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Archives: April 7, 2007

Democrats’ Rise Has Pluses, Say G.O.P. Centrists

About Those Poof, Pow, Bam Employment Numbers

Editorial: Karl Rove and the GSA (Philly Inquirer)

ROBERT WRIGHT: An Easter Sermon

Editorial Cartoon from the Arizona Republic

The Jewish Factor: Democrats better on Darfur, Church-State

CNN: War bleeds Baghdad of its best and brightest

Downing Street Memo Redux: DoD Provides New Evidence of Bush ‘Fixing’ Pre-War Intel

Americans offered 'aggressive patrols' in Iranian airspace

The semiwarriors (Andrew J. Bacevich)

Gulf of Suez Oil Discovery -- North Ramadan oil field

Bleakest climate report approved (AP, via Yahoo)

Mexico Tries To Save Big, Fading Oil Field (the Death of the Cantarell)

"Blessed are the Peacemakers" A Message for Jews & Christians from M.J Rosenberg!

Kurd: U.S. Sought Other Iranians in Raid

EU E-Mail Warns of Somali War Crimes

First Inmates Released From TYC, Millions To Be Spent on Reforms

UAW Help Key in Kerkorian's Chrysler Bid

Chinese firm denies role in pet deaths

Retrial Sought In Lodi Terror Case

White supremacist gets 11 years for attack on Oregon synagogue

Breaking: Edwards Not Participating In Fox/CBC Debate

Japan opens 'baby dump' for the desperate

Justice official is expected to help U.S. attorney's office (in Minnesota)

I've gotten out of my clothes. The neighbor kids are running home.

This day in history - For Geeks

V for Vendetta - MAX 10pm EST n/t

Chocolate Jesus

A Little Mott The Hoople for Easter, Ladies and Gentleman.....

Now officially switching from Smirnoff Ice to Annihilators

Grand Canyon

Happy Good Friday/Great Saturday/Easter

I wanna make a post about

Do you know your Briggs & Stratton type?

Happy Easter DU....My old ass is going to bed

Niagara Falls!

Is SKYPE any good?

Has anyone changed their phone service to one of the cable companies?

Heavy duty Lounge thread: Is Whoopi's edge blunted by Liberalism?

Now that's some fast banjo pickin'!!!

I need advice on criteria for "alterting" on someone....

I just caught my pop eating my dog's tootsie

Goodbye cruel world...

These guys are so pissed, they make me deliriously happy

The Friday Night YouTube Classic Rock Concert!

Two parrotlets love me. Which shall I purchase?

So what the hell was the giant drama that got people banned recently?

So let it be written. So let it be done.

No trans gluten of any kind... no cholesterol.. ahh the perfect food

Giant Drama Thread

Yoo-hoo, Catwoman!! Have you seen THIS one? I cannot believe I missed it !

A peep show!

Good Friday snowstorm in Asheville

Dallas Weekend Adventure...DAY 1! (Possible Celeb Sighting!!)

I've found footage of GIC singing Karaoke!

So, DUers, what did YOU do today?

Funny story about the scout outing to the Senior Home today.


Girlinbcontempt is SO drunk.

Does Your Playlist Reveal Your Rage? (Does Mine?)

MerleFest, the largest folk music festival in the US. Ever been?

OMG!!! New Kevin Smith project - a horror movie called "Red State", main char. based on Fred Phelps!

Yay! I've just reserved my Smart Car! Yay!

Miracle Weekend! Vibe into making crim son's house sell!

Favorite The Doors Song-- Vote For One!

I'm speechless...have not a thing to my cable internet is too slow.

To all who were introduced to Rick Mercer recently:

Kerouac fans--I need help finding a picture

And what about the pugs...the good pugs...

MY GOD, the Mets are a scary team this year

New diary at Daily Kos

John and Teresa Heinz Kerry on the Tavis Smiley Show

This may or may not sound popular here, but

Kucinich plans for Jobs & Health Care for All

Dennis Kucinich talks about NAFTA at the AFSCME forum '07

Public Enemy - Pump the Music

Thai King banned video

Elizabeth Kucinich Reports from Washington March 29, 2007

Homeless Blues

Happy Easter from Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich

Dennis Kucinich on Iraq and Accountability

Does anyone know what happened to the spelling police?

Friendly fire probe into killings of Canadian, U.S. soldiers complete

Most Americans have little or no confidence in the information they receive from the military or...

Anyone watching KO? he has a special worst person in the world Billo special

Does anyone have any definitive proof....

Countdown's "Best" Person in the World

Dinger's Unofficial DU Candidates-Only Presidential Poll

V for Vendetta - MAX 10pm ET n/t

I know this must have been brought up before , war for oil

Did Anybody Watch billo? I Couldn't.

Does GM finally get it? New subcompact concept cars debutted

Dick Cheney is like herpes


Well Done John Edwards

Real ID brings Big Brother one step closer to reality:

Support MaryBear in the 2007 Parkinson's Unity Walk!

DNC Romney research: Shhhh! Be Vewy Vewy Qwiet...I'm Fwip-Fwopping...

Is Bill Maher on vacation?

Imagine McCain at next year's presidential debate

"He wants to spend more time with his family."

Scooter Libby's Law License Loses Its Wheels

The rats in Romney’s corner

Senator Obama to unveil housing plan for veterans

Rachel Paulose, a US Attorney, is described as being very abrasive

ROOTS - 30th Anniversary - Premieres Sunday, April 8 on TV One

Del Monte expands recall as Oregon's pet toll increases to 110

Regent University founded by Pat Roberston

Dick Cheney Sucks're invited to dinner with the CEO of a major corporation

Government to fake Bin Laden audio-tape praising Pelosi? Don't doubt it

Richard Gere: "We have a president today who LIES CONSTANTLY."

Winner of $19M lottery jackpot has under 3 weeks to claim prize

Sentenced to jail: Man who gave his dog to an animal shelter because his hands hurt from hitting her

To Deal or Not To Deal-- Is the Identity of The Devil ......................................... .

Nancy Pelosi's Meeting with the Saudi's

do people read each others journals before blindly attacking each other?

What does belief in Vampires and some religions have in common?

Is English our official language yet? - picture

What "Good" Education Means Today

Reuters: Chinese firm denies role in poisoned pet food

The talking heads are just following orders

Washington Post - Cheney Sticks to His Delusions

I would instantly support any candidate who pushed for this as a law

Finally saw Jesus Camp tonight...horrifying. My wife and I are terrified

Various Pundits: "Baghdad is no worse than LA"

WashTimes: Murtha - "I get one call after another saying 'Impeach the President'"

LETTER TO CONGRESS: Last Chance to stop a war crime Founder Desperate for Cash

A Top Aide to the Attorney General Resigns

Global warming effects hit poor hardest, here already and worsening by degrees

Hillary's $26 million total is NOT the whole story - she has millions in PAC money not included

Four years later, but can the caskets be filmed yet?

WSJ Oped says Pelosi Violated the Logan Act, calls on Fitz

Sandra Day O'Connor Says Affirmative Action Faces Uncertain Future

what do you do with lost Social Security Cards ?

So what proof did Cheney have that

A Truly 'Good' Friday

Rudy's horrifying views on health care:

Dead rat in elderly man's mouth brings lawsuit.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

McCain Regrets Remarks to Press on Baghdad Safety, But 'That's Just Life'

My health insurance company is leaving the state. So I called to

Know anything about Cal Poly Pomona?

One of the 85 ‘loyal Bushies’ comes under scrutiny

You know---if the 18th Admendment wasn't repealed, the Director and those girls might be alive today

Fascist American Mainstream Media

"Impeachment is a bad idea."

3 top asst us attys in MN voluntarily demote self in protest over

"Pelosi Goes to Syria, Press Loses Mind"


advice please re:MCI

ROFLMAO !!! -- BREAKING: Rep. Seifert Compares President to Gonorrhea...

Impeachment forum at Camp Casey - pictures

Crude Impact.

Keith's a class act!! Made Rivera BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD

Book TV Schedule: April 7th - 9th

The "nappy headed hos" comment should end Don Imus's career.

IS Judy Woodruff A Good Journalist?

How did McCain raise so little money?

Coulter: "Who's running this holocaust in Darfur, FEMA?"

Get your Edwards Campaign Gear here:

John and Teresa Heinz Kerry on the Tavis Smiley Show

The American Tragedy of John McCain

A Conversation with Bill Richardson about New Orleans

Why do the Democratic Candidates enable Bush to pretend that Iran is a threat?

I know this question may have been asked many times before, but

"when you've said Bush, You've said it all"

Romney Defends Lack of Hunting License (AP)

Afghan President: I Met With Taliban

AP: Congress' approval up 7% since Pelosi's controversy. Disapproval down 6%

Geraldo's stance on immigration

Diplomacy Dismissed: How the MSM Rewrites Reality

Who was the last Speaker of the House to pinball thru the Middle East?

The cancer on the presidency has metastasized and spread to....

Just a question

Democrats’ Rise Has Pluses, Say G.O.P. Centrists

Sam Waterson has joined Unity 2008

Favorite Second Tier Declared or Exploratory Presidential Candidates

Another Bush plague,.. one you seldom see discussed.

Report from Obama's Event in Marshalltown, Iowa

DU 08 Presidential Preference Poll (Declared candidates)

Mitt Romney will be the GOP candidate.

Dean delivered the keynote address at a Yale Political Union debate yesterday.

Ammo to use on Pelosi trashers regarding the Syrian visit

Pelosi big news in Middle East

Should the government be a video game nanny like Holy Joe would like?

Where Have All the Bees Gone? And Other Reflections on the Internationalization of Genocide

Paul Krugman: Children vs. Insurers (NY Times, via Truthout)

Rich: Sunday in the Market With McCain (Rich skewers McCain)

Robert Fisk: The True Story of Free Speech in America

War Crimes: Health Care in Iraq has Collapsed

Texas Republicans are "spinning" the TYC releases to their advantage.

Pelosi's Syria visit highlights GOP hypocrisy

The Real Fumble in Damascus

Justice Kennedy Casts Deciding Votes

The Complicity of Congress in a Criminal War

A Psychological Expose' of Creationism's Secret Genesis By Peter Michaelson

Innocent State(WI) Worker Freed, US Atty Biskupic Takes Hit

Can't believe these LTTEs!

Hillary Dishes Obama (Walt-toon Animation)

ACLU in Texas helps protect traveling gun owners

Impeachment's Back in the News By Dave Lindorff

Seizing the Polls (Ohio Election Fraud Fight)

Want the Big Picture on the Nation’s Economic Health? Don’t Look for It in the Media


Opinion, My Turn: Union rule change good for workers

Under Bush, Civil Rights Division Works to Protect... Whites (TPM Muckraker)

Robert Fisk: The true story of free speech in America

Gates is right: Shut this prison (Guantanamo)

Molly Ivins Visits the Police Blotter

Cut out bullying over Iraq, Democrats tell defiant Bush

The Unearthing: An Awakening Has Arrived

Who's the Boss? How Pat Robertson's law school is changing America

Too Busy: The Sexual Politics of the Presidential Crisis

NEWSWEEK: The End of Inevitability

Doug Feith Responds With ‘Naked Incoherence’ ...

Bush Appointee Gone Wild Drives Three DOJ Attorneys to Resign from Minneapolis Office

No hoods. No electric shocks. No beatings. These Iranians clearly are a very uncivilised bunch

Lake Superior warming faster than surrounding climate

Final decision on Cape Wind project not expected until fall 2008 - AP

Court backs canal expansion in U.S-Mexico dispute - Reuters

Program seeks to restore fervor for recycling

Why is it difficult to get cheap, clean energy?

Sunfilm Plans to Reduce the Cost of Solar Panel Manufacturing

Interesting chart I found. Refutes the "It's the sun" Denialists.

Energy East to Upgrade Hydroelectric Plants (Rochester, NY)

Turmoil Over Great Lakes Water Pact

Melting ice, oil wars... It was bound to happen sooner or later:

Government spending to boost Saudi Arabia GDP (oil production to decline)

"An UNPRECEDENTED Weather Pattern" (Henry Margusity of Accu-Weather)

A Who's Who of global warming skeptics (A-C)

U.S. DOE to Invest in Ethanol through Gasification

Total, Shell Chief Executives Say `Easy Oil' Is Gone

U.S. court ruling lifts freeze on Palestinian bank authority funds

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, April 7, 2007

HB 3894 Hand-Counted Paper Ballots Bill, Thanks Rep. Burnam, VoteRescue, O'Dell, But Not MoveOn

Iraq says Britain violated sovereignty

An about-face on honoring fallen troops

Pelosi calls Syria trip helpful to Bush, U.S.

Report: VA didn't deny Marine

World powers to meet Iraq neighbours again in May

Taliban kill seven in attack on Afghan aid convoy

Surprise visit to Somalia by US diplomat

Iraq: 1 U.S. soldier killed, 4 wounded by EFP in east Baghdad

Cuba slams US terror 'double-standard'

Cuban jet bombing suspect ordered free on bail in U.S.

US troops seize arms in raid on Iraqi Sunni party

McCain to Stake Bid on Need to Win in Iraq

Most freed TYC youths will return to Harris County

Bush, Democrats engage in crossfire on Iraq funds

Experts testify on $5M for boot camp family

U.S. Denies Iranian Claim of CIA Torture

Bush chides Democrats over war bill (weekly radio address)

Parents of missing soldier forge on after three years

Bush Plan Backdrop of Immigration Rally

Saudi Arabia wants Iran to hand over suspects

Sheehan, Followers To Enliven Bush Easter Visit (Easter Basket To Be Delivered To Bush Ranch)

FDA Plans More Peanut Butter Inspections

Insurgents transform US military jails into ‘terror training camps’

Pet-food contaminant remains unknown

Dire warming report too soft, scientists say

California Foreclosure Sales Near $2 Billion

US Offered to Scare Iran

Venezuela's discount oil plan draws 700 more Vermonters

NATO Troops Take Over Taliban Stronghold

U.S. House Majority Leader Met Official of Egypt's Banned Muslim Brotherhood on Recent Trip

A Century and a Half Later, Dred Scott Decision Returns to the Spotlight at Harvard Law School

Pet food company says it will help out with vet bills

France's Sarkozy criticised over paedophilia comments

Soldier Recounts Abuse at Walter Reed (Sexual Fondling)

Flight canceled after pilot curses at passengers

U.S. Attorney for east Texas leaving early

U.S. air strike hits volatile Iraqi city

Calif. Man Who Abused Puppy, Complained His Hands Hurt From Hitting Her Gets 45 Days in Jail

Americans offered 'aggressive patrols' in Iranian airspace

Recording, movie industries lobby for permission to deceive

Army suspends recruiter for anti-gay e-mail rants

British Prince Mourns Close Friend Killed In Iraq

Pakistan: 40 Die in Sunni-Shiite Clashes

Freed Iran envoy says CIA tortured him

The Doors suck

While researching the "League of the South", I have concluded....

I scare myself

Well, I know it's kinda late- I hope I didn't wake you

Goodnight, DU!

" "

Southpawkicker rocks and so do all of you

What do you wear to a "fun" funeral?

Word Ferret puzzle website.

Pickle eaters - check in!

Argh. 3 am and I can't sleep. Boom boom cars and street racers on whiny bikes.

It's April and 12 degrees.

New kitty pic!

Joke: Bear hunting

Don't you just LOVE dogs

Who doesn't love a good blow... got down to freezing last night and is only 33 degrees now.

Whoa. Do you know how many versions of "Tobacco Road" exist?

Okay BNL...

Why are you up so late? Yes, I'm talking to YOU.

I'm getting a union job!

My grandson's having a bad morning.

I'm getting an Onion job!

How long do you boil hard boiled eggs?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 4/7/07)

It's friggin' snowing in North Texas

I'm getting a blowfish job!

Life in a College Town, It's Wonderful

I just want to know...

I was googling my DU username and I found this (RE:oneighty)

The greatest plan to end war worldwide!

Weeeee! Spring Cleaning is happening!

What are the latest styles in fashion these days?

The Easter Bunny Rip..April 7 2007

So last Friday, I was at work

Violence in films and TV--urgh!

Kos's wife is in labor

Should Vegans/Vegetarians flog dead horses?

You all have to see the film Grindhouse.

Can anyone recomend a good RSS reader for the desktop?

Anyone with a "My Yahoo" homepage having problems?

Just learned something new about hard boiling eggs.

So, how will my roomie try to sneak out the guy she brought home?

Why are some people always late?

Do You Ever Feel "Thick As A Brick"


Guess who's going to Honolulu for three weeks this summer?!?!?!

What's the shelf life for a tin can of tunafish?

I HATE it when people post a link to Youtube!

This is so rad! Motorhead done by puppets

can there be unconditional love at a personal level in any form?

Yeah! An Easter Egg Hunt in the South Louisiana!

FOOD FIGHT! It's what's missing in the lounge!

Big Johnson's Towing Service...

DU Lounger, despondent over the late arrival of Spring, commits snow-icide

Beijing's penis emporium (your choice, cooked to order!)

don't let the doors hit you on your way out

"The Death of Bunny" A. David

My neighbor said "gee your hair is gray!"

Bostoners — 165 Kneeland St.

don't know what this means but,

Wow....just watched the first three hours of Planet Earth on Discovery HD.

Looking for a Mozart CD Anthology

Ghosts crowd the young child's fragile eggshell mind

When was music term "heavy metal" coined? By whom?

Obama camp first to block sales of items that portray his campaign logo

Does anyone know the name of the DU Jeopardy

I went and saw "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" last night...

OMG! I've finally arrived! I am someone now!

Indian classical music fans: DVDs worth getting?

I made cookies

Anyone watching the Frozen Four final?

I was a bad boy.

Happy birthday Scooter24 & KitchenWitch!!

Look at my new hoodie!! Arrived yesterday!

The Magic of Easter Eve.

The Doors RAWK

going to my first passover seder tonight....

Happy 74th Anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition

The Hoax, the Lookout, or Grindhouse?

Dogs shouldn't eat chocolate, soooo.... Happy Easter, Fido!

I think I'm going to go into business designing handbags

Duran Duran

Whassup people? It's are y'all?

Possibly the strangest employment ad I've ever seen

Anyone remember Ghoulardi?

The Magic of Summer's Eve

Pictures of Vinnie the Mouth, Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Yesterday: 78, today: 37. Nothing to see here.

Name a movie that contains cannibalism

comrades, i have bad news from the front of the war on easter

Battle of the Cinematic Jesuses (pic heavy)

I was just diagnosed with asthma today and I feel... I don't know...

Best/Worst James Bond 007 songs

What's for dinner tomorrow, we will have a roast .

OK so I caved in - I am back on Myspace , now I need friends.

Discovery: Use Whiteboard Markers When Dying Eggs

"Sopranos" -- who's watching?

I need some good picnic recipes... anyone have favorite picnic food?

Any ex-racer greyhound adopters here?

We have a vacuum cleaner salesman in the living room.

I made wookies

delete the If a thread gets more than 9999 views, what will happen?

What is the most delicious invertebrate?

I'm dreaming of a white Easter...

This week's meat:

Hey guys...Dallas Aquarium Pictures!!

Anyone with skin allergies?

Bad ideas for musicals

Posting from Paris - Ask me anything!!

Anyone else color their hair every 2/5 weeks?

Woo Hoo, I just bought a BRAND NEW deluxe 4 head vcr!

Please...convince me that I'm not alone

Of these four bands - who sucks the most?


Check in Fellow INFP Personalities

I am back from vacation. Who noticed I was gone?

I'm starting a new religion. Non-coffee drinkers are welcome, too. Join the Valdezians!

What is the breakdown of your heritage?

Spring. Flowers. Cycle of Renewal.

The Old Testament as Source

A Psychological Expose' of Creationism's Secret Genesis By Peter Michaelson

CNN commentary: "I've grown tired of people who pimp God."

Should atheists be barred from posting in R/T?

If it is Easter the nuts and their hate articles come out - I buy evolution - but this Holy Week

Devil Rays in first in the AL east

NHL: Leafs vs. Habs in game 82

Put down that bunny and liveblog!

Part 2 by Eternal Hope, at dkos

John and Teresa: relationship role models, too. (updated)

Safeway rewards CEO with $11.5 million package for 2006 while workers prepare to strike

News From USW: Hospital Strike Continues for 2,700 workers

Stock Bonuses at American Anger Pilots

Payments approved for Albertsons LLC employees $7,000 avg for 7,000 that worked off the clock

Union Members to Missouri Lawmakers: Show Me the End of Anti-Worker Agenda

AFSCME FEDERAL LEGISLATIVE REPORT: top stories of the week from Capitol Hill

Congressman Tim Walz rallies with Union members

Your Senators Need to Hear From You toll free call

Tables are turned on (non-union) factory workers; must pay company $2 million in damages

Hundreds lose Hoover jobs

Beyond Vietnam MLK

NAFTA: Ten Years of Broken Promises...

Colombia - Trade Unions In The Firing Line - Part 1...

War! God Bless!

Penn & Teller Defend Sweatshops

Stanford Prison Experiment

Was your Presidential Candidate Fooled? Dennis Sure Wasn't!

Journey Home What Have We Done

Police Stupidity/Brutality caught on tape!!!

Mumia Abu-Jamal -- When Democracy Equals Empire

Guard and Reserve Losing Jobs When They Come Home

Boot Camp Death of 14 year old

Donald Trump Says Iraq War "a Total Disaster"

A Few Good Buttheads: Geraldo vs. Billo

With Love and Peace Happy Easter DU

tom waits- Chocolate Jesus...

TPM TV: Is This Monica Goodling? April 5, 2007

ABC Bullying Story

John Perkins - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man...

Since Repukes Are "Pro Life" They Should Put Up With The Pigeon Poop Instead Of Killing Unborn Birds

Freed Britons Say 'Confessions' Coerced

I'm donating $46.07 to Edwards as a thumbs up for ditching FauxTV

Will Deal With Musharraf, Why Not Ahmadinejad?

Is there any truth to 'the enemy would follow us here?'

Hurricane forecaster: Al Gore does 'great disservice' with film

Uh Oh...anyone see this re Cindy Sheehan?

"...our job as journalists..(is to) say to people, '...This is something you should know about...'"

U.S., China Got Climate Warnings Toned Down

Let's settle this. Who Killed JFK?

It's a matter of dignity:A father felt his son's sacrifice deserved more than a flight, forklift

I truly hope that Dick Cheney runs for President in 2008

Hawaii Impeachment Resolution Introduced - Ten States Now, 1/5th of the U.S.

Mazel tov

Rich or poor, no one to escape effects of climate change: UN

why this illegal war must end NOW . . .

the difference between illegal and legal immigration: there is none

I am not the Biggest Hillary fan (but I still want to post something nice)

There most me some way out of this!!!

Is Dubya afraid of horses?

Falsely Accused Man Suing Rumsfeld Given National Press Club Ridenhour Prize For Truth-Telling

Death squads stoking sectarian violence in Iraq, says Gates - Hey Gates. Wheres Chalabi?

FBI mole with shaky past charged with impersonating agent

Bush has been slaughtering Iraqi men, women and children for more than 4 years now

Al Gore and Global Warming

for those who care about people AND animals: Peace and the ENVIRONMENTAL

Ted Rall: Torture

Gun-toting G-Man convicted of smashing into motorcyclist on purpose

Grassley says verdict near for Gonzales

If Dems can't stop the war, then we should just fund it, let Bush and Cheney

Iraqi exchange student seeks asylum

Bacteria in Peanut Butter Linked to Leak

Newly Declassified Report Contradicts Reasons Given for Iraq War

World Bank is going to probe Wolfowitz's promotion of his girlfriend

I wrote my congressman some time back

With Imus and MSNBC, It’s Offend, Apologize, Repeat

Hillary and Obama need to pull out of the CBC Faux news debate

Bush's Abstienence-Czar, Keroack , who quit US post was warned by state

Dr. William Gray - Please, STFU

Imagine if Clinton made sure all the US Attorneys were "Loyal Clintonites"

"My Name Used to Be #200343"

Chocolate Jesus Charlatan Bill Donohue Lampooned on South Park (Video links included)

Permanent drought predicted for Southwest

This Past Week's Doonesbury Storyline: The Saga Of Mitt Romney - Paragon Of Moral Conviction! (NOT)

Robert Fisk: The true story of free speech in America

Blair To Bush-STFU And Stay OUT Of It! (The Guardian)

I've been voting the Democratic party all my life,

Need A Little Help- Looking For Some Answers Regarding Possibility/Requirement of Impeachment

Looking for things to do in August?

Bush, Cheney Still Lie with Abandon (Robert Parry)

About once a week, a convicted murderer is put to death in a state penitentiary, most often in Texas

A difficult discussion - individual responsibility, the military, & war

Racial slur on sofa label stuns family

So my next door neighbor may very well be Google, how cool is that

All but forgotten

Isn't one of the jobs of the Presidency to be a diplomat on the behalf of American Citizens?

Imus gets away with his racist --and sexist -- remarks because...

ACLU of Southern California Settles Case of Man Arrested for Reading Names of Iraq War Dead

Adam and Steve finally can swap vows at Disney

Iran’s envoy calls for goodwill gesture from U.K.

CNN: British soldier killed in Iraq was close friend of prince

Why are democrats still funding the war?

American Mugabe


Here's a poll to DU Whom will you vote for President? Being Freeped

Bush Kills Senior Drug Program

Buchanan: (Pelosi's trip) "She's set the women's movement back

Home Decorators Ambush F Train

VA Researchers to Focus on Healing Power of Stem Cells

Dean: We Will Do What the American People Have Asked Us To Do and Bring Our Troops Home

Giuliani Casually Blames IRAN For 9/11

CNN Poll: Have you known anyone killed or wounded in the war in Iraq?

Palouse Skewered By Reporter About Her Lavish Ceremony

They don't "Hate America" they hate Right Wing Amerika

Doonesbury does Romney. Flip Flop Mitt

Have a Happy Easter! (this is disturbing)

How to find and deal with doctors.

Female Veterans Slam VA Citing Lack of Services

Bush chides Democrats for going on a spring break while he vacations in Crawford.

No 'Good Friday' attack on Iran last night?

Forecaster Blasts Gore on Global Warming

Does anyone on this board believe America will ever completely leave Iraq?

Wolfowitz of Arabia gives his girlfriend a nice raise

‘Strangely Quiet’ Scene As Bush Visits Base Where . . . .

It seems to me that we pretty much can lay the fault as to why we are in Iraq at the feet

Zapping Global Warming some preliminary attempts

Dean on radio address calls Bush out on his "my way or the highway" rhetoric.

Daylight Savings Time change -- actually using more energy?

trying to fathom how this came to pass...

OMG have you been reading this stuff on Rudy and foreign policy?

NYT on the "administration’s perverse view" of negotiations with Syria

Is it possible that the dick and his minions are feeding

How the hell do you read these codes on pet food cans?

ghetto language: "The Loudmouth of the House"

Military Spending Gets Forty Per Cent of Every Income Tax Dollar

Activist contends passport stall tied to anti-war efforts

The Most Dangerous Untruths About Iraq

In other news, Dean says bring our troops home and Gonzales aide resigns

Let them eat cake?

The Trials Of Air America, by Steve Rendall.

What is happening at CNN re: global warming denial? I am so pissed off. Hope thinkprogress airs it

Cut the military budget by at least thirty percent!

"Justice Kennedy Casts Deciding Votes" We all need to send positive energy to Stevens. WE NEED HIM.

They're going to steal eggs because of the GOP convention

Bill Clinton investigated for two years at the insistence of -- well, of Bill Clinton.

interesting info on the Columbia incident

McCain to Stake Bid On Need to Win in Iraq (WaPo p.A1)

Before erasing the US-Mexico Border...

MSNBC's Contessa Brewer: Phony Tough or Crazy Brave?

"John McCain has gone from Republican presidential front-runner to political death watch."

Guiliani believes his own press, i doubt New Yorkers feel the same way.

US 'interrogation' techniques not so secret

Dean: We Will Do What the American People Have Asked Us To Do. We WILL Bring Our Troops Home

According to International Law who is responsible for all the violence and death occurring in Iraq?

'The oil is going, the oil is going!'

Important video about Iran

The Varmint Hunter has NEVER had a hunting license! "Romney Defends Lack of Hunting License"

Bush has sent our jobs over there so nobody has to work here anymore.

Bushies Pecker Obssession: as in the "Pecking Order", he is a Bully Pecker

Congressional Delegation Statement on Middle East Trip

Reagan Assassination Attempt

Finally! Republicons can retire their elephant - here is a much more credible logo for them

Gov't documents reveal trade-off on textiles, GMO crops

I think it was nice of the National Hockey League to let Bush suit up for a photo op

Judge: School's gay rights club can meet

"Impromtu plug (nerf football) shot out of toilet; home fills with sludge..

Pilot cleared: tests found heavy dieting had caused his breath to smell like drink

My email to CNN regarding their global warming reporting today

"A Few Good Men" after a case of Red Bull -- and the surreality of Geraldo as the voice of reason

Info regarding Minnesota US Attorney that stepped down prior to mass firing


More than a dozen Filipinos were nailed to crosses as Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" blared


LOL ... Check out Molly Ivins' pumpkin story (and all the other good stuff)

Let's say I stumble upon some California company's website, see a link named "Opportunities"...

`Humiliated' Polish Soldiers in Iraq Now Allowed to Return Fire

The Island of Dr Moreau

India's farming crisis (Bt cotton...a total failure)

Diabolical! L.A. Times investigation: Company gets rich marketing old, should-be-banned pesticides

Fallen of war fly home with more dignity

U.S. Billionaire Soars Into Orbit (and the ride only cost $25M!)

EFP factory found. Why did WaPo delete the report?

I have had the same doctor for 7 years.

"Democrats' most powerful weapons aren't legislative bills but subpoenas and hearings"

Juan Cole: How to Get Out of Iraq

Office of Special Plans violated Logan Act

US denies torturing Iranian diplomat

Bill Clinton Asked His Staffers to Investigate -- Him!

Chertoff warns of danger faced by "clean-skinned" terrorists!

Well, I am NOT religious, but I just could NOT pass up sending out this Easter wish to everyone!

Few Americans trust military or media for information on Iraq: poll

Wingnuts jumping for joy over forecasters claim that global warming alarm is linked to grant money

Americans offered 'aggressive patrols' in Iranian airspace (During hostage crisis) - Guardian

Kerry: Bush's censor of science report is "diplomacy at its worst -- ducking the difficult choices"

3271 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

We need to try and bring democracy back to America, instead of to Iraq.

The Few. The Proud. The Disillusioned.

Spanish Inquisition, Salem witch trials, Germans putting Nazis in power

Bush: Democrats Jeopardizing Service Members' Safety

It's snowing in Crawford today - photo

Vet says pets could develop problems long after eating bad food

Clinton-Obama Fundraising In A Picture

WashPost (Peter Baker): a Kremlin official compared the Bush team to the Bolsheviks

Are politicians dumber now, or did we just not pay attention in the

Newt sounded like he was speaking French in his explaination

Great "Pelosi in '07" t-shirt

Interesting renal failure studies in humans - similarities to melamine incident...

I think there is a Parade of Neo-Cons every Friday afternoon.

If Bush Family is like the Corleone Family in movie "The Godfather"

NYT: despite sanctions, Bush admin allowed North Korea secret arms purchase violation

Thinking out loud: Republican prez candidates as The Three Wise Monkeys

With a Constitutional Amendment, this would be a perfect time for Arnold to run for President.

Are the high gas prices the result of early daylight savings time?

Ghouliani's offensive impersonation of Italian mobsters ruffling feathers

Iraqi, U.S. forces sweep through volatile Iraqi city

We have seen the effects that hatred has had on DU this week, it is time we have a discussion

In defense of a secular state

Merc who was blown up in Iraq says he is not going back

Letter from a soldier in Iraq: "We can not force democracy with guns. We Have Already Lost."

Did Bush Pressure Olmert to Deny Pelosi’s Statement about Syria?

Tom Lantos confirms Pelosi was asked by Olmert to deliver THE message to Assad.

My husband is a legal immigrant from England

Big Media loves to trot out the "Dems divided" meme. What divides the opposition?

Do DU'ers RESENT having to give name, address and phone # to Store Clerks when You Return Items You

Judge denies TRO to terminally ill boy

Why is the Right calling the 15 Brits cowards?

When are we going to get Angry?

mc cain:"I disagree with what the majority of the American people want". No shit.

A Special Camp Casey Family Reunion

WOW!! ----> "Speaker Pelosi Is 100% Right About Syria" (Brent Budowsky)

WaPo: Fighting Walter Reed After Fighting the War (4/8)

Bush has spent more than a year on vacation.

*** Saturday TOONs: Pelosi, Hostage Release, Climate Change ***

The Complicity of Congress in a Criminal War

Bush critic Sheehan blasts US Democrats

I can't always express myself about how I feel about all of you here on the DU so I give you this

Just stunned. Normally Coulter is just disgusting, but now I dunno

I will donate $5.00 to DU for every shoe horn mailed to Newt Gringrich

More links between prosecutor firings and election fraud

Folks, the China/gluten/pet food story is starting to take on a distinct odor.

Pelosi: Bush administration threw a tantrum.

Jonestown, The People's Temple airing Monday night on PBS

Posted Video Forum, Brought to you by Talking Point Memo **IS THIS MONICA GOODLING?**


A simple solution to the drunk driving problem..

Pelosi's Misguided Middle East Visit

Ex-HHS family planning head Keroack warned by Mass. medical board

The Saturday Cartoons

Help a Republican: Vote Democratic

McCain: "Political Death Watch" (Wall Street Journal)

U.S. Labor Law Is Outdated article originally appeared at

GOP Desperate: MSNBC- Did Pelosi Break the Law by Meeting Enemy of the State?

Scientists Detail Climate Changes, Poles to Tropics

Bush, Cheney Dig Deep for Friendly Graduates to Address

White racist gets 15 years for murdering Black Govt worker

Fester Thompson For President?

Where can I hear the Dems weekly radio address?

SPECIAL ALERT !! Protesters Draw Police

Baghdad in the Midwest Cornfields

Md. Senate Advances Bill To Dodge Electoral College (WaPo)

Der Mittenfuhrer Romney Asks for Marriage Totalitarianism

Republicans got their asses schooled on foreign policy by a lady Democrat & it's killing them!

BBC: CIA Tortured Me, Says Iran Envoy (released the day before the British sailors released)

Spanish-Language Papers Call For Attorney General Gonzales to Resign (E&P)

whoever wins for the Dems I hope they hire a lot of geeks

Joe Galloway: Bush's criticism of congressional Dems rings hollow

NAACP official: war hurts poor

The Swamp: Bush vs ex-Bush man on war (Chicago Trib)

Bill Richardson hires South Carolina operatives

Ok,.... How about a law that does THIS?

Republican Corruption in California: Three More Corrupt Republicans

Columnists Mock Rep. Pence's 'Just Like Indiana Market' Comment on Baghdad Visit

IMO, McCain will withdraw this coming week due to grief and

Kucinich: To introduce legislation tightening rules on when a nuclear power plant must be shut down

AFP: US Offered to Scare Iran

Neither Convention spell-binder nor rock star, lower-key Obama draws huge crowds across Iowa

Florida reforms its felon disenfranchisement rules -- a brief reminiscence about the 2000 election

Woman and Black People can not be elected president.....

MSNBC says the left criticized Pelosi's headscarf

This is interesting.

The Georgia Thompson case in Wisconsin


Leading in polls among Democratic women, Clinton works to build on that support

Clarification: John Edwards did NOT write The Patriot Act

Nelson (D-Ne) says he hopes Hagel (R-Ne) will run but doubts he'd win

Novak .... Fred Thompson to run. Please do Fred .... please do.

10 States Introduce Impeachment

Report: Terrorists Following U.S. Home After Iraq Withdrawal Is ‘Remote At Best’

March 2007: second warmest March ever recorded in the US

Not really Hitler

Dean's Democratic Radio Address

The electoral system in this country MUST change!

Analysis: GOP Field Has 3 Strong Contenders, but Some Hunger for an Alternative

Clinton Agrees to April Debate

The scariest [email protected]$king person I know

Edwards wants the IRS to calculate and complete tax returns of up to 50 million taxpayers annually

The 10 Worst Presidents? George ain't on the list.

Pelosi: We will get through the administration's tantrum

MSNBC: Did Nancy Pelosi break the law by going to our "enemy" Syria?

Doug Feith Responds With ‘Naked Incoherence’ To Evidence That He Manipulated Iraq Intel

What would DU think of a Hillary Clinton/ Bill Clinton ticket?

Rudy: Sunnis, Shiites -- What's The Difference?

Speaking of nobody wants *, has any place accepted his library?

Is Hillary Banking on the Black Vote?

Edwards needs to attract black voters

Sen. Jim DeMint's (SC) secret action against Hurricane Victims

Subject: 10 myths about Dennis Kucinich