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Matthew Norman: Could you have a gay Prime Minister now? (Independent UK)


Oaxaca Civil Unrest Grows as Another Group Begins Voicing its Discontent

The McCain/Broder edition of "Why don't their heads explode?"

Senior Official Linked to Escort Service Resigns

Lying, Misleading and Abusing the National Guard (Ray Hanania)

Conason: A New Low for ("Braying Ex-Mayor") Giuliani

Housing bubble boondoggle: Is it too late to get out?

MAUREEN DOWD: More Like an Air Ball

"Billie" the turtle wins Costa Rica sea race - Reuters

Judge mulls making (Monsanto) alfalfa ban permanent - Reuters

Interior to propose expanding offshore drilling

Interesting website on coastal Louisiana

The Bed of Sodom -Uri Avery

Looking for alternatives to failure: An answer to Uri Avnery

North Carolina to test Paperless Verification

Rebuttal to Dill's support of the HR 811 Trojan Horse

HEY! Bernie (DUer FLY By Night) Made the cover of Nashville Scene!

SOS Brunner to take possesion and move Ohio 2004 Election Ballots to secure location

Friedman, Fitrakis & LandShark on Peter B. Collins

Senior Official Linked to Escort Service Resigns

April sets European heat records

The White House Scales Back Talk of Iraq Progress

U.S. Proposal Would Allow Oil Drilling Off Virginia

UN: we have the money and know-how to stop global warming

C.I.A. Held Qaeda Leader in Secret Prison for Months

Senior Official Linked to Escort Service Resigns

Republicans go negative -- on one another

Tenet: CIA warned of 'anarchy' in Iraq

Corzine Says He Will Leave the Hospital Soon

It's not that I think yacht racing is more sacred than any other sport,

Save Pure Chocolate!!

What is this song about?

sad movie from youtube about drunk monkeys....

Ahhhh Friday

Green Day Fans - New CD Coming "Instant Karma" - Save Darfur - LENNON'S "Working Class Hero"

ok, you've got me cornered

Fans of Herpes, it has been picked up for a second outbreak.

Can you see your pulse in your belly?

The Green Red Show

I just did a bad thing. Punish me any way you'd like.

"Democrats will have to fund the troops sooner or later"

Is there anything left that is still priced reasonably?

8:50 p.m. 70 degrees

Fans of Heroes, it has been picked up for a second season.

I really love hating those who have no respect

Signature Lines Are Back!


Hokay- The Red Green Show

HTF do they figure that Cleveland is in First Place when they haven't even played

I just blew up for the first time in years

I dreamed I was roller skating with Queen Elizabeth

A Mini-Meetup here in Canada!

Ever have a day when you just want everyone and everything to

How would you spend your time in a self guiding automobile?

TeenMidlo has perfected the art of swiping the delectable lotions and potions

Expressing my DUnity

I saw John Edwards drinking a piña colada at Trader Vic's

My grandmother is in the hospital.

I really love having the ignore function

Please Indulge Me For a Moment

We've got a guerrilla for sale...

I'm jealous of your picture threads...

Saw the "ex" for the first time since July.


I really love hating the ignore function

What are YOU drinking?

who's the best film composer?

is there a way to block messages from being sent to your cellphone?

The Great DU Fries Debate...

Remember that artist Daniel Edwards who did the "Britney giving birth" sculpture?

When Does Making A "Joyful Noise" = Public Nuisance???

Honest Abe Speaks!

Democrats Stand For Troops

Bill Clinton / Arabs & Israelis Sing John Lennon's Imagine

US plans in case of Alien Invasion

'A Song For George W. Bush' (David Slattery/Original)

Jon Stewart-- Bush Boogies

Randi Rhodes - Rush Limbaugh Won't Answer Question About Iraq War...

Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel: "Eisenhower's Warning"


Someone please enlighten me on Bush's veto. What happens if...

Some new questions about USA scandal

Bush looking more chimp-like than ever on AOL homepage

What are the issues that you want to hear in these debates...

H.R.493 "To prohibit discrimination on the basis of genetic information with respect to

Please check out this post in LBN

Another AWESOME Gravel video: "Eisenhower's Warning" and more! I'm HOOKED!

Is "We are not taking any option off the table." code-speak for using nukes like Gravel says?

White House won't review "surge" until September, taking longer to achieve "results" (NYT)

Attempted women's health clinic bomber has a rap sheet

Bill Moyer's Journal is starting now on PBS with Jon Stewart!!!! Josh Marshall is going

Wired: Saddam's Biometric Spy Files Re-Used By New Iraqi Democracy

Gravel for President! My God, how badly we need someone like him in charge. A man who

bushitler, Tenet,, red rover, red rummy and dickless wonder may as well have taken a shotgun and a

Unity08? Naive? Evil?

20 Year Sentence For Raping Wife!!

Removed from flight, interrogated by FBI - all for using word 'speed'


Bob Graham forced Tenet to spill some of the beans in 2002: Saddam was no threat to us.

Neb.'s new execution method attacked (AP)

Active duty US Army officer writes article says Iraq is Vietnam.....

Durbin Introduces the Connected Nation Act to Improve Internet Access

So, Where's Jack Abramoff These Days?

The DUzy awards will be posted Saturday, April 28

Apropos or not, this is f'n funny...

Alberto Gonzales' Enron memory lapse

OPUS is lost and on his own again

Heh. Bush To Receive Iraq Bill On "Mission Accomplished" Day

Marcy Wheeler: Fox, Henhouse, Bush's DOJ.

Poof! -- It's Magic..

Hey we caught the number one Al Qaeda guy in Iraq

Sovereign immunity preclude families of deceased kids from

Know what the Moyers interview was?

After 25 Years of America's right turn, it's coming to a close

So, how do we get Skinner on Bill Moyers' Journal?

"School newspaper editorial prompts teacher transfer"

Not that I'm complaining

Bush vows to veto Iraq pullout plan - Says US stays to the last drop of someone else's blood

WH/ROVE Involved Early On In Attorney Purge-Fired Prosecutor Warned Them Of "Stink Down The Road"

OPIUM - History does repeat itself. The Japanese took over China in

3337 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

My Question to Randall L. Tobias

George Tenet should take his medal of freedom and stick it right up his truthhole.

The Marines canceled his enlistment contract

Bush is about to pull a Gonzalez for his puppet masters.

Waxman needs to call Wolfowitz in for a little chit-chat too

Another blatant sign that the media is not liberal. Check out this headline >>>>

I really love having the ignore function

My oh my, how things have changed since 1989

Today Was the ONLY time I have Ever said, I Love Ann Coulter

Conan vs. Jay Leno

This is hard to believe.

Are these people for real?

Is there anything you can say about gays bad enough to get you fired?

Harlem GlobeTrotters vs. Washington Generals

GOP. Gray Old Perverts strike again.

"Last Call," rang out. again, with more authority...

6-year-old U.S. citizen detained for 12 hours

You Tube Suspends Account of White Supremacist Filmmaker

Dr. Kevin Barrett Heading to Morocco to Apprehend Suicide Hijacker

Quote of the Night on Leno

Stories that matter. This is a most important one....Read it and see for yourself

Dick Durbins floor speech on October 10, 2002 courtesy of

Biskupic Proves Loyalty; Innocent Victims Suffer

Steve Forbes on Cspan just said there is unlimited oil

Obama's vision for Health Care in America.

I googled over "there" so you wouldn't have to google over here.. Protest signs (today's topic)

did ms thing just DEFEND political firings ( schiffrin on real time)?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

ms. schiffrin is being OWNED on REAL TIME

If you wrote speeches for Quayle, you'd be grumpy too

Bush official linked to call-girl probe - D'oh!

Realtime starting in a few minutes, Kucinich will be on.

In Pictures: What $1 Million Buys In Homes Across The U.S.

There Is Like A Class 10 Political Shit Storm Of Epic Proportions Going On

George Tenet shilling his book, Larry Johnson says stick it where the sun doesn't shine...

Covert Ops: a high school military recruiting tale

Durbin voted against Iraq, What explains Dems in the Intel Committee who voted for Iraq....

Wealth not caused by intelligence.

Mr. Tobias is also the former director and chairman of Eli Lilly and Co.------->Holy Cialis, Batman!

All who favor impeachment: Have PATIENCE

Olbermann Opens With: "The Truth Too Late" - Secrets, Lies & the War


Love In An Elevator

Dick Durbin's tell all re Bushcos lies

Friday Nite Document Dump From DOJ, Courtesy TPMMuckraker !!!

So whaddaya do w/ Dick Durbin?

Utah politician says Mexicans are working for Satan.

Pilots and Passengers spot UFO off Guernsey Coast

I saw John Edwards in the shampoo aisle


Book TV Schedule: April 28th - 30th

What Will It Take for the Democrats to Begin Impeachment Hearings About GW Bush?

Blow some holes into this idea about a new debate format

Freeper Gets Nailed Ranking on Dead Granny with a Gun (and liberals)

Bush to receive Iraq bill on ‘Mission Accomplished’ day.

All the Kings Men on now and it's obvious that in 1949 a lot of

AP claims without evidence that most Shia oppose US troop withdrawal

Tenet's assertion of no high level discussion of whether to

IG says GSA chief may have broken ethics, contracting rules (GovExec)

Happy Iraq Freedom Day Weekend!

Question? Anyone Know Who The Members Were Of The Senate Intelligence

POLL: EVERY Democratic candidate

Who had the best hair in the debate?

Iraqi govt. no longer issuing civilian casuality figures. Estimated 5,500 dead in Baghdad (Jan-Mar.)

Reid says Bush in 'state of denial' over Iraq (Alaska Report)

Gubernatorial Race/Miller-Maze, How Important are Governors?

Rice Deputy Quits After Query Over Escort Service (bio taken down quickly)

Giuliani: If you elect a Dem another 9-11 will happen

Bill Moyers is Walter Cronkite for the current generation...

"We campaign in poetry, but we govern in prose." Why Obama will soon be the frontrunner.

Did you know chimpy and darth face impeachment until the day they die?

ABC Breaking - Tobias Resigns For Patronizing Escort Service

Gravel or Kucinich?

Will HRC invade a country in the event of a terrorist attack?

Memo describes installing unconfirmed prosecutors

Why Reward Murderers?

Abramoff inquiry looks into dealings by ex-Justice lawyer(Coughlin/Ring more details)

Six puppets, one flower child, and an angry old bastard who really should be your President

Fired U.S. Attorneys Will Meet in Seattle


My LTTE in Joliet Herald (completely tearing Bush)

Dep. Secretary of State Pays For Hand-Job (BooMan Trib) 'Just so we are clear'

Diary of a squaddie: Sunburn, sore feet and three more Ali Babas tossed in the river

Early Bush DOJ brainstorming about avoiding senate confirmation of US Attorneys?


black pastors are speaking out against gays, with many claiming that the "homosexual agenda" is the

The Democrats' Depressing Debate --The Nation

Two quotes from Tenet's book..."Son of Iran-contra" and "Feith- based analysis"

A Media Scandal A Day Keeps The Ratings In Play

Ex-Justice Dept. Lawyer Under Scrutiny in Probe ... WP

Dying to Go on Vacation

Wolfowitz and a nasty double standard

Mass amnesia makes Americans forget the story behind May Day

Wolfowitz's girlfriend problem - By Sidney Blumenthal at Salon

David Corn: Bait-and-Switch in Iraq

New Rule: Maher Needs To Be On More Than Once A Week - Huff Post

McEntee Tells Congress: Health Reform Needed

Austria charges bank after Cuban accounts cancelled

America's war on tourists

Inside Africa's Guantánamo

Abortion Decision: Court Should Not Take Away Patient's Choice

Out of America: Going to college? Watch out for Bush's bandits

Matt Taibbi rips Boris Yeltsin a new one.

Is immigration the problem?

Saudi Prince Tied to Bush Is Sounding Off-Key at NY Times

Chernobyl Reminds Us That Nukes Are Not Green - Huff Post

Why Read The New York Times?

Wm. F. Buckley: The Waning of the GOP

Serving British soldier exposes horror of war in 'crazy' Basra

Web Strip Showing Hillary Clinton in Blackface Causes Stir

For the ladies: Time to Get Even – for Real

The real crime of Randall L. Tobias. It's more than just hypocrisy

General William Odom: Bush Has Gone AWOL

Truthout: The "Stab in the Back" Trap

The Apathetic American

Laura Bush: Dull, Narcissistic or Just Plain Conservative?

Cool new interactive oil depletion map

Climate Panel Sees Need for New Steps on Emissions

Lightning starts fire at Okla. refinery - AP

Did Einstein really say

OPA Signs Contracts With 36 Small Renewable Energy Projects (238 MW Ontario, CA)

As fuel prices rise, so does business for alternative energy company (AZ)

Oceanlinx Moves to Establish Wave Energy Park in Oregon

Puffin population attracts flocks of enthusiastic fans (Maine)

Ground broken for new $1 billion Chernobyl containment structure.

Target Store to Debut Solar-Power Roofing System (Stockton, CA)

Acciona Builds Wind Turbine Production Plant In Iowa (100+ new jobs)

Al Gore says Tories' green plan a 'fraud'

On the Road, Hope for a Zero-Pollution Car

More Mainers becoming 'locavores'

Green plan's cost pegged at $8-billion a year (Canada)

Just an optical illusion (Ha'aretz editorial)

Israeli soldiers accused of using Palestinians as "human shields"

Hamas chief says attacks on Israel are 'legitimate resistance'

Israel's PM Olmert won't quit over war report

FLORIDA: Emergency EAC meeting 5/1 in WA D.C.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bush official resigns over escort link...(DC Madam)

Kohl still pushing for answers on Biskupic, U.S. Justice Department failed to meet deadlines

CIA Held Al-Qaeda Suspect Secretly. Officials Disclose That Use of Overseas Prisons Resumed

Scotty's ashes prepare to reach final frontier

Thirteen killed in south Baghdad attacks

21 Taliban reported dead in Afghanistan(Separately a NATO service menber found dead)

Drug czar says aid to Colombia not halting tide of cocaine

NATO chief supports inquiry into Afghan prisoner abuse charges

France confirms release of hostage in Afghanistan

Hagel(R-Ne) , Bruning angling for right

Sadr slams Bush over troop withdrawal

(Iraq) Parliament names 9-member committee that will oversee 2009 elections

Annual terrorism report will show 29% rise in attacks

Official: Blast by Iraqi shrine kills 30 (Karbala)

Pakistani Interior Minister wounded, 12 killed in attack

Russian ’copter shot down in Chechnya, 17 dead (Update 20 Russia soldiers killed)

Iraqi police years from taking charge

States expand children's health coverage

Iranian tip-off may have led Americans to al-Qaeda leader

Wolfowitz Panel Finds Ethics Breach, Officials Say

Sampson e-mail withheld from investigators(600 pages and were sent and received w/ Gonzales)

Giuliani assails Democrats' health plans

Rocket Fuel Chemical Found in Food, Water Supply

Retired Gen.: Bush should sign Iraq bill

A dozen attorneys had faced federal ax

Political Appointees No Longer to Pick Justice Interns

Moderate quake shakes parts of England early Saturday,

600 held, 96 hurt in Estonia riots

UPDATED: U.S. announces 9 troop deaths in Iraq

Rebuilt Iraq Projects Found Crumbling

Maliki warns US senators Iraq will not accept foreign pressure

Denmark sends special forces to Iraq

US schools pull plug on iPod exam cheats

Mahdi Militia: We Have Special Unit To Target Prince Harry

Al Gore says Tories' green plan a 'fraud' designed to mislead Canadians

Kucinich packed heat after 1978 Mafia death plot

Have been on phone for last FIVE hours! Please post the important Lounge threads here! PLEASE?

'Eh. Fuggit.

Omigods. I'm actually dating. I think.


I'm stayin' up reeeeeealllllly long tonight

Roger Waters and David Gilmour are fucking geniuses

Hillary Clinton made my battery conk out on me.

I can't stop thinking about potato salad and feeling queasy

F*cking hackers.

I'm addicted to the survivor shows

Anyone know anything about collectable books? My friend has a book signed

I enjoy being publicly called out when I've done nothing wrong.

I was planning on coming back full time in May

Potty mouth CaliforniaPeggy is at it again!!!!

I'm stayin' up reeeeeealllllly late tonight

My cousin just passed away

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Jeebus Haliburton CHRIST Steve Cochran's an idiot!

FDA Agents Raid Pet Food Plant, Offices

great caffeine buzz....

Ginseng-enriched UNDERWEAR?

It's not a bump on my forehead, more like a divet....Ow

Omigod....I've gone and done it...there's no going back now...

I am feeling very neglected in GD. Show me that I am welcome.

There was no need for my haitus from DU

naysayers? perish the thought!

South Park episodes


DU Baby: What do labor pains feel like?

Whats Better? Blue Ray or HD-DV?

How easy is it to transform digital camcorder films into MPEGs?

Sick as a DOG. (TMI warning!!)

Canadians are?

There was no need for my flatus in DU

Saturday Morning Youtube D.J.

I really love having the abhor function.

Anybody? What does "Private Caller" mean?

The Dolphins Suck!!!

Had a complete physical exam this morning

"Raines" - Jeff Goldblum series

Cats v. Dog - Transportation Division

Oh this is so great! They're reviving "That's My Bush!"

I just gave a 20-spot to Kucinich after seeing him on Realtime with Bill Maher last night

Brady Quinn--Chicago?

Hey Writer! yvr girl took your block

Oh, no! I have DU writer's block.

Happy birthday charlie and algernon!!

5:30 A.M. - Should I go to bed or stay up for the day?

it's "organ meat saturday" at the el rancho de los whackos

Right as I was getting ready to go outside, a huge storm hit......

My Dinner With Ba-rockstar Obama!

Does anyone have a list of all the Sundance Film Festival winners?

My cat just had kittens !

Any book recommendations...

The movie sequal you've all been waiting for...

What's the name of that cop flick with Bruce Willis and Mos Def?

Bwaahaahaa....Yankees are 8-13...and in last place...

Best question I've ever heard:

what is your favorite american english dialect?

I am about to assemble a desk from Ikea...Give me strength...

I stopped myself from buying Macromedia Studio 8 and Flight Simulator X tonight!!!

Just spent 15 minutes downloading a ZoneAlarm update

My antivirus went off when attempting to download sound blaster software.

Dust storm hitting Phoenix now...way odd, out of season.

My computer is functioning normally...

Summer reality show-Pirate Master!

there was two fellers who went to bathroom off a bridge

My neighbor started a book club, she told me the first book, wanna guess what it is?

what's with these new fangled mens' hairstyles?

What is your favorite (english) accent?

Rambling thoughts on Caturday.

Last night I saw an ad on tv for a "personal listening device."

I Love The Lounge!

*IS* there any pro-Bush music?

Explaining hockey to a 7 year old

Last night I saw an ad on TV for a "personal massage device."

I'm just about to watch "The Good Shepherd". Tell me anything.

post number 3,000

Ren and Stimpy

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 4/28/2007)

So - here I am, 8 months pregnant, and I get called for JURY DUTY

Best guitar solo available on YouTube?

Name a band you lost respect for because you feel they "sold out."

Anyone here with old VHS/Beta tapes from late 70's/early 80's?

Bored, bored, bored bored bored bored bored bored bored

Why is Archie getting a facelift?

Vikings pick Adrian Peterson in the 1st round of the NFL draft!

The rock music era began and ended with what 2 songs?

Meet the newest member of the LIW family....

Christian tattoo parlor avoids profane designs like peace symbols

Check out my new sig line pic before they shut them off again

DAMMIT! If I didn't have such bad eczema and psoriasis, I'd go out and

I fucking DARE you to go here come back here and explain it to me.

frank zappa on "dance fever"

Daniel Craig or Steve McQueen

Saturday Food Erotica (Dial-up warning):

Post a cool animated gif (or more)

Which Smilies are sorely needed at DU?

Some travel videos I uploaded

Photo thread: Theme- People we love

42 posts to 2000. Ask me anything!!

Uhm, best gif ever...

Computer gurus! My virus scan is detecting a virus...

Hawaii's Iona Dance brings ocean-inspired 'Electric Blue' to the mainland

Is Catholicism just an institution, is it a religion, or is it both?

Cubs vs. Cardinals round 2

How Many WRs Can The Lions Draft?

Thank god the Brady Quinn hype is over....

Liberian plant workers clash with police-multi-day strike at the Firestone Rubber plantation

Support Harvard Security's Right to Organize! E action

IWW Organizer Daniel Gross Faces Off Against Starbucks Apologist on NPR (audio too)

Stories about Carpenters, mental health workers, stagehands and putting labor standards in U.S. trad

What is the AFL-CIO? Get the union facts

Washington Post this weeks labor brief

Labor screen savers and E cards

Try, the nation’s largest union bookstore 10% off coupon

Coal Digging Blues: Songs of West Virginia Miners, Chumbawamba, and more

U.S. union asks UK embassy to bargain after ILO ruling

The Jewish Daily Forward: May Day

Zen Diva deliver a very timely message with a great song

This is NPC: New Progressive Coalition 2.0 Launch Party

Interview with Dr. Julia Brody Part 2

Interview with Dr. Julia Brody Part 1

Bill Moyers on the rise of NeoCons

Jon Stewart------VA Tech

LED throwies Demo (Very cool)

Bill Moyers--- on the leak cycle

Max Cleland-----Bush's Veto and Iraq Funding

America's miserable failure...

Top Gun Dubya...

Early Draft of President Bush's Speech...

Back In Black----Gay In America

New Rules (04-27-07)

Jon Stewart-- Richard Gere

Bill Maher-----David Iglesias

Bill Maher----Dennis Kucinich

Keith Olberman and Larry Johnson Discuss George Tenet

Dubya trying to spin the lies...

Understanding the corporate culture of the USA, EU,...


Deputy Sec Of State Resigns...Was Client Of DC Escort Service

"There is scant if little evidence that Iraq has a nuclear weapon" - Dick Durbin 10/10/02

Faux Noise leads off with Tobias and the escort service

When bush vetos the funding appropriations, there is only one thing left to do

It's Impeachment Day!!!

John Edwards: Sign Petition for Congress to Stand Firm on Iraq!!

My experience this week with fundamentalists.

Tulsa: Protesters at Cheney's visit


Should people who pay for sex be outed in the media?

Bill Maher had this conservative quack job on tonight...

What purpose to this housing crash?

WSJ - "Bush Approval Rating Falls to 28%, Lowest Level So Far, in Harris Poll"

Terror Attacks Up 29%

The New Rush CD Is A Concept Album On Faith

Who else saw Miss America 1944 say W was a spoiled rich brat on Leno

Still lovin' that Conservapedia

War Is Not Lost, Lieberman Says, Unless Democrat Plan Is Followed

Stars & Stripes letters: (very) Painful questions about Iraq

Bush to Democrats: do not 'test my will' on Iraq

Poland doesn't need more gays: leader

Here's the link to the Transcript of tonight's Bill Moyers interview with Jon Stewart

How convenient! Top Al Queda operative's name... al Iraqi!

According to this guy, since one feminist is yelling about comic books...

Can we give up the notion, finally, that corporations flush with profit will invest in America?

anyone watching c-span this am? should wolfowitz resign?

Jr to recieve Iraq bill on Mission Accomplished Day

Auth Cartoon Has Catholics In A Fury

3,337 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

Bulgarian Priest Sentenced for Sexual Abuse of Underage Girl

Former Pastor Extradited

Ex-pastor admits to child sex charges in Smith County, MS

Former Fairbanks Mayor,University of Alaska Regent Jim Hayes resigns, facing felony charges of fraud

Whittier Assistant Pastor Denies Molesting Girl

Parents told alleged rape won't stop Special Olympics

LATimes: Top 25 hedge-fund chiefs earn $14 billion...Their pay rose *57%* in '06, a study says

Suit accuses preacher of manipulating Holly Hill church

Pastor to be tried on assault charges

Charity tax dodge entangles parish

British helicopter that crashed in Iraq last year was shot down, investigation concludes

Wolfowitz and his high paid girlfriend to address World Bank panel Monday

The apes were smarter.

FOX News Alert: Natalee Holloway Still Missing

Overheating Britain: April Temperatures Break All Records ("unheard-of high temperatures")

something HUGh this way comes.... (gut feeling)

Gravels website can't handle traffic since Thursay's debate

Randall Tobias's smoooooooooth riiiiiiiide

Little known democrat draws a crowd- Boston Globe on Gravel

Some Political Science Ideas & Humor

Hands down the best TOON I have seen this week

"I do not believe Washington can be transformed from within by a lifelong politician," ROMNEY

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Sat 4/28 ... OTEV stamp

Rahm Emanuel : Politicizing Government Service

Better than your average day at the beach:

FL Senate flips on'resign-to-run' (House Speaker Marco Rubio-R has eye on running for Governor)

World Bank To Conclude Wolfowitz Broke Ethical Boundary, Senior Officials Say

NYT: Bush Threatens to Replace Iraq's Democratically Elected PM

The Combat Infantry Badge

WP: Page A1: "Smirky and Condi loved him" (Tobias)

Growing military unrest? Active duty officer accuses generals of failure in Iraq

(Critical or distraction?) Bush: Congress must overhaul immigration

Unending war

Tenet Details Efforts to Justify Invading Iraq

Things are warming up in Turkey

Media casually mentioning the Iraq "Oil Sharing" law as a GOOD thing.

28% Bush Approval - Harris Poll

More republican family values - this time in Montana

Dahr Jamail live from Beirut right now on "This is Hell"

Would inexpensive Valium or related drugs prevented Cho's murders?

Does anybody have a link to watch Bill Moyers show from last night

Focusing on Plight of New Orleans Residents, ‘Reclaiming Our Land’ March Set for Saturday

Biden speaking now on cspan 1------watch here on the net:

California warns of seafood danger

Religious group closes Fort Lauderdale center for conservative activism

I assume the suddenly ungrateful george tenet will return his medal of freedom?

U.S. Proposal Would Allow Oil Drilling Off Virginia

Econ Growth To a crawl, prices are up - so; is this why Wall St is so happy?

CNN Headline News determined to paint the "rescue" of Jessica Lynch as heroic

Is anyone else tired of conservatives calling themselves libertarians?

There has been a 3,389% increase in terrorism since 2000

extreme weather in Iraq

once upon a time the Havaria Inf. Serv. gave a daily total of plane accidents

Bill Moyers' Buying the War: Video and Transcript Available On Line

If Clinton had lied 3,335 G.I.'s into their graves, how would he have been punished?

Jon Stewart vs Bill Maher -- Who is funnier, more incisive, more brilliant?

Yahoo....King George kills 30 more Iraqys for PROFIT..

CAPTION our petulant little president

"Masters or War". Bob Dylan.

Don't look at the Pakistan behind the curtin.

Conservatives in New Hampshire mull "moving out of state not to be around civil unions"

Boston Globe: Support Low, Bush Isolated By GOP

NYT: Rebuilt Iraq Projects Found Crumbling

My thoughts on the deployment of Prince Harry....

How can anyone say they support the troops if

South Carolina Democratic Party Convention: Who has spoken so far?

Man arrested in mugging of woman, 101 (The woman in the walker)

Join us to SPELL IT OUT today on the National Mall in D.C.


I wonder what randall tobias's 'Sexual Fantasy' was?

All your nominees are belong to us!!! Which Rethug do you like?

U.S. Proposal Would Allow Oil Drilling Off Virginia (Alaska, Gulf Waters)

Satan behind illegal immigration, Utah County Republican claims

Must Read: Letter to Oprah from Saul Williams

Does anyone have a ZENN

What's the most reliable site for Buying Blue (consumer wise?)

According to jr Iraq is now Petraeus's war against Al Qaeda

Don't You Wish You Were Here???

If Bush wanted to save the DOJ and really score some points...

Anyone Else Just Sick to death of this whole administration?

Whats with Bush's skin?

OK, who can tell me what is wrong with this picture?

Newsweek: voters are looking for an 'outsider' (third party)

Tenet...why did that SOB accept that Medal of Honor????

Two interesting cable news items

Anyone here with old VHS/Beta tapes from late 70's/early 80's?

CIA's contempt for the public

What was Brian Williams MOST partisan question?

VIDEO- Bill Moyer's Journal with Jon Stewart and Josh Marshall! View online!

can our Constitution and our nation survive this insidious Cancer of NeoCons salted thru our entire

Transcript of McNulty (et al) testimony

Tenet says Cheney had eye on Iraq long before 9/11

Dennis K didn't help himself on Bill Maher's show last night.

Tired of Paying for Cable?

Rare earthquake creates alarm in southern England

Drudge Ignores Bush Administration Prostitution Scandal

Can anyone get to Kucinich's website?

Talk about a major scumbag. It's no fricken other than

Demoralizing our troops...Republican style

My most favoritest tid-bits from the Bill Moyers classic

people in colder climates won't die of hypothermia

So where is Karen Hughes? She was one of the most sickening of the

Intreresting: Gavel released Pentagon Papers, 5 month filibuster that ended draft

EMail Your HR and US Senator about Tene...NOW

Wolfowitz at the World Bank: "A Fall from Grace for the United States"

If you missed the MSNBC Democratic debate, they are re-airing it NOW on MSNBC

Democracy, Easily Melted

Meet Yonari Guzman. And introduce her to the "no benefit's for immagrint's!!!1111" crowd.

Koppel on Giuliani.

Murrphy's Law, 'the last law' better to have a horrible ending than to have horrors without end,

The Worldwide Blessing Generator

Don't You Just CRINGE When A Dem Uses Bush Lingo?

The 'DC Madam' gave her phone records to ABC; does anyone know

Car bomb kills dozens near Shiite shrine (66 dead, 112 wounded-so far)

Have we moved from 'tolerance' to acceptance?

Living on Earth: GENES FOR SALE

It's incredibly satisfying to read the reader responses to Broder

PHOTO ALBUM: Great Republican Accomplishments, 2000-2007 (Dial-up warning!!!111)

I can't believe the commerical I just saw

Oversight:events already scheduled for May

Just to say it, here's what I'd like a candidate to promise.

The Monkey is getting ready to give a speech at a Community College in Miami

Have Presidential Elections Become An Exercise In "Consumer Choice?"- A Few Thoughts

I fucking DARE you to go here come back here and explain it to me.

I've read a lot of funny things in my life, but this is close to being the funniest.

Wash Press Corpse never challenged WH "vandalism" story either. Braindead from Day One.

Bush is changing his Iraq talking points. "Progress" is out

3346 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Nine US Soilders Killed in the last two days in Iraq

Here is a BIZARRE example of the logic of a Republican...REALLY weird

Freeptard leader can't stand that a liberal is GOP frontrunner

Mike Gravel's MySpace link to show support.


Bush's verbal skills have sunk to an awful new low

ACTION ALERT: If asked to donate to Obama, Edwards or HRC campaign - Refuse for Single Payer!

Bush The War Prez Kills 9 More...

U.S. Announces 9 Troop Deaths in Iraq

Is there really an abortion every 30 seconds in this country?

More on Blue Angel's crash:

Jon Stewart on CNN's fear tactics

The truthiness of George Tenet

Cocaine purer & cheaper despite drug war (costing $5 billion)

]Free Trade vs. Small Farmers

What I wish Dennis would have said

You REALLY need to watch Bill Moyers' "Buying the War"

Rebuilt Iraq Projects Found Crumbling

For those who always ask me if I disagree with Hillary on ya go...

Stewart/Moyers '08

Just a REMINDER. PLEASE READ and absorb. Thanks!

Why can't someone like Bill Moyers, Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert , Bill Mahers

Gravel coming up live on Laura Flanders AAR from

A smattering of weekend TOONs

Is a military draft coming?

Is This What They Meant By "The XXXAdultsXXX Are in Charge?"

More SF Impeach on the Beach pix - Dial-up Warning!!!

Impeachment on the National Mall

Congratulations John and Teresa!

Check This Out: Look What's Up For Bid On E-Bay In Mint Condition

I support abortion rights through the 9th month and support requiring ultrasounds

The Deputy Chief of Staff for the Justice Department resigns and this is not important?

Anyone else think Kucinich will win more votes in the 2008 primary?

Global warming-denying Freeper freaks fantasize about Ann Coulter "bitchslapping" Sheryl Crow

3 Big Stories Tonight From McClatchy

I'm deleting Wes Clark as a Facebook Friend

HOLY CRAP!!! "Bush Official Resigns Over Escort Links" BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Four Harvard Students Arrested For Heckling FBI Director Robert Mueller

Which do you care more about? Domestic or Foreign

Art Teacher Draws Satanic Picture of Pres. Bush

Armored vehicles for Iraq may be delayed (BLAME *)

Message flying above New Orleans...

CA jails offer cell upgrades for prisoners with cash

A few more pix from A28 Impeach on the Beach: SF ! Dial Up Warning.

Why in the FUCK are people flaming each other for NO REASON here? WTF!

NPR's THIS AMERICAN LIFE has a devastating episode on Guantanomo today

Who thinks Gravel is a viable candidate?

HA HA HA! Isn't this woman silly?

Mother sees son die of uranium

Riverbend: Goodbye, Baghdad

Gary Hart-Ltr To Giuliani-"You Are Not Qualified To Criticize Others-Let Alone Be President Of USA"

Well I , for one

The FDA Is About To Confiscate Your Vitamins (Is this true?)

Kudos To Hillary For Driving The Freeps Wild Today!

"Christ the Warrior King" church too damned loud.

It must really suck being a Freeper these days.

Anyone Waiting for Bush to Tell Them Anything About Iraq?

*** Saturday TOONs: Have we had enough of these people yet? ***

Gore Political Ties to "God Hates Fags" Founders Uncovered (from the LCRs)

Is A Sales Tax Really Regressive

Doctors' Ties to Drug Companies Called Commonplace

ABC news did a bit on the prostitution ring.

***DUzy Awards for week ending April 27, 2007***

"The Honeymoon's Over for Bush and the Saudis"

About halfway through Countdown, I had to take a phone call..

Still don't "get" why Habeas Corpus is important? Then you should hear (or read) this.

Which candidate's voice needs to be heard more by the nation and world??

Larry Johnson: Letter to George Tenet

Justice Department gives cash awards - just how do you earn them?

I am at the point of just giving up .

Happy Impeachment Day! - The Time Has Come For An Impeachment Tutorial

Pix from Impeach on the Beach -- post yours, too! Dial up warning!

Read My Lips: Britain is a Police State

Press wants to keep Gravel out of NH debate. (Letter I just got from his aid)

Why is Tenet afraid of bush and..

Freepers eating their own over Rudi...

Yet another Bush appointed moral values guy goes down

Who blames Nader for 2000, I don't

Was Robert Frost the last white poet to speak at an Inauguration?

Carol Moseley Braun attacked, injured on South Side

Firedoglake via Daily Kos: Incriminating Goodling email found

Dance, moron, dance!!!

Gravel : "We stayed in a $55 motel. I'll hitchhike to the next debate if I have to."

He who yells loudest about morality is hiding the most revolting perversons.

TPM Saturday morning post -- the best rundown I've seen about the "surge" scam.

Kucinich packed heat after 1978 Mafia death plot

All of you who are now in love with Gravel... will you come to the funerals of poor folk

We can't just pull out of Iraq

College Students Placed On "Do Not Hire" Blacklist Re: Cheney Protests - Utah

Can anyone help me out here?

The TRUTH about Gravel's sales tax plan - There is a PREBATE for poor, they get a check every month


"bush in a box" pelosi and reid -bad cop- good cop bush...

So I met the lady again that I talked to yesterday

Don't lie. You know Mike Gravel is all we ever dreamed of and more we ever hoped for.

debate reviewed

Republicans break Reagan's 11th commandment (self destructing!)

John Nichols: Spell It Out: "I-M-P-E-A-C-H!"

The Saturday Cartoons

Students end hunger strike over confusion over worker pay

Thank You Mike Gravel

The Blue Fund outperformed market benchmarks in first 6 months

Guiliani against national health care? For 35 years, he's been

E-mail Dump on Friday Clearly Reveals White House Involvement Very Early On in ProsecutorGate,

Bush, Putin & the Missile "shield:" What's it all about, Alfie?

This says it all

Poll: Most Americans Don’t Want Veto of Iraq Funding Bill

"Rudy McRomney is not a conservative." --Republicans turn on each other

McCain’s New Title: Most Absent Senator In 110th Congress

If you're going to excoriate Durbin, you must excoriate all the rest, too.

Waxman to Tenet-----'come on down'-------

Campaign Tracker

WP: Clinton Campaign Tries to Keep Heat on Obama Over Debate Response

Spitzer seeks power to appoint more judges

On Ghouliani - - "If he'll lie to two wives, what makes you think he wouldn't lie to you?"

Democrats: U.S. has lost global standing (AP)

The leak of a secret memo from a summit between George Bush and Tony Blair came at an "extremely

Poor Slam-Dunk M. Dowd story on Tenet

"Internet Preservation Act" Seeks To Protect Internet Neutrality

The "best of the best"?

Feds overide States on Power issue:

Media Matters: MSNBC Democratic debate coverage rife with sexist stereotypes

American Public Media: OSHA in the hot seat (audio too)

Reviving the American Dream by Fmr. NY Gov. Mario Cuomo

Official Caught Using Escort Service Demanded Anti-Prostitution ‘Loyalty Oaths’

Joanna Krupa: ‘I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur’ PETA PHOTOS & VIDEO!

Sunday 4/29, Kucinich comes to Asheville, NC

Gary Hart: An Open Letter to Mayor Giuliani

A Crime to Fit the Punishment

Impeachment gathering: Boston

General William Odom delivers Democratic Radio and transcript.

I've Had ENOUGH!

In Memory of Anna Nicole Smith, Help End the Cruel Canadian Seal Hunt E action

Clinton denounces Bush's war conduct

Playboy's Holly Madison: 'I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur' PETA photos & video!

Mario Cuomo: In 2008, Dems Can’t Afford To Play It Safe

Doesn't Mike Gravel favor the Boortz unFairTax?

Tenet,-"a sniveling C.I.A. chief bullied by “remote” Condi" whow HO HO>

So Condi considered 'POSTPONING' report on global terrorism?

TPM: Don't be fooled...

Readers to Washington Post: Constitution Is No Laughing Matter

Quincy Jones, Berry Gordy, Clarence Avant among many endorsing Hillary in CA...

Iraq Parliament to go on holiday for two fucking months while Gin Blossom George surges

Chairman Waxman Calls: George Tenet Book Tour Will Be Under Oath!

When Obama made it to the Fish Fry, "the noise level went from loud

This episode of "THIS AMERICAN LIFE" blew me away. TITLE:Habeas Schmabeas

whow--NBC said that Iraqi are starting to blame American troops (after this

Bush Officials Say Escalation Will Last Into 2008

Jon Stewart is a deeply patriotic, honorable mensch

My response to CBS re: Bill Moyers's "Buying the War"

We are one President away from all of the following

"Clyburn sings Clinton's praises in post-debate review"

The Amazingly Clueless Dana (Perino) Show - Now Playing!

La. gov candidate switches to Democrat

Has it occurred to any of you what a HUGE waste of time this is?

Clinton Campaign Tries to Keep Heat on Obama Over Debate Response

We'd Better Have Sex The Way Rev. Moon Entreats us, or Forfeit "Our Love Organs" To The Dark Lord

Why doesn't anyone ever discuss abortion in terms of what it's REALLY about?

Harold Ford, Clinton and Obama greeted enthusiastically at SC JJ dinner...

Kudos to Biden

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden exceed expectations and"WIN"

George Tenet has the potential to be the John Dean of this administration

Time Magazine: Clinton retooling her Campaign.