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World Bank chief seeks refocus

Pigs in Space (The Nation)

Dissent in the Ozarks

Back From Iraq at the Great American Diner

Anger as hostages sell stories to highest bidders

Digby: "the Dick Cheney fifth-grade schoolyard school of foreign policy"

Ex-army officer: troops are dying in Iraq for a 'doomed project'

World Bank chief seeks refocus (Financial Times)

Independent: Attorney General 'to be forced out'

North Koreans Arm Ethiopians as U.S. Assents (NYT)

Immigration Raid Yields 62 Arrests in Illinois (NYT)

Turmoil around U.S. Attorney Paulose merits belated scrutiny (Coleman / Star Tribune)

Britain delivers damning verdict on Blair's 10 years

FRANK RICH: Sunday in the Market With McCain

Dire Warming Report too Soft, Scientists Say (LA Times, via CommonDreams)

Mountaineers Testify to Warming's Effect

Quake lifts Solomons island metres from the sea

Seals Found Dead on Caspian Sea Shores

Rep.: Israel said no Syria attack plan

How many anti-Zionists does it take to change a lightbulb?

Watchdog group highlights flaws in DuPage County, IL elections

Bev Harris did NOT donate Qui Tam money as repeatedly claimed (2nd year),

Steeling themselves

India high-tech industry out of workers

7 Afghans dead in ambush on mine clearing workers

U.S. air strike hits volatile Iraqi city

(Democratic presidential prospect) Edwards pressures Smithfield CEO for union recognition

British may be in Iraq until 2012: report

L.A. pro-immigrant march draws thousands

Labor girds for '08 (Democratic) convention

Housing Slump Pinches States in Pocketbook

Iraqis: Iran barred PM from its airspace

Iraqi forces backslide on lead role

Tories raise climate stakes

White House Looked Past Alarms on Kerik

Record-Shattering Cold Threatens Crops

Britons held by Iran can sell stories to media

Falling rice yields viewed as an early sign global warming in Japan

FEMA jumps the gun, Landrieu says

Baby Killed After Mom Runs From North Texas Police

Does Your Playboy Reveal Your Age? (Does Mine?)

So i'm watching The Boondock Saints and drinking white russians

Man, I really wanna get a hold of Rachel Ray's hot pans!

The Easter Bunny came early, a friend just brought me a big chocolate bunny.

Go see The Shooter.

Wanted: April 7th weather!

I'm going to watch "The Lake house" tonight, will i hate myself when it's over?

The Doors Stick

Forget breads, forget spices even. Animals are just plain AWESOME!

America is just another fringe group.


The world says:

"Bush Condoms..." (GRAPHIC... HILARIOUS... AND WORK-SAFE!)

Why is Planet of the Apes on the History Channel right now?

"Clink, clink..."

I very excite, I watch the Borat.

Editing Your Profile

Am i the only person that likes this song?

Some of my best friends are lumberjacks,

Original Planet of the Apes on right now - History CHannel

You're so vain, you probably think this thread is about you

There's no way in Hell I'm gonna get everything done that I need to by tomorrow morning

I need someone to tell me to GET TO WORK!!

"Okay, so my son's a pig. I still love him." (pic)

who is for dinner tonight?

Just got an e-mail from a parishinoner. Her dog died of kidney failure

When is the shake-down of your hermitage

I just posted something about this over in GD

At least it is a polite one. eom

"Superthunderstingcar" something really different

Swiftboating Barry White?

Who can legally perform a wedding in California??? Please help!

How's the Easter Bunny supposed to get any work done around here?

I'm Having Trouble Feeling My Fingers


Should petco be reported?

Anybody feeling frisky? Post a song that captures your mood right now...

What's for dinner .....Tonight?

What would Jesus wear? Boxers, tighty whiteys or boxer briefs?

Roughly how often do you update your DU journal (if you have one)?

Flight canceled after pilot drops F-bombs

I want a Easter Egg! I want a Easter Egg!

Anyone here have sugar gliders?

Curb appeal? Monorails to use enlarged curbs as track for new Denver, CO system.

What's your guilty pleasure YouTube video?

Sweet! My buddy just told me his Japanese roomie has a thing for me

Name a movie that contains cannabis.

She cries alone at night too often...

So I'm takin' a big old bite out of a pre Easter Ham sangwich....

Good vibes needed NOW! Husband is operating on my (Radio_Lady's) dead computer...

Anyone remember Boyardee?

All our times have come...

Worst "Good Friday" ever

Damn dog

Best and Worst dating cities

Reply to this post in a language other than English

Your first car

Where Are You From? Where Were You Born? Where Do You Live Now?

If people say "that's bright" sarcastically more often than they

Is Easter really a Pagan Holiday???

Why you'll suck it up and vote for Hillary if she gets the nom:

WIN (Workers Independent News) Week In Review April 6-8, 2007

Steeling themselves

GSA organization, labor unions resolve differences (

28-day strike cost about $4 million in payroll

FedEx Sought to Thwart Union Drive, Labor Board Says (Bloomberg)

First group of union workers back in mill after 13 months (AK Steel's Middletown Works)

Fighting for Union Democracy / East Coast Vs. West Coast Longshore Workers

Union vote means county workers will bargain collectively

Help Build the (MLK) Dream

Union Workers to 9th Circuit: 'They Assaulted Us!'

Governor says that e-mails between him and ex-girlfriend not subject to open records laws

The Forward Celebrates their Labor Legacy

The Irish Blessing in Song

Pandering to World Domination

Some Mother's Son - The Story Of Bobby Sands...

Crawford Peace House In Trouble

Rolling snake-eyes in Las Vegas. When does the water run out?

Spanish-language papers want Gonzales to resign.

Tribe's Hard Rock Deal Jibes With Past

CNN reporting that Nat'l. Guard Deployment Now 13,000.

Sound familiar? It works the same in every country..... ?

Bush Sticks to His Iraq Policy

just update faces website

NYTimes Editorial: "Hot And Cold" (Climate Reports Should Shake Bush Out Of State Of Denial)

On Bill Maher last night

White supremacist gets 11 years for attack on Oregon synagogue

When Bush gets a "Monica"

Doug Feith Responds With ‘Naked Incoherence’ To Evidence That He Manipulated Iraq Intel

Two Cultural Advisers From The Bush Administration Resign Over Iraq Museum Looting

DUer David Swanson: "Ten States Introduce Impeachment" (Great Op/Ed & Updated Info)

Here is a Question For All the DEM Candidates: Should Fox News Be Treated Like A Real News Outlet?

Is Mother Nature sending Bush an Easter warning on climate change?

Hang Up on War: Get a Tax Refund

Dr. Dahlia Wasfi - WOW!

How Hard This War is on the Family of the Servicepeople as well

Interesting. US Attorney in East Texas leaving...joining Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal

Global warming /second flood ?

Rosie O'Donnell

If you watch any Sunday talk shows, Josh Marshall needs your help:

Why not allow recommendation of any thread ...

What is the defining issue of our time?

So I turned on my car radio, and I heard Lionel say, "But I digress." And I said to myelf,

Did Pelosi foil Bush's plan to attack Iran?

Republican caucus goers against the war!

Joe Klein Gets Spanked by His Readers on Impeachment

who is the most labor friendly member of congress?

What Would Jesus Really Do?

Bill O’Reilly: JFK Conspiracy Theorist

George W. Bush: A Failure Once Again

Doea anyone else find it odd that CNN is playing nothing but pet food info

So I was in the liquor store buying some butts, and they have a new fingerprint scan payment type>>

It isn't as bad to be anti gay as it is to be racist

Faux news: "We didn't kill enough Sunnis in the early going"(Untermenschen)

Sort of wish I was 7 year old just for a day .

Sunday Talk Shows

Here's what "Chemical & Engineering News" has so far about melamine, aminopterin...

Pres. Bush almost blows up himself, Cheney and the CEO of Ford. This is not a joke.

Bearly Surviving Amid the Ebbs and Floes

Plans for Bush library stir Texas-size tempest

So what's up with the Sam Seder show? Is it being cancelled ?

The Most Hated Family in America

Why I think melamine is a danger

Al Sharpton demands Imus's dismissal, says he'll picket WFAN if he's not gone in a week

1968: Unconventional Perspectives

The 2008 Chaos Election Theory, or: the Year of User-Generated Swiftboating

Strategists Bank on Budget-Neutral Policies (

Did Speaker Pelosi avert war with Iran by screwing up Bushco's plans?

Let me get this straight, I can't EMail MSNBC unless I sign up for MSN

Draft Peter DeFazio, Oregon

People All Over the World Favor Labor Standards in Trade Deals including nine out of 10 in the USA

Watching CurrentTV for the first time.....

3:00 a.m. post that deserves a lot more attention than it got, the

Let's talk about 'Monica' .......

John McCain editorial in WaPo: The War You're Not Reading About

Dennis Kucinich Question

White House Looked Past Alarms on Kerik (WP)

Is There Anyone Here Who Thinks...

Protesting Dean when he visits Denver to try to get the union stuff fixed...makes me angry.

Hillary supporter Hilary Rosen belittles Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and Dems on SFRC on MSNBC Tucker

Monica Goodling, Just 1 Of Over 150 "Little Pat Robertson's" Working For Bush

Enough Already by Missy Comley Beattie

Torture Blowback and Selective Outrage (Dave Lindorff)

NYT: Latte Laborers Take on a Latte-Liberal Business

A God Forsaken Nation

An Insider's View On the Fall of the Rupiah and Suharto by Steve H. Hanke

WP: Colombian Unravels Government-Paramilitary Ties Imprisoned Ex-Official Is Central Witness

Iraqi's Book Takes on U.S. Mismanagement

KB Home Stock Scandal: Case Study on Why CEO Pay Reform Is Overdue

CEOs Beat the Odds With Stock Options

Military Spending Gets 40% of Every Income Tax Dollar

Send This One Back to the Kitchen: Montana Restaurant Owners Have Wage-Cut Recipe

'60 Minutes' leaves out half of the story on mine safety in Harlan County


The Berlin Wall Fell. Will We See the Curtain Fall on Bushevism?

Troops Continue to Die For Bush's Lies

So now Johnny Hart (creator of the formerly funny B.C.).....

Bush: Attorney Firings Just Need Better Press

Justice's Holy Hires

Toronto Sun: Power to the Pelosi

The Idea of a Local Economy by Wendell Berry

Inside the Belly of the Blackwater Beast

Self-Help's Slimy 'Secret'.... (Oooopha serves up yet another....

Robert F. Kennedy - by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Easter reflections and roundup on TYC

EU 'put Portugal wildlife under threat' - BBC

Go green? Go West (LA Times OpEd)

Louisiana said primed for biofuels production

Global Warming Report: Diplomats Win Negotiations, but Scientists Have Quiet Last Say

Forces dig in for energy battle (LNG terminal, CA)

Gas crunch likely as Mideast races to meet local needs

Mountain Climbers Bring Back Firsthand Accounts of Vanishing Glaciers Due to Global Warming

Solartopia! An achievable vision of a sustainable future

The Case for a Global Carbon Tax

What's the name of the science group that Oppenheimer founded after WWII?

Support local farmers' markets! State by state listings here:

U.S. Solar prices to start decline? (April price survey)

Go All The Way Florida /Florida Voters Coaliton

FIXING WHAT'S BROKE? Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 04/08/08

"Commander 'N Thief"- Explosive new documentary presents evidence of fraud in 2004 election

I DEMAND Hand Counted Paper Ballots, just like Al Gore wanted, Heres why.

Analysis: GOP Field Has 3 Strong Contenders, but Some Hunger for an Alternative

CIA Tortured Me In Iraq, Claims Freed Iranian Diplomat

NATO soldier dead in Afghan blast

Bomb kills 17 in Iraqi town, destroys shops

Bush critic Sheehan blasts US Democrats

Nearly 250 Dead Seals Wash Up on Shores of Caspian Sea; Cause of Death Unknown

Taliban say kill Italian reporter's translator

From Brazil to Boardwalk: Rain Forest Wood Splinters Ocean City, N.J., Community

Senate Will Not Stop Paying for Iraq War, Senate Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin Says

Nurse Arrested in Houston Office Fire That Killed 3, With Court Appearance Set for Tuesday

Curfew imposed in Baghdad ahead of anniversary

Iran says won't discuss right to make atomic fuel

Hoyer: No meeting with Muslim group

Vt. Bid to Curb Emissions Heads to Court

Trial Set in Suit Over Katrina Claims

Four U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq - military

6 Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Dozens of Animals Killed in Jacksonville, Fla., Shelter Fire, Including Nearly All Its Cats

Worshipping at Fort Hood, Texas, Bush Reflects on Sacrifice of Soldiers at Easter Service

Field rations are falling short in fueling troops

Medical care at TYC falls short

Occidental (Oil) CEO got more than $400 million in 2006

10 U.S. troops die in Iraq; 6 on [Easter] Sunday

Pope: 'Nothing positive' in Iraq

(6) Nato troops killed in Afghanistan

600 Youth Vow to Fight 'Orange Pest'

Across Nation, Unprovoked Beatings of Homeless Soar; 142 Attacks Occurred Last Year Alone

Levin: Senate won't withhold Iraq funds

Gingrich: 'Don't Have a Ronald Reagan Right Now' (AP video)

Iraqis flock to city for anti-U.S. protest

al-Sadr calls for attacks on U.S. troops

Ex-Tenn. lawmaker faces corruption trial

Happy Easter, With a Bible Warning Message

How do I add links to other websites in my signature line ?

cool video

All My Sons is on TCM

As far as judges go, where is your confidence level?

A QUOTE FOR THE AGES: The problem with the internet...

I made nookies

Easter celebration and animal cruelty. What you DIDN'T know...

Watch me pull an egg out of my butt!

i just watched "how dracula got his groove back." ask me anything!

Senator Forms Subcommittee For The Watching Of Lost

My husband has been watching the Snapped! marathon on Oxygen

OK, that Easter themed Viagra commercial was just totally inappropriate...

Fuck...My friend is going to Iraq

Snow on my roof in coastal Alabama.

It's snowing in east Texas.

Finally saw Borat and couldn't stop laughing

my buddy, Rocky, laughs at all my jokes, but

Georgie and Dickie Jokes

Easter Stories*

Pre-emptive plea: no spoilers for The Sopranos in thread titles, please

can someone come over and clean my house and

Is there anyone here who's never played a musical instrument?

Dog Diary versus Cat Diary

Everybody ready for the Bunny Hop?

Leporines of DU, check in here. Today is our day

Anybody remember Girlardee?


I don't believe i will start a thread today.

What's wrong this paragraph?

that ham you eat today is soaked in blood and murder!

Miracle Whip Weekend! Vibe into making a salad at crimson's house!

Look what the Easter Bunny left me today!

you're so sweet

I'm snowed in for the second day in a row.

I can't sleep (again)

you know what really bothers me?

Dirty Rotten Bunny Rabbit stole my Cookie. (Pic)

Do you ever have one of those days on this site?

Post yer rabbits here!

When did Little Caesar's start selling single pizzas?

Oil change instructions

Anyone remember Gidget?

what happened to these Easter chicks?

What musical instrument do/did you play?

What is the reason for golf?

How pervasive are Moderators here in the Lounge?

My 90+ year old neighbor is rowdy.

I went to TMNT last night.

How perverse are personal problems here in the Lounge?

What's the difference between a reef and an island? (pic)

Evil Easter Photos, Pt !

Where is Tootie?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 4/8/07)

skinner is in da house!! y'all raise da roof!!

Easter Traditions (pix)

Had enough to eat today?

Do wigs shed hair?

How to make a giant Cadbury Cream egg!


There's a Shirley Temple movie marathon on AMC today

Am I the only one who doesn't watch golf but roots for Tiger Woods?

Health problems

Sunflowers 2007, Week #6 * * * * Dial up warning

Your first FIRST vehicle?

baseball question re: closers

Are the stores open today, like Target?

Check out my Sugarmama Orange Tax Rap Vid - & Vote if you like it!!!

Ummm, Pia? I got a message from somebody called Pia on myspace.

Aerosmith sucks more than the doors or kiss, maybe even as much as the beach boys

"B. C." creator has died.

Who is planting a garden already?

Should Sanjaya sing the national anthem(tm) at the next world series game?

A Kiss Is Just A Kiss {Youtube - 09:06}

Never mind!

Hehehe.... Aladdin Simpson? Homer Sane?

How pervasive are personnel problems here in the Lounge?


What's the difference between a pervasive personal problem

How perverse are personal problems here in the Lounge?

How perverse are your personal problems? tell the lounge.

How pervasive are perverse personal problems here in the Lounge?

How pervasive are perverse problems here in the Lounge?

My 15 yo son made me a gift in art class!

IT'S OVER! The Great Easter 'Y'all-All-Come' Luncheon. whew

HELP! Road trip approaching - need family games to pass the time! Ideas?

What's the correct term for when global warming causes colder temps and accompanying precipitation?

Announcement! I have now downloaded and installed Turbo Tax!

Ah, the lounge. Heros, all of you!

Now that we know YOUR ethnic heritage, (thanks, qnr), what's your SO's?

Woman too drunk to be charged with drunken driving.

Balinese Long Pepper. Bought some yesterday, used it tonight, became instantly addicted.

trof gets his smilie back.

Zombie-Watch Check In...No zombies here...

Aerosmith? The Doors? Pink Floyd? KISS? People, please. It's all about....

I just saw “The Queen”

Holy fucking shit! Why didn't anybody TELL me about this?!?

Some Easter musings from Bill Hicks...

What do people think about the movie REDS?

Ancestry - how many generations have you been able to find?

My sister-in-law ran over the Easter bunny this morning...

What's on your menu for Easter dinner?

Something strange is in my yard. Should I call Hazmat or SWAT?

Happy birthday shanine!!

What's the hardest tune to get out of your head?

What was the first Queen song that you remember hearing?

Jesus wins the Masters!

Health and weight loss

brand new kittens! (with pictures)

Need a bit of advice..mainly from cat owners, but not necessarily

I Slept In And Missed The News - Did Jesus See His Shadow?

Pearls before Swine fans, todays comic made me laugh out loud!

What would Jesus use? Mac or PC.

Is foreign adoption difficult?

DUers who do not believe in god/reincarnation/etc., how do you...

I have a pervasive personal problem.

Am I the only one who watches golf but doesn't root for Tiger Woods?

finally saw "300"

It's gotta be said - I hate Peeps. Fucking disgusting. Also Circus Peanuts.

Famous leader test: What famous leader is you?

if you could have ANY kind of exotic animal as a pet

I talk to the trees (pic heavy)

Radio_Lady Discusses: Can Moms Afford NOT to Work?

What's the favorite band of music snobs?

Name a movie that contains camels.

Delaware's New State Motto

How pervasive are personal problems here in the Lounge?

Are the hookers open today, like Tart yet?

Self-censorship--yes or no

Is the church the people or the institution?

Just to reiterate: Jesus did not walk on water

My Conclusion: Jesus Christ was an Anti-Establishment Revolutionary

The Pagan Origin Of Easter

Now the green blade rises from the buried grain

"The Lord is Risen", response: "Christ is risen indeed!" May the Lord be with us all on this day.

What is distinctive about various religions?

Most everything that is possible with religion is possible without it.

Watching the Lakers Game

Masters Web Site

islanders win the shootout

Tiger is human - for now

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for April 8

Hey Sports Editors--Your Headline should be Johnson wins...

Palast documentary, 'Commander in Thief' info here:

The Senator has a diary up at kos this morning.

NYT: Latte Laborers Take on a Latte-Liberal Business

SKorean workers, farmers march against US trade deal

Unions pursue service workers to stem losses Health care, wage issues emphasized

The airport, the airline, unions and other groups filed documents with...

Judge tells (bankrupt) Dana to continue talks with labor unions on health-care for retirees

NFL union asks that suit by retirees be dismissed

Chinese heat is on US sweatshop lobby

Honors, exonerations and alliances @ shift break

The NEW Bush health tax and how it works

King and Brandow debuted the new version of "Look for the Union Label"

‘Pursuit of Happyness’ Author Visits AFSCME

Remember Me

Bill Lawhorn Illegally Fired for Supporting a Union

Peep Show - HAPPY EASTER!!!

Green Time

No Raise In Seven Years

Message of Peace -The Circle of Life

Mr. Bush This Is Your War

Who will pay for Bush's War and Deficit

Commander'N Thief. I don't think John Kerry won, I know John Kerry won.

Whats a person to do?

Make videos, not war

I don't give a crap what you think of Rosie O'Donnell, vote to keep her on the View NOW!!

More from the "lib'rul media"...


Does anyone know if Nate Clay is on vaction tonight?

NEW Democrat "Talking Point" Re: Global Warming -- "9 out of 10 Scientists agree" it's Real...

The Tantrum...great post from Howie Klein.

Wisconsin - Was US Attorney on the Chopping Block?

Autism and the elephant in the room: mum's the word

Are melamine products ok to use??

Happy 1st Sunday of Easter

Charlotte Observer calls Evangelical Seminary to task for inviting Coulter to speak

Post pulled, dupe but holiday bunny pic included

Insurgents transform US military jails into ‘terror training camps’ (Sunday Times of London)

Jerry Falwell is a complete asshole

Happy Easter to all of you. Peace and Love.

What do you consider to be the top worries in the world?

Follow the money alert!! Brent Wilkes ADCS offices sold AGAIN instead of put up for auction!

I Defy You.

He can just go and sit by the lake and hear the owls

Watch me pull an egg out of my butt!

Has anyone ever seen the Guest List for "Prairie Chapel Ranch" on NOVEMBER 7, 2000???

Pope laments 'slaughter' in Iraq

Oh,Dear Lord-Doonesbury today-"Bush-at-warisms"

What qualities become a Democrat?

Power to the Pelosi

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - All New Bush-At-Warisms!

Will Hutton: Soft Power a match for Hard Men

The Guantanamo offence

Bush Almost Blows Himself Up, Ford CEO Saves Him. Ford Stock To Plummet

Indonesian sectarian deaths blamed on ID cards

Yeah, Again....

An Easter message:

Google updates New Orleans satellite imagery.

Iran bars Bush's Iraq puppet Maliki from its airspace

Soldiers' caskets no longer 'luggage' after four years of it

just great: Easter Sunday will be colder than Christmas Day here...

How does one effectively deal with an admitted racist & bigot?

Ever notice when the US is pressuring N. Korea CNN begins running the N.Korean death videos?

c-span wash. journal - nancy youssef from mcclatchy newspaper

Happy Easter, Mr. President. Enjoy the fire-glazed ham.

Global Warming and Colder Springs….

Day by Day political cartoon.

Credit (?) Ford Motor CEO Alan Mulally with saving the leader of the free world from self-immolation

Thermometer reads 26 degrees here in South Carolina

Seized sailors and marines granted permission to sell their stories

Obery Hendricks "The Politics of Jesus: Rediscovering the True Revolutionary Nature..."

CNN is scrawling a list of all the recalled pet food

CNN Fair & Balanced: Arlen Specter & Joe Lieberman -

Al-Sadr Calls for Anti-U.S. Attacks

US allows secret Korea weapons deal

norah o'donnell - pregnant or too much kool-aid?


Exit Iraq? Republicans say "Yes!"

Gonzales should consider resigning, Gingrich says

What's with Wolfie and the 'uh's"?

Stephanopoulos: Obama seen as "Non-Threatening" by voters. Huh?


Ahhh, how nice. Famly portraits for Easter.

WaPo: A Shock Wave of Brain Injuries

REWIND TO BRITAIN'S OCCUPATION - Iraq has been through much of this before

Ryfkin claims Pelosi Violated Logan Act (MSNBC)

Was Osama Bin Laden a danger to the USA in 2000 and if so is he one now?

May the spirit of Retsyn be with you all year...

Are we tired yet of the MSM broadcasting Smears and DEATH Threats against TRUTH seekers? ABC/Rosie +

Thru the looking glass time: Dem (wink,wink) Lieberman is trashing Pelosi and Spectre

My vote for worse person: Insurance Company of Greater NY

Insurer ordered to pay for boy's breast surgery.

Hey IndyOp & Octafish & Mort Sahl, I'm approaching my 1000th post and...

Military families show contempt for Hodes at Concord gathering

DO you feel it is wrong to send all 9-11 threads to the dungeon Yes or NO?

Elizabeth Edwards Urges Women Not to Neglect Mammograms As She Did

McCain in Washington Post Op-Ed Again Hits Media's Iraq Coverage

Two more American soldiers killed in Iraq while Bush sipping tea on vacation

John Roberts and that loathesome Mike Allen just laid out this weeks RW talking points

Buoyant Teheran warns of further kidnappings

Dubya's impeachable offenses

Today: Fight the good war on Easter eith Stephen Colbert (or...against him?)

Ancestry - how many generations have you been able to find?

Was Moses a Terrorist?

Urbi et Orbi

Cleveland opens Ohio's first clinic devoted to treating lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender patients

Forget YouTube. Now there's GodTube. Really. And it's funny. Really.

"The Lord is Risen", response: "Christ is risen indeed!" May the Lord be with us all on this day.

Predict Bush's "tipping point" outburst

Self-styled hippie grandmother reporting in Iraq for Central Texas paper

Have there been any Presidential approval poll done recently?

Worlds greatest Violinist, 3.5 Mill$ Strad plays street Musician

CNN trashing Pelosi and Reid in a scripted manner

is there anything in this country that BushCo HASN'T wrecked? . . .

MTP: Opened with a funeral for the decider. Amazing tone from all

Isn't this snow beautiful?? If only we had gotten more than what we got.

A sign of change

It's been three days and our LORD is still in Texas!

When you torture, you lose the benefit of the doubt

HIV cash misspent on abstinence education

Thousands of Iraqis streamed to Najaf on Sunday in response to a call by Moqtada al-Sadr

TV Worth Watching Tomorrow

I just saw the frightenly great movie, "The Good Shepherd"

"Almost Everything He (Bush) Said Was An Outright LIE" Frank Rich

Huckabee questions Romney hunting claim

Don't be a Democratic "Groundhog" ..get involved locally today!

What do Dems think about the Ukraine crisis

10 U.S. troops die in Iraq; 6 on Sunday-"Alright, that's enough, let's not ruin this beautiful meal"

All New U.S. Passports Scheduled To Be Electronic By End Of April

I just found out where in Iraq my brother will be going: RAMADI.

I'm not a music fan, but this show "caught" me.. Our "Big Media" is not interested

Tom Cruise using Scientology to "detoxify" 9/11 rescue workers

Called "Porno Girl" and videotaped in the john, teen intern sues DOT.

Christofascist cartoonist Johnny Hart dead at 76

Row over (British) Sailors selling their Iran stories

If you drive you smoke

Eavesdropping neighbors - don't they have anything better to do?

Huckabee questions Romney hunting claim

I watched "All The President's Men" this morning....

Faces of the Fallen by Age


Bush supporters are either lying assholes or morons

You have to give CNN credit....

3282 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Hey MSM a little question about the surge

A living wage is impossible if we allow unlimited immigration.

For those of us, who will be following Senator Durbin's pet food hearings

Another story of Christians acting badly on Easter

(UK) Captives' media fees spark fury

"None of us in the officers' mess believed in the weapons of mass destruction nonsense"

Why are Bush And Cheney still here?

Joe L.: "al-Sadr's words showed the American troop surge was working."

Quote from movie, Judgment at Nuremberg, shows why Alberto Gonzales must go.

WTF kind of twisted logic is Lieberman using?-The surge is working

Has bush finally explained how they will come over ...

Our country may well be crawling with insane killers when the boys get to come home, thanks to Bush.

U.S. gas prices jump 18 cents in 2 weeks (AP)

US role in British hostage release....

You can test DU! An unofficial test of "DU Journals - Last Updated."

British team grows human heart valve from stem cells

Iraqi's book takes on U.S. mismanagement

Mark your calendars Apr 15th.. "America at a Crossroads" PBS

To Don Imus - from one "nappy headed ho" to another

I wants me a Gore/Clark ticket for '08. Who's with me...?

Clockwork Orange

Newt , Mitt, Scooter, Rush, Rudolph, Jeb?

Even Rasmussen can't keep chimp's numbers up....

RW'ers accuse Democrats of trying to form a shadow government

Scandal puts spotlight on Christian law school (WOW! Regent/Goodling)

What's worse than a blind man with a semi-automatic rifle?

I wonder if Keith O will have Imus as his worst person in the world on Monday.

Bush nearly blew himself up at the WH

Oh Man, Do I Hate Glenn Beck!!!

In 2003, when Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq, a woman named Hamdiyah al-Dulaimi had three handsome sons

tomorrow is the last day to send a message for Polar Bears SOS

Leading Shia in Saddam regime dies in exile

Families seek news of detained Iranians in Iraq

Folks, there's a heart-warming cinderella story happening in sports you should know about

How much of the money Chimp wants will go to troops, and how much to mercenaries?

Pentagon is shortchanging wounded soldiers

CNN on South Park Hillary Episode

From KOS - is Bush lying about Iran and the EFP's - We need to ask the WP why it was deleted.

Easter 2007: "If we could pay less than the minimum wage, then we wouldn't have to

Experts say Bush exaggerates threat

George W. bUsh said; Hussein could REMAIN IN POWER...

Pigs just flew out of my butt

Outsourcing is much much worse than immigration, legal or not

Take a moment....enjoy the Japanese cherry blossom

Its slow going but we are gaining on them. Self identified Dem voters up 6% from 2002

(Wisconsin) State GOP official pushed vote fraud issue

Bloody Saturday in Iraq vs. McCain's reality

Cutting the funding for Iraq = Playing with fire

Happy Easter DUers!

Bush should be impeached for criminal dereliction of duty.

CSM: "Congress Girds Up For Return To Oversight"

Plug it in, fire it up, Mr. President (w. animated GIFs)

"Iraqi Details 'Shocking' U.S. Missteps" RUH ROH! Allawi's in trouble now!

projecting based on 7 days is not very reliable

tommy thompson to announce presidential run - 10:35 edt

Guess Which One Was Defending Pelosi’s Trip?: Hint: It wasn’t Lieberman

MONITOR: 1- The 15 sailors; 2-researchers uncover RW links

If Gore does not run, who would he likely support before the convention?

Good lord-anyone want to respond to the Idiot Iraq War defenders in My area?

Why is the Washington Post trying to start a new war?

An Easter lesson for me

Imus: "nappy-headed hos"

Hunger Strike Breaks Out at Guantánamo

Did Cindy Sheehan Manage To Deliver That Easter Basket To The Ranch?

60 minutes showing the McCain tour video

If I were a Republican I would take a close took at T. Thompson

Orin Hatch "correction letter" to MTP - what's this all about?

"What about the radios Rudy?" It's finally on!

McCain says he didn't lie to us about the conditions in Iraq. He says he just misspoke

Will Democracy Rise From The Dead On Easter Sunday?

Gosh it must be loads of fun to kill poor, old folks in wheelchairs.

2 U.S. soldiers die in battles with Shiite militia in Iraq

Jack Jacobs Dead Wrong About British Captives' Behavior

America & All Humanity Need President Nancy Pelosi - NOW

CNN poll needs some more love.

It took four years for the US to admit officially that the USS Vincennes was in Iranian waters

How Could They Keep Me From My Husband?

Strange dollar

Lies about Iran nuclear capability. Lies about arms from Iran. 2006

Women's Equality Measure Faces Long Odds

Fox Calls Out Gingrich Hypocrisy on Pelosi Trip to Syria

OK, two threads on this have died, but--I'M STILL MAD AS HELL!

Rahall: Pelosi Personally Told Bush Of Syria Trip And He Did Not Object

So I was thinking about Anthrax...

Jesus Guilty! A slice of Roman talkback

Kool-Aid drinking "conservative" whines about his party self-destructing...

To understand the motives and intentions of corporations imagine no govt regulation...

A look at French nuclear power on 60 Minutes NOW

Activist contends passport stall tied to anti-war efforts


Communism Ended Its Run as a Police State with Berlin Wall Falling. Will Curtain Fall on Bushevism?

Weathervane McCain's Baghdad tour: THE most pathetic photo op since Mission Accomplished

(((3 CHEERS and KUDOS to BABYLONSISTER!!))) She has her finger on the pulse of DU & the world!

Iraq veteran charged with murder of Rice athlete

If you smoke , if this and if that . I am so tired of it all .

Fascinating Washington Post Article

This World My Son is Coming Into... (Long post)

Would there be any question if Imus stays or goes if he had insulted Jews on his morning hate show?

Bush Is Playing Chicken With Our Troops In Iraq

For all those concerned-What happened to truenotes?

Dan Rather on Chris Mathews show: Gore will run.

Canine cooking. (Not Chinese recipes)

I'm tired of being treated like a nigger by the media.

Will Nancy Pelosi's strong assertive leadership make it easier

Real reason GOP needs to push tax cut agenda.....

StratCom: Warheads ready for a trade-in

Recess Appointments: Why does * hate America?

MTP: Tuned in. Saw Kate O'Bierne. Tuned out.

This Week: George Will making an ass of himself again

MTP: What happened to the neutrality of Chuck Todd?

Gee... Jon Kyl of Arizona is back in Arizona while Carl Levin of Michigan is in Washington

McCain: Every "Sensible" Observer Favors Giving Escalation A Chance

Justice Anthony Kennedy Has Cast Deciding Votes in High Court's 6 5-4 Decisions This Term

How progressive is your Congresscritter?

And I thought we didn't like John McCain. Man, the freepers HATE him.

American politicians who put Israel's interests ahead of the US should be systematically removed

Those who hate Madam Speaker's middle east trip hate America.

Obey gave false information to fellow Democrats, yelled at anti-war protesters and slammed The WP

Meme: U.S. paying "Security Welfare" to Iraqi Government

Al Sadr calls for Iraqis to end cooperation with the U.S., start attacking

Joe Klein: What is the real scandal here:that Pelosi spoke with Assad or Bush Administration won't

Don't be a "Groundhog" get involved today!

Eric Massa NY29: People-Powered Politics vs. the Fat Cats

Fox Calls Out Gingrich Hypocrisy on Pelosi Trip to Syria

BBC: Rice to Meet with Iran and Syria

Why its about the message....(The candidate's Achilles Heel)

Rahall: Pelosi Personally Told Bush Of Syria Trip And He Did Not Object

Question, Did any of the candidates send Easter Greetings?

I need some help to post my move on speech from 2 years ago

Why is BOR against Secular Progressives ?

Here is my move on judges filibuster speech from April 2005

Who Is Going To Win The Republican Nomination?

State GOP official pushed vote fraud issue-mystery solved

This Week: Donna Brazil "McCain is fading and fading fast"

Hillary gladly playing the gender card

Sadr calls for anti-U.S. protest in Iraq (Iran is realizing it's threats)

AP: Gonzales Urged to Consider Resigning (for bungling - Newt Gingrich)

Immigration: The Human Cost Illegal immigrants now targeting executive jobs short video

4-2007 35 6 0 41 5.12 8

David Brock on Barbara Comstock (DoJ)

Are you providing cover for Congress? Are you?

Kucinich: Government must reclaim its rightful role as regulator in the public interest

Michigan's plan to buy every child a MP3 player or iPod I consider ludicrous

Help me pave the road, but be'll end up in HELL!

John Kerry diary at kos in defense of Speaker Pelosi

This Week: John Kerry and Teresa on Everyday Environmentalism

Legislation concerning corporate ownership of the media

here is the key to the Bush ruination of DoJ

No place all red on Dean's map

Scandal puts spotlight on Christian law school

Help support Pelosi: Join me in sending scarves to CNN's Suzanne Malveaux

"Robert F. Kennedy" by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

How do you feel about all the criticism of dem candidates on DU?

Still planning on voting for that 3rd Party ticket? Still willing to let the pukes get the WH?

Preacher during Church says "Don't vote for Obama"

Kristol: Proper Response To Iran’s Kidnapping Of British Soldiers Would Have Been Military Strikes

Bill Clinton, Papa Bush to cool their friendship for the duration of '08 campaign, says Time's Duffy

We need a list of Dems giving Pelosi back up and those stabbing her in the back.

Edwards refuses to fake it on whether he supports Reid's bill cutting - Edwards tells truth instead!

You Can't Hurt a Troop By Defunding a War

Why is Obama's experience questioned by MSM, while Thompson is mooned over for his "star" quality?

Wesley Clark or Al Gore?

Senator Specter defends Pelosi's trip

Update to AP troop casualty numbers

Please use the following links to Urge Clinton and Obama to drop out of the Fox News Debate

Sharpton calls for Imus to be fired within a week or he's boycotting the radio show

What happens if Fred thompson enters the race?

Exit Iraq? Republicans say "Yes!" (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Impeachment's Back in the News (Dave Lindorff)

Lieberman Says Pelosi Syria Visit Was ‘Bad For America,’ Suggests Syria Was Behind 9/11