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Blair finally backs Brown

5 cancers in the American body politic

To Fix The Barn

FRANK RICH: All the President’s Press

International Journalists Becoming More Anti-American at State Department Conference (HuffPost)

Randall Tobias: Another GOP Hypocrite Bites the Dust (by Roy Sekoff at HuffPost)

Senator Kennedy, 2002: The Right Course of Action for Disarming Iraq, Combating Terrorism, ...

Open Letter to the President (February 19, 1998)

McClatchy Reporters Answer Questions Online After Moyers' PBS Report on Press and Iraq

Still Waiting for Answers

NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF: Diplomacy at Its Worst

War Called Riskier Than Vietnam

Porn dominates Saudi mobile use

It's our planet -- Earth

They built it ... but they didn't come


Saudi King Declines to Receive Iraqi Leader

Gonzales heckled at Harvard reunion

(370) Toyota layoffs shock (Indiana) workers

A Saudi Prince Tied to Bush Is Sounding Off-Key (Bandar Bush)

Former Premier (Ayad Allawi) to Attend Iraq Conference (sparks will fly)

Protestors Greet President Bush With Jeers

Bush seeks grads' help on immigration

After Katrina, U.S. Did Not Accept Most Offers of Aid

Arnold on the Take from Donald

Women bear brunt of Tehran's crackdownA

Former senator injured in mugging

Webb aide's gun charge dropped by prosecutor

Clinton Denounces 'Mission Accomplished'

Chavez Aims to Meet Left's Energy Needs

Walmart Pulls Contaminated Frozen Catfish From China

"Pop Country Really Sucks" (Explicit language warning)

i am writing the worlds most boring presentation.

I have to leave DU now.....

Oooh. The sharks are after dear Dr. DemoTex today!

Oh baby oh! And he was a loser.

I highly recommend seeing "Hot Fuzz."

I need at least a few minutes in the Lounge after a judicatory mtg

I'm DUing from our new La-Z-Boy recliner! Ask me anything!

Favor popsicle flavor of the top 3?

After we went and spent an obscene amount of money on stuff for Frankie...

Spring has sprung. Got these veggies planted this week:

'Night, Loungistas. Gotta work tomorrow.

We just got our first Red Robin in town. Recommendations?

YAY!! Studio 60's coming back!!!

Anyone else having troublems with G-mail?

The Secular Humanist Bible Quiz

I'm having a party tonight! Everyones invited, and it's BYOB.

Saw the most insane thing in the campus C-Store...

I have been bad this weekend

Anyone ever "hung out" on a nude beach before?

Grilling season is back!

There are times that i wish i knew where to get some

The desk, she is finished....Whew!

Rob Zombie's Halloween Remake looks freaking awesome. Here's the trailer...

No one is a bigger klutz than me.

Vermont DUers, can you help me with a project?

'The prom' or 'Prom'?

Country music for people who hate country music - Saturday Night Music Thread

say something irrelevant

Uncensor the Internet Firefox Extention

Has anyone here ever dealt with a debt collection agency? This is a long story but here goes, about

Name a weird thing about yourself

Do you read posts in any "voice"?

Is it just me, or does Hillary's voice fucking grate the soul to a bloody stump?

If a friend of yours is going to get married really soon, would you be honest with her?

If there was one item that you wish you could have from a beloved passed relative, what would it be?

What do you think is the most disturbing movie?

Beginning to understand why I was fired

Top 10 Strangest Deaths

What are you listening to?

Which philosophers of ethics, if any, have been of use to you?

Is Bill Walton on drugs or something?

For Once A Good Story About A Vet

State of Poverty

Bill Maher-----Guns Don't Kill People, Crazy People Do- hint chimp

#9 Dream, performed by R.E.M.

IHT: Sarkozy struggles to maintain momentum in French campaign

Dumbfuck's War.

Gravel to Pelosi: Want my advice about strategy? Fine...

Activists open a storefront

Panel: Lighten crack cocaine sentences

Is there a timeline or listing of the various Iraq "milestones" where the "next 6 months" were going

"This nation will still be stuck with those who would rather use a lie, than act like grownups"

Former Premier to Attend Iraq Conference(Allawi)

SPLC thinks that some of the recent immigrant killings ARE being caused by RW extremists

Lieutenant General Odom, U.S. Army, retired......the REAL straight talk express


Did Wolfie's girlfriend nudge him into Iraq policy?

“New Mexican Guard demands apology from U.S. Army”, BG Montoya believes ethnicity played a role.

Is the media our Guardian Council?

Gravel has a forum on his web site where you can leave messages of support

Neo-Nazi Leader Arrested for Child Pornography

You go to war over the cartoons you have...

Saturday: 9 GIs, 156 Iraqis Killed, 164 Wounded !!!


need help from above getting those stains out?

Box of condoms leads to evacuation

Who is more vile, Bill O'Reilly or Ann Coulter?

heads up folks (OBSW)

What was Bozo the Chimpernator's big announcment

Other nations' opinion of Wolfowicz should be a wake-up call for

Frank Rich: All the President’s Press


Everyone's asleep. I'm watching Lake Placid 2.

Rangel: Cheney has a personality disorder, Bush most pleasant person but doesn't know what's going o

Anti-war protesters in Reno call for impeachment of Bush, Cheney (AP)

AP: Climate Change Talks Greow In Importance

NEWSWEEK: Myth Making - The New Details On The Making Of The Jessica Lynch Myth

Real Time (Bill Maher) is coming up and I missed it; was it any good? nt

Democrats will be controlling all 3 branches of govt for years and years....

Interviews with Guantanamo detainees


Suuuuuuuuuuuuuurge! Mission aborted! Bungee Bush takes off

Check out the neat stuff here......

Woman in Escort Case Plans to Name Names in Defense

Ullman, creator of "Shock and Awe," used DC madam escort service

A28 In Seattle

Interesting OP/ED on recent abortion ruling

Abstinence Only Indeed

NYT Editorial: Still Waiting For Answers ("We hope Waxman enforces the subpoena of Rice..")

What code are we in now?

I just watched Bill Moyers' 'Buying The War' for the first time.

We all know what an Oscar looks like. What does a DUzy look like?

Come gather 'round people

Sunday Talk Shows

INTERNATIONAL DUers: how ignorant do (U.S.) Americans appear to you?

Why are less than 1 in 300 of you in Iraq right now? An open letter to all Bush voters.

Garrison Keillor and Prairie Home were in Columbus, Georgia today

Gravel, Man of the Year?

Wolfowitz is costing the World Bank $5 million a year in personal security

My mother called a county in Georgia to see if she could get

IMPEACH first pictures out of Kansas City today!

Constitutional Amendment to guarantee health care

Dennis Kucinich calling for impeachment of D.C. Dick Cheney!

Charges and Evidence: The Impeachment of George W. Bush

Greenpeace supports Al Gore, and they're ASKING FOR YOUR HELP...use their template to send a letter.

Okay, Moyers' Interviews with Jon Stewart and Josh Marshall (stream) are up now:

N.J. gov. crash shows travel practices. (One was clocked at 110 mph!)

3,346 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

Who is the most progressive Democrat big business would let win the White House?

MIT Dean of Admissions admits she never graduated from college

Food safety worries mount (at least 45 people ate pork from melamine fed hogs)

What we need is Single Payer Health Care.

Jon Stewart on Bill Moyers Journal full video Must See!

Unity08: Destroy it now, before it metastasizes

ABC’s Ross: DC Madam’s List Includes White House & Pentagon Officials, Prominent Lawyers

Journalism's "Achilles heel" exposed in Duke rape hoax

What kind of flame warrior are you?

If you think us "old farts" don't have it all together, check out the message board on AARP.

About 600 give Bush an "unwelcome" in Miami Today!

Norman Solomon rips the Leading Dem Candidates a New One


Florida National Guard situation is dire....hurricane season coming.

Pictures from today's BEACH IMPEACH with 1500 people taking action for impeachment (dial up warning)

I can't believe I'm seeing flat tax supporters on DU. The mind boggles

Anderson Cooper CNN is having a special segment on disasters

Private polls indicate another "democratic surge" in 2008 elections (gain 9 to 11 more seats)

Anyone else watching the Enron story on PBS?

Watergate's 35th birthday

Gary Hart: An Open Letter to Mayor Giuliani (HuffPost)

A really nice story about Dodd

Obama vows to "turn the page" on Iraq

Calif. Democrats warm for Clinton, wild for Obama (Reuters)

Iglesias on Bill Maher -- smells like a smoking gun to me

It really doesn't matter if ANY of the candidates

Dick "Toe-Sucker" Morris being deposed in D.C. Madam case

Saudi Arabia will never be attacked by US if we were attacked again by Saudis

Four Years Later.........Tom Tomorrow

A life long Democrat is sick PLEASE send a get well card by snail

Harlan Ullman was a "regular customer" (the 'shock and awe' military man)

Carol Moseley Braun attacked, injured on South Side

Florida again: House OKs bill requiring waiting time, ultrasound before abortions

So, what's up with Edwards?

Shipp: Time to remove Gold Dome's tarnish(Perdue, Gagle, Reed of GA)

Rep. Feeney owes public answers, now

Federal Justice: Spinning wheels(on Civil Rights)

Doolittle says stepped-up probe 'not clear'

Farm, Renzi, Huachuca linked

GOP has uphill climb for cash and candidates, feeling the drag of investigations and minority status


Saleh Nizar, Iraq “I thought I would not stand the torture”

Request to Pull Guantanamo Lawyer Plan (AP)

God given right to bear arms.

Human Rights Watch to US: US: Close CIA Prisons Still in Operation

Truthout: Tenet Book Blames White House for "16 Words"

Remember USA Black that was pulled from the Abramoff Investigation?

Congress should deliver the war supplemental bill in a flag-draped coffin

Living Without Health Insurance (18,000 people die every year because they lack health insurance)

Islamic Scholars Play Role in High Finance


Mainstream American Journalism is Dead

NYT: In Debate, Democrats Show More Unity Than Strife

The Coming Crisis In Employee Turnover

‘Political Will Needed to End Poverty’

Stupidest Drug Story of the Week-Is Reuters drinking bong water?

The Death of Missouri Medicaid

Doctors increasingly acknowledge 'chemo brain'

NYT op-ed: "Boris the Fighter," by Bill Clinton

Ray McGovern: Poor George Tenet; He Still Doesn't Get It

Who could blame Graves for leaving when he did? (USA in Mo)

Action urged on illegal fishing - BBC

Europeans eye American wind energy market

Patagonians are up in arms over land purchases by adventure tourists

School district buses turn to biofuel (FL)

Cape towns have tough time with turbines (Mass.)

Ogunquit envisions lure of being 'green town'

Producing energy from landfills

In mosquito, a small tale of climate change - Boston Globe

Tell Coca-Cola to Stop Worker & Environmental Abuses E action

Bees in North Austin...

Stossel to carry global warming denialist water on 20/20

San Diego School Buildings Going Green With Photovoltaic Roofs

CA urged not to neglect PV's less sexy cousin.

OK, what's the scoop on the VW TDi ?

Chernobyl Reminds Us that Nukes are NOT Green

wtmusic's Electric Car Project / Chapter 3

Israel's 'modesty buses' draw fire

Frank Applauds Israeli Democracy

Anti-Israel ad campaign set for Washington subway

Poll: 75% of Israeli Arabs support Jewish, democratic constitution

self delete

nudge, nudge... wink, wink....

Fitrakis, Landay on The Monitor ... 6 pm CDT

FINALLY: FL votes to end the use of touchscreens.

Ah, The Places Fraud Hides...Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, 4/29/07

Did Dubbya rig the election?

Pivotal Ohio 2004 Vote-Kerry Was Ahead-Then Server Went Down for 90 Minutes-Result-Bush Had Lead!

Abstinence Only Indeed

Protest in Afghan east after civilian deaths

Rebuilt Iraq Projects Found Crumbling

Irish parliament dissolved, elections set for May 24 (1st Lead)

White House rethinking its ties with Saudi prince

Iran foreign minister to attend Iraq meeting

U.S. fires artillery on southern Baghdad

Rep. Feeney sought rule change tied to Abramoff(as did Doolittle)

Fed's Yellen says U.S. economic downturn possible

A Saudi Prince Tied to Bush Is Sounding Off-Key

Salvation: Just click and confess

Gore blasts Canada's greenhouse-gas plan

One million Turks rally against government

Utah Co. GOP kills resolution on Satan

McCain Defends Conservative Credentials

Iraqi artists look to spruce up Baghdad

30th Anniversary of Huge Anti-Nuke Demo

Afghans protest deaths in U.S.-led raid--"chanting "Death to Bush"

Protest in Afghan east after civilian deaths

(Tom Delay's Dem. replacement) Lampson mulling run against Cornyn for U.S. Senate

Iraq Leader Warns Iran on Attacks Abroad

British soldier killed on patrol in Iraq

Rice: Bush would oppose Iraq benchmarks

Several Shot At Ward Parkway Shopping Center (Kansas City, Missouri)

Iran cracks down on offbeat Western hairdos

UK soldier killed on Basra patrol

Cheers, jeers greet McCain

Rice redefines 'imminent threat'

Army Chief Of Staff wants to speed up troop hike

St. Louis Cardinal's pitcher Josh Hancock killed in auto accident

Farm, Renzi, Huachuca linked - Land at center of inquiry into congressman

US forces storms Sadr's office, arrest those inside

Senators push for immigration compromise

Convention ends with Satan and immigrants

Young aide's link to Abramoff sheds new light on Marianas bill

US launches artillery barrage in southern Baghdad

Iran's fashion police target ties

Peru's Garcia voted decree powers

Officers: Ex-CIA chief Tenet a 'failed' leader

Tanker Explodes; (SF) Bay Bridge Connector Collapses

Saudi king is said to be angered by Maliki

82 inmates cleared but still held at Guantanamo

More than a million attend Turkey rally: police

Conservative Center Closes Up Shop

Claim Bush came to office plotting Iraq war "flat wrong": Rice

Bolivian separatists taking up arms in movement which threatens Brazil

Iraq Kurdish region says will try to block oil law

Gunman Opens Fire at Ward Parkway Shopping Center

Source: Castro Set To Resume Duties May 1

I love Bill Maher.

I have a question.

Celebrities share their favorite swear words!

I'm giving up the ghost and going to bed. Also marking off another day of living under the BushCo

If it makes you happy it CAN'T be that bad...

Don't Stop!

I vote for gasoline rationing.

I Wanna Soak Up Some Sun!

Any man of hers....

Sounds from I-10 and trains.

I Wanna Soak Up Some Gravy!

it's what's inside that counts.

DAMMIT! If I didn't have such bad phobias and pretzels, I'd go out and

I vote for seizure of motor vehicles by homeless people

I wrecked my ankle

First cut is the deepest

Well, I'm off to WalkAmerica for the March of Dimes...

good morning !!

i discovered a dirt road along the property boundaries

rules for road runner cartoons

Question: what's the difference between a church and a cathedral?

Do you ever say "OUCH" pre-emptively?

Feels Like I'm In Love

wow! randy moss is now a patriot

John Denver...............

I've Had A Most Excellent Day!

OK, but how do you get Scotchguard OUT of stuff?!?

I think I have ennui

Sunday Music Lineup

Blink. Blink.

The Hammer Casts Adam Carolla As Lead

can we please never give Jamie Kennedy another movie again now?

The Bloody Mary - Sunday morning breakfast of the Gods

ants almost never get sick

Most charming, endearing scene in a book or movie

How cool is this I ask. hdtv over the air for FREE

I found a Rick on me

What's your favorite obscure movie?

When someone says, "Tell me about yourself"

What bugs do you find the most revolting?

French to English Clothing Tag Translation

Know what happens on May 6th?

I just watched the "Sports Night" pilot...

My ego could defeat your ego...

Everybody... go out and rent this movie...

Radio Lady Update: I survived the root canal treatment and hopefully saved the tooth.

In honor of the victims of Katrina.. Tool - "Flood"

Red,white and blue, if you was home I would hump on you

Does anyone else have a police scanner?


"You may be taller than me but I'm still gonna kick your ass!"

Randy Moss traded to the Patriots

Hey..this blog is SO cool!!

I found a tock on me.

I found a but tock on me

I've left the "700 Club"... ask me anything!!!

I'm studying for a big shitty test tomorrow

This is why I heart Connonym

OK--what's the biggest surprise of the baseball season so far?

The President constructed an interesting proof of the Pythagorean theorem.

What are your cravings today?

Never forget this picture

What is the most gut renching moment in movie history?

More country music for people who hate country music.


Based on arguments I've seen in GD, the forum has many representatives of Cherry Pickers Local 342

Poll Question: Blane or Duckie?

Racist Cartoons of the past


if, during a zombie outbreak, you knew there was a good likelihood of being bitten

The cutest kitty picture EVER. I win.

For those who have watched Dancing with the stars too much - check out this couple

ever stay in one of these before?

What kind of protesters will you draw at your college/grad school reunion?

Do you ever say "excuse me" to furniture or inanimate objects?

New Family Guy tonight!

IF you were a clown..

Go outside right now; what do you hear?

A girl I knew in HS just sent me a message saying she had a huge crush on me...

Is there a good Windows Registry Cleaner out there?


Is it wrong to be in love with a pair of shoes?

I found a tick on me

Is there any post better then your 6969 post?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 4/29/07)

How to make your daughter look really tiny.

More Ptah Ptictures {dial-up warning} Some bounty from Tucson Gem & Mineral Show

There are 10 kinds of people in the world,

Who here has seen "The Station Agent"?

Is this cat story beautiful or creepy?

American Idol Contestent Sierra Arrested

Where are the Bill Hicks fans on DU?

If you had a band, what would you name it?

Was anyone here at Woodstock (1969)?

I bought some plants in Reno, just to watch them die.

I also vote for a military draft right now.

There are 3 types of people in the world:

Bored? Try this addictive flash game!

post the most out of the way, small hole in the wall town that you have been to

APB for San Diego (and Tijauana)DU'ers - runaway teen

Most under rated musician of all time?

Suggestions, please! I need an avatar! I can't seem to find anything small enough.

Where do you live? Do you like it?

Name the best rock song to have ever been made!

Congratulations Shine!! 10,000 posts

My daughter's dog just died this morning. Fairwell, little Porter, sweet spaniel.

Best way to handle people who make you feel uneasy?

Just bought $600 worth of vinyl picket fencing (Question)

Help! Looking for any suggestions on "How to Avoid Jet Lag" -- can you add to this conversation?

Salvation: Just click and confess


The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for April 29

Patriots acquire Randy Moss from Oakland

St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher Josh Hancock Killed In Auto Accident

Kentucky Derby thread

Workers Around the World Remember Those Killed on the Job

Our Sunday funny

Workers 'Chase' AZ Restaurant Owner Evading Responsibility

If you care about international union rights, subscribe today to International Union Rights

Tell Coca-Cola to Stop Worker & Environmental Abuses E action

Current Labor Law Betrays Our Democratic Values

Dana workers threaten to strike Local union joins 14 others ready to walk

'Hidden Camera' - Hometown Baghdad

Elizabeth Holtzman - The Impeachment of George W. Bush

John McCain ---- With The Press

'Symphony of Bullets' - Hometown Baghdad

A Clip--Dan Rather--Internet Journalism

Tony Blair - Should I Stay or Should I Go

Four Minutes on Leo Strauss - Neocon

Real Star Wars

Jon Stewart on Bill Moyers- Calls Gonzales a Pinhead

There But For Fortune - Peter, Paul & Mary

Jon Stewart--- Progress Iraq

The Great Mahalia Jackson - "Study War No More"

Did George W Bush Invade Iraq to Avenge His Daddy?

Olbermann: When do you call a Civil War, Civil War?

Tibet Protest on Mt. Everest

KO----Durbin on WMD's

10 minute briefing on the Neocons

Bill Moyers- Jon Stewarts Thoughts on the War

Bill Moyers and Jon Stewart on the McCain Interview

'Anger. Pain. Death. Madness' - Hometown Baghdad

Mario Cuomo's legendary DNC speech is finally on Youtube

The Secular Humanist Bible Quiz

Did Iran tip off US on al-Qaeda leader?

Kagan (neocon warmongering surgiac): "There's been a dramatic decrease in sectarian violence...

I find this interesting.

“America: From Freedom to Fascism” documentary - tax claims

28 April 07: Have you noticed any changes in your environment/weather?


You Guys Catch This Cafferty File ??? - Priceless !!!

Al-Sadr Calls Out Bush !!!

ABC News: Prostitution Scandal - "thousands of names, tens of thousands of phone numbers"

Oversight: The Coming Attractions (May) - FireDogLake

Become a "modern civilization " or die!!!


Shifting the Debate over Conservative Bigotry and the Civil War in Iraq

Army officer's "blistering attack": "...intellectual, moral failures constitute crisis in Generals."

MUST READ: In His Column Of April 15, 2003, Cal Thomas Wrote:

GAS down a penny - up a dime

What JiffyLube has in common with Loyal Bushies

What's in your food? You'd be surprised

Col. Ted Westhusing chose death over dishonor in Iraq

I would appreciate any ideas that you have.

The Lizard King greets the Mother Ship (inspired by Swamprat)

Google to unveil facility's plans. This has to be good for us Mayes Countian's

Repuke Presidential Candidate Huckabee's son arrested with handgun at airport

***Provo, Utah Jobseekers - New Job Application Update***

Nine Troops killed in Iraq, its going to get a lot worst before it gets any better,

Why can't we, the people share in the war profits?

Rev. Hugh King charged with cocaine possession (Greater Union Baptist Church, Pensacola, Fla)

Bush Has Gone AWOL by General William Odom

Most Katrina Aid From Overseas Went Unclaimed

Monica Goodling Instructs DOJ Officials to Delete Documents

God is giving Tony Snow a second chance. Tony Snow goes back to work for Satan?

OPUS has a message for America

What companies do you boycott?

Wolfowitz tried to cover his tracks over lover's job

Imagine 70% of America tomorrow for 1 min. Chanting " Don't do it !"

Senator Kerry to Ride in Best Buddies Challenge

Draft dodger Romney says Democrats 'waved a white flag'

Peruvian President Alan Garcia granted "decree powers" will use "heavy hand" against drug violence.

NYC Police make up bomb charges against activist

Breakfast With theArts has Jesus Camp movie

Let us count the many ways 'pukes have pissed/are pissing on America and most Americans

condi Rice--NOW and later Russ Fiengold on abc This Week talk show NOW

Mike Thompson (DFP toonmeister) goes animated. Topic is guns. Take a look:

Another Massacre we should not forget.

Anybody else having trouble getting NYTimes on line today?

Who Decides "Who's Electable?"

Why Tenent's new book is a total crock of shit...

Why is Marijuana Illegal?

I was furious when Clinton chose Gore in 1992

Hunger: A Problem Of The Past

Condi's got a crush on the Boy King

Students Heckle Torturer Gonzales at Harvard

You know what's interesting about people like George Tenet...

Old Pictures: Great website.

Texas Republicans file "Voter Suppression Act"

McCain You bring out the best in people.

More Whitehouse officials about to get snagged in prostitution scandal

Newsflash! Condi's full of shit...


Biden on MTP - "I voted for the President NOT To Go To War"

Condi Forgets the Year, Calls Out "Soviets"

Office of Special Counsel's War On Whistleblowers

Chris Cilizza on Reliable Sources: "Bush is relatively a very popular president"

Army chief wants to speed up troop hike

U.S. launches artillery barrage in Baghdad against "suspected" insurgents

Liberated Afghans shout "Death to America", at demonstration after civilian deaths

c-span replaying dem debate - fyi

Reminder: KPFA's Sunday Salon ends today. Bensky is retiring.

My dearest cousin, Kelly, is headed to Iraq

A question for those that currently oppose articles of impeachment

Tick tick tick tick tick

Don’t Fire Gonzales - Greg Palast\Free Press

what did stephie eat for breakfast? testosterone laced corn flakes?

Has anyone here ever dealt with a debt collection agency? This is a long story but here goes, about

I Just saw the first Global Warming Commerical I have ever seen

You people just do not get it.

Does anyone know the name....

Who has done more long term harm to America, bush or bin Laden?

Joe Biden is the MTP "Meet The Candidate" guest?

How cool is this I ask. hdtv over the air for FREE

McClatchy: Allegations of wrongdoing plague Bush reading program

Could the recent VA massacre be traced back to Ronald Reagan's policies? He

McClatchy: Imported food can sometimes arrive with danger

More marine animals sickened by acid

Why is Boeing using a variation of the GE musical theme?

Late edition to show Murtha

Iraq Deconstructed

The people at the Powerline Blog must be living in LaLa Land

Eager Judi (Giuliani) left coal town in dust (very informative bio)

Statute of Limitations on Elaine Chao's, Eugene Scalia's, and Andrew Card's Enron Role

A hypothetical regarding the compliant media.

FDA Agents Raid Pet Food Plant, Offices

For $82 a Day, Booking a Cell in a 5-Star Jail

Ok let me get this right, the republican supporters don't like democrats becuse we tax and spend

Murtha Suggests - IMPEACHMENT- As ‘One Way To Influence The President’

Jon Stewart explains the benefits of Regent University

Don Young Aide's Link to Abramoff Sheds New Light

111 military deaths in April. 2nd highest since Jan 2005

God and War

In Case You Missed It: "Happy Mother's Day, Mary Cheney"

U.S. no longer occupying Baghdad

"An extraordinary degree of incompetence and arrogance, married together"

CAPTION the Graduate

U.S. Sentencing Commission votes for changes to mandatory minimums

"Neither Sharia, nor coup but fully democratic Turkey,"

Video:Murtha Floats Impeachment As ‘One Way To Influence The President’

Iraq's New Guns for Hire

I agree with Bush & Rice on Benchmarks in Iraq

One of the most important needs of human beings is to be acknowledged

One more WTF!

Someone explain this to me: Why isn't "Russian expert" Condi Rice doing anything about Russia??

Hillary, Barak, John to appear at Pentecost 2007

Ga Public Broadacasting debuts "Buying the War" Sun. 2:30pm

Which is the stupider comparison regarding Iraq?

Bernie (Fly By Night) Placed On Lock Down For Asking Permission To Attend His Benefit!

Eh, delete.

Boy if David Broder is the "best of the best" we are in deep stuff

A Saudi Prince Tied to Bush Is Sounding Off-Key [Prince Bandar]

Short and sweet LTTE in today's Anchorage Daily News

Oh Tony Blankley just did not bust out a Neville Chamberlain/Munich reference...

Group says Bush Administration making stuff up over defense lawyers at Guatanamo Bay

A fascinating and quite moving article, reminding us that the hunter gatherers

Dick Cheney; The Leader NOT to Follow

Selling Out to K Street Is "A Lot of Fun!"

Gender Pay Gap Begins Right After Graduation

South Carolina Democratic debate transcript


"It's ironic that McCain spent eight years sucking up to the White House and now it's a negative..."

Ever notice "The military option is on the table.", is only used against countries without nukes?

Has regular guest Chris Matthews ever uttered a word on the Imus incident?

Need information quickly

Caption "Bumbling Spymaster" and "Oil Mistress"....

No man outside my family has had a bigger influence in my life than

Tom Hayden: Open Letter To Democrats-NO TAXES FOR TORTURE

FRANK RICH: "Propaganda-Driven WH Enlists Media As Supporting Cast In its Shows"

Waxman, RNC Servers, and Digital Forensics Experts

Photos: Impeachment Rally in Rome, Italy

I am looking for the website that has the numbers for candidates' myspace and facebook pages

Violating the Hatch Act: "No Controlling Legal Authority" Bites GOP

"going-cho" makes the urban dictionary

Prostitution scandal has Washington in new 'shock and awe'. Will the MSM cover this

NYC Bar: Bush Admin Falsely Blames Defense Lawyers For Guantanamo

Katrina: Medical shipments donated by Italy were left to spoil

Law enforcement and Race

Farmers Need Fair Prices and Competitive Markets

Doonesbury website pays tribute to Halberstam

If Mike Gravel had been a member of the Intelligence Committee,

Red,white and blue, if you was home I would hump on you (OMG)

"Oops, deployed the wrong finger" or "Will someone please caption this picture?"

Harlan K. Ullman: The First Name Offered from D.C. Madam Deborah Palfrey

Iraq After Four Year of Constant Killing

Condascenda is a LIAR!

**CSPAN2 - 5:30pm - LIVE Iraq Panel**

Marines limit death notices from 5 a.m. to midnight

What was the purpose of the Office of Special Plans, of WHIG, and of the Yellowcake Forgeries?

The World Bank: Worse Than Wolfowitz

Washington Post Scrapes Bottom Of Barrel To Find People Who Think War Isn't "Lost"

Do you feel the patent system needs to be reformed?

Has anybody seen this video?

If the DC Madam had anyone massive on her list

Separatist, white, Bush-backed elite in Bolivia's oil-rich regions threaten to secede

Jon Stewart's take on bushco...

Man how they turn

Minnesotans, is it in your soil up there? How do you grow these

Air Force tobacco bans are gaining steam

What a clown ..... Pledging allegiance to his stomach again.

Woman's Body/Woman's Choice...Ginsburg

Freepers are saying that calling up prostitutes is like buying things from ebay

What's the odds of Republicans and Democrats using the same Escort Service?

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - Newsticker Politics

Can someone prove to me that impeaching Bush/Cheney wouldn't hurt the Democrats?

Thank you, Jamie Moyer.

LTE that had me wondering if it was satire. I think not.

Waterproofing protest signs?

Thief betrays himself to get free beer

Habeas Scmabeas

Affirmative Action

Op/Ed: Why I Can't Vote for Obama Now (and other debate-night revelations).

So WHO is BEHIND Lou Dobbs "Broken Borders" and "Pet Food Recall?"

At least 2 dead in K.C. mall gunfire - Man opens fire

RIAA claiming a monopoly on *ALL* music played on internet radio stations? Daily Kos says YES.

Melamine Spiking in Food “Widespread” For Years -

Governing the Womb

Impeachment may be the ONLY WAY to influence the President

New Noah's Ark Ready To Sail !!!

60 Minutes - Ex-CIA Director George Tenet - Sunday, 7 p.m. ET/PT

Tuesday is the 4th anniversary of "Mission Accomplished."

Are any poor people advocating Mike Gravel's flat-tax nonsense?

Just a reminder: Stephanie Miller and co. on TV Monday, 4/30

What will you enjoy most about Rudy's 2008 run?

Six puppets, one flower child, and an angry old bastard who really should be your President.

(Dutch) School Scraps Nature Course As Pigs Enrage Muslim Pupils

i received an email today...

Corporate Media Tries to Kill A28

Americablog: "Condi's star fades as US policy disintegrates"

NOW it's time to talk about the Downing Street Minutes!

That DC Madam scandal may be just the ticket. LOL!!

Minnesotans, is it in your soil up there? How do you grow these

PBS/Independent Lens "The Smartest Guys In the Room" (ENRON)

UK airline pilots spot giant UFO'Mile wide' mystery object hovers off Channel Islands

Bush's pro-absintence, anti-condom "AIDS czar" resigns in prostitution scandal

I'll have the Melamine Special, please ***Must Read***

After 16 years and millions of deaths the true believers still think we could have "won" in Vietnam

Bush's abstinence chief busted for prostitution

Yemen accused of 'genocide'

Petition: Let Gravel Speak at the WMUR Debate

Cops Admit To Planting Marijuana on 92 Year Old Woman Killed in Botched Drug Raid

Iraqi artists look to spruce up Baghdad

"20/20" expected to air a report on D.C. Madam and her clients on May 4, during sweeps.

Deborah Jeane Palfrey ("The DC Madam") Establishes Website

As the Dam Breaks, the Call Boys Will Tell...

Condi: We were supposed to do something about bin Laden BEFORE 9/11?!

Future Bush says, 'It has come to my attention that the human food supply


Mexican residents filling U.S. schools (US citizens but Mexico residents)

Putting George Bush’s “War on Terror” in Perspective

SONY: Slaughters a goat to promote a PlayStation3 video game

For the next DEM debate, do you believe a Candidate should poll at 5% to participate?

Las Vegas-- Flippers Flop As Housing Market Cools

Marijuana Truths

Please help (Western Shoshone)


US Attorneys Scandal Fallout: Free Kimberly Prude !!!

There is no cause so worthy that someone will not shit on it (or: Embarrassing Lefties I have known)

Our country appears to be in denial about depleted uranium dangers.

CNN called Senators Obama and Clinton's comments on * "vicious."

Truthdigger of the Week: Mike Gravel (from Truthdig)

Tenet: Iraq targeted before 9/11

OC Register: Clinton, Obama differences become clearer

ATTN: Pundits.Re: Edward...if you saw the SC Dem Convention today, you would realize

Military Firms count on friends (Hagel, Nelson, Terry all Ne) in high places for $

Mike Gravel: After Debate, Little-Known Democrat Draws a Crowd

Halliburton, Cheney and Iraq

Rice: Bush Would Oppose Iraq Benchmarks (AP)

AP asks the candidates what they'd be doing if they weren't in politics

Freeper thoughts on Repuke Legacies....Ugh

what happened to Richardson?

Top Democrats Strain to Keep Pace: Candidates Showing Toll of Compressed Primary Schedule

Maybe this's no reason to consider voting for somebody. Then again, I'm not so sure that it ain't.

Chris Matthews is upset over Tim Russert’s new NBC contract.

Jon Stewart Is More A "Reliable Source" Than Howard Kurtz

Israel's 'modesty buses' draw fire

GOP has uphill climb for cash and candidates

Personal Side of Presidential Hopefuls

Joe Biden just NAILED it with my pet hard-ass Libertarian . . .

Has anyone given YOU a Jaguar lately?

I Got To Admit It...(Biden)

Toronto Star: Two words that inspire rage, SEAL HUNT

Boston Globe informs us about Mike Garvel

‘Put Presidential Debate Video on Internet’

We've Been Surging For Years: More troops in Iraq than reported

MEDIA ALERT: Danny Glover to Join Immigrant Garment Workers in NYC on May 1

Dollar at record low against euro--US economy grew at its weakest pace for four years

Eric Massa NY29: Global Warming and People-powered Politics

Kyle Sampson: Serial Sniper for the DOJ?

DOJ Civil Rights Lawyer Receives Cash Award for Suppressing Minority Voters

Breaking NBC to have Nora O'Donnell to cover the prostitution scandals

Bush Postpones Thinking about Iraq Until 2009 (Satire)

"Look, here's my point", "Look, listen to me blather on", Look, look, freaking look.

W has a new Spring outfit

Saw an awesome bumper ticker:

Rice: ‘I Don’t Know What We Were Supposed To Preemptively Strike In Afghanistan’ In July 2001

Where the hell is the OUT RAGE over Papa McCains so called joke about IED's

I know Jack Murtha just said "impeachment is one way to influence a president"

Check it out! Even FReepers know they're screwed in 2008!

Elections this Nov 07 are more important than Nov 08.

Perle v. Tenet (refereed by Kristol)

Tenent is on 60 Minutes right now.

self delete

John Edwards running as a "populist" candidate is like Mike Tyson trying to become Pope

Here's something we ALL want to support! Whoopeee!

Stevie Wonder performs for Sen. Barack Obama today at the First AME Church in Los Angeles

Dick(suck toe)Morris: Obama won the first debate

Rice Falsely Claims U.N. Inspectors Thought Saddam Hussein Had WMD

Is this a picture of our 2008 ticket...?

California Democratic Leaders Endorse John Edwards for President

WHERE in the world are Reid and Pelosi?

Rice 'too busy' to answer Waxman's questions?

Painful questions about Iraq

Obama's Campaign Ethics Violation?

GOP has uphill climb for cash and candidates

Truthout: The "Stab in the Back" Trap

George Tenet .... cry me a fucking river, asshat .... you complicit motherfucker .....

Wolfowitz and World Bank look to avoid confrontation (IHT)

The First Family, Jan 20, 2009 :)

ABC’s Ross: DC Madam’s List Includes White House & Pentagon Officials, Prominent Lawyers

Watching Condi on This Week - How the HELL did she ever get confirmed, anyway?

The Contempt of Condoleezza

Why isn't Kucinich drawing up impeachment articles for Bush* AND Cheney?

Equal Opportunity! Guys, who are the most attractive women in politics?

RE: the dangers of smoking pot for some people. Just something to consider.

Draft Gore group may put Gore on NH ballot