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Archives: April 30, 2007

Portland Maine Press Herald Withdraws Support for Iraq War

David Sirota: Beware of High Broderism Outbreaks In Your State (HuffPost)

Analysis: Calif. Boosts Political Clout

Joseph A. Palermo: Open Letter to George Tenet (HuffPost)

Investors clamoring to take over highways, bridges, and airports—why public should be nervous

Time Tenet's Book calls Rummy Cheney aides "schoolgirls in love with Chalabi"

Kickin' Out the Jams: A Review of John Sinclair's Guitar Army

The long reach and ambitions of al-Qaida

Carbon-Neutral Is Hip, but Is It Green?

Quiet Bush Aide Seeks Iraq Czar, Creating a Stir

Chavez and Big Oil Gear Up for Struggle

The Republican Disease vs. Reality By larry beinhart

PAUL KRUGMAN: Another Economic Disconnect

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 289

buy EasyJet carbon offsets

Indian project shows solar power affordable - U.N. - Reuters

The Ecology of Work

Analysis: Calif. Boosts Political Clout

Turtle killed with machete; teen jailed

Fiery crash collapses Bay Area freeway

Wolfowitz: Ethics Panel Knew of Pay Deal

Four shot dead at US mall

George Tenet on '60 Minutes' Calls Outing of Plame 'Big Time Wrong'

Maliki's Office Is Seen Behind Purge in Forces

Kansas foreclosure rates higher than national average

Quiet Bush Aide Seeks Iraq Czar, Creating a Stir (Hadley)

GOP's Base Helps Keep Unity on Iraq

Colombian prosecutor probing U.S. firms in Washington visit

Filler in Animal Feed Is Open Secret in China

Colombian Seeks to Persuade Congress to Continue Aid

Yay me. I'm woozy on hydrocodone and I've got two papers to finish.

Falling GWB

Well...I did it........Have a look!

gottta love those elderly red sox fans

wooooooHOO, new watering hole in town...

"Family Guy" the Church thinks Stewie is Possessed

Test... connection acting weird.

I'm getting my Kings of Leon tickets tomorrow !!

The dorky kids invaded my house

New blog, if'n you're interested....

Musical free-for-all

The one that got away didn't

Ooh! Ooh! Tonight I lifted 70LB weights for a few minutes!

OK Alberto's memory lapses explained:

Flea Market, Montgomery, It's Just, It's Just Like A Mini Mall

Let's play some Mafia!

What's the next kitchen gizmo you would like to get?

I just saw "With God on Our Side - GWB and the rise of the Religious Right in America." Yikes!

I'm trying to find out how many people live next door

For the last time---it's not a

How long have you been married to the sane person?

Your favorite Monkees movie

He'll pay you ten dollars to sing into a can!

So I was shocked

Is this animal abuse?


So...what's the biggest thing to know when moving in with someone?

Tell me about The Boondock Saints

It looks like we're gonna get a helluva a storm,

Favorite country? (Besides this one...)

Is it wrong to bump your own thread?

How many times must you reply to a thread before you can post a thread?

How long have you been married to the different people?

for sale

Bye-Bye DU

How good is your computer?

I'm Starting a New Job Tomorrow

this is one reason Venezuela is a great country! Milka Duno

"Ancient" Spiegel catalog..laugh out-loud fun for all

I will send one American dollar to anyone who sends me a PM

Need some lounge vibes..

I've got a crush on Diane Simmons...

Falling Sand Game

ATA Redux

Spring for me: Prosopis Velutina (no that is not a body part, you pervs)

Baby Shower from Hell! (meth addict father, psycho illiterate mother)

Baby foot.

Quick! Name things I can do while waiting for jury duty tomorrow morning.

Which picture do you like better?

I think Anne Geddes portraits are...

So i officially moved in with lisa today.

horrible protesters

How do the Simpsons and the Griffins have homes and stuff?

Newsflash: Hurricane season is ONLY a month away.

Pregnant woman I work with constantly goes on cig. breaks

Did you know that Buzz Aldrin has six fingers on his right hand?

How long have you been married to the same person?

Your favorite Beatles movie

I've Got A Crush On Linda Fiorentino

Free association: crash

What are you reading?

Do you ever associate a movie with food?

most unappreciated albums of all time thread

A Few Quotes From Muhammad Ali

Ah, April 30.... what a day....

Hayward teachers return to work

America Needs to Remember Workers’ Role By Studs Terkel

Unions become a force after Chicago elections

MASHUP Stop President Bush From Making The Peace...

Bono, World Economic Forum...

bush's Commerce Sec. Guiterrez Confirms N. American Union...

Another Repubican Scandal

CNN's Reliable Sources on Rosie 4/29/07

Moyers Journal -- The End of Objective Journalism

Hey, I thought you controlled demolition guys said fire couldn't melt steel

Don't be a rogue superpower... A Must Watch

Support for Iraq War Timetable Hits 64% in U.S.

"Bloodthirsty Bitches and the Pious Pimps of Power" by Gerry Spence

(TOON) Steve Bell on the showdown between the Chimp and Congress

(TOON) Horsey meets the residents of Gliese 581c

Self-delete for dupe n/t

He's already got his sugar cut up into little lines,

Choose one.. Death by murder or death by starvation?

"Ancient" Spiegel catalog..laugh out-loud fun for all

US Teachers held to higher standard than Iraqi gov't

Even John McCain is ripping George Tenet

At Convention, Utah Dems Reject Measure Seeking Impeachment

Veto Schmeeto!

U.S. Ignores Genocide for Alliance's Sake

"In the end, all you have is truth and honor" -Geo. Tenet

Did anybody else see the hit job Hannity just did on Moveon..

Melamine added to animal feeds in China for years

UFO Shot in Nanjing (Don't let me tell you this is fake)

US gives in, but North Korea may want more

Roads to Riches

The Medhi Army kills world renown Iraqi immunologist

LARRY JOHNSON ET AL: Letter to George Tenet

Tenet vs. Rumsfeld: "The Yesman and the thug." review of James Risen's book, State of War.

Nicely done, admins!

Those watching Family Guy - listen up about this Texan

US Media has lost its will to dig deep

Larry Johnson on CNN + MSNBC Tomorrow Morning about letter

The Future of Iraq on C-span 2, very good so far

Trail by Jury on verge of extinction

I don't care how much Tenet cries "foul"

Officers: Ex-CIA chief Tenet a 'failed' leader

lunar resonance streetlights

Why join DU? Why stay in DU?

Palfrey Attorney Says He's Getting Requests

Tomgram: A Democratic Sell-out on Bush's Mercenaries

Who feels sorry for George Tenet for being thrown under the bus?

Bible quiz....

Study: Blacks, Hispanics Fare Worse At Traffic Stops

What I Like about Bill Clinton.

Just think. Iran had the 15 British marines admitting to all kinds of stuff within a few days

Climate change hits Mars

Anyone watch Bill Maher Friday? Is it worth tuning into tonite?

Let's not be too quick to bash Tenet

Did anyone else read Opus today?

Could someone put together a video that includes EVERY Bush scandal?

Would you 'dare' to go as an 'operative' and report back?? LMAO!!

Throw Condi in jail now!

According to Racist Chickenhawk Hannity: Members of Moveon are Terrorists

Iraq in "Friedman Units"

Do You Turn Off Your Computer In A Thunderstorm?

Why Women Hate Hillary Clinton

NYT: Quiet Bush Aide Seeks Iraq Czar, Creating A Stir (Hadley!)

Proof that torture of detainees in Gitmo has made MORE enemies of the US


Anyone else see Mike Gravel start to raise his hand when asked RE: impeachment?

FDA: No Sign of Human Illness from Hogs Exposed to Melamine (but are they looking???)

You have to see this propaganda my brother sent me:

We are a violent culture. How can we blame others when...

Protesters Greet Karl Rove In Hendersonville NC

Hearst: Clinton drops maiden name for 2008 campaign


Did Tenet Ever Consider Giving Back His Medal of Freedom??

Tony Snow going back to work

Autism Walk: Too Many Paticipants To Fit In the Rose Bowl

Do you know if your husband is gay?

TOM TOMORROW: What Would An Athiest Think Of Pat Tillman's Death?

DUer David Swanson: Impeachment Making News

Just back from CDP convention

Does anyone have figures on how much food we import from China?

Tenet swears the CIA doesn't torture anybody. Do you think he is being honest with us?

I almost feel sorry for the female republicans

Sexual Threats Quiet Some Female Bloggers

I owe an apology to the people I've ridiculed about the "Amero" posts. I just watched

Whoa! Watching Tenet on 60 Minutes ...

Did Bush Commit Election Fraud? Part 2 ONCE again. IMPEACHMENT "Scoop"

Whole Foods promotes local buying

Gore Hires Political Operative & Adds to His Political Infrastructure

Encounter at Wal Mart....Oh Me Oh My......

NYT: Filler In Animal Feed Is Open Secret In China

Let's Debunk Some Myths Regarding Impeachment

Has Tenet confessed to violation of international law?

A Candidate, His Minister and the Search for Faith (Obama)

Development group Oxfam urges Wolfowitz to resign (Reuters)

Stevie Wonder sings for Obama

Edwards, the Senate Intelligence Committee, and the IWR

This administration needs to go to the movies............

Don't you find it a little curious that most of the real Journalism today is

Giuliani's Clients May Take Luster From Homeland-Security Image (Bloomberg)

Rich: NYT To Skip Future White House Correspondents' Dinners

Please sign petition to get Mike Gravel allowed in NH debate

Richardson on Darfur (spoke at Save Darfur Rally today)

California Democrats Endorse Impeachment

I don't care how short Dennis Kucinich is

Biden - Meet The Press

U.S. Rebuilding in Iraq Is Missing Key Goals, Report Finds

War Called Riskier Than Vietnam

Allegations of wrongdoing plague Bush reading program

Iraq: Justice delayed as lawyers live under threat

America's fuzzy math bombs in Baghdad...sad indictment

How Much Iraqi Crude Oil is Being Stolen? Mystery of the Missing Meters

Documents Reveal: Cops Planted Pot on 92-Year Old Woman They Killed in Botched Drug Raid

Iraq's got its very own U.S. Attorney scandal!

Blunders leave troops with no hope of success

The WarRoom: In search of the war czar

The Rah Rah Society

Will Gun-Toting Vigilante Get the Justice He Deserves? (Intelligence Rpt., via AlterNet)

US warns Turkey over Kurdish rebels

Catalytic Converters

Ray McGovern: For His Dunk, Tenet Deserves Slam

Making Victims, Being Victims

Time to Outlaw Paperless Electronic Voting (Truthout)

Jonathan Alter: Trials of the Truth Seekers

TPM TV: What was Condi's biggest fib on the Sunday shows this weekend? Nothing to do with "slam dunk

LAT: California Iraq vets, some still on active duty, take a public antiwar stance

The Iraq war is over. It is the moment for Democrats to show real leadership

Tomgram: Jeremy Scahill on the Democratic Sell-out on Bush's Mercenaries

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Twelve Steps to Cutting Poverty in Half (The Nation)

Lawyers taking Rumsfeld war crimes case to Spain after German rejection


The case of the missing e-mails: WH , agencies face practical & policy questions as probe widens

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Doesn't it feel like a new cold war out there? (The Nation)

The gods that failed by James Carroll

Tenet's Instinct to Please (by Walter Isaacson at HuffPost)

Iran's President: 'I Will Stop Christianity in This Country'

Arianna Huffington: Why Didn't George Tenet Just Resign?

Bill Scher: Weekend Watchdog: Rice, McCain Spin

Missile shield hosts ask US: what's in it for us? (Guardian)

Rice Rebuts Tenet’s Assertion That ’01 Warning Was Ignored

Josh Marshall: Winning, Losing, and Talking Self-Defeating Nonsense

The accursed: widows of Iraq’s torn-apart society

Iraq recruits: Underpaid, undertrained, under pressure-CNN calls Motley Crew

The Contrarian Delusion: How Hitchens Poisons Everything

2,000 stories of regret swayed Court

Keeping academics out of Cuba (From former head of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana)

How Much Iraqi Crude Oil is Being Stolen? Mystery of the Missing Meters

Did We Lose the War? Let’s Count the Ways

Wm F. Buckley: The Waning of the GOP

Ex-PM says Australia and U.S. behave tyrannically


Former Intelligence Officials Hold Ex-CIA Chief George Tenet's Feet to the Fire

"The New Republic" attacks "The Nation" (from The Nation)

Has Bush Committed Impeachable Acts?

Mike Gravel isn't "Funny" at All

Oddball schemes to fix global warming get thumb's down - AFP

PepsiCo Now at Top of U.S. REC Purchasers (1 billion kWh, 100% electricity offset)

UK's Wave Hub Proceeds with $43 M Investment

New Transmission Will Support Wind Resources in Texas

Alabama Grant Furthers Cultivating Algae for Biofuel

South Pole highway drive will show viability of alternative fuels: group

The heat is on for greenhouse gas methane - Reuters

Eastern Pacific Grey Whale Population "in Trouble"

XsunX Plans Multi-MW Thin Film Solar Cell Factory for U.S.

U.S. and China Criticize Climate (IPCC) Report

Nuclear reaction (Seabrook, Clamshell Alliance)

Island Mobilizes to Eradicate Tree Fern (Kauai, Hawaii)

Lone tortoise 'not last of kind' (BBC)

(North Carolina) Cities Join Anti-Global Warming Pledge

BP cost cuts may have caused big Alaska oil spill - Reuters

U.S. and China criticize climate report (and try to water it down) - AP

Global Warming and a Georgia Drought (a rant)

Rooftop Wind Power

Cerium Oxide Catalyst Could Eliminate Nitrogen Oxide Emissions from Diesel Exhausts

Hottest April in France since 1950

Report on BBC's anti-Israel bias will stay secret

Israeli inquiry into Lebanon war criticizes Olmert

Vanunu convicted for media links

My Vote Was Counted As Cast?

This Wednesday the W Stands for Whistle Blowers

Sources-Documents -Did * Commit Election Fraud (2) Election Forum News

Ohio and the RNC's Smartech Computer

Castro 'In Charge' Again, Chavez Says

Rep. Renzi Considering Resignation

UK surveillance society probed

Sadr Shiites protest after US raid in Baghdad (US military deny entering shrine or office)

Bush predicts change is near for Cubans

Fertilizer bomb plotters sentenced in London: 35-life

Iran's President: 'I Will Stop Christianity in This Country'

UK troops lead offensive against Taliban

U.S. warnings of timetables does not concern Iraq – senior official

Few Iraqi refugees allowed into U.S. (68 Iraqi refugees in the six months)

Men convicted over UK bomb plot

Servicemen's body parts mixed up (UK)

UK soldier jailed 1 year for Iraq prisoner abuse

Chavez and Big Oil Gear Up for Struggle

Doctors increasingly acknowledge 'chemo brain'

Sexual Threats Quiet Some Female Bloggers

Former Political Director at ABC Is Moving to Time Magazine

Republican Candidate Giuliani Criticizes Universal Health Coverage Proposals

(Supreme) Court Refuses Lesbian Lovers Case (child visitation)

Look-alike Arrested Twice; Close But No Bin Laden

2,000 stories of regret swayed Court

(Supreme) Court Takes Death Penalty Case

Israeli inquiry into Lebanon war criticizes Olmert

New Developments Could Heat Up Nearly Cold Natalee Holloway Case

Ailing Sen. Johnson returns to D.C. home

Bush will work with Democrats on Iraq (but is going to veto & he still supports Wolfowitz)

Court won't hear appeal by Guantanamo prisoners

Companies Shift More Donations to Democrats

Hearing Senator Dorgan--Haliburton etc Now C-Span

Disturbing Report From the State Dept. Massive Spike in Terror Attacks Worldwide

Iraq using Saddam-era law to block corruption probes: audit

(Supreme) Court Turns Down Hamdan Case

Funeral attack kills 23 as Iraq violence costs more than 40 lives

U.S. April death toll in Iraq passes 100 (5 this weekend)

State Department: Terror attacks up sharply

Suicide bomber kills 20 at Iraq funeral

IRAQ RECONSTRUCTION SLAMMED--Report: U.S. investment in Iraqi reconstruction at risk

Colombian Prosecutor Probing U.S. Firms

War Bill Delays Minimum Wage Hike (they are attached to each other)

Leaked Bush memo 'aimed at Kerry'

Top court won't hear power plant pollution rule

Judge in terror case: Indictment 'very light on facts'

Bush In Talks To Prevent Collapse Of Iraqi Coalition

(Tony) Snow: Tenet claims nothing new

U.S. to Query Iraq Over Reported Purge

Canada had warnings before 1985 Air India bombing

US Democrats raise prospect of Bush's impeachment over Iraq(Murtha)

Supreme Court Backs Police in Chase Case

Thousands stage anti-US protest in Afghan west

British army chief: prince to go to Iraq

EU, US to Forget Environment, Focus on Free Trade

Report: Corruption Investigations in Iraq Stopped in Their Tracks

New Jersey Gov. Corzine Leaves Hospital After Being Seriously Injured in Car Crash


'D.C. Madam' Sorry for Outing Client

Terror attacks worldwide rise 25 percent in '06

6 die in Basra explosion; bombs at all-girls' school defused

Battle with insurgents yields ID cards for access to Green Zone and U.S. Embassy

Accused D.C. call-girl madam also a stock picker

Lebanon war probe sparks cries for Israeli PM's resignation

Corps Asked To Explain Pump Contract

US seeks to bar anti-Castro extremist to speak of CIA ties

Four U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad - military

Secret Order By Gonzales Delegated Extraordinary Powers To Aides

Virginia governor closes gun loophole

Reuters: Loud explosions rock Baghdad - witnesses (Green Zone)

Victim says tape of Kent State shootings reveals order to fire

France's Sarkozy keeps poll lead before election

Wolfowitz says won't resign for "smear campaign"

US officer called Iraqi translator 'my beautiful', probe hears

Mayor (Bloomberg) Snubs 'Party' - Stirs Prez-Bid Rumor

Firefighters Battle Blaze at Georgetown Branch of DC Public Library

Iran: Ahmadinejad Supporters Stab Protesters At Top University

In honor of RATM getting back together tonight


MARS ATTACKS!!! (starting now on TBS)

I've got a crush on Pasta Florentine.

Lounge "owls"... what's your late-night playlist?

Good night and good luck.

Surgeons go to new lengths to avoid scarring

Real Difference or no more than a quibble difference?

Here's the job everyone here wants

Tractor Trailer Full Of Wine Coolers Flips Over On I-5 (TeenMidlo Races To Oregon)

does anyone know about the rules with live cable news shows and music they play (song rights etc.)

trying to fix up my myspace page

TeenMidlo actually got TOO good at swiping lotions and potions.

I cannot believe it! My thread in GD made the Greatest Page...

Is this an omen?

"I don't need to buy it"

When did the BoDeans jump the shark?

Man Arrested For Stealing 26 Cars To See Girlfriend

Playboy Miss December 2006 jailed on cocaine trafficking charge

My Monday earworm

My name is Ahnold Shwarzenegger

Prince fans: "Glam Slam" from the album "Lovesexy" (1988)

What is the first thing you would do, IF......

Calling RetroLounge!

Could you allow yourself to have a serious relationship with a republican?

Just bought $600 worth of vinyl cookware (Question)

Summer vacation in T-minus nine days...

Public service announcement in regards to cement/concrete

May we please have a post about what we are thankful for?

How clean do you keep the inside of your Car/Truck?

I actually bought some canned flavored Oxygen.

It's like riding a bicycle. You never forget how. LOAD OF CRAP.

Yea! Good news for a change:

i ate the WHOLE thing

Does anyone else here remember ......

Thank God for the Industrial Revolution...

There's comedy, high comedy, transcendant comedy...

I went to the DMV this morning....

Omg omg omg i just touched some kind of black windows snack wrap--EEEwww

Airlines To Screen for Emotional Baggage.

"Tanz in den Mai!" (May Day in Germany)

Weeee! I got a job!

I Will Survive!

The 'Windier' City?

Colony-dwelling spiders!

WOO HOO! Center stage 5th row tickets!!

'Money' by The Flying Lizards

Anybody used Costco travel services?

Software suggestion?

Courtney Love plans to sell Kurt Cobain's belongings

SNAKES in the m'fing Brazilian mail!!!!!!

Has anyone bought a foreclosed property before?

Any PDA GPS experts around?

How would you have answered that "Two attacks" terrorism question in the debate?

How insecure are you?

DU members poll:

She's done Dallas....where else should Debbie do?


What the pfargtl?

I am so excited I wanted to share!

Do you really give a crap where Matt Lauer is?

Christian Tattoo Parlor Avoids 'Profane' Designs (Including Peace Symbols)

I've figured out who should replace Rosie on "The View"

Best Non-Political Bumper Sticker

Bart Simpson to appear NUDE in new movie!!!

I have no idea what article of clothing he was talking about, but....

Dammit! I've gotten nothing done today!!

British cat regularly rides bus to chip shops

a real life adventure

If you lost your job what would you do? Backup, Dream job or Flakeout.

Wow, fresh asparagus from my garden.

Surprise, the furnace repairman is here!

Monday Midafternoon Questions

Matcom Wants To Perform Circumcision on Himself

Would you want "Dollar Bill" Jefferson for your landlord?

I've worn a Aluminum Foil Deflector Hat all day.

I realize this affects no one here in the Lounge, but... Lovejoy is gone from Fifth Gear!

Could someone please

China "Women's Town" to put men in their place

Who will be celebrating International Workers' Day tomorrow?

I've worn a bra all day today,

is there still a place in Mexico called Boystown?

I've worn a bra,speedo's and leg warmers all day

Wow, Just dodged the layoff bullet!

Someone at Google has a sense of humor

Aww, republicans must have awful back problems

If your spouse flings their wedding ring across the room

No ciggeis 1 year!

Happy birthday CallMeWesley!!

Today I come out of the closet...

I'm an alligator, I'm a mama-papa coming for you

Can I fill a dvd with music to play in the car?

Now for my next question a poll rural or urban

Garden question: If my seedlings are looking a bit dodgy, should I plant them now

blue blue 'lectric blue

New Train Photos

What's for dinner DU?!

Who knew? Collectible DVD's...

new sketches

I've worn a speedo all day today

Holiday travel? Any Ideas?

The Sopranos: anyone want to discuss? SPOILER ALERT!!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 4/30/2007)

Full bar or limited bar at the wedding reception?

Seattle area DU'ers get together! Let's pick a date!

So, I'm on lavalife - signed in as a girl....

Why are we at DefCon 2?

Illegally parked gator snarls traffic

I've worn a bratwurst all day today

Popular Songs with Subtle (or Overt) Anti-Bush/RW Lyrics

Dog's shooting justified, police say

How do you keep a DU'er in suspense?

ugh - up all night at the emergency room.

Father Wants 12-Year-Old Son Circumcised

What are you?

Pets are not for the frugal, just spent $450 at the vets!

Discussing the Media in a Media Illiterate Society

HELP cute quick marriage advice for bridal shower

no TWIT moment on the view today...just this...SHE IS PREGGERS WITH THE WORLDS NEWEST REPUKE

This thread is for MrsG

Post Band Names you've actually heard of that were cool, weird, or otherwise great.

"I Saw that One Coming:" Name Most Predictable Storyline Occurences

My sweet girl Angel is dying of kidney failure.

Great Cover Songs

Beyond Belief 2006

Religious bias gets OK in state job ads

Thought experiment: The Random God Creating Machine.

Program Reminder: Part 1 of "The Mormons" by FRONTLINE/American Experience is on MONDAY (tonight)..

Years after it was first published, Copernicus' book was placed on an official list of forbidden

Has Osama bin Laden gone on record about religion?

Holy crap! Golden Freakin' State!

The Houston Texans First Pick and Mario Williams

This is why I'm teaching my boys the art of boxing.

Mike Malloy speaks at Nova M Radio birthday bash

Meet The Press-----Joe Biden

Muhammad Yunus: Creating a Poverty-Free World (preview)

Edward R. Murrow reports Buchenwald...

Interview with General David Petraeus

Olberman channels Murrow...

Melanie Sloan Discusses White House Email Violations on CNN...

Murrow on Political Agreement: the film...

Barack Obama Address to the 2007 California Democratic Convention

TPM TV: April 30, 2007: Condi's rationale

"*- ->Sign The Bill. Bring Our Troops Home"

D.C. Madam Speaks

George W Bush The Great Pretender

Speaker Pelosi pays tribute to late Rep Juanita Millender-McDonald

Tenet Interview Part 2

Tenet Interview Part 1

World Vision One Life

O'Reilly Thinks Olbermann Is a Gone Guy...

Ditch McConnell

Melamine in Feed Is Open Secret in China

Murtha Use The Word

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern accusing Cheney of being behind the Niger forgeries

Carl Sagan---Who Speaks For The Earth

HOPE (Visions of Whitefeather)

Recently, Argentina renewed its "claim" to the Falkland Islands.

Taliban Takes Control Of Afghan District

High-speed train line plan may be derailed

C&L: Chipmunk-ery In The White House

Study: Blacks, Hispanics Fare Worse At Traffic Stops

Tenent's 60 minutes interview: on selling it to the public

I don't know where to get one but I want one and so will you

New Mexico Guard Commander Demands Apology From U.S. Army

David Halberstam: "The Fifties" -- on C-SPAN2 (BOOK-TV) at 2am EDT

Miz Julia, give over any PNACers on your list...for the good of the nation.

No one knows how much Iraqi crude is being stolen, because the meters are still missing...

LATimes: Congress' Vote On Iraq Only A Prelude (Waiting Until SEPTEMBER; 'don't quote me by name')

Military: 4 U.S. Soldiers Killed In Baghdad

What the hell is condi rice's function?


George W. Bush Receives Purple Heart (no, not kidding, but READ ON...)

Bush to Veto funding his OWN WAR. He needs to watch SchoolHouse Rock "I'm just a Bill"

Fellow DUers, last week,

Former Sen. Frist walks

self edit

Tell the U.S. Senate to oppose Baroody! (another Fox guarding Hen hourse nominee!!)

Can we suggest to MSNBC -- Rachel Maddow--for the morning slot?

"Cell phones and Bible prophecy", cause of bee colony collapse disorder

They also serve their conscience

TIME TO STOP VIRGINIA TECH STORIES: students reconsider attending

William F. Buckley Jr. in NY Sun: Iraq Threatens GOP Future (Duh...)

Seems to me like tenet is holding something back.

Few Iraqi refugees allowed into U.S.-Thousands flee because of war


[email protected]

Protesters demand impeachment as President Bush speaks at Miami-Dade College

Contessa doesn't look too happy doing Stephanie's news...

The Bay area freeway meltdonwn and the 9/11 theories

Frank Rich: 'NY Times' Will No Longer Participate in WHCA Dinner

Madam Madam, does your massage typically end in Release...

When writing to MSNBC about Stephanie Miller, make sure you mention the word FEMALE.

OMG: Novak Gets It Right In Interview With Hagel: "Iraq Is Coming Undone-Regime Weaker By The Day"

U.S. April death toll in Iraq passes 100

What's up with Maureen Dowd lately?

c-span segment - iraq reconstruction

What every argument boils down to concerning the "War"

Just got this in an e-mail.......Many will recall that on July 8, 1947.....

U.S. and China criticize climate report

Already: "Time to MOVE PAST" (why we got war. TENET's "revelations")

Does anyone else think the Washington Post's story on denied Katrina aid is HUGE

Anyone catch Mrs. Alito on C-SPAN Saturday???

I Thought Scott Peley Did a good Job with Tenet Last Night

Did I hear Stephanie Miller mention Freepers on the air this morning?

Author of IRAQ reconstruction (or lack of)--Report on cspan now.

"Justice" Dept Wants 3 Visit Limit on Detainee Meetings with Lawyers

I Miss Moly Ivins - Wouldn't she just love all this stuff going on in

Why We Fight

The Rah Rah Society

Kennedy & Roberts Needs To Be Removed From The SCOTUS. They're Incompetent

Tenet: Saudis disrupted 1998 plot to assassinate Gore

I wonder if this guy played the fat Osama in the video Bush told us to believe was really Osama?

Anal cyst LIMBOsevic "living large," lying about NOT imbibing

Airbus Jet Could Clog Airports

Report: Corruption Investigations in Iraq Stopped in Their Tracks

Now Iran bans Western hair cuts (and eyebrow plucking)


This is how you fight terrorism ->

Inquiring minds want to know - who sold their vote?

kos: Maliki's direct hand in sectarian violence contradicts Bush's "assurance" on surge

I don't get it---If you hire a Prostitute, why give them your real name?

in case you missed Condi Rice's performance yesterday:

DU this poll: Did the Bush administration "mischaracterize" Tenet's "slam dunk" comment?

CNN -DC madam on now

I'd like a dominatrix dressed up like condi rice please...

Why should "illegal" immigrants need to pay fines

Have you ever driven drunk?

Tenet's Book Was Delayed...but why? Post your theories here.

Would never happen, but wouldn't it be fun if.....

I just heard Lionel's voice on AAR commercial. He sounds like

It is the Civilian Leadership's role in this country to provide/establish Policy



Sen Webb Co-Sponsors bill to improve Survivor Benefits Plans

Murtha: "I hear rumors in the Pentagon they're going to extend them to 18 months."

Do you believe there is a "War on Terror?"

A new, emerging pet peeve of mine...electronic "jumbotron" billboards.

Tony Snow: he's back.

Let's say impeachment hearings get brought up for Bush...

$400,000 bonus for Wolfowitz?

where, pray tell, is the top ten? I need my fix! nt

Tooth decay is on the rise for kids (AP)

Tenet: Cheney Staffers Idolized Chalabi 'Like Schoolgirls With Their First Crush'

Lierman and Boner extolling the virtues of bipartisanship

House Dems to send Iraq supplemental bill to WH tomorrow ('Mission Accomplished' anniversary)

The fourth quarter of this football game has long been over, and

Was Bush's Order To Take Chalabi Off Payroll Ignored Or Overridden?

The Iraq war is over. It is the moment for Democrats to show real leadership

Al Gore Dumps Barrick Gold Sponsorship From Chile Visit

Iraqi Parliament draws heat for suggesting it may recess for two months this summer

the Commander-in-Chief seems to have gone AWOL

TPM: Washington Post Scrapes Bottom Of Barrel To Find People Who Think War Isn't "Lost"

On 2001 plans to invade Iraq: Rice vs. Paul O'Neill

WAR ON TERROR: Suspect nabbed in failed abortion clinic bombing

(GOP)Convention (IN UTAH) ends with Satan and immigrants

Blackwater, the CIA, and Regent University Law School.

Why didn't Tenet step up when Saddam offered to let the CIA come into Iraq and look for WMDs?

U.S. says more than 130 Taliban killed in Afghan west - Afghans say they were civilians

Tony Snow: "The only way to lose the war is to walk away from it"

Reposting this because Clinton again blamed for faulty intel leading

The Democratic Field - A survey of candidates

OMFG. One of the presidents of my company is an absolute

Republicans should be careful with these "I knew but couldn't tell" revelations

Open Hearing on the Administration’s “Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Modernization Act of 2007”

Condi on "16 words" in SOTU: "Maybe we should have remembered. We didn't."

"It's time we had gulags, debtors' prisons and walled-off ghettos!"

Caption this pic

Help please, explain todays Tom the Dancing Bug to me. I just don't get it.

Looks like Randall Tobias pitched a tent

6 CIA officers call tenet "Alberto Gonzales of CIA"

heh.... CNN just cut away from the Rose Garden presser....

bush and EU leaders - rose garden 1:25pm edt

As Castro regains strength, Bush predicts change is near for Cubans

GMO Rice Protein From China Used in EU Animal Feed

The DC madam is planning to use her clients as witnesses in her defense

Gulf Coast drowns again, this time in red tape

C-span 1 press conf. w * on nowwwwwwww

OMG! Thom has editor of World Net Daily on!

`Slam Dunk' offers more of an air ball

Enhanced interrogation techniques do not equal torture!

RICE & BUSH: "Bush Was A Bad Boy & Rice Has A Thing For Bad Boys"

Larry Johnson on Tenet from CNN this morning

Utah Co. Reps. debate Satan's influence on illegal immigrants

HEADLINE: E-mail system catches the Gay!

Michigan Marine glad to be home...

Death toll is 'SURGING'--- U.S. April Death Toll in Iraq Passes 100

Like gold, reality nuggets keep surfacing

The Olmert factor

Journalists & Lapdogs on A8 demonstrations for impeachment

A Virginia Tech Tribute at My Alma Mater

The London bombers: What MI5 knew

Does anybody feel Hillary easily won the debate last week?

US Accepting Tiny Number of Iraqi Refugees (Less Post-War than Pre 9/11)

Bill Kristol: Moyers helped mislead us into Vietnam

Media blackout on U.S. troop deaths

Who else is up at insane o'clock to watch Stephanie Miller?

Diane Rehm gives opinion. Says a lie should be called a lie.

Dana Perino: "it can be very distracting when she [Helen Thomas] asks questions"

"Washington embroiled in whore-iffic pizza sex scandal"...

C Span 2 live now, Senate discussing funding bill

If Freepers are any indication, Rudy Giuliani is toast.....

LINKS Massive US Embassy Being Built in Baghdad -- What you need to know...

Bill Moyers special 'Buying the War" did not show in Atlanta

Caption * (Is there a close-up of this photo?)

LA Times: Bushists may have merely postponed abandonment by GOP on Iraq

wow... Corzine goes home

Father Wants To Have 12 Year Old Son Circumcised

Protest arrest video (Hart Senate building Impeachment protest)

"We never forget who we're working for." BWHAHAHAHAHA!!

George Junior Terrified by Child's Inflatable Toy ---pix--->>>

Broder: Victory in Iraq ‘really doubtful.’

AutoZone is NOT a Rush Limbaugh sponsor

If George Tenet get a Medal of Freedom I would like to nominate


Tony Snow seems ready to face his future, but what would it be

Poor Paul Wolfowitz...he didn't get the memo.

Pelosi in Venezuela?

Screw Gravel

WOW! Matthews admits "somebody just told me to ask that question in my ear."

DIY: You might be a purity troll if...

Ex-CIA analyst (McGovern): Forged 'yellowcake' memo 'leads right back to' Cheney

The Washington "Moonie" Times doesn't even pretend anymore.

Why has Bush given the OK for Rice to have talks with Iran?

Chlorine gas blast kills 6 in Iraq’s Ramadi: sources

Could some Democrats be on the DC Madam's "list"?

New Condi Book: Rice, according to friends and family, had a thing for bad boys

no TWIT moment on the view today...just this...SHE IS PREGGERS WITH THE WORLDS NEWEST REPUKE

Can someone please tell me if Sen. Durbin has been released from his secrecy oath RE:

Gotta love it: Huffaker TOON on the love affair between the MSM and Shrub

Has America had its daily mass shooting yet today?

CNN needs a "highway crash" channel!

One of Iraq's most well-known radio/TV hosts in coma after being shot near her home

Bush, just now: "Get some money to the troops!!!"

Hearing Senator Dorgan--Haliburton etc Now C-Span

DARPA's human-like prosthesis for wounded soldiers is closer to reality

Found - The "Super Embassy" in Iraq

theonion's Breaking News: Something Happening In Haiti

Today's MSM Distraction Story: Joey Buttafucco

from Juan Cole: Bush decided on Iraq war when he was Texas Gov

Interesting moment at the yarn shop today.

Mike Gravel will be in the Situation Room!

Tell George Bush: Sign the bill and

'D.C. madam' sorry for outing client (AP)

LIVE NOW: Senate Comm. Hearing, "Halliburton and U.S. Business Ties to Iran"

3351 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Refute: this neocon cabal hates us for our freedoms: the proof imo is that no one in history has

Walter Reed admits Mellencamp;block Joan Baez and Dan Rather

The Economy is Good....Well, not from what I am seeing.

Like, duh, took me a while, but I've led a sheltered life.

Sir! No Sir! -- For the ones getting the Sundance channel:

OK---enough of the Florida bashing.

Murtha says impeachment IS on the table

Tenet: Saudis disrupted 1998 plot to assassinate Gore

Has Bush vetoed the war spending resolution passed by

Let's forget, for a moment, that the war in Iraq is wrong.

SF Bay Area DU'ers ...... hows the commute today?

White House Seeks Commander-In-Chief For Iraq War Effort

need some help lets get bushys service record out there too... and refute this crap on the clenis

How to evaluate Obama? We will soon find out ....

DEMS Demand That Internal DOJ Probe Findings Be Made Public

Global warming and drought (a rant)

Bush will work with Democrats on Iraq

Kansas City shooter was a former Target security guard

Mike Gravel: The Democratic field's Howard Beale

Importing More, Inspecting Less:

White House Correspondents' Association's snarky response to NYT's pulling out of annual dinner

LTTE in today's Arkansas Democrat Gazette says the Boomers are against Bush and his

Ever Forget What DU Forum You Were Reading When You Saw Something Interesting?

Why there was no exit plan

We Are Dealing with Children here

Filler in Animal Feed Is Open Secret in China

US Death toll Tops 100 for April in Iraq.

Has Tenet mentioned the Office of Special Plans or the Downing St. Memos?

TDS promo: "Will HITCHENS have to change his name because God doesn't exist?"

Ray McGovern: Sorry They've Been So Mean To You, George

Interview: A Senator Who Gives You Reason to Hope for Positive Change in America: Bernie Sanders

Gravel on Faux

Idea for a Political Cartoon

There are two types of massages--- one with a happy ending and one without.

Oh Oh!! US prison chief arrested in Iraq

I will not resign, says Wolfowitz

CNN: Sanchez v. Dobbs

Rice.. "I thought he(shrub) had just an incredibly inquisitive mind" .."had a thing for bad boys"

Pentagon Contractors Owe $7.7 Billion in Unpaid Taxes

Christopher Hitchens will be on The Daily Show tonight.

Republican connected company gets New Orleans rebuilding contract: they 'wrote the specs'!


GOP's Base Keeps Republican Unity on Iraq

nbc. eve news doing report on the INCREASE in terror incidents----Iran

Foreign Service Morale, Effectiveness Plunged Under Tobias

Where are the bees? Interesting & informative interviews on NPR

The Iraq war is over. It is the moment for Democrats to show real leadership

Do we know what "news" org Palfrey (DC Madam) gave phone records to?

Ignoring McCain's "greeted as liberators" assurance WaPo credits him with prewar "foresight"

Battle with insurgents yields ID cards for access to Green Zone and U.S. Embassy

Is Gore allowed to run as a VP again? Term limits? n/t

China protein feed manager: "Our products are very safe, for sure''

I despise the "C" word, will not use it, and heartily endorse its prohibition at DU.

Condasleeza in jail yet?

The REPUBLICANS have spoken..."Impeachment would hurt the Democrats."

My Space's 'Cool new people' Sam Brownback, John McCain, Hilary Clinton and Mitt Romney.

McClatchy: Price tag for war in Iraq on track to top $500 billion

Condi gonna be firm!

Panic! Stephanie Miller did a *great* job in MSNBC's morning slot! AAAAAAHHH!!!

New Developments Could Heat Up Nearly Cold Natalee Holloway Case

DR. Rice: I won't testify. Further, don't ask me about my job performance until I write my book.

I woke up to a bright white light on MSNBC this morning

Heads up to other time zones ! L. Johnson on PBS News Hour

Oversight, Abramoff, Doolittle Raid, and Escort Services

Scan of Cables seems to show "Green Zone Bombing" is DOA...nothing!

Okay DU'ers (especially those here in Early Days) WE've GOT OUR MEDIA! Check this out!

My Space's 'Cool new people' Sam Brownback, John McCain, Hilary Clinton and Mitt Romney.

Stephanie Miller Show ends, MSNBC dives right back in to the same ol same ol

NEXT Pants to Drop: Head of Conservative Think Tank, Prominent CEO, Bush Economist...

It all makes perfect sense now

THE CONCILIATOR-Where is Barack Obama coming from?-The New Yorker

Explosions heard in central Baghdad Mon Apr 30, 2:25 PM ET

Fellow DUers , this is a x-post from General Discussion

DC Madam Wants Public's / Press's Help Identifying Client

Where's your state Homeland Security’s Civilian Concentration Camp?

21st Century Cross Burnings/WTF

Poisoned Pet Food Crisis Expands To Human Food Scare

Lieberman: "Third-party 2008 candidate could emerge!"

Is Rassmussen a legitimate polling firm?

"If you discovered there was a serial murderer next door....

MySpace Jumps the shark

This admininstration will go down in history as the "mistake" administration

MSNBC: Reid and Pelosi will have a "signing ceremony" tomorrow for Iraq supplemental

bush called European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso

NYPost: Roseanne to replace Rosie on the view

Gore Vidal on Campaign ’08 and America’s Future

Lesbian Nuns and Jewish Lesbians

Food Industry self-regulation - more self-serving BS from "small government" charlatans

Tweety's 'salacious' quote:

Send MSNBC some Stephanie Miller Lo-o-o-ove!

2.3 troops died yesterday. 2.3 died today. 2.3 will die tomorrow. My case for impeachment

Call WOLFOWITZ a WAHHHBULANCE: I am Victim of Smear Campaign

Rasmussen Poll: Obama Pulls Ahead of Hillary 32% to 30%!! Edwards Steady at 17%, THIS IS BIG NEWS!

Rapture ready board: 'DOOM DOOM DOOM to America!' ('Come sence objections')

Kent State Guardsmen... They still around?

do you support this legislation to withdraw??? you know what to DU

Jesus Christ in combat boots.. (yes really!)

Tucker thinks 'Journalists' should stay out of private lives (re: DC madam)

I'm flying roundtrip Columbus, Ohio to Boston, Mass. for $50.00 on "Skybus Airlines"

Any links on Gulliani insisting Emergency Management headquarters move to WTC?

WOLFOWITZ Resignation Deal In The Works

VIDEO: WOW-Dick Durbin says senate intel committee knew Bush lying, but...

What would you do if you learned that a member of your family committed a heinous crime?

Senator Tim Johnson goes home

Not Sure What to Make of Bernstein's book on Hillary. I feel troubled by this.

Gore Calls Canada Climate Plan A 'Fraud'

Your Latest WTF Answered: How Soy Sauce is Made from Human Hair

John Trudell on tonight

Sen. Durbin knew

Proposed New Forum Group: "Socialist Progressives."

Tony Snow Returns: ‘There Has Been No Attempt To Try To Link Saddam To 9/11

Laura Flanders kicked butt last Saturday Night!

Are you honestly stupid enough to think you're not getting screwed by the rich as I type?

Interview with CIA Agent: Cheney lied about Pakistan's nukes, for MIC profit.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines


Tweety just said: "I was always skeptical of this crowd" .....

Doonesbury is reminding all of us that we knew the TRUTH about Sadaam before 2003

The "sell-off" of America's infrastructure

The sickness between powerful men and their madam..

Is This Why Goodling Invoked The Fifth Amendment?

Dave Barber is a sorry substitute for Sam Seder

A man is dead...

Lionel gone from AAR already?

Dick Morris caught with more toes in his mouth?

Stephanie Miller on MSNBC

If you can stand just one more comment on guns:

Pelosi petition....c'mon, folks! Let's git R done!

CNN: Smoke rising from the Green Zone Government Compound

*Happy Mission Accomplished Day! This Tuesday, May 1st

Final reminder: Stephanie Miller in Imus slot M,T,W. Please bump!

Wanna know what feels sh$%#y?

Robert Kennedy Jr: Rove "literally started spitting at them" (Crow & David)

If Osama bin Laden claimed to be a Catholic, would the Vatican excommunicate him?

VIDEO:Stephanie Miller Takes Her Turn On MSNBC

Class Struggle/Class War

Something serious happened in the Green Zone today

Randall Tobias and Plaidder's Grand Unified Theory of Right-Wing Sexual Hypocrisy

Be WARY of Obama - Remember his decrying the Alito filibuster

Lying to Congress

Lieberman: ‘Bloggers Have Added Another Dimension of Vituperation Toxicity’ To Politics

A Kurdish teenager was stoned to death in city of Mosul

bumper sticker assortment from Sunday

OKAY, so let's fight about the "Flat Tax": a subject WORTH fighting about.

Program Reminder: Part 1 of "The Mormons" by FRONTLINE/American Experience is on MONDAY (tonight!)

Should Edwards apologize for his dishonest apology about Iraq War vote?

So let me get this straight regarding Durbin

Environmentalists protest at NASCAR race

Speaker is taking tally for IMPEACHMENT:

"US papers delayed purged voters story until Bush was President"

'They sold out the world for an F-16 sale' (Cheney/Libby lied about Pakistani nukes??)

WaPo article blames "wives" for failure of US to use climate-saving flourescent bulbs

"Native people cheer and applaud numbers killed at the Sand Creek Massacre"

Would you be content if you had one hundred million dollars ($100,000,000)?

Obama Leads Clinton in Rasmussen Poll

WP series on political "gurus": Clinton's Pollster Mark Penn Guides Campaign Strategy

Obama on '92 L.A. riots: "...we can find money in a second for a war that doesn't make any sense."

Self Delete...Dupe

War on Terror in Campaign 08 (The Nation)

Congress' vote on Iraq war is only a prelude

Fellow DUers , this is a x-post from General Discussion

Truthout: Pentagon Contractors Owe $7.7 Billion in Unpaid Taxes

Capital Fax Illinois polling

Rep. Feeney sought rule change tied to Abramoff

National Security Adviser Hadley Accused Of Trying To "Separate" Himself From Iraq

US nuke threat -- who cares?

The Rude Pundit: Because It Ought To Be Noted

WaPo: The Investigated Investigator (Bloch)

Companies Shift More Donations To Democrats

George Tenet to be interviewed by Tom Brokaw on the Today show

Correlation between U.S. Attorneys and Sunnis?

Iraq Funding Negotiations: Analysis

I'm George W. Bush and I approved this mess

Clinton draws big crowd at Reno, NV campaign stop

Great J.D.Crowe political cartoon: "Detour"

Republican Candidate Giuliani Criticizes Universal Health Coverage Proposals

Claim Bush came to office plotting Iraq war "flat wrong": Rice

Wasn't there a Republican who insulted a few soldiers in an airport,



I have a feeling that the George Tenet book will soon be available

Giuliani counts backers who aren't fans

Anybody Scanning The Freep Sites - What Are They And The RWers Saying About Tenet?......

Conyers And Impeachment - I Seem To Recall That Conyers Was A Big Advocate For....

"Defending America against religious traitors"

ABC on Tenet - Powell

Loose Pennies - Conspiracy Theory Proof!!

Lest we forget

George Tenet "Explains" The Downing Street Memo

Time Is Up On Rice’s ‘Two To Three Month’ Window For Baghdad Security Plan

GOP having trouble finding good candidates to contest even winnable House seats in 2008.

Democrats 2008: Hillary 34%, Obama 24%

Townhall: No Longer Unbeatable (Hillary)

The private war of Chuck and Tom Hagel (Salon)

Ailing Senator Johnson Returns to D.C. Home

VIDEO: Perle Five Days After 9/11: ‘We Do Know Saddam Hussein Has Ties To Osama Bin Laden’

"Tenet was hired by Clinton"

J. Edwards' hair looks pretty good in comparison! (Slowpoke 'TOON)

S.C. native John Edwards got the hometown hero’s treatment .... but it was Biden that got the

Clinton and Obama Raiding Donors Who Backed Bush

When did people answering questions on TV start to begin every answer with "Well..."?

Tenet: Cheney Staffers Idolized Chalabi ‘Like Schoolgirls With Their First Crush’

Why are there simply no people of color among the mainstream media opinion shapers?

4/30/07 WILL WIN the nomination poll

Tenet On Perle Conversation: ‘I May Have Been Off By A Couple Of Days But The Encounter Occurred’

Hillary was one of SIXTEEN Senators to vote to allow federal agents to confiscate guns

Minnesotans Strip Their Beds for Impeachment

Pelosi, Conyers, the People, and Impeachment

Media Matters Asks "What Clinton Fatigue?"

Ullman said shock and awe would be "rather like the nuclear weapons at Hiroshima"...

Box lunch with Dean in Miami tomorrow...$20

Ret. Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy Endorses Clinton

Bush was also a bad boy. And Rice, according to ......had a thing for bad boys…

Anyone have more Obama issues detail- perhaps from recent speeches not reflected on the issues page?

Murtha Spokesman: He "Doesn't Believe Impeachment Is Appropriate"

Veto Schmeeto!

Does Hillary Want Gore In?

A whole bunch of things WE THE PEOPLE can do to help the IMPEACHMENT GO FORWARD

I attended Gore's environmental lecture on 04/27/07...

Is Tenet Just Part Of A Continuing Disinformation Campaign To....

Obama is the front runner for the nomination

Congress Members' Form Letters Have Stopped Saying No to Impeachment

Is Bill Kristol paid by the lie?

Leahy Blasts Gonzales Over ‘Highly Troubling’ New Secret Memo

Clinton drops maiden name 'Rodham' from campaign, keeps it as senator

I sure am glad we got off our high horse and stopped making fun of NASCAR fans

Chris Dodd article in Saturday's NYTimes

More than 300 major Bush donors have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Clinton and Obama

If you claim to be a patriotic American, then why don't you support the surge...

Dick Durbin on Intelligence Committee Knowledge of Bush Lies re IWR

At DKos and elsewhere, many political bloggers liked Edwards in the debate:

Is HRC or Richardson or Biden or another candidate the most moderate?

Edwards Gains Most Converts at State Party Convention

4/30/07 SUPPORT poll

Since Geffen dust-up, Clinton campaign uses "lighter touch and greater finesse" against Obama

Rasmussen Reports: Obama 32%, Clinton 30%

Another bullshit Hillary myth gets blown to bits...

Rassmussen polls: Obama overtakes Clinton in national polling.

Mother Jones talks about Poppa Bush's upcoming event with Sun Myung Moon.

Gore or Hillary?