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Archives: April 5, 2007

BOB HERBERT: Our Crumbling Foundation

Guantanamo conditions 'worsening'

Blumenthal: Matthew Dowd's not-so-miraculous conversion

This Guantánamo man may have gained a trial, but it's not justice

'They think Guantánamo is a nice place for a trip' (Guardian)

The Real Political Purpose of The Ice Raids By David Bacon

WP: Time for Trade

NYT: One Safety Net Is Disappearing. What Will Follow?

On Anniversary of King’s Death, Recommit to Helping the Poor

Surviving a warmer world: Global forecast is 'mostly dry'

Cross-post: How Global Warming became a "left wing plot"

Flying wind farms

If only....

PMO: Pelosi did not carry any message to Assad

Bernie Ellis (DUer Fly-By- Night) Needs Attention. Bob Koehler's latest Column Tells The Story

National: MoveOn Destroys Own Credibility As Activists, Supporting HR 811 Holt bill today

Seeking Fair Deal, Mine Workers Strike Three Mines; Company Closes One

President Vázquez Surges in Uruguay

Early ’08 Fund-Raising Has Clear Blue Tint

Former bishop eyes presidency

Israel’s Protests Are Said to Stall Gulf Arms Sale

Pelosi brings message of peace to Assad

Court: Pentagon Can Fund Scout Jamboree

Winter Arctic sea ice near record low

Feds May Move On Local (SF Bay Area) Mosques

Swift Boat Donor Appointed Ambassador

Veteran Claims Docs Removed Wrong Testicle

British Sailors Arrive at Tehran Airport

Support for Bush by California Republicans his all-time lows

Elizabeth Edwards: Do Not Neglect Mammograms: 'I do not have to be in this situation.'

John Walker Lindh's parents step up pressure for son's release

Peru’s defense minister denies installation of U.S. military base

Homemade bomb explodes outside Montreal Jewish center

I'm going back to Wendy's for some food.

Has anyone here read "Enrique's Journey"? It was one of our book club

How come GrovelBot isn't in the DU gallery?

Well, I just won a fellowship :)

Do you know what the DU webserver's name is?

For two hundred dollars, would you change your name to "Dr. Fangula"?

I have hidden the "I have hidden the Please Remove thread"

Now it's Anna Nicole's shrink who's in the news. Here's why...

Pics from my wife's tea ceremony

Meet the vegan who plays for the Atlanta Hawks

Has anyone noticed how movies with the same subject seem to be coming

Weirdest state forums?

Latest sell-out!

Infomation needed, anyone here know about the pain pill called Darvocvet.

I keep forgetting that it's baseball season

I sure wish someone would respond to this post:

A few sparks, maybe some smoke... a potential flamewar in GDP is beginning to smolder:

PAGE NOT FOUND. Anyone having access problems, denial of service, similar issues

Any fans of the new show "The Riches" on FX?

Today I spent an hour trying to talk to a live person in Hell.

I have hidden the Please Remove thread

'A Christmas Story' director killed in crash (oh no!)

Best Music video ever

I am sooo sick of working for mentally-ill assholes.

I've hidden myself somewhere in your room.

"30 Rock" renewed for another season!

I'm smelling a lot of people in the lounge I don't remember smelling before

I just got my hair did-before and after

Darn, I missed my 15k post mark

Has the little screechy-voice mannequin Sanjaya still on American Idol?

What kind of people use Greyhound or other bus lines to travel long distance?

Question: Everybody else has lost the hide thread feature, and thread view numbers...

I am a firm believer now that these PC's are an instrument of the devil

Why is the Greyhound Bus line named after the Greyhound breed?

I think growlers are my favorite invention.

Post a picture of yourself at the most informative/important point in your life. Explain.

How Fun Are You?

His spine resembled a question mark; now it's straighter and he's a half-foot taller.

Thread official.

I missed the bus today!

I am plotting revenge on flvegan, any suggestions?

The view from my front door, April snow (pic)

Hey, Asswipe!

How did CaliforniaPeggy do with treadmill test?

Long-haired Anti-war Protester

Argh. I changed my sig, and we went on level one all day for no apparent reason.

Official thread.

Good thoughts, prayers requested for Mrs. Venation's mom.

An empty 64oz container of prego sauce. Room temperature. Capped. Store 72 hours. What happens?

That GAL! You gotta see this!

I hate rap "music" because it's all about glorifying criminal behavior



Best Zombie Movie Of All Time

I'm leaving DU, due to my being dead.

Men: Do you shave with a blade or an electric razor?

Need help naming this song in commercial!

Who is Emeril and why is he so fucking annoying?

I seek a recipe for Macaroni & Cheese that will raise my cholesterol 531 points.

Today I spent an hour trying to talk to a live person at Dell.

SPOILERS!!!! American Idol

I fear my cats are gone

Is Equality America's Primary Political and Moral Challenge?

Mets open season with sweep of defending champions

Florida President unsure of what to do with Ohio State

Boxing: (April 6 & 7)

Here's a memory jogger:

Fox is one of three today:

Steelworkers Reach Tentative Bridgestone/Firestone Contract Agreement

China union says U.S. fast food chains broke wage law (3 page story)

Senate Hears Testimony on Employee Free Choice Act

Speaker Pelosi - The Employee Free Choice Act

Jan Schakowsky endorses Naisy Dolar

Lieberman supported Fox's ambassadorship

Have any of you read the comments over at LiveLeak?

Is US Army bent to the breaking point?

British hacker one step closer to US extradition

Here's what the Catholic nuns have to say about our government during this Holy Week

Are you upset about Nancy Pelosi's head scarf?

"A Chirstmas Story" director, son killed in LA crash

On C-Span now- Gingrich/Cuomo Debate!!

"The Italian Letter" Rove Wanted To Axe Cheney, Cheney Got Pissed & Other Stories

What happen to Americablog, etc.

Solar , biofuel and switch grass

Ranking candidates by money raised . . .

Now it's Anna Nicole's shrink who's in the news. Here's why...

Question: Can a President (and a Vice_President) be removed from office....

File this under 'WTF'?

Accidentally listened to Glen Beck, I think I'm gonna barf.

PETA says that wheat gluten ISN'T the source of the pet food poisoning.

3260 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Gourmet Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Our Mangos are here, Our Mangos are here

On KO: Shrub is sending 2 army divisions to Iraq WITHOUT desert training.

Free trade and the dangers of imported food.

When I first glanced at this

ONE doctor prescribed all the drugs found in Anna Nicole's system

Why is DU at Level 1? did I miss a big story? Thanks. nt

Tweety lost patience with Marsha Blackburn, and

The comedy stylings of Rahm Emmanuel

UK main supplier of chemical agents to Saddam

Tommy "What's Anthrax?" Thompson wants an Iraqi Vote on the War

The Filibuster and the Corporate Media’s Distortion of the Iraq War Debate

4,000 Soldiers Deployed to Iraq Missed Critical Combat Training

So... Is The "Safe" Bet To Go With The First Black, Or Female, VICE-President ???

I say Nancy Pelosi gets to wear these from now on!


Is there something wrong with DU Today? Slow...not working and posts

Feds turn up heat to solve cold cases of civil rights days

Quid pro FREAKIN' quo

Do some posts show up with wrong attribution to previous ones to other DUers?

West Los Angeles residents not happy about * attending fundraiser tonight

Why does * pant like a dog when he laughs?

In a nutshell--- John McCain was responsible for 21 Iraqis being killed today.

OK I'm confused Re: The merchants abducted and shot from McCain's Market

His spine resembled a question mark; now it's straighter and he's a half-foot taller.

Darn, I missed my 15k post mark

Conservative media ridicule, smear captured British sailors (Media Matters)

ATTENTION: When reading pet food labels, watch out for "wheat FLOUR" too.

Trinity and Beyond on Discovery Channel (HD, anyway)

A joke for us to lighten up

Was a poll about Medicare drug prices skewed by including possibly misleading statements?

In a little less than 30 hours it will be 4:00AM Good Friday

White House helped free Iranian diplomat.

Bush unveils free-trade plan for the Middle East

Beyond Left and Right

CBC's "National" is all about global warming. Mansbridge is in EGYPT tonight

The Nation: Gitmo Justice

Gonzales Prepares to Fight for His Job in Testimony

'2 Soldiers Likely Killed by 'Friendly Fire'-Contrary to Press Rpts -- And One Was Not Fully Trained

NYT: Early ’08 Fund-Raising Has Clear Blue Tint

FDA proposes easing labeling on irradiated foods

AP and CNN Distort the nature of the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” and Recess Appointment

Dick Cheney, Halliburton and a freeper

I personally am for Obama, but will vote for ANY Democrat who wins the nomination in 2008

Anybody here have experience with PetGuard cat food?

I'm Feeling Pretty Good Tonight

Is there any Dem presidential candidate who supports gov't funded abortions?

Handy Guide to Bush administration's crimes and misdemeanors

For Those who Have Hard Right Repub Relatives

Tell CBS how you feel about enabling McCain's bloody photo op

Bush can only lie at military installations anymore.

Talking UK big brother cameras to expand tyranny to 20 more areas over the UK.

3,260 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis

what is wrong with school vouchers?

Bush doesn't speak like an adult, he whines like a child.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

John McCain, I hope you burn in hell for what you've done

LTTE: Veteran Who Lost Nephew In Iraq Introduces Impeachment Resolution At Oregon Dem Meeting

Need some frivolous Congressional investigations during the Clinton years

Dumbya to Pickles tonight:

please DU my local paper re: State rep requiring "elective" bible course

LOL !!! - The Cruelty & Viciousness of the Radical Left - By Dennis Prager

Don't forget about Gore's National Day of Climate Change - Apl 14

Planned Parenthood Activists Nationwide Get Wal-Mart to Change Its Birth Control Policy...

Swift Boat funder’s appointment may be illegal

Here's Our ChickenShit Presidents' Idea of Bipartisanship...

Post You Favorite Pet Nicknames For Bush Here

I'm over 65 and the Armed Forces say I'm too old to track down terrorists.

Do you believe Edwards will not win the general election because he is white

The ultimate answer for RW spam / chain emails

PELOSI is presidential. Shrub is not. That is all. n/t

"Dozens of camouflage-wearing troops sat quietly at their lunch tables..."

Tonight I held an Academy Award in my hand

Remember Ken Cordier was forced to leave Bush campaign for appearing in Swift Boat ad?

Domenici, Wilson, Weh, Jennings, Rove and All Roads Lead To New Mexico !!!

To anyone who thinks that a black can not become president kindly chime in so that

Say Gonzo goes down; How could the Senate approve Senator Hatch??

My kid shut her Rethug Science teacher down today

Comrades - the Grand Poobah has spoken!! We have our orders!!!

New York Sun says Cheney should run for Prez in 2008.

KO will have a segment about KKKRove being protested AND the recess appointment of Sam Fox!

Is a Nazi salute free speech?

Do you believe Obama will not win the general election because he is black

Jon Carroll: How Global Warming Became a Left Wing Plot

Obama can raise all the money in the world - it won't matter - America is a racist country

Republican spokesperson Ann Coulter complains that Darfur killers "still haven't finished"

RETRO PHOTOS: What are they thinking now?

Sen. Hatch lied about Carol Lam on Meet the Press.

PHOTO: "We'd rather go naked than wear fur"

If Bush* signed an executive order to ban liquor sales on Sundays and holidays...

New dog and cat killer list

Check out The NewStandard

Tell your CongressCritters to support H.R.1590

Obama Had More Donors Than Hillary And Edwards — Combined!

AFter the Sam Fox finger in the eye, I would definately send

IWW Starbucks Union Organizers Daniel Gross, Joe Agins Prevail at Labor Board

What's the probability of Barack Obama being on the 2008 ticket

1,000 US Troops Present Petition for Iraq Withdrawal to Kucinich (Now has 1769)

What's with IAVA going after Democrats...saying military is going indy.

Gingrich falsely stated that to become a citizen one must pass a history test in English

TPM Reader PM on the McCain campaign event ...

I Will Bust My Ass For The Dems In 2008, Even If "My Guy" Isn't On "The" Ticket. Will You?

Today's Mother Goose & Grimm's Comic

I think Hillary could go down just ahead of Bush in worst presidents...

Obama beats Hillary in cash! Looks like most Democrats don't like pro-war corporatists!

Obama Campaign Calling About Donations Tonight

DU must, as a diplomacy validating entity....

New Strategic Vision Poll: Edwards Leads In Iowa

Well, the Clinton movie is over.

Wisconsin State Rep. Frank Boyle wants President Bush impeached and will introduce. . .

OMG - McCain's "Jew Counter" also was arrested for killing, skinning, and barbecuing a dog.

Dear Senators, you're making a joke of yourselves and the Senate.

What Constitutes A Recess In Congress?......

I am an undecided primary voter

Now here's a woman i could vote for President

Democrats - "Mommy Party" - Republicans - "Daddy Party"

3 Republicans Part With Bush on Syria

This race to raise the most money repulses me.

Firedoglake reports that Chris Dodd is crying foul over Bush recess appointing of Sam Fox

Dean on Situation Room, in between Malveaux interruptions, was firm about Iraq.

Under What Circumstances Would You Refer To * As "President"?

Pat LaMarche: MLK Jr. and Conyers serve U.S. well

Bush acknowledges Americans weary of Iraq war (Reuters)

Does anyone have fundraising numbers for Kucinich or Gravel?

Bush, Cheney, Rice, Clinton, Edwards, Obama: "All Options are on the Table".....

The publishing paper of : "Kucinich Campaign Becoming a Laugher" goes out of ts way

Impeachment resolutoin adopted by the Democratic Party of Oregon. . .

And, SO..Monica (Plead the 5th because of McCarthy Tactics) Goodling Wants is IMMUNITY like

"Kucinich Campaign Becoming a Laugher"

When will McCain quit the campaign?

Money does not win elections

The Media Veto and the Partition of America

I don't care who raises the most money.

I think Hillary could down in history as one of the best US presidents ever

But Who’s Against the Next War? (This is the real question folks)

Self-Impeachment by Signing Statement

Untapped: The Scramble for Africa's Oil

Study: There Is No Shortage of U.S. Engineers

Sidney Blumenthal: Bush Besieged "follow the emails."

The Evidence Is There: It’s Time for Congress to Investigate the Ties Between the Bush Family & OBL

McCain’s Magic Carpet Ride (Joe Conason for Truthdig)

Bush Plays Superhero in Iraq

Associated Press Fires Oaxaca Correspondent Rebeca Romero

Disney Opens Fairytale Weddings to Gay couples

President Pan

Serving at the Pleasure of the People by Stephen Hanchett.

And Iraq's big oil contracts go to...

No Hope in Guantánamo (Miami Herald, via CommonDreams)

Get Ready for Debate About Who Lost Iraq

Joshua Frank: Democratic Blood Money

Overselling Capitalism-Why Today’s Markets Are Headed For Disaster Unless There is a Shift in Focus

The President's Global War of Terror (The Nation)

Sirota gives his breakdown on the Democrat's far

Juan Cole: How to Get Out of Iraq

Ridenhour Prize for Truth-Telling: “My Name Used to Be 200343


No Time to Go Wobbly, Barack

Census: Immigrants stabilize big-city populations

Steven Poole ('Unspeak'): Bush talking about 'Pure Evil'

Prosecutor Scandal Is the Beginning of Bush's End

American mercenaries

Gene Lyons: Trust in short supply

The Lessons of Dred Scott (A landmark decision that haunts us 150 years later)

King's Prophetic Call for Peace

Rich Get Richer, Poor Get Powerless (The Nation)

Tom Hayden: Stop The Dirty War...A Time For Congressional Hearings

WP: Fox-in-the-Henhouse Government

Why Pelosi's visit to Damascus upset the neocons so much

Presidential Likes: Pork, Smirking. Dislikes: Troops. (Bob Cesca at HuffPost)


Creating their own reality by kos (Attny General Firings)

Newsweek: Agency to Investigate Iglesias Firing

Attack of the Mortgage Vultures (The Progressive, via AlterNet)

75% of IT professionals with current employer for less than 2 yrs (India)

"Inside The NeoCon Echo Chamber" via Asia times Online...

Waxman Seeks RNC E-Mail on Use of Federal Resources

South Africa: "Early arrival of the rainy season...unprecedented series of cyclones"

US lags on plans for climate change - Boston Globe

How to Live a Low-Energy Lifestyle (Truthout, via AlterNet)

Apple Condemned For Consigning Toxic Computers To China

Construction Complete on 6 MW Thin-Film PV Installation in Germany

NREL Ranks Top 10 Utility Green Power Programs

Solar-powered poultry house begins operations (Delaware)

USSC Rules Against Duke Energy

Venture capitalists pour cash into alternative energy sources

Peak coal by 2025 say researchers

Nuclear power revisited in state (California)

Oil, climate change threaten food supply: B.C. report

The Future of Agriculture (Peak Oil and A New Farming Paradigm)

Wegener Institute - Unusually Warm Winter Blocked Ice Formation Around Spitzbergen (80 N)

April 14-National Day of Climate Action Events for Step It Up 2007:

US Lags On Plans For Climate Change - Boston Globe

Discovery to Start Channel Focusing on Green Movement

Per NASA's Study Posted Yesterday, Arctic Ice Recovery May No Longer Be Possible - Independent

RSVP Now: Meet With Your Rep. on Global Warming

In Mauritania, Entire Towns, Cities Vanishing Under Sand's Relentless March - IHT

Climate Change Threatens New Dust Bowl (Southwest US)

La Nina may form, but timing and strength uncertain - Reuters

I know this is a kind of stupid question

US, China, Russia Working Together To Block Release Of IPCC Report Due Out Tomorrow - DPA

Bush' New Regulatory Chief - Cheaper For Asthmatics Stay Inside Than To Improve Air Quality

Chinese Police Seize 1 Million Toxic Towels Dyed With Benzene-Rich Compound - Reuters

Thailand Considers Turning To Coal To Increase Electricity Output - CSM

Javans fired up over reactor next to volcano - Guardian

(Maine) Governor to sign emergency declaration (April snowstorm, 94,600 without power)

Speaking of "Faster than expected"

American Electric Power RFPs Seek Wind Energy in Eastern U.S.

Boeing Prepares Fuel Cell Demonstrator Airplane for Testing

British envoy to meet Palestinian PM: UK diplomat

Shlomo Goldwasser: Gov't must talk to Hezbollah as U.K. did Iran

Theater won't stage controversial drama

Israel’s Protests Are Said to Stall Gulf Arms Sale

Peretz orders IDF to evacuate settlers who took over Hebron house

Call on Michigan Democratic Party to reject Internet voting without a paper trail! ('08 caucus)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday, April 5, 2007

The "Never Give Up, Never Give in Attitude": Is it harmful for our Legislative Efforts???

Rights groups laud U.S. for arrests of 3 Latin Americans

Guyana: Kerik's security job delayed

(2)US Soldier Killed, Another Injured In Baghdad Outskirts

Collins: Why this scientist believes in God

Blair Insists No Deal Done with Iran

Iraq to take control of fourth province

British troops hit by bomb in Iraq

U.S. spy agencies widen recruiting

2,252 victims of violence buried in ’mass graves’ in Karbala

Iran official says Britons were freed after UK apology

Iraq fraud fighter faces threats, blocked probes

Ex-NFL receiver Stingley dies at 55

Iraq PM defends media curbs, praises journalists(missing journalist found dead)

New dispute in Congress centers on `terror' phrase

5 American Troops, 4 British Soldiers Killed In Separate Attacks

(Republican) U.S. Congressman Darrell Issa meets Syrian president in Damascus

House Speaker Pelosi in Saudi Arabia

US intelligence boss says grueling day a challenge

Census: Immigrants stabilize big-city populations

Lloyd Brown, 105, Navy Veteran and a Last Survivor of World War I, Dies

(Cheney)White House denounces top US lawmaker's Syria trip

Six US soldiers killed in Iraq

Wisconsin legislator calls for Bush's impeachement

U.S. backing ‘terrorists,’ Iranian speaker says

Gunmen kill nearly 20 Iraqi, foreign troops(over the past 24 hours)

Inquiry launched after violent clashes see English (soccer) fans stabbed and beaten

Flags and tempers flare during (flag burning) 'experiment'

Kerry and Gingrich to Debate Climate Change

Students protest upcoming Cheney speech

Ukraine's leaders trade threats, crisis deepens

Iraqi Official: U.S. Helicopter Down

(Sen. Tim) Johnson's Doctors Say Johnson Continues to Progress

Teen to be released from TYC facility

Gates: Restricting U.S. military operations in Iraq could unleash ethnic cleansing

Moisture led to salmonella outbreak (ConAgra peanut butter)

Giuliani to Drop Role at Consulting Firm

China rejects blame for pet food recall

Two British women killed in Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday April 5

Cuomo Subpoenas CIT, Columbia Over Lending Conflicts

Rice open to bilateral talks with Iran at Iraq neighbors meeting

U.S. could crack Iran air defence-Russian generals

U.S. Accuses Iran of 'Hostage Diplomacy'

Kerry, Gingrich announce climate showdown (DEBATE)

Presidential Lawyers looking into a way to repeal 22nd Amendment

Geffen said in talks for L.A. Times

U.S. supports terrorists Iranian speaker says

US to attack Iran by end of April: report

Wal-Mart dog treats join pet food recall

Spy Chief Pick for Aide Rejected by WH

Ford CEO: $28M for 4 months work

Ford CEO: $28M for 4 months work

And Iraq's big oil contracts go to ...

Paralyzed ex-wide receiver Stingley dies

Explosion Strikes Oil Pipeline in Iraq

12,000 more Guard troops may be going to Iraq

Public Prefers Democrat for WH '08 (47% to 29%)

FDA Issues Health Hazard Alert for pet chews due to Contamination with Salmonella

'We Gathered Intelligence' (Britain Marines)

Idaho gun enthusiasts target Natl. Guard tanks

Canada Adds 54,900 Jobs; Five Times What Was Forecast

Tainted Pet Food Could Be Sold In China

FEMA wants aid returned

Kerkorian makes offer for Chrysler

Probe Targets GSA Chief: **LURITA DOAN** PowerPoint presentation investigated

EXCLUSIVE: Soldier In New Friendly Fire Case Did Not Get Full Training

Russia rights groups criticize Bush over meeting

Dog Treats Added to Pet Food Recall

Wal-Mart Dog Treats Join Pet Food Recall

Gonzales Appropriations Committee Hearing Postponed (April 12 hearing)

Ecuador Court Ratifies Lawmakers' Ouster

Guatemala Rejects US Ethanol Plan

Open the Door, Richard: 'NY Sun' Wants Cheney to Join 2008 Race for President

Synagogue in Chicago vandalized

New York City Plans to Promote Circumcision

Two big victories boost Ohio's election protection movement

And Iraq's big oil contracts go to ...

Pope says rich nations 'plundered' Third World

Menu Foods expands pet food recall

(Monica Goodling's) Lawyer compares criticism of Justice official to McCarthyism

Bush acknowledges Americans weary of Iraq war

Civil Rights Groups Call For 6-month Halt To Foreclosures

Florida to restore felons' voting rights

Cheney accuses Pelosi of bad behavior in Syria

Feds probe whether Reserve duty cost U.S. attorney's job

12,000 more Guard troops may be going to Iraq

Battle aliens, save the world and learn chemistry

Dodd wants probe after Bush skirts Senate (Sam Fox appointment)

Three charged over 7/7 bombings

Polish Iraq mission may go on offensive: president

Florida housing sex offenders under bridge

(Orlando) Florida police arrest activist for feeding homeless

PMO denies peace message to Assad

Cruise ship evacuated off Greece

Imus Creates Firestorm With Rutgers Comments (nappy-headed hos)

Spector 'said all women deserve a bullet in their head'

World Bank's Wolfowitz asked to explain promotion

Parents protest military statue (Littleton, CO)

Why are freepers such douche bags??

All I can say is that I despise what is happening to 'American Idol'.

British sailors on their way home, on plane. Just wanted to share.

I am so tempted to take the rest of the week off - its wonderful !

Kermit Ruffins to get married on stage at French Quarter Festival

Gave my pre-admit nurse a laugh yesterday!

So a vendor wished me a 'Happy Holiday Weekend' yesterday

It was a little spanish flea...

Quiznos Coyote Released To Private Preserve

Bwahaahaa! ! For you Jack Chick "fans":

I'll have a 4 day weekend over Eastern

Do you say (or post) "me thinks"?

Oh shit... the sheriffs deputy just went to my parents house to find me..

You got to know when to hold 'em, Know when to fold 'em...

It's snowing in NYC right now...

I just downloaded and installed Limewire to my pc.

i LOVE it when my 2nd class is cancelled!

Congratulations Canuckistanian!! 15,000 posts

Is there something up with the search engine?

It's snowing in NYC right now...

Pulling a theory out of my a**

DU is good for older peoples' mental acuity.

Cherry Blossoms **Dial up Warning**

when hitLer and mussoLini hung out

There's a foot of snow on the ground and it's still snowing. No midterm!

Mary Chapin Carpenter is on Diane Rehm right now.

74 Year Old Woman Charged In Armed Bank Heist

Court Says Insurance Company Must Pay For Boy's Breast Reduction Surgery

Just so you know

I'm going on a trip tomorrow, ask me anything!

have I mentioned how much I HATE living n Ohio right now

TV cancellations and new shows announced

Tom Petersson....

Wu-Tang again?

If you don't know me, reply to this thread, and ask me something.

Air Your Dirty Laundry Here:

I just dropped in

phiLLy cheese steak fLavored kettLe chips

You remind me of a man

Omg! Omg! OMyGaaaaaaaaaaawd! Tomorrow at OUR MALL!!! OMG! OMG!

What do you know about pinball?

Please don't click on this thread.

So, who is going to see the ATHF Movie?

Robert Clark. Director of "A Christmas Story", killed in car crash.

Hypothetical Question

Woman unmoved by Hollywood stars . . . until Clooney says hi

on a scale of 1 - 10, how would you rate your life?

Woman Falls From Sixth-Floor Balcony - Saved By Pile Of Feces

name an athLete who became a doctor

Name an athlete who became a corporate shill


"Judge not..." oh, how I try. But this morning.... child abuse by food?

How much do you like peanut butter?

How to avoid the flu

What's the best way to wash windows without streaking?

I may or may not be leaving DU.

Name an athlete famous enough to be corporate shill but isn't

I'm thinking about selling DU

Last Tuesday's "House" seemed contrived.


Donate to DU and get this DU Sports Bag........

I got some freeper magazine solicitation crap in the mail yesterday

So answer me this - if someone snorts the ashes of their dearly departed could this be considered...

i'm thinking of snorting DU

Y'know what sucks about old friends finding you on the internets?

Ex-Patriots WR Stingley, paraylzed since 1978 hit, dies at 55

Would Cicero get banned from DU?

Why does Bush call Gonzalez "Fredo"? Didn't Fredo betray the "family"?

Who here wouldn't THINK of leaving DU?

I got assigned to a group to debate the issue of same-sex unions

Does anyone have a good chili recipe?

Did you know who does the voices of Mermaid Man...

What band do you think has the most tribute bands ?

I'm not thinking, and I'm on DU

Current MASTER'S Leader Board!

I'm not thinking of leaving DU

Name an athlete that fought for the good guys

I'm thinking of not leaving DU

I just bought Bulls playoff tickets, who wants to come with?

no, i'm not thinking of not leaving the not DU

DU's thinking of leaving me

I had no idea "The Jam" covered this Beatles tune.

Anybody watch the FBI Files on Cable? Did you notice

Because I feel like it.

I'm thinking of eating DU.

I can just hear all the DU men cringe in unison

So I'm pondering switching from the Ipod to the Creative Zen... good idea or bad idea?

I'm not drinking..... and I'm on DU

Bubble Cam

I think DU has left me....

Rapist Spared Jail As Judge Agrees That Girl, 10, Looked Older

What's the best way to wash windows while streaking?

"Bob Roberts" on HD Net Movies

Strange parking lot juxtaposition

Fucking smilies.

Is it: "Feed a fever and starve a cold" or "feed a cold and starve a fever"?

MatcomNews Update: Mug Shot Of Bikini-Clad Firefighter Up On Smoking Gun!

Public spanking, does it make you nervous?

I'm DU'ing and not thinking.

Hey DU ladies (or guys) who are chesturally endowed...

My latest composition: "Talkin' Steroids"

WTF?!? I just looked out my window and it's snowing!!!11

Can we be frank about boob jobs?

Public speaking, does it make you nervous?

I'm Thinking of _______________ DU. (fill in the blank)

Layne Staley died five years ago today.

How many people have me on their ignore list?

Fight Fans! Ultimate Fight Night tonight on Spike.

Post -it notes...for men

*computer question* help a technotard out, please!!

need help from Bugs Bunny buffs, what was the name of the Beat Jazz cartoon where all the artists

I just set my ringtone to "The Internationale" - ask me anything!

Question about work and home life?

Congratulations BuyingThyme!! 10,000 posts

When did Easter become a gift-giving occasion?

How I handle homophobic idiots.

Can we talk hand jobs?

What's up with junk food ads and masturbation?

Jesus Mary & Joseph, I am obsessed with MySpace.

Can we talk about rim shots?

OK - I want to bake some chocolate cookies, but also want to add

Most exotic/disgusting thing you've ever eaten on vacation?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 4/5/2007)

My Interview today...

if you don't beat your meat,

Since there seems to be a lot of interest in music here tonight,

Drunk Zamboni driving is ok in NJ but Drunk Horseback Riding in Alabama gets you ticketed


Babyboomers...need your feedback: Summer Camp

can we talk about rim jobs?

What are good ways to make wingnuts heads explode?

We can all agree that homophobia and GLBT-bashing is bad, so...

Can we talk lube jobs?

Do you have to have the last word?

The Great Cadbury Egg Conspiracy!

Richard Dawkins v. Ted Haggard re: Dead Parrot

Jesus Mary & Joseph, I am obsessed with FreeSpace.

Public spanking, does it make you nervous?

Help us Prevent a War in Iran!

Anyone want to play "Name that character actor"? Name this guy:

Dead metaphors adn catch-phrases

Can we talk about hand jive?

Open Mike Night Tonight! - What songs should I perform?

Beer stupidity...

I am drinking... and I'm on DU

What store-bought dog foods have NOT been declared unsafe?

if you don't eat your meat,

Congratulations WilliamPitt!! 40,000 posts

The Horror...the HORROR!!!

Call Me Wesley does a very cool lock.

OH look what was in my backyard today!!!!

Could this be a red flag?

what did you get me for my birthday?

Man Puts Foot Through $300,000 Painting At Milwaukee Museum (Painting Disturbed Him)

Man Caught On Camera Having Sex With Sheep

Before & After Pics of Last Nights Storm

I saw a beautiful Japanese print exhibit today


I've come to the conclusion there is NO "bad" music

Update on auntAgonists husband, Gryphons Eyre

Anyone ever go to the Air Force Academy or know someone

Thursday Morning Questions

Name an athlete who became an actor.

Smart kid owns a Fundy

It's my job anniversary today + 5 questions for you

I don't care what anyone thinks - I love the Lawrence Welk Show! Who's with me?

Five Border Collies is a sign of

What kind of book(s) are you reading now?


I'm thinking about leaving DU

What is the greatest sports dynasty of all time?

Name a character actor or actress you really like

(PHOTO) I'm not sure I'm going to let them photograph me when I'm 85... how about you?

Manchester United fans beaten and stabbed by italian fans and police

What Brand of Food do You Feed Your Pets?

Can we talk boob jobs?

Name an athlete who's worth what he's/she's paid


Worst Zombie Movie that you Still Loved!

Tang again?

Easter Now Bloodier Than Halloween

A religious question: Would Mitt Romney stand a chance?

As we are on the verge of Good Friday

Collins: Why this scientist believes in God

You can't prove that god doesn't exist

Ex-Patriots WR Stingley dies at 55

Bill Belichick, a Republican?

Dice-K Matsuzaka has 2 K's, 1 BB, 1 hit in 3 innings so far

Anyone up for Yankees/Baltimore THIS WEEKEND?

Heavyweight News! Peter Gets Title Fight!

Wood Memorial, Santa Anita Derby and Illinois Derby Thread.

Addressing global warming is good for business - Kerrys - SF Chronicle

Kerry and Gingrich Prepare for Smackdown

JK/THK on NPR this morning and PBS tonight (4/5/07)

Delete dupe n/t

Baseball Brokers a deal, cable gets out-of-market games

Another great diary on Kos to rec (w/ pics of the Kerrys)

This ABC news story really goes to show that BFEE ops (BCCI) NEVER stopped

Standout comment from the blogger conference call diary at Kos

News on 2004 theft - New Ohio SoS to take possession of 2004 ballots and documents

Markos post - Democrats: Fox recess appointment illegal

In The Green Room with John Kerry at the Tavis Smiley Show


OT: Sirota diary endorses Edwards, calling him the "People Party candidate"

Please Massachusetts people, please take Romney back.

New diary at Daily Kos

Hilary Rosen says swift boaters were fair

CLARK: Bush's Iran policy undermines Irsraeli security

Newt's really really sorry. En Espanol!

Bill Maher Part I - Walter Reed and the Tuskegee Airman

RockyTop Speaks Out.....How To End The War

Bill Maher Part II - The Ten Commandments, Atheists vs. Republicans

Toy Soldiers, Real Lives; War is Not A Game

it's TWIF ~ 4th Anniversary of War Extravaganza

Dennis Kucinich speaks to 9/11 skeptics

Tell the truth- Mos Def, Eminem

FOX News poll - "most foolish American this year"

Who is this John Loftus crackpot that comes on after Mike Malloy?

Interesting Angle: Navy Reserve Duty May Have Cost U.S. Attorney (Iglesias) His Job

‘Out’ Ranks the Top 50 Gays; Anderson Is No. 2

"It was deplorable," pronounced our Health Secretary,"that the woman hostage should be shown smoking

Can you imagine W's life after his presidency?

Long time ago in a galaxy far far away

The big picture on the Chocolate Jesus

British sailors on their way home!

Google asks users to help make maps -- and they'll provide the tools.

More Iranians detained in Iraq?

Rice Trying To Dodge Hearing On Iraq-Niger Documents

check out this Video ..LINK>.. of Cheney lurking in the bushes.. all that is missing is him holding

Just in time for Easter: Church billboards with mean messages signed by Satan.

The Walmartization of the American Political Process

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Thurs 4/5 -- bubble, boil, toil and trouble?

How we learned to stop having fun

the myth called merit

The Organic Trade Association 2007 fund campaign raises over $500,000

Parrot rescued by helicopter

Regarding - Bush Notes Dowd's 'Emotional' Critique of War

LONG SHOT interview Thursday morning 10am

Official: U.S. copter goes down in Iraq

Syria: We helped in Iran-Britain dispute

Damn! The Brits and Iranians are making us look stupid...

Solar bursts may threaten GPS

Soledad and Myles out at CNN

So the British sailors are about to be

VA Patient Has Wrong Testicle Removed

Hey you fucking hypocritical Freeptards - why are you singling out Pelosi?

Will someone please tell Imus that his presidential pick McCain confessed to committing War Crimes?

Another piece on the Big Oil Chessboard.

This surge is working so well, a helicopter is reported down and 4 Americans and 4 British killed

If I hear that sub-idiot IQ - dry drunk - sociopathic chickenhawk POS deserter say

Another piece on the Big Oil Chessboard

Captured navy crew land in London

After Romney said he has been a hunter his whole life now admits going hunting only twice

Did I see a brief headline yesterday that stated "Syria -

3 Republicans Part With Bush on Syria

So. Is President Pelosi back from Syria yet?

Look at this wonderful pic of Pelosi in Syria

Injured in Iraq, a Soldier Is Shattered at Home

Paduanity and Colmes

O'Reilly & Hannity never seem to attack Imus

Imus & Crew Yukking It Up Over Soldier's Botched Operation

C-Span Iraq vet Sgt. John Bruhns answering wingnuts galore

Hey Freepers,,, Nancy Pelosi ONLY worn head covering

downed helicopter-----all nine survived, 4 wounded

The Brits are all a twitter over the release of 15---but meanwhile in Iraq----

26% approval in CA (bush)

Good thread in the Lounge.

When the JW's or Mormons come to your door

Houston City Councilman says "American Indians got whipped in the war. Hello?"

We had some snow here in NE Indiana with flurries still coming down

"Above and beyond the call of draft dodging"

back to a slow DU this morning

The big Bush pile-on.

Jean Schmidt: Walter Reed situation "OVERBLOWN", not a "real" issue.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

NewsBusters gets Busted - The Bogus Defense of the Day, from ConWebWatch

33 years ago tomorrow

Does Anyone Ever Actually Go To Jail For Lieing To Congress

"My Sweet Lord" display wasn't shut down over outcry, but because of death threats

Support the troops, indeed...

How are we doing?? Actually?? Are we there yet?

Israel says Pelosi delivered the wrong message to Syria.

Gonzales is 'practicing' his testimony before Congress.

We're not the only ones captioning photos...

Can the Congress focus a little bit on civil rights after their vacation?

McCain responds to "Drudge" regarding spot on his head - bumped his head in Iraq

"The BIBLE Literacy Project" 80 school Districts in 30 States" Washington Journal

American Mugabe (Piece on *)

LOL! Bush vs. gonorrhea (sorry, graphic language)

Bone-conducting hearing. "I will"... "Let me finish"..

Confirmed - McCain gave 60 Minutes exclusive interview and coverage of Iraq photo op

Newsweek: Reaction to Matt Dowd's defection has been positive by all sides of the aisle

Bush Worried Pelosi's Mideast Trip Has Emboldened Peace

MSNBC and Col. Jack Jacobs~this is day 2 that he's been

Can these facts regarding Tony Blair be independently verified?

Hey "Pelosi shouldn't have wore a headscarf" people! Limbaugh agrees with you!!!!!

The other recess appointments....

Missing former FBI agent busted Italian and Russian mobsters, Medellin cartel and Noriega

IMO South Park Sharked the Jump tonight...

Democrats Question Legality of Swift Boater’s Recess Appointment

A letter to the Belgian Embassy regarding Sam Fox:

Question - are there any governments that can do no wrong and are off limits for discussion?

Snorting remark by Keith Richards doesn't sit well with Disney

Federal Employees: Are There Lunch Prayer Groups Where You Work

Why is the MSM so fascinated by Guillianni??

What's up with the monkey* fur?

Fired Wal-Mart Technician Alleges Extensive Wal-Mart Spy Operation / Huff Post

Florida to restore felons' civil rights (AP)

Great toon, re: McCain visits Baghdad

I thought the WH disavowed the Swiftboaters in 2004

Surge working: 9 Coalition troops killed today, plus US chopper down

I need some baseless speculation.....

Surging On....Five U.S., 4 British troops killed in Iraq

Remember how Republicans call us "obstructionist"? You might find this interesting

Russia Challenges the U.S. Monopoly on Satellite Navigation

Former JD spokesman Corallo: Lone Star loyalty "is the only reason Gonzales is still around"

QUESTION: Is Susan Ralston still testifying today?

Susan's deposition today

So the Huffington Post is linking to the New York Post who then trashes Edwards

If we're winning in Iraq, shouldn't the need for troops be getting smaller?

Hundreds of BYU students protest Cheney being this years commencement speaker

Waas: Favoritism Toward Wolfowitz's Girlfriend

Sierra Club honors Brevard, Canton for striving to protect environment

NYTimes: Bush admin planning arms-sale package to Arab Gulf countries - Israel not happy

For Maine soldier in Afghanistan, the biggest fear becomes reality

The Great Iraq Oil Robbery

speaking of money: Our Crumbling Foundation

Louis XIV: "Try to remain at peace with your neighbors. I have loved war too much."

Now that Pelosi's going to Saudi Arabia


GOP Congressman Issa holds talks in Damascus (meets with Assad, criticizes Bush)

Of the announced candidates for president (dems) who do you support?

Free day causes chaos at Six Flags

Easter Week gas price sticker shock....

Is it time for a "parallel presidency"?

Hello America - brilliant video on *, religious hypocrisy , Iraq

In the heart of Little Fallujah (where Pelosi should have strolled)


War Photographer Chris Hondros Witnesses U.S. Shooting of Iraqi Parents in Car With Six Children

Fringe RW'ers shooting protected birds, cattle, and even National Guard tanks in Idaho

Grandpa Cheney Says Mary Will Have a Boy

Kermit Ruffins to wed onstage at French Quarter Fest

The "Global War on Terror" ended on the 49th anniversary of MLK's assassination

AG Gonzales practicing testimony and calling lawmakers

Discovery launching Green Channel

New TV ads take aim at Sununu on Iraq

"...this is a Christian nation." Supreme Court Justice Brewer - 1892

Sen. Levin Releases Douglas Feith's Iraq/al Qaeda Connection Presentation

We've been swift boated again. Sam Fox appointed by Bush for Ambassadorship...

CNN tomorrow. "What Would Jesus Really Do?"

recruiters in the schools

Shrub's Vacation Time? Today is how many.....

As Bush fiddles (cont)....(Froomkin)

Nine States Now - Wisconsin Joint Resolution On Impeachment Introduced

Whatever happened to "up or down vote"?

Dupe: Check for link

If the Leaders of the US, Iran, Britain, Germany, France and Russia Were On Jeopardy, Who Would Win?

Kerkorian offers $4.5 Billion for Chrysler - CNNMoney

Florida governor wins voting rights for ex-felons

President Bush: Coward in a Plastic Bubble

AG Gonzales to undergo 3 days of mock testimony sessions w/ Timothy Flannigan & Ed Gillespie

British troops return home carrying "mystery bags!"

Not a day goes by on which I don't miss Molly Ivins.

VA patient has wrong testicle removed.

"Gingrich Clarifies 'Ghetto' Word Choice" Backtrack you SOB!!

Anyone watching Newt on C-Span right now?

Cheney: Dems are prepared to pack it in rather than supporting a policy that will lead to victory.

US forces 'tiptoe' into Sadr City

Seymour Hersh about Bush: "656 days left in the reign of King George the Second."

Annual D.C. press/pols dinners should be abandoned to history

Ugly scene in Basra - 4 UK soldiers killed in ambush - some Iraqis celebrate

Add Sunshine Mills to pet food recall list

Pet food recall expanded AGAIN: 20 more brands & earlier production date

CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux … just a few questions ...

ConAgra says moisture in peanut butter plant spread salmonella

Fox News: Human Health Concerns Arise in Pet Food Recall

Lloyd Brown, 105, Navy Veteran and a Last Survivor of World War I, Dies

Americans Undergoing a Shift in Values

Can anybody direct me to where I can find Hillary's stand on the issues?

The only way to peace in Iraq

Group calls on Dems to leave Fox debate out in cold

anyone listening to Randi???

U.S. Embassy Security Coordinator Refused To Sign Off On McCain Visit - Too Risky

Kudos to the British for not fucking w/the lives of their 15 servicemen who were detained in Iran

A little help here... Cheney hiding during a press conference??

An amendment to provide for a Writ of Reasonable Suspicion...

ConAgra says moisture in peanut butter plant spread salmonella

So my roommate pissed off a republican today

Zogby: Romney Rockets!

Xuzhou Anying: Most wheat gluten sold inside China (AP)

Any Susan Ralston Sightings? Today Was Deposition Day

NYC's Tribeca Film Festival to open with Al Gore and global warming short films

Trippi Predicts Brokered Convention; GORE Nominee in that Scenario?

If anyone uses Wheat cat litter...

Families take action against MoD

All is well: 20 armed men open fire on Shiite shepherds

I don't have a printer...

We are told to be patient .

"I went to Iran and all I got was this lousy suit,"

Minivan's rude introduction to Critical Smash

Permission to think it through DENIED

Please DU this poll

The B*sh Doctrine revisited: I'm gonna call you evil. Then, I get to kill you.

Critical thinking and sacred cows.

DNC Shuts Out Fox

Breaking News CBS News/AP: Tainted Pet Food Could Be Sold In China to People

Foomkin: Bush Thinks The War Is A Joke (Bush 'Attacks' Reporter With IED Disarming Robot)

Our military is broken.

Surprise, surprise.. New OBL video expected...

Our military is broken.

Is the Chinese company just a convenient fall guy for the pet food crisis?

Thousands of taxpayer IDs at risk because IRS, despite warnings, has not corrected security problems

Iraq Health Index Has Deteriorated To Level Not Seen Since 1950s

US Judge: Americans Must Have Criminal Checks Before Contacting Foreigners

Question about video card for laptop

I am sick and tired of the idea that we need a separate set of laws for child molesters

Another Pet treat recall! Sumshine Mills, Alabama

Senator Carl Levin: Releases Dougie Feith's relationship between Iraq and Al Qaeda **DOCUMENTS**

3265 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

In retrospect, Pelosi STILL kicked their arses

So "South Park" took on Bill Donohue last night

Cheney: Pelosi’s Syria visit constitutes ‘bad behavior’

One of my articles is on the front page of BuzzFlash!!!

Freed Britons are lucky they weren't captured by usa and sent to gitmo for torture

Watching the History Channel -- Rome: Engineering an Empire

RWer comes out against one-man/one vote, big surprise, huh?

Caption the Chimp!!

We can't lose in Iraq...

A New Fed Investigation Targets Bush Admin Official For Using Gov Resources For Partisan Politics

keeping our children safe yet being willing to have them trained to kill

John Amaechi's Timeout - The Nation, April 16 2007

How Obama wins the election (or "it's the math...stupid")

they printed my 72nd LTTE-re :reporting the good news in Iraq"

Randi is talking about Cheney hinting at a 3rd Bush/Cheney term

I have an idea.

What is your first reaction when a former Bushie says they've "seen the light"?


Bob "Don't Call Me Happy Talk" Gates: 'Troop Surge' Strategy Is Working in Iraq

AP has no clue who Pelosi is...

Blair's comments on Brit crew, thanks everyone but you know who-

CNN's Malveaux asked if Pelosi's trip to Syria is "big wet kiss to Pres. Al-Assad" (MediaMatters)

WHAT!!!??? Cheney has his lawyers looking into voiding 22d Amendment

OK, so what's up with gavin newsome? he is "caught" simulating oral sex on a microphone.

What If Iran Had Invaded Mexico?

Easter bunny stuffed with pot gets man arrested.

After 14 years as a civilian, Army veteran, 55, is heading to Iraq

Personal Data at Risk in Lost IRS Laptops

How many of Clinton's recess appointees

Venezuela Launches Agricultural Development Plan

Breaking on MSNBC: papers ordering deployment of 12,000

Madame Speaker (photos)

The Daylight Saving change: no savings, no point --- NO SHIT SHERLOCK

Pushing Prescriptions: FDA Staff Travels on Drug Industry Dollars


When Hillary Clinton was first sworn in as senator I was so proud of her

Cheney: Senate Committee Is ‘Stalinist’ For Blocking Swift Boat Funder’s Appointment

Now there's going to be a surge of National Guard troops

Attention animal lovers. 'Iditarod Deaths Stain Race’s Reputation.'

"The active army is about broken."

What if the 15 UK sailors held in Iran were American?

So why are conservatards so against acknowledging global warming?

C-Span Indicates "Al Gore" to start at 8:00 pm Eastern

The war on Easter ramps up

Religious Leaders Ask U2's Bono To Stop Video Game Targeting Venezuela

Is CNN trying to put out MEME that Brit Soldiers were Traitors? Is Bush Jabbing at Blair?

You're not going to believe this one.....

Ha!Ha! Newtie apologizes to Hispanic voters - in Spanish - but insists

Republicans losing confidence in Bush


Well I had to retire Dietrich my guidedog

Who has the information on the latest stent conclusion?

Iglesias talking to special counsel

'Porn & Pancakes' fights X-rated addictions

Rachel Maddow: An Open Letter to Senator Hatch (updated with a letter from Hatch!)

Male Teacher Makes Bid To Take Back Student Sex Scandals

Richardson: "Congress Authorized This War, They Should Deauthorize It Under War Powers Act"

Harold Ford wants to play nice.

Venezuela's PDVSA Boosts Bond Offer to $7.5 Billion

Because they hate and fear women

Marvelous. It's snowing on my garden I just started 3 days ago.

LTTE in my local paper...if it wasn't so crazy it would be funny

My latest letter to my senators.

Jeff Gatlain, a Catholic priest in KY, responds to bill donohue

Ford CEO paid $39.1 million for four months

Home trashed after cruel Craigslist hoax

Male firefighter placed on leave after drunken romp in a string bikini.

Cowards of a feather… Bush sneaks Fox into the henhouse

Off the deep end "conservatives."

I remember an America

Ten Reasons Why Congress Should Stop George Bush’s Prisoner Abuse and Torture Program

Feeling The Pain At Ford Motor Company

It just keeps getting better, no haven't been to hospital yet but read anyway.

Which will be the first primary contest Hillary will win

I do apologize for going off a couple days ago.

Fantastic Lou Dobbs interview with Charlie Rangel.

'Idol' Contestants Vs. Presidential Hopefuls

Duplicate post deleted

1984- Britain Introduces Surveillance Cameras Equipped With Loudspeakers

Wow... Just, Wow...

Schultz pushing flat tax---

John Bolton: "President Ahmadinejad comes out of this as a winner.."

Why Do We Hate Hillary?

Lieberman not happy with Bush's recess appointment of Susan Dudley

More Bush Hypocrisy: Attacks Pelosi on Syria, but Approves GOP Visit and CIA/Syria Torture Deal

Breaking News: Pet Food Recall Expanded Again

Petraeus: McCain’s market trip ‘helped the Iraqi economy.’

Reasons to "hate" Hillary...

Evangelical Seminary & Bible College invites Ann "Edwards is a Faggot" Coulter to speak

When Johnny comes marching home again...

Help us Prevent a War in Iran!

WE ARE NOT SLAVES -The Civic Obligation Of Citizens - A PUBLIC NECESSITY!!!

LEAHY Berates Alberto Gonzales: "ANSWERS PLEASE" - YOU Would NOT Tolerate This & Either Will We

Should We Get Rid Of All The Illegal Immigrants In The U.S.

My child got an A+ on her paper on An Inconvenient Truth...

Feingold-our work is far from over – we have got to keep pushing to end the terrible mistake in Iraq

Pelosi has a pair. Bush lost his in a cheerleading stunt.

Laughing at the freepers

Repeal of 22nd ammendment not a complete hoax

NYC dinner raises 18 mil for Israeli military

YES!!!! Dick Durbin announced the Senate will hold oversight hearings into the pet food recall!!!

Best. Highway sign. Evar!

TIME cover story: America's Broken-Down Army

Idaho gun enthusiasts target Natl. Guard tanks

So a man who shot someone in the face and a pill junkie are gonna tell me what bad behavior is???!!!

Wildfire season is starting...forecasters have already called for an active hurricane season

I will give $1000.00 to the first Democratic Presidential Candidate who...

This multiple questions of sex offenders made me think, and I must ask...

Pelosi Challenges White House: If I Gave Syria The Wrong Message, Prove It

Oprah Winfrey

CHRIS DODD ROCKS!!! "Dodd Asks: What if Your Child Were Gay?"

Has anyone heard from ShadowKnows69 regarding his medical needs?

UPDATE: Just making this more conspicuous

Did Clinton ever make a recess appointment?

Bush 41 and Emperor Moon, together again

CHERTOFF: America's Biggest Fear Should Be "CLEAN SKIN" Terrorists


If by strength is meant moral power, then woman is immeasurably man's superior.

Does FDA spell FEMA? (The "food grade" wheat gluten debacle)

Pages from the Diary of a Peace Activist

Don't you feel that employers doing background checks is ?

Monsanto Wants Feds to Silence Dairies

John McCain's Flying Circus!! Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! (warning: spine tingling image)

Is there anyone here who does custom work on Cafepress???

"Zippy" on American entitlement

CBS Iraq Correspondent regarding McCain:"He's talking rubbish. And he should not get away with it. "

OHIO SoS to Take Possession of 2004 Ballots. IT AIN'T OVER YET!!

Josh is dead. I buried him in the backyard this afternoon.

ABC News: Federal Investigation Targets GSA Chief Doan

Joe Klein in Tomorrow's TIME: Bush 'Clearly Unfit to Lead'

Guardian: Slow road from Iowa to Washington to be replaced by fast-track selection

Carter backs Pelosi's trip, despite Bush's rebuke (CNN)

New Republican Website - Attack on Newly Elected Dems

I want specifics on policy and I want management ability - it's early in the primary season for

Bush makes ANOTHER recess appointment: the Swift Boater!

The list

"Blame it on the Democrats"


The role of Congress in checking the power of the president

Sen. Clinton accepts NAACP Invitation

WP: Gonzales Prepares to Fight for His Job in Testimony

Which political leader does the world respect and appreciate more?

VIDEO: Hundreds Protest Cheney Visit At BYU

Bill Bradley on campaign fund raising

Former Ashcroft Spokesman: Gonzales Should Resign

New York tabloids are giving the nation a fresh look at Rudy and Judi

The Second Chance Act Has A Real Chance!

any news from the Ralston interview yet?

Dem Congressional Campaign Committee strikes! Check out

Intelligence, The Feith Way

Why no criticism of Repubs in Syria?

Murray Waas: Favoritism Shown Towards Wolfowitz's Girlfriend

Leahy to Gonzales: Answers, Please

Survey of Bush's press conference: Majority of Repugs will believe anything * says

Bush Gives Congress the Finger (The Nation)

Obama's K-Street "Stealthy Operation"

Kerrys go over the heads of politicial elite

Did Anyone See Conan O'Brian Last Night - He Had A Clip From *'s Rose Garden Press Conf....

Let me post this link one more time

WaPo OpEd: Fox-in-the-Henhouse Government

Be a Dem Party spokesperson... for IMPEACHMENT...

McCain's "safe" market is site of massacre

CBS's Allen Pizzey SMACKS DOWN McCain, admin, RE: Bagdad:

Morphing a conspiracy?


DNC Sanctions Six Debates

Senator McCain, you're photo op has blood on it's hands

Have you ever noticed two things you never hear from the right?

Self deleted.

What are the results of a "Contempt of Congress" conviction?

John Murtha: My Response to the President's Veto Threat (HuffPost)

Politico says DNC sanctioned debates will not include the Fox forum with CBC.

Isn't it time to put up a count down clock for the time America gets a real President ?

Conservative Panties in a tight wad over "Queen" Nancy


Ohio’s Election Protection Movement Wins Two Big Victories (CommonDreams)

From Economic Apartheid to Political Revolution

Cheney Says Bush, Rumsfeld, And Myers Are ‘Dead Wrong’ Over ‘War On Terror’

Democracy for Tennessee convention to feature Ned Lamont and Jim Dean

Bush admin funds study to prove religion helps stop HIV/AIDS

"There's an enemy that lurks..."

Is that light Giuliani thinks he sees in the tunnel really an onrushing train? sucks...just another arm of the conservative media...

‘Strangely Quiet’ Scene As Bush Visits Base Where Medically-Unfit Troops Were Deployed

Kucinch: Debates have become glorified news conferances under CPD

"Questions Linger About Bushes and BCCI Bank"

Which Republican candidate would be the dirtiest fighter, were he to get the nod?

Democratic Candidates The Media Aren't Telling You About [Part 2]

Cheney & The 22nd Amendment - I Was Listening To Randi Today When I Got....

None of the Democratic Contenders Has Called for the Closure of the Guantanamo Prison

Obama Slowly Plans Health Care Proposal

Washington Post Misleads, Contradicts Own Reporting, To Attack Pelosi

First in the War, Then in the Oil Grab

Tell CNN to get the facts right on Pelosi trip

Cook Poll: Hillary ahead by 22 over Obama...increasingly seen as electable...

Romney Camp: Pelosi's Syria Visit Is Bad Because She Opposes Iraq War

Duration of troop surge in Iraq is unclear

So...what reporter will ask Bill Clinton what he thinks about repealing the 22nd amendment?

Breaking: Republican Congressman Darrell Issa Currently In Syria For Talks

Cheney: Senate Committee Is ‘Stalinist’ For Blocking Swift Boat Funder’s Appointment

Rate the Dem candidates first as a "candidate" and then how you think they'd be as a "campaigner"

Guantanamo conditions 'worsening' (BBC) {Amnesty Int'l report}

Edwards Statement about Sam Fox Recess Appointment

The puiblic/media take on the recess appointment of Fox ...... a new page for them?

Drudge has interesting choice for picking a photo of Pelosi

HUGE: Ohio SoS to take possession of the 2004 ballots and other key documents

My Comments from John Edwards' Online Petition

Howard Dean To Lead Community Celebration for Denver 2008

Special Counsel Looking Into Iglesias Firing

PNAC Signatories Who Signed Our Democracy Away

"Common Ground Found" -- Harold Ford....response to posts on TPM...

Today's Presidential Daily Brief: Major Hurricane determined to strike in US in 2007

abc eveing new says 7 troops reported killed today!!

I wish bush knew what the F he is doing

Mrs. Clinton's Next Strategy?

US Defense Secretary Warns of Massive Bloodshed in Iraq if US Military Operations Curtailed

The Brutality of Rudy Giuliani

Success! CNN Defines James Carville As Hillary Supporter

CA Legislation to call for Iraq withdrawal (CA Dem Party)

RFK, Jr: "100 top environmental posts go to polluter industry execs"

NYT editorial: One candidate, at least, paused to observe the tastelessness of the money race

I have friends who pay absolutely no attention to politics or

Democratic Senators: Just say "Yea"

When the MSM starts touting Obama's middle name, will it matter?

Chuck Hagel: A Man for All Seasons

Kerry and Gingrich to 'discuss' Global Climate Change in DC April 10.

The Bill Richardson Watch, 4/4/2007

Republican Lawmaker Walks out on First Muslim Prayer Ever in Texas Senate

This is what will happen in 2008...

Democratic National Committee Shuts Fox Out Of Debate

CNN's Malveaux asked if Pelosi's trip to Syria is "big wet kiss to Al-Assad"

Analysis by David Sirota of Edwards as the People Party Candidate of 08

Terry Macauliffe is Hillary's campaign manager???

Pelosi Challenges White House: If I Gave Syria The Wrong Message, Prove It

AOL Sam Fox appointment poll to DU

How progressive is Obama?

to all those who disparage "Conspiracy Theorists" here on DU: chew on THIS:

Sorry...I'm Voting For Mario Cuomo

Anyone just hear Hilary Rosen on MSNBC tell Tucker the swift attack was fair

OK, here's my case against Hillary...

Will someone please explain why we need to carry states in the South