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Archives: April 6, 2007

Joe Klein (Time Magazine): An Administration's Epic Collapse

David Corn: Who Will Pay For The News?

Civilian Court Sides With "Conscientious Objector"

Editorial: Guantánamo Follies (NYT)

How to Wank: by Joe Klein (BOOMAN TRIBUNE)

Blair attacks Iran as Basra deaths overshadow the hostages' return

Amnesty condemns Gitmo: Harsher Conditions/Extreme Iso

Reversed "corruption" case may be related to partisan politics at DOJ

The Politics of Pundit Prestige... (by Eric Alterman for The Nation)

Noam Chomsky: How to Stop a Showdown with Iran (The Nation)

Conason: To Damascus with Nancy Pelosi (why neocons are apoplectic)

Scientists tussle over climate report

Hong Kong Inventors Unveil New Micro-Wind Turbines

We Are Planting Trees... Please Help

OHIO Brunner: Provisional ballots to be all paper

Home trashed after cruel Craigslist hoax

Outside Audit Is Promised for New Jersey Pension Fund

U.S. May Give Iran Access to 5 Detainees

Presidential Bid by Pataki Appears a Fading Prospect

Al-Sadr Wants Ministers Suspended (for Kirkuk deal)

Dems Call for Review of Bush Appointment (Fox)

Democrats Delay Gonzales Testimony

When barking up a dog's family tree, it's in the DNA

UN experts near accord on bleak climate warning


Reports Show Al Price TYC Unit Filled With Abuse and Crime; 48 Released

Warming 'already changing world' {IPCC report}

Disney opens Fairy Tale Weddings to gay couples

US reveals its efforts to topple Mugabe regime

Teacher Accused of Quieting Students With Clothespins

Federal Official in Student Loans Held Loan Stock

Leahy adds name to troop redeployment bill

New Jersey Governor Puts Spotlight on Himself and Asks Ethics Advisers to Review His Conduct

Minnesota to Take Pigeon Eggs From Nests to Avoid Poop at Republican National Convention

Hussein's Prewar Ties To Al-Qaeda Discounted

Pentagon `Undercut' CIA on Pre-War Intelligence, Probe Finds

WFLA's John Winter Found Dead

Ok fellow Project runway fans, Tim Gunn has re-signed---rejoice

Oh, that wacky Gavin--ronnykmarshall, have you seen this yet?

Paralyzed Darryl Stingley dies at 55

Now THIS is an interesting, unique musical sound.

Sheep Caught Man Having Sex With Camera

Why the hell are the Cavaliers wearing they're ugly ass orange uni's?

Heroes Exclusive

New Xanax Script!

Everyone needs a daily dose of AWWWWW...

I'm leaving and thinking about DU

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

JD became the Godfather of Dr. Cox's daughter

Why the fuck would Clark want Lana over Zoe....

I have reconciled with my conservative Dad.

Quick - a Free Association Thread: "twist"

I am eating a beef pot pie.

Heroic pussy cat saves family from carbon monoxide poisoning

My lovely daughter, three pics.

I have decided to play Pro Baseball...

Someone posts horrible things about you on a message board --and you find it--

My first night using prescription toothpaste---yuck!

Of the 2 most marginally talented most famous Jessicas, who do you find more desirable ?

Say you were stranded on a deserted island with all the lounge lizards.

It's a bad idea to tell the man you're divorcing what you think of his mother, isn't it?

My computer just sent me a wierd message...

I really want to leave DU

Life in the 1500's

I need advice about adopting a dog

If cultists always recruit the emotionally feeble, how come nobody's propositioned me?

Chuck Prophet rocks.

Happy Maundy Thursday everyone, and have a joyful Good Friday!!

I'm watching Legally Blonde...Again!

The most surprising (to you) crush that you have


A Poem from my inner weirdness.......

D'you know your Myers-Briggs type?

ZombyGrandson and I think something's fishy...

What foreign language(s) do you think Americans should learn?

Happy birthday to me. Christ, if I'd known I would live this long, I might have

My Bookstore Has a Website (sort of...)

Father Red is ordered to give up his church for the poor

watching the christianity and faith on CNN

Seeing the Crucified in the Real World (Witness / 2005)

For blm (BCCI and Bush)

Disgusting. Bill O'Reilly used a tragedy in my city as a "political cheap shot"

You are not going to believe this old Brinkley article about Kerry and Tour of Duty

Kerry to Debate Gingrich on Environment

Lehigh Valley Activists Set Circuit City Protests

California Faculty Association and Cal. State. University reach tentative contract settlement....

Who the hell is that guy?

The Grapes Of Wrath | I'll be there...

Keith Olbermann Neuters Bill O'Reilly

Boycott Rosie (Michelle Malkin)

O'Reilly Flips Out - Illegal Immigrants

Looking for the best "conspiracy of secret govt" website

Democratic Socialists of America

Chesapeake 'Impeach Bush Cheney' sign may be illegal

Contracting the War in Iraq

URGENT: Senate stem cell vote imminent

TIME: "FDA is an agency under siege with no money and no resources"

!!!!!Tell CNN to get their facts straight!!!!

Olbermann's Report - 12,000 More National Guard Troops To Iraq (VIDEO)

Just a thought. Where would we be with another stolen election (2006)

More govs boost stem cell research

There is this thing - you should know - I learned.

AL Gore To Open Tribecca Film Festival

Tom Delay on WI Public Radio tomorrow


Beyond Iraq

As many as 98 suicides in the overseas army last year?!

How dare she wear a hijab in a foreign Muslim country!

18 - 30 Year olds

BRAD BLOG: Diebold Whistleblower Stephen Heller's First Live Broadcast Interview

Thank you guys -

We Need A Second Constitutional Convention to Fix America

Rachel Maddow on with Keith - she sure looks gorgeous

Darn. The Cheney 22nd amendment thing looks like a hoax.

At the very least our Congress should extract from Bush

There is this other thing - the math of this war -

haha; (Not kidding)

Cheney On Limbaugh's Show Laughing & Joking About Bush Amb Appt

BRAD BLOG: Elections Officials Gone Wild (and to Jail!) and American "Democracy" Spreads...

How many DUers have moved or plan to move to Hugo Chavez's Venezuela?

Betty Ford recovering from surgery

Surgeon takes wrong testicle

Homebuilder Bob Perry. Supreme Court Justice for sale. No place but Texas.

BRAD BLOG: WaPo Almost Catches Up With Niger Uranium Story -- Three Years Late...

Beware if you live in these states - your Guard is goin' to Iraq

Rice's empty threats didn't work on Iran so now she wants to have direct talks with them

Military Contractor Wants To Build Mercenary Camp

I'm actually starting to feel bad for McCain. I'm

Congress should open up an

On writing a resume for a hero...

Oops, FBI agent victim of friendly fire today?

Wheat gluten "high" in melamine? (Like ANY melamine is acceptable)

Revealed: The difference between Obama and Bill Clinton

thread below needs more recs/kicks-best freeway blog EVER!!!

Just curious, anyone know what's happened to pervert Mark Foley?

U.N. Report: Climate Change Poses Bleak Future

Time: Unraveling the Pet-Food Mystery

There is a Plan for Iraq. The Real Strategy:

Army’s Walter Reed gets rapid-hire authority for patient care vacancies

Congressman Wants Foreign Call Center Workers To Disclose Their Location

More dog killer info!

Where's Lukery?

"Moisture Led to Salmonella Outbreak" Peanut Butter

Crimeny we NEED a crisis!!!!!!

Boston Blobe: Kucinich - Bush's Approach To Iran Raises Questions About Impeachment

3,266 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war

"MSNBC: A fuller spectrum of news"

When Keith Snorted Daddy

Nancy Pelosi made me feel proud to be an American again.

McCain Retools Money Team, Delays Entry

****** U.S. protecting terrorist group ******

US military would have fought Iranians: senior officer (AFP)

Need help debunking another stupid right wing E-Mail

My anti RW comment to my boss at work....stunned silence

Problem solved: Let's deport ALL drunk drivers.

Dust Bowl 2.0: Is the Southwest Drying Up?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

YouTube VIDEO: Rivera VS O'Lielly - Must see TV

Just wanted to Thank EVERYONE

...most of the “terrorists” in Iraq today are POIs, or “pissed off Iraqis “ who are fighting...

Giuliani trails Clinton in NY, tied with Obama

This soldier now has a home

Is anyone here with an SO of the opposite political persuasion?

Is it appropriate to refer to a woman with whom...

Today's Presidential Daily Brief: Major hurricane determined to strike in US in 2007

Evening With Norman Solomon ("War Made Easy" Preview) & Cindy Sheehan on Casey's Day

Online Conservapedia pitched as conservative alternative to Wikipedia

Props to Geraldo Rivera

Report in here if you, a family member, or aquaintance, has EVER had a DUI>>>

In September, we can have a TV News show from progressives...

Wall Street Journal- World's Second Largest Oil Field Is Dying

Swamp Rats' graphic is being praised on malloy right now!

President Carter: White House ‘Ordered’ Me To Not Go To Syria

Hillbilly Armor?

Anyone On Operation Bite Watch? (Making A Pot Of Coffee & Staying Up Late?)

AP: CNN executive (who hired Glenn Beck) moves to Fox News

Time Mag: Unraveling the Pet-Food Mystery

The dumbing down of America continues...

Think Progress - Faux News: Is Gore more dangerous than global warming?

We Must Imagine a Future Without Cars- Kunstler

Sen. Carl Levin has caught Doug Feith lying

David Hicks' 6 Year Sentence Provokes John Walker Lindh to Seek Sentence Reduction

I sure wish Joe Scarborough would shut the fuck up about Rosie O'Donnell

Mitt Romney: Varmint hunter

O'Reilly FLIPS OUT at Geraldo!!!!

Time: The Epic Collapse of a Presidency

Bush's Surge Will Call For Up to 50K Additional Troops (and maybe more)

Egg Artist Shortage Humiliates Wyoming

Congress: Investigate Bush Family/Bin Laden Connections

FINALLY! a techno-product I could learn to love

If you start studying a language at sixty rather than six, you're doomed to sound like this guy...

Drunk driver who killed movie director Bob Clark and his 22-year-old son is an illegal immigrant

to "become shooken"-- a new Freeper classic

The last confession of E. Howard Hunt: US government/CIA team murdered JFK

President Carter: White House ‘Ordered’ Me To Not Go To Syria

King George Loses His Crown (by Marie Cocco for Truthdig)

I wish Cheney a very long life ...

What's the difference betweeen "progressive" and "liberal?" Define each.

Hussein's Prewar Ties To Al-Qaeda Discounted..even as Cheney repeats the lie

Why are US Armed Forces granting right wing interviews and getting

Attn. Clarkies & People Who Don't Want To Go To War With Iran:

Photo of Laura Bush wearing headscarf in a West Bank mosque

Obama raises another435,000 right after announement and gets addition 4500 donors DAMN!!!!

Womney: Wabbit Hunter (the Mitt-wit tries to dig out of his hunting lie)

What $120 million can buy

IPS News: Questions Linger About Bushes and BCCI

Eight U.S. troops killed in three days and a U.S. copter downed

Tell CNN to get the facts right on Pelosi trip

Dems call for review of Bush appointment


Obama: Leads in Hypocrisy Too

PNAC Signatories Who Signed Our Democracy Away

Kucinich on Iran: Clinton, Obama, Edwards All The Same - "All Options On Table" A Euphemism For War

(Obama) Showing his bare knuckles

David Sirota: The Pro-Democracy Wildfire In America's States

Dick Cavett Speaks Again: What Was He Thinking?

It’s Time To Lose Faith

The Corporate-Owned Media 'Surge' Against the Democrats

Offshore outsourcing mostly about lower salaries? No kidding!

USA Today Editorial thinks Dem trip to Syria BAD - Repug trip GOOD..

Don't Let The Neo-cons Frame "The Message"

The stupidity of this country is too much to take

The New Suburban Poverty (The Nation)


Snatching Defeat From The Jaws of Victory

It Can Only Help to Talk

Robert Parry: Bush/Cheney Still Lie with Abandon

Network of 900 Advisory Panels Wields Unseen Power

Patrick Cockburn: Behind the Denials: Iranians and Brits Traded Prisoners

Info and Numbers on Felon Rights Fl Gov Crist is restoring

John Nichols: By George, Diplomacy Works!

Torture account sidesteps gag on Hicks

Juan Cole: How to Get Out of Iraq

Arianna Huffington: The Other War: Democratic Candidates are Deafeningly Silent on the Drug War

The Right Dusts Off Its 'Impeach Clinton' Buttons Milbank/WaPo

Obama Calls Political System Broken

Noam Chomsky: What If Iran Had Invaded Mexico?

Resisting the War on Science

No Recess From Bad Appointments

New Yorker- The Next Crusade: Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank

Congressman Wants Foreign Call Center Workers To Disclose Their Location

Pentagon report says no link between Saddam and Al-Qaeda

We've Been Surging For Years

Behind the Denials: Iranians and Brits Traded Prisoners (CounterPunch, via AlterNet)

Senate Vote Shifts Put Congress at Increased Odds With President on Estate Tax


An Army of Christian Right Lawyers Is Waging War on the Constitution

Brent Budowsky: The Republicans’ Pinocchio Problem

James K. Galbraith: Bush's beltway boom

Bush fighting to stay relevant

Another "Style" article in WaPo about Pelosi's dress sense


John Nichols: Conservatives for the Constitution

Bushies Remember They Can’t Recall

Mental health care for military faces cuts, Tricare, Medicare slashing benefits

Acting attorney general (Palm Beach Post Editorial)

Is there any truth to 'the enemy would follow us here?'

Great race is on for endangered turtles (Reuters/CNN)

Lawmakers back bill on renewable energy (25 x 25 NH)

Gov. Doyle: Announces New State and Regional Efforts on Energy Independence, Global Warming

Pine Point School Unveils 72.6 kilowatt Solar Electric System (Rocky Hill, CT)

Aussie Marine Biologist - 20 - 50 Yrs @ Current Rates Of CO2 Emissions = "No Live Corals"

Lake Superior Warming Rapidly - Surface Temp. Average Up 4.5F Since 1979

Florida Senate Introduces Renewable Energy Mandate (50% renewable by 2015)

After Weakening Of Draft, "A Lot Of Scientists Are Not Going To Engage In The IPCC Process Anymore"

AZ Snowpack Accumulation 80% Below Average This Winter - Verde Basin Now At 9% Of Average

No "gas OPEC" documents to be signed at Qatar conference, Russian energy minister says - AP

Nissan plans electric and fuel cell double eco whammy

Indonesia Reports Daily Oil Production Below Targets @ 1.05 MBD - Xinhua

Link to full IPCC report "Climate Change 2001: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability" here

Briny future for vulnerable Malta (BBC) {rising sea-->less fresh water}

Window Closing On Planet's Chances - Sydney Morning Herald

In Rapidly Warming UK, Wild Mushroom Species Reproducing 2X Per Year Instead Of Once - New Scientist

My girlfriend really surprised me last night...

Children to bear brunt of global warming: report (IPCC)

IPCC Issues Starkest Warning Yet

Scientists walk out in protest at China's intransigence

What a catch! Giant 90-year-old fish reeled in off Alaska (AP/CNN)

"Unprecedented Weakening Of Scientific Confidence" In IPCC Reports Thanks To Gov. Interference

Permanent drought predicted for Southwest (LA Times)

Striped rabbit spotted in Sumatra (BBC) {critically endangered}

IPCC Report Concludes Ocean Acidification "Potentially Catastrophic" For All Sea Life

Abbas: Israeli soldier to be freed

Board member opening at True Majority

Fitrakis/Wasserman: Ohio’s Election Protection Movement Wins Two Big Victories

Election Reform & Related News, Friday 4/6/07 VR BULLETIN: BAN DRE's

Military Contractor Wants To Build Mercenary Camp

Greenpeace boat docks in Japan

550 inmates on their way home from TYC

Attorneys seek to revive, expand lawsuit over youth prisons

UFCW Leaves California Contract Talks Over Grocery Chain Lockout Pact

British navy suspends boarding operations in northern Gulf

Suicide bomber near Afghan parliament kills 6

Countries seek information on citizens in Ethiopian prisons

Bleakest warning issued on climate (Fri Apr 6, 2007 5:36AM EDT)

Top California Democrat seeks vote on Iraq war (in ballot measure)

(UK) Navy chief defends captured crew

Afghan leader says no more deals on kidnap victims

Basra Police: EFP bomb killed Britons (car bomb in Ramadi kills 20)

US: No Iranians among ICRC delegation

Southern California faces another grocery strike

Christians gather in Jerusalem to celebrate Good Friday

Saddam's Officers to Receive Pensions (lower-ranking soldiers may serve)

Cheney reasserts al-Qaida-Saddam link

Chlorine bomb kills 27 in Ramadi

U.S. plans to send (12,000) more National Guard to Iraq: NBC

Pelosi Nudges Saudi Arabia to Give Women a Role in Politics

3 U.S. Attorneys in Minn. Resign Posts

Three charged with 7/7 conspiracy

Highlighting the outrage of Guantanamo

Task Force Lightning Soldiers attacked (1 killed, 2 wounded)

Kidnapped Iraqi TV presenter found dead in Baghdad

FBI agent may have been killed by fellow agent; suspects caught

Suicide bomb threat rings out in Pakistani capital

Wired magazine/ Joost - "Here Comes Trouble"

No nation will take ex-Nazi guard

Radio Host Apologizes For Remarks On Indians


Troop 'surge' duration unclear, Gates says

Climate change threatens new dust bowl in Southwest

Army Sees Gap in Jurisdiction Over Military Contractors

Senator Calls FDA tragically slow on pet food recall

Justice Department In New Fight Over Papers on Firings

Liberals push to impeach Bush

Judge imposes Vonage injunction

Judge halts deportation of immigrants (New Bedford, Mass. raid)

Chilean President Signs Election Reform

Iraqi detainee dies in US-run prison

Report: NASA watchdog too cozy with boss

Court avoids Iraq kidnapping case

Betty Ford hospitalized in California

Ehlers (Congressman, R-MI) Says U.S. Attorney General Should Resign

Panel: Global Warming A Threat To Earth

In S.F., Kerry blasts critics of Pelosi's Mideast trip

McCain says he misspoke in upbeat Baghdad comments

Gonzales aide who asserted Fifth resigns (Goodling)

Iraq war protester marches to Bush's ranch

3 federal prosecutors quit manager posts

Did the FBI Flub a Major Terror Investigation?

Taleban 'storm' government office

Arrest is first under homeless-feeding law (Orlando Sentinel)

Obama to unveil housing plan for vets

Deadly Iraq bomb releases chlorine gas (15 dead)

Chesapeake 'Impeach Bush Cheney' sign may be illegal

Task Force Lightning Soldiers engaged by gunfire (1 dead, 1 wounded - Kirkuk)

US signs on to Aussie forest pact

ABOUT-FACE: Honor guards replace forklifts for fallen troops

Chellie Pingree (former head of Common Cause) files for congressional run

Prepare city (Iqaluit) now for climate change, report says

Guard is short of arms, gear (Va. Nat. Guard)

U.S. moves to stop sale of some nausea drugs (Reuters)

Indian Point (N.Y.) Nuclear Plant Stable After Explosion

Jobless Rate Drops: 180,000 Jobs Added

EU looks at potential war crimes by Somalia, Ethiopia

On liberal campus, College Republicans fold (have no money)

Violence erupts in southern Iraq (US forces and Mehdi Army)

Alternative Easter Egg Hunt Near White House to Use Fake Cluster Bombs Made By Kids

Judge Sets Cuban Militant Free on Bail (Posada)

Permanent drought predicted for Southwest

CNN: Monica Goodling is quitting Alberto Gonzales' Justice Dept


H1-B quota raj irks Indian IT firms

'Girls Gone Wild' founder Francis ordered to jail

13 Year Old Arrested In School For Writing On Desk

Experts accuse Bush of exaggerating threat

Britons speak out about captivity in Iran

Yummie chocolat! What?

Video: Mother Pimps Her 7yr Old Daughter

so does anyone know what happened to

Do you think asking racist questions is racist?

Christ. Now that Redstone, pawpicker and SA have gone to bed

I need to get off DU and put my two storage cabinets together,

Man, do I have one mofo of a headache!

Who's still around

Happy Easter...Island!

I'm watching "Some Like it Hot"

A patient called the Dr I work for anti-semitic and said he was taking his care elsewhere.

Man Attempts Suicide By Crashing Car Through Showroom Window

Kindergarten Teacher Used Clothespins To Keep Kids Quiet (Put Them On Their Lips)

Chronicle of my customer pet peeves as they happen today

Woman Caught Smuggling Marijuana In Her Vibrator

How many in a Brazillian?

A hard drive crashes and I'm so depressed.

For those that don't celebrate easter...

Congratulations TandalayoScheisskopf!! 15,000 posts

I would like to wish you all a HAPPY EASTER!!

Good Morning!

The Big Dawg is coming HERE!!!!

The Song "Lost Without You"

A Dill Doe

I got an email for a free cocktail at Big Chicks!

10 Reasons Why Geeks Make Better Lovers

I had to pay to drive through Delaware. I blame LynneSin...

Oh, god. I feel it coming, and it's coming so strong that I feel drawn to worship God.

The Neapolitan Mastiff is the best dog in the world

Jokes traveled the world at Internet speed before the Internet.

Mods, you can pull this one.

Damn Oregon Beer is good

Do I need to fear for my soul or something like that?

Must vent!! I am so upset over something here at work...

Can you imagine how beautiful these kittens will be? (on a lighter note)

The Guys' Rules

Disney opens wedding chapel to gay couples

Do you ever wonder who reads your blog?

Spinal Tap is to drummers as ______ is to ______.

White stuff on my nose!

Do you think Bush has any understanding of how unpopular* he really is?

Delete. Dupe

Do you think Bush understands the difference between recess and recess?

Easter plans quashed again

Snubbed by GD - so I'll try the Lounge. Cartoon Caption Contest!

The last six minutes of the series finale of Six feet under-link

Have you ever posted something on DU just to get a rise out of people...

How come the seams for an empire cut shirt always cut across your breasts?

What would your dream wedding be like?

Heinz 57's Are The Best Dogs In The World...

Oprah Winfrey didn't go to Iraq to oppose the war and act as a human shield.

Anyone here feel the Ann Coulter=tranny insults the TG community?

Remember Death Race 2000

FYI-I am the resurrection

Delete. Pupe.

Do you think people who love Skeletor are dorks like GirlinContempt? I do.

What's the best way to kill a zombie?

Teacup Yorkies are the BEST doggies in the world!!!

Buddhist thought for the day

An observation. Cate Blanchett is

Worth a thousand words?

Post your last rights, a la Keith Richards' father.

Ibuprofen doesn't deflate swollen glands, does it?

There hasn't been one of these done in a while so... what are you listening to?

DICE-K strikes out 10 - Jeter 2 ERRORS & A-Rod Pops Out With Bases Loaded



Must Sacrifice my Yankee/Oriole Tickets for tonight & tomorrow

So, who else is planning on getting hammered tonight and be hung tomorrow?

My dog is snoring in harmony

I passed out stoned! I passed out stoned! (lame copycat)

Sweeet, the IR filter arrived.

How to get the VOTE!

Early time-off for Friday!

Cwydro doesnt believe that I have NO VICES: what have you people been telling her?

A question for webmaster / SEO types

Help! need ideas for baby shower gifts.

Should I eat my dogs food and then wait 24 hours to make sure its ok?


I just had to exersice the "No Bob Seger" rule in my apartment

Creative way to sell a book online.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 4/6/2007)

Turned in my draft, drinking Tecate...

"Nacho Mama's"

Grampa Dick practices mekkin Easter for the Cheney Granbaby

I hope you enjoy your Easter feast as much as this guy here: (GRAPHIC WARNING)

Uh oh. Advice please.

The smell of pot is overwhelming in my apartment

woo hoo! My test results just came in!

I have had 4 cups of Folger's Breakfast Blend Coffee...

History versus herstory

What the hell, I'm going clothes shopping tonight.

"Wizard" is an alphabetically symmetrical word.

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to.....

Underwear styles: your choice?

Woke up, it was a cactus morning,

City nights

Any Antiquers here? Want to talk about your latest find?

I have taken that Myers-Briggs test often over the years.

It's that time of year, PEEP research!

The mustache ride-- creepy or no?

LA DUers - Baraka showing in 70mm at the Egyptian tonight.

Why do we have so many traffic signs when it seems nobody reads them?

I've got on my "going out clothes." My kids are at my friend's house.

Doesn't this Easter Bunny need a machete?

matcom news missed this one (Warning - graphic, childrens' death)

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD


You go strolling through the crowd like... Peter Lorre. Contemplating a crime.

Cwydro doesnt believe that I hear NO VOICES: what have you people been telling her?

Filipinos crucify themselves on Good Friday

Oasis, The Killers to record new version of 'Sgt Pepper'


Congratulations Pacifist Patriot!! 10,000 posts

found out today that my father died last sunday night....

is it okay to resign via e-mail?

Has ANYONE seen the new Beatrix Potter Movie? Was it Good?

All trolls post here.

Father Buys AK-47 At Pawn Shop - Teaches 2 Year Old How To Hold, Load It Before Leaving

I just caught my dog eating a tootsie pop

Why do managers get mad at people who help their customers in creative ways?

Who hates the idea of finding out the sex of their baby before it's born?

Monday forecast-- 36 degrees at 6AM 82 by 6PM

Calling my fellow INFJ personalities.

Okay Left Is Write, Here's You A Video!

Congratulatons EOO!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations xchrom!! 25,000 posts

Here's the dog I'd like to have.

Eating peanut butter off a spoon.

69 posts away from a 1,000 - ask me anything!

I passed my stone! I passed my stone!

I hate rebates (a rant)

Wonderful Kitty News!! Whoohoohoo

Picky eaters, check in!

Good Morning du! "Spring"

I finally got a car!

Goodbye DU

Anybody order Living/Family room or Bedroom furniture online?

13 Year Old Handcuffed, Arrested For Writing On School Desk

Posting under the influence.

Forget breeds, forget species even. Animals are just plain AWESOME!

'Girls Gone Wild' Joe Francis refuse to turn himself in (could get 40 years in jail)

but what about the BEAGLES?

Boxers are the best dogs in the world

The mustache--creepy or no?

Ever been to Pat's King of Steaks?

Friday Morning Question


Boxers are the best undergarments in the world

What is the best sandwich ever?

The kitty triplets are 6, first round's on me! (large image warning)

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are the best dogs in the world. Wanna fight?

I remember Easter in Charleston . . .

Well, I've been 64 for a week now and I can't tell any difference.

Does Your Playlist Reveal Your Age? (Does Mine?)

Best Radio Station of your High School Years?

Does anyone know what happened to the spelling police?

Dinger's Unofficial DU Candidates-Only Presidential Poll

Prosperity Christian values

Joan Of Arc Relics Deemed A Fake

Can anyone explain the meaning of these words of Jesus

The Bible is Metaphor, well sometimes, maybe, or is it?

Episcopal Bishop Pleads For Detained Haitian Migrants


Gillispe To Coach at Kentucky

Ricky Williams says he's clean, ready to return

Diabolical conditions at the Masters this year

Don't forget there is an Environmental forum at DU that would welcome your posts

In SF, Kerry defends Pelosi and blast Romney

So, you good people need to meet someone.

Dodd,Kerry, Casey call for investigation on Fox appt: AP

An evening with JK and THK - San Francisco Herbst Theatre - 4/5/2007

Nelson Delgado Interview

Oceanos cruise ship sinks (not the one this week)

LOL-Hannity Gets Lesson In World Affairs

How To Stop A War

Missouri considering law to restrict sale of baking soda

Did I miss the discussion about Imas referring the

Is Gore more dangerous than global warming?

It all comes down to corporate money and control

Deadly Iraq bomb releases chlorine gas

I'm Trying To Find An Old CMT Video" "I'm Still Missing You" By James House

Oh, Henry....Yoo Hoo, Paging Congressman Waxman

Has Wal-Mart Really Ended One of its Most Sexist Practices?

China denies role in Pet Poisonings

c-span wash. journal - jennifer griffen from fox "news"

Kucinich asks: Time to Impeach Bush? -- Thousands respond "Yes!"

The deadly consequences of Ohio's Defense of Marriage Act

Equal v. Splenda: bitter courtroom battle over artificial sweetener starts Monday.

John Dean and Bob Altemeyer discuss what makes Tom DeLay tick (Fun Stuff)

China Denies Role in U.S. Pet Deaths

Iraq Refugee Crisis Engulfs Women Silenced by Rape

NEW DOG BISCUITS ON RECALL LIST: Recall of Certain Branded and Private Label Branded Dog Biscuits

== I'm Drunk And Naked On MySpace! = By Mark Morford

Winkler v. Gates (formerly Winkler v. Rumsfeld)

Ohio Defense of Marriage Act could prevent murdered woman from receiving justice

So the full "surge" isn't happeing until August????

Immigrants prop up US cities as locals move out

We just got back from the International Premiere of Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore?

Does Oliver Stone Think 9-11 Was Clinton's Fault?

Five-legged frogs to invade rivers in Britain

Not so non-profit charity "managers" exposed

Changing climate brings drought in U.S.

I just sent this e-mail to Melanie Morgan.

Do Not Call list grew by 25M in 2006

50% approval ratings map (from '06, but funny as hell)

The destructive force of theism, and the myth of moderate Christianity demonstrated in 6:30

Martin Luther King's speech of April 4, 1967 - "Beyond Vietnam"

Y'know?When the sea levels rise, tourism is D E A D in some areas

Probably an old joke, but I laughed my ass off. Sent by a friend in GB, so don't blame us Amurikins

Poppy Bush to Address (Moonie) Times Gala

Bullet shows police lied, lawyer says - Shot man in the back and then covered it up

I have a "new rule" proposal for congressional/senate hearings.

"Evangelicals for Mitt"

WJ idiots makes it up as they go

China firm denies role in pet deaths food scare

Cheney admits Bush admin could have stopped sectarian violence in Iraq

Celebrate an auspicious birthday today..A welcome break from politics

Anyone have a link to the "War on Terror" fiasco?

I like sunshine

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Fri 4/6 - Swiftly moving along

Justice Dept Refusing To Release 100s Of Pages Of Docs-Judiciary Committee Prepping More Subpoenas

Are Politico and Drudge one and the same?

Federal Official in Student Loans Held Loan Stock

What's a liberal gal from Massachusetts to do for a week in Sioux Falls, SD?

CNN trumpeted baseless accusation against Pelosi from "bombshell" Wash. Post editorial

Winning the war..the Karen Hughes way

How many in a Brazillian?

Wal-Mart and Target Spy on Their Employees

Google may be coming here to Mayes County Ok.

Apparently he *does* read the paper

Just in time for the Easter-New Bin Ladin Video Message Expected To Be Released

FDA: Pet chews could be contaminated with salmonella

DU Diggers: I Need a Hand Finding a James Baker III Quote

Under the Petraeus plan, US forces are gearing up to hold up to 40,000 Iraqi captives

America May Free Iranians Taken in Iraq

It sickens me to hear that the USA, China, and Saudi Arabia tried to water down IPCC report

Dennis Kucinich coming up on CSpan 1

Weren't we told to give it a few more months (War) ?

Ridiculing the UK sailors and marines.

New Billy Jack film (Anti-Bush, Anti-War): "Billy Jack's Moral Revolution"

UK captives tell of ill treatment (BBC)

Another reason to hate phone companies.

Gen. Pace admits that the "surge" is resulting in troops not receiving "full spectrum" of training

Please contact Air America Radio

Scientists walk away from future UN Global Warming studies

New Bin Ladin Video!! (April 4, 07)

Illegal immigration saved our cities....

Highlighting the outrage of Guantanamo

I'm too scared to Google "Dennis+Hastert+bikini+wax". Will someone do it for me?

JaneDoe 911 website disappeared from my favorites bookmarks

6 of Florida's 7 living former Governors want degrees required for Pre-K teachers

Fair & Balanced Headline from CNN :cheney: Pelosi shows 'bad behavior' in Syria

Philly Hate Radio Freeper Head-Explosion:

Remember our National Guard and Reserves in Vietnam?

"Get a life, Mr. Vice President. The american people want out"

Playing Politics With War

WTF? CNN: Would Jesus approve of the relationship between church and politics?

curious about the number of vets on this board

UCLA sees an increase in black student admissions

Cheney Reasserts Disproved al-Qaida-Saddam Link

Anyone watching Negroponte on CSpan 1

More Joel Pett Commentary

I just wrote AAR to post a comment on them getting rid of Sam

2fer: CNN dumped dumpy Soledad for Faux MINXiness. And: Anybody more pompous than KOPPEL?

People, I'm all out of tears and have been for a while now.

Retiring GOP Rep getting fed up with the GOP shenanigans?-Think Maybe He KNOWS Something We Don't?

Did anyone catch Randi Rhodes? The Fort Irvin speech of Bush's ...

Group fears Bush has another recess appointment in the works

Can anyone explain the meaning of these words of Jesus

U.S. Troops draped the Saddam Statue with the american flag almost four years ago

Wow. Newsmax pins release of capture Brits on USS Nimitz deployment to Gulf.

"An Iraqi falls in tears as he looks at framed pictures of Iraqi journalists who were killed"

Is anybody else getting forwarded anonymous

Your "opinions" are stickily lies!

Chicago officials approve 19-foot cross for Daley Plaza

Barney Franks is on Hartman talking about the recent Global warming report

What Is A Fishstick Worth?

Do you have family members who are right wing?...

George W. Bush's belief in God

Activist arrested for feeding homeless in Orlando hmpff..a vial of stew as evidence

Judge imposes Vonage injunction (no new customers) - AP

Remember when Bush and his minions apologized numerous times to China for downing our spy plane?

Hypethetical..Peek oil has happened and rapidly declining

Cartoon Caption Contest! Bush meets American Idol.

The biggest conspiracy theory currently in the U.S.

Just had an evil, evil idea re: BillO and Geraldo

Bushco got a big Fugg You from the rest of the world

In These Times weekly poll: What's Bush's biggest lie so far?

This involuntary NG callup, it's a draft right?

Ford CEO Earns $28 Million for 4 months work

It's a dog's life.

Return of the Wolfowitz Doctrine - Giving your girlfriend a promotion and raise

Poor Gonzo - canceled family vacation to prepare for Senate hearing

The power of propaganda

State and Local Tax Burdens Hit 25-Year High

Climate report: Poor will suffer most (U.S., China, Saudi lead objection to report)

The Time For Zero Population Growth Is Here!!!

China Seizes 1 Million Toxic Towels

Scientists, governments clash over warming report

actual crucifixions today in the Philippines

back when they used to joke about the mafia running Italy and the US

Ari Fleischer: "It's better to have Ronald Reagan's strong foreign policy of make them come to us"

Campaign revives France's lost love: politics

Which do you think is the most dangerous branch of military right now?

To DemBonesDemBones & Lerkfish:

The Good Book Taught Wrong

"We made a conscious decision not to engage the Iranians."

Iranians treated British like US treating Gitmo prisoners...

Uh-oh. More trouble for Gonzo.

who the heck is this Colonel Jacobs?? on MSNBC

IT Industry waning in America?? Notice this Google search trend


Controllers warn of dangerous levels of staffing

CSPan1: Patriot Act and Library records

UK Guardian cartoon about the returning soldiers

Tell the Senate: End the Occupation; Support the Feingold-Reid Legislation

Cleric sets up Taliban-like court in Pakistan

Happy Passover Bonce!

Elizabeth Edwards on with Oprah today

Its Friday ya bastads!!!

{UK} Hybrid embryo ban 'unnecessary' (BBC)

WTF: Newt speaking Spanish

Pelosi: Mideast Trip strengthened ties

'Slavery' behind Easter chocolate (BBC)

Can we have a new panel, or grouping here? I am thinking about US Attys.

Ohio National Guard to be Called Again!

Monica Goodling to resign tomorrow!

CNN: Monica Goodling resigning tomorrow.

Incessant lying, the illegal war, corruption and more reasons Bush/Cheney should be impeached

British Hostages: What really happened from the Daily Mirror

What does 2 + 2 equal?

major shakeup at the offices of new Minneapolis U.S. Attorney Rachel Paulose

Simple (and maybe simplistic) Solution To The Iraq Problem

Republican"family values" - part XXXIV (whatever)

Anyone read a book called

'Some People' are made of plastic, 'Some People' are up to no good...

My brain said this.

Oceanos cruise ship sinks (not the one this week)

"Pelosi is a witch"

LA Times stories: Most Viewed Earth faces a grim future U.N. report says

The facts About Cheney's Cuts To Key Military Programs

One thing to keep in mind should Hillary Clinton win the Presidency.

C-Span Is Showing The Vermont Librarians - This Is What The Constitution Is All About


Matt Lauer and Dim Russert using blind attributions to attack Pelosi wrt her Syria visit

Going green: paper towels and disposable diapers

WHY should we hear about soldier deaths? It's not RELEVANT!

Is anyone else worried that with entire state national guards going to Iraq

Fourth Anniversary of the Fall of Baghdad

CNN's Malveaux said Pelosi has no "standing," asked if Syria trip is a "political stunt"

Are you going to church this weekend?

TERRIFIC menu of international news, radio, video

Christian Right Lawyers Are Waging War on the Constitution

FYI - The photo of Senator Clinton that's circulating...

Randi is saying they sent pregnant soldiers to Iraq!?!

There is hope



A ‘loyal Bushie’ comes under scrutiny.

Got a letter from my dad today at the Soldier's Home in DC

In case you missed it . . . Cheney lurking in bushes (video)

British sailors’ conduct was a disgrace

Anna Nicole: Fox News Covered Her The Most (32% of its total airtime)

Cindy Sheehan : Iraq War Protester Marches to Bush's Ranch

So, where's my fund-raiser email from John & Elizabeth Edwards??

Well, it's April 6th, and no attack on Iran!

When you go to local events, is there a lot of grey hair?



What would Bush have done? -- British soldiers lucky they didn't end up in an "Iranian" Gitmo.

(Buy your baby) Texas Senator walks out of first Muslim prayer for Texas Senate

Late Friday News Dump -- Monica Goodling Out at DOJ

Just a little question regarding "deadlines".

Waxman Seeks FDA Investigation Into Lead and Vitamins

President Bush, our military deserve a vacation away from Iraq

100 Days of Death: In Remembrance

WI State Employee released from Federal prison- dirtiest Republican campaign attack of 2006

Shame on Pelosi for knuckling under & wearing a scarf..I mean REALLY!

"One of the 85 ‘loyal Bushies’ comes under scrutiny"

Allen Pizzey: "It's disgraceful for a man seeking highest office, I think, to talk utter rubbish."

Seven more...

Nausea fell over me last nite,

All posts with "Oprah" in the title belong in the Lounge.

Tweety on Cheney re Sadam and Al Qaeda

Bernie Sanders: New Global Warming Warning from U.N.-Scientists See Hunger, Disease, Extinction

UPDATE: Imus apologizes for calling the Rutger's womens basketball a racist term

On Pelosi: "Blessed are the Peacemakers" (comment by M.J. Rosenberg)

So the Fox reporter on Washington Journal this morning says don't bother about how we got into Iraq.

Under Bush, Civil Rights Division Works to Protect... Whites

BRAD BLOG: Dems Fiddle on Election Reform;GOP Attacks Democracy Again; O'Reilly Goes Mad...

Americas Broken Down Army

Is "gotcha" journalism conducive to identifying the best presidential candidates?

OMG!!! Screw Hybrids! I have found my next car!

Take back the elephant.. Elephants need a better PR firm, or maybe they should sue.

Noam Chomsky: What if Iran Had Invaded Mexico?

Do you think GHWB41 would ever ask his petulant son to resign ?

All the candidate bull shit !

tweety - Lt. Rieckoff calls cheney a used car salesman.

You can all relax...we're fighting terrorism in Ankeny, Iowa!

Question about election bumperstickers:

Pounding sand in Iraq.

"Lineup Set for April Presidential Debate" ....APRIL 26 in NC at SC State University...first debate.

Soldier Friend of Prince William Killed (Basra)

Cheney Asserts Iraq-al Qaeda Link (today!)

The UK Servicemember press conference is on TV

How five sex offenders are dealing with the law that left them homeless.

Will the last weasel out of the Justice Dept. please turn out the lights?

Carol Korreck: A Soldier's Mother Asks: "What the $#@*?"

Kerik: "I Have Made Mistakes"

Schumer backs brain injury center for returning troops and vets

More bullshit from Imus/Unreal

Watched "To Catch a Predator" on MSNBC last nite

NASA's watchdog is a Bushie (advised Gonzales on ethics) and HE TIPS OFFICIALS OFF TO INVESTIGATIONS

Punishment for a Traitor

Tweety just said we should recruit troops from the American Enterprise Institute!!

DU this poll: Hussein pre-war ties with al-Qaeda

Wolfie Gal Pal Gets Mega Raise at World Bank - Trouble in Paradise!!!

Towards a North American Union

From The Hill -- "Speaker Pelosi Is 100% Right About Syria" (Brent Budowsky)

Tweety's hubris is showing...

Tell CNN to get the facts right on Pelosi trip (Media Matters)

Central Park Calls in the Dogs, Hoping They’ll Drive Out the Geese

CNN's Suzanne Malveaux is just awful! What a Vampire this woman is!

Why do we hate Oprah?

Robert Baer (former CIA operative) is on Tweety's Hardball...right NOW! MSNBC.

In S.F., Kerry blasts critics of Pelosi's Mideast trip

What Do You Think Of This MTP Lineup?

Liberals push to impeach Bush

Turkey’s con game: US officials on the take, FBI provides cover

BattleCry - Jesus Camp for teens

Well they didn't find anything

Cheney Sticks to His Delusions

I JUST SAW WES CLARK! Anybody else see him at the Flint Center this week?

I am becoming more and more ANGRY and sad about the environment-

Watch Chris Matthews at his 7:00 p.m.(est) Repeat Show! He's Got the Cheney Lies

Strong NYT editorial on the 3 Bush recess appointments

"rickshaws" the word for the future. Like "The Graduate" movie of the 60's.

Portugal opens major solar plant

Has the Media Finally Jumped the Shark?

"Impeach George Bush," From Candlelight Vigil No. 64, 4/4/07

Charlie Rangel on CNN: "Get a life, Cheney. The American people want our troops out of Iraq."

Calling all Community Activists, Past and Present

Can anything be done about the Fox appointment?

Oprah will confront Elizabeth Edwards today about her husband's decision

Monica Goodling resignation

OK, I'm ready for the Friday afternoon NewsDump. What will it be today?

Hatch corrects his mistake about Lam, only to disparage another US attorney

Missouri bill calls for crackdown on sale of ... baking soda

On FDA...

Despite resignation, Conyers still wants Goodling to testify

LINK for the Goodling resignation story

Climate And Ocean Scientists Put Under New Speech Restraints

EXCUSE ME? What is this my eyes are seeing? OMG! Time to email KO!

China plans highway system bigger than ours

Poor Dick Cheney. It can't be easy...

What if Bush and Cheney were not impeached but were prosecuted, convicted...

I feel sorry for John Mccain

Joe Klein is backing off from his Time column - Does not call for impeachment

Geraldo vs. OReilly was staged

Will Gonzo go?

Reid: America Cannot Afford Plan to Send National Guard to Iraq, Further Stretch Military

How many miles per day do you drive?

"Not my Daddy! Not my Daddy!"

Google erased Katrina damage

A & E "Classroom????"

Its April 6th, when does the Iran bombing begin?

Brit. Soldiers' Confessions a Sham

What do DUers think of these two parties?

Criminalizing children: Do you have any theories why this is happening?

Veterinarian: Homemade pet foods may not be good idea


Seattle's toothless immigration checkup laws meant the police couldn't prevent a murder

I didn't know Dennis Weaver died , man .

Personal thoughts on those only now realizing how corrupt and incompetent the Bush regime is

Media criticizes Pelosi for wearing headscarf in Mideast. No mention that Rice & Pickles did too

***HOMES FOR HEROES*** "Obama to Unveil Housing Plan for Vets"

So is it time for a new Freeper Dictionary?

READ THIS. I'm going to say this very calmly and quietly.

Isn't Iran supposed to be bombed today?

Three Yale Students Arrested for Burning American Flag

Sam Seder is losing his weekday show on AAR. He just said next week is his last week.

Blackwater; The rise of the most powerful merc army

Did Hastert ever go to Syria?

Report from Camp Casey - pictures

The marijuana indoor grow situation is completely out

The American Tragedy of John McCain

Imus calls the Rutger's Womens Basketball team "nappy-headed hos"

'Go Ahead, Hate Them, It's Good for You'

Did McCain's visit lead to the massacre of 21 Baghdad market vendors?

Is Hillary going to fade?

Hey, Wikipedians! Do me (and the Speaker) a big favor!

***DUzy Awards for week ending April 6, 2007***

Panel: Global warming a threat to Earth | Billions face climate change risk | The Report

The Murchison Meeting: LBJ's Mistress Implicates Him in Kennedy Assassination

A Basic Income For All

I do NOT "accept" insincere apologies, nor should anyone.

Popular health-insurance plans punish women

Electric cars are less efficient than internal combustion cars..

Wolfowitz's Girlfriend Hired by State Dept -earning more than Rice


cold hearted and non-caring people here on DU...NAW...say it ain't so

FDA Considers Mislabeling Irradiated Food

Solar Power at 1/10th the cost. And it is "ideal for cloudy climates."

So Pelosi is "Subserviant" for wearing the scarf?

Theres' Gonna be a Convoy...Truckers Boycott...This should be fun...!

BUMPER STICKERS for Bush's troop escalation in Iraq & impending war with Iran --->

Report: NASA Watchdog Too Cozy With Boss

A Politician for Peace

Dupe; pls. delete. nt

WaPo on declassified report: Hussein's Prewar Ties To Al-Qaeda Discounted

Texas Chainsaw Management

Rudy's New Girlfriend?

The true cost of campaigning

Bush Recess Appointment Threatens Public Protections (Dudley)

FIELD POLL: Approval of Bush on war, economy skids to new lows

Congress to Press DoJ for Withheld Documents

NY Sun editorial: Dick Cheney for prez in 2008 (I kid you not!)

654 more days of Bush left

An Administration's Epic Collapse

Senator Whitehouse Steps Up On Feingold-Reid

Senators demand details from Gonzales-Say testimony must wait until information given

GOP Anti-Alberto Roll Call

The Rude Pundit: In Brief ...

Cronies or Toadies?

Freep This Poll: The Arizona Republic And Global Warming

By George, Diplomacy Works! (by John Nichols for The Nation)

The power of propaganda

US shrugs off Iranian/British diplomacy and ratchets up the warmongering rhetoric

Betty Ford in Hospital, recovering from (minor) surgery

The Dems Need To Out Rove Rove......

Untangling the UK/Iran detainee crisis

Talk about a wingnut!!!!

Feith's OSP actions were knowing, deliberate and planned.

Bring on the Iraq micromanagers-Why Congress has every right to pull strings and show leadership...

Giuliani: "I don't agree with me on everything"

April 15-22: National Boycott To Impeach for Peace and Justice

Funny pissing contest in the local Letters to the Editor Column

American dream ends in property market crash .........This is news to me!

Check out this scheme...

Makeshift poll: What pisses you off most about RWers?

David Letterman YouTube video: Who needs audio?

How Many Repug Senators Are Needed To Overturn *'s Veto On This.....

Saudi King 'mistaken' over legality of US troops in Iraq: Bolton

OK DU'ers I have a very serious question about the war and the candidates

DCCC Launches "Heather Wilson Watch" Web Site

I have to give credit where credit is do:Fl. Gov. lets ex felons vote

CBS News: "Pentagon: No Saddam-Al Qaeda Link" (from UK): Cheney insistent on Saddam's al-Qaida links

Bill Scher: Recesspool

Student Loan-Gate Plot Thickens (HuffPost)

Undecideds, can you find a candidate to love among the current crop of Democrats?

Washington Post Columnist Smacks WaPo Editorial Page Over Pelosi Coverage

Rudy's America's Mayor, but not New York's for President

Poster to be used at Gore events -- shows how you can become more carbon-neutral

Is the Drug War Nearing an End?

This tax year military spending will soak up forty percent of every tax dollar (The Nation)

National Committee Reacts to Recess Appointment of Andrew Biggs to Social Security Administration

ABC Evening News - No mention of Goodling resignation

Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) is quoted as saying he gets “one call after another” impeach

Cheney reasserts alQaida/Saddam link. Time to investigate real link between them and Bushes/BCCI.

So Why Did Senator McCain Really Go to Iraq Last Week?

Our media is wonderfully consistent about Pelosi and Syria. Lying, but consistent.

Similarities between federal corruption networking and local methods.

About this "Logan Act" the wingnuts are dusting off in desperation....

Kucinich: Bush inflaming situation in Iran

CNN = Fox wannabes.

Maybe I'm Tardy, But Where's leslie? (wolfie)

Lauer On Pelosi Syria Visit: ‘Let’s Face It, A Lot Of People Think She Messed Up On This One’

Attn News Shows - Want our rapt attention? Allow us to blog on your real time scrawl!

Barack Obama speaks on public funding of campaigns and how we must pressure Congress to get it done

Tweety!! Elmer Fudd/Bugs Bunny & Mitt Romney... Very Funny!

Dear Speaker Pelosi .....

Kucinich: Local power plant closer to major release of radiation than imagined

Leahy again demands documents, testimony

"4 In U.S. Attorney's Office Resign In Protest" - another blow to the Bush Justice Department

Bill Richardson on Iraq, North Korea, and Energy

Imus under fire for the use of NAPPY HEADED HO'S

McCain says he misspoke in upbeat Baghdad comments (Reuters)

What % of VIRGINIANS do you think support a restaurant smoking ban?

FLASHBACK: Pat Buchanan, John Boehner Backed Speaker Gingrich's Involvement In Foreign Policy

Holy Moses, Mary & Mohammed! It's Friday!

When Kucinich asked, "How many think it's fair to start talking about impeaching the President?"

Are Some Upset At Not Getting A War

Richardson supports Pelosi's visit to Syria

Bill Scher: Fighting The Pharma Goliath (from

Keith Olbermann nailed cheney's hypocracy last night.

Monica Goodling: Look at THIS picture!

WA Times: Liberals push to impeach Bush

I just had ANOTHER (14th) e-mail read on CNN...

I received this email "joke" from my Republican friend. I wrote a better joke and sent it back.

An interesting article on concering the real meaning of Christianity

Impeach at the Beach 04/28 Please kick

The Real Meaning of Obama's Money — Al Gore?

Article at about John Edwards

Is there some sort of ill will between Clark and Edwards?

If Obama opposed the war from the start, why did he repeatedly vote to fund the war?

Hillary has some time to recover. DU's new target: OBAMA!!

Hillary "last of major candidates" to accept invitation to MSNBC's 4/26 debate in South Carolina

Monica Goodling to Resign Saturday - Breaking

Edwards Puts Pressure on Smithfield CEO for Union Recognition

Breaking: Edwards Not Participating In Fox/CBC Debate

Hatch ‘Corrects’ Lam Error By Disparaging Another U.S. Attorney — Will Russert Repeat It?

OH BROTHER!! this is a joke the media is having an orgasm over Fred Thompson

"It has been seen as a breath of fresh air being brought into the region as far as diplomacy."

I will never ever support a republican... Even if they run unopposed...

"Romney aims again to explain hunting"... Why is the GOP so focused on shooting, anyway?

''The D.L.C. has saved the Democratic Party once, and we're bound to do it again,''