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Archives: May 21, 2007

Fox News' Pro-Giuliani Conflict of Interest

US Cooling Off to G-8 Summit (Apathy toward global warming consensus)

Coleen Rowley: The Law School Commencement Speech that Alberto Gonzales Did Not Give

A Short American Life

Who's Afraid of Jimmy Carter? George Bush (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Why This Scandal Matters

Ashcroft Not Whacked Enough For the Bush Pack (AfterDowningStreet)

Comey and the Phone Companies' Role in the NSA Program (by Shayana Kadidal at HuffPost)

PAUL KRUGMAN: Fear of Eating

David Sirota: Dems Driving Triangulation "Over the Dead Bodies" of the Progressive Movement

New Scientist: Most Common Climate Myths Reviewed

A small problem with Governor Hydrogen Hummer's Hydrogen Hummer: GM Doesn't allow him to drive it.

Forgot everything, learned nothing

'Do not perform in Israel'

How to criticize without offending?

Iraq's VP rejects draft oil bill

Lauded conservationist shot dead

Very High Salary Jobs Available, Just One Catch -- They're in Fallujah

Efforts to stop `voter fraud' may have curbed legitimate voting

Study Finds Trend Among Imprisoned Vets

Second Life for Study Group

Officials mum on plane in Bush no-fly zone

Iraq's president heads to U.S. to lose weight

O'Connor: Court should follow precedent

Blix awarded Sydney Peace Prize

Equality: Dems revive ERA issue, but not all women approve

Talabani coming to Mayo Clinic

Brown quashes rumours of Blair link to World Bank job

G-8 nixes bid to tighten hedge fund regulations

"Woodstock" is on VH1CL in case anyone's interested

Anyone know a site where I could buy a download of PowerPoint?

Is there any way I can break a rental agreement?

Are you watching the Simpsons??

The GoGess Does the Weather


Were any other DU'ers at the AIDS walk today?

69 donations?

GD is lively this evening.

Who are the Lounge's guardian angels?

Heroes fans

Get out of my bed!!! (Youtube video)

I just stepped on a bee!

Masking Tape Question RE: Painting Drywall

I'll be here for an hour, tell me anything. {dial up busts}

Cajun Shrimp and Grits w/ Andouille Sausage!!!

See you in a week

I'll be here for an hour, tell me anything. {dial up buster}

Sexiness a must for today's lady singers

My next vehicle must run on Safeway brand gin

I have this to say...

Rachel Ray has gone under the knife, which is a shame

I-D 4

Let's lighten up a little

How cool! I just found my old police scanner!

Tell me I'm paranoid: so if your former boyfriend worked for a myspace-esque networking site

Sleep problems?

Free Cupcakes!!

Heaven help me, 'Family Guy' is fairly funny tonight!

Did Elvis wear Levis?

Can I ram my oingo boingo into your velvet underground?

Ok is anyone watching the Sopranos? ****spoiler alert****

I am going to see "The Simpsons" movie this July.

Ladies, if you're not wearing a corset right now, thank Paul Poiret

My sister and her friends borrowed my kid and my clippers a while back. LK now has a mohawk.

Why do models always have their fingers stuck in their hair or....

What sort of dressing would you put on the following salad?

I don't know any children named....

I saw "Interview with a Vampire" last night

"Every woman has the exact love life she wants."

Spiderman 3

Take the Personality Defect Test

Spurs Win Game 1

Federer ends Nadal's record 81 match winning streak on clay

This Week in Boxing! (May 23-26)

Contract talks between GE and workers begin today

Working women-Georgina Daffin: ‘I'm a steel worker’

Suicide is Painless

Robby Bee & The Boyz From The Rez - Land Of The Wannabe Free

DisneyLand in China?

Major General(RET) Paul Eaton--Face The Nation

Linkin Park - Hands Held High - CHILL-INDUCING VIDEO, watch it

Matt Drudge is a DUMB FUCK he thinks this is funny or something

Liberty Coalition's Michael Ostrolenk introduces Al Gore...

Ron Paul On CNN Late Edition (5/20/07)

David Bowie & Adrian Belew - **GUNMAN**

"Woodstock" is on VH1CL in case anyone's interested

I'm a Raggedy Ann in a Barbie Doll world

11 Point Visionary Agricultural Agenda

Manhattan(Illinois) library trustee campaigns against U.S. funding of Iraq war

"Send in the Clown"...a look at the horrors we did in Fallujah.

Talk Left: Immigration bill calls for more detention camps

A really cool graphic I stole from Bartcop


I am reassured to hear that we'll see progress from troop surge in Iraq by September...

Exclusive: Secret US plot to kill Al-Sadr

One building that's been built on time and on budget in Iraq: America's fortress embassy

In Depth Program... A Weekly Look at Selected Book TV Programs ..(is it?)

Action Alert! Time Warner takes aim at small publications

Family Guy is killing me tonight.

please DO NOT use other people's art and pix without permission!!!

I don't hate Hillary!!

Vegas Insider has Goonzales resigning odds at -180 by July 4th

Guy In A Reagan Mask-Runs For President-Republicans Ecstatic! (This Modern World)

D.C. DUers: Let's discuss DC voting rights & '08 election (repost)

Wash Post Monday Front Page: Iraq Study Group Report Gets Second Life

So you have to make over a certain amount to get a loan

Californians Could Vote on Iraq Troop Pullout


OMG! Family Guy is on fire tonight!

Seth MacFarlane is on an absolute tear!!!

ACLU Day of Action to Restore Law and Justice - June 26, 2007

Meet Matt PUDGE's partner (Orson BEAN's SiL), Andrew BREITBART

Brothers and Sisters Please Don't Fall For Scams asking for Donations for Veterans

Wolfie as corruption fighter? seems hard to swallow.

In case you are looking for some good listening on this Sunday..

Moderate Republicans lend sympathetic ears to McKay blasts

After all is said and done , I have come to the conclusion that

I Have To Vent!

Bombings Kill 7 U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

For All You Document Divers: Police Surveillance and the 2004 Republican National Convention

Online, GOP Is Playing Catch-Up

There is an answer to end the war!!!!!!!!!!1

Bush recess appointments have gotten under Hary Reid's skin

Quote from Wall Street Journal Review of Michael Moore's "Sicko"

I see the Family Guy fans, what about The Sopranos?

Southern Poverty Law Center - Comments

Dr. Laura's Son Linked To Lurid Web Site

Silverdale Man Had Weapons Cache, Possible KKK Ties

Wanna see sad?

My Meeting With Al Gore

I'm glad to see the Fund Drive has started.

We have to be taught ...

Video: Cop Conficates Pot, Makes Brownies - Calls 911 Saying He's Dying from O.D.

Impeachment- One more supporting reason?

He's smiling. They're not.

Banker Described As Predatory May Join Federal Reserve, a Test for Senators

Commodification and Privatization of the Planet

NYT Editorial: "Why This Scandal Matters" (DOJ - '...hard not to see fingerprints of Karl Rove')

NO MORE BUSH RECESS APPOINTMENTS!-Reid Plans Trick To End Bush Summer Hires

This impeachment thing

The groupthug beating of the homeless trend..

You must see BREAKDOWN.

"SiCKO" a hit at Cannes.....

Coos County (Oregon) Democrats favor Kucinich in balloting

Beyond Sen. Clinton and Wally World

The Simpson's 400 Episode

Efforts to stop `voter fraud' may have curbed legitimate voting

2 Candidates to Roll Out Domestic Proposals

Barack Obama's Unbounded Constituency

Experience is no Substitute for Judgement

What if the GOP ticket was FredThompson/Bloomberg?

What the heck's going on with Lampson in TX? Asking a Republican to run for his seat?

Clinton Falls to Third Place in Iowa (by John Nichols for The Nation)

2008 is Lou Dobbs for the taking.

The Secret History of Jerry Falwell by Daniel Hopsicker

No evidence of election crime, former U.S. attorney says

Lunch with Gore Vidal

White House under a scope

Iraqi leadership's failures raise pressure on U.S. (may install a new leadership)

Crime boss or framed insider?

The Guardian: "Oh Yes, He's Got An Agenda"

Lebanon’s Anti-Heroes (by Dahr Jamail for Truthdig)

Ruling throws cold water on environmental whistleblowers

Cheney alone as foreign -policy heavy


Looking For Jesus

Gingrich's War on 'Secularism' (by Robert Parry for Consortium News)

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Defining "Progress" in Iraq (The Nation)

GOP Govs Schwarzenegger and Rell blast Bush's EPA in WP op-ed: "Lead or Step Aside, EPA"

We're Number 1! (

Warning: Jon Stewart and Satire Undermining Society by Steve Young

Joel Pett's eulogy for Jerry Falwell

Ivy Leaguers R White Like Us (The Nation)

World Bank not worth saving now that Wolfie's out-- AEI Columnist

Training Iraq's Death Squads

Robert Greenwald: Let's Start Using the "I" word -- Impeach (from HuffPost)

MIchael Moore's latest must-read "Land of Make Believe"

The Washington Post Is at It Again By Ed Martin

Lavorare meno! Lavorare tutti!

NYT: ’08 Candidates Weighing Consequences as They Take Sides on Immigration Plan

The Peace Weenies Were Right

Graduates, Close Your Eyes (The Nation)

Troops want different tattoos leaving war

NYT: The Assault on Reason (review of Al Gore's book)

R.I.P. Trade Promotion Authority (

The Call to Impeach Gonzales (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Falwell saw law school as tool to alter society

A Widening Chasm Between House Democrats and the Voters on Impeachment

Her first vote put her in prison - Wisconsin

Drug companies should not make public policy

Patriarchy: The Next Generation

U.S. Imperial Ambitions Thwart Iraqis' Peace Plans

Bush Plans Dictatorship

Australia says regional carbon trade years away - Reuters

Beijing to turn rubbish into power - AFP

Democratic Presidential Candidates Have Far to Go to Meet Voters' Desires on the Environment

(China) Pollution makes cancer the top killer - China Daily

Exploration of tidal power moves forward (Maine)

Colorado Water Workshop

Biofuel Producers Unlikely To Meet Even Half Of Bush Targets - Dow Jones

Two Weeks Of Bonn Climate Talks End Deadlocked - Progress At Bali Talks Now Appear Unlikely

Lauded conservationist (Glen Davis) shot dead

Why Working Less is Better for the Globe (AlterNet)

Patent Pending: New Biofuel Developed at (University of Georgia)

Border Fence Seen As Threat to Wildlife - AP

China Daily - Pearl River Delta "Largely Destroyed" By Pollution, Toxic Metals - AFP

U.S. bids to stop G8 push for climate deal - Reuters

'Good bugs' control pests at Madison (ME) tomato greenhouse - without chemicals

Rio Tinto, BP plan 1.5 billion dollar clean coal plant - AFP

Australian Drought Starting To Cut Electricity Generation - SMH

Brace Yourself -- New Orleans Was Just the Beginning (by John McQuaid at HuffPost)

Staples To Start $10 Fee-Based Computer Recycle Program

Fears over looming energy crisis in UK

US says world CO2 output to rise 59 pct by 2030 - Reuters

New Legislation Would Bring (US) Wind Power to 'Grinding Halt'

Climate Prediction Center - Prepare For Continued Drought, Scorching Temps- USA Today

With Groundwater Limits In Place, Nebraska Trying To Support 500K New Acres @ 1997 Water Use Levels

Gaza Voices: Where are we headed?

IDF shuts down Hamas TV station in Nablus

Israel pounds Gaza, threatens to kill Hamas leaders

Lebanon’s Anti-Heroes

Lebanese army shells refugee camp

Hamas: Israel will be wiped off the map

Dichter: In hindsight, achievements did not justify decision to go to war in Lebanon

IDF issues emergency call-up for 35 reservists; 4 Qassams hit Negev

Border Control / How we lost Europe

Woman killed in Qassam rocket strike on Sderot

U.S. envoy: Unlikely convicted spy Pollard will ever be released

For Gaza journalists, kidnap is no longer the biggest fear

Make your point: How should Israel deal with the Qassam fire?

Norway prepares first direct aid transfer to PA government

Family home in Al Funduq to be demolished in three days

EXCLUSIVE: Proposed Bush Pay Raise for Troops Serving in Iraq, Afghanistan Violates Federal Law

Michael Moore attacks Sweden's healthcare reforms

DEVELOPING: No confidence resolution introduced in the House of Representatives

Smithsonian Toned Down Exhibit on Arctic

Explosion Rocks Beirut

Urban legend of "North American Union" feeds on fears

JUST IN: House Judiciary Gives 'Last Chance' to WH for Voluntary Cooperation in Attorney Probe

Wayward whales head back to Pacific

(LA) Mayor parties with (4,000) newly unionized guards

U.S. crime rises as police fight other threats

Richardson joins presidential race

Dems to send Bush no-timeline war bill

Bush: September "important moment" in Iraq

ACLU Secures Return of Seven-Year-Old to Lesbian Mother in Georgia (ACLU)

XM to Launch POTUS 08

Border Fence Seen As Threat to Wildlife

Mortar shell hits Iraqi Parliament

Private(ly owned) Bridge on Canada Border a Security Concern

U.S. bids to stop G8 push for climate deal

U.S. blames Taliban for Afghan civilian casualties

Carter Says Remarks on Bush 'Careless'

Bush Calls Vote on Gonzales `Pure Political Theater'

Federal highway fund could run dry in two years


Iraq Draws Up Plans if U.S. Forces Leave

DR Congo rebel threat to gorillas (killed ranger, threatening to wipe out gorilla troop)

Porterville Terror Suspect May Never Face Federal Weapons Charges

Iran irate over Cannes prize contender

Death toll mounts as Lebanon troops pound militants

Dozens Killed in Lebanese Fighting

Dollar buying ever less of world's goods

London's Cutty Sark ship gutted by blaze

Hagel (R-Ne) doubts immigration debate will be fruitful

Iraqi leadership's failures raise pressure on U.S.

Secret US plot to kill Al-Sadr

Diabetes Drug Tied To Heart Risk In Study (Avandia)

Afghan parliament ousts female lawmaker

Pentagon Studies Long-Term Commitment in Iraq

U.N. Panel Seeks CIA Prison Info

Ex-political prisoner in Morocco dies

Boy among five tortured in Iraq -- US military

Iran, Belarus Form Alliance in Face of U.S. Pressure

Bush meets with NATO chief

McKay suggests cover-up in prosecutor case

Militants kill Iraqi journalist in Baghdad

Edging Their Way Into Sadr City, U.S. Officers Try Negotiating Before Buildup in Baghdad Slum

Man charged in attack on former senator

leaving du

The MOST critical Lounge thread ever...

Bill Clinton tells Rush Limbaugh: 'You're tan, fit, look good'

Matcom News: Hershey Sues Man Who Made Pot Candy

Count Basie

Nude Photos Of Nursing Home Residents Prompt Investigation

I'm afraid to click on Matcom's thread about the nursing home

Jailed bigamist divorced some of 8 wives, doesn't know which.

Denzel Washington: "Fallen"...OMFG.

So, what are the Freepers Saying about last nights Simpsons/Family Guy?

So I watched "Last King of Scotland" this weekend

Korean Official: "Women are more developed creatures than men since they have one more hole.”

Heroes Season Finale Tonight

Did you ever think Creedence Clearwater Revival was from Louisiana?

Do you have Memorial Day off?

I had myself one of these this weekend-

Good morning DU! Hear are some music and meditations to start your day

Umbrella Saves Girl From Six-Story Fall

Happy Birthday question - car rental

Some spammer thinks I'm Rudy Giuliani


Favourite part of "Breakfast at Tiffany's"?

When reading these lyrics, don't think of gas prices or conspiracy theories:

The Leaning Tower Illusion. (Post your own optical illusion.)

Three good movies I saw this weekend

A couple of money saving tips for you guys.

Don't you wish you had been a fly on the wall?

Fredo Corleone - Wimp or Sensitive misunderstood dude?

Mars Candy Abandons Plans To Use Animal Products In Their Chocolate

Word of the day: "Anisotropy", or possibly "orthogonal"

Adorable Democratic Baby

Does anyone read the Albany

Anyone Else's Moon In "Suck"?

Hershey Sues Man Who Made Pot Candy

My boss agreed to a teaching schedule that he is not organized enough to pull off

Stranger Than Fiction

OMG!!! Midlo has foot rot

Lost film.. ( take a trip down memory lane)

I didn't know where to post this.

Does anyone have a killer enchilada sauce recipe?

Lounge cooks - Important Gravy Question

Congratulations SeattleGirl!! 30,000 posts

Pick your side.

I have discovered CBC Radio and I'm in love

I've been here since the begining of 2004 and I just realized...

one-upping the ex, alternate title: my sense of accomplishment


Caption Gore in his office

Dang, didn't anybody watch "Desperate Housewives" last night?

I need some help, Lounge..

Power Weekend report:

How much of your local Sunday paper do you read?

Birthday party for 4 & 5 year olds? Do the parents stay or leave?

I need animals to draw

"Notes on a Scandal". Anybody see it?

Who knew ping pong balls could be so much fun?

For those too desperate for Check out

What a potty mouth!

Canadian DUers Happy Victoria Day

You know you're getting old when...

"Guns Don't Kill People; Abortion Clinics Kill People."

Viagra reduces hamster 'jet lag'

Teens Found On Piggly Wiggly Roof Trying To Get High Smoking Oregano

Wrens are mocking me. Continue to construct nest on front porch.

I have a bruise in the shape of the number 666 on my thigh - is this a sign?

Have you actually heard The Gossip that all these people are talking about?

Hey lounge, may I have a hug?

We took my granddaughter to Toysrus yesterday and saw the most awful parking lot rage.

Hello Lounge. I ate the biggest banana EVAH today

I got my hair cut. Finally.

I have a cracked molar

Pitbulls, Cops, Guns, Oh, My!

Remember that young 'un we called Kleeb?

(777) 777-7777

100 Year Old Man Says Secret To Long Life - Smoking Every Day & Booze After Every Meal



Do you believe that people, generally, are capable of rational thought?

Gas prices cross that imaginary line

Hey, matcom, Bornaginhooligan needs a link to the douchebag thread

Goat Academy Booked Solid - Land Owners Use Goats To Stop Kudzu From Going Places

Don't mean to be a downer, but I would like your answers to this question

My Mardi Gras/parking ticket experience.

9-11 talk is starting to grate on people, I witnessed booing and groaning

Lounge Ladies, who uses an electric razor?

Activist Poll

(666) 666-6666

Coolidge's A Friend in Need

When you read a post what voice do you use?

When You Do the Do, How Well Do You Do It?

Personal attack posted as seemingly innocuous question.

Have you ever met an "ignorant liberal?"

I have a bruise in the shape of the number 8 on my thigh - is this a sign?

If you are using a car with the handicapped insignia on it, do you use it?

If you want to laugh your ass off, read this cartoon about the MSM!

how much would you be willing to pay for a gallon of gas?

how mosey are you on a scaLe 1-10?

Some mellow Zeppelin...

What happened to Sly Stallone?

Why should one need drugs to see beyond the ordinary?

Man, I have just about had it with everyone and everything.

Gay flamingos pick up chick

Which side of the bread do you butter?

**********HEROES SPOILERS!!!!! LOOK HERE!!!!!************

50 years ago come November...


Questions for a Monday morning

OK I have a question

Tell me about a new band whose music I should check-out!!

BigwillQ you are in our thoughts.

Attention Posse. Attention Posse. Don't look now, but there is a 'serious' thread in the lounge

6 foot bookcase.... I built it...all by myself!

I made another video.

When you hear the phrase Guadalcanal Diary do you think of a book, movie or band?

Where is the effin' Sopranos' thread and why can't I find it??!!

Attention: People who put out, may I have your telephone number?

What does bad raw chicken smell like?

Now That Gas Is Over $3.50


An appreciation thread for billyskank...

Chigger bite attack!!! Help me DU!!!

If you were on Death Row, what would be your last meal request?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 5/21/2007)

Why do people in the country have +-5 acre lawns?

I wonder if FREE ASSOCIATION threads work when started at 3 AM.

What is your Special Purpose?

I would like to request lounge vibes - for my mom again.

Congratulations devilgrrl!! 10,000 posts

Hey Lounge! I'd like you to meet our newest addition to the family, ALiberalVega.

I have bunko tomorrow night at my house.

Would you rather be cold or hot?

i wish DU had an scent option

Gonna make a J A I L B R E A K....

Prednisone sucks.

30 Cops Will Enforce 'No Cheering' Rule At Graduation

There is a lie going around about me: i want to clarify my position before my opponents get a chance

The Best Spoiler Shirt Ever! (From Threadless!)

which side of the bed do you sleep on?

Greatest Rock Concert Ever Thread!

how noisy are you on a scalE 1-10?

Car Insurance, crazy high...

I just went to the bank and on the way, passed TeenMidlo driving.

What Would You Do?

Anyone else have DAR ancestry?

"Mommy, you're so hairy and big."

Someone actually said to me last night that 'the truth is subjective'.

Congratulations SharonRB!! 15,000 posts

Best decade for movies

Brand names/Corporations which burned you so bad you'll never buy from them again:


Each reply to this thread = $$ for DU

List 5 things about yourself..... 4 true and 1 false..

Sox-Braves, Mets-Yanks, Yanks-Sox, etc. I'll be exhausted by the end of the week.

Clinton Portis Likes Dogfighting Too

Sorry if Dupe Standards Not to Be Put in Secret Trade Bill


New book: "Screwed: The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class and What We Can Do About It,"

I'm union and I vote buttons just $1

LAT: L.A. gang members go union

The Illusion of Homeland Security...

Amerikan Theokracy...

Marijuana & Cancer

Randi Rhodes---James Comey

France bans pesticide that killed bees

War Veterans Take a Stand

Toy soldier world tour-art tour...

Dateline--Dragon Skin Body Armor

TDS- News I'd Like To [email protected]#K

Liberty News TV Ep24 Organic Food, GMO, Health, Obesity, War...

Smoking Gun...


Remembering Malcolm X...

George W. Bush: A Life in Pictures...

Ron Paul: Bad Foreign Policy Started with Woodrow Wilson

Cheney Doesn't Like Questions, PERIOD.

End of the Movie...Cake (Iraq)

Young Turks - George Bush Definition of Sacrifice...

Bill Maher on the GOP debate

Stephanie Miller---Fred Phelps to Picket Jerry Falwell


Put Cheney Under Oath & Ask Him About His Actions on 9/11

Arabs, Jews, and Texans.. its all about OIL!!

The President won't fire him -- but YOU can

So, George, What Price Have YOU Paid?

CNN---Michael Moore Film Sicko

The Simpsons - Fox News and the Liberal Media

Godfather IV

Allegory of American Hypocrisy...

Rosie O'Donnell blasts Fox News, Elisabeth Hasselbeck (March 21, 2007)

Forget timetables! The time is now!

26 years ago today two great sons of Ireland left us

New GRAND THEFT ELECTION: Chevron/Condi's Illegal Bribes to Saddam--Is this why he was executed?

India's IT revenues not up to U.S. standards

China to take $3 billion stake in Blackstone

Sam Seder broadcasting the Comey testimony now....sounds like a coup...

Dr. Phillip Zimbardo - on BookTV Now

3,422 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war

Didn't see this anywhere - conservtionist murdered

Pink Floyd Wants Bush Impeached

Don't hate me

Moore blasts Bush

Congressman McGovern and his wife take the Food Stamp Challenge

Chernobyl lurking in Himalaya's main rivers?

Masters of an Alternate Universe

Free Houses (or nearly free $1.00).. Here's one in Joliet

CNN/Specter: 'No confidence' vote will make Gonzales quit ..(in what universe?)

"Sicko", Michael Moore's film, exposes US health care ..

What's wrong with this picture?

Monday TOONS: Katie brings a new definition to "Anchor"

Republican Sex Offenders

I haven't said "Fuck Lieberman" in a while...

If we were attacked again would it change your mind about bush's war?

Who's Afraid of Jimmy Carter? George Bush Thats Who

Today Show going to do a spot on Limbaugh/Obama

Jimmy Carter almost calls Blair 'Bush's poodle'

Question for Bush/GOP:

Independent (UK) Exclusive: Secret US plot to kill Al-Sadr

AFGHANISTAN: Higher pay rates for poppy workers in volatile south

Lesbian alleges shelter left her out in the cold - Pastor denies any discrimination

Oh the unmitigated gall...

Carter... "irrelavant"?

This "Shocking" Story Should Not End Until GONZALES IS GONE (NYT Editorial)

Why Working Less is Better for the Globe

But Her Heart Was Good (Re: Rachel Carson)

71 U.S. service members killed this month in Iraq - An average of more than three deaths a day

Sneering MSNBC Bimbo:

BUSH's "Plan B" - Get Rid Of Maliki & Use Iraq As Base For Attack On Iran

Went to my hometown Memorial Day parade yesterday.

Wayward Whales Leave Port Of Sacramento

Are our soldiers dying to protect America or to line the pockets of corporations?

Can't break their morale. Iraqis are prepared to take unlimited losses no matter how many are killed

Sweet, subtle smackdown of O'LOOFAH (re: name-calling study). Snort!!1

On MS NBC this morning. Jim Cramer - I know he is some kind of money-talk show on another station.

Nancy Reagan: Reagan would be ‘worried’

THE TRAGEDY OF KING GEORGE (LAT Editorial) "You Thought Play Was Over-But Act V Has Only Just Begun"

MSNBC.... since the eyebrow left.

Mom blames Satan for burning baby in microwave

Does Cheney think he's Patton?

An Iraq veteran almost died on my flight yesterday


It's depressing that the Bushes use people of color to do their worst work

New Comic: Republican Presidential Forum Pt. 2. Rudy Giuliani Speaks

Massachusetts! Woohoo!

Matcom News: Hershey Sues Man Who Made Pot Candy

Ever see the movie Fog of War?

Leader of Iraq's largest Shiite party in Iran for lung cancer treatment

"In less than 4 days more than 20 US troops killed" reported on Mon. TODAY show

Would a sane president taunt the adversary with "Bring it on!" during the middle of a war?

Digital divide separates GOP from Democrats

Do the Bush's have photos of a naked Jimmy Carter playing with children?

WP: Bush has spent all or part of 413 days of his presidency at his ranch

US soldiers in Iraq fighting drug-resistant bacteria after injuries

"You've got to be careful quoting Reagan... when you quote him accurately it's called mudslinging"

Mission in Iraq Redefined: We’re there to find our missing troops.

C-Span 3- Public Hearing: 4:12 PM EDT - Support for the National Guard and Reserves

No halo for Mitt.. The best the photogs could do was to balance a white elephant on his coiffure.

USNews: Dems may ask the Texas Bar Association to determine whether Gonzales violated the code

Doctors claim that Lincoln would survive his wounds today.

Iraq president seeks U.S. medical care

What time is the Gonzo no confidence vote going to happen?

Dems Outraising GOP -- In The South!

Florida shakes up early presidential voting

Australian farmers are having a shortage of fertilizer from China

Live chat with Michael Moore over on Kos at 11AM EST Today

Guiliani's friends

The White House finds its national emergency!

Hitchens and Colbert are top audio books on iTunes

John McCain proves daily he is a political idiot.

Pat Buchanan: Ron Paul was right

Florida Gov. Christ (R) Signs Bill Making '08 Primary Jan. 29

"Spitzer, Nixon and Gonzales".........“I think it is a blight upon the Department of Justice

Fallout from Whistleblower's Revelations - Pfizer CFO Resigns

"Bus passengers murdered in Iraq " Wow....that 'surge' is really working well, isn't it?

"Contest Helps Boost Math, Science Skills" -- Very cool!

US Border Patrol go to Iraq to teach them how to border control

US Embassy in Iraq: $600M bomb-proof fortress the size of the VATICAN!!!

Tinfoily then, maybe not now:

Are Iraqi leaders leaving the Green Zone because of safety concerns?

Ghouliani drops to third place in new Iowa Poll...

Dissent with your dollar

Secret trade deals, lobbying reform, Iraq and Triangulation

Small plane might crash live on other news in the world.

"Role of leadership" BILL CLINTON on C-SPAN 1 NOW...from May 2, 2007 Potomac School in McLean, VA.

LAT op-ed: America -- the world's arms pusher: Our top export is the deadliest

"Some of Our Staff Are Less Comfortable with Homosexual, Gay, & Lesbians"

Are we there yet? Is our next Pearl Harbor/9-11 at our doorstep?

For the welfare of the planet, Al Gore is needed more:

Attention all DUers taking Avandia!

Presidential memoirs & kissy-love books should be illegal until their papers are PUBLIC.

Microsoft keeps shutting me down.....three times today! This ONLY

Remember when "amnesty" was a good word?

Hillary Inc.

AAR: Did I hear ir right? "On the next Alan Colmes Show????On AAR?

I love this strip!

Robert Greenwald and BraveNewFilms Presents: Impeach Gonzales Part1

Blackwater mercenaries.

June 13. Mark the date.

NBC Today Show spanks Carter for saying what American majority thinks

Pic of how to start our "Impeach the bastids!" campaign in Turkey!

How Long Did It Take Us To Get Used To $3.00+ Gas?

AL GORE interview coming up on ABC Good Morning America

From Obama to Clinton to Redford to M. Moore Schedule of Interviews.

"Fats Domino returns to the stage " (first time since Katrina)

Tribune Op-Ed by Obama, "The problem with bundling money"

Did Tim McVeigh go straight to heaven after he was executed?

The MSM is not in the business of informing us

Schiff introduces Gonzales no-confidence resolution

The gas tank ate my DU donation

ACORN Calls on the U.S. Senate to Fix Bad Immigration Deal

I'm looking for the photo of a freeper wearing head to toe USA Flagwear

Whew...the plane didn't crash, so MSNBC is now covering a police chase

If there were an attack on D.C. --it would trigger martial law, wipe out most of the evidence...


Al Gore Never Said "I invented the Internet." Never. Said. It. (by James Boyce at HuffPost)

Impeachment Fever Spreads

MSNBC: Michael Moore under "US Government Investigation" over his Cuba trip

Iraq draws up plans if U.S. forces leave

Net Neutrality deadline!. . June 15

Another Bush appointee helping to build that bridge to the last century

GOP loves Cuban cigars

Bush: "I stand by Al Gonzales"

Job Opening: Intelligence Analyst -- Salary:$265,000 - $340, catch

Save Internet Radio (The Nation)

Start another Countdown-To-Stepdown stopwatch!

Iraq draws up plans if U.S. forces leave quickly

NBC: Dem source says Gonzo "no confidence" vote "unlikely"

Someone donated for me - I thank you, whomever you are!

BBC - Pilotless police drone takes off

Fundie post from a Brownback supporter

Blond bimbo on the view dumber than ever today

Gunmen ambush British fuel convoy in Iraq

Air America Interviews 34 National Leaders May 21-22 - SCHEDULE:

Well fed Iraqi president in US to lose weight while Iraqis are starving to death

Claim your free "Support the Troops, End the War" Bumper Sticker

Bush's domestic policy adviser: ‘I’ll Never Hire Another Woman Because They Just Get Pregnant & Leav

McCain hits Romney hard on immigration stand.

Iraq War Creates Ammo Shortage

Black smoke over Tripoli, Lebanon as gun battle rages

Carter: Anti-Bush remarks 'careless or misinterpreted'

Meanwhile, back in Durango....

Capitalism Magazine - an interesting peek into the minds of our overlords

My 81st LTTE-Re the body armor fiasco

DoJ 'Voter Fraud' Operative Strong-Armed EAC Officials...

The US is pushing *really hard* for that oil law to pass!

Why is the pres. of the U.S. still referred to as the 'Leader of the Free World'?

The set-up is becoming clear; get us to okay taxpayer subsidized refineries.

Help Wanted: Willing to eat bitterness (must relocate to China)

The United States is not above the law - put the war criminals on trial

Point me to the right group for this question.

Food fight! Grab some left-overs and join in!!

Farmers Branch apartment owner "I can't check legal status, I've never been trained to do so"

dupe, sorry. please delete

A peek at the future

Death and violence are not rites of passage

Matthews grilling 3 reporters about the Clinton marriage is really disgusting.

tweety - lois romano

I found a non-picnic photo of Monica Goodling

EH's the View TWIT moment of today She did called Rosie a terrorist thinks H&C is a debate duhhhh

The rightwingers are bragging about how they are having more kids..

Bush wants people to be more 'sober' on how they address the Gonzales issue

Bush calls for a more "sober" assessment of Gonzalez's tenure.

Now that their email scam is busted, what are they using?

Captions? ---pix--->>>

Preview of Murray Waas Book on Plame/CIA Leak Case

some thoughts about the Supplemental War Funding Bill

My prediction of the GOP/Dem pres/vp (unless Bush attacks us)

One minor difference between Reagan and GWB

What's it going to take?

Censoring of Global Warming exhibit at the Smithsonian alleged

Moscow sniper update

New "Godfather" movie coming out....

Pentagon Making Preparations To Keep Tens Of Thousands Of Troops In Iraq For ‘Decades’

Wanna Help The Environment And Save Tons Of Gas? Heck With A Prius, Buy A Motorcycle!

New legislation would expand VA loans, education benefits

International oil companies could receive sole control of Iraq's oil

Matthews interview the theif Blackwell

Putting Impeachment On the Table - The Huffington Post

Caption *

Freepers "Winning Conservative Platform" suggestions (with Exclamation [email protected]!!1!! intact.)

Cindy Sheehan: Where have all the Giants Gone?

Parma Mayor may oppose Kucinich in Dem primary next March

Godfather IV: Fredo's Revenge

Paul Waldman from Media Matters busts Limbaugh on NBC's Today Show:

UN Descries US Immigrant Situation

Is Michael Moore adding insult to injury

UN turns spotlight on CIA rendition

Who wrote Deryk Schlessinger's MySpace Page?

U.N. barred from Texas detention center

I know how to fix Shrub's fucking ass

My husband's endocrinologist refuses to stop prescribing Avandia

Efforts to Stop `Voter Fraud’ May Have Curbed Legitimate Voting

Second -- is it worse than Watergate?

I am so sick of these RW pricks

What is Pat Buchanan's actual JOB?

They’re Ugly and Stupid and Nobody Likes Them

Immigrant rental rule in Texas blocked

Dear God, please don't let it happen again.

Lusitania question.

NBC Nightly unwatchable tonight

Did anyone catch Brian Williams interview with Tony Blair? Blair's eyes didn't blink

Comey considered physical intervention to thwart hospital visit to Ashcroft

Wait, didn't Smirk call the Iraq Study Group plan "a flaming turd"?

Gas is higher than it has ever been, we have a criminal in the WH,

Uganda: USAID to fund GM cotton trials

Bush Blames Democrats for AttorneyGate, Demands they be "More Sober"

Could YOU Live on $1 a Meal? Four House Dems take the "Food Stamp Challenge" to Promote New Bill

No more Tax-Exempt Bibles in Georgia, rules U.S. District Court for N. District of Georgia!

Video: Un-hinged Freepers at an anti-immigration rally.

I tried a search to see if that idiotic portrait is legit...

Moscow, Idaho shooter...probably went off his medication as he did halt mental health counseling.

Foreign Privatization of U.S. Highways

Gore haiku

Sam Seder/Malloy audio is online now

Rethugs worry that immigration could spell the end of their party, reveal their true racist selves

New Justice Dept. document dump.

Newshounds, Who Watch Fox So You Don't Have Too....

So I fugured out why Lionel's voice annoy me so much...

OMG! Unbelievable!!! MUST SEE!!! WOW- Just WOW!

Anyone know much about the Volkswagen TDI?

Fixing What’s Wrong With Iraq - - Guess who issued this fine statement of principled leadership...

Watch Al Gore Turn Diane Sawyer's Media Whore Hype Back on Her and Unfreep the Poll!

Broder's latest: Bush "saw the threat to the West posed by terrorism and responded courageously"

Should the FDA regulate supplements?

Tweety has Blackwell on ..Ken Blackwell who stole our election

One of my dreams is coming true! No more beer bongs on the rivers in MO!!

Is the Bush Administration worthy of spreading democracy around the world?

Mom: Did vaccinations kill Guardsman?

GREAT NEWS--Virginia Tech Shooting Victim

Gonzales proposes new crime: 'Attempted' copyright infringement

National Seat Belt Campaign Starts Today; police will be making more stops, writing more tickets

MySpace agrees to share sex offender data with states

Newt said Pelosi has not accomplished anything since the Dems took over

OMG!!1! KBR Recruiter at 5th Grade Career Day

New Death Drug of the week: Avandia (Heckuva job, FDA!)

How much will gas be on July 4, 2007?

Need help with PC-Cillan firewall:

Bill Richardson is about to be on CNN

Digital divide separates GOP from Democrats

Why do people in the country have +-5 acre lawns?

$5.6 BIL. to Pakistan in 5 yrs. & they STILL can't find Bin Laden

3,422. Haven't heard that number on the nightly news, have you?

Dems Caving Again To Bush on Iraq War-funding Bill

Patriotic Americans Don't Mind Paying Higher Gasoline Prices

Falwell funeral....guest list?

Help finding out about NPR show I heard for the first time today.

Has it become too easy to communicate

Picture of SD former congressasshole, charged with rape...

"Al-Qa'ida is a virulently anti-Shia Sunni group...Hizbullah, a virulently anti-Sunni Shia group"

"Michael Moore's 'Sicko' confronts American public"

It just makes me throw up practically every time

Bay Buchanan on Washington Journal now re: her book on Hillary.

Heads up: Minor downtime for maintenance today

Does this guy look drunk?

Life on the "Ranch" ---pix--->>>

Take me back to the sixites, check out these memories

Did anyone see Bay Buchanan on Wash Journal this morning?

If we end up instating martial law, will the freepers even notice?

Birth Control Measures Prompt Riots in China

Randi is Making No Attempt to Hide Her Contempt for AAR 2.0

I met an elderly man today at a John Edwards appearance

Hartmann calling Diane Sawyer on her bullshit with Al Gore...

Us, Florida people will determine the nominee? between HRC or Obama?

I saw the play Hair yesterday and where we all went wrong?


Who Rules America A must read, imo

CNN poll- Do you agree with the White House that President Carter "is proving to

Gonzales Allows Karl Rove-Protege To Remain As U.S. Attorney, Even Though His Term Has Expired

LOL !!! - Daily Show (Samantha Bee): News I’d Like to [email protected]#k

It's time that we all helped Sibel Edmonds. Please call Waxman.

"The Undauntable Thought"

Oh Get Over Yourself, George. You Are Not a Cowboy. ---pix--->>>

Robbers target buggy-driving Plain people (Amish or Old-Order Mennonite, I assume)

Relevant Song Lyrics & Poems Thread. (add your faves)

Impeachment wagon greets the chimpster.

How come the Lebanese army is slaughtering Palestinian refugees?

XM Users: Anyone lose signal today? What's up?

Specter sees Gonzales quitting

Right-Wing ‘Voting Rights’ Group Has Disappeared

"California's prison budget will overtake spending on the state's universities in five years"

GORE: Impeachment Is Well Deserved-Says Bush "Is A Lawbreaker, Liar & A Man With Blood On His Hands"

Bush learned a new word today

Newsweek: White House Says Gonzales Did Not Know Comey Was Acting AG

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

COMEY's Testimony Blows WH Legal Cover-Gonzales Cannot Protect WH Any Longer

American Dream Team: Draft Gore-Obama for 2008

I'm looking for the photo of a freeper wearing head to toe USA Flagwear

Dems to send Bush no-timeline war bill (Yahoo)


Did Bush ask Ashcroft to sign a predated document?

DEMOCRATS To Ask Texas Bar Association To Review Gonzales

COMEY: "I went to the Oval Office -- as I did every morning as acting Attorney General"

The Today Show asks: "Is Rush Limbaugh getting a pass?"

When Will The Oil Companies Use This For An Excuse?.......

Humans are filthy creatures.

'The challenges we face are not acts of God or accidents of fate: they're man-made and deliberate"

Yesterday I filled up with gas. Across the pump was a large red Dodge

Anyone here ever take the ROUTE 66 trip from CA. to Illinois or Illinois to CA.? I'm planning

People are hysterical about the invasion by "illegals" while we are occupying Iraq at gunpoint

Eating Organic on a Food Stamp Budget

Illegal immigrants refrain: 'Leaving America is not an option'

Sales of Large SUVs...REBOUNDING?!?!

ABC: Gore: " I'm not a candidate"

green weddings

Lebanon Funded and Armed Al Qaeda Group (With US Support) It is Now Bombing in a Palestinian Camp

Air America's "The Lionel Show"......holy moly this show sucks...

Monica Goodling today?

How many Democrats have gone to US soldiers funerals?

Has Big Oil posted it's profits for the first quarter yet?

WTF is happening ??

Death by Veganism

According to the army Al Qaeda may be behind Schlessinger MySpace page

Al Gore on The Daily Show Thursday night.

America isn't prepared for what's coming.

"Grow up. Stop complaining. And go get more skills."

Rasmussen has Mr. Impeachable at 34%...lowest ever recorded.

Florida's primary might not count

Hey Photoshoppers! Now's your chance. You can designe the new WAR CZAR UNIFORM!

Reid's Plan to Stop Recess Appointments

Midlanders help fill coffers

Few senators support the Immigration bill, according to a "survey" by The Moonie Times

Digital divide separates GOP from Democrats

Hey Photoshoppers! Now's your chance. You can designe the new WAR CZAR UNIFORM!

This Modern World: The Republican presidential hopefuls jostle for attention ...

New Comic: Republican Presidential Forum Pt. 2. Rudy Giuliani Speaks

Bay Buchanan on C-Span now, lying in her ugly


Dept Of Defense Rejected Predictions Of Sectarian Violence In Iraq As "Too Negative"

DU this Poll: Again WTIC AM in CT not reporting war news and asking poll questions

Fox News Poll: Hillary 35%, Obama 20%

The Rude Pundit - Illegal Immigrants: Furniture or People?

George W. "Chimp McFlightspoon" is GUILTY of close to 3,500 counts....

PDAs Clever Idea - 'IMPEACHMINTS'!

Hey Photoshoppers! Now's your chance. You can designe the new WAR CZAR UNIFORM!

Clinton Reintroduces Legislation to Restore FEMA to Independent, Cabinet-Level Status

I have to admit - I like what Schwarzenegger is doing for Global Warming

Wasn't there supposed to be a vote of "NO Confidence" on Gonzo today?

Laura Flanders: Colorado Scores a Win for Voting Rights (The Nation)

On Carter's "irrelevency" ...

Those twits at the Opinionjournal....

49% Say Obama May Be Next President

Other than immigration (and maybe there) Dems are blowing it in Congress

Women's Campaign Forum Endorses Clinton, Joins Women Leaders Across the Country

bush must think his base is comprised of ignorant trash (as I do)

Arnold Schwarzenegger (D-CA)

Edwards gets favorable NC press for use of internet

Efforts to stop `voter fraud' may have curbed legitimate voting

What reasons would make fred phelps decide not to picket a funeral?

Salon: Michelle Obama's sacrifice

Conservative Rasmussen Polling has Bush near 50% Strongly Disapprove.

Across South, Democrats open wallets (Prez Race Dems leading Repubs)

Is Obama "fading"? The polls say no

Rice set to make fence-mending trip to Spain (Reuters)

resolutions until next month-----not likey till then (Gonzo). drats

Clinton won alot of southern states in 1996, and

President Carter in New Orleans today actually doing something FOR his country

Iowa Poll Shows Romney, Edwards in Lead (AP)

Bush Attack on Defense Workers’ Civil Service Rights Challenged in Congress

Bush worst president ever -- Did Carter say it or not?

Primal SCREAM!!!

Blast from the past "America 2004" made in 1999, anyone remember it?

The Weasel and the Damage Done

Obama coming up next on Air America Radio n/t

Per bunning (dork) of KY; immigrants don't want to stand in line and play by our rules

In emergency, Bush appoints himself head of all three branches of govt.?

Labor Rights Are Civil Rights By Julian Bond Chairman, NAACP

Senate Puts Off Action on Immigration (AP)

Bush now looking back to Iraq Study Group for help

Jimmy Carter

"But Who Was Right – Rudy or Ron?" --by Patrick J. Buchanan


TPM Muckraker: House Dems Warn White House (make one last appeal?)

Rasmussen: Hillary up by 10 over Obama...

DU a poll: (TV and radio, newspapers, news mags, e.g.), do you think they are favoring one party?

It's time that we all helped Sibel Edmonds. Please call Waxman.

Chicago Tribune op-ed, Senator Barack Obama: The problem with bundling money

Watch - Side-by-side test: Interceptor vs. Dragon Skin Body Armor

Hey Photoshoppers! Now's your chance. You can designe the new WAR CZAR UNIFORM!

watch out, Busshco: the dems will pelt you with nonbinding symbolic gestures and threaten

Meet Democrat Dennis Kucinich's Wife: She's a New Age, Tongue-Pierced Brit

Rift between Clinton Administration and Gore over Kyoto and Climate Change Revealed!

NC favors Democrat over Republican for President in recent poll

Byrd: "Bush's war is turning the sands of Iraq blood red"

SEN. BOXER cosponsoring SEN. OBAMA'S Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation Prevention Act,

AirAmerica Interviews: Obama, Michael Moore, Nader, Hillary, Edwards, Kerry

TPMCafe: Report Dems to Give Bush His Way on Iraq

75% of Americans say U.S. headed in wrong direction

Gay flamingos pick up chick--together for six years,

Review of Gore Book and Link to Diane Sawyer's Interview with Him! (MUST WATCH!)

Kerry Asks Bush NOT TO CUT Military Pay Raise


Sharpton dines with Mormon elder (AP)

AP: (Hillary) Clinton wants Pre-K for all 4-year-olds

I know I'm going to get smacked down hard for this, but I am sick of hearing about the 08 election!

Ronald Reagan elicits the same response as Randolph Scott

Another senior foreign relations expert applauds Biden's plan for Iraq

Bill Richardson Plays Up His Mexican Roots: "I'm Hispanic. Did you know that?"

Amazing list of Bush's *botched* comments in '04

Hillary dodges questions on Today about Obama and their "fundamental differences" in 2002 on Iraq.

New Rasmussen: Edwards highest # ever; Hillary highest # since March; Obama lowest # since February

Front Lines of War Resistance

Dems set war bill without Iraq timeline (AP)

Reflections on convincing a WWII vet Republican who came over to my Obama table to talk

Kentucky Gov - Primary TOMORROW

XM/CSpan launching POTUS channel dedicated to '08 Election

For those of you without a favorite horse in the (08) race .......

What part of 'illegal' is so hard to understand?