vietnam that Democrats need to heed.

Bush: "We can expect more American and Iraqi casualties."

Senators up for re-election 2008 and how they voted yesterday:

CNN Poll on Iraq funding know what to do.....

Pop quiz: Defunding and the Vietnam War

Capitulation - It's All Our Fault

I know why the democrats are afraid of a direct confrontation with Bush

May 9, 2007 PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE is new to

Gear with cool new Democratic logo NOW AVAILABLE!!

The magical selection of U.S. attorneys for liquidation -" whodunnit? - I dunno".

What the heck is wrong with Conyers? When he had a chance to question Goodling

THIS JUST IN: Congress votes to turn off the power at the White House

Repukes pounce on Obama and Hillary for their votes ... but public supports the Dems' position

TPMCafe: Obama Rips Romney and McCain

Media blasted Edwards for speech fee but omitted Giuliani speeches, Edwards' explanation

Presidential Candidate

John McCain's abyssmal ratings with Veterans groups

To take the approach the Vichy-Democrats in Congress took, I am not

Edwards Offers Plan for Vets, Troops (AP)

Senator Sanders has poll posted on his site re: timeline

US Senate 'deeply concerned' over Venezuela TV closing

DU Need your Help

"We can't get our crops out of the field without migrant workers"

dupe -- please delete

Things to do on Memorial Day Weekend: CHENEY INSANITY WATCH

Edwards, Giuliani Lead in Florida

Who's responsible for our troops dying???

Edwards Statement on Giuliani and Romney Comments

After Nov '06 I Was Beginning To Get The Upper Hand On My Repug Friends.....

are congressional "democrats" in a stronger or weaker political position today

Some in G.O.P. Express Worry Over '08 Hopes( fear Obama)

How long does Al Gore have to make up his mind?

House Votes to Lift Veil Over Donations From Lobbyists

Der Mittenfuhrer says he's not anti-gay, He just thinks gays are bad parents and unequal

Richardson Opposes Immigration Bill (AP)

Sigh What in the world is going on with tweety

Rep Artur Davis (D) Alabama

From Gold Star Families For Peace

Choices, choices, choices...

The six step method to raise your kids to be patriotic

Hey Honey, I fucked all the women in the neighborhood but I didn't mean to!

On top of everything else, Harry Reid has lousy timing!

Do Hillary and Obama's NO votes influence the likelihood of you supporting them in 2008?

Point and Blame Republicans

Some "lemonade" thoughts on the amnesty for twelve million

POLL shows Chambliss (pasty-faced sleazy repuke - GA) could be vulnerable

Polls show Americans want the US out of Iraq - but,

AMERICAN PATRIOT REGISTRATION ...sign up or you are a terrorist

I'm sponsoring a Democratic Party fund raising event in less than

DU Bernie Sanders poll....

What the hell have Clinton and Obama done?

So Senator Clinton didn't read the document before authorizing WAR

What do you think Democrats in Congress were afraid of?

Why the fuck is Melanie Morgan on teevee ... again?

WP,pg1: Books Paint Critical Portraits of Clinton: 2 Biographies Detail Marital Strife, Ambition

Obama's statement on Iraq war funding vote

Grand Papa McCAIN at it AGAIN!!!! mocking Obama saying he can't spelll

"Washington, DC"

We Gave Them Our Hearts, They Gave Him A Blank Check /Sirota

Who will be the 1st Democrat to get out of the presidential race?

Just pretend for a minute .......

Why didn't the Dems just cave earlier regarding Iraq?

Let's look at Pelosi as a local leader - Is there a Feinstein connection?

Will Dem Political operatives use Obama & Clinton's vote AGAINST Minimum wages if required?

Who has the voting list for the house on the war funding bill??

An Email From John Edwards (yesterday)

Edwards Statement on Bush Comments on "Global War On Terror" (Great statement, please read)

Fulfilling our promises to Veterans

Clark's Memorial Day Message

FYI...I am still going to vote straight Dems in 2008!

Edwards Campaign Announces Military Advisory Group (19 stars, including three 4-star generals)

Let's Call a General Strike!

The Dems are doing great. It was not, and is not, an enforceable "mandate".

Only 13% of Americans support cutting funds for war.

The deadly impact of Democratic leaders' support for the war, on the grass roots.

McClellan Democrats and the Death of the Republic

Housing Slump Continues

You Must Do More Than Vote 'No' To Become President

How Congress shut down the Vietnam War over a three year period

We Should Back Chavez

The fact is that the recent votes are steps in the direction of ending the war

New Senate Report Is Worst Betrayal Yet

Don't. Panic!

Biden Introduces Bill to Change the Mission

Edwards Statement on Congressional Passage of Iraq War Funding Bill

Would you support the implementation of a legal mechanism whereby...

HRC on suggestion that she's been following Obama on Iraq: "I think it’s the other way around"

do you support Al Gore for President ?

John Edwards And Medical Marijuana