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Archives: April 3, 2007

David Sirota: Dear Bush-supporters: You can't just say "I'm sorry"

Hicks feared US interrogators would shoot him

Get Out - Now

The Court Rules on Warming

Robert Parry: Bush, Iran & Selective Outrage

Why Europe Dislikes America (Andrei Markovits at HuffPost)

Katrina Van Den Heuvel: Legislation Watch: Dodd’s Moral Compass

Tiny animals stop Australian mine (BBC)

Magnolias face 'perilous future' - BBC

Canada's controversial seal hunt starts - AP

Anyone want a coal-fired power plant?

Which state has the least stringent regulations for siting a coal-fired power plant?

NASA satellite captures Russian volcano plume snapshot (NASA)

Mexican officials to bike to work (BBC) {REQUIRED by law}

Israel seeks to reassure Syria: No summer attack

Saudis say Israel must withdraw first

Palestinian journalists strike over abducted reporter

Pet treats recalled for salmonella contamination

After 2000 Loss, Obama Built Donor Network From Roots Up

U.S. Blocks Wheat Gluten Linked to Pet Food Recall

Auto parts maker Delphi to outsource 650 finance jobs to India's Genpact

MNC-I unit attacked (3 incidents, 3 Soldiers killed)

The botched US raid that led to the hostage crisis

McCain Wrong on Iraq Security, Merchants Say

Chile signs UN convention on disability rights

Venezuela Could Nationalize Hospitals

Florida Governor Is Hoping to Restore Felon Voting Rights

Cocaine labs should be bombed: Peru's president

Last WWI Navy vet dies in Md. at age 105

Opposition ex-governor escapes Venezuela jail, authorities say

Giuliani To Media: Lay Off My Wife

do you have your TrunkMonkey yet?

I'm just sitting here, reading threads.....

Poll question: If a thread gets more than 9999 views, what will happen? (Is 5 months old Today)

Matcom's Asses to be Blasted into Space.

Page your pimp.

Okay this guy is just sick, gerbil lovers beware

20 page draft by this Friday 5 pm

Montessori Education is so wonderful

How bad is your job? Can't be as bad as this.

Do you ever type out posts, emails, PMs, whatever

Even the Kansas City Royals are in the hunt for October!

Hinder redeemed.......

Alberto Gonzales to be replaced with Judge Judy

Any Medical Folks - I Have a Pregnancy Question

museumofhoaxes top ten hoaxes remembered on April fools day

Hats off to the Ohio State Buckeyes

Alanis' lovely lady humps

Fedor Emelianenko's greatest hits...

Is it just me or do you find Freecyclers very unreliable?

The gluten scare has been an eye-opener for me.

You have to see this expanding table on You-tube.

Inspired by the Alanis Morissette cover of "My Humps", post a fun/funny/weird cover song.

PB Loco Peanut Butter Rawks!!!

need help resizing a spliff

I saw her today at the reception ...

Music/tech people, is there a program where you can separate a vocal track from a song?

The beagle did an entire rally course OFF LEASH tonight!!!

The "Fruitcake Lady" from the Leno show has died.


Ethical issue: I'm part Native American and I like the Braves


My sister is awesome, check out what she made me.

YouTube Video: 36-Year-Old Cat "Baby"

My Worst Week Ever

Wayne Palmer shook a bad case of near death off pretty quickly...

4. What is the port address in TCP?

24 Thread! (SPOILERS)

Man Arrives at DUI Hearing Drunk

Do you like the TV show "The Riches"

Does anyone else get really depressed about things like

Anyone taken the new Postal exam 473??

do you guys Like my L's? or shouLd i just stop?

Congrats to SouthPawKicker who has graced us with more than 20K

Pimp your page.

Holy shite!! Now THAT'S a bridge!!

Post your current favorite smiley!!!!

Under 100 posts to 20K--ask me anything at all!

Alanis Morissette does "My Humps"


$1,500 to mount a TV on the wall?

What did you do that made you happy today?

What's a baseless snide accusation I could make in every Lounge post?

Dr. D totaled the Saab wagon Friday nite (my birthday!). No one hurt!

What do you believe about the afterlife . . . for pets?

I just found out a friend of mine died last week.

Dear Bush-supporters: You can't just say "I'm sorry" - Sirota

It's a good thing I watch Tweety cuz....drum roll please....

Coal Strike Possible, UMWA Will Rally In Illinois Thursday

Unions Meet With Northrop-Grumman. Mediator In Strike Talks

Employee Free Choice Act and Republican Disinformation

Does Orrin Hatch wannabe the next AG?

Orrin Hatch on Meet the Press April 1, 2007

VVAW we are here again

Letter Home

Bush Song

Emotional Reunion - Sailor Suprises 6 year old Son at School

Some GAWD worshippers are upset about a hostage drill

Mommy, why do 80% Fox news watchers think Iraq had anything to do with 9.11?

Which Dem will throw the best pitch to open the baseball season?

Outgoing U.S. ambassador tells military Afghan economy needs most work

Supreme Court rebukes Bush administration on greenhouse gas emissions

Hey Buddy, can you spare a dime? New online site to collect donations for individuals.

Bad Florida Poll, all our candidates losing big to Giuliani, only Edwards beats McCain

Just How Much Did We Pay for Your Act of Cowardice? An Open Letter to John McCain

Wife gets then loses promotion due to sexism

Yet another example of Michael Weiner's homophobia

I thought we were over this...

Hey Skinner - How about a calendar function in our My DU?

My family and hubby and I are Happy Gators tonight.

CBS News Crew Thrown Out of Philadelphia VA

ABC exclusive: Iran nuke bomb possible by 2009.

PETA Calls on FDA Head to Resign Over Botched Pet Food Recall

So who do you think will blink?

Educational System Failure

McCain's Stroll through the Super Safe Streets of Baghdad ---pix--->>>

Finally FDA blocks wheat gluten from Chinese company in pet food investigation

British Captives rumor?

Gripping examination by Michael Ware on McCain's

Elizabeth Edwards tours New Hampshire

New ‘Drudge’ Report just in …

About that 2nd part of the pre-war Iraq intel report...

Experts: Bee Illness Could Hurt Agriculture

McCain Wrong on Iraq Security, Merchants Say

I don't believe I'm rooting for the Buckeyes. (That's how low my opinion of Florida has gone.)

So i just see a segment on O'Reilly blaming the press for losing the war, my question

Job Interview Question

DANCE Scarborough DANCE!!!!

WAPO A01: How Bogus Letter Became a Case for War

Help me take on someone that does not believe in Global Warming

Lawmakers to Bush: Fire NASA's Cobb / Columbia cover-up

What do you believe about the afterlife . . . for pets?

Senior Chinese leaders join Beijingers for tree planting

McCain Wrong on Iraq Security, Merchants Say

These headlines are so right wing driven: Dems to widen conflict with Bush

Chinese tycoon loses appeal against life sentence

Gonzales to spend less time with family.

Univision (Hispanic) sed Newt screwed up REALLY BAD, said bi-lingualism is 3rd world

In the words of Malloy-"Drink the hemlock, Matt Dowd"

Wonder which streets within the deepest part of the Green Zone McCain strolled

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The Use of Torture to “Expose” the Plot to Explode a Dirty Bomb in the US

Could the pet food poison be a probe of our perimeter?

4500 troops going back to Iraq. 9 months after they left.

Dick In Alabama ---pix--->>>

My greedy, careless son and the RIAA.

Kucinich demands answers from FDA about pet food

WP, Cohen: "Gonzales was always the imperturbable cog in Texas's killing machine." "The Real Fox News Democrats" (How The Fair & Balanced Network Pits Dems Against Dems)

Justices Rule Against Bush Administration on Emissions

Did you know that April is: National Humor, Frog & Guitar Month? more...

Stretched army sends troops back to Iraq

The looming sinkhole crisis....

America Gone Wrong: A Slashed Safety Net Turns Libraries into Homeless Shelters

Reid's Office Responds to WH Dana Perino: "Bush Administration Has Head in the Sand"

Think Dan Quayle in Cowboy Boots.

Increasing Number Of Honeybee Deaths Means Food Prices Will Rise

If you haven't seen it yet rent "Children of Men"

Why every household with guns needs a safe/gun lock

The botched US raid that led to the hostage crisis

I watched "An Inconvenient Truth" with Dad this weekend, and

If there is an Independent run by Gore wouldn't that divide the

The most ridiculous Pat Robertson clip....EVAH!!!!!!

David Corn: (Rats fleeing ship, or) Teach Bush To Google

Music recommendation:

How long would it take to write 342 pages?

Peter Dale Scott __NAILS__ the "war on terror"

ABC News pushing Bogus Iran nuke story

Have you noticed rightwingers are out with force..

Dean Responds to Cheney's Scare Tactics

The Bush Administration in a Nutshell ---pix--->>>

Free Trade = Death. Will our politicians in Washington ever wake the fuck up?

New Orleans: March 2007 Pictures

Tweety/Media shocked about Romney donations

You! Yeah I'm talking to you, "MSM". I no longer buy the lie that you are "mainstream media"

Hey Skinner? Can we get a DUzy link?

Pet recall now includes TREATS!

about that BEE problem (Colony Collapse Disorder)

3,256 Now dead in W's war of choice

Christian Newswire: "NJ School Mocks Christians with Columbine-Style 'Mock Hostage Drill'

Can we give northern Iraq to Syria?

Looking for real answers on the pet food situation... striking out...

So I am thinking...they really don't know what is killing our animals...What if it was GM??

Socially Responsible Corporation/Organization Resource List

Iran sure is getting feisty these days

DUers let me introduce you to my "ghetto." (long, but stay with me)

Kucinich demands answers from FDA about pet food recall

Making The Popular Vote A Winner (

Hillary is Running a Flawless Campaign. Who Should She Choose for Her VP?

Remember Zalmay Khalilzad? PNACer. "Former" oil consultant.

A political no-brainer.

That Wacky Nutty Glenn Beck..........

Bush threatens a veto, but he might well be bluffing.

I am voting for Huckabee!

Khalilzad: Congress should not rule out withholding payment of dues if the United Nations

My neighbor, in his 80's, thinks the election is this Nov. I didn't

My republican dream ticket! Go Mitt, Go!


Bush gets his civilian reserve corps.....almost....

Patrick Cockburn: The botched US raid that led to the hostage crisis

Wow - There's A TV Ratings Success If I Ever Saw One - The Rosie O'Donnell/Ann Coulter Show......

Russia rejects U.S. offer to jointly create missile defense system

Russia oil producer seeks backing for Iraq oil deal

I Don't Want To Believe This About Mrs. Clinton's Campaign...

United States Seeks To Engage the Iranian People

Thankful for Small Favors

Mitt-Witt Wrongway

"Shock and Awe"

Edwards Statement on Supreme Court Decision on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Marcy Wheeler: White House Tries To Preempt Evidence-Gathering


Massive protests are already being organized for 08' DNC convention.

I love this Kucinich quote

Hillary vs. Gore 2000

If Hillary does get the nomination, it will be because of her money bags!

Terrified Republican Senators Set August Deadline for Iraq

Biden put up an interesting site about Iraq

Obama's 83,531 donors tops Hillary's 50,000 donors - and rumor says $'s may top her $26 million

Kucinich: Genetically Engineered Food

When do you think Gore will announce his decision?

If Al Gore is not running then Kucinich is the man!

Who'll Blink First? President Bush plays chicken with the Democratic Congress

Conservative Think Tanker Is Investigation Target --TPM

He isn't an anti-Semite. He's right.

John Nichols: Bush v. Constitution... Again

Blame Bureaucracy, Pay Off Friends (

The Bush Administration is a fragile mobile of political/financial/religious forces

"time is now to crush the neo-cons using the environment as a central issue"


Bush lied today

Inside the neo-con echo chamber

Government and Citizenship

Simple Calculus: Why Iran Won in Iraq By Morgan Strong consortiumnews

Juan Cole: Iran's new hostage crisis

Bush Conjures Up Tortured Defense of Executive Privilege

"Shallow Throat": Playing Chicken on the Big Stage

There is No Mission” to Accomplish in Iraq!


How Bogus Letter Became a Case for War

Fighting a Mockery of Democracy (E.J. Dionne at Truthdig)

Roadmap of a Progressive Victory (AlterNet)

Closing Time for Torture Island (Marie Cocco at Truthdig)

ROBERT WRIGHT: My Life in the Army

Reports From Four Fronts in the War on Warming

What John McCain Didn't Tell You (Larry C Johnson)

Can Wal-Mart Ever Be 'Green'?

Peak oil: The end of the modeling phase

Two-thirds of world worried by warming, U.S. lags - Reuters

Smoke alarm: EU shows carbon trading is not cutting emissions - Guardian

NYT: The Climate Divide: Reports From Four Fronts in the War on Warming

EU fuel push 'may damage forests' - BBC

'Very active' hurricane season predicted - AP

In Berlin (NH), new hope for mill (new biomass power plant)

Tourists flock to Atlantic City turbines

EnviroMission in Bid to Sell (Solar) Tower Power in Texas

Botswana may build solar-geothermal power plant

California Condor Lays Egg in Mexico

Federal tax credits for installation of small wind systems proposed

In Californa, Dead Seabirds Wash Ashore W. Nearly Empty Stomachs - 3rd Year Straight - SF Chronicle

Southwestern Australia Getting Hotter & Drier - Potential Rainfal Loss 20% By 2030 - Reuters

In NE Sugarbush, Fears Grow As Trees Die Off, Produce Less Syrup

IHT - Nearly 24% Of EU Chicken Flocks Tested Show Positive For Salmonella

Lack Of Preparation, Mitigation On Climate Will Produce Enormous Hidden Costs - IPCC

Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc. Unveils Its One-Cylinder Alternative Fuel Internal Combustion Engine

Milder Winter In Russia Causes Spread Of Virus

Anyone with experience of a solar powered pond pumps?

U.S. automakers could see national CO2 standard - Reuters

Ontario To Tax Water Bottlers

Groundwater Supply Used For Years By Perth Drying Up, Says Aussie EPA

Hunt Delayed As Baby Seals Die By The Thousands Falling Through Thin Ice - National Geographic

U.S. can cut oil imports to zero by 2040, oil use to zero by 2050

Organic Mixture for weedcontrol-Will it leach into the water & be harmful?

18,000-Year-Old Andean Glacier Loses 80% Of Its Area In Past 20 Years - May Vanish This Year - BBC

Australia tells EU to do more on emissions - Reuters

LA Prepares For The Perfect Drought As Record Dry Spell Continues - AFP

U.S. aid shift brings Palestinians grief and relief

UN Calls Israeli Apartheid a "Controlled Strangulation"


Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday, 4/3/07

The botched US raid that led to the hostage crisis

High Court Rebukes Bush on Car Pollution

Major Home Lender Files for Bankruptcy

New York police recruit convicted in $3,000 plot to kill his girlfriend

Iraqi militants set new deadline on German hostages

Fannie Mae Plans To Cut Workforce

Last known surviving WWI Navy veteran dies

Latest Google search: snake in office

How Bogus Letter Became a Case for War

Gonzales gears up for 'make or break' testimony

Armed man subdued at Halliburton complex

Iranian diplomat seized in Iraq released

Snow Not Measuring Up. Bare mountainsides, trickling water bode ill for size of winter runoff.

New book says Kissinger kept Nixon in the dark

No charges in radio contest death

Aids Victims Risk Lives

Clinton holds big lead -- if Gore's out (Gore 2nd in CA @ 25%)

U.S. plane crashes in Dalouiya

5 Deaths at a V.A. Complex Draw Lawmakers’ Concern

Fury at RAF Kamikaze plan

Bush: No Iraq funding bill by mid-April will affect troops

Keith Richards says he snorted father's ashes

Gay marriages blocked by Romney recorded

Ex-FBI agent from S. Florida is missing in Iran

Millions of toys recalled for lead dangers

Key adviser to Bush on Iraq to step down

Google goes back to maps showing Katrina damage

Relatives of Interned Japanese-Americans Side With Muslims

Louisiana Senator Blocks Corps Nominee


Marine Opposed to War Ordered Discharged

New TYC chief strives to calm fears over releases

Tax preparer Jackson Hewitt accused of fraud

Specter supports McCain's Iraq optimism

Mbeki says Mugabe will step down peacefully: paper

Bush Notes Dowd's 'Emotional' Critique of War -- With His Son About to Join Fight

Obama pulls in 20 mln dlrs for 2008 race

Thousands protest president in Ukraine

French High Speed Train Hits 354 mph (575 km/h)

2 new victims identified in 9/11 remains

US firm accused of aiding India weapons programmes

Minutemen to patrol New Hampshire-Canada border on weekends

Woman injured in shooting at CNN Center (CNN 2:01 pm EDT)

Imprisoned freelance journalist released

Early Daylight Saving Time a Bust

No Aminopterin in Tissues of Animals Killed by Pet Food

Boy Charged With Terrorism (14 Years Old)

No contaminated wheat gluten in human food supply, importer says

New Mexico approves medical use of marijuana

Murtha says draft would ease military's burden

California eyes French high speed train

Hicks' media gag order can't be enforced: Ruddock

ABC News Exclusive: The Secret War Against Iran

UK hacker loses extradition fight

U.S. Seeks to Ease Irradiated Food Label

UK pilots asked to consider “kamikaze” scenario

Attorney for Wilkes wants trial dismissed: CAROL LAM'S INVESTIGATION

Was human food tainted too? Suspect gluten went to plants that make products for people, FDA says

Man with tuberculosis jailed for not wearing mask

FCC: 'No' to Cell Phones on Planes

U.S. arrests three accused of S.American war crimes

US Gov. Richardson to visit North Korea in April

Pet Owners Are Making Dog and Cat Food

Lebanon MPs ask U.N. to move on Hariri court

Colombia seeks Israelis accused of training death squads

Obama, Clinton, Edwards. All pathetic. Only one candidate gets my vote!

Okay - fess up ......

I just want to do something mean.. like beat up a puppy or something...

Undisturbed all winter

SF Giants season home opener tomorrow - all I can say is

A lightening bolt is hotter than the surface of the sun??????

Life is bizarre in the most BANAL ways sometimes. I'm making kosher bacon bits; ask me anything.

Live Earth Dead In D.C.

Is it worth it to even try to go to sleep at this point?

So, I'm on the phone with a DUer, and my phone is beeping.

I hope you all have a nice tomorrow, and do you know what?

MegaMon watches TV in Boston

So, what is YOUR opinion loungers?

It just all dovetails so perfectly

Google TiSP (BETA) Free in-home Wireless broadband Service

Comcast is making their repair-people work on Easter Sunday! At straight time!

Had an interesting experience last night

A visit to IKEA: A personal oddysey II The Sequel (Home electronic mix)

Recently found out my cat likes cooked carrots.

Moral Rights and the Law

Johan Santana and the MN Twins take their first step to WOrld Series Glory...

Latest Google search: snake in office

Sirius now has a punk channel.

Congratulations babylonsister!! 40,000 posts

Forget I ever posted this thread. Removed by OP.

74 Year Old Man With 107 Wives Jailed For Beating One Of Them For Being Unfaithful

Teacher Put Plastic Bag Over Student's Head (Was A Joke)

I am so vain. My new site about trains (help a brother out)

So... is the entire state of Ohio on suicide watch today?

I feel like kicking swag's ass

So, has Microsoft released the patches for that animated cursor vulnerability?

Dumbocratic Underwear

Anybody have an opinion on the new Stooges album?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 4/3/2007)

The Cure team up with Ashlee Simpson

I wanna publish zines and rage against machines

Should Major Leage Salary institute a baseball cap?

Best program on PC with XP to make a slideshow video?

Tuesday afternoon picture thread. What would you rather be doing?

I miss MonkeyFunk.

Most annoying songs

Just in case you were wondering...

Ouch - sexy cramp!

Eugene, Oregon is Cold

"I love you Mom! Shut up!"

Man Who Shot Ostrich After It Embarrassed Him In Front Of Women Released From Jail

Unreasonable or no?

Where's the FAQ?


I just got the Amy Winehouse cd

Final Poll on the DU Tournament Brackets

Mental note to self:

Florida over Ohio State in men's NCAA tournament.

Alberto Gonzales attends opening day game, throws out First Amendment

i just got my braces off! celebrate with me!

Is Sanjaya a deliberate "goof" by the producers that's backfired?

Woot! ANOTHER new Joan Osborne CD coming out

Just got profiled by the 5-0... What should I do?

Congratulations to DUer Jeff in Milwaukee - he is the Champion my friends!!

Do you like aphids? *PICS*

Should Wal-Mart institute a salary cap?

Who here is a fan of the TV show "Brothers & Sisters"????

So, who's the Baby Daddy?

Silly Photo thread

I hereby propose "Connonym's Law"

Oranges and peanuts -will there ever be peace?

The only thing amusing about my local paper is the police report.

She picks up a bus and she throws it back down... GO GO BRIDEZILLA!

For all you Baseball "Stat Junkies", here's a great site.

Battle of the bands:Paul Anka vs. Oasis

question for SF DUers (who drive)

My girl is buying me an iPod today.

Snoop Dogg says "Fuck Bill O'Reilly"

Paul Anka sings "Eye of the Tiger"

Woman Ends Sanjaya Hunger Strike

Paul Anka sings "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Google images under "Newt Gingrich"

Happy birthday snacker!!

brains for dinner

One thing I'm pondering is ......

>>>>> Keith Richards: 'I snorted my father'

WOW, Paris Hilton might face jail time!!!!

Who sez GDers don't have a sense of humor.

So, tell me how to take care of an eye brow piercing.

So, the SO's parents have given us their blessing about getting married

Sally likes to Poop

7993 nt

dupe nt


7994 nt

7995 nt

7996 nt

7998 nt

You gotta teach 'em early.

Mmmm, spaghetti and garlic bread.

Should someone tell Javaman he might lock his account with too many posts in a row?

7999...soooo close...nt

OK, so the college senior came home with an eye brow piercing

Keith Richards says he snorted father's asses

Keith Richards snorted ashes of James Doohan, DeForest Kelly

Restaurant Bans Rowdy Gaines (ABC News)

Restaurant Bans Rowdy Roddy Piper (ABC News)

I've found Jesus

Bush Refuses To Set Timetable For Withdrawal Of Head From White House Banister (The Onion)

There is a new "Please Remove"

Do I have a man-crush?

Keith Richards: I snorted my father's ashes

Fox Special Report on Sandy Berger

Keith Richards: 'I Snorted My Father'

it may not top Keith Richards, but 'Swedish couple fights to name baby 'Metallica'

Ran Dumb

Interesting guitar technique... (YouTube)

I will forever love the ending to this video

Is there NO WAY to get rid of stretch marks?

I need a beer or 9.


I have to ask....

A Passover flash - Who let the Jews out?

This Kung Pao chicken is a bit spicy.

my day is so hosed up!

N.J. judge: No such thing as Zamboni DWI

I just rented Hollywoodland and The good Shepard

My 8000th post!!!!! Thank you DU, you have helped me keep my sanity!!! nt

Ketel One + Cointreau + Cranberry....

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery...

If politics could just go away, what would replace it?

I think my cat is a racist!

Restaurant Bans Rowdy Matcom

Should I demand royalties??

my Dagoba treat!

So, what's with people that NEVER leave the gym?

heheh. heh heh heh hah. Ha Ha Ha! MwaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!

No, Google images is not always your friend.

Substitute your username for any word in a movie title:

Is there NO WAY to get rid of skid marks?

HAHAHAAHAHAHA - Cincinnati Mayor 'Throws' Out First MLB Pitch (VIDEO)

Does anyone remember this early DU thread: FBI agent (or SS) visits

If I asked for DU advice for every major decision, and then did the opposite

Serena ROCKS!

Denise Richards says she Horded Charlie's Stashes


Sigh. After almost 23 years of marriage......

Have you ever thought like this?

Couple Fights To Name Their Baby Girl 'Metallica'


Anyone know the law regarding threatening phone messages?

Couple fights for right to name their baby 'Metallica'

its real simple

Do any of you have Satellite Broadband Internet Service?

Keith Richards says he snorted father's ashes

Did I mention that sugar gliders are nocturnal?

Just how dumb were people in the 30s and 40s?

Congratulations SoCalDem!! 60,000 posts

Can I get some help with a LTTE?

Name a great pig latin song

Name a great latin pop song.I dare you.

Mommy brag :)

Your favorite cult/indie movie of all time?

Congratulations terrya!! 35,000 posts

Intersting short documentary on the Amen Break, it's use in todays music, advertising, copyright...

7997 nt

You can do magic...*SHING*

Barry Bonds will probably beat Hank Aaron's HR record this year...

One of my Grandmothers kept a kitchen match dispenser by the door at the cabin.

Katz's Deli!

What would convince you to use a bicycle for transportation?

Restaurant Bans Rowdy Children (ABC News)

sometimes i feel like i'm up 24/7 - do you feel that way, too?

Billy Joe Shaver shoots a guy outside a Texas bar

The Rules

Congratulations salin!! 40,000 posts

Waaahhhhhhh! It's sad to see Willie McCovey on crutches.

Salivary Gland Stones (Salivary Calculi)

What's your favorite John Waters movie?

This is a great song to start my day...

Sometimes I think I'll ring swine tax

For $150k YOU Can Buy Knight Rider's KITT Car

Tomorrow, mid-morning for us on the Left Coast...

I'll buy a DU Tee-shirt for the mod who locks the "Please Remove" thread

I feel old -old, old, old -It's my birthday in 2 more days, I think I am officially over-the-hill.

Congratulations RevCheesehead!! 30,000 posts

Tuesday Afternoon Questions

Should the Premiership institute a salary cap?

Dedicate a youtube video to a Duer or two or three :o)

Things we're old enough to remember! Yay!!!!!

Help! Do you know something about speech therapy? I have a simple question...

Do you like orchids? *PICS*

A definition of "faith"

What is a Christian?

When someone says "God Bless You".. what do you say?

Ben Sheets! Felix Hernandez! -- 2007 Cy Young Award Winners!

Goestenkors Leaving Duke For Texas

Some Friendly Advice for The Ohio State University

Stinkin Rotten Gators--- I guess I gotta give them props.

Billly Donovan to Arkansas?

I hate Bud Selig and I hate DirectTV

For Sale by Owner................ THE Ohio State University

Mayweather vs De La Hoya: "The World Awaits"

our dear la la is having serious health concerns

Video from last night O'Reilly show now up on

Kerry - McCain people approached us about the VP ticket.

McCain Approaced Kerry about Running

JK and THK on NPR NOW until 10/1:

OP-ED by Senator Kerry and Teresa! Wow.

Just up at myDD - Interview with JK

Deleted - duplicate

What Kerry was up against

Kerry on Sporting News (some funny quips)

Just FYI... Kerry Was Right .. but you all know that already

New diary at Daily Kos

It's official!

MarketWatch | German union sues Siemens

Union: Local (military uniform company) firm running sweatshops

The Arizona Republic | AFL-CIO picks woman to head union in state

Workers idled by major stoppages down sharply in last decade

"I'm gonna bring my gun to work"

Michael Ware's rough guide to Sen. McCain's Neverland

In The Name of Love

Waiting on the world to change (for Moochie, Ivan & Billy)

The Truth in 42 seconds from Nixon to Bush

2Pac - Dear Mama

The Westboro Cult

Hannity & Colmes Parity; High School Kids Mock Fox Noise

Intervention on Kleenex (Greenpeace)

The Politicol - Money Figures Trouble For McCain, GOP

AmericaBlog:"Too bad those 6 US soldiers didn't have 100 troops, 5 helicopters backing THEM up"

Question about low-energy light bulbs.... Broken Arrow - How The U.S. Army Broke In Iraq (16-month tours)

A foreigner meddling in American elections (my 1000th post)

My Worst Week Ever

Reports From Four Fronts in the War on Warming - NYT

Anyone in DU remember when Karl Rove stated; "Valerie Plame is fair game"??

Congratulations To The University Of Florida, And To A Great Young Man

Rainbow Bridge Rudy and Trolloping Newty...

lawmakers demand Bush fire NASA's Cobb

Hundreds of "pre-born" babies spiritually adopted.

WWI Vet dies

Who's swearing now?

My letter on Fox: "If the facts don't fit, change the facts"

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

U.S. could strike Iran but not win: Russian general (Reuters)

Great cartoon in the local paper today!

Radical Fringe Toon - Tues 4/3 -- bush's jericho?

cspan. George Brent Mickum - atty for gitmo detainees.

Only 35% of Americans now identify as Republicans

The botched US raid that led to the hostage crisis

Senator McCain found out......It does take a village.

Fake letter led to war (Niger yellow cake) ... go read WaPo

IRAQ: Fleeing relief workers leave gap in aid delivery

While McCain Preens, noot and boner bash Pelosi

Iraqi paper: Areas surrounding Baghdad have become more violent than any time before

This modern world - Tom Tomorrow - Our secret masters

Good cartoon about gonzo

Jeff Koopersmith: Watching Senator McCin Chuck In the Sponge

Can Congress deny funds to Bush's Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives?

Breaking: Bush to babble at 10:15 a.m.

UFO lifting cow up into the sky! (real video)

Did Bush Machinations Provoke Seizure of Brits? (John Nichols at The Nation)

my weekly ltte re:the stroll

Rep. Mike Pence: The surge is working - General Petraeus took off his helmet and put on a soft cap !

Iraqis Call Out McCain (Truthdig)

Where's Sam Seder?

{{whispers}}.. The password is "Cauldron of Chaos"

A brief note on Bush ....

Just when I think my opinion of humanity can't sink any lower...

Video - Why does Dildo Really hate our troops?

The French 'Haul Ass.'

So this surge is supposed to pacify Baghdad, what happens to the rest of Iraq?

Is this a big vacation week for DUers with kids? Traffic on the boards seems rather light?

Iranian diplomat seized in Iraq released

ConWebWatch: The Depiction-Equals-Approval Fallacy

Google launch free broadband

High Court Faults EPA Inaction on Emissions-Bush critics claim victory

way to dodge the 'are you isolated' question, Mr. President...

Bush is on my TV saying he is going to stay in Iraq until the last drop of someone else's blood

You're WRONG, Mr. Bush: Americans want the troops HOME.

Neocon congressman had secret meeting in Syria (not criticized like Pelosi's!)

Kauldron of Kaos

Check out this Video I posted on NBC News

That's Right - Bring them On!

Finally---jet packs available to the general public!

Pet Food Recall: Treats, Iams, Purina, and Science Diet, Now What?

What the local radio talkshow wingnut says about Jeb Crow Shrub

USNews: WH PR is in full force - trying to paint the Dems as delaying funds for the troops

What are they hiding?

The media isn't going to ask Bush about the current number of Iraqis he has had killed any more

'Very Active' Hurricane Season Predicted...

Europe has eclipsed the US in stock market value for the first time since the first WWI

A children's story for our times (no, not My Pet Goat).

from MyDD.... Kerry says McCains folks approached him

The gluten food scare is just another example of what the Bush admin has done to America

McCain's flip-flop on military withdrawal goes by the book

McCain has given exclusive rights to the video of his Iraq trip to 60 Minutes

What's the price of gasoline in your area?

Repubs speculate CIA Chief Hayden is cozying up to Dems - aligning himself for 2008

In light of the food scare

Hush-Hush meeting at White House leaked

Ok, did anyone else catch the "'4200' Counts of Rape"

New book says Kissinger kept Nixon in the dark

Can Fox "news" be giving the GOP an "In Kind Contribution"

Stick a Medical Staple Gun to Giuliani's campaign. He's done.

caption Cheney...

Do you trust this administration, our government, to keep you safe?

NYT frontpages connection between Romney's fundraising and Mormon Church

DU Help please.

Truthout: "Big Media Runs to the Nanny State"

Dear Mr. Prezident, Why not try fightin' 'em here instead of over there?

Newsweek: Iraqi intel officer claims various battalions are 60 to 70% infiltrated by Mahdi Army

Fighting them over there

Rep. Joe Barton, "Texas 'TOOL'". Why am I not surprised?

GOP Insider Vic Gold Launches a Broadside at the State of the Party

LOL, Not only did Drudge take down fake Michael Ware heckles McCain story, he removed it from his

Help this guy out.

please help me find an article re: american tourists refused entry to canada

Did you HEAR the Rose Garden threat??

Page A01 of the Wash Post: How Bogus Letter Became a Case for War

GMO corn causes liver, kidney problems in rats: study

Memo To Bush: 57 Days < 119 Days

Nearly 400 civilians die in Somalia battles - Senator calls Ethiopian action in Somalia commendable

some of our missils can't work because of . . . rain

I'm not sure it means much but

Get a W voodoo doll kit...

All during his Temper Tantrum today, I kept envisioning this

a little ray of hope.... I hope...

Sierra Club, NRDC & Environmental Defense on Supreme Court Ruling

Bush is basically saying that we have to constantly fund the war

What is good, or bad, about the DLC?

OMG. Get your war on page 63 is the best yet.

John McCain in Time Magazine 2002 9/11 Anniversary Edition: "The Road To Baghdad"

Murder monkey's Hissyfit in the Rose Garden --thread #1

Dean: The American People Still Waiting For A New Direction In Iraq

Bush to David Gregory: "That was a beautiful performance, seriously."

Understanding Mitt Romney - Understand the White Horse Prophecy

Elizabeth Edwards last night on Nightline - did anyone watch?

"The American people have got to understand that there is no credible evidence of any wrongdoing."

New Century Files for Bankruptcy ( biggest yet mortage comp.)

Cheney is target of rare protest at Brigham Young (University)

Abducted Iran diplomat freed in Iraq - US says it doesn't know anything about it

I have a confession.

smirk gives 23 Iowa counties snow emergency funds

When Congress returns, it's going to be an all out, bare knuckles brawl

Clinton Backs Public Funds for Campaigns

Bush conjures up tortured defense of executive privilege

AP Exclusive: Kissinger says military victory not possible in Iraq

Why is the US trying to talk to Iran through the Swiss?

"So be it"

Check out hometown baghdad

Florida over Ohio State in men's NCAA tournament.

Bush Flirts With CBS WH Correspondent Bill Plante

Caption *

Judge orders man who lied under oath to read 'Integrity'

Bush holds line on global warming despite ruling

It has been 147 days since the American people voted to end the war in Iraq. Since then,

How the war ended.

RAF pilots consider the Kamikaze option

Innocent until proven guilty?

Spoke truth to power today.

Another consequence of global warming? MEGA HIGH pollen counts

President Bush Demands a Timetable for Troop Withdrawl. (true)

Romney would start Iraq War again

Senator Levin: Veterans need us to fix much more than just Walter Reed

IBM Offers Military $45 Million In Translation Technology (donating)

My Letter to Barack Obama

D.C. Police Log Confirms Role of FBI in Arrest of Protesters...

anyone have video of billo's latest meltdown?

If Obama wins, Obama wins

Bush: "You've said the Iraqis haven't met any obligations; I would disagree"

More on Bush Voodoo Dolls...

Things I Think About::

Brussels Launches Antitrust Inquiry Into Apple's iTunes

ABC: according to "unnamed sources" Iran could have nukes by 2009

This is awful! Price Tag For Boy's Heart Transplant Doubles

Police arrest diabetic Mr. Universe, thinking he was drunk when he was in insulin shock.

New Fellows Program: Get Paid To Blog For ThinkProgress

Three times a charm? - Bush adds 'ic' to 'Democrat' on third try...

per USA GATE 'voter fraud' explanations

How is bulk wheat gluten transported?

Suggestions for a hard of hearing woman?

Somebody Shot At CNN??

ALL of US Homes Could be run on Geothermal Power.

New Target in Abramoff Case (Italia Federici, one-time gf of J. Steven Griles, fmr Dep Sec Interior)

Al Gore At Arizona State University To Spread The Truth

Breaking News on Food & Beverage Development

Absolute horror in Atlanta suburb

Bush’s abstinence chief resigns

How much of Newtie's Contract With America was actually fulfilled?

Our skies to be filled with military Lockheed High Altitude (Spy) Airships by 2009?

A BIG THANK YOU to DU - I won the Tax Cut Online contest with YOUR help

Did Bush Blame Broken Army on Dems too today?

FBI gathered ‘purely political intel’ on war critics

Heart valve grown from stem cells

Belligerant Bush ---pix--->>>

Pelosi's office to Bush: "We acted quicker than the Republican Congress has ever acted on.. Iraq"

Sigh. Maybe someday.

America in the Clash of the Cults

I'm just throwing this out there......

Hidden in the whining, did Bush accidentally say something?

Media Research Center OR Defending the Bush Administration Center?


Bush's Iraq puppets are pressing the U.S. to release the Iranians being held - The hangings are off

The 'christian' Right - America's De Facto Guardian Council

'Very active' 2007 hurricane season predicted (Well, this should work out VERY WELL for us.)

A really good Bush joke I heard this weekend.

If you want Gore to run - Make a video response or text comment this video

I'll take Ms. Pelosi for President over Ms. Clinton any day of the week.

Did Rove's Protege (Griffin) Puff Up Resume?

If Bush does Veto the bill...

Texas Activist Attacks 'Race for Cure' to End Breast Cancer / DU this poll

Sen. DeMint (R-Cretaceous Era) puts hold on bill to aid Katrina victims

Is anyone sick to their stomach after watching WJ this am???

Very sad news: Steny Hoyer's beloved dog Charlotte has died

Niger docs "smell" like Rove was involved to me.

Actor Eric Braeden comments on war and 2008 presidential election

“Orleans DA fights discrimination ruling” another attorney firing scandal

Remember this? On December 26th 1971, two dozen Vietnam Veterans 'liberated' the Statue of Liberty

Andrea Mitchell: Did Petraeus really meet with Republican caucus?

Dear, Dear Eliz. Edwards,

Gingrich urges the UK to use military force to destroy Iran’s petrol production company

When someone says "God Bless You".. what do you say?

Limbaugh: "I have done more for world peace to promote liberty and freedom than Al Gore has."

All you Congress watchers, answer this.

Behind The Numbers: 83,531 Gave To Obama, 50,000 Gave To Hil

Richard Gere called Diane Sawyer out this morning

LTTE: Right Wing talking point leave out biggest pork of all: WAR

John Kerry and Theresa were Promoting Imus "Green Clean" Product on Tweety just now...

Stunning, often disheartening collection of Iraq reporters' commentary, plus heartbreaking pix

Dems seek to interview Gonzales aide (Goodling) - she cannot simply refuse to testify on the matter

High school essay: Who's is more like contemporary society; Orwell's 1984 or Huxley's Brave New ....

Cut and Paiste from faithfulamerica

3257 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Iranians think British government is trying to get their grubby little hands on Iran's oil again

Our (REDACTED) war on terrorism

Keith Richards: I snorted my father's ashes

Fox Attacks update: Stop the CBCI's Fox-hosted debate

Keith Richards: 'I Snorted My Father'

it may not top Keith Richards, but 'Swedish couple fights to name baby 'Metallica'

There has been a shooting in Atlanta. I guess CNN thinks everyone cares about Atlanta?

Re-create '68 in Denver? No thank you.

Doctor survived cancer, uninsured didn't (Female patient had the same disease, but couldn't afford

Can Someone Here Summarize (Briefly, If Possible) The Military Commissions Act?

...opportunity of asking Jeb Bush, toe-to-toe, whether any of his children would volunteer for Iraq

Okay, what SPECIFICALLY is Bushco's objection to Pelosi going to Syria?

Americans Doubt Safety of Nation's Food Supply in Wake of Pet-Food Contamination

On my way into the hospital in West Jordan, UTAH....

Kerry on Bush's press conference: If the President uses his veto, he is the one denying funding for

Larry Johnson On Olbermann Tonight Re McCain's Baghdad "Photo Op"

Shots fired in CNN newsroom--Where's Dick??? (breaking now on CNN)

Mom Of Local Soldier Killed In Iraq Says War 'Senseless'

So, British press releases story of US kidnapping of Iranian diplomats and hours later....

Mallard Fillmore sez Global Warming just a fluke!

CNN boots morning anchors - one replacement is a Faux anchor

MySpace To Hold Presidential Primary

O'Reilly to Condi: "But most Americans aren't buying it."

tweety has spittle on his chin

Bush On Global Warming: "U.S. action is meaningless..."

NYC is FILLING POTHOLES with the ashes of 911 Victims.

How can we get this heroic deed done before our boy is out of power or this administration crippled

If the bad guys can wait out our timeline, why can't they

Twinge of fear at the pumps last night.

Want fries with that? Woman bites off her boyfriend's earlobe.

Anyone just hear Michael Ware?

Blackwater is now trying to take over an 824 acre Military base in Southern California!

Is rape and pillage really the only way to get ahead these days?

New Iowa Poll: Edwards leads

Venezuela: The Times They Are A-Changin’

The Drug War........

At long last, a Web star is born -- thousands watch his arrival

My response to a freeper re: the "Democrat" party. (It shut this one up fairly quickly)

Why is this veto not passing the 'scent' test?

A question about the military's budget.

K.O. has Russ Feingold on tonight! Heads Up! Responds to bush* threats.

RR Resistant Superweeds Threaten Cotton

Worker Representatives on Corporate Boards in Sweden

Venezuela’s Monthly Inflation Drops to Lowest Level in 19 Years

Help stop ANOTHER Faux Democratic debate!

Criminal Charges Served Up Against Former Reagan Aide

Man, I cannot believe this - the "today in Iraq" site is still knocked

Special counsel needed for U.S. Attorney probe?

The reason the Republicans are so pissed about Pelosi going to Syria is Rice is too scared to go

I saw a Brownback for President bumper sticker today in Northern VA

Surge is NOT working based on numbers

How do these sick moderate repubs expect to redeem themselves ?

Lou Dobbs reporter says it's a "Las Vegas Supplier" who's Culprit in Tainted Pet Food!

Is there anything Bush can say about Iraq today that he hasn't already said?

McCain saving the "good stuff" from Iraq trip for 60 Minutes this Sunday

Fox News Attacks Black America

Two interesting bumper-sticker sightings in two days

Guiliani's wife (the 3rd one) held job with puppy-killer firm

Randi's had some RW jerks today.

Get this Out: Bush Today Said we Are NO SAFER than Sept 10, 2001

Woman on horseback charged with DUI.

Heres some food for thought today. (Man With Drug-Resistant TB Locked UP)

Kerry: McCain approached him about VP in '04

My 13 year old son is helping me understand the power of the "Democrats will raise your taxes" meme.

Eating Beef in Pregnancy Linked to Reduced Sperm in Adult Sons

CNN: "Dick Cheney Watched * Speak From Behind A Shrub"

HELP ARMY DUers!!!! Messy resting place for fallen(?) soldier......

Murder monkey's Hissyfit in the Rose Garden --thread #DEUX

Interesting talk on Blackwater FYI

Watching John Kerry on Tweetie: This man truly looks Presidential

Transcript of MurderMonkey's Hissy fit in the Rose Garden, link, etc here

Is it me or is this woman who is taking Snowman's

big cheese minuteman on msnbc right now - he can't speak english.

A Bad Omen for Rudy In Iowa

Dems unveil backup bill requiring troop withdrawal

On Outing Gay Conservatives

did you just see the scroll bottom of msnbc calling her speaker pelosives???

Lehrer News Hr just showed 10 more pics of Dead US troops.

Sy Hersch: IWR allows Bush to go in Iran (or wherever he wants)

Best press corps question of Junior today !

New Hampshire Democratic favorability poll numbers grinded further

Monica's page...

Help! Do you know something about speech therapy? I have a simple question...

Did you see Brian Ross on ABC just now?

Send an email to the FDA re: tainted wheat gluten

USNews: GOP insiders see Dowd's defection as a possible larger rebellion against Bush

John Edwards surges, Hillary Clinton slips in latest New Hampshire poll

Wheat Gluten imports up 30 times 2001 numbers - receive 16 times less inspections..

McCain...oh dear would be funny except for all the blood and screams...

Reid: America Cannot Afford Bush Strategy Any Longer

Supporting the Troops: In Review

"Health Savings Accounts" - WTF Good Are They?

US funds terror groups to sow chaos in Iran

From Al Gore: Step It Up On April 14th

Just got profiled by the 5-0... a little rattled.

Right Wing Houston City Councilman and talk show host gets a Iraq draft call!

ABC News Exclusive: The Secret War Against Iran

Bush's Perfect Storm

Live In Fear

Nancy Plosive's trip to syria?

FWB announces Public Punditry Contest!

Too funny...(put down your coffee cup)

Cindy Sheehan: Three Years Ago Today

Colombia seeks Israelis accused of training death squads


DNC Asks Members to Make Case Against the Iraq War

End of a Tormented Presidency -

Our President is not a King

My airline story.....Don't fly American

Franken cuts Coleman's lead in half

Ex-prosecutor sees 'serious threat to our freedom'

Baghdad market just “like a normal outdoor market in Indiana in the summertime,”

did you hear bush say he would introduce new legislation??? HE is not congress

Update On Larisa Alexandrovna (lala_rawraw)

For the Record, Mr Bush.

I have something I need to vent about please

Come, enjoy this morning cup of freshly-brewed snark from Speaker Pelosi.

JESSE JACKSON: Invest in hope, America, not despair

American Atheists President on Paula Zahn Tonight - 8PM ET

Tuesday TOONS: McCain's stroll....

Let's Ban DRE Voting Machines --- ACTION

O'Reilly transcript: Bill tries to attack Gore with RW talking points, Kerry defends him

And Then, Something Went Bump...

A word about trophy wives.

The real story behind the pet food recall

The Chinese gluten/wheat is industrial espionage/sabotage

FBI gathered ‘purely political intel’ on war protesters.

McCain is super desperate: He hired Nixon's "Jew Counter"!

What posed the greatest threat to to The United States of America

A truly bad move from the UN Human Rights Council

Buzzflash: And the Bushevik Band Played On

PETA: FDA Likely Wrong About Wheat Gluten as Sole Source of Pet Food Poisoning

Larisa Alexandrovna has serious health challenges. Please send positive vibes.

What is the deal with the Army today?

Wal-Mart, the Democrats' new friend..

John Derbyshire (NRO): Wouldn't "shed a tear" if held British soldiers died

I'm just digging the crap out of this blog I've discovered.

**HEALTH CARE: An Important Medicare Primer for DUers. PLEASE READ! **

I for the life of me can not fathom why normal intelligent people vote against their self interests

A Rap For Karl Rove

Who's shoulder will Hillary cry on after losing the nomination?

Iraqi merchant: McCain visit propaganda (AP)

To tune of 'Fly Me to the Moon,' Mitt Romney faces skewering as perfect candidate

Superior Politics That You Can See

De-Romnefying Massachusetts

LTTE: Forum is not asking the tough questions

Has anyone else heard about a News Conference with Bush today?

Will Latinos Continue Moving Democratic? (AlterNet)

Do W and the rightwing really want to bring up the vacation thing?

Check out this Video I posted on NBC News

Everything you know is wrong

Leveraging Strength: Comparing Obama and Clinton's Donor Numbers (Matt Browner Hamlin at HuffPost)

Feingold-Reid Bill Presents Another Democratic Gut Check

Rose Garden Rant coming up on C-span.

The Daily Flipper...DNC's research on the GOP 08 candidates.

Want your blood to boil. Listen to Asshat now....

Just curious

D.L. Hughley -Republicans are the 5th out of 5 dentists

FBI lied; civil rights violations against war protestors uncovered

Gingrich: When I Said ‘Language Of Living In The Ghetto,’ I Meant Hebrew

Dodd To Cosponsor Feingold-Reid Bill

Dedicated to Newt: As the snow flies On a cold and gray chicago mornin

Republicans gird for surge of investigations

CQ Vote Study Shows Democrats Are Organized Majority So Far

When Training Iraqi Troops Turns Deadly

Louisiana Senator Blocks Corps Nominee (AP)

Is Giuliani catholic?

AP Exclusive: Kissinger says military victory not possible in Iraq

Our secret masters have spoken!

McCain caught in another lie: he approached Kerry about VP slot

63% of CA primary voters say no chance of voting for Kucinich

A third possibility with the funding bill and Bush

Hotline: Kerry was Right

What is about Rosie to which the RW hate mongers seem to be immune?

Smith '08: DeFazio considering race; decision in May

CNN Michael Ware.. how can we show him support?

MyDD Interview with John Kerry (excerpt on cutting funding, Iraq and Iran)

Conyers to Goodling: Time to talk.

A DLC campaign to rid the Democratic Party of lefties?

Arianna Huffington: Follow the Real Money (HuffPost)

Those crazy French and their silly little choo choo train

Did Rove's Protégé Puff Up Résumé?

John McCain and the Jew-Counter (by David Corn of The Nation)

Hey Giuliani, go Fuck Yourself

Anyone else think Bush is sounding more and more like a spoiled brat that....

FACT CHECK: Lawmakers Of Both Parties Have Condemned Iran’s Seizure Of British Sailors

E-mailed from Democratic National Committee -

The Nation: The Iraq Vote That Mattered Most

The real Fox News Democrats

Question :Why does no one question the state of Bill Clinton's health

Question...candidates and defunding the troops

Does Anybody Know When * Is Going To Join Trent Lott and Sip A Mint Julep......

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - "Mistakes Were Made" GWB (4/07)

Don't sell Barack 'Obambi' short

Bush hits Congress for going on vacation...and then takes one himself

Bush: Success In Iraq ‘Is More Than A Military Mission, Precisely Why I Sent More Troops’

Second House request: Pentagon is asked (again) for report on Iraqi readiness

Bush sez we're "Sending mixed signals to Syria"?

Our President is not a King

I have hesitated to post this, given his popularity,

The Kucinich Theme Song: Wake Up America.

What is a Christian?

Freelancer Josh Wolf to Be Freed After Turning Tape Over to Judge

Ok help me understand why are unions so bad?and other rantings from the freepers

Governor Bill Richardson Signs Into Law Medical Marijuana Act

Dowd Defection only the first crack of Bush Inner-Circle Dam?

why are they playing nice with Goodling?

Join Obama online LIVE today in NH at 3PM EST for a Community Forum on Health Care in America

BushCo's Perfect Storm

Hillary sets up an online petition opposing a Bush veto of the Iraq bill

Harold Ford's pathetic drive-by "conversation" at tpm cafe

Special counsel needed for U.S. Attorney probe?

That guy on with Rachel Maddow is spouting right wing talking points.

Clinton holds big lead -- if Gore's out (Gore 2nd in CA @ 25%)

Kerry Responds to Bush’s Press Conference on Iraq Funding Bill

Edwards sticks it to Bush on the threat of a veto for funding the troops

* calls Bill Plant, "The cute-looking one." (Laughter.)

I Just Loves Me Some Doonesbury....

Mitt Romney and the CIA's Mormon hiring preference....

Tweety has such a bone for Fred Thompson

Miles and Soledad given the mornin' boot by CNN!

Micheal Smerconish: The Edwards need to drop out and be with those two little kids

The Rude Pundit: Live Vodka-Shot Blogging the President's War Funding Hissy Fit

Iraq War Funding - a poll about pure strategy, not principle.

Help Kucinich to Impeach Bush

Bush Asserts -- Again! -- That Public Opinion Is With Him On Iraq

John Edwards and Fair Trade

My second choice for president is....?

How bogus letter became a case for war. Italian reporter able to quickly unravel the fraud

TeamClinton hasn't opposed and attacked Bush and GOP the last 6 yrs? Really?

General Wes Clark still saying (even as of tonight) "I haven't said that I won't run"

McAuliffe's book ripped Gore and Kerry, now Doug Schoen's book rips Dean?

Edwards pulling away in Iowa and surging in New Hampshire, today's polls show

Support Hillary? You support Wal-Mart!

ABC Breaking: Pakistani tribal militant group raids inside Iran with

GOP to Discriminate Against the Obese

I just had ANOTHER (13th) e-mail read on CNN!

Where the fuck is all this money coming from, anyway?

Its not just that they did it wrong, it was wrong no matter how