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Archives: May 18, 2007

CRS on New U.S. Africa Command

Naked neo-cons: Perjury and the Big, Bad Wolfowitz (by Greg Palast)

Nixon Rides Again: It's only illegal when the president agrees it's illegal.

The President's Secret Program: A Timeline

NYT: How Battles at Bank Ended ‘Second Chance’ at a Career

The case for imperial liquidation

More Trouble in Latte-Land (The Nation)

(Newsweek) Messenger Man: The Problem with Bush's new War Czar

King George's loyalty oaths (Blumenthal / The Guardian)

Homegrown Businesses, Not Global Chains, Build Community Prosperity (

(B.C.) Scientists advise capturing spotted owls - AP

Poll: 71% of Israelis want U.S. to strike Iran if talks fail

Question about DOJ and HAVA

Why gasoline prices are rising while oil isn't

Here’s your sign: Teen gets public punishment

Naval lawyer guilty of spilling captives' names

Putin Takes Merkel On Moonlit Volga Boat Ride

Dobson says he will not back Giuliani in 2008

60 Die in Iraq; Study Warns Of Collapse

An Export Boom Suddenly Facing a Quality Crisis (China)

US says Israel has right to defend against Hamas

Culver: Iowa won't play second fiddle

DoD Announces (4 - not 3) Army Soldiers as Whereabouts Unknown

Family claims cervical-cancer vaccine caused paralysis

Pictures of Angry Lesbians!!

What was that TV theme KO just played?

I only caught a few American Idols this season

May is Mental Health month

Got fixed by listening to some 80s tunes

What's for Dinner, DU?

Humboldt Brewing Company's Hemp Ale

'Supercuts — the salon of choice for baseball fans'

If you need a free site with linkable images.

I am going to run away

Sometimes my play list scares me.

Oh Valencia!

Electic Company. Our childhood. Discuss

New opportunities for Red Lobster?

I'm pregnant.

OK the Electric Company post

Need some advice about how much to get paid for a job

Driving a car with expired tags and no insurance for six months is:

One last view before he's gone forever

I know a fellow whose name is Ishmael.

Grey's Anatomy tonight ( may contain spoilers)

Any other Left Coasties watchin' this movie about global warming

Do you have any idea how long it takes a working person to save $5,000?

I'm kind of getting bored mingling with moguls

Any asshats or fuckwads round here tonight?

If celebrity deaths happen in threes

How do I vote for D.C Idol?

Anybody else notice grocery prices are rising fast?

Music Nerds: Should I buy this?

Wow Wow Wubbzy - work of the devil or Nick Jr trying to drive us all insane?

Please allow me to introduce myself

What is your particular money fetish?

Any speculations on the "Ugly Betty" finale? (spoliers)

G'night, DU...

As of this post I am 2 posts away from 1000

Free speech fuckin' rules!

What d'ya got that'll cheer me up? I got dem ole blues...

Off to Canada for fishing!!!

Congratulate me! Today is my anniversary............

Another reason to come to Milwaukee and visit me

Liberal empathy vs. realism

Get well soon Bo Diddely

All right...who took it?

Be careful what you wish for....

my 20,001st post evah!1!!1!

Anyone watch The Office tonight?

Betty Bowers "america's best Christian" on Jerry Falwell (Satire)

I am on the Internet!

I can't seem to cry...

Ugly Betty... Who else is crying ????

Anyone Ever Had a PICC Placed?

What kind of person yells "move faster, you f**king fa**ot!!"

My fellow friends...know what I love about you guys?

Is Basketball & Hockey over yet?

Tell American Eagle: Support Warehouse Workers' Rights E action

Biden: Unions Created America’s Middle Class

Message from Dubya on War Funding

The Vietnam War Memorial in Washington: Reflecting on the War

Keith Olbermann reveals Alberto Gonzales & John Ashcroft hospital footage!!!

Bush Dodges the Ashcroft Hospital Visit Question

"Jesus, He Knows Me"

How Many Warrantless Wiretapping Programs is Bush Running?

dup plz delete

America's illegal-immigration problems have no easy solution

Crooksandliars: Colbert and Gov. Dean go head-to-head

FDA - CAT Scans are 500 times the radiation of a Chest X-Ray - Avoid when possible, esp. CHILDREN!

Pat Buchanan is going to pop on air

Air America Radio press release on relaunch of network

Central Va DUers - Bush to attend Goochland event.

you know, as a teacher, NONE of my students know my politics I am amazed some teachers are

Through Davis' eyes (warning potential spoiler of Real World)

George Bush is a freakin idiot

I want to hear the wingnuts take up for Bush not giving the troops a pay raise

Judge Told Leak Was Part of 'Policy Dispute'

Meet Tyler Joseph Froatz: Minuteman, Freeper, Terrorist

Republicans Claim We Support Veterans And The Troops but stab them in the back

Today...May 17

Freepers On Comey !!!

Kidnap and torture: new claims of Army war crimes in Iraq

Illegal Immigration

Would YOU do this...

Wolfowitz's fall brings more bad news for Bush

A little reminder:

Laws introduced to overrule Copyright Royalty Board

Barack Obama to Haaretz: Turn up the pressure on Tehran

NYT: Attacks in Iraq

Christian right leader writes off Giuliani

Mike Moore, Sicko and the government....

(World Bank) Staff Association Reaction to Board Statement

Clark: Holding a few soldiers accountable in military trials is not enough.

I am pretty sure -

Falwell That Ends Well (An Ode To The Mortal Majority) - David Goldstein

Sour Over Her Sweetheart Deal

Yippee! Staggered replies!

Thank you, Jerry Falwell

Nothing At All Will Change Without Publicly Financed Elections

McClatchy: Now 30 USA's were targeted

I've never done this....... have you?

Pat Buchanan is going to pop on air

"There’s a lot of speculation about what happened and what didn’t happen." OMG

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Daily Show. Brilliant! Break out the popcorn!

John Edwards is rich

Why is someone allowed to tell my wife to FELLATE someone on this Board?

NSA Whistleblower Warned Domestic Spying Program Is Sign the U.S. is Decaying Into a “Police State”

E-mail from a friend---supposed letter from Jay Leno

Latest from McClatchy's Iraqi Staffers: Please, America, Just Go

A hard boiled story from the Freeway Blogger,,,

Uncle Rudy ??? - Tell Us One More Time How You Saved Us From The Bad Guys !!!

John Dean: "Congress could send 15 plainclothes Capitol Hill police officers to arrest the AG...."

“The Color of Blood, the Color of Resistance, the Color of Iraq.”

Digby: Why can't Bush admit he sent Gonzalez to a sick man's room for a coerced signature?

John Edwards: From mill town to the national stage

The Reagan Error: Can we not make it again?

When swagger merits the dagger -- NYT: Wolfoshitz's sorry adventures at the World Bank

for those of you who have chosen a candidate, a lot of us have not

Wolfowitz GONE!!!

Just because.


Former Rep. Tom Delay is the guest on The Colbert Report tonight!

What Do You Say About A Person, Who Could Easily Be President, Yet Isn't Interested ???

"OCDU"--Enough Already!

Funny Bill Richardson TV ads begin airing in Iowa - Check it out!

An interesting little Wal-Mart Story...

We have troops being killed in Pakistan?? wtf?

Thank you Lord----Thank you Lord----Thank you Lord----Thank you Lord----

The simple fact about John Edwards is this--if he isn't rich, he isn't a playa!!

Silly moustache man John Bolton at it again, says we must nuke Iran now!

"Bush stepped before the cameras in the Rose Garden the other day and said, essentially, nothing."

West Coast Alert -- Watch ER tonight

Air Marshals' and Security Screeners' IDs Compromised: 100,000 TSA Employee Records Stolen

If you were watching KO:

Repug smackdown in 7th grade science class

I wonder how DU will act when they find Ann Coulter dead from an overdose

Of 80 threads on Page one of GD, *ONE* is directly regarding gay rights.

Pig Boy Limbaugh says he alone has the power select the 2008 republican nominee

so...what was the point of NAFTA again?

It isn't about civility. It's about priorities.

20% of enlisted and 6% of officers use Food Stamps and/or WIC ......

Chinese Ramen, Chinese Gluten and Human Kidney Problems

Mothers Day March in DC...

Dick Cheney declares immunity from EVERYTHING Plame (WaPo)

Troubling questions regarding Comey's testimony

Mark your calendars and get your recording devices ready (Monica Goodling)

President Nicolas Sarkozy is poised to pick a surprising Socialist as France's foreign minister

Radio days

If you haven't watched James Comey's testimony on the Ashcroft-Gonzales hospital incident

If you're watching KO Woot ATC's!

ABC and CBS ignore Comey testimony.

Did You Catch Jonathan Turley's Warning On KO Last Night Re: Gonzales ???

Cyanobacteria to The Rescue

Buzzflash: Married to the Mob, the Story of Alberto G.

Senate Democrats Plan a Resolution on Gonzales

You Can't Bash An Armed Queer!

How Bad is Gas Gouging in Your Area? This is the Worst I've Ever Seen

Comey's Evidence of a Crime - Impeach Now "Scoop"/Collins

Obama supporters to put pressure on NH Senators over Iraq

When are Republican Party Hacks like Kate O'Bierne

The Gonzales No Confidence Vote

Clinton, Obama, Dodd spar over Iraq

We've lost a crucial underpinning of America's safety

Four Senators voted against the IWR, Kerry-Feingold, and cutting funding:

Giuliani just lost SpongeDob's vote (I wonder if this is a bad thing?)

Review Bill Richardson's TV ads (now airing in Iowa)

If your boss took firing "off the table", how good of a job do you think you'd do?

Is it possible that Al Gore himself has not decided precisely what he'll do?

McCain hasn't cast a vote in the Senate in 5 weeks...

John Edwards at the Georgia Dem Party annual dinner.

The First Lady of Triangulation: Nation's 2nd Installment of the Hillary Advisors

Hillary pulls into a small lead in Iowa...

Cheney seeks immunity in Plame lawsuit.

Clark: You cannot win the war on terror simply by killing people.

If the Dems do not act NOW, they will face their own BLOWBACK

24 Organizations Ask Pelosi and Reid to Leave Iraq Its Oil

Hillary Inc. (The Nation)

Giuliani, Edwards have Sudan holdings

Wes Clark- “this time, we've gone too far.”

Opinion Dynamics: Hillary ahead by 16...very bad news for Edwards...

The clash will be between the "governing class" and the "activist class."


The BLT: Libby Lawsuit

Is This the Best the Administration's Surrogates Can Do?

Shell-Shocked at Abu-Ghraib?

Caller ID

TPMuckraker: Elston: Just Passing A Couple Names Along

How Low Can Gonzales Go? (by Eugene Robinson)

Now, I Am Become Death, The Destroyer of Worlds

Bush May Veto Bill That Would Help Protect Hate Crime Victims (Women's eNews, via AlterNet)

Death in Iraq spawns grim subcultures

Liar’s Primer

Goodbye Houston: An Alternative Annual Report on Halliburton (CorpWatch)

8:27 if *your* MSM-a compilation

Editorial: Ashcroft's lesson lost on Gonzales

This Is What the World Bank Looks Like (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Illegal immigration is an inventory problem

New Energy for America (by Robert Borosage and Katrina vanden Heuvel)

Enter the Empire

How Rove May Have Already Stolen the 2008 Election --Greg Palast

Noam Chomsky on Recent Developments in Venezuela

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Defining "Progress" in Iraq (The Nation)

Gonzalez: How To Let Him Go

The Nation: Dems sell out on trade

Trade And Consequences

Jon Stewart Rips Into Gonzo in The Hospital! (Video Comedy Central)

PAUL KRUGMAN: Don’t Blame Bush

Former Harvard classmates criticize Gonzales, publish WP letter (Harvard Crimson, via Truthout)

The Disturbing Truth About Doctors and Your Medical Safety (AlterNet)

More On Comey, NSA and The Politicization of Justice

Mcclatchy has more names for AttorneyGate that were on the list, but kept their jobs

New Scientist: Climate change - a guide for the perplexed

More people without commercial electricity (off grid livin')

(Chico State) "Project rescues good stuff from garbage bins"-from college dorm students

Paulson Withdraws From G8 Summit - Doesn't Want To Act On Climate, Hedge Funds - IPS

UK Businesses Miss Carbon Targets - Emissions Up 3.6% YOY In 2006 - Financial Times

Harper Ready To Join Bush In Weakening, Scuttling & Watering Down Any G8 Climate Statement

Power to pedalers: Save gas, save climate, save health

The Times: Rapid rise in global warming is forecast

Earth's natural defences against climate change 'beginning to fail'

13 National Academies Of Science, Including All G8, Call On Politicians To Act Now On Climate - AFP

New fuel for 21st century -- aluminum pellets? - Reuters

Okay, this maybe dumb but just stay with me here

Deadlock In Bonn As Climate Delegates Try To Get US, India & China On Board For Bali In December

Exxon Still Funding "Skeptics" - 40 Groups, $2 Million In 2006 - Reuters

NOAA Spending Up To $4 Million On PR While Cutting $700K From Hurricane Research - Boston Globe

Want to really save fuel? - 4 day work weeks

Palestinian charged in death plot

Abbas 'plot' as Israel hits Gaza

Dehumanizing Palestinians doesn't erase unique identity

Qassam hits residential building in Sderot, lightly wounding 3

Buzzflash Interview with Palast -- Rove May Have Stolen 2008

Election Fraud. Or as Rove says, "THE Math"

Some GOP Notables to Miss Falwell Rites

University shut in Holocaust row

Progress on Iraq funding bill stymied

IMUS' LEGAL BLUFF - Jockeying Return to Air

Teen pregnancies drop to a new low, abortions continue decline

Shiite politician to U.S. for checkup

White House: Anti-Gonzales vote a stunt

Clinton, Webb call for body armor investigation

White House rejects war bill concession

Japan shaken by beheading, other violent crime

5 Killed in Mosque Explosion in India

Clean energy claim: Aluminum in your car tank (Energy Dept Blocking?)

Senate Democrats Resist Bipartisan Immigration Accord

Four arrested in Iraq 'honor killing'

Former SD Legislator Arrested On Sex Charges


Congressman Pushes Action Against Vick(NFL QB - Dog Fighting)

Update: Ex-EPA Chief Whitman Agrees to Testify

Hoyer to Dems: We’ll stay put until Iraq bill passes

Marine commandant warns of "disconnect" over Iraq

Five U.S. soldiers killed, ten wounded during 24 hours-army

Bomb kills three at Philippine bus station, 35 hurt

Protests as water privatisation increases

Army Court Issues Partial Stay In Watada's 2nd Court Martial

Sarkozy names seven women and socialist to new French government

Dems Take Aim at Lawmakers' Potential for Insider Trading

`Insulting' statement in Tillman case probed

Lethal Virus Hits U.S. Great Lakes Species, Threatens Fishing

Salazar: Gonzales should resign

Blair is urged to hand over power now

Court Upholds Pentagon Labor Policies

YouTube questions Pentagon's block

Padilla fingerprint match questioned

Immigration deal earns right's scorn, left's support

EU-Russian talks end in acrimony

NATO reviews Afghan tactics to cut civilian deaths

Iraqis in "besieged" city struggle to survive

No regrets for Bush and Blair ("White House swansong")

Wolfowitz resigns as World Bank president

Idaho's funeral picketing law too late for planned protest

Alcatel-Lucent Workers' Info Missing

Two ABC News journalists killed in Iraq

As Wolfowitz resigns, battle looms over successor(Tony Blair is on the short list?)

Iran tells US to admit 'failure' in Iraq

Musharraf: Rivals will not return

Iraqi forces thwart jailbreak plot

US forces detain Iraqi gang 'smuggling bombs from Iran'

Saboteurs have upper hand in an endless war, says Iraq's Oil Minister

China tries to cool booming economy with interest rate increase

Campaign funds going to legal fees (Delay tops the list at $1,100,000)

(Denver) Ex-prosecutor doesn't doubt politics had role

Question: Has anyone here ever experienced a "planned" electrical outage?

If you ever watch the TV show "Good Times" make sure you turn the TV volume down

I know all you guys think us babyboomers are jerks.

Am I a jinx? Anyone else have this problem.


See this card?

The Teletubbies ..afterhours....

I have a question. You people are the smartest I've ever seen.

Baby name wizard

I'se bin asittin an awonderin how Walt Kelly woulda drewed W's crowd

For the love of Mike, why is the only one I could find?

OK, that is scary

Golden Corral Restaurant Manager Pelted With Gummy Bears (Customer Complained About Buffet)

Its 7:30 am and I have not slept...

The GEICO Gecko Like the little guy?


I had to

Derby winner at the White House State Dinner.......

Whats the point of using '*'s in swear words?

I'll be headed to Missouri in a couple of hours

New bio of Joe Strummer looks pretty good.

They're making a movie about Doyle Brunson!

Elementary Principal Has Students Write Essay About Fellatio

Have you ever woken up in the morning and realized that you're just someone's sloppy seconds?

Rider dies popping wheelie (80 MPH wheelie, no less)

Are you series?

You know that Group Project that I "edited" : Well we got a A-

worst allergy day ever!

49cc motorcycles need to be licensed

I got a new toy.

What do you do when you learn that your friend/coworker is a racist asshole?

Tastykake Lemon filled Krimpets: Proof that God will one day destroy all evil

SQL is proof that Satan walks amongst us

I know most of you don't like FOX news, but if

Chick-fil-A Lovers Camp Out All Night To Get 52 Free Combo Meals

Man Crushed To Death By Flying Cow

wtf were they thinking when they named him?

My boss has officially attained god status.

Why is it Friday already? I wish it were just Monday!

Anyone watch C.S.I. last night?

I have actually stood on a corner in Winslow, Arizona...

Listening to Quadrophenia loudly!!!

"ER"--anybody watch the season finale last night? (spoilers)

One of my mom's cats simply refuses to use her box. Any suggestions?

School System Won't Let Senior Walk On Graduation Day Because Of Her Piercings

It's a big weekend for me, so please send some good jujubes!!

Ever have one of those days when EVERYONE at work can kiss your ass?

In my opinion... Oasis

Any Six Feet Under fans?

Author Lloyd Alexander dead at 83

Well it seems I lost my star

It's a big weekend for me, so please send some good ju ju!!

Three Posts On the Greatest Page Today! Count Them: 3!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 5/18/2007)

Hey Cwydro: I asked Rockit, and Rockit said she wont beat you up!!

I'm in a real I NEED A F*** mood right now

Deep-sea booty! $500 million in coins found.

What happens when you cross the Annie from Broadway with the Incredible Hulk?

I just made five dozen peanut butter cookies and as Dog is my witness

I'm in a real FUCK YOU mood right now.

Mac users-what's the best source for free music?

Your own personal jesus

I have lied to my mother

What would you prefer to witness?

Preferred Provider Networks...

Ummm... Could I get a browser check...

A little saturday afternoon Clapton

Another belt loop

Fats Domino to play for the first time since Katrina tomorrow night

Who Should Crim Son Give Her Cookies to?

Dead!-My Chemical Romance

Anyone have lyrics for two songs? The Sunshine Company's HAPPY

These People Died on this Date

I bought my husband the Bob Marley CD they are selling at Starbucks

What did you dream about (if you recall,) last night?

Damn - Stevie Nicks was hot back in the day

Girlincontempt has M.C. Hammer's "Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em."

What's up with Wuyii tea?

Wonder Women's gauntlets.

what is wrong with ds1

Be careful what you wish for

Yay! A bird found our feeder!

International News Net needs help to stay on air

Where'd my star go?

Would You Hire This Guy To Be Your Lawyer?

I have a question for Ptah

I need a hug...

Drugs: Don't do horses!

Well damn. My star just this minute expired.

"Choices always were a problem for you...

Who remembers the "funky chimes" theme at the end of Sesame Street?

I ran out of bird pellets last night.

New Netflix in my mailbox

What song is in my head at the moment

I'm in a real FUCK YOU mood right now.

All the food and items I bought today were made in the USA or Mexico:

Pack it up, pack it in

Where can I find a petition to have a costco open up in my area?

horses: don't do drugs!

Coming Out Insurance.

Lounge Winners Check In Here

Does your post's on DU plop or fizz?

We are going to Berlin in a few weeks. If anyone has recently

My kid just made her first political donation.

I'm watching The Deer Hunter for the first time...Ask me anything!

What song is in your head at the moment?

Smashing Pumpkins fans, here's a stream of one of their new songs

I'm eating Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream for supper!

Does anyone else have optimum online as their ISP?

I ran out of catfood last night

Why do I pay for medical insurance when they won't do shit?

As an apology for my virulent "fuck you" thread, what shall I offer as penance?

Linksys came back from the dead!

Any ideas how to fix a door knob?

OK Its Beverage Time

what is the last thing you ate?

Where would you rather be? (Dial-up warning)

Gas check! (And avoid exxon and mobil?)

how pathetic is it to start drinking at noon?

If I wanted to post a picture of LaraMN that would make all the horny lounge men want to hurt me

Do you consider Taco Bell to be real Mexican food?

Have you ever been hit on by a horse doing drugs?

I have a valedictorian speech to write!

What's up with My Space?

And you've just had some kind of mushroom...

Apparently, there might be a sequel to "The Birdcage" - with Tom Cruise being involved.

Anyone else have problems with DU crashing browsers on a Mac?

I just wondered...

What is your particular monkey fetish?

I think that professors that mis-grade tests should be spanked...

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD. Suspicious # of Lounge posts!

(((WARNING))) Don't Click This

How can I get the old Google back?

Violent Dog Owners Could Face Up To 20 Years In Prison

Violent Dust Mite Owners Could Face Up To 20 Years In Prison

Lets play guess the movie!

The Pinot Grigio is flowing

I don't care that they're handicapped - watch where they're driving with their scooters!!!

Wedding Called Off After Bride Sinks Groom's Van (With everything he owned in it)

So the Discovery Channels "Deadliest Catch" is sinking like a

I try not to be judgmental of other people's decisions, but this just creeps me out.

I've lost 10 lbs. in 5 weeks

i'll be in durham -- starting sunday -- for the next ten days!

Has your cat ever played pilot fish with you?

I did it! Nursing school is done! I'm giving out enemas! Or shots! Or care plans! Whatever!

What would you do?

Most beautiful natural scenery in US - Most beautiful city in the US

Why did you drive to work on Bike to Work Day?

Here I am, somewhere in Tenneessee.

Your opinion of New Jersey.

w00t wildhorses!

Did Mercedes Benz ever make a car styled like that of a Chevy El Camino

Did "Bionic Woman" really call for a remake?

A vent about the school I work in.... Real bad, real long.

The shit is hitting the proverbial fan.

BB Gun and Raccoons. Do you try anything to keep raccoons away?

The Matcom's Are Invading CANADA!

What do you think about people who believe in alien abductions?

Movies everyone liked but you

Forgiveness. Do you believe you need to forgive those who've

Yankees Teammate Criticizes Clemens

Honey Bee Killer Hunted

Kucinich On the Environment

Clinton/Obama: The Debate for the Black Vote

Barack Obama For President

AC 360: Former CIA officers critisizing George Tenet. p1...

War In Iraq...

Kucinich On Iraq

CNN---Talking Poverty and Food Stamps

Big Spender: Of YOUR MONEY! Nearly endless supply...

The Right Wing Media

Sudan President Uses Bush's Lies to Disavow Genocide...

GOP Debate - Evolution Question - Detail - RATE!

Monkey Man GWB 2007...

Iraq Civil War...

Video of Manchester police chief getting tasered

Welcome to Our Global Community

Junior Channels Dick (Or: The Speech We'd Like to Hear)

Defense Department Spends Billions To Monitor News Broadcast...

Arnold Calls Halliburton Oil...

Pakistan's Gun Market...

Gonzales----David Shuster Weighs In

The hidden massacre... (documentary on chemical weapons used in Fallujah by US)

KO---Bush vs. The Troops

Howard Dean on The Colbert Report

Look Who's Helping Wolfie PRETTY UP!

Rachel Maddow's---Falwell's Ghost Haunts GOP

America's Outsourcing Epidemic...

Must see Ron Paul response to Rudy....the truth sucks, doesn't it?

What Is This War (That's Worth Fighting For)?***graphic imagery***

Salon: The secret Iraq documents my 8-year-old found

Immigration "reform" is bullshit - this nation was founded by 'illegal' immigrants!

Bush struggles to force his pea brain to say something intelligent about Blair

How do I vote for D.C Idol?

when Bush was asked about the Comey testimony

CVS/pharmacy pulls Milwaukee alt-weekly

Putting Impeachment On the Table

FL-13: Sarasota Worm Virus Attack Story Followed Up by MSM

MO Gov. Blunt Wasted Over $600k on High-Tech Computers for Unconstitutional Voter ID Boondoggle

Sicko" Is Completed and We're Off to Cannes! (from Michael Moore)

Darfur and oil

Are Conservatives Afraid of Michael Moore?

Veto Accomplished....

Wolfowitz Accused War Reporters of Cowardice

Christopher Hitchens to God: Drop Dead!

Petulant child has hissy- Takes ball and goes home.

Rumor About Democratic Underground!

Is Bush to blame for Blair's fall? 'Could be!'

WP editorial: A Queston of Torture: McCain's rivals have learned nothing from history

Need video of RNC 2004 in NYC.

When all else fails, call your opponents 'surrender monkeys'.

Falwell The Toon Attack...

I thought we were calling them "unlawful combatants".

If I was to purchase a DVD about 9-11 being an inside job,

We need some serious bumper stickers that wake people up to the crimes! of this administration.

Michelle Obama Adds New Role to Balancing Act (excellent bio, story, including video)

Anti-Immigrant Gunman Denied Bond - 24 Year Old Freeper wanted to be released to his parents custody

NEXT week would be a good time to resign alberto what with wolfie bailing thursday.

David Gregory guest; Mary Matalin and Tony Snow, would like to

just askin' -- Snowjob and the war czar


Lick Your Chops and Evolve added to pet food recall

C'mon George, appoint Gonzo to the World Bank

Gov. HUCKSTER touts "covenant marriage" as qualification for running for president

Wish me luck, GD.

War hero to kids: Grow up - Blames Dems on Iraqis continued fighting

WBC to picket the funeral of Rev. Jerry Falwell

Judge Told Leak Was Part of 'Policy Dispute'

Shipwreck yields estimated $500M haul

Interesting KO tidbit (nothing to do with last PM show):

Insulin producing islet cells from Embyronic Stem Cells-Geron

John Ashcroft on the PATRIOT Act

as if we we didn't have enough..... Friday night news dump

After CIW's McDonald's Victory, Students Around Country Fight to Stop Slavery by Burger King

LIVE Washing Journal caller just called out PNAC & AEI

When are the next Democratic/Republican debates?

It is what this Administration is NOT saying that is MOST IMPORTANT....

$10,000 Reward Offered in Migrant Camp Vandalism Case

Drivers cut back — a 1st in 26 years

Mortar attacks fuel worries that Green Zone now unsafe - Strikes mark a second day of bloodshed

Musharraf rules out return of exiled former leaders - Dictatorship will continue

cspan - the crazies are out in force

How does Bush* "No Child Left Behind" differ from Kennedy's "No child Left Behind"

A visit to passport hell

One more example of how throughly incompetent this administration is

Phelps Klan in key Kansas Department of Corrections posts

Wasn't Ashcroft's Wife In The Hospital Room?

Neoconservatives Gather To Applaud Scooter Libby And Ponder Next Targets For Regime Change

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Newsweek: Some Bush admin officials believe Petraeus report will show no improvements on the ground

McCain’s missed votes on Iraq trigger Reid rebuke

GOP have an overwhelming majority.... spending the most campaign money on legal fees

What We've Really Lost in Iraq: Legitimacy

Three Iraqi police, three US soldiers killed in Iraq

Lou Dobbs\' lawsuit: Blames Long Fence and Taco Bell for his priapism.

(TOON) Steve Bell on the Chimp and Tony's farewell

Global net censorship 'growing'

Mortar rounds hit helicopters at US base

Soldier who was in Iraq dies after sudden illness - Authorities haven't revealed what killed him

NEW RECALL: Lick Your Chops Recalls Dry Cat Food

Rumsfeld working on setting up a new foundation


Had media done their job, there'd be no Iraq War

WP: Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program Encountering Issues

I just saw a clip on the Daily Show where junior claimed to be a

Glenn Beck and caller turn on "spineless" Bush

Strap on those tinfoil hats, it's Javaman's new psychotic theory! lol

The impossibility of being fired by George W. Bush

"The Teen Girl Brain"..(if you're turned off by cable"news".. watch this on your PC)

Bush salutes Blair in final farewell

anyone listening to diane rehm show?

Foreclosures Spur States to Rescue Homes From Default

Pic of Jerry Falwell relaxing at the pool. I'm goanna miss ole' Falwell. Enjoy!

And Away We Go: As Al Gore's Book Gathers Steam, So Does The Smearing.

Was the Gonzo/Ashcroft scene a remake of Marathon Man?

John Dean: Congress has power to jail Gonzales themselves

Pelosi Pissed Off!

Bush Regime Giving Water Law Short Shrift To Fund His Occupation

On Alberto R. Gonzales to be Attorney General, February 3, 2005:

Will voters in 2008, as in 2004, conflate Iraq and Al Qaeda? If media and

Bush has done it...with GOP Help he has Destroyed the Respect/Credibility America once had..he has

A caller on WJ told it like it is - discussion is about World Bank and

Wolfowitz Will Get $325,000 in Severance Pay! ------>>>

'Bush Lied -- They Died' -- and he's outlawed

Is "legislating morality" actually about legislating against the poor?

Has anyone ever seen the documentary "Our Daily Bread" ?

Honda's hydrogen fuel cell concept car to go into production next year

Pressuring advertisers works, folks!!

English Police get new powers to evict anti-social residents from their own homes

Have you ever worked for an alcoholic?...

Madame Sarkozy reminds me of Jackie Kennedy

Update and a happy "you're a bunch of idiots" to The Virginia Citizens Defense League

THESE states are doing something about climate change, even if the Federal gov't wont:

No one in government wants to "solve" the immigration problem

Indiana: 129,000 Pounds of Beef Recalled

Interesting trivia: Did you know that "Sarkozy" is a French word meaning "Berlusconi"?

How Ali Beat The Odds

More pet food recalls--Dry cat foods

Canada & UK agree; Tony bLiar is an ignorant idiot.

Do we really want impeachment / President Pelosi?

The Worst School Massacre in US History Was 80 Years Ago TODAY:

The Invisible Problem that is the AEI

CNN picks this pic of Pelosi

'Loose Change' guys to appear on the View?

Video of The chief of Greater Manchester Police getting Tasered.

Maybe Bush needs a Foreign Policy Czar, but things don't look good for his War Czar (scapegoat)

Mosque Blows Up and Laughter Ensues.

Clean energy claim: Aluminum in your car tank

So how much money do you suppose that fucker Wolfowitz is walking away with?

So whose voting in the Olbermann Idol Contest?

in Brazil pope ratty opened his mouth

Sicko is Complete

Air America Lionel- a Freeper waiting to be banned

Wow! Even Fox has Bush down to 34% - down from 38

Bush with Blair: "... akin to watching his own funeral."

Remember Vincent Bugliosi?


Bernie Kerick providing commentary on MSNBC right now.

When Justice is Hospitalized: "Excuse me, it's not SPECULATION."

Series smear against NY Post:: numerous times killed unflattering items abt the CLINTONS!!1

You might want to watch Law & Order tonight

Is there a Hagel/Bloomberg ticket in the works

Memorial Service for Rep. Juanita MIllender-McDonald (C-Span3, 7pmET)

I had lunch with a DUer yesterday

Here's a comment from Free republic

Could people go to this Official Census Poverty site & see if it links for you

Air America rebrands as "Liberal Talk Radio"--why don't they just call it the Alan Colmes Project?

C-Span 1.. The guilty culprits are on right now. The Chamber of Commerce..

USMC Commandant "troubled" Americans unwilling to spend 10 years in Iraq

Where's the anthrax guy?

Bush Plan to Kill Bin Laden 101

Friday morning WH press briefing: Reporters Demand Answers On 'Ashcroft Hospital Visit'

Giuliani connections - Saudi Arabia/Fox News/CITGO/CINTRA (thanks Ron Paul!)

What The Hell? snowjob & hatchet-face matalin on David Gregory?!?!


Africans see World Bank hypocrisy in Wolfowitz row

5 US Troops killed yesterday

Rumsfeld's resignation letter remains elusive

How do you feel about Lionel being on Air America?

How can I find out who voted for the Immigration bill? Any help please

Bush Regime Swan Song: "I Don't Want to Talk About it"

So Mitt is worth $250 Mil and he has the incredible wealth of the Mormon Church behind Him...

Sen. Tim Johnson hopes to be back on the Senate floor perhaps as early as late summer or fall

Tinfoil hat time...

Do Democrats relish the underdog role too much?

Bigot Border Bozos don't like surveillance cameras. LOL

Random "Freyed" for $2.35 Million

Help me to understand the impeachment process

Bibles being handed out IN school here too

Is it time to abandon conspiracy theories? Whether its electoral fraud or Iraq,

Gasoline in Davenport, Iowa @ $3.59 per gal......

Its Friday ya bastads!!!

Armed police raid home after mistaking Lara Croft dummy for gunman

TIME: Was Gonzales' Emergency Visit Illegal?

Media Matters for America: Olbermann's "Worst Persons": "Comedian Rush Limbaugh," Buchanan, Morgan

Documents Reveal US Incompetence with Word, Iraq

Woman, son sentenced for faking retardation

Please check in here if you support the proposed immigration bill

CNN: More than 20 US servicemen and civilians are missing or kidnapped in Iraq

I am pissed off and want to do something ....

Iraq Nightmare

8,000 Americans now DEAD. When I started this tag, it was 6,500.

Do Corporations Pay Taxes?

Give Me a Freaking Break! ---pix--->>>

Army Recruiters Help Enlistees Pass Drug Tests

Adversaries praise a relentless Senator Kennedy

Documents Reveal US Incompetence with Word, Iraq

NPR just put out a call for Comment on the new Immigration Bill to be read on Today's Newscast!

Bush does have a 'Plan B' if the Escalation doesn't work

Why do so many Democrats say they like Andy Card???

American Corporations Getting Rich Abroad

I just watched "Bobby". Innocence died with Bobby.

Great Thread in GD-Politics Groks The Core Of Why We'll Win Over GOP

When did America lose her innocence?

Pet food scandal leads to broader food supply concerns ('it's simply impossible' to not buy fromChin

Eating Organic on a Food Stamp Budget

Vanity Fair: The Unbearable Whiteness Of Green (

International News Net needs help to stay on air...

Beginning their period at age 10?

C&L-Tom Delay on Colbert's show (VIDEO)

Exhibit #1 Why The Military Wants To Keep Our Boys Off YouTube

Limpballs says: "Get Ready to Mobilize" (this is HUGH!!!!!! I Series!!!!)

Walk Like an Egyptian!

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Fri 5/18 --- Rudy's Scream?

My Company Lost a Co-Worker Wendsday

"The unworthy" From an Iraqi blogger today.

SICKO. If this is a dupe, I apologize.

Who holds a pro-war rally in San Francisco? These people!

We did it.

Top Republican thinks Gonzales will resign

How many people have any idea how many people were killed

3409 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Bay Buchanan has a deeper voice than her big brother Pat

White House rejects war bill concession. When will the Democrats learn?

New development from naval pilot cousin who was to ship out in September (Iran)

An evolving list...........

Bush supporting the immigation bill is to provide cover for the '08 GOP wannabes

TIME's Joe Klein sticks his tongue up Rudy's ass

I called Obama's office and had this odd conversation

Good grief. Tweety does it again.

Partial stay issued in Watada's 2nd court martial

"P" Is Going on Vacation Again ---pix--->>>

Offbeat news:Dog adopts tiger cubs

RW Wiki Update - Violence

Opened up my morning paper and this picture broke my heart.

Fear, Fatigue in Hunt for U.S. Soldiers

How should government view a looming catastrophe?

I always had this fear of fleeing from an escaped Gorilla at the Zoo.

May 29 Detroit Impeachment Town Hall

Rudy's wife was on payroll - Judi got $125G to craft speeches

Send the bums a message...... and a gift!

Busholini violated FISA Law for a "few weeks" So What!

David Schuster is filling in for TUCKER tonight! It's worth the watch on MSNBC!

It appears that BUSH has given up!

Oil Sabotage is "As Bad as Ever": Shahristani (Iraq's Oil Minister)

Dean Investors Challenge Factory Farms at Shareholders Meeting

Total right-wing shit.

Shipwreck Yields Estimated $500M Haul

Can someone *please* tell Chris Matthews that Bush was never 'elected?'

Glyphosate (Round Up) - A Review of it's Effects

AmericaBlog rumor: Gonzales to resign tonight?

TX Bill Would Reward Couples Who Attend Pre-wedding Counseling


I welcome 12 million new citizens in exchange for 12 million freepers exit

Can someone from Massachussetts explain how in the world...

I have decided to oppose this immigration bill

Public Favors Expansion of Hate Crime Law to Include Sexual Orientation

Political Art

Now this is just funny.....Naked man walks down Vermont street..

Southern Poverty Law Center Urges CNN to Retract False Reporting by Lou Dobbs

"Lady, not for a million dollars."

Lame-Duck Bleating of Progress and Success in Iraq

Arrest in NY Church attack

I want to share a conversation I had today at work

Listeners are crucifying Mark Green on his AAR decisions

Pat Buchanan: Ron Paul "was speaking intolerable truths"

US Nuke Official: "I Was A Government Assassin In Vietnam, New Orleans & Iraq"

Am I Seeing Things - Is Al Franken Back - Look At 'Listen Live' On The....

BBC report on Congo makes Iraq violence look tame


'Welcome to Tehran' - how Iran took control of Basra

For a fresher democracy try ImpeachMINT!

Sam Seder to be on Mike Malloy tonight -- possible announcement...

I finally paid over $3 a gallon for gas

Great Advice

Iraq recruitment firms ... (fighting) with company owned by US Army vets

Tonights line up on Real Time with Bill Maher

Tonight: Moyers on the Secret Trade Deal

Conservative Radio Host: "Kill Nancy Pelosi"

House Dem Staffer: Liberals Are Worried That Leadership Will Cave On Iraq

Hang in there, America: Competent leadership is just 600-plus days away

Here is why Lionel replaced Sam Seder

Can anyone explain to me the ongoing threads about Ron Paul? I don't get it.

Iran to Bush: admit 'failure' in Iraq

My 24 hour emotional roller coaster filled with both celebration and regret

ANY LAWYERS HERE? I got problems with a cop shop.

As of yesterday, ABC, CBS still had not reported on Comey's revelation

They Should Put Shuster In For Tucker Permanently

So Hannity has a way to debate Ron Paul's supporters

Digby: "Bush is personally on the run, now. They should chase him" (on Ashcroft hospital visit)

Impeachment is the ONLY legal way to stop Bush & Cheney

Ordered your free "Support the troops, end the war" sticker?

If Bush knows Gonzo committed perjury and he will not fire him, is Bush not subject to impeachment ?

Which Dem Pres. Candidate do Conservatives Fear Most?

The Assault On Reason By Al Gore: A Manifesto for Democracy

Free Repukers want to impeach bush, move to Australia

Walter Cronkite At 90: To Be Honored Tonight On CBS

What threatens the lives of our troops? an OIL law Bush loves and Iraqis HATE

The secret Iraq documents an 8-year-old found

DC buzzing with rumors that Gonzales is quitting tonight

Andrew Card---How much do we really know about him?

Michael Moore came to rescue of his harshest critic

Finally: The ACVR's 'Voter Fraud' Scam Outed in All Their Ignominous Shame in New Slate Article!

19,000 Iraqis Disappear Into U.S.-Run Prisons

GOP Target Murtha Over Spending Exchange

Chris Mathews just called Michale Moore a "FAT TARGET"

Please check in here if you support the proposed immigration bill

I have not heard any calls to C-Span in support of the new immigration Bill. But I also don't hear

Annual walk commemorates Trail of Tears

I wish the Dow and Nasdaq would go to "Zero"


Wow..Sun-Times religion columnist: calls Falwell Tony Soprano

"honor killing"

Can the Iraq War be classified as a Genocide?

Votes Go Missing as Diebold Voting Machine Kills Another Election, This Time in Texas

“Earth to Madame Speaker . . .” from dailykos

Did anyone hear this Call on The Randi Rhodes show?

Faith-Based Fraud

I demand the the Senate put the whole 1000 page Immigration Bill ON LINE before they vote on it.

***DUzy Awards for week ending May 18, 2007***

PALAST: Rove May Have Already Stolen the 2008 Election

How will Iraq share the oil?...US firms as the major beneficiary?

Some pornography is exploitive of women. Some is not.

Look who's on the cover of ALL FOUR Time Magazine editions this week!

'Wash. Post' Editorial Revives Famous Watergate Question In Hitting Bush On Ashcroft Hospital Visit

Could you live without an automobile?

Is 9-11 the reason we've allowed these assholes to get away with so much?

Censored News? British Government confirms controversial death toll of 655,000 dead in Iraq

110th Congress is lame.

Disclaimer...Pink Pistols

My daughter was attacked last night. She lives in Brooklyn and

Internet radio needs your help! It is in immediate danger!!

Mother Whale and Baby out there in CA!

Freepers mock 2 ABC journalists shot dead in Iraq (but we're mean for Falwell comments?)

Great pic. Gore when he realized he may have won Florida

Well, it's final... according to Wolf Blitzer... JFK murder was NOT plot....

Do you think Al Gore is running?

Al Gore's 3-30" Apple Cinema Displays Setup and his office desk

Greenwald advises caution on excessive admiration for Comey, Ashcroft, Goldsmith

"If you don't step down, Mr. Gonzales, we will impeach you!"

To those who voted for Bush twice and now hate him:

Local radio talkshow wingnut asked what I think about the immigration deal.

"Destructive anger"

"Honor Killing," my ass. You cowards have NO honor. You are NOT men.

Romney Plays Down Health Care Plan

NYT: Michelle Obama Adds New Role to Balancing Act

I was reading through the Best of Craigslist and stumbled across this posting-

(Baptist politics) 3 prominent Republicans join Carter, (Bill) Clinton, Gore on New Covenant roster

When Does John Ashcroft's Book Come Out?.......

Staying in Iraq

Report: DHS Erred With Limo Contract (Lied once again)

DNC Digs In: "Protect our states. End the war."

The GOPranos: Political Party Or Crime Syndicate?

Ron Paul said

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: If Ashcroft Was Against It...

Ron Paul has a theme song?

Iraq War: The Case for Accountability

A letter from my Republican Congressman And MY RESPONSE

Hillary Clinton Leads in the Iowa poll!

If a "Top Tier" Dem came out in support of the Blowback argument...would it help or hurt them?

Cleveland DJ's broadcast from DC - Interview several Dem's Great comments by all.

White House to quickly replace Wolfowitz

'Pro-troop' protesters promising live 'surrender monkeys'

"The president stands accused of 30 felonies!" Johnathan Turley before congress approved

Rumsfeld To Create Research Foundation To Teach About ‘U.S. Engagement In World Affairs’

A Bluegrass Battle for Dems (The Nation)

Why is Hillary tanking in the Intrade prediction market...

I love this photo of Hillary and Chelsea on her site.

WP: A Talk With the Senate's Lone Socialist, Bernie Sanders (I., VT)

What Do These Crimes Have in Common?

States try to bar use of war-dead names, images

Tell Congress To Remove Gonzales By Constitutional Force If Necessary!

Greg Palast Reports on the Firing of New Mexico Attorney David Iglesias

.....After days of negotiations, Wolfowitz got what he wanted — an acknowledgment

From the shock of shocks department: most Iraqis don't want Iraq partitioned and it's ahistorical

New Hampshire Poll: Clinton 28%, Obama 26%, Edwards 15%, Richardson 10%

Hearings aside, why have a democratic party? I am losing confidence

Bill Clinton thinks Obama's become the "raging hero of the antiwar crowd on the Internet."

Will the Dems cave and send * the bill he wants for Iraq?

"Sicko" is Completed and We're Off to Cannes!

Ugh. Bay Buchanan is so wretched.

Tweety: If Hillary and Bill were not in this race Gore would be running

Frist as Pres of World Bank:

Kentucky-Gov: We have an election next week

Taking the second tier seriously (Ron Paul)

Obama is divesting from Darfur

NYT: Michelle Obama adds new role to balancing act

Urban League in CT to host event for Obama

Obama and Brownback want U.S. companies to end Iran oil investments

Does Gingrich have a point for once regarding the state of presidential politics?

Tweety and company with there BS that Obama is losing support

Rudy paid Judi $125,000 a year for speechwriting

White House Orders Arrest of British Journalist Greg Palast

Edwards slow in shaping California campaign

Well maybe i haven't decided but my 12 year old daughter has.

Algorithm says Thompson/Hagel vs. Clark/Gore for '08 most electable

Inflated Clinton Poll Theory: The First Field Test

Why Ron Paul Is In Trouble and GOP will Bar Him from Debates

Can't get thru to Congress - phones are completely busy

If past is prologue, we are in trouble

I thought that I would post this rant that was posted on Graigslist

Christian right leader writes off Giuliani

Why is Hillary Clinton destroying the competition on Intrade?

Romney Closes In On Republican Frontrunner Status (

Dems fold, remove pork, make timetable compliance waivable, and Bush still says no deal

Question Regarding Greg Palast

How does your candidate feel about the Drug War?

Hillary Endorsed by Neo-Con Mouthpiece

Co-Founder of the United Farm Workers of America endorsing Hillary...

Clinton: Farm bill should do more for produce growers

Democrats 2008: Hillary 40%, Obama 27%

New Study Suggests Hillary Clinton is the Democrats' Best Chance to Win in 2008

Zogby: A Reality Check on the 2008 Presidential Races

Gee, Wally! Hillary wants us to choose her theme song!

Hillary Increases Lead over Obama in Harris Poll

Joe Conason: Edwards' insensitive move

Question for supporters of 2008 candidates