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Agent of Intolerance (Falwell) ..... from The Nation

Republican Debate Devoid of Issues of Concern for Working Families

An F In Health Care (from

War-torn Iraq 'facing collapse' (BBC) {Chatham House report}

SAMPLES: When We Forget to Remember

NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF: The President and Wolfowitz

Blumenthal: All Hail the King

Darfur: The Hourglass of Blood

Lawyers Representing Bush In 2000 Election Case Signed Off On Wolfowitz’s Compensation Package

SEESHOLTZ: The Campaign to Kill the Matthew Shepard Act

Eco-Fueler Roadster: Has anyone bought one?

Chromium in drinking water causes cancer: U.S. agency - Reuters

Where are the breakthroughs?

Hezbollah speech not properly screened

Gazans trapped in 'ghost town'

really, joe moore is an honest chicago alderman. honest.

Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed-5/16/07-I Forgot It Was Wednesday Edition

Big Oil attacked over record gas prices

Detroit City Council votes to impeach Bush and Cheney

Justice Weighed Firing 1 in 4 - 26 Prosecutors Were Listed As Candidates

Judge to prosecutor: So what's a Web site?

LETTER: Senators Ask Gonzales If He'd Like to Revise Previous Testimony Conflicting with Comey's...

Are FEMA Trailers Making Residents Sick?

Legendary listener (Studs Terkel) Turns 95

Group Wants Probe of Education E - Mails

Wolfowitz works on resignation deal

Professor who was critic of Iraq war mourns for soldier son killed by bomb

2 additional prosecutors were considered for ouster

Secret papers detail NYC intelligence gathering on RNC protesters

Northwest (Airlines) Gives Outgoing Chairman a $2 Million Going-away Present

Senate Dems fail to cut off war funds 67-29

CPR workers walk out across Canada

Who says Hillary has no sense ?

Just for the record:

Kind of funny when smokers say oatmeal is bad for you.

The funniest thing you've ever heard: Dr. Phil calls a scientology center:

Some forced culturization, dammit!

THANK YOU for all the hugs. I'm going to give away some for free now

Happy Birthday Steve Urkel

Goin' Back To Indiana...

there`s nothin` on tv so i guess i`ll


I'm headed to the New London/Mystic, CT area this weekend

Dayum! Radio-Active Sunspot!

us vs them. my neighborhood freeper. i can't stop shaking

My daughter is getting married this weekend

Ow owowowowow

What the flip??? I've lost my star!!!

Here's my take on the whole Natalie Imbruglia

I FINALLY start driver's ed at the end of the month.

Hooray! I'm gonna be rich!

I was shocked to find out that Quite Riot covered

I fuckin' hate being half drunk at dusk

unoffical L O S T thread (paging Graywarrior)

KG hits 14,000 posts! wow!

Who invented Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches?

Here's what $72.8 MILLION bucks will buy you ...

delete this

Check out my new Sport Utility....

Failed experiments in mixology....


Petition to save Jericho.

Well SHIT. Here I arrive home to an empty house

Feminine hygiene ad, 1926, advocates douching with Lysol

Okay - now I'm REALLY mad

The number of responses received to a post is:

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition... Dixie Chicks-Sin Wagon (Live)

Is drinking white after red wise?

Does anybody have any liquor?

I'm Addicted To Polls. Will Someone Post One For Me, So I Can Get My Fix?

So when the elevator car that has a sign reading 'capacity: 2500', what gives?

I have a confession to make. I'm a bad virgin.

Favorite Soundtracks/Scores

Oooh That Smell!

Everybody who is in NYC should go see this guy. And buy his CDs. And T-Shirts. And coffee mugs.

Stupid amazing co-worker

American Idol spoilers...don't look if you don't want to know

I have a confession to make. I'm a bad vegan.

name all the countries in 10 minutes

Some days I just want to call someone a fuckwad!

What's the best thing a family member ever gave you?

Aww... Bo Diddley had a stroke

Anybody watch the remainder of the Sopranos?

This fuckwad's going to bed!

Oh Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz......(all things Janis)

Well, wild Mama Cat brought her six brand new kittens into our backyard a week ago ..

Public Service Announcement for male chefs

Paula Dean is my T.V. chef hero!

Gwen Stefani(sp) and Akron taking heat.

I met a fellow today whose first name is Dung

Bicycles: Share the Road!

They're making a movie of "Mamma Mia"!

I must be psychic!


Alexei Sayle on national ID cards... and God.

Lounge Losers Check in here.

Cole Hamels for NL All Star Team

Sally Satel on CSPAN 2 calling out veterans

WA teachers union files suit over loss of pension gain-sharing

Holly vote privatizes janitors

Talks by Blade, union called constructive

dupe please delete

Smithfield hit with anti-union complaint, he world's largest hog slaughterhouse is in trouble

Tommy Hilfiger Company Pulls A Circuit City, Firing Workers To Slash Pay

As Senate Ponders Immigration Reform, Labor Opposes Guest Worker Program

huffingtonpost: Wal-Mart is a Poster Child For What is Wrong with Labor Laws

Larry Flynt on Jerry Falwell (Larry King Live 05/16/07) Part 2

Larry Flynt on Jerry Falwell (Larry King 05/16/07) Part 1

Please help stamp out tyranny and injustice NOW!

James Comey Testifies before Senate - May 15

Vaccine FAQ; myths and misconceptions pt 3 of 3

Olbermann just reported that Goodling to testify next Wednesday

Israeli Aircraft Fires on Hamas Targets

Will Jr. trade a wolf for a poodle?

Climate change: A guide for the perplexed

Convicted Abortion Clinic Bomber Harasses Victims From Jail

Hell yes, they should bleed the administration dry!

Russia accused of unleashing cyberwar to disable Estonia

Restore Habeas Corpus

Freaking out--Comey, Wolfie, WarCzar, Iraq, Gonzales, Miers, Bushrats running off ship, Rove emails!

Any former/active US Navy sailors out here that served in the Persian Gulf?

What has happened to the Left's power of the purse?

war czar = fall guy

Noo!! Not the soaring eagle again!!!

No troops lost in 2 days? That's great but is it really true?

anyone know why Sen Webb didnt vote for Cloture on Feingold-Reid Amendment?

I want to be a woman. From now on, I want you all to call me 'Loretta' Brownback

US can't leave Iraq.....

Thanks to every 287 DUers who looked at the Bob Lord v. Shadegg thread in the AZ forum.

Boy that gas boycott did a lot of good, didn't it?

Jonathan Turley on KO: "A Clear Impeachable Offense"

Susan Ralston (ROVE'S "GATEKEEPER"!) Requesting Congressional IMMUNITY!!!

Bush Admin Vaunted Bogus Credentials For Birth Control Czar, Records Show

Scientists Cast Doubt on Kennedy Bullet Analysis

I just finished watching "Bobby"

Big Oil is powerful

Hummers more eco friendly than hybrids

No damages for student who said 'That's so gay'

I'm just realizing how damning Comey's testimony is to the WH

A spokesman for Satan released a statement today....

This is crying out for a caption...

Note to Democrats in Congress: Do not give in - NO COMPROMISE

When we get a Democrat in the White House in Jan. 2009

All hail the king by Sidney Blumenthal

Put our money where their mouths are.

Howard Dean guest on Stephen Colbert show tonight

Cheney & Lieberman warn war critics of the consequences of withdrawing from Iraq

TWEETY Speaks The Truth?!? "People Come On This Show Over & Over & Say Things That Are Not True"

delete please, question answered and who needs another thread on it

The bibles that the Bush clan took their oaths on

I hate Guliani-reported $16.1 million earned income the past 16 months, most of it in speaking fees

Just saw a fascist Romney ad, aired during KO here in Louisiana...

Gwen Stefani(sp) and Akron taking heat.

Industry he'll oversee gives bush nom $150,000 as "departing payment" wink wink

WHY would ANYBODY take the job of War Czar?

CNN, FAUX, MSNBC, CBS, etc...are all "swiftboating" Ron Paul

Postponing an election... Ghouliani knows how to do it

Bush Adm. Vaunted Bogus Creditials for Birth Control Czar.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Timmeh with Jon Stewart: rerun from last night.

Howard Dean is on Colbert tonite

Howard Dean on Colbert - He did a spectacular job. He has gotten a lot more media savvy than he use

Is some sort of health care bill going to hit Bush's desk soon?

Report says Wal-Mart violating workers rights to join unions

Wasn't Comey the one who appointed Patrick Fitzgerald?

Escaped Hostage Was With 3 Americans (in Columbia)

picture of bush on the rude pundit site-yup he`s groping again

From now forward, every poster expressing dismay and

Simple Question: Are You Familiar With The Comey\Ashcroft Hospital Story ???

Gore Statement about running in 2008

Oh Good God look at this crap in Texas

SAM SEDER launches redesigned Web site

Could the Republicans Have a Three-Way Split?

Congress demands e-mails, Justice says ask Rove camp

What good is being the majority party if you still act like the minority party?

heather wilson - B On C-Span Tomorrow. Help Me Remember Why I Should Remember That Name

From Sen. Harkin on todays vote

Fine Shrub --- keep Gonzo!

Why is the US suddenly offering rewards for missing soldiers?

Nerve Gas May Have Harmed Troops, Scientists Say

My tent is big enough but I've had too many pissing on it from outside

Here's a poll I haven't seen on DU. Which GOPer do we want to win THEIR nomination?

Detroit City Council Passes Impeachment Resolution

Did I hear it right on KO? That even though the war tsar has to be approved by Congress

Christopher Hitchens taking Hannity to town.

What was Romney's role in the


BBC: War-torn Iraq 'facing collapse'

This Wolfowitz story gets stranger and stranger

White House: 3.5 percent pay hike unnecessary for military

Wolfowitz refuses to quit Bank, wants name cleared (Reuters)

Michael Moore wants to investigate Treasury Dept

Damn Not Bo

Was just wondering if anyone heard Chuck Hagel...

Which environmental organizations are you a member of, if any?

Can Gonzales be impeached?


What should the World Bank Board offer Wolfowitz?

WaPo: Gonzo lied AGAIN! 26 prosecutors were on hit list!

X-Post: Justice Weighed Firing 1 in 4 - 26 Prosecutors Were Listed As Candidates

The Daily Show Covering the Republican "debate" again, but Better!

Ron Paul was right: Prince Sultan Air Base

Jonathan Turley on the midnight visit to Ashcroft's sickbed .... It is Clearly Impeacheable ........

NYT editorial: What was the NSA doing, under Bush's personal orders, before that hospital visit?

Falwell's Deal with the Devil -- Rev MOON

freepers are challenging us to join them...but they will spam our mail and try to fuck with our live

WaPo: Modern Forensics Study Shows Two Shooters Possible with Kennedy Assassination

BLIND people should carry guns, say gun nuts !

Happy 95th Studs Terkel!!! Cheers to a true American hero

Why I am NOT going to dance on Falwell's grave:

50 US Attorney Generals Wanted Gonzales To Investigate Oil Industry-HE REFUSED

Get your net neutrality here.

And don't forget he was flat-out RACIST too!

So, WTF Did Comey Mean When He SAID THIS??? (Or, The WP Get's A TRUTH 2x4 To The Head)

Can I get some support over here please...

Effort to block funds for Iran war fails.

You don't know what a "neoconservative" is.

Did Monica Goodling pass the Bar Exam

I Was Wrong. And I've Opened My Eyes to Impeachment.

Partial Summary of Evidence for Electronic Vote Switching that Swung US Elections from 2002 to 2006

Iraqi blogger: America behind the image curtain. A few look through the curtain holes to reality.

The Jig is UP you bastards!

He's gonna do brother in law is going to join the fucking service

ROVE's Former Assistant, Ralston Seeking Immunity To Testify Before Waxman's Committee

History Repeating Itself: Kerry-Brokered Cambodia Tribunal Set To Begin

Bush Appointment of Product Safety Commissar: Another Fox in Henhouse

Wolfowitz refuses to resign. Gonzales refuses to resign.

Economic Report: Which Nation’s Workers Complain The Most?

Lawmakers worry U.S. giving water law short shrift ($$ went to Iraq, Afghanistan) - Reuters

Big Oil says not to blame for high gasoline prices (Reuters)

Face to Face With Barack Obama: He Talks Education, Healthcare, Unions (video too)

Senate Approves Earlier Primary to Boost Obama

Another POLL shows Obama within single digits of Hillary (32 / 24)

Jerry Falwell: Faith-Based Fraud

Bush Administration vaunted bogus credentials for birth control czar

"An Independent Bloomberg Candidacy Will Hurt Democrats"

Edwards Income Released

Let's start a Bushco buyout fund, how much do you think it will take.

How Giuliani's Rise Vexes Republicans

Let's see: 10 candidates and 3 foxes, all men

Blogger's Choice Awards

Michigan GOP leader wants Paul barred from future debates

Before everyone goes Knee Jerk ballistic over the Trade Deal...

Reports Show Wealth as a Common Factor Among 2008 Contenders

Howard Dean is the guest on The Colbert Report tonight!

Does Anyone Realize How Historic Mrs. Clinton's Stand Is?

Edwards, Clinton tied in Oklahoma

Spiegel Nails Wolfowitz ‘Paul Wolfowitz’s Fatal Weakness’

Remember Congressman Dave Weldon's term limit pledge

New photo shows Senator Tim Johnson continuing with therapy

I just saw Bill Clinton interviewed on NBC news, and now I feel more positive about Hillary.

Whitman won't testify in hearing about WTC air quality.

This whole Ron Paul thing is hysterical.

A little surprising about Richardson

Barack Obama on MSNBC on David Gregory tomorrow AM. He should ask

Wes Clark wants do I

Americans Continue to Answer Edwards' Call To "Support The Troops, End The War"

Barack Obama to Haaretz: Turn up the pressure on Tehran

In U.S. 28 Million Workers Have No Paid Vacation

Union Activists Welcome Edwards at Rally

Even more reason why IWR vote disqualifies those who voted "YES"

Loyal to Bush but Big Thorn in G.O.P. Side (James Comey)

MotherJones: Fun Tidbit from Comey's Testimony

NYT Editorial: Mr. Gonzales’s Incredible Adventure

Think Progress:Former Rove ‘gatekeeper’ seeking immunity, Susan Ralston

Making Law Enforcement a Political Enterprise: Key Examples from the U.S. Attorney Scandal

Just In Time For Memorial Day---Mark Fiori's Latest Animation

Can You Even Imagine How Bad it Must Have Been? (re; Comey's testimony on NSA program)

Romney, Giuliani terrorism comments draw criticism (from human rights groups)

It's Never Enough For Bush and His Minions In Iraq

Falwell's Death Draws Mixed Editorials

Leading article: Why Tony Blair Should Go Now

The War Room: Where are the denials? (re: Comey's testimony)

A Baffling Texas Supreme Court Ruling Could Make Juries Irrelevant


The Center Of Tenet's Book: Lies (by Ray McGovern for

Gluten scandal proves danger in food system (= to Enron "little evidence that anything...being done"

New Demographic Racial Gap Emerges (from the NY Times)

The Iraq War: Going, Going, ...

Think Progress: Another Republican senator against Gonzales, Pat Roberts

Book Excerpt: The Assault on Reason By Al Gore

Greenwald: What will be done about James Comey's revelations?

U.S. intelligence office on Cuba, Venezuela reported dwindling

Dumber Than A Bag of Rocks, a Small Bag

Can We End the American Empire Before It Ends Us?

Forbidden Oasis

A Few Flashbacks: Bush Says U.S. Spying Is Not Widespread & Shuts down Investigation into the Matter

Hang in there, America! Joseph Galloway

Iraq on verge of collapse: Report

John Nichols: Giuliani, Paul and Reality

Finding Hope In A Dismal World

The War Room: Bush on Comey: I'm not talking about it

Iraq could reduce America's taste for fundamentalism, laissez-faire economics and militarism

What Does Comey's Testimony Tell Us about the NSA Program? (by Shayana Kadidal at HuffPost)

yet another SOS: Iraq on Verge of Collapse (Reuters)

Infants found crying in Storage Closet-Day Care Shut (WBIR)

A Nation In Silent Anger


In Aftermath of Last Year's Unrest, Oaxaca Still Struggles

The Unitary Executive and the Elective Dictatorship…Noam Chomsky

Married to the Mob, the Story of Alberto G.

Mr. Gonzales’s Incredible Adventure Editorial NYTimes

Rove's Worrisome Witness (Susan Ralston) Rob. Novak WaPo

Street Lockdowns Proposed for Balitmore

Watergate Without the Break-In (by Marie Cocco for Truthdig)

Costa Rica Quits the School of the Americas (The Nation)

Navy Sued Over Sonar Drills Off Hawaii - AP

U.S. tempers optimism on India nuclear deal

Scientists back off theory of a colder Europe in a warming world

Hybrid High Speed Train unveiled (testing on British steam railway)

Man Mops Up Mishaps At Nuclear Weapons Factory !

Natural Baby, Poisonous World (E Magazine, via AlterNet)

U.S. Congress Hears Update on Ocean Energy

Biomass fuel plant might be built in Bird Island (MN)

Korea's Solar Power Industry Heating Up (100,000 homes by 2010)

Big ripples from small pools (vernal pool protection, Maine)

Colorado Gov. and FPL Energy Break Ground for 400-MW Wind Farm (2nd largest in US)

Wind project hinges on vote

Playing Stall Ball On Clean Air (

Los Angeles unveils plan to curb carbon to 35 percent below 1990 levels

Madonna releases song for Live Earth concerts: download page

Hill & Knowlton - 1994 Waxman Committee

Wave power tipped as 'holy grail' for Australia - AFP

Pond scum, a saviour with feet of clay...

Oxygen supplies for India police (BBC) {breathing polluted air}

Study: Southern Ocean saturated with CO2 (Reuters/CNN)

OPEC happy with $60-$65 crude: Sec-Gen - Reuters

Anyone here have solar panels on home?

Israeli air attack destroys Hamas security building

US OKs aid channel to Palestinian finance minister

Lebanon's few remaining Jews live out their lives in the shadows

Halutz's Harvard study condemned

Mubarak: Hamas will never sign a peace agreement with Israel

US says Israel has right to defend against Hamas

Netanyahu: Shut off Gaza's water

Christians to train in Israel advocacy

Qassam hits Sderot-area high school in new salvo

Election Reform and Related News: Thursday, May 17, 2007

Food-stamp diet? It'll make ya sick

Air America to relaunch with A-listers

Gas May Have Harmed Troops, Scientists Say (possible Sarin Exposure in Persian Gulf War)

CDC report shows heavy stroke burden in South

Senate Democrats to seek a No-Confidence vote on AG Alberto Gonzales

BREAKING: Wolfowitz Out

Funding for abstinence likely to drop

Ted Rall's Site Among Targets of Pre-GOP Convention Surveillance

Costa Rica to stop sending police to US army school

Immunity Sought for Cheney, Top Officials

Immigration Burden or Boom for Tax Rolls?


White House opposes 3.5 percent pay raise (for troops)

US senators strike deal on immigration overhaul

Hurricane chief: NOAA wasted millions

Images of McCain's health cast a pallor on his bid

Militants admit plan to draw US to Saudi Arabia

Bush nominee for product safety panel coming under fire

Internet game of Virginia massace sparks outrage

Korean Train Crossing Seen as Sign of Progress

20 Killed In Gunbattles In North Mexico

BP's oil spill in Alaska blamed on cost-cutting

Bush says Wolfowitz seeking what's best for bank

Scientists Cast Doubt on Kennedy (Assassination) Bullet Analysis

'Appropriate' force used in civilian death incident: US

Landrieu: GAO probe found no fraud (New Orleans pumps)

Michael Moore wants to investigate Treasury Dept.

4 Charged in Mall Massacre Gun Probe (Salt Lake-Includes Soldier)

BREAKING: Senators want Gonzales no-confidence vote.

Michigan GOP leader wants Paul barred from future debates

PERU: Oil chief seeks contact with uncontacted tribes

(Cheney's) Lawyer: 'Fanciful Claims' in Plame Suit

Iraq progress seen after stepping close to "abyss"

Patrol struck by IED south of Baghdad (3 Soldiers killed)

Book Excerpt: The Assault on Reason by Al Gore

Wolfowitz to resign presidency of World Bank [Effective June 30th]

Insurgents destroy US helicopter, damage nine in Iraq

CIA Leak Case Back In Court

War-torn Iraq 'facing collapse'

Bush praises Blair as friend, 'dogged' leader

Commerce Inspector General Broke Whistle-Blower Law, Report Finds


President sidesteps questions about visit to Ashcroft

House demands plan for Guantanamo detainees

No Dissent on Spying, Says Justice Dept.(will not retract statement of Gonzo in 2006)

Sources: Wolfowitz to quit 'soon'

More interaction with Cuba denied

Street battles in Iraqi cities point to dire security status

Bernanke Says Subprime Curbs to Hurt Housing Market (Update1)

2 officers punished for errors in deaths (3 US soldiers killed in kidnapping-murder plot last June)

Report says soldiers were not protected

President sidesteps questions about visit to Ashcroft

Sarkozy Picks Fillon as Prime Minister

Colombia's president on defensive as warlord implicates military, businesses

(Specter) GOP Senator Predicts Gonzales Will Quit

Blair issues clarion call against US isolation

Iraq-Iranian agreement to lay oil pipeline

Posada and US Government Found Guilty in Cuba

Gun-Rights Group Must Modify Its 'Bloomberg Gun Giveaway' (Va.)

Suicide bomber hits Kandahar governor - witnesses

Iraqi officials differ on reasons for banning ^media cameras immediately after attacks

Wolfowitz Said to Push for Deal to Quit (WH blinking and cutting deals)

Stage is set for a political bid by McKay (fired US Attorney)

Hilton's good behavior cuts jail time to 23 days

U.S. Policy on Attorneys Fees Sparks Debate at State Level

Gore on running: 'I haven't ruled it out'

Justice Dept. Search for Rove E-Mails Yields Little(response to Leahy's letter re: subpoena)

Top US officials nearly resigned over spy program

Attorney firing list longer than acknowledged; Documents Show 26 Prosecutors originally Targeted

Pakistani, Afghan border troops trade fire

Nation's minority numbers top 100M (graphs & tables at site)

Colorado U.S. attorney was suggested for ouster(replaced by T. Eid, former atty w/ GreenburgTraurig)

Leading article: Why Tony Blair Should Go Now

Judge Orders Police Department Files on Preconvention Surveillance Opened

Multiple blasts kill at least eight Afghan police

Senators want CIA to release 9/11 report

Some Days I Do Call Someone A Fuckwad

I just rescued a bird — I hope


Spider bite update: Police have released a sketch of the suspect

I have a confession to make.... I am a bald virginian

When I say "HEYYY YOU GUYYYYYS!" What is the first thing that comes to mind?


French Dog adopts Japanese Tiger

Cyclist Unhurt After Delivery Truck Runs Over His Head

Anybody know anything about power of attorney?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 5/17/2007)

Please vote for Let the Eagle Soar on Countdown's contest

Greatest Headline in the World

Thinkquest database.. what a fun place to waste some time & learn stuff too

Window Washer Drowns In Bucket Of Water


Pit Bulls Jump Through Window, Attack 15 Year Old Girl

Why, when I post, can I not indent paragraphs?

I bought two new wind chimes today, are 42 wind chimes to many.

Can you cancel a pc system recovery?

Oh my God!! Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie lost in the woods!!

I'm Quite Happy Melinda Doolittle Was Kicked Off American Idol

small town obit

The cats are pissing me off right now

Man Buys $8,000 Worth Of Forever Stamps

Which version of "You Keep Me Hangin' On" is best?

Blind Man Upset He Was Turned Down For A Gun Permit

matcom jumps through window and bites child!!

Meth Lab Found On 48-Foot Yacht Docked Behind Home

Indian lore enlivens N.C. mountain trip

Garden question - carrots.

"Cheetah bit me whenever he could. The [Tarzan] apes were all homosexuals,

American Idol, once again proves, that America can't recognize talent

I want to call out someone with a color in his name without getting my post deleted

Anybody watch "Criminal Minds" last night?

So, don't like the music eh?

You guys gotta feel this

who feels like reading ANOTHER paper that i dont want to submit

ANIMATED Calvin & Hobbes!

Noel Gallagher: 'Russell Brand is strangely intriguing'

Paris Hilton---that'll teach her....

I've fallen victim to Miss Millie's peer pressure

Hey Left Is Write .....

So apparently there was a fist-fight at my office yesterday

What celebrity *does* Wolfowitz look like, anyway?

The twelfth kingdom.

Are you okay, Skittles?????

so - anyone watch "Shear Genius" last night? (SPOILERS INSIDE)

Has L O S T Jumped the shark?

So, have you seen any motels with the "Color television" sign as means to lure you in?

This is scary shit!

Dubya Hunting Joke

Put a cold apple down my pants OR go do an interview for the newspaper?

Milburn Drysdale to replace Wolfowitz at World Bank

New England DUers: York, ME or Narragansett, RI?

I have a confession to make.... I am a bad virgin

What advice would you give to a first home buyer?

"Somebody thought he was trying to change the name of the mountain,"

how can i call out JPgray and not get the post deleted?

Wrens are making a porch in nest on my box .

ask a simple question -- get a convoluted answer --

You beer drinkers will be flocking to Wisconsin now!

I'm playing Suzie Homemaker, Ask me anything!

CSI -- the season finale SPOILERS

My neighbor's baboon is growling in my backyard

Woman Busted For Repeatedly Mooning People From The Back Of Her Van

My neighbor BooBoo is going through my backyard

Aw -- Dog nurses tiger cubs in China

What the fuck is in a Scooby Snack?

I'm going to burn in hell for posting this....

So I had this roach see


Family Finds Punching Bag Stuffed With Stinky Underwear (Anyone seen Underpants lately?)

I have the most impressive penis in the world

I have the most impressive pines in the world

Any suggestions for dealing with whores?

My drunken uncle nearly beat my aunt to death

Wines are making a nest in box on my porch

The mother of all bent songs thread.

Any suggestions for dealing with bores?

Official DU "LOST" Death Pool.

I have a confession to make. I'm a had virgin.

I have the best armor in the world.

I have found my new favorite artist.

My Neighbor's Rambo Is Assaulting My Backdoor - What Can I Do?

I have a confession to make. I have extra virgin.

Possibly the Most Amusing Myspace Message I Have Received Recently

Any other Harry Connick, Jr. fans out there? He's on Ellen right now

Post your recommendations for new capital crimes.

yo lounge, I been in GD all day, what did I miss???

PTI Downloads

Dam it all...Bo Diddley suffers on-stage stroke, is in "guarded condition"

name all counties in 10 minutes...

"Ugly Betty" season finale tonight.

Late Breaking Matcom News: Rabies Found in Wyoming School's Pet Bat

Smiley Typographic Precursor Ascendancy Poll

How To Keep Hostile Jerks From Taking Over Your Online Community

From the files of Matcom: HazMat scare turns out to be cocaine

Now it's time for an Amy Winehouse music video thread. She has an amazing & unique voice!

My Neighbour bought a baby panda...Ask me anything!

What's the worst thing a family member ever gave you?

Who is Ron Jeremy and why do I want to be like him?

My neighbour Boo Radley is in my backyard

Aaackck supposed to be in Iowa Fourm...sorry....

First time I've seen an engagement announcement like this.

Hilton's Jail Term Cut to About 23 Days

for my seester on her birthday

Shear Genius Fans: Who's your favorite?

Any suggestions for dealing with s'mores?

Grossgrossgrossgross...My dog has a tick on her ear...

Everyone in America should travel abroad

Amazon will be selling unrestricted MP3s.....

Wrens are making a nest in box on my porch.

So apparently there was fisting at my office yesterday.

The word of the day is "penis" modify a thread to include "penis" or a variation there of.

Happy birthday legally blonde!!

Everyone in America should travel with a broad.

Great. Gas at all time high. We start 1500 mile road trip in a.m.

Top Chef fans! Season 1 vs Season 2 Grudge Match June 6th!

Why is this illegal?

John Wayne's birthday is May 26

I have a confession to make. I'm a sad virgin.

WTF? someone sent a lawn service to my house today

Congratulations Husb2Sparkly!! 15,000 posts

The smoothest jazz on the Internets starts now!

Everyone in America should travel here and kick my ass. Still elated Falwell no longer alive.

Mr B and I are taking our annual trip to Colorado...tell me what to visit!

Here's what good friends do:

"The fun never ends."

I think a Lounge Loser may have cooked my lunch!

What costs less?

WOOHOO!! Picket Fences FINALLY coming out on DVD on June 19th!

So I was watching an old episode of 'The Simpsons'...

Got an extra $71M? You could get one of these

Body language

Have you ever been hit by a celeb?

High school literature

My dog is trying to kill me

R.I.P. Limewire

Chocolate raspberry creme

Squeeze my lemon 'til the juice runs down my leg

If you had your choice, would you...

Let's give the Bushies mob nicknames!


Computer Question (playing video files)

I want to call someone out without getting my post deleted

Need a hug.

Adorable puppy photo

What did I miss today

Lukas got married.

Who are the smartest animals in the animal kingdom?

Thursday Morning Questions

Be on the lookout for things that make you laugh.

Where Are You Going On Your Summer Vacation

No wonder you don't have a fucking job.

Hey Southpawkicker

Who has jumped out (skydived) of an airplane?

Rock against Communism

What are sounds from your childhood you fondly recall?

"Huani" is a wonderful dog mommy - here she is nursing tiger triplets.

I'm on top of the world today...

I suck so much DU won't let me upload an avatar

Falwell faithful await white smoke at Moral Majority headquarters.


Congratulations proud2Blib!! 35,000 posts

I'm traumatized. We went to the zoo and Jack licked a llama's TONGUE!

Madonna's new song; to promote Live Earth; sounds like Beatles; Free download.

Hey Deep13! Check this out!

8th Row Center for Crowded House!!!!!!!!!

Who are the wealthiest and poorest members of your family?

The only war I've ever liked...

I want to gain 10 lbs... Give me your food!

What's Cheney's middle name?

Hey, how come nobody raves about "Loveless" any more?

I have the most impressive pens in the world

I bet you can't guess what she does for a living...

Bored? Sleepless? Have a flash? Post a pic!

The Official Billyskank/Graywarrior Dudefest-athon.

Oh shit, I may be going to jail!!

need a fix of 80's tunes?

when you eat Chinese food do you use silverware or chopsticks?

What’s the worst flame war you’ve ever witnessed or been involved in? And not limited to DU.

Thank you Wildhorses and Pdx_prog

Has anyone ever used a Neti pot for sinus issues?

At this time tomorrow I'll be in my unemployment hearing

Have you ever been hit on by a celeb?

Olive Garden is giving away a trip to Italy!

its real simple

My tummy feels yucky.

beautiful. Beautiful.....BEAUTIFUL!!! Lake County, California

Anybody else like the "Thin Man" movies with William Powell and Myrna Loy?

post here if you are no type of virgin.

Do dead cats warrant obituaries?

Please send prayers, good vibes, etc.

Good news! Chick Tracts are entertaining again!

My Neighbor's Bamboo Is Growing Into My Backyard - What Can I Do?

I got my Business Occupancy Permit from the City!!!

I had lunch with a DUer yesterday

You guys gotta hear and see this

I average 500 posts a year, whats your average?

I want to lose 10 lbs...Give me your ideas!

Ever feel that your life is like this?

UEFA Cup Championship- Sevilla-Espanyol

A worthy rant regarding the controversial mid-series NBA suspensions...

Abington, Mass. VFW Snubs widdow of fallen Marine to hose Sons of Itally BINGO night

Satel And Buyer Veterans Hearing on PTSD Attacking Vets

The Andrews Amendment on Iran

Colbert: Tony Blair's True Legacy

Bill Clinton Rescues Hillary!

California Democratic Convention

War------Casualties of War

Randi Rhodes--Armstrong Williams

People & Power - Banking on it

John Pilger: The War On Democracy (coming soon to cinema)

Sean Hannity Loses Mind - Blames Democrats for High Gas Prices..


KO--What Else is Gonzales capable of?

Ron Paul Leads FoxNews May 15 2007 Polls

Ding dong!

Ron Paul in the Situation Room - May 16, 2006

Christopher Hitchens and Ralph Reed on FauxNews - Falwell's Death (full clip)

Hitchens Lambasts Hannity and Ralph Reed on FauxNews

I Need Your Help

As Promised--Randi Rhodes--Jerry Falwell Is Dead

Vaccine FAQ: a background, part 1 of 3 on this subject

Detroit City Council votes to impeach Bush and Cheney (led by Monica Conyers)

(TOON) Steve Bell's latest on the Labour leadership (deputy PM this time)

Bill Maher at HuffPo: Keeping Our Troops In The Dark

U.S. minority population tops 100 million: census

SF Weekly:Best Talk Radio Host Bernie Ward

What is Bernie Ward talking about? Did he announce something?

"Axis of Uh-Oh" by Mark Fiore

Rudy, Bush and 9-11

Republicans like to slam John Edwards

Wolfies deal?

BBC News clip of the Attorney Scandal


Bush Administration's actions on climate change may LOOK revolutionary...

" The idea that religion and politics don't mix was invented by the Devil....

BBC: War-torn Iraq 'facing collapse'

Oh BArf..Glenn Beck and Geraldo hashing out immigration on GMA.

A Federal Investigation Denied - Gonzo Refused All 50 State AGs

Listening to Washington Journal re: immigration?

Has Joe Lieberman weighed in on Alberto Gonzales and Paul Wolfowitz yet?

Iraq on verge of becoming failed state, think tank warns

Zack Space (Freshman D) will be on Washington Journal shortly re: ethics reform

DemsCommitted to Staying at Work Through Memorial Day Until Iraq Supplemental Bill Goes to Bush

Heather Wilson (R-NM) on Washington Journal now. She needs some calls

Rural Red State Iowa is the Heartland of America's Phonesex Industry

Bush Admin chooses Anti-gay activist imam to be first Muslim cleric on US religion panel

Falwell's body public viewing (4 days) begins in only 15minutes

Convince me our party has what it takes

Army Recruiters Caught on Hidden Camera (from AfterDowningStreet)

Maybe it's time to shut down the government and have Congress do nothing but investigate

Raw Story Article 73% of Americans Dissatisfied with America

Va. Rep. Tom Davis skewered on the Colbert Report..

How Congress Can Stop Bush From Attacking Iran

NO MENTION of Comey Story In Gannett's INDY STAR !!!

Church members tell alleged molestation victim that god will kill him (Dorchester, Mass.)

Pastor gets 5 years for molesting 10-year-old

Massachusetts DSS scrutinizes Mount Calvary Baptist Church in abuse

In a North vs. South redux, Virginia and New York battle it out..

Did Schumer & Comey use Fitzgerald to go after Cheney?

Tammy Faye stops cancer treatment

ACLU Day of Action to Restore Law and Justice (June 26)

Apparently some soldiers in Iraq are not even needed.

Ever bold, arrogant, and defiant - Gonzo's DOJ Stands by his earlier lies

Not to rain on the Falwell Parade, but... (COMIC)

Why must the Iraqis be such INGRATES? (COMIC)

Florida County's Main Database System Breached On First Day Of Voting - No Security Patches In 5 Yea

The Cost of the GOP Voter Fraud Myth: Karl Rove's suppression of black and Hispanic votes

Fourth victim accuses Pastor James C. Love of molestation

Was Falwell astroturf? Money from Moon & jet from Likud

The Wait is Almost Over: A SiCKO Interview with Michael Moore

Lederman "What Was "The Program" Before Goldsmith and Comey?"

Paid vacation? U.S. workers have no guarantees

"One of the most noble things you can do is kill the enemy."

Commanders of Marines and Cent Com (Ret): Torture Betrays Us

GOP senator predicts Gonzales will quit

Fred Thompson is a complete Ass Hole!

Bill Clinton/Rush face to face last night?

A message to all conservative Christians who support Republican candidates:

Bushies Behaving Badly An illustrated guide to GOP scandals.

Why are there presidential debates in May of 2007?

author Lloyd Alexander, R.I.P.

NONE of the Architects of the Iraq War have been punished

Goodling to testify on May 23

Anyone else notice that they can't download images?

Dept. of Education using illegal e-mails too

Vote for Countdown's 'D.C. Idol" - best politician's musical video

CAPTION Bush and Blair

Gas jumped TEN CENTS here overnight

Bush signs Executive Order making it harder for Federal Gov't to sue big corporations

Rudy: “The Democrats should debate on Fox”

Plame Seeks Showdown With Cheney

If Gonzo goes, does that mean everything stops?

Think Progress: Bush Dodges Comey’s Accusations That He Personally Arranged Ashcroft Hospital Visit

Tom Delay on The Colbert Report tonight.

Glorious leader on the teevee regarding Wolfowitz "I admire his heart"

“We pleaded with Attorney General Gonzales and FTC Chairman Majoras, Platt,

Pretty wild new show...Kid Nation

Another Bush Legacy...Faith based money up while the NIH research Budget remains stagnant for years.

Retired generals blast torture supporters

Ann Coulter refers to Obama as

Mr. Gonzales’s Incredible Adventure

To a bully, everyone is fair game.

LOL A reporter just asked Bush if he was to blame for Blair having to leave!

They ought to replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck with a TV tuned into Fox News

So what did the “Rev“ in “Rev. Jerry Falwell” stand for?

The time has come

"Web site" baffles Internet terrorism trial judge

"Lib'rul" media again...

Petraeus: September Report On Escalation Will Not Say ‘Anything Definitive’

NY Magazine: Judi Giuliani's Run for First Lady

Iglesias: "Rove never really understood that U.S. attorneys are not just like other political..."

Booksellers Ready for Sold-Out Gore Tour.

Chalabi Speaks

Virtually everyone is a hypocrite when it comes to tolerance. Almost everyone...

British think-tank reports Iraq is on the verge of collapse; on the verge of being a failed state

Will Bush Get The Question "Did You Send Them?" Everywhere He Goes?

Plame Gets Her Day In Court

(Some * supporters:) "If Iraq parliament wants withdrawal, we do too.“

Bush Administration apparently trying to keep appearance with Fringe Right meeting under their hats

After the Oscars, I was convinced Al Gore was NOT going to run.....

Stars & Stripes letter: "Think for yourself, question authority"

Bush Reels in Gifts From U.S. Admirers

The GOP's possible banning of Ron Paul may have unintentionally created some good for us

Do you know any GOP voters who are intrigued by the Ron Paul message?

Dead man walking

Prediction: US Attorney firings were directly related to the NSA Spy program/Comey incident.

Bleak paper on Iraq's future says government is irrelevant , *many* civil wars rage

Outstanding Falwell Cartoon

Spying on the Homefront on PBS.


If Bush was not the one who called Mrs. Ashcroft we'd have heard denials by now.

Unreal Ashcroft/Gonzales

"they must All hang together". . . .

New Air America Radio website launched

Army coaching recruits on how to beat drug tests

Have you ever heard about Mrs. Romney being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis?

Impeach them all. Let God sort them out...

Cherokee culture has grand celebration in June weekend

Patrick McHenry (R-NC) is a little prick.....

Islamic nations urge Iraq soon as possible

Can Someone tell me what this means, I see it all over

bush trots out for soundbite - "without amnesty, without animosity"

Breaking: FL CFO Sink suspends Jeb Bush's Project Aspire $100 Million contract

It Is Impossible To Imagine Bush's Presidency Will Survive Another Year And A Half

Want to see some folks who hate GWB more than we do?

Newsflash: Anna Nicole Smith Jr. and her father go to a theme park

Breaking CNN! Feinstein/Schumer Presser/No Confidence in Gozalez!

"Web site" baffles Internet terrorism trial judge

Comming Up: CNN Will Talk To Larry Flint About Jerry Falwell

Breaking: Partial Evacuation of L.A. Airport Due to Suspicious Item

"I is the President and that's that!"

As anchor of top-rated evening newscast, Gibson used clout not to lead with Falwell

Scientists cast (pretty damned serious) doubt on JFK bullet analysis

Bush-Cheney coming to CT May 23 and May 26 respectively---protest to IMPEACH

Time to ask..."What did the president know and when did he know it?"

Shaha Riza's Iraq travel plans

Greenwald: What will be done about James Comey's revelations?

Columbia Journalism Review: Banning the bad news in Iraq

Measuring Progress in Iraq (or, no news is good news)

Resignation or Perjury Charge

James Comey!

If You Saw "IB" Written Everywhere, Would You Know What It Means?

WaPo: Scientists Cast Doubt on Kennedy Bullet Analysis

Does anyone here know anything about Lowe's the hardware store?

TDS: Jon Stewart on the GOP Debate - Hilarious!

Brian Bilbray (R-Rocket Scientist) says that Dems want amnesty so they can have new voting bloc ....

Mods Please this delet this DUP thread

I wish John Kerry would get out of my pocketbook!!!

Merck's "Cervical Cancer" Vaccine 6% to 27% Effective In Reducing High Grade Lesions

Giant Pooper Scooper Sighted on White House Lawn

AP/Fox reports Ron Paul claims 9/11 attacks occurred because "we've been bombing Iraq for 10 years."

Don't you just love Bill Clinton?

Conyers and Nadler want answers from Gonzales.

Why is Sam Waterston pushing this "Unity" crap on Yahoo! Answers?

Scientists Cast Doubt On JFK Bullets And Oswald Alone Theory

Schumer on Tweety re Gonzo n/t


Dems Question $250,000 in Bonuses for Gov Official

Bush/Blair lovefest continues

CPI-U number (Apr) shows annual inflation of 4.8%. Here is detail that shows REAL inflation is 11.8!

Am I the only one who feels the Dems are not doing well ?

PBS’ NewsHour dumps right-wing talking head.

CNN shows SNUFF video ! Fuck you Wolfe, FUCK YOU CNN!!

Terra Alert and not a moment too soon!!!

Will the liberal media cover it?

Banned: Mobile calls while Bush in Sydney

Father Microwaves 2 month old child

Yokanda King

Mortar Rounds Hit Helicopters at US Base

Norm Coleman calling for Gonzales to resign.

U.S. F-16s unleash "shock and awe" on South Jersey

"Paul has no plan. Everything is ad hoc, reactive -- first we go this way, then we go that."

Bush "supports the troops." Yeah rigggghttt!!!

Genetically Engineered Foods May Cause Rising Food Allergies

Put on your 'Prognosticator's Hat' and tell us what happens if the Maliki Govt dissolves??

White Houses Uses Gen. Petraeus As PR Flack To Promote War Czar

Will Democrats snatch defeat from the jaws of victory over Gonzales?

New message from SAM SEDER

I think I love Maxine Waters.

Edwards Camp Blisters Rudy -

The Great Hospital Room Visit: SHOCK & HORROR

The Pope in Wonderland

Reading Gore's Time Mag excerpt, might a conventional presidential campaign

BREAKING: Senators want Gonzales no-confidence vote

CSPAN viewers: what happened to Barney Frank ?

Wolfowitz resignation deal has been completed

Hey ... Pat Buchanan, How much did you pay for that fucking combover you have there?

"Researchers Store Data in Bacteria DNA"

(Swedish) Far-right politicians 'live on state handouts'

Rosie's comments have taken this Iraq genocide to

AMNESTY to ALL, watch Lou Dobbs tonight......BAWAWAWAWABABAWA

Are flags at half staff in your neck of the woods?


Conyers and Nadler Write to AG Gonzales

Hardball - Kate O'Bierne - Comey story no big deal

3403 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Like to see right-wingers at their worst?

Passengers suing cruise line for heavy seas

It's a beautiful Spring day and the Blue Angels are in town.

Do fundies think God has an evil sense of humor?

Bush claims Ashcroft incident: "highly classified subject" - Comey debunks argument

Next Weeks Headlines Will Be..

Attn: DUers in cities with good public transit systems: Are gas prices resulting in fuller trains?

U.S. approves GMO rice to produce human proteins

"Gingrich Slams Current Election Politics"

Experts say oil refineries stretched too thin

he`s getting creepy-more george kissy pictures


Wow! CNN just reported *'s nonresponse to the Comey question


Rush Limbaugh Meets President Clinton

Rove's Lawyer: no evidence the (Wilson/Plame) couple suffered any actual harm or loss of employment

VIDEO: The Daily Show's Samantha Bee on News Bimbos


"Rabies Found in Wyoming School's Pet Bat"

My Georgia stalker is at it again...

Porn Star endorses Hillary!

Randi just said everyone should contact the House Judiciary

Bush and Blair: callous together, defending war while denying refugees

Three cheers for Karma! Who's with me?? The Wolf is Gone.

Wonkette discovers Free Republic: "Beloved Right-Wing Message Board Demands Bush Impeachment"

Is there a Grand Theft America video game?

Former military commanders smack down Bush, Repub candidates for supporting torture

America: Pursuer of Failed Policy

Cheney: You Can't Touch This

With what we know today, I can't BELIEVE these people still have their jobs...

Fifteen New Libraries Closed Indefinitely

Boundaries VS outrage

You're (almost) not going to believe this:

Driving home and listening to the radio--McCain should be worried and i hope he has security

Paul "Sex Machine" Wolfowitz gets a sweetheart resignation deal

What does a "vote of no confidence" do other than embarras

DoD Announces (4 - not 3) Army Soldiers as Whereabouts Unknown

GOP wants to bar Ron Paul from debates because of 9/11 views

Bush: I may be responsible for losing my poodle

Bush Threatens Veto Over Troop Pay Raise, Military Widow Benefits

Al Franken's Birthday! (Sign his card here)

AP reporting Goodling to Testify before House Judiciary with immunity

Neoconning? Playing PNACle? DU resource thread!

Question about Network Evening News Programs

Let's Fight Hate Mongering War Propaganda Videos

Well, bless my britches -- Tweety is pretty good today

Julie Amero - Sentencing delayed again in substitute teacher porn case

Gonzo lied, again.

PBS’ NewsHour dumps crazy RW bitch Melanie Morgan

Question about Comey's testimony. How did it happen?


Breaking -- Wolfowitz to Resign as World Bank Chief

Want To Impeach? Prove It.

HATE!! The face of Hate

We tolerate the Christian Conservatives, why can't they tolerate us?

Tom Tomorrow NAILS it again RE Pundits' Moronic Analysis of Dem Candidates!

Rudy ain't the only one cleaning up on 9-11 nat'l "security" - laser visa boondoggle

a PhotoShop I'd love to see (SwampRat- are you there?):

Loverboy Wolfowitz - Give Him a Kiss Goodbye! ---pix--->>>

Oh the joys of gun ownership

So how are your gas prices doing these days...

Getting money to the Troops? White House: 3.5 percent pay hike unnecessary


Bush just REFUSED to address whether he ordered Gonzales and Card to Ashcroft's bedside

My message to the TWIT Elisabeth hannitybeck...LOCK YOURSELF UP AND DON'T HAVE ANY MORE KIDS

What does everyone think of the new immigration bill?

Anyone have "You Tube" or BBC Live FULL Presser with Bush/Blair in Rose Garden, Today?

GOP moves to ban Ron Paul for future debates

Jeff Cohen: Falwell and Me

Greg Palast: An Army of Rove-Bots -- Captain Iglesias, Obstruction of Justice, and the Theft of 2008

On Falwell and hate and news

OK, why is the CIA's security ceertificate coming up for me?

Grrrrrrr! Read the latest Nation?

Anyone Listening To Randi?

Question for Prius experts/owners about battery life

Anyone else notice how fired up the political reporters are about this Comey story?

Can anyone point me to data on US military spending over decades?

Caption * & poodle pic..

Last Chance! - Sign the DU Doonesbury Appreciation Card

What if these 2 theories are Not Only True, But Have Converged??

It's too late Poppy, it's too damn late.

Is there any doubt now that it is a coup attempt?

WOLFOWITZ QUITZ-- Taking comb with him.

FAIR TRADERS: Kucinich, Edwards, Obama. "FREE" TRADERS: Richardson, Hillary. See AFL/CIO Source:

Coulter on Falwell--this is one for the ages a *MUST READ*

Keith Olbermann's "Special Comments" on NBC Nightly News?

If you had your choice, would you...

You have kids, say - didn't you always know -

via spokesman - Bush 41 says he "strongly believes in the mission" of Sun Myung Moon


A Hero Has Died

GORE: The Assault On Reason "What Has Happened To Our Country?"

How can you help lower gas prices?

Tell me what you think...I'm so mad at the school right now.

Reuters: "Iraq is on the Verge of Collapse"

AAR got rid of Sam Seder for Lionel ? ...

The elephant in the room..the systematic looting of the us treasury

Reagan, Bush VIPs snarred in sex ring (1989)!

The move is on to destroy Dr. Ron Paul - Petition for him to stay in the frey for the GOP nomination

MIA: Pentagon's Missing Soldiers Site

Who would Gore choose as VP? Wes Clark - who we have not heard from?

Should the American people decide the immigration issue instead of elected officials?

7 Years After Turning in His Gear, Soldier Arrested for Desertion

Why did the Army say Dragon Sink body armor was

An Amputee Sprinter: Is He Disabled or Too-Abled? (The "fastest man on no legs")

And when this man says, "THE JIG IS UP, THE JIG IS UP."

September 13, 2001 Falwell and Robertson chat

I understand the rhetoric, but I'm sick of people blaming this situation on the Iraqis

Death in Iraq Spawns Grim Subcultures

Greenwald: "... the President consciously and deliberately violated the law ..."

Citizenship for Gays/Lesbians Binational Couples

Letterman made Dick Cheney-DC Madame joke, last night (!)

The Last Temptation Of Al Gore

Fucking outrageous Baltimore city council leader proposes street lockdowns

Meet the next British Prime Minister

The Immigration Bill!

No other president has ever gotten away with so much & just said 'kiss my ass'.

Congress Needs Our Help: How to stall on Impeachment…

OK, I got your Religious Tolerance right here:

Op-ed from a 5th grader: Tired of standardized tests, "no child left behind, etc.

Stick a fork in John Edwards' candidacy, it is all over for him

Did I Hear Correctly? Karl Rove's LAWYER HAS the DOJ FILES on USATTORNEY FIREINGS?

France: Really Leaning Right?

Are you here to try to control how people feel?

Harold Ford is a pompous ass

Falwell hatred issue: It is about Civility. We need civility in a just society.

To prevent harm or even death is it all or nothing in the gun debate?


WE DID IT! Keith will report on Air Traffic Controller story tonight!


Gonzolies (verb. nov.) English, May 17, 2007

New Attack on Organic Standards!! ***ACTION ITEM***

CNNMoney Analysis: Public doesn't seem bothered enough regarding gas prices, to cut back much

Americans Must Act Within 2 Weeks to Restore Their Inalienable Right to Kick the Bums Out of Office

What does Grover Norquist know about the DoJ purge?

Expert in middle age imagery and history?

single payer national health care system now

Candidates offer options to deal with higher gas prices

Reuters: Cleaning U.S. rivers, one refrigerator at a time...great article

So these five canidates won't release there tax returns but Obama does release his.

Italy approving a bill to stop imports of seals products

Time: "The Last Temptation of Al Gore" (great article, not the book excert)

Obama's not going for the setup by the media

Bernanke to Crack Down on Abusive Mortgage Lending

Justice Dept To Congress: Ask Rove For Missing E-mails

2 more Repug Senators call for Gonzo to step down

Hey, whatever happened to BuyBlue?

A response for Fred Thompson's video...

Review of Moore's "Sicko" here...

Giuliani’s Attack on Ron Paul Falls Flat

Sounds like a presidential speech to me

Who the hell paid Ghouliani millions to speak?

Mortar barrage again hammers Green Zone

How Much Spin In Romney's Debate Performance?

"There have been times when christian conservatives have been perceived as intolerant"

Junior says goodbye to his Poodle

Senate reaches agreement on immigration ..... essentially an amnesty bill

Bush says he regrets issue of Wolfowitz's leadership ‘has come to this’

New Indications Atty. Firings Linked to Voter-Fraud Probe

What prompted DOJ to re-review NSA program in spring '04?

Bush at 35%; Matches the lowest level ever recorded by Rasmussen Reports

Petraeus: September Report On Escalation Will Not Say ‘Anything Definitive’

Bipartisan Agreement (Senators) on Immigration - Breaking

This woman is probably one of W's Science Advisors...oh man this is good!!!

ABSOLUTE GENIUS!-Colbert's Charlie Brown/Iraq analogy

H. RES. 333, did anyone contribute to the candidates?

Faux & Friends Diss John Edwards - Again

Republicans Wither Under Weight of Democratic Investigations

which field of candidates do you prefer?

Milbank: Hagel as Third Party, Hillary Disses Obama!

TPM: President Bush refuses to answer whether he ordered Card, Gonzales to Ashcroft's bedside

Senate Dems calling for no-confidence vote for Gonzales. Feinstein speaking now on CNN.

Truth in Advertising - GOP when you're afraid of reality

Howard Dean -the Colbert interview last night (VIDEO)

Why No News From Lebanon?

Will the male fundies practice what they preach-- Stem Cells -- Baldness cure

One down (Wolfie), one to go (Gonzo).

Blue Dogs Bark at Lobbying Reform. Don't want lobbyists to disclose bundled lawmaker contributions.

GOP Senators to Gonzales: Go Already! (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Can working Americans afford Republicans any longer ?

Purge States And Purple States (AttorneyGate)

Ron Paul missed an opportunity to TRULY devastate the GOP

Obama; No Privatization of SS, but everything should be on the table.

Clinton won't commit on Iraq deadline

Domino Theory: Wolfowitz Can Take Out Scalia Son and Father

Al Franken's Birthday! (Sign his card here)

Obama Videos Get Closed-Captioning

Hillary won't commit on Feingold. Obama supports it and would vote for it as a substantive measure.

The fired prosecutors on Gonzo's list need to consider it a badge of honor.

illinois is the most average state in the union

Let's Try This Again! Wolfowitz WILL Resign June 30th

GOP Senator Predicts Gonzales Will Quit

It Would Be Helpful If the Skids of Justice Could Be Greased A Bit

House Passes $646 Billion Defense Bill (AP)

Why yes, I can predict the future. Here's my proof.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid...........

White House opposes military pay raise..... RAW STORY

The Rude Pundit: Mitt Romney Should Creep Us All Out

Senators want CIA to release 9/11 report (AP)

Freepers want * impeached? Wolfowitz gone! WhooHOOO!

NO ONE is "fading" in Iowa....

Feingold not happy that Iraq supplemental being written behind closed doors

If Hagel runs as an independent, who does it hurt more?

Would YOU vote for Bloomberg?

Victim of CIA rendition flights, blamed for igniting a market and imprisoned in psychiatric hospital

Obama on Clinton’s War Views

Obama Taps Gambling Lobbyist to Co-Chair New Hampshire Effort

TPM: Zogby: Romney Leads Big in NH. Obama closing in on Hillary. Richardson up 8, Edwards down 8.

Rasmussen Bush approval down to 35%

Real (inflation adj.) ave. weekly earnings fell in April by 0.5 % - a great economy?

John Mayer Picks Presidential Candidate John Edwards

The Italian Democratic Party: let’s build bridges!

Hillary taps Milosevic flunkie

Hillary - "Can't commit".

support The Troops. End The War T-Shirts W/Free Bumper Sticker From John Edwards

You know this whole faux-piety on here about Falwell dying is such a load of crap

ANALYSIS-Wolfowitz crisis challenged U.S. leadershi--the UNgraceful

Predictions For Memorial Day Week---No Recess, Impeachment!

The Ron Paul Smear Campaign

Why Does This Country Need Wesley Clark As President?

Bill Richardson set to officially launch presidential bid in L.A.

Immigration Bill Will Not Work

Porn Star Jenna Jamison Likes Gore, Supports Clinton

Bob Geiger: American Legion Attacks on Edwards Sicken This Veteran

If Clark enters the race, will you support him over your current choice?

Tom Delay on The Colbert Report tonight.

I support the Second Amendment, but I support the assault weapons ban

Daily Kos: "I'm So Tired of This I Could Eat Sawdust and Poop Two by Fours"

Clinton Leads Both Thompson and Romney by Three Points

If Gore enters the race, will you support him over your current choice?

I have decided to rule out Hillary as one of my 3 choices

The Nation: Dems Sell Out on Trade

More info on Edwards' financial disclosure

How many DUers regularly use public transportation?