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The Nation: Stanford Students Expect "Moral Integrity" from Prez (logo clothes/sweatshops)

Now... Is This The Summer Of Our Discontent?

Amy Goodman: Trading Secrets (Truthdig)

Delete, wrong forum

Gonzales should resign (Dover - New Philadelphia Times Reporter)

The Rise of Market Populism: America's New Secular Religion

Another Gonzales Horror Story

This Is Not a "Compromise," It's a Blank Check (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Just Off The Phone With Al Gore -- With Special Note To Tony Snow

Bob Kerrey in support of the war

Should Marijuana Be Legal?

Eco-trike (sun-powered vehicle goes 30 mph w/no gas!)

GSA chief violated Hatch Act, OSC report finds

Treasury Union Wins Fight Over (21,000) Border Officers

Bush may turn to UN in search for Iraq solution

Musgrave: Gonzales should resign

White House says bin Laden ordered Iraq plots

ICC to investigate crimes in Central Africa Republic

How long will it last? ( Montreal's transit workers strike)

U.S. to complain to IAEA chief over Iran enrichment

Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran

Officials Describe Interference by Former Gonzales Aide

New Strategy for War Stresses Iraqi Politics

Liberty University student arrested with explosives.

McClatchy's D.C. Bureau Claims It's Barred From Defense Secretary Plane

Iraq's Al-Sadr Harbors Ambitious Plans

Bush may turn to UN in search for Iraq solution (ANOTHER PLAN B)

One in six European mammals faces extinction risk

should i go out for coffee, or is it too late...

Please help me decide!

My bi-monthly rant on the fact that HBO cancelled Carnivale.

Have you had a order canceled after purchase before?

congrats to the portLand traiLbLazers

Okay, I had a post ready before my Safari crashed but I'm too lazy to rewrite it

congrats to the chevy traiLbLazers

List of people/ entities who are trying to ruin my life:

I would like to become a stay-at-home ticket scalper


I'm beginning to see the need for a group "Fuck You" thread.....

appreciation threads appreciation threads appreciation thread

Any Sage Rosenfels fans in the lounge??

Any Sage Francis fans in the lounge??

the appreciation thread for the appreciation threads for appreciation threads for the appreciated

It snowed today. SNOWED! All day long! SNOW! At the end of May!

HELP! I need young (wild) bird help...


My husband's handcrafted leather pouches are selling like gangbusters.

the unappreciation thread

Baseball is pissing me off tonight, for series!!!!11!!

I am operating on several levels.

Does anybody here know what "Ticc-ya-toh" means?

If anyone is interested in underwater archaeology

Golfer dies after cart plunges off cliff

I Wanna Start Some Shit.

What a difference a month makes

I've Been Shooting Up In Public: Ask Me Anything

How the hell am I supposed to cut JackMN's hair?

In the wake of his Acquittal for crimes he Obviously Committed, OJ is now a pariah.

Ouch! Boston got owned in the NBA Lottery

I love me some Elton and Betty!

LSK hates freedom

My daughter wants a part pit bull puppy...I say no way.

My 13 yr old son has lost 3 teeth since Friday....2 of them just last night

when gore starts his campaign, can i be his stylist?

New neighbors, eating from my garden. They are not my kind. {Did I say that outloud?}

Thunderstorm! Thunderstorm!

Wanna know what I did this weekend (photos)

Our power goes off in T minus 12 hours 10 minutes and counting.

Pic thread since I'm back (In black)

I want my state to change its name to "Maxisota."

Know who's damn sexy--Layla Ali


Your Female Dream Celeb?

A question here for the cat lover

A culinary tip...

Yes its my birthday!

aww are we experiencing moments of jealousy

Auntie Lisa wants to show off two nephews and one niece. Okay?

we live in a post-Hudson's Bay Company world

Anybody go to their 10 year High School Reunion?

If only somebody would invent self-folding laundry.....

I love Prime with 1-click. Though it's also dangerous.

If you're a fan, what did you think of the Heroes finale?

If anyone is interested in underwear archaeology

I just watch 6 episodes of How Clean Is Your House from BBC America, I will never say I have dirty

1,471 posts away from 18,000 - ask me anything

Damnit! I'm completely unable to make non-mushy brown rice.

someone paid $742 for Schumi's used underwear at an auction

How About A "Don't Fuck With Me" Thread?

appreciation threads appreciation thread

Favorite T.V. game shows, past or present...

Jasonc Appreciation thread...

Benefits children have that you do not.

OK - How much money have you spent on cosmetic procedures?

Please help. My cat has gasoline on his fur. What to use to clean it off

Your favorite Pink Floyd album

DUers whose voices you'd like to hear

Please remove.

Weirdest items on your desk:

Jeez=== speaking of 4

Portland Wins NBA Draft Lottery (Greg Oden sweepstakes)

W Post: Turbulence Over Executive Pay Airline Workers Question Leaders' Bonuses

Vegas dealers use Web to unionize

Employer violated NLRA (National Labor Relations Act) by prohibiting union e-mails on company system

AP: Polish doctors launch open-ended nationwide strike seeking pay raise

California Workers' Compensation

I hope you all are proud!

3rd ID looking for our MIA's

Al Gore on the Ellen Degeneres Show

Why did you donate?

Sounds like KO is pretty pissed off at the Dems, too.

Results Thread for the Kentucky Gubernatorial Primary

Have you changed your party affiliation since Democrats took control of congress?

Dear Monica Goodling... I know you are a good Christian, so:

When did the Democratic party jump the shark?

Senator Feingold post @ DKos:"A Collapse for Democrats"

You're a Veteran? Shut Your Mouth

They voted for the IWR and the Patriot, and said they were misled

So...whatever happened to that 'message' we sent to D.C. last Nov.?

A Email forward to me that hurts like hell shades of when I came home

Iran planning strike on Europe: analyst

its not that we don't care about High gas prices...its that we can't change our lives. We do withou

Democrats have funded the war for four more months.

They'll die. Lots of them will die.

Your mood after today's news from our Democratic Leaders?

Rep. Tim Ryan for new Majority Leader

You guys are bringing me down

Dems Drop Troop Pullout Dates From Iraq Bill: Arming the Left: Is the time now?

Kucinich blasts 'minimum wage for maximum blood' report

The Rise of Market Populism: America's New Secular Religion

The November election was the high point....

It's too bad our dear dems cannot keep their mouths shut sometimes.

Porn for the Gun Guys

The condemnations of Dems are big on emotion, short on reason

The ONLY damage control that can be done now is for Democrats to put on their best faces

Kucinich Calls For Aid To Palestinian Authority

They say the "base" is going to be pissed

Bush Authorizes Covert Ops Against Iran

Dear Sisters & Brothers at the DU. Take Heart! All Americans Now Know Our Democrats Oppose This War.

Is Monica Goodling testifying tomorrow?

Has Bush said he will sign the bill with the Minimum Wage increase attached?


Swiss authorities question U.S. counterfeiting charges against North Korea

Congrats Dems! Bush has two new Poodles. Pelosi & Ried

Is the Senate "No Confidence" vote still on deck for tomorrow?

A Widening Chasm (House Dems and voters)

Lieberman threatens to leave...20 hrs later, Dem leadership caves....

Gore up on Larry King now!

Gore on Larry King now 9 pm EDT nt


Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Jeff Farias subs for Mike

Draft reinstatement: How likely do you think it is?

Microsoft to EXPAND Fargo operations.

Ron Paul speaking Truth on c-span now

Moscow, ID Sniper update

Bin Laden intel declassified ahead of commencement

why the spin to pretend today's vote was a good thing-OUT of IRAQ NOW nt

my old neighborhood in Chico is being evacuated bcuz of 200 acre FIRE-very windy here

Bush declassifies bin Laden intel

Iraqi kindergarten: Smiles and vows to fight

Just opened today's mail. Begging letter from the Democratic Congressional Campaign

my old neighborhood in Chico, CA is being evacuated bcuz of 200 acre FIRE-very windy here

I am watching President Gore on CNN

Even a crappy high school team gets on the field to play

Al Gore on Larry King Live - CNN

Indian dealers are squealers over Microsoft piracy raids

The cruel fate of the democratic voter...

Watching our truly elected president on Larry King, I am absolutely struck by

CNN: Dems To Give Bush Blank Check On Iraq

My poem on the occasion of every Democrat surrender:

We got the PIG in the ground! We got some beer on ice!

Those "Twin Parties of the War Machine" signs that often turn up at war protests.....

this was written during WWII

"I'm going to bomb, bomb, bomb the school with everybody in it," says Iraqi kindergartner

Haikus for Al Gore....

What was the whole point of Unity '08 again?

What happens when your antivirus software is past the renewal date?

Guest blog/Adam Schiff (D-CA): Pulling the Plug on Warrantless Eavesdropping of Americans

To all of you folks who seem to have opened a Lemonade Stand today

The most discredited President in history threatens a veto and WE BACK OFF?!! Are you kidding me?

Edwards endorses involuntary servitude , it might as well be slavery.

It must be fun to be a Republican -- at least your reps support YOU

NYT: As Comrades Search, Fatal Bomb Wreaks Havoc


John Edwards to Attend the YearlyKos Convention in Chicago

We must be pragmatic.

In thirty years, my grandchildren are going to be learning about GW Bush "the great president"

F*ck you, Dems in Congress. ("Democrats Concede" - "Democrats Retreat" - "Bush Wins")

Time for Democrats to play hardball

Bush Declassifies al-Qaida Intelligence

Did Fitzgerald know about Rove's connection to Abrahmhoff

Why do the Democrats fail to learn ANYTHING from GOP about how to fight?

Pelosi: ‘I’m Not Likely To Vote For Something That Doesn’t Have A Timetable’

What the Mainstream Media Can Learn from Jon Stewart, KO also mentioned.

Some thoughts on courage

Bush plans "2nd surge" - number of combat troops may double by Christmas.

Is there a call in or some action to immediate call to Congresscritters

A call -- for constructive solutions to helping/pressuring the Democratic leadership

Bob Kerrey invokes 9/11 to justify invading Iraq. Harold Ford calls it today's Spotlight idea.

Enemy of the State (Ted Rall)

biggest Embassy Ever!

so did Fred Phelps show up at Falwell's funeral?

The worst hostage situation possible

HEY BUSH, If you want to JUSTIFY the War in Iraq, you may want to use PRE-2003 Intelligence!

With the days developments I can think of nothing more fitting than

Meanwhile in Iraq. NYT homepage, "22 minutes ago," photo.

Steven Jobs: Gore will become president if he runs

In the wake of his Acquittal for crimes he Obviously Committed, OJ is now a pariah.

What is the scoop on the Iraq bill? (left wingers need not respond)

New Strategy for War Stresses Iraqi Politics

Democracy is a contact sport

Alert: Congress Dems found small lump in groin

Security Companies Doing Business in Iraq (No, really - read this)

Gore: My book, unlike the president's state of the union, was fact checked.

You won't be able to convince me that Trump's stupid feud with Rosie

EMAILS Show That WH COORDINATED With GOP Operative On US Attorney Scandal


Most Iowa GOPers Favor Complete Withdrawal

Departing Wolfowitz Names New Iraq Director

There's only one issue that matters to me in the upcoming elections:

Bush-bot "Education" Secretary Margaret Spellings is the Guest on The Daily Show Tonight!

We had a saying in VietNam...

Iraqi Kindergartner: "Now I am a soldier in the liberation army"

Liberty U student plotted to set off explosives, police say

How high does gas have to go in order to make buying a hybrid car economically feasible?

When a Dem senator says they want to end the war, ask one question: will you filibuster?

"In the absence of genuine leadership..." ( A message for the Dems in Congress)

I don't think it can be stopped from the left, and 'they' know it; it was started...

There was a time, back during the Nam war...

Jared Diamond says we have 50 years left??!

Perhaps It Is Time For Americans To Revisit THIS G*dammn Piece Of Paper

Waxman denies Ralston immunity, for now.

It's time to GO TO your congressman & senators' LOCAL OFFICES and ask questions in person

This could be a brilliant move by the Dems

Iraq Vote Pledge-Sign It Now


'When The Moon Is In The Seventh House

Message to Dem Leadership: America is Giving You a Time Table

I love Al Gore

Price gouging by 'American' and other oil companies

From Elation To Screwn... That Was A Quick Six Months...

As Comrades Search, Fatal Bomb Wreaks Havoc

SIGN THIS: Iraq Vote Pledge

In order to combat Climate Change...Would you support building more nuclear power plants?

Democrats pledge to try again in July to push through troop withdrawal efforts

Save a LOT of gas without buying another car: No bull here

"...not enough votes to override a veto..." is a meaningless canard....

Phelps Clan Pickets Falwell Funeral

An ode to Dems who "Keep their powder dry"....

Iraqi kindergarten: Smiles and vows to fight

"Second thing is, we're going to shove it down his throat." Don'tcha just love the BULLSHIT rhetoric

How high is Bush's IQ?

POLL: Congressional Democrats = Washington Generals

Howard Zinn has it right:


Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold

What percentage of the U.S. population are criminals?

We need the draft back again

I assume we're going to raise taxes to pay for Iraq.

READ THIS National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive

If a hybrid is a bit out of your league, you can still save lots of gas...

Mitch McConnell dealt a blow at home in Kentucky.

Edwards Gains Support in NJ

SAG condemns guild quitters Board cracks down on 'fi-core' (political activities)

Is Monica Gooding testifying tomorrow? if so, what time?

Have too many posters here lost their marbles/ability to use their heads?

DC Madame supports Hillary ... hates Chimpy

Elizabeth Edwards liveblogging now on Daily Kos (8:30pm-Tues)

Evil Republican Ron Paul To Speak Tonight

Predictive Democrats step aside -- we need some "damn the torpedo's" type in your stead

Help with quote - Iraq commander

If Congressional Democrats Cared More About the Troops than Politics They Would Impeach Cheney

Al Gore is on Larry King now.

Pissed off about today's spineless dems? Ever give to the DCCC?

Barack Obama to unveil Health Care Plan Next Week

I think I'm gonna send Reid & Pelosi a copy of "The Prince" and "The Art of War"

McClatchy: When it comes to solving big issues, Congress often comes up short

Holiday Timeline For *Co......

If you want Gore to run, read this

Pelosi: "I would never vote for such a thing."

The Sanity Party (if there were such a thing)

To Monica Goodling: Do you have this kind of courage?

I had hoped that after Gore Slayed Diane Sawyer he'd come out Swinging on Larry King Tonight!

Edwards Gains Support in New Jersey

Much ado about nothing?

Larry King said there would be a poll on whether Al should run for Prez

Edwards to air anti-war TV ads in Oregon

Campaign Apparel

I care not a fig for those unwilling to vote their conscience, regardless of the outcome, anytime ,

Domenici and the Justice Department Scandal---why is he still in office?

We put up a better fight when we were in the minority.

Why does Congress think they need to pander to 28%of the population?

"We do not have enough votes to override Bush's veto at this time."

Stephen Colbert "blowing the lid off of" the latest Sen. Obama non-scandal Scandal tonight!

Al Gore and Russ Feingold. A winning ticket and a revitalized party. nt.

Obama's wife resigns from board of company that supplied Wal-Mart

Edwards Leads McCain, Giuliani

District court postpones sentencing for Abramoff, DeLay's home searched??

SF Chronicle called Edwards' speech fee "whopping," ignoring Giuliani's much larger fees

UK's Brown; will he or won't he support the blivet? This

What do you do without???

Monica Goodling testimony: live on C-Span3 tommorow.

X post Link to HR811 committee report

We put up a better fight when we were in the minority.

Oil Law on House Floor on Wednesday

Edwards Statement on China Currency Manipulation

How many people here on DU have run for office...

Why can't Pelosi pass a bill that makes not having enough votes to pass a bill irrelevant?

Have Hillary or Obama said anything about the Democrats'

Rahm Emanuel has got to go. I will contribute $$ to whoever opposes him

Edwards: Iraq funding deal in Congress "isn't a compromise at all, it's a capitulation"

Al Gore's weight--should he run would it be an issue?

Ok folks I am glad to know I'm not the only one pissed

This is cool, you can see the number of signatories increase as they sign

Dems lost me today.

I am so pissed at the democrats... They haven't stopped the war...

Paul Rieckhoff says troops will be happy funding is coming.

Someone has to save us. I thought the Democratic Party would save us..........

Think Hard! Why Haven't Ted Kennedy, John Kerry & Wes Clark Endosed Anyone Yet?

It was 42 years ago that I cast my first vote for President.

Amnesty says politics of fear fuelling divisions

Congress Needs to Find Out: Did Bush Order Gonzales and Card to Put the Squeeze on Ashcroft?

Murtha's misstep (LAT)


An Exclusive Interview with Senator Mike Gravel

The New London Day welcomes the President into our city this morning. Heh heh.

Dems Cut Trade Deal with Bush; Poised to Throw American Workers Under Bus

Worse Than Watergate, Part II (by Robert Scheer for Truthdig)

Is Bush Leading Us to Nuclear War? (In These Times, via AlterNet)

Bill Moyers: A Great But Broken Promise

Are Progressives Getting Anything from the Democrats?

Cave-in, or smart politics? (Guardian)

Amnesty Report Decries ‘Politics of Fear’

An Offer They Can't Refuse

Loyal to the White House, Not the Rule of Law (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Death Bed Czars (The Nation)

Don’t Think of a U.S. Soldier, Unarmed, Abandoned in Iraq’s Civil War!

Bob Herbert: American Cities and the Great Divide (NY Times, via Truthout)

Neocons In The Wings (

I'll torture Jack Bauer! (ThisModernWorld)

Worse Than Watergate? You Bet.

Funding Bush's War: This Is No Game (

Robert Reich: What to Do About America’s Rich Who Use Offshore Tax Havens

Cenk Uygur: I Was Told Things Would Be Different

Chris Floyd: The Powerful Odor of Mendacity: From Wiretaps to War

Are Your Credit Card, Banking, Internet Usage and Home Ownership Records Already in the FBI's Databa

Regional Currency to Replace Dollar in Argentina-Brazil Trade

I Know It’s Not Me, Oh Hell No! It’s Not Me

Swiss Authorities Question U.S. Counterfeiting Charges Against North Korea

Danger: Green Zone (The Nation)

David Sirota: What the Democratic Blank Check on Iraq Means

W R Marshall; a slight diversion

Diary of a Christian Terrorist (by Max Blumenthal at HuffPost)

Dems In Congress: 'Green-Collar Jobs' Will Fight Poverty & Global Warming

IAEA Report Contradicts Major Media Narrative on Iran (HuffPo)

Why Bush Hasn’t Been Impeached

Democrats drop “withdrawal” deadlines as administration mulls post-surge Iraq


Cuba to modernize its ethanol production - AP

Suntech Power Starts Construction of Thin Film Manufacturing Plant ($1.20 per watt)

China's Solar-Powered City

Solar energy giant in China

Eastern Germany's sunny future

An Old Steel Mill Retools to Produce Clean Energy (NYT)

Maine joins call for EPA to let states cut emissions

Group: Brunswick (ME) naval base suited for renewable energy

World Conservation Union Report - One In Six European Mammals At Risk Of Extinction - Reuters

Tiger Numbers In India Far Lower Than Thought - 2 Out Of 16 Reserves Have "Healthy" Populations

Study - Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Infecting 19 Fish Species In Great Lakes, Still Spreading - AFP

Early-Emergence Records For Butterflies Shattered Across UK - Up To 7 Weeks Early

Oz CO2 Emissions Growth 2X Global Rate, 4.5X Global Average On Per Capita Basis - Inefficient, Too!

Kenya's Famous Coral Reefs Hammered By Warming - Up To 90% Regional Die-offs In 1997; Fishing Hurt

In 2007, Saudi Aramco To Replace BP, ExxonMobil As Baker Hughes' Biggest Customer

Malaysia's Palm Oil Industry Responds On Environment - Unveils New PR Campaign - ENN

Global warming's impact on hurricanes more complex than thought - AFP

Blue-Green Algae Bloom Shuts Down Water Supply In Victoria Towns - More Toxic Blooms Expected

radio frequency generator makes saltwater burn

This is a semi-serious question: why can't we dump nuclear fuel rods in deep ocean trenches?

PV Costs to Decrease 40% by 2010

Ahmadinejad faces backlash as Iran brings in petrol rationing - Guardian

Up To 2,000 Indonesian Islands May Have Disappeared Below Rising Seas By 2030

American Religious Leaders Urge Bush To Take Action On Climate- Reuters

Bill to Honor Rachel Carson on Hold

G8 Will Be "Climate Litmus Test" For US - UNEP Head - Reuters

Why food costs more (hedge funds)

New Record High Temperature In Budapest - AFP

UK Foreign Minister - No Discussion Of Numerical GHG Targets Expected At G8 - Reuters

'America's energy security blanket' (Canadian Tar Sands)

Impact of rising gas prices 'fairly limited', economists say

A bicycle built for a better world (John Burke speech)

Italian city faces rubbish crisis

Tiger Population Lower Than Believed (India)

IDF: They Shoot Fetuses Don't They?

Four Qassams hit W. Negev; IDF detains Seven in S. Gaza

Amnesty's annual report accuses Israel, Hezbollah of war crimes

Israel Targets Senior Hamas Political Leader for Assassination

Bush Threatens Veto of Gas Gouging Bill

Claims of 9/11 conspiracy have suspect running scared

Mary Cheney Gives Birth to Baby Boy

Steve Jobs proposes Al Gore for president

Kucinich Exposes Iraqi “Hydrocarbon Act” Privatization In House Floor Speech

Kosovo to honor Bill Clinton with statue

Military uses slot machines to fund overseas recreation

Court of Appeal says British government abused power in blocking Chagos islanders' return

The Myth of Muslim Silence; The Persistence of MSM Silence

As Comrades Search, Fatal Bomb Wreaks Havoc

READ THIS National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive

Halliburton to target $80b projects from Dubai base

Ex-KGB agent accused in Litvinenko death

MNF-W forces attacked (2 Marines killed)

Iraqi Police Say They Found Body Wearing U.S. Military Uniform Floating in Euphrates River

Officials Describe Interference by Former Gonzales Aide

U.S. to let START nuclear treaty expire

Finnish Soldier, 3 Others Killed by Bomb (Afghanistan)

Pair cleared of air base damage (UK)

Unicef appeal for Iraqi children

New Iraq strategy focuses on bad actors

Goodling broke down over attorney firings

Nine U.S. Warships in Gulf for show of force

At Least 100 Iraqis Killed or Found Dead

Colombia may drop anti-drug plan

Iran detains fourth Iranian American

Traumatised Iraqi children lack needed care - U.N.

Breaking News: Bush claims Bin Laden tried to start Iraq unit

Congress seeks missing billions in Iraq

Chagos islanders win right to return

Amnesty International Blasts US

John Edwards Stakes Claim on Pirate Booty

1 of 3 Missing U.S. Soldiers Found Dead in Iraq

Former Gonzales aide admits "crossing the line" (Goodling testimony)

Suicide bomber kills 20 northeast of Baghdad-police

Goodling Says Dep. AG Withheld Knowledge of 2004 'Vote Caging' Allegations of Rove Aide Griffin

Bush's consumer nominee withdraws

US forces find Iranian money in Baghdad raid

Iran will resist 'any threat,' defense minister says

Bush: Bin Laden tried to start Iraq unit

Stocks Fall After Greenspan Comments

Delta Whale Rescue Operation Put on Hold

GOP Candidates Criticize ABC News Report on CIA-Iran Plan

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday May 23

(Bob) Kerrey says U.S. mustn't look weak in Iraq

Memo Urges Sen. Clinton to Bypass Iowa

Rising gas prices make buyers think small(er)

Sen. Clinton Seeks Iraq Withdrawal Plan

Amnesty: U.S. war on terror 'eroding human rights worldwide'

Goodling Says Deputy Attorney General Misled Congress (US Attorneys firings hearing)

Nine U.S. warships enter Gulf for training

Court upholds death sentence for child rape

Opium: Iraq''s deadly new export

Student dies after being shot in Toronto school

Diamond Pet Foods "Nutra Nuggets Lamb and Rice" DOG FOOD

In privatized US war, foreigners do most of dying (9 civilian contractors per week)

Three Bodies Found -- May Be Missing Soldiers

Nine more US soldiers killed in Iraq (updated)

U.S. Navy launches show of military force off Iranian coast(Navy launches exercise off Iran's coast)

UN Urges World to Slow Extinctions: 3 Each Hour

Novak Says His Plame-Case Legal Fees Were About $150,000

US Muslims more assimilated than British

So, I haven't been around for awhile....

If I add Peter Allen tunes to my


Need vibes kids

Good morning Loungers

Do you think this is too much thinking for GD?

A bit of a legal question (not looking for advice, just answers)

The title kinda told me that it was going to be bad for Liberty Valance

I'm driving out to Chicago for the weekend, ask me anything

Beautiful picture on APOD today

Name a song that you know well, but may not know the correct title.

Good morning. I'm posting from the hot tub.

Congratulations tanyev!! 10,000 posts

Can "fuck you" be a term of endearment?

Happy birthday Redbear!

I miss Dangerously Amused

Gore trumps Carter.....................

Talk about invasion of privacy!

Doing my part to end global warming....

I'm in a snarky mood today--it started with traffic mess on the Interstate

I'm not feeling very special right now, and I blame Mr. Rogers.

Matthew Fox and Mike Mussina = separated at birth?

I bought a smoker today

This might be the goofiest advice column that ever existed....


"We ftrongly oppofe this War in Mefopotamia; how haf it come to Thif?"

Florida police need your help ...

Things that make you say 'Awwww'

Drive Me Insane. This guy needs to step away from the computer.

N.H. Town Fires 4 for Gossip About Boss

This will entertain you for about 3 minutes: Subservient Bush

Do-it-yourself remedy thread

I have 11,429 unread messages in my inbox

Pirate vs. Taoist monk smiley competition

Speaking of learning to sail...

How can *you* stop the horror? Buy FREE RANGE TOMATOES!

I fought a smoker today.

I just got hit in the face with a smoke detector.

"Take medication with food"

I just got hit in the face with a smoked ham.

I fell this morning and twisted my foot.

I get to meet xchrom this afternoon

~some say its a sign of weakness~

Social Work

New Abortion Bill To Require Fetal Consent

Cuteness poll

Any cold sore sufferers have positive experiences w/L-Lysine?

So we cast Paris Hilton as Monica Goodling, then

150lbs at .65 a pound

Am I the only one a little disappointed by last night???

Let it be known that I am REALLY dumb sometimes.

Hey - quick question about home refinancing.

My head just officially EXPLODED!!!

Most bizarre transitions on mp3/iPod random play?

Dang - I just went to the laundry room - dressed terribly

What would be your pirate name?

DU'er sexy voice competition

So, I had one of them tear jerkin' moments tonight

Anyone up for a soak in a hot tub - there's still some room left.....

Housework is so pointless.

That's cool

Did everyone here about the clipper ship Cutty Sark?

Ladies, do you hate shopping for jeans?

Thanks for all of the job hunting well-wishes; here's an update (keep sending those vibes)

Am I the only one a little disappointed by Hogan's Heroes last night

chest tattoo

Fire whips though bondage parlour

Maroon 5

I found my ipod! No more crappy radio in the car! No more commercials. No more f'n Nickelback!

Who do you like better? Duke of Wellington or Lord Nelson?


Am I the only one a little disappointed by The Hogan Family last night

My time-bomb cat exploded last night

Sitting here with Xchrom!

Chris weighs in on DU sig pictures

LOST or American Idol?

So my dog's figured out how to use simple tools.

JackMN busted out of his room this morning.

Valedictorian speech draft--your comments and critiques appreciated!

How do upsetting situations make you feel?

Panda at Memphis Zoo Is Pregnant

Check in here if you have someone in your office that talks to themselves in their cube.

guess what just walked past my bedroom window!!

Since it doesn't look like bibaby asked- what's for lunch?

I love the show "How It's Made" on Discovery

Wednesday Morning Questions.

This song bought us a few beans and bisquits over the years...

Cheney welcomes sixth grandchild



How can you NOT love the dollar store?

'The Simple Life' goes to fat camp

I've been dive-bombed by a robin for two days.

If I were to put a twinkie snack cake into your mouth, you would:

I'm Posting While Being Abducted By Aliens

Gee, I just *love* waking up with my eyes red, itchy, and shitty from allergies.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 5/23/2007)

I miss FedUpWithIt All...

It's MySpace Friend Deletion Amnesty Day!

Lets Play a Game: Which Du'er Am I Thinking of:

My In-Laws were married 37 years ago today

Guess who won't be flying the friendly skies!

I'm getting really tired of being told I have to like things!

How serious is pneumonia in an elderly person?

Christian fundies aren't the only crazy fundies

Next season on "24" (spoiler)

Have you ever gone to a concert by yourself

random Youtube time

Machines are crapping out time

Favorite Tube

I lost my ipod! No more f'n Nickelback!

Sometimes y' just gotta ask ...

Congratulations WillyT!! 15,000 posts

My dog (a five year old Sheltie) is petrified of a 10 week old puppy...

Perverts - check in!

The problem with Botox. (Nicole Kidman-inspired).

Post pics you've never posted before

You know what I wish Barry Bonds would do?

my dogs' farts are so bad they blasted me out of bed

What is it with nasty skinny girls at the gym?

TEN QUESTIONS: What if I came to your house

*To whomever donated in my name, that was really very nice of you.*

Lounge Losers, check in here

Okay, I am DONE with ever wearing Doc Martens.

Hopin' you sophisticated motherfuckers hear what I have to say.

Just letting you know that I'm finally getting in the habit of practicing that guitar

How money hungry would you have to be to do this to your dead spouse?

Lionesspriyanka Depreciation Thread:

What's a good graduation gift for grad of the high school Class of 2007?


guess what just walked past my bedroom window!!

guess what just walked past my bedroom window!!

Whats Your Favorite Airline Past Or Present

Honestly...If you needed blood, would you refuse it if the donor was gay?

Whats The Rarest Animal You Have Ever Seen In The Wild?

Capturing live video webcasts: anybody here good at it?

Philadelphia, New Jersey: Don't miss my band this Saturday night at Trump Marina!


Picture thread - post a pic of your bad self!

Cradle of Champions

Landis, Armstrong, and Steroids

Who will win the Stanley Cup?

Marine Corps Attempts to Stifle IVAW Free Speech- Please Help!

Will the U.S. Attack Iran?

Living with War ~ Neil Young ~ Impeach Bush.Cheney, I say

KO----Democrats Sell Out

Senator Dodd will vote NO on Iraq Supplemental (quick video, just released)

Addicted to War: Why the U.S. Can't Kick Militarism

Mike Gravel: Mad As Hell

Two Hundred Seventy-Five Million a Day! For What?

Dr. Laura discusses her son's Myspace Page

The Truth About H.R. 811 - Election Deception

Operation Ansbach Peace Herald - Iraq Vets Against the War

Rosie and Elisabeth lose their tempers on The View (Full version, including Joy Behar's comments)

Fredrick Douglass on the puny opposition to war....

What's the alternative? A do-nothing Congress, again?

Anybody have a review of this polling site?

Days like today......I don't know

National poll that I would like to see: How many christian evangelicals...

Liberty U student plotted to set off explosives,

Only 8 more days!!!

Iraq: Four years ago polls indicated that 70% of Americans believed

The proposed House bill is an OBSCENITY!

I'm sick of politicians! They remind me of nothing more than a bunch of used car salesmen.

RE: Goodling REFUSES To Turn Over Subpoenaed Docs To House

NCLB needs killing.

Golfer dies after cart goes off cliff...

Reminds me why I left Texas

Anyone just hear Ray Taliaferro ball out that caller?

Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran

Will Monica be under oath?

Security think-tank: Iran may be preparing to strike Europe

U.S. Government Gave Airtime to Terrorists

Another example of hate of the homeless

3,424 of our U.S. troops now dead in W's war

Watching Al Gore with Larry King. I am impressed! Calm, colletected comments.

Photo shows Bush at the wheel of his big F-250 pickup Sunday -- no seatbelt

News you probably didn't hear about - New Mass Graves being found in Iraq

I hate to be the one to come on out and say it but if Al Gore

Taylor Marsh has an MP3 of Gore's phone call to the bloggers

In honor of the Dem cave-in, a song

Trickle down: How has gas prices impacted you and your area?

E-Mail The Speaker of the House of Representatives and Demand Impeachment

"A Short War"

What's it going to take? just asking....

Interesting toon from Non Sequitur

Reid says, "It's a lot more than the President ever expected he'd have to agree to."

Through a wormhole in Time, we have a video of Monica Goodling 10 yrs from now...

Washington Journal: Arthur Davis is full of poo.

Sometimes we're too serious to see.

Who needs a truck in Vietnam

I just checked the listings. Where is the Goodling hearing aired?

Kucinich to speak on House floor regarding Iraq Oil Law

Debra Palfrey dishes at Georgetown luncheon...

Urge you frigging senator not to vote for cloture on the Final funding bill

Declassified Intel on Bin Laden - Iraq was AFTER US invasion

Indiana: General Electric to sell plastics division to Saudi company.

Funny letter to NBC News

Body in G.I. uniform found in river S. of Baghdad

Democracy Now Website

== Rejoice, The Hummer Is Dead = By Mark Morford

Dems shying away from Cheney's Energy Task Force

What has Congress become? Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing /nt

Free computer virus finds willing victims

WARNING: People sensitive to STUPID should not view this video.

Monica and the "Aww... Poor Baby" factor.

In Baghdad, fighting their 'Alamo', a captain fears it may be 'their surge, not ours.'

Air Force Prepares Members for Ground Combat

As is said, it's always the darkest right before the dawn

Do you live on a budget?

Dennis on 1 hour C Span @ 11 a.m.

"Bush quietly, dramatically increasing troop levels to 200 K


Coburn blocks legislation honoring Rachel Carson..

Hiring, Retention, and Firing of United States Attorneys - Must Read

Gas Price Hikes Have Already Cost Americans $20 Billion This Year (Reuters, via MSNBC)

Grab your popcorn...Judiciary Cmte Hearing w/ Monica Goodling starts in 15 min..

So since they found this body of the soldier today, will that convince the people

Al Gore's book is number 3 on Amazon

Peace Organizations to Greet Bush at Coast Guard Academy Graduation Today

Conyers: Fed Up with Gas Prices? Blame the Bush Administration for Not Enforcing Anti-Trust Laws

Monica Goodling thread #1

When will Monica Cry?

Outsourcing outrage

Goodling seems a bit nauseous as she is pacing the hearing room, did they actually think...

***Monica Goodling Thread #2 ***

No Pity!!

Just for once I'd like some good news.

*** Monica Goodling Thread #4 *** I think I don't recall

CNN's ex-Fox news bimbo beating the drum for BushCo. SURPRISE!

Threat Alert

***Monica Goodling Thread #3 *** Goodling Statement Begins

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Millbank weeps for extreme rightwing Republican who tried to take on Murtha's earmarks

Bloomberg: Democratic Caucus Split By Iraq Troop-Withdrawal Concession

CNN Headline: Bush to use bin Laden info to defend Iraq war policy

called speaker pelosi's office, they receptionist would NOT take my comment

It is time to remind our employees that the primaries are coming

What do you think would happen in the Iraq

While Goodling gets cornered, CNN does "LIVE" report showing TAPED Goodling

*** Monica Goodling Thread #5 *** I'm a good Christian - I PLEAD THE 5th!

The real culprit here, as in Watergate, is the president of the United States. (Robert Scheer)

Another Congress, Another Monica

please delete

What's a conservative Democrat?

2 Cult followers: Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme and Monica Goodling

All is not lost

*** Monica Goodling Thread #6 *** "I don't believe I intended to break the law."

Miss Goodling, meet your predecessor:

R-Utah, Rep. Chris Cannon...what a duuph...

The NYT leads with Democrats' collapse on Iraq, and fills the front page with the war's horror

McClatchy Claims It Was Barred From Pentagon Plane As Retaliation For Anti-War Coverage

For those that think "law and order" fred thompson is a moderate

Germany in 'Stasi scent tactic' is collecting scents from G8 protesters to track them in crowds

This statement by Russ should be our mantra on Iraq!

*** Monica Goodling Thread #7 *** I didn't mean to! :'(

Cabal News doesn't cover historic hearings...but Shrub phones in another presser

Are casualty averages for U.S.soldiers going up?

After the Democratic cave-in , who gives a crap about Monica Gooding? Its going nowhere.

Six months straight of 80+ US KIAs

Breaking on CNN: Monica drops a bombshell

Fighting overshadows Iraq's oil law...

Bush's Commencement Speech to the Coast Guard Academy

Caption *

Bush's Commencement Speech today at the Coast Guard Academy

Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out!

Pop Quiz--National Threat Advisory vs. 5-day Weather Forecast

Rep. Kucinich up on CSPAN, RE: Iraqi oil, now, 10:37amCT. nt

Goodling's last statement before the break

Goodling Hints Attorney Firings Came From ‘White House Judicial Selection Committee’

OK Duers please explain

anyone have a phone number to Madam speakers office in DC?

MUST READ from Daily Kos: Channel your fury (& don't blame ALL Dems)

Iglesias Op-Ed (LA Times): "'Cowboy up,' Alberto Gonzales"

Goodling, immunity, breaking the law

Lobbyist-turned-Bush nominee withdraws

The Oversight Congress: Trouble for Bush

McClatchy's D.C. Bureau Claims It's Barred From Defense Secretary Plane-McClatchy ??? pre war intel

Coast Guard cutter backdrop to Chimpy's commencement ramblings.

Center for American Progress Action Fund: Reject the Toothless (Iraq) Supplemental

LAT: Former USA David Iglesias: 'Cowboy up,' Alberto Gonzales

*** Monica Goodling Thread #8 *** "Yes or no, Monica." "Maybe."

Body found in Iraq river may be hostage US soldier

Bush names Wolfowitz president of al-Qaeda

bush says bin Laden is ALIVE & he's going to KILL us!

This is the best they can come up with (RW on Carter comments)?

*** Monica Goodling Thread #9 *** Um, Um, Um...

I am sticking....I am a proud Democrat


Two US Aircraft Carriers Reach Gulf Waters - RawStory\AFP

What is it about Republican blondes?

*** Monica Goodling Thread #11 *** Conyers is hitting the reset button on the room.

Monkey's speech on C-SPAN3, if you missed it

These hearing would be a lot more productive if the Republicans would STFU!

There are some dumb ass Coast Guard graduates

New picture of Monica Goodling post-hearing

FYI-Rush lead off show reading a DU thread/post

Fox Noise Breaking News!!!!!!

108 House Democrats Co-Sponsor Gonzales 'No Confidence' Motion - RawStory

Bush pushing Bin Laden-based fear so that we will not protest the war this Memorial Day

Bush goes from not concerned to using bin Laden to try to justify the Iraq DISASTER

B*sh polishes off his *favorite* Rusty Tool:

*** Monica Goodling Thread #10 *** Whatever I did, I don't remember Rove!

The Media Plan To Get Al Gore Due To The Assault On Reason

Rep. Issa said he "spoke directly to the president" about Carol Lam

I propose a sit-in at Speaker Nancy Pelosi's offices.

Somebody Riddle Me This... Why Did Goodling Need To Be Immunized ???

GEORGE BUSH: Timetables are only important when the president has a (D) after his name.

Poll: Have You Ever Taught a College Course

Monica Goodling - Bats Eyelashes & Says: I Didn't Mean To Do Anything Illegal...

Do you get it yet?

"The reason we don’t have impeachment is because the corporate-controlled media

The void between libery and fascism

HEADLINE: "Border Patrol conducting enforcement push at Las Vegas airport"

Take Action to Restore Habeas Corpus

I never thought I would consider leaving America, but

I just sent an e-mail to my Rep. Gabrielle Giffords


TPMCafe: Romney to Air Ad Attacking Massachusetts

Insane chimp talking to Coast Guard grads.

Sad that I have to come to DU in order to get the major news of the day.

I Just Told A DCCC Phone Solicitor: My Wallet Stays In My Pocket

My letter to the DCCC and DSCC

Goodling Dismisses Voter Supression Tactic Of ‘Caging’ As Just ‘A Direct-Mail Term’

PA Senate passes pro-breastfeeding bill - (PA folks) please call your state Rep!

"If we started impeachment today, we wouldn't have enough time

China's reply to consumers: "You're not supposed to SWALLOW antifreeze! DUH!!!"

Brazil Challenges US Prerogative to Name Next World Bank President

I need info on R. Allen Stanford

Iraqi Police: Body Found in U.S. Uniform

Anyone else reading Gore's "The Assault on Reason" yet?

Monica Hoodling one sentence

Woman Now Denies Man Tried To Kill Her On Train Tracks

In Light Of Today's Knowledge Has Anyone Ever Reviewed Gonzalez's Confirmation Hearing?

ABC breaks story of Bush authorization for covert action and Freepers respond

Wolfowitz splits from girlfriend

Thank you mrbush and Steven Green

I'd rather read Mick Foley's autobiography than listen to Monica Goodling...

Full funding “… and all natural resources to be owned by the Iraqis”

What if Iran is the Bushist plan (or excuse) to "exit " from Iraq?

Does anyone really think Petraeus is gonna say we should leave Iraq come September?

*** Monica Goodling Thread #12 *** Post Lunch

House investigating Smithsonian global warming exhibit

"Ms. Goodling, how long have you suffered from this CRIPPLING memory disorder?"

Heritage Foundation is issuing a warning

Swiss authorities question U.S. counterfeiting charges against North Korea

So hasn't Monica already perjured herself today?

Police: Angry Husband Bites off Wife's Lip After She Calls him Short

Larisa Alexandrovna: Propaganda (Due)-Iran (gate)

Bushbot or Bushnot? You be the judge...

Iraq - The World’s Fastest-Growing Refugee Crisis

"Funding the Troops" a myth? per Glenn Greenwald. Someone please explain, I think it's important.

US House leaders agree to fund Iraq war without timetables

Breaking...Seattle Not The Wettest City....

May Caps Deadliest Six-Month Period For America Of Entire Iraq War

When this Goodling hearing is over, I'm going to do a word count

Jerry Falwell obituary

Is this a hearing on crimes or a "How great regent university is? STOP the bullshit Conyers.

Doesn't "discrimination" in hiring cut both ways?

Scientists Seek Public Support to "Defend Science"

Now THIS is sicko!!!

Do you think the "Big Tent" is still a good philosophy?

The $2.99 Gas Pact - Houston

OK recess over, where the hell is the Monica CSPAN coverage????

M.Goodling - Has anything of any REAL substance

*** Monica Goodling Thread #12 *** Regents IS A REAL LAW SCHOOL, GOD DAMNIT!

Under Cloud of Scandal, Minerals Officials Flee Interior Department

Would you vote for Bloomberg?

Just saw Pan's Labyrinth on Spanish Fascism--that's a classic

I just tuned into Monica

Saint Patrick is Losing His Halo

Homeowners Policy

BBC Television’s Newsnight has 500 “missing” Rove office emails

CSPAN 3 is replaying the Davis questioning of Goodling. RIGHT NOW

Dump the party, get behind an IDEA for President

"My believe SYSTEM?"

Khaled el-Masri: From CIA Kidnap Victim to Supermarket Arsonist …(from Die Welt)

I'm going to agree with the Democratic Leadership on the war funding bill

So far, this year, we've paid an extra $20 BILLION for gas.

Are politicians businessmen or professionals ?

If he really, really, really isn't going to run,

Some wisdom from Kos

You gotta love those crazy Christians and the things they do to defend their own...

*** Monica Goodling Thread #14 *** Oh SHIT! They didn't prep me for that!!

*** Monica Goodling Thread #15 *** I'm feeling more uncomfortable than how Gonzo made me feel!

Finally an Iraq War plan that makes sense!

Dupe - delete

All non-Senate presidential candidates need to pay attention

QUESTION: Your vote last November was worth something - have you gotten back a fair return?

Damn... I Nodded Off... What The Hell happened ??? Re:Monica

Greg Palast had a good interview w/Ray Taliafero today

I'm going to see Al Gore tonight

Report from LA book signing -- Gore got the message!

A little ray of sunshine. Sign seen on Florida Turnpike NB just south of Jupiter

Who the hell are these people?

Greg Palast: Goodling/Sampson Obstruction of Justice evidence?

Rep. Artur Davis (D-Alabama) is one sharp package!

Bush's "food bully" favourite to take over at World Bank

This is what happens when no one, particularly DEMS - hold Shrub accountible....

Rep. Arthur Davis! D-AL

From LBN...looks like the 3 soldiers are dead...

Raise your hand if you want Monica Goodling to be VP in 30 years

The "Continuity of Government" plan (Shadow Government) is nothing new. But....

Investigating Dollar Stores (Including Dollar tree and others)

Did Gonzales testify

Some People can be so catty!

About Giuliani and Abortion: WWWDD? (What would William Donahue do?)

If Bush Has Lost Guys Like DICK ARMEY!!!

Pig Grunts When the Muslim Congressman spoke at the hearing

This is why most of the country is apathetic when it comes to politics

Pelosi says she won't vote for this funding bullshit.

Randi is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goodling, on a job applicant: "I didn't know she was a Democrat, I just heard she was a liberal"

Utterly, totally, astoundingly . . .

B*sh is daydream wishing that he could trade "Monicas" with the Big Dog right about now...

Edwards interviewed on CNN NOW

The Gore Book: Sweeping Indictment, Rousing Challenge

At long last, the family of Martin Lee Anderson, killed by guards at FL boot camp, receives help

*** Monica Goodling Thread #16 *** I want my mommy!

3431 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

How About a MONICA Summary for the Cube Rats? ------>>>

If you think your gas prices are high check out this chart of Canada vs the US.

cnn: 'Horrific torture pics found', those al qaeda, they torture people y'know


House approves stiff gas-gouging penalties

Pelosi will not likely sign something that does not have a timetable

CHENEY Isn't NOT On D.C. Madam's List

Let's Have A Guess, Shall We... Monica Was Uncomfortable Discussing With Gonzo, Because...

If the funding is only til Sept 30, why do they still need 100B?

To say 'the Democrats caved" is just not true.

I just sent this to Speaker Pelosi. Help me out with more. It's easy and quick.

*** Monica Goodling Thread #17 *** Conyers back at the helm, and we are LIVE!

I know somebody who left a year ago - Mods, please delete!

The Bush Presidency Is Like a Marriage Gone Bad

Out of Iraq and Off of Oil

Deleted — in wrong forum!

Caption this pic

...and one more time! Frances Townsend, on CNN, links Iraq

Secretary who sold Coke secrets to Pepsi gets EIGHT YEARS

DU has been running pretty smoothly that Davis just took down Goodling

On the cave in

Randi's imitation of Monica Goodling is cracking me up.

Greg Palast on Randi Rhodes NOW

Let's just say the bastard went and did it

House Roll Call: Gasoline Price Gouging (Bush 'urged' to veto)

Hate radio's curious obsession with Edwards' haircut

Congress Report Card

Congress seeks missing billions in Iraq

John Conyers: Fed Up with Gas Prices? Blame the Bush Administration for Not Enforcing Anti-Trust Law

Great photos of the New London peace protest

Imported Catfish Tests Positive for Melamine. Officials says it is a safe level

what I'm afraid of is a one-two punch by BushCo in the coming months . . .

Since the Democratic Congress still wilts from the repuke's "You Don't Support

Opium: Iraq's deadly new export

Caption *

I called my two senators' offices today, and asked that they try to replace Harry Reid

COUNTERPOINT: Vote To Change The Course

Reason is dead in America.

Rasmussen: Edwards Leads GOP's Thompson, Romney by 20+ Points!!

New al Qaeda Tapes Feature U.S. Capitol Under 'Attack'

Board Member Calls Evolution 'Adult Fairy Tale'

Caption Blair

Tucker's co-host WIllie

Crooksandliars: Bobby Scott (D-VA) grills Monica Goodling on whether she broke the law

Goodling broke down over attorney firings

Nine US Soilders Killed Today in Iraq

Everytime there is a Congressional hearing...Bush schedules a presser

Hey, when did MSNBC drag Cliff May out of the opinion dumpster?

So I reserved the Goracle's book today in a little town

Obama making a comeback?

Don’t Think of a U.S. Soldier, Unarmed, Abandoned in Iraq’s Civil War!

Is the White House really complaining about "waste of money"

Pew poll on Muslim-Americans - what the right-wingers won't tell you

Caption * and Pickles

Iraq War Vote - Tally

Okay EH from the View needs to be bitch slapped AFTER she has her baby

Okay, Lionel IS cracked.

TIME: Rough draft of Olbermann's "Special Comment" tonight, blasting the Iraq "compromise"?

Breaking News on Wolfoshitz by Borowitz

McClatchy: Months after troop surge, violence rises in Iraq

Does Rachel Maddow have her own show?

Which Costs More Per Year - Army Troop or Blackwater Troop?

House Dem Leadership's Muddled Message On Iraq Bill

Abortion foes criticize one of their own (Dobson)

I saw an interesting exchange yesterday....

I've always enjoyed how a good cover-up comes un-glued.

Things Are Great - The Poor Are Getting Richer

Anyone have link to DU'er "Peace Patriot" Excellent Post this Morning?

so where did the USA Purge list come from???

*** Monica Goodling Thread #13 *** CLENIS!

OK, I want the consensus on 2 questions re: Goodling--

The nose knows.

We're watching "Legally Blonde 3, Revenge of the Morans"

Chris Mathews is Pissed OFF at Rudy!

Smithsonian Cowers Before White House! When does this crap end, huh? When?!?!?!?

Keith's SPECIAL COMMENT on the Democratic Congress

Do you know anyone who still believes this bull..

Have I hit bottom?

If Monica did nothing wrong, why the need to plead the 5th

Was There Witness Tampering With Republican Monica?

"Looks like a guy who wouldn't be afraid to use a gun".

Who/What is to blame for soaring gas prices?

Justice Department Officials Confirm White House Instigated Plan To Bypass Senate

CREW SUES WH Over Refusal To Respond To FOIA On 5 Million Missing E-Mails

Way to fight Global Warming there, Georgie!

I hate the death penalty...but this woman deserves to stay in prison for a long time

Olbermann to rip Congressional Dems a new asshole in Special Comment!

100 Suspected Illegal Workers Arrested

Leahy: Goodling Testimony "Confirms Our Worst Fears"

Mission Accomplished. It is Mr. Bush's war now. He started it. He now owns it 100%

Big Dick & Lynne Cheney Show Off Their New Grandson ---pix--->>>

US Mission Has Food Shortage, Convoys Delayed

Al Gore is Fat!

protest warrior - the book

See Wes Clark rip Hannity a new one on Hannity & Colmes today

Frau Doktor Laura's demon spawn

Fascinating Newsweek feature: The Mystery of Gender

Looking for links to news stories about Afganistan, Bin Laden, Taliban, pre 9/11

Memo to U.S. Troops: Don't expect 3 meals a day anymore...

Well, Congressional Dems, if you cave to *, IT'S YOUR WAR TOO!!!

SO you want to be a hero?

Joy Behar is on a RANT against the Administration right now.

YearlyKos Netroots Convention Welcomes Presidential Candidates Edwards, Obama, Richardson to Leaders

*** Monica Goodling Thread #18 *** Davis is up and Monica is squirmy!

My feelings are hurt when you pick on Goodlings voice

Greg Palast: BBC Reporter has Rove Office Emails

No matter what happens in Iraq, Bush is not removing one single living troop

Judi Giuliani is already the Third Wife. Now she wants to be First Lady.

Marine Corps Attempts to Stifle IVAW Free Speech- Please help!!

Wednesday TOONS: Gonna be a sad Memorial Day

Goodling/Sampson - Obstruction of Justice Evidence - Palast's "Keys To The Kingdom" E-mails

Asshat! ---pix--->>>


No one has voted on the bill yet- it isn't even finalized.

If Bush knew bin Laden planned to attack, why was the bin Laden task force shut down in 2005?

FOLKS: Goodling may have inadvertantly clobbered Gonzo today

GORE: "I Don't Think Americans Are Well-Served By Having An ENDLESS Campaign"

And yet he was still able to buy guns

DEAN PEOPLE - Who do y'all like right now for 2008?

Artur Davis on CSpan3 is SO GOOD!!!

monica goodling was one of pat robbertson's 150 religio/fascist operatives.

67 Votes needed for Impeachment conviction comes from where???

Sibel Edmonds case: Pentagon controls US Attorneys, FBI. Call Waxman.

Which party initiated NCLB? and do we have the name of the person(s)?

Step by Step Action to Rid the Country of Bush, Cheney and Rove

TOON: War on error

There is no such thing as a RePUKE Christian. All are evil. Ann.coli would call Jesus a "faggot"

I am sorry to have to say this but...

WTF??? I mean WTF...WTF, man? WTF was that?

Fine DUer's - I fear our party may split over the DEMS capitulation to Shrub

I've hit the big (fat) time! Apparently I was quoted on Rush today.

How bad is the new Iraq bill? Probably worse than you think.

More Organic Farmers By-pass Certification, Market Direct to Consumers

Click it or ticket commercial, what a complete joke

Caption Dim-son

"War is the Health of the State..."

Judiciary Committee Chairman Leahy Reacts To Goodling ("mounting evidence WH pulling the strings")

RANT -- Keep your Christian College Comments to YOURSELF

WHich Senator Running for President is most likey to vote against the funding bill?

the argument that "we don't have the votes for impeachment" is so bogus . . .


Bullied girl alone no more

Oh, look at this sweet, heterosexual family.

So, how EXACTLY do we round up 12 million illegal immigrants?

Huff Post: No Impeachment Can Lead To Bushism Without Bush

Rep Conyers: "That leaves one place where these answers reside: the White House."

McNulty: I'm No Liar .... just released statement

Mary Cheney’s baby is born.

Impeachment Must Proceed No Matter If Anyone Is Removed From Office Or Not

I am beyond weary of the hate and it's probably not what you think.

Beyond Washington DC


Open Letter to Ms. Hasslebeck...WAKE UP YOU TWIT

Is this a JOKE?

"...she (Goodling) sobbed for "30 to 45 minutes"

What a great week for the DU fund drive... The site keeps crashing and the Democrats caved!


OMB Watch: Bush *doesn't need* supplemental to keep funding on for basic care of troops

Toddler dances on monks’ intricate painting

Monica!!! [PICS]

Crisis Looms in Lebanon

My little project...

Considering that there aren't enough votes to cut off funding for the war...

VIDEO Of Rosie and Hasselcrack Bickering and Yelling on The View - Again

Express your anger to Congress! ACTION >>>

Liberty University bombmaker's MySpace (HUHRAH! Well sead!)

Connecticut (Lamont voters excluded), you stupid motherfuckers!

Creation Museum opening this weekend

If you are going to go down, there are times when it is better to go down fighting.

THE REDIRECTION-By Seymour Hersh-Cheney Brings Us Closer To Confrontation With Iran

"A second Fallujah" plan exists for Sadr City...

Copies of Smoking Gun e-mails Ralston Does Not Want to Talk About in Chronological Order

One thing this war budget decision points up for us...

From TP Muckraker: List of good ?? re purgegate

John Edwards: "America needs to be leaving Iraq.”

Maybe Leiberman is passing causus secrets to the WH

On John Edwards and his bargain basement speaking fee

Cole interviews Allawi: good

Bush declares himself Supreme Ruler of America!

Democrat == Republican

Goodling Tried To Block Hiring Of ‘Liberal,’ Leading To Internal Justice Investigation

Hillary Seeks Iraq Withdrawal Plan

What really happens when you call Pelosi's office and get transferred to the "comment" recording?

Marilyn Musgrave and dog shit...

I'm too old to be giddy, but......the thought Al Gore is going to surprise

Spy Drones and the Surveillance Society

Kucinich Will Expose Iraqi "Hydrocarbon Act" Privatization In House Floor Speech Today

Anyone have a link for Goodling testimony?

In answer to her first question from Congress, a Justice Dept Official took the Fifth

Chertoff scares the fuck out of me -Can't hold back his smile when he's told they'll be voted out!

It's time for some of US to run.

Anyone remember Giuliani happened to be in Russia when that school was attacked

No GOP presidential candidate at falwell's funeral, white house sends "mid-level" aide

Obama Enjoys Highest Level of Base Support for Second Straight Month (Ras)

"The majority" is not a panacea, WHO is in office matters

Goodling pushed out career officials.

Steve Beshear is the Democratic nominee for Governor in Kentucky

McClatchy: Edwards takes political gamble with holiday offensive

My rant shut down for "ant-democratic, inflammatory, violation of DU rules...

Ms. Goodling - Have You Ever Met Karl Rove?.......

Dems might want to remember that the #1 reason for voting Democratic in '06 was corruption

At last, Maxine is up....

10:15 ET today--cspan3----Monica babe up.

They really think we're stupid

Congress should and can stand up to Bush. From January:

Sheila Jackson up...Yahoo!!

Pelosi's office still trying to shut up American citizens

Strategic Vision POLL: Edwards leads IOWA (29%), Obama (24%), Hillary (16%)

Re Impeachment: Let's review again what John Dean wrote last December

In case you didn't catch Monica Goodling this morning, this says it all:

cspan 3 is playing Bush sppech Coast guard right now-break time

Iraq vet struggling to afford college is just wrong: vet reaches out to John Kerry

Mike Pence (R) Indiana - Why are we here? What's illegal?

Something I Saw on the In-Flight Video on United Airlines

I missed most of Monica.. only heard a little at the last with Repugs

This bimbo gives blondes a bad name. She talks like a Valley Girl,

Obama gets friggin' PWNED by Colbert !!!!11!!!

My two tacky questions for MS Goodling

"This is no time to back down." Senator Feingold (Democratic wing of the Democratic Party-Wi)

Edwards Leads Obama 29-24 in Iowa. HRC third at 16%, Richardson 4th with 9%

A win for the White House or loss for Dems. Why give in now?

Randy Forbes, (R) is an idiot, feeling sorry for Ms. Goodling because

Recent headlines threaten Edwards' main campaign theme

Davis is awesome, helping Monica lift the body of Fredo to

No Respect for the Left Anymore?

Enviro Mentalist Anti-Sex League Pushing Human Depopulation Agenda

Just called Rep. Holden's DC office.


US pushes China on food safety, a "top concern" (Reuters)

Are Democrats More Open to Critical Discussion of Their Party?

Defections now likely on Iraq bill

goodling, like limbaugh, is a comedian

Here is my letter written to the DNC today. I'm done.....

The "anti-war" left. I really take offense to that label.

Mabus to advise Obama on Middle East issues

Monica being told by Conyers she cannot plead the 5th as she just

Report from LA book signing -- Gore got the message!

Keep sending chucklenuts the same bill over and over and over and over!!!

Senate Votes to Cut Guest Worker Program (AP)

Goodling Testifies about Gonzales Meeting (witness tampering, anyone?)

TO Maxine Waters: followup question suggestions

TPMCafe: McNulty, I'm no Liar

On Public Radio Now!: Author interview on the bribery scandal of U.S. Rep. Duke Cunningham

Kucinich on ‘The Truth About Oil and Iraq’

Nancy Pelosi - Speaker of the House - Her Aide says "no comment"

Jeez is JC Watts an pompous partisan fool....

Monica Goodling is Dressed Like Ann Coulter

Lott Claims Bush Would Never Declassify Intel ‘Just For Political Purposes’

When's the next Dumb...I mean, Dem Debate?

FReeper Analysis......Priceless.. (and correct).

Other than Linda Sanchez, these people asking the questions are

My husband now estimates that he will save $7500 over five years with his Civic Hybrid.

CNN: Situation Room --> My remarks on Frances Townsend

They're not asking Monica the right questions.

MP3: Edwards on Foreign Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations today

Do you think Dems are caving in because of Memorial Day?

So What's The Verdict - Did Monica Goodling Ice Gonzo Today?........

Statistics re: Bush V. Gore

Who controls the government in America?

Who, exactly, do you think caved?

have you seen the pic on the front of the nytimes today?

Did the House Judiciary's Republic members have a recent clam bake in Goodling's honor?

Iraq police say body of missing U.S. soldier found

Why does this seem familiar?

The anti-war Left: A fringe group

On Countdown With Keith Olbermann tonight & Keith's Special Comment!

What "Digby Says" about this............

There are two types of Anti-War candidates

Holy Crap! did you see the crawler on MSNBC new Hotline Poll

Pearce calls for McCain to resign (if he continues to miss voting)

Ted Sorensen Backs Obama Video Link Below

Another hollow exercise from our wimpy Congress

Bush lies to Coast Guard class

Ed Rollins on Lou Dobbs

oh lord, i'm stuck in Iraq again....

My husband just cracked me up. He claims to be an independent but

I Have A Very SMALL Suggestion Or Idea About How We As Democrats Can

HRC speaks on funding: "When I have something to say, I will say it, gentlemen,"

Joe Lieberman: Why is he campaigning for Republicans? I have to reasons.

Goodling broke down in tears. Ahhh, poor Monica

"Leather whips, rubber sheets, painful memories of you." D.C Madame news(sorta)

Campaign Memo Urges Sen. Clinton to Bypass Iowa

Obama campaign to emphasize electability

Anti-American Americans

Our only hopes I see...

John Edwards Stakes Claim on Pirate Booty

Hersh: Bush administration arranged support for militants attacking Lebanon

Congressman Kucinich states the simple truth: "We do not have to fund this war"

Clinton won't take no for an answer. Urges Pentagon to plan Iraq withdrawal

Why did the Democratic Congress surrender to Bush?

Support Arrested Students at Stanford!

Kucinich Exposes Iraqi “Hydrocarbon Act” Privatization In House Floor Speech

A Little Touch of Harry (Truman) in Al Gore

Dems @ Fed Level, use influence to beat down Impeachment Initiatives

There's a LOT That Democratic Legislators COULD Have Done About Iraq Funding

Generals can't fight for peace! Whites can't fight racial inequality! The rich can't fight poverty!

Did Senators Biden, Clinton, Dodd and Obama, and Kucinich

Raising Kaine: "You don't play chicken with a sadistic sociopath"

My Apology to the fine people of DU

Joe Klein Responds To Bob Shrum's Broadside

I am waiting to hear how are Presidential Candidates in the Senate are going to vote on this bill.

Let's get a few things straight about the anti-war movement back in 68...

Which do you believe best describes the collective of recent threads on DU expressing anger...

HRC to throw in the towel in Iowa?

What are the DEM PREZ candidates' stance on the IMMIGRATION BILL in Congress?

Obama has fans in focus group - Hillary treated roughly - Repug "safest" choice in '08