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Lonestar Iconoclast: Battle of Baghdad Cover-Up Four Years Later

How I know Blair faked Iran map

It Didn’t End Well Last Time

NYT:More Than a Feeling

ACT UP's New Urgency (The Nation)

Trillions in Debt, Can the Middle Class Hang On? (AlterNet)

Rep. DeFazio: Don't Attack Iran (Interview w/ Foreign Policy in Focus)

GPS to reveal walrus whereabouts (BBC)

Biofuels in Africa: Investment Boon or Food Threat?

Big Oil takes another stab at killing the electric car

Time Sensitive Apr 4 Virginia Verified Voting Alert

Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory, By Steve Freeman

Northwest flight attendants pursue right to strike

Strikers Urged to Approve Northrop Deal

Congress Nudges an FCC on Hold

Nelson (D-Ne) checks out Fort Riley

Bush Splits With Congress and States on Emissions

Obama May Not Be Far Behind Clinton In Fundraising

Elizabeth Edwards Gets Some Good News

Pakistani militants staging raids inside Iran-ABC

Biden says Bush could be impeached, but calls step impractical

Same-sex marriage ban defeated (Indiana)

U.S. Steps Up Missile System Push In Eastern Europe

McCain's Baghdad market visit branded a stunt

Pelosi Arrives in Damascus for Syria Talks

Captured militia boss faces murder, terrorism charges

Massive security contractor faces growing protest in rural California town over 842-acre base

Students Pelt Karl Rove In Protest


Anyone up for a video archive/processing/moviemaking group?

Can YOU tell when a sitcom is taped in front of a studio audience, and when it is not?

So buying Bowflex will guarantee me a better metabolism and flat chest in 6 months?

Ahhh! I passed the 7,000 mark and didnt realize it.

so, I'm at 1000 posts...when is my toaster being delivered??

a couple of myspace musts...

I just want to say one word to you.

"Grace Kelly."

how many posts should Please remove end with?



Okaaaaay! (dusting off hands) - now that we've got our loss out of our system, all I can say is ....

Who here donates Plasma TV's?


Aww... poor kitty

Billy Ray Cyrus.......can't focus.....Dancing with the Stars....

Day I snorted my father's ashes, by Keith Richards

Tube fight

Ok, who's on the thread recommending bender?

Who really cares who Danny lynns father is?

Run Joe Run....

BSG Fans, Spoiler Alert - Not!

A reminder.. "The Shield" starts up again tonight..


I dig rock n roll music

My son just gave me a fat lip.

Happy Keester! (cute alert, I'm series !1!!!)

okay loungers, what do I do re: slackers in my beer review group (long)

Radio Lady Presents: Monet's Turkeys! From the Department of Interesting Art Information

Track Shipments...


Man, 102, takes out 25-year mortgage

Damn.... a friend died

Greatest and worst irascible Loungers

Uncle Richard just gave hubby a $200 IKEA gift card as an early b-day gesture...

If You Were BNL, What Would You Be Doing Tonight?

Mario...and Sonic?

Who's is recommending every thread in the Lounge?

April showers...

Now hear this...Now hear this...

Favorite Frankfurt School Thinker:

Vampires are alive!

Blood! Not Funny!

ok, now we can discuss Idol

Okay Loungers, what do I do re: slackers in my peer review group? (long)

Can I stay in the Lounge for an hour?

Ever kiss someone and burp in their mouth?

wie hier spreekt Nederlands?

Bite me, bitches

So I've taken everyone off of my ignore list....

I am stuck doing email blasts for PDA for at least another hour. Ask me anything.

Life is pretty good

When you google your name, how many hits do you get?

Ponzu sauce!

Boston Legal had it's best episode EVER tonight.

It has taken me more than 2 years

Why does pineapple juice come in cans?

Congratulations Lady Vols!

My dad GreenLantern is getting checked for a blood clot tomorrow. Happy thoughts and

Ever want to post something totally inappropriate?

monkeys in costa

your moment of zen

Seven Months...

Sigh.. I turned 49 today..

I may have stumbled into a new business sideline

Holy feck! How do SUV drivers afford the gas?

Zoo Babies..


I bought my new journal today, found a nice one about 8 by 11 inches

Jimmy Kimmel is filling in for Larry King on Friday ! Good times

SANJAYA SUCKS!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

Keith Richards: 'I Snorted My Father'

Is the Lounge getting too serious?

I'm seeing a lot of people in the lounge I don't remember seeing before...

I need one of you to sacrifice your life for me. Come on, chop chop. I don't have all night.

Anyone else here on beta blockers? What are your side effects?

I walked 1/4 mile tonight to the drugstore, then back home. All the time wondering

It's at times like this when you wish BNL were more of a regular in the Lounge.

It's FREEPATHON time!! How much will YOU give?

I googled the screenname of the guy I met on Saturday and he's on EVERY

Carl Sagan "Pale Blue Dot" video/audio clip

"There is no reason why someone can't make $50/hr..."

Who here donates Plasma?

"More fun than a barrel of monkeys"

Tom Brady, a Republican?

Teamsters Converge on Times Square to Protest Coke's Anti-Worker Tactics

Korea-U.S. Trade Deal Bad for Workers in Both Countries

Thousands Support Campaign To Pull Smithfield Pork In 22 Cities


Me and Big Brother

Democrat/Republican X: Bipartisan


Sunday Bloody Sunday by *

Scandal in Iowa!!!!! Democrat/Republican XII: Sherlock

CHECK IT OUT!! Bill O'Reilly reports on JFK Assassinations Committee

Weird Video of Cheney at Bush Presser

Funny campaign song for McCain, cribbed off another website:

3 wise-asses go to Syria, ok ... one wise woman goes, BAD!

"Google search" for missing snake in the company's Manhattan office.

Cargill advertising on CNN

A quest to figure out Repub psyche - what is the reason behind their confidence?

Discontent voiced over slavery events (BBC) {200th anniv. of UK abolition}

What is the future of an outsourced country?

DUers who wear the Combat Infantryman Badge, what's your take?

Big announcement regarding my comic strip!

U.S. war in Iraq is like WWII. It is like Operation Barbarossa, Hitler's failed

Mental Health Care for Military Faces Cuts

My kids are about to go to bed, and KO is on....

Keith Richards: 'I Snorted My Father'

Is Al Franken a DLC member?

My American Airlines Flight Attendant-Sister's story

First it was Bananas Now Peanut Butter, Evolution is a Hoax!

Special to

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Michael Ware on Larry King live, Lou Dobbs guest hosting.

Clinton folks are getting about uppity and arrogant about Obama

April 4.

Cheney is Wearing a Microphone

CNN's Malveaux asked about Iraq debate: "Even if the White House loses, they win?" (MediaMatters)

"CNN host says lesbians aren't really women"

Republicans and Democrats: Framing the Debate commerical

No Right to Mixed-Race Marriage in Constitution? Interesting Pro-Gay Marriage Argument in CA

Has anyone here ever seen Fred Thompson give a speech or talk on politics?

Wild Black Swan Reunites With Paddle Boat Love

Amy Goodman: Hang Up on War (Truthdig)

Under criminal investigation: Army depot where 500 tons of our weapons of mass destruction are kept.

CNN: Get Out My Way, Pimpin'!

Documents Show Secret FBI Unit Targeted Antiwar Group (Washington Post, via Truthout)

U.S. PetrolPolitik and Rare Candor: "Due to (Central Asia's) substantial oil and gas reserves..."

Britain Calls for Direct Talks With Iran

Colorado to use inmates to fill migrant shortage

Coyote rescued from deli in Chicago. NBCNews. Here is phone number

Who really cares who Danny lynns father is?

Man, 102, takes out 25-year mortgage

CNN 360 - Iraq/Niger Docs report tonight...

Star Trek-themed anti-Hillary pro-Obama video on YouTube

If anyone feels so inclined. [email protected]

AP: U.S. interrogating at Africa’s secret prisons

This is cool -- be a banker for the poor.

H.R.4939 Was this not a bill full of Republican Pork that Bush signed without batting an eye?

Did you hear Lou Dobbs slam and whack Condi tonight?

Bush Splits With Congress and States on Emissions

So How Long Can Bush Keep Carriers and Strike Forces Off Iran's Shore?

Is this the least flattering portrait of Bu**sh** ever? (from {kinda graphic}

Would these fugging rethugs led by Scarborough

More on WH ‘cooperation’with GOP Syria trip

While I am going to be flamed for this

U of M Professor: "We need to pay for the war in order to end it." (EXCELLENT article)

I think it was after Tarawa -

Said Plato: “Only the dead have seen an end to war." (timely, old anti-war poem/prayer follows)

Shrub in 2000 to the troops "Help Is On The Way"

Help: there is a quote that says something about giving up power and not

Congrats to Tennessee for the women's NCAA basketball championship.

FDA proposes allowing some food products "zapped with radiation" to be labeled "pasteurized"

Man - do not lock threads about battles in the 2ND WW

Two Essays On Morality Of Impeachment: "Why Struggle For Impeachment?" & "Impeachment & Patriotism"

Who is Walmart's New Best Friend? The Democrats!?!

Tar & Feather = 1776 - Duct Tape = 2007

John McCain's "stroll" was to get footage for a 60 Minutes profile

LYRICS: The Fiddle and the Drum (Joni Mitchell)

Do you lock your doors at night? (spun off comments on gun poll)

After Bush....How much of the president's power should be contained

Which GOP was most against the war

Some Jackson Hewitt offices charged with tax fraud - $70M

It's out on the lounge.

Candidate Dodd backs Iraq pullout - First to do so

The screws are tightening

CLINTON ON CUTTING FUNDS: "I don't know anything about it."

Pet treats with Salmonella recall

Is Michelle Laxalt the new 'bubble headed, bleached blonde" talkinghead for the GOP?

My head hurts from this, I don't even know where to start. 'Evolution Proven false';

April 4, 2007: Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated 39 years ago today.

The Next President of the United States: Who gets your vote?

The Onion Headline: "Bush blasts Dems for taking time off." No, wait... that's the AP headline.

Jon Stewart: "I don't understand why Karl Rove can't just walk over to Capitol Hill, put his hand...

Home-Cooked Pet Food Not Always Safe

Face the FEAR

Grampa McCain: You need your family's help

FCC scuttles cellphone use on airlines - They finally did SOMETHING right

STUNNING Photos From March Protest On The Pentagon (Dial-Up Warning)

DU Tactics at FreeRepublic

Wow CNN just did a total hit job on the Dems

When the guy at the Quickie Mart Gas Station gets (politically) real, Game Over

Attacked by rightwingers. The horror!

God Bless America

UNPRECEDENTED: 4th straight month of 80+ US troop deaths in Iraq;

Did White House Privately Back House GOPers' Trip To Syria While Bashing Pelosi?

Seeing that the "Worst President Ever" debate is essentially over, what's next?

U.S. could strike Iran but not win-Russian general

Send this Toon to the freepers: McCain's "Stroll"

I want to see impeachment on the table by August

Greatest film of 1939

NYTimes Editorial: "More Than A Feeling" (Bush's Too 'Emotional' Claim About War Critics Is Absurd)

Uncle George Wants YOU!

You GO Keith! Just ranted on McCain's photo op and read Iraqi quotes. SMACK!! nt

US military's goodwill offering met with hail of stones in Baghdad

Man - my kids is here.

Mighty fine work.

DAILYKOS: New Gag Rule Issued on US Scientists

Bush attaches conditions to the SCOTUS' EPA ruling

And rw-ers say FAUX exists to counter CNN's "liberalism"

Karl Rove attacked tonight

Does Wes Clark Owe His Supporters an Indication of His Intentions?

"Elizabeth Edwards Gets Good News: A More Treatable Type of Cancer"

2003 Battle of Baghdad: we used a neutron bomb (wtf?)

Is This The End of Organic Coffee?

Where do we send our honey bees?

I just noticed: Pelosi respected the Muslim culture, placing a scarf on her head.

Kestrel's official position on "raw food diets" for pets:

Friends, one request I beg of you.

Folks, I'm going to go out on a limb here...I think odds are it's going to be a LONG primary season.


The botched US raid that led to the hostage crisis

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Bush Defense Follies (continued)

Bush v. Constitution... Again (John Nichols of The Nation)

I don't know about others, but my Gut tells me that an attack on Iran....

I got a call today to donate to Kucinch Campaign...the caller was young and very nice and

My candidate is the best but when and if mine doesn't win the nod

If the troops don't get funds...

Malloy reading from the Hicks trial reports

My last choice for Democratic President is

Sub-Prime Collapse Is A Red Flag For Mortgage Market

I'm not surprised Cheney was lurking in the bushes during scrubs speech

Biggest fundraising surprise to me...pathetic Huckabee performance...

1968: Martin Luther King shot dead (BBC) {On This Day}

Did any of you see on KO: VP Darth hiding behind a tree while Chimpy gave speech?

Which Republican gets the 08 Fundie vote?

Please support Senator Durbin, and Senator Grassley

Interesting That Neither Drudge Nor HP Mentions "Edwards Surging" In IA and NH

John & Theresa Kerry's "Hardball" Interview about book "This Moment on Earth!"

Blackwater plan to open west coast training camp: protest April 5 in San Diego planned

KKKarl Goes To American University

Can an embattled nation ask the UN for relief??

Hillary leading in Colorado, New Jersey, New York, West Virginia, and California...

Iowa Poll...actual Headline: Iowa Dems Favor Clinton, Edwards;

If Richardson were to win the nomination I'd vote for him?

If Hillary wasn't in the picture, who would be your last choice for President?

"Who are these idiot Dems who think (fill in the blank)?"

Hillary Clinton calls Iran a threat to U.S.

I would consider Hillary more highly if she apologized for her support of the war?

George Bush is a f*cking idiot!

Today I was told "remove your T-shirt or remove yourself

What the hell is McCain wearing?

If Kucinich were to win the nominaton I'd vote against him?

Should all criticism of Hillary on DU be banned?

Hillary is slipping, let's not bother picking a Veep for her..

How dare someone like Doug Schoen insult Bella Abzug and Howard Dean....

AP: Elizabeth Edwards Gets Some Good News


There was a time when I did like Hillary.

Anti-War, lefty, progressive people check in please!

Questions linger about the Bushes and BCCI

Is Al Gore seen as a hypocrite? (The Independent, London)

A sadly necessary introduction:

U.S. agents visit Ethiopian secret jails (AP)

Oblivious Rich

It's time for the Masters, or is that 'Massas'

EPI Economist Calls For New Worker-Friendly 21st Century Trade Policies

"power to the people" ? no wi-fi power to the people!

Dems to Goodling: Nice Try...Now Get in Here [UPDATED] Daily Kos

Benefits with Risks — Bush's Tax-Based Health Care Proposals (New Eng Jour Med)

SALON: Another conservative has a change of heart

Iraq Loses $8 Billion Through Corruption (AP)

Reader's Viewpoint: Good jobs weren't good until unions made them good

$158.4 million AT&T Execs pension is wealth built by workers

Food Not Fit For A Pet

Doin’ the Karl Rove Dance-A Chorus Line of “Loyal Bushies”

To Bush the Hypocrite: There is no “Mission” to Accomplish in Iraq!


Politicizing National Security

Dubya At the Bat

GOP Buries Head in Sand and Discovers Sand


GOP Insider Gold on Bush: "Think Dan Quayle in cowboy boots"

Amy Goodman: Hang Up on War (Truthdig)

Arizona Republic Editorial: McCain serving 2 masters

Politics: Business in Somalia – Stateless but not lawless: step forward anarcho-capitalism

Leave Your Morals at the Border (Robert Scheer for Truthdig)

How the Right Uses People of Color to Foster Racism

Collapse after the surge

Senate bill gives Americans preference for tech jobs

What About Those Other Iraq Deadlines?

Rosie O'Donnell Takes Fire in the Debate Over 9/11

Rush for H-1B visas under way

India’s Edge Goes Beyond Outsourcing

Leahy, Whitehouse Ask If Special Counsel Needed For Justice Probe

Clarke and Cressey: How the FBI failed us -- and how we can fix it

The western rhetoric of apathy must not blind us to our obligation to challenge atrocities

EPA revives California emissions rule - AP

We Must Imagine a Future Without Cars (AlterNet)

NASA Finds Arctic Replenished Very Little Thick Sea Ice In 2005

Warming Down Under Driving Fish Species South - Some Have Nowhere Left To Migrate To

US Congress Urged To Improve Tax Regime For Renewable Energy

Tax on Carbon Emissions Gains Support

NASA - Arctic Perennial Ice Down 14% 2004 - 2005 - Thick Ice Failing To Regenerate - AFP

After SC Ruling, Bush Says His Administration's Measures To Date On Climate "Sufficient"

Grim Reading In Main IPCC Report Due Out Friday - 100s Of Millions Face Squeeze From Rising Seas

Mods - dupe - Please delete

Its Forests Revealed As Potential Net Carbon Sources, Canada Recalculates Climate Plan - Star

Getting the price right for solar

Insurance Industry Rep Warns Florida Of Bleak Outlook On Storms, Coverage, Costs - SP Times

Gore urges engineers to address global warming during San Jose visit

China's Harvest At Risk From Abnormally High Temps: 13 Million Hectares In Drought - China Daily

Level 5 Water Restrictions To Be Unveiled In Queensland 4 April - Brisbane Times

Venezuela Signs Deal Doubling Oil Exports To China (300K B/D - Plans 1MBD By 2012)

How many people are going to a National Day of Climate Change rally Apl 14?

Auto Industry Objects to Calif. (CO2) Rules

Mass. vs. EPA: CO2 declared a pollutant by the Supreme Court

Wary scientists seek clues about recent rise in red tide (Gulf of Maine)

Study Finds Plentiful Natural Reforestation After Fires in Oregon and California

U. Of E. Anglia - 20% Of All Tropical Reefs Gone Forever: Reef Fishing Impact 64X Sustainable Rate

Colorado Enacts 20% RPS; Munis and Co-ops 10%

Palm Oil: The Biofuel of the Future Driving an Ecological Disaster Now

Next IPCC Report - Canada Must Prepare For Heatwaves, Water Shortages - Underwriter

Anyone here have small wind generator experience?

'Strong Possibility' Gas Will Rise to $4 (a gallon)

Norman Borlaug - Black Stem Rust Has "Immense Potential For Social & Human Destruction"

Haaretz probe: Company owned by MK Lieberman's daughter made millions of shekels

Qassam rocket lands in western Negev

Saudi source: No talks before Israel accepts Arab peace plan

Israel breaks Gaza ceasefire

Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed 4/4/07 Moonbow Edition

Good News in Virginia - House Rejects Gov's Delay on DRE Moratorium

Is it possible TX will regain the franchise? Events give hope!

Ohio Secretary of State pulls plug on Cuyahoga County BOE Chairman Bennett

Home-Cooked Pet Food Not Always Safe

Two leftist activists found dead, another abducted in Philippines

Envoy to meet 5 detained Iranians

Army tells managers to prep for potential money crunch

Pence clarifies Baghdad remark

Cuban dissidents criticise Spain

Car bomb, mortar barrage hit police station in Baghdad

Dog and Cat Owners Try Homemade Recipes After Pet Food Recall, Deaths

(Republican)Castle chides Bush over unwanted help(GSA presentation)

Health insurer ties pay to members' health

Friends and foes form front to curb Karzai's powers

Two French aid workers missing in Afghanistan

First Bald Eagles Hatch in Wild on Catalina Island Since 1940s Chemical Contamination

Indian state bans sex education

Giuliani Leads in California Republican Presidential Race

Paraguay launches search for Japanese hostages [Sun Myung Moon]

Iraq's Sadr group fires two deputies over U.S. talks

186 journalists killed in Iraq since 2003 invasion

Democrats Seek to Interview Gonzales Aide (Goodling)

Iraqi-American Man Accused of Spying on Iraqi Dissidents in the U.S. Goes on Trial in Chicago

Fighting leaves 60 dead near Afghan border

Colombia seeks Israelis' arrests

Iraq extends crackdown outside Baghdad

U.S. Holds Suspects In War Crimes

Bush Calls Dems 'Irresponsible' on Iraq

Ex-Wal-Mart worker admits to spy campaign

Gunmen kill 11 Iraqi workers in ambush

Saudi Arabia offers Kurds 2 billion dollars to give up Kirkuk

Top Marine cites training needs (cites Iraq strain)

Pelosi conveys Israeli peace message to Syria

Wheat Gluten Distributor Identified, FDA Response Questioned

Syria: We Helped in Iran - Britain Dispute

You Tube blocked in Thailand

(Tommy) Thompson Wants Iraqi Vote On U.S. Troops

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday April 4

Public housing kicks smoking habit

YOUR WHOLE PET: Bigger than you think: The story behind the pet food recall

Giuliani tells Iowans he's going to win

Dean: Nebraska caucuses to stand out

Friendly Fire May Have Killed 2 in Iraq

N.J. Pension Fund Endangered by Diverted Billions

British Sailors are Free

State-run IRNA says 15 detained British sailors to leave Iran on Thursday

House GOP skeptical of Gonzales

NJEA Calls For New Jersey To Fix Its Underfunded State Employees Pension System

Unrelated Items (Pork) Part of Iraq Bills Since War Began

Bush names Fox to Belgium post despite criticism

U.S. says Iran must change behavior, not Washington

U.S. to use al Qaeda suspect's words against him (Jose Padilla)

Bill would add school Bible courses

Three Yale students arrested for burning U.S. flag

Romney assails Pelosi on Syria visit

Bush welcomes release of British sailors by Iran

Past Due Subprime Mortgage Payments At Record High

Petraeus: Iraq deadlines not helpful

Three Yale students accused of burning US flag

Iran Aids U.S. in Search for Missing Man

Syria tells Pelosi it ready for peace talks

Obama rivals Clinton in fundraising ($25 Million)

Justice Aide Won't Talk to House Panel

Professional visas sell out on first day

Syria mediating between Iran-Britain over sailors: FM

Daimler Considers Selling Off Chrysler Division

N.H. House passes civil union bill

Giuliani stands by support of publicly-funded abortions

Authorities: Fifth-graders posted lookout, had sex in class (students face criminal charges)

(WH) Recess Appointment for Swift Boat Donor (Sam Fox)

Governor (Richardson) vetoes HPV vaccine measure

Romney The Hunter: A Total Of 2 Trips

BREAKING NEWS: Amnesty/freedom for the 15 sailors by Iran President!!

Reports: NKorea May Miss Reactor Deadline

'Christmas Story' director dies in crash

Wal-Mart Defends Security After Ex-Worker Details Surveillance of Employees, Consultants

Chavez alcohol ban outrages Venezuelans

Rules may loosen for special ed students

Dust Storms Fuel Global Warming on Mars

Whatever happened to the Raelians?

I want to make fun of the post about 4 and a half days without a cigarette,

Name an opera that starts with the second letter of the ...

Students Pelt Karl Rove In Protest

Woman on Delta Airlines freaks out, airliner diverted...

This monkey needs a spanking!

the cars crawl past all stuffed with eyes

Who here pretends they're too good for the Lounge when they're in GD?


Alabama Woman On Horseback Charged With DUI After She Used Horse To Ram Police Car

IT'S FREEPATHON 2Q 2007 - Post your Freepathon pledges here

I went to the store to get a candle holder.

I suspect that no-good terrorist David Hicks is to blame

I can't believe it. I simply cannot believe what is about to be banned.

(I Don't Know How I Missed This) "Presidential Library Destroyed By Flood"

latest sign there is no gawd - Eddie Robinson is dead, yet cheney still leaves a slimey trial

Knut the polar bear has become quite a celebrity - will be on cover of Vanity Fair with Leo

10 Foot Cigarette Missing From Store

Mickey Mouse is in Divorce Court....

Knock knock

We had the BEST breakfast this morning..

What do y'all think of this shoe?

So.. my little cat is stuck at the vet

Does this interface appear reasonably user-friendly?

Is it just my system? Or is DU running very slow right now?

Do you know what is soft and furry and puts you to sleep?

Mary Chapin Carpenter will be a guest on Diane Rehm's program 4-5-07.

so, it's boys' day in today.

Fiji Soldier Urinates On Japanese Woman During Flight


Keith Richards, "I snorted my father."

Austin DU'ers - John Kerry Book Event!

I have the flu with a fever and body aches...will someone bring me chicken soup?

My alarm is dogging me at an expanding rate.

Your AWWWW moment of the day. Baby duck feeds Koi. (youtube)

post a pic of your kid or kids

What am I supposed to do with a foot of snow in April?



Ugh.. I got rejected!.. high school sweet heart..

I ate to much for lunch now I wanna sleep.

A bit of surgery on Tursday-Yep under the knife

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 4/4/2007)

Eragon the Movie. Did anyone see it?

French train breaks speed record

Legal question

A question about UPS..

Some customer just switched our lobby television to Alex Jones.

Keith Richards claims he was joking about snorting his dad's ashes

Online dating horror stories?

The White Sox are going down...

Woman stabbed, garrotted, shot, clubbed, and run over - Police suspect foul play.

This looks painful.

Norwich University

Have you ever forgotten about a song and then you hear it and you remember how much you loved it?

Why are we at DEFCON 1?

80 degrees a week ago, now 27 and light snow (in Milwaukee)

Okay, San Diegans - who has a blue Prius?

Name the most often overlooked dude

Happy Birthday to Oeditpus Rex

Sting's ego causes stage collapse--Police suspect foul play

heaven has come to kenmore square

I've constructed a Fallout Boy shelter

Wasn't there a VIEWS column ??? replies | recs | VIEWS n/t

Tried to call Dad to wish him a happy birthday...

Who has a link to a comprehensive list of tainted pet foods?

Some (lousy) pics of my new house (dial-up warning).

Woman Killed By Falling Piano – Police Suspect Foul Play

Excuse me but where is the rant and rage forum?

4/4/07's What Exactly Does LeftyMom Feed That Poor Starving Boy? Update

"I was taken by surprise by a pair of _____________" (fill in the blank)

Keith Richards: Was just kidding about snorting my dad's ashes

Woman killed by falling big chicken.

Bush invents new term for airline passengers...."air traffickers"


I need extra money. Anyone know how to become a prostitute?

About That Karl Rove Picture, With the Sleestaks ...

My 10,000th Post...sing with me people sing...


"Yeah, Bob, I need a new set of tweels." Michelin re-inventing the wheel.

Which is your least favorite?

I mostly start inlaying cooked knockwurst on frankfurter-buns.

What does "K&R" mean?

Former Grambling coach Eddie Robinson dies

is there any difference between

OMG! Just got e-mail fron Duetsche Bank.

I hate being a vet to attend cats...

Got my tickets. Those Vegas broads are going down hard.

Voice mail systems - can they be any more idiotic?

OMG!!! This is Hugh!!

Got paid a hundred bucks to see "Grindhouse" today.

Okay, I won't complain about my day so far.

I hate taking cats to the vet...

What does

Coyote Wanders Into Chicago Quizno's

Woman killed by falling thread (this one)


Miz t. the translator.

Congratulations aquart!! 25,000 posts

Happy birthday wishes to......

Ever just get home from work feeling good because you got a lot accomplished?

Just in time for Easter - Peeple


Do you make your bed every day?

My favorite Jimmy Page solo is on one of the more lowly Led Zeppelin songs

Have TV commercials gotten more dumb?

Windows Vista - how bad is it?

I'm ragingly mad- need some perspectives on this:

Director of "A Christmas Story" killed in crash on PCH this morning.

Fireman, Wearing Woman's Wig & Bikini, Arrested For DUI, Public Indecency

Poll question: Do you bake your head every day?

DUer George Oilwellian just made the funniest YouTube video!!

Every time I see the story about Rove getting pelted....

Karl Rove's early politcal dirty tricks.

Big fight going on in GD. Head scarves. I was wondering

Here's what the Catholic nuns have to say about our government during this Holy Week

Why are we at Level 1? Am I missing a big story?

I'm taking my parents out for Vietnamese tonight.

ONE doctor prescribed all the drugs found in Anna Nicole's system

Wednesday Evening Questions? (requested by cwydro)

I just logged my 600th mile this morning.

Reply: Post a Random Thought in the Subject Line.

UPDATE on my Dad GreenLantern: NO blood clot in sight :^)

Favorite John Lennon song?

Woman killed by falling baseball

Ella Fitzgerald must be the greatest singer of 'em all

I'm getting grief trying to post a link here--my computer won't cut and paste anymore!!!!

Sometimes, PhotoShop is completely unnecessary.

Okay, I'm wrong about the decay of taste in comedy...

If it wasn't so blasted fattening, would you eat Miracle Whip(tm) right out of the bottle?


Name the most often overcooked food.

Any gemologists here?

I just cleaned my toilet with Vanish


Big fight going on in GD. Head scarves. I was wondering

Anybody got any good book recommendations?

Doggy Steps


Ten Most Gruesome/Bizarre Sports Injuries (with video links)

Name the most often overlooked food.

giving a shout out to the Lurking freepers

First casualty in the war on Easter.

the IMBD board

Best restaraunt in your area and your favorite thing they serve?

My girlie just got a "Heckuva job Brownie" Arlo Guthrie remix ringtone

Dumb shit robs Wendy's, goes back for food, gets busted.

My dog is expanding at an alarming rate!

How many of you have ever traveled on a zeppelin?

Post a picture of the First Lady if your candidate wins

So, I'm developing a crush on Laila Ali...

Giving A Shout Out To The Lurkers...


A Trio Of Cash Songs for the Lounge

Guess who is going to be the Officiant? (Sorry, no kilt)

What would you consider the healthiest caffeine source?

Post your favorite religious jokes here

Name a film that start with the last word of the previous film's title.

"No fun, my babe, no fun."


Jesus had a weird sense of humor - always using puns for example

Should there be a national championship series for non-SEC Schools?

University of Tennessee Wins Women's Title

Eddie Robinson dies at 88

Diary on Kos about another blogger conference call (includes our own KG)

Diary to rec and comment (about Kerry in the Seattle press)

Kerrys's visit in Seattle in the news.

JK coming up on Ed Schultz

Fox - recess appt

American Chronicle announcement of Kerry's talk at SF. Very weird

Check out the latest post to the Kerry blog

Kerry on White House Recess Appointment of Sam Fox

BREAKING: Bush names Swift Boat funder as ambassador (FOX)

Kerry about to call in to Carolla radio show

Editor & Publisher | Fired Santa Barbara Staffers Launch News Web Site

(Pittsburgh, PA) Post-Gazette | Impact of ruling saying supervisors aren't union minimal so far

Seattle Post-Intelligencer | Starbucks accused of illegally suppressing union activity

Labor problems loom at Greyhound (CNN Money)

Union represents expanding economy

Chrysler suitors seek union support

New Labor Board Complaint Exposes Deep, Lengthy Anti-Union Effort by Starbucks

Starbucks worse than Wal-Mart on health care, says NY Barista & ADA discrimination of Navy veteran

IWW Hits Giant Big Apple with Daily Pickets

Strong Kids, Safe Kids! (The Fonz educated children on how to avoid being molested, kidnapped, or

Partners? Part I (Starbucks)

Celebration of Resistance @ Starbucks annual meeting

Starbucks Summer NYC '05

Partners? Part II (Starbucks)

Together We Win: The Fight to Organize Starbucks

The Way We Were

Immigration: The Human Cost

Rachel Maddow exposes Liar Hatch

Larry Johnson on Olbermann, discussing the McCain

Clueless! Republicans shop in Iraq just like America

Bernie Ward sounds like he's back to normal again!

Gov. comes up with idea to overcome resistance to irradiated foods...

Popular Mechanics answers Rosie O'donnell


Katie COuric on COlbert

Bush will be away for six days for ANOTHER vacation: what a nerve to call out Dems for "going away"

Hot Puke on Puke Action: Rep. Castle Chides Bush Over Unwanted Help

Giuliani, Bush, and Kerik In Cesspool of Political Incest and Corruption

Bush Says Dem's Iraq Bill Hurts Troops, But His 'Surge' Plan Will Leave Troops Underequipped

Anyone remember Mr. Roberts the movie?

How can I find Fox News show transcripts on their site?

Where he leads us we will follow, what he feeds us we will swallow!

HBO film to humanize Florida recount

For April 4th my favorite Martin L. King lines

Conyers warns Justice official Fifth Amendment wont stop interview

Fired Wal-Mart worker claims surveillance ops: report (Reuters)

New Jersey Diverts Billions, Endangering Pension Fund - NYT

Son's Iraq war injury prompts $45 million dollar IBM donation

Aaaw..there he goes.. getting all schlumpy on us again

I just watched Nancy in Syria

Rep Mike Castle (R-DE) is not pleased with Lurita Doan, the GSA

I 've never been a fan of Rosie O'Donnell

The Sirius XM Merger : Can anyone tell me if there's a committee that this has to get through ?

"bush thinks mixed signals is a breakfast cereal."

Department Of Energy Loses 20 Classified PCs

FDA wants to loosen regulations with irradiated food

First time author published to rave reviews- at age 96.


City (Seattle) to Pay $1 Million to Settle Lawsuit Over 1999 WTO Arrests

Wed. TOON update link

RadioShack Admits To Dumping Customer Records

a father who had a son die in Iraq is on cspan1 (be believes in what the

Who is the moran on Washington Journal this morning

A question to ask the anti-tax war supporters

Bush: "I did not obstruct that woman, Ms. Justice, and if I did, how would she know, she's blind?

talking of Heather WiLson-and Deminachi on cspan 1 now (AGgate)

BWAHAHA. Mega-delusional NY Sun urges deadeye dick to run.

What's the word I'm looking for... Pelosi meets Assad

"the Hill".. Move-On is getting bigger and more 527's are coming.

Iran to see Iranians held by U.S. in Iraq

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

15 British sailors freed

mod's please delete - duplicate - SORRY!

(I Don't Know How I Missed This) "Presidential Library Destroyed By Flood"

Thank you, SYRIA.

Pelosi in Syria

Bush to by-pass Congress with Recess appointment--just heard this


Cheney as Svengali...

PA County Settles Lawsuit 'Faith-Based' Jail Ministry

Here ya go: More Iran attack rumors: (bush has speech planned)

Wouldn't Israel and the US be MORE secure if the we had diplomatic relations with Iran and Syria?

Iranian president says he will free seized U.K. sailors today

"You still forget that Karl Rove... usually [attacks] the perceived strengths of his foes"

Anybody else have a thread just 'disappear'?

Keith Richards, "I snorted my father."

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Wed. 4/4 -- "...when I was your age..."

A friend spoke to someone from TSA

R.I.P. Coach Rob...

Iran to Free British Sailors

BBC: Iran to Release British Sailors

War proponents would vote "No" if they children had to go

Fascist Rudy Giuliani. More dangerous than Bush.

More isolated than ever

Democracy Now! In Debt We Trust: America Before the Bubble Burst

Where's all them white Iraqis like Adam and Eve?

Iran says that Seaman Faye Turney is with child

DU This Poll: Should Congress move to cut off funding for Iraq

Nixon, Kissinger Knew Vietnam Was Unwinnable But Their Plan Was To Blame The Democrats

USATODAY >> Experts weigh in on Bush's assertions

Karl Rove getting his just deserts!

Hopes of prisoner swap as Iranian is freed - But there was no deal so quit saying that

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

Help me coin a term. Mole/shill

Freerepublic says release of hostage is a sign that Iran will attack Isreal. Pelosi encourages Iran.

GREAT article about KO in Chicago Trib today! "Olbermann 'mad as hell,' and MSNBC the winner"

Chimpy and his minions are sure scarce today. Are they hiding?

Olives Recalled For Potential Botulism


Anybody here ever been to 5 Pointz in NYC? Pictures make me want to see it.

Recent Headlines Mean Bush's "Unitary Executive Theory" is HISTORY

"Are you guilty of self-segregation" on the next Paula Zahn.

ABC News last night: What contradictory stories!

FDA Considers MISLABELING Irradiated Food

Chuleta, doesn't Nancy Pelosi show nice lines in that sherbert green

Wal-Mart, the Democrats' New Friend

Can you think of anything more spiteful? Typical White House reaction or lack thereof.

Fallen soldier's mother: Iraq War `senseless'

Freeper reaction to Iran's freeing the Brits says it all

Pelosi in Syria - It's called diplomacy stupid

(USNews) Bush advisor: "the news always seems to be bad and we can't catch a break"

Caption *

RW Blogs grasping at straws - still support Drudge Report claim of Ware heckling McCain

Rudy Won't Commit To Playing In Ames Straw Poll

CSPAN schedule sure to piss off freepers: Jimmy Carter LIVE, John Burns (NYT), more ...

Eddie Robinson dead at 88. Godspeed Coach .... "a well lived life."

Is April 4 a holy day in Persia/Middle East?

Male elephant kills female in Israel zoo (elephants are suffering from a form of PTSD)

Healthcare for All -- Call-in Ap. 4 - ACTION

Dickhead Romney assails Democrats in Washington on Syria visit, Iraq


good comments on BBC website regarding British Sailors Freed:

4 million children's bracelets recalled

Blair gives no credit to Pelosi for the release - CNN Intl.

Mexico City to support gay civil unions and abortions

3fer attacks: HITCHENS on religion. KOCH on Rudy. ZAHN on her marriage.

Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Care, And Finds This $$,$$$,$$$ Talk Sick?

Ethanol boom could worsen world hunger: study

The new Republican Meme:

U.S. Disgrace at UN Convention Signing Ceremony

Oil dropped $1.50 in 30 minutes after Iran announced plan to release of 15 Britons

Under criminal investigation: Army depot where 500 tons of our weapons of mass destruction are store

What does it take to get people to protest? Close their go-go clubs

C-SPAN Washington Journal this morning...who here thinks if Mr. Griffin was a DEMOCRAT he would have

Fine work by American University Students

"encouraged and advised by American officials"

MARTIN LUTHER KING - Died Fighting 39 Years Ago Today

Looking for info on the "pork" talking point...

WashPo article on pork in PREVIOUS spending bills!

Pelosi visited the tomb of John the Baptist

Cheney responds to news of Iran planning to release the 15 Britons

Saudi Arabia offers Kurds 2 billion dollars to give up Kirkuk

21 people ambushed, killed in same market where McCain did some strolling and said that it was safe

Did anybody hear about the SC law requiring women to see ultrasounds before an abortion?

National Security Spokesperson attacks Pelosi's trip to Syria

I thought Syria was our friends. Our ally in the war on terror.

Bush is going to Crawford, are there any activities planned for

How much is the Jesus industry worth to this country?

Bush doesn't give a crap about the pork in the Iraq bill...

Is Tommy Thompson going to devote his presidential campaign to protecting our food supply?

Caption Bush and Cheney....

SELECTIVE OUTRAGE. US-Iran-Britain analysis from Robert Parry (before release announcement)

LEAHY: Well, I, I—the rumor on, on the Hill this week was he(Hatch) was actively running for it(AG)

Bush shows off lameduck feathers

Stauber takes on the media

Why can't they pass an Iraq bill not tied to funding?

What is PNAC?

Romney assails Democrats in Washington on Syria visit, Iraq

No more GWOT, House committee decrees

Why are we at DEF-CON 1? (DU level 1). I looked but couldn't find anything.

My girlie just got a "Heckuva job Brownie" Arlo Guthrie remix ringtone

Bush: Master Enviro...bater...

Oh so now we are exploiting the use of secret prisons by "others" to our advantage.

John Roberts and Kiran Chetry to replace anchors Soledad O'Brien and Miles O'Brien

does it bother anyone else that we celebrate our leaders who are the biggest whores?

Bush: "It will be early June before all U.S. forces dedicated to the operation are in place"

Big Money and Politics.......The Selling of America & Saving Democracy

Christ Getting In Shape For Second Coming

CNN radio; Syria put pressure on Iran to release the Brits. Nancy P?

26 Manatees may have died because of red tide - Fl.

Florida could be on the verge of restoring civil rights to most felons

A question about HIV infection.

Canadian seal hunt, northern phase begins today.

*WARNING* this is a Rush Limbaugh thread *WARNING*

Not Iraq War or occupation, but HOSTAGE CRISIS

Neat Blog - check it out...

Remember the photo of Karl Rove carrying a Coptix folder that proves the WH

A political solution is the only way out of Iraq

HuffPo: Bush Vacations While Pelosi Deals

So it looks like Iran is blinking and letting the Brits go.

Sen. Leahy's Wikipedia Profile Vandalized

Is there an elected official you can't say no to?

Could it be that Pelosi is preparing to replace * ? Just in case

The Martin Luther King You Don't See on TV | MLK: Beyond Vietnam -- A Time to Break Silence

USA Today (paper edition) - Scientists: There may be no return from Climate Change

America should be Neutral not Isolationist

Creepy Dick?

WARNING: FOX NEWS -- House Dems Offer Plan to Ban Use of 'Global War on Terror'

Is tomorrow the day that Condi testifies?

CNN cans Soledad and Miles on CNN Morning Shift

Question about survivor's benefits for the children of Iraq War Dead

Bush: "We don't need no stinkin' diplomacy", no progress. But Pelosi goes over there...

WaPo: Bush Backs Richardson Trip to North Korea

CSpan - Jimmy Carter what a class act.

Listening to hartman

Syria, Israel may resume peace talks

It's a good thing it wasn't 15 of our soldiers.

Obama raises AT LEAST $25 MILLION...announced on CNN.

AARP Asks U.S. Senator Norm Coleman to Stand Up to Big Drug Companies

White House reacts to Pelosi's trip and the release of the Brits by Iran.

Does anyone have a reliable phone # for McCain?

Ha'aretz reports Pelosi was enlisted by Israel to deliver "message of calm" to Syria.

In Debt We Trust: America Before the Bubble Burst

Pet Food recall timeline

Iran 1. Britain/US 0.

Listening to Randi Rhodes. She believes that the Brit Sailors were Exchanged for Iranians

Iran asks to see Iranians held by U.S. in Iraq

* behind closed doors; "Isn't there a way we can stop that mad-woman?"

Drudge says there is hole on the outside of McCain's head, I say there is a rock inside!

If ChemNutra is the only distributor of tainted gluten, why did the FDA

The U.S. started the Iran-British incident

Is John McCain Morally Fit to be President?

RNC PR: House Dems Take Policy Advice From Rosie O'Donnell

John McCain Is Not Morally Fit To Scrub My Dirty Shorts

Some one forgot to tell the sailor the photo op was over

Edwards supports congressional efforts on Iraq war

"Any economic gain by a Democratic president was due to his Republican predecessor"

We torture prisoners, Iran releases them after diplomacy

Listening to Carter speak today only reinforced my feelings . funding

Hmm Pelosi goes to Syria, Syria talks to Iran and Iran release captives

US welcomes release of Britons, denies link to held Iranians - Its only a coincidence

Giuliani stands by support of publicly-funded abortions

is it just me or is DU

On NPR's TotN today. Blair thanks everyone but the US for sailors release

I think Speaker Pelosi should go right over to Tehran while she is in the region

Spirtual Safety Tip

Kuwaiti media warns of planned U.S. strike against Iran in April

A New American Morning Edition (CNN-O'Brien overhaul)

It is now time to impeach Bush and Cheney. But not for the reasons you think.

Remembering the good times with Bush & the Saudi Royality: Memories

Intruders ransack mosque, leave 'Bush was here' note

Swiftboaters recruited to push abstinence

Terra! Terra! American "missing" in IRAN!

Joan of Arc relics 'are fakes,' scientists determine.

Caption *

GAG ORDER - On David Hicks Speaking To Media - NOT ENFORCEABLE - In Australia

NEW Legal Problems For Gonzales-Iglesias Firing=Possible Violation of Discrimination Laws (Newsweek)


Well, if Nancy's trip has the Heritage Foundation and Cheney all in a froth

Wheat Gluten Distributor Identified, FDA Response Questioned

Sec. of Def. Gates: "there have actually been some pretty positive stories coming out of Baghdad"

Little George Poses with the Troops ---pix--->>>

RIP Eddie Robinson.

Listening to Lynn Samuels for the first time. (Sirius).

Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorist group threatens Dalai Lama

IF Bush REALLY respected the authority of Congress

Massive security contractor (Blackwater) faces growing protest ... over 842-acre base

Dominos starting to fall? New Century, a major subprime mortgage lender files bankruptcy.

Why does * need Secret Service around him on an Army base?

Who the hell cares what al Qaeda thinks? The right, apparently

Study sheds light on life after (forest) fire

Wednesday TOONS :The EPA edition

Brit Soldier Release - Increase or Decrease Likelihood of Attack on Iran?

Has Bush Done More To Harm The USA Than Any Other Person?

Melanie Morgan:Thank God you didn't give Rev Al watermelon.

Anguish Over Iraq Shakes Public’s Faith in Military Solutions

PLEASE DU this poll!

Friendly fire may have killed 2 soldiers

She is the smartest player so far.

Help me with Bush Legacy

In terms of urgency: Darfur ignorers or Holocaust deniers---which are worse?

FYI C-SPAN 1 7:00pm Burns, Bureau Chief, [New York Times], Baghdad

In honor of Speaker Pelosi, I am making her my avatar image.

Sulking post-pubescent adolescent Bush defies his Congressional parents....

What's happened to Cafferty this week?

Who needs debates? Why not just a thorough JOB APPLICATION?

Anyone here with connections to big publishing houses? NOT about me getting published ...

Was the Iraq War really done to make the Executive Branch stronger?

Azureus 3.0, codename Zudeo: the next YouTube?

Headline of the Day: "Bush Swift Boats Belgium, Congress"

"Students violently ATTACK Karl Rove while peaceful Christians are threatened in DC"!

Recess Appointments - Has anyone in Congress talked about tightening up

First Lady's Inaugural Ball gown (Governorship)

Iraqi Oil Belongs To The Iraqi People

Pelosi's Globetrotting Around The Middle East (GLOBAL REASSURANCE??)

KKKarl now goes to military bases with the Smirk (photos)

Gen Betrayus Lying His Ass Off on Newshour

NIH sidelines contractor in conflict inquiry

The "concerned" people really crack me up. the petition today!

How many "clean" defense appropriation bills did the repukes send to Bush ...

Oh Oh Sorry Bushco

Rep. Marsha Blackburn is a f'n

What if Big Oil doesn't want Iran bombed, but PNAC does....

the quickest way to have a positive impact on corrupt corporate media control...

On Tweety

Lest we forget this day (April 4th)

Cheney Lurks in the Bushes

Abramoff associate target of probe (GOP's own Italia Federici)

Pew-USDA report intended to weaken GM regulation

Dick Cheney on Iraq (almost exactly 16 years ago). But yet the Dems are the "irresponsible" ones?!?

Thom Hartmann is reporting that 21 Iraqis from McCains market walk were found dead???

A Big Question. Why didn't the war-mongering lie-berman not join the photo shoot in Bagdad?

How the Right Uses People of Color to Foster Racism

Maddow debunks Hatch smear on Lam

Pat Tillman was everything the Bush administration isn't but wants to be

California's Chez Panisse Among Upscale Restaurants Leading Bottled Water Backlash

Anxious Public Pulling Back From Use of Force

whatever happened to the Page scandal?

‘AMERICAN LIE’ (The Long-Awaited Sequel to ‘American Pie’)

Waxman Requests RNC Emails

With Irans moves today have we stepped back from the brink of a third war?

I can't help but make comparisons

nobody knows where the neo cons have stashed the 5 Iranians

Politicizing National Security

Graduate Student to Walk from Chicago to D.C. Calling for Peace through Impeachment of Bush & Cheney

Obama has $25Million . Katy bar the door Hillary is not inevitable

Kerry on White House Recess Appointment of Sam Fox

Karl Rove: "Nobody who has a family member serving in the military wants a war. "

And in other news, a soldier returns to his family

Mary Landrieu (D-LA) Blocks Army Corps Nominee

Report from Baghdad: MREs, swift-boating & Kevlar

Bush heads to California

Imus: Rutgers women's basketball team 'nappy headed hos'

OK. Now Caption this * pic

Bushco is really scraping the bottom of the barrel

Is it just us or is the US$ taking a nosedive?

Bush Overides Congress and "Recess Appoints" Switboater Fox as Ambassador to Belgium!

Latest News on Wheat Gluten Perps/Chem Nutra is US Distributor. (Pet Food Recalls)

(Illinois) Immigration officials arrest 62 at pork plant - Reuters

Only in America: From the Bizarre to the Absurd

Rep. Pete Stark introduces AMERICARE Healthcare Act

Newsweek: Justice Department called David Iglesias an 'absentee landlord' - now he is striking back

European Bees Also Taking a Nosedive - Perhaps GM Crops?

"Boys Contaminate W.Va. Town With Mercury"

Bush says we cannot leave Iraq, or the enemy will win.. Who IS that "enemy"?

GOP Lawmaker arrested for driving drunk - 2nd time in 18 mo. - voted tougher DUI laws

Edwards: Ban Predatory Lending

Ex-Wal-Mart Worker Details Surveillance of Employees

Who were the 3 repubs that visited Syria last week?

House of Bush & Saud - "The Way We Were" - Video

Lou Dobbs Poll... "Pelosi meeting in Syria appropriate"?

Looks to me like Obama spanked Hillary pretty bad in the first quarter

It's hard to argue with the statement "We must fight them over there, so we don't have to fight them

Jane Stillwater's Iraq blog: "In the last ten days, the Green Zone has been under siege."

Insurgents Show McCain Just How SAFE Baghdad Really Is...

Judge Orders Release of Abu Ghraib Photos - September 29, 2005 - Whatever happened to that?

So Syria helped resolve the Iran-Britain standoff?: It's the ultimate "fuck you" to BushCo....

Hmmm, Condi and Smirky have the same bed time

Three Yale students arrested for burning U.S. flag

What form of brain damage does one need to not only listen to Limbaugh but believe what he says

Orelena Hawks Puckett Institute?

Need to dispute RW talking point re: scientists dispute Al Gore

Cindy Sheehan: 10,000 Mother of a March

Is Pelosi going to be President soon?

Mother, two men charged with raping thirteen year old

Oh Caption, my Caption!

April 4, 1968: In The Name Of Love

Diplomacy! *pfft* That's women's work...

If Nancy ever comes home with those 15 Brits from Iran..Bush would puke in jealousy

Why are all of our "leaders" ignoring New Orleans?

Anyone here ever downloaded mp3 files from any on-line store in Russia before?

Contact your Senators regarding Fox appointment


DU ABC News poll on Pelosi

Naomi Klein: The Worse Things Get In Iraq, The More Proftable This War Becomes

Top Marine says Iraq war diverted the Corps from necessary training

John Kerry to call into the Adam Carolla Show this hour (links to streams)

I regret having to post additional new info, yet again, on Pet Food

Lil help DU? Need freeperisms for my next song parody

Impeachment will not satisfy me .

Attorneys for Monica Goodling (Gonzales aide) attack Democrats

For Martin Luther King, on this 39th anniversary of his murder

Let there be Peace on Earth

Limbaugh on the CNN shootings: "Cool!"

How Many Gallons Of Fuel Is The US Military Using Per Day In Iraq?

If we're winning the war on terror, shouldn't the number of areas where we fight them get smaller?

Rallying Around Our Democratic Leadership On Iraq

Statement of Senator Dodd on the President's Recess Appointment of Sam Fox

Documentary on US Foreign Policy from the same show that exposed the Carlyle Group

I love the British sailor in this pic---and BTW: F-off Ahmadinejad you POS!

Saudi King REJECTS Visit From BUSH - Because He Wants To Cooperate With Dems (Juan Cole)

Three Yale students arrested for burning U.S. flag (Reuters, via Yahoo)

AsiaTimes: Chinese heat is on US sweatshop lobby

NPR reports on soldiers being discharged for personality disorder

Do you support the Secret War in Iran -- DU this poll!

caption this poppy bush pic...

Lou Dobbs - an incredible offer to every candidate

How do we know Bush Sr. was in the CIA before appointed Director?

War Protestors Arrested at Leahy's Office

moron*: the movie producer...

Pelosi wears scarf - righties bark at moon (with pics of scarved Pickles & al)

MSNBC & Col. Jack Jacobs dissing the British Hostages now saying they shouldn't have been pardoned

Who raised the most money from regular folks like you and me?

Bush to Congress; "SFU!"

Regarding showing respect by following others customs that don't mirror our own

Is this the end of organic coffee?

In memory of Casey Austin Sheehan

Should We Boycott Circuit City - Laying Off 3,400 Employees

BREAKING: Bush names Swift Boat funder as ambassador. AP reports:

WP, Froomkin: Rove's signature move is on display: Attack critics where they are strongest

Simple poll: Is Obama electable?

God Dam It - This Shit Has Got To Stop!

Please sign John Edwards' petition - Tell Congress: Stand firm on Iraq

DU the comments on the" Karl Rove attacked by students" story!

Don't miss this Mother Goose and Grim cartoon!

Theory about Lam firing: She was on to the CIA's dealings with al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists.

Evangelicals hope to 'reach' Buddhists

Keep Rosie O'Donnell Petition

Nice picture of the Brits, the Iranians gave them new clothes :)

Looks like they all love Nancy! [PICS]

HOLY SHYTE. MSNBC just announced Pelosi heading to Saudi Arabia

Bush bypassing Senate to appoint conservative academic to post

YOUR WHOLE PET: Bigger than you think: The story behind the pet food recall

Breaking News : A mounting number of complaints about sick and dying animals who ate only dry food

Brian Williams:Iraq spending bill would be "vote" by Dems "to leave American soldiers high and dry"

5th-Graders Accused of Sex in School

On translations (a reply to a locked thread)

these buckets of money the leading candidates are raising?

Condi on the Run

ABC News: CIA hires terrorist group to operate inside Iran.

Bob Koehler's Newest Column is About DUer Fly-By-Nite (Medical Pot Martyr)

Hey kids! Join STEPHEN BALDWIN at the White House Easter egg roll!

Katrina Evacuees Lose Ruling

Sleep Walking Through History. Willing Participants in Our Own Demise– “Scoop”/Collins

Ethiopian Coffee Brings Its Own Aroma

Students Pelt Karl Rove In Protest

Obama hurries to build an army

Iraq Enablers In The Crosshairs

Prosecutor Scandal Is the Beginning of Bush's End

Tenet Healthcare to Pay $10 Million Civil Fine (NYT)

McCain Trip B Roll For "60 Minutes" Profile -An exclusive for Sunday's program

WP, page one, major article: Mormon Base a Mixed Blessing for Romney

McDonald’s seeks to redefine ‘McJob’

Check out Pelosi Poll on

In Memory: George Taylor, Architect of First Major Workplace Safety and Health Law

Please urge Congress to subpoena John Ashcroft re: U. S. Attorney scandal

Who the hell does Pelosi think she is?

22 Iowa mayors endorse McCain

Political Operatives Forcing Democrats Off Ballots

WaPo's Jonathan Weisman: "Unrelated Items Part of Iraq Bills Since War Began"

Chertoff: Briton 'could stage another September 11' (Telegraph)

Question to supporters of all candidates.

Pitts in Syria before Pelosi

Check out Dana Milbank's sketch "Political Theater and the Critic in Chief"

Nancy Pelosi is kicking their ARSE!

Mitt Romney Unveils Secret Plan To End The War

I find these fundraising figures very encouraging...

On the Dowd question in shrubeenie's presser yesterday

"There is only ONE power."

Listening to CSpan and I thought I heard some good news about Elizabeth Edwards!

Obama raises $25 mil., including $23.5 mil. for primary.

The difference between Bush and Iran

Breaking on MSNBC: Barack Obama's campaign donations: $25 Million,

What??? No Bush Press Conference over the British Soldiers?

CSPAN Poll on Iraq War funding (Bush needs to see this one!)

Iran Frees British Sailors

Why Aren't We Calling for Resignation?

MSNBC reporting Barack Obama has raised $25M this first quarter!

Dem Candidates Clobber GOPers By Over $25 Million

Obama's numbers to come out today. HIllary loses.

Obama Had More Than 50,000 Online Donors

Has anyone lodged a UN "Communications" against the current Administration?

Jimmy Carter speaking now on C-Span. Receiving the Ridenhour Prize for Courage.

Mr. Kucinich on the issues.

Guess who suffers when the Pres candidates collect so much money?

VIDEO: Feingold on Bush: It's incredible that he's vetoing funds he wants...

Survey: Foreign policy worries Americans

Give me 5 reasons for why I should back Hillary.

Enough is enough. Tell the White House to stop playing partisan games with Justice Department appoin

Dr. Bob Fitrakis is my hero too! Something Big Is Getting Ready To Break..........

Conservative disappointment on not getting to attack Iran...

Reid And Pelosi Have Bush Flanked (Brent Budowsky)

newsmax madness at its best!

Reid And Pelosi Have Bush Flanked (Brent Budowsky)

So, Sen. Biden thinks impeachment is "impractical"?

Bush is holding our troops hostage to fund his war

An email from Edward M. Kennedy

RNC Attacks President Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and Gen. Richard Myers

W's Mission: Use troops as "human shields" for propaganda

Hotline on Call - Fresh Franken Numbers

moron*: the movie producer...

Put Tom Foreman of CNN on your douchebag list

Pence: Baghdad Bazaar Is Like ‘Any Open-Air Market In Indiana In The Summertime’

Chertoff concerned about ‘clean skin’ terrorists

RIGHT NOW! Dean is on CNN. n/t

Pelosi Simply Being A Good Parent To Bush

Is it true that all the candidates other than Edwards, Kucinich, and Dodd are members of the DLC?

Campaign fatigue...I'm exhausted already!

This thread is for anyone who said Reid or Pelosi would be ineffective in the majority

Not That I Want To Start Trouble Here - But What Does Hillary Have To Say About Pelosi's .....

The candidate war chests: Can we FINALLY start talking about public financing???

CONFIRMED: Minn House GOP Leader Compares President to Gonorrhea

Pro Israeli democrats?

BREAKING: Bush names Swift Boat funder as ambassador (Fox).

Kate O'Bierne just told Tweety, if those students

Have you ever felt that you **just** **don't** **have** enough volume?

*'s suggestion: critics of the war with children at risk are too “emotional” to see...clearly

Gingrich Apologizes Via YouTube For "Ghetto" Slur

Pelosi and Reid need to stop recess appointments


Novak Floats New Dowd Smear: Bush’s Former Chief Campaign Strategist Is Just A Partisan Democrat

Repukes are grasping at straws. Rep. uncle sends me an e-mail

ATTN: New Bush/Rove Iraq Spin/Re-branding Alert! Iraqi Oil Sharing Bill is now...

Should DU ban rediculous polls about banning criticism about Hillary?

Bush shows off lameduck feathers

Clinton campaign SPIN on Obama's fundraising

Lesbian Legislator's RIGHTS in QUESTION over BABY!

Bush appoints Biggs to Social Security post (despite Dem objections)

"these dumb lawmakers go to the middle east..." Tucker Carlson

Abramoff probe targets head of GOP environmental group

Rep. John Murtha: My Response to the President's Veto Threat

Schumer defies Justice

From WIN: UM Students Arrested After Anti-Sweatshop Sit-In, E action too

Mitt Romney Caught Lying About His "Hunting" Background

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