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Rich pickings

Enron filmmaker focuses on U.S. torture

Gunman's sister says she's sorry

Something about "Liberation"...

Getting A Patent Just Got Harder

Fascist America, in 10 Easy Steps

George Tenet on the staircase with the neocons (Juan Cole)

UK UFO Files to be Declassified!

Knee-deep blood in the land of make-believe

17 rare Asiatic lions perish in India - AFP

Arctic sea ice melts faster than thought - AP

The Abandonment

Israel may buy Palestinian gas from Gaza: Olmert's office

Carter Visit Sees Some Controversy In Jewish Circles

War report blasts Israeli PM for 'serious failure'

Planting peace, one tree at a time

This is a DUPE due to a temporary malfunction at DU.

A tremendous short video about lost votes in FL, worth sharing widely.

War report blasts Israeli PM for 'serious failure'

Blair's bloody legacy: Iraq

Chlorine gas blast kills 6 in Iraq's Ramadi - sources

Global terrorism up more than 25 percent

Ala. judge OKs new witness in Colombian killing case vs Drummond

Security cameras and HQ squads: Wal-Mart's union-busting tactics

Bush seeks cooperation on U.S. war funds

U.S. Cites 91 Percent Rise In Terrorist Acts in Iraq

Sunni Ministers Threaten to Quit Cabinet in Iraq

Administration Proposes Expanded Energy Drilling

One in two Mexicans has family in U.S., poll finds

Egypt Proposes Iraq Cease-Fire

Mexicans Demand Governor's Resignation

Warnings On Student Lenders Unheeded-Bush Aides Derailed New Rules in 2001

Venezuela Pulling Out of IMF, World Bank

Tainted Pet Food Linked to Indiana Chickens

Church Urges Mexico MDs Against Abortion

Driver in highway collapse had criminal record

Trying to remember a certain ninja movie comedy from the '90s

I've worn a Greedo all day today


Wolfgang Puck wants food animals to be happy

Have you ever taken stuff out of Lost and Found? (poll)

Words fail me

You Know, Future Hiro Could Save The World Rather Easily....

Let's Talk About Tonights HEROES (Spoilers)

Uh oh, Jon Stewart is talking about the Democratic debates...


Deadliest Catch is freakin' awesome!!!

so we got this 5yrs newer focus for our little green 5sp focus...

what I have learned from the new cartoonish psa spots that look

Duck sex!!

Deck sux!!

I have a headache and I think I'm getting my SIL's cold.

what do you call it?

What do you call this?

Well yeah, everything that Jack Bauer touches ends up dead...

Instead of having authors with their latest efforts making the talk show rounds,

Television: the drug of the Nation...

what not to use as pickup lines at bars:

I just got home after a trip to New Orleans...why are we at level 2?

Tommy Newsom has died...

Tim thinks my choice of literature is funny i guess...

Allergy sufferers check in here.

How about a TMI Group?

Being GD battle hardened does come in handy....

When your living with other people

Someone's been having fun with bong hits again

Well, Quizno's just blew its chance with me

fractured~have you seen it? *spoilers*

I need some good words to help my daughter

Scenes from a funeral...

most unappreciated bums of all time thread

Y'know what's wrong with baseball?

Can you help me find a poem?

Woohoo - we (SoCal) officially have the worst air in the country!

I miss olympic curling!

What is the dumbest thing you have done recently?

Has anyone EVER heard of something like this happening?

***Congrats to Nini!!! 10,000 Posts!!!!!***

I've got a crush on fiorello laguardia

I need some help. Can I please ask you for a few minutes of your time?

If You Aint Watching "Heroes", Then I Feel Sorry For You

Bush is the antichrist

Heads Up Military Families and Troops in Iraq

Mark Crispin Miller: NY Times Muddies Robocalling Problem

If you haven't had a good laugh yet today...

world peace...

Mission Accomplished

Troops Levels Up In Iraq, Again...

War in Iraq, Gary Jules...

Dubya Drunk At Wedding

NYC Forum on Impeachment - Elizabeth Holtzman Part 1 of 3

Waiting On The World To Change; Tell Em To Get To Work

John Oliver - War Plan...

Michelle Obama: On Family...

Frontline - Pre-War Media, prt. 1...

Forgotten Souls: Tribute to the Iraqi Innocents

The Dead Heart

Hagel spanks Lieberman...

John Edwards - California Democratic Convention: Iraq

The Stephanie Miller Show 4/30/07

This Broke this Vets Heart ! How Many More Sons will hold these flags

John Edwards on Bush's Veto

Dennis Kucinich addresses the San Diego Democratic Convention

Fight Yields ID Cards for Green Zone

I think the Dem's plan for tomorrow is a stroke of genius

On the Sundance Channel Tonight: Trudell

Freeper critique of Stephanie this a.m...

New Orleans:(Army) Corps asked to explain pump contract (Jeb connection?)

OMG who is this buffoon

IMPEACH NOW! Right Now, not a minute longer. Just do it NOW Damn it! nt

My wish

Re: sfexpat2000 and Nancy Pelosi

Mental illness public service announcements suddenly running on tv.

Looking for Richard A. Clarke's commentary on Tenet's showing

Saudi King Declines Visit From Iraq's Prime Minister

Moms Answer Pelosi's Call for Peace & Descend on D.C. for Mothers Day

The Funeral of Rep. Juanita Millender-McDonald

KO is trashing Tenet tonight. And the whole administration.

I said bad things about the Russians - in the 2nd WW.

Kurds say they will oppose draft oil law

Something about "Liberation"...

Stephanie Miller is in New Jersey, KO is in LA this week

50-foot 'Mission Accomplished?'banner unfurled in front of White House

Purity Trolls must have attended Purity Balls with Ralph Nader

Wanna buy an embassy? 29 are for sale

Mission Accomplished: 4 Years of GOP Iraq Talking Point

Can someone with more knowledge than me answer a question or two about impeachment?

If AAR hadn't canned Sam Seder, he's probably be in the runnig for the Imus slot

State Dept says terrorism rose sharply (40%) under Bush

Did I hear right? Is the US no longer training troops in Iraq?

I think that is the 3rd time my thread got locked here -

LOL Funnny LTTE!!

"Gonzales Aides Had Firing Authority" WTF? Gonzales farms out his work and the psycho wants a CZAR

Poor Rosie...

"New Orleans wasn't hit with Hurricane Katrina"........(Tony Snow)

NASA and the Bilbe, an email

Democrats turn to the GOP for help in trying to get the necessary votes on new Iraq bill

It's "Mission Accomplished Eve"! Let's take a walk down Memory Lane...

I am now 34

What a SNIVELING WEASEL tenet is with larry king-tonight! n/t

You Wanna Perfect Example Of The MSM vs. The Blogeshere ???

Jon Stewart is On Fire!

Earlier this evening here in Orlando FL the moon is full and blood red

Boston Market: "Meal Accomplished"

TDS hosts Christopher Hitchens tonight:

Keith is in LA! Awwwww. Poor Stephie :(

Tonight's Guest on The Daily Show, our Favorite Author Christopher Hitchens! (now!)

Krugman: Profits surge - where's the investment?

Capitalism Endgame

Gov to report increase in World Terrorism (Iraq a failure)

Mayday Bush's Veto what are you going to do?

They're lying to you

IRAQ: HIV-positive couple murdered

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

What happened to google's cached pages?

Obama's Popularity

Immigration is all Satan’s fault

'The Final Word Is Hooray!'

Calif veterans, some still on active duty, speak out against U.S. presence in Iraq

Since I went off on Gravel folks for his "fair tax" plan, here's for supporters of IWR "yea" folks

Minnesotans Strip Their Beds for Impeachment

Molly was right!! It'll be a cold day in hell before we elect another Repug president.

This is just plain creepy or sick...

New Video: Mission Accomplished - 4 Years Later

US and EU agree 'single market' (one more step closer NWO)

The Hill: House Oversight Panel May Look Past Rice, Tenet In Uranium Inquiry

Just In.....

Apparently... Iraqis Are Expendable, Even As Dead People !!!

Iraq War sustainable.

Did ya know **Jeb Bush joins Tenet Healthcare board**?!?!?

Paul Craig Roberts: Bush Has Destroyed Iraq and America

David Horsey cartoon: Mistake Accomplished

A simple question...

Definition of Pain - watching Tenet on Larry King. What a smug, self-serving

Hillary's biggest problem

A colonel’s proverbial deal with the devil returns Ramadi to Iraqi control

Did I Miss It ??? - Where Is Phase 2 Of The Senate Report of Pre-war Intelligence on Iraq

Gore Group Makes a Political Hire

Here we go again with the Natalee Holloway BULLSHIT

My letter to Steph re: today!

Tonights' "Heroes" episode was a direct attack on the bush admin (spoilers inside)

Conyers:Turning Away Aid for Katrina Survivors

Inhofe: Media invented WMD excuse for Iraq invasion.

Does anyone think Jeb * had anything to do with NO pump contract?

What kind of people listen to Sean Hannity?

Doctors: Pot triggers psychotic symptoms

32 years ago today. Last US military flight out of Vietnam.

A disgusting, culturally supported public beating

Democrats’ Plans to Use Iraq as Issue Against Sununu Etched in Granite

Trapped Between the Wall and the Militants

Demand Troops get 2 month vacation like Iraq legislature

Say, does anybody know of good LAMP software for organizing local meetings?

Broder: Iraq War is Lost (Pot calling the kettle black)

What blogs/ news sources do you read daily?

Happy Mission Accomplished Day Eve, everyone!

' Diplomacy at Its Worst ' NY Times article 4/29/07, and on radio in 10 minutes (8-9 PT)

Kurds Say They Will Oppose Draft Oil Law

Clark discussed Iraq, trauma to soldiers, and possible presidental run on Ed Schultz today.

Has Olbermann even mentioned Bill Moyers's piece on the press poodles?

Just a note to the anti-gunners: You didn't pick up ANY Senate seats in 2006

Rudy!!! As You Never Saw Him Before (and not in a dress!)

Just saw my first TV ad for the 2008 campaign...

NYS legislature passes resolution against Iraq escalation (first state to do so)

In the beginning, Bush lied.

Hey Hannity, et all--WMD were a figment of your imagination!:

"IRONY ALERT" (or, I just can't believe it...)

Inhofe: Media invented WMD excuse for Iraq invasion.

I bet Condi is on the list! One can only hope! and JoeMentum

Thank Murtha for Speaking Up for Impeachment

The 11 Presidents of my lifetime and impeachment....

Americare health care plan (HR1481): How does this compare to candidates' proposals?

Edwards, Bayh, Daschle, Feinstein and Rockefeller...

Edwards Gets Rave Reviews at the California Democratic Convention

Airing Gonzales’ Dirty Laundry (Truthdig)

Another Bogus "Hillary Is Calculating" Non-Story Bites The Dust


The Deadliest Sin

Mike Gravel & Ron Paul! Yeah, That’s the Ticket!

Stop Hitting Yourself

Bush's Lies Reaching Tipping Point

Blunders leave troops with no hope of success

House oversight panel may look past Rice, Tenet in inquiry into uranium

Some Ask if U.S. Attorney Dismissals Point to Pattern of Investigating Democrats

May Day Alert: Only Global Unions Can Stop the Race to the Bottom (AlterNet)

A Global Democratic Movement Is About to Pop (Orion Mag., via AlterNet)

Four Years After May 1, 2003: Are We Winning Yet?

Diving Deeper Into the Muck of Bush Scandals

Tomgram: Tick... Tick... Tick... in Washington and Baghdad

Scientists Look to Vaccines in the War on E. Coli --NYTimes

The War Room: A whole new meaning for "four more years"

Who’s Watching Your Money?

And The Lies Go On

Around globe, walls spring up to divide neighbors

The Higher Education Scam (by Barbara Ehrenreich for The Nation)

April may have been one of Rice's cruelest months

Student Loans and Corporate Gravy (Bangor Daily News, via CommonDreams)

Bush’s Farewell Tantrum (Rocky Mountain News, via CommonDreams)

E&P: Back in the Days of 'Mission Accomplished': How the NYT Covered Bush Declaration 4 Years Ago

The Wall Street/Chestnut Street Cafe

YouTube Shocker: Chase Bank Records Found In Trash

Jean Carnahan: Time for a George W. Bush Memorial Statue

John Nichols: "Tell Them We Blew It" (Katrina aid)

Minimum Compassion for Wage Slaves (By Marie Cocco for Truthdig)

The Supergirl Syndrome (The Nation)


Amy Branham (Gold Star Mom): Are You Kidding Me?

"America, the new France" W.R. Marshall

Elizabeth Holtzman: Alberto Gonzales’ Safety Net (LA Times, via CommonDreams)

Why There Was No Exit Plan

Betraying our Troops: The Destructive Results of Privatizing War

Pat Buchanan back in rare form: "The DARK Side of Diversity"

Venezuela Pulling Out of IMF, World Bank

Corporate greed and private prisons

Salon: At her majesty's pleasure (diary of incarceration in a Victorian hellhole)

2 say TYC was warned

War and the Police State: Complicity of the American People

On the Morality of Science

U.S. air pollution: less smog, but more soot in East - Reuters

Los Angeles tops list of nation's most polluted cities (AP, via Yahoo)

Is There Such a Thing as a Window AC Thermostat?

Washington County: LURC begins review of wind farm application (Maine)

Pentagon study says oil reliance strains military - Boston Globe

Home of the big wind (Ohio)

Greenhouse-gas limits gain steam in states

Reduced Numbers of Arctic Cod Due to Global Warming Could Cause Entire Arctic Food Web to Unravel

Texas-Sized Sorghum: New Solution for Fuel?

Complete IPCC Working Group 1 (Physical Basis) report now available

Chinese Demand Squeezing Supply, Pushihg Timber Prices Higher In EU - FT

NSIDC - Models Underestimate Loss Of Arctic Sea Ice

Record High Temperatures Across Europe Throughout April - NYT

Planet's Amphibians "Just Can't Keep Up" With Multiple Threats - 1/3 Facing Extinction

Butterflies Appearing Across N. Ireland Weeks Ahead Of Schedule - Belfast Telegraph

Colorado Basin States Submit New Emergency Drought Plan For Water-Sharing - ENN

Missing bees could affect pollinating season for crops (Maine)

Study - 80% Of Mature Pine In British Columbia Dead By 2013, Thanks To Pine Beetle, Warming Winters

Los Angeles - 2007 Water Year Driest To Date Since Records Began In 1870s - AFP

Climate Change Is Clear Atop Mauna Loa

Southern California Deemed Most Polluted

Germany's Only Glacier Likely Gone By 2025, Despite Herculean Efforts - Reuters

"Smart building" tech to reduce energy use.

Community Jobs in the Green Economy (Apollo Alliance/Urban Habitat)

Experts (IPCC) Target Rice As Climate Culprit

Lawmakers Jump Aboard Ethanol Bandwagon

Animal Extinction - the greatest threat to mankind

Scientists Protest New Reading of Endangered Species Act

My brother lives on an acreage that has five acres. I and another

Experts Target Rice As Climate Culprit - AP

US, China Balking At New IPCC Recommendations For Quick Climate Action - AP

How many acres would you kill to drive a car?

Save the Wolves!

Biggest argument against corn ethanol.

Most Indonesians not aware of global warming (Jakarta Post)

Fatah militants launch 'Summer Storm' campaign and urge all factions to prepare martyrs

Coalition chair said planning to call on PM to resign

Bush views Olmert as 'essential'

Yemen's few Jews face rebel threats

How former CIA chief foiled Pollard's release

Olmert-Livni tensions flare up over Winograd

Coalition chair to present PM with letter asking him to resign

Protest marches set out for Tel Aviv, demand Olmert, Peretz quit

Labor Minister Eitan Cabel resigns, urges PM to do the same

MAKING THE DECIDERS COUNT VOTES: Election Reform, Fraud, & News Tuesday 05/01/07

Licking County OH: R Mayor Candidate named Diebold with Diebold DREs

That story about Election night 2004 needs

Cannabis 'disrupts brain centre'

(Former AZ AG) Woods no longer providing counsel to Renzi

Gunmen kill 11 in attack on bus in Iraq-police

Thousands join Labour Day protests in Philippines

Report highlights another security concern: U.S.-bound air cargo

Campaign investigation clears Democrats in three states

ABC: Reports of the death of.. Leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq.. unconfirmed.. disinformation campaign

Colom Leads, But Race Wide Open in Guatemala

BP cost cuts may have caused big Alaska oil spill

Mortar rounds slam Baghdad's Green Zone

Another top Rice aide quits (Barry Lowenkron)

News Corp makes bid for Dow Jones

Blair quit plans due 'next week'

Iraq civilian deaths down in April: govt figures

Iraq bill lands on Bush's desk today

April may have been one of Rice's cruelest months

Al Qaeda in Iraq leader killed - Interior Ministry

UW-Madison Cited As Good College Value

Wolfowitz could quit if his name is cleared

Report: News Corp. (Rupert Murdoch) Bids for Dow Jones (Wall Street Journal)

Senators Question Halliburton Executive About Dealings in Iran

Rage Against the Machine rages at Coachella music festival

Al-Qaida tied group denies Iraq leader's death

April in Iraq: 5th straight month of 80+ U.S. war dead

US State Dept blames Iran for terrorism

BP CEO resigns immediately. (DC Madam connection?)

Earth's Climate Is Seesawing, According To Climate Researchers

Shadowy Iraq office accused of sectarian agenda

House oversight panel may look past Rice, Tenet in inquiry into uranium

Bill on Iraq to Be Delivered 4 Years After Bush’s Words (elaborate political theater)

Record number of secret warrants in 2006

McCain favors a 'League of Democracies'

L.A. Tops List of Nation's Most Polluted

(Leahy & Whitehouse)Dems want internal DOJ probe findings made public

Report: Command to open fire heard on Kent State tape


White House: Bush to explain veto of war funding bill

Immigrants take to the streets to push Congress to offer citizenship path

Bush set to veto Iraq bill, address nation

'Daunting trade barriers' keep Harley away from India

Newborn loses dad in Iraq - Former Rockland resident was a Whitman-Hanson graduate and a new father

Lampson tops Rove's hit list for 2008 election

Arctic ice cap melting 30 years ahead of forecast

Iraqi oil reserves may surpass those of Saudi Arabia, oil minister says

US and EU agree 'single market'

Iran says "evil approach" by U.S. prevents talks

Dow Jones shares soar on report of bid from Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.

US: Wal-Mart Denies Workers Basic Rights(Human Rights Watch)

Arctic melt faster than forecast

Ethics chief not told of raise for Riza (Wolfowitz girlfriend)

Iraqi oil reserves may surpass those of Saudi Arabia, oil minister says

Prosecutors fear Miss America won't testify in Long Island sex sting cases

Boehner wins civil suit against McDermott

Duke Biz School Punishes 34 for Cheating

Prince Charles: climate change battle is like World War II

Immigrants Slow Rate Of Money Transfers

Fresh Anti-U.S. Protest Over Afghan Civilian Deaths

Bush vetoes troop withdrawal bill

Interior official quits ahead of hearing

MNC-I Soldier dies of non-battle related cause

Justice Dept. Official Says His Role in Firings Was Limited(McNulty)

Top court rules Turkish president poll invalid

(IL) Lawmakers send smoking ban to governor's desk

(Tom) Noe's wife claims he is in solitary confinement

Newhart' sidekick Tom Poston dies

Breaking on MSNBC: 6 people wounded in shooting in Florida

Home Sales Plunge In March

Federal funds pave way to voting paper trail

Hershey To Close Calif. Candy Making Plant, Move Jobs Overseas

Venezuela pulls control from Big Oil

FDA widens Chinese import alert

Is al Qaeda in Iraq fighting a Sunni backlash?

How's this for a catchy business slogan (actual PIC)

"Querelle" is a great fucking movie

Anyone catch 24 - Room 237

Here's a quote for tonight...

I'm so sorry but one more time.

Is there such a thing as a silent keyboard for a computer?

Lessons learned or "Moments of Embarassment"


Good morning

If the Republicans wanted to be cool...

Do yourself a favor, ease your soul here...

You know what today is!

Waiting for Express Mail....what joy....

May Day is a "cross-quarter day"

Google Map Fun

"Lawyer says church had 'a duty' to catch woman" Lansing State Journal

Does anyone catch themselves wanting to put DU smilies on their office email?

I Don't Have To Wake My Babies Up Tonight -- Woo Hoo!

For my 1,000th post Thank you DU!

Man Hires Bodyguard To Protect Him From Seagulls

Study Says Lesbians More Likely To Be Obese Than Heterosexual Women

Yes, it's time for the regular Tuesday

Ack! My space-heater just died!

Are Schlotsky’s pizzas smaller or is it just my perception?

Is anyone watching the Today Show?

Let's hear it for corndogs!

Let's hear it for Corns

Something to help kick start your day

Does anyone here know how you contact the Daily Show?

Fill in the blank: "Hooray! Hooray! The first of May! Outdoor...

Let's hear it for Little Feat!

The Onion on the Middle East conflict.


i sang "sex machine" by james brown at karaoke last week

Man Sleeps Through Being Stabbed 9 Times

can i take it the bridge?

Man In Purple Wizard Outfit Arrested For Abandoning Fiance's Son In Denny's

Let's hear it for Big Feet

Man Hires Hitman To Kill His Informant - Man He Hired WAS Informant

wow, Heroes sure was confusing!

Let's hear it for Big Feats

Why does iTunes alphabetize incorrectly?

Lets here it for Bigfoot

Summer goal number one: climb the highest mountain in Colorado

This may be TMI, but...

dear newscaster:

TMI about TMI

TMI about TMJ

Could someone please shower, dress, do her hair, wash the kitchen floor

The Fart Button.

TMI about THC

Did you know Clear Channel has invented a new radio programming format?

Interesting what DU server errors do to posts

Recalling a story from the recent past: http://www.ho

So how do humans show submissiveness non-verbally? (Not that kind of submission, TMI folks)

Post your Timmy.

TMI: your firsr really good time

favorite way you say hello

who else remembers pictures of JFK or the Pope

Know what I miss? Pictures of Lukas!

Wish me Luck, I am going to GD!!

So girls, is anyone planning on dancing around My Pole today?

How low can it go?

TMI: I have a very small

For those in IT, an early video...

hey get your finger outta there!

Happy Beltane, y'all

Let's hear it for Little Feat

Man Had His Glass Eye Flushed Down Toilet By Someone Who Thought It Was Crack

Chrysler Hybrid Cars To Have Hemis - Wait WHAT?

Does your state require front dental plates?

Any fans of Mr. Deity here?

Why are the bilderbergs, the illuminati, and the masons fucking with DU's servers?

Habeas Porpoise

I was going to start a "Post Your TMI" thread...

Do you suffer from migraines?

Chrysler to develop hybrids with hemi V8s.

favorite james brown quote:

a request, out of courtesy:

Hitting the road tonight, folks

What is happening?

who is this guy?

Technical problems at the DU today (5/1)? "My Posts" page columns scrambled...

If I take my car to get its brake pads replaced, is it normal to also get

I just woke up after sleeping 20 hours.

the only trustworthy animals are cats.

Grrrrr...I hate waiting for a phone call!

My dogs are possum hounds now...

Have you ever order a car from the factory?

she said we love like pugs

she said we live like pigs

Post in this thread, and I will invent a slur against you

I will now anger my neighbor by singing karaoke songs....

So there's one kind of bizarre person in each of my classes

Help me identify an earworm.

A love story in 3 pictures

Fly Me To The Moon... A Visual Love Poem For Nico

Could you

Should I see the Police? (This is a rock 'n' roll type issue)

I miss olympic hurling

TMI day: Anyone suffering from bacne?

I miss Olympia curling

which one are you?

I miss Olympia burling...

post here if your post count is a prime number

I'm Miss Olympia, curling

Who Wants To Dance Around My May Pole Today?

I shaved my head yesterday, and now I look like a Q-tip.

Everest news today...Sherpa's body recovered.

Great, something else to worry about

Is it really just your job you hate? Are you sure you don't just hate your life?

Should I call the Police? (This is a mail fraud type issue)

Weirdest thing I've ever seen the internets do

Stupid dipshit on radio voted for Bush because of psuedo-morality.

Brandi Carlile Live Performance from Yahoo

Why do YOU hate DefCon DU?

Heading to the store to buy feminine hygiene products,

So, about the show 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous',

Please have some respect

How many threads can I start before you all get pissed?

The demon life has got me in it's sway.

Wanted: Prank ideas, especially ones effective against freepers

I miss the RMS Olympic.

I'm hankerin' for a Breakfast Club reunion movie.

how can you mend a broken heart?

Can we discuss The Riches?

Question about LAST week's ep of 24...

I need a rug.....

Complimentary Rosie O'Donnell Article on!

My daughter has figured out that one of her schoolmates "has two moms" (her words)

Liverwurst beats Chorizo!!!!

Have you ever stood on top of a bare naked...

Notice how all MY threads sink to the bottom like stones, while

Niece wants Thomas Carvel's body exhumed (Carvel Ice Cream)

My new American-made, vegan, 15% recycled plastic sandals

I just dropped the phone in amazement at how much money my husband is costing me!

Woo! My SO got a TV that normally costs 1K. Guess how much he got it for?

DU Lounge Posts First Quarter Losses in Commodities, Currency Trading

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 5/1/2007)

In honor of the anniversary of "Mission Accomplished", I had to post

I've been slurred by someone who calls himself MonkeyFunk.

Happy birthday ThomCat & mike_c!!

So girls, is anyone planning on dancing around the May Pole today?

This is Writers fault

I've been monkeyed with by someone who slurs...

I need a hug.....

I miss hair curling!

Have you ever watched "Bizarre Foods"?

question about tipping/taxes for people in restaurant industry

I have no restraints or sense of boundaries today.

Man Gets Jail For Rolling Back Prices At Wal-Mart

I just reached an even milestone. 40632 posts.

How do you get rid of the body of a dead astronaut

Oh my goodness...Tom Poston died.

RetroLounge requested this ( there's nothing interesting to men in here )

Are these extinct? Have they gone the way of the dodo?

Do you hate black hair?

((cue recruiting music))

I Have To Fire Somebody Tomorrow

The saddest and darkest days of U.S. History. WE MUST NOT FORGET!

one fine day

My new boat:

Joint maker to star on Discovery Channel

Family is coming for dinner in 45 minutes and there is nowhere to hide.

Stephanie Miller deserves the MSNBC morning slot! Let's try to make that happen!

Is the 'Take Home Chef' from TLC Simon or Nick?

Liverpool beats Chelsea!!!!

Ave Maria

Do we all listen to whatever the fuck California Peggy tells us?

How would you go about breaking a heart?

DU Lounge Recruiting More Friendly Folks

I feel like I got hit by a bus. Gardening is totally kicking my ass.

Cheer BlueIris up. She is very sad and lonely today.

I've been owned by cats most of my life, so can you explain a "Great Dog Mystery"

Workers of the World UNITE! Happy May Day!

Musician joke Tuesday!


Best Song

A word to the box-flies

Netflix "Watch Now" option rules. I watched "The Jerk" today.

Are we permanently at defcon now?

What would you do if your SO accused you of cheating?

Tipping wait staff and bartenders, I understand. But cashiers?

Congratulations Fighting Irish!! 10,000 posts

does this explain why GD is such a nightmare sometimes?

I am being talked about........*sob*

A friend of mine has reserved the Olive Garden for his 12 year old son's Bris

I'm on imdb counting how many times they call Fonda a name.

What is so PEVY about a May Pole???

Does your state require front license plates?

Do you hate back hair?

Congratulations nini!! 10,000 posts

Lasik eye surgery - any advice or comments?

Your biggest WTF moment?

I haven't had a day off in about two weeks.

What are you passionate about?

I just reached an odd milestone. 12345 posts.

What, do you not give a shit about?

DAMMIT. Every f***ing day!

Redstone - remember your post about working from home?

My Third Annual MAY DAY thread!

A festive Beltain to you all

Is the Hadith a very well respected piece of theology in the Muslim world?

I would like to wish everyone here a happy Beltaine!

Reading 1-0 Newcastle

This week's fights .....


Happy Labor Day, brothers and sisters!

A28 Impeachment Actions at California Democratic Convention

Don't Back Down

Speaker Pelosi hosts Take Your Children To Work Day

War Criminals Convention - Santa Barbara activists at David Horowitz's First Santa Barbara Retreat

MAY 6-9th BioTech Convention Boston

Americans For Change--- Bring Our Troops Home

This Week Panel: Iraq War

Mission Accomplished - 4 Years Later

Rep. Maxine Waters calls for stopping war funding...

Hillary Clinton: New energy economy means good jobs...

In honour of International Workers Day - There is Power in a Union

Pathology of a Hate Crime...

Kucinich: Reconnecting with what's right about America.

New anti-Bush ad: You Can't Veto The Truth

Mike Gravel on Situation Room

KO---Tenet's Revelations


Never before seen Video of WTC 9/11 attack

Open Letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Artic Melting faster than predicted by models

Military Wife Calls CSPAN

Bobby Darin - Simple Song of Freedom

Utah Phillips Anti-War Message - "The Violence Within"

Bruce Springsteen - War ('because... blind faith in your leaders... will get you killed...')

Ray McGovern on Tenet's book

Biden on Iraq bill: "We're going to shove it down his throat."


Oliver Stone: VideoVets

Stephanie Miller on MSNBC

Cindy Sheehan at Purdue...

KO'd: Glenn Beck Named Worst Person for Requesting Racy Pics


Jon Stewart IS what Dennis Miller used to believe HE was

Jacob Park of A28: A28 A Huge Success - Impeachment Back On The Table

3,351 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war

Pamela Anderson is on Coast to Coast!

Today is May Day.

The GOP, the party of the stodgy white men

Arctic melt faster than forecast

DOONESBURY Continues Prescient 2002 Reruns Reminding Americans Truth Was Out There! Here's TUESDAY'S

Why Republicans who preach morality and abstinence are the most kinky

Human Rights Watch: Wal-Mart's tactics, some illegal, prevent workers from forming unions

May Day: Chavez: Venezuela to pull out of IMF, World Bank

Second hour of Bernie Ward just getting going. Tenant book is the topic...

Iraq Debt-Forgiveness Plan Faces Arab Resistance/ WSJ

No comment

Phil Ochs to Iraq War supporters - "I know you're set for fightin', but what are you fighting for?"

What are gasoline prices in your area?

Nobody makes my flesh crawl like willy kristol.

Why are there so many impeachment rallies and Congress

I think Stephanie Miller is doing a wonderful job!

Not "The Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave" Anymore

Lou Dobbs wants questions now on CNN morning show

"It's not the economy, it's the media, stupid"

Desperately Needed: A Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion

How many terrorist groups does the Bush Administration sponsor?

Whistleblower Agency Calls Wolfowitz Poster Child For Hypocrisy

WJ this morning

Tenet says Cheney wanted to handpick Iraqi govt.

I had almost forgotten what that was like. Weird feeling!

Only in DC: Plausible Deniability for Prostitutes

May Day Marches: "no person is illegal"

The invisible refugee crisis in Iraq

LOL! Bush Proclaims Law Day

Bush isn't running in 2008, but Rove is still targeting Democrats for the next election

This is the news

"nearly 3200 troops have been killed in iraq" - msnbc

Any guesses on which Repukes are shitting bricks over Palfrey names?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Hey, did they kill Zarqawi again?

Panel to Probe Handling of Foreign Aid for Katrina

Waterfowl wage genital warfare...(Paging Mr. Darwin)

Happy Loyalty Day, everyone!

A Glaring Example of what's wrong with our country

According to Atlas shrugs (Pamela Geller) the number of US

House oversight panel may look past Rice, Tenet in inquiry into uranium

Tom Toles: Canary Pet Food, Coal Mine People Food

Larijani confers with Ayatollah Sistani on regional developments

#@&$*#*@!!!! The rep for my district in the IA State Legislature switched to

The neocons have taken over Heaven....but one democrat gets through

Toxic syndrome running rampant in Washington DC. It is nicknamed "C.B.C."

Mission Accomplished

If you are not blond/blue-eyed and you rent an apartment...

Juan Cole : Mission Accomplished, 4 Years On

"Lawyer says church had 'a duty' to catch woman" Lansing State Journal

Dilbert explains the American mindset all too well

Do we know what time the Chimperor is supposed to veto the troop spending bill?

"Obsession Accomplished"

Famous republican quotes about impeachment & the rule of law...

Dave what's-his-name is promoting a Draft on AAR this a.m.!!

Dave what's-his-name is promoting a Draft on AAR this a.m.!!

Around globe, walls spring up to divide neighbors. As if walls really work

How long do you give it before the "D.C. Madam" is found dead?

China and USA have similar business ethics

‘Mission Accomplished’ By The Numbers (Think Progress)

I wonder if evening news networks will show bush landing on the carrier??

Venezuela takes operations from big oil companies

Four Years Ago Today...Remember these words

FYI: Ray McGovern on Dem. Now! today:

Clearly we didn't learn our lesson from the Vietnam War

RE: don't pump gas on May 15

There was no "Mission Accomplished" banner

Questions regarding the US Attorney firings scandal:

Caption this Bush photo

Quick, who's the judge that took Clinton's license away?

How long until Cheney has to resign because of the Niger forgeries?

List of WMD Lies (Lest We Forget)

Are they really going to send Prince Harry to Iraq?

A little help please....?? Yesterday there was

Happy May Day everyone!

Why is racial profiling only discussed when non-whites are the ones to be profiled?

LOL OK Du this poll or just enjoy reading the selections St. Pete Times

Interesting article re: The Tuskegee Syphilis experiments : "Bad Blood in Tuskegee"

I can feel something evil in the air!

About ABC and the "Hooker's List". . . . .

The Democratic signing statement? When is it or was it and did the press cover it?

Seen in Chicago in April

The Chickenhawk landed -4 years ago today

No one is talking about just what a total charade the Mission Acc video op was

New Book: How Privatization of Iraq War - Betrayed the Troops

Rick Santorum to start Web site with 'thought-provoking' videos

Congress Dems and Reps are trying to humor a madman, and people are dying because of this farce

Seattle P-I: Mistake Accomplished

Nothing Accomplished

Secret Order By Gonzales Delegated Extraordinary Powers To Aides


Help stop "Drive Through Mastectomies"...

Murtha was just asked about impeachment again on MSNBC

The GOP Morality Scam

Gonzales delegated hiring authority to Goodling and Sampson in secret memo

SOmeone explain sub-prime home loans to me

Broder attacks Reid's "war is lost" then expresses doubts in victory himself:

Christopher Hitchens on TDS

Iraqis Help Displaced Fellow Citizens Survive

NYC tonight: Greg Palast, Robert Kennedy, Jr., & Randi Rhodes.

Scott Bloch (prosecutor investigating Rove) is grandson of famous painter, Albert Bloch


A Glance At Al Gore From A Student's Perspective

Did anyone else see Bush poke at his nose during the CENTCOM speech?

I just gotta say this regarding Gravel

Controversial USA Delivered "Voter Fraud" Indictments Right on Time

Domestic Enemies

"MAYBE we can turn this thing around in the next 24 months."

Seat-belt complaint on Corzine dropped

Have any of the poltiticians asked the Iraqis "Are you better off now than you were 5 years ago?"

V.P. Cheney's Lonely Neocon Band (with apologies to The Beatles)

Army Corps of Engineer is asked to explain award of New Orleans pump contract (JEB ALERT)

Reality needs sugar coating by any candidate who expects to win in 08

Immigration ON CNN (Guy taking credit for right wing downfall)

WTH Black Panthers , Murder & The Clintons *email*

It's official, even CNN is reporting it: Al Masri is "alive and well."

Iraq reconstruction 'not working'

Did anyone else catch this stunning Rasmussen number?

Why doesn't Bush just use one of his signing statements instead of a veto?

Boehner wins Civil Suit against McDermott

Bush: "These are tough times. These are times that test the resolve of civilized people"

First person: I'm still living with effects of Vietnam War

Ari Fleischer: "President Bush disagreed with Richard Perle"

How do I nominate a thread for the Duzy?

What happened to the news about the smoke rising from the green zone yesterday?

The four year anniversary of Chris Matthews love melt-down for George W, Bush.

Need to debunk a Freeper - didn't Kerry release his military records?

Ed Bradley gets Jazz Funeral at New Orleans Jazz Fest

Dahr Jamail: Iraqi doctors out on a limb

May 1, 2007 is a great day

Has the TV shown Bush landing on carrier? (i am not near a tv today)--just wondering

After attacking Reid over war "is lost" comment, Broder "doubtful" Iraq victory is possible

Glorious leader on teevee, victorious victory getting closer.

Tonight on Countdown

3 pm signing ceremony with the Dem's just announced on cspan2

Heads up: Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing on FISA Update on CSPAN Radio Now

The irony is that it could have been "mission accomplished"

"lipstick on a caterpillar"

January 20, 2009...

Happy Labor Day

If money for the troops is there forsending, vetoing the bill is refusing to support the troops

The Surge Is Working! Natalee Holloway Case Back In The MSM!

Bush: Dumb enough to veto the war spending bill on tv (6:30P) 4 years after Mission Accomplished

msnbc patty cuhane - "the president is going to put his signature to the bill

We've got the best media in the whole world (sarcasm)

George promises to veto the spending bill, then work with Dems? WTF?

More Bushit on TV Soon...Tonight in fact

If you keep pulling on the string..

Will the Dems cut the Iraq war funding or will they cave and rationalize their decision?

Attention WalMart shoppers! The place you shop- is now in Human Rights violations.

Check out the headline on Yahoo: Democrats send Iraq timeline to Bush

Murdoch Empire Makes Bid To Buy Wall Street Journal

The Eastern American Empire...

How the NY Times Covered "Mission Accomplished"

FISA hearing on Cspan 3 (wiretapping)

Campaign for Net Neutrality Receives Webby Awards-Best Activism Web Site/Best Public Service Video

Reade Seligmann thanks bloggers, asks them to continue fight for those

Dean Calls Proposed Immigration Bill 'Insane'

NYT: Bush, "....looking rugged and windblown, while surrounded by sailors and fighter pilots...."

Quick, where can I purchase a life insurance policy on Hugo Chavez? A big one?

Does anyone know about national public comment guidelines?

NTSB: Pilot error in Yankees pitcher crash (AP)

Nancy Pelosi's concession to the demand of impeachment proves we should never accept the word NO

Trade-off looms for arid US regions: water or power?

Thousands join Iraq's Communist Party rally in Baghdad

Does Bill Kristol have his jaw wired shut? Or is he just grimacing because of the

Tenet: ‘I Will Never Give That Medal Back’

Feingold on cspan3 fisa court hearings asking questions. for anyone interested

Cool video via HuffingtonPost regarding mission accomplished

Glenn Beck: Gore using "same tactics" to fight global warming as Hitler did in vilifying Jews

No, No, Not the Cauldron of Chaos!

Do we need to be concerned with Ralph Nader (again)?

Happy Anniversary, Asshat. ---pix--->>>

Happy Loyalty Day!

Official Signing thread they are on MSNBC now

Bush: Iraq timeline could cause 'chaos' (From MacDill AFB in Tampa)

Is this normal for an Emergency Room visit?

Has anyone heard the word "Non-binding" used in MSM in reference to

It's really a shame when you have to make up facts to show you're right

Famous republican quotes about war during the Clinton years...

The media actually incensed because the democrats are "Using political theater"

Why did "integrity" Tenet wait three years to disclose the * admin is scum?

Man For Alaska: Documentary from Mike Gravel's 1968 Senate run

BREAKING: 6 shot near downtown Jacksonville

FactcheckED: Freepers Outraged That Facts Have Liberal Bias!

Four Years Ago Tonight......

A "Mushroom Cloud" Is Not A Menu Item At The Outback Steakhouse

Most Republicans have no f***ing idea any more what a conservative is

Mission Accomplished: Remember Tweety and Coulter fawning over Bush?

Dailykos to Kurtz: "You're a jackass and a dirty punk."

Awesome new anti-Bush ad!!! "You can't veto the truth!"

Robert Bennett (A-Utah) spends 15 minutes excoriating the media

Tornados reported near Toledo, OH and Topeka KS

sheldon Whitehouse is awesome. on cspan 3 now fisa court

CNN just said Chimp is calling for Air Time 6PM EST

Jacksonville native speaks on shooting

Murdoch makes unsolictied bid for Dow Jones

Nancy and Harry on CNN!

Price tag for war in Iraq on track to top $500 billion

BREAKING! The Baby has landed

Sen.Mike Gravel on Stephen Colbert Tomorrow, May 2nd

official cspan3 fisa court hearing

Giant steps backward, baby steps forward. HB 879 passes in NC is first sex ed success

Dana Perino: "It is very troubling that Democrats would be so cynical to use our troops in that way"

Will Bush fly to Iraq to sign the Veto?

"There is something profoundly wrong when there is so much distrust of our intelligence community"

Carol Korreck: A Soldier's Mother Recalls 'Mission Accomplished'

Bush** & R's effectiveness: Hate groups up 40%.

Article from Vanity Fair on release of Reagan diaries (many excerpts)

Caption McCain

This veto this evening is going to cost President Bush much more

Nat'lFamily Farm Coalition Farm & Food Policy Update

Aren't the connies supposed to be marching today?

Betamillion Bill Bennett: If We Leave, Iran & Al Queda Control The Oil

FISA hearings for Dummies

If Fidel Castro doesn't show at the May Day parade, does that mean six weeks more of capitalism?

Tucker just got screwed....

Propaganda about Hate Crimes Laws

How often do you "get in people's faces" with your political views

Did anyone catch Nightline last night?

Mission (passage and implementation of the oil law in Iraq) *Not* Accomplished!

Lieberman opened his mouth and out came this:

Question: How Much More Damage Can Bush Do In The Next 20 Months?

State Dept: Iraq Has Been ‘Good For The Effort To Reduce Terrorism’

Another * caption

Sign maker beaten in 'mob-style' fashion

I just volunteered to work in the Obama campaign.

White House, 5/1/03: "We're not engaged in combat anymore, we're prepared for getting out."

RE: Senator Durbin. How many of you have ever held elected office?

CNN's McIntyre: Bush "can't sign" war funding bill Congress sent him

WH: "We did prevail" (here's what Bush won)

Uh, oh. Watchit Hugo Chavez. Rudy's got you in his crosshairs.

Elian in Cuba!

In 1999, Bush Demanded A Timetable

Opinions Please. Finish this Statement: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ....

Cafferty has an interesting question for this hour:

House Committee Approves Subpoena for Comey

Documentary about the Clinton impeachment on tonight on the National Geographic Channel

Is this " which is critical of Transcendental Meditation..." for real or a joke? Satire?

Should the Democratic Party include marijuana legalization on its platform?

Any Bets About Countdown Keith O.......

Hey? LIEberman!! STFU!!!

From the "WTF" File: Man Accused Of Stinking Up Gas Pump

Today I became a member of the Guthrie Center!

Did you know Mother's Day was founded as a day of international peace? Yep, it was.

Caption the Chimp

Anybody know wassup with the anti-Piolin signs (immigrant rallies)

Top ten things to keep "mission accomplished anniversary" off the news.

Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid sign Iraq Supplemental Conference Report - pics

Joe Lieberman's Reality: Public Is Equally Fed Up With Democrats And Republicans

Priest to serve 30 days for fondling teen

Conservatives for Hillary! Check out this backwards endorsement...

House Committee Readies for Gonzales Redo

Did Ken Blackwell really just say "languageship"? (on Tweety)

WTF? Ken Blackwell is a Republican Pundit on Hardball! Pls write them.

Dumbya's next career

Giuliani assails Venezuela's Chavez - Eeek! The commies are coming!!

Bush in "extended whine, a rant, about no one understands him, the critics are all messed up, etc."

Anyone been following the bungling of the air india bombing case?

Young Turks story from W.Va. newspaper

"He flashed ...all -American grin ...ejection harness between his legs.."

The fate of the $16B Walton estate (Fortune/

The Hillary Boo Birds

Pelosi & Impeachment-what's happening?

FDA Says 4,150 Pet Deaths Reported

Words that come Back to Haunt you. George in 1999

When Business first foreign policy made us less secure: after fall of Soviet Union

Guess what? Per US Ambassador to Iraq Crocker, Al Qaida is 'surging', too!

Bush Vetoes Bill To Bring Troops Home from Iraq

Requisite Randi Rhodes Roll Call

"Cauldron of Chaos" Vs. "Mission Accomplished"

Gonzo to give encore performance before the House Committee May 10th

He's STILL claiming a connection between Iraq and the WTC attack.

4 years ago dick said:

In Imus' wake, West Virginia Radio Corp. stops playing some songs (RIGHTWING MEDIA TYCOON ALERT)

(Tweety) Chris Matthews: 2005's Misinformer of the Year

Country's Largest Anti-War Coalition Calls on Congress to Stand Up to Bush

Airman Killed

Bush will be addressing the nation at 6.10pm ET

You know I've been thinking. If the problem is illegal immigration...

The Number One Al Qaeda Guy in Iraq has been Killed

Does it seem like the traffic here at DU has been heavy lately?

Supreme Court: "NeoConfederate Cranks?" Addressing the Gore bashing ditz Maureen Dowd...

So did George Tenet lose his moral compass or did he never have one to begin with?

Reid and Pelosi coming out now with comments M$NBC will carry

Self Delete

Impeachment is optional

Bill Maher on Hardball exposing Rudy Giuliani's drag dressing

I want my own conspiracy theory. What if the software for voting on

Sounds like dimson is slurring his words a bit.

Tweety slams GORE, necrophiliacs RAYGUN. Ho hum, he's done it so often.

Why is this the yahoo headline

I still can't believe the 180 degree spin on the funding bill

Can Congress just not deal with the bill?

Happy "Mission Accomplished Day" or "How a little propaganda is good for us" **PHOTO HEAVY**

Mortar rounds slam Baghdad's Green Zone

National Review supporting...Hillary?!?!...

Let Exxon, Mobil, Halliburton hire their own army!

Edgy Dems Snarl at Their Antiwar Base

we got a new word: Millertary

Submission Accomplished!

What's in your dinner?

Bill Maher coming up on Hardball right after the break 5:20 Eastern Time

The pResident speaks behind the troops today picture.

ABC, NBC and CBS are NOT showing Bush's little veto speech.

Call 203 373 2211 and demand Bush and Cheney resign.

CNN Says: "Our Gas Prices" are going UP because of Lefty Hugo Chavez

Murdoch's News Corp. Bid for Dow Jones Rejected

The man, I believe, gave that speech quite drunk. Slurred many words.

Dance, everbuddy! HIC!! All we are saying is give Petraeus a chance! BURP!!

Cable News ) Gave More Coverage: Hispanic -Americans than Anti Iraq Invasion Americans!

So, I guess we'll be seeing the fall of the Emperor sometime soon now.

Are Iowa and other midwestern states being Enronned by the gas companies?

Ever heard of the drug "cheese"?

So what's this "congurss" that bush kept talking about in his speech? I know there's a

Tweety looks terrible!!!1 Multiple choice question:

The View's Elisabeth hannitybeck TWIT moment of 5/1 the mission WAS accomplished and the navy

Over 500 BILLION , thats 1/2 TRILLION on this debacle in Iraq.

Rupert Murdoch

The ball is now in the Democrats' court: Don't drop it

US Iraq casualties rise to 54,630

What is an "artificial" timetable?

my neighborhood freeper

DU and Google?!

Picture of Bush after he vetoed the bill

Next to be outsourced: canned pineapple

Could the Repukes back Hillary in 2008?

The only logical Democratic response to Bush's little stunt tonight

The 2008 Presidential elections must be suspended,

$100 BILLION Dollars!!! $100 BILLION!

Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) Next To Fall In Widening Abramoff Scandal

Iraq is Beyond FUBAR, it's FUBUSH!!

We should not stand by and let them use phrases like "vetoed the supplemental"

Martyrs, meet your virgins!

Father rapes, kills two-year-old child

Mr. President, you may "think" you can ignore the constitution and the will of the American people

Josh Marshall has some splainin to do

Did Ronald Reagan ever "connect" with anyone on this board?

Mike Gravel, soon to be a household name

Bush just repeated the 2004 GOP Convention >>>>>

Remembering "Mission Accomplished" and the Bush's Useful Idiots who made it all possible

Iraq War Architects, Four Years Later...Time Has Not Been Kind to Reputations...

If you thought Christian rock was bad before, check this out...

Are people who listen to Rush racist?

What does a lack of competition in a free market imply?

Who in Congress is yelling about all the outsourcing of America's jobs?

Oh Jeez...I just ran across this old GOP email attachment....

Father finds $9,000 worth of errors in hospital bill

A Brief History of Loyalty Day

I wonder whose idea it was for the codpiece when Bush dressed up as a pilot?

Will apeshit's war STILL be grinding on NEXT May 1st, 2008?

Kenneth Blackwell needs to be in PRISON, not a guest on Hardball

Kerry Says Bush Veto Ignores Will of Congress, Prolongs Misguided Iraq Policy

WOW! My picture is on Michael Moore's home page!!!

bush: "Our troops and their families deserve better", they sure the fuck do!

ex-CIA Officer Drumheller: "Bush administration came into office with the idea of attacking Iraq"

Waxman Subpoena / Letter to RNC Chair Re: White House Private E-Mail Accts.

Tweety on now: "I was a stupid fucking dumbass!"

McClatchy: Bush's management style allows for incompetence - but not massage

TOON: Oliphant - Mission Accomplished Day YEAR FOUR

Tom Poston has died

The Iraq War has damaged us more than the attacks of 9/11

We will be in Iraq another year or two tops. Next Supreme Court Justice will be there for decades

The Lefties Are Coming: Lock and Load!

Hey. We've been busy for IMPEACHMENT! Look across America!

California Impeachment Resolution Passed- Another Historic Step on Impeachment

"Mission ____________", [fill in the blank]

ABC: Reports Of Masri’s Death False, ‘Part Of A Misinformation Campaign’

Bush Facial #15. We have a pattern here, folks

‘This is called a ‘bunker mentality'’ ("the president has reached full self-pity mode")

The odd glee surrounding the DC Madam

So what happens when they Swiftboat our candidate next year?

Lou Dobbs said liberal columnists and Arab reporters couldn't stand Bush's success in Iraq in 2003

Ok DU no more talk VVAW Make quick call for IMPEACHMENT 10 SECONDS

72 from my state and no end in sight- does Bush never count the cost?

Happy now...?

We need a 'Guest President" to do the jobs that our pres. won't do.

"Concerned Women" ask Bush for veto pledge on Hate Crimes legislation

Dick Durbin admits Congress was complicit in WMD Lie!!!

Young, Gifted, and Not Getting Into Harvard

Untested, Unregulated Milk Protein Concentrate from China - a HUMAN food poison?

DU Lounge Recruiting More Friendly Folks

Iraq Generals to President: You've Failed Us

We have a really sick puppy running this country.

Climate change hits Mars

It's law day. How should we celebrate?

Little fucker tucker is saying the prostitutes have some kind of privacy like doctors do

CNN has a vote on bush's veto.

Tuesday TOON updates: Insanity edition

Breaking MSNBC to hire Stephanie Miller full time

Bwahahaha! Guess who went to high school with George Tenet?

Sexual threats quiet some female bloggers

Mission Like Totally Accomplished, Yo!

Murder rates rose when mental health institutionalization fell

Paul Helmke of the Brady Campaign speaking now at National Press Club

3 Million Melamine Tainted Chickens in Our Food Supply

Pakistan's CIA connected to terrorist training

The childish "leading UK political blogger" redirects links to a soft porn site

A very radical idea re: Mexico

One of my co-workers scares me sometimes

E&P: Back in the Days of 'Mission Accomplished': How One Paper Covered Bush Declaration...

Greetings from a place where May Day is Worker's Day.

Lol! Tucker is upset again about the DC Madam giving up names! He is interviewing

This May 1st day in history-62 years ago in Berlin Germany

Racists for Obama '08

This is exceptionally good. Joe Bageant - 'Dispatch From the Chinese Landfill'

Why aren't you a radical?

New Orleans pump contract may have been rigged (Jeb Bush former employer)

The Utah County republikkan party...What a bunch of whack jobs.


Corzine looks good

Feinstein seeks to close Guantanamo

May 1

"- and it makes the best of his manly characteristic" (bush parachute harness)

The Show Down Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid May 1st

Question about troop funding bill: How long is the funding for?

Hotline: "The '08 Dems and Mission Accomplished"

"Congress Is Back In Session...This Always Helps To Boost Business"

E.J. Dionne: The Ends Justify the Horse Race

Obama picks the following endorsements in SC

NYT: Some Ask if U.S. Attorney Dismissals Point to Pattern of Investigating Democrats

Bush threatens veto, yet some supporters concede Iraq war is lost

Don't worry, Africa! George is On The Hunt for a chaste Republican

‘Big money players up from Texas’ visit Bush.

Back in the Days of 'Mission Accomplished': How One Paper Covered Bush Declaration Four Years Ago

National Women's Political Caucus Endorses Sen. Clinton

Slimy PA republican (state legislator) gets jail time. It is about time.

the Family Research Council (FRC) announced that Blackwell had been hired on as a Senior Fellow

The problem with all of this stuff coming out about GOP corruption

Who makes a better environmental advocate? Gore or Inhofe?

Frank Rich on Stephanie Miller NOW on MSNBC at 8:35 AM EST.

April may have been one of Rice's cruelest months (Reuters)

It looks as if Faux is the only network covering the Chimps rantings

The Rude Pundit: Happy "Mission Accomplished" Day (*VERY**VERY* RUDE)

You are the one who pivoted from Afghanistan to Iraq making Iraq a haven for Al Qaeda

Obama profile from May 2004. Still the same man he was then.

Why is the House wasting time

Note there's no Wolfowitz defense of job performance...

State Dept: Iraq Has Been ‘Good For The Effort To Reduce Terrorism’

Perino argues 'we did prevail'?

Pelosi and Reid on teevee doing the bill signing

Clinton and Obama agree to participate in NH debate

Gin Blossom George to hold veto presser at 6.10 PM EDT

*IS* Bush ever going to veto this thing or not

FLASHBACK: In 1999, Bush Demanded A Timetable

House Judiciary Committee Release “Privileged” Logs in U.S. Attorney Probe (Conyers wants more)

House Committee Approves Subpoena for Comey (testifies Thursday)

Video of Impeachment Rally in Portland, Maine

bush should hold an enlistment ceremony for all his conservative supporters

Question in Monica Goodling immunity deal. Any lawyers here?

"You Can't Veto the Truth" now playing on CNN--again!

In our interest.....the overlooked talking point

From the office of Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Congress Has Not Accomplished Its Mission

With regards to the bill King George refuses to accept, what of the pocket veto?

Isn't this the anniversary of some brilliant conservative military strategic victory?

House Committee Readies for Gonzales Redo

Bush's speech tonight in a nut shell

My Daily Rave: RE Immigration

Clinton leads Dem presidential pack in winning Kerry’s top ’04 fundraisers

Feingold Statement on the 4th Anniversary of the President Declaring "Mission Accomplished"

"US war on terror is a war on tourists, too......

It sure is an empty, hollow victory to be proved right....

Bipartisan to this President means DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO

Colombia labor killings under U.S Democrat scrutiny (Reuters)

Cspan to have live coverage 6:10 Eastern TIME (bush address to nation)-they

Democrats chide Bush on fourth anniversary of "Mission Accomplished" stunt

Tell Bush: Mission Not Accomplished (Emergency Veto Rall)

OK DU'er a little quiz: who said this :President Clinton needs to set a time line for Kosavo

Reid/Pelosi, MSNBC, up next for counter-argument to veto!

Clinton Decides To Attend WMUR Debate

Bill Mahr: All this talk about REAGAN by the republicans is gay like

Bush is the expert

OK DU'ers lets see how the Democrat Senators running for President vote on this funding

Impeachment Videos

Tenet: ‘I Will Never Give That Medal Back’

the body language of Pelosi, Reid was really bad

Listen to the screaming at the White House on Lou Dobbs!....

Call 203 373 2211 and demand Bush and Cheney resign.

McClatchy: Rice hopes to enlist neighbors to stop Iraq from fracturing


next Iraq funding bill should be

Senator Clinton's Statement on Bush Veto of the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Bill

Virginians, are there any Dems to run against Tom Davis should

Oliver Stone Anti-War Ad to Air - (Thursday, in response to veto)

Watergate reporter demolishes Hillary’s career story

What's Going On With Unleaded Gas Availability?

"The Veto" and Democratic Political Theater: Here's my idea...

Do you think if Jesus would have known that purely evil people would

Biden caught on video in unguarded moment

David Horsey Political Cartoon on the 4th Anniversary of "Mission Accomplished"

I'm with Bush: NO ARTIFICIAL TIMETABLE for withdrawal...

Leak of *'s speech tonight

I'm sick of MSNBC being a hinchman for Bush

The AFL/CIO summarizes the Democratic candidates' views:

In National Review, Conservative Author Says Most Liberals Are “Traitors”

John Kerry: This Is Maliki’s Last Chance

Lieberman: 'No-party' fastest growing political movement

Text of CA Democratic Party Impeachment Resolution

I am watching Stephanie Miller and I feel like it's Christmas Morning!!!!

Pelosi calls out Bush for 1999 statement on timetable.

With Subpoena Compliance Now Optional, Congress Will Send Out More of Them

DeLay's PAC closes shop after decade-long run

Aren't you all proud of yourselves today?

Polls: Hillary narrowly trails Edwards in Iowa, Ahead in New Hampshire and South Carolina....

Democrat demands White House student loan records (also Reading First) - Reuters

My question for the Repubs.' debate thursday...

"I Hate Ann coulter" by Unanimous

TPM: On Tucker, Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst, accuses Cheney of being behind Niger forgeries

Hillary's Got Base...

Latest addition to campaign bookshelf is John Edwards' "Ending Poverty in America"

Rasmussen Reports: Giuliani 30%, McCain, Thompson tied with 14%, Romney 11%

Edwards Statement on "Mission Accomplished" Anniversary

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